Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Board or Trcsteee.?The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of Public School* was held on Wednesday afternoon. Present: Messrs. AtLee, Davis. Dickinson, Magruder, MeKim, Pearson, Peters, Polk, Smoot, and Wheelor. Mr. AtLee offered the following resolutions, ?i? : Resolved, That the Mayor be requested to " select," in accordance with section 8th of the act in relation to Public Schools, (Corp. Laws, p 263.) "a rcom in the City Hall, where all the books, papers, and other matter relative to the Public Schools and the recorded proceedings of the Board may be kept, and where their pieeticgs may be held." Resolved. That the Secretary procure a book, wherein shall be preferred such news* paper and other fugitive articles, as may be considered useful for reference. Resolved, That the late Secretary bo re. quested to furnish his successor with the minutes kept by him of the meetings of this Board; and Resolvd, further, That the same be copied into a book, in which all the proceedings of this Board shall hereafter be recorded ; also Resolved, That the Secretary open corrrs Endencc with the Public School Boards in ?ston, Lowell, New York, Buffalo, Philadel phia, Baltimore Cincinnati, and Indianapolis, and request them, respectively, to establish with this Board a system of interchanges. All of which were respectively adopted. After some minor proceedings, the Board adj >urned sin* dit. The EniTOR or thb Truth.?The corres pondent of the Baltimore Clipper furnishes tho following facts in relation to the "editor of the Truth "A friend who visited the Insane Asylum recently, informs us that while there he saw the notorious James Roberts >n, " the editor of the Truth." lie made many inquiries about some of his old acquaintances, and, with an apparent air of seriousness, said he was going to bo married to a handsome, accomplished, and wealthy young lady ! lie complained that he had been rudely arrested and taken to the Asylum, and imprisoned among idiots and crasy people ; a grave offence, considering his assumed religious, moral and political "commission !" Our friend remarked?'You have a line place here ; everything so clean, comfortable, and pleasant '? To which ex pression the editor responded with tho air of a philosopher : '* Bat what does all this mat ter ' They have shut me op with CTasy peo ple ' I am curtailed my liberty! To confine the President or sny member of his Cabinet here would be no greater outrage than my im prisonment ! A golden cage for the eagle or the lion would not render ii the more pleasant for the proud bird or the lord of the forest!' Official Coi.lisios.?This morning Justice llollingsbead was called on to officiate at tho Central Guard-house, in the place of Justice Stevens, who is out of the city. Police Officer W. 11 Fanning is the officer attending this ?week. Two cases were tried and disposed < f One of tie parties tried was committed to the workhou.*e for sixty days. Justice Hi.llings head, in writing the commitment, directed it to Officer Williameon, who was not on duty, and left the Intendant blank The Ju'tiee stated in explanation that, after the stand be had taken in refusing to recognize officers ap pointed by the Mayor who had not been con firmed by the Board of Aldermen, he could not do otherwise than take this course. The Captain of the Guard immediately wrote down the facts, to be reported to the Mayor. The prisoner was afterwards dismissed on giving security for fine and costs. The Ladies love the New York Ledger. For sale at Shillington's. Thb Keller Troupe ?The National Tfie ri t re will be closed to-night, in order to perfect the mechanical arrangements necessary for the production of the spectacular drama of ?' Axael." and the various tableauE through which this celebrated company will on Mon day night be introduced to our citizens The dramatic comDany from the Holliday street Theatre will be retained to aid the perfor mances of Mons Keller and troupe, the or chestra will be largely augmented, and con ducted by Mr C H Mueller, a musician of considerable distinction, and a full corps de bal'.et secured. The combination thus form ed and the intrinsic beauty of the wonderful performances announced, will prove, we opine a source of infinite delight and enjoyment to all lovers of art and the beautitul, and of pleasure seekers generally. 10. O. F.?We learn that the annual vis itations will be made in the following order Washington Lodge, No 6, Tuesday, Oct 7; Mechanics', No. 18, Wednesday. Oct 8; Co lumbia. No. 10, Thursday, Oct. 9; Excelsior, No 17, Tuesday, Oct 14; Union. No 11, Wed nesday, Oct 15; Friendship, No. 12 Thurs day. Oct Ifl; Eastern, No 7, Friday, Oct 17; Harmony, No. 9, Monday, Oct. 20; Oriental, No. 19, Thursday, Oct. 23; Central, No 1, Fri day, Oct. 24; Covenant, No 13, Monday, Oct. 27, Metropolis, No 13, Friday, Oct 31; Bea con, No. 15, Monday, Nov 3. Citt Tbottiwo Course ?The owners and lovers of *' fast" trotters make frequent dis plays of their expeditious horseflesh on the city course, Fourteenth street, north of Penn sylvania avenue. Ye-terday afternoon, Mr. II. Birch exhibited bis gray colt, which took the silver cup at the Rockville fair for its su perior trotting in single harness, and which traveled in remarkably quick and beautiful time with* Mr. Arnold's bay horse These quadrupeds were the prominent "stars ' in toe equestrian performances, and would adorn any hippodrome. Present to tee Columbia Fire Compact. The good laly patroness of this company pre sented it last night with a magnificent satin bargee, 15 feet long, with a polished staff sur mounted with an eagle. The presentation took place in the library of the company in the presence of the members of the company aad a number of lady friends. W e understand that this liberal lady has already given pres ents to the Columbia amounting to m>re than I *1 800 May she long live to cheer the Co lumbia b<>ys' Dos't go home to-night without the New Yurk Ledger. For sale at Shillington's. Treasure lost, m tart Recovered In yesterday a Star appeared an advertise ment of the loss of a