Newspaper of Evening Star, October 14, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 14, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Board or Aldernbm ?The Board met last evening, and was called to order at the usual boar The Chair laid before the Board the Major's communication announcing bis approval of recent acta of the Councils. Also, the bank account; which wee teferred to the finance committee Also, the following nominations; which the Board immediately acted upon : Joseph Lyons, as Assistant Clerk of Centre Market; confirmed J. M Grymes, Physician to the Poor of the Fifth Ward, and H. Dougherty and J. Mit chell as Police Constables for the Fifth dis trict; laid on the table. J. R Qaeen, Intendantof the Asylum ; re* jected?yeas 5. nays ft. George H Fulmer, Commissioner of the Asylum ; rejected?yeas 5, nays 8. It D Spencer, Clerk of the Northern Mar ket ; rejected?yeas 5, nays 6. M. P King. Apothecary to the Poor in the Sixth Ward ; rejected?yeas 5, nays 5. W H. Fanning, Police Constable in the Second district. J. W. Reynolds, do.. Third district, Henry Yeatman, do , Fourth district; rejected?yeas 5, nays 8 J. H. Gill, Police Constable in the Seventh district; laid on the table. R B. Owens, Commissioner for the Third and Fourth Wards ; rejected?yeas 5, nays 5. T J. Barrett, Commissioner for the Fifth and Sixth Wards; rejscted?yeas 5, nays 8 James Codrick, Scavenger for the Seventh Ward; rejected?yeas 5, nays 6 J Z Williams, Wood and Coal Measurer; laid on the table. Mr. Pearson presented the petition of H. H. McPhereon; referred. Mr Smith presented the petition of Moses Bredwell, for relief; referred. Mr. Emory, from improvements committee, reported a bill for relief of G. W. Uttermuhle; laid on the table. Also, a bill for reWef of W M C. Fairfax and John Costigan; laid on the table. Mr. Busey, from police committee, reported a bill in relation to officers of the city with an amendment; recommitted Mr. Pearson, from claims committee, asked to be discharged from the consideration of the petitions of M Connor and James Patterson; committee discharged. Also, presented a bill f>r relief of William McLean, and asked that it do notpasi; bill re jected Mr Ruff, from public schools oommittee, re ported a bill changing the Northern Liberties engine house into a public school house, ex cept the lower floor, and for other purposes; passed Mr Emery, from improvements committee, reported a bill to erect a market house on Louisiana avenue, with an amendment; re committed The following bills from the Cumman Coun cil were disposed of: A bill for painting the bridge over Rock creek at K street; referred A bill providing for a deficiency in appro priation for grading and graveling N street north, and ocher purposes ; passed. Bills for grading auu graveling Fourth street west ; for repairing Tenth street bridge ; to construct a culvert on B street south, were re ferred. A bill for repairs of west wing of the City Hall wa<i passed. Mr. Bayly was permitted to take a copy of the papers of Corbin Baker. A bill for relief of D. Nailor; a bill for relief of Joe. Ruff; a bill for relief of U S. Davis; a bill for relief of Columbia College ; a bill for relief of Lawrence Keenan ; a bill for relief of C. Wilson , bills for relief of A Bradley and Sam 1 Payne; and a bill appropriating for cer tain printing, were referred. Joint resolution authorizing the trustees of public schools to use the Northern Liberties engine-house was referred. A bill for improvement of the northern mar ket was pussed. A bill making appropriation for general ex penses of the corporation for the year 1857, waa referred. Mr Riggs offered a resolution of inquiry in relation to an alarm bell at the City Hall; re ferred Mr. Emorr presented a bill for constructing a sewer on G street; passed. The bill in relation to lamber inspection was recommitted. The report on the Washington Asylum was referred, and the Board adjourned. The Death or Yocso Throop ?The Balti more San of this morning says : " As wad an ticipated by the physicians in attendance upon Nathan H Throop, the young man from Wash ington city, who waa wounded in the late election riot*,. his injuries terminated fatally on yesterday morning about eight o'clook, he having shown signs of a speedy dissolution on Sunday afternoon, and continued to sink grad ually up to the time stated, when ho breathed his last without any apparent increase of pain. Coroner Chalmers was summoned and proceeded to bold an inquest over the remains, and there being no evidence direct as to the shooting, a post mortem examination waj mad* by Drs. Smith and Johnson. They found that the slug had struck the middle of the left 1 temple passing obliquely through the skull backwards and towards the other side, making j a breach through the substance of the part of , the left hemisphere of the brain, perforating the dura matis of the cerebrum and lodging under it, against the inner surface of the akull where it was found. This wound, in their opinion, caused his death- The jury thereupon rendered a verdist that his death was eaused by a ball from fire arms by some party to them unknown At 4 o'clock in the afternoon the remains were removed to the depot attended by his relatives and a number of friends, who left for Washington with them in the five o'clock train. His funeral will take place from the residence of his parents, No 500 Pennsylvania avenue. Washington, during today. Tnis makes the fifth victim of the disgraceful and inhuman riots of Wednesday last. The Visit or the National Guard to York Pa ?The National Guard, Capt. Jas. A Tait, of this city, hsving completed their arrangements, will start for York, Pa., on Saturday morning, the 15th inst., in the S o'clock train, arriving in Baltimore by 10 o'clock, in which place they will remain until 31 o clock p m. We understand they will be properly received and escorted by their bro ther soldiery in both places. We predict for them a delightful trip. The Homicide Charge ?Geo McNaughtoa was brought out for examination at the jail yesterday afternoon, before Justices Goddard end Donn. The testimony was substantially as was given before the Coroner's Jury, and the Justices decided that it was not sufficient to hold him for Court, and he was released. Messrs Ennis and Wharton appeared as bil counsel Sale or Real