Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, I). C.. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1S56. NO. 1,141 1??????????J : , - . , THE EVENING STAR, FCBLISKKD EVERT ArTKRNUON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At Ua Sfr Bmiiii***, torntr of ???"??? Klt*$ntk atrial, By W. D. VALLACH, Will b? served to subscribers by carrier* at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agent*; papers i?w4 la package* at It% c->trts per month. To mall ?uuani1bers the Sub scription prtoe Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TV CENTS a year tailranto, TWO DOLLARS for tlx months, and ONE DOLLAR tor three months; (or leas than three months at the rate of If % cents ? wr^fc. |?T SINGLE COPIKS ONE CENT. STOVES, GRATES, &c. Thk subscriber begs LEAVE TO Inform his numerous patrons, and the public g?oe^.llyof Washtngton, (Georgetown and snr rounding country, that he has Just received the very 'arg-st atock nf STOVES, ORATES, R\NGfiS and HO T-MR PORNACKS ever ke fire r?JWr??d la this market, of which he asks an examination, flaau-ed that for durability of castings, ecoaomy la consumption of fuel, hMU'.y of design and simplicity of oons ruction, thsv are not equalled. Having personally selected this stock from the most celeb-ated Northern and Eastern Foundries with a single eye to the ?.??, not merely the ?to pftfceartlcle, customer-,ran rely upon Ihir dealing and fair prices In all cases. I name In part? Chllson's Hot air and Ventilating Furnace. Harvard, Bartlett A Co's Portable Pot Furnace J L. Mott's 41 Invincible" Tubt<B Oven Range. M Pond's Union Double Oven Range. ?eebe's Range. Improved La^robe, Felnonr, Hot Air Rarlor and Gas Burner Stoves for heating the room In witch it is set, and the room above, a very beau tiful om'ra?at for the Parlor. taking up no room, and coasumes no more fuel than a common Radi ator ?? Invincible" Cooking Stove, Tubular Ovens, fcr rail or weod, waich for durabllty of eastings, economy In cons linotlon of fuM and the superior umaer in which It performs Its duties, la the ver# b'st Cooking Stove extant I ask an ex amination of my 11 at of references and letter* of recommendation, numbering five hundred reel den's of this city, ?Sw have this unsurpassed ?tove In use New World Cook, a pretty pattern* and excel lent operator. Blue Rldg*. a heavy artlcl? and good baker. Victor Cook, Flat Top, for coal or wood, a beautiful pittera, and heavy; a new cook, manu factured In T.-oy, N. Y , Just received Morning Star, for coal or wood, with summer arrangement 11 hearth and roaster behind Light Street Comp ete Star, for coal or wood, without summer arrangement in hearth, very heavv. Victor Complete Cook, Cook's Favorite, Kitchen Companion, Planter, Emporium, Fanny Forres ter. and a nomber of other patterns'of Oook Stoves. Parlor, Coo\, and Dining Room Stoves. Chamber Stoves, open and close Front, in 30 different styles II vll and Office Cannons, all size* and qualities. Kissia S .eet and Cast-Iron Radiators, fcc., for Parlors, all patterns. Parlor and Chamber Gr-.tes from the very best msnufacturers In New York Builders will do well to examine this department. Together with a general assortment of all re qnisit-s for the Kitchen and Dining room. all jf??ds delivered free of charge to any part of the district at my risk. Tin and S.ieet Iron work made to order by com petent workmen. Old a:counts will be settled before opening new ones. Terms positively oash ; unless otherwise agreed npnn at the time of sale. My store will be kept ooen until 1ft o'olock p. m , for the speclsl accommodation of thosa who cannot make it convenient to call during the day. where tne same assiduous attention will be paid la giving ail Information required JAMES SKIRV1NS, Washington Stove Depot, No. 'K1 BE. cor. Pa av. and llth street. se ld-!m (Intel.A Organ ) NEW BTOVE H0U8E. THE GREATEST COOKING STOVE EVER IffTBODUCBD I.VTO T/IE UNITED STATES. FOR COAL OR WOOD. 13,009 In Use. Fear atzas : St. 6,7,8, 9. UALLAflHER'B CILIBlATIO MORNING STAR, DOUBLE OVSX COOKINO STOTB. Tae Heat, the Cheipnet. most Substantial and moat Perfect Oockiog Stove in the (,'nlon. 13^0 a/ lAess 8tov? ar? note m fUotts%/ul optrtuion. This splendid Coo* Stove has now been thor oughly tested during the last four year*; they op-.-*ia ia the beat and moat satisfactory manner. I airs fuHy tried them with wood and coal, and s'raigly recommmd th<*Ji They are heavy and very dura ale, and the de*lgn is neat and besuti fal. With a moderate fire, th s move will Bake three loaves of Bread. Koast a Turkey, Boil two Dinner Pout, Broil a Beefsteak.and heat the water for washing, all at the aame time. Yon are respectfully invited to call and examl ne the above splendid Cooking Stove, " OALL A GB MR S MORNING riTAR " patentee: A. J. GALL 1G HER, Philadelphia UALLIUHEK'S SUNRISE AIR-TIGHT, Falcated, IMS, A New and Splendid Large Oven FLAT TUP COOKING STOV0, FOR COAL OR WOOD Fear Maes: Ne* 6, 7, 8, 9. It is oaly necessary to say, that after very many yeara of experience, and being fully conversant with all of the various kinds of Stoves which have been invented on the down-draft principle. th*t I have taken advantage of every well known Improvement teat has iron time to time been made, particularly In reference to the formation and couatiuctica of the flues, which are always nc?-?-?vary to ba large and I have fully applied every Improvement and combined them allin the " Sssnsi Air-Tight Cooking .?!??