Newspaper of Evening Star, October 24, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 24, 1856 Page 1
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thjb jsvenuk* star, rVRLINHCD ETtRY ArTERROOR, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) J? i it a'tar F uildmgt.tomsr ?/ /MW||??|fl ilriil, B y W. 0. WALL40H, W!ll be served to ?u Wort ben by carriers at SHL AND A UUARTKR CENTS, payable weakly to the Agenta; paper* served In package* at 37* cents per month. To mall subscrlbers the aub ?rrlptlon price is T H R EE DOLL.A RS AND PIP. TY 0ENT8 a yenr *??!????*, TWO DOLLARS for tlx months, and ONE DOLLAR lot three months; for 1ms thaa throe months at the rate of 14^ cents a week. CT1 SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. SINGER'S Improved Sewing Machines. To whieh was granted the Hlghect Award of the Parii Exhibition, thereby receiving tho World's Verdiet of Snneriority. rptlE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA I chine has ?imnltilMt th?m in pable of sewing every variety of roods perfect; a tfhlrt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be eewn by any of these machines by a simple change of needle and thread In such a manner that the uloieat scrutiny cannot detect a fhalt. Manufacturers, planters and fhmlliss will End them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, aud not likely te girt out of order. We have machines with guages attached, for binding hats, cap-fronts, gaiters, Ao. si'.i, Thread. Cotton, Needles, Ae , constantly oa hand, at the lowest rates. Marsons desirous of Information regarding Sew lag Machines will please address I. M. SINGER A CO., lti Baltimore street, Baltimore. N B?We are prepared to exchange these ma* chinas for eld machines of any kind Terms lib eral Persons who have been Induoedto purchase nferlor machine* under the pretext of being ene?p, will End this a beneEt indeed mar 10?tf A POLL SUPPLY OP PALL AND WIN TER HJOU8. JOHN H. SMOOT, No 119 SOOTH SI BE OF Bridge street, Georgetown, 1) C , has recently received from the large Importing, Commission, and Auction House*, of Ne* York, a general as sortment of Fall and Winter Goodi embracing every kind of? Ladle* Dress Good* Brocade, Striped. Plaid and Blach Silks Printed Striped, aad Plain Mouslln Uelaloee French Merinos ami Alapacas Argant'n? and Striped !*op In* Bright smill Igured M mull a Delaines for ohlld re a Rich (all wool) Merlm Plaid*, b?at quality l>o Ombre shaded striped Vlouslln* D>able and single wldt'i Leepan'* Black Mouslln Delaine* 3)0 pleoen En/llsh and American Print* White Cambrl :s. Muslin and Nainsooks Pltll, striped and Agured Ho>ped and Manilla Cotded Skirts TarleUas, wjrkel snd silt Illusions Black Crape Fall* aad Veils English Crape* a*d Mmrjing Collars Wlack Lace Collars and Setts Embroideries of every kind Stella and Brocha ShtwU and Scarfs Long aid Square Black Thibet Shawla, very cheap Heavy ?ny and Hia-.k Woollen ShawU L?dle< superior French Kid Glove* of (all No?.) Da'k colors, Modes, White, and Black, at 87% cents Geita Kid. best Fancy an?l oth*r Gloves Ladles, Misses, snd Gents Hose *nd X Hose In Cotton, Merino, and Saxony Wool, all sixes Ladles Merino and ^ilk Vest* Gent* h?*vy Merino and Saxonv Wool do Reil Welch and esery other make Flannel* R-el Freneh Plaid and plain Josev do With a general aisortment of Cloths, Casslmeres, Tweeds. Jeena, Satlneta, Silk and Merino Vest ing*, Canton Flannels, Shlrtlasr*. Sheetings, Linen and Cotton; Irish Linens. Richardson and Dunbar Dickson's; B<ank?t* or every kind Ta ble Damasks and Table Cloths, all a'.xes; Damask Napkins, Huckaback and Roard Towies, with every kind of *h ?d* usiallv kept It a well aa iortel stock, which prompt paying and cash ens tom-?rs m iv always r*lv udh buying as cheap as the stms qua'lties and styles can be had in the District A call 1* solicited oc 11-tr JOHN H SMOOT. NSW STOVE H0U3I. |I THE GREATEST C00KIW0 8T0VE EVER INTRODUCED ty ro THE UNITED STATES. FOR COAL OR WOOD. 13,000 In Uae. Penr sizes : Ne. 6,7.9, ?. O ALLAO UER'S M O R NINO 8 TAR, DOUBLE OVKX COOKINU STOVR. Tlk Best, the Cheapest, most Substantial and ino*t Porfect Cooking Stove In ths L ulon. 13,UJU of (AcJ< Store* art now t? success/Ml operation This splendid Coo* Stove has now been thor oughly tested during the last four years; they operate In the be?t and rant satisfactory manner. 1 btrs fully tried them with w.-?od and coal, and . atro tgl/ re;.)inm -nd the n. They are heavy and I c very u i *at>lc. and tne design 1* neat and beiuti- | , ul W ltU a in>lera'.? ttre. th s Stove will Bahe tnree loave* of Breil, Roast a Turkey, (loll two Dinuer P jU, Broil a Oe^Nteik and heat the water for wa^ulng, all at the same time. Youarj respectfully luvlted tocall and examine the ab)7e solendid cocking Stove, ?? GALLA OHKR'S MORNING 4 TAR ' Pataatea. A. J. OALLVGUhR, Philadelphia. UILLIOHEK'S SUNRISE AIR-TIGHT, Pntented, |sj?. A New and Splendid Lirge Oven rLA T TO P COOK [HQ 8 TO V E, FOR COAL OR WOOD Penr lizesi Ne. 0, 7, 9, y. It is only caoeaanry to say, that after very many yetrs of experience, and being fully conversant with all or the various kinds of Stoves wLlclt Lav? baen Invented on the d'jwn-draft principle that I have Uken advantage of every well known Improvement t at has Irom time to time be?a made, particularly la reference to the formation and construction of the flues, which are always itecee?ary to bs large and 1 have fully applied evsry Improvement aud combined them all in the *'Smmns* Air-Tinkt^ Cooking .