Newspaper of Evening Star, October 25, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 25, 1856 Page 2
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I. VKN1NG STAR. W A S II1 N G TO N CITY: SATURDAY rctebar M, IM?. ?r ACTItTimilfTI HftllP ?? LfcrT AT THE OrriOK ?T T?nn o'clock, M ; otiu?m ?at hot appkar ? ?TIL TUB HIT BAT. TBE WEEKLY STAB Oar Weekly issue is admirably adapted for mailing to country friends, who are, of eourse, a'ways glad to get freah and reliable news from the seat of government. In addition to the fall rftnffu of everything of interest that has transp irtd during the week at thia point, the Weekly Star of to-day hau some excellent miscellaneous matter, and all the general news of tha day. Prioe only 3 cants la wrappers for mailing, or $1 25 per year. SPIRIT OF THE MOKNINU rUEHS The Intelligencer, in answer to & corres pondent, argues that Mr. illlmore was faithful to tha obligation* of his duty with reference to the fugitive slave law when in the Presi deney. The Union publishes a letter from General Jessup upon the history of the Missouri Cum promise, fall of very interesting information of course, as its author, while possessing a fine mind well stored with information on all branches of public affairs, has since his man hood began daily recorded every thing of im portance ot interest, for reference in after times. PERSONAL .... Hon. John Kelly and lion. E. B Hart, of New York, are at Willards' Hotel. ....lion. Pierre Sou'.e arrived in New Oi lems on the 17th inst. ....The Governor elect of Florida is Col M-i(Ji*on Stark Perry, formerly of Fairfield District, S. C. .... 51 r James 11 an nay. an English novelist of some note, and a great admirer of Edgar A. Poj, has in press a new edition of the latter'a poems, with notes. .... The Philadelphia Bulletin say9 that the vote in the Hiu?e of Bishops upon the restora ti >n cf Bishop Onderdonk, was twenty-four in favor to eight against his restoration. .... Dr. William Tottau died in Little Rock, Arkansas, cn Saturday waok. He wa* a native of Pennsylvania, and served bis country through tne war of 1812, and was in the sortie at Fort Erie. .... Ihomas H. Stockton, the popular and impressive pulpit orator, who has resided in Baltimore for several years past, contemplates removing to Philadelphia, in a few weeks, and to make that city his place of residence. ....The heroio Sir Charles Napier wrote very beautifully and touchingly to a lady on the eve of his great victory at Meancee?" If I survive I shall soon be with those I love ; If I fall I shall be with those I have loved." .... The Fremont papers are getting out of patience with the New York Herald. They say it takea half a doten now to watch the Herald afteT it goes to presa, lest it should change tta politics, from the force of habit be fore the edition sees daylight. .... The Newburyport (Mass ) Mercury, in announcing the death of Henry Barber, who worked in that office for 65 years, states that Mr B. was 76 years old, and during his life was never five miles from home, and never saw a railroad or steamboat except from the windows of the tffice in which he worked .... During the past few days, a large num ber of machinist* have left Boston and vicinity for Cuba, to take charge of the machinery on the plantations. Among those who left in the last steamer for Havana was W. P Houston, the well-known builder, of South Boston, who foea out to erect some large buildings on the stand ....The Cincinnati Columbian ftates that a talented but dissipated Erglishman, who was recently picked from the gutter in that city, seeing an advertisement for a pastor in a country parish, brushed himself up. went and preached as a cja^date. and although he hsd several concpe^^, carried the parish and is new ragularly dispensing tbe bread of life. .... The Clarksburg (Va.,) Register says that at the recent term of the Harrison Circuit Court the grand jury found an indictment against Horace Greeley for circulating in Har rison coonty his ?? Tribune," which was con sidered by tbe grand jurors as incendiary in its character Two citisens of the county were presented for aiding in the circulation of that print # .... Tbe King of Prussia lately introduced Baron Humboldt to tbe Emperor of Austria Ihe Emperor, upon this, asked the King who Baron Humboldt was, since be bad never beard the name before The King of Prussia was quite astonished at such a display of im perial ignorance, and emphatically replied, " He is the greatest man sinoe the deluge " .... George P. Bond first aasistsnt at the As tronomica! Observatory of Harvard University, has declined the appointment recently tendered bim by the President of the United States, of Chief Astronomer, under tbe act of Congress of August 11th. 1855, to carry into effect the first article of the treaty of Jane 10th. 1846, between the United States and Great Britain, by running tbe boundary line between the United States and British Oregon. .... There is a deal of fun in this canvass We clip tbe following from the Florida Demo erat a sterling little Democratic paper printed Penaa^t la Married.?In the city of Baltimore, on the 17th ult , Mr Samuel Know Nothing and Mis^ Old Line Whig?the parties bave been privately married a Tear or fw?> *g?? but they bad this public celebration of tne^ir nuptials, to avoid an unpleasant process ....A fine looking jouth, named Daniel Webster, was received at tbe Maryland Peni tentiary on tbe 25tb of December. 1853. to ?