*." This Stove Is made very heavy and Is a good substan tial article: I hsve made them txtrm ktavy In all the par's where long experience has proved It to be important, and I can assure my customers tha* 1 have spared neither pains nor expense la get ting it upi aud It will not be exoetled by any stove now known, rf a similar character; lam convluead that U will at ooee become a standard Stove. IT I have fully tried them in every way, with Wood sod Coal, and strongly leoommeai theaa to the public They operate la ths meat aeilstfao torv manner Paieutee: A. J. GALLAGHER, Philadelphia. For sal on'jr by C WOODWARD A SON, Neat door to C Woodward's old staod. Pa av., between 10th and llth sts , No. N. B ? A!so, a very large assortment of tfce la'.e?taad most approved patterns of Orates, Par lor, Chamber, Dnlnr Koom, Ofllce and Store Htoves of all sixes, for wood and coal, that the North can furnish, best suited to this market. - You will do well to call and examine our as sortment of goods. We will take great pleasure in showing our as urtment. We are sure that our Goods are very low, as we buy for casii. IfT* Taaaa? caaa. au?-*? OR MUNSON, AT WB PENN'A AVENUE, Is stlli ri.iXinjj thoaa beautiful caatlnuous GUM TEETH, calladMESM AUen s Patent, for the exceLensy of <-?/'T,IJ which over all other styles of teeth, many now warring them in this city, will chcwrfaliv vouch Th^rv Is one Dentist ia this city who has been infringing the patent, and mads a bad Imitation of It, against whom 1 hereby caution the public N B Whenever a D-atUt speaks against Alton's Patrat Continuous 6uu Teeth, when proptrly tomttfutt?d, It Is orcauae he la ignorant of th*- proe<?s, lucooi'?*t? ut to make the work, or a unwilling to pay for the f>a?ent. je li if ~CL?THI?te made TO order. New CLOTHS, CASIMERES. VELVET Sills and Satin Vestings Gentlemen wtah> Jng to cons'Ut erenom', taste, and elegance fa having heir fall and winter clothing made to or d>f, are ?nvi ed to eximtne <>nr new assortment flue goods, which we will make to meaaore In ?irle Inferior fe woae, af ?u?b chtaper tatea I .e tl?y prlfes. t t i *1/ WALL a STEPHENS, m Ptnn ave , bet Mb and 10th sts , and sert tf 3M Penn ave. near National Hotel. urriciAL. Trkasdkt Uspartmsnt, May 38, WW. Noike Is hereby given to the holders of the #tock Issued pursuant to the act of Congress of *2d July, 1&16, that such atook la redeemable by Its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on tbe *urrander of the oertllcates thereof, on the 12th at November next, when Interest thereon will o*a.?o. This department will continue to purchase iruch rtook prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the f&llowlng premium, In addition to 'be Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's interest for the money to reach the vendor; On such stock received at the Treasury between ?he 1st day of Jane and tbe 91st day of July, la jluslvr, ooe-half of one per cent, on the amount* specified In the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and 31st lays of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And on such stock received after the31st day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one lay's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when seat prior to the 1st July tbe current half year's interest mu t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such Interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department Will purchase the same between the 1st day of Inneand the 1st day of December neit, unless she sum of ft 1,500,000 shall be previously obtained, and will pay for the same, In addition to the la erest acorued from he day of the last dividend sf Interest, and ont day's additional interest for the money to reach the vendor, the following rates >f premium: On stock of the loan of 184i, a premium of 10 per cent.; On stock of the loans of 1847 and 1848 a premium of 16 per oent^ , And on stock Issued under the act of #th Sep tember, i?s?, commonly called Texan Indemnity ftock, a premium of f per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should >>e duly assigned to the United States by the par ty entitled to reeeive the money; and If sent pie /lor:* to the 1st July, the current half-year's In terest must also be assigned by the present stock balder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will he payable to him as heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties fntl'.led to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, ox 29-dtl2N ov Secretary of the Treasury. OfFICliL. Taa**rar Departmskt, August 90, le<56. Wh?r the following jwint resolution of Congress has become a law: J?mkt Kesoi win* fiwndins the time for the credi tors of Texas to present iheir cla m* fick>I>"l t Senate a>fi llou-t of /{'i-rt^rnla Hrei of the f'tuW Sb/? of ?1meriea ih n? Tfca- aajre. ab y to the p-tvi?ion r,f tbe bsurth section <>l me ae? of the 38 h of f*<-bruoiy, ?? to profile f?r the taym?nt of nuch creditors o: the :a'e repub'ic of Texa- a* are romp ehendefl Hi the a ;t of <*ongreM of September 9ti>, lfv?0,T' no tice, by pub:ic aJv.-r ?i-em?nt, was duly given for ine npn'e >?f nine ty ?*ays by the Secretary of iho Prfa-ury, of ths ttrne at which payment of the amount appiopria ed by the fifth section of said act w >uld b?- inaJe, jno rata, on aty b nd, certliicae, or evidence of debt of Mid "n e, whicii should be presented at the Treaty Department thirty ?'ays preceding the 15rh fay of June, I83?. the limit of ?'i| notice, a >d ai it is represented by tbe said ^erreta'y of the Trra-ury, thai of said b >nd?, cer t'fira es, and evidences ol debt, which l ave been r?rojnn d by the Slate of Texaj, tbe heme, ?