*(iov?." This love is !u-da very h*?avy and Is a good snbetan- | al article; I have made thein tztra heavy in all ?e partj where ion;' ei|ierlence has proved It to i e l.i^x>rtaut a-.d I cm assure my customers tha have spared neither pains nor expense In get- I r.g it up; and It will not be excelled by any tove aoM aaown, ? f a similar chara-ter; 1 aru on /laced that It wi;i at once becume a standard ?tove IZT I fullr tried them in every way, with Vo*i tad Coal, and strongly recommend them 9 the pnbile f hey operite In ths rao*t satiarac orv inauner Patentee: A J HAI.LATHER, Philadelphia For eal * only by C. W ODD WARD A SON, Next door to C Woodward s old stuid. Pa. av , between lO'.h and Utu sts , No 31H. N B ? A?so, a very large assortment of the ,aie?t and most approved patterns of urates, Par icy, Chamber, D ulng Rooin, Uthee and Store Stores of all sizes, for wood and coal, that the North can furnlaU, beat suited to this market You will do weii to call and examine our as aortanent of goods We w'U take great pleasure la showing our as?ortm*nt We are sure that our Goods are vary lo w, as we buy for cash \rr Titus cash. au W-ini R. MUNSON. AT 3Ee PENN'A AVENUE. Is atlll Banking those beautiful D continuous GUM TEETH, called Allan's Palant, for tha excellency of which over all other atylea of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vonch There la one Dentist la this city who has been Infringing the pateat, and made a bad Imitation of it, against whom I hereby caution the public N. B Whenever a Dentist speaka agalnat Alien's Pateat Continuous Ham Teeth, when profilf to+itrmcitd, it is because he is ignorant of the procees, lucom -eteat to make the work, or a unwilling to pay for the patent je 16-It Table and pocket cutleryTra; aors, Sclnaors, Ac , of eaceileet quality, aelg ling low at 4KT7th street aeflB ? KRANCIf. VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, l>. C., FRIDAY. OCTOBER 24, 1856. NO. 1.158. official. Tikasust DtPABTKiiT, May ?, 18?. Notloe la hereby given to the holders of the ttoek lMued purauant to the act of Congreaa of i2d July, 1948, that suoh stock la redeemable bv Its terms, and will be paid at fee Treasury on the surrender ef the cartiioates thereof, on the 1Kb of November next, when Interest thereon jrlll oease. This department wiu continue to purchase auch prior to said day of redemption, and will j*ajr therefor the following premium, In addition to the interest loomed to the day of purchase, on? 4*y'? laterest for the money to reach he vendor: On such stock retired at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the (Mst day of July, la 3lJ8l?e, one-half of one per cent, on the amounts In the ffrrtflf tog ~ On such stoek received between the 1st and 31b t lays of August, one-fourth of one per eant; Aud on suoh ateck received after the31st'day of August, the lntereet toorued thereon, and oue lay'a additional Interest only, wlM be paid, t.ertifloatee of auch stock transmitted under h!? uotlee mast be duly assigned to the United Hates by the party entitled to receive the pur shase money} and when aent prior to the 1st J uly f ke current half year's Interest mu t also be as. j igned by the preeent stockholder, otherwlee such atereat will be payable as heretofore. And notice la further given to holders of other tocks of the United Btates that this department *111 purchase the same between the 1st day of tine and the Ht Jay of December next, unless he-U!oof ? l1Mo,ouo?hall be previously obtained lid will pay for the same, in addition to the In-' treat accrued from he day of the last dividend t Interest, and on? day's additional Interest for be aioney to reach the vendor, the following rates t premium: ?>a stock of the loan of i^a, a premium of 10 er cent ; On at ck of the 1 oaaa of 1M7 and itttSa premium f 18 per oent.; And on stock Issued under the act of 9th Sep Muber, 1350. commonly called Texan Indemnity lock, a premium of 0 percent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should e duly assigned to the United States by the par f entitled to receive the money; and If sent pre lous to the 1st July, the current half-year's ln rrert must also be assigned by the present stook oi ler, otherwise the laterest for the half year to hat day will be payable to him aa heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing atocks will be lade by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos >n, New Vork, or Philadelphia, as the parties ml tied to reoelve the money may direct. JAMES eUTHKIK, mW-dtUNov Secretary of the Treaaury. OFFICIAL. TaiaacBT DtranTXBNT, August:*), 1856. Where?, the following joint resolution of Congress a/* become a law: oimt KcsoLcrioN extending the time for the credi IV to P'*"-"* claims Resolved huthe Senate and Home of lOm etenla tZud^T?'Ui'A Stat" Qj -America 1,1 Co*grl* at ?-h ^ V a*reeab y lrt the provision of the . 7 act "r ,h<? tJ91* of frbruary, to pro si.!* f.?r the payment of such creditors n I*Pub lc of Teia? a-* are comprehended ii lue act of Congress o. 8.-(itrmber 9th, 1850," no w" Ju'Trven for 'rts.^v nf.T ^ y* by lhB Of tllS ury, of the um<* a: which |-ayment of the M'K*;'pr?.prla,ed by lhe hfth **?"?? 01 ?ct rouldbe ma Is,pro rata, on any b -nd, certificate, * evidence of debt of said *ta e, winch should 1*1 ire.wu ted at the! rea-ury Department thirty days ^ceding the 13ih day of June, i8o<-, t,,e ,*nil To{ aid notice; and as It is represented by the said loer-tary of the Treasury, that of *ai I bonds, cer ificaes, and evidences oi debt, which l.ave been ecogaised bv the Bute of Teia?, the sums, equal 0 7' 9"in . thre? hundred a id eighty sine thous and six Luudred aud ninety three dollar and seven :ent* were not presented to the Trra-ury D*oartm?nt **? 'w^ ?f Ju"e> therefore, in order to lo full juxuee to the hoi lers of aid deb , the riecre t . '/ra 'ury fc??l?y an -horized to t ay to he holders of a-.y of the ra.d b ...d^, certiHrat?