Newspaper of Evening Star, October 25, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 25, 1856 Page 1
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rd? ?V?#raO STAB, KHIIIHRII KFS.KV irTKRNOOa, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) ft (u Star temtr ?/ m< K'.umtk itrnt, By W. D. WALLACE, W1T1 be ?erred to subscribers by 'irrlen at SIX A NO A VIUAKTKK CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served la packages at 37# aents per month. To mall subscribers tbe sub scription price Is three DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year us advenes, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONB DOLLAR for three months ; for less than three months at the rale of 14* ceats a week. ITT SINGLE COPIES ONR PENT. ti nosers Improved Sawing Machine. To which wa? granted the Highest Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. T3E improvements in this ma ehlne has simplified them In many respects, and they areeapabieof executing twice the amoaai of work they did formerly In any given time. They are wHnont question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of zoods perfect: i shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can o* sevrn bvanvof these machines by a simple change a/ needle and thread In snch a manner that tat closest scrutiny oannot detect a fault. Manufactareni, planters and families will flad them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong anl durable, and not likely to gst out of order. We have machines with gtajes attached, foe --- ? ?- ?,r? - , MBstaally bladUg het?,nap-fronts, gaiters, Ac. SlTI, Ftaread. Cotton,Needles, Ac on hind, at the lowest rates. Persons desirous of Information regarding I lag Machines will pLease address I. M SINGER A CO., 106 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N. 3 -We are prepared to exchange these ma* ahlaes for eld machines of &ny kind Terms lib* eral. Persons who have been Induced to pnrchase nferlor machine* under the pretext of being cheap, will lad thie a benefit Inised raar 10?tf A rULL eUPPLY or FALL and WIN TER. M3009. JOHN H.SMOOr, No 11!) SOUTH SIDEOF Bridge street, Georgetowa, D C , has recently received from the large Importing, Comml>alon, and Auction Houses, of New Yorz, a general as sortment of Fall aid Winter Goods embracing every kind of? Ladles Drees Goods Brocade, Striped, Plaid and Black Silks Printed Striped, and Plain Mouslln Delaines French Merinos and Alapaoas Argaatlae aad Striped Pop lns Bright small figure 1 Mouslln Delaines for ohild roe Rich (alt wool) Merino Plaids, baet q lallty Do O nb*e shalel strlpel Mousllns Double and single wldt i Leepaa's Black Moualia Del*'nee pleads English and American Prints White Caraorl s. Muslin and Nainsooks Plait, striped aad figured Hooped aad Manilla Corded Skirts Tarl-tans, worked *nd silk Illusions B'.a-.k Crape Fall* and Veils English Crape* aad Mourning Collars Black Lace Collars and Setts Embroid?ries of ever? kind Sc-11* and B roc ha Shawls and Scarfs Long anl Square llla:k Thibet Shawls, vary cheap Heavy Gray and Black Woollen **hiwls Lndle* superior Prench Kid Glomes -?f (all Nos ) Pa-k colors, Modes, White, and Black, at 87K cents G-*va Kla. best Pancyand other Gloves Ladles, Hlssee. and Gents Hos? ?nd \ Hose In Cotton, Merino, and Saxony Wool, all sizes Ladles Merino and Silk Vests G?nt* haavy Merino an&Saxnnv Wool Jo Real Welch anl every other mate Flannels R*al French Plaid and plain Josey do With a general assortment of Cloths, Casslmeree, Tweeds, J aani. Satinets, Silk and Morino Vest lngs, Canton Flannels, Shirtings, Sheetings. Llnea and Co'ton; Irish Linens, Richardson and Dmbar Dickson's : Blankets of eveiy kind Ta ble Damasks aad Table Cloths, all sizes Damask Napkins, Huckaback and Board Tow<es, with every kind of Go >d? nsaally keot la a well as lortei steak, which pismnt pavlu* and cish cus tomers miy alvravs rely upon buying as cheap as the same qua:ltles and stvl's can be had In the District A call is solid.ed oe U-tr JOHN ? SHOOT. I1W 8 TO V I HO U 8 1 THS 0BEAT8ST COOKIHO STOVI BYES INTRODUCED INTO THE UNITED STATES. FOR COAL OR WOOD. 13,000 In Use- Ksar slass : !<?. 6, 7.9, 9. OALLAOHKR'S millATBIl MORNING STAR, double orss cookiso srori. The Best, the Chetpest, most Snostautlal and most Perfect Cooking Stove In the Union 13,000 of tk?t? Stows art in tueetf?/mi optratiou This splendid Coon Stove has now bean thor oughly tested during the last four years; they operate In th? best and most satisfactory manner. I n ire fully tried them with wood and csal, and ?tro igly r*jo:n:n -ad tn-. .n. Tney are heavy and ve;/ d l-able, and the de?t ;n is neat and besutl ul. With a tn^le/aUt i.e. th s stove will Bake thr.'f latres of Bread. Boast a Turkey, Boll two Dinner Pots, B-oli a Baef?teait aad heat the water fur washing, ail at the same time. Yua are respectf ally luvlted to call anl examine the ahjre splendid < ojklag ntove, " OALLA ^ItSR'e MORNING STAR " Paleoue: A J . G ALL VGH&R, Philadelphia. UALLAUIIER'I SUNRISE AIR-TIGHT, Pa tea ted, 18*6. A New aod Splendid Large Oven FLA T TOP COO KINO SIX) VE, FOR COAL OR WOOD rear frizes: Na. 6, 7, S, tf. It Is only