Estate ?The east half of square 555, containing upwards of three hun dred thousand square feet, was purchased on Saturdav by W. B Kibbey fjr 512. jOO. Sold C. W. Boteler, auctioneer. Assatlt aid Battert ?James Kiloy was arrested last nigbt for assault and battery with intent to kill Wm Rady He was taken before Justice Donn, and held to bail for oourt in two cases of assault and battery, the last on a witness who testified against him. Alarm ?The alarm of fire, last night, was ciused by a bonfire on Seventh street. [COMMUNICATED Mr. Editor I waa mucb delighted to see io your columns, a few days since, a commu nication in regard to the measures used in our markets. Your correspondent has touched upon the matter nearest the hearts of a large m-joriiy of the citizens of Washington, it is a notorious fact that the measures in our mar kets are continually growing " beautifully lees." I presume there is not one person in ten (excepting those interested in small meas ure^ but would be much gratified to have a law passed by the corporation, bringing into use scales lor the purpose of weighing suck articles as potatoes, apples, peaches, and ia fact everything that is not at present sold by the dosen or io this manner I sincerely hop* and trast that oar good Mayor. :>r some patri otic Councilman, will take the matter in charge. Ootofcer 13,1868. A Family Mam. I Tab Daatk or Yodka XafcOOP ?The Balti more Clipper of this morning almost goes into black over tbe death of Young Throop of this eity killed in the recent Baltimore eleotion riots, characterising him as a "young and promising American " and abusing onr for eign-born citizens in its well known way, of couree, in the same connection. The citizens of this city, many of whom knew the lawless and otherwise disreputable character of this young man well, will be sur prised to see the Clipper's statements Now, we have to say that the deceased was well known to the polioe of Waahington as one of tbe most desperate of a gang of young rowdies, thieves, and desperadoes, and had himself not unfrequently been in the hands of officers of justice under charges of stealing, rowing, Ac. On the day before tbe Baltimore election, be applied to a respectable citisen of Washington, who bad beon in the habit of hiring to him a gun for hunting, for a revolver, boasting th*t his purpose was to shoot a for eigner, and saying that he was going to Balti more lie was refused. He then applied to another citisen for one, who also refused to let him bare it on being cautioned by tbe per son who bad first refused him. Previous to being shot he was seen to fire two shots at the Democrats from behind a grating near the base of the Washington Mon ument. This we learned yesterday from one of the first citisens of Baltimore There is not a shadow of doubt of the truth of that fact, which will be proved beyond all question when the circumstances of the fight at the Baltimore election shall be investigated We repeat this city held no more disrepu table, mischievous and dangerous youth of his age than this "young and promising Ameri can" of the Clipper, who was pretty much such another as Washington Nailor, Ray, Croggin, Bailey A Co. In view of these facts, our fellow-citiiens, hundreds of whom are personally aware of their truih, will comprehend that this mis guided young man, who had been a nuisance and a terror here for years, has simply met the fate that is apt to overtake such evildoers. Bad Pavements ?Mr. Editor: Allow me through tho columns of your widely circulated and universally read paper, to call the atten tion of the proper authorities to the wretched condition of the footway on each side of Thir teenth, between ? and V streets. There are but few streets in the city of Washington more handsomely built up than it, and there cer tainly is not one where the pavements are so bad. The footways alluded to are rugged and worn out, and on the east side of the street in some places there is none at all. A Young Obntlkman of this city, called at an oyster stand a day or two since, and order ed a " dozen in the shell." The order waa attended to in a moment, and when he at tempted to swallow the first oyster, he felt some hard substance in his mouth, which he took out and placed on the stand beside him After the whole were disposed of, he examined the hard substance, which he supposed to be a pebble, and discovered that it was a large and valuable pearl. Various jawelers esti mate its value at from ten to forty dollars ' Syracuse paper. Fever and ague cared with?at using Qaiume, Arsenic, Mercury, Opium, or sny of the poisonous drugs, or dangerous compound., generally resorted to by sufferers from this long drawn, moat afflicting, and annoying of all diseases. by reporting to Carter'* fcpanlsh Mlxtnr.., which contain* noue of the above dsieterlos* substances, bnt curep effectually and fully l>y actio* ?pe iflcally on the Liver and Skin, Purifying the Blood, and expelling the remain* of old medicine* with whlcli the system ha* been clogged, opening the pores of the body, and allowlng<i*ture to a?lst Itself la breaking up the disease, and rfcuperatlng it* en erglea. See the cure of Mr. John Longdon, of Va ; he bad fixed and chronic Ague and Fever; chilla twi^e a day for three year*. Nothing permanently rrtred him, until ha tried C>rter's hp tnlsh Mixture; three bit ilea of which perfectly restored Lira to health; nor has he had a chill since. He ia only one out of a thousand who has experienced the life ret cwii g ef set* of this valuable pu. iflerof the blood. hep 1-lm !?T Important te the Ladies!?Dr. Da PONCO'H PKMAI.E PILLS.?The combination of Ingredl ent . In the Pills are perfectly birmlees. Their eiBcacy and a jrlta are baaed upon an extensive practice of over thirty years; and, where the directions have been strictly f.>1 lowed, they ba%* never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve painful ?nd ditflcnlt menstruation, I particularly,) at the change >f life. Tuey will enre the Wh.ies, and remove ?11 obstructions arising from cold, exposure or any auses, and may be used successfully as a Preventive. Call upon tbe agent, and get a Circular for particulars free. Prl-e |1 per bos, with full directions. Sold wholesale and retail by CHA8. STOTT, Druggist, Pennsylvania avenoe, SAML'KL B. .V a ITa, SU seventh street, Washington, D. C.. and R. S. T. ClaaEL, Georgetown; to whom all orders must be *ent, and the Pills will be sent confidentially, by mall, to ladle* who enclose them one dollar. N. B.? See signature on the box; to counterfeit It la for ?