/, or eoces, of debt, not presented before the 13ih ay o? June la*t, who may prfMent a d prove the a ue at the 1 re?wry Depa. tment, between the 13ih lay of June Ian and the 1st day of January next, LUJ execute the proper reiea;ea to the IJniU-d States l: Stale of Teia*, their pro rata share of the atd seven in 11 ion seveu hundred and fifty thousand lollars; aud after pay mem thereof, the /aid Secre aryoi the Treaiuiy isa.iUionaed aud reuuired to lutiribute and the residue of the said seven mil ion- xeven bunjred and fifty thou and dollar, then emauiuig in the irta.ury, pro rata, am'iiict all the aid uol.lers who may have proved their cla mand xeeute,! the proper releases on or before the 1m day >t Jauua y next. ' Approv-d August 16lh, loofi. NortcsH HI at ST etvai* to the hoUers of bonds, ertifica 'es, and evidences of debt of the late repub is >f Texas wbich were not prercnted at this de triment on or b fore the 13il, day of June la*, that he same will be setliud Cnd the pro ruta amount hereon vvt'.l b ? paid to the lawful holders thereof it ircsentt-J before tbc first day of January next, ao Mmpanied with the neces ary evidence of their gen liu- new, with assignments to the United States, re |Oirod togiva thi'deta tment the custody of such > mds, cu' till>.ales, and eviJen .es of debt, and witli eleaies 10 the Uuited S.a:es a i.l T?ias, iu accord iioe with the p ovuious of the act of Congress of fih Pibiuary, I8.M1. Thisdeiarnnsnt will uot require ? vidence of gen iineaesn to be prsseulvd with the certifi3atesls4Ued >y the a ilit.?arid oomptr -ller of Te las u ider the of the State. Out it p >s e?ses no m^ansof ver* lying the oerilficaies, b inds aud promissory aotes BSUSd by th? republic of Texas, and not presented o, aor audited by, the officers of the State. The leoesrury a d prjper proof of the g-nuiui ness of lis Utter is the certitl ate of the comptroller o! the itate of Texas, who Las the otOoial charge of the >riginai archives rslatiug to ibu debt of the lato ro ubJicofTexas ? Th-? asiigoii^snt aud rel.-4U? ? may bo executed f*d a .-knowledgeJ in the presence of the Assistant lueretary ot the Truajury, or the chief clerk thereof, u the presence of a notary public, aud be witnessed ?y the A<si?a.aat Secre a y, or chisfclerk a .d nota y, anJ be csrtifiid by the notary under hifuo'a ?* al; but when toe holders d?s!re to make tus i^igmneiit aud execute the roiea^es out of the eity if Wa'hingtow, it may be douc in the presence of an iseistanltraafturer, or o-rilector, vt surveyor of the 'Uitoius, in the presence of a nota y public, and be witness?-d by the collector or suiveyor aud the i>o ta y pub ic, and bsoertified by thenota?y under his notarial srt:; ?nj if t'tere be uo Colleclcr orsurvry 01 of the cust<4ns at the pia je where the party r? sid's, Ui- assignment aud releaies may be eieeutod before any court of record, iu Lhe presence of the judge and el rk thereof, and he witness) d by thein, aad certltird by the clerk under his si al of ottes; and if the holder be out of the United States, the as ?uument a.iil re|?n*?g ^ a?y . *r"consul, aud be witneesed aud certified eurtnVsuch " ^ ?U*ul*T All persons exe e^ng-ahassignmsntsa^^^ matttle0 (1^ suTas th e ?^,y, -?k, or eon sal, as the ease may be, that thsy are the rUl own era ofths certificate, or other evidences of debt cr ttat the same hav? been aligned to thtm bona fide, for collection ; aud the notary, clerk.or cliu.ul mas: include the fact of thatdeclanrtionin their cer. ufi aiu ofajkaowledguient. if assigned lor collcetlou, or in pUdgs, ,h. na?w or the |mriy holding the bcaefloiai or restduary ts*es? U the claim mass be stated in the affidavit and ? release to the United States and release to Texas mail be duly executrd by such party, to gether with ths assignment and releases trom the person in whose fhvor settlement and payment is requested. Doe or more audited certificates, or one or more evi.lenee of the ?aine character of debt, may in cluded in the same a-tsijiiment, releases, and attida vitof ownership, if each certificate is correctly d? scribed by number, date, amount, a-id i.ame of the original payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the State of Texas, on aoouni of (he debt of (be repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texas, accorJ iiijj to the tacts of each ca^e. The assignment to the United State? may be inade in common furm ; the n.l< asi s *h>uld be drawn ac cording to the form* subjoined?A and B. JAMES GCJTHKIE. Secretary of the Treasury. Fnrnx Ji, Know all persons by these pr sents that ? ha< reUa.ed.aml hereby releases, the United S'.a'es of Am ika from ail further liability or claim lor the payment ?( certificate or tv.mnee of debt number , for the sum of .f , issued by the late republic of Texa?. (nr by the authorities of ihe State of T' xas, as the case may be,) and re lumed by the United in accordance with the provisions of an act of Coi.gress entitled "An act to >rovi e tor the payment of such cjeditors of the late '?public of Trias a? arc comprehended in the actof .'oncrem of September nine, eighteen hundred and lf?y," approved the -28th day of Fedriiary, 1855,and i t act or the "tale of Texas, approved the 1st of h'tbrua.-y. 1(456. A* witness my hand and seal. f,\yrm B. Know all peteous by these presents that ?? lias released. am hereby releases, the H;a eof l>xa* fn m ail farther liability or claim for the jiay n'lit of ceriifi. ate or evidence of H bl number ??for t<i? sum of , issued by ilie late re n.blie ol Texa -,(or by the a'lilioiiues of the State ? i Ti ias, as the case "may be,) and redeemed by ths ;:>iled Staler in a.'Coria .re with the provi>ionsof in act of 0.'?ii|tn ss, entitled " An act to provide for o- paym-nt ot such creditors of the late republic ol IVxa* a- ar>- comprehended in the act of Congress >f September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," pproved the 23ih of February, 1865, and an act of I..