necessary to sav, that after very many years of experience, and uelag folly oonversent with all or the various kinds of Stoves whlcn Lave been Invented on the down-draft principle that I have taken advantage of every well known Improvement t at ha* Irom time to time been made, particularly In reference to the formation and construction of the Sues, which are always necessary to bj large, and 1 have fully applied every improvement ?nd com bleed them all in the " Sitnrtst Air-Ttgkt Cooktng *tov$ " This Stove Is aide very nedvy and is a good ?uhstan tlal article i 1 hsve mide them txtra 4?ary In all tne parts wtere long experience has proved It to be l^>or*-an*. and I c in assure my customers tha 1 ha ve spared neither palas nor expense In get ting It up, and it wld noc be excelled by any stove bow kaowa, > f a similar chara ter; lam eoavlnced that It wlil at oaoe become a standard Stove I have fully tried them In everv way, with WosJ and Coal, and strongly recommend them to thtf public Ta??y operate in tin most satisfac tory manner. Patentee: A J GALLAGHER, Philadelphia For sal" oa. y by C. WOODWARD A SO*, Next door to C Woodward's old st-nd, Pa. av , between 10th and Uth sts , No 318. N B.?Also, a very large assortment of the latest and most approved patterns of Urates, Par lor, Chamber, 1) ning Ruoui, Ofilce and Store Stores of all sizes, for wovd and coal, that the North can furnish, best suited to this market. Yoa will do well to call and examine our as ?ortment of goods. We will take great pleasure in showing our aatortm-nt We are sura that our Goods are very loar, a? we buy for cash [[T Tumi casa. anS9-*a Dr"mUNSON AT33? PBNN'A avknuk. la still making those beautiful aoatlnuoas GUM TEETH, called Allen s Patent, for the excellency of which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them in this city, will cheerfully vouch There Is one Dentist In this city who has be>? infringing the patent, aad made a bad Imitation of it again*i whom I hereby caution the publte n' B Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Contlnaous Gum Teeth, when propsrlf e j*struet*d, it Is because he i? Ignorant of the procta*, Incom -etent to make the work, or s unWilling to pay 'or the patent J~ l?-tf Table and pocekt citlery, ra; tors, ttclaaota. Ac , of eirelleot quality, saig ding lew at 4 street b FRANCIS. VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, I). C.. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 25. 1856 OFFICIAL. Tiiiim OirAtmiT, May ?, 18*. Notice la hereby given to the holders of the ?toek luned pursuant to tfce aat of Congress of ad July, 1840, that suoh stock is redeemable by 1U terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the larrender ef the oertMoatee thereof, on the 13th of November next, when Interest thereon will This department win conttnaeto purchase sueh ?tock prior to said day of redemption, and will iay tbsrefor the fallowing premium, In addition to the Intarest aeorued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach ce vendor: On such stock reoelved at the Treasury between :he 1st day of Jane and the 31st day of July, la ilnsive, one-half of one per cent on the amounts <peolfled in the certificates; On such stock received between the let and 31st lays of August, one-fourth of one per e?nt; And on sueh stack reoalved after the31st day of lugust, the Interest seemed thereon, and one lay1* additional Interest only, wlH be p*d. Certificates of suoh stock transmitted under his notice must be duly assigned to tbe United itates by fhe part? entitled to receive the pur thase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July be oarrtsru half year's Interest mo t also be as lj<ned by the present stockholder, otherwise such merest will be payable as heretofore. Aud notice Is further given to holders of other tocks of the United States that this department r'H purchase the same between the 1st day of une and the 1st day of December next, unless he sum of ?i ,300,000stall be previously obtained, nd will pay for the same, In addition to the In vest accrued from he day of the last dividend 1 interest, and on* day's additional Interest for ?e money to reach the vendor, the following rates f premium: On stock of the loan of 1843, a premium of 10 ??r cent.; Oast 'Ck of the loans of 1847 and 1848 a premium F1C per cent.; And on stock issued under the act of 9th Sep ?mber, 1990, oonamonly called Texan Indemnity ock, a premium of9 percent. ?>rtlflcates transmitted under this notice should e duly assigned to the United States by the par ' entitled to receive the money; and If sent pro lans to the 1st July, the current half-year's In >re?t mast also be assigned by the present stock older, otherwise the Interest for the half year to lat day will be payable to him as heretofore. Paymeat for all the foregoing stocks will be Lade by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Boa n, New \ ork, or Philadelphia, as the parties ltltled to receive the money may direct. JAMES OUTHRIK, m2#-d;LJNov 8ecretery of the Treasury. OFFICIAL. Trcascbt DsrARTtfKirr, August 90, 1850. Where** the followiug Joint re?