Newspaper of Evening Star, October 27, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 27, 1856 Page 2
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!?-VEXING STAR. W A 8 H I N G TO N C I T Y: MONDAY ?"?, lt?66. ?JT 4 i. v ?? t imh iTi inoi Li> II I ifl AT TM* OfVIOl IT Tvblti o clocc. If . tmt mat hot afmii ? ?TIL Til IUT DAT. ? SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PR ESS. The Union gives ciedence to the very last nativity discovery of the renowned Stephen H. Branch, who tbu* disposes of the queatkn of Fremont's birth-place: Sin : How dare you attempt to serve <be American government through deception ? How dart y u deny your Catholicism 7 Hew dare you disown your sacred birth-place7 How dare you direct Messrs Upham A B!ga low. your biographers, to declare that you were born daring the " temporary halt^ of your father in Savannah, Georgia And why Las yonr father-in law, Thomas H. Bea ton, (who has grown gray in the service of his country,) concealed your wicked imposture bir, you were Uim in Montreal, Canada You want there in disguise last week \ou there concealed yourself from luesday until Friday last The house in wbich you were born is in Beaver Hall street, (opposite Monsieur La l rau'a. and next to the Unitarian church.) is two high, is built in tbe foirn cf a tow er, is surrounded by a garden, and was and is still called ''Fremont's Tower." Your fjth?r and Col. Johnson were Indian agents for the British government. The Indians used t>. come and 9ing and dance in front of the house, and receive bankets from your fa ther, who died about fifteen year* since, and wa3 buried in the 44 old French Catholio bury ing ground " Your nuise was called " Old Sally," who has removed to Boston. Now, sir, I demand that you deny or admit these facta. Stkphkn H Brahch. To Job* C Frejioht. Tbe Intelligencer extracts as follows from the latter of the Hon. Wm. Appleton accept ing the nomination for Congress from bis (Bos ton, Massachusetts,) district, in opposition to Anson Burlingame, wherein Mr A says : " i am asked to accept tbe nomination ; and it is intimated that it is desirable to kn^w, it elected by the conservative portiou of various political parties, what w* ula be my course of action." And he answers these inquiries in tbe fol lowing frank and characteristic terms : " To these inquiries I am disposed most re spectfully to re^ly. 1 have charged none of my political opinions, nor adopted any new ones If asked what they are I must refer to the past as an evidence of what will bu the future If the record*of the Ilou^eof Kepre rentatives of the United States are examined for my sjeeohes, ?^ey will be found very few, and those very short. I was a member of the Committee of Ways and Means during the four sessions whilst I was in Congress. It will be found that there was not a meeting when I was in Washington which 1 did not attend. " The records of the House will show that 1 was generally present and ready to record my name in favor of all conservative measures, by whatever party proposed, and always against agitation and filibustering ' We oare not what may be Mr. Appleton's polit'ce; no more serviceable representative, so far as the public interest is concerned, ever held a seat in the He use of Representatives of the United States; nor was there ever a man of higher personal cha*a.ter among it9 mem* ben. We shall rejoice, therefor*?, to bear of his suscefs against any and all opponents, and more especially over Mr Burlirgame. PERSONAL .... Senor Don Antonio Jose de Frisarri, Minister from Guatemala, is at Willard's. .... Tbe AltaCalifornia^ ssystbat MaJsi^e Lola Montes ha* lecently become deeply in terested on religions subjects, and that she in tends living hereafter a life of retirement. .... Prentice, of the Louisville Journal, ac knowledges a complimentary noti-e in an ex change in the following style: " Wo scarcely Know dear sir. bow to thank you eufhciently We wish you were the son of tbe President of the United States, at d we were your father " ....The historian, Merl D Aubigne, has been invited to visit this country by tbe Young Men's Christian Association of Boetou. The Doctor, in reply, accepts tbe invitation, and promises to visit the United States next year. His works have a larg<* sale in this country, for which he receives nothing. .... The London Times says : "Tbe method invented and introduced by Mr. Wetnerhead, late member of the United States Congress, for superheating steam, having been sub mitted to various processes during the last six months in the dockyard at Woolwich, has at length astumed a practical form. .... Among the strangers now visiting our city, we notice the arrival of tne Princess Murat and seivnnts at tbe Lalargc House We understand alto that other connections of tbe Imperial family arc hero at present re ceiving the attention of tbe French consul, as well a? many other distinguished citizens.? H. Y. hi rpress. ....The London P >st, speaking of Mr. Maicy'cmaritime circular, says : 44 We do cot want a war with America, but we must look upon it as an eventuality not impossible, and we must consider hi w it is to be carried on ; cot )y land, for there she is unassailable; hardly against her war navy, for with such dis proportionate numbers it could do but little misihief It is in ber commerce that -he is chiefly referable " .... The L'>fulon Press3aye : " The question irreaiatally forced on our mind by a perusal of Dred is? <-ar? Mrs Stowe be the unassisted utbor < f tbe romances which bear ber name ' If the te, her mind is the greatest psychology cal marvel of wbi<*b we know any example Such a union of triviality with power ct musrive aolid intellect, with mere artificial prettiness and accomplishment, is incomprehensible to .... At a recent visit made by Marshals Pe li?