- fliate of Teats, approved the 1st of February, (IVI. As witness my hand and seal. The following i? a list of (he audited certificates till oirs'a ding: Issued to. No. hiue-l to. 8 T D Tomsklns 1639 (Uoar Engledow 18 ('? iiKman Canlield 1675 Tiusties ef Austin 31 John A Clifton College .11 H K Muse 1^82 G II Mnnsariat k Co 53 R O Ilnbbs lfl'K) John Karner 84 J no Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl 92 John Bnrningi am 1739 ? .. ? ... , 135 Pltineas De Cordova 1733 \ Walcott 176 E Haldwin 1746 John W Portia 191 Jairus Tlljliman 1770 J K Elliott 192 Mathias dark 1807 Harriet George ^ 1 Etlia i Earle 1816 Miles 8 Bennett *>' f blUa Mrle 1829 Na'l amel Hudder 9X O Rlineau 1831 > Lev. Tyler, adm'r 814 J E Wade 1*33 i of W H Kelly 368 I'sters h. Booth 1838 Samuel VVIIdey 395 Lott IIlisted 1H39 George Sutherland 404 S Kingsley 18-11 J P (Jennings 4*7 J Fa ker, for Eliza-1842) , 0 - . b"tb Parlsi r, ex'x 184J f 1 L Ecclea 437 Benedict Bayley 1844 Edmund Ballincer 445 Leander Btason 1852 J It Logan 466 Win Odlin 1856 C P Green 467 John W King 1865 David Ayrea 509 T B WVbb 1869 Thomes F J antes 510 A S Thu in >nd 1?78 C rfrhiedN raantd 548 Tlioe W Marshall 1880 J F Jewett rt-25 David d Kaufman 1897 F Emma 643 Georgt> W Park?r 1899 Par li.a Lee' ti44 CruiclierkMcE?veul99<> t W Gro*.in?y?r s?} w- m, tsstsr 8">3 J A Siran'in 19si9 E W Cawthera fi""* Win II Belcher 19(0 VY m Cochran 677 H 11 Wiliianie 1?32 F.a-iei Moore Jr TOl Felix Rieder #071 Andrew I>aley "? \ Robert Dale J?dtew*" 7^3 jWm Jones ^25 } C W Vickery 779 Wm Walter 2088). 793 l?y?*r P.arl 1740/ Plul Bremood 8 2 Isaac L Hill ill06 ( . ? ^"63 Hermogan Brown 1610 S O Buraet 874 John W Bower SI08 ( ? ? M M 879 Jana-s McMa.ter ^93/ R p McMa^ 914 Dyer Fea I 9136 ) _ _ _ 915 Mary K len Heden-1858 S F P Genlry 930 J^E^s ^623 \ d W Fhdiet 93^ Mrs Ma/v Relvtlle Q104?. _ . 019 Anson Ciansou 1601 C L.?Ui*,aOa DaT 3 012 R M Forbes 2903 E Fro^t OiS James N llusan 9306 Thomas Reed 043 Thoina* Lindsay 2.116 Ha-n-.n C Bryant 04Y Jain. s I. Hresn j h McDonald 047 Jams Daniel 9340 Arthur Garner 048 J B Daniel 2311 J F Martchett 050 Clmrles Vincent 2341 Andrews & Grov.-r ^ilsD Qei vaisc p <J Merritl W7 ] ? W Plukney oft? Willis Milllcan 2350 J D Guidings 059 J D MUlican 2354 J Crawford Jr 0fri lohn Davis 2358 A P Edgerton ?65 Wm Uarton Thomas Warner jr 079 W A Lockhart ^63 ??oige K Si-tare 08U R Morton M361 Frarn-is Urirbta 135 James Kiltam Elizabeth Carter I'JG t: 11 Taylor 2383 Wrn Davis? 241 Voungs Oolemap 9jb7 Jo*?ph T?mlinaon 248 Rob rt McNutt 'JJ90 Sneed k Turner 249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro atfy 1 H Raymond 2400 H H Haynie 2fi'l E De Pon oia 9401 K W Milhank 269 C P Green i44tw Catherine Allen 275 O W Sinks fc J H *106 Henry Kriug Shaw j vV Lawrence 297 John Kendrick 'J4IB Stephen Sii.itii 298 Samuel Hid en 2434 A C Horton .100 John Johnson \i438 Elaphalet Easton 301 Susan Massiex 2442 Lemuel hDickenson 369 Thomas II Forrester 2450 Win H Thompson 1185 B R Warner 9452 7. Wm Eddy 423 William Frels 2471 J E ilerron 424 G W Oaborne 2474 A B Hemphill 125 John A IvMthurforil 2477 Anion Haughton hi7 Cornelius Vanuoy iM79 Heirs of John Jonn> ?128 Joseph >tate<? 'Slwi ?? Joel Hid 47J Ann 11 Reese 2481 " Warren Aburn 515 Luwbard M<ma 2482 '< John L Monks 521 JC Moore k.?4?3 ?? Peter AldriOh 523 John lames -J490 M A Dooly d54 K H Douglas 'J50j George C Daycasbier 570 E M Fish 2501 F Kennett k Co 572 Wm Kerr M5U3 John W Schnmpf 280 Jamu? A Moody 'J504 W C Blair 581 P Bickford 9512 M Uorbt rttaille 612 John Lamer 2513 llvnry II Brooks 615 John Cameron 2514 Gabriel Trumwclt 623 John D Taylor 2628 II at Morgan 624 Levi %lere?r 'J5'J9 Furbur fli B?an 626 Eli Mercer 'J034 Sarah Nowmau Ths tM.utaiidiiig evidences of other classes of tht lebt ol the repnblic of Texas cannot be specified by his Depart mem. uu 92- diLtJanl MKNTLKMICN'* KNPi'KIUN. MEOtt?E W. 11 IN TUN HEREBY HE turns his thanks to his old and steadfast -A? :ustomers and the public generally for the^flB ticreaslnu patronage bestowed npon him flA it his Eft PUKIUM UF PAHUION, on JDL Pennsylvania avrnn?, between 6th and 4^ streets, ind next door enst of Frank Taylor's Bookstore, where m iy be found a large assortment of rich, tasteful and valuable Goods, French. English, Italian, Chinese, and American of all kinds for gentlemen's wearing apparel. Said ko<k1s will Oe cut and made up in the most Useful, fashionable and durable style, agreeably to orders, and at thr shoilcnt notice, and upou the most imsDnatiie terms Flea*e call and examine the richness and style of the goods and the faithful and durable manner In which they are made up to suit cus tomers George W Hlnton embraces this oocaslon to announce to th? public that he lias formed a co partnership in business with Mr Williams Tkkl, foimerly of Virginia, by whose aid, as sistance and constant attendance at the store the business of the Emporium will be greatly faclll tuted N B ?George W. Hlnton hopee that such of his former patrons as have uncanoelled bills at the store will soon be pleased tooall and settle the fame, as the season is changing and short settle ments make long friends. se 19-tf WOOD AND COAL. E ARK DAILY RECEIVING LARGE supplies of WOOD and CUAL, which we can sell from the boats at very low prices Per sons desirous of laying in their winter foal would do well to give us a call before purchasing else where BUGUE ft U'NKILL se t No. 105 Water street, Georgetown *OKPOKATION STOCK.???,UOO Oorpc , ' ratloa of Washington Stock for sale at 19*23 t| OMVBH BKO'fMEfcB. W1 < Educational. TOUNU ME1 OK WASHINGTON VP n ASM I HHTUI* Free Leeturee every Monday night, for four Wfeit, cetn