Newspaper of Evening Star, October 20, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 20, 1856 Page 1
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T EE ?V?I8TNQ STAB, rVBLISHCD KVKKY APTIRNVVI, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 4' '*? >?' L-esJ.Ungr, ?/ ww?t ui k'lt?mik itTMi, By V. D. W1LL&CH, Wiii bt. served to subscribers by carriers at SI*. AND A qUARTER CbNTtf, payable weekly to tUe Agents ; papers in paokages At 'JJ% cvn'3 per month. To mall subscribers the aub ?crlpSon price is THW DOLLARS AND F1F T V CKN TS a year ta TWO DOLLARS (or atx months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; (or less than three montha at the nt* of cents a week. \?T SINGLE COPIES ONB CENT. ? IRQIft'l * Improved Sowing Machine*. To which was granted the Highest Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. rp.lE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA JL chine haa simplified them In many respects, and thev are capabieof executing twice the amount of wars they did formerly In any given time. They are without question the only Machine* ca pable of sewing every variety of good* perfect; a ahlrt bosom or heavy trace for uarnesa can be sewn by any of these machines by 1 simple change of needle and thread In such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will And them the only safe Machines to p irehaae, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. We have machines with guages attached,for blndlnghats, cap-fronta, gaiters, As. Silk, Thrfad. Cotton, Needles, Ac., constantly on hand, at the lowest rates. Persona desirous of Information regarding Sow ing Machines will please address I. M SINGER A CO., 102 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N B ?We are prepared to exchange theee ma chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral Persons who have t>een lnducedto purchase nferlor machines under the pretext of being cheap, will lad this a tonoflt Indeed mar IS?tf re i riLii atrrLY or FALL AND WIN TER eooDS. JOHN H.SMOOT, No 119 SOUTH SIDE OF ' Bridge atreet, Georgetown, D C ? haa recently reived from the large Importing, Commission, and Auction Hoases, of New York, a general a? 8onmjnt of Pail and Winter Good* embracing ev^ry kind of? lilies Dress Goods Br<?eide, Strip-d. PiaM and Black Silks Printed Striped, and Plain Mouslin Dalai ces French Merinos and A la pacts Argmtlne and Striped Pop ini Bright small igured MouiMn Delaines for child ren Rich (all wojl) Merino Plalda, b-?et qua'lty Do O nb'e shaded striped Mo lsllns Doable and single wldt'i Leepan's Blark Monalln Delaiaea 3)0 pi^es En/llah nnd American Print* White Cdmbrl s. Muslin and Nainsooks Plaid, s'.rtp^d and figured Hooped and Manilla Co?ded Skirts Tarletaaa, wirked and silk illusions Bli-k Crape Pall* and Veils English Crapes and Mourning Collars Blark Lace Collars and Setts Embroideries of ever / kind Stella and Broclia Shawls and Scarfs Long and Square Black Thibet Shawls, very cheap Heavy tiray and Blark Woollen Shawls Ladles superior French Kid Gloves of (all Nos.) Da-k colors, Mode*, White, and Black, at ?7X oent* Genta Kid. best Fancy and other GIov.mi ladles, Misses, and Genta Hose ?nd \ Hose in Cotton. Merino, and Saxony Wool, all size Ladies Merino and Silk Vests Genu h?*vy Merino and Saxony Wool io Real Welch and every other make Flannels Real French Plaid and plain Josey do With a general assortment of Cloths, Cassioierea, Tweeds, Jeans, Satinets, Silk and Merino Vest ing*, Canton Flannels, Shirtings. Sheetings, Linen and Cotton; Irish Linens, Richardson and Dunbar Dlckaon'a : B'snkets of ev*?y kind. Ta ble Damaa^a and Table Cloths, all sizes; Damask Napkins, Huckaback and Board Tow:es, with every kind of Go <ds usnally kept In a well as lorted st *5?, which prom it paying and cash cus tomers may alwars rely <ipon buying as cheap as the same qua'ities and styles can be had in the District A call Is solicited oc 11 -*t JOHN H. SMOOT. IB W 8T0VB HOUSK. THB GREATEST COOKING 3T0VB EVER INTRODUCED MVTO THE UNITED STATUS. FOR COAL OR WOOD. 13^000 In Use. Fsur alaea : Us. 0, 7. *, 9. UALLAOHKR'S cblbskatkb MORNING STAR. DOUBLE OVKS COOKINO STOVE. Toe Best, the Cheapest, most Substantial and most Perfect Cooking Stove In the Colon 13,WO <*/ th*3i Stoves art now (s tuccitful operation Thts splendid Cook Stove haa now been thor oughly t?sied daring the last four veers; they operate In the best and most satisfactory manner. 1 have fully tried them with w.xxi and cnal, and stroagly rs'omtnend them. Taey are heavy and very du -able, and tae design is neat and beauti ul. W itb a uulerale fire, tb s Stove will Bake three loaves of Bread, Roast a Turkey, Boll two OiaaMf Pots, B'oil a Beefsteak and heat the water for washlag, all at the same time Voi are rsspectfally invited to call nnd examine the above splendid Cooking Stove, " GALLA ?*H KR'd MORNING STAR." Patentee: A.J. GALLAGHER, Philadelphia. HALLAHHKHS SUNRISE AIR-TIGHT, Pateated. 