Newspaper of Evening Star, October 18, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 18, 1856 Page 3
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KVKMfNG STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Board or Common Couscil.?Adjocb**d Muniifl -?The Board met on Thursday eve ning pursuant to adjournment, with ail the members present except Messrs. Fisher and Orme. Mr McCutchen reported that the election committee had inqoired into the qualifications of William E Hutchinson, Esq , as a member of this Board from the Sixth Ward. and that he was found to be dulj qualified according to law. The bill from the Aldermen explanatory of the act of the 26th September, 1S5A, unking an appropriation for extra clerical services, was paased. The bill from the same Board making an ap propriation for constructing sewers, Ac , at the intersection of (* street north and Fifth street west, snd for other purposes, was passed On motion of Mr McCutchen, tho vote by which the bill entitled 44 An act to iccrense the rate cf licenses" was made the special order for Monday next was reconsidered. On motion, the bill was now taken up far consideration seriatim. The first clause having been read? Mr. Clarke moved that the bill be printed with the proceedings of the Board ; which was agreed to. It is as follows : An Act to laciease the rate of licences. Be it enacted, \c , That the annual taxes upon licenses shall be as follows: To (ell good*, wares, merchandise, or other articles of foreign or domestic growth, production, cr manufacture, other than spirituous and for men'ed liquors, wines, cordials, and other in toxicating liquors by wholesale or retail, shall be $6. where the annual average amount ot capital invoked in the business of the person or persons applying for the same is under $600; $10 on a capital of over $600 and under $1,000; and $6 fjt each additional $1,000 of capital. To sell spirituous and fermented liquors, wines, cordials, and other intoxicating liquors in quantities not less than a pint shall be $50, wnen the capital invested is $1,000, and $6 for each additional $1,000 of capital For all hotels, taverns, and ordinaries shall be $100, when said hotel, tavern, or ordinary has ten rooms or less ; if over ten rooms and under forty rooms, $100; if over forty rooms, $300 Auctioneers, $300. A livery stable not containing over twenty fire stalU, $26; and for each additional stall 76 cent* Pawnbrokers, $100. Agents ol insurance companies. S<>0. Theatrical exhibitions, $60 per week. Circus performances or exhibitions, $ per day. Exhibitions ot rope or wire dancing, puppet shows, or sleight of hand, 54 per night, or $20 per week. All musical concerts, whether vocal or in strumental. the highest price of twenty tick ets per night: Provided, no license sbtil issue without the payment of at least $3 per day. For exhibiting the art of boxing or pugilism, $100 p;r week For all other ?hows, exhibitions, or amuse ments. the highest price of twenty tickets : Provided, the same be not less than $3 per day. Hucksters $26. Hawkers and pedlars, $V0. Dealers in old iron, brass, copper, pewter, or lead, $*50 For hackney carriages, cabs and other ve hicles for the transportation of passengers, other than omnibuses, $20 For omnibuses, $ . For carts, $3 each; wagons $R each. Fur d >gs, if male, $6; if female, $10. Sec 2. And 'e it enacted, That this act shall not be construed as repeal ng, altering, modifying, or amending any exiting law upon the subject of licenses, cxcept so far as the bats of license is concerned, and that all regulations, fines, forfeitures, and penalties prescribed in any existing law shall be con strued to apply to this act the same as if sail act* hal been hereby re enacted The question then recurring on agreeing to the first c'au-e of the first section of the bill, it was disagieed to. Mr Eitnonston moved to auisnd it bJ striking out " $60 ' and inserting *' $36." Mr Knight moved to amend the amendment by substituting " $26" for 44 536 decide 1 in the neguive. The motion of Mr. Edmonston to amend the first clause was disagreed to. * 'Mr Lloyd moved to amend the second clause of the bill by strikingout the words ,4 fifty dol lars" and inserting ' forty dollars agreed to. Mr. Kennedy moved further to amend the second clause ot the bill by striking out tbe words 4*and $6 for each additional thousand dollars of capital." and inserting 44 $45 where the capital invested is under $2ou0; $50, under $4.000; $56, under $6 000 ; $60, under $9 000; $70, under 512 000 ; $*0, under $16,000; $90, under 18.000; $100, under $25 000, and $106, over 25,000;" disagreed to. The question was then taken on tbe second clause to the bill, and it was agreed to. The third clause was disagreed to. Mr. Clarke moved to lay the bill on tho ta b!e ; decided in the negative. The fourth clause of the bill was then read, and disagreed to. The fifth clause was next read, and it was disagreed to. Pending the further consideration of the bill, the Board adjourned. Hebrew Ck?ew ?*ials ?The Jews of this eify are now enjoying their annual fea.srof Tabernacles, being tbe vacation of eight days following the great Day of Atonement The New York Express estimates the num ber of Jews in the United States as exceeding a juarter of a million, there being in tbe State of .New York alone about forty thousand, of whom nearly seven-eighths reside in New York oity. This estimate is arrived at net by any censui?the taking of which is forbidlen by the Jewish taw?but by the amount of un leavened bread consumed at the season of the Passover. At that time, for one week, no Jew is permitted to eat leavened bread. The Pass over bread is baked in large public ovens, and is dealt out to all applying families at the rate of five pounds for every mao, woman and child By the law they are all obliged to eat it, and we understand that very few?perhaps not five hundred in the whole country?neglect to tul fil their obligations in this particular. There