>]utiou of Congr? is become a law: imt ltssoLi'rioR extcnJiiut tin- time for the credl tors of Texai to prfH>-ni 'heir claims Re*jl+ed hytUe Senate and House of HsjirtienUi ce*?f Untied Stale* of America in CongreM as ffied, That a?. agreeab y to th<t provision of the *irth secuon <>r the act of the a8:h of February, i3>, ?' to proviJe f ir the payment of such-creditors ' the late renubic of Texa? as are comprehended i the a:t of Congress of September 9ib, 1850," no ce, by public aivertuement, was duly given for le *pa*e of ninety days by ihe fecretary of tbe 'rea?ury, of the ume a which payment of the m >uma;>propria e<l by the tilth socti.n of said act rould b- ma is, pro rata, on a-y b nd. certificate, r evidence of debt of mi J "*ia e, which should be ressnted at the Treasury l>e|tarimeni thirty days r/'ceJin^ the 13th uay of June, idV5, tbe limit ol lid notice; and as it u represen'cd by tbe said eeretary of the Treasury, that of .aid bond-, cer tlca es, and evidences of deb-, which have been *cognize<i by the Stat* of Teia?, the same, ?qval > th i sum of three hundred a id eignty sine thou? ad -ii hundred anl ninety-three dollar and seven ents wrrr not presented to the 'IVa'Ury D?(.anni?nt ria: to the >aid L3ih of June, therefore, in ord?r to 0 fuli justice to the holjers of aid deb', the decre ry ot the Trea ury is hereby ajhor.zed to p^y to i ie solders of a^y of theiaid b>nds, certificate* or I vilencee, of deb:, not presented before the 13th | xy <?f Juni la<t, who may present a d prove the meat the Treasury I>epa toi-nt, between the 13th sy < f Juwe la-t and th?: 1ft day of January next, nd rxeciita the proper relea?es to the United diates id the dtate of Teia*, their pro rata share of the ! li<1 seven m IIiom sev<-n hundred and fifty thonxaud ollars; anJ after payment thereof, the taid Secre iry of the Trea-uiry is a>iihorise<i and required to { istribute and pay the residue of tbe taid seven mil ! ou? seven tunirej and fifty thou-and dollars, then ! mia rung in the treasury, pro rata, amongst all the 1 d Holders who may liave proved tneir claim ?, and moated the proper releases on or before the l*t day , IJauuayneit. 1 Approved August lbth, 1856. iioricsii uaaasr eivaa to the holi?rs of bonds, i srtlhcates, and ?v.dences of debt of the lata repub- 1 e >f I>xa?, which were not presented at this de *ruii jiit on ?r before the 13th day of June la^t, that le aaius will be settled and the yro rata amount :e.'eoa will b ya.d to ths lawful holders thereof if rtis^nied beTore tbe fir?t day of January sext, as- 1 om^anied with the neces?/y evidence of their gen- 1 in' uess, wuh assignmeuu to the United States, r> , uirel to glvd this de, a tmeat the custody of^uch I >uds, se' uficaiss, and evi ieu:us of debt, and with ?least j to t'te United S.aten ari l T?xa?, lu aceord :ioe wlik the p ovi-lons of the act of Congress of I 1 9th February, 1856. I ! Tills dej?rtmsnt wll! not require ?vl.fenc.i of gen ineseds to l>e preseDh;d with the certificates i*<ucd | 1 y the a ilit r and e> mptr >Iler of Texas uadcr the iws of the State. Uut it p'm e-sesno meansof ver ying the sertiflcates, bonds and promissory aotes | j Mued by the republic of Texas, and not pressntod ), nor aidlied by, the o!Scers of the State. The ecessary a-d proper proof of the {jeiiuui-uess of le latter is the certi& atc of the cotnptr jller ol the tate of Tcxa', v?ho has the ortWal charge of the , ngmalare iv.js r?latioz to the debt of the late re | 1 ubi is of Texas The a<-<ignmeal and releases may bo executed ad acknowledged in the presenee of the As-istan: ecrstary of th? Troasury, or the chief clerk thereof, i the presence of a notary public, and be witnessed >y Ud A?sUiaat dcers a y, or chief clerk a d nota y, and be certified by the notary under his uota iai s>?l; but when tue holders drslre to Diake the i-signmetit and axecute the rolease? out of the city a WsihiogMii, It maybe done in the presence of an iMistant treasurer, or eolleetor, or surveyor of the ?unims, in the presence of a nota y public, and be sritnessrd by the collector or suiveyor aud the no ta y public, and be certified by the nota'y under bis notarial se? ; andifUere be no collector orturvey " the at the place where the party re sides, th assignment and releases may be executed before any eourt of record. In the presence of the judge and el rk thereof and be witaews* d by thein, and eertified by the elerk under his seal of oflee; and if the holder be out of the United States, the as siAuin >ntand releases may ba emooted before any Uniud Sta>seonsul, and be w.tnnssed certified by him uai< r his-onsu'ar s-al. All persoasexe eutiag sueh a*s'gnmsnt? ami r?l*ias?s mast also de clare, uaderviaWi, befrosthe uot^y, ^eik.or oon sul, as the case may be, that th?y are the real own ers of the .?eiufioate* or othnr evidences of deb', cr that the *auie have been assigned to them, bona f >r collection i and the uotary, clerk, or en?ikU| must isclu-ls the fact of thatieclaration Is their cer? ufl ateofajknowledgment. If assigued lor collvettun, or in pledge, the name of the party holding the bmefielal or residuary in latest lu the daim must be stated in the aflidavit and a release to the United States and release to Texas