men ring October 20/A, AT THE UNION A C A D K M V . Such Young Mea of this <|fy a* wish to obtain a thorough ana pi act leal knowledge of Surveying, Civil Engineering, Book Keeping, and of ?uch branches as will ftt them for successf"l buslnet*. will flTd a good opportunity In the DAY or EVENING SCHOOL, *t the Union Academy. OC 18 Z RICHARDS, Principal E1UL1KH AND CLASSICAL BOARDING SCHOOL, FOR BOY*, Mount Joy, Lancaster county, Penntflrania. E. L. MOORE, A. M. Principal. The winter session will com uit*uce oa Tuesday, the 4th of November. Terms <75 per setston. of 9 month*, Including board, washing, tuition, Ac. Circular* containing particulars inav be had on j application to the Principal. or, 14-1 m* A t'AHD, MR8. FRANKLIN. TEACHER OF VOCAL Music, No. 406 E street, between 9th and Mith street* References : Mr. R. Davis, and Mr. H ilbus, Music stores. se 17-3m MRS. ?. H. SMITH* 420 D itreet north, betietentith and 7(4, Begs leave to inform the ladies of Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity that she is prepared to givemst'uetion, In <las?es and private lessons, in the art of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and TASKS Also, Wax Fruit a?d Ornamental Leather work. Ladies wishing to avail themselves of this op

portunity of eoqulrlng a most beautiful Slishinent will please call as early as possible, as Irs. S. doe* not contemplate remaining long In the city. TERMS: Wax Flowers In Classes, per term of 12 les sons...... Wax Fruit In Classes, per term of 12 lessons. .$5 Leather Work in Classes, per term of 8 lessons f 3 Private lessons #1 each?Vases ?10. Boquets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers, 4c , for sale, or made to order. au 20-Km CENTRAL A1 AUKMY. SILAS MERCHANT, ) PamciraLS REV. G. W DOR RANCH, > raiscirii-s. f|>HE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF this A Academy will commence on Monday, Sen tember 1st. lr<56. For terms see circulars at tee prlii lpal Book Storea. au 1-tf Thomas W Robinson, al, j In tfcs Circuit I Court for Print? ? y George's County William D. Bowik, fas a Court o'f I and others J Equity. tHE OBJECT OF THIS BILL IS TO PRO . cure a decree for the conveyance of certain Heal Estate. lvlng and being in Wood count , lu the State of Virginia, which was purchased by , James Roblnron, late of said county, from Benja min Oden aTd Sophia, his wife, late of Prince 1 George's county, Maryland ' The Hill states that James Robinson, late of i Wood county, In the State of Virginia, in his ( life time purchased of Benjamin Oden and Sophia < hi* wife, 'ate of Prince George's county, crtaln , j Real Kstate, lying and being on the little Kana wha K lver, In Wod county, in the State of Vir ginia, containing two hundrrd and fifty acres, at aadforthe sum of one thousand dollars. That the said James Robinson paid the whole amount of said purchase money to the said Benjamin Oden and Sophia, hi* wife. But ths said Benja min Oden an I Sophia, his wife, both departed t , this life without having executed to the said Rob" Inson a deed of conveyance of said land, leaving | 1 the following h^lrs and legal representatives: ; 1 W 1111am D Bowie, Sr., the former husband, and ' Oden Bowie, William D. Bowie. Jr . Catharine 1 Swann, and Christiana McKeniie. tie wife of , j Colen McKenzie, the children of Eliza, a de- I t ceased danghter of the said Benjamin and Sophia, Kleanor West, wlfeof Arthur P. West, and Maria i Jackson, %oth daughters of the *a.ld Benjamin ? and Sophia, Richard <? Mulllkln, Mary E Cla- ! 1 f?tt, wife of Charles Clagett, Sophia <? Calvert, 1 t wife of Washington Calvert. Margaret Allice j t Sboultze. wlfeof Francis S. Shoultze,and Eliza- j beth Mulllkki,the onlv children of a deceased , daughter, Sophia Mulllkln, Thomas H . Clagett, I . the former husband, hnd Henry O Clagett. WU- | 11am Bowie Clagett, Thomas Claeett and Julia j 1 Clsge't, the only children of Christians, who Is 1 also a deceased daughter of the said Benjamin | c and Soohla That the said Jaire* Robinson also i departed this life sometime In the year eighteen . ( hundred and fifty, leaving the following nelrs j , aud legal representatives: Thomas W. Robin- ? j ion, Alfred Robinson James M Robinson, Sarah i Ann Morehead, wif? of Samuel Morehead, Pris- j A cilia Robinson. Sophia Stagg, wlfeof Edward D. , < Stagg. Peter T Hanarman, Sarah A. Trlplett, I i Franklin Trlplett and James Robinson, who are 1 ( desirous to procure a valid title to said land, j , That the said Eleanor West, Thomas H. Clagett, Henry O Clagett, William Bowie Clagett. Thos. Clagett. JuMa Clagett, Francis S. Shoultze and i Margaret Alice, his wife, reside out of the State 1 of Maryland, and that the said Elizabeth Mulll- , t kin, Tnomas Clagett and Julia Clagett are In- | \ fants, under the age of twenty-one years Prayer i . ? - ?-?? -- ? ?? -???j vmv ytam i iayn for a decree appointing a Trustee to make a con- j 1 veyance of said land, and order of publication . against the non-resldtnts, and for the appoint- ' N e? - j app?'llll* ment of a commissioner to assign a guardian to said infant defendants to answer said bill of com plaints. It is thereupon adjudged and ordered that the coinp alnant by causing a copy of this order to be Inserted in koine newspaper published at Wash ington city, once a week for four successive months, before the 1st day of November next give notice to the said absent defendants of the object and substance of this bill and warn them to appear in this Court, in pe rson or by solicitor, on or before the first Monday of November r.eit to answer the premises and show cai:s? , if auy thev nave, why a decree ought not to pa-s as prayed CHAS S MIDDLETON, Clerk of the (, C for Prince George's County A true ropy?Test: je27-F4m CHAS. S. M IDDLETON, Cierk. IIAT*. UPS, AND Kt'Rfi. OW READV AT STINEME1Z 8, No 97b Pennsylvania avenue, near 13th street, a fine assortment of DK Es8* ^ ATS, consisting <?f New York, Philadelphia, arid Baltlrror*styles of various qualities and prices froin #2 60 to US. 