pocket-book containing a small sum of money and acharm. The finder was therein informed that if he would return the charm he could retain the money if be airhed. This morning, we received the pocket' bo^k through the poHoffice,minus the money, (abnut five dollars ) The charm is safe and sound, and consists of two small pieces of cloth, nearly square, sewed at all tho edges As to the contents we are not informed ; but it is considered of value by the owner Excbllemt Coal ?After a trial of coal fr ma the establishment of Messrs. T J and W M Gait we can confidently recommend it to our readers as really a superior article Being housed from the weather and stored upon a clean plank fl ?or, it is not only per iectly dry, but is delightfully free from all gravel, dirt, and other impurities incident to coal deposited in tbs nana! manner directly up.n tht ground Wc feel that we are doii.g cur rsalers a service in recommending thsm to try the coal sold by the Messrs Gait. Unitarian Churcii ?We learn that the Rev M D. Conway, minister of this society. fc<? returned to the city from a temporary so j >ura at the Eiat, an<l will resume ininistra tioLS at Temperance liall on to-m>rrow morn log A meeting deeply affecting himself arid his soeiety is to oecur immediately after th< religious services, a somewhat exciting meet iog of July last having boeo adjourned until that day. Tee Gboboetowb Dteiko Establishment under th? management of W 11 Wheatlsy is gaiuitg a large share of public patronage and we would advise our trends, who have woik in his line, and wish it well and punctu ally d'*ne, to give him a call at No. 49 Jeffer son street, Georgetown. Oeios, the G jld Beater, ia the title of Cohb'l pew story in the New York Ledger. Accidmt ? Yesterday moraine, a German baker was thrown from his bread-wagon, nod fell between the shafts The horse oommenced kicking, and the baker was severely injured by a blow on the head- Dr. Djer was rent for and rendered all the assistance in his rower, lie was of opinion that the skull was roken, bat could not aseertain certainly un til the swelling had been reduced. Leslie's Ladiks' Gazette or Fashions for this month it oat, containing the fall and win ter fashions, and for sal* at Shiliineton's Also, Harpers' Magasine, Godey's Lady's Book, and Mr?. Stephens's new magasine now ready. The New York Lodger for next week, whioh Shillington has received in advance of the day c{ publication, commences another of Cobb's very interesting stories. ? DAffacnors Weapo*.?Last night, some fe males made application at the guard-house for protection against a man who had entered their bouse and was flourishing a large knife and threatening to u?e it. Officers Watson and Koss went to their assistance and disarmed the man. The weanon was a straight knife, about six inches in length, and sharp enough to do mischief. Bur the New York Ledger, with Cobb's new 8 tory. For sale at Shillington's. The Masomc Fraterbitt and the Odd Fel lows have a funeral procession to-morrow after noon at 1 o'clock, the occasion being the barial of Lyndo Eliot, Esq , a much respected member of those orders, who died yesterday after a short illness The body is to bo in terred in Oak Ilill Cemetery, Georgetown. Rally, Democrats ?The Jackson Demo cratic Association meet at their quarters on Monday night, on which occasion there will be some gocd speaking, and an interesting time may be counted on. Walk up ! Hemrt A. Wise s great SrEEcn, in an swer to Jno. M Butts, only five cents, for sale at Alex. Adamson's, Seventh street, opposite the Poet Office., J Watch Returns ?Thos. Russell, eolored, disorderly, paid costs ; Virginia Evans, do., fine and costs GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Oct. 4,1856. Business generally, for several days past, has boon quite brisk. Our dry goods' and other merchants are busily engaged laying in their fall and winter Ftock of goods; and the general display of boxe?, bales, barrels, A? , which throng the si le walks in many places, thi ruahicg to and fro of Cirts, drays, Ac , aud the hurried gait of our merchants and t^cir clerks, causes our streets to present a scene of unusual activity. We regret to learn that our fellow citisens, Messrs Ivies, Pickrell ?fc Co , happened to a considerable loss in tho way of bricks, on day before yesterday. The individual in charge ot one of their boats which was taking bricks t> tho navy yard, imprudently ventured out into the river while the wind was blowing; the scow filled and unshipped her cargo, near the uavy yard wharf, in some fifteen to tweu ty feet of water Our market wat abundantly supplied this morning with fine meats, vegetiblos, etc., but tho prices generally asked were sufficiently high to cause the economical house-wife to ponder sometime before purchasing, and re quire rather more honest looking measures for tne fruits, As , than some we saw The offering of beef cattle at Drovers' Re*t, yesterday, amounted to 1,300 head ; 400 of which were taken by Dk-trict butchers at $2.25 aS3 75 on the hoof, equal to 54 50*57 50 nett 600 were driven on to Baltimore, and 100 left over Sheep $3 25 per head ; good supply. Arrivals?Packet schr Arctic, Crutchet, New York, to F & A 11 Dodge Schr Sam'l N. Small, Smith, New York, to same Steamer Diamond State, KirwiD, Baltimore, to llyde A Davidson. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Oct. 4,1856. The meetings of the Orange and Alexandria, and Manassas Gap railroad companies, take place in this city this month. The session of the farmer corporation commencing on the 30th inst , and that of the latter on the 16th. These sessions will bring largo numbers of our up country friends to the city. Tne Young Men s Christian Association, foremost in every good work, propose to com mence to-morrow evening a seriej of Sunday evening services at No 32 King street, which will be contiaued during the winter To-night James B.irbour Esq , the Demo cratic Elector for this Electoral district, meets in public discussion at the Lyceum llall, B. 11 Shackelford, Esq., the American Elector. Mr Shackelford addressed an audience here on Tuesday night. Ttf% October term of the county court for this county opens on Monday. The justices of the term are term are Win 11. Fowlo, presi ding justice, Robert Brockett, Jas A. English, Wm. B Price, R M. Smith, associato justices The coal trade continues to increase and the depots here to extend their operations We hear that the North American and the Hoff man Mining Companies purposo to establish agencies and make depots here. There is no chaDge in the markets worth quoting. Washington., Friday afternoon.?The sun rose to-day. It appeared to move from east to west. Tho trains came in from Baltimore with passengers from Nurth to South. The train whs drawn by a locomotive ; the locomo tive was propelled by sleaiu. Pennsylvania avenue continues to run from the Capitol to the President's house Am. H7#?r?sparllla and Dandelion.?Span ali, u a Hnmor R-medy, U tlie brut a'ter native fur ill arlilm frcm an Impute atat* of tt>e blood. 1* (lie t/Mt a nil bllioua retnedy ou record. The abiulltD In t concentrated form la a valoable prepara tion, warrant*! au;>erlur In atreugtli anil quality to the Sar aaparllla extract* In general u?e, and baa l-een tak-sn with ? uore*> for Khenmet>ni, Djape; ala, Liver C >mv>!ali.t, Jauu dice, Habitual CV*Uv*neea, Headache. Urowelneea, Heiieral Itefctllty, and la particularly m commended to peraoue of sedentary Habile. " Browa'a Haraaper'lla aud Oan<^eiloU" 1? told by JaUKS N. call AN and Z. D. (ill. MAN, areata. Sept M 1? UZ^CItrate ef Mafania, an agreeable refrigerant and last now extenalvely need ou the c?ntl n-nta of Ka rope an America. ruaunf*< in red dally. Hoda f >nutalua, of anew and highly approved ronatrcrtlou. A chelce lot of Havana Cigar*; with a fall anpply of Sn* Pae. fnaiery, Hair Mrnahee, Oomiie, Shaving Bruatee, and Toilet fl'xvda gerertlly. Just received, of direct Importation, at OILMAN'S New Drug Hlora, U( Feunayl van la a venae. ' MARRIED. ' On the id Instant, by the Rev D 8 inderland, LOVKM, L LAWRKNCK. of Indiana, ai.d HUE 1 , daughter of John Uunderwood, of this city At the same time, by the aame, FF.LIX L. FONTAINE and HATTIK P .daughter of John Ur-derwood. in Meadvllle, (I*a ) on the 30th September, by iheRev A. Varlan, MARY K .eldest daughter of the Hon John W. Farrelly, of Mea4vile,and DUNBAR 8. DYSON, of thla city. UtKV. On the Uh Instant, after a long and painful 111 nee- which he bore wlthjchrlntlan fortitude JOHN, eldett son of Michael and Ellia Uonnlughton Hit funeral will take place on to-morrow (Sun day) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, irom his father's res ld-uce oa 14th street, between B and G streets, Island * At the residence of his father, Montgomery county, Marvland, on the 4th Inst , CLAOKT'l Infant so a of Smith and Mary Thompson, aged 1* months. the friends and acqualotar.c<s are respectfully Incited to attend bis funeral on Sunday, the Atk of October, from the residence of bis father. This moralnsr, at Metropolis View, near thli alty, WASHINGTON liKKKY, fctq-, In th< ?7ta year of his age The friends of the family are requested to at tend his funeral from his late residence, at 3j^ o'clock p m , to-morrow (Sunday ) At We ton, the residence of his father, on th< 3d lnttant. Doctor J AM ES H. OAUSTKN, eldes son of James H Cauaten. ag^d 38 years. In th death of Doctor Causten our city baa lest a valua ble and estimable citizen, and his family one o Its brightest ornaments Jits funeral will leave St Join's Church at o'clock on Monday, the 6'h Inst . and his friend are Invited to attend without further notlee. % On the 3d Instant, Mr ELISHA ORANT, I the 39 year of his age His funeral will take p'are on Sunday afternoo at S o'clock, from his late residence on K street near the corum of lftk street. Tor Sale tad Rent. A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN GEORGETOWN, D. C , FOR RENT ? The subscriber offers for rent her late residence at the corner of Fayatte and Fourth streets, Georgetown, Immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This Is one of the largest and best finished houses in the District of Columbia, having all tha modern Improvements contained in the first-class houses of tbe Northern cities. There la attached a large cistern In the yard, carriage-house, and stable For several horse* A pump of the purest water In the immediate vicinity. The locality la high and salubrious, and In a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood. Posse*slon given immediately. For further particulars Inquire next door to the premises, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL. oc4 FOR SALE?A SMALL greenhouse complete, together with a lot of sa*b. Inquire at No. 387 Virginia avenue, Lear 7th street. oc 1-21* ? FOR SALE ?THE GOOD will, stock and Fixtures of a good store, doing a fair business, and would make a first rate stand for a Wagon Yard. It will be sold cheap, and satis factory reasons given for selling out Inquire at No. 230 7th street, between M and N oc 3-3t? For sale, rent, or exchange for CITV PROPERTY?A beautiful situation near the city line, containing 1 \ acres of Land, with a good House and o her buildings, fruit, ftc. Situated north of th?? Capitol. For particulars Inquire of the sub?criber at the dead letter office, or No 439 6th street, between E and F. oc 3-tf^ GEORGE M KENDALL. For rent?a two-story frame Dwelling with five rooms and passage, being No ?51 3d street, between I a?ul K streets For further particulars enquire at No. 255 next door oc 2-3t? Boarding house for sale?the subscriber offers for sale the Good Will and Fixtures of an o'd-establlshed Boarding Horse and Tavern. The location isoen'ral and one of the beat in tbe city. Apply to EDWARD MUR PHY, corntr of 1st ana C streets, near the new Depot. oc2-3t? For rent.?a delightful cottage, the summer residence of Rev J W French, situated near Llnnean Hill, and residence of John Pierce, Esq , about two in'le3from the city, with >tab!e and about 12 aires of land Also for sale, on the premises, an excellent family horse, accustomed to the saddle or ca*rlag^; two good cows; carriage; cart, and various farming uten sils For Information appy to R C JOHNSON, 512 12th street, near the Klrkwoods'. nz 30-Iw* Furnished rooms for rent ?one pa*lor and fl comfortable furnished chambers for rent, together or single, on 10'h street, adjoin ing the Auction Store of J. C. McGulre. The rooms are large, and location excellent, being one door from Penn. avenue. Apply door. Be 2ft-fit Rooms for rent-two rooms over my store suitable for an office of almost auy kind, will be rented low to a permanent tenant. Possession javenimmediately. L. F CLAKK, north side, Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13'h ?treats te l-"-tf For rent.?furnished or unfurn ed, a house situated on the north side of Penn. avenue. in the central part of the city, containing In all fifteen rooms, which are comfortably furn ished ; gas fixtures through the house. Will be ren'ed to a careful and responsible tenant If ap plied for soon; or the rooms will !