<|net 'he fimi ci three hundred aid aitbiy mine thou* and mi fiandred and ninety-three dolla r and seven cents wers not pr.? u:*,! toibs Trra-ury Department prior to the H?'d 13:h of Jane, therefore, in order to do lull j'.istieH to tl'C hoi ter?< of ?a d deb', the Hccrc ta?y ol the Tr?a?ory is hereby a i-bona. d to jay to fie holders of a-.y of the raid binds, certificate*, or evidences, of (feb-, not presumed before the I3th day of June la?t, who may nre-wr.t a-,d prove the aaneat lbs Treastiiy Or pa tm<nt. between the 13th day 'f June la-t and the let day of Ja> uary neit, and executs the proper rehasrs to the United States and the State ol Texa?, their pro rnla rbare of the ta<d Kvei ai IIkjii mcVoii hundred and fifty houeand dollars; aud payment thereof, the nud Secre tary ot tbe Treasury is authorised and required to distribute and |?ay the re?i<lue cf the *eid m vfln mil lion:* sev? n kuaared a i.i fifty Uy.u-a-M dolla-s, then r< maining in the tr< aiury, jno rata, ainoni;.-t all the md Uuldeis who mayhave provrd their c.a:iu ,and ejeeu'ed ths proper reiea^ea on m before the 1st day e< Jauua y next. Approved August 18lh, 1856. None*ij bulut oivur to the holders of bonds, certificates, and ev.dences of debt uftlie late repub lie of Texas, which wsro not presented at thin de partment on *r bcf.?re the 18th day of Jane la^t, that the sama wiU be settled a id the yro rata amount thereon will be paid to the lawful holders thereof if I preaentod before ibe flrrfl day <*f January next, ac ocffij4iu-d with the neoes ary evidence o * their gen uinenew, with assignmenu to the United State*, re quired to give this deiartm .'nt the oustody of suck b >nds, oertificatss, and evi leaees of debt, aud with releases to the United States and T*xas, iu accord ance wuh the provisions of the act of Congress of 2*th Kfbroary, 1*556. This defartment will not roqui/e teidence of gen , uineaesa to be presented with the certificates ts-ued by tbe aadttorand ermptr<dler of Texas under the laws of tbe State. But itpos e?se*no meansof ver iymg the oertificaies, b-wids and promissory notes issued by the republic of Texas, and not presented to, nor audiu.d by, the aflccrs of ths Stale. Tbe { neoescary and proper proof of tbe genainencas of the latter is the certifl'ete of the comptroller ot the State of Tux a*, who has the official charge of the original arekives relating to tbe debt of ths late re public ofTeras The assignment aad releases may be executed and asknowtedged in the presenee of the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof, in Ike presence of a notary public, aad be witnessed by th4 Assistant Seere'a y, or chief clerk a d nota ry, an! be certified by the no'a-y under hianota ne! seal; but wh^n tiis holders dnire to make tbe assignment and execute the robases out of the oity of Wa<hingtna,it may be done in the presence of an assistant treasurer, or eofleetor, or surv yorefth* ca?toau, ta the presenee of a note y public, a nl be witnessed by tbe collector or suiveyor and the no. ta'y iMibUc,aiiJ beca^ufie'l by the nota y under hi net?eiai sea'; and if titers be no collector orsurv^j ot ofthe custcms at the place where the pariy re sides, tb- a?*Unmsnt and releaies may be ears it< d before any court of record, in the presence ofthe jedgsandcl rk thereof, and bo witnessed by th?m, and certified by the clerk und?r bis stal of ofllee; and if the holder b<; out of the United States, the at siijiijuent aad released may b; executed before any Uuited Statescoesui, and bs w.massed andocitified by htm under hi* consular s?al. All personsexe cutin,; such assigninsntsaad rtlea^-, mast also de dar?, uader oath, before the notaiy, clerk, or eon nl, as the ease may be, that they are the real own ers of ths eertileates or othsr evidences of dtbt, t r that the tame bav? been assigned to them, bona /Us^/jr colleetion; and the notary, clerk, or eonsul must tfciadeibc feet of thatdeolaiation in their eeiw r(fi ate ofaaknowiedgmeai. { If fclfcLtliat/, or in pledge, tbs naNM of the party holding tbe beneficial or residuary ia isrest in the claim must be stated in the affidavit and a release (o the United States and i?1nm to Texas must b? duly execut?d by such party, to gether with the alignment and releases troin the prson In whoir favrjr settlement and payment is requested. One or more audited certificate*, or one or more evidence of the name character of debt, may b? In cluded in the tame assignment, releases, and affida vit of ownership, if each certificate is correctly de scribed by number, date, amount, and t-am*! of the original payee. It should also appear whether the c ?rtificatra were issued by the authorities of the Slateof Teias, on aee.Tunt of the d- bt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texas accord inr to the fa-ta of each case. TVe w^nnieDt to the United States may be made in Common forin ; the rettaacs rhuil J be drawn ac cording to the form' subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Treasury. /?orm Jt. Know a'l p-etona by thpse presents that ha? rel#a *ed. ano hereby re|. a^-t th>' United ? a e? of Am *ric? frmn aU further liability or claim for the payment ot e< r'ificate o? tv.?>nce of ?ubt numb r , for the sum of % , issued by the Ism- rep- blie of Tr*a (or by the authorities ot the Sute of T? xai, at the case may br,) and *; d em d by thn Uuited Sta cs iua?cerdance with the provisions of an act of Cn^jri* entitled "An act to provt. e for tin: payment of such cjeriitors of the late repnb'ic ofTrsa* as ar-i c< mpr.