Newspaper of Evening Star, October 27, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 27, 1856 Page 1
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It THE 2VEWING STAB, fPUISHED KVKKY AFTBRNVVRt (Z\r.KPT SUNDAY,) If ?k? SMf <nmf #/ Ptmrnsflwm4m ??mm ??< it'liraU ilntf, By W. D. W1LL1CB, Will be aefrved to enbacribers by ranters al SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly lo the Agents; papera served ia package* at 37jf fronts per month. To mall an bar fibers the sub scription price la TUKKK DOLLARS AND Flp. IV CENTS a year taaJronea, TWO DOLLARS for *lx mootha, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; tot leee tbaa three moaths at the rate of li^ cent* a week. IZT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. II HAIR'S Improved Sowing Machino*. To which waa granted the Highaat Award of the Pari* Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. 'PRE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA t chine haa at mpllfled them in many reepeete. end they arecapableof executing twice the amount of work they did formerly in any given time. Puey are without question the only Machines ca 8able of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a htrt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be In-any of these machines by a simpieohange ef ne^lie and thread in such a manner thai the el?est scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will Ind them tae only aafe Machines to parehase, as the? are built strong tad durable, and not likelv to g?t out of order. vihVr?. machines with gnages attached, for binding hats, cap-fronts, gnlters, Ac. r M. SINGER * CO., 103 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N. II ? We are prepared to exchange these ma entaes for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral. Peraoas who have t>eea induced to purchase n ferine mac hi ass under the pretext ef belaa cue ip, will tad this a beaettt Indeed. mar ie?tf A KULL SUPPLY OK fll.L AND Wl!f TKK U'JOUS. JOHN H.SMOOT,Nn 11?# SOITH SIDE OF Bridge street, Ge v^etowa, D C ? has recently re eived fr*n the Urge Importing, Commission, and Auction Houses, of New VorY a general as sortmmt of Pall and Winter Roods embracing evers kind of ? ^ l.iild Dresa Goods Rrtcade, Striped. Plaid and Blaek Silks Printed Strip-d, and Plain Mouslin Delalnei 1^ rench Merinos and Alapacas A routine and Striped Pop Ins L'r.^ht small ig ired Monslia Delilne* tor child ren Kick (all wjol) Marino Pla'di, b?t quality Ua Ombre shaded striped Mousllns and single widt'i l.eepaus Black Mouslln Delaines Jj?i pieces English ?nd Americn Prints White Ca-nhrlM, M'nlln aad Nainsooks Plil I. striped and figured Moiped and Manilla Corded Skirts Tarletans, worked and silk Illusions Blaik Crape Falls and VelU English Cnpes aad Motiraln* dollars ?it:k Lsce Collars and Setts' Embroideries of every kind Stelln and Broeti* Shawl* and Scarfs Long and Square Black Thibet Sbtwis verv cheap ' 7 Heavy Gray aad ?ia ;k Woollen Sbiwla Ladles superior French Kid Gloves of (all Nos ) f>a'k colon, Modes, While, and Black, it rents Gents Kid, best Fancyand other Giov s Ladle*. Misses, and Gents Hose *nd \ Hose in Cotton, Merino, and Saxony Wool, all sizes Ladles Merino and Silk Vests Genu heavy Merino and Saxony Wool lc Keil Wei:hand every other make Flannels K-al Freaah I'lald and plain Joaey do With a general of Cloths. Ca**i meres, rweeds, Jeans. Satin-ts, Silk and Merino V eat ings, Canton Flannels, Shirtings, Sheeting*. Linen and Co ton; Irish Linens, Klchardsea and Djnbar Dickson's ; B?ank*ts of eve-y kind Ta ble Danwii and Table Cloths, all sizes; Damask Napkins, H irkabtek and Board Tow es, with every kind of *oh!? us tally kept la a well as lortet stock, which pr ?m.?t paving and cash cus tonnrs w \f always rely upon buying as eh*ap as the sira? qua'itlej ami styles can ?>e had in th* District A Cil! !? ?ol!?*lted H-U JOHN H SMOOT. *JW STOVE HX> V 8 E TEE GREATEST COOKIIfO STOVE EVER INTRODUCED INTO THE UNITED STATES. FOR COAL OR WOOD. 13,000 In I'ae. Fear slzss : Ns, 6. T. S, 9. U ALLAUHEK'ij CaLIIRATID MORNING STAR, OVUULE OVEN COOKINU STOVK. Tne tfeiit, the Cheapest, mrm: Substantial and most Perfect Cooking Stove In the Union. 13,lhJU #/ Mei< Stoi*\ art nuio m ?ucrt*sful optrai to* This splendid ('oo?i Stove has now been t'lor on?hly tested d irin,/ tae last four years; they operate In the b?-*t and in??t satisfactory manner, I hire f illy tried thfiH with w n>d and coal, and strj s<iy re romm *nd tt?e a. 1'acy ate heavy and very du -able, aad tae Is aeat a id bethll ul. With a in t.lerate lire, tu s Stove will Bake thr<?e lowes or Br-id. Kiia-t a turkey, Boil two limner Pols, Brill a rt.*-Mra^ ar.d b< at the Water f<?r waihlu-j, all at tu#? same time. * on are r<-s>pectfu!ly invlit-d locsll and examine the a'wve sol^ndld <*o>kln/ ttove '* GALLA GHKK'S MOK NINO rtlAK ?' PSUuo*: A J GALLAGHER, Philadelphia OALLMillKH'H SUNRISE AIR-riQHT, Patentsd, ISiO. A New and Spl^nd'd Large Oven t'LA I' TUF COOKING STOVE, FOR COA I. OK WOOD kenr kizel: ^e. 6, 7, ??, 9. It Is only necessary t.j ^y, after very many y**ars of eS|?ertenr^, and br-l?x fully conversant with atl of the various kinds of Stoves wblclt have been invented on the down-draft principle last i uave taken ad vantage of every well known Improvement t at bis irom time to time been made, particularly in r^rr.tce to the formation and constriction of tae flues, which are alwavs necessary u? tu 1 irge and I have fully applied t-very lmprove-'unit and combined them all In the " ^isartj* Air-Ttg Kt Cooking +tovt ?> This Htove is ?ad- very t^eavy and is a :/o*d ?ubstan tiil article I ba?'e the a ? rira \t*c* In all parts Where l nig ta^neace Us proved it to be l4?