Newspaper of Evening Star, October 13, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 13, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1856. NO. 1,148 * TTTR EVSWIHO STAB, fCULlc-'Kn KVSHT A FT KKNOO H, {isXCEHT SUNDAY,) ? - St*r Bwildingt fmtr ?/ Penmtflmmmf ?nd filtHXi ttrttt, By W. D. WALLACH, A'ill be icrred to subscribers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, psysble weekly to the Agents; papers served in rarkaget at 37# <ynts per month. To mnll subsc r1bers the rab ?t!ption price I* I'HRUK DOLL ARS AND FIF IV CENTS a yew imadvanrt, TWO DOLLARS for Mx month#, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of 14^ cents a week. I<ZT SINGLE COPIER ONK PENT. HEW 8T0VE HOUSE. THE GREATEST COOKING STOVE EVER INTRODUCED INTO THE UNITED STATES. FOR COAL OR WOOD. 13,000 la Use. Fear size* : No. tt, 7.?, 9. GALLAGHER'S M O R NT!i*a"s TAR, DOUBLE OVEN COOKING STOVE. The Best. the Cheapest, most Substantial and most Perfect Cooking Store In the Union. n,0dU of these Stoves are note tn successful operation. This splendid Cook Stove has now been tlior onghly tested during the last four years; they op-rate In the best aid most satisfactory manner, 1 hire fully tried them with wood and coal, and strjagly re*omin?nd them. They are heavy and very durable, and tne desijn Is neat and beautl f ul W 1th a inolerate lire, th's Stove will Bake three loaves of Bread. Roast a Turkey, Boll two Dtaaer Pots, Broil a Beefsteak and beat the water for washing, all at the same time. You are respectfully Invited to call ani examine the above solendid booking Stove. ?' GALLA gher'S morning star " Patentee: a J. GALLAGHER, Philadelphia. MALLAUHEIi'S SUNRISE AIR-TIGHT, Patented, I<*i6. A New and Splendid Large Oven FLAT TOT COOKING STOVE. FOR COAL OR WOOD Fear Size*: 91a. 6, 7, ?, 9. It Is only necessary to say, that after very many years of experience, and being fully conversant with all of the various kinds of Stoves which have been Invented on the down-draft principle that I have taken advantage of every well known Improvement test has from time to time been made, particularly In reference to the formation and construetlon of the flues, which are always necessary to be large, and I have fully applied every Improvement and combined them all In the " Susri.n Air-Tight Cooking >tove." This Stove Is made very heavy and Is a good substan tial article; I have made them extra heavy In all tne parts where long experience has proved It to be Important, and I can assure my customers that 1 have spared neither pains nor expense In get Ung It up; and It will not be excelled by any stove now known, of a similar character; I am convinced that It will at once become a standard Stove \'t~r 1 have fully tried them In every way, with Woad and Coal, and strongly recommeni them to the public They operate ia th? most satisfac tory manner Patentee: A J. GALLAGHER, Philadelphia. For sal- only by C WOODWARD A SON, Neat door to C Woodward's old stsnd, Pa. av.. between 10th and 11th sts , No. 31b. N. B ?Also, a very large a*?ortment of the latest and most approved patterns of Urates, Par lor. Chamber, Dnln^-Room, Otftce and Store Stoves of all sizes, for wood and coal, that the North can furnish, best suited to this market. You will do well to call and examine our as sortment of goods. We will take great pleasure In showing oar assortment We are sure that our Goods are very low, as we buy for cash. frr Tkems cash . au'ilMtoi STOVE8, GRATES, Sec. THE SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE TO Inform his numerous patrons, and the public generally of Washington, Georgetown and sur rounding country, that he has Just received the very largest stoei of STOVES, GRATES, RANGES and HOT-AIR FURNACES ever be fore offered In this market, of which he asks an examination, feeling assured that fordurablilty of castings, economy In consumption of fief, beauty of design, and simplicity of construction, tbey are not equalled. Having personally selected th!s stock from the most celebrated Northern and Eastern Foundries with a single eye to the use, not merely the sal* of the article, customers can rely upon fair dealt*# and fhlr prices In all ca?es. I name In part? Chilson's Hot air and Ventilating Furnace. Hayward, Hartlett A Co's Portable Pot Puruace J L. Mott's 44 invincible" Tubular Oveu Range M Pond's Union Double Oven Range. B*be's Range. Improved Latrobe, Felnour, Hot Air Parlor and Gas Burner Stoves fir betting tne room In Wilch It is set. and the room al>->ve, a very beau t lful ornament for the Parlor, taking up no room, aud consumes no more fuel than acominon Radl a tor. " Invisible" Cooking Stove, Tubular Ovens, for coal or wood, wnlch for durabllty of castings, eroncmy In consumption of fail md the super! >r manner In which ft performs !ts duties, is the verv beet Cooking Stove extant 1 ask an ex amination of mv list of references and letters of recommendation, numbering tlve hundred resl dents of this city, who Lave this unsurpassed stove iu use New World Cook, a pretty pattern and excel lent operator. Blue Ridge, a neavy article and good baker. Victor Cook, Flat Top, for coal or wood, a beautiful patt-rn, and heavy; a new cook, manu factured In Troy, N. Y , lost received Morning Star, for coal or wood, with summer arrangement la hearth and roaster behind. Light Street Complete Star, for coal or wood, without summer arrangement la hearth, very heavv. Victor Complete Cook, Cook's F.a?orlte, Kitchen Companion, Planter, Emporium, Fanny Forres ter. and a number of other patterns of Cook Stoves. Parlor. Cook, and Dlulng Room Stoves Chamber stove*, open aad close Front, In 3J diSerent styles Hall and Odice Cannons, all sizes and qualities. Russia S leetaad Cast-iron Radiators, Ac., for Parlors, ail pattern* Parlor and Cha nber Grates from the very best manufacturers in New York Builders will do well to examine this department Together with a general Hssortment of all re quisites for the Kitch.