fore, by the amount of Passover bread con sumed it is very easy to compute the number of the faithful children of Israel in the country In New York city, the Jews possess twenty synagogues, besides one in Williamsburg and or.? in Brooklyn Several of the^e synagogues, for size and architectural beauty, will bear comparison with the churches of the christian denominations The principal ones are sit uated in Crosby, Green, Norfolk, Wooiter, Clinton and East Twelfth street In West Twenty-eighth street there is a large and well eoudncted Jewish Hospital, and ably taaght schools are attached to several of the aynagogjea Ti? Pc but Schools ?The Board of Trus tees met on Wednesday afternoon, and on being called to order by tbe Mayor, President ?j ojficio, the following members elect an swered to tbeir names, vis : First district?M'fsrs. J. P Dickinson and W Wilson: second district?Messrs. T. J Magrtder, J. P Polk, anl J C llarkneis : third district?Messrs C. W. Davis and S. A 11 M Kim; fourth district?Meiars S Yorke At Lea and P. M Pearson. "c motion of Mr. AtLce. Mr McKim,of the third district, was elected Secretary, and T. J Magruder, of tbte : ccond district, Treasurer. Toe President then appointed the folliwing gentlemen as the stanJmg committees, vis : On Examination of Teachers?Messrs Polk, Davis, At Lee, and Diektuson Oa Text Books?Messrs. Harkness, Morgan, McK hi, and Wheeler Oo Utiles?Messrs Wilson Magruder, Pear ?on, and Pendleton Oa motion of Mr Mo-Kim, the rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees and of the Public Sohools were referred to the Com mittee on Rules After Mine minor business, the Board ad j turned Deiaetihb , t the Olabmi ?Our Cue in fantry company, the National Guards, left by the 6i o'clock tram this morning, on their way to York. Pa. The field, staff, and o<-m Iiv y o.ffice-s r.f the volunteer re*iuteu? of I*i.uuore will toBCvrt the tfuaids through that National Tbbatri.?The rain, last night, of course put a damper upon theatricals, yet the performance of " Htill Waters Ron Deep" and the "Morning Call" waaa moat enjoyable one to the audienee, which by the way in cluded more persons of note than are often drawn out of a disagreeable night. To-day the skies are bright again, the olec tion question having been satisfactorily dis posed of, and we imagine everybody will feel like treating themselves to a superior enjoy ment in the perform ance of Sheridan Knowles s exquisite piny of the "Love Chase,*" the Keene company having acceded to the general wish for another night at the National. Amcsimints Ahead ?On Monday evening, October 20, the Buck and Breck Club No 1, of (Georgetown, give their first annual ball at Forrest Hall, and a fine time they intend to make it. On Tuesday night, 21st inst , comes off the graad ball of the Hebrew Young Mens' Be nevolent Society at Carusi's Saloon, which may also be couuted on as a pleasant affair. On Wednesday night, Oitober 221, the Per severance Fire Company givo their annual ball at the Washington Assembly Rooms. Great cxortionB have been made by the Perse verance boys to make this ball complete and satisfactory in every respect, and they are cer tain to succeed The ball season is now formally opened, and the thousands of pretty feet that are fairly aching for a dance will soon have the amplest exercise UxcoMroRTABLxQcARTBiw.?Last night the dealers attending at the Centre market were really to be pitiei. In itd present condition, there is scarcely a comfortable spot in the market where they wan make themselves se cure from the weather. The floors are damp as well as tho stalls, as the roofs leak badly whenever thore is a rain An expenditure of a little money for the benefit of our country friends, may operate advantageously fur our housekeeper* during the winter. The Com missioners, we believe, have been applied to in behalf of the dealers by the officers of the market, as well as citizens who are interested. A Riot ?This morning, between eight and nine o'clock, a row ocourred at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, in which several persons were engaged, all of whom appeared to be intoxicated Officer Watson succeeded In arresting three?Thomas Simpson. Christian Fanner, and Josiah Simp ?on They were taken before Justice Donn, who held the two first named to bail for court, and the last to keep the peace. The all air caused an assemblage of a very large crowd of persons in and about tho magistrate's office, most of them suppling a very ferious affair had occurred. ?? I.ifortunates ?During the paat week sev eral unfortunate persons, mala and female, have bocn wandering about the streets of Washington They aro Evidently insane, but whether pauper lunatics or not, we are unable t) say. lw>_of these are much disturbed ly boys, who irritate them by pulliBg them about and calling them improper names Boys should have consideration for these unfortu nate creatures, and endeavor to lighten their sorrows instead of adding to them We Have RE<'EivEi? from J Shilliogton a beautiful edition of all Mrs Caroline Lee Hentz's works, issued in far cuperior style to what they have ever before been. The fol lowing are thoir names : " Tbe Planter's Nor thern Bride." '? Linda," " Robert Graham," " Rena, or Tho Snow Bird."' ''Marcus War land," " Courtship and Marriage," " Eoline, or Magnolia Vale." "Helen and Arthur," <k The Banhhel Son," '* Aunt Patty's Scrap Bag." Shillington has them for eale. We have not room fur furtaer notice now. Buy them and read for yourselves , * A Wili? Fellow-*-L i?t night, a eolored man named Adams was arrested for assault ing a colored, and cutting him with a large knife. Adams was drunk, and the hackmao would not permit him to got in his coach He wa3 disarme I by the by-standers. and taken to the guard-house and sent to jail this morning by Ju.tica Birch. Gypsies.?Complaint has been made to the Chief of Police that % gang of Gypsies are loi tering about the boundaries of the city, and as poultry, pigs, ?o , havo been misted in the localities where they were seen, they are sus pected of having been concerned, in the lar cenies. Means have been adopted to rid the city of them. ? Centre Market ?This morning the butch ers department of our principal market was well supplied, but the late heavy rains pre vented many of our country friends from at tending, which caused a falling'off in the veg etable and baymarkets The prices this morn ing were not materially changed. Watch Returns.?The only case for trial was Edward Adams, colored, who was brought up for assault and battery with intent to kill Samuel Jackson, also colored. Adams was sent to jail for trial at the Criminal Court. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, Oct 18 185ft A bright, warm sun dawned upon us this morning, and our streets are again all life and activity. The drenching rain3 of yesterday and the night before were very opportune They will tend greatly to facilitate tho seed ing operations of our country neighbors, which had been put back by the drought, and also enable the mills our. merchants obtain their supplies of flour from to resume operations Our youi>? friends of the Dumbarton street Methodist Sabbath school are making exten sive preparations to give us another treat iu the way of an interesting exhibition. We would advise our lady readers who may desire a first rate article of every description of dress goods to call at Smoot's Bridge street emporium; and those who wish a handsome bonnet of the very latent fashion to call on M iss Julia Leach, near the Farmer's and Me chanics' Bmk. The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Rest yesterday amounted to 700 head, ,>00 of which was taken by District butchers at 52 75a?3 50 on the hoof, equal to *5 50a57 net. Tho re ratining 4'?0 were driven on to Baltimore bb*?ej> 52 50aS3 per head. Quite a large number of visitors, chiefly drovers, were at the above-mentioned place yesterday The weather being rather un favorable for out door amusements, they con cluded to elect a President; accordingly a bal lot was had. which resulted in Mr Hllmore receiving three votes and Mr Buchanan the balance which amounted to about five to one. There has been quite a brisk trade upon our canal this week Seventy five boats, in all, have arrived ; fifty of theua from Cumberland with coal, seven with flour, and tho remainder from different points with wheat, wood, bark, Ac. The receipts for tolls at the Georgetown Collector 's office, will amount to about $2,500. We learn that there is now quite a large tleet of boats coming down. The flour and grain markets remain firm at our quotations of yesterday. Spectator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alexandria, Oct. 18,1854 The weather here yesterday wss too inclem ent for out-door business?a chilly wind and driving rain prevailing all day In accordance with the order of Governor Wise, Col S. King Shay, commandant 175th regiment of Virginia militia, has issued gen eral orders for the companies of the two bat talions of his regiment to meet in front of the coar; house this morning, and fill all vacan cies in the commissioned and non-commis sioned offi -trs of the companies. Tho reports of the officers of the Manassei Gap Railroad Cimpauy, submitted to tho an nual meetiog of the company last evening show i most gratifying state of things for the friends of Munasses Although the past year has been a eeasuti of great monetary depres sion the work has been progressing at all points, if at some the progress wao slow. On the more important lino it has gone on with a rapidity which, considering toe difficulties ? nder which the Board have labored, is really astonishing. Even a synopsis of the report woald be too long lor the limits of a letter. It appears, however, that there has been ex pended on the line during the year ending September SO, lb6A: On extanaioa to Ha-rl *?nt'urg, $230, V15 00 , Independent linr, fhl, oO; Loudoun Branch, V7V 00 Duuug I .tae mm pened there ha* been received on Jlf frei^t, 898.821 45; paMecger?, 928 873 87; mails, 52 618 92. The increase in the tonnage of t>.a road for this year oyer tbe year previous is 6,190 tons. The circular of our dealers quote price? rs i J.llows. SuperGno floor, 57 ; extra 57 50; !? It ?? while whe.1t, 51 55aSl 60; T? ?a 4u ' corn' Ctfa61 ? rJe> 66a70 ; oats, 33a38: white beans, none; black eyed p?M, none; In>h potatoes. 75.i$l; beef, (gro ) iiA (ne"') I bacon, (bog found,) ? -I?'iorl' ,3a13i; cloyerseed, (little doing, <? A ' ,imothy feed, (wholesale,) fo 5?',3J5;flixseed,5l 75nl 80; brown sugar, , '' Kl? c 'ffee, J2 il3; Java coffee, I5al6 ; molasses. 48a62i ; salt, (fine.) Sl.75a2 ; salt, ' , i 25; lump plaister, (on oar, by <**r load, per ton of 2 240 lbs ) S4a4 25; ground do., (on care, 2,240 lbs ) 57; guano. Peruvian, >?.r?Q Mexican, 52Sa30; butter, roll, 18d22; firkin, 15a22 Ami. / MARKItli, *.vInDSt Ji,hn',, Church, on the 46th Instant, by ;je 9mVth **yne> ADNA AMDKRSON, of Nashville, Tens , to JULIET C. VAN WYCK. of th'.s city. OlID, On the 17th ius'ant, MARY, wlf-of William Mas'ersm, sfter a short Illness, In the 64th year of her age Her funeral will take place from ber late resi dence, No 459 7th street at 3 o'clock to morrow, t c l?tn Inst. Her friends 8nd pcqualntances are requested to attend ? on the 17th instant, in the 77th year of herage, Mrs. CAT H AK INK SMITH, relict of the lute He. ry Smith The deceased wes a native of Hempstead, Long Island, N Y , and a resident or tils cltv from the time it became the seat cf government. Her funeral will take plac to-morrow (?unday) afternoon at 2 \ o'clo k, from the family rrsidf-nce on 11th ?treet, near F. at whi h the friends of tLe deceased and of the family are invited to attei.d For Sale and Rent. A FINK LARUE ROOM WELL FUR* ? i "I?hfd, with comfortable Hoard, ran be ob iv, ,n ? Pr,vatf house, eligibly situated, and within a few minutes walk of either DepartnuM. Address Bex 7, at this office. or. i8-3t* POR RENT?A LARGE FRAME HOUSE a containing 11 rooms and passage,on L street, between 0;h and 10th streets, with a good pump of water in the yard ; also a good stable attarh ed. Enquire rf GEO T. LANGLKY, llth street, near K street. oc 16-lw POR SALE ?LOT NO. 17, IN SQUARE 2W, ? ^ 5.374 square feet, on the Island, near 12th street, fronting toe Mall. For terms apply at the store of H. F. Loudon A Co , Brown's Hotel oc 10 2w 6. W. FA RANT A FIKST-CLASS R E S I 1) E NC^E IN f. GEORGETOWN. D. C , FOR RENT ? 