>e rented sep arately. Boa*d can be obtained in the Immediate r.elt^hoorbood. A servant will be left to attend, and take charge of the room, if required Aoply at this office. ?e 10-1 rn nUK SAL K?A CONVENIENT SMALL ? House, on 10th street, only two or three doors fiom Pa avenue. Its central location renders it a very d si table dwelling for person* enga^t d in business The frort room might be used as a Show room for a Millinery, or fitted up for a La dles' Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Store Its proximity to the avenue would make it a go,-d stand for any neat business. Apply to W. LkN OX, or at Mrs. Lenox's, oa E, betw?en 10th and 11th streets. cu 27-tf f^OR SALE OR KENT?THAT PESIRA ble residence on F street, between 20th and fist, fur the last eight yeirs occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq Pnsse-slon irlven the 1st of November next. Inquire of R1GGS ft CO. au 12-eotf N- OT1CE -FO RK ENT. ANDPi ?SSESs*ION given on the first day of October next, thr*e of those five three story brick Dwelling House*, fronting on Massachusetts avenue, fcetween 6th and 7th streets, occupied at present respectively by Messrs. Suit, J VF. Ksrd, and Thomas C Ba den. Terms for eaca S3U0 per annum, rent to be paid monthly. EDW. OWEN, 212 Penn. avenue. ee 19-eotf OR RENT ? A TWO STORY BRICK Warehouse on Louisiana avenue, between 9:h and 10th strew s, formerly occupied by George Bill as a Paper Warehouse. Best business part of the city. No.95. ApulytoJOHN MOORE, oc it eolw* 1M>R RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board Icqnlre at Mr?. SMITH'S. 233 F street. bqv27?tf ?30iTSALE?A Tit ACT OF LA>1>, CON r talnlng about 45 acres, on the Hi'.ghts of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley Vbw Farm, the residence of the late John H King, deceased. This is one of the most desirable sites in the District for a line nrlv.ue residence; about 20 acres of this tract is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and In a high state of cul tivation. The summit of this tract is from 350 to 4<x> feet, above tide water, and has a fine view of Wa>hln??ton, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entire or In A'?o, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot oa the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. Apply at Valley View Farm.orto Dr. II. King, No b0 Prospect street, Georgetown, D C. Je IS-tf [Intel] K.J.KING. FRESCO PAINTING. St If UTTER 1c HAIILERT, ARTISTS. FRESCO DECORATIVE, an J every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. 3fll E street, belie ten 111k and 12tA ttrfttt, se 16-lm* Wa>hin0TO!(, D. C. New goods for gentlemen.?my stock of new and desirable goods Is now com pletj Gentiein'-n supplying themselves with clothing will find my selections worthy of atten tion No pain a will be spared togive satisfaction READY-MADE CLOTH IN l? cf fine qua.ity a'.ways on hand, of my own ma'^e. Also, a general supply of the newest and bs*t quality Fu nlshlng G< ods A H. t OUNG. Merchant Tailor. m29-2w Browns'Hotel, Pa aveaue WOOD AnD COAL. Tiie subscribers have on hand, are constantly receiving supplies of the very b?st qualities of every description of WOOD Al< o, every variety of the most superior qualities of COAL, all of which will be sold on as rea.*on able terms as they can be had in the District Now afloat a cargo of superior Coii. Those In want would do well to call and leave their orders bo as to be furnished from tbe vessel. Offices corner of 1 and *!st Btreets, Washington, and Green street, opposite Gas House, Georgetown, ?e23-2w Barron ft stover. NOTICE. ft EN. WALTER JONES AND CHARLES 1 LEE JONES have removed their office to No SOfi. E ctrfet, between 3d and 4th *tre?fs Charles 1/? will practice in the Supreme Court of the United Stat*s and all other courts h?'.d in the District of Columbia Gen. Walter Jones, though mostly retired from general pxae tic?*, will mute with him aud do hi* best to ad vance the noem?f clients by written statements snd arguments, and by all other needful and proper exertions. jy 5-3m WASHINGTON, I). C. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MR CROUCH'S CLASSES FOR GENTLE tlemen will commence at the Academy on Friday evening next. October 3d, 185A, at 8 o'clock precisely. Classes l and 3 will be punctual, oc 2 4t fOK MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRlDAYS.?FARE, ROUND TRIP, SI; FROM ALEXANDRIA75CEN TS?The, steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washlng tcn at 9 and Alexandria at9jf o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at P# o'clock. Coach fare 10 cen's. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their lesldencewith George ft Thomas Parker. Refreshment# on the boat. ap 2-tf SAM'L GEDNEY. Captala. CAS PITTING. WE ARE NOW PREPARED TO INSERT Gas Pipoln dwellings, stores, and publle buildings at low prices. Please give us a call. MILLER ft CUNNINGHAM, se 15-lm No.248 Pa av , hot 12th and 13th ata. JUST RECKIVEOAT THE MUSIC DE pot, W. Miller's Grand Squire PI eSSSH ANoS, the most inagnlflseat instru-J'f g f?I ments now manufactured A large stock of Pianos for rent ou the most reasonable terms. MVS- W O. METZEROTT. L. J. MIDOLBTON, DEALER IN ICX, Qjlc?-aad IImii?Southwest comer of F and ??- feb S-K AUCTION BAT.-pa ?By A. GREEN, Auctioneer LIOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FUR |||. t?r? ttAiriUa?On Fkiday th?? i otw Instant, I shall sell, at 10 o'clock f m it N. (WOuroll Duff street east, a good assortment of Furniture vli 21 Bedstead-, Hair and Shuck Mat.resses ' .Mahogany Sideboard, Dreeing and other Burr a3. Do Marble-top Tables and Wa?h Closets Walnut Extension Dining Tables and AYa*h fft&nds Mahogany Soft, Walnnt and Cane Chain China, lilacs, and Crockary Ware, and Bedr Joe k and Lookiog-Glasses. Stores, Ac With many other articles, which we de?m un necessary to enumerate. Terms cash A.GREEN, cc7d Auctioneer.