*ry. je t-tt Uy Standard Silver Ware-?I have Just finished In rny own manufactory) a fine as?ortinet?t of Table. Des?*rt and Tea Spoon.; Xonp, Gravy and Cresrn La dies; Olive Spoons; Pish, Pie, Cake and Butter Knives, Ac. All of which! will eeil much lower than the same articles are usually s jIJ 'or lu thl* market, an! supeilor ill quality to Northern manufacture. M. O. HOOD, a* Is-tr No. 21A Penna. avenue, near ttn street. d^Citrate Magnesia, aa agreeable refrigerant and laxi -:ve, now extensively need ou the contl nauta of European America.*manufactured dally. Soda Fountain*, of a uew and highly approved construction A choice lot of Havana Cigars, with a full supply of fine Per fumery, Hair Brushes, Comb*, Sharlog Brushes, and Toilet Goods generally. Jnst received, of direct Importation, at GILM A N'S New Drag Store, S60 Pennsylvania aveune. Jsse-tr Dalley's Oeaalae Pain Extractor, will subdue the patn and inflammation from tbe *?vere*t barn* or scalds, lu from one to twenty minutes?aud that It wlU heal the wound* without *? ar; and effectually care Fever Sores?Pile*?salt Kneuni ? Inflammatory rheumatism?Sore and Inflamed Eyes?Cuts?Wound*?BrnUe*?Old and In veterate Sores?sc*|.| Head?Corn* and Bunion*?Krysipela* ?Sprains?Swelling#?Felon*?Chilblains?Bite of lusec;*? Swelled and Broken Breast?Soie Nipple*?Kmptloue?and ail other Inflammatory aud cutaneous diseases, where tbe parts affected can be reached. Don't be Incredulous aDout the many diseases named to be cured by only one thing?but reflect. that the few, but posi tive properties which the Dalley Salve alone contains, and aa heretofore enumerated?one to four?can reach not alone tbe afore-mentioned diseases, but many more not enumerated. Each box of Gknuins I)ally's Pain Kxmacros ha* upon It a Steel Plate Engraved Label with the signature* of C. V. CLlCEhNKK A CO., proprietors, aud HKNKY DAL1.KY, manufacturer. All othere are counterfeit. Price 2i cents per box. All orders should be addressed to C.V. Cllckener A Co., 11 Barclay street. New Vork. wrur sals by CiiAS. BTOTT, NAIRN A PALMER, and Druggists generally. ap I ! A Word to a Candid Public.?Scarcely four years have elapsed since tht presentation of our now celebrated Btoaaca Bitters was made to yon. You have tested their efficacy, and have manifested your appreciation by your generous patronage, from tbe fact that they have in v-rlaMy accomplish# 1 all they purported to do. and If there ts still among yon auy who from predisposition have In eluded oar preparation In their general prejudice against medicine, we wou'.d earnestly refer them to any of the lead ing physicians lu the land, wno uow Invariably pr-ecribe It In alt cases of Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Blllonsnees, Flam lency, C>??tipatlon, Loss of Appetite, Ac., Ac. It does nit profess to ciis all things, bnt ws hold for the above dis eases, It 1* the only speedy and reliable remedy. We would seriously caution you against fie different spnrions articles g >tteu op and palmed off as tbe genuine " Ho*t?tt*r," and It Is du* to yourselves to acquaint us witb sll part e* engaged therein. We have at present aeveral lu dllTeieut aectiou* of th* Colon ttader bonds, bnt heresJ er we Intend prose* utltg to the fnlle.t extent of the law. HOSTKTTER A SMITH, Hols Manof.ctursr* and Proprietor*, 367 Peiin street. Pitts burg, pa. oaMw I l^Br*w?'? Sarsapariliaaad Oandellea. Th* inequality and Inertneea of in* S.raaparllla preparation* In geueral usa. haa baeu the cause of an unfavorable opinion tn regard to It* nisdtrlnal virtue* This Is s valuable coin poond, combining In a concentrated form Ingredients which have ever susttiusd s deservedly blgli reputation among phy ?Icutns aa an alterative In th* treatment of chronic rhesma tism, scrofulous and cutaneous affections. For liver dlOUnl tles it Is regarde<l a* a (psciQc. Bold by JAMES N. (,'ALI.AN andZ D. OILMAN. ?li !? ? ([^Aitoililiiai Care with ealy eae Bet TL*.?Jos. B Hall A Co., ssys: Pae?'sL X Isle, Ar .oatook Co., Me , April M, MM. " We herewiUi saad yon s csrtiflcsts of s cars performed by tbe us* of only on* bottl* of th* German Bitter*; we think Mr. Clsrk to be a man of vsrsclty, and bsvs no donbtof th* troth of bis story." Messrs. Jos. B. Hsll A Oo.?Gsotlstnen?la answsrto yonr Inquiries, 1 will state that my daughter, aged about IS years, has been complaining of a pain In her side for six or seven yesrs, ai d about tbe first of Jannary laot, wa? taken down and eonflneil to her bed. Tbe pain in her aid* wait very se vere, besides being troubled with pal us between her shoulders and In her breast. From res-ling s number of cures per formed by "Hoofland's German Bitter*," I was Induced to try it In her case, and seut to your store and purchased one bottle She bad taken it bnt a few days whsu sbs bsgan to Improvs, and now, after taking only one bottle, sbs Is snjoy lug better health than she has for ysars. She Iscls uo pain tn hsr elds or In any part of bar body, and attribute* her care entirely to tbe Germaa Bitters. Salmon Brook, Aroostook Co., Ms. WM. CLARK. See ad vsrttssSBSut. Sep 7-tmr M&RRICV, On the 14th instant, at Tiinlty Churcb, bv the Krv l)r. Cummin*, N.CLARfaNDON McNJSVV, of BelUvliie, Maryland, to MIR AN DAE , daugh ter of John M. Willson, of tbU city. ? B1X0. (>a the 4th lnit*nt, WA?HINGTON BERRY, in the 67th year of his age _ On the ltth InsUnt pRANCIS W SINGLE TON, of Winches er, Virginia, aged *1 jreers On tbe t^th Instant, EMILY A PENNING TON, a?ed 7 years, daughter of Wm. H and Emily A Kaulki.rr. KECFTUIOIILLAGOINO ?1 AM Re ceiving, aa fast as published, all the new Hooka, Novels, Magazines, Montbly, Weekly, and Dally New York Papers. FERGUSON, oc 8 next ta Lamm^nd'a, 46ft 7th streat. Glades butter, Ac. 40 kegs Gladea BUTTRR 90 boxes Wood's Pearl STARCH 50 44 titration's do do 51 l( Gilbert's do do Juat received and for sale by oell-9t MURRAY * SEMME8. For Sale and Rent. Drug stork for sale?the suf fcriber offers for sale his Drug More, corner 13tk and 6 it sets, on acc mmodating t-rms oc 4 eoiw ROBERT L. TEAS DALE. F3r SALE ?A FRAME HOUSE AND LOT on the east side of 17th street, between 