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ON AND AFTER MONDAY, THE 30th of June, the Steamer GEORGE - . nil "' ?. PAGE will run at the followingJum^XBSEiL hours: Leave Alexandria at 4#, B, 10,12, ailti 6M o'clock. Leave Washington 6, 9, 11, IH> and ' o'clock. je 20-tf ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain. CHILDREN'S HOODS WITS, LEG* gins,Gloves, Hosiery, Comforts, Cloaks, and Shawls, selling low at No. 40, between Sth end tth, on the avenue. oc i8 h. j Mclaughlin a cq. A PERFECT l .OOO-J-KAOUOH FOR ALL. The New York Ledger, the ladies' joy, jnst received for October 25iE, In advance by the As sociated Publishers Agent. FERGUSON, oc 18 next to Lammond's, 4M 7th street. COLUMBIA MARKET, Corner of 131* street and Ptnn arenas JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE, PURE Cider Vinegar, aud as u*ual, a constant supply of Meats, Vegetables, and Fruits, at very reason able prices. ojl5 2aw4w CHARLES MALLARD EVENING STAR. FRANCISCO UE LA VEGA, THK FISH HAN. The power of man to adapt himself to new, and indeed unnatural modea of life, has long attracted the serious attention of the philoso pher Some hare thought it possible for him to lire in the water like a whale ; and in sup port of this theory the extraordinary aquatio feats of the Greenlanders, and the inhabitant* of the shores of the Mediterranean, the South Sea Islanders, and the Chinese have been pointed to Many men hare been knowu to swim thirty miles a day; and the famous Neapolitan diver, commonly called II Ptsee, once performed the distance of fifty miles in twenty-four hours, on the coast of Calabria At various periods strange reports have be?n spread relative to human beings who have been found living either in sea. caves, or on the bosom of the mighty deep itself; and amid the numerous examples brought forward to provo this amphibious nature of man. prob ably none is more curious than the following. But let us premise that it is no offspring of the present writer's imagination. Whether the anecdote be in itself absolutely true, or an exaggerated account of a singular and somewhat startling occurrence, we cannot pre tend to determine; but we can undertake to suy that no doubt was entertained on the sub i ct by ootemporary writers, and that it bos b 'en treated as an established fact by Tie< k ti e German poet. If you open the map of Spain on the south ern shore of the Bay of Biscay, between A Jtu and Old Castile, you will find the San Undcr not far distant from Santillana, tho birth place cf our old friend Oil Bias ; and in close proximity to S*ntat:der, you will see the Dame c.f Lierganes. This is a place of no particular interest, except what it derives trora its connection with the following nttrra The surruunding cenery is mountain ous, iin'l the landscape stretchcd down through I ic.uresquo valleys to the sea. 1It?. two Lundrcd years ago, lived a poor but honest ouplc named Francisco de la Vega ar. 1 Ma his wife, together with thnr four j^rs, Phonies?who was already a priest?Joseph. Pranui.-co and Juan. Francisco, named after Lis father, was bora ?: the year 1057. and SvX>n be^an to evince a 1 vonderful predilection for the water. Even I ? a eiirly youth be was constantly citber bath- i rig or ai>gling in the river that flowj through , ^ he district. The same year that ushcrel t ?<:ung Francisco into the world saw the last of f lis male progenitor, so that the task of main- | t .lining ber family mainly rested with Maria ; j ind her son's indolence was the source of con- * tant grief to the p>or woman. In vain did # ue exert herself to send him to school; the ;<>od for nothing fellow was constantly seen | ^ luring study hours either swimming or loiter- | t' ng about his favorite stream At length poor j ^ laria lost all patience with her child, and in j ^ moment of frenry she cursed him. bidding iim betake himself altogether to the sea, and , et his living there, as he was of no use on ^ arth. Now, a mother's curse is a fearful ^ bing anywhere; but among southern nations i f uore especially there is a superstitious feel- j ^ ng attached to it, which often drives the vie- . im on to fulfil his own doom But whatever ? j nfiuence his mothers words may subsequent y have exercised on his fate, Francisco re uained quietly at homo until he bad a'.taine i he age of fifteen, when he was sent to Bilbao, 0 le.iru the handicraft of a carpenter This own is not very far removed from Santander, j " nd has always enjoyed a high reputation for " he excellence of its sword and steel manufac- 1 ure As might have been anticipated, the young pprentico showed no greater love of work a.t iilbao than he had previou?Iy displayed un ler the maternal roof He was constantly rasting his time in the river, neglecting his uties. and consequently causing great dissat - taction to his master. In this manner ho ontinued to live for a couple of years, until ne afternoon he went out with some compan ions to bathe It was on mid-summer day, V L> 1674, says the chroniclers, when this vent < ccurred. After enjoying the luxury of 1 somewhat prolonged bath, his companions ame on shore and dressed themselvaa, and rere rather surprised not to see Francisco inong their number. They waited a considerable time for their ui-sing comrade, and at length returned to he town, leaving bis clothes on the bank vbere he had deposited them The unusual absence of his apprentice now began to alarm he honest mechanic, who caused inquiries to ,e instituted regarding