-u and Dining room All goods de.ivered free of charge to any part of the district at my risk. Tin and S teet Iron work made to order bycom pe*?r. workmen. Old a coo'its will be settled before opening new ones. Terns pisltlvely ca*li; unlessotherwlsea^reed ?pon at toe time of sale. My store will be kept open until 10 o'clock d m , for thf- special acciimnod tion of those who cannot make it convenient to call during the day where the same assiduous attention will be paid in giving all information required JAMES SK1RVINB, Washington Stove Depot, No. sW7 S E cor. Pa av. and 11th street, ?e Lt-lm (Intel.AOrgaa ) Removed to 367 Penn'a avenue, South tide, Or>osiTK Tilk National Hotel. NAM UKOtEHV, v% i S E, AND LIQlOH hTOH !:. rpHE SUBSCRIHf H :1EGS LEAVE TO A Inform his friend* ?i4 the public, that he has opened a new store. No 387 Pena. avenue, between 1 * and 6th stieets, 1 re doors east of 0th street, where he Intends to keep constantly on hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINES. LIQUORS, CIGARS. ?ad FINE GROCERIES, consisting of |ne Teas, Sugar, Cof-e,Flour, Soap, Olives. Raisins, Figs, Sardines, Anchovies, (turd. Marrett A Co., Plnet A Co , and Col. Chadard's Brandies In Cases, Demijohns, and Casks Old Jamaica Rum, Sherries, Maderla, Port of various descrip tion. St J alien Claret, Chateaux Margaux, in case-, Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits, Rey nold's Edlnburg Ale, Ann<-scttl, Maris bioo. Cararoca, Absynth. Champagnes, aad a large and Varied descrlptloa of Hasans Cigars Aise, Stooghton Bitters and Pever snd Ague Bitten, porter, Ale tad Cider. JONAS P. LEW, se l-ly No '167 Ps av , bet and ftth sts. ViiiiDiT DmtTMlRT, May 38, ln5fl. Notice Is hereby given to the holdera of the stock Issued pursuant to the act of CongreM of J2d July, 1848, that auch stock la redeemable by Its term*, and will be paid at the Treaaury on the ?urrender of the certificates thereof, on the 12th of November next, when Interest thereon will aeaae. This department will contlnne to purchase such ttock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the following premium, In addition to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the let day of June and the 31st day of July, In iluslve, one-half of one per cent, on the amounts specified in the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st aad 31st lays of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And on such stack received aftar the 31st day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st J uly the current half year's Interest mu t also be as <lgned by the present stockholder, otherwise such Interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice is further given to holders of other stocks of the U nlted States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day of June and the 1st day of December next, unless thesumof $1,500,000 shall be previously obtained, *nd will pay for the same, in addition totkeln erest accrued from he day of the last dividend if Interest, and ont day's additional Interest for 'he monay to reach the vendor, the following rates ?>f premium: On stock of the loan of 1842, a premium of 10 per cent.; On stock of the loans af l?47 and 1848a premium jf 16 per cent.; And on stock Issued under the act oftth Sep tember, 1850, commonly called Texan Indemnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the par ty entitled to receive the money; and if sent pre vious to the 1st July, the current half-year's In terest must also be assigned by the present stock bolder, otherwise the luterest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stocks will be nade by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties ?ntitied to receive the money may direct. JAMHS GUTHRIE, m'^-dtUNov Secretary of the Treasury. OFFItlAL, Treasury Dipartmzst, August20, 1P.V5. Wher-asth- following joint resolution of Congress has become a law: Joint Misolition extending the time for the credi tors ol Texas to present their claims Resolre-i ha the Senate and House of RtprtserUn live-* oj the C. rated States of wlincrini in (Sotigm> ia Itmhied, ^Phat a?? agreeab y to th^ provision of the towth section ot the a-t of the 28.h of February, 18fw, 10 provide for tlie tayment of such creditor ol the late republic of Texas as are comprehended in the act of Longress or 8eiitemb*r 9th, 1HT?0, "? no tice, by public a Ivertisement, was duly given for ihe space of niii' ty days by the Se-reutry of the Trea-ury, of the time a which payment of the am >unt appropriated by the nrth section of und act wmid b>- male, pro rata, on auy b >nd,'*, or evidence of debt of ?a'd *ia e, which should be pr?-s?nted at the Treasury Department thirty liays preceding the 13th ,'ay of Juue, iAV5, the luut of -aid notice; and as it is represented by tbe said Secretary of the Treasury, that of >aid b .nds, cer tihca ea, and evidences of debt, winch have been reciigiiii-ii by the State of Texas, the same, equal to th ) sum ot three hundred aid eighty nine thous and six hundred an 1 ninety-three dollars arid seven cents wre not presented to ihe Treasury Department prior ?o the .-*id 13ih of June, therefore, in order to do full justice to Uie hollers of -a d deb:, the Hecr? - 'a y of the Trea<ury is hereby a<i4iorized to | ay to the Loljt-ri of a .y of tiie raid b nuts, certificate*, or evidences, rjf deb!, not presented before the 13th day oi Juue la t, who may nresent a d prove the sa neat the Treasury> nt, b tweentheKttb day df June la<t and the 1st day of January next, a id ?