*ier and Vaillant to tbe French Kmprecs the imperial intact was produceu, and much ca ressed by Marshal Peli-sier, to whom, as ho is already traictd to do when bid, be gave bis band. Tbe child, after putting out its right band put nut its lett one too, and that happened to be in Marshal Yaiilant s direction, who rev erentially kirsed tbe imperial fingers A per son present gravely said, "That child is un questionably a genius-tuch renre is quite extraordinary!" .... Here, now, i3 an embarrassing predica ment, told by tbe Boston Journal : " A gen tleman from a distant State came to Boston a week or two since to be married. Desirirg to have bis nuptials celebrated in the Park street church, ai.a understanding that the Kev Mr. Stone of that chur?*h resided in Brookline, he proceedtd to that town and unfoitunately railed upon Key br Stone of the Episcopal church in tba? pli>ce anl made an arrange ment with him to eolemnne the marriage ser vices in the chun-h on the neat Sabbath half an hour before the regular servicescommeccfd Punctual to the h< ur the geutlemnn i.,ok his seat in tbe broad aisle of the Park street church. waiting tbe appeancce of tke minis ter Tbe party stood iu the aisle until near the time f->r the commencemeut of tbe ser vices, when the attention of tbe sexton was at racted to the circumstance Upon being in formed of the interesting nature of their vi?it to tbe ehurch, tbe sexton waited upon Mr. S'oue in his study, who was of course much surpriaftd, having no knowledge of the parties, but who at orce proceeded to relieve their em b rrassment by solemnising the marriage ser vice In the meantime tbe Kev Dr Stone of Brooklme was waiting in full canonicals in hit church momentarily expecting tbe parties ?ho had engaged bis service*, and concluded, finally, that be bad been humbugged. Satrxmo the exploeion of a campbeu lamp in Philadelphia on Saturday night, a man named Kichard Moore, his wife and five children, were dreadfully barned by their clothing taking fire Ihrwa of the children are dead, and tao of the eth ers ar s not expected to survive. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. " It'i no use Kiockin' at 4* Dooi, 1r. Brown."?To the cium of Buchanan and Breckinridge tke success or failure of the cur rent efforts to force the Fillmore party of Penn sylvania into a coalition ?? a oommon elec toral ticket for Fremont's benefit, it a matter of no moment whatever. No fusion ticket in that State in the November election, even though the regular Fillmore tieket be with drawn in its favor, can cone within many thousands of the vote that the Democratic ticket will surely re:eive. Indeed, we shall not be surprised to find the Democratic ticket In a clear majority of forty thousand rotes on the night of the 4th proximo. We repeat what we have previously said in this connec tion. Vis: that the fusion tioket received on the 14th instant every vote in the State really opposed to Mr. Buchanan. We may truthfully add that it received thousands of votes of persons who though vot ing for it under a mistaken idea of honor, made no secret of their determination to vote for Mr. Buchanan in the subsequent election, I wherein he is to come, personally, immediate ly before the public. We believe that he was thus at least five thousand stronger than the Democratic State ticket on the 14th iiist; bas ing this opinion on our personal experience among the people of Pennsylvania. Thus, we expect a gain of 10,000 votes in that way. Again, there are at least 10,000 voters of that State who voted the fusion ticket to be on the string side. They will vote the Democratic ticket on the 4th proximo, to the same end. Thereby, we expect that Buchanan will gain 2J,000. The squabblo between the Fremont and Fi.l' more State committees will have tremendous effoct upon thousands of Mr. Fillmore's friends in Pennsylvania who honestly stand with the Democracy upon the slavery question, who, realising that their favorite has no earthly chance to bo elected, will vote the Democratic ticket in return for the compliments bestowed on them by the Tribune, HtralJ, et at , now engaged in representing them as the most God forsaken mereenary villains unhung. These experienced in tuch matter?, and more es pecially those who are also personally aware of the muck greater strength which Air Bush anan possesses in Pennsylvania than his party, P'r will that this calculation of ours h a reasonable one. Knowing well that every man in the State who is tinctured with anti-slavery sentiments to a greater or less degree?Quaker, or what not ?strained his every nerve in tho last election against the Democraoy, *,ve reject, emphati cally, as unsubstantial, the idea that the cause of t remont can obtain 100 votes throughout the length and breadth of the State not thrown on the 14th inst. for the Fusion State ticket. Bletding Kansas!?In their present despe rate strait, the Fremont Press have been again compelled to resort to the Kansas humbug Every o: e of them have again taken to parad ing false accounts of " Outrages in Kansas" before their readers in staring capitals. Their latest allegation is, that Colonel St. George Cooke, at the bead of six or seven hundred regular troops, has arrested a northern emi grant train consisting