Newspaper of Evening Star, October 27, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 27, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. ~LQCAL intelligence. I Tib Mo.nthlt Niitiio of the Teaohers' Association took place on Saturday at- the Smithsonian Inetitutioo. The attecdance of teachers, public and private and of both sexes, waa full- The duties of the chair were ably discharged by the Preaident of the Associa tion After the reading of the minutea bj the Secretary, a aeriea of questions for diaeoaaion, offered at the prior meeting, were taken up, spoken to, and disposed of. Busmen next in order waa an essay on introducing the ?tudy of the Constitution and Laws of the United Stated into common achoola. It waa a consid erably long and carefully prepared paper, by Mr S. Y. AtLee. exhibiting much research and meritorious industry It gave rise to several highly interesting speeches from dif ferent members, wherein more than one of the problems anxiously asking solution from our family, city, State and General Governments were stated end discussed. It seemed to be the prevailing idea that the mere learning of the provisions of the Conatitution by youth is insufficient to remedy their fast increasing dis orderliness and iosubordinatior, especially in the larger towns and cities. But one method that could be depended on for insuring a sen sibly general compliance with the require menta of positive law and duty to country ap peared to be left; that is to say, the cultivation of the moral serse, the allegiance to God, and to country and law through Him Lack of reverence is the glaring evil with our youth; they praetically act as if nothing ia greater, wiser, or better than themselves. They show little or no sens* of responsibility, and rush at an immature age into all the indulgences granted in other towns and oountries only to mature years. By some of the speakers it seemed to be thought that the boys were so bad because they had bad examples in the men?not only the men in ordinary walka of life, tut legislators, councillors, and states men. No matter what the cause or what the remedy of the evils complained of, the speak ers all yeemed to acknowledge their existence and deeply to deplore them. A vote of thanks was riven to Mr. AtLee for his able addreaa.? bitifligmeur. ?? A CarTURB.?Saturday night, the auxiliary guirds of the F.fth Ward beats made a de scent ui*>n a house kept by Kobert Cross, where Cross and a crowd of colored per* ns wero found gambling When the guards made the discovery one of thera was sent to call in tha guards of the adjoining beat, while an other watched the house. When they all bad arrived they consulted about a plan to get in without giving the alarm to those inside. Tho officer who had been watching the hcuse uad noticed a large dog on the premises, and Le, a . ling upon the hint, managed to get up a very tolerable imitation of the pawing cf a dog upon the door. One of the eolored p?-r sins inside inquired " Who's dat scratching" Cross replied, u It's the dog ; let him in." A young man, named R. Pumpbrey, opened the door, and thereupon all the guards walked in. Crass extinguished the light and escapcd. Pumphrey waa caught outside by a gentleman who happened near by. Tbe others were taken in the house, and confined in the guard bouse until yesterday morning, when./hey were disposed of according to law. Horse Thief Arrested ?A few nights zioee Mr Archibald White, residing in the vi cinity of this city, had a valuable horse taken trom his stable. From some circumstances Mr. While suspected that the thief would take tne horse to Baltimore for sale, and accord ingly on Saturday last he visited tbat city and engaged the services of officers Pierson and McKinley who commenced a search and short ly discovered the horse in the possession of a gentleman in Old Town, who bad purchased him for the sum of $140, and who gave the of Seers such a description of the party who sold him the horse as enabled them to trace him to a groggery upon tbe Point, where he was spending toe proceeds of the sale in a drinking frcli'- All but *3 of the amount was recovered upf'C the person of this man. who when taken before Justice Durham gave his name as Jacob Bierbaugb. He c ^nfessud the theft, and ctate 1 as a provocation that Mr. White had refused to trust him for three bu.-hcls of wheat Jus ti:e Durham committed h m t" await the action of the authorities of this District. ?* l\?wELCO*m Visitors ?Saturday morniDg a number of very fashionably dressed young men were noticed walking through the Centre 31arket, displaying their gold chains pins and nogs in a manner that attracted universal at tention. Frequent inquiries were made as to their names and residences, but no satisfac tory ar.swer could be given until a delegation of the city police was observed following close on their heels. It was then whispered that they were ?? swells" from Philadelphia, on tbe lookout for' green uns." They have not been heard of since Saturday afternoon, when, it is supposed. they left the city to keep out of the reach of our police. Serious Affair?Friday night, a Mr. Jas. Scrivener had a leg broken by falling from the steps of a bouse in the Second Ward. He had been drinking, and stopped at tbe house to light a cigar, when he was seised by a man and thrown from the steps. The fractured limb was set, and he was doing as well as could be expected until last night, when he was at tagged with delirium, and became so vi olent that it was necessary to call in the Guards '?n tbat beat to prevent his doing damage to himself Tbey secured him, and have, by tares, remained with him until this morning, f^rivener's friends are arranging to remove him to the infirmary. Pr >faeity 15 tbe Strbet. ? Yesterday e?ec:nj. a colored woman created considera ble disturbance in tbe Second Ward by using rn st profane an l indecent language. Watch inin Norwood arrested her, and several colored persons who were near volunteered to become witnesses against her. When tbey arrived at the guarl hou-'e Mr. Norwood arrested all of them and put all in tbn cells, charging them with the Mmt offence, it appearing that they had been guilty of the same disorderly and ir. it* ent behavior. They were