most b? duly exeeutrd by nucb party, to gether with the alignment and releases from the person in whose favor settle men t and payment is requested. One or more audited certificates, or one or more evidence of the name character of debt, may be in cluded in tba same assignment, releases, and affida vit of ownership, if each certificate is correctly de scribed by number, date, amount, and rame of the original payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the Stateof Texas, on aeeounl of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texa%accord ing to the (acta of eaeh ease. The assignment to the United States may be made iu summon form ; the releases should be drawn ae cording to the form* subjoined?.A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Treasury. For* jS. Know aM persons by these presents that ?? ha* relea?ed. aod hereby reJ*a*-*, the United Pia'es of America from all further liability or cla>m Jor the payment ef certificate or ev.ctnee of d%bt number . for the sum of $ , issued by ilia late republic of Texa*. (er by the atithoritiee ot the State of Texas, a< the case inuy be,) and re d- ? m?d by the United Sta es iu accardanee with the provisions of an aet of Corgre** entitled "An act to provi e tor the payment of such cjeditors of the late r< pubic ofTesas a? are comprehended in the act of Congress ?f Seotsmber nine, eighteen hundred and fifty." approved the 28th itay of Pedrnary, 1865, and actor the -tate of Trxa*, approved the 1st of February. 1866. As wkueys my hand and seal. Form D. Know all persons by these presents that i a-?. a _ - * * - w - - ? j ? ?? ? ? |^a SI'Uk ? has released, and hereby releasee, the S a eof re*a? fr< m all further liability or claim for the pay ilHnt of certificate or evidence of d- bt number , for tiie sum of 9 , issued by the late re~ >ublic of Texa?,(or by the aiithoiities of the 8.ate >f T *a?. a* the ease may be,) and redeemed by the Tnited tUfcte* in a"Cor.'a ce with the pntvir-ions of ia act of Congresx, entitled " An act to provide for hf |iaym>'iit of such creditors of Uie late rritublicol Ti xa* a? are comprehended in the act of Congress if September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," ipproved the 89ih of February, 1865, and an act of he State of Texa->, approved the 1st of February, 856. As witness my hand and seal. The following Is a list of tie audited certificates till ou sta .ding: Vo to. No. /wuerf to. H T U Tom o kins 1639 Oscar Engledow 16 Rukman CanfiMd 1675 Trustees ef Austin 31 John A Clifton College II K Muse 1682 O II Monsarrat k Co 53 R <J Hobbs 16 K> John Karner 84 J De Cordiva 1704 Daniel Carl 92 John Burning*am 1739 ) ? ? 135 Phinean De Cordova 1733 J * alcotl 176 K Baldwin 1746 John VV Portis IU Jam-'s Tilghman 1770 1 K Elliott 192 Mathias Clark 1807 Harriet George 5*00) 1816 Miles ri Bennett 20' J K,,m "rle 1829 Nathaniel Rudder 328 <) Rlineau 1831 ) Levi Tyler, adm'r ?44 1 B Wade 1833 <, of W H Kelly 368 Psters & Booth 1H38 Samuel Wildey 395 Lott I lulled 1h39 Georga Sutherland 404 S Kmgsley 1841 J P Meanings 427 J Pa ker, for Elixa 184'2) , p brth Pa^lsrr, ex'i 1841 f * C Eccies 4S7 Benedict Bayley 1844 Bdmund Balliager 445 Leaodsr K< aeon 1?52 J It Lojran 466 WtnOdlln 1856 C P Green 467 John VV King 1P65 David Ayrea 509 T B Wfbb 1?69 Thome* F James filO A fl Thn-mond 1878 C Srhiedlemantd 548 TLos VV Marslrall 1880 J F Jewett 525 David S Kaufman 1897 F Emma M3 George VV Park-r 1H99 Tar ll'.a Lee' 844 Crutcherk.MeRavenl9tO P ?V Groevineyer 651 ) IKS Gilbert Johnsun f>5* / 11?2^ Kob-rt I.lick 859 J A S-mpaon 19i?9 F. VV Cawthera 1>M) Win II Belcher 19 ^0 V\ m Cochran t>77 II H Wllliaia9 1984 Fia iCK Moore jr 701 Felix Rieder 2071 Andrew Daley *18) _ . . r. , i*)7i2 Isaac Stewart ' Robert Da>? hau: \ C W Vlckery Paul Bremond 719/ ?'??? it086 I 773 VVm Jones 1504 i 779 VVm Walker a0?8 i 793 Dyer P?arl 1740 I 8 2 Isaac L tfi'l 2106 / ^ Q H63 Hermotan Brown 1610 { DaV,d ? Bur??t B74 John W Bower 8108 ( _ _ M u . <79 Jam<k Mc.Marter V93) Mcfldaater 914 Dyer P?*>l 2136 ) _ _ _ . H15 Ma-y EJen Heden-1858 J r r b^rg 21451 -j iu pukM i'JO J Biiii ea^JSWFteher m Mrs Mary BelvBle 2104) ... 519 Anson Cranson 1501 C DaT.a 1)12 R M Forb-s 2:?S ffFrost W5 James N i'3"6 Thomas Reed M3 Thoma* Lindsay 2316 Harrixon C Bryant D4V James 1, Greeu 2(50 J S McDonald D47 Jesse Daniel 2340 Arthur Garner M8 J B Daniel 2311 J p Martchett 030 Charles Vincent 2341 Andrews 8t Grover ?*igl) GervaUe 8l45* P ? Merri" B57j8U 2349 W Pinkney i>58 Willis Millie ail 2350 J D Giddmgs 059 J D Mill ican 2364 J Craw lord jr iKfcJ John Davis 2358 A P Edgerton 065 Wm Barton 2359 Tboma* Warner jr 079 VV A Lock hart 2.''63 George K Hi-tare OwO R Morton 2364 Francis Bricbta 185 Jam.