Newspaper of Evening Star, October 28, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 28, 1856 Page 3
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v KNINU STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Lictvii or Paor. Waribio?The large amphitheatre of the Washington Infirmary wa? well filled lait night, the occasion being the delivery of the introductory lecture of the course to the students of the National Medical College by Dr. J. J. Waring. In opening, the lecturer impressed upon the class the fact that they lire in an Hippocra tean age, and belong to an Hippocratean school, and warned them to fortify themselves against the dangers and allurements of blind speculation, Uh?i rife source of all the mis chiefs and errors recorded on the pages of his tory Noticing the rstfious medieal errors of th* P%st and present, which multiply npon us ad infinitum, run their brief career, and .ire supplanted by new ones, the Professor called attention to that revolution in medicine brought about by Hippocrates so early as 500 years Jj Q Medicine, two thousand years ago, n?ad? more progress in the lifetime of three indi viduals, than it did from that time forward to the middle of the last century, and medicine stood upon a sounder basis two thousand years ago than it did one hundred years ago or at any period between those dates. In the earliest ages, men. without exception, regarded disease as inflicted by thoae higher powers which they worshipped, and their only ui6ftn? of care w&b to ftpp6ase I)ivio?5 wrfitu Heuce the temples of worship naturally be came the resort of the siok, aud the priests the physicians who attended to their cure The Greeks were the first and only nation in whcse temples the true end and scope of medicine waa no* entirely disregarded, and though their priests sought alike to deceive the people with oracles, yet they found them selves constrained, in the growing intelligence of this remarkable people, to observe witb at tention the operations of uature. In doing so they profited largely by the custom which then prevailed for grateful devotees to hang i up is the temples votive tablets describing the symptosas of their diseases and their modes of cure In process of time the two temples of Cos and Guidos became almost the sole resort of the sick, an exclusive so at of medical knowl edge, and in the time of Hippocrates these temples were literally covered with vo-ivo tablets, the perpetuated record of observations made through a long series of years. In its infancy, Greek philosophy, regarded medioioe as one of its legitimate subjects of study, aud iu course of time the philosophers boldly re nounced the practice and teaching of medi cine under the veil of mystery, and forced tbe priests to follow tWir example Tbe lecturer traced the rise and progress of the Hippocratean school Hippocrates was no individual, but a series of individuals, aDisd in a strict line of descent. who, transmitting their knowledge from father to son, distin guished themselves by their courage und abil ity Of these Uippocratcs tbe greatest w*s Hippocrates II, grandson of Hippocrates I . and it is to him that Galen thinks is due the honor of having founded that school of prin ciples which has always been known as the Hippocratean As physiologist, pathologist, and practitioner, he f-ir exceeded those who had preceded him in boldness of thought, inderondence, and originality. In his time Mind speculation and subtile reasoning h*d taken the place of superstition in the schools of philosophy. Contrary to the spirit of his Age. Hippocrates devoted himself to the obser vation "f facts in nature, an I troubled him self very little about dereloping theories and hypotheses or in making a vain display of siphiims Unacquainted with the Baconian theory of Induction through the natural ori ginality of his mind and his sound common seuse and prudence, he was guided by it, und only because guided by it, was he enabled t> give such an impetus to medicine and throw f > much actual light upon the mysterie* of the art as to insure for him. through all time, the name of " Father of Medicine." He was the first physician to trust much to nature, not from ignorance, but from sound reasoning He exercised a wise discretion in the use of remedies, expecting benefit from the as>i?tance of natuie. He i?. therefore, the author of what is called the " Expectant plan of Treatment " This method, lost sight of after his death, was never revived till our day, and is now rapidly superceding the old plan of treatment A negleot of this llippo crate >n doctrine, occasioned the excessive use of violen. remedies during the last centu ry, and, in consequence a reaction in this ; a re-action which, in Germany, give origin to Hahnemann and his llouMMpalhio a/stem, a salutary len iency, it is tiue. but carried to aa absurd extreo!* by the empty speculations of this German dreamer. The lecturer proceedel to trace the history of medicine d >.*n to our own times; of its falling, after the Hipp ocratean age, again into tbe hands of speculators and theorists ; of its transfer, with Greek learning, to Home; of tbe mutilated conditiou in which medical art passed into tbe hands of the Arabians, who contributed nothing to its advance, and jast as the Romans left it theCr jsviers restored it to Europe The different medical schools prevailing at different periods were nassed in review?the Dogmatic, Empiric, Methodic, Pneumatic, Mechanic, Chemical, and Dy namic What monuments have they left bs hind to mark their existence ? what contribu tions have they male to science? Not one .Fortunately for us, a little band of investi gators coitinucd to setreh for facts through this drearr period of idle dreamicg. and a taste for the positive slowly grew up and to -k tbe place of a love for the speculative; and this great nineteenth centurv is once again Hippocratean in its method of search for the hidden