of some 250 men, with Women and children, though the commander thereof had in his possession a pass from Gov Geuy. We have carefully examined a great many accounts of this affair, and are satisfied the truth involved in it is as follows. Vn : The train in question, under Pomeroy, was composed for the most part of portions of Jim Lane s recently dispersed murderers and rob bers, essaying to re enter the Territory with arms in their hand? and under a military or ganization, Int also under the protection of tie petticoats of the women of some bona fide emigrants, a:.d the '-hippies" of their children 2?1. That Pomeroy sent false assurances to Governor Geary as to the character and com position ot his train ; and that Geary in return sent him the protection or pass in bis possession, which simply authorised his followers to enter the Territory provided they were found to be, in reality, such persons as he had described them to be 3d. Col. Cooke, on investigating them, found their major j ait to be Lane's recently dispersed followers and their recruits, fully equipped and prepared for renewing the late war in the Ter ritory. lie arrested them, as he should have d^ne. Our only regret is that he had no law under which he could hang them legally to the first trees within reach. The bona fide settlers in the train were all promptly permitted to go the;r way to their proposed new homes, care b.'icg taken to see that they went into the Ter ritory in a manner making it certain that they wjuld not throw c ff the character of peaceful citizens on getting out of sight of his (Cooke's) dragoons. Those of Lane s men thus falling in Col. Cooke s hands wereofcoursoheld asprison ers ; as they are all under charges of murderj arson, robbery, Jlo were criminals fleeing from justice. After the 4th proximo there will be no more Kansas humbuggery, the reader may rely on it; as tho inducement for tho systematic falsi fication of events occurring in the Territory will have come to an end The General Bosult ?Wo have been over run of late with queries as to what is likely to bo the grand result on the 4th prox., and pro pose to answer them in a lump, as follows Vis: we expect Buchanan and Breckinridge cer tainly to carry Pennsylvania, New Jersey, In diana, Illinois, California, and every slavc hoMing State except Maryland, coacernirg whose political affairs wo are not aufliciently post? 1 at this time te vonturc an opinion that will be really worth more than a random guess. All will depend there, however, on the nerve of the Democracy of Baltimore. If they are determined to secure a fair election in their city, we cannot perceive how we can loae the State, if there tea shadow of truth in the as surances of our friends in the rural districts. If they fold thtir arms and so soon again per mit fcangs of "Plug Uglies," "Rip R?ps," Ac , to keep twenty-five hundred Democrats loyally entitled to vote from depositing their ballot*, we shall probably be beaten in Mary- ] *nd. As, in such case, we should deserve to be beaten. r further satisfied that our prospect is now ? ?g NCW UatuP,hire Connecticut j * i n 7lCe ? KOOd M thit of opponents; I and that we have at !?>*? . , I f,, ?k i 4 e<*u*1 ,how with them f>r the electoral roUs of New York Michigan and Wisconsin ' Tbe pmtige of the hour throughout the whole North runs with immense fore* ia be. ha'f of the Democrats. It i? telling in ttu qaaiters with tremendous effect in our favor Tbe Journal of Commtrr*, famed for ing more nearly correct than any other pap?r 1 [ in tbe North in its ante-election calculation', is now beooming sanguine that we will carry New York ; and experienee teaches as that we may place more reliaree upon He jmdfo ment than on that of any other calculator io such matters of whom we know aught. Texaa - Oar gentle and ingenuous neigh bor, if we mistake not, is still in the habit of claiming Texts aa being sure for Fillmore Now, by way of showing such of his readers as see the Star the extent of bis verdanoy in election statistics, we present them with the official account of the majorities for the dif ferent candidates on the Democratic State ticket in the recent Texas election, (which we take from the last number of the Austin city State Gazette,) as fellows. Via : Comptroller. J B. Shaw (Dem.) .. 31.698 E. S. Robertson, (K N.)....,. 10,474 Democratic majority ????21,224 Treasurer. J. fl. Raymond, (Dem.) 30,054 W. A. Tarleton, (K N.) 11,140 Democratic majority 18,914 Supreme Court. *J. Hemphill, (Chief Justice,} 37,871 *R. Wheeler, (Associate,) 30,840 *A G Lipscomb, (do ,) 26 342 T. J Jennings, (do ,) 13,810 ?The old Bench re elected. The Know Nothings had no ticket for the Supreme Court The Democratic majority on the State ticket 20,069. The Democrats in Austin and Galveston can get no takers for bet* that Buchanan ai d Breckinridge will cany the State by 30,000 majority. Tet it is out of such cases as this of Texas that our enthusiastic neighbor is get ting ut his prospective Fillmore victories on the 4tb proximo. We really feel for our Knew Nothing fellow citiiens whose pockets have been so badly burned through the unfounded election calculations of our so remarkably we!l informed neighbor, and therefore give them the benefit of these facts and figures concern ing the true state of uffairs political in Texas, by way of helping them to save their money not yet bet oil on the strength of the assevera tions of our talented neighbor. Eabid.?The failure, so far, of the Pennsj' vania Fremont State Central Committee to force the