-s Kil am 23ni Eliaabetb Carter 196 C H Taylor 238:1 Wm Davis '241 Youngs ? ofejnjia 2i87 Joseph Tomllnnou ?248 Rob 'rt McN'utt 2390 Hneed k Turner 249 John VV Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro atCy I H Raymond 2400 H II Haynie 261 E De Pon ois 2101 R W MAhank '269 C t Green 2402 Catherine Allen 275 G W Sinks fc J B -2405 Henry Kring Shaw 2413 J VV Law re nee 267 John Kendrick 24^ Stephen Smith 498 Samuel Hid 'en 2434 A C Herton 300 John Johnson 24'ib Elaphalet Eastoa 301 Sui>an lla?siex 2442 Lemuel RDickenson 36i Thomas H Forrester 2450 Wm H Thompson 385 B R Warner 2452 Z Wm Eddy 423 William Frets 2471 J E Herron 424 G W Osborne 2174 A B Hemphill 125 John A Rutherford 2477 Aaron Haughton 417 Cornelius Vannoy 2479 Heirs of John Jones 428 Joseph Hates 24o0 " Joel Hi4 473 Ann B ReM# 5*481 " Warren Aburn 515 Lumbard Unix 2492 " John L Monks 521 J C Moore 248S ?? Peter Aldrich 523 John Jamoe 2490 M A Dooly 554 K H Douglas 'i5& > George C Day cashier 570 E M Fish 2501 F Kennett A. Co 572 VVm Ksrr 2503 John VV Schrimpf 580 Jame* A Moody 2504 W C Blair 581 P Bickford 2512 M Rorberttaiile 613 John Lamer 2513 Henry B Brooks 615 Juhn Cameron 2514 Gabriel Trumwolt 623 John D Taylor 2528 H S Morgan 694 Levi Mercer 2529 Furiiur & ll-an 626 Eli Mercer 2534 Sarah N'owman Tho outstanding evidences of other classes of tha lebt of the republic of Teias cannot be specified by bis Department. au 22?dtDtJanj OKNTLBYIEPI'g EMPORIUM. SKOttbL W. 111NTON HEKKBY RB torni his thanks to his old and steadfast :u?tomera and the public generally for the ncraasing patronage bentowed upon him it his EMPORIUM OF FASHION, on Pennsylvania avenne, between 6th and 4^ streets, ind next door east of Frank Taylor's Bookstore, where maybe found a large assortment of rich, asteful and valuable Goods, French, English, Italian, Chinese, and Amerloan of all kinds for gentlemen's wearing apparel. Said goods will be :ut and made np in the most tasteful, fashionable ind durable style, agreeably to orders, and at the ihorteet notice, and upon the most reasonable erma Please call and examine the richness and ityle of the goods and the faithful and durable manner in wulch they are made np to suit cus lomers George W. Hlnton embraces this occasion to announce to the public that he has formed a co Pirtnershlp lu business with Mr Williams, iil, formerly of Virginia, by whose aid, as ilstance and constant attendance at the store, the business of the Emporium will be greatly faclll la'ed N. 1J ?George W. Hlnton hopes that such of his former patrons as have uncancelled bills at tha store will soon be pleased to ?all and aettle the tame, as the season Is changing and short settle ments make long friends. se 10?tf ?ft WOOD AND COAL. WE ARK DAILY RECEIVING LARGE supplies of WOOD and COAL, which we eaa sell from the boats at very low prlcea. Per sons desirous of laying in their winter fuel would do well to give as a call before purchasing else where. BOGUS A O'NEILL ?e 2 No 106 Water street. Georgetown I MtKPOKATION 000 Corpe ^ ? ratios of Washington Stock for sale at CHl/BB BROTHER*. Educational. MI8S HEWITT'S ENGLISH AND FRENCH BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL) JV?. 307, corner of N tc York avenue and 18? A st The scholastic year commences the first Monday In September, and ends tbe last Friday in June, and is divided into two ses slons. The Principal will be assisted by the most com petent English and French resident teachers, and

every f ci II ty offered for pursuing Mosicsndall the various branches of modem accomplish - For further particulars, terms, Ac., see Circu lars at bookstores, or at tne residence of tbe Prin Clpal. au 26-3tAeotf YOUNG MEN OF WASHINGTON Free Lectures every Monday night, for four ireei.r, commencing October 2(itA, AT THE UNION ACADEMY. Such Young Mm of this < ity as wish to obtain a thorough and practical knowledge of Surveying, Civil Engineering, Book Keeping, and of such branches as will fit them for successful business, will ftnd a good opportunity in the DAY or EVENING SCHOOL, at the Union Academy, oc 18 Z RICHARDS, Principal ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL BOARDING SCHOOL, FOR BOYS, Mount Joy, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. K. L. MOORE, A. M. Principal. THE WINTER SESSION WILL COM menee on Tuesday, the 4th of November Terms 976 per setsion, of $ months, including board, washing, tuition, Ac Circulars containing particulars mav be had on application to the Principal. oc 14-lm* A I'AHD. MRS. FRANKLIN .TEACHER OF VOCAL Music, No. 406 E street, between 9?b and it)th streefc. References : Mr. R. Davis, and Mr tl .lbus, Music stores. Be 17-3m MRS. G. H. SMITH, 4)20 D street north, betweendth and 7th, EOS LEAVE TO INFORM THE LAD!KS of Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity that she Is prepared to give inst'uetion. In olas?es md private lessons, in the art of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and VASES Aleo, Wax Fruit atd Ornamental Leather wor* Ladies wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a most beautiful accom pllshment will please call as early as prsslble, as Mrs 8. does not contemplate remaining long in :he city. TERMS: Wax Flowers In Classes, per term of 12 les sons ?5 Wax Fruit in Classes, per term of 12 lessons..#5 Leather W ork in Classes, per term of tt lessons S3 Private Lessons SI each?Vases 810. Boquets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers, kc , ror sale, or made to order. au 28 6rn CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT, ) RKV. 