retained till this morning, and disposed of by the police magistrate officiating. Political Discussion at Colbsvillb.? The discussion, on Saturday, at Colesrille, be tween Messrs Cluskey and McCutehen, of this city, drew together a large assemblage at that point. The debate was opened by Mr. Clus key, who occupied three quarters of an hour, and was followed by Mr. McCutcben, who 'poke for the same length of time Mr. Clus key agiln took the stand, and treated Fill morei?m to such a mauling that Mr. McCut en evidently gave the cause up as "past I raying for." and did not attempt a reply. A New Coach Factory ?Tbe new coach making establishment of Mr. Thos. I. Gard ner on Twelfth street, near the canal, hai recently been bailt with every modern conve nience for business Mr. G 's work is capita?, none in the country being better. Ho is a young man full of energy and deserves a full share of public patronage We advise per ions de'irin^ work in his line to jjive him a 'all. u he is determined tbat none shall out do hrm either in tbe quality of his work or its cheapness ?? Yi Uom! Avotber Proce^siowOur ci'y Know Nothings turned out in force this ?aoming to parade in procession to tbe Cooney larbacue One omnibus held tbe inusie (Ma r;nebaod;) and another tbe "procession" There was almost as many Hindoos as musi p>ar.s. the "foreigners'* having tlightly the preponderance ?Vver mind, M"s>urs?try again?better "i*k next time ; this confounded blue wea ther cau't last forever. Wat?;u Ketitrms ?Oct 2i.?8arah Pugb, vagrant workhouse thirty days; Bridget Cuyler, do . do ; Resin Pumphrey, disordeily, r"?t?, Jos. Shyner Wm Hiliary, and Joseph Tl:- mis, 'colored.) gambling, f 3 fine and coets; ?1-n.i.: u P.irkhill, drunk and profane, work -??use thiity days. ?Ca?sa Ann Harris, profanity; Jan. illitir.s, do ; Virginia Evans, do and fight i'g-fir.ed 52 each and ooats; Henry Jones, Jail. Held to Bail ?Several of the party coc u.'6*'1 ifl i*''1 ,%8t wee* the We'!OI|i* -nd -t Werner's restaurant, have been ?/??-?led fcad held to bail for further hearing. ? ~ ? Mbdical Lkcrtrttn.?The opening lecture of the National Medical College, to b? deliv ered this evening, by Profetaor W aring, ia a free one, and the pablio will find it worth their attention It will ba delivered in the fine lecture room of the Washington Infirma ry, on E street, commencing at half-past seven a olock p. m ty The Huntington paper is said to hare more uses than one. It u whispered that cer tain parties who have more omt than they can conveniently meet, improve the present op portunity to repudiate what is strongly sus pected to be lona fide transactions Never was there so much difficulty as now in dircrim inating between " good" and " had" liabili ties. Larob Pbccwiakv Collbob PkI7.ES.? Among the prises for the present year at Har vard College are two for the greatest skill in mathematics, the first of three hundred dol lars, and the second prise of two hundred dol lars. These are styled the "Boydon prizes," and are by far the most generous of any that have been offered at any of our American Col leges A B*AirrirrL Lake Discovered?We learn from the Henderson (Iowa) Democrat that on the 8th of September last, Edw. Doulin and Matthew Wilson discovered a beautiful lake, five and one half miles in circumference, in Sibley county, township 14. On Saturday Oct. 4, a large number of persons eollected to gether and gave the lake the name of " Lako Washington." Shocking Occurrescb.?The Wolfborougb (N U ) Pioneer says that on Thursday night a Mrs. Fulton, who is said to be deranged, drowned ber little girl, about one year old, iu a small stream, putting a rock upon the body to keep it under. She then went to a neigh bor's Douae, told the family what she had doae, and requested them to go and take the body out lest the face might be disfigured by lying in the water. A Pbbilocs Rit>k ?A journeyman hatter, residing about half a mim ti m Plainfield, while going lrom that place to his home, on Saturday night, being on the track at the time an extra coal train was going up the Central railroad, was caught by the cow-catcher, and after several unsuccessful attempts to not it y the engineer of bis whereabouts, ne arrived in Somerville He kept his courage up with the idea that the train would stop at some inter mediate station, but it being merely a conl train he was obliged to go all the way through. His leg was broken, and it is a miracle that he was not instantly killed.? Trenton (N. ./.) American. Incident at a Camp Meeting.?One aftrr noon, during " reliai >us services," and while a " preacher was in fall blast." in the middle of an exhortation, a pious looking ''brother" ?'epped up to the ''stand" orpulpit, and after telling the.preacher to " hold up" for a mo ment, made the following announcement, in a clear, ringing tone, but with the usual Meth od istie a 1 twang: "Sister Stevens ia in tent No 49 ; and if brother Roberts ia on the ground she wants the key of her trunk!" Brother Roberts immediately arose and proceeded to the tent of sister Stevens and the preacher re sumed his exhortations as if nothing unusual had happened. Yankee Locomotion.?The London Times, in an articlc on " Yankee Locomotion," says : Whenever you see him, the Yankee, he is going over ground as fast as he can And whatever the motion be. whether pleasure or profit, it is the same. In Europe, he is a pale and breathless sightseer, always in rapid transition, as if a ghost were pursuing him, insatiably accumulating etages, as if his life depended on the sum total at the end of the week. Immigrate, immigrate is the word. Placards, advertisements, subscription lists invite the settler and promise him a lift " Free State settlers for Kansas, slave State settlers for Kansas, here are your tickets; ap ply at such an office " INHALATION IN DI3EA3ES OF THE LUNGS. Dre. Hunirr fc William*. Fhysici&nj for Diseases of the Cheat. 