1 and k. Inquire of the owner on the premise*. oc 13 3t? G. B POMEROY. For rent?the store no. 875 penn sylvanla avenue, between 10th and 11th streets south side. Enquire of J. W. THOMPSON, 268 Penna. avenue, south side, between 10:h and 11th streets. oc 11 3t For sale ?lot no. 17,in squared. containing 5.374 square feet, on the Island, near 12th street, fronting me Mall. For terms apply at the store of u. F. Loudon a Co , Brown's Hotel. oc 10 2w G. W. FARANT. A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN GEORGETOWN, D. C , FOR RENT ? The subscriber offers for rent her late residence at the corner of Favette and Fourth streets, Georgetown, immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This is one of the largest and best finished houses in the District of Columbia, haviug all the modern improvements contained in the first-class houses of the Noitbern cities. There Is attached a large cistern in the yard, carriage-house, and stable for several horses. A pump of the purest water in the Immediate vicinity. The locality Is high and aalubrlous, and In a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood. Possession given Immediately. For farther particulars inquire next door to the premises, of Mrs. ANNE r. O'NEAL. ?c4 For svle?a convenient small House, on 10th street, only two or three doors from Pa avenue, its central location renders It a very d- sirable dwelling for persons engaged in business. The front room might te used us show room for a Millinery, or fitted up for a La dies' Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Store. Its proximity to the avenue would make It a good stand for any neat business. Apply to VV. LEN OX, or at Mrs. Lenox's, on E, between 10th and 11th streets. au 27-tf Notice ?for rent, and possession given on the first day of Oc'.obcr next, thne of those five three story brick Dwelling House*, fronting on Massachusetts avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, occupied at present respectively by Messrs. Suit, J. k Kerd, and Thomas C. Ba den Terms for each : S300 per annum, rent to be paid monthly. edw. OWEN, 212 Penn. avenue. se 18-eotf For sale or rent.?that desira bie residence on F street, between 20th and Slat, for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq P^sse^slon given the 1st of November next, inquire of RiGGS a CO. au 12-eotf P)R RENT?SEVERAL handsome Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transiemt board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. aov27?If F1K8T UKAND HALL or th* BUCK & BRECK CLUB, No. 1, OF GEORGETOWN /) C. The mi;mbkrs of thk pi chanan k BRECKINRIDGE CLUB No. 1 take pless ure in informing their friends and the public in general that thler First Grand Bah will be given *r Forrest Hall, on MONDAY, October vOth, 1850. i he members pledge themselves to snare neith er trouble or expense to make this the Ball of the season. Kerreshments will be fnrnlshed by an ex perienced caterer. Scott's Cotillon Mnslc has been engaged. Tickets TWO DOLLARS; admitting a Gen tleman and Ladles?to be had of the members and at the door on the evening of the Ball. Committte of Jrranzrmtnts. J. W.Dawson. J L Love, P M Pettit, Steph Clements, James Hunter, Francis Grots, wm 6 Pettit. Committte on bahalf of the Citizent. Robert Ould , Esq. John Pickrell, Esq. B B Williams, Esq. K S Wright, Ksq. Dr J Riley, Lewis Kengla, Ksq. Rich Jones, ks^ Wm Hemilier, E?q. Dr Bohrer, wm Dawson, Esq. -M j ar w? * ?? ?? - - - ? L M Offutt, Ksq. G M Sotheron, Krq. Edward Krouse, Ksq. Francis Gross. Ksq. J Ciumbaugh, Esq. jd~no Hats or C <p-> will be allowed In the room oc 11,14,16.17,18,20 6t? ?\s FITTING. WE ARE NOW l'REPARKD TO INSERT Gas Pipe In dwellings, stores, and public buildings at low prices. Please give us a call. MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, sel5-lm No. 218 P.i a v., bet 12th and 13th sts [j^or. sale?at THE FIRST WARD Llvei Llverv Stable, on G street, between 17th and 18.h streets, one pair rf BAY HORSES, 6 end 7 years old, 15^ hands high; and onepalrofGRAV HORSES, 4 and 5 years o d, 16){ hands high ; warranted to he sound and well broke to harness Also, one new Coupe CARRIAGE, mad" to order; and one front clarence fri 1 CALEcH E, which ennot be surpassed for beauty and style, both made by Beckhaus, Allgaler A Retry, Coach Makers, Phil adelphla. oc 4 1m* TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON. MADAME PKIBAM a CO., FANCY MILLINERY, No.277 Pa. av {south side) bet lOr a and 1 It a its. Have returned from New York, ard will open on Satuid>iy next, the 11th _ instant, the handsomest assortment of Paris and New York Fall and Winter BON N KTS ever offered In this city. They have also received the newest styles of French HEAD-DRKSSES, FLOWERS, and FEATHERS. Ladles, call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. oc 7 2w Magnolia house.?by order of the Trustee, the Furniture, Fixtures, and Good Will of one of the best located Restaurants In this city is offered for private sale until the 17th instant if not disposed of by that time. It will be sold at Auction on FRIDAY, the 17th instant, at 4 o'clock. The House fronts Penna avenue, between 10th and 11th streets, and offers a rare opprrtunlty to an enterprising man who Is competent to manage a first class Restaurant Apply to oc 7- JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. 8200 REWARD. RANAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER living in the village of Nottingham, Prince George'scountv,Maryland,on Mon day night, the8tli instant, negro girl MARIA, who calls herself Maria Chew.. She is about eighteen years of age, about Tour feet ten or eleven inches high. Bne Is very like ly, and has a pleasant smiling face. She has a remarkably fine suit of hair for one of her color, and Is, altogether, a fine looking girl. 1 will give the above reward of one hundred dollars for her apprehension?no ma ter where taken?provided she is brought home to me or se cured In jail, so that 1 get her again THOMAS g TURTON. Nottingham, Sept. 10,1656?se 11-tf WOOD AND COAL. A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF WHITE ASH, LEHIGH, AND RED ASH CUMBERLAND COAL Also, Pine, Oak, and Hickory WOOD. Dally expected, one cargo of LKHIGH COAL. A deduction made from the vessel. Terms cash, unless otherwise agreed upon. Coal ke:t under cover 2.240 lbs. to the ton. T. j A w m GALT, oc 8?tf N. W. cor. 12th and C ats., No. 547. BEO. H. tarnell, PA INTER, No 51 % north side La. ave. bet Cuh and 7tk its. WISHES TO say TO his FRIENDS AND the public generally that he Is prepared at all times to execute work in his line at ibesho'test notice. oc 3 lm book. BINDING. Coriwr Eleventh street and Maryland avenut, near the Smithsonian Institution. Edward lycett respectfullyin forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspeare, now just completed, that he Is pre pared to bind those works In a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upo i much more reasonable terms than can be done in Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of i.Is style of binding. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted; sc27-6m oa aaa OPERA SEGARS. 4u.uuu 50,000 GERMAN SEGARS 25 Cadies Magnolia TOBACCO. J nst received and for sale by oc 9-eo3t BARBOUR A 9EMME8. Double plated and Britannia WARE ?Just received at my ware-mbjcn rooms, No. 530 Seventh street a large <"?-ww sortment of?

Double-plated Te? Sets mf Castors, Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Ac. ALSO? Britannia Tea Sets, Castors, Coffees, Teas Sugars, Creams, Ladles, Mugs, Spoons, Ac. of very tine quality and at unusually low prices. oc lI-eo4w n M. McGREGOR. ice s iCBi: ice n i IUBT RECEIVED PER SCHOONER Henry j Jaynes Two Hundred and Thirty ons BOS TUN ICE. L. j. mid0leton. 1 oc u-?o8t AUCTION SALES. Bv WALL. BARNARD A CO .Auctioneer*. PEUEMPTORY SALE OF FRAME Hease and Let at Public Anetiti On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, October 16th, at 5 o'clock, we will ?li, In front of the premise*. rirt of Lot No 8, In Square 499, fronting 22 feet Inches on tt street, between 4# and 6th street* south, with a depth of 122 fcet 2 inches, ar.d tunning back to a 30-feet alley. Improved with agoed Frame Building 20 feet front by 30 feet deep, containing 5 good rooms. This property Is in a food location and in a fast improving part of the city. Sale positive Terms: One fourth cash ; the balance in three equal payments of 6. 12, and 18 month!*, secured by * deed of trust on the property. Title Indisputable WALL, BARNARD A CO., ocM-ts Auctioneers. WALL BARNARD, A CO., Auctioneers. LAROK AND EXTENSIVE ASSORT ?sent of Slassware at Pablic Aactiea.? On TUB8DAY MORNING, October 14, we will sell in front of our auction rooms, on account of whom It mav coccern, one. f the largest assort merit of Glassware and othe' articles e?er offered at auction in this city, consisting in part of? Cut-Glass Goblets and Champagnes Butter Dishes, Salts, and Cellerles Ashbiwton and Cut Glass Tumblers Footed Nappler. different patterns China Sets, Coffee Sets, Orlears do Foot Tumblers, Bowls, and Decanters Beer Mugs. Castors, and Jugs Covered Gla*s Dishes a'd Plates Congress and 6othic Sugars? With many other articles in the GlassW3rellne : all of which will be sold without reserve This offers rare inducements to the trade and others in want of an ex-ellent assortment of Glassware. WALL, BARNARD A CO , oc 13 tt Auctioneers. fl-^The abeve Sale is unavoidably Post poned, on account of the rain, until THURSDAY MORNING, same hour. oc 14 WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auc'rs. VARIETY. T? ?T,H ? SPICE O F L I FE. HE LARGEST AND MOST BEAUTIFU L stock of FANCY, VARIETV. and MISCELLANEOUS GOODS ? *er offered In the city of Washington. NEW STORE?NEW PlRM. No. 2ft Market Space, directly fronting the Centre Market, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 8th and 0th streets, three doors from the corner of 8th oc 7 H. J. McLOUGHLIN A CO., Agts. MEDICAL CARD. DR H. PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physician, has the honor to offer his services to the Inhabitants of Washington and vicinity. Office and Residence on I street. No 168, be tween 2t>th and 21st streets. N ? H ?Homeopathic medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with ihe Greatest care, For Fever and Ague, for Bilous and Bowel complaints, Ac , Ac. ee 3 3m MONSIEUR OASZYNSKI. (ASSISTED BY MADAME GASZ Y.YSff/,) PROFESSOR OF DANCING. HAS THE HONOR TO ANNOUNCE TO the Ladles and Gentlemen of Wash ington and Georgetown that h?"wJllopr-n h'.s clashes fcr this accomplishment in the most fashionable style, In Washington at Temperance Hal!, E street, between 9th' and lftth, the proprietors having ex pr: ssly' fixed la the most elegant manner for bis nse, also for private Parties, Balis, Lectures, and Concerts: and in Georgetown at Union Hall, Union hotel. Mr. G has testimonials from all par's of the Union for his capability as a te3chf>r Mr 6 is engaged In the College of Georgetown, and in th*? principal Seminaries of Wa?hlngfon. and in the test circle His classes will b? comme-eed in Washington on the 9th of October. Even' Tuesday and Friday for children from 3 o'clock p m., and ?n Georpptown every Wednesday and Saturday from 3 o'clock p.m. PK/vCTlSING SOIREFS in Washington every Tuesday and Friday fr>m 8 till 10 o'clock p m , at George own every Wed nesday and Saturday Ladles and Gentlemen will receive instructions in a l the ir.rst modern dances Application for terms can be made at the resi dence of M G. No. 4( 7 E street, between 9th and lftth. or at the Hall. se30 FASHIONABLE DANCING. PROF. H. W. MUNDER TAKES GREAT pleasure In announcing to hir. former patrons and the public generally that he will resume the duties of his school on Tuesday October 7th, IS56, at the large Hail corner of 9th and D streets,(former- = iy Palmer's Academy of Music ) hereaf-" ter knojrf as ,4 Munder's Metropolitan Hall Day^f tution on Tuesday and Thursday aft^r noons, at 3# o'clock, and r.t 7? for gentlemen He well Introduce a variety of new and fashiona ble dances, better calculated to imrrove the car riage and grace of the most unskillful pupil than any other style that has been Introduced He particularly invites all the scholars who | artici pated in tfae Fancy wances last :visy, to uc present on the day of opening, as Prof. M. haa something of Interest to communicate He will continue his classes at the Co'lege and Convent as usual. All those having children here whom they desire to reselva instruction will please enter their names early. Private instructions will be given either to large or small classes All persens wishing to consult with Prof Mun der will please leave their add.ess at Mr John F Ellis's Music Store Penn. avenue, near 10thstreet. scas-tf FRESCO PAINTING. SLHUTTER A KAHLERT, A H TIS TS FRESCO DECORaTI VI i, and every description of ORNAMKNTAL painiing. 