***? ?til tbe 1st day of May, ln61, for a conviction of manslaughter in the Circuit Court of Somerset county Hisextreme youth and the provocation leading to tbo homicide caused many of the most respectable citiiens of that county to intercede for his pardon, and V1 they with success, as on that day the order for his liberation was mailed at Annapolis, and on Monday morning he was discharged, to the gratification of his widowed mother and other friends .... The following is " going the rounds" of tie newspapers It is decided !y "interestine lb.*?* 'a ' o^r' i,e,.ai'?' togging editor of tie Lor don, it is *ai<J, come3 to thi? country to pick out an American editor to pure ?rc. ng ihe corf * of able writers attached a ' \TU Tbunderer"-to select r a "t'y w*n informed to take yoaSl in ,hat Uper a'UbjeCt' wi,h the country, it. habit. i1,? rt^rd. ^ oar tiona, it. state?man its ? 'D'titu* politicians Do U to have ? SaSU''C' ^ a comfortable berth, a position of h?n * JZ*r' opportunity to do his native land J "n ATKoCIOCB FBATElCIDaL ASSAI'LT -?On Tuesday evening, as Mr Wm II Adding, I wo. attending to the patting on board the ?teamer Curtis Peck of some packages for Richmond, be was assaulted by bis brother Dr. Richard D. Addington, who cume up be hind him and without speaking a word, struck nim three times on tbe head with a slung shot, inlieting as mar y severe, though it is to be ?hKieLt*?* f*UI He is now under ?WlltOl treatment in tbe Lands of Dr William V""* this brutal, unmanly and un nefore the Mayor, wb? committed him to i.,i ?nd be will uudergo an eximinatio? L aa his brother able to attend ?. * witness afainat him -NffoU Herald * WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Wftlbrdjtevg Sickle* ?Thefollowing man ufactured-to order-paragraph gracesthe Wiih ington (telegraphic) correspondence in the New Tork Herald of yesterday : "It is a matter of complete astonishment to the friends of Siekles here that he is running in opposition to the regular nominee of the democratic party, thereby hasarding the e ec tion of that sterling democrat and tried state* man, Gen Walbridge. I am informed b? has been written to by the friends of Mr. Buchanan to leave the field, as be stands no chance of an election, and is only dividing and diitraoting the party, and may thereby cause the election of a black republican. I am just this moment informed by an intimate friend of Old fiuck that he (Buchanan) prefers Gen. Walbridge should represent the third district of your city. Tbis is reliable Mr. Sickles will please, there fore, leave the ring." The act of Mr. Sickles in " leaving the ring,' would doubtless have a beneficial effect on the price of the Mariposa stock owned by Mr James Gordon Bennett. But we incline to the opinion that Mr. S. will do nothing of the sort, however much his acceptance of the regular Democratic nomination in the third district of New York may interfere with the financial schemes of the open and avowed backers of Col. Fremont. We presume that if Mr. Sickles has been written to to withdraw by a friend of Mr. Buchanan, the writer must have been some such friend as General Walbridge himself, who did not find it convenient to declare in his speeches whether he was for his partner, Col. Fremont, or Mr. Buchanan, before the result of the recent Pennsylvania and Indiana elections was known. At this point, he, (Gen. Walbridge,) was claimed by the Fremonters as one of themselves quite up to that time This is a fact known to almost every man " an und town " That General Walbridge failed to take open and emphatic ground for Mr. Buoh&nan up to the time specified above, goes to justify the olaim of the 1? reinonters to him as their prop O'ty, as we explain. Under such circum* stances it cannot bo reasonably expected that Mr. Sickles will decline the regular Demo cratic nomination in Gen. W.'s favor; more especially?we must add?as it has been cur rcntly said f >r months past that the latter would run a stump against the Democratic nomination in the district, if failing to get it himself. Personally, no man has kinder feelings for General Walbridge than ourself But we will not permit cur personal feelings to lead us to countenance him in standing in what we regard as an equivocal position toward the Democratic party. For his sake we wish theie never had been such things as the " Mariposa" and the " Bolton and Barron" in existence. Kansas?It is worthy of nolo that peace now reigns throughout Kansas. Governor Geary has already fairly redeemed the im plied promise of pacifying the Territory in volved in his selection after his experience as a successful executive officer in a new coun try. The telegraph, it will be remembered, now chronicles only alleged stopages of " Free State settlers" about entering the Territory, which, as all the world have come to know, simply means that men going into the Terri tory for the avowed purpose of making war rather than cultivating the soil, have been prevented from carrying out that purpose? that's all. This is as it should be, as all re alize who desire that Kansas shall be left to the fair operation of the principle of self-gov ernment at the foundation of its basis law As yet the ?? shriekers for freedom," how ever, continue their misrepresentations con cerning the state of things there. That is, on the stump in the States. Thus, the bogus Governor Robinson who fled between two days from the wrath of his betrayed-sold ?California, constituents, is now in New \ork detailing fain accounts of the manner in which James II. Lane's murderers, robbers and perpetrators of arson have been with by tho outraged and excited people of the Territory. Fortunately for the causa of the continuance of the Union and order and peace in that particular Territory, the Penn sylvaria and Indiana elections wf last week