>or,ant, and I cin assure my cnstoiuera t?a I have spired aciiner pa!us nor er pease In "et tlug it up; a'id it will not i>e excelled by anv stove new kj?>wii, ?f a?!.ui!ar cnara ter- I aiu convinced inai it will at o-ite heroine a siaaaaiJ S>t?we ll/* 1 have full, uieJ them in every way, with Wo?d tul Coal, aod su .igly r*.< ommeni ibem te the public Taey operate Is ths most satlstao Pate .iee : A J GALLAGri r.K, Philadelphia For sale on y by C. Wn 'DW AKI)ft SON, Ne*t door to C Woodward's old st?ni. Pa av , oetweeu loin a .d 11th sis , No J18. N. B ? A!: o, a ve.y large assortment of the lstes*. and most approved patterus of Writes, Par lor, Cha mber, D niug Foom, Ottce and sjtore Htoves of all sizes, f< r w -/d aud coal, that the North can furmsu. oest su : d to thid market. Von will do well t?' raa tad exsu.k.e our as sort men: of goods. W ^ ^ .1 uke grtat jia?btite la showing oar as->onairn; We are sure that our Goods are ve. y low, a* we buy fot caah jCTTbb*s ca6H. nnto-i* I kU MUiMSON. Al .IK PENN'A AVENUE. J * is still ;uuk.3/ *.-obeautiful ooiltlnuous 8L.I 11.1.111, Caiit-d^niSK Allen ? Patent, for tae excei.t-acy oi which over all other lilies of ie?ih, tnanv now wearlug the.a in tklscUy, wi:l vouch There is oua lienti-c ia tais city who has beea Infringing the patent, and male a had Imitation of it, against whom < hereby caution the public N B Wneaever a Dentist apeaks a'alnat Alien's Pater.t Coat:ajoua ?u a Teeth, "whea proforlf coHiiructii, It la becaurve he is ignc.ant of the p.-j^ess, Incom eieut to nuke the work, or a ui jrilllng to pay for the patent j<? in.if L. J. MIUULkfUll, DULU in Ui, ojt -^athwesi owiuer of F aad MM VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, I). ?., MONDAY. ' ? - . 21 , ? OCTOBER 27, 1856. NO. 1,160 OFFICIAL. Tkxaiuit Dbfaitmbmt, May Jb, ISM. Notice la her#by given to the holders of the stock Issued punoMt to the act of Congress of ttd Jaly, 1846, that such stock la redeemable by Its terms, end will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of tfre certificates thereof, on the lith of November next, when Interest thereon will oease. This department will continue to purchasesneh < stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the following premium, in addltioa to the .Interest aocrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reaek I the vendor: On such stoek received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In elusive, one-half of one per oent. on the amounts ?peelled la the certlflcates; Oa such stock received between the 1st and 31s! iays of August, one-fourth of one per cent; Aad on such stock received after tbeSlst day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one lay's additional Interest only, wlU be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice mast be duly assigned to the United Slates by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when tent prior to the 1st J uly the cm-rent half year's Interest tnu I also be as- j signed by the present stockholder, otherwise sneh Interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other j ? locks of the United States that this depart meat , ?ill purchase the same between the 1st day of j I una and the 1st day of December next, unless tie sumof $ l >to,ouoshall be previously obtained, ind will pay for the same, In addition to the ln e>4?t accrued from 'he day of the last dividend ?/interest, and on* day's additional interest for ) La 4iouey to roach the vendor, the following rates >f premium: On stock of the loan of lt>44, a premium of It *-r cent.; On stock of the loaasof 1b47 and 1348a premium >f 16 per cent.; And on stock issued under the act of Vth Sep ^mber, laM, commonly called Texan Indemnity nock, a premium of* par cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should t>e duly assigned to the United States by the par ;y entitled to receive the money ; and If sent pre rlous to the 1st July, the current half-year's in Are-tt must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to hat day will be payable to him as heretofore. fay meat for all the foregoing stocks will be nade by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos as, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties ^titled to receive the moaey may direct. JAMES GUFUK1K, m W-diUNov Secretary of the Treasury. OFflCIAL. Treasury Dsparru?*T, August W, 1&6. Whereas the following join? relation of Congress has become a law : Joixt lit*jLnriox ex'endin; the time for the eredi torsof Texas to present ? h?-ir claim* RuoU-ed hiy the Senate a>ui Home of Rejrreievi* Uet* of Ike UiuteJ Si ate? of -hnerica in Congrr*t at tfjnhleJ, That an agre??ab y to the prevision of the iiMirth -ection of the an of the SWth of Febrnary, l-o>, ?? lo provide r?r the paym-nt of such wditora o: the late repnb'ic of Texa ? as are comprehended in the a it of Congress of f*et,-ember 9th, 1850,w no t?ce, by public aivertisi-inent, wa? duly given for me hj>* ;e ?d ninety days by the Hecretary of the Treasury, of the umc a; which pavineut of the amount appropriated by the tt'th section of said act would be male, pro rata, on ar-y b nd, certiricafe, or evidenam of debt of said *ia e, which should be prc*?n<?d a>. the Treasury Deparim>ut thirty days preceding lite 13ih ray of June, i8V", the limit of said notice; and a* it is represented bv the said Secretary of the Treasury, that of >aiJ bonds, cer tatica es, and evidences ot deb', which have been recognized by the State of Texas, the Fame, equal to lb j sum ot three hundred aid Eighty nine thon ? snd ?ik hundred and ninety-three dollar and seven centswere not presented tothelVa ury Department prior lo thw said I3lh of Juue, iker> tore, in order to do full justice to lUe hoi lers of a>d debi, the Hecre !