-.t,ended in the actof Coneress of Septi mb-r nine,eir'uern hundred and fifty." approved Uie 28th day of Fedruary, 1855, and a-i act ot the tate of Teia?, approved the 1st of Febrt-ay. 1*56 As witness my hand and seal. Form B. Know all persons by these presents that ? l a* released, aurtheriby, the 8 a eof Teia? ftrm all fur.her liability or claim for the pay ment of certifi< aie or evidence of <1 bt number , tor tuesi-iu of $ j* uea by the late re of Teia',(or by the autlio iiirs of the dia'e of T> xaa, at the cane may be,) and red> ewed by tbe United States in ajcorcaoce with the provisions cf an act of Confres-, entitled "An act to provide for th? payment of such creditors of the la-e republic ot Tena* a< are comprehended in the act of Congress of Sepf mbv nine, eirhteen hundied and fifty," approved th<> 23-h of February, 1865. mi<Lan act of the S ate of T? *a?, approved the 1st of February, 18>W. As witness my band and si a'. The following is a list of the audited certificates sail ou s a -.dine:* No hlunt to. 8 T U Tomokins 18 liukinan C a-,ft-1<1 31 John A ClifiMi ;<?? I! K Mti?? 53 R Q II. bbs 81 J He Cord .va 92 John Burning) am _. i** 176 E I'aldwin 1W1 Jam*a Ttlshmaa 192 ft'atbia* Clark | Etha Earle 328 O Blimati ?14 J E Wade .**H Peter" fit Hoolb 395 Busted 104 H Kirgsh y No 1*suk' to. ifl.tfl 0.?car Engl' dow 16Tj Tiustcts ef Austin College 1^8^ G II Men a-rat &. Co 16*0 John Ka'ner 1704 Daniel (. arl 135 I'hinca-i De (Tordcva 1733 j ^ ^ V\ a cott 1746 John W Portia 1770 J K Elliott 18( 7 Harriet Ot orge 1816 Mite* S Bennett 1P-9 Natl anie! Rudder 1831 / Li vi Tyler, a^m'r JK43 $ ofW'il Kelly IH'iM Samuel VVildty 1839 Gcorg* Sutherland 1841 j r Henniiifio ?7 J (?? *-, for Bhta JHa J , c Ecc?J1 b :th laker, ex'x 437 B?Jif diet Bayley 445 Leander Bta^ou 406 Wm Odhn 4f.7 John W King 51 >9 T B W? bb MO A S Tl?n in'tid 518 Tl.os \V Marshall fii5 David f* Kaufman 643 Ceorgw VV ra*k?r 1044 Edmund BaiUngcr 185i J I) Logan 1856 C P Green 186.') I iavid Ayrca 1W59 Themes F James li'jH C s. !i:i <i;< I8NI J F Jcwett 1897 F Fmma lb9H Par ii'a Lee 614 CrutclierjtM<" HavenI91J0 r *v ijro? nieycr 1929 Gilbert JoIimkim 1928 Robert Lu-k IWJ K W Cawthern 19 ;0 V\ m Coehian lt*32 F a ici- Moore Jr y071 Andr?:w L'aW y Ui)7i I?aac r tew art Sm|c W Vicke.y I7i9 } ' ?al Br? m<>nd TsiO 'O Bui net 2 Hi* ) i93 ( R P McMaster 2V35, J Win Flower 6 3 J A S:mpsrn 6 9 Wm H Relehir 677 H H Williams 701 Felix Rieder ijg t Robert I'ale 77:t Wm Jones 779 Wm Wa'k'-r 793 Iiycr Piarl 8 9 Laac L Hi'l 863 Heimopan Brown 874 John W Bower B79 James McMarter 914 Dyer P< a 1 vn tiyer r> a 1 it 1 J.r> # _ n ? 915 Ma'y F. len lleden-18. 8 < F r GeuUy b -rg 54145 > 0 ,,, .. . 9:? J Ellis 693 S 8 W * uJ'8, P32 Mrs Maty Relville 2104 ) . .. 1010 Anson Cianson 1-S01 ( D*v?a * 2303 F. Fr<wt 1010 1012 R M Forbes I0.'5 jmn-s N Ho. an 1043 ') homas Llndtay 1045 James L Green 1047 Jei>?c Daniel 1048 J B Daniel 10.7) Charles Vincent 1057 ( 8 ^ Gervaise 1058 Willis Millican 1059 J D Millican 1062 John Pavis 1065 Wm Barton 1079 W A Locklwrt 1080 R Morton 1135 Jaro>s Kil am 1196 C II Taylor 1V41 Youngs tAdeman 1248 Robert MeNuit 23" 6 Thomas Reed 2316 Harrison C Bryant 2330 J H Me Dor aid 2310 Arthur Ga-ncr 2311 j F Martcht tt 2.'<4l Andrews k Gro* r 2<45J |? GMerritt 2149 W Pinkmy 2350 J D Giddmgs 23i4 J Crawford Jr 23f 8 \ p Edgcrton 2.'t59 The in a* Wamc^Jr 2; 63 George K Si-tare 2361 Francii Ilnchia 2382 Eliral>eth Carter 2383 Wm Davis 2.>87 Joseph Trmllnson 2;t00 Snetd fc. Turner 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro ai'-y I II Raymond 2400 II H Haynie 1263 E De Pon oui 1-269 C P Green 1275 G W Sinks h J Shaw 12S7 Jolm Kendrick 129h Samuel Hid cn 1300 John Johnson 1301 Su an Ma-t>i> x 3401 R W Milhank 240:4 < ntln rine Alien B 2105 llemy Krir.g 2413 J W Lawreree 24.8 Stephen Hmith 2434 A C Iluxtoo 24^8 E!a;halet F.aston 2442 Lemuel BDickenson 1362 1 hoinas H Forrester 2150 Wm II Thompson 13?5 B R Warner 1423 William Frcls 1421 G W Otborns 1-25 John A Ratlin ford 1427 CornHius Vannoy 1428 Joseph t'atee 147J Ann B Reeso 1515 Lumbard M>ms 1521 J C Moore 1523 John lames 1554 K II Douglas 1570 E M Fi.<h J572 Wm Kerr 1580 Jam- s A Moody 1581 P Bickford 1612 John Lamer 1615 John Cameron 1G23 John D Taylor 16J4 Levi Mcrcer 1625 Eli Mercer 2452 Z Wm Eddy 247? J E Heirou 2474 A B Hemphill 2477 Aaron llaujihton 2479 Heirs of John Jones 24t0 ? Joel Hi 1 2481 ** Warren Aburn 2482 " John L Monks 24H3 " Peter Aldiicb 24ii0 (I A Dooly 2.;.00 George C Lay cashier 8601 F Kennftt & Co 2W)3 John W Scbrimpf VM W C Blair 2512 M Koiherttaille 2513 Henry B Brooks 2514 Gabriel Trumwelt 252* H S Morgan 95^9 Furbur B<an 2634 Sarab-Mewnnan

The outstanding evidencss of other claiwe<? of tbs debt of the republic of Tcxa* cannot be specified by this Department. cu 22?<ftl> tJani AUTHORY BUCMJLtT UNDERTAKER, Shop tod Seeiden.ce If). 303 Feno'i avenue, eonth eide. between 9th and 10th ate. Having provided himself with an ELEGANT HEARSE,. and all neeaaaarv conveniences fotUMad properly conducting hie busVneas, would respectfully inform tbe public that he if fally prepared to All all orders entrusted to him, at tho shortest notice, and In the beat manner A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of ail sises. always cn band, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms Aa heretofore, no pains will be spaaed le give entire satisfaction on all occasions. N. B.?Reald ac on ibe premises, eiders v|i) be promptly attended to at all hours. feb 7-ly MRS. M. E. HARVEY, (Bvccbssob to Jamss F. Habviy, DBcaaaBD,) UNDERTAKER, No. 410 Sivtntk strut, btltoetm G and Ht Begs leave to inform the public that she has In her employ the aame persons that were former!