-xecut? the proper rel?a*es to the United States a-id the State of Texas, their pro rata ?haro of the >aid seven in llion seven hundred and tlfty ihoueaud dollars; and af'er payment thereof, the taid Seere tary of the Treasury is authorised a id required to Uistnbnte and i.ay the residue nf the i-aid seven mil lions seven Lun.ired and fifty thousand dollars, then remaining in the treasury, yio rata, amongst all the ?aid holders who may have proved their claim-, and f-X'-cuted the proper releases on or before the 1 it tlay ol Jauua y next. Approved August lath, 18.16. uereby 81VI.V to the bulJers of bonds, certificate", an J evideuces of debt of Hie lale repub lic ?f 1% xas, which were not presented at this ?!?? partm >nt on or before the 13th day of June lad, that the raine will be settled a id the yro rata amount thereon will b? paid to the lawful holders thereof if presented before the first day of January next, ao companied with the necessity evidence of their gen uineness, wi!h assignments to the United States, re 'juirrd to give this de;a'tm -tit the Oils tody of such bonds, ce aftcaie*, and cviJeuoesof debt, and with releases to the United Slates ari l Texas, lu accord ance with the provisions of the aet of Congress of ??tfth February, Itf.Vi. This department will not require < videuce of geti unieaesa to l>e presented with the certificates issued by the aalit trand comptroller of Texas under the laws of the S'a'.e. Iiut it p isesses no meansof ver ifying the certificates, binds and promissory notes issued by the republic oi Texas, aud not presented to, nor audited by, the officers of the State. The neee?-ary a>id proper proof of the genuin nejsof the latter is the certiti -ate of the comptroller ol the Htate ot Texas, who has tlieolh-ial charge of the original ara lives relating to the ?lt bt of the late rc^ [Ublla of Texas. Thi assignment and releases may ba;:xecutrj ind acknowledged in the presence of the As-s*tant Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof tn the prouauceof a notary public, and be witnessed by t;:e A isMtant dec re ay, or chief alerk a d nota ry, and be certified by the notary ui>dt>r liunota r a'seal; b it when t>ie holders drslre to make the assignment aad execute Uie rolea^es out of the city of Washington, It may be done in the presence of an as-istant treasurer, or eillector, er surveyor of the :ustom?, in the presence nf a nota y public, and be wirneased by the collector or smveyor and the ai> ta-y public, an l becartifled by the notary under his notarial aea!; and if tl??ie be no collector or survey* or ofth?- eust< ms at the place where the j*rty ie sid s, th- asaiKiuneot and releaie* may be executed before any court of record, iii the presence of the ^udgeandcl rk thereof aad be witneeas d by tbeni, and certified by the clerk under his seal of ottae; and if the holder be out of the United States, ihe as si^nment and releaaea may be executed before any (Tutted consul, and be w.tnessed and oerUficd by him under bis ^onau ar ?? al. Ail peraons eie cuthig auch assigniiiantk aad releases mnstaiao de clare, uoderoath, before the notary, elerk,or eon sul, ai the case may be, that thay are the real own era ofthe certificatea or other evidence* of debt or that the same have bctn a-signed to them, bona fid*, fjr collection ; and the notary, clerk,or oonaul inUri laeluda th'- fact o^thatdeclaration in th*1!! eer* tifl aieof4:knowledgmenl. If assigned tt?r collection, or in pledge, the name of the party holding die beneficial or residuary in leraai ia the claim mm: be stated in the affidavit and a rt'liuf to the United States and release to r?ia? muxt be duly executed by such party, to gether with the assignment and releases from the person in wliw fovor settlement and payment is requested. One or more audited certificates, or one or more evidence ol thv same character of debt, may he in cluded iu the same assignment, releases, and atfida vit of ownership, if each certificate is correctly do scribed by number, date, amount, and nam<; of the original payee. It tdiuiild also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities or the Stateot l'eia*, on aco>Mint of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by th? republic of Texas, accord inn to the fawts of each ca-te. The assignment to the Untied state* may be made in common form ; the releases rhould be drawn ac cording to the forms subjoined?A and B. JAMEB GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Treasury. W)m ??, Know all persons by tbe*?- pp seats that ? has released, aad hereby reh as?s, the United Hta'es of America troni all further liability or claim for the payment of certificate or evidence of d?-bt number , for the turn of? , issued by the late republic of Texas (or by the authorities ol the State of Texai, as the case may b*,) and re deemed by the United Sta es iuacct?roaiice witli the provisions ol an act of Congress entitled "Aii act to provi e tor the payment of such cjedilors of the late republic* ol Texas an are comprehended in the actof Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and lifiy," approved the 28th day ol* Fedruaiy, !t?55, and an act of the Jtaie of Teim, approved th.j 1st of February. Ie56. As witness my hand and seal. Form B. Know all persons bv these presents that ? has released, a id hereby relt a.-es, the s.a ee?f Texas t>< m all further liability or claim for the |?ay insnt of certi/i'a>e or evidence of H-bi number ,h>r the sum ot 3 issued by the late re pi.blic of Texa *,(or by the authorities of the d;ate of 'IVxas a* the case may be,) and re deemed by the United States iu a^cor'ai.ce with the provisions of au act of Con cress, entitled " >n act to provide for ? he payment of suc h creditors of the la'e r< public ol Texas a41 are comprehended in the actof Congress ot September nine, eighteen hundied and fifty," approved the 23ih of February, 1855, and an ac: of ?he S-ate of Texa*. approved (lie l>t of February. 