* y ot the Treaoiry is hereby a<iiiorized to pay to the holjers of any of the ?aid bond*, certificate^, or evidences, of debt, not presented before the l^ilh day ol Juue last, who may present a d prove the use at the Treasury Depa tin - tit. between the 13th day of Ju .e last and the 1st day of January next, and execute the proper releases to the United Stales the State of Texas, their jtre rata ?hare of the ?u<<i seven in llion seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and after payment thereof, the taid Serre tary ol the Treasury is authorized and required to diauibute and pay the residue of the >aid seven mil lion* seven hundred and titty thousand dollars, then remaining in the treasury, yro rata, amongst all tbe vdid boid-rrs who may have proved their Maim i, and exeeutej the prop* r releases oil or before the 1st Jay o: Jauua y next. Approved August 18th, 1656. NOTiOKM nsaxax atvsn to the holier* of bonds, certificates, uuJ evidences of debt of the late repub lie >f Texas, which were not presented at this do ptmin?-ui on vi before the 13ih day of June last, that th<-saini will settli J a:iJ the yio rata amount tl.ereon will 0 paid to the lawful holders thereof if |M>-*?suiwd bsfjre the tlr?:t day of January next, a? com^xiuied wUh tUe no svs^iiy evidence of their gm ulneness, wuh asuignmeuis to the United States, re quired to ^ive this de, artm?*ni the custody of such b tud , ee'titljalee, and evidence* of debt, anJ with releases to the United Slates and T?ias, in accord ant wuh lh?- provuions of the aet of Coogreaeof J-lh i'. bruary, IBSO. 'ihisdst>aMinebt will not re-jnire ? videnre of gen uineness to be prcafcuted with the certificate*issued by the aadit >1 and eoiupu illsr of Texas uuderthe lavs *fthe State. But np'?*.en?esiiomtausof ver i/ying the certificates, bond* and promissory notes issued hy the republic of Texas, end not presents! to, noraJdited by, the oScex* of tUs State. The aeoeasary and proper proof of the genuin< uesscf tne latl?*r is tbe certificate of the c;?mj.iroller ol t^e Stale of Texas, who has the otLjial charge of tie I*ig1iiala?<isivcs relating to the debt of the laie ro pulda of Texas Ths alignment auJ releases may be uiecutej Hi'.d a knowlfJged in the presence of the Aa; laiant ?ecr< tary of the Treasury, or th?; chief clerk thereof, in the j-fe.enc* of a nota?y pitblx', and be witnessed by tae Av-israat S?-cre a y, or ehisf clerk a >d nota iy, a.i.l be eeriifi? d by the notary under his nota riats<al; but wheo toe holders d.clre to niake ths a sigtiiiieut aad execute the roleasfs out of the city of Washington, it may be done in the presence of an assistantt.ea>urer, or collector, or surveyor of the ??atoms,lit ike presence of a n r.a y public, ami b witnessed by the collector or ju?veyor and ihe uie 1111 >' public, aul beaertifled by the riotaiy undei i<U u.'ia -ta1 ?f a'; and if t.'.ere be uo collector i?r?urv-#y ? ?r of the customs at i?ie p!aoe where th.? party r? Sid- p, th - a-sir 111111'in and reli a >es may be uiecuti before any court of reeoi d, iu the presence of the ;i*Jjj? and cl iktliereof and be witnesstd by tb^in a id tviiiii'd by the cleik under liia t^ai of ottee and if the bolder be out of the United ^.a:es th? as si^nni'Bt and releases may b ? executed before ai< t'mtfd tsiau sconsul, and be witae*Mg aMdeertificd by hiin under kis consular ss-al. Ail persousexe eoiiLgsuch assignmentsaua relfas?a matt also d? dare, wader oath, bef?retfce notaiy, slerk,or con sul, a* the case may b *, that thsy are the real ow ?fsoftie seitificatesor other evldeuces of debt, tliat the same have been assigned to them, 6o?a fUe} f ?t collection ; and the notary, clerk,<>r c -nsul must iaeluJs tbc fact ol thatJeela:ation In '.heir eer? lift a eofajkaewledgineui. Ii asstgaed tor collection, or in pledge, the name ot the party holding the b. iii-flcial or recutita'y in wtest iu the claim ium( bv ?taud m Un afhiavn and a releaae to the United Siatra and releas? to lenj mut b? duly executrd by such party, to gether with the assignment and reieasea from the p?r*on iu whoae favor settlement and payment i? requested. Que or more audited certificates, or one or mo;e evidence of th? name character of debt, may b? in cluded in the same awigament, releases, and affida vit of ownership, it each certificate is correctly do> scribed by number, date, amount, a<d name of tlie orlgii al payee. It should also appear whether the certificatea were Usued by the authorities of the State ot Tews, on acoouut of the d' btsif the repub Uo, or were issued by the republic of Texas, accord ing to the lacts of eaeh rase. I he assignment to the Uaiuxl States may be made in common form ; the rc-hasea should be drawn ac cording to the forms subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Treasury. -Form Jt. Know all n r-ons by these prcaents that has rej&a <?d, and hi?by releases, the United 8'a ea of Am rka from aD farther habiBty or claim for the payment rertilicate or eviaence of debt number for the sum off??, issued by th? lute republk- of Texas. (?r by the authorities ol ?he State vt Texas, n tlie case may be,) and re d' cmed by the United InarcHriianMwuh the ffovrtiotts ol *?? net of Congress entitled "An act to prori e twr the payment of such cjeditors of the late republic of Te>as a* ura comprehended in the aotof Cougresa of Seotasnber nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 28th day ofYedruanr, 1855, and an act of the ? late of Texas, approved the 1st ef tYbruaiy 1856. A-? witness my hand and seal. Fur in B. Know all |wr?ons by these presents that has released, a:id hereby releasee, the S.a eof Texas from all further liability or claim tor tlie pay infill of certiliia;.e or evidence ol d'bt number 1 f'W the sum ol J??, issued by the late re pi.bin- ol Texas,(or by the Bullion tied of the Siate of T. ias, a* the caae may be,) and redeemed by the United sMaie.