* < In theesteMlshment, who are fully competent to conduct the II ndertaktng Business; and that every attention will be to calls, day or night, aa heretofore. m 19 6m SPECTACLES. An extensive assortment of Gold, Silver, Light Steel, and German Silver Spectacles, suitable for all ages. Every one who 'iMKlttpifw Ufcelr alght, would do well tr>caU b*.'ore putchaalni; eUewuere. Just rerelwiid aad Ay E. E. LUNDV, No. lie Bridge street, Georgetown. EVENING STAR. BHRIFT OP THE BAFT. The terrible storm which ravaged the coast of Norway od the 12th of October, 1717, was remembered in that country ling alter the band of time and the industry of man had ob literated the mark? of its fury. As sadden a? it wan tremendous, it aroso after several weeks of settled weather, and having wrought more havoc in a few hours than ordinary tempests effect in days. it subsided with corresponding rapidity, leaving upon the miuds of the peas ants who witnessed its terrors a singular itn preseion with regard to its origin. For yearn, the herdsmen of that rugged land, and the sailors of that dangerous sea, believed that the dreadful storm, which had swept away sheep and Bhepherd amid the ruin of house and fold, and nad dashed the largest craft upon the rocks that received the shattered fishing boats, was caused by a sadden exer tion amoDg the demons cf the Pole, who, for bidden by the mandate of lien , en to enter earth while it shall move in its appointed or bit, are perpetually laboring to di.-turb its charmed circle, that they may rush in to havoc by land and by sea Strange tales are told of tho events of that fatal day, and cf the night which ensued; and the following legend, relating to one of tho voyagers who suffered in the storm, bears s me evidence of tho feeling with which the Norwegians regarded so terrible a visitttion? a fueling with which is mingled some vague recollection of the time when Norway itself was one of tho most unfortunato of the stakes in the gamo played by the great continental powers. The tempest was rapidly subsiding as dusk drew on, but the cessation of the violent tur moil brought no comfort to the scanty crew of tho ill fated ship Drontheim, which had sailed from tho port of that name on the preceding day, and met the wrath of the storm in full career. She bad been bound for France; but at the time we speak of, she was a naked and helpless hull, drifting whither the caprice of tho wind, which seemed to blow from all Joints of the compass at once, choose to hurry er. She was now makiog her rapid but in voluntary course northward.*; but to th? few human beings who yet clur.g to bcr decks, the state of her shattered sides, through which the water was forcing its way at twenty wounds, left it a matter ol hideous con em where they mig'-tmcct the certain fate whica uwaited them. It was cbvioua that many minutes could not elapre before the vo^sol and all she contained should be mucked into the troubled abyss on which sho yet floated, Iler smaller boats had long since been carried away by a burst of tho storm, which, iturling three or four monster waves across her deck, had swept every moveablo thing from her surface, in cluding more than one-third of the wretched crew In the next moment, one of terrified madness, tho survivors had crowded tho boat, which hardly touched 'he foaming billows ero it was swamped, and wont down with cvory soul it bore Not a dozen men remained on the fated vessel, when the sudden and horri ble change in motion which announced the foundering of a ship, took place, she ceased to make way?the violent agitation which had for hours rendered it nearly impossible to stand upon her deck was exchanged for a sudden lurch, followed by a second aud third ; and then tho hideous ioar of the waters rushing in on every hand, told the frantic crew that all hope was over. Amid the loud and agitated prayers ol" a few, ana the tdasclmmous ravings of the rest, the wave.- of the Northern boa closed over the Drontheim for ever As the vortex oaused by the sinking of the ship disappeared ono man .'ilone w.ib ttrug gling in tho water in the energy of despair. Ilis rich dress rather encumbcrcd his move ments, but he was in tho prime of manhood, and a practised swimmer, and wa< putting furth his full strength, in the hope of finding st mo relic of the ship on which to float for the chance of life, But this hopo waxed fainter with his limbs, for the gathering dusk was rapidly reducing his chance of discovering any object around bim, and the waves still ran too high and angrily to allow him achanco of endurance much longer, lie still swam, but his despair was almost total, when he dis cerned a dark body a lew yards distant, lie struck vigorously forward, and. to his inex pressible relief, discovered that it was a small raft, on which a human body was lying. A succession of violent strokes, now animated by renewed hope, brought hiuito its side, and i in a moment or two, the Count do Burigny was clinging to the buoyant mass When he had somewhat recovered his breath, bis next effort wu tj mount upou the rait itself; but as he mado the attempt, the figure which ulready occupicd it arose to a sitting posture, and gently repulsed him. Be ' fore he could speak, it addressed him in a pleasing voice, which, however, was piercing enough to make itself distinctiy heard amid the dashing waters? " Stay, my son; you are weloomo to all tho support my raft will afford you, but for both of us to mount would entail destruction on both.'' " Father," gapped the count, "whoever you may bo, you will turely assist in saving my life." "Truly, my son," returned the other voice, " you opply for help at a most unreasonable time, But I am bound at least to succor you with my advice ; aud I therefore advi^o you to swim for