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FRANCISCO D 8 L A VEGA TH* FISH Na.1, [ CONCltTDBD. ] The young man, without any hesitation or ;E?t0 ?wh around him, thereupon in tt lne f I T|Ilage, and went straight on the house of the widow Maria de la Vec, his supposed mother. As soon as the Door woman saw him enter the cottage she ran to ward him, clasped him in her arms, and cried. Tr^n^T T9 thou art indeed my son Francisco?thou art he who , wjis lost to me at Bilbao:" , ^ brothers, one of whom was the ec I c est as tic, happening to be at home, recoe Th?? .l'ki !!'!t ODCe with j?yfnI emotion ihey embraced him, questioned him, and en deavored by every possible means to get him I !i' ?rwa* t"1 10 give sorae Mens of sym onlw^in k \! 3tr*ng/? being remained not only dumb, but as cold and insensible a.- a Mock ?f marble. The wandering priest now left his charge to the care of his family and a on quitted Lierganes ; the general impres .?ton being that the youth had, through his in !,he 8ea> ,ost bis intellect, with it all recollection of his early years It is very natural to sui pose that the' new* ot Francisco s return should produce a -Trent 1? !,h? neighborhood People of all r.inks flocked to see this extraordinary pcr U> .nfnJl iV ?i 6ev#ral ?randoe< invited him IPh tW JS at the5r in order to observe him more minutely. Here he was ckisely examined, and many men of the hieh e.t character asserted that his back and lie other partg of his body were covered with scales somewhat similar to those of a fish while other individuals, who saw him a few years subsequently, treated this part of the story as a fable As regards the rest of his person?he was ?n teet in height, neiihcr particularly thin nor stout; his figure was awkward ; the hair ot hio head was of a reddish tinge, 4.nd quite short He had no color in his face and his n.uls were entirely destroyed, as if the salt water h.d corroded them He could not en dure shoes, and always went barefooted If clothes were given him he would wear them ? if tot, he would go with perfect iadiflerence without them. And the same as regarded his food : whatever was placed before him he , ate without evincing the slightest pieferecco j for one dish over another; and if hi mother neglected to provide him with meat, te never , asked for any. Occasionally he would utter 1 . a few words, but without any evi 1 dently meaning nothing by these soun ,s ' He I O .uld find bis way perfectly to pltc-s with , which he had been previously acquainted - and his principal employment consisted in , carrying letters about the neighborhood | Hence, we may conclude, that although he - never replied to any question* that wore put * to him, he fully understood the oiders he re- , , reived lie was even conscientious in the J u scharge of these commissions, and the sender , uld always rely upon his punctuality Once wa8 dispatched with a letter from Lier Ifanes to Santander. A broad sheet of water traversed by a ferry boat, interrupts the way between these two towns ; and ro the present occasion the ferry boat was missing, where upon he immediately, without reflection, walked into the water, and swam across to the opposite shore, arriving in Santander in a very wet condition ; but on being questiontd is to what had occurred, he gave no answer, and without saying a word delivered the let ters correctly, and then returned to Liergane-" Hi? relations never thought of finding any steady employment for him again, a* he ap- . paared totally unfit for the most ordinary pur suit In this way, without speaking, and ap patently without thinking, he continued for nine long years to live under his mother s rx>f. Both she and her friends had become juite accustomed to his odd ways? and he gradually sank into obscurity Suddenly, however, he Pgaiu disappeared from the vil lage, and nothing was ever afterwards heard U him Sjme fishermen pretended to have ?een a figure bearing a strong resemblance to him in the harbor of Asturias ; but this new? was never confirmed, and no trace of the mis sing Francisco was ever found The proba bility is. that he again betook himself to the ?ea, notwithstanding that his youthful ardor for the water had long vanished, and that he bad, ever since his oapture at Cadie, evinced the most perfect indifference toward every thing around him Tieck. who has carefullv examined this strange history, thus concludes bis account of it: " That the captured man was the lost boy _?f Lierganes. there is every reason to believe, for he himself knew his birthplace again, he found his way there, his mother and brothers recognized him at first sight aa their own lost b rancisco. The idiot could scarcely have acted the ro!e of an impostor for ten years, since no advantage accrued from it, nor was he in a position to derive the slightest benefit from the lie His family could not be anxious to deceive any one in that quiet little town. more especially as the maintenance of the un fortunate was nothing but a burden to them Moreover, besides his immediate relations, several men of eminence and the most un doubted respectability bore witness to the gen uineness of this Francisco, so that we must class this incident with some of the most re markable