1950. A New and Splendid Large Oi t'LATTOP COOKING 8 TO ??, FOR COAL OR WOOD fasr Sixes i Na. 0, 7, 8? V, It Is oaly necessary to say, that after very many years of exuerlenoe, and being fuUy conversant with all or the various kinds of Stoves which have been invented on the down-draft principle that 1 have taken advantage of every we'l known improvement t-at has from time to time b^en made, particularly In reference to the formation aad construction of the flue*, whlcli a'e always necessary to ba large, and I have fully applied every improvement and combined them all in toe " SssriM AiT'Tt^kt Cooking >toct " This Stove is luidt very niavy and is a good ?ubstan tlal article; 1 have made thera szlra Ae<xrp in all ttie parts wnere long experience has proved it to be lmportaut and I ctn assure my cu?tom;ra tha 1 have spared neither pains nor expense in get ting it up; aud it will noi be excelled by uny stove hoar known, <f a similar character; 1 am oonvinced that it wl!l at onoe berime a standard Stove jrr 1 have fill,, tried them in e^erv way, with Wood and Coal and strongly recommend them to the public Taey operate in ths most satlsfac torv w&aner Patentee: A J GALl.AGHKR, Philadelphia For saU oo'y by C WOODWARD A SON, Neat door to C Woodward's old atsi.d. Pa. av., between 10th and 11th at* , No 3t%. N. B ? Also, a very large assortment of the Is test aad most approved patterns of *? rates, Par lor, Chamber, D ning-Room, Ofllce and Store Sioves of all sizes, for wood and coal, that the North oaa furnish, best suited to this market. You will do well to call and examine our as aortment of goods. We will take great pleasure In showing our assortment We are aure that our Goods are very low, a* we boy for cash. JJCT Tbams caai. au'Jft-3a MLNS-OUNS-OUNS. THESUBSCR1BER HAS JUST RECEIVED direct from he celebrated man afar tor y of Mr Chance A Son, the _ best aad cheapest lot of Double and Single Shot Guna ever before offered la thia market! Bach Gun haa been proved aad will be warranted per fect throughout, or bo aale. We have aiao Powder Flaaks, Sack Belts, Game Bags, Cleaning Rods. Baldiron Wads. Percussion Cape. Powder and Shot, all of whieh are oflbred as low as can be purchased In this elty, by JOS. L BAVAGB, Sign of Gilt Saw, Penn aveoue, between ttn lin (News oopy) Hkh snd ilth sts. NO. 1.154 OFFICIAL. Tbsasurt Oimitimt, May W, IBM. Notice Is hereby gWen to the holders of the rtock issued pursuant to the not of Congress of *d July, 1844, that suofa stock is redeemable bv Its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificates thereof, on the 12th * Not em be, next, when Interest thereon will lease. This department will oontfoneto purchase suck ?c Prior to said day of redemption, and win jay therefor the fallowing premium, In addltloa to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase, * i th one day's Interest for the money to reach (he vendor: Oa such stock received at the Treasury between be 1st day of June and the Ust day of July, la iluslee, one-half of one per cent, on the amounts 'peclfled In the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and 31st lays of August, oae-fourth of one per cent; And on Mich stack received after theUst day of Vigust, the Interest accrued thereoa, and one lay's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under his notloe must be duly assigned to the United ?utes by the party entitled to receive the pur hase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July he current half year's Interest mu t also be ea rned by the present stockholder, otherwise sncb ntereet will be payable as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other tocksofthe United States that this department elll purchase the tame between the 1st day of uneaadthe 1st day cf December next, unless he sum of SI ,500,000 shall be previously obtained, id will pay for the same, in sddition to the In ;r-8t accrued from he day of the last dividend f interest, and on* day's additional Interest for be tioney to reach the vendor, the following rates fprealum: Oa *tnck of the loan of 1W4, a premium of 10 *r oent.; On st ?k of the loans of 1847 and 1848 a premium f 18 per cent.; And on stock Issued under the act of 8th Sep Mnber, 1350, commonly called Texan Indemnity lock, a premium of fl per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should e duly assigned to the United States by the par r entitled to receive the money; and If sent pre loos to the 1st July, the current half-year's la re u must also be assigned by the present stock older, otherwise the Interest for the *??if year to iat day will be payable to him as heretofore. Paymeat for all the foregoing stocks will be lade by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Bos ?n, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties ititl-'d to receive the money msy direct. JAMES ttUTHRIE, mifl-dtl'd\ov Secretary of the Treasury. official. Tas&srar Dsr4RTMt.iT, August 20, 1856. Wher<as the following Joint res-Hutioo of Congress as become a law: jmt Usso! vriON extending the time for the credi D , l'V.? J?to heir claim* Kao.cad hv tke Senate and House of Rejrreienta l**>?, ~ United State* of America in Congress as rbat a-?, agreeab y to the provi-ion of the -unb section of the act of the 28ih of February, *>>, ? to provide f.,r the i-eym-nt of such creditors I the late republic ol Texe< a* are comprehended ithea-t of Congress of September 9th, l?50," no ce, by public a Ivertieemeat, wm duly given for ?e -?{? e of ninety days by the Secretary of the rea?ury, ot the time at which ieym--nt of the in >uut ajiuroprw ed by the tifth section of said act MUJd be male,yro rata, on any b nd, certioca-e, r t-vi4- nee of debt of ?id ?ta ?, which should be r' Stinted at the Treasury llepartm-nt thirty days receding the 13th day of June, I85?, the limit ol tid nonce; and as it is represented by tbe said ecre:ary of the Treasury, tbat of said bmd.