52? North Charles *trtet% Baltimore. The great success which h is attended the practice of Inhalation by Dr Hunter and his associates in treating every form of Pulmona ry diseases is now established beyond question Dr. Williams, associate of ibe Baltimore office, may be con&uited in Washington on tbo 12th and 29th of each month. The next visit will be on Wednesday, the 29th instant. Office 260 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs Voss'a Jewelry Store t [J^Jast itecelved.?Perfumed Inextingulsb ib < ?n>1 Wax Matches; Lublu'a (MntM Kxtracte, Low * Brown Windsor, Clwti'* Muotf, Ballot and LuMn'a Toilet ttMpa; LI'jilM P?rla <!? Blue, Balm of Thou*ao-1 flower*; t .getner with a larcaatd eplend!<Iae?ortineiit of Hair, Teetb aul Natl Bmahe*. India Robber, Ba?Tal<\ Ivory aud Er.ghab Horn Dreialui Combe, ?od Ocruiao Cologi.aa, at PTSOVS, VH Pennsylvania a'-aoee, corner I 1th atroet. oc II?Iteo Jledlclnal Liquors.? 011 Henueeaey ISraody, very aaparlor. Oid Port Wine, pure Juice, imported for Invalid*. OIJ Sherry Wloe. Old Bye WhUkey, wei ranted over tea y?*ri old. Kor e le lo demljohu? aod bottle ?, at UIL.X4N'* >?* Store, oc IS?Iw US Pa. ???m Watches, Jewelry and Sliver Ware. I bare Dow 011 hand aauil etwk rt the tuoat fa?hlonab'e myl?p or rlcii (old Jewelry, aieo, a large aeeortluetit or rery aupertor gold and ellver Watchee. I am alto manufacturing lo luy own en j? every variety of S lrer Ware, aucli -? &ZOOU?. Korka, Ladlea; oak* aod pie knlvea; aalt, wiatard aid alive Sp'vue. Napkin K!Dg?, Pltcbt-r*. Tea Sate, Ac, fr>>ui nolld eterllng ellvar. wlili h I will otter for eale at lower ratea than good* of th* earn* quality lia . e ever been aold for lo th'a city, at No. * Penuejlvania aveooe, ne.r ?tu <trnt, el(n of the large aprcad eagle. H. O. Huyu, oc 2t?tr UT'ln Padd?ck'i Botli of Plates aad II lu*trated Counterfeit Detactorfor lfi(, lii?iy>: ' Hoe'etter'a ltltter? are really what their ttiM tin* Ilea. a tonic au l |?ii rta eilaialant, calcula'.ed to act upvu t .a lyetano aa a u.ed - rina, aod not. ae ta tao oflau the ca?a, a luera toventlan ID Jer wliltli to iodnlge lo Utplllg We aoald not venture to ruake th> etatement, did we oot feel ?urs It would be cor r jl. >rat?-t by the willing te-tinio y ?r tb'iii .and* all tha lulled Mtalae, aod aaperla'ly tbruBKboat tha wealarn and auiitbarti part*. wUare certain SiaorUara p.evail, which re ?)Uiiejaet *nva a pree< r1j>tiou. Wa are aaaurel by a If ? He man ut large eipertence, wbo la a ' traveled Ml,' aod wtlioea judgment aod linear lallty may be relied upon. tliat'Moa t-tter'a blttera* are a aura thing on fevar and Ague, that acuorga of our oewly aatlled region*; whl< b linlead, h.\?, within tLe paat year, pravaUed to au alarming (Heat iu aaotlune generally exempt." Thaaa BRter* are io!J by all ?traggtata. aa SS-lw .MARRIO. In St. Patrick'* Church, on tbe *2-tth !n?t?nt, by the Rev. Mr. Uoyle.Mr WM McKKK,of Wtub ln^ton, to Mlas CAROLINE DKMKN 1', formtr ly of dt Mary's coun y, Md (Malilmore Sun pleane copy) ? Un th-; 23<1 lastant, by the Hev. Oeo. illldt, SKOR<iE ?M 1THSOM to ANN ELIZA l'UM PHKET, all of this city. On the 21st tnatant. by the Rev. Mr. Holmead, Mr. (i W YNN HAKKIS to Mif? SUSAN A JONES, eldest daughter of the late Capt. Peter J oac-4 all of this city. A Bridal Msng to Sasle. BT EMMA OARB1SON. I saw thee, lo*e, when on thy brow, So beautiful and bright, The pure white bridal roses, Shed a holy, heavenly light; 1 saw th??e In thy maiden bloom, A peerlens, gentle bride, While hewhoclalms thy young heart's lore, Stood proudly by thy side. Aad as 1 gazed spon thy face, Where luve'a warm sunlight shone, I thought the? then the fairest flower, Mv heart had ever known. A eem mo.e priceless than the wea'th Of ocean, mount, or mine. Thou'lt l>e to him whose noble heart, Is laid upon thy shrine. Oh. woman's brow may proudly wear The glittering wreath of fame, And wealth may twine its golden gems About her lofty asm*; Fame's laurel wrr?ih will qui kly fade Wealth's dazzling light depart, Love, only love, brings fadeless joys To woman's trusting h^art. God bless thee, Susie darling, And make thy pathway bright, Begemmed with thornless roses, Illumed by love's warm light, The vows that bind thy gentle heart, On earth be never riven, Bat brighten till they live amid The fadelea* bowers of heaven. Washington, Oct. 27. ? 0111. On tke 27th Instant, after a severe and painful illness, DANIEL GALLAGHER, agedM) years. The fiiends and acquaintance! of the family are respoetfuUy Invited to attend his funeral from his late resideoea, No. 317 H street, on to morrow, (Tuaeday) at 3'c ock p m., without farther no tie . ? ? In Baltimore, on ihe 13th Instant, BAMUEL (i , lathewi year of Us age, youngest eon of WUiiam S. and tka late Mary Ann Ropey. For S*l? Mid Rent. For rent?a two-story brick Hou*e, containing six rooms, situated on F street, between 3d and 3d. Inquire next door. oc35 lw* For rent?a house on l street, between 16th and 10th, new and neatly fin ished, containing 6 rooms. Ac Rent S12 per month. Apply to J . H. DRURY, City Post Of floe. ' octt-tf f^ARM FOR bale.?FOR 8ale, A farm J. of about fifty acres, situated In Alexandria county, Virginia, six miles from Alexandria and the same distance from VV ashing ton city,and 1 hree and a half miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, it has on It a very comfortable andeonvenlent one and a half story Cottage built house, containing six rooms, with kitchen adjoining, with covered portlcoa. The front one 38 feet by 12, and the back one 14 by 14 feet. Also, a good hou?e for farm hands, ioe house, spring house, meat and store houses ; one of the largest and most con venient barns la the coanty; root cellars to con tain perhaps 2400 bushels of roots for winter feed ing of stock ; and, Indeed every other conven ience. Also, the best and probably the largest assortment of fruit trees In the county, con sisting of the choicest varieties of Apples Reaches, standard and dwarf Pears, and Impioved Cherries For some years past every possible effort has been mode to improve this farm, and much of It is now under a high state of cultivation, no reasonable expense having been spared to enrich it. Its up land meadow is equal In productlvensss to any In the State It should yield next season in all, twenty tons of hayr The place Is well watered, and la certainly the most desirable slhall farm for sale in the vicinity of Washington The only reasoa the ownar has for disposing of it is his desire to cultivate a large farm in the interior of the State. For a Dairy jr. an and Marketing farmer or Nurse ryman, or for the rural residence of a person doing business in Washington, the place offers greater advantages to purchaser* than any other In this region. Apply at the Star Office for further Infor mation. OC 10 tf STORE FOR RENT.?ONEOF THE MOST desirable places of business on Pennsylvania avenu** for rent, and fixtures for sale Apply at No. 