phenomena of nature, to explain which often baffles the ingenuity of the phil osopher. It is greatly to be deplored that when fished out of the sea, this singular being fbould have been little better, mentally, than a block of 6tone Had he retained his mem ory, and regained the power of speech, it would have been highly instructive and inter esting to have learned how he had supported himself in the water. Divers can certainly hold their breath for some time ; but, whether any human bodies possess the capacity, and may be able to cultivate this capacity so f?r as to enable them to dispense with air for any considerable period, is not an easy matter to admit How did he live in the sea ? What did he eat ? How did he manago to escape so long from the murderous monsters of the deep, so that he did not seem to have suffered in the slightest degree from any of them ? Could he dispense with sleep, and if not, where did he sleep? In the ocean, or on shore? His in tellect was not so much disordered as com pletely inactive and without power. If, in deed, this phlegmatio monster in rea'ity was not the long-lost Francisco (as we are almost compelled to admit ) then this m tn, whoev?r he might be, is still more remarkable than the so called fish sturba, of which even respecta ble writers relate such incredible stories. ' A Wonderful Woman?Theye is now said to be living upon Bates' Island, in Casco Bay, off the coast of Maine, a woman of the most wonderful powers of hardihood. The Island contains about five acres, the largest por ion of which she has put undorcultivation, raising handsome crops of potatoes and other vegeta bles yearly The land never was ploughed, but has been thoroughly hoed over by her. The remaining portion she devotes to raising bay of a very superior quality, every crop of whifh she has mowed and cured with her own band. Ihe early ^tart of the day she devotes t<> fishing, going through the breakers in a fragile skiff, rowing single-handed where ma ny a strong man would quail and hesitate Bbtting on tbk Elation.?Gambling, ia the form of bets upon the coming election, ij now generally prevalent to an unprecedented extent A debtor in Washington, ??J? Bost >n Herald, writas to bis Borton creditor: "I c in't pay your bill till tie election All the money I have is 'up* on the result, and I can't touch it It is the With pretty much all my ueighbori." f t I s I c t i I s i i 1 I t t I t t t c I t 1 i fc the WEEKLY STAIl _?L fouad la uv I ??? morale*. Stable copy, p?r ..... 5? cop*\?T.v,v.v *? w*jj 2 twwy 00 pl?... .V.V.V.V.*.V/JL". ***"'",J 11 1^" IWtllAHf II tSTiKd. If"?*?*'??0?16* 0* wrappeie) can be procured at the counter. ^mMlairly paper Price?Taaaa Caws " . Ptf*TI!A***** Tho**??R?ta will beallowed 1 commission of twenty per cent. OBIEITAL PHYSICIANS Lieut. Burton, in hia narrative of a pilgrim aje to the Moslem shrines of Medina and Mecca, gives an amusing account of the arta which Oriental physicians hare to resort to In "order to ootain practice : You must begin with the porter, who is 6ure to have blear eyes, into which yoa drap a little nitrate of silver, while jou instil into his ear the pleasing intelligence that jou never take a tee from the poor He reoovers, hi* report of you spreads far and wide, crowd ing jour doors with paupers They oome to y> u as thoogh you were their servant, and when cured turn their backs npon you for ever When the mob has raised you to fame, patients of a better class will slowly appear on the scene. After some coquetting about ? etiquette," whether you are to visit them or they are to call upon you, they make up their mind to see you, and juige with their eyae whether you are to be trusted or not; while jou, on your side, set oat with the de ermin ion that they shell at once croes the Rubi con?in less classical phrase, swallow your drug. If you visit the house, you insist upon the patient's servant* attending you He must also provide and pay for an ass for your conveyance, no matter if it be only to tha other side of the street Your confidential man aocompanies you, primed for replies to the "fifty searching questions" of the servants' hall ' You are lifted off the saddle tenderly, as nurses dis mount their charges, when you arrive at tha gate, and you waddle up stairs with dignity. Arrived at the sick room, you salute thove present with a general '-Peace be upon you'" to which they respond. ''And upon you be tha peace and the mercy of Allah, and his bless ing " To the invalid yoa say, " There is nothing the matter, please Allah, except the health. ' to which the proper answer?for here every sign of ceremony has its counter Mgn?is, "May Allah give theo health'" You then sit down, and acknowledge the pretence of the company by your right hand to your lips and forehead, bowing tbe while circularly Each individual re* turns the civility by a similar gesture Then inquiry about the state of your health ensues. Then you are asked what refreshments you cvill take. You studiously mention something not likely to be in the bouse, but at laat you rough it with a pipe and a cup of coffea. l'hen you proceed to the patient, who extends lis wrist ani asks you what his