Fillmore State Central Committee to unite with them in recommending a joint op position electoral ticket, has driven the New York Herald, Tribune, Times, Post, Conner, and their colaborers stark mad. In the whole course of our newspaper experience we have never before seen men so rabid in politics as all the conductors of the Fremont press appear to bo on this subject?uever. Sanderson, the Chairman of the Fillmore State Committee, oomes in for much the largest share of their abuse. He has, however, we must in justice admit, vindicated triumphantly the entire in tegrity of his course and that of his fellow committeemen. His purpose has been opposi tion to Buchanan and Fremont alike, and tie support of Fillmore, and him only, for the Presidency. With the entire Fillmore party of the South and the entire Fillmore patty of New York also endorsing the propriety of the course of his committee, it is evident to us that at this late day they cannot be driven to sell out, body and breeches, to Thaddeus Stevens A Co , which is the end and aim of all the blackguardism to which they are now being suljscted from the presses of Greeley, Bennett, Raymond, Bryant, Webb and their allies. The Butter mil* Coming Out of the Stir about.?The New York Herald, cf Sunday, shows that the defeated fusion State ticket in Pennsylvania was awfully damaged by in trigues of George Law and Wm. F. Johnson, each being after a cabinet place under Fre mont ; and also by secret efforts on the part of Senator Seward and Thurlow Weed to pre vent Fremont's success, though professing to ba desperately anxious for his election. The Herald also announces that its Rev. Joseph A Scoville has been dismissed from his posi tion as private chaplain to George Law, under a suspicion that his late redoubtable patron, the aforesaid George, owes to him?Scoville? the Herald's recent change of front with reference to the real worth of Live Oak. Ben nett urges Scoville to make a clean breast of it. To tell the whole history of the operations of the tribe of " blood-suckers'' (as he styles them) who have been luxuriating for perhaps a year past on Law's silly ambition for a posi tion for which he is hardly better fitted than every other white man within the limits of the State of New York. If Scoville gets up a book of such revela tions, its sales will pay in a fortnight ten times as much as his pension from Law has paid up to this time S is just the man to fix up a saleable book of that sort. U 8. 81oop-of war Portsmouth ?Accord ing to advices at the Navy Department, from her Commander, A. II. Foote, this ship reached Batftvia (Kast Indies) on the 7th of August last, after a passage of 95 days, from Norfolk, Va. Her officers and crew were in good health. Resignation of Army Officers:?The resig nations of Majors William 11. Chase, Corps of Engineers, and Joseph H. La Motte, Fifth In fantry, have been accepted by the President, to take cffect October 31, 1856. Appointed ?The President has appointed Peter K. Dodson of Utah, to be the Unite 1 States Marshal of that Territory, vice A. T llaun, declined. Dead ?First Lieutenant George Adams, U. S. Marine Corps, died at Flushing, New York, on the 21st inst , according to advices at the Nary Department. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?Ou Saturday, 25th of October, there were of Treasury warrants ente red on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... SI.179 24 For the Treasury Department... 2 870 08 For the Interior Department....* 22,112 78 For Customs 30,345 46 War warrants received and en tered 81,896 27 War repay warrants received and entered. .. 19,322 70 -e ? ? A Church for Ladies Aloxb.?There is a Presbyterian Church in Northamptoneounty, Va , composed entirely of ladies There is not a single male member among them ; and, of :ourse, as they can have no elderehip, they a-e not proDerlpr an organized church ; but the ladies, hoping almost against hope, have persevered in tneix sisterhood, and they have actually increased in members more than many ohurches with a settled pastor and the regular administrates s of the sanctuary The ohureh is oalled the " Holmes Church," after the late Dr Holmes, of Philadelphia, who was a liberal contributor towards it? erection. Marcpacturb or Papbr.?There are 750 paper mills, with two thousand engines con stantly in operation, in this country. The?e mills produced last jsar 270,000,000 pounds of paper; and, as a pout d and a quarter of rags *re required for one j>)ixnd of paper, 400,000 ? 000 pounds were therefore consumed in tbis way last year. 1 POLITICAL ITEMS. Hon. Reverdy Johnson, of Md., ?u to have spoken at Concert Hall in Philadelphia on Sat urday evening in fhror of Buchanan The official vote of Trumbull county, Ohio, ?hows 150 lew majority for Joehua R Qiddings for Congress, than for the average of the other candidates voted for. Tto Sreemonters have been trying to form a fusion in Pennsylvania with soma renegade Fillmore men, bat the result is they have cot nothing hut confusion ' 1 Let uvfce firm and self-sac rifning ?Fremont 'IBo ?