1 he subscriber offers for rent her late residence at the corner of Fa\ette and Fourth streets, I. ?orgetown, immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation This is one of tbe l*rse>t and b?st finished houses in tbe District r.f Columbia, having all the modern improvements contained in the first-ciassbovses of tbe Noithern cities. There Is attached a large cistern In tLe yard, carriage-house, and stable for several hc rses A Dump of the purest water In the lmu ediate vicinity. I be locality In high and salubrious, and in a quiet and highly respectable upjghb rbood Posse sion given Immediately. For further particulars Inquire next di>or to tLe premises, of Mrs. ANNE R O'NEAL. oc4 jVOTICK ?FOR RENT. AN I) POSSESSION IN given on the first day of October next, three of those five three sto:y brick Dwelling Hruso? fronting on Massachusetts avenue, ketsveen Oth and 7ih streets, o^cuoied at present respectively by Messrs. Suit, J. E K*rd, and Thomas C Ba den Ttrins for each: fc'JoO per annum, rent to be paid monthly. EDW. OWEN, 212 Penn avt,"ue ge lH-eo>f Ej*OR SALE OR RENT.?THAT DES1RA ble residence on F street, between 20th aid v'lst, for tbe last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq Possession given the 1st of November next, inquire of R1GGSACO. au 12-eotf rtRUG STORE FOR SALE?THE SUB ?crll>er offers for sale his Drug : tore, corner 13th and G st te'a, on accommodating t-*rms ocil-eoiw# ROBERT L TEaSDALE. FO R S A L E?A CONVENIENT SMALL Uouse, cu 10th street, only two or three doors from Pa avenue. Its central location lenders it a very d-slrable dwelling for persons engaged in business. The fror.t room mieht be used as p Show .oomfora Millinery, or fitted up for a La dies' Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Stor<? Its proximity to the avenue would make it a good stand for any neat business. Apply to W. LEN OX, or at Mrs Lenox's, on E, between lfttb and llth streets. au 27-tf P)R RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street aoySI7?tf FIRST ( BALL BUCK & BRECK CLUB, No. 1, OF OEOR'i ETOWX 1) C The mkmbers of the bichanan a BRECKINRIDGE CLUB No. 1 take pleas ure in in'orming tbelr friends and the public in general that thier First Grand Hall will be given at Forrest Hall, on M'JNDAY, October -^Otb, 1^56 Tfce members pledge themselves to snare neith er trouble or expense to make tHs tfce Basl of tht season Refreshments will be furnished by an ex perienced caterer. Scott's CoMllon Music ha" been engaged Tickets TWO DOLLARS; admi'ttng * Gen tleman ai:d Ladies?to be had of tbe mea?bcr? and at the door on the evening of the Ball Commiittt of Arramgcmtnts. J. W.Dawson, J L Love, P M Tettlt, Steph Ciements, Win G Pctilt. Frauds Gro?s, Com'.iitttt on behalf of tk* Citizens. Robert Ould. E?-q. John Plckiell, t <q B B Williams, Esq. E S Wright, Esq Dr J Riley, Lewis Kengla, Esq. Rich Jones, Esq. Win Hcmlller, Efq. Dr Bohrer, W ni Dawson, Esq. Edward Krouse, Esq. L M Otfutt, Esq Fraricls Gross, E?q. G M Sotheron, Esq. J Brumbaugh. Esq. ID"No Hats or C ip? will be allowed In the room, oc 11,14,1C. 17,18,20 6t* fj^UK SALE ?AT THE FIRST WARD Liverv Stable, on G street, between 17th aud lb:h streets, one pair cf BA Y HORSES,band 7 years old. 15% hands high; and one pair of GR A V HoKSESt_ 4 and 5 years o d. l?)t hands high; warranted to be s >und and well broke to harness. Also, one new Coupe CARRIAGE, mad? t3 order; and one front clarence fri.l CALE>;H E, whlcb cannot surpassed for beautv and style, both made by Beckhdus, Allgaler A Petry, Coach Mak: rs, Phil adelphla. oc 4 lm? TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON. MADAME PKIMAM A CO., FANCY MILLINERY, No.'2T! std*) bet lOfA and. lltA it!. Have re'umed from New York, and [will open on Sdtmdiy next, the llth ilustant, the handsomest assortment of Paris and New York Fall and Winter BON NE TS ever offered In this cltv They have alsa received the newest styles of French HEAD-DRESSES, FLOWERS, and FEATHERS. Ladles, call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. oc 7-2w ?200 REWARD. RANAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER living in the village of Nottingham, JB Prinze George'scountv,Maryland,on Mon- St-, day night, tbefetli Instant, NEGRO GIRL "Sm MARIA, who calls herself Maria Chew W _ She is about eighteen years of age, about /our fe?t ten or eleven Inches high Sne is v??ry like ly, and has a pleasant smiting face She has a reinirkably fine suit of hair for oaecf her color, and Is. altogether, a line looking girl. I will give 'he above reward of one hundred dollars for htr apprehension?no raa'ter Where taken?provided sbts is brought home to me or *e curtd in Jail, so that 1 get her again THOMAS G TURTON. Nottingham, Sept. 10,1856?se 11-tf E STRAY ?Came to the Subscrit^pr's premlst s on or about the fltli ikstant, a largepr-r.-^ Red and White COW, marked with a'l/T slit in th? right ear, acd a scald or brand on the left hip; supposed to be attouttftive years old Tbe owner of tho aOove des rlhed Cow is requ^stid to come forward, prove property, pay ebarges. and take her away. Enquire of JOHN F BO\ LE, Trerj.uty Extension, or at bis resi dence on 25ib straet, between D and Watt r street 17-co3t* . " PHYSICIANS' PiiEM KIPTlONS PKOPERLY COM PO UN D ED AT ALL hours, diy and night, at S B WAITE'S Drug and Pwcilption Store, No. 32*J 7th street, opposite tbe Patriotic Bank. oc 10-lm VIOLIN AND GUITAR STKINUS, NEVT and fresb, just recel*ed at tbe Washington Pi t-o and Music S'ore of JOHN F. ELuiS, between 9th and IVtb streets on Penn avc.r t 00 7 AUCTION SALES. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. * SALBOF CO51DK!*lUKI) AKTII LE^ AT the Marine Barraeksln Waihl agten. D* C., at Aactiaa? on account of Government, by rrder of the(^uarterm4?tt-r.?On TU lis* DAY, the ?Pth of October, 1856, 1 shall tell at the Marine 1 Barracks, Washington, at 12 o'clock m., the fo - I lowing mentioned article*, vlr: 1,'it u waist, aide, and cross Straps, 410 Caitr dge Boxes 400 percussion Cap Pouctes, 25 Swrrds 15 Drums. 262 pairs brass Counter Straps 6 Musical Instruments. 50 Fllea, 1 Anvil 1 barrel of eld Iron, 1 Bullet Mould and Fur nace 1 Lathe, 2 Lamps, 1 Chandelier, l pair Tables 9 Chairs, 1 Washstand, 1 small Table Terms cash, In specie A. GREEN,