18.V5. 1 As witness my hand and seal. The following is a list of the audited certifieates still ou s*a :ding: iS o Issued to. Xo. ImiC'1 to. 8 T I) Tompkins 1639 Oscar Engledow 18 Huktnan t'aufirld 1675 Tiii?>t?es ?f Austin 31 John A Clifton C'-llego 32 II K Muse 1^82 G (I Mon?arrat & Co 53 R G Hubbs 16 M) John Karner 84 J De Cordiva 1704 Daniel Carl 92 John Bumingham 1732 ) .. ..... , 135 Phineas He Cordova 1733 \ " N w a,cou 176 E I'aldwin 1746 John W Portu 1"1 Jam-s Tilghman 1770 I K Elliott 192 Mntliias Clark 1807 Harriet George ~!!'J \ Etlia Earle }|"? Miles S Bennett -0 J 18V9 Na't.aniel Rudder O nimeaii 1811 I Li Vi Tyler, adm'r 344 J E Wade 1 833 ] of W II Kelly 368 Peters Si Booth J83H Samite! VVildey 395 Lou llusted IH.'S Georp^ Sutherland 404 S Kingsley 1841 J P Hennings 427 J Ra ker, for Eliza- 18421 , ,, ? . b*tn ParlBT, ex'x 184^1) 8 437 Benedict Bayley 1844 Edmund RaRiuger 445 L? a'ider Bt a^ou lKVJ J l> Logan 4C6 Win (Jdlin 1856 C P Green 467 John W King 1865 Itavid Ayies 509 T K VVi bb 1W?9 Tliome<s F Jarui s 510 A S Thu m Hid 1878 C Schied!< laantd 548 Thoa WKarsl.a'l 188J J F Jewett t?25 Iiuvid S Kaufman lt<97 F Finma 643 Geors- W l'ark^r 18!)9 Par i;ia Lee 614 CriucherAMcRaven 1920 f wV (iro- rn y.-r \ Win Flower ^?"lb''r, rJ,,,'|i-0" ) 19.'8 Rol? rt Lusk 6.~?i J A Simpson 19vi9 E W I awtheru 6^9 Win H Be|? her 19 ,0 W m Coehian 6'it II li V\ill:ams 1932 Fianci? Moore jr 701 Felix Rieder 2071 Audrew i aley ?JS} Bob.,, Oa.e 773 Wm Jone<? l.ilHl Vickery 779 Wm Walker 'J0H8J r , 793 |?yer Pearl 1749/'di|' Ureirond 8 2 Isaac L lli'l 2106 \ J ? 863 Herinosari Brown 1610 S ^aVl^ ^ Burnet 874 John W Bower 2108 I T, ,, ? 879 James .McMa?ter i93> "' WcMaster 914 liver Pea l 21.36 \ ? ? ? 915 Mary K len Heden- 1858^ * 1 Gentiy berg 21451 930 J Ellis 623(hU Fisher 932 Mrs Mary Uelville 2IOI ) , lOlH Anson t.'ianson 15011 L"?Ui ta: a Havis 1012 it M Forbes 2.'t03 p. Frost 1025 James N llogan '23(6 Thomas Re. d 1013 Thomas Lmdt-ay 2316 Harrison C Bryant 1045 James L Gieen 2.U0 J S McDonald 1017 Jesse Daniel 93-10 Arthur Garner 1048 J II Daniel 2311 J F Martcln it 1050 Charles Vincent 2341 Amlr.-ws Gn.Ver IJgJsHGeivaise ^XV.V^'11 ,0?,7 > 2.149 W Piukney 105K Willis Milliean k23.'4) J D Gidefines 1059 J D Milliean 2354 J Crawford ir 106-2 John I avis 23:m a P Edgerton 10ti.? W ill Bartmi 2.'t">9 Thomas V\ arnerjr 1079 W A l.o 2."'63 (ieoige K Sistare IOpo R Morton 2H6I Francis Brichta 1135 James Kil am 2382 Elizabeth Carter 1196 C II Taylor 2383 Wm Davis 1241 Vniiiijrs (VJ* man 'J.vi7 Joseph T< mliuson 1*248 R ib rt McNutt 2:t}?0 Hne>-d !i Turner 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kiinbro af'yl II Rayin.iid 2400 || || llaynie 1261 E He Pon oi-i 2401 R \V Milhank 1-269 C P Green 2402 Catherine Allen 1275 G W Sinks h J It 2405 Henry Krnig ^haw 2413 J W Lawience 1297 Ji.lni Keudriek 24?K Stepton Smith 1298 Samuel Hid 'iu 24J4 A C II or ton 1300 John Johnson 2438 Elapiialet Easton 1301 Su^an Massifx 2442 Lemuel BDickeuson 1302 Thomas II Forrestei 2450 Wm II Thompson i:?5 B It Warner 2452 7. Wm Eddy 1423 William Fic ls 2471 J E Heiron 1424 li V, Osborne 2474 A B Hemphill 1425 John A ICdiii. rford 2477 Aaion Hauuhton 1427 Cornelius Vanuoy 2479 Heirs of John Jones ' 1428 JosepU Rates 2184) " Joel Hid 147J Ann It Reese 2481 " Warren Aburn 1515 Lumbard Minis 24(52 " John L Monks 1521 J C Moore 2483 " |?eter Aldrich 1523 John James 2490 M A Dooly 1551 K '1 Duui^las 256i George C Day cashier 1570 E M Fish 2501 F Kenneit U. Co 1572 Win Kerr 2503 John V/ Schnmpf 1580 James A Moo. y 2504 W C Blair 1581 P Bickford 2512 M Roibertiaille 1012 John Lamer 2513 Henry B Brooks ICI5 John Cameron 2514 Gabriel Tr.imwclt 1623 I on It D Taylor 2528 H S Morgan 1624 Levi Mercer 2529 Fur'nur Bean 1625 Eii Mercer 0531 Sarah Newmaa The ouutCM.iipp evidences of other classes of tha debt of the republic of Texas cannot be specified by this Department. au 22?dtl?tJani aiMUKK'll Improved Sawing Machinos To which was granted the Highest Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. 'pHE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA A chine has simplified them In many respects, and they arecapabieof executing twice the amount of work they did formerly In any plven time They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a rtilrt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be sewn bv any of these machines by a simple change of needle and thread In ancb a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will Ind them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to gat out of order. We have mac Maes with gaages attached, for binding hate,cap-fronts, gaiters, 4c. 8111, TJhr^ad, Cotton,N?edles,40.,eonstaatly on hand, at the lowest rates. Persons desirous of information regarding Sew inn Machines will please address I. M. SINGER 4 CO.. 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N B ?We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of anv kind Terms llb> eral Persons who have been Induced to purchase I nferlar machines under the pretext of belac ?heap, will fad this a benefit Indeed. mar 10?tf AT THE OKKAT VARIETY STOKE, between 8th and 9th streers, you can get Baskets, Combs, Brushes, Woolen Goods, China and Bronze Ornaments. Perfumery, Porte Monies, Ac , Ac. H. J. McLOUUHLlN 4 CO , or 7 Agents. PL DTK*, BANJOS, AND VIU ft. IN S IU ST revived at KLLlS't) Music Store. oc 7 Educational. T COUKSES 151 FRENCH