*ed of tkit-fU Democrats will saari fiee you fast enough. P. H. Cone, Esq., of Georgia, one of the leading spirits of Know NothiDgism in its rig orous days in that State, and the author of tha famous " Twelfth Section," announces his de terminate* to Tote for Mr. Buchanan^ It is said when Fremont first read t&eley's pamphlet proving that there was another ?rt inont, he involuntarily exclaimed, "Am I Giles or am 1 not? If Gilei, I've lost a horse; if not-odd's butterkins?I've found a cart! ' Poor Fremont! The Albany Statesman learns, npon the best authority, that Thurlow Weed, since the result in Pennsylvania has become definitely known, has said that so far as Fremont was concerned the Presidential question was al ready deoided. Three weeks ago, N. P. Banks, jr , was <di bating in his mind" whether he would accept the Speakership in the next House of Repre sentatives or the office of Secretary of War in the Fremont caWnet What troubles him now is whether he can be returned to a plain seat in the House.?Z/ojfon Conner. Cooper K Watson of Ohio, who was eleetcd to Congress two years ago by 2.781 majority, and this year is defeated by a Democrat '?is the man," says the Chicago Times,lt who bore Jim Lane's challenge to Douglas The people of his District did not think Jim Lane's seoond a fit man to represent them " Mrs. L Maria Child has written a song in which sho speaks of President Pierce as a ?? Moody our it" and " tortile tool.1' She also says? " Our sons In the West are vallsnt and stout" an idea which is the very height of poetic li cense, ooming as it does from so unfruitful a source. . kisi week's glorious work of the Democracy is thus summed up by the Cleveland Plain Dealer: We have carried Pennsylvania. We have carried Indiana. We have carried Florida. We have elected a Democratic Legislature in

Pennsylvania Wo have elected a Democratic Legislature in Indiana We have gained nine members of Congress in Pennsylvania 6 ? ^ 0 kave gained four members of Congress in Indiana. We have gained eight members of Congress in Ohio. ? We hare secured a United States Senator in Pennsylvania We have secured two United States Senators in Indiana We have gained a majority in the next House of Representatives ? have decided the result of the next Presidential election. A Bbautitul Complexion may easily be aoquired by using the '? Balm of a Thousand Floioers " It will remove tan, pimples, and freckles from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash tha face night and morning. For sale at Shillingtrn's, agent for Washington, and all druggists. A Word on BaauTr.?According to tradi tion Mahomet was distinguished by the beau ty of his person. Every good looking lady and gentleman of the present day may become equally celebrated l.y using Fontaine s Solid ified Cream of Wild Flowers. It shaves su perbly, in washing leaves a delightful velvet like softness of the skin, removes tan, is as much an antidote against eruptions as any? thing but good health can be, cleans the teeth, sweetens the mouth, and is considered by the ladies of New York and Philadelphia, who are beginning to use it exclusively, as one of the most admirable saponaceous toilet com pounds in use. For sale by Taylor A Maury, and by druggists generally. BALTIMOREAN8. ? AU oaltlmoreans are requaated to attend nTni?- ?UfcB.Clob on THIS (Monday) EVE NING, the ^7th lost , at Junyman'a, New Jeraev avenue. By order of the ? " ew j eney _U 8ECRETAYY. ?NOTICE ?UNE OR MURE OF THE Committee of Arrangement* for the HI Oernla Society, are requested to call, as earlv as possible, at the Eldorado House, Penn.avenae oc 35-2:* ' jLEC rU R E ? J M. KILGOU R, ESQ , ? - of Maryland, will deliver a lecture in K* Church, on MONDAY EVENING, me 27th Inst. Subject?" The Mis ?.1 ? Woman." The proceeds of the lecture ?_ appropMated towards a benevolent object 1 lckets 25 rents?and may be obtained at the door on the evening of the lecture. oc 45 lit DEMOCRATS OF THE SIXTH W ARD, ATTENTION.?An adjourned meemg of the Sixth Ward Association, will he he'd at Anacosfa Hall, on MONDAY EVENING neit, October 27ib, at 7 o'clock oc 25-8t? LEMUEL GADDIS, Sec. ?~^=^TH E FIK ST GRAN d'baLLOFTHK ~"IBERNIA CLUU will take place at the Washington Assembly Rooms, on TUES DAY, November 4th. Pariiculars In future ad vertisement. (tf. y/i-4ta a-^6?NAT!ONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE* The annual course of I?ecture* In the above Institution will commence by an Introduc tory from Prof J. J WAnina.oo MONDAY. October 27, at 7% o'clock p m. The lecture will be delivered in tbc Amphitheatre of th?* Wa?h Ington Inflrmary. The public are Invited to the opening lecture. W P. JOHNSTON. M. D. o' Dean. ^ THE PRESIDENT'S MOUNTeT) Wm Guard will give their Fourth Grand Annual Mllltnry Ball, on TUESDAY ^EVENING, November 13th. Partlcu lars In future advertisement. LIEUT FLINT, oc 24-6t Chairman of Committee. ?GRAND RALLY OF THE DEMO _ CRATIC PARTY ON SATURDAY 1st November, lf56.?A Maaa Meeting of the' friends of Hunhanan and Breckinridge will take place on Saturday, the 1st November, 185?, at 11 o'clock a. m , to which all our fellow-clt'zpna of Montgomery county and others, far and wide are Invited to assemble at the <4 very door" of F* P Blair, of Silver Spring, who, in hla letter to tha Abolitionists, dated the 17th instant, comp'alnad of the former Democratic meeting In " not brim/ of the invited " ? This meeting for the first of November will l>e held at the Hickory Pole, (at the " very door ' of Mr. Blair, as he say.,) on the Plank Road, seven miles from Washington cliy. The Invitation, we SSffiJlJ S pnSSl!ed Kei era1' 83 that the fas. f\v. BU,r ""y BOt c?M?der kimteif neglected at this meeting However much he may whine and twlat under the aopeaiance of the forked antler that now overlooks hla Silver Sprint? farm, which pole wan erected at a former Demo cratic meeting, and point to Mr F P. Blair as the apostate Democrat who now revels in wealth bestowed upon him by the favors of the National