- in a-vor.?a:tCe with the provisions of an act of (-oiigr?'ss, entitled " An act to provide for ill* payment of such creditors of the late r. public ol 'IVnas a* ar?- comprehended in the act of Congress ol September nine, eithteeii hundred and tiny," approved llie 28ih of F< binary, 1855, and an act ol the fliate M Texas, approved the 1st or February, ldifi. As witnes; my hand and seal. The following is a Ii-t of the audited certiorates ?'"tll oil ? a iduig: Au Issued to. A'o. hint.I to. 1 r D romakins IH.19 O^ar Cnjli'ilnw 18 Bukman CanliHd 1675 ?,( Ausiin 31 John A (Hilton College II K Muee lo*? G II Mnn^iiat 9l Co 53 R '< Hobb* 16*0 John Karner 84 J De Cordova 17?4 Daniel Carl ?W John Bwrningi am 1#W>?V1A.. 113 rUineas lie Cordova 173.1 J VValeott 176 E Baldwin 1716 John W Pom 1*1 James Tilfhman 1770 J K Liiioit 192 Maihias Clark ItSOT Harriet George 2j!?}EU.aSEarle ^ Mi!^ 3 ^ J 18-29 Nd'l ano l Kun'dei 328 O Rlineau 1831 > Levi Tyler, a un'r 344 J R Wad" 1833 ] of\V II Keliy 36* Petery at Booth 1838 Samuel Wildey ,t!*i i.otl Uusieii 1MD Geoig,* Sutheiland 404 S King'-ley 1841 J P Ifennings 427 J ra ker, for Elir.a- 1842 > , ? ., . b^th Parb? r, ex'x 184-lj 437 Benedict Rayley 18-14 Edmund Ballinger 445 Leander B?a>on 1851 J U |,o?an 466 Win Odlin 1856 C P Green 467 John W King 186", David Ayre* 509 T R Webb l*t>9 Thomes FJaine* 510 A S T| in-in ond 1878 C 8rtii edit-man ti .148 TImw W Marshall 18?0 J T Jeweit 615 David 8 Kaufman 1H97 V Emma 64:j Geoi),* W Parkfr leity Pai ilia L? e' t>4t Crutcher&McRavenl^JO T W Gros?mpver Si\ Wm Flow.-r Johnson baij I9'2e llobert I.iislc 6.VI J A Simss >u ISfci!) E W I'awiliern 0^9 Wm II Be!rher 19Wm Cochran 677 li ii Wiliiaias 1V.'12 Fianci- M ?>or?? jr 701 Ftflix Riedrr IfOTl Andrew I>atey l\l \ Rr.bert P.l!e *?* .l8a?c ' I wvUU f ? i|f | 77.1 Win Joues 1.104/ Viclceiy 779 Wm Walker .. , _ 793 Dyer P? arl |7lg| Paul Bremoad 8 2 IsaaaL liiH UIC6 ? 863 Hermouan Brown 1610 i ? Burnet 874 John W Bower 210^1 ? M M 879 latnes McMa.ter 193> * McMaster 914 Dyer P^ail 2135 ) t, ? ? , 915 Ma y Klen Heden- 1858$ i 1 CH"t'y b"rg a145> 930 J Ellis fi23 ( 3 w V uber 932 Mrs Mary Belvilie 2104 ? , ? 1010 Anson tTranson 15011 Louisiana Davis 1012 R M Forbes 2303 E Frost 10i45 James N llogan 23"6 Thomas Reed 1043 Thomas Lludnay 2316 Harrison C Bryant 104S James L Greeu J a McDonald 104< Jesse Daniel 2340 Arthur Garner 1048 J B Daniel 2311 J F Martchett lOjo Charles Vincent 2:141 Andrews & Grover 1058 Will is Millicau 23iO J D Giddiuus 1059 J D Millicau 2354 J Ciawlord jr 1062 John Davis 2358 4 P KJgerton I06;? Wm Barton 2359 Thomas Warner jr 1079 W A l.oekhart -'1>3 Geoige K Sietare 1080 R Morton 2^1 Fiancix Brichta 1135 James Kil'am 2:iK2 Kluab'th Carter 1196 C II Tuylof 2383 Win l;avi.s 1241 Youngs (X.leman 2.i87 Jo?.-ph T< mlinson 1248 Robert MeNutt 2390 Siieed & Turner 1249 John W Cloud, per'->390 Win Kimbro att'y I H Kaymond J400 II il llaynie 1263 E De Pon ois 2401 |. W Mill)auk 1209 C P Green 244W ? atherine All. a 1275 G W Sinks k J U '2405 Henry Krmg Shaw 241.1 J W Lawrence 1297 John Kendrirk 24'8 Stephen Smith 1298 Samuel Hidden 2434 A C llorlon lj?00 John Johnson 24.?8 EPaphalet Easton 1301 Sn*an Massiex 2442 Lemuel BDickeuaon 1362 Thomas II Forrester2-150 Wm H Thomp-ou i:?85 B R Warner 2152 '/ vVm Eddy 1423 William Fiels i*471 J E llerrou 1424 G W Onborii0 2471 \ B Hemphill 1425 John A Rutherford 2477 Aaron IJaughton 1427 Corn, lius Vanuoy U479 l!-ir? ol' John Joue* 1428 Joseph Bates 24h0 " Joel Hi J 1473 Ann B Reese 2481 " Warren A burn I.MS Lumburd Minus 2482 ?< John L Monks 1521 J C Moore 24KI " Peter Aldrich 1523 John James 2490 M A Dooly l.r?54 K II Douglas 2590 1 jeorge C Day cashier 1570 E M Fu>h 2.VJ1 F Kennett II Co 1572 Wm Kerr 2503 John W Scbnmpf 1580 James A Mnody 2504 W t! Blair 1581 P Bickford 2512 M Rorberttaili* 1612 John Lamer 2513 Henry B Brooka 1615 John Cameron 2514 Gabnel Trumwtlt 1G2J John D Taylor 2528 H S Morgan 1624 Levi Mercer 2529 Furbur k Bean 1625 E'i Mercer 35114 Sarah Newman The outstanding evidences of other classes of tha debt ol the republic of Texas cannot be specified by this Departm? ut. au 22-dtl tJanl BOOk U1NUIN44. Corner E tventh street and Maryland avenue, near the Smttktonian Institution ^IIWARI) LYC4CT* KKBPEJJTFU LLY IN a forms the subscrlbera to Brown's Ulble and Sbakspeare, now Junt completed, that he la pre pared to bind tboae works in a superior atyle of ele^ancOj ttrentjib and solidity, and upo i much more reasonable terms than can be done In Haiti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad drev>ed to b!m (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscriber* specimens of M? style of binding, fcvery kind of Rook Hludlnv neatly ex ecuted - se27-om WUUD AND COAL. WK ARE DAILV RECEIVING LARUE supplies of WOOD and COAL, which we can nell from the boats at very low prlctw. Fer ?ions desirous of laying In their winter fuel would do well to give us a call before purehRMriK eUe where. UUOUE ft O'NKILL Me 2 No. 105 Water Hreet, Georgetown BAItmor EVERY DlStKIfTION, a ao Willow Chalrw, atd an endlew variety of Notlona juat received, at No. 20 Fenna avenue, between 8th and 9th streets cc 22- H J McLAUGHI IN A Co ?IT Ml) GRAPHIC PORTRAIT or James King, of William, on India paper; prlca 11,50; jast.recelved from San Kranclac >. oc 16 PKANCK TAYLOR QCHOOL RUTKS OF ALL SORTS ARO '?lies, cheaper than any other place In the city. h. j Mclaughlin a oh., oc 15 Penn ave , bet t^th and 9ib street*, MKLOOKORS.-TH R EE BEAUTIFUL model Melodeons ju?treceived at (he gtrat i'lauo Forte and Music Ealablishnitnt of JOHN F. ELLIS, 45 between ath and vth atreeta. E L Educational. or MISS HEWITT 3 MULISH ANU ? KE1CI1 ROAKUIRK AND DAY SCHOOL, yp. 397, corner of V>te York ?e?*ire and 131* tt rpHE SCHOLASTIC YEAR COMMENCES I the first Monday In September, and ends tbe last Friday In June, aad Is divided Into two ses