JAS C. Mc6HIKE, Auctioneer. VERY EXTENSIVE sale of firm. .. *"/?*?? Effects of the "United States M?lei."?On FRIDAY MORNING, October 10th, commencing at 10 o'clock, and continuing from d?y to day until the whole I.t disposed of, I shall sell the entire Furnlture and F fleets of the United States Hotel, comprising In part of? Superior Rosewood Seven Octave Pianoforte, Stool and Cover Handsome Gilt Frame Mirror; Mahogany and W alnut Sofas Arm and Easy Chairs, Parlor Cbalrs, .finished 5ji Plush, Damask and Hair Cloth Mart>lc-top Centre, Sofa and Pier Tabic s Mahogany Cen re, Card, and Dining Tables Lounges, Ottomans, Cane seat Chairs Brusseils,'J hrre-rly and Ingrain Caritets, Rues Mattl g and Oilc oth throughout tjjc entire house Window Curtains. Shades and Fixtures Venetian Blinds, CLintz Curtains Mahogany, Walnnt and I'atnied Bureaus, Bed steeds Washstands, and Cbal s of various kinds throughout the hou?o Large quantity of Excellent reatlc- Beds, Brl- ? [ siers and Pillows | Hairand Hu-k Mattresees, Counferpin.*, Blankets. I Sheets, Ac., Ac. * Looking Glasses, Clocks,and ManfM Ornaments Mre Irons, Toilet Set s. Chamber TaMes KadJators, Air tight and open Grate Stove* Arm Chairs, Desks, iables Superior Iron Safe, Key Rack ?r'/!1^top Ccunters, Office F urnlture, Ac. hofd andicwl general assortment of House merate hen b urnlture' nit necessary toenu Terms cash. JAS. C McGUIRE. 00 ia Auctioneer , *ecrr?.2Ii,**,El,R ?ASZYNSKI. BY MADAME GASZYXSKI ) PBOFESSOR OF DANCING Has the honor to announce TO 'he Ladles and Gentlemen of Wash lngton ai d Georgetown that he will open his classes frtbisaccompllshment In the most fashionable style, In Washington at Temperance Hall, E street, bttw- en ?lh! and 10th, the proprietors having ex prt ssly fixed in ihe most e>gant m<!nn?r for his use, also for private Parties, Balis, Lectures, and Concerts' and in Georgetown at Union Hall. Union hotel Mr. G has testimonials from all parrs of the Lnlonfor his ratability as a teacher. .Mr. 6 Is engaged in the College of Georgetown, and In the Ces"rf lIrrJeSem,naT,e* ?' *Vafbin*ton> ?nd tke ??'*?? commenced in Washington on the Fth of October. Every Wednesday and . aturday for children from J o'clock p. m , and In Georgetown every Tuesday and Friday frcm 3 o'clock p.m. , ,, PRACTISING SOIREES r? ?very Wfdne?day and Saturday it m a till 10 o clock p in , at George own everr Tuesday and Filday. ladles and Gentlemen wnl re elve Instructions ia al the most modern aancca. Application ior tern s c?ii l o made at the resi dence of M. G No 4' 7 E ttreet, letwten Oth and l?h, or at the Hall. seUO IIOOK BINDING. Comer F erehi* street ani Maryland avenue, ntar the Smithsonian Institution. pDWAKD LYCETT RESPECTFULLY IN forms the subscriber < to Browu's Hlble and Miakspeare, now ju#t completed, that he ts pre pared to bind those works in a superior style of elegance, streng'h and solidity. and upo i much more reasonable terms than can h<: done in Balti more, Phlladiiphla. or New York. A letter ad dressed to him (fn-r post) wilier,able him to ex hlblt to the subsetibers specimens of I 1< siyleof binding. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex cruUd se27-fim *200 reward. RAN AWAY FRUM THE SLBSCRIBKR living In tue village of Nottingham, Prince George'scountv. Maryland,on Mon day rlgnt, the 6?tli instant, NEGRO GIRL MARIA, who calls herself Maria Ctu-w - . She is about eighteen years of age, about lour feet ten or eleven lnche< high She Is very like ly. and Has a pleasant smiling face She has a remarkably fine suit of hair for one of her color and is, altogether, a fine looking girl. I will give the abive reward of one hundred dollars foT her app/then.sloa? no ma er where taken?provided she 1^ brought home to me or se cured ia Jail, so that 1 get her again THOMASG TURTON Nottingham, Sept. 10,185ft- se 11-tf FASHION AHjuE DANCING~ PROF H W. MUNDER TAKES GREAT pleasure In announcing to bis former patrons and the public generallv that he wlllres'ime the duties of his school on Tuesday October 7th, l?56. at the lame Hall corner of Oth and D stretts,(former-' ly Palmer's Academy of Musie ) hereef-' ter known as ?? Mtinder's Metropolitan Hall. Days of tutlon on Tuesday and Thur?d*y after noons, at 3>< o'clock, and at 7^ for gentlemen He well Introduce a variety of new and fashiona ble dances, better calculated to Imr rove the car riage and grace of the most unskillful pupil than any other Kyle that has been Introduced. He p rticularly Invites all the scholars who lartlcl pjted In the Fancy Dances last May, to t?ep>e.?ent on the day of opening, as Prof M. has something of interest to communicate b He will continue his classes at the College and Convent as usual. All those having children here whom the/ desire to receive instruction will please enter their names early. Private Instructions will be given either to large or small classes All persons wishing to consult with Prof. Mun der will please Uave thelradd'ess at Mr John F. Ellis's Music Store Penn. avenue, near 10th street se25-tf T MUSIC AND VOCAL CLASSES. HI!E PROPRIETY HAVING BEEN SUG L gested, and the advantages to be derived fiotn (siaMIsbln? .Music Clashes in the vicinity of tbe Naxy \ ard, Mr Crouch will meet those per sons Interested In the matter, on Monday next, October 6th, at 4 o'clock precisely, at the lower room Masonic Lodge, corner of Virginia avenue and 4th street, near ttie Navy Yard, to enrol mem beis for classes, and address them cn the subject. C.asses of 20, 2 Lessons weekly fo cach Classes of 10, Gh?c