oc 1-i-d Auctioneer. By A. GRhKN. Auctioneer. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FI'KNI. tare, mt Aactltn ?On FRIDAY,the24tb In-1 , 1 shall sell, at 1 o'clock m . at the late re-1 dence of Ardrew .Marks, deceased, on E street south, No.4V7, between 6th and Tth str"?ts c*?t, a gocd and general assortment of furniture. v!z : Mahogany Sofa,Tables, Hatrack and Stands Maple Belsteads, f?ith?r4 Reds, Btddh.g and Mattresses Clock, China, G.'ass. and Cockerv Ware Parlor, chamtier. end stair Carpets and Hods Stoves, Limps, :? hovel, Tongs, and Fenders A good lot of Kitchen Requisites, with many other articles which we deem unnecessary to enumerate Terms cash A. UREEN, oc 18 d Auctioneer Bv J AS. O. McGUIRE, Auctioneer TRUSTEES SALE OF HOUSE AND Let?On FRIDAY AFTEPNOON, Ort 17th, 18T1, at4^ o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated October 21st, 1><17, snd duly recorded in Liber W. B , No 137, folios310, Ac, ar.d of the land records for vva.?biogton county, the subscribers win sell a? Public Ar.cMcn to the highest bidders, par.s nf Lois No 6 and 7, comment ing at ttenoitawest ?>n:?!eof Lot No 7 In Square No 5K5, and thence south with the lire of 2a street west 19 feet 7 ir.ches to the dividlrg line bf tween the two irame Hordes, on tiie north part of I ot No 7. thence due ea^ 61 feet, thence due north 19 feet 7 Inches, and thence due west to 2d street, the place of beginning, together wiUt the improvements, consisting of a two-story Frame He use Terms : One fourth cash; the residue in 6,12, and 18 months with Interest, secured by a deed Oi trust on the premises. RICHARD WALLACH, Trustee se 30-coAds JAM. C. McGL'IRE, Auct. CTIhf above sale Is postponed in con sequence of t tie rain, until THURSDAY evening, October 23. ramebour and nlace RICHARD WAuLACH, Trrstee. oc l?-eoids JAS. C McGUIRE, Auct. Hv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. iministrator'S SAI.K, BY Order of the orphans'Court, of tlie Pcrsonnl Effects of A. O. Riilgley deeensrd.?On VV EDNESDAY, the 22d ins'ai.t, I fhali sell, at the late residence of A G Kldglev, df-ea-cd. No. 124 Pennsylvania tvenue, between pith ar.d 2Mb streets we*'. at 10 o'clock a m , all the Per sonal effects ef the d'Hiea.'-ed, vii Mahogany Sofa, Lounge, and Divans do dining and otuer Table* do marble-top iabies. dressing Bureaus do Sideboard, Bookcase and plalubureaus do b'gh post Beds'ead and Weshstatids Mahogany r .< king Chairs, miplc. car.e i?*at, and other Chairs Gilt frame and other Mirrors Maps and window Shade.* Feath;r Beds, Bedding, hair a>:d shuck Mat tresses Walnut What-not, and a first rate Spy Glass Maple, cane seat, and other Chairs Wardrobes end Washstar.d* Brussels, three ply, ar.d other Carpets, and Oil cloths Refrigerator, cocking, radiator, and o'.Ler Stoves So'.ar, ha", and other Lampf With a pood assoitrrent of kitchen nqulsPes With many other articles which we deem unnec e^sary to enrnu rale Term* : All snrr1* under ?25 c<.sh; over S25, a cred't of C? and "'i days, for notes satisfactorily erd3?sed, bearing interest. DAVID RIDGLEY, AdmlMsLater oc 17-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. A: NEW GOODS. WILL BE OPEN El) ON THURSDAY NEXT, the 16th Instant, a largo ai.d rich ^yssortmfnt of li wds fres-h from the^gL /W^Xorthern mule'?, to v hlch 'he La dies of W ashington and Georgetown are most re sy ctfuiiy Incited to call ar.d < xamlne, conslstl: g 200 Ladies a^d Child en's PUNNETS', of the latPst s yl? s Rich EMBROIDERIES, LACKS, ED91NGS. RIBBONS, Ff.ll W K tS, VELVETS A MIL linery goods HOS1KRY, GLOVES, and FANCY GOODS rf all descriptions, And a great many other Goc.ds too numerous to mention, whl<-h will l?e offe-cd at the lowest market prices at GEORGE H. CASS'DY A CO 'S Successors to A Tati, 514 Pa. av., bet. ltrh end 11th street. Having sold out my stock and stand to the above Arm i respectfully a-k a continuance of the pat ronage en long eitended to me oo 13-1 w ANDREW TAT E HATS, CAPS, AND FIRS. NOW READY AT STINEMETZ S. No. 236 Pennsylvania avenue, near 13tb street, a hne assortment of DRESS " ATS, <onslsUng of ,New York, Pni'.adelphia, and B iltimore styles of various qualities and prices, f' .jr ?2 50 to 95 Particular eUeu<< tion Is Invited to our S3 ai?d ?}50 H*'s. which are as good as can be bought In thi? city Also, FELT HATS ard CAPS for Men and Boys, of evt-ry veriety and etyl;. Together with Cuildren's Fancy Ha's aud ;*iiooes Flats. FOR THE LADIES AND CHILDREN, we ha*e on hand, and will !*? receiving, FANCY FU?S, imde up into the most modern styles. Terms? Htady Fey ocll-'.f BOOK BINDING. Corner E evtnlh strut and Mury 'atid avenue, ti'ar the Smithsonian Institution. Edward lycett respectfully in forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspeare, now just completed. Oat he is pre pared to bind those works In a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upoi 'much more reasonable terms than cas be d>'ne in Baltl more, Phlladrlph'a, or Mew York. A ietter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable Llm to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of 11* style of binding. Every kind of Book BlndiDg neatly ex ecuted se?7-C?in KNOL.1SH AND CLASSICAL BOAKD1NH - SCHOOL, FOR BOYS, Mount Joy, Lancaster county, P?nn*ylvan.