361 E strut, between 11<A and 12rA streets, se 16-lm* Washington, D. C. SILKS?SILKS SILKS. FROM AUCTION. WE HAVE NOW IN STORE A LARGE assortment of rich Fancy DressSliks which have been purchased ht the late Auction Sa'es In New York, at reduced prices, and we shall sell them off at a small advance to close out? '25 Colored and Black Silk Robes, at low price* 10 Pieces rich Satin Plaid, and Stripe black silks 10 more of tho?c very superior Plain Black Silks at 81 to 82 per yard, which we know to he extra cheap Shawls, Scarfs, Cloaks and Talmas, which will be sold at New York prices. COLLEY A SEARS, oc 10-eo2w 5237tb St., 3 doors north Pa ave C. R. L. CROWN A CO., A UC TIO N t CO MMISSIO N MERC HA NTS, 335 Pennsylvania Avenue* bslween 6th and 7th streets, south side Consignments solicited. Liberal advances made when desired. All Personal and Real Estate at tended to SALES EVERY NIGHT, and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings, at the Store, oc 8 eolm THE ONLY MEDAL Awarded by the jury of this city has been obtained amongst numerous competitors, by JON AS P. LEVY, 367 Pennsyl vania avenue, opposite the National Hotel, for h'.s beat Wines, Liquors, Segars, and Sauces extant, Plckels from Cross A Blackwell, London; Hol land Cucumbers put up in salt and water, a rare amber article; line Sugars, Coffees, and Teis, English Porter and Ale, Italian Macaroni and Vermicello, Old Crow Burban Whiskey in glaes or wood. Housekeepers will please call for their winter supply at No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue; where also can be seen the Patent Benzole Gas and Books of Description. oc 10-2w JONAS P LEVY. FRUIT, ORNAMENTAL TREES, Ae. HE UNDERSIGNED HAS TIIE PLEAS The ur< ure of effering to his patr ns and the eublic in general a very large assortment of RUIT, SHADE. EVERGREEN a TREES, Ac., comprising? Dwarf Pear Trees, in greai variety, among whl?h are all the finest native and loreigu sorts; splendid one year old trees are offered at the low price of 125 per 100 Apple Trees, large and vigorous, and varieties best suited to this region, S1H per 100. Peach Trees, fine and thrifty, the choicest kinds, ?10 per 100. Apricots. Cherries, Plums, Sta'-dsrd Pears, (Quinces, Ac , large, vigorous and thrifty. Gooseberries, Currants, Raspberries, Grape Vines. Ac . an Immense stock of all the choicest kinds. Strawberries, the large fine new varieties, as well as the old popular sorts. Rhubarb and Asporagus Hoots, strong and good. Roses, the choicest ever blooming varieties. Evergreens, an extensive collection of the ra:e and well known klods. Shade, Ornamental Trees, Ac. Dutch Bulbous Roots, Garden Seeds. in fact, every thing pertaining tw the Nursery and Seed business, warranted of the best quality, choicest varieties, correct to name, and as low a* ihey can be purchased in the United States. Catalogues can be had on application JOHN SAUL, Seed Store, 396 7th street, corner H stieet, oo l-aol8t Nursery, on 7th street read. TOTI, TOYS, TOYS?OF EVERY style, class, finish, and price, at No. jo, be , tween 8th tad 1Kb streets, near the corner of ath. 1 00 M) w. J. McLOUGHLIN A CO. AUCTION BALES. THIS AFTERNOON ARD TO-MORROW. Br A. GREEN, AwMoneer. r H CASKS, COWS, WAOO*S, CAR H Y all nnd Htrrfti, Faraing Uieasil*, Cora and Cera redder, Straw, kc., at Aac tien On WEDNESiJAY, the T5th Instant I ?hall sell, at 10 o'clock a m . on the farm imme diately In the rear of the Spring Tavern, about a mlies from tbe Capitol, on tne Baltimore Turn Sike Road, (the road leading to the farm 1* the iat gate east of the Spring Tavern, to the right,) ti?e following articles, vlx: 8 good work Horses, 1 good Milch Cow, 3 Hogs 1 Wagon and Harness. 1 C air rail and Harness 1 Cart and Harness, Cutting Machine, Corn Shel ter 1 Wheat Fan, Harrows, Plows, and Farming Utensils of e?erv description Also, a large lot of Wheat and flye Straw Corn ard Fodder, Cabbage, Turnips, and Pota toes With many other articles wLlch we deem un necessary to enumerate Terms : All sums under thrash ; ever ?45and not exceeding S50 a credit of oo and 90 day?, over S50 a credit of 1, a and 3 months, for notes In all cises of credit satisfactorily endorsed, btarlng interest. A. GRKEN, oc7 d Auctioneer. iJv A. GREEN,Auctioneer. rpRUSTEE'S SALK OF VALUABLE 1 BaildingLots at Aoctian.?On MONDAY the day of October Instant, 1-66. 1 shall lell in front of thepremls-s, at 5 o'clock p m , by virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing date the 21th day of December, lei5, and duly re corded In the land records for Washlngtoa coun ty. in the Dis'rict of Columbia, via: Lots numbered 8 and 9 In Square numbered 653, having a front cf 135 feel 8 laches on fc street west, running b*ck 173 feet 7 lnchs.-. between N and O streets south Also, on \VednESDAY, the isth instant, I shall sell, by virtue rf the same authority la tre at of Ihe premises, at 5 o'clock p in Let number d 19. in Square numbered 46: and lirmediatey after tbe sale cf the above 1 shall sell Lot No. 21, iu Square No 51. Terms: One-half cash; balance In A and la months, for notes bearing Interest from the day of sale. All conveyance at the cost of the pur chaser. HAMILTON G. FANT. Trustee, oc T-eod&ds A GREEN, Auctioneer. ID" The nbsve sale is postponed aatil W kDN KSD A Y, ti e 15th Instant, same hour, by order of ?|,e Trustee. A GREEN, Auctioneer. 03 13-d By A GREEN, Auctioneer Extensive sale of valuable I Bailding Lata, camprisirg a whole square, at Ancii*u?On THURSDAY, tbe 23d lnstan*. 1 shall sell. In front of the prenilees, commencing at 1 o clock p m , the following de scilbed property, via: All of Square No. 441, subdivided in 65 handsome building lots, fronting on r>th and 7th streets west and S and T streets north. The sale will commence on 7th street. Title In disputable, direct from tbe Governmeat. Flat can be seen at my room. Turns : One-flf h cash; balance in or e, two, three, four, and five years, the purchaser to give notes lor tbe deferred payments, bearing interest from thedav cf sale. A ded given and a deed of trust takes, cc 7-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. By JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. Trustees salk of house aid Lot ?