some rocks which are distant about a quarter of a league, in the direction of which I am pointing. They are always above water, and in the morning you will cer tainly be discovered by somo vessel ?? Thanks, father, ' replied the count, " but I would rather cling here, with the certainty of being safe for a moment, than again run tue risk of my life in a struggle with the waves for a chance of reaching some rocks I may not be able to climb " "Such is the wisdom of man"' said tho other, " ever oonfident in the present, ever distrustful of the future. But 1 tell you, my son, that yon rocks are easily accessible, and that if you strike away now you are sate "Safe or not, father, I remain here; and I therefore entreat you, if you have the means, to steer us in search of this same rocky plat lorm?we shall have the *aln?faction of buug saved together " _ , " I am on my own course, my son. and I ad vise you not to keep my company," said the other voice The words induced the count to examine bis com pardon as closely as possible, but the fast faiiing twilight only enabled hliu to discern a figure in a priest's rcbe, the hoo> of which effectually shrouded the features oi the wearer. ? ,, .. .. "You speak strangelyfather, said tho count; " but I hold my intention, tervently wishing I had something easier tj hold, tor my fingers are numbed, and this wood is slip nAWW J I . " I have warned you, my bod ; but if you insist on remaining I will do what I can to ai The figure seemed engaged with hisdrew for a moment. Tho next, a small but in * ly bright red light appeared by its side, illu minating the raft, the two speakers, and ?the surrounding waters with a lustre that 8e6U0 supernatural As roon as the count could^re oover from the effect upou his oyes ho ? k scrutinised the face of tho other, w > thrown back his hood and was . lamp, containing the light, into the wood of the raft. The features were caimandregu lar, and the tonsure on tbo ^_hg their dignified character The strangeer;7?? clearly a priest, but his dress offered no aid to the discovery of his rank or ??mn^A JJJJLi the experienced eye of the Count <I? JBulgy. ?? 1 repeat it, my ton J 1 7?u yourself by swimming, end 7on this cord will afford you tho awwtauce you dodrt." ?' Thanks, father," said tho count, as the priest, gradually crept towards hiai, drew the rope, which he had taken from his own waist, under the armi of the former, and attaching one end to a ring in the woodwork, pushed tho cord peroral time around the body of the count, and at length secured him so effectual ly to the raft that be floated without the least necessity for exertion. The j riest then regained his scat in the centre, and f?r some minutes they were silent. The count was the ?rtt to speak. " I did not ace you, father, among us in the unfortunate Drontbiem," he said. " I remained below at prayer, my son, until tarrying became presumption I then hurled this raft upon the billows, and departed upon my mission " 44 Again you Fpeak mysteriously, my father Might one know what the mission m*y be which keeps a man on a raft, in the middle of tho mighty ocean, as calm as if he were at vespers in his own church7" The priest smiled 14 You forget, my ?on? that virtue is ulways tranquil iu the hour of trial; and you forget, too, a very important difference in our situations." *' By no mean?," said the ccuit, "I am aware that I nm chilling in ths water, while you arc apparently at ease in a cloak agaiuat which I see the water strike in vain I would suggest to you that the virtue you speak of c>uld give a nobler proof of its effi-acy, wore V-. to change places for an hour " '-Nay, my son, that idea is selfish and unworthy I impose a penance on you f >p having entertained it. and enjoin you to walk 8n hour, fasting up'?n the ensuing morning." " I pray I may do so." said DaBurig ry ; ncd I entreat you to double the ponance. if thereby you can double tho chance of my performing it " ? Jest not, my son ; but remember that you are still in a situation of great danger; a wave may dash your head against the raft, or may snap the cord which holds you to it, and in either case your own is desperate. It would rather become you to make a confession, and receive absolution as you may." " I have no objection, father, the less that I have noth'ng else to do; but I give you fair warning thai you will have to wait for your dues till wo get to land " 44 llard hearted, careless scoffer! what if that should cot be so certain ?" 41 Then so much the better for tho confes-f r, father '* said the count, whose natural au la city did not desert him even in that h- ur 44 And how much for the penitent son? asked tho priest sternly 4* But proj^ei ; and that your wretched soul may coin* the sooner to peace, I will save you the narration cf a life of crime, by apprising you that I know you " 41 By your mode of describing my history, 1 think you do," s ?id the other. ?* I need not t<;ll you that I am the Count <?uillaume do Burigny, a faithful subject of his Mo?t Chris tian Majesty ?' A faithless husband to a broker-b< arted wife?a traitorous friend to a tru ting asso ciate?and a treacherous envoy t<? a betrayed people You need not. I know the libertin i m which ended in a murder c lomit'.ed. if cot by your own hand, by your orders and the object with which you have fled the scene of your guilt I know that the Count de Bu rigny, having consummated a career of prof ligacy by a dastardly criu.o, which has ban i licit him frr m France, his sought to purchase pard-m for the ruin of a faintly, by intriguing t>r tiie rum and downfall of a nation 4,ila!" exclaimed the count, 4ly,u ars av.are cf toy errand to Norway?" 