him, but all tQat could je gathered was that he had been swimming lowu the river at a great distance of Bilboa, ind as nothing further was heard of the un ortunate youth, the natural inference was hat he had cither become exhausted, or had jeeii seiied with craiup and so had fallen a rictim to his passion for the water. The carpenter took the earliest opi>ortunity f infoimiug poor Maria of tho probable tate ?f ber son ; and the g?,od folks her neighbor >hook their he:ids. and said that the mother's ?ur'e had been fulfilled Maria de la Vev?, a ber affliction, now denied that sbe had ever nado um of the dreadful words ascribed to icr, and some of her friends corroborated the ftatement Be this as it ui?y. the honest wo man gradually recovered from the shock the iad sustained ; and convinced of Francisco s l;:'.th, people ceased to talk about it, and all '^collection of the wayward boy was rapidly ading away. Five years had elapsed, when a singular oc ?urrence happened on the opposite cost of *pain (,ne morning, in the year 1879, *ome iihertnen from Cadiz were pursuing their usual avocations, anil had already cast their aets, when they perceived a strange object in the distance The figure moved, appeared < n the surface then dived under water, where it remained for a considerable period In ap pearance it rtrougiy resembled a human be lug; and the boatmen pulled further out to lea in order to take a more minute survey of their new acquaintance, and. if 1 oasible, to ;ntch him ; but as be did not appear again, they returned to shore at their usual hour. Having mentioned their adventure over night, they were accompanied next morning by sev eral of their acquaintances, all anxious to bave a look at tnis strange being In this they wore not disappointed, for it soon showed itself in the wator?now approaching, now re treating?then plurgirg underneath, then re upi earing ; and alter i >iug tnrough a variety of these gambols, as if in pastime, it finally vanished from view When the fishermen again returned with this news, the public cu riosity was raised to its hi*heit pitch, and all sorts of means were devised in order to catch the monster. At length it was unanimously ngreed that larger and stouter nets should be taken out, and that other boats, stealing across the bay from the oppo.ite side, should endeavor to drive the animal into them Al leady the water ghost, as it w ia called, formed the main ful ject of conversation in the sur jounding country, and the authorities were natually anxious to solve, if possible, the mjstery On the third day it made Its ap pearance again, and remained longer than usual on tbe surface The fishermen now threw pieces of bread into the sea, which it rapidly caught hold of and devoured with ap parent relish; for on flinging other slices overboard, the monster gradually approached nearer and nearer, until it finally came close to one boat as to get suddenly entanglei and caught in the net. . . The men. delighted at the auceesiB, baulea their priie into the boat, when, to their 6 astonishment, they found the aea i whom their paginations had pic" a fish, nothing more nor less > . , t ry k.i?, ?Uk notbtnjof ?? '"i" ?f'?? tiT. ?tore. ??>?? * 0 t p u g t V (i t'l U a si a a t tl r. I ti it a 31 n l< ? u s< f? t li h a s t< f li r ii v li ii f 8 II ? a > a a 1 I t I the weekly stab. MN|?| ikhft mm be fema4 IB mmy .mw-ta paauebefton ??tar day mormlag. inn. Btaflf go^r, una m>91 ** tfClVM. Pin eopln ....ti M Ten cop\?? 8 ? Twmtyc?pl?i..? ......It W IET Ca.?, nraimt m tiHRei. (?^Bt&glecopt*?(la wrapprw) can be procnre* at the counter. I m me* lately after the luur of tb? paper. Prioe?Tuaaa Ciiti Po? t ha *t aa? who art as a?renu wl 11 kMlloweA a coiumlaalon of twenty per cent the tumult and clamor of tba people, and their exclamations of astonishment. they conveyed him to a Frafciacan convent The monk and tome men of consequence in ^the place who had followed the crowd, now examine ! this singular being more oloeely. They ad dressed him. first of all, in the language of the country, then in French, Italian and all other dialect* ; but the wild man did not re ply a single sound ; appeared not to comnre hfcnd in the slightest degree what was said to him ; and altogether bore on hi> fare the ex predion of perfect imbecility A pious monk now bethinking himself that be waa possibly ry.ssesscd of an evil spirit, aet to work with the oust* rnary solemnities for driving cat dev ils ; but nil the holy friar's efforts proved un availing. and did not seem to produce the slightest impression upon this stupid being. In thiri manner he continued to live for a>me days in the convent, fed and clothed by Um benevolent Franciscans lie waa perfectly harmless ; allowed them to do whatever they pleased with him ; but nothing he saw or bear ! cause i in him the least apparent inter est. Various men of rank visited theoonvent in order to see him; but they oould find no clue to bis identity?where be oame from, or what he bad been a After the first excitement bad s^mewbet subsided, he one day suddenly pronounced, in a distinct tone of voice, the name of Lier fanes This word he repeated aeveral times, out no one present knew what he desired to ntimate by it, as the little town, obacurely i uitcd in a remote district of the kingdom, eas j erfecily unknown to the good monks Uncollect the country was Spain, and the cen ury the seventeenth, and you will not be sur irised at this wantol geographical knowledge >n the part of tbe holy brotherhood. But it so chanced that a young workman in ?adiz bearing every one talking about this t:ange being, and the unintelligible ex{>res lion be bad male use of. informed hi* oom > mions that he himself came from a place ullvd and that it was a small town n the