have already so influenced the public mind of the North as that "freedom shrieking" is even bo soon at a great discount. After tho 4th of November we shall hear little indeed of it; as after the Presidential contest shall have been ended, there will be no inducement for the continuance of the systematic misrepre ?antation of occurrences ia Kansas, such as those with which the Freemont Press hiive been blatant for months past By the 4lh of March next nine tenths of the people of the Don slsveholding States will bo amazed on lontemplating the extent and- bold character of the Kansas-affairs humbug that has of late been successfully imposed on them for politi :al ends only. How it Waj Dons.?A gentleman in ex tensive business in Wall street, New York, peSkcrday explained to us how Huntington, ? h<> now famous Yankee forger, managed to rub his fellow business men of Now York out >f something more than half a million of dol lars in less than a year Thus, being a note ?r< ker professionally, the paper of mauy i und merchants and traders passed through lis hands. liis custom was to mako fac tim yhes of the notes left with him to negotiate on account of others, and, after having thus dis posed of the honest ones, to hypothecate the Forgeries for loans at usurious interest, lie Wat not a stock specaUtor, or a gambler, and, therefore, it ia almost morally impossible that he can have parted with the whole of tho pro ceeds of his villany, as alleged by many of tho Northern papers Our impression is, that he has far more than enough left to buy him of any verdict of a New York jury likely to result in Iris proper punishment for his many crimes; and then to have a heavy for tuao left The chances are ten to one, it ?eems to us, that he bids fair to rank as a suc *iSsful fiaancier, rather than as the State', prison bird ho should be for tho balance of his life - Fremont'i lieljgion.?John Charles Fr? uiont-not Sewell L ,-is in a very bad box, there i. no truth iu man. The Charleston C?1Dt'nue* itB expositions of events in w. r<ea,r y .wt?ry? which gj to show that no for the president* ln V?, i c*?diiate ? U3 i&4UO of tKa Ol-t inst , that journal th? 2l<t '? lie has tacitly, at 1?&.? . . reckless supporters to denv'tK? nZ"d fact of his long connection with Thi inown Catholio Church, .fact which, i j?hi C^n Fremont well knows, i? abundantly k. " ?bu railed ""g sga.nstgrowing convictions of the utter ruiul otss of his character and pretensions " tacitly, at least, authorised and !*rmitted one James G Nelson, to vouoh that k', John Charles Fremont, never spoke to Biabop England in Charleston ; when he, John Charles Fremont, remembers, and eannot de ny the fact, that as a boy he served at the altar near that esteemed and distinguished prelate, in St Finbar's Cathedral,of this city ; he has latterly acquiesced in and permitted a stupendous and daringly braien assertion, hatched out by the New York Tribune, in re lation to 'two Fremonts.' " Bishop Onderdonk, of Pa ?Though the " House of Bishops' of the Episcopal Churoh aits with closed doors, it seems that its pn ? csedings are as well known outside the wJli of the chamber in which it sits, as are, ofte", those of the United States Senate in execu tive session. The Church Journal (of New York city) thus lifts the curtain upon their final proceedings in the case of the remission of the sentence that for twelve years past has been impending over Bishop Onderdonk of Pennsylvania: "The vote, after long discussion, passed 21 to 8, for the immediate and unconditional re mission of the sentence of suspension, under which he has buffered so patiently, quietly, and blamelessly, for twelve years There were tender and touching speeches mad* in that House, before the vote was taken-espe cially one from the Bishop of Delaware. The Bishop of Pennsylvania was one of the most earnest and indefatigable in pressing the sub idct. " For the Remission?The Bishops of Ver mont, Tennessee. Wisconsin, Luuistana, Mich igan, Western New Yorfc. Maryland, Dela ware, New Hampshire, Alabama, Missouri, the Southwest, Pennsylvania, Indiana, (As sistant,) Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina, Oregon Iowa, (Provisional of) New York and Rhode Island?21 Against?The Bishops of Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, (Assistant of) Virginia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and S?uth Caro lina?8. Absent-The Bishops of Connecticut, New Jersey, Jdaine, Florida, and California." Redseming Themselves. ? The Fillmore electors of the State of New York met on Wednesday last in New York city, and unai>i mously endorsed the course of the Pennsyl vania Fillmore State Central Committee in refusing to fuse on an electoral ticket with the Republican party of that State. This movement is important only as going to show the atter hollownessof the accusations against the integrity oi Mr. Sanderson, the chairman of the State Committee referred, to and the nineteen others cf the same body?out of i s total oftwenty-two?who back in now relusiig to fjse. The truth is, while a fusion on tu electoral ticket would secure for Buchanan ai d Breckinridge thirty theueand of the votes givea to the Union ticket in the reccnt Pennsylva nia election, its effect would be oven greater in New York, where thero are fifty thousai d members of the American party who stand ready to vote with the Democrats on becomirg satisfied that their Pennsylvania leaders do sign selling them out to Seward, Weed A Co. The United States Court-Home at Balti more, Md ?We understand that the Secretary of the Treasury has designated the Presbytt* rian church property, at the corner