'ill Penn. avenue, between the hours of i and 0 o'clock. au8-eotf FOR RENT ?THE THIIKK-STORY Hrick House on Bridge street, Georgetown, adj in ing Amy's Confectionery The store and Dwei ling will Ix1 rented separately if desired Inquire at A. ?. ARNY'S Confectionery. oc 8 rotf AF1KST-CLASS r e S 1 d e n c e in GEORGETOWN. 1> C , FOR RENT ? The subscriber ? k'-rs for rent her late residence at the corner of Fayette and Fourth streets, Georgetown, Immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This Is one cf tbe Urgest and best finished hou'es In the D'^trict cf Columbia, having all the modern Improvements contained In the first-class house* of tbe Northern cities. There Is attached a Jarg? cistern In the yard, carriage-house, and stable for several horses A pump of the purest water In the Immediate vicinity. The locality Is hjgh and salubrious, and in a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood. Possession given 1 in mediately. For further particulars Inquire next door to the pr-mlses. cf Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL. ?C 4 FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDBOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mr*. SMITH'S, *33 F street. nov*7?tf ARNY'S COHFEITIOPERT. No. ?4 Bridge street, Oeorgrtsn n, D. C. THE MATRIMONIAL AND F EST I V E season being near at band, the attention of all persons interested l i called to the continued ex cellence and beauty of our productions, WED DING C\KE especially The fact that we are almost dallv receiving, from all parts of Wash ington, orders for such Cakes constitutes suffi cient argument of their superiority. An Indiffer ent cake is provoking at any time, but at a wed ding It would be unpardonable. AH, therefore, who would not be, or heretofore have been, dis appointed In obtaining a good article are invited to zlve us a call The usual (medal) qua'lty ICE CREAMS. (S2 per gallon,) JELLIES, Ac , can be had at any time, or will be delivered in tbe most remote part's of Washington cr Georgetown without extra charge. ARNY. se Jo-eo'im (Int'lAUnion) SUPERIOR CLOAK VELVETS AND CLOTHS WE HAVE NOW IN STORE A FINE As sortment of r'ch Bla"k and colored SILK VELVETS, of the proper width for Cloaks and Talmas Jus' received, a larr* lot of fine Black, Brown, Tan and Grey CLOTilS for Cloaks We Invite the attention cf those ladies who pre - fer bu\tng the materials and having the cloaks made to order CO .'.LEY A S?- ARS, oe '21 fit 523 7th st , three doors nor h Pa av SILVERWARE WEDDING f-RESKNTS. M. W. GALT A BRO have just finished snother b'antlful aasortrrent of solid silver Tea Sets, Walters, Pitchers. Goblets, Cups, Sp<vn"?, Forks, Ladles, Napkin Rings Ac. Also, solid silver Butter Co lers Pie, Cake, and Fish Knives, Sugar Sifters Preserve, Sugar, Jelly, and Egg Spoons lee Cream, Cake, and Dessert Knives Olive Spoons, Pickle Knives, Forks, Ac. Besides the above thev offer a large assortment of Fancy Silver Ware suitable for wedding pres ents. M W\ GALT A BRO., oc i3 fit 3?4 Pa. av , bet #*h and 10th sts. New and beautiful biro cages Jurt received at the great Variety Store of o<:ii3 _ Mclaughlin a co. New and attractive novels.? Raising the Veil, or Scenes In the Courts; by Ball Fenner Embellished with portrait* of Po lice Court Officers SI Carrie Emerson, or Life lu Cliftonville ; by Mrs. C. A. Hay den. Si Walter March, Shoep^e Recollections; by Ma jor March Si Bo?ton Common ; Ta!e of our Own Times ; by a Lady. Si 25 Aittie. or Spt-lls from the Strand ; by Mis Ada M Field SI Kate Stanton, a Pag" from Real Life. SI Dora Grafton, or every cloudjhas a skiver lining. SI Ambition; Kate Willie SI Hamblen in Eastern Asia, Including China and Manilla, during seveial yearl' residence; with note* of the voyage to Chlm, excursions in Man illa, Hong Kong, Ac.; by L Ball, M. D , second edition. SI,25. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, oc94 Penn ave., near 9th street. NOTICE TO THE LADIES?WE HAVE this day recelvt d, and are now opening our second Instalment of French Hats of the late t styles In Velvet, Silk, Satin, l'lush and Ribbon. We shailbe pleased to have tiie ladles call and Inspect our stock of Fall aud Winter Hats, as we feel assured that we are now enabled to satisfy the most fastidious either as regards style, quali ty or price. HUTCHINSON A MUNKO, oe 514-3t Pa. av , bet. 9th and 10 h streets. SEASONABLE GOODS. COAL HODS, COAL SCOOPS, COAL SHOVELS, COAL SKIVES, TONGS AND SHOVELS, ANDIRONS, FENDERS, WOOD SAWS AND AXES, BKITIPH LUSTRE. STORE CRUSHES, Ac., Ac , J ust received ard fjr sale at low prices by E. TUCKER A SON, oc 9t-4t 353 Pa avenue. ATTENTION, LADIES! Ureat Opening Tuesday morning} October '28tA, at 9 o'clock Vkg* MISS KING'S FRESH MIL LIN t*Wnrery, between nnd6th streets,so uh ^Hiislde Penn. avenue, No 363, opposite the National Hotel, will open that d*y a most magaltl ent stork of Fall and Winter Bonnets, Millinery Goods, Ribbons, and all manner of Velvet Ribbons Also, a large assortment of Col lars, 8ieeve?, Handkerchiefs, Cloak", Mantillas, and Talnras Ladies please call. Yon aie sure of getting a bargain. oc 25-2t NILES REGISTER?A COMPLETE sett, 76 volumes, will be sold at a bargain. Also, Dunglison's Medical D'ctlmary Duiigllson's Therapeutics and Materia Medlca United States Ulspensatory Dewee's Midwifery Apply to E K. LUNDY, oc4l No. 138 Bridge street, Georgetown. 20 000 PE4CH TREES. ^TTKN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR The of the best select fruit. sale at my Nursery, near Washington flMt The above trees are alt of fine growth, tndly Also, a general assortment of ORNAMENTAL, EVERGREEN, SHADE, andFROI T TREES, oc s? tf JIIBHUA PE1RCE. Buckwheat and ckanberrifs, in advance of the season, and One case fresh smoked SALMON. Just received by JA* H. SHEKEL!.,* oc '25-31 S79 F street, ror 13th. Black tea.-so chests of unri val led Black Tea just In KING * BIJRCHELL, C?33 Cor Vt ave. and 15th street. F. S. BARBAKIN, 1*1. D., DENTIST, nA* REMOVED HIS OFFICE TO FO. 101, south aide of tfrldzc street, Gecr^etc *n, 1??. * oc&3t? ?trcnott sales. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. A DMINISTR ATOR'S IALEBV ORDER ?*? ?' the Orphaas' Court, O. C., ef the Perseaal Effects ?f Win. Bird, deceased On THURSDAY, the 30th instant, I Khali sell, at the late residence of William Bird, deceased, on Maryland avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets, south aide, at 10 o'clock a. m., all the Personal Effects of the deceased, Tlx: Mahogany Sofa and Chairs Do Bedsteads and Bareans Carpets, Mattresses, and Comforts Centre Table, Blankets and Sheets