-, cer flca es, and evidences ot deb:, which have been 'cognized bv the State of Teia*1, the same, < ijuaJ 1 taJ sum of three hundred a d ei*hiy nine liiotis nd ?u hundred an 1 ninety three dollars and seven ents were not presented to ibe Tree ury Department rior to the r^id 13th of June, therefore, in urj?r to 0 lull justice to the holders of a:d deb', the Hecre 1 y ot the Tn-a-ury i? hereby audiorized to i>ay to le holders ol a jy of the raid b>aids, certificate*, or violences, of deb', not printed before the 13th ay of Jun? Ian, who may present a d prove th? s ue at the Treamry l?ep? tm-nt, between the 13th sy cf June la-it and the lut day of January neit, ud execute the Proper re|r*?es to the United Staee nd the State of Texas, their yro tola rbare of the M l seven Bu llion sev n hundred and iMy thousand oilars; ariJ after payment thereof, the ta d Secre lry of the Treasury u authorised and required to istribute and iay the residue of ihe said seven mil oa* seven buuar*d an.1 Ofty ihi'U-aid dollars, then rinauiing in the trMtmry, pro rata, ainougrt all tile u d aol iert, who may l.av.: proved their claiui , and xeeuted the proper releases on or b (me the 1st day I Jauua y next. Approved August l?ih, 1?56. Nincxu mtaxur uivan to the holders of bond*, ertificates, an J cv.donces of debt of the laie repub e "t T. xas, w?wh were not presented at this de arunjut on ?#r bc-ft?re the 13ih day of June la-it, that he saiu ; will b>; settle J and ihe yio rata ain >uiit Lereou will bo paid to tlis lawful holders thereofir resented before tl?e flr?t dpy of January usxt, ao ompained wkh the neaea-^-y evidence of their gen ineaess, with assignments to the United States, re uircd to Aiv?i tins deka tnient the custody of such 1 >nds, o?* ufl'.ate*, and eviJea x? of debt, and with **lease^ .0 the United S atesaud Tt>xas, la accord noe witb the p ovuions of the act of Congieasol Wh February, 1856. This derailment will not require evidence of gen ? duBiess to he prsseuted with the certificates issued y Ule a idit jr and s< mptroller of Texas under the &ws of the Slate. But it pis ensesno m*^arisof vur Ying the certificates, bonds and prom ssory aotes ksued by the republic of Texas, and not presented j, nor audited by, the o?r*rs of the State. The ece*?ary ad proper proof of the genuintne^s of lie latter i? tiiecertifi ate of the comptroller ol the itate of Texa?, who has tbeoOi I:-.I charge of the .-igiual archives rslatin^ to the debt of tLo late rej ] -jbllc of Texas Tbs aiiiigoment an J releases may be executed nd acknowledged in Uie presence ol the As^ihtani evrrtary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk tlieroof, ,1 the presence of a notary public, and be witnessed >y t'ie A^sistaat Seere a y, or chief slerk a >d uota y, and be certified by the nota y ui>der bisnota :al s* ai; but when toe holders d .sire to make th* k-sigiiineni and exscute the roleases out of the oity it Waihington,lt may be done in the presence of an is-istanttreasurer, 01 sollesior, or surveyor of the usu?ms, in the pr?we?ce of a nota y public, and be witnessed by the collector or suiveyor and the no * y public, and bseariified by the uotaiy under his notarial sua ; and if tXere be no collector or *urve> " ofthe customs at tfce place where the party re rides, tb-assignment and relesues may be exeoatcd beftwe any court of r*3cord, in the presence ofthe judge and el rlt thereof and be witnessed by them, and certified by the clerk ander his seal of oBw ; and if the holder bs out of the United States, the as sl^ament and release* may be eaecuted before any United States consul, and be witneeeed and oertified by him under his consular seal. All persons eae eudag such asstgntneii ts and rel-ase* mast also de clare, under oath, before the uotaiy, slerk, or eon snl, as the case may be, that they are ihe real own ers of the eertlfloates or uthw evidences ef debt, 1 r that tbe same have beea assigned to them, 6ona /Ids, fir collection; and the notaiy, clerk.or consul must iaclads the teet of thatdeclaiatlon In their eer? Ufi ateofaikaowledgment. If assigned tor collection, or la pledge, tbe nam? ofthe party holding tbe beneficial or residuary in ures! In the claim must be stated ? the alii JavH and a release to the United Slates and relessa to Term must be duly executed by such party, to gether with the alignment and releasee Irom the person in whose favor settlement and payment is requested. One or more audited certificate#, or one or more evidence of the tame character of debt, may be in cluded in the Mine assignment, relieves, and affida vitof ownership, if each certificate ie correctly de scribed by number, date, amount, and nmo of the original payee, ft should also appear whether th certificates were issued by the authorities of the Stateof Texas, on amount of the d? bt of the repub lie, or were issued by the republic of Texas, accord ing to the facts of each case. The aaxigumeot to the United States may be made in eomraon form ; the releases should be drawn ae cording to the forms subjoined?A and B. JAMES OITTIIRIE, Secretary of the Treasury. Form jS. Know ail persons by these pr' sen is that ?? has released, and hereby rel? as-s, the United Sia'ee of Am rica from all further liability or claim for the payment ?f certificate or evioence of <1? b? number , for the sum of $ , issued by the late republic of Texa->, (or by the authorities of the State of Texas, as the case may be,) and re i t mud by the United Sla es id accordance with the provisions ot an act of Congress entitled "An act to ;>rovi e tor the payment of such cjeditor* of the late republic of Ttra< as are comprehended in th?? actof" i'<mRre*s of September nine, eighteen hundred and il'iy," approved the 28th day of Fedruary, 1855, and i: actof the -tate of Texas, approved the 1st of February, 1856. As wnuess my hand and seal. Form B. Know all persons by these presents that lias released. a hi hereby releasee, the S a eof "? xas fr? m all further liability or claim for the pav ri nt of certificate or evidence of d bt number ?, for trie sum of $ , issued by the late re u blic of Texa*,(or by the authorities of the S ate if T- xas, a? tiie rune may be,) and redeemed by the Jnited ?tate? in a^cor><a ce with the provirions of in act of Congress, entul. d '-in act to provide for he payment of such cuditors of the la'e republic of [Via* :is are comprehended in the act of Congress if September nine, eighteen hundied and fifty," ipproved the :Mth of February, 1855, and an net of he flrate of Texa-i, approved the 1st of February, 856. A? witness my hand and seal. The following Is a list of the audited certiftiate* till on n'i 'ding: Vo Ii&ueti to. -No. lotted to. 8Tb Tom skin 8 1639 Oscar Bngledow 18 Kukman Cauh'ld 1675 Trust* es ef Austin 31 John A Clifton Ollege 32 >1 K Mnse I?82 Q H Monsarrat fc Co 53 R G Flobb? 