of Fayette and North streets, aa his selection for tho loca tion of the United States Court House to Le built in Baltimore, Md., and that the Attorn< y General is now engaged in the investigation <<f the title to the property. As it is a very fine site, indeed, for the purpose, we presume that it will be purchased by the Government in case the Attorney General approves the title offered. The Georgetown, D. C , New Castorc Hoate and Poet Office ?Tho Attorney Gen eral having reported favorably on the title to the property selected by the Secretary of the Tieasury for the above named Government edifice, its purchase may be considered as having been finally closed ; and the work on tho building will accordingly be speedily codl menced Promoted ?Third Lieut. Edwin O'Brien, of the United States revenue cutter service, (now attached to the cutter Lewis Cass, on the New Orleans station,) has been promoted to a sec ond lieutenancy. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, 21th of Octobcr, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... $64,533 54 For the interior Department 20,174 12 For Customs 191,776 10 From Lands 29,540 12 From Customs 7,902 78 Cct'NTBRPKITIRB AND IMPORTERS. ? The public are cautioned against purchasing arti cles pretendingto be of the nature of the Balm of Thousand f/owert for cleansing the teeth, perfuming the breath, and beautifying tho complexion. The popularity of that articlo has brought forward a host of counterfeiters. None is genuine unless signed by Fetridge A Co , and for sale io this city at Shillingt<n "a bookselling and stationery establishment, cor ner of Four and-a-half stroct and Pennsylva nia avenue. POLITICAL ITEMS. That gifted Maryland orator, J. M. S. Cau sin, will b? present at tho Democratic mooting at Laurel Factory on the 30th inst. John J. Fonda, c>f Ureenbush, N. Y., has been nominated for Congress by the American County Convention of that district. At the Middlesex (Mass ) County Fair, tho following toast elicited great applause : Ex tract from a farmer's diary for 1856 Great scarcity of apple-sa^s and cranberry-5a<5, but plenty of Kan-jaj. The Milwaukee News asserts that there is no doubt that Wisconsin will go for Buchanan by at least seven thousand majority. Last fail the Democrats carried the S'ate by a handsome vote; and, says the News, " wo know of no change against us since last fall. There is not a county in thia State which gave a Democratic majority last fall that will not increase that majority this fall.'' Sound reasons for aupporting Fremont : be cause he never forsook Lis trust so long as ha oould get anybody to trust him. Because he parts his hair in the middle and " iles" it with oear's greuso Because he says he is not " a murderer " Becuuso be informed the editor of the Tribune (as they were eating peanuts on the steps of the St Nicholas) "in a calm but low tone of voice ' thathe wasn't in favor of extending slavery " The following is a recapitulation of the elec lions for Congress this year up to the present time : Next Cong Present Cong. Detn. Opp Dim Opp. Missouri 4 3 2 b Arkansas 2 ? 1 ? Iowa ? 2 1 1 Vermont ? 3 ? 3 Maine ? 0 15 Florida 1 ? 1 ? South Carolina... ? ? 6 ? Pennsylvania,.... 15 10 6 ly Ohio 8 13 ? 21 Indiana 7 4 2 .9 43 41 21 63 41 21 L>em. maj. new Con. 2 Opp. inaj. old Con. 42 ty A girl who ia in the habit of soaping tho dirty clothes before putting them to soak, jn being told by her mistress to get ?oine salt Ish nnd put it to soak for dinner, did so afler rubbing it over smartly with a good quautiy >f yollow soap. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE GaoaeaTown, Oct. 25, 1866, The following business wu transacted bj our Citj Counoils last night. In the Council, Mr. Orme presented i com munication from Mr John Blackford,complain ing of the condact of Officer Thomas, in hir ing illegally and maliciously arrested him upon a false charge; read and referred Mr. White, of the committee on streets, re ported back Aldermen's bills for the improve ment of foot war on north side of Water tfreet; ixing the grade of W ashington street, be tween Road and Stoddard ; establishing the grade of Eighth street; establishing the grade of a part of Bridge. Fayette, and Prospects streets; bill appropriating $50 for the repair of part of High street; and resolution estab lishing grade of Fayette street between Sev enth and High ; all of which were pasted Also, from the Fame committee, asked to be discharged from the farther consideration of the petition of Charles Trnnnell and other*, in relation to the improvement of Fayette street; whieh was granted Mr. Jones, from same committee, to whom was referred Aldermen's bill providing for a railing on the north side of the castarn abut ment of Bridge street bridge, recommended that the same do not pass; and the bill was accordingly rejected. Resolutions passed both Boards appropri ating $135 for the benefit of Jas F Lssex for the livery of scavenger 's horse ; #30 for John T. Donaldson for repair of watch house ; $6 for John Booth for cleaning same; $76 08 for Thos. Blundon for repair of pumps ; $7 for C. Thomas ; $520.77 for J. B Greenwell for re pair of pnmps ; and $50 for the purchase of an animal (not exactly a woolly horse) for the benefit of toe citixens generally A resolution also passed both Boards au thorizing the oommerce committee to cause a buoy to be placed upon or near the rock in the river opposite Duck lane. A petition from W. B Fowler and others re monstrating against the improvement of Olive street, was read and referred Aldermen passed bill providing for flag foot ways across Congress. Gay, Dumbarton, Boall