and Part Singing 10 each Payable In advance. Mr Crouch can beveen at the Academy of Music corner of nth street and P'rnn avenue, over Farnham's Bookstore oc2 4t NEW AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. BONTZ A COOMBS, NO. SEVENTH streets, between 1 and K streets, return their grateful thanks to a generous public for the liber al pe.tronage extended to them sine? tbeyhave b-cn engaged In the House Furnlsh'ng business In the Northern Liberties, and now beg leave to announce to the public that at 'he earnest solici tation of many citizens they have been Induced to connect with their present trade the Auctlsn end Commission business. They pledge themselves to leave no effort un tried oi scare no trouble to give Fattsfactlon In all eases to those who may conllde their business to them or favor them with their patronage All goods consigned to them will besold to the best advantage and prompt returns made. Pattlcular attention will be given to the sale of re-tl ard personal ptoperty of every kind, and lU?eral advances ikiule on the same whenev er required iion rz * coomiis, Com rls>lon Merchants. CHEAP FCRNITUReT ulOur Ur^e warehouse Is filled tolts* r^K utmost capacity wl'h every dc-. ' " 'scriDtlinof Panor, Chamber,andi Kitchen Furniture, both new and second-hand, which we will sell at a small advance over manu facturers' prices. It Is nseUvs for us to itemlz *; suffice it to say we are are prepared to furnish out entire houses al such prices an cannot fall to g've satisfaction to purchasers A call Is respectfully solicited. BONT'Z A COOMBS, Auction and Commission Merchants, ?e 20-lm No. 308 Seventh street. COURSES IN FRENCH. MON8 STAUBLY,PROFESSOR OF MOD em Languages, will ope? h!s rooms at No. 48# Twelfth street, on the first df Uctober, for the purpose of foimlng Classes tn French. Tne rcholastlc year wtll embrace fojty four weeks, divided into two Sessions of twenty-two weeks each. The course of instruction will in clude an elementary, an advanced, and a rhetor! calOlasa. The method of Instruction Invariably secures rapid progrt ss Terms: 910 per Session of twenty-two weeki se 'J0-3w* (GENTLEMEN ARE INVITED T<' CS and examine a model of a gentleman's f LL DRESS HAT, fall style, laM ~ For 11; ht nee*, fineness and elegance these Hats can not be surpassed. LANE'S Fashionable Hat, Cap and Gents Furnlrhlng Store, 444 Penna avenue, between 4^ and 6th ^ " 1? THISAFTERNOOH a*D TO-KOEBOW By J AS. C. McGUIRE Auction*^ PUHPHTLRK AND HOUSkhold rr 1 vr I. . On MONDAY Morn ING , October 6th. at 10 o'clock, on IVnntvivVnl. fV' *?tWe?n *l,t and streets, | shall J\i ? J "J*1** ??<* ?? of ? gentleman deilTn m w ^P'11*' comprising? ?^,ny "1'r^Pr!cP Sofa and Perlcr Chair# Wair M, ?p rab,'??? ot Q11 art t!s Tables ni^ . r*,arv and Bookcase Cant?^*VtA^n" Mantei Ornameota asm rSiil^arpot, Rods and Lyes. Ruz? Superior Hair and Hutk Matt-rnnm 2 *?,' OJa*"> ?nd Crockerrwa <t JSxcellent Cookin* stov/?nV? . Together with a oeneral *c" Jwe-plng article*. assortment of Honae 1 credit of 2 and 4 month"dfor ?t^ ?Vfr ,hat *um 1 note's, bearing Jnterwt W,8'actori,y?do?* -?Cy~* _ J c MeaiURE, AueOr. SALE. IN VIHTI't? Jin Fieri Facias l?sued the Clerk's o?r? ^ ifce Circuit Court of the Dlstrlrtof Columbia# .h, or w..blo8u?, .^o1t T^*'uS' 1 "ball exprme to pubi c sa'.e. for cash ble yard o*. Wm A Griff# ZSr^i ftb SK' fwrttr?LniV Patent Office, on THURSDAY IS?October, li-n, , crnmtnclng at 10 ? CJ2* ?? ni . the folio winy toods arJ ?" ,* m.TJ ? .!9Kt,Dl"hf* H'?u ^tone*, iS icui ?? ? Vv La ? Finished Marble Monuments v 2Thli'k Monuments. 1 Narbie CroJs, hick Head Stones, 6 Marble Omits anH 'x! a>*orred'Blocks of Alarble ^Vd Lrd "fl2 wlT,a I*so\lV' ,UJ!narn A ?'>*??? and October term i kjmi i / udicLla No. 2 and 3. to uctober term, 1850, in favor of Palro A Nonrse J. l). ILOnv EK i 00 ??- Marshal for the District of Columbia By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rpRuJJin?S uALE Wf A DESIRABLE r*? f 8 m#bb* ?? ???? "treet, ,,eBr ArTKRmioll wt ,)N * S?A V rn.1 i "*? folios 28?, Ac . one of th#? ii.ui win' II ^kT Wa,uh,nRton ? oun'v, the subscriber Ki'i e u o'iri ha!f rf Lot No |,J- ,f? Square ?w??c&2!Flll?chm?n ltth *fre(' ?\tr. ys?^t ,, nortb' runnln~ bark ino ! H ^^J001 Hht,y< ^?th the Improvement-. UwSn!K*4?nTC,,leat Md w'u-??ulll Bri k montlni ?u.nV ^,,f CMb: thc w??d>ie in 6 and 12 months, with lntera?t, salUfactorliy secured .. -'OS. U TATK. Trustee - J C. McSUIRE, Auct By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer! T"1 ,SW?K'!I XALK OF f K \>1 K HOCSK Bancry, anrj l.ot on the Island ? By vlr ,n ?>?"1nR date oatheWd Anznst, AfSi, f?r:orded In liber J A M No S5 fouos Ml, pt ?e?j., the Kiib<^>rirer will veil at pubUcsate on: MONDAY, tlv 1thdajof Awn " ? r:ock P M , on ;he premtae* frrtC?" ,v' J"'1 ~5' ,ri '1!,are 539. fmnt'lnL' 45 feet on fouth b street, by C6 feet fi Incbe.'. on "A MsT'r^a wpTv'' u^e lnip:ovt>menf'- whleb eon .!st or a w?:?l-buiU and comfor able two-storw fiame nwelling house and llakery 1 b? above property is situated in a rap'.d'v 1m Drovinu part Of lbe city, and offers a v^r> favoS ble ri poitunity to persons during to obtI??a residence or piac> of busine?s, or to invest 9 VnTVl 1^,Khlre Ca;'h' 3lHl th<- balance In ?, ?, and 12 months, for notes bearing interest se^ cur. d uno:i tb?? pro;*rlv, end ifnot compMed with ia Ave days after the salo the property will be re so.d, upon one week's notice, at the risk and ex per.*e of the purchaser. All coavijam in" at the expense of the purchnser. " n iii ^AS. 8 WAl?t>ACH Trus'oe Jy ll-2awAds J c. McGUIRE, Aurt'r. J'" akoir? fale is postponed on ac K" ofi F'JS" "nm **">**,**><?? *,.?.? . ^ AHAS^ * WAI.LACH. Trustee, aug5-eoAds J. c. McGUIRE. Aucfr. PBrcha?*'r ?