16 K) John Karner 84 J He Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl 92 John Burningltam 1733) ., v ... , 135 Pnineas De Cordova 1733 J H N W alcott 178 E Haldwia 1746 Joho W Portis 191 Jam s Tilth man 1770 J K Elliott 192 Vathi&s Clark 1807 Harriet George \ EUia Earle J?** Miles s Bennett I 1W9 Na'han:el Rudder ,'?8 O Hlineau 1831 ) Levi Tyler, adm'r &44 1 E Wa le IKO \ of VV H Kelly 36* P?;ers Si Booth 183S Samuel Wildey 395 Lntt II listed 1838 Georga Sutherland 404 S Kingsiey 1841 J P Hennings 4-27 J Pa k*r, for Eliia- 1842) , . buth Pa'ter, ex'x 1843 j Lcclea 437 Benedict Bayley 1844 Edmund Ballincer 445 Lemnder B<a*>ii 185-2 J 11 I.ogan 466 Wm Odlin 1856 C P Green 467 John W King 1865 David Ayres 509 I* B VV?bb 1869 Thonies F James 510 A S Thumind 1878 C Sehiedl^mantd 548 Thos W Marshall 188!? J F Jewett B>5 David ri Kaufman 1897 F Emma 543 George W Park-r 1899 Par il'a Lee' 1>41 CrutchcrfcMcRaven 1920 If W Gros.nruyer ij~3 J A Simpeon 1929 E W Cawtliern 8S9 Wm II Belcher 1930 W in Cochran f>77 II 11 Williams 1932 F.anci- Moore Jr "01 Felix Rieder 5071 Andrew Daley J};}*.*,,?. 773 Wm Jones 1504 / C W Vickery 779 Wm Walker '2088),.. ,u 793 Dyer Ptarl 1749 f Faul Bremond B 2 Isaac L Hill 2106 863 Hermouan Brown 1610 S ? Burnet 874 John W Bower 91081 ? .. u ? 879 Jam>*s McMa.ler V93 / B p McMaeter KI4 Dyer P-t I V136/_D? . !*15 Ma y K ien Heden-1858 \ F p Genlry berg 2145 > J Ellis 62JI 8 W FWier Mrs Maiy Belville 2104) ... _ 010 Anson Cranson 1501 < l^?uu?'ana Dav s 012 R M Forbes 2303 K Froel 025 James N Thomas Reed 013 Thomas Liiidnay 2316 llarrinon C Brya-it 045 Jatneb L Green iiWO J ri McDonald 047 Je?kt: D.init;! A340 Arthur Uarner 048 J B Da iitl 2311 J F Martchett 0.VJ Charles Vincent '2341 Andrews fc Grovr U58 Willis Million 2X.0 J D Giddiugs 059 J D Mil I lean '2354 J Crawford Jr Oti-2 John I arm 235K A P Kdgertr?n 065 Wm Barton itl")9 Thomas Warner jr 079 W A 2763 George K Si-tar uao K M 'itun Francis Brichta 135 Juiios Kil am 238*2 Kliiab>*tii 1'arter 196 C II Taylor 2383 Win Davis ?241 You'.zs ? vj- man 9<H7 Jo^ ph T mllnaon *248 Rub rt Mi'Nutt 2390 Hne? d !t 'l\.rner 249 John W Cloud, p?-r *239u Wm Kimbro ait'y I H Haymond j-Uki II II Dayme 26'< K De Pou ots *i?01 K W Milha?k ?269 t; P Gr?-en 2102 I'atherine Allen 275 G W Sinks Si J B *2405 Henry Kring Shaw 2413 J W i.awreiie*' 'JUl John Kendrirk 2418 riteph?-n Smith 298 riamuej Hid tu 2434 A C Horton 300 John Johnson 24'i8 Elaphalet Eaitoa 301 Hu?ao Massiex 2442 Lemuel HDickeiww .362 Thomas H Fori rater 2450 Wm H Tlwniw 385 B R Warner 2452 Z Wm Eddv 423 William Fieli 2471 J E ID rron 424 G W ()?borne 2474 A B Hemphill 425 John A Ruthtrford 2477 Aaron Haui;hion 427 Corio-lius Vaunoy 2479 Heiis of John Joacs 428 Joseph Hates 24^ " J.m I HiJ 473 Ann B Reeee 2481 41 Warren Abum 515 Lumberd Mims 3482 " John L Monke 521 J C Moore 2483 " Peter Aldlieh 523 John James 2490 M A Dooly 554 K II Ihiuglas 250j George C Day cashter 570 E M Fish 2501 F Kennett fc. Co 572 Wm Kerr 2503 John W Schrimp! 5an James A Moody 2.';04 W C Blair 581 P Bickford 2512 M Rorberttaille 612 Juhn Lamer 2513 Ihnry It Brooke 615 John Cuiuerou ^514 Gabrn-1 Trumwcit 623 John D Taylor 2528 II S Morgan 624 l.evi Mercer 2529 Fiirl ur fc ii^an 625 Eli M? rc?*r 253-1 riarah Newman' , The ouuta'idmg evidences of other classes of til* ^ lebt of the republic of Texas cannot be specified by J hia Department. au L?2?dibtJani UKNTLISA1K11*H EM fo (t 1L .*1. GKOKUK W HIN TON HEREBY RE turns his thanks to his old and steadfast :u?tomers and the public generally for the nereaslne patronage bevtowtd upon him it his EMPORIUM OF FASHION, on Pennsylvania avenn ?, between 6th and 4# streets, tnd next door east of Frank Taylor's l?>okstore, where ni.?y b? found a large assortment of rich, asteful and valuable Goods French, English, Italian, Chine*, and American of all kinds for gentlemen's wearing apparel. Said goods will be ;ut and made up In the most tag eful, fashionable md durable style, agreeably to orders, and at the ?hottest notice, and upon the most reasonable <'tnii. Please call and examine the richness and ?tyle of the goods and the faithful and durable manner In wnlch they are made up to suit cus tomers George W. Hlnton embraces this occasion to announce to the public that ho has formed a co partnership In business with Mr. William 8. Tbbl, foimerly of Virginia, by whose aid, aa itstance and constant attendance at the store, the business of the Emporium will be greatly facili tated N B ?George W. Hlnton hopes that such ot his former satrons as have uncancel led bills at the store will soon be pleased toeall and settle the kame, as the season Is changing and short settle ments make long friends. m lg-tf tVuiTAKS AlfO VIOLINS*?A NEW W stock J ust opealng at our Piano Atore. oc '2 JOHN P. ELLIS. nHKAOTOMYlHItUKKN; BY MB.ft. D Ellen Kev Blunt. Price W cents. Just pub* llshad, and for sale at TAYLOR k. MAURY'S Bookstore, oc 7 near 9th street. HALSTKAD'S law o r evidkmci ?econd volume; Just published, oc 7 FHANCR TAYLOR. il Educational. TUUNti HEN Or WASHINGTON