and Road stroets; which was referred to com mittee in the Council. The report of Recorder Ould upon the act to amend the charter of Georgetown was then called up, but the hour being late both Boards, on motion, adjourned until uext Friday even ing, at 7J o'clock. Another hubbub was raised upon BriJgo street last night, by another false alarm of fire, started, vre presume, as usual, to get out the engines. We think it would bo decidedly better to close np the engine house altogether than our citizens should be alarmed and dis turbed nearly every night in this manner by a parcel of thoughtless youths, who seem t > be almost the 0Q)y persons hold of the appa ratus when it is taken out We would call the special attentive of the members of Heber Tent to the meeting adver tised for Monday evening. Business of m >re than ordinary character requires their atten tion. The offering of beef cattlo at Drover's Rest yesterday amounted to 800 head, 400 of which were taken by District butchers at $2 50a

$3 37 on the hoof, equal to $5a$6 1)5 net The remaining 400 were driven on to Baltimore Sheep $3 50aS3 per head Hogs $3 Business upon our canal this week has been ?[uita brisk. Sixty boats have arrived?3ft rom Cumberland with full cargoes of coal, 6 with wheat, and the remainder from different points with corn, wood, lime stone, Ac Tbe receipts at the Georgetown Collector's office, for the same period, amounts to about $3,000 The flour market this morning is quite firm and active at $7 12ia$7 25 for good standard brands. Wheat $1 4Sa$l 58 for good quali ties red and white. Corn 62i65j. S. |y Four and a half millions of raw silk are exported annually from China into this coun try. A*nxxatio5 or Canada ?A warm discus sion is going on between the Herald and the Commercial Advertiser of Montreal, respecting the annexation of Canada ty a fleet of thirty metallic boats are be ing built at Francis' establishment at Gretn point, designed to aid the United States troops in their operations against the Indiana in Florida this winter, particularly in (enetra ting the Everglades They are twenty-two feet in length and three feet six inches in breadth, with lookers at each end for amrnu nition and provisions. Fifteen of them are al ready finished, and present a fine appearance Onb Hi-!?nnED Q05s ron Sardinia ?Tho Italians in New York, as well as those who sympathize with the gallant constitutional kingdom of Sardinia, in her present struggle against the aggrossionu of Austria, have opened a subscription to pay for one hundred pieoes of cannon, to be presented to the Sardinia people for arming the fortifications of Alessan dria, in Piedmont. |y*The Quebec Mercury states that there is scarcely a point in that city at which the fortifications are not being repaired or im proved. A new and very strong blockhouse is making below the flag staff, and very ex tensive works, of by no means ancient con struction, above the point have been condemn ed, are rebuilding in n more formidable man. ner, near which a new battery and drawbridge outlet from the citadel have lately been con structed. communicating with the city over tho north-eastern glacis >'^^NUTIOK.?ONE OK MOREOP THE wCS Committee of Arrangements for the HI bernia Society, are requested to call, as early as possible, at the Eldorado House, Penn.avenue, oc V5-2t* ?Q^LKCrUKE-J.M KlLGOUR,ES<4 , of Maryland, will deliver a lecture In Kvland Chapel, V K Churcb. on MONDAY EVENING, the 27th Inst SuV.j*t?" The Mis sion of Woman." TLe proceed* of the lecture will be appropriated towards a ber.evolent object Tickets 25 cents?and may be obtained at the door on the evening of the lecture. tc 2J 2t democrats of the sixth VsJBk WARD, ATTENTION ? An adjourned meeting of tbe Sixth Ward Association, wiiltw be d at Anacosta Hall, on MONDAY EVENING neit, October *27.h, at 7 o'clock, oc25-2t? LEMUEL G ADDIS, Se . -.THE FIRST GRAND BALI. OF THE PC&THI BERN IA CLtJB will take place at tbe Washington Assembly Rooms, on TUh'S DAY, November 4th. Particulars In future ad vertisement oc V5?4i* ?-^2^NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE The annual course of lectures In tbe above Institution will commence by an Introduc tory from Prof J. J WAaiNo,on MONDAY, October '27, at 7K o'clock d m. The lecture will be delivered in the Amphitheatre of th* Wash ington Infirmary. The public are Invited to the opening lecture. W. P. JOHNSTON. M D o - 24-3t Dean. THE PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED Guard will give their Fourth Grand Annual Military Ball, on TUESDAY EVENING, November 13th. Particu lars In future advertisement. LIEUT FLINT, oc 34-6t Chairman of Committee. THE MEMBERS OF HEBER TENT, No. 29f*, I. O of R , are respectfully re quested to be runctunl In their attendance at the regular meeting on MONDAY EVEN ING, at 7 o'clock. The election of otteers and other business of Importance will be before the Tent for consideration. Bv order. oc23-3t JOHN CROWN, R S. THK FRIENDSHIP CLUB RE 9CS spectfully announce to the citizens <f Washington and vicinity, that tkelr First Grand Cotillon Party will take place on TUESDAY EVtiNING? October 26th, at Armory Hall, on LouMana avenue, between ?th and 7th streets. Scott's Cotillon Band has been engaged for the oc< aslon Tickets Fifty Cents?to be had of the members of the Club, and at the door on the evening of the tarty. COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS, oc #1-1 w ?