M ?^9 fSTA PRoPlsSoS 'ok MOD AfJi Tw^iJhfn?tIa^W' W,U ?r>en k'8 room* at No. 486 Twelfth street, on the first of October, for the P"'?0**1 ?f '?,n'ing Clashes in French. we?ks 'hitmIii r" W,J1 einbrdCe toity four wceka' P?rh <rl ? Se8slons ?f twenty-two . 6 cour,e of instruction will in m'cIim 1 aD advanced> and a rhetorl T*p\hdPT?nn 0t ,a,trwt,on?nva"a?ly??c?reS flfC3(jriJw?,1U Per SwM,lon of twenty-two weeks. COMMERCIAL A ND MATHKMATltAL T? MKtT a^kckssTtv AND A DK J^ademv >/,?** Hy,iPrlnc,P^ ot tbe Union v^; concludel to open, In the verv itrf?tVnH fw?m*v?f ibe Afadf,nV. corner of nth th^nn^n ? .u ? recently fitted up for sr^nm V1 thoroughly organ lied EVENING dIovpIi iL ?i,Ch^ you"K n,en' ?thfrwlRe enri evmtara la Sm y' as wlsh ?0 s**nd thelr jisiaiitajs ,bor?"Kb|v ">? ?vInhin,n"tl,Uute w,n ^OFX'n^ October 13th, five ?Xn !r m! ,e*CI W<Wk- fTr m 7 to o'clock, With ru ?J . iT??s ln each "tudv- week C lasses will be formed ln Book Keepinc. Pen \Taf? ??an<i Var,ou" Branches of tbe Higher ' 2'!?d a'a0 ,n F?relgn Languages at the SSriH further particulars, see circulars , stores, or call on tbe Principal ?eaO-lm /. RjCHARDS. Principal MA I'AKO. ??" franklin. tkachek of vocal ?n?? .!!!' k street, between 9th and h /tfTr" ? References : Mr K. Davis, and Mr H.lbus, Music stores. 8t? 17-3tn MRS. *4. H. KM1TH, B 4*> D street north, betwt'nGtk and ?tk, #8i?Kv.VK TO 1NFORW THE ladies .v . ?v *Vasl?iiigton, Georgetown, and vicinity that she is pr pared to give Instruction, in clashes ?"d,P'^te lessons, In the art of M A KIN O W A X b LOW ERS and VASKS Also, Wax Fruit and Ornamental leather wore Ladies wishlag to avail themselves of this op portunity cf requiring a moet beautiful accoin plishment will please rail a* early as pr ssibV, as theclty 008DOt contc,nPlale remaining lorg in TERM*: Wax Flowers ln Classes, per term of 12 les SOU ^ Ar Wax I- rult in Classes, per term of *12 lessons.. *5 leather W ork in Classes, per term of 9 lessons f 3 Private Lessons 81 ea"h?Vasts f 10. Boouetsand Vases, Wreaths, flngle Fkwers, Ac , for sale, or made to order au'J6-6m MISS HEWITTS ~ ENGLISH AND FRENCH BUAKUIRG AMD DAY HHUOr, Ac. i97, correr of N-ic York avenue and 13(A ft. rpilii SCHOLASTIC YEAR COMMENCES * tbe first .Monday ir. September, tnd ends the last h rlday ln June, ar,d is divided into two ses sions. The Principal will be assisted bv the most com petent bullish and French resident teachers, and every f Ciiity offered for pursuing Music and all the various branches of modem accomplish ments. r For further particulars, terms. Ac., see Circu lars at bookstores, or at the residence of tbe Prin c't'al- au 26-3tAeotf CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT, I .. REV. G. W DORRaNCE,{ ^H'^cipaLs. /HE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS *? Academy wiil commence on Monday, Sep tember 1st. L 56. For terms see circulars at the prln Ipal Book Stores au 1-tf THE UNION ACADEMY. It. Richards, Mrs. /, Richards, Prln. I* A, Prfn I FA 'rif' NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS w. J,wt.w\,-lon' a,ld "f the UNION FEMALE ACADEMY , will commence on MONDAY. Seo tember 1, lgpft. jy 23-.J01 MNrmiMltT. Ac. 'IWOMAS POTENTINI HA" J 1ST R K ? turned from tbe North and respectfully Invites bis patrons and the ladies in federal to call and ?ee his extensive ard well s-fleoted supply of FRENCH CONFECTIONERY, Cupfds and I ancy Ornaments, cbeltly Intended for Weddings Keceptlons and Parties Also, a variety of Pr. ilclous FRUITS and VEGETABLES, conklst Ing of the following articles: Tomatoes, put up in gla g j irs; fresh Tomato Sarces, Catsups and Pickles Fresh French Pea*, Fresh Peaches, PlneApples, Strawberries French Quinces, Prunes, Plumbs I'resh Blackberries, Raspberries, Currants and Cherries The above fruits also la Brandies and Syrups He has also a variety of French Pickles, Truf fles, F od, Sardines, Anchr ves, and Sauces, and a superior article of Jellys, Syrups, and Cordlais, 1 rults c.n^erved and jnlatatlon Fruit. Gum and Cordial Drops, t:hocola e In every style, j uj:ibe Pa te, Ralsiusand Almonds, 'J(? boxes of Italian Macharcnl, a fine article imported expressly for him ' ' Will always be had the usual ICE CREAM, which, as heretofore, cannot be surpassed, Wat* r U e. Blanc Mange, Calves Foot Jelly, lotts; and, In fact, every tbin?that may be found In a ustful as well as ornamental Confec tionery. ^ ?As to his Fiult and and Pound Cake, we shall say nothing, a single tiial Is sufficient proof. Remember POTENTIN 1,5479 Penna avenue, south side, bet Kith ard llth streets, oc (j-lw GENTLEMEN'S EMPORIUM! / J KOKUE W. II IN TON HEREBY KE VJ turns his thanks to hlsold and steadfast customers and the public generally for ihe* lucrejtiilk/ patronage bestowed iii>on him at his EMPORIUM OF FASHION, on, Pennsylvania avenue, between Gth e.nd 1^ streets and next door eatt of Frank Taylor'k B .oksU re,' where maybe found a large assortment of rich, tabtefal and valuable Goods French, English, Italian, Chinese, and American of all kinds for gentlemen's wearing apparel Said good* will be cut and made up In the most tas eful, fashionable and durable style, tgret-ably to orders, a:,d at the shortest r.otlce, and upon the most reasonable terms. Pleate call and examine tbe richness and style of the koods and the faithful and durable manner In which they are made up to suit cus tomers George W. Hinton embraces this occasion to announce to the public that he has formed a co partnership In business with Mr. William S. 1'kkl, formerly of Virginia, by whose aid, as slstance and constant attendance at the store, the bu^lne^s of the Emporium will be greatly facili tated N B ? Gtorge W. Illnton hopes that such of his former patrons as have uncancelled bills at the store will soon be pleased tocall and s< ttlethe same, as the season is changing and sAort se'tle ments make long friends. se 19-tf [No. 569 ] NOTICE OK THE ESTABLISHMENT OF TWO ADDITIONAL LAND OFFI CES IN THE TERRITORY OF MINNESO TA ?In pursuance of the act of Congr-ss ap proved July 8. 