sion*. The Principal will be assisted by the moat com peteat English and French resident teachers. and every f c?ntyoltt?red fer pursuing Msslcandall the various branches of modem aecoinpllsb mania Far further particular*, term*. Ac., sie Circu lars at bookstores, or at the residence r.f tbe Prin cipal' an sM4t&rotf YOU NO MEN OK WASIUNOTOtl. J'Vet lecture* tvery "Monday night. /of /ottr tn*r?s, commenrtHg October 20fA, A T T 11 E UNION ACADEMY. Such Young Men of thla t Ity aa wish to obtain a thorough and practical knowledge of Purveying, Civil Engineering, Book Keeping, and of such branches as will fit them for successful business, will And a good opportunity In the DAY o EVENING SCHOOL, at the Union Academy oc 13 7. RICHARDS, Principal ENULIIH AND tLAMItAb BOAKUINU SCHOOL, rOK BO**, Mount J of, Lancaster county, Penmyli'ania. ??:. I,. MOORK, A. M. Principal. rpHK WINTKH SESSION WILL CUM 1 meueeon Tuesday, the 4th of November Terms #7.> per session, of 5 months, including board, washing, tuition, Jtc. Circulars containing particular mav be had on application to the Principal. oc 14-lm* A~CAH D. MItS. FRANKLIN. TEACHER OF VOCAL Music, No. 4IW Eftreet, between 9tki and ;Oth streets References : Mr. R . Davis, and Mr tl ;lbus, M uslc stores. se 17-3m MRS. O. II. SMITH, 4'Ju I) ttrtet nortit, bttwten tUK anil 7i4, KEGS LEA VETO INFORM THE LADIES of Washington, Georg, town, and vicinity tLat she is pr part-d to fMve iiut uctlon. In i and private lessons. In the art of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and VASES Also, Wax Fruit and Ornamental Leather work Ladles wishing to avail themselves r-t this op portunity of requiring a most beautiful accom piisbment will please call -is early as pessibie, as Mrs S. doe* not contemplate remiliiii-g long in the city. TKRM": Wax Flowers In Classes, per tern, of IS les sons ?5 Wax 1- rult in Classes, per terra of 14 le*sou>..#5 Leather Work In Classes, }?er term of S lessors %i Private Lessons Jl each?Vase- *10. Itoquetsand Vases, Wreaths, Single FUvrera, ?Vc , for sale, or made to order. ar. *M<in CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT. > REV. G. W DORKANCK,V rK? rpHK NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS 1 Academv will continence on .Monday, Sen teinber 1st. 1&56. For terms see circulars at tne prlu Mpal Book Stores au 1-tf W PILES?P'LES - 1'ILES. E CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are .iffllcted with this dreadful complaint to '.he following swo?n certlflcate from one of our most respec'abie citlzjns, the father-in-law of tbe proprietor of the "'Cornier des Etas L'nls," and formerly gunmaker In Philadelphia : Naw York, Aug. Vflth, 1936. Da Di'PR K-Dear Sir: ?I hereby certify ttoatl Live been atfllc ed with the Piles for nearly siity yesrs, that 1 have used elghte-n bottles of Barne*' PUe Lotlrn^end everything else I could here of. but all to no efl>e.t, for they did mft little or no toed. About two months since, 1 commenced using your remedies frr the Plle?, s d have the t?ppirie?s losay that they have fc^d th? desired effect, havinjfcored me 1 consider this almost* miracle, for I am eighty years of age. 1 sincere ly recommend them to sll afflicted with the al?ove complaint. P. VALLEE, 73 Franklin at Htst# of Nct* York, / New York City ard County J 1, Joseph C Lawrence, do hereiiy certify tha'. c n the dav of the da'e hertof, b?foie me personal ly came P. Valiee, to m* well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that ?tie contents t f the foregoing certificate signed )>v him are true In witness wbe?eof i hava subscribed my r.arae, as Commissioner of Deeds ar.d as a Nota.y Public cf the State of New York, and Lave af fixed my Notarial Sea! at rny otHce, in New York, tnis 2t>th day cf August, 135# JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE. Commissioner of Deed- a; d Notary Public of the State of New York, <57 Wall street, New ork We challenge the Medical Faculty of the Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to the above Dr. Duprle'a Remedies are tie only cf fectual cure for interaal Piles. Only 50 cents per box. Ofiice?7*? Nassau street, New York. Wiilbe sent by mail to any part of the United states For sale by FORD A UKO , corner of il!h street and Pa. ave, Washington, D. C. oc fit HATH, CAP , AND fl K.1 [VOW READY' AT ST1NEME1Z ?, No. 'JJS ll Pennsylvania avrnne. near Pith ftreet. a fine assortment of DK ESS * ATS, consisting of New York, Philadelphia, and B*itln; ore styles of various qualities and prices, from 50 to #5 Pwtlmla ttlen tUm Is Invited to our and * i jo liats, which are as good as can be bought In this city Also, FELT HATS and CAPS fur Meu and Buys, of ev^ry variety and style. Together with Children's Fancy Ha*s and Utilises Flats FOR THE LADIES AND CH ll.DR EN , we ha'e >>n Laud, and will be receiving, FANCv FUMS, made up Into the most modern btyle*. Terms-StaJy P*V oc 11-tf W. (tULLAKS AND EMBKOIDfc K'*S. -Inst J received, a choice lot of Collars and Euibrol derles, and lower than can be putcha-ed at an other place in the cltv GEO. II CASSIDY A , Successors to A Tate, No UI4 IVtin avr , oc 18 between 3 li and Vth streets. The steamer oeokoe washing. TON wllldepartatthe follow- jl. lng hours: AnMwSBbk Leave Alexandria 7jy, 9, 11, IX, 3^, 5^ Leave Washington...*!, 10, l!i, -2^, 6 jeai-d JOB CORSON, Caputa aroit mount vek.non. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?FARE ROUND TUP. tl; FROM t* A LE X A N D RIA 75 C EN TS ?The steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washing Ion at V and Alexandria at'J# o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol fur the boat at tijf o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with Georpe A. Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the boat. ap -' tf SAM'L BEDNEV. Iltphh ciiakuk or iiouks. ON AND AFTER MONDAY. A'UE ;k?tn of June, the Steamer GEORGE PAVE will ruu at the following, hours: Leave Alexandria at H, 10, Pi, 8j^ o'clock. Leave Washington #. v, 11,1#, ;!#, 5#, aad 7 o'clock. Je-JU-tf ELLIS L. PR ICE, Captalc. O. M ETZEKOTT, Cerner ef Eleventh ? street and Pennsylvania Aveaue, has always on hand the larrvat assortment cf PIANO FORTES in Washlngten, from the celebrated factories of Raven, Bacon A Co , W 1111 nn Miller, Ro-enkranz, and others, from *175 up to fi^ot. Warranted for two yeais, and kept in tune with out charge. PMnall's Melodeons, and a large stcck of Musical Instruments, in press?" 11 Trovatore " oct 18-tf LKHIOH COAL DISC HA HO I NO. NOW UNLOADING?ONE CARGO OF SU- I perlor LEHIGH COAL. A deduction made from the vessel. Wood of tke best quality always on hand Coal kept under cover. 2^M0 lbs to tbe ton. T. J. A W. M. GALT, oc 20?t| N. W. cor. l*th and C sts., No. M7 JUST KKCK1VKD-THE BALLADE OK Ireland, also. The New York Ledger, with continuation of Orion The Gold Beater, which is decidedly the best of Syivanus Cobb's unrlveilf d storiew, at FERGUSON'S., o: 17- Next to LAMMOND, 4N5 7?h *t M>Ki'OKATio7T~?TOCAT-CoIKJ ' ratios of WasUlugton Stock for sale at CRWiiU UKOTHLK3, (. EVENING STAR.i THE UNLUCKY TRIMMER Au Aa?r<?te ?( >H?4?ru Uia^iri. in Hungary, towards the close of 1S4X, war was the on I j theme in vogue , in Pesth, the word 44 peace" was quite out of fashion. The hotels were filled with guests who met for the ( purpose of discussing the favorite topic?mar- . tial music was heard from morning till night? , the European war was preparing Two per- | sonages were sitting together betore a small ! tible at tbe hotel Nagy Pipa, te whom the Uerman aajing might have been applied ? ?' l)er nit schweight, den uvJrre hurt Zu," (One keeps ailence. the other listens to him ;) for one or tbeec two persons seemed attentive ly considering the probable or possible cause of hU companion's silence, casting from time to time a scrutinising look on his countenance, intended to penetrate whatever dark object might be pawing within. ThU observant in dividual was uo other than the humaue Mas t^r Janos, police corporal and vice-jailor of the noblo city of Pesth ; and when we inform our readers that be occupied this post during Mettemicb's time, and tuat, notwithstanding that minister'soverthrow, he still retained his ! position?unlike the usual fate of the adher- I ciitB of a fallen system?they will surely ad- , mit that the favorite of fortune could not be better personified than by the same Muter I Jiinofl Nor can it be denied thnt the indi , vidual opposite waa much persecuted by the i tickle goddess as the other waa favored This was obvious, not only from the fact that he ' was at that moment the objtct of honest Mas- ' ter Janos's suspicious glances, but that he was , u- that locality at all?that ? nailsmith'.s ap preutice from Vienna had wandered into ilun g ?jy, of all placcs on earth, a country where the craft is carried on wholesale at tbe corner of every village by the Wallarhian gipsies Master Jan?s had not studied Lavater , hut b'tg led him to conclude, af ter minute examination of the mat.'* eounte- i nance, that some couuter-revolutionary .-c lie mo was turning his head; consequently he drew bis chair nearer, and proceeded to break the silence. " Where do y >u come from, sir, it i tiny | presume to ask ?" ho inquired, with wily glance at his companion ? Hyay ' from Vienna." sighed the s?ran ^er. looking into the bottom ol bis glass ?' And what news lrom that city ' ? ilyjy ' nothing good " ?'Eh, what'?nothing good' Whit bad, . then 44 Hyay ' war is feared " " Feared ' what audacity ' How dare they fear?" " Hyay . 1 do not tear. >ir, at thirty ?eaguts distance; but once I heard from the tellar J h>>w they were bombarding the streets, and I ; iound nothing agreeable in it " Master James found increased reasous for .-u-picion; he re^olve l to make the man drink, expecting to come by this means up< n ' the traces of soma dangerous plot How much does a nailsmith's stomach ra il aire ? At the feeond pitcher, his head sunk s.owly bacV, and his tongue moved with diffi- t oylty '* Now for it." thought Master Jtnot. i filling his glass " E'jen !?liberty !" he ex claimed, waiting fur the nailsmith to strike glasses. The latter was not long in re-pond- j *.o the invitation, and echoed the word 44 Et- j jan!" as well as his thickening tongue per- i milted 4; Now, it is your turn to give a toast,' said ; the vice-jailer, eyeing his victim. " Indeed, i am nr<t used to give toasts, fir; ! I only drink them. ' " Come, be sociable ; drink to anybody ynu ' think the greatest man in the world " ?4 In the whole world'' replied the nail smith, reflecting that tne world was very large, and that he knew very little about it 4i Yes, in tho whole world," pursued Master ' Janos. confidently The nailimith hesitated, scratched his nose, scratched his ears, scratched his whole head, an4 finally cried out: 44 Success to Master Sli- ' mak'" The vice-jailer shuddered at this public demonstration. What could Master ; c-dimak be but some low, plotting fellow ' Without any further ado, he seizas the nail- j smith by the collar, and escorting him tj the town hall, dr gged him into a narrow, omin- ; ous-looking chamber, before a stout red faced gentleman ''This man is a suspicious character," he exclaimed. 