-Sfc?NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to call the attention of the publio to his stock of GLASS and QUEENSWARK before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from 14 to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the loweat at 306 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. JeMm JOHN McDEVlTT. POLITICAL. KLAlS AT a ous Mclaughlin'a. Notice?dr J. a. gibbs will be absent from the city, on business, until about the 13th November. oc25eotf pRANBERRlES, IWII! C ID * K , vy l emons, Ac Choice Family Groceries at th? lowest cash prices. JOS W. DAVIS, It* corner of 9tb and E sts. LIST OP LETTERS Remaining in the Pott Wathtngton,DC Oef?6er 85, ISM. [Ordered to b? advertised in the 44 Krening Star," agreeable to the following section of the Post Office Law?it Win# the newspaper having the largest circulation or aav dally paper pub lished in Washington: S*c. 5. And be it fmrtktr enaeted, That the list of letters remaining ancalled for In any poM office la any city, town, or Tillage, where news papers shall be printed, shall, hereafter, be pub lished oaee oaly In the newspaper which, being Issued weekly* or oftener, shall hare tk? lar^n fremlatim within the range ef the delivery of ?aid otBce, to be decided By the postmaster at such ofllce.J WParaona applying for letter* Is tk?rollowlS( Hat, ?r1tl pleaaeaaj ibej are Autsktimd. LADIBS- LIST. Al*Uo. HriCH Rjbby, Mr. Win M Buff. OWfc?rl*S CHtrlotU, llnB L Bafton. BatUe Henyon. Mrs J A J Blddle, Bi liy Rarke, Catharine Rant-r. Mr* U B t*nu7. Burcb, M!**Rrb*f?e HeY*I.,oy. MP Rtrbarde. n. Mary K tjr *??? a r ??> u?. Martta a U w L Hel.hall, Mn L Scott, Mr* Cloy Hamilton. Mn H P Hpath. Caroline n ; S1''"brth Hel.hlll, Mr* K K Belaid*. Mary S'. 'i"11* Hasiy, Mmrj Skinner. Mr* J M Ha.i. Racbal Ieeion. Mr) J hrliorti Mrs J K *? Spaldlnf, Mr* a MnL?' Phaeton, Ik K ?4leraat>. Mrs 0 K ? 5" ! d i?*aru?- ** r* M Speacer. Mm 8 J ?\. Lacae, Mary Roaatrt. Sarak LK-nuy, Hannah, An Bberwoo-J Kuil.r ' * L 8 Lndate. Mr* A M Tieroan, Inai _ "? ?1"fl7.Blt?abeth Talbot, 8.111* m I , , Marbury, L'ule l.fl.rt, Lou l** Kden, Ann ? J Miller, Mr* 8 A Tork*r. BlUn B AJfn,u j??*s>e??*ry.Ml?L Walta. a?. h*l FletUr, Mr* MorMuora, Mir* B W,Ut?r, Add'* ? iJc??'tT- 9om*n w? e?l*r, Mr* M L ?? McCloek?y. Mary A W U*lu. Aou.k w*n* *aw??B. Mia* 9 Wtu* ,? Mr. Can* d . Mr* Ob Noon*, Honorah Warner. Jaila A Han,* L 1 Parker. Mr* D H . OBNTLKMItN S LIST Adam*, Theodora uill. Jo. W Pnroell C H Aukrliu. Julia J L Gavin, Jam a Porne'.L a M Auld, Bit war <1 Olaokla, Jno Boatl. dt Paul Alexander T H Oordun, U A Richard*. W ? ? U1" r * 0r*y- Lt K r KaadlBf Mr Bright, # M Moil A Co Riley, Jo* C Benaon. S E l Ha?llti. Tim thy Ray. jtaH Bark*, Patrick B Hectrty, Patrick Rlnebard J W Srr" u. ?T,r. 1 Hugba., Phillip KoblnaoL.HR Blraithl, N.tale Be'akell, Dr P H R..w, B P Babcook, N C 2 Huitp'ira*., O A bibrey, Wm Brad!-. t?wl* Herlll.y, Michael Stjder Win Hro.niUan, H*nry HanUr, Joo T "U-.r-, Ihomaa B*rk Jro Huv.y, J B Sli#rtuaB, 8 H . Howarth. Jun htoffm.u. Pastor B.? <1 ridge, J A He dri . u, Jo* Sin lb. Matbcw H?bc(?ck, Capt G W Hh<acok, H O hhroadir, Jno F S55r. /: Dl*,J "ardy. Henry Stepoeoeoa, Jno Be?II Cli*. H.riley, K'lwarH B-luch, Joe H B?r?m*u, Bernhard Hornbrook, Dr Spark*, I*.*c U A Co Br.nwn. B*.,j lj.m*.JW? 8-p.r, C-pt Jd? Cone Spencer W Johu*ton, t, J Smith. J , M Ooukilu, Capt Jonea, Jco Sua'dlDr, Hon J?n<ra, C 3 D 1 Se*?ford, Geo Collin*. Jno KlDf, Roulct Schar.t, O Ook*. Jam** O t Kf.lar, L Skaanos, U?o P CrciWi.y, Jeramlab Kldwall. J W Sl.a; har t. P L Cooper. Jno B 3 Erlsmer, C*pt Snatly, B 8 Cameroa, Jno Laurence, Tliua J Ulrlo*. Cha? B ClaytHiram L*o, M P Htaart, Ha. ry W Chandler 0?o Licit, Jno P Sybotd, Amitl J? Little. Col Geo Tarptn, Wm T C .rk, G H Lauder. K W < Tlbarli.1, 8l(nor M Clark, 1> D L?wi?. Prank Tho?p?K>n, Jno L Curtain, Ban 1*1 l^wlo, Ctaaa P Tliayera, J M Cuilimtu, Chaa C I.nkau*, Crawford Townl*y, J C' pel.nd, C W Morgan, L? ? Talbart. Jno Collina, Arthur Job Mathew*. Tho* M Thompa n. Cart Jaa, Alfred Mill*, T P Trl*e, Ueo J Uerenen. Tho* Maa.n, SamJ TowuaenJ, B 8 Dupray A Ruttar Milton, J p Tlarn.u, O, ?a T DeiU, Oswald MorMaon. J C ( pshar. Alfrol Dobbin Jno MaOt, Capt Joo V.ndlgrlft, J M UUon.JW.Jr MylH.Gwi I. Wn-ran. Wm Duley, Jno H Menag.r A Coomb* Willis, W* "avU, Jno l May, Chaa Wrlaa. P I ?or??y, Alfred Marshall. <J Wiilar. TO Kvar*. Wm T McHenry, Jno Waid, Tho* O Bdwards, Thos Mctlraa, J.rues W. Th.w Kilmondaon, Jna 8 McKvoy, Wtllson H Krans, KM, A Co W. Law*. Wm R Wal era', Pbtllp Pltxgrratd, Tboa Nelaoa, Jos >? rl.hf, Joa N P.uutleroy, Col T T Norwood, Dr Warner, J (II Pr?n. b, 8 L Orr, Robert Wrtgkt, J H Preornan, H J O'Urlau, Jro Wl llams Col J C Prelp, J.mea O Bryon, B K Wl'aon, jno Patle*. Geoige Parvta, Wm L Wun.1, H P Priaman, Prank R Pugcl, Loul* Wblt*. C W Pia'd, David Plata ?nt?. Joa B Woolcott, C Prlal, Michael P*ttlt, Chaa W I Watla, A M Parral A Co October ?. 1IM. JAB. O. BBBRBIT, P. M. r. ?. BAfiBARin* n, 0., D E N T I S T, HAS REMOVED H18 OF KICK TO NO 101, south side of Uridge street, Georgetown, V C. oc 23 3t? UTRAYCD OR STOLEN?ON THB U:b V? ?f s?eptember. a small white LAPta a DOG with 1 brass bell attached to his nerk. \0m A liberal reward will be paid for aay In -XLJl formataton which may lead to the re ort-rv of ?aid dog if left at this office It* Dole'S SELF-CENTEKINU Hl'U BOR ING MACHINE, with capacity to work co h lbs ranging from t\ Inches to 14 laches In di ameter. For sale by ELVANS k THOMPSON, Agents, oc 25 lw .ttfl Pa av., bet ?th and M>th ats BVCK WHEAT and CK A NB ERR laS, in advaiice ef the season, and One oa e fre?h smaked SALMON Just recehtdb/ JA.?. H. SHEKELL, oc5*5-^ F street, cor 13th. ]VOTIt E.?ALL PERSONS ARE FORBID a ? den from harboring a colored irlrl named M AR^ LLiLfc.N FURGUSON,o" about 0 years of age, or from giving her a pats to lea re theclty, as said girl belongs t? me. lt# LOUISA G1NNIFKR. ^pHE COURT O F NAPOLEON?O ^Tg A beautiful quarto volume byG odrlch: with authentic Portraits of the Beauties, VVlta, and Heroines of Society under the first Empire, Just pulilist.ed, and this day received by oc 25 FRANCR TAYLOR. 