1856, entitled " An act to establish two additional land districts In the Territory of Minnesota," embracing all that portion of the Territory which lies north of the linedMdlng townships 4* and 4?, north of the base line east i f the Missls-ippl river, and north of the nearest township line, to be determined hereafter fcy the Commissioner of the General Land Office, west of ?sid river, extending thence west to tfce Missouri river, said districts to be called the%l northeastern'' and ''northwestern" districts, which districts are divided by the line dividing ranges eighteen and nineteen west, it Is hereby declared and raacie known that the land offlces for said districts are established for the present a? follows: That for the northeaitrrn district at the town of u Bcch ah am," on Lake Superior and that for the *?r(A wettern at the town of " 0;ibwat,': on the Ml? sissippi river, at the mouth ef Mudd river. Given under my hand, at the cltv of Washing ton, this third day of October, A D. J656. By order of the President: THOS. A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Office, oc 6-law6w PORP^RATION STOCK.??S,000 Corp 3 ratios of Washington Stock for sale at ?tb 25?tf CHUBB BROTHERS. ? L. J. N1DDLKIUN, DEALER IN ICE. OJlt$mndD?ft?Southwest corner of F and Twelfth streets feb'27 if jyCW YORK DAILY HERALD, TKI :4 bune, Times, Express, and News, received i > o'clock p. m , by FERGUSON, oc 0 next to Laonmoad's, 4t*? ?th stnet. EVENING STAR. A Spoonful of " Punch." Trk Wrowos or CR<KOLI<<R ?''Mr/ Dfi$rrst Mr. I'tincA: l>o, pray, let me beg and en treat of you, please, be so kind as to notice the dreadful carelessness that everybody al most is guilty of in not minding what they are about, and dirtying, and tearing, and spoiling ladies' dresses. 1 appeal to you because i know your chivalrous spirit; you are like one of the knights of the olden time who rode about righting wrongs and repressing griev ances, particularly those of distressed dam sels, with their lances, and in the s.imc waj 1 wish you would give the rude, negligent, pro voking, disagreeable creatures 1 mean, a poke. Oh ! I have no patience with them They know that dresses are worn long and wide now ; then, since they are aware of this, why can they not bear it in mind ? Instead <<f which, whenever they go down stairs, gen tlemen 1 mean, to dinner, or away from a play or a concert, or anywhere where there arc ladies with them, those behind us are cer tain to tread on the skirts of our dresses, thinking of something else. The same at ta ble, where the legs of their chairs are sure to 1 e on our flounces, and when we rise to retire crash they go! "Of course, owing to the width of dresses, it is now impossible to get into a brougham, or any carriage almost, without the dress rub bing against the sides. Now when drivers of other vehicles in the streets, not only cabmen, but with carriages of their own, mu t s^e that, why is it they take little or no care how tb<-y drive, and splash ours, s> that we must brush against it getting in, and there is a beautiful new dress perhaps all over mud? If they cannot help splashing, which they cuu'.d it they tried, the .Board of lie.kith, or whatever it. is, ought to see that the streets are kept in i proper state, swept nise and e'ean, not only in London, but at watering places now, and other places where fashionable people go, and. heing obliged to appear as such, if the streets are dirty, of course they naturally sweep up the mud, ami rub it on. and one way or the ? ;ther gel dirt ail over, and spoil their things. "Another thing, when men arc walking along the pavement they never mind h w they carry their umbrellas and walking sticks Very often they hold them lengthways by the middle, and then, as they hurry along, with their minds absent in stupid thought, or busi ness, looking straight before them, up in the sky. or any where but where they ought, the crcok .it the end catches in a fjld of the dress, and?cra- k !?tear it all d<wa If they must carry slicks and umbrellas, they should confir.e themselves to those with kunbs for handles, instead of hooks getting in the way < f our dresses and tearing them " Servants, too. are so very incorsiderate in arranging things without allowing proper room One canuot step into a balcouy where there are plants without upsettirg a geranium, overturning a myrtle, or knocking down .-?n orange tree, or perhaps breaking a beautiful vase?all for want of a little foresight, which, if they do not exercise it, what advantage is it to be gifted with such a prerogotive in pref erence to the inferior species. "I aiso think. Mr Punch, you might pive a hint to gentlemen when they go inside a carriage, not to take up so much room as they do with a lady by the side of them, and her dress, as the case generally is. spread out over their knees Tell them they ought to try and make themselves a little less, and then we should think more of them '? You would confer another obligation if j you would recommend railway companies and ) the managers of theatres and other amuse ment", to alter their seats, the narrowness ot ! which makes them very uncomfortable ; and ! this I will say, which may have good tenden cy, that almost the only place a lady can ap pear in. and go without being inconvenienced at the entrance, is church, where, at least, one at a time, one seldom h is to squeeze one s j way through the door. "Oh! I could complain a great deal more. ! but now 1 must conclude, for fear too much I rotm should be oceupicd in your interesting Columns by Crisglimk. "Marine Parade, Sept , 1^56. " P. S ?If they would but think tho least in the wcrld, the inconvenience might be so j very easily remedied." i Character of S S. Premiss as an Orator. If amongst American orators, Webster was the Demosthenes, and Cl.iy the Cictro, Pren tiss was nothiLg lt.vj than tho Lysine of Lis dsy Indeed, it may be questionable whether j Hrentiss, was not, in soiue lespects, *ut>crh>r ! to either of the men who, by common cin.