* E L MOORE, A. M. Principal. The winter session will com inence on Tuesday, the 4th of November Terms #75 per sc*ston, of 5 months, inclrding board, washing, tuition, Ac. Circulars containing particular may be bad on application to the Principal. oc 14- 1m* TO THE Fl'lll.lC. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM Baltimore and Philadelphia another verv large supply of Cookirg ard other STOVES for coal or wood. Wename^ some of ojr leading Cooklrg Stoves, viz : The very popular Sunrise, the leading Cooking Stove in tnls market, warranted to bake well In the b ?ttom of the oven, or m utey refunded and stove taken away. The celebrated Morning Star, that roasts and bakes. William Penn Kltch'n Companion, Cook's patent-right Trlutupii Complete, acd a great many of others in store Also the largest assortment of the newest nit teranu of Parlor, Hali, Chamber, Church, Office, Dining-room and Stoie Stoves formal or wood, that can be found In this market, all size* and sorts. Our assortment of STOVES and GRATES is the largest and most complete that we have tv-r had In store at any one time for the last tw; nty eigbt years We in?lte our friends and the publlcto call ard examine our collec'lon of Stoves up itairs ard down. Also, receiving and ready to put right up a few more of Stanley's 7 column rad.a'ing Fire Places, the latest Improvement upon ihe La robe for heat in/ Parlors and Chamber! C. WOODWARD A SON, No. 318 Fenn.ave., bet, iOih and 11th sis. oc U-61 [Organ] WOOD AND COAL. A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF WHITE ASH, LEHIGH, AND RED ASH CUMBERLAND COAL Also, Pine, Oak, and Hickory WOOD. Dally expected, one cargo of LEHIGH COAL. A deduction made from the vessel. Term* cash, unless otherwise agreed upon Coal ke, t under cover 2.240 lbs to the ton. T. J. A W M GALT, oc 8?tf N. W. cor. 12th and C sts., No. 547. ?KO. H. VARNKLL, PAIN T E It , A'j .'I U north side La are. bet. 6tk and 7th %t?. WISHES TO SAY TO HIS FRIENDS AND the public generally that he is prepar- d at all iluuis to execute work In bis Hue at the siio? test aotlce. oc J lm AUCTION 8ALE 9, THI8 AFTEKW001T AND TO-MORROW ByBONTZ A COOMBsTA?ctto???w " FIRS ITLKE, JEWELRY, DRY WOODS Vinegar, Ac., at aactloi?on FRIDAY* the l?th Instant, at 8# o'c'otk a. in , we siialiieli In front cf o ir au< Umu rooms. :th street? A large lot of new and second-haid Furniture Drv Goods, Jewe:ry Vlne^a*, (a eood article) Together wita many useful article* too tedium to enumerate. liO.NTZ A COOMBS, oc lC-2t Auctionce** IZ7*Ths nhove sale is postponed in cento* quince of the Inch nuncy of the weather, u&til MONDAY, the 2(>th lest , at th*? same hour and P?ce- BONT'Z A COOMBS, 06 17'1" Auctioneers. Hy C \V. BOTELER, Auctioneer. SJALK HOUSEHOLD Fl'KNIT(TRE ^ ? Auction ?On MOMUAY MORNING, October 20tn. commencing at 10 o'clock, I sbal sell, at the resident or a fimllv declining house keeping. on E street. between n:h and lt?'b str?? t.s neirlv opposite Temperance Hall, a collection of excellent Hontf jold r urniture, consisting In part One superior 6* octave German IMano, made bv Andrew Ste'n ' Or.e Walnut lUrlor Suite, spiing seat, covered wit , brocuel, cciislstliof Sofa, Arm a: d R<ceptlon C baits Marble top Sofa Tables Fine Bro ate! and ia- e Wlndcw Curtains" Mahogany Centre Table Frus*elSj three-ply, and Ingrain Carpets Mahoginy So.'a and Loun^f, Mehog<,ny Dlv<m^ Do work and wilting I able* Do and gilt frame Mirror*. Clocks Mantel Ornament* Mahfgany, tane, and wood-seat Chairs Du wainut, and maple Bedsteads Damns* and .nee Window Curl alas Superior Feather-beds, Counterpane, Stret*. Blanktt* Comfort*, , Toilet Sets, Washstmds Burevue Stoves, Table Cutlery, China, Glass ar.d Crocke ry, Ac lenns: S J0 e nd under ca?b ; over $M) a credit of G?i and VO da>s, foi approved endorsed beiring interest C. V, BOILI.KR, oc IT 3: Auctioneer By W ALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneer!*. INTENSIVE STiXK OF BO* TS AND J Shoes, Trunks, I nrpet-Hh;s, Ac., to It sold by tatalegnr nt Piihlir AU?t:on.? Or THUKSDAY MORNING, theiSd instant, it 1?. o'clock, at the stor- rf Mr. D R. Wall, Centre Maiket sp;:ce, bt'.wten 7th snd'-tli streets we v. ill >ell his entire strck in trad*?, comprising one f the largest and best assorted ttocks ever offered 1 i this city, such as? Ladies' black, light, an! brown Gaiters. morocco and las'ing LadW black ard brorze Morrceo and K!4 Slip pers 1 Ladies' white satin Gaiter? p.t.d Toilet Slipped Mioses' black, li^bt, and broan Lasting Gaiters Do do Morocco B'-ots Lidle*' liiiht Morocco do CLi drcn's Morocco colored and b>.ck Boots Youths' patent iiather, and buckskin Gaiter* Do pnfnt- leather Pumps and Oxford lit ? Do cd'-r k!n do' do Large stock < f h< avy w^rk for servan's Also, a larpe Keck cf Trunks. Carptt B:i*s, Sntcheis, Shoe Bc.jes, Findings, <t c A!e*?, the crt!r? Fixtures; also, t^e tees, Cows. JV.ats. Sofas, Carpet, Glass Case, Ac The attention rf dealers ard other* is especial ly invited. i s the is large at.d ficn, ard will positively be sold without' res* rve. Terms: A:; sums of ard under ?25 ash: over 'hit amount a credit of <> i a::d '"?) diys, for notes saMifactori y esdnrs-ed, bearing in'er-st WALL, BARNARD A CO., *** Auctioneer* MARSHALS KALE . ?IN VIRTUE <?*?" Fieri Fa iaslrsued from the C'.t-rk's <-?ce of the Cii.-uit Court of the District of CoJumbli, f ?r the bounty cf Wa bin^ton, ar d to me dirccU'-I. 1 shail i-xpo?"! t"> Dubllc sa> for crsb. a: th" in;-* ble yard of Wm A Grlffl'u' co-pp' of ??th ar.d 'i Rtre. >. n- ar the 1'aten* Olilce, on TBURt-DAV. the ltvu of October, l"-5">, commencing at 10 o clock a m , the f-tllowlng goods and cbcttels to wit: 12 Finished Head Sto-es. 10 Rt-U"h Marble Slabs, Fin'stt'd Marble Monuments'" 2 LJ':flri!sLfd Marbie Monuments. 1 .Marb'e C.oss. 2'I hick Head Stones. ? >Iarbl? Ouills. and 2?