Free lectures every Monday vtg/it, for four weeuts, commencing October 20/A. AT THE UNION ACADEMY Such Voting Men of tbla < lty as wish to obtain a thorough ana practical knowledge of Surveying, Civil Engineering, Book Keeping, and of suAi branches as will flt thein for suct.essf'l busluets, will find a good opportunity in the DAY or EVENING SCHOOL, lit the Union Academy. ocJ9 Z RICHARDS, Principal ENGLISH AND CLASVfCAL BOARD I NH SCHOOL, FOR BOYS, Mount Joy, Lancaster county. E. L. MOORE, A M Principal. The winter session will com mence on Tuesday, the 4th of November. Terms S75 per session, of 5 months, Including board, washing, tuition, Ac. Circulars containing particulars mav be had on application to the Principal. oc 14-lm* COURSES IN FRENCH. & b purpose of forming Classes in French. The tcholastlc year will embrace fojty-four weeks, divided into two Sessions of twenty-two weeks each The course of Instruction will in clude nn elementary, an advanced, and a rhetori cal Class. The method of Instruction Invariably secures rapid progress Terms: flo per Session of twenty-two weeks se30-3w* EVENING COM>1EHCIAL AND MATHEMATICAL I 1 INSTITUTE. | i 'PO MEET A NECESSITY AND A DE A mand In the city, the Principal of the Union A-ademy, has conclude! to open, in the verv pleasant Rooms of the Academy, corner of 14th street and New York avenue, recently fitted up for the purpose, a thoroughly organized EVENING SCiJOOL, for such >oung men. otherwise em ployed during the day, ax wish to spend their evening* in fitting taein-eives thoroughly for successful bus>lnf 8s The Institute will be opened October 13th. five evenings each week, *r m 7 toW# o'clock, with two or three lesson* in ear-h ftudy. each week Classe* will be formed in Book Kwping. Pen manship, and various Branches <f the Higher Mathematics; and also in Foreign Languages For ternrsand further particulars, see circulars I ~t nt the Book Stores, or call on the Principal W!i0-im Z. RICHARDS. PMnclpffl A CAKD. MRS FRANKLIN, TEACHER OF VOCAL Rluslc, No. 405 E street, between 9th and ?Oth street References : Mr. R. Davis, and Mr II lbuB, Music stores. se 17-*m j MRS. O. H. SMITH, | , 420 D street north, betwten 6th vnd 7(4, E?iS LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIES . of Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity J hat she is prrpared to give Instruction, In clas?es * ind private lessons, in the art of MAKING WAX 1 P LOWERS and VASES Also, Wax Fruit and Jrnamental Leather worfc Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of tcqnlrlng a most beautiful accom I ^ )lishment will please call as early ss possible, as c Mrs S. does not contemplate remaining long In I , he city. TI8X4: I < IVax Flowers In Clares, per term of 12 les- I i sons S5 I f kVax h ruit In Classes, per term of 1'2 lessons..*5 I t Leather Work In Classes, per term of 9 lessons S3 | Private Lessons SI each?Vases S10. Boquets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers, I fcc , for sale, or made to order. au 26-6 m I ' MISS HEWITT'S ENGLISH AND FRENCH BOARD1NO AND MAY SCHOOL, 1 j Vo. 3V7, of N ie York avenue and I3f4 st 1M1E SCHOLASTIC YEAR COMMENCES the first Monday In September, and ends the ast Friday In June, and Is divided Into two scs ilons. . The Principal will be assisted by the most com- I J >etent Engllsn and French resident teachers, and ' ?very f cility offered for pursuing Mu?ic and all I l he various branches of modem accomplish- J ] Tients. I ] For further particulars, terms, Ac., see Clrcu ars at bookstores, or at the residence of the Prln 5l,?al. au 26-3tAeotf CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MKRCHANT, I u,,,,,,,.., REV. G. W. DORKANCE.J HE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS _ Academy will commence on Monday, Sep tember 1st. 1H56. For terms see circulars at tne prlnMpal Book Store* au 1-tf THE UNION ACADEMY. Richards. Mrs Z Richards, Prin. C. A. ena.V.r.A. rnHK NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS 1 Institution, and of the UNION FEMALE j i ACADEMY, will commence on MONDAY, Sep- 1 i teinber 1, 1858. Jy23-3m T P ules ol NEW OOODS. WILL BE OPEN ED ON THURSDAY NEXT, the 16th instant, a large ar d rich a< Usortment rf Goods fre&h from the 'Northern markets, to which the La uies of Washington and Georgetown are most ie sp ctfuliy Invited to call and examine, consisting of? ?00 Ladlej and Children's BONNETS, of the latest s yles Rirh EMBROIDERIES, LACES, ED6INGS. RIBBONS, FLOWERS, VELVETS. A MIL LINEHY GOODS HOSIERY, GLOVES, and FANCY UOODS of all descriptions, And a great many other Goods too numerous to mrntloa, which will l>e offered at the lowest market prices at GEORGE H CASS!DY A CO.'S Successors to A Tat r, 314 Pa. av., bet. 10th aud 11th street. Having sold out my stock and stand to the above firm 1 respectfully ask a continuance of t?e pat ronage so Ions extended to me ccl3-lw ANDREW TATE. HATS* CAPS, AND FlJRft. NOW READY AT STINEMETZ'S, N>>. 2"Jd Pennsylvania avenue, near 13th street, a fine assortment of DRESM I'ATS, consisting of New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore styles of various qualities and prices, from 82 SO to S3, f articular atten tion is invited to our S3 and S3 50 Hats, wnich are as good as can be bought lit this city Also, FELT HATS and CAPS for Men ata Boys, of every variety and style. Together with Children's Fancy Hats and Misses Flats. FOR THE LADIES AND CHILDREN, we ha?e on hand, and will be receiving, FANCY I, FURS, made up Into the most ?? modern styles. Terms? Heady P*y ocll-tf THE STEAMER UKORUE WASHING - TON wllldepartatthefollow 118 Leave Alexandria 7X, htmwe VVasht njrton.. .H, 10) W? ^X ? )e28-d JOB 60RBON, Captain KGM. MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?