-ent, j <to?;d at the head of American orators during their generation. In fluency and < ?pioti-?-.e < ! he clearly surpassed them both Never did ii fountain hui>blo up l'rom tho ground with :i ! more natural und easy tl ?* than the woids ? from his lips; and never did a brook ?o on its j way with a more melodious murmur, than iLe j accents lrom his tongue in oi.e re pect In* . speeches were like tho.eof ;?e ?;ge Whitetifld ii.1 A.?r- n Purr?they never could be report el. Thi. is made very apparent in the two : volumes bef< re us Tue form, the skeletons j of a few of thcut are given, but the life, the j ;oul of bis eloquence are not there. That { wild luxuriance, that exuberance of fincv. that inexhaustible richness of imagery, which appeared to bo inspired by the time and oc- ! casion, and which it was his misfortune that ho did not or could not commit to paper, ; those the two volumes before us do not fur- t nish. For partisan politics he never much aptitude lie became a politician by ' accident rather than by de.-ign : for he had rather a noblo disdain of the arts of the derna g' cuc, and like John Randolph, sometimes offended tho people by refusing to hatter them. In mere electioneering, ho rnaJc as sorry a figure as William Wirt did, and wilh j the like result. Put when the point w;.s to ! be carried by eloquence, when the heart and * the reason wcro to be assailed his triumph came We well remember the occasion of his [ address in Faneuil Hall Everett had spoken and l'eley Sprague, both eminent orators; and : many from the South and the North had vied with one another in professions of patriotism and in stirring appeals. At length a man n ti ' with a kindling eye, and a ruldy blare ot , health and excitement upon his cheek It ' S S Prentiss, a native of Maine a resident of j Mississippi. AH were attentive; and fr ai t the moment he opened his lips, it wh3 like the oulburtting of a torrent. Words rusW ed forth, laden with thought, as spontarie- j ously, to all appearance, as the stream leap from the rock. Tho whole rangu of natu ? ani the wholo field of English litcra uie ? seemed at his command. Of course it was the result of effort previously made, as well as ? f natural aptitude ; but the appearance was that of inspiration. From Lature to boiAs and from books to nature, he swept to and fro 1 as he went flashing on to the close ; ar.d when ; he sat dowu the universal sentiment was, that on that day Prentiss had surpassed all others. . Quarterly Review. Vernbt's MtTHon of Paihtinu ?The me th?d of portrait painting introduced in Paris ? by Horace \ eruet, the well known artis:,con- I sista. first, iu mixing the colors with olive oi', which avoids the diying of the colors and the clensiug of the brushes Whru the painting 1 is finished a layer of the absorbing earth is applied to the back of the canvass, the oil is absorbed and the painting becomes a pesti'e or crayon drawing The earth is then re moved and a coat of flax seed oil is substituted, which penetrates the colors, and the wjrk is done. This mothod is said to be superior U> ' any other practiced in this beautiful art, and the pictures are described n< of peculiar ex cellence. THE WEEKLY STAB. This exoeileat Family aad Neva Jovmi?mm ala Iag a greatervarietyof latere*^ reading Uiaa Ul ** f*un4 '? mv other?U published oa Sattir **T moral ag. m. . Tllll. Blagie copy, per uiia * p. ^ tOfLWH. Ten copi? ** oo>^fc****???????????????????????>? f M IEa Caa?, ikvakiablt m itvinci. paper Price?Titans Cbnts Poitm a?tk*? who acta* agent* will beallow*4 a commission of twenty perc??r W<* Luxury of Iiaeing. Almost any second-rate writer can describe the common emotion!) of the human heart, but it needs a master hand to describe the ex quisite intensity and thrilling joy of wsrm affectionate kissing it is a kind of test-bur f<>r poetic writing. Few can jump it Wa c >py below a few of the beat attempts we have ever seen The first is by a young lady in the first year of her courtship : " Let thy arm twine Around mf like a tone ef loee And thy ford Up* so soft. To mlae be passionate^ pressed As they have been to ofl " The next is by a lady, who, perhaps not superior to the preceding one innatnral ability, i< still far more graphic, and her production Ptnacks of experience. It was pennet daring her engagement, bat the time of her inspira* tion is not certain : *4 8w<-?test loee, Place thy dear arm beneath my droop!ng bead. And let me lowly n??*!!?* on thy heart : I hfo turn tho?t sole-lit orbs oa me and press >1 y parting Up* to taste the eratacy Imparted by each long and lingering klaa." The next in the climactic series is by Ten* nyson, poet laureate of Kngland. It is a case ? ?f lubial suction?a strong case It is main - tsined by cis-Atlantia critics that the word "soul" in the last line bat one should be " sole " This critici?m does oredit to the critics, and being Approved, would do the author much also; for sucking the sole of a la* dy 's shoe through her lips would be a discovery second only to the ?? North-West passage : * 44 1 a?t n'.ght wb?a some one spoke his ntme, From tnv awlft blood that went and came, A :hou*acd little shifts of flame. Were shivered In my narrow frame ; O lov -, O Are : Once he drew. With one Ion-,' kiss, mv whole soul through M y Hps, a? aun-ilght drlnketh dew " Alexander Smith's humor is peerless. lie, under the influence of a kiss is