1 Cook Stove and Kitchen Requisites China, blass, and Crockery Ware Valuable lot of Carpenter's Tools I Mortising Machine, Ac. With many other articles which we deem un necessary to enumera;e. Term*: All sums under #10 cash; over $10 a credit of 3 and 8 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest ROBERT MORROW, Administrator. oc27-3t A. GREEN, Auctioneer. N9TICB ? STREET BOWLING SALOON. I^HE UNDERSIGNED DEEMS IT UNNE ? cessary to say anything tn praise i. ? of his Saloon, as his patrons can all fully testify, but will add what It has Xi1 Q beei, It will continue to be, and as a token cf thanks for past patronage,! now offer to the person making the highest number of Pins with 30 Balls from Oct. 14, to Dec. 14 1^56, a splendid Gold Watch and Caain. J.T MAKR, oc 13?2w Pro pr ietor. For sale ?at the first ward Liverv Stable, on G street, between 17fh and 18;h streets, one pair cf MAY HORSKS,6and 7 yearsold. )5% hard* high; and one pair of GRAY H<>RSES?_ 1 and 5 years o d, l(".)f bands high ; warranted to be sound and well broke to harness Also, ote new Coupe CAKKIA(?E. made to order; and one front clarence frl 1 CALECHF, which c?imot be surpassed f<r beauty and s'vle, both made by Beckhaus, Aligater ft Petry. Conch Maktrs. Phll adelpbla. oc 4 Im* AUCTION DRY GOODS. WE HAVE TUST RECEIVED FROM THE New York and Iblladclphla auctions, a lame and handsome assortment of? Ribbons, Embroideries, Lln-n Cambric Hand kerchiefs Black and Fancy Dress Silks. Mouslln Delalns, a d Woolen Plaids. ALSO ? Larj;e lot of Woolen and Cotton Hosiery and Glcves Woo'en and Cotton Undershirts end Drawers Woolen Comforts and Scarfs Chlldrens' Hoods and Scarfs, which will be sod at very low prices. W. EfJAN ft SON, No. 3*20, south side Pa ave , bet. 6th and 7th oc 22 Gt streets. KL'PKRIUR TOILET DRY GOODS. JUST RECEIVED AND ON SALE: 1 c?rtoa containing an elegantly embroidered Coverlet on Crimson Satin, with gorgeous Tassels to match 'lhisl?, without ex^ept'on, the mo?t magnificent and novel article of the kind offer*d ia this c'.ty. Also, 3 bales superior French and Edinburgh Blankets, in nit siza?, from the smallest siz^d Crib to the largest flzed Bed. 50 Dresden, Turkish, ar.d Marseilles Quilts fcr Cribs, sinrr'e and lfrge siz>d Heds, colored ard white, cheap 53 pieces 9 4, 10-4,11 4, 12 4, and IT 4 pure Ru? sta. Irish, Bnrnsley, and Scotch L'lten Sheeting JOdtzT 40. 45 and 52 Inch fine and h?avy Richardson's make Pillow and Bolster Case Linens 2 cases Russia Ba?ket. Huckaback, Albert, Barr ley, Sllc-ia Damask, Irish do, h' avy and fine Towellings, a so, colored and white Glass or Porcelain do. very soft and absorbent, cheap 1 c,fse Russia Cr<ish and German Boll do 10 dozen patent Dusters, a very desirab'e article 10 do Sponge Towels, which for hotels and families are espccle'Iy eyeful, the world over, and f ?r cleaning windows or pannels of carriages, Ac., are unequalled ALSO? In superior Table Linens We Lave a sto~k whl<"h for purity of composition, perfection In make, w< igh< and strength of fabric, and beauty rf de sign. cs:not be surpassed by any other stock at ?? the country, among which inav be found the fo),owing sizes of Table Cloths of Belgian and Irish manufacture: 12 4 bv 12-1 up to 20-4, and 10-4 up to 90 4, and H-4 by R 1 up to 8-4 by 12 4 Sllecia Damask, very hcavv and cheap U>-4, 12-4, and It*-!, in plccx which wiil be cut up to order The <?nl> objection tc these g? ods is they are too good Also, beautiful Overlays, Tray and Tsble Nap kins to mat h from *1 50 j>er drreti up to S110 Also. 1 case of surerbly-beiutlful Covers for rt and 7 octave and grand Pianos, in propershape; the colors and de igns of whleb are rich, and will be sold cheap, e.nd table Covers to match Also, 8-4 green, crimson, and ?;Iar<* colored French Cloths for Piano snd Table Covers, and a variety of Safin Brocatel Borderings to t:im them. As we now devote o lr whole time and attention exclusively to the buying and selling Furniture Dry Goods alone, hou^e-keepers, bote1, keepers, and agsnts for steamboats may at all times rely upon being supplied with nothing but such goods as have lbs credit of real merit as to quality and taste. The prices are warranted as low as the lowest of any section of the country oc 20-to3w CLAGETT, DODs?ON ft CO. REAL kACE GOODS, EMBROIDERIES, Ac. Brussels, Valenciennes, Maltese and Hooion Laces Maltese. Honlton and Valenciennes Collars Valenciennes Collars and Sleeves in ictta Honlton do do do Maltese do do do Brussels do do do Embrlodered do do do Mourning do do do Black Lice Collars In every var!? ty A large assortment of Bonnets, Sash, and Velvet Ribbons Embroidered Bands, Flounclngs, Edgings, Ac Black Bagle Laces, Fringes, Gimps, ftc. Ladles Dress Trimmings of every description. All the above desirable goods Just received at the old established stand or MAXWELL ft BRO . oc 22-eo3t No. 323 Penna. avenue. MAGNOLIA HOUSE FOR SALE. TTxe Furnltue, Fixtures and Good W 111 of one of the best located R EST A U RANTS in Washington will be sold for $550 Cash. The House Is situated on the business Mde of Penn sylvania avenn-, between luth and 11 th streets, and contains six rooms besides Bar Room and Cellar. Apply at the Auction-House of J. C McGUIRE. oc 2l-3t DUTCH RULBUS ROOTS. The undersigned has just re celved his annual Importation of iJutcb $550 S Flower Roots, direct froin the growers in' Haarlem, Holland, consisting of double and single Hyacinths, double and single Tulips, Narcissus, Lilies, Spanl h Iris, Crocus, Ranun culus, Anemones, Crown