44 Ay " said the priest, 44 the sword of Swe den, whose blow already hurtles in the ar, is terrible to the Norwegians, than is the poison of France which you were s?nt to mix This timo, however, the cup shall be dashed from your hand. You laugh." 4 1 do." said the count, 44 though Heaven knows, this is no place for mirth. You. who have such unexceptionable information up^n those matters, are doubtless aware that the cup you speak of is mixed." 44 And in a woman's hanl that it may be presented. Tho Count de Buritrny thirk? he can safely return to his master, while his beautiful daughter remains to enforce, by blandishment aud noile, the dark lesson be has tried to tcach. How, if the too. has left Norway *" A shudder ran through the counts fram*, and till the recklessness of trno had ef h a voice, as he replied? 44 Eugenia?tell inc, father, ir. pity?what kn'?w you of Eugenia' I left her at llergen. in sufo watchiDg and charge, though her work was somewhat bold Nay, speak?whatever else I am, I am her father?you do not know ?you cannot have heard aught of her V ?4 Nay," said the priest," '' I merely asked what Count Burigny s next intrigue would be, should he hear that a noble and maidenly disposition had been revolted by the task he had given it, and that a daughter had silently left Bergen, and, following the footsteps of her father, had secretly embarked in ' 44 Not in the Drontheim?not in the accursed Drontheim, father'" screamed, rather than exclaimed tho count Tho priest made no reply, but pointed to the water A sudden and wondrcus change had taken place upon its surface. In lieu of the foaming and dashing billows, the sea bad be come as calm as a mountain lake. The roar of tho waves was hushed, but in its stead feai arisen a lew, droning, and distant sound, which brought with it a fear the mind owned, but could not explain. The raft had hittiorto been carried swiftly along. but its speed was now increased teufold. The consternation of tho count became evident, but to all his ex clamations the prieft gave no answer That strange droning sound grew gradually louder, but the ear struggled in vain to discover how it was composed. Still, the raft hurried on with lightning speed. Darkness was all around it, save the bright red gleam of the priest s lamp. Suddenly the thought of bis daughter le crosted the count's brain. He gasjed? fcr the swiftness cf their course now rtndjrtd speaking difficult? 44 Father ! I implore you, what know y u of Eugenia ?" it Once more the priest pointed silently to the water, and as tho count's eye followed the motion, he beheld a f-rm whirling by bis aide in the current, the intense fierceness ot whieh rendered the surface smooth as glass. There was the torpso of a pale and beauUft* girl, lovely even in death L >Dg and golden locks clustered around her neck and shoulder*, but the locks were wet and tangled, and the ala baster skin was becoming blue with exposure t, tho water. The eyes were closed?it was well they were so. That form was following the raft ; but the increasing velocity of th latter left the corpse behind in ? tbat moment bad sufficed to hej.f?'h" {* recognise his daughter He uttered no word, but gated steadily at the priest. The terrible and indescribable sound had now increased to a roar, w^wh ww d have rendered the voice inaudible at the shortest distance. The speed of the raft was now ter rible ? yet it neither swerved nor*wayel, and the priest sat unmoved, returning tha stupeied irnze of the couut. Suddenly one aide.of t-e r.ift became depressed, and iu that position il oontiuued its furious carecr. The roar hid uow become more hideous than any noiee which can be conceived, and yet it was nature which baffled the ear. lhe priest rote slowly to his feet, and preserving his balance, apparently unconscious of the frightful1 slope ot the hurrying raft, he leaned to De J and in low tone, which in spite of tfce horrtbl noite around, carried the full dreadful words to the count'* understanding " We are in the Maelstrom htfl Tk.? indeed In that drea ? mn TH* WHmTSTAB. Thl. ex?u?, Fimllyud Nr.r, 1? lag a ^ ??* b? found la uv other?la ptkLv^^ *?T ?otnlag. JCi ?? Five eopw *? **????. **? ""p<??.'..V.V.V.V.V ? Twenty coplen.?. ***?*???????????????. 8 N crc^t, '?; ?? ?? ErStoglecerta. (la WT^p et the counter, fmm^ at(. ' ?LJ'"J**,1* P"?oorM paper. the FosTMafTBaawhoactasa????i... a commlaslon of twenty perSj? *?Uowt4 arp?lling, wag the twod of the waters .k7T Loader end loader still It waxed ?ntll^kL* ear could bear co addition to the Lolee J f*?t?r and faster flew the raft, hat everr in staut it went deeper down the vortex "The wretched l>e Burigiiy straggled with theeord which held hiin to the raft and aought to ? reak from it in rain The link whiea he pad demanded when exertion would have ?Ave I him, w.?a now the meant of dragging im more aure!y to deitmoUon. For one in V k i. u ked u?'w,rJ- end, to hia horror, beheld the red light cf the lamp reflected on i*i 1 i* "T# ,m down lh* of "bioh he was hurrying to an abyM on which he dared tog,ve?o glance. Then hia eye turn ? .v r?ft?there was no one apon it ? but Slarlwr,vmehddeijin? *&ouy ?f tl??t moment De Hargny heard, aeooiapanied by a helliah au^a, the words?"The priest's duea for thv ?hnft ?re paid ' ' The next inataot, the eorda nVVWaj' r4ft "hot Tiol?QHy forward and l>e Bungny km alone?in the Maelstrom Educational. PV JS Vt \T\(r COMMERCIAL ANU MATHEMATICAL INSTITUTE. T? !1F.KT, A necessity AND a I)E A .Tiand In the City, toe Principal at the Urion A. udrfmy, has ouciude: to open, la the *erv atreet auL ?Acadf my, corner of Mth atreet and New York avenue, recently 11:tod up for thoroughly organ V?