*>? absrc sale Lav. Ing faiitd "comply with t. e terms tLereof. the property will be resold on MONUA\ . tbe6ihdhv nf Octoixr, J-.VJ at 4^ o'clock I*. \1., on tbe premises. CHAS. ?. WALLACH, Tiurtee ?e27-ecAds j. c. McSUIRE, Auct r. I v JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctlor.eer ri^KLSTEKS #ALK OF HtlLiSE A!tD FRIDAY AFTERNOON Oc 1 < th, 1 58, at 1^ oVlrek. on thc premises, bv virtue o. a dted of tiu^t dated October 21st 1^47 rnii J ill, recorded in Liter W. B , No UT. folloi 319, lc , ^d of tbe rand reecrd.. for Ua LiuirtoJ [.T'^uk SV^ribe" "*'Ul *eI1 *l ^ubi'c Accilrn .0 th* highest bidders, p^rfs of Lots No fi ard 7 romrr.eni/ir.g at the northwest angle of Lot Mo 7 # !Vio' 555 and tteDce sr uth with the Hue of 2d street west ISfeet 7 inches to the divldlrff line between the two frame Wouse?, on it.e noith part of I o? No. 7, due (a t 6'? feet.lhecce due ncrta 19 feet . lnche?, a;;d thence due v e?t t3 id street, the p acc rf beginning, together Willi -he impio events, consisting ff a iwo-storv Frame Hrij?e. ? Tetm.s: One fourth cash; the re-ldue in fi. 12. i"d lr mon ts with interest, securid by cdifd ci trust on the premises. BICUARD WALLACH. Trusts se .0-eoAds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. Undershirts, drawers, ard .1 R Y ?1'hese three articles I havetak?n l^re?t pains to ge ect, pud Lave the most complete assort meat of silk, merino, lambs wc^?l, Shaker Hamiet,and eashriHre Shirts. Drawer*, ai;d Lalf- 1 , Bos * ever offered at the I.'azaar, ccrner of 6th ' street and Pennsylvania avenue fe-6-ectkivr HOPKINS. NOTICE. - K ('U A SON, MILITA R V A N D N A V AL Merccant Tailors No 212 Penn avenue Lave just re:urned from he North with their fall supply of goods, consisting of Cloths, Cas( meres, and Vesting . with a variety of gentleman's Fur nishing Articles, to which th'.y in7lte the atten tion of their friends and customers. se 20 d 1 '*?? eo 1 v.* OIt y GOODS, FOR THE FALL AXl) IVlxTF.R SFASO\ WT A 11 r- NO W R E C KI V I N G OUR VT large and well-assorUd stock of Rich Dress Goods, Snawls. <carfs, rr.d Clo'h Cloaks and Talmas, comprising the latest noveltie* of the season, whicli we invire the lad'es to call a- d examine before making their purchases. \V?- , have also. In store, a large s'.ock of all kinds of General Stapl* r.nd l)oa;!-8tic Goods for family consumption, vir : Superior t;hirtin?s?-lnens ard co tons; Bleached and Brown ^bettings, Table Diapers, Napkins. Toweling*; Fine Bed and Crib Blankets; 50 Bed Comforts, mad- to ourord rs; 5?pleres White and Ked 1 lannels, of all ouaities; 0 pieces Superior Shaker and r^iiled Domestic Flannel; 5 cases Sun- rior Bleached Shirting Cottons, sr.ft and heavy flnish, wiileh we have bad made expressly for our sales, arid as a guarantee of its superior quality ve hive our names ar d numbers stamped on each piece. u~J" A'l arllcles warranted to prove as repre sented (]~^ Goods cut off Mnno l?e taken b.vk. COLLKY A SLA K S, s' 25 et>2w .rjti3 7th st., 3doors north Pa av. LUKUANT CAKPCCTINGK JUST HE M.J celved anel on sa!e a supe-rior and elegant stock of Wilton, Velvet, Tapestry, Br us els, imperial Three ply, double Ing.-r.ln, Damask, Twilled end plain Venliian, and wool Dutch Carpe.iia^s, all of the very latest Importation and in the newest snd richest colors and designs. I11 the fleer varieties we Lave some In s.:perb!y rich melaliioni. (single inedal'lon to a room.; and bordering* to mat. h, style of Loul* XIV. Also, elegant square and oblong Kugs to h. We do not hesitate to assert that the stock of Carpeting and other Furniture Dry Goods now in our store is more* e.\ten?lve and varied and more superior In excellence and beiuty than t.nv o:h-r *ver offered for sale to the elfizeos of Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria, snd 1 nvlrorg hcetofore; all of which we will stdl at as low Mgure? as tbe same can be had In any ether house in the Union, and may be lets. se 15-eoJw CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. CLOCKS?CLOCKS?CLOCKS. I HAVE JU#T RECEIVED A LARGE As sortment of Clocks?5<? different srvl?*?, whb h will be sold low, ar.d warranted to go wt II Tho.e who buy to sell aga n would do well to give me a call before purchasing e sewbere Alse, Clo k Materialsof all kinds. Oils. Balls. Keys, Cords, Hands, Ac, at J.ROBINSON'S, se 23 2m 349 Pa. ave.,opi>o. Browns' Hotel An estmay horse camk to the premises of Commodore Jones, near C\ Prospect H HI. Virginia, on the night of AryQ Tuesday, the 23d instant, lie is thoughtToie from one of the neighboring cities ihe owner Is requested to come forward, prove property oav charge*, and take him away. se27-eolw lkechiku and cuppiivo. JACOB GUVERNATOR, NO 56 HIGH * street, Georgetown, keeps the beat Spanish Leeches, and respectfully informs the modlcal faculty and pub ic that he Is prepared to execute all ordsrs promptly, and upon inodciate terms. se?J-w4w? EN T LEU EN'S SHAWLS, MAlDKS, v* AND MUPFLI RS.-A large stock Just open-d, some extra slae, and veiv cheap, at the Gentlemen's Bazaar corner of Sixth iireet and Pennsylvania avenue. ?e 27-eod2w HOPKINS. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE AH90CUTKU BY HOUSE FMINTINQ TEMMO RAT It Steamer Outward Bound. Now You, Oct 4 ?The ite?B*r Wa?bing ton ?aile?l at noon for Southampton, takinr ont |lfi:i 000 in fj-ecie. Proclamation for Ele.tion in lama* a ?v.ttVil 41* ABUIN ? Cai. aoo, Oct 4th ?Hot Oaary ban issnad proclamation for an election of delegatas to Cong ress. and tha State Legislature, to take place on tba ?th of October. New York Congressional loam at ions. NiW Toil, Oct 4 ?Tbe Amsru-ans in tba Third Congressional District have nominated for Congress J. Phillips Pba-ni*; in tha Eighth District, Shepherd Knapp ; in tha First District, (Erookfjn) Edward S. Wood. ? Hew Orleans Markiti. New Orleans, Cct. 4 ?The Africa s newt was pul<!jsh?d by the sswiated pres? in i*s regular :Jternooc editions yesterday. Cotton is st'fier but quotations were unchanged; sales of the week 37,000 bales, receipt* of tba week 33 J00 ? less than la*t year for the same week by 45.000 bales?jtock on hand 41,000 Floor closed buoyant Wheat is dull; white SI H0a , SI Si. W lute corn ft5c. Lard in kegs 141c. Coffee lOjallio for Rio?sales <4 tbe week |j,(?00 bags ?st<?ck on hand 43,M#. Freights ? Cotton to New York *2 per bale, sterling ex change 8J premium, cotton to Liverpool i J Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Oct. 4.?Floor is lower; sales of Howard street ai . ;.ud Citj Mills at 56 .">0 Nothing done in Ohio Wheat is irregular; ales of red at ?I 