uorth of Spain, not far from Santillana This news jT?duce^ a gr?at effect; and the risi men now began to conjecture, that as heir gu?et had used only one word, and this r rd the name nf a village, the probability i as that be waa born there. They thereupon ir<<te to the Secretary of the Inquisition, hira olf n native of Lierrfanes, giving htm all the >articulars of the aff iir. This gentleman im mediately interested himself in the business , nd as he happened to kuow something of the liioily of Maria de la Vega, and had beard of tie mysterious disappearance of her s->n Fran isco, he wrote to the widow and her children, ? ask them whether, during the last five ears, they have received any tidings of their aissing relative. They replied in the neg tive. and that every one, both at LiergaaM nd Bilbao, considered that be waa drowned ; jT that, on the oecasion of his laat bathing in be river, after having been seen swimming own the strcaer, all traces of him had van bed, and hi* clothes alone remained on the bore. The Secretary, Don Domingo, reported this ntelligense to the monks of the convent at lidii, with wh^m he found the man fish bad ow been staying for some considerable period if er the lapse of several months, a friar, also ie.ongingto the Franciscan order, arrived one ay at the convent. This friar, Juan Roeende \y name, bad just returned from a pilgrimage >? Jerusalem and s?on made acquaintance rith the appirer.t idiot, whom he to>k under lis especial charge. He learned his history, Litd also what had occurred years ago at Bil >ao; and a? the good friar was about to under ?ke a journey on foot through the provinces f Spain, for thepurp se < f collecting alms for be iloly Places in Palestine, he took his duml> ><>rtege with him, thinking it possible that he light turn out to be the lost youth of Lier anea. In thi? manner the two companions traveled h rough the whole of Spain on f jot, and it ras only in the course of the following y?*r that they arrived at Santander The riar now went slightly out of his way in order j visit Lierganes The road thither leads cross a tolerably high mountain, on the other ide of which, at the distance of about one and quarter miles, lies the little town As aoon s they arrived on the summit of this moun iin, whence the eye commands the range of tie entire district below, the monk turned ?und to his attendant and said : " Hitherto have conducted you, my son ; it is now yoar urn to conduct me." [TO BE CONTIKtTKD.] Wkarirq Flaxsbl ?In our climate, fickle a its gleams of sunshine and its balmy aira, s a coquette in her smiles and favors, con umption bears away every year the lent-) of many social circles. Th? fairest and jvellest are its favorite victims An ounce f preventiou in thit> fatal disease is worth iany pounds of cure, for when once more cited, it mock* alike medical skill and care ul nursing If the fair sei could be induced ' reij'irj the laws of health, many precious ives might be saved, but paseboard soles, iw-tieiked dresses, and lilliputian bate, mow nnually the seeds of a fatal harvest The i'gg? t tion in the following article, if followed, tight save many with consumptive tendencies rom an early grave Put it on at once, winter or summer, nothing ?.:tter c*u be w.?ra next the skin than a loose, rd woollen thirt; " 1-Hise," for it has room to aove on the rkiu, thus causing a titillation ihich draws the blood to the surface and ;ecps it there ; and when that is the case no iie can take cold ; 44 red,1' for white flannel ills up, mats together, and becomes tight, 'iff, heavy, and impervious. Cotton w.h>1 nere'y absorbs the moisture from the surface, rtile woollen dauuel conveys it from the skin kud deposits it in drops on the outside of the uirt. from which the ordinary cotton ahirt iSsorbs it, and by its nearer exposure to the iir it is soon dried without injury to the body, living these rroperties. red woollen flannel < worn by sailors even in the midsummer of he hottest countries Wear a thinner mate ?ial in summer ?Hall's Journit uj Health. Alas, i*oon Guont ' ?The ghost of Hamlet a 'ather? that is, the repectable actor who rep ?o sea Jo his buried m.tiesty on the stage of the b'erlm theatre?has been fined fifty dollars m a complaint of the manager, for contuma ? ous disobedience of his superior's orders. Mas, poorgbosi! if the account we read of the transaction be correct, he was justified in do iug what he did A letter from Berlin furniah is these particulars: " The trapdoor throngh whioh the ghost had been obliged to make [lis noiseless exit was too narrow for the pas sage of his incorporeal person, and one even ing his arm nnd shoulder were sorely grated a" he wi-ut below In some anxiety lest thii lnngeroa-i and inconvenient descent ahould om.ert htm into a gbosi indeed, the aetr>r petitioned for a wider trapdoor, but tb" man ager refused to attend to his requeet On the rn-xt occasion of his revisiting the glimpses of the footlights the prudent decliaed U? put his foot upon the trapd >or. au<i oojlly walked arroas the ?tage. when hts part was done, with a l*ir creaking boo s which did not enhance the awfulnem of the vanmh ing apparition Bears ih New Jkbsbt ?The appearance o' numerous bears amoDg the pines along the line of tbe Camden ana Atlantic Railroad, New Jersey, has created considerable excite iuent amon? the sparse population of that desolate regton. Four large specimens of tbe bla;k bear were shot near the railroad daring the past month IjpAn * an xioaa parent" who bad taken bstr first born to ? resort where strawb^rnee and oream were cupplied ad libitem, f^r ???e ehu iing a head, inquired of tbe bl ?at?d lut e ar chir, "if he could mauage another plate ? Ain't quite sure !" be g??P*i ^ you'll shake me a bit, I'll l*y