^ARE. ROUND T*IP, Si; FROM ALEXANDRIA75CENTS ?TheJ^UflNfc&s steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves W?hlng lon at 9 and Alexandria at9# o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for theLoatatd* o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the beat. ap2-tf SAM'L GEDNBV . Captals. CHANGE OF HOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY. THE 30th of June, the Steamer GEORGE r A' PAGE wlU run at the following Leave Alexandria at 4# ,8,10, li, 4#?end 6K o'clock. Leave Washington 8, 9,11,1 , 3# i 7 o'clock. _ )e29-tf ELLIS L. PRICE, Captala_ CLOCKS?CLOCKS?CLOCKS. 1HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE As sortment of Clocks?50 different styles, which will be sold low, and warranted to go well Those who hay to sell aga n would do well to give me a call before purchasing elsewhere Also, Clock sis?:?,:? ","u se ?3-2m 340 Pa. *ve., oppo. Browns' Hotel. EVENING STAR. TALLY HO TH0HF30H. A STOUT or THB LOHOO.X DBTBCTIYB POLICE u Tally-bo Thompson, (says Sergeant Witch em, after merely wetting his lipa with his brandy and water,) Tally ho Thompson wan a famous horse stealer, couper, and madman Thompson, in conjunction with a pal tbat oc casionally worked with him, gammoned a countryman out of a good round sum of money. under pretence of getting him * situation?the r< gu'ar old dodge?and was afterwards in the ?Hue and Cry' for a horse?a horse that he stole, down in Hertfordshire 1 had to look after Thompson, and I applied myself, of course, in the first instance to discovering where he wu. Now, Thompson's wife lived, along with a little daughter, at Chelsea Knowing that Thompson ?u somewhere in the country, I watched the house?especially at poet time in the morning?thinking that Thompson was likely te write to her. Sure enough, one morning the postman comes up, and delivers a letter at Mrs Thompson's door. Little girl opens the door and takes it in We're not always sure of postmen, though the pe<>ple at the post-offices are always very ob liging. A postman may help us, or he may not?just as it happens However, I go acroes the road, and I say to the poctman, after he has left the letter, 4<iood morning ! how are y<>u '' 4 liow are you V says he ' You've just delivered a letter lor Mrs. Thompson?' 1 Yes, I have 4 You didn't happen to re mark what the post-maik was. perhaps ' *No,' ?ajs he, 11 didn't ' 4 Come,' says i, 4 I'll be plain with you. I'm in a small way of busi uess, and 1 have given Thompson credit, cad I can't afford to Tose what he owes me. I know he's got money, and I know he's in the ? country, and if you could tell me what the potft-mark was, 1 should be very much obliged to you, and you'd do a service to a tradesman ' iu a small way of business that can't afford a lo-ifl ' 4 Weil,' he said, 4 I do assure you that , [ did not observe what the post-mirk was; all L know is, that tbere was money in the letter ? L should say a sovereign.' This was enough ( "or mr, because of course I knew that Thoinj>- i : Hni having sent his wife money, it was prob- I , lble she'd write to Thompson by return of i ( ?Obt to acknowledge the receipt. So I said , Thankee' to the postman, and I kept on the j , watch In the afternoon I saw the little girl ' < !< me out. Of course I followed her She went i < nto a stationer's shop, and I needn't say to ) ?ou that i looked in at the window She < Hugkt some writing-paper and envelopes, , u.d a pen I think to myself, 4 That'll do V 1 < natch her home again, and don't go away, I | fou may be sure, knowing that Mrs. Thomp- | ion was writing her letter to Tally-ho, and ( hat the letter would be posted presently In ' , ibout an hour or so, out came the little girl ; igain, with the letter in her hand. j I went up, and said something to the child, j ? whatever it might have been ; but I couldn't | t e the direction of the letter, because she lcld it with the seal upwards However, I jbserved that on the back of the letter there ?as what we call a kiss?a drop of wax by the ide of the seal?and again, you understand, hat was enough for me I saw her post the itter. waited till she had gone, then went into be shop and asked to see the master. When le came out, 1 told him, 4( Now, I'm an officer u the Detective Force ; there's a letter with a ties been pested here ju3t now, for a man I'm n search of; and what I have to ask of you .4. that you will let me look at the direction >f that letter " He was very civil?took a lot >f letters from the box in the window?shook cm out on the counter with the faces down wards?and there among 'em was the identical etter with the kiss. It was directed, "Mr Thomas Pigeon, l'ost Office, B , to be left .ill called for." Down I went to B (a hundred and twenty miles or so) that night. tarly next morning I went to the post office ; law the gentleman in charge of that depart ment; told him who I was, and that my ob ject was to see and track the party tbat should some for the letter tor Mr. Thomas Pigeon, lie was very polite, and said, *' You shall have every assistance we can give you ; you can wail inside the office; and we'll take care to let you know when anybody comes for the letter." Well, I waited there three days, and began to thing nobody ever would come At last the clerk whispered to me, ? Here ! L>e teetive! Somebody's come for the letter!" 