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Oct 17th. 1856. o'clcck. on the premises, bv virtue of a d?ed of tru t dated October 21st, 1-47, and duly recorded in Liber W. B . No 137. follow 349. Ac , ai:d ol the land reccrds for Wa*bington county, the subscribers will sell at Public AuctV n to th? highest bidders, parts of Lot^ No 6 and 7, commencing at thenorttwest ang e cf Lot No. 7 In Square No. 565, and thenc^e south with theiine of 2a street west 19 feet 7 inches to the dividing line between the two >rame Houses, on the north part of l.otNo 7, thence due eaft 60 feet, thcnce due north 19 f et 7 int he*. aDd thence due west to 2d street, the place of beginning, together with the improvements, consisting ef a two-s:ory Frame House. Te'ms: One fourth cash; the residue in 6,12, ar.d 18 months with interest, secured by a deed ci trust on the premises. RICHARD WALLACH. Trustee, se 30 eoAds JAS. C. McGUI KE, Auct. Hakshals sale.?in VIRTUE OF Herl Fa'.iasl*sued from tbe Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the county cf Washington, and tome directed, 1 sbail expose to public sale, for cash, a* the mar ble yard of Wra. A. Griffith, corner of 9th and G streets, near the Patent Office,"on THURSDAY, the 15:h cf October, 1-oR, commencing at 10 o clock a m , thw following cood* and chztiel*, to wit: 12 Finished Head Stores, 10 Rcugh Marble Slabs, 2 Finished Marble Monuments. 2 Unfinished Marble Monuments 1 Marble Crot-s, 2 Thick Head Stones. 6 Marb!? Obiits, and 2o a*?or:ed Bocks of Marble, seiifd and lev|*?d upon as the property of v\ illlam A Griffith, and will be sold to satisfy Judicials No. 2 and 3. to October term, lb56, in favor of Palro A. Nourse. J D. HOOVER, cc 3* Marshal for the District of Columbia. Sugars, coffee, *?. 10 hhds New Orleans SUGAR 10 hhds Prims Porto Rico SUGAR 7 do Porto Rico MOLASSES 40 bags Rio COFFEE 5(K*?lbi bright SHOULDERS '2> 00 do Prime H AMS 1000 do "Hggots" Family HAMS 2000 do HAKE FISH. Just received and for sale, by oc9-eo3. BARBOUR A SEMMES. OK BAKKELS OLD HVK WHISRT. 10 quarter Casks COGNAC BRANDY, from 81 50 to f* per gallon. Just received end for sale by oc 9-e.Oit BARBOUR A SKMMES. W' A 11 LI I - SHOES SHOi S ! ! SHOES ! E ARE DAILY RECEIVING ADD1 tions to our large and well selec ed, stock of SHOES, t'> whl h we would re spectfullv call the attention of all in want Just received a superior article of Quilted Gaiters for ladies; heavy Cloth Hut Gaiters for ladies, used for riding; together with a general assortment for ladles, misses and children. Gents, boys, and yoatbs Hoots, Shoes, atd baiters of tvery variety. Call early. A HOOVER A SON. South side Pa. ave , bet 6rh aid 7th stu , oc 4-eo6t opposite Browns' Hotel. ARMY'S CONFECTIONERY. Na. 94 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. THE MATRIMONIAL AND FESTIVE season be lug near at hand, the attention of all persons Interested is called to the continued ex celleuce and beauty of our productions, WED DING CAKE especially The fact that we are aln:ost daily receiving, from all parts of Wash ington, orders for such Cakes constitutes >uffi cient argument of their superiority. An indiffer ent cake is provoking at any time, but at a wed ding It would be unpardouable. All, therefore, who would not be, or heretofore have b^en, dls appolbted In obtaining a gcod article are invited tojjive us a call The usual ^medal) quality ICE CREAMS, (?2 per eallon.) JELLIED, Ac , can be had at any time, or will be delivered in the most remote parts of Washington or Georgetown without extra charge. ARNY. se 25-eo3m (I ntelA Union) DR.MUNSON, AT 338 PENN'A AVENUE Is still making those beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, called) Aliens Patent, for the excellency o which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vouch. There is one Dentist in this city who has been Infringing the patent, und made a bad Imitation of it, against whom I hereby caution the public N. B. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when properly constructed, It is because he Is Ignorant of the process, Incompetent to make the work, or s unwilling to pay for the patent je l#-tf FOR SALE A FIRST RATE PAIR OF nmtch carriage HORSES, very fast < and gentle, between 16 end 17 hands high, 6 year old, will be sold together or separately ; also, an excellent carri age and harness, can be seen at E. COWl'lSG'S M ibles on G, between 13th and 14th streets oc t>* ? OR MOUNT VERNOnT" ON TUESDAY** AND FRIDAYS.?FARE, ROUND TUP, ?1; FROM ALEX ANDRIA75CENT8?The, steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washing ton at 9 and Alexandria at 9# o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at 8 jtf o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave theli residence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the boat. apa-tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Captals. CHANGE OF HOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, THE 30th of June, the Steamer GEORGE PAGE will run at the following, hours: Leave Alexandria at 8,10, ia, 2#, 4#, and 6 m o'clock. Leave Washington 6, 9,11, IX, 3*, 7 o'clock. )e29-tf ELLIS L PRICF, Captain. TOMB STEAMER BEOHflE WA?H1?Q JL TON wlUdepartatthefollow Leave "Alexandria 7 X,9. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOUSE PRINTING TEL KG RAP H Savannah Election Savaksab, Oct 13.?The major of this ci:j is probably elected bj a small majority. Steamer Ashore . *-HA*LE8TO*' Oct. 14 ?The steamer Jamea Adger fro? New York to this port went ashore this morning, during a thick fog, on Channel Isiand. She will probably be got off Co: fcrenee of Southern Governors Columbia, 8. C.t Oct 13 ?Reports are in circulation here that the Governor* of the fifteen Southern States will meet at Raleigh to morrow, to consider whet atena are neeerna - ry in the event of Col Fremont s election. From Havana. Chablkstos. Oct 13 ?The steamer I^bel, Capt Rollins. arrived here to-day froiAia vana and Key West, with dates to the 10th instant The steamer Gradana, from Aspin ? wall, arrived at Havana ou the 10th with Mr. Soule ?n board. There wa* a rumor that the Spanish fleet would sail for Vera Crus shortly Col Fremont's Beligion New Yobk, Oct. 14 ?The Rav Constantina Tise, of St. Charles