<*1 EVENING \ ""^h young men. otherwlae rm plowed dating the day, a* wish to apend th?1r evening ?n nttlas teem elvea thoroughly fbr ?'iC"esaful business The Institute will be open**d October 18th, Ave evenings each week, fr m7toi')j o'clock, with two or three lesson* in curb study, each week Clashes will be formed la (took Reaping. Pen maoyhlp, and various Branches of tbeHlirher Mathematics; and a'ao in Foreign Languages *?r jf""J?* farther particulars, see circulars at the Hook stores, or call on tb* Principal ae^t-lm Z. KICHARU*". Principal RROOKKVILI#C ACADEMY, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND rpHE SYSTEM OF INSTRUCTION IN A this Institution embraces thorough training In the CI ass lea, Mathematlca, fc'.eocaa, and ordi nary English branches Terms for board and taltion, tlOO per annum Ca'alogues containing further Information may be oi-t,-lined by addressing the Principal at Brooke, rllle,Maryland K. B rRETTYMAN. A M ?e 'Ji-iw Prl netpal. A CAKO. JVI*?; PHANKL1N. TKACHKR of VOCAL J.?A Music, No. 406 k ftrr*, bHweea h:h and lOthstrnU Reference's : Mr. R Davla, and Mr. Hllb'is, Music a teres. ae 17-Jm MRS. (1, M. SMITH, 1'Ai D street north, nth owf Trt. >E<iS LEAVE TO INFORM TlIK LABIKi* of Washington, Wtorgetown, aai vlclnltv lhat she is prepared to glre tnst 1irtion, la elas^ jad ;^;vate lessong, In the art of MARINO WAX r- LOWER? and \ A^KS Also, Wax Pratt and Ornamental Leather work Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a most beautiful acoorn EU^hment will pleav* call as early sa possible, as Irs !r dors not contemplate remaining taog In ?uc city. TtlM! Wnx Flowers In Classes, per term of tt lea se as...... &\ I- r>Ht in Cli^, per t rm of |*i |< leather \V ork In Classes, p- r term of 8 Prlva;e Le?sons *i ea- h?Va*<^ #i?. Boauotaand Vas*? Wreaths, Si if;le Flowers, Ac , for sale, or made to o-der a?i 9rt #m MISS HSWITT 5 ENULISI! AW?# KKKVtll K91KD11G ANU DAT SCHOOL, So. B7, tnr ter #/ N te York atmi and 1914 tt. IMIE SCHOLASTIC YEAR COM MENCHA the flrst Monday In September, and *?ods lbe ast Friday In J uae, and Is divided Into two sa? ilons. The Principal will be assisted bv the moat oom Jetent English and French resident tea'hers, and ?very f culty offered f->r pursuing Music and all he vaiiouM branches of modem accomplish nenta. For further pirtlculars terms, Ac., see Cirrn arri at book-dorca, or at the reUdenoe of the Prln ^i*1- au ir-.-hAeotf CENTRAL ACADEMY. t*ILAR MERCHANT, 1 ? _ REV. G. W DOR RANGE, ) THE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS Academy will commence on Monday, Sep tember 1st. 18JB. For terms aee' circulars at tae principal Book Stores au 1-tf THE UNION ACADEMT. Z. Richards, Mas. Z Ricnaaea, Prln V. a. Prt? r w a rr?IE NEXT A\NI AL SESSION OF THIS ? Institution, and of the UNION FEMALE ACADEMY, will commence on MONDAY , Sep tember 1, l95<i. JyiVam i **tons. U ?% ?> 'il (iENTLKMEN'S RM FORI I'M. (GEORGE W. H1NTON HEREBY RE X turns his thanks to Ida old aud steadfast cn?tomT8 and the public generally for the' Increasing oatronage be-towed upon him at his EMPORIUM OF FA!?HlON,on. Pe .nsylvanla ev?na?. ?>etween ?th and 4jf street*, and nex*. door east of Frank Taylor's Bjokstor< where maybe found a larg* assortment of rich, fs*trfj1 and valuable Goods, French. English, Italian, Chinese, and Amerioan oi all kinds for gentlemen's weariug apparel. Said good- will be cut and made up in the moat tas eful, fashionable and durable style, agreeably to order*, and at the shortest c.otloe, and upon the most reasonable terms Please call and examine the richness and style of the goods and the folthful and durable inaaner In wliich they are made up to suit cus tomers. ?it-orgc \V (llnton embraces this rnnaal n to announce to the public that he lias formed a co partnership la busine** with Mr WilliamS. 1'kel, f tnuerlv of Virginia, by wkoae aid, a? si?uuit e and constant attendance at the atore, the bu>in<?3 of the Emporium will be greatly fhclll la - e d N B ?George W. Hinton hopea that auch of his former patrons aa have uncanoellad bills at the store will aoon be pleaaed toeall and aettie (be >ame, aa the aeas^n U changing and ah*>rt acstle menu make long friends. ae lS-tf MANTELGL SEW and B EAUT1FUL STYLK >lau?lrt< tn rra fren aistr luae, by the V? eat t aalletaa Mate t eapasy, V t. THHESP MANTELS ARK ENAMELLED IN Imitation of the rlcheAt and moat expeaalve EGYPTIAN. LISBON, VERD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES. BROCATELLA, AGATE, SPANISH SALWAY, and other rare and dealrabte MARBLES. The Imitations are *o perfect that they chalengethe cloaaat terutlav They are so hlehly |>oli?ued that they retain their becuty much loi.ger than marble; are not lnjurrd by smoke, coil gas, or acids. ai>d can be sold ainch eh-aprr than any others In market. Price ranging from f Utf te #19 Architects, bu:ldera and othera are Invited to Kail ar.d eaaraine samples at No. fl3S*v?ath tre?t, 3 doers below odd Fellows' Hall, up *talra. T. M. HANSON, ae 14-ly rlfl T( HE STEAMER UEURSK WASHIRO ON willdepartattheftollew ln,^ hours: Leave Alexandria 7tf, ?. II, Leave Waahlngton...8,1?, Hi 'a Je46-4 JOB Corson, i^aptala. CHANGE OF HOURS. f^N AND AFTER LI June, the Steamer ?BOR?E PAGE will run at the following^ '">L?ve Alexandria at < Jf, 8, W| 1?, IX, ^ X, tnd 5JLi^e?Waahlngtoa?,?, U? U. **, 5*, and 7 ELLIS L PR ICR, Captain ribLK ANU POCKatT tl TLtRY, HA aors, Sclsxors. Ac , of eioelient quality, sel ?ass-?'*?? 8 K?,WCm T"Z ? in USUU TASIKTV, >? ?jtf ^ lammond s. tV>HPOHAT?OR STVi n??*,?*? Oer?? ;f.yv