1 ^nn Bl)*HELS of frimk white * ? ^ MERCER POTATOES expected dal ly For sale on or before arrival, In lots to suit purchasers. Fifty bushels Golden Skin ONIONS, which will be sold low on or before arrival A pplv to HARTLY A BORTHER, oc 25-2w 101 Water street, Georgetown. ATTENTION* LAOIESl Great Opining Tutsdny morning, October *314, at 9 o'clock ^H.rMI83 KINO'S FRESH MILLIN IgKery, between 4* and 6tb streets,south ^ZJtiftelde Penn. avenue, No 3W, opposite/flM the National Hotel, will open that day a most inagnltt ent stock of Fall and Winter Bonnets. Millinery Goods, Ribbons, and all manner of Velvet Ribbons A lso, a large assortment of Col lars, S'.e^ve^, Handkerchiefs, Cloaks, Mantillas and Taliras Ladles f>lease call. You ate sure of getting a bargain. oc 25-2t MILMKKilir. I HAVE RECEIVED A LOT OF New York Fall and Winter R<iM.<W ?^ - N ET8, and will tave my opening on the 1st of November Indies call and iiauilne before purchasing elsewhere. Four good Milliner* and a f*>w Apprentices wanted ; also, a Woman to do bousewf>rk ? MRS C KUOFF, No. 3 East Cepltol street, Capitol Hill oc S5-eolm* (No 5T0 J jVOTlCE OF THE temporary Rf _ IN MOVAL OF THE (.AND OFFICE FR??M WINONA TO FARIBAULT. IN M1NNFSO TA TERRITORY?In accordance with the provisions of the act of Co gress entitled a>? art autborliing changp* In the location of land offices " approved Match 3. 185;). It Is hereby de clared and trade known t1 at thelai.d ( ffi'-eforthe sale of public ?arid< at Winona, In tbr Territory of Mlnnfsota, will be tempora lly removed to Faribault on and after the firtt day of J a,, uaty. 185< ? ' I're-emption claimants and other* In the vicini ty of Winona int-rested in entering land will please perfect their proofs, Ac., before the d<v named bv the register and receiver of the closing of the office p eparatory to lt? removal Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this 23d day of October, A 1). 1856 By order of the P evident: T *OS. A. HENDRICKS, Comnolssionei )f the General Land Office ccSS-lawfiw Lost.?on Wednesday, t1Te~2jd Inst, either at ttie Railroad Depot or In the vie nity rf Penn avenue an OVAL BREAST FIN, containing a Gentleman'- Dagu?rrotype. The finder will be liberally rewarded on leaving ltat WM BRYAN'S Grrfcerv, o|?|KMlte the Cen ire Market, between 7th and ?th streets, ocS4 -3ta ^TRAYEO-ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT, ^ O tober22d, a large yellow DOG ^ ? Whoever delivers said dog to JAMES PUM FHREY. at the Li verv Stable cor ner of C and Oth streets, will be suitably' rewarded. ot 44-it* M qth ayeu or S the 8th of October, a Red f . /witu lias not been mllkfd forR/. -**i fibSSiT?'iw">3"?1 rjRSSiT u No. 358 Va ave , bet 3 atd 4X sta . Island, oc 2S-3f NlLESR^mSTER-A COMPLETE sett, volumes, will be sold at a bargain. Also Dungllaon'ft Medical Dictionary Dungilaon s 'Iher<tpeutiea and Materia Mrdlca United States Dispensatory Dewee's Midwifery Apply to E K LUNDV, oc Si No 188 Bridge street, Georgetown. Lost.?on Monday,thesotu,in the circle, nesr Georgetown, a bunch of CHARMS, consisting of a large Gold Cross, several small Crosses, acd the Daguerreotype likeness of a gen .leraan If the lady who was seen to tescue tnem Prom a li t e girl, will bring them to 203 6 street, netween 18th and 19th. she will confer a great fa ror, and be satlsfaetorily reward d oc 81 Blace tea.-m crests of unkival led Black Tea just In KING A BURCHELL, o?23 Cor Vt. ave and l&th at e t Wants. Board wanted ?four unfurnish ed Rooms with Bond tn ? central situation Addmn R 8 , 9ttr OfBcc or 23 3t WANTKll-AN ACT.VK AND TiDV young Woman to do the geae al h< usework of a small family Apply to JOHN FOX ? ortta B street, corner of 1st street east oc x4 It* A RESPECTABLE ST E A D V WOMAN WlshessPltoatlon to Chan berwcrk and Plata Snrlnj or to assist la the oa*e < f Children Ad irfiiL D . Box 13. 0'ar Otto* <4 M-tt* ANTED? BY A PROMPT AND PERM A . on! t?aat,i wail! Brick Uw?llla(,Malnl situated. Root from 91M to ?m Addre H , Box 106 Pest OMce. W 'Jr' w / ANTED TO R ENT.?A HOUaE CON . talnl^g 8 or 10 rooraa. One In thj Second or Third Ward* would b? preferred Addreea ?? Frank," City Poat OMoe, atatlag location. le fcrlpttoa aad street oc* 3to WANTED IMMEDIATELY?FOR A Small family, (no cklldreu) a convenient Dwell lag Houae Cellar Indispensable Rent not to evened ?400 Addroaa " TENANT," City Dispatch, oc *-*? WANTED ?A COLORFD GIRL TO DO chamberwork, wto can corns wei: worn mended None other coed apply Call *t 401 F MMl door from 7th. ? c M 3 ? WANTED ?AN EXPERIENCED COL ored Cook. Also, ? colorod woman t > take eharge of a child thr e year*of age Appiymlth recommendations at No 305 noeth C street, be? tweon 3i and streets, south atdo. oc*4-Ue WANTED-A SERVANT WOMAN TO Cook, Wash, and Iroa, aad do general Houaowork for a famllv cf iw ? persona Oac that aaltacan obtain liberal wage* and a permanent home. Apply at No 337 sih street, Wtween K and L streets ocM-3to House wanted immediately-Rent from S130 to S-JSO, between Oih and 14th ata , and New York and Pern avenue*. Address bv lettt- J . Y , care of Taylor A Mauiy,B< ofcstrre, ?oar Oth street rc ti Jte INFORMATION IS W ANTED OF BR1DG ET D AN AH ER, who left Philadelphia about ? yoars aad 6 months ago. Any Information of ta~ whereabouts will be thankfully received by her brother DEN NISDANAHER, at Janes Relley'a, corner of Kxc'er and l,owe ftreets, Haiti more, Md. rc? 3t? WANTED.?A COOK. WASHER AND lroaer, for a small fsmtlv Either colored or white, tone who can come well recommended wlllrocelve constant employment and good wajres. Inquire of B F. C U V , at the store of Slbly & Ouy, Pe.nn. avenue,between loth and II tlteeti. oc 91 WAN TED ?WANTED ?W ANTED?TO fled persona In want of the foilowlaf ar llcles: French or 6erir*9 Looking Blesses Portrait or Picture Emm*- , roand, ova". eraqiire Oil Painting, le.rpe aad j-mall Marble-top Bracketl Tables, in br?