< a sor'ed Blocks of Marble, wiz-.d ard l*v!rd upon as the propertyof William A Grifflth. and will be sold to satisfy Judicial* No 2 and 3. to Octoter teno, 1-556, in favor or Pairo A Notir-e J 1>. HOOVF.K, oc 3- Marshal for the District of Columbia. ID* The ub -vr snlc is pu^tpoasd nntil W t ON LSI) AY next, t' e JJd Instant, f r want of bidders, iamp hour and p.acc. J. D HOOVKR, oc 1?< Marsl a^ for Distrl. t of <?<>!? mbia. ByA.GREKN, AucUone.-r. HOI SEHOIO ANI> KITCHEN r t K.I! turrat Aucttuu.? On THURSDAY, the ?23d instant, I sha't ^ell at the rooms ?-v< < Mr Redferu's s 'ore, at tte corner of 10'h stret t and Pennsylvania ave, at 10 o'clock a m , a pocd lot of Furniture, viz: VV alnut French Sofa and Mahogany Cha'rs Marbie top oakCtatre Table, Mahogany Hi.reaus Mahogany Wcrk, Wash, and etherStantfs, and Chinese Terjpovs MahoganV French Bedhead, painted Cott?ge Set Fine sprint, nair, shuck aad o'cer Mattresses Walnut \\ Latnct, I'ronzed Hatrack, pice Ward robes, Ac. Window Curtains and Venetian Blinds Ollclct ; aiid Kefrigera.c.r Bras" Andirons, Shovels and Ton^* Curiain Cornice and St ir Rods Steves and Kitchen Requisites With many other articles wb'ch we desm un ceccsLary toeunmera'e. Terms cash. A. GREEN, oc 17 d Auction* er. HJ By J AS. C. McGUlKC, Auctioneer. [ANO&OME M KN1TI KE ANU House i keeping Eifei ts at Auction?On WLD NfcSDAY MORMN6, October -J, at 10 o'clock, a*, the residence of Th s W hi'f, Esq , on Indi an.. avenue, between 1st and *Jd streets, 1 shall se'l sll h'.s Furniture and Eff*ts, comprising? Rosewood Pltish-covered Sofa and Arm Chairs Walnut Br??catelle-coverf d Sofa Rosewood r.nd Walnut Centre and Sofa Tablet Gilt-frame Mirror Slab, and Bracket Two gilt 1 light Gas Chasdeliers Walnut Whatnot, Arm and Fancy Chairs Hand'ome Ma->?e! Vases and Ornaments Twosupericr Walnut French Itockers Cane seat. Arm, and Fancy Chiir? Elegant Velvet. Brussels, and Three-ply Parlor, Hall, Stair, and Chamber Carpets Walnut Hat Tree, llall G:;s Fixtures Extension Dining Table, Arm Dining Chair* Mahogany fofa. Clock, Looking Glasses " Fr nch China Dinner !-et, Glas>ware Elegant Silver pla ed Tea Set?12 pieces ?ilver-nlated Castor,Case uahtr-ti', Tcble Cutlery Two elegant carved Wainut Dressing Bureaus, with very large plast-es Splenlli carved \V jdnut Jenny Llnd Bedsteads Marble top Washstand, lowel Racks. Toilettets I ounges, superior Chamber Cabinet. Chsirs Maho?anv and Painted Bureaus, Bedsteads Superior Bedstead and Crib for children Elegant full g'lt iron hl^h-post Bedstead, cost $175 in London Fine Hair Mattresses, Fejther Beds Bolsters and Pillows Counterpanes. Spreads, Blinkct<; and Comforts Three line Lemon Tree* Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites Term- : ?30 and u^der, cash ; over that sum a credit of 60 and B0 days, for satlsfactorMy en dcrsed notes, bearing 1ntfre-t oc 15-d JAS. C McGlTIRE, Aucfr By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. F^I ^E SERVANT B??Y, HAVINO ABOUT I fail tseu >ears to serve ut Auction.?Un TUESDAY, ti>e *ilst instant, 1 si.all sell, at my auction store, at 4 o'clock P. M,, a handsome and smart colored bov, 16 years of age, and having about fourteen years to serve, restrlc'ed to the District He Is a j?ood house servant, and under stands the care of horses. Terms cash. oc 13-d A GK KKN, Auctioneer By A GKLEN, AttUnntn FKA>n: HOl.SL ANO H?T at Aur Ion On MONDAY, tbe-JOth instant 1 shall n-V. atijf o'clock p.m. ia front o? the p enii-es. -? fine ian;e building lot cootainlrg Letweea 4Wh> and 3tit>0 square feet with the Improvement*, which 1s a good Frame House, being lot No 2 ? iu Square No. Still, fronting 51 foe: on 1 Ith treet east, running hick to a wide alley 1WI j^et H*1^ lnche*, between north F and G streets. Terms cash. A. GREKN, oc '5-d Auriionoer By A GREEN, Auctioneer EtXIEMblV S HVLE OF VALUABLE 2 Uulldii'K Lota, compriains a whole Square, at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the 2i<l lustan', 1 shall lell. in froiitof the premise*, commencing at 1 o'clock p. in , the fol'.owing d.> KCilbtd property viz: All of Squ?re No. Id, xub<ilvlded in 65 hnndtotrebuildirj? lots,fronf'n ; on ?th and 7th streets west and 8 and T stm ts Berth. The sale will commence on 7th street Title in- l disputable, direct from the 6overnmeit. Flat . can be seen at mv room. Terms: One-ftfh cash; >vi!ance in one, two. threa, four, and Ave y.axs, the purch^-cr to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from the day of kale* A deed given and a deed of tru?t t*^n oc 7-d A. GREEN, Auct'r OYSTEa DISIll!?,?H4FINfl ? ? i , ' Dish Cjv.*s, cotfte Uixis, Loike B Au , at tho douse F urniaWuf oc u ?.FRANCIS telegraph news. ?yjL'ovMMMl""" The Penreylvania Kleeuon. ^ 18 oflsial r. Jli^h.i j11 r*5#ir#d th" murnin*. which bofh ?^^UC? tb* tu"j,riti*s ^ tbeitato on Mont^rsv0 . m*JuritiM-Co?o?bia. i,?m . rjlttl"' 1 entr*- Clinton. Ill; p.r. 3li ' L*lt?> l>?"; Carbon, 643 Lehigh, vmvnm.joriti?-Snyder, 250; Inion. 440 A Wut? of Powder MfiACL'SK, 2* V IU< i? n caus ln-t eveniii(j v. ^publi bun -r of tbo lVcn^k<i? n* ^undr? P>* in lieving *t the time" th VVe!<5tlOIVhey bw?' Democrats, had carried it f' Bot th* Protectant BnliCo^lTtMral Convent.on. PaiLAniLrnia. Oct 17.-Tho llouse of lien Eri?^.i c??i5e. f , ? raM:d "n entlr? canon for the trial of bishop? Ifc? vote w?i untninoui The lioi .so of Buhope are jet to act npon it. Arrival of Two V w Ocian Steamere Ntw \obk <?ct 17?The two new uoenn "?miners Lyonaire of Havre, and the B.iru?sia of Hamburg, both arrived here this morning The latter is of the Xew York and Han burg of ore cf he French Bail way Swind vj .. lert. *5?. '? -cb?lM C?n-?ti?r. c^ ? A. .ericanism :a Pennsylv&Lia ?ct -The Republican pa raortl F?b,ith th? ^ount of tie ti ?n , 'f',? a f ?.bl,cac Cfiamittee a \?,r tnn o. tue American Committee agreeing ui*n Tew 1?ubM hCt#l.rti: tickti- Th* Fil,m"r< P*" VrLlr S I rocecdingi of the Fillmore f . n TlJCcmiu-teo. declining to a*ree to a ItSr a y I,ubl,?h. th? regular Fleet re! ticket and express their determination to >us tain it. - Democratic 'alutein Honor of the Result in v? .. Pennsylvania .,fW 15 -Tho Democrat, fl red a palate of ]00 gXiLe In the IVirk tbis eviniagio boner of t^6 re.