Democratic party, under the broad banner and friendship of the hero of New Orleans, the sol dier and statesman, Amorxw Jackson: but whose memory he (Blair) des*crates, In turning that country nationally sustained an<1 united.? but which Blair now seeks to ditseverand scatter Into f.sgmenta. Being an humble and zealous member of the Demoeiatlc party, and whether a " satellite" cr not, I leave for my fellow-citizens to determine. If being a '? traitor" to the National Democratic PWty, auch as Mr F. P. Blair has provea him self to be, constitutes me a " satellite" then I am that ??satellite," and Mr F. P Blair Is not the ?' traitor." Put our conduct in the premises to gether, and the public can decide that question However, it Is my province to invite the Demo cracy and the public generally to the great meet lng to be held on r-atuiday, 1st November, 18:6. at the " very doer" of the '? Silver tprlng" farm sign of the "Hickory Pole and Antler Branches '? Many prominent speakers will be on the & round and we promise that all ?? Invited guests" shall net go aw*y disappointed. Come one1 come all'! tc 24-td OKO W BP&NCER.SccieU.y. OaW , THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB RE ? - spectfullv announce to the eltlieas o# Wsshing'on and vicinity, that their Pirst Grsnd Cotillon Pfrty will Ukr place oa TUESDAY IVMHHgf <>???>? Auaory Hall.oa Louisiana r. venue. b? twwn <a im ?th streets. Scott's Cotillon B?l<1 kit been engaged for the oorxtM Tickets Fifty Cen's?to he bad of the members of the Clnh, and at the door ?a tbeevenlrs of the party. COM- UP ARRANOEMENTS. oc 21-lw RO ! FOR TH??*OD WIL'i | THIRD ANNUAL BALL or Ttt HOOI WILL CLUB, EDMESDAY EVENING,NffVembar 1Mb, AT CARUS1'9 SALOOtl. rMtkiltiAfutureadvarUuSMmt oc? eolm ^NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBER be** ? - i leave to call the attention of the public to his itook of RLA9S and t* VEEN* WARE before purchasing elsewhere, a* by ao doing they will save from 1ft to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower thai the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and ltob streets je?-6m JOHN McDEViTT. Fillmore and buriuuii ard Buchanan and Breckinridge Flag* and Streamers, for sale at LAMMOND'9 oe 27-St Seventh street. rpRANSFARENT BAR IOAP, A CER X tain cure for chopped band* ; alao Low's Brown Wlndaor and Clearer* Soaps, Barry's Trl copberous, superior Pomades, Re , for sale at oc *7 3t LAMMOND'S. CV)H BOSTON. THE FINE SCHOONER r MARIETTA BURR, Capt Ira Nick 'TR erson, has arrived and will have quick dla- jQIfe patch for the abovp port For fretght apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, Agents, oc 27 4t 101 Water street, Geo getown 6000IAVIS ? A*MLT IN sToKB 2300 sacks now landing par schooner Francis Elmore For sale by I. TBOS. DAVIS, oc27-3t* Georgetown D C BUCKWHEAT, I'RANBIRRISI, Sweot Cider, Lemons, Apples, Potatoes, Sugar cured Fav>n Shoulders, and choKe FamilyJiroreHes at O A i the lowest cash pi kes Jt'S. W~ DAVIS, It* Corner of 9 h and E streets L'R UIUAL WEEKLY SUPPLY OF new MUSIC just issued from the principal publishing houses of ths United State*, has ar rived. JOHN F. ELLIS, oe27 3 6 Pa av., bet. 9th ard lo.h ?troets. f tr REWARD?LOST ON BAT9 * DAY V* * night, In Centre Market, a BASKET, con taining a pair of Scales, a pair of Shoes, aad a Bo)k The flnder will receive the above reward hv returning them to ike Star O Ace, aud no ques tions will be asked oc2?-3t? J. H. VRATM4N. PPLES?MAl'hKKKL. (10 barrels Prime Plppea Apples 15 do No 2 Mackerel 2t do No 3 large Mackerel 25 do N o 3 need do Now landing per schooner Marietta Burr, and fors?'oby HARTLEY A BROTHER, oc 27 4t 101 Water street, Georgetown. Q> ? HIWAHU ?STRAYED FROMTHE neighborhood of the Arsenal oa Tuesday ni^ht, a lar^e BAY HORSE, (very abort couf le) with black mane and tal , ; bad the seratcbts oa one of his hind legs aa well as the pistelo in bis nick, and in very good ordtr. The above reward will be given for his return to either JOHN MILLS or SAMUEL LEE. on K street, in the neighborhood of the Penitentiary. 11? WHITK ARIA COAL. JUST ARRIVED. ONECARGO SUPERIOR WHITE ASH COAL, suitable for Radiators and Furnace*. All other kinds of Coal of tie best quality constantly on hai d ; also Pine, Oak and Hlekory Wood Coal kept under cover. 2,240 lbs to the t<-n. T J AW M GALT, oc 27-tf N. W. cor l*th and C sts , No 517 CEMETERY RAILING. THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO SELL three different patterns of Cemetery Railing, with rones complete, for planting in the ground They are st the Congressional Burial Grounds, and any information can be obtained of the Saxton on the Grounds, or at Mrs. Gilbert's Boarding House, No 548 Pe:m. avenue, near the Capitol. oc27 3t? A NEW COACH FACTORY, ON TWELFTH STREET. HE UNDERSIGNED HAVING RECENT ly opened a Coach Factory at 513/ 12th street, ^ootb or Penn avenue.L would ret-pectfully announce to the nuoTlc that be Is prepared to manufacture or re;air all kinds of Coaches, Carriages, aud light Wagon', on the most ie*son?ble terms, and In the be*t manner Those desiring a good Carriage, or to have repair ing well and promptly done a! a low price are earnestly requested to call, as I offer such Induce ments as cannot f <11 t? please All work guaranteed to e lve perfect satisfaction. cc 27-lm THOMAS 1 G ARDN ER Medical boom.-wood'R trera. peutlcs and Pharmacology,2 vols; Just pub lished. Wood's Practice of' Medic in#". 