14 Keep him a minute," said 1. and I ran round to the outside of the office There 1 saw a young chap with th? appearance of au ostler, holdiug a horse by the bridle, stretch ing the bridle across the pavement while ho waited attho post office window for the letter. 1 began to pa', the hoise, and that; and said lo the boy, 44 Why, this is Mr. Jones' mare !" 14 No, it ant." 4-No? "said I; *4 she's very like like Mr Jones'mare'" 4'She ain't Mr. Jones' maro, anyhow," says he: 4> it's Mr. So aLd-so'?, of W arwick Arms." And up he jumped, aud off ho went?letter and all. I got a cab, followed on the box au-1 wa< *<> ^uick alter him, that I came into the st ible )ard ol tbe Warwick Arms byouegate just as Lo came in by another. I went iuto the bar where there was a young woman serving, and called for a glass of brandy and water. He came in directly, aud handed her the letter, hho casually looked at it without Saying any thing, and stuck it up behind the glass over the chimney piece. What was to be done ; next ? 441 turned it over in my mind while I drank my brandy and water, (looking pretty sharp at the letter all the while.) but I couldn't see my way out of it at all. 1 tried to get lodging in the house, but there had been a horse-fair or fccciething of that sort, and it was full. I was ^.bligod to put up somewhere else, but I came backwards aud forwards to the bar for a couple cf and there was the letter al ways behind the glass At last I thought I'd write a letter to Mr Pigeon myself, and see what that would do. So 1 wrote one. and posted it, but I purposely addressed it, Mr. John Pigeon, instead of Mr. Thu-nas Pigeon, to see what that would do in the morning i a very wet morning it was; I watched the postman down the street, and cut into the bar just before he reached the Warwick Arm.'. In he c*me presently with my letter. ' It there a Mr John Pigeon staying here > 4 No! stop a bit though,' says the barmaid ; and she took down the letter behind the glass 4 No.' says she, 4 it's Thomas, and As is not staying here Would you do me a favor, and post this for me, as it is so wet" Tbe postman said >es; she folded it in :inother envelop, and directed it, and gave it him. He put it in his hat and away he went. 441 had no difficulty in find.ngoutthe direc tion of that letter It was addressed, 'Mr. Thomas Pigeon, Post Office R , Northamp tonshire, to be left until oalled for ' Off I started directly for R I the same at t\k% post office there as 1 had aaid at B , and again I waited three days before any body camo. 4 Any letters for Thomas Pigeon V ? Where do you come from ?' 4 New Inn, near r .? He got the letter, and away he went, at a oanter. I made my inquiries about the Isew ion, near R , ?ud bearing it was a solitary sort of house, a little in the horse line, about a couple of miles from tbe station, I thought I d go ai.d have a look at it. I found it what it had been described, and sauntered in to look about me. The landlady was in the bar. and I was trying to get in oonversatiew with her ; asked her how business was, and spoke about the wet weather, and so on; when I through an open door, three t?te fire in a sort of parlor k,/}2eK'tion ?ue of those men, according to ^ f tad of him, was Tally-ho ^ "I wentandsatdownamon^t > U> make thin*' [t 'all-looked at me ver T shy?wouldn t ta q ^ u the I r-ta?*!1- up, ui im WEEKLY 8TAK u aialnga< b* from* la UT out*?u piMkMlw totvr *?T *ts*leea>y,p?r ..... M FJ^copia. ?fa copip* Twpnty co puwV.'.y.**.***'*^* * * *_* *??????? ***s? JJ, Caen, iwvabublt i* ABTAieg^^ fC^^lBgleeoBJea (ia at the counter, lmn?tf| w?. . e^'m*l^l""T^' Wlilfc-Uo-M (lading that thy ?u U(nr M th? me, and conndenng that TW jooj^ w#re ugly-that it was a lonely plaee-railroad station two oiiles off?and night cominf on? thonght 1 couldn't do better than to hare a drop of brandy-and-water to keep my eour age up. So I called for my branay-aad-wa ter; nnd as I was sitting drinking it by the fire, Thompson got up and went out. ?4 Now the diffi culty of it was that I wasn't sure it %ra* Thompson, because I had never set eyes on him before; and what I had wanted was to be quite certain of him. How* ever, there was nothing for it now but to fol low. and put a bold face upon ft I found him ta king outside in the yanl with the land lady. It turned out afterwards that ha waa wanted by a Northampton officer for some thing else, and that, knowing that offioer to be pock-marked (as I am myself.) he mistook ine for him. As I have observed, I found him talking to the landlady outside. I put my hand upon his shoulder?this way?and siud: ? Tally-ho Thompson, it's no a* 1 know you. I m an offioer from London, and I take you into custody for felony" 'That be d -d !' says Tally ho Thompeon. "We went back into the house, and the two friends began to cut up rough, and their looks didn't please me at all, I assure you. '? Let the man go What are you going to do with him ?' 41 II tell you what I am going to take him to London, to-night, as sure as I'm alive I'm not alone here, whatever you may think You mind your own business, and keep yourselves to yourselves. It'll be batter for you, for I know you both very well ' I d never seen or heard tell of 'em in all my life, bat mv bouncing cowed 'era a bit, and they kept off, while Thompson was making ready to go I thought to myself, however, that they might be coming after me on the dark roidto re-oae Tttompion; sol said to the land lady. 4 What men have you got in the house. Missis ? You have got an ostler. I suppose 7 4 Yes, we've g ?t an ostler.' 