-ult in IVun^jIftoii. ?BW Orlkans, Oct. la.?Th- I>emera?v flrod on? hundred guoe to-day in honor of ths Pennsylvania election. I^at onal Americanism in Pennsylvania PmLAntLKBiA. Oct 17.?The following re*. yilZ* l^T '"niore and Donelfon ai? C -mmittee to-day by a ma J?>nty cf 2d in the c< muiiitee. composei of 21 JX \ TL,,t. *e d**m U ???pedient t ? make any alteration in the Fillmore and i>oi. eL-'n electoral ticket in this Slate; and wo aivfiruily convinced that any interference . . 1 y-' uld be the means of giving the Statu to Mr. 1 uehanan instead of defeating him ii That wj decline to accept cither n .e rr-P?:tione^ the North American State Lontraic? imrutteo -atihEed that til- eic ti;Ket already in the Cel l is the -nly . ne c?. wnico ail opposed to Mr Buchanan can .-uc :e??fully unite nn l pledging it to the unc in promising opp.>?i-ion and defeat, under .my and r.?" circamstrnces, of his election ibis action renders ariy further urion of tbo r reuiont and Fillmore parties ia Peuc?ylva r.ia imj o^&ible. The ? riginal electoral ticket "fill oe run. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Oct. 1*??The market; to-d~y ?r? cenera ly uuch.mged. Floar is firm at tor Howard Kreet, Ohio and City Mills _ Whaat ia steady ; good to prime reda t-l.j^a -1 do whites 51 MlM Corn ia un tiai.^oJ ; whito 62c . and yellow Ma Whisky ia steady; Ohio .{6Jc., and City 36:. ?few York Markets Naw York. Oct. l?.-FloU- has declined sale-(f Jo 000 blIs.; State Mtsf4t.7?, ohi? . o tr.insa.ctiuna an I ; Southern c7 *1 a*7 60 Whe*t i< drooping; sale* of 3i .000 busht-^ white ?! H6?l 72. red SI 67*$: 5y Corn i; ierlining, salej of J0,0o0 tu?ho!s; SoBthoru mixed ?9a70c. _^'rk ii dull and unsattled. *? miniMy at Beef is firm: Chicago repacked ^10 ^Oo. ?. L rd |p very dul1'' s*!?" at 13fc U his^j is slightly lower; Ohio :*7c "? ?0,00AHMAN WH.SON Yd ; 'lV,X raKAl KKVr PETE"- *Miy\ESOTA ^ wiS515?: *nd OLNhKAl, COLLKCT1NG AoKN Tt> htft.emcts-Vmlro A Nourw, Sweeny, Rltira bouse, F ant A Co. ocl-Un ? XEW AUCTIOI A!<fO CO.nniBllO.1 STORK. ?>ONTZ A COOMBS, NO ?9 8KVENTH 19 street*. t>etweea I and K Mr?t*. return tt elr t.'retffi;! thank.- to a generous t nbile for the liber al patronageeitended to them Fine* they nave hi t?n en^a^ed in the House F urntshe.g basice^R. iti tli? Northt rn Liberties, and now teg leave to announce to the public that at the earnest sollel tatlouof many cltlrens tliey hare i**u induced to connect with their present trade the Auction and Oom:nL-alon buMn<aas. i hey pledge tfcem*eives to leave no effort ua tr'ed or snare no trouble to gl?e saU-<faction tn all ca^ee to tnose who may conflie their b'i?lness to ttiein or favor them wlita their patronage All yoods consigned to them will be sold tc the be?t advant:ige and prompt returns made i articular attention will be given to the saie of real urd personal property of ?.Very kind, and liberal cash advance* made on the same wLenrv or.equirod. BONTZ A COOMKH, Commlt^lon Merchint* % CHKAP KIKIITI Rt. Our lar_^e warehouse* if. filled to Its utmost caparlly wl:n everv de ? of Parlor, 'mUdaB of Parte Chambe/, ard?*?? Kitchen Furniture, bc.ih new a d secoud-ca: d which we will sell at a small advance over ?a.i:iu' facturers' pnees. It is cwitts for ns :o Itemli-: ?:ifflce It to say we are are prepared to fuirU^ out entire house*; at sach prices as Crnnot fall to ^ Vr satl?ft)ctlon to purcha>ers A ? all !k ie?-rv?ifuii nol'clted IIONTZ A COOMB-, Auction and C< mmisxlon Verchaub-. ep SO-lm No XSSii'Mtb > rnONSIKl K Mizmtwi. (ASSISTED BY MADAME (iASZWSKl ) PBOFJ5 8!?OR OF DANCING HA^ TUli HONOR TO ANNOUNCE TO . the Ladles and tientlemen of Wa?*h lnj;ton snd Georgetown that hewlllopen als i lasses f.>r this aecompHshrrent In the nost fashlonabie btyle, lu Wasntngton at i emperance Hull, C street, between ?th ? nd l(>th. the proprietors navir^expressly Ixed in tue n.oat e'eeant manner for his use, aN i Tor prlva'e Parties, Bidis. I.e tares, and Coferr ind In Georgetown at I'nlon Hall. Union h?". I Mr G has testimonials from all part* t.f the Union fjr his rapablllty as a teacher Mr 6 U 'Pwafed In the i'ollege of Georgetown, and tn the principal ^'emlnartes of Washington, and In tile Jest circle Hit classes will beco.nm??ced In VVakbingt'<n >n the ^th of October. Every Tuesday and Friday for children fro n 3 o'clock p. m , and n Ge.irp#- own every Wednesday and Saturday torn 3 o'clock p. in PkaCTI^ING &OIREK9 n Washington every Tuesday and Friday fr?m ! till 10 o'clock p in., at George own evert Wed tesday and Saturday ladles and Gentlemen Pill r ive Instructions In a'l the most modern lances ipfdcittia for terms can be mad- at the iesl lence or M G. No.4W7 K Ktreet. te'we-ea Stk and 'Hh, or st th? Hall ' M?i FASHIONABLE DANCING. pROF. H W. MUNDER TAKES GREAT I pleasure In announcing to his former oatrona and the public generaily that be 11 resume the duties of his school oa Tre^day October 7th. 1S5?. at the Lirge earner of w?h and 1) streets.(' ly Palme's Academy of Muaic ) hereaf ter known as '? MunUer s Metropolitan Hail i>ays of tutioB on Toesday and Thursd iv afi? r noons at Of oCloek, a id at 7.^ for geaiiemtn He w?ll litrodiice a variety of new ana fj^hio^a hie dance*, belter ?^culated to in. r rove the. r rlaije ard grace of the most unskUllul pupil tb: :i uiy of-er style that has been Introduced, lit rt-rtlcnlarly invites all the scholars who i?ri i aited li< toe Fancy Dances last May, to be,' ? ' ?a tbo d iy of openly, as fiol. M h<u Mo.c?ti ^ >f iutere^t to communicate. Mo wilt oontlnue hU cU~m-s at th? Co'irge .til Jon vent as usual. All this* bavin;; ctl: t :erc whom they desire torc;elv? lartra >lua ?* jlease enter their nanusr early Private Instructions will be given dike ?? arge or small classes All persons wiahlag to nonsuit wit* I ro* ?' . . - 1. r wul p.ease leave their add -t*s at Mr J ? <? * iills's Music Store Pean avenue, near 10th sr. V