2 vole: last edition Wood and Bache's U S. Dispen satory, last edition Watsoa's Practice of Phv sic; uew edition W'lson's Human Anatomy; new edition. Rencurd * History of Medicine; i vol; 1856. Nelll ai*d Smith's Compendium of Medicine; new edition. Dungllson's Humsa Physiology, 2 vol*; new edition Drultt's M< d e:n Surgery; new edition. With a number of other standard medical works. For sale at pub lisher*' prices. oc 27-tr FRANCK TAYLOR. OAR AND PINE WOOD. UNDERSIGNED WOULD RESPECT fully Inform thecitlxen* of Washington gen erally, and the citizens of the laland in pa tlcu lar, that he has o.i hand and Is constantly receiv ing a superior assortment of OAK and PINE WOOD, which he Is selling at a very low figure, and would respectful y request tho?e laying in tbelr winter supplies of fuel to give him a call before purcLaslug, as he is sure that be can please tLera, b >th as to qualltv and price To bakers he would Just atite that be has re ceived a superior lot of Bakers' Pine, which he will s?U low for cash. Yard on F street south, betwen Sixth and Sev enth streets, Island. oc27-eo3t? JOSEPH E LAW. T rpHE 1 full A CARD. Mil E SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY 1N L forms his numerous frleads and the public, that he will be prepared to I receive tbe public pa'ionag**. aud wlil open bis new R EST AU HAN A". 'I he Bar will be supplied with the choicest Liquors and CI ars, Oysters, Ac , which will be served up In every style at all hours, at the shoitest no tice. Thankful for past patronage he hopes to meet a continuanceo' the same at No 225 Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between 1-UL and 15th treets, opposite Willaids' Hotel N. B.?BsrkPeper wanted; the ba*t of refer ence required oe27-3t* JULIUS DESAULES. UNITED STATES MAIWS. OHIO. Post Orvica Dspaktmknt. I Washington, Oct. 25, 1*54. > PROPOSALS FOR CARRYING THE malls of the United Slates from January 1, 1936, (or sooner If practicable.) to June 30, 1880, on the following route in the State of Ohio, will be received at the Contract Oftce of the Pest Of flce Department, In the City of Washington, uit'l !?a. m. of December 1st next, to be decided same day: No. 9276?From Toledo, by Swanton, Dolta, Strvkey to Bry?n, 55 miles and back, twice a week. Leave Toledo Monday and Thursday at 7 a m ; Arrive at Bryan next day by 12 m ; Leave Bryan Tuesdsy and Friday nt 2 p. m : Arrive at Toledo next day by 7 p. m Proposals for service three times a week are invited. For form of proposals, guaiantee, and certlfl. cate, also instructions, requirements, Ac , psmplet advertlsemtnt Inviting proposals for mail service in Ohio, dated Januarv 10, 1856, to be found at the Department and at the post oEcea on the route. Proposals should be superscribed," Proposals, route 9276, Ohio," and addressed to the " Second Assistant Postmaster General, NVashlagton, D C .?? Bidders will sta'e from what date they will ccmmencethe service. JAMES CAMPBELL, oc 27-w4w Postmaster General. Lost.?on Wednesday, the ?d Inst, either at tite Railroad Depot or In the vie nlty cf Penn avenue an OVAL BREAST PIN, containing a Gentleman's Dsguerrctyre. The Indar will be liberally rewarded oa lesvlng 't at WM BRYAN 'a Grocery, opposite the Ceo re Market, between 7th and 9th streets, ocM-3f S I' BRYAN'S Grocery^, opposite the Ceo TR AYED OR STOLEN?ON OE ABOUT the 8th of October, a Red and White dry COW. Has not been milked fori/Shf? about 6 weeks, and has a split In one ofjCS her ears. Any one returning ssld Cow u> me, or giving la/or ma tion so that 1 can yet her, will be liberally rewarded P BkENN/.N, No 306 Va. ave , bet. 3 ard 4 K sis , Island. OC S-3IS Amusement*. THE STARS ARE COMING ' LOOK OUT FOB THE STAR TROUPE OP MINSTRELS 1 Fraa tli* ru)?4*!pk>t. THKY WILL B1VE A SERIES OK THEIR Inimitable DHAWINU-ROOM ENTERTAINMENTS, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Commeectaf TUESDAY EVENING. Oct tath This Troupe It Ike Largest and most Veens tils Company extant, eowWHf of mnnv old favor tea, among which am HARRY LEHk. W PENN LEHR , PAUL BEROER. and other arlstes of w41-kaown and scknow!ed*ed tilent For particular* nee hills of the day Admission if oenta; Children half price. oc it n Wants. WANTED ?A G KRMAN GIRL, ONE That can ?penk English, to do tbe Cooking, Washing, nnd Ironing of n enufamily One that can come well rect m mended may apply at 4S0 Ilth afreet, Between F ni9 !?? SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AMERI ?no woman, as Ooafe, aad to assist In Wash ing Good renrenoes can he glean Apply nt JOHN DAYlis*!*, H street. between Fourth nnd Fifth ntreeta. WANTED-BY A JlEXPECTABLE wo man, n situation to do Chsmberwork and Plain Sewing, or to take the entire charge of a Baby. Be*t of references gleen If required Ap I ly at No.*!? F street, between 13.h and 14th atreeta. * WANTED?TWO Ff MALE SERVANTS. Inquire at Dr. K K. STONE'S, corner tf F and 14th streets cc S7-st WANTED.?A TINNER?APPLY AT J. W THOMPSON A BIO ?9 Penn. aeenoe, ssath, between Ibth aad Uih atreeta. ec n-tt WANTED-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A Clerk, of atrlctly moral habltn, tired of n Sibil' torn ding house,deal res to obtain a room ar d oard In n respectable private family, where he mny enjoy as much aa possible the social later, course rnd comfort* of a home. Address W A. C , City Dispatch, nt once, staling parti -ulais Ic <7^teM7r,TAS WA N T K U ? A WOMAN TO DO THE Cooking, Washing, Ironing, and trtae Housework of a small family; also, a Boy House t>ervant, tr at Is at qunlnted with the cJty? oolored or German preferred. Good refessaees required. Apply at No. 419 FlfUenth atreet oc ?7-3te WANTED ?THE ADVERT1SER UK sires to reata Honse comfortably furnlsLed. Those having sorb will address Box 101 Cl.y Post Office, statinz location and terms. Pouei slon desired abcut lie to noth Navcmher. oc 27-eo3t WANTED? A WOMAN 10 PERFORM tbe dat ei of a iwlv'i maid aad do light chsmberwork She n.ust bo a gord sever A foreigner. En*Ush, German, or French, preferred Testimonials as to character, temper, and ability J required Application tu i?e made at the count ing room uf I tie .Nailji-ai Intelligencer. oc t7 tl TMIARti WANTED ?FOUR UNFURNISH ed Rooms with Board, tu a central sit nation. Address R . 