41 In the first place, he has the audacity to fear war ; iu the next, he sat from seven till half i.aat nine?two whole h^ur* and a haif?without opening bis lips ; and finally he was impious enough to give a pub lic toast to a Master Slimak. wUo is piwbabiy quite as suspicious a character as himself.' 41 Who is this SlimikV asked the ?tout, red facod gentleman. "Nobody, indeed," Said tho trembling V i- i euese, " but my lormcr m.iater, an honest , naiUiuith, wLom i served four years an I i woul l be serving still, had his wife not beaten ! me." 4'Impossible !" ejiculated the red faced personage. " It is nut customary to give pub lie toasts to i;uch a people." 41 Hut 1 dun't know what the customs arc | here " 44 If you wished to give a toa-d, why >1 d you not drink to constitutional liberty, to the Upper and Lower Danube armies, or to free dom of the press " 4 llyay, sir, i could uoi learn all that iu .. month " ?? .But in three month', I dares ly, you will be able to learn well enough Mister Jano.*, lake that man iuUi custody." The humane Master Janos av'iin seized tho delinquent by the collar, am', eaeorted liiui t.? the pla:e appropriated to such malefactors, where he had time to consider ic/n( he w.u put there. The three months passed tlowiy enough to tho nailsmith it was now the middle of March. Master Janos punctually released bis prisoner; aud the honest inan determined to prove the reform in his sentimeuts, and thereby rise in Master J anus's opini< n ?? Success to liberty and the Hungarian arms!" cried he. Master Janos, stumbled against the wail in speechless horror ; and a soon as he recovered UisequiiiU.ium, he seized the astonished nailsmitb. who when he hal regained his terrified senses, found himself again in tbe narrow, ominous looking cham ber ; but now, instead of the stout red face I gentleman, he stood before a lean black one. who, when he understood tbe charge against the prisoner, without periuitling any expla nation, condemned him to three months' im prisonment, informing him that henceforth, unless be wished to fare worse, he mu9t ex claim, '? Succes3 to the imperial armies, th* gre tt constitution, and tbe one and powerful Austria!" And the nailsmith, having made three steps beyond his prison door. was brought back to renew his captivity an?i to pond.-r over bis strange fate The three months again passed, and il was seme time in Juae that Master Janos released his captive Tbe poor man, even at his prison door, began to bawl out redeemiug words. 44 Long live Pricoe Windischgratx '. Success to glorious Austria !" cried he Master Janot laid his hand upon hi* sword, as if to protect himself from the incorrigible man 44 What'." demanded he. "wasit not enough to imprison you twice ' Have you not learned what to say f Step in here and for the third time there was the narrow chamber; but, in stead of the meagre black gealleman, it w.i? again the red-faced individual before ? our victim appeared to answer for his ' i peated crime. . , . , ,, "Obstinate traitor!" he exclaimed, are vou aware < f the extent of your offence and that if I did not condemn you, a- I mercifully do uow, to an imprisonment of three moutu* <.n my own responsibility, you must be given up to justice, and would probably be cut into four quaiurij M you THE WEEKLY STAR. ? ? ? This exoellrat Futf!? and fhw Jewwel wi sluing a KNMr variety of lntarartlag ranting tteaa MI b? |mu4 la uv other?!> piWIfM en Setnr lit aeon lug. IIUU. 9lagle eopy, pe* uiaa fi <* TO ILIM. PIW H Ten copies 9 M Twenty copies IS ut HjT CaSH, 1RVUUI11 l? 1IV4MI. ICJ^lnglecoplea (In wrapper*) cu be procure* at the oounter, immediately after the Issue ol tte paper. Price?Tntaa Cawrs Post Mat TSRs who act as agent* will beallowtd a commlsnloa of iwenty per ceat. Tbe unhappy man could not do otherwise than rejoice. in his extreme terror, at the mtld n?? < f the sentence. " What should I have said he asked of his lenient judge, in a voice of despair. 44 What should you hare Mid ' Why, bu j ctsi to the republic ' Success to democracy ' Sun-ess to revolution !** The poor fellow promised faithfully to re member these thing.-, and resigned himself patiently to the new leaie granted him of his dark abode During tbe enduing three months, every thing had changed except tbe good f-?rtuoe ??t" Ma^ter Janos ; neither time nor chance c-?ul t succeed in displacing him, as they had so many others, lie was still rice jailer of the noble city of Pesth It was now S ptember, the nailsuiilh's penalty nu out, and Master J.inos called him forth The prisoner'! coun tenance expressed something unusually im portant , and no sooner did the jailer approach, than, seising his hand, he hurst into tears 4< Oh, Mauler Jane*," said be, sobbing, "tell the gentleman that 1 humbly kiss his hand, aud wish from tbe bottom of my heart success to the republic ' ' As the hungry wolf pounces on tbe InteH, so once rnoro did Janos s?ixe the nailsmlth by the ill used collar; and indeed to shocked was tbe worthy jailer, that after drsgging the prisoner into tbe narrow ominous lookup room, it was sometime ere he could explain tha circuuisttuoe to tbe lean black gentleman, wb ? or.oe more occupied the place of tbe fat red uced one , and great was bis surprise when ibis individual, instead of sentencing tbe de linquent to be broken on the wheel mere!y a wurded biui three month*more iLcarceration. On the 3d of November, l?4y. all who had bttu imprisoned for slight political oflenees Were n leased from confinement; among others the u.ileiuith As Master Janoa opened the door, the unt rian.ite man s:,<^;>ed his mouth with hi* bendker-bief, giving tbe humane jailor t< know Cy this pantomine tbst lit* w >uld henceforth keep bts demonstration to lom^elf. The Streets of London 1 n tbe crowded