reckless, tdoody, and dangerous to all monarchical in stitution? To do all he says neods only the impulse of a "timid" kisa. Just submit Alex ander to such u kiss as the second lady speaks about, and he would unseat the Czar and run riot over his throne in a single night "Choke ??ff that fellow, you who have friends among the ladies. : My soul leaped up beneath thy timid kiss ; What th?n to me were groans, Or pain, or death * KaUh was a roand of bliss, I seemed to walk on thrones " f Mtrrtr. Fortune-Tellers. Phrenologists, 4? A friend of ours ,says the New York News) was persuaded a few days since to send a dol lar to a lady, who and rtake^, upon the mere inspection of the handwriting, to send back a complete mental, moral and physical analysis of the unknown individual applying for the oocult knowledge We eopv the prophetess's reply to the applicant, who, by the way, is a well known merchant, been married seven year? to a charming Philadelphia girl, with whom all his friends are in love, and who pre sented to him five years ago a pledge of mu tual affection?a little sqaalling animal of the female gender We have no objection to men being m<tde fools of, but these conjurors may do harm to we?k uiirded girls : 44 Mossier* I find you to be on the sun rier side ot life's meridian ; not married, bat destined to be ere long You have a well de veloped mind, and a firm, unyielding dispo sition You never succumb to any one. and no one can drive you in opposition to your wishes You have enough self esteem to take ycu through life, but not enough to make you eg >tistical You think deeply, conclude oau tiously. talk fluently, and laugh heartily. You "love strongly but not eternally. You like leisure and have a great desire to gain wealth so to enjoy relief from business Y',u never will be rich bat yoa will always have a competency. You are f^r.d of reading and improve much by it, too. Love tnu-ic, particularly that of a martial style Yoa have had many changes in the past, and the future will have its variety, but joy. not sorrow, will predominate. You will enjoy health and a a long life, a happy home and all its attend ant comforts. The one you are to marry is still in her teens, of a fine appearance, good family, pretty, well educated and quite at tractive Fond of dress but not extravagant in her habits. She is not faultless any more than the rest of her eex, but she has a con stant. loving heart, and a pliable nature. wLich will make her glide ou easily in all her domestic dutie*, ever seeking your felicity be joiid all other things You will never regret tuo hour that joined your destinies Tw-? childreu will cunent the tie that binds y.<u, jnd few will enjoy lite ui-re thsn yourself. 4( Yutre ami, Km ilk Yillette." Crniocs Historical Fact ?The wife ot the celebrated Lord Clarendon, the author ot the History o! the Rebellion, was a Welsh pot-girl, kb'i, being extremely poor iu her own country, j >urneyed to l^oudon to hotter !i?-r fortune, and become a servant to a brewer. While she was in this huui'ile capacity, the w ife 11 her muster died, and he happening to fiv hi affections on h?r, she be< auie bis wife lliiusoll dying s.ani alter, left her beir to bis proper'y, which is aid to have aur>uuU>d t > l.otween x20 000 and?30,(MM Amongstthote who frequented the tap a*, the brewery was a Mr Hvde, then a poor barrirter, wao eun erived the project ?-f forming a matrimonial alliance with her He succeeded, and sooa led the brewer's widow to the altar. Jdr. Hyde being endowed with gre-it talent, and iiow at the command of a large fortuue. quick ly iu his profession, becoming bead of the Chancery bench, and was afterwards the Hyde, b*?rl of Clarendon The eide-t daugh ter, the offspring of 'hid union, won the heart of James, Duke of York, and was married to him. Charles II. sent immediately for his brother, and having first plied him with some very sharp raillery on tho subject, finished by saying *4 James as you have orewm so you must drink," and forthwith commanded that the marriage thould be legally rat .fled an l promulgated Upon the death of Charles, J itne.- the II. mounted the thr >ne. bat a premature death frustrated this enviable consummation in the person of his amiablo duchess iler daughters, however, wef Mary, the a ife of William II and Queen Anne both prar.dchildren of the ei Jevatit pot-girl from Wales, und wearing in succcssion the crown of Kngland A Kixd Down a Hatchway ?One d-?y, wh.n the flag-ship of an American commodore was lying in the bay of Naples she was hon ored by a visit from the King and Royal family, with suite, who came in gilded barges, an 1 tne full parado of royalty The ship wis dressed from deck to truck iu holiday a'tire ; pdeb.vs we e mustered at the ropes. tb*? marines presented arms, the guns thundere I f >rth a royal salute, and the commodore we 1 ? c med his guests to the quarter-deck with the politeness befitting an ofiiccr of ra?k. One of the suite, a spindle shanked and gaudily attired Neapolitan, ., , . ^ f om tor par:y, nod cruising ^.ut iuidship-, esp el a wirdsail, an object he 1^ri Jr. a4 it was fully expanded by the air, he took i* for a pillar, and, folding hi- arms, , ? ?i .Zain?t it, ahen it yielded to his weight. an. 9 ? w h a velocity that was actually marretl ???, a? was his escape from injury The mish .p eh meed to have only one witness This w .? a veteran tar. who approaching the quar <.r de k, and touching bis hat, said, respectfully, ? I beg pardon, commodore, but ??-?/ are iiNgs /<?.< fallen down the. ha'ck*r-*V Scolding is the pepper of matrimon. and the ladies are the pept or-boxes 5m sa ? - an old fogy bachelor. We wonld give h, name, but are afraid that the pea^e ?t t ^ neighborhood might be disturbed by .he u. -,t of a broom handle,