8 , Star omce oettJt WANTED-BY A PROMPT AND PKRMA* nt tr tenant,a SITalll Brick Dwelling, central ly altuittd Kent from RIM to B3iM> AdJress Dr H , Box lud Post Ottce. o:X 3t? WANTED TO RENT.?A HOUSE Con taining w or 10 rooms. One in the fe-ond or Third Wards would be rreferred. Address '? Frank," City Post Oflloe, stating location. #e tcrlptlon and street oc >4 >t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?FOR A Small family, (no children) n convenient Dwelling Bouse. Cellnr Indispensable. Rent not to exceed B400 Addresa "TENANT " City Dispatch oc?l-3te WANTED?A COLORED GIRL TO DO chamberworh, who can rome well recom mended None other nerd apply. Call ?t4u3 K strset. second door from 7th. cc *4-** WANTED ?AN EXPERIENCED COL ored Cook. Also, a colored woman D take charge of a child three years sf age. Apply with recommendations at No 3M north C street, be ad and 4 g atreeta, south side. oc H- lt* WANTED TO HIRE-A GOOD COOK, to whom liberal eragea will be given Either whlteorcolored Apply to THOMdiS PARKER, 4i7 Ath atreet between D nnd E oc 21-eo3t CMJATM AKERH WANTED?P. J STEER, J No 49b 7th street, wishes to employ two or three more first rat* c*at makers, to whom tbe higbcat wages will be given. None but first rate workmen need apply. ec 17 eotw WANTED?A SERVANT WOMAN TO Cook. Waah, aad Iron, nnd do general Housework for n famllr of tw* persons One that suits can obtain liberal wages aad a permanent home. Apply at Na. S7 6th street, between K and L streeta. eef4-3te WANTED?A COOK. WASHKR AND 1 roner, for a email family. Either colored or white. One who ean come weU recommended will receive constant employ moat aad good wa*? a. Inquire of B F. GUY, nt the store of Slbly A Guy. Penn. aveaoe, between 10th aad 11 streets. oc 21 WAN? IB ?WANTED-WANTEU-IO And persons la want of the foUowiag ar ttnlas: French or Raima a f .ootieg Olarses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large nnd small Marble-top Bracked Tables. In bronte cr gold All hinds of Pictures framed, and any slae Looking Glasses, or other work In the gilding line done to order with dlsoetch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Brncketts, suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand Terms a. ode rale to auti the times, fcr cash N.B.?Old Work Refill,and Looking V1:m Plates Inserted. *55 Henna avenue, opposite Elrkwood House, lee 1* JOHN WAGNER Boarding. BOARDING ?AGENTLEMAN AND LADY without children or two or three single gen tlemen, ean be accommodated with nil tbe com forts of a home, at reasonable rates, by early ap plication at No 2^97th street oc X7-3te tbOARDINS.?T*V O FURNISHED ROOMS 'with Hoarding can be obtained at No 4*1 luh, west side, between G and 11 streets. AUo a few tsble Bonrders can be accommodated oc 24-d"itAeo*t BOARDING ?A HANDSOME FURNISHED pirlor and chember adjoining for rent, to gether or single, with or without board. Alao. one tine large front room, suitable for a family, w'.th a good sized tlr^le room adjoining The house bas a large yard, making It deel table for a family with children Term* reasonable Two table boarder!) can be accommcdaied. Apply at No. 4<te l?th street, between D and E oc td-lw* Board, Ac ?MRS. bates, on thes w corner of Peunsylvanla avenue and 9th street Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who mav favor Ler with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. ap 6-tf POLITICAL FLAfcB AT oc*6 MCLAUGHLIN'S. THE COURT O F NAPOLEON-O N K beautiful quarto volume, by Goodrleh; with authentic Portraits of the Beauties. Wits, nnd Heroines of Society under the first Empire, Just published, and this day received by Foc*S FRANCK TAYLOR 1 CAA BUSHELS OF PRIME WHITE lt>UU MERCER POTATOES expected dal ly For sale on or before arrival, in lota to ault purchasers Fifty bushels Gelden Skin ONIONS, wbirh will be sold low on or before arrival APTdy to HARTLY A BORTHER, OC i?-2w 101 Wrter stioet, Georgetown. PJt^lTIt AL FLAGS AND RTEEAMEKI, at LAMMOND'S. o* ? 31 _ NOHTH AMERICAN REVIEW FOR October; Ha'ter'a Magaxlne for?Novtmber. peg- FRANCK TAYLOR. Great inducementb.?the larg e>t stock of superb Piano Fortes, Melodeona, Gulta**, Flutes, Aceordeons, Violins, Rtrlngft, Ac., Ac . U at the great emporium and first c.oss Mnslc Store of JOHN F ELLIS, oett- tot Pa. ave., near 10th street. DR. DUPRIE'S REMEDIES are the only effectual cure for Ex ?-nal or Interml Pile , ~ ? ?*?"" They are uarlsal Haltrheum, Ring-Worm Ac led for purifying the Wood to oenta per box ORee 7* to oenu per box ORee 7* Nasasu street, Ntw York. Will he neat by mall. For sale by FORD 4 BRO., eoraer of llth at. aad Penn. avenue ec S3 EW I E WILEY? JUST OPENED A very large assortment of aew Jewelry, con IN slstng of Diamonds, Coral, Cameo, Florentine, M osalc, and other rich sty ee Our stock being much larger thaa usual, pur chaser* are Invited to rive it nn examination M. W. ?ALT A BRO., Jewslle? ocSS-dt M4Pa. av , bet. tu aad 10th siretts.