40*1 45, and white at $1 60 Corn is unchanged; sales of white at 60sG3:.t and yellow at A4sft6c. Whisky is unchanged, City 37c., Ohio 3&c. Hew York Marke s. New Yoec, Oct. 4?Flour Las declined; sales 4.000 bbls ; State S6 10afA 46; Ohio f<> iO.iSo 75; standard Southern (A 90a?" 35. Wheat has declined; sales of 30 000 bushels; red SI 90; white 51 62. Corn closed with a Jecling tendency; sales of 20 000 bushels, Southern mixed 6Hc Pork is dull; sales of mers at $20.12* Beef is quiet; Chicago repacked $11 Lard is firm; sales in bbli at 14ic- Whisky is drooping; Ohio 38ic. ?? Financial. New York, Oct 4 ?Stocks are ftrmei; Il linois Central shares 1I7J; Illinois Central bond*9Si; Michigan Southern SfcJ; New York Central 84#; Pe-m^ylvania Coal Company SMi; Reading S2i; Virginia 6's 91]. Money is firm? exchange is flat. A CARP. K HAVE THE PLEASUR E TO AN 4 nounce to or.r friends and the public that we have just ree?lvcd our fail stock of* CLOTHS. CASIMERES, and VK*T l.\*?;<of the very best French. American,, and fcugllsh manufacture, to which w- respect, fully ask to call their attention VUtters and stranger* la the city can have their o ders Ailed by Ufc at the very ah -nest notice, at f.?lr prices, and in styles equal at least to any ea tab tshinent In the eity. GRI 'MB A H tZANO, Merchant Tailors 6-lm 4'J3 8th ?.t , near Penn avenue GUNS-GUNS-'oum. THESUB8CR1BFR HAS JUST RECEIVED direct from the c*-l?b ated manufactory z>f Mr Chance ? Sor-, the* _ _ best and cheapen lot of Double and Single Shot Suns ever belure offered in this market Each ? ?n? has fce-Ti proved and wit* be warranted per fect throughout. or no sale. We have also Powder ?? lask*. Shot Belts, Grme Baps. Cleaning R< d?. Kaldirrn Wads, Percussion Caps. Powrder and ??bot. nil of wtich are offered as low as can be purchased In this city, bv JOS L SAVAGE, Mi?n of Gilt Saw, Penn avenue. betwien se<*2 la (Nexscopy) 10th and lltb aU. I I>1K. MOOD AMD COAL. Q(U\(I UL'SH,,LS WOOD-BURNT LIME AiVt/O now landing In go~d order, of superior quality, also on band, HlCKuR Y. OAK. and PINK WOOD; also daily expected, a carro of superior WHITii and RED AHH COAL Persons wlablng to supply themselves with a gond article will please tend la lUelr orders this week ard receive tue coal direct from the vessel and weighed by a swern w-lgher WM WARDER, corner of 12th and Cits. ne^r the Canal, No 640. re (Organ) r^<?W STRAltB.. LEFT THE PR EM * ' lses of :be subscriber last wtek. small white Co W. short horn*, in g. order. N-> particular marks recollected *V vTf K hultabl-reward will be given fcr inform? of her when about*. JAS ADAMS, ie3U-lw 29? South B street rillBTV-F VK THOUSAND DOLLARS. Ta Capitalists seeking Investment ! J NO SAR H. GALLAHER.TODD'9 MAR bie Building, adjoining Brown's Hotel, have Tor sale, en commission. Thirty Ave Thousand Dollars of Six percent, COUPON BONDS, ac :nred bv mortgages upon real estate worth dcuble the amount cf said bonds, and Interest pavable ieml aunuallv at the Bank, of the Vallev, Win ;fccs:er, Virginia, or at the Bank of Metropolis, Washington, D C. l ht-Mf oojid* afford a s fe and judicious invest riieni. ard. whilst they ere quite as safe as Corpo ration stot a, can be had for less money, yet pay ing the wrae amount cf Interest. LH7" The bonds are each Five Hcndred Dol ir>. se S-tf ARNV'S COHreCTIONEKT, Na. *"4 Urld?e street, Oeargetawo, O. C. npHi; MATRIMONIAL AND FFSTIVF a searonbflng near at band, the attention cf all persons Interested Is called to the continued ex cellence and beauty of our productions, WED* 1>1NG CAKE especially The fact that we are a'most dally receiving, from all parts of Wash laytcn. orders for such Cake* constitutes suffi cient argument of their superiority An Indiffer ent oak-- Is provoking at any time, but st a wed 4. It would be unpardonable. All. therefore, wh<? would not be, or hsretof re have be<n, dis appointed in obtaining a gcod article are Invited to give us a call. The usual (medal) quality ICE CREAMS. (*2 per gallon.) JELLILS, Ac , can be bad at any tlrse. or will be delivered In the most remote parts of Washliiirton or Georgetown wrlthout extra charge. AKNY. s? "ZS-e'CJm (IntelAUnloc) W. H. WHEATLXY'I GEORGETOWN DYEIHG AND SCOURING ESTABLISHMENT. rpHE SUBSCRIBER RETURNS HIS SIN -L cere thanks to the ladle*' and gentlemen t f tbe District for the very liberal pat onageeitended to him during the past year, snd he trusts by s'rlct personal Attention to business to merit acon tlauai:ce of tb*> same. All kind* of work usually done in his lice of business, done in a s'yle un 8ur)>afcsed by any fstabl'.shmant in the District, with puuctiiall'y and despatch No 4S Jeff rson street Gecrgetown. se 30-eo3f AMEKII AK SPECIFIC 19 AtUt? - Fife, ard speedy cure for a disease of a private nature. It will cure any < ase In 3 or 4 days, liioe SI. "old only at No. US Penn. a ven le * c0-eo6t WIllITE RPAS1SM BRANDT, WHITE Vllae Vtaegar, Ac. si ^ ra.-ks W hlteSpaubb Hrandy,4tb proof 1 naif pipe White Wire Vinegar ?>bb:s pure Cider Vinegar ioo lb? white and b own Mustaxd toad Lon^ Pepper and white Ginger Together with a large and complete as?onmeat of fre^h impoited Spic*s, sultab'e fbr the plek? ling season In store and for sale low by WILLIAM M CR1PPS, oc 2-eo6t M La av .bet ?th aid rth str ?ts. FOR MALE.-A HANDSOME CAPR^i; and Harness, In excellent order / Also, a good horse for family use. Can, be ss?nT)? i'*qulrlag at tlie .*IaTy i am silNgg UK CiftlFCL! IK THK2TE IS A FA.M1LV ^ HT WITBOOT tJ iLulaa MORN NG 8TA^ COdlNO HTO vI cast In the city of PhlMelphla, ib-y ?TlVdo well to call at our store, No 318, and wo 3 I;ke great plea?ure In showing them how we Tl. turkey or a piece of roasting beef lr. fts Roaster wLen on the spit. The genuine Morning star Roaster takes in tbe turkey or me*' after ti e turkey or meat Is oa the spit seen ed thereon, wlthrut tbegrent pain and trouble <f poftac tba turkey or meat in th? Roa*terard t?e?? f?a big tne spit through the turkey or n*at ttcr?e?r r<?^* ? lng tt?e bands of ?he co-?k or person \ ?iui; ?? Stove in a hot Roaster. See to this, and sh?w b to your cooks, ana th y wiU Maximal.' oc*-? (Organ) rpilF. A 1 tala, file