Roman Catholic Church, Brooklyn, publishes a card this morning de nying the statement in the Ezprets of Satur day la<t that he had, while chaplaia in Coa gress. administered the Sacrament of Kucha till to Col. Fremont. Railroad Accident Bcppalo, N Y.,Oot 13 ?The mail train from the Suspension Bridge for Windsor, on the Great Western Ra lro <d, came in collision with a cattle train on Thursday. Several cars of the cattle train were thrown down the embankment and many cattle killed. The mail and baggage c us of the other train were driven through the foward j aasenger cars but no lives were lost. During the confusion the mail and baggage ears took fire and were en tirely burnt, together with the mail and all the baggage acl express good*. Election in Philadelphia Ac Philadelphia. Oot , 14 ?A northwest storm commenced here about midnight and the rain fell copiously, but ceased about 10 tbis morn ing, but the weather is sitll damp and cloudy. A heavy vote is bcitig polled, particularly in the lower wards. An indignation meeting was held last night on ths Custom House steps relative to the im prisonment of the members t f the Shiffler Hose Company, which will probably bring out a heavy American vote. J Bosch?En ] The pris oners were brought before Judge Thumps n this morning. but the hearing was delayed for the want of wituefses who was summoned by the police telegraph. Florida Election Savan.vah, 0;t. 13 ?Partial returns from 20 counties (there are TJ counties in the State) fh w a ruaj irity of 150 votes for Perry, dem., for Governor. Several counties, however, are to be heard from in which the American par-y anticipate a heavy vote, among them Dade an i Orange counties | l\ote ?The whole vote of Dade and Orange combined is not more than 127 ! ! !] (SECOSO DISPATCH J Charleston. S C ,'?ct 14?Additional re turns fr m Florida indicate that the State has gone for the Democrats by about 5o0 | .Xo(? ?The reader will please recollect thet the telegraphing a<rents are nearly all against the Democrat', and that nine-tenths of their returns are shaped to make opposition capital in Pennsylvania to-day. No confidence what ever is to be placed in their fctorie* saying that the Democratic majority in Florida IS only 500.] Katsas Congressional Election. 4c. St. Louis, Oct 13th.?Meagre returns from Kansas indicate the ele:tion of Mr Whitfield to Congress without opposition No disturb an -e occurred. Advices fnun Weston stats that Messrs. Berry and Walker having sold some Hoar to ckiiens of Kansas, a party of ruffians under Stringfell'w proceeded from Platte city to Weston and arrested Berry, denouncing him as an abolitionist and threatening to hang him The citizens of Weston assembled in full force, and after denouncing Stringfellow ordered him to leave the country in five days. Tuvy men drove mm and his party from town. Milwaukib, Oct 11 ?We have advices from Kansas to the 1st instant, stating that Gov. Geary had caused to be arrested and confined in Leeompton. on the charge of murder in the first degree, one hundred and seven free Suite men, who are mostly under the charge of Col. Titus U. Miles M"ore. of Leavenworth, was ar rested on the 2d inst . while at Kansas city, en rontf Ea-t, bv Surveyor General Calhoun, and carried to \N y andotte city and imprisoned. 1 he Case of the Hose Company. Philadelphia, Oct. 13 ?The investigation into the cafe of the Sbiffler Hose Company, t) day, at the Mayor1! OtLce, has attracted a large crowd. No conclusive evidence was elicited One officer testified that he believed that John English, of Baltimore, waa the one that fired the pistol, but the slug taken froui the body of the deceased was entirely too large for the pistol found on English, disprov ing that charge. On the conclusion of the evidence a motion to discharge a portion of the prisoners on bail was argued, but District Attorney Reed contended shat they should be remanded for trial on the charge of murder and riot. The whole party?thirty three in number?were then commuted to jail. This decision has created much angry feeling am< ng the friends of the prisoners. Application will be made to-morrow to Judge Thompson for a writ of habeas corpus, in the ra.-e of the Shiffler Ho*e Company The ap plication coull not be made sooner because the primary investigation was not completed As twenty-four hours must elapse after grant ing the writ before the investigation csn be made, the prisoners cannot be liberated on bail before Wednesday. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, October 14th ?Flour is un charged; sales of Howard street and Ohio at $6 S7i, and City Mills at S6 75. Wheat is firm; fair to prime reds SI.42a SI 50, and good to prime white SI 57aSl 62. Com is steady and slightly improved; while 60?C2c , yellow 64a66j Whisky is has slightly declined; rales of City 36ia37c. Msw York Mark*:*. New Yoke, Oct. 14 ?Flour closed with an advaucing tendency; sales of 12,400 bbls ; State $6 40a$6 70; Ohio ?6 75aS6 85, standard Southern S7.15a$7 50 Wheat ha* advanced; sales of 40 000 bushels; white Sl.BSaSl 67, red SI 50aSl 57 Corn lias advanced; sales of 31 000 bushels; South ern mixed 67c. Pork is buoyant; mess $20 75 Besf is im proving: Chicago repacked $10 50aSU. Lard is quiet; sales in bbls. at 13j? . Whisky is firm, at at 36ic for Ohio. Finaneial New Yore, Oct 14 ?Stocks are lower and dull Chicago and Rock Island Railroad 8P; Cumbeiland coal company 13; Illinois Central shares !15i; do. bonds 88J; Michigan South ern 67; New York Central 82i; Pennsylvania coal company V3; Reading 79|. Sterling exchange is dull. CLOCKS?1LOI SI-ILOCSI. I HAVE JUer RECEIVED A LAK8E As sortment of Clo ks-50 different styles, which w'll bt* sold low, and warranted to go well Thorn wno buy to aril a^a n would do well to give me a r*ll heiore parcnaalcg e aewhere Also, Clock Maurlalatf ail Binds. Oils, Bails, Keys, Cords, Ha .dt, Be , at J ROBINSON se23*m 1'a ave , oppo Br?wna' Hotel. oaVlRIHlMBLM, IILVKH BUTTER S Knlvea, Sliver plattd Forks and Spoon*, Ra r-r<, feu and Pocket Knives, Staving Mmsbes. Tooth Brushes, Shaving Cream, Toll*! So; ps Tooth 1'icks, a good aaaortment, fur sale low ny E K. luaUV No 129 Bridge street, Georgetown. ?lx sLa-es Corporation of Georgetown Sio k, wanted. oc 11 TIIK KTOt K or eOODS AT *S9. io Market Space, between Hth aad #th ?r eu, arenewandneek- ??b