Imperial, Gladiolus, Snowdrops, Ac., in great variety. The bulbs are large and of the flnett quality; far superior to what are usually sold at auctions, which arecotb Ing more than the third or fourth |cullins. Pri ces are as usual, extremely low JOHN SAUL, Seed Warehouse 396, corner 7th and li street*, oc 22-eoBt SIMPSON HOUSE, Southwtft rorntr of 10rA it and Pinna. avenu<% Washingtox City,D.C. rpUE SUBSCRIBER IS HAPPY TO IN A form the sojourners and residents of Washington that he hts spared no expense *!!!? in fitting up hi* well known establishment, ? * and Is now prepared t;i accommodate all who may favor him with their patronage on tb<? most reas onable terms, and in true Philadelphia style?he having recently r-moved from that city. Gentle men can be furnished with Rooms on reasonable terms, and they can either Breakfast, Dine, or Sup in or out of the bouse, and will only be charged for such as they may o;der The Subscriber proposes to furnish Meals to those who may wish, on the European system, and strangers and citizens may rely upon the character of his Bar and Table d'Hote. oc 17 Im ? WM. S 81MPSON, Proprietor. PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS PROPERLY CQMPOUNDED AT ALL hours, diy and night, at S. B. WAITE S Drug and Prescription Store, No. 52? 7th street, opposite the Patriotic Bank. oc 16-lm VELVET AND CLOTH CLOAKS. WE'OPEN TO-DAY ANOTHER INVOICE of beautiful Velvet and Cloth Cloaks, and Talmas, all the latest styles, and which will be sold at the lowest sc lie of prices. \ET We invite the special attention of the la dies before making their selections ofCloaks. COLLEY ft SEARS, oeS3-6t 6*3 7th St., 3 doors above Pa ave. A T r H K 8 .?WE OPEN TO-DAY ? . . case of very superior Gold Watcbes, for both ladle* and gentlemen, which, added to cur former stock, makes it more complete th*n ever We offer at unusually low rates Watches by every maker of celebrity in the world, whlrh are warranted accurate performers ? M. W. 6ALT ft BRO. oc J3 324 Penn aveaue MAILLARD'S cream figi.-a new supply of Maitla'd's Meam Candle* re c ivtd; including Sum Drops, ChooolaU*. ( ream IjM AO. KING ft BURCHELL, oe 26 Corner Vt. ave. and i5th stieet. W t lz? A a. AUOTIOW SALES. THIS ATTKRyOPH AWD T0-M01B0W. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. FDBNlTt'HE AVID HOlSKKEBriNU Effect* at I'mbiic Sale.?Ob TUESDAY NOftMNti, October IPth, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Win P Howell, corner of SKh and L streets, I shall veil the Fnrnlture and House hold Effects, comprising? Mahogany hair spring Sofk and Rocker Walnut carved Parlor Chain Marble-top Sofa Table, fancy Tables Gilt-frame French-plate Mirror Superior Venetian Blinds. Engraving* Mantel Vases, gilt Candelabras Parlor, Chamber, and Stair Carpets Oilcloth. Rug*, Rods and Eye* Single and double Bedsteads, Wardrobe Dreeing and plain Bureaus, Wasbst uds Feather Beds, BolsU-rs and P.llows, MattreL Lojngc. cane-:eat Chairs. Window Shades Dining Tables. Refrigerator Britannia Tea Set, Chi.ia and Glass Ware Table Cutler)', lot of Jelly and Plcklcs Cooking Stove, T!n Safe Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils. Terms: 825 and under cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days,fot satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P. S.?The House, which contains ten good rooms, with brick carriage-house, Ac , l? for sale or rent Inquire on the premises oc21-d JAB. C. McSUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. SALE OF CON OKM NED ARTICLES AT the Marin* Bjrraeksta Wattaiagten. D? C., at Aactiea?on account of Government, by order of the (Quartermaster?On TUESDAY, the ?8th of October, 185H. 1 shall lell at the Marine Barracks, Washington. at 12 o'clock m., the fo - lowlng minti ned articles, vit: 1,%U waist, side, and cross Straps, 400 Cartridge Boies 400 perc avion Cap Poncbe*, ??*> Swcrds IS Drums, 262 pairs bra*s Counter Straps 0 Musical Instrument?. 50 Files, 1 Anvil 1 barrel of old Iron. I Gullet Mould and Fur nace 1 Latfce, 2 Lamps, 1 Chandelier, 1 pair Tables ? Chairs, 1 Wssbstacd, 1 small Table Terms cash, In specie. A.GREEN, oc 18-d Auctioneer. MAHSHAL'S SALE. ?IN VIRTUE OF two wr!ts of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerx's i tRce of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for tte county of Washington, and to medirectfd. I shall expo?eat public sale, for cash, In front of the Court house door of said county, oa S ATU K D A Y. the Stti day of November next, 1^56, at 12 o'clock m . or.e Ptw in Trinity Church. No. in the el'y of Washington, D. P., seized and levied upon as th? property of Simuel Chase Har ney,and wlll^esold to satisfy Judicial* No 44 and 45, to October term. I?5t5, John O. Holst'sd and Samuel ctid Hcniy Kirk, vs Samuel CLase Barney J D HOOVER, oc *3-fs Marshal for Dls'rlct of Columbia Bv A GREEN, Auctioneer. EXT EN k IT E SALE OF VALUABLE Bnildir.g Lata, comprising a whole Square, at Arctien.?On THURSDAY, the ?3d Instant, 1 shall sell. In front of the premises, ccmmcnclng at 4 o'clock p m , the following ae scribed proptr'v, vi*: All of Square No. 411, subdivided m 65 handsome building lots, fronting on 6th and 7th streets weft and S and T streets north. The sale will commence on 7th street Title In disputable, direct from the Government. Plat can be seen at my room Trrms : One-flfih cash ; ba:ance in ote, two, three, four, and five yeais, the purchaser to give notes for tbe deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of ha1-# A de?d given aad a deed of trust taVen oc 7-d A. GKLKN, Aurt'r U7" The n^ove Sals is unavoidably Poht po ed until WEDNE?DAY,the*!?:h ln*t , same hour and place. oc 21 A GR EEN, Auct'r. J AS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer E^\te>sitk sale or bkal estate J ned Valuable Wharf I'reperty at and n?nr the sonlli end of 7th strert west, under deeds! trust - By vlr'ueof adeed of trust, da'td May 1,1-51, ard recorded In Liber J. A. S . No 73, folios 5, 6, ?~t seq we shall proceed to se'l. on MONDAY, tie Is day of De-ember next, at 1 ? o'clock M , at public auction, to the algbesf bid der, all thrt property lying in the e'ty cf Wash ington, DC, known In the plat of said city as square n:iml>er?