>nre or ft d All kinda of Plctuns framed, sod aov ntze Looking Glasses, or other work <n the riUlt.g line done to order with dlsr?tch. Also, a lot of ca^t- ron iirtclcttr, unliable f. r ?helving, Ac., oil hand Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N.H.?Old VVcik Keg!lt,and Looklae blast Piatrs I iis?rted. 055 Penna. a vent:?, oppcalte dirk wood liens*, dec II JOHN WA6NER Boarding. BOARDING ?A HANDSOME FURNISHED pjrlor and chstnber adjoining for rent, to gether or single, with or without U ard Also, one fine large front room, suitable for a family, with a good sited single room adjoining The hooae has a large yard, making it desirable for a family with children Term* reasonable Two table boardera can be accommodated. Apply at No. 446 10th street, between D and E cc?-lw* Board, Ac ?mrs bates,on thes w corner of Pennsylvania aver.ue and tth street la prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be marie to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board oan be obtained. apC-tf POLITICAL FL AOS AND STREAMERS, at LAMM UND'S <y g? 3t Noktn America* kkvikw fok October; Harper's Macaxlne for'.November. oc S3- FRANCE TAYLOR. Ladies1 leather h ei icules and Cabas. Mohair Bracelet and Belts, Card Cases, China Ornament*, Superior Pomade, Toilet Soaps, Ac ., at oc 23 tt LAMM ONE'S. MAILLARD'S CREAM FIOS?A NEW supply of Mailla'd'a Steam Candles just re ceived ; Including Bum Drops, Chocolates, Cretin Figs Ac KING A BURCHELL, oc'J3 Corner Vt ave. and 15th aaect ~ 1 1 ???? GHEAT INDUCEMENTS.?THE LARG c.-t stock of superb Piano Fortes, Melodoons, Guitars, Flutes, Aceordeona, Violins, Strlcgs, Ac., Ac , Is at the great emporium and first cias* Musi ? Store of JOHN F ELLIS, oc 43- 308 Pa. ave., near 10th street. DR. DCPRIE S CELEBRATED FILLS are the only effectual cure for Internal Pile*, Haltrheum, Ring-Worm, Ac. They are unrival led for purifying the blood io cents per box OMce 7f Nassau street. New York. Will be sent by mall. For sale by FORD A BRO , corner of llth st. and Penn. avenue oc U !\EW J EW ELRY .?JUST OPENED A lv very large assortment of new Jewelry, eon slatng of lMamonds, Coral, Cameo, Florentine, Mosaic, and other rich aty ea Our stock being much larger than u*nal, pur chasers are lnvltea to plve It an examination M. W ttALT A BRO , Jewellers, oc?J-6t 324 Pa. av., bet. Vth and 10th atreeta. VELVET AND CLOTH CLONES. il/E:OPEN TO-DAY ANOTHER INVOICE vv of beautiful Velvet and Clo<h Cloaia. and falmas, all the latest Ftylew, and which will be sold at the lowest so tie of prkes \ZT" We invite the special attention rf the la dies before making their selections of Cloaks COLLEY A SEARS, oe43-6t 528 7th St., 3 doors above Pa ave. WATCHES .?WE OPEN TO-DAY A case of very *uperlor Gold Watchee. for both lidle ar.d gentlemen, which, added to our fortne; stock, make* it more complete than ev?r We offer at unusually low rates Watches by every maker of celebrity In the world, wtl h ar? warranted accurate perfr.rmers M. W. GALT A BRO oc tW XII Ponn avenue PJTlCHOttANlE. HAVE JLST RECEIVED ANOTHER lot of Potlchcmanle Glass Vases; also, a beauti ful ?K>ortment of Flowers, Japanese tfceaws at'd Figuies. Mruahoa, Gum, Ac. I<sdl?s can inw be supplied with every thing nccessary to complete tho-e beautiful Vases. TLe extraordinary success which tbls act Las obtained may be ea.i!y accounted for. whea after an interesting ar.d easy labor of a few houra, we see a simple glass vessel transformed Into a Chi nese, Serres, Dresden, Etruscan. Terra Cotta, cr Japanese Vase. Uentlcmen desirous of p eseotlng a token of re membiancc to Ladlei can tcarcely Hod anything le-s expensive or more chaste and elegant or that will be more highly appreciated than a pair cf these V4iea and matsrlais. C. W BOTELER, oc 23-eolt Iron Hall I Notice to the ladii s?we have this day rectiv?d, and are now opening onr second instalment of French Hats of tee latest styles In Velvet, Silk, Satin, Plush aLd Ribbon. We shall be pleased to have the ladles call ard inspect our stock of Fall and W inter Hats, as we f^ci assured that we are nowerab!ed to satisfy the most fastidious either as regards style, qdall u or rrice HUTCHINSON A HUNKO, ce *4 ot Pa. av . bet. 0th ard loth (Urota. SEASONABLE GOODS. POAL HODS, COAL SCOOPS, COAL SHOVELS, COAL SE1VEB, TONGS AND SHOVELS. ANDIRONS, FENDERS, WOOD SAWS AND AXES. BRITISH LUSTRE, STORE BRUSHES, Ac , Ac , J u?t received and for sale at low prices by E. TUCKEk A SON, cc SI 4t 363 Pa avenue SO 000 PEACH TREES. ATTEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR ?meat my Nursery, near Washington ?? The above trees are all of fine growth, sndWw of the beat select fruit. Also, a general assortment of ORNAMENTAL, EVERGREEN, SHADE, aad FRUIT TREtB c-c? tt JQ8HUA PE1RCE. t CCA MA6NOLIA HOUSE FOR l>ALE. CJvtJvF The Pnrnitue, Fixtures and Good W U1 of one of the best located R ESTAU R AN Ts In Washington will be sold for S530 Cask. The House la situated on the business side of Pena lylvaala aveuu , between loth aad llth streets, tad contains six rooms besides Bar Room ai d i eliar App'y at tho Auction-House of J. C AlcGL'IRE. ; oc tt-3t