Strand, how j lea *ll to re member the b<y Coleridge thrusting bis b ?u t ??gainst a gentleman's pocket while in the fan ciful act of swimming the Hellespont,?an instance of classic*! delusion that so won the .rathful man, th-it he subscribed to a eircu luting library, in the urchin's name, f ?r ? twelvemonth! llow charming to think tlia* inductive Bacon and heroic llarry Vane wer* l orn there, and that against yonder pillar of i'emple Bar Dr. Johnson leaned one night, ?oing heme with Bos well, an 1 mdulgediii ?uch an unprecedented fit of iaughter as V< Irighten his puritan satellite! Walking afte nightf-tll, by the cheerful shop* of Oxford - reet, how vividly De ljuincey ? pallid an<1 lofty brow uses before u?; here he first bought ?lium, and met poor Ann, a hungry wan terer; ami subsequently apo?'r>phited that l?ii?v th^r^u^hfare as a " stony hearted step mother that listens to the t>igb* of orph*n> and drink* the tears of children '! At the lower, who. with a heart in his bosom d ??.? not turn from armor and regalia to tbe in ?cription? on Sir Wal-er Kaleigk's cell, and to bought of Otway dying at a neighboring Uvern. choked by the oread that came ton late* In front of Apsley 11 ou?e who. with a ray of imagination, does r.ot glance at Beck ford'* old residence adjacent' Is not Cornhili j'.orified hy the memory of Oray who was born here, at number fortj one' Shall we cross IVestmir.ner bridge, and not think of poor Jrappe pacing to and fro, with his ver-?? ia lis pocket, tho night before his unfortunate ipplicaticn to Burke ? or enter Bioomsbury quare. nor try to identify Steele's fine house lpon which Addison vainly levied an attach ment. to bring his improvident friend to his jnse-' or pass through Smirhfield. unmindful -t Bunyan and Wesley' or 11 Teen Arbor Court, md not bless tbe author of "Tbe Vicar of tVakefield*' and ? The Deserted Village,'* *ho there taught po^r children to dance' I* it quite grateful to ascend the old stairs at Somerset Hou?e, on our way to tbe Koyal Society, and imagine Cromwell, grim anl stalwart, lying in state, and not elegant Sir Joshua Reynolds lecturing on art' Let ns ever behold, in fancy, when in Duke street, >ur own Franklin, a journeyman printer; in lirooke street, be haunted by Cnatterton's suicide; in tbe poultry, imagine llood. an in f nt; in Great I'useell. near Bow street, do liomage to Dryden in bis oracular seat at Will's: and opposite. to the >MU^<or of "Cat >." escaped from domestic annoyance, at Button's; let u? not return from a party, beneath tba stars, through St. James at reet. with out a pitiful recollection of Savage wandering there at die tame hour, for want of shelter, and fail not. by way of contrast, in Pall Mall, to mor alize on tbe prosperity ot Sir William Temple, iiear the site t-1 bis noble mansion. Let the ?fclc-gy,' and the law of gravitation, recur t> us iu Jermyn stieet wheretiray and Sir Isaa. Sewton lived Let us not despise llartsbom lane, tor Ben Jonaon was l^ru there, nor [<>r?re'. to .^inile oncc more at Isaac Biekerstaff i ait. in .Salisbury street, wbsre Partridge the tlunuc maker dwolt. It is w^rth while t > ii} to "lie's self, iu passing OM B >nd street, .Uiit Sterne died there, and in Berkeley squar* , 11. iace Wal| ale, and aiii'-ng tbe " ba^nelors f the Albany," as we enter that ^hrinsof eel Ibate luxury, to recill Byron Canning an t Mouk Lewis. Thus, at every step, rise uu auiiliar beings, tj s<?lemnixe or cheer, and l eople the memttinble sites of London Ihe l ariety of character is as grent as that ??t jifis; iiud the mind is bewildered l<y thennu ter and contrast of thes? intellectual aliuoners. ah?se bounty is thus re-ailed where the plsce bat once knew them knows tbeui no ui ?re. II. Tt'ctff utJu's '*Alit/Uh in l'*? .rud. Mus PaRTISttToM AID IcK AT THE P*a ttoliv Fkt* ?44 [ wish I was about two feet taller," said Mrs Partington, as she aloud in ^ront of the Peabody looking at the procession i? it went before her. It was not from sel li-bness, It she would just as soeo have rrisbed that the ones in froatof her were three :eet taller, even though she would bave b?eu -ompelled to wish a toot more auded to her uehes a moment aiter iu self deienee. -? 1 ion t think there is anything euvisabla about ue, but 1 do wish to see tbe gn at L >u ;..l, ranker " She stretched het&ell upon t?pt^? ooked over the heads wt people, do-lge i tbi . aay and that way to see by the pa.-a sola, ana it last settled back iuto her tracks aga i. ?Ob dear," murmured she slightly ecru ike a decayed burdock. 44 how 1 like to see rcopie with hoops on take up mora tbau ibeir jiarter of room ! That is extending the rear >f freed ?m with a vengeanee She was 41 ?ety. was Mrs P , for i>he had couie far to ftn Mr Peabody A gap here iu the crowd, a* a poli.-eman pushed a three hundred pounder >n one ?idc, enabled ber to step into line ' How elegant be looks with b.s chateau on llis head, said she; 'I declare, he looks like h general of division of uyia^UaUou ffte proces-ion had m >?vd l>y. .tbd Mr Pe > l?ody bad bowed oo bo'a "dtr U? the peopl ? ^ut Mrs Partington had f?en biiu iu toe obiei narsbal of tbe day. and was satisfied Later n the day. when asked by one of the commit ee of arrangements for a sentiaiaet. she jave?4 Mr Peabody, as good as auy body, rbich was drunk in secret ike was ubiquit us?like Ariel in the Tempest, everywhere t policeman walked heme wiUt " Walcome to 'eabody ' displaye4i in large letters on tack of his coat. He couiJn t think who did L ' tfr At ? erman paper asserts ibU prussi 'Cid only eansei snapensioa of Ue at tr-*, md that one who takes it ean be restore i luimation by the pouring of aeetate of p -tk u md salt dissolved in water, on the head *n* pine, ftabbiu hare been thtw r*ewer?4.