-d 472, together with the Improve ment* there* n. (* xceptlng a certn'n lot of ^'ourid therein t>c!onglng to the heirs of tb^ late Simon Frailer;) the entire wharf property lying west of sild square, (172.) known a* l'ig*-'s wharf proper ty; the whole of square 471, in said city; and 1o'k3, 4. 5, ?nd 6, In Pace's subdivision of ?qu*rs 3V0 The property will b; scld In lots to suit purchasers. Also, the steamer Genige Pag**, now plying be tw?en \\ ashington and Alexandria Terms: One half cash, and the balance at si* months, on notes bearing interest, satisfactorily secured Sale will commence on the wharf west of square 472. All conveyancing at the cost of purcha?ers. If the purchaser or purchasers should fall to comp'y with the terms of sale withia live days thereafter the Trustees reserve th* right to rps?ll at the risk and expense of the defaulting purcha ser or purchasers, after giving five days' prevloua notice in the National In elll<rencer JOHN T. FEN WICK. ) Xrag|eM RICHARD W ALl.Al'H, J 1 oc 24-eodAds J AS C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. Bv JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE UK DESIRABLE Dwelling Wease on 12th street, sear Pennsylvania avenue ?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, October 8th, at 4* o'clock, on 'he premises, by virtue ol a deed of trurt, dated November 5th, 1655. and dp y lecorded In Ll&er J A. S . No 101. folios 888, Ac , or.e of the land records for Washington county, the subscriber will: ell the ncrlh half of Let No 19, in r-'quare ?93, fronting 22 feet 4 Inches on Twelfth street west, betw^a C and D streets north, running bark 100 feet o a '25 foot alley, with 'he improve meats, consisting o! a convenient and well-built Brick Dwelling Hruae. Terms: One half cash; the residue In fi and 12 months, with Interest, satisfactorily secured. JOS. B. TATE, Trustee se 21-ecAds JAS C McGUIRE, Auct. The purchaser at tte above sale having 'ailed to comply with the terms thereof, the property will bf resold on FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Oc tober 31st, at 4^ o'clock on the premises To Insure a compliance with the terms of sale a payment of *100 will be required at the time of sale, failing in which the property will be Imme diately put up and re old JOS B TATE, Trustee, oc 24 eoAds JAS. C. McGU IRE, Auct. By JAS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. fllKUSTEE'S SALE OF SMALL FRAME J. House and Lot the lalaad.?On TU ES DAY AFTERNOON, November 4th, at 4# o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall tell by virtue of a deed of trust, dated September 16th. 1?55, and duly recorded among the land records for \\ ash Ington county, the following desiribed property, viz: Those parts of Lots Nos 43, 44, 8^45.10 the subdivision of Square 465. beginning for the same on south E street 30 feet 3 inches west of tbs houtfceist corner of Lot No 41, and thence with E street west 19 feet, and thence north 71 feet, thence east 18 feet, thence south 71 feet to the place of beginning, with the improvements, con sisting of a two story frame dwelllng-hou e. The above property la situated on eouth E. be tween 6th and 7tn s'reets west. Terms : One-third cash ; the residue in <? and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premltes. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee oc24 eoAds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. #200 REWARD. RANAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER 11 A living in tie village of Nottingham, Prince George'scountv,Maryland,on Mon day night, the 8th instant, NEGRO GIRL MARIA, who calls herself Maria Chew She is about eighteen years cf a$e, about lour feet ten or eleven Inches high. She is vtrv like ly, and Lhs a pleasant smiling face Sl,e has a remarkably fine suit of hair for one of her color, and Is. altogether, a fine looking girl. 1 will give the above reward of one hundred dollars for her apprehension?no matter where taken?provided she is brought home to me oi sc. cured in jail, so that 1 get her again THOMAS 6 TURTON. Nottingham, Sept. 10,195(&?se ll-tf STELLA SHAWLS! STELLA SHAWLS ! WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE and handsome assortment of Stella Shawls; also, Persian Scarfs, Long and Square Brocha Shawls, Long and Square Bay Slate Shawls, Misses Stella srhawls ALSO? Velvet, Silk and Cioth Talmas and Cloth Cloaks direct from the manufactory W. KGAN * SON, Ne. 323 Pa. av , south side, bet. Gth and 7th at*. oc2i-&t [Intel J Register's Orrici, October 16, 1856 rpo ALL WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. x Notice Is hereby given that llcemes iasued to taverns, retailers of spirituous and ferrrented li quors, wines cord UN, Ac , groceries, dry goods, hardware, imdlclnes, perfumery, watches and Jewilry; lumber, wood, coal, and commission merchants; also keener* of backney carriages and omnibuses, billiard tables, ten-pin alleys, and confectionery, and for hawking and peddling, and dealers In old Iron, brass, copper, Ae , will expire on Monday, the 3d day cf November ant, and that said licenses must be renewed at this offlre within ten days a/'*r that time. SAM'L B. DOUGLASS, OS li-tHo* E?gl?t?r. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THK ASSOCIATED BY MOV SB PU1NTIH9 TELEQHAPH Hon Wm H Seward at Buffalo Buffalo, Oct. 26 ? Iha American Hall mi * densely crowded last night by Republican* to 1 h-ten to an addreae by tha Hon. Wm. H to ward ? Fire ia 8t. John, W. F St. Johk, N F.fO?t. 22.?There was a ira hera to-day, bj which over one haodrcd ien? mente war* destroyed. Loss $50,000 The Ohio Kifir* CiscutBATi, Oct. 14.?The river hu rieen sufficiently here to permit the Mail line start ing their own boats to Louisville. Tho Mona MeClellan leaves in the ur>rnin^, carrying freight at the regular high water prices. Deserted V<aael Boston, Oct. 26 ?The aohooter Oaa?a, ar rived at Princetown t> day, hay ng in tow the brig B-.tavi* pi-ked up at sea A dead body was found on board bnt it was washed off dur ing the night. ? Kher bodies are reported to be on board ? Washington Hunt np #or CoDgreas Lockport, N. Y , Oct. 25 ?A letter appears from Washington Hun?, in to a p- ? tition of over 1,500 citiirna. consenting t> be an independent candidate for Congrea-, in