complaint is, le. + ? * * * The disease, to be respectable, must inva ?iably be connected with cne of tha four tern* xraujentf, or the four elements, or the " hu mors of Hippocrates " Cure is tasy, but it will take time, and you. tbe doctor, requite attention; any little rudeness it is in your H>wer to punish by an alteration in the pill or K>wder. and s<> unknown, is professional honor hat none will brave your displeasure. If you iv<luld pass for a native practitioner you must .hen proceed to a most uneomlortable part of 1 our visit?bargaining for fees Nothing more ;ffectually arouses suspicion than disinterest U-S3 in a doctor ? ? ? Properly speak i g. the fee for a visit to a respectable man. is wenty piasters, but with the rich patient you >egin by making a bargain. He complains, ;or instance, of dysentery and solatica You i* mand ?10 for tbe dysentery and twenty for :he sciatica; but you wul rarely get it. The ? i-tcrn pays his doct or s bill as the Irishman pays his " rint, ' making a grievance of it. * * ? Whatever you prescribe must be !>lid and, ani if you accompany it with something painful?such scrubbing unto 'carrification with a horsebrush?#o much the >etter- Easterns, as our peasants in Europe, -ke the doctor to " give the value of their noney,'' besides which, rough meuures act ,er.eficially with their inclination. So the tlakim of th^^pig of Persia cures ever by bastinado ; parnnts are beneficially ?*ked in a bread oven at Bagdad; and an Egyptian at Alexandria, whose quartan re nted the strongest appliances of European >hysic. was effectually healed by tbe actual autery which a certain Arah Shaykh applied j the crown of bis head. When you admin - iter with your hand the remeiy?half adosen luge bread pills, dipped in a solution of aloes md cinnamon flavored with assafuetida. wbiah 1 the ca?e of the dyspeptic rich iften suffice, f they will but diet themselves?y^u are oare ul to say, 4 In the name of Allah, the com > itsionate, the merciful And after the pa ient has been dosed, " Praise be to Allah, he curer, the healer " You then call for jen, ink and paper, and write tome preacrip ion like this '? In the name of Aliah, the compassionate, he merciful, and blessings and peaoe upon ;ur Lord the Prophet, and his family, and his ioinpanions, one and all! But afterwards let liin take bee's honey and cinnamon, and al iuui grtecum, of each half a part, and oi gin :cr a whole part, which let him pound and aix with tbe honey and form boluses, each tolas the weight of a miskal, and of it let iim use every day a miskal on the saliva, that is to say, fasting ) Verily, its effects ara v ndtrful. Aud let him abstain from flesh, U'h, vegetables, sweetmeats, flatulent tood, icids < f ail description, as well as the major iblution, aud live in perfect quiet. So shall ie i o cured by the help of the King, tha dealer. And the peace." Lieutenant Burton s great advantage in his ravels wag his familiar knowledge of the Per ian. UinJoeianee and Arabio laugueges by *hich he so thoroughly deceived the natives hat they thought him one of their country nen Thb Presidential Election ?Thefollow ng is a summary of the laws and constitu :ional requirements in the election of a Presi ient and Vice President: 1 Electors elected on the first Tuesday a^tar - he find Monday in November. 2 Electors meet on the first Wednesday in December and cast their votes. They then 1 gn three certificates?send a messenger with :me copy to the President of the Senate at Washington before the first Wednesday in January?another by mail to the same person, and the third delivered to tbe United Mate* District Judge where electors iu?et 3 Each State provides by law for filling any vacancy in the Board of Electors, occa sioned by absence, death, or resignation. Such of tbe electors as are present are generally au thorized to fill any vacancy 4 The Govorn?r gives notice to elec'ora of their election before the first Wednesday in D'cember. 5 On the second Wednesday in February, Congress shall be ia ses-ion and open the re turns The President of tbe Senate shall, in the presence of the House of Kepresentativea, open the certificate of return*, and count the votes The person having the greatest num ber of votes tor President, if suoh number be a majority of the whole number of electors, shall be the President. 6 If no person has a majority as above, the choice ia to be made froui the bigb. est returned. The members of the lloase, l~y States, Lrm themselves into E ector>?l Com mittees. and the majority determine which it to bo the ahoice of tho Mate oach State hav ing only one vote. i it nei'her of the candidates get a ma ijrity >f the State? before the 4th of March, then the Viae President shall a;t as Presi dent 8 If the people do not elect through their Electors a Vice President, then the Senate of the United States shall make the election from the two highest candidates returned to them by the Electors. Cy A Lady, a disbeliever in the acitnee, aaked a learned phrenologist, w.i h a view or putsling him : *? What kind of people Me thoae whe have destruotiveneaa and benero lenoeequally and largely madame, are thoae who kill with kmdntas