4 Let me see him ' Presently he came, a shaggy headed young fellow he was. 4 Now attend to me, young man,' says I ; 41 m a Detective Officer Fr m London. This man's name is Thomp s 'U I have taken him into custody f >r felo ny I am g >ing to take him to the railroad station. I call upon you in the Queen's name to assist me ; and mind you. my friend, you'll ?et yourself into more trouble than you knew >f, if you don't" You never saw a person >pen his eyes so wide. 4 Now, Thompaon. ?ome along!' says I. But when I took out :he handcuffs. Thompson cries: 'No! None >f that! I won't stand tktm ! I'll go along with you quiet, but I won't bear none of that!' Tally-ho Thompson,' I said, * I'm willing to >ebave as a man to you, if you are willing to >ehave as a man to me. Give me your word hat you will come peaceably along, and J lon't want to handcuff you ' 4 I will,' says [hompson ; 44 but 111 have a glass of brandy irst ' 41 don't care if I've another,'said 1. * We ll hava two more, Missis,' said the Yiends ; 4 and confound y >u, Constable, you II {ire your man a drop, won't you?' i was igreeable in that, so we had it all round, and hen my man and I took Tally ho Thompson safe to the railroad and I earned him to Lon lon that night, lie was afterwards acquitted ?n account of a defect in the evidence ; and [ understand he always praises me ur to the skies, and says I'm one of the best ol mac." General Todtlebes's Father IB-LAW? row be loves Bis L>acghter ?A letter from Moscow, published in the London Globe says '?You perhaps know the" pretty stonr about Todlieben's wife and fathe'r-in-law. The lai ter. a rich merchant, of Hanf. did not much like his daughter's marriage with the yooog sadet of engineers During the seige of Se bastopol, however, thick and fast came the tidings which blotted out the lieutenant, the captain, the eoionel, and gave Hanf a general for a son-in-iaw 44 Daughter, I love Todtle ben for your sake," says the worthy merchant. Suddenly Hanf himaeif was created a barou by Nicholas, in consideration of the son-in law's services. The new nobie forthwith had an inscription attached to the front of his dwelling from which he removed his busines* (it till then been carried on there ;) the inscription ran thus : 44 House of the Baron Hanf '* One day two officers called at Tod tieben's and asked,44 was Madame at home7'' entering before the maid servant knew what t) reply. The wife happened to be eoming down stairs at the moment; the officers bowed low, and one of them said, 4> Excuse our visit; it is to beg you to tell your husband that I, the Grand Duke Constantine, and my brother, bare. the Grand Duke Nicholas, could not leave the capital without offering our respects and congratulations to his wife." They then withdrew When the father-in law heard this, sfcid he, "Daughter, I love you still bet ter for the sake of lodtjeben" li Ihe Limcrick Journal ihcs oemments upon the renewed prospect of an Irish-Amer ican packet station : 44 We shall eagerly waacb and anxiously wait for further* information a* to the progress of this new line of 4 Collins steamers, but wo ?hall not indulge in any day dreams which might only serve to illustrate the o'.d adage about counting unhatched chick era We shall only repeat, what we have al ready said more than once, that the establish meet of u regular line of Irish-American steam packet is merely a question of time and the exigencies of commerce, and thai 4 it must quickly follow, if it do not precede, the com pletion of the Magnetic Sub-Atlantic Tele graph.' The name of Collins, however, is ona of good omen To that energetic proprietor belongs the tleet of noble steamers, amoDg which the Pacific, the Baltic, and the Ill-fated Arctic have won such world-wide reputation, and whose speed necessitated the putting forth of Ecgland s utmost powers to maintain, not supremacy, but mere equality cn the ocean The name of Collins deserves the eternal grat itude of England for awakening her fron a fatal trance of fancied security in her poaees sion of the seas We shall rejoice if Ireland shall incur a similar obligation to the Dime for awakening her from her lethargic state of inaction, and opening up resources which her sons have hitherto made few and feeble efforts to display " novel attempt at suicide occurred lately in Albany. A man was seen to place a largo ?wc? in his bat and deliberately wa.k ?into the island Creek Uav rg arrived at the centre, the water being waist deep, he threw hiin^elf.backward; and in failing, his hat and the sumo went to the bottom finding thsf the weight be expected to keep him uudtt water was lost, he regained his feet with eou Mderable activity, and then walked out in the same deliberate manner he went in ? A* English Miser ?Daniel Dancer, when he had ?3006 a year, used to beg ? pinch ot snuST from all of his friends aid wheu his b >x was full, bartered its contents for a tallow i caudle But his parsimonious in?en,?'j7 -earscontemptible in sou^aneonw?tb thatot th* Russian mi-r. -ho he might avotd the expenses of keeping a dog v wm Pa.i-hi ?One day last weak, Sd the ? . . u-nderaon Granville county, N. O., a py ir*""" Northern . be preferred F rem on fhertheapresidency, and would vote for him. ill was immediately hustled out oftown ancI toJk bis departure for a region farther North. KasieRED.?Judge Kelly ha? reeigael hi4 Mat on the bench of the Court of C>majo?i Pleas, in Philadelphia, to take expiration of the current quarter Juige iv was a Republican caadidate for Congress. at the late election, and was defaatad. Apples ?Some successful apple growar^ iu much longer.