th<? Niagara anl Orleans District. Forgory Case. A lb ax r, Oct 25 ?Andrew Finley. of Cin cinnati, alleged to be connected with th* Chemical BaDk forgery, and the Martha Wash ington affair, was committed here to-day for the two forgeries on the Bank of the Capitol, Albany, lie obtained $7,000. Democratic Torchlight Procession. Pirrsnrno, Oct. 25 ?The Democrats of this city and Allecary bad a nrost imposing torch light proccssion last night, in honor of tho Democratic victories in Penn?ylvania and In diana. There was an immense dispisy of bar n;rs and transparencies, witb music and fire works, and enthusiasm. Steamboat Sank. ISt Lorn, Oct. 24 ?The ttesmer Chancel lor, hence for New Orleans, was snnk a few days agi in the Mississippi, near <loo?e Island. She had a full cargo of produce. The boat and cargo are a total loss. She was owned ir. New Albany, Indiana, and was valued si S40.000 She was insured in the Ohio rivsr towns. Her cargo was valuable and waa par tially insured here. Destructive Fire Painehville, O., Cct. 25 ?The eiten*iv?? w. rke of the Hsrmar Muufa ^taring Company, opposite Marietta, were entirely des'royed by fire oti Wednesday evening They ooncisted of machine ,<hopa. foundery. flouring mill, ware houses, Ac A large quantity of wheat, flour and machinery on hand waa all consumed, and 75 to 100 hands thrown out of employment. Loss 75 to $100.000?injured for $20 WO. Laka Disasters. Milwaukee, Oct. 25.?The propeller Tole do ia reported as wreckcd near Port Washing ton and all hands lost The propeller Alle ghany has gone ashore near this port and feara aro entertained of disasters to others Bltfalo, Oct. 25.?The schr. Homer Ramt dell, hence, ia ashore at Maniton Ialand. The schooner Nile, from Chicago, ^th s cargo ?:( corn, i^ashore on North Maniton. Later from Mexico New Orleans Oct. 25 ?The steamer Chas. Morgan, from Galveston on the 23d. brings the following interesting intelligence 1 rum North ern Mcxico: The frontier papers state that Vidsarri had taken Mier without resilience, and then move I against Camargo, which place waa defended by 1 300 government troops Viadaurri has r forec of O'm) men Some akirmiahes are re ported to have taken place at Camargo Baltimore Martfeia BALTniCRS, Oct. 27 ?Flour ia dull and nom inally at Saturday'* rates. Howard street ' City Mills There was nothing drne ia Ohio. Wheat ia higher; sales of red* for good 'o prime at $1 50a$l 59; white $1 ftjaSl 79. Corn ?white has improved; sales of white and yel low at ti3a65c. Whisky is lower; sales of City at 84 snd Oh?o at 35c. ?? Hew York Markers N?w Tors, Oct. 27 ?Flour is steadv; s*I a cf 8,0C0 bhls ; State S6 60a$6.75; Ohio i= i - - active; Southern $7.25a*7 55 Wheati8 firm; salea of 50.000 bushels. Geo aee white 51 72*a$l 80, red $1 00 Corn firm; sales of 20 000 bushels; Southern'mixed 68c. Pork ia buoyant; aalcs of 400 bbla ; me?s $20 87}. Beef is firm: Chicago repacked $11 Lard Is buoyant; sales in bhls at 13|c Whisky ia steady sales of Ohio at 35:. Financial New Yoke, October 27 ?Stocks are gen erally lower Chicago and Rock Island Rail road 90: Illinois Centril shares 115|; Illinois Central bonds 92J ; Michigan Southern ; New York Central 845; Beading 772; Virginia 6's 91} i Missouri6'a89f. D OLK'S IILF-IENTEKIUC. HDB-BOR. ING .MACHINE, with capacity to work on hub* ranging from t% laches to 14 lache* In dl For sale by ELVANS A THOMPSON, A-ents, ameter For saleb ELVANS t oc 25 lw 326 Ps av , bet 9.h and U'th s s \I?W TUKk LKVOKK far NOVfcnBtLK 1^1 1, Just received 1b advance Orion tne Wold Bcitrr continue!, and r new t>torv commen edby the author of the Watchman. The right place get th** Ledger Is at rERGUSON'f, * oc '23 Next to LammGnd'a,4^6 Tth street. fc HAVfcNUW UUMI'LKltU ULK AS rangements for a full and regu-^^. S^~\ lpply rf OYSTERS, having shed -in extensive Shucking and llni' houn* at the steamboat wharf OYST KKS?OUTKH OtfcTl RS. YyE HAVE NOW COMPLETED Ot R AR lar sni tablist _ Pickling houa- at the steamboat wharf We will give at all times our personal attentiou to the trade, which, together wllh the well known experience of one of the tlrm, we hope will Insure for us a large increase of bnaineaa We are now ae>Mnggood Ovstera for fam*'y use a'. 75 cents per gallon, and a very superior article *t$l. We win also have at all times t^c cele brated Cove Oysters at the current market rates. Orders may be left at the principal depot, steam boat wharf, or at the old stand, corner of Eleventh and K streets. oc 34-3t 8CH WAR'IK A DRURY. aifk REWARD -FOR TWO COWS, which strayed frrm the Navy?-r Yard on the list in t. t ne i* a Medgi ?_ I _ ... I ? V. .. 1 ??<? fall ?n^l'VY Tl matted Cow with a very l)og fail, and' large bag The other Ccw is Ked, wft), white legs and bally, and a large heart shaped blaae in tbc forehead whort tall, half white and half red. A reward of $5 each will be paid os their delivery at the Navy Yard Gate. oc i4 3t / 1 AS FiXTt RKI ? WE HAVE JUST RE " * celved frvai the factory of Cornelius A Ba ker a wcll-*ek :teA stock of GAS CHANDE LIERS and BRACKETS. Our selection com^riaes all the new patternx, several of them being imitations of the F.uropt-au onca, ao perfect a? acarceiv to be di(tla?;t)iahed from in.ported Sxtares, snd can bo aald 100 f?r cent leas Gis Tuning lnaerted by competent workmen and at the lowest price*. Call and examine I W. THOMPSON A BRO oc3-eolm ^ Pa svM bet. 10th and 11th sta DOIBLK PLATED AMD BRIIUVMIA WARE -J uat received at my Warn rooms. No. 530 Seventh street a large aa aortment of? Doable-plated Te? Sets Caatora, Spoons, Forks, Ladles, de. 1 ALSO Brltannla Tea Seta. Castors, Coffees, T? ?s Sugars, Creams,Ladles, .Muss, Spoons, Ar. of very t)ne qaallty and al unusually low prices, oc 11-eotw N M McGRBGOR ABO. H. YARN ELL, P A I N T E H , So 51 k ncftk suU La arc., bit Ark m?i all. WISHES TO SAY TO HIS FRIENDS AND the public generally that be Is prepared at all tlmea to execute work is his line at the shortest aotloe. oc3 lsa AUCTION CAN. PET IN US, Ac. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED PROM THE Philadelphia Anctiooa, large lot of Carpet lags, Oilcloths, Rugs and Mate, which we eaa ail* at very lew prlcea. ? r W EOAN A SON, No. ra south side Pa av . bet dtk and Tth su. oc M-M (Intel)