truths in nature The lecturer closed by urging upon tho stu dents to take as their motto observation ot nature, the only source of unrevealed truth : to believe nothing but proven facts; to avoid ?peculation ; to wed themselves to no system of belief, aDd finally to Le perfect scepti s in aoieuee, as perfect believer* in religion. Pr.d Waring has a good delivery an l many advantages as a lecturer He was warmly con gratulated at the close of the lecture by several eminent members of the faculty present. Tut Ko.tR* or Auokhmix met, and was called to order at the usual hour, last evening. A o^mmuaieation was received from the Mayor announcing bis approval of recent acts of the two B >ards ; laid on the table AUo, one transmitting the bank account; referred. Also, one in rep'y to a resolution of inquiry; referred Mr. Busey introduced a bill extending tbe time for the return of the lists of registered voters for tho present year ; passed. Mr lliggs, from the finance committee, re ported a biil makii.g an appropriation for cer tain piiniing ; passed. Al->o, a bill for the relief of Columbia Col lege. ai.i recommending that it do not pass ; ITjtSUJ. Al*>, a bill for the rtlief of A. S. Davis, with iho same recommendation ; rejected. AIs ?, the general appropriation bill. Seveial amendment were proposed, but their consideration was postponed uulil Mon day next Mr b'mitb, from the improvements commit tee, reported a bill to supply a deficiency iu the appropriation for grading and graveling Twelfth street west, approved August 20, lsii; pasted Mr Emery reported a bill f<-r completing the grading and gravelling of Fourth street wwrt. from New York avenue to O street; passed Also. a biil for painting tho wood and stone work of a bridge on R ck Creek, at R street; parsed. , Also, a bill for improving New Yoik avenue, ? between Thirteenth aud Fourteentu streets; passed Also a bill to build a culvert on the corner of Thirteenth and B streets; passed. Also, a bill in relation to the erection of a market house on Louisiana avenue, with a substitute; laid on the table. Mr. Busey, from the police committee, re ported the bills authorising the appointment of a janitor of the hall, and prescribing the duties of the Mayor s messenger, with a sub stitute, the substitute was adopted Mr. Pearson, from the claims committee, reported a bill tor tEe relief of J Rnpp ; re jected Mr. Smith, frem tbe canal committee, re ported a bill for repairs of Teath street bridge, passed. Mr, Smith, from the asylum committee, re ported a bill for the relief of H. II. McPher son, passed Mr. Miller, from the special committee on the annexation of Georgetown and Washing too, presented a report; whloh was accepted, and ordered to be printed. Also, the bill to defray the expenses of the committee; passed. Bill for relief of Wm Jaokson ; bill for re lief of B L k W. B Jackson, and bill for re lief of M. B. Smith were received from the Council, and referred lo finance committee. BUI fur relief of Stewart A Eslin ; referred to claim committee A bill for improving the Centre Market house ; passed. A bill for relief of P. Krafft; referred to im provements committee Joint resolution requesting the Mayor to des ignate a day of thanksgiving ; paseed. A bill authorising stench trap* to be placed oo the corner of E and Eleventh streets, in Second Ward ; passed. Mr. Emery introduced a bill for grading and gravelling L street north, from Fourth street to North Capitol street; passed. The bill making appropriation for erecting a market house for the accommodation of ooantry dealers and huoksteTs in Centre Mar ket space was taken up, amended aad passed. Mr. Pearson offered a joint resolution to suspend the improvement of Sixth street in the Seventh Ward ; passed Mr. Dove introduced a bill for grading and graveling L street north from E'ghteenth to Twentieth street; referred to improvements committee. Mr Pearson offered a resolution requesting information in relation to the building of a certain wharf and for other purposes ; parsed. On motion oi Mr. Emery, the bill for relief of G W. Uttermuhle was taken up and passed Mr. Basey gave notioe that on Monday next he would call up the bill in relation to the Board of Health. On motion, tho Board adjourned. Tub Mclodbon Stab Troupb?Our Wash ington favorite, comical Harry Lehr, de lighted us this morning by a sight of his sun ny countenance. He id in capital health and spirits, and overflowing with fuo and good things which are naturally bound to come out to-night, at Odd Fellows' Hall, where the Melodeon Troupe (of which Harry and his brother W. P. Lehr are members) design holding forth for a few nights for the gratifi ration of our citisens This company is from 201 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, and brings from that city a great musical reputation The programme offered to night is perfectly embarrassing in its choice array of good things. More anon. Repudiating a Hotel Bill -"-Yesterday, Mrs Ann Collins, who keeps a cookshop iu Centre Market for the accommodation if per son3 dealing there, was arrested for snatching a cap from the head of Oscar Christian. At ' examination before Justice Bonn she stated that she took the cap to secure pay ment for two meals Christian had eaten in her shop, and for which he was unwilling to pay.. The justice dismissed the caso Mm Collins immediately warranted Christian f>>r lifty cents, the price of the two me tis he bad eaten Upon this the magistrate gave judg ment for plaintiff The defendant looked arouud and g<>t a friend to supersede the debt for six months ?? Tbe Riot Case?Yosterday afternoon, Jas. Travers, Douglass Bircu and Robert Tate, who were charged with *'forcibly, burglariously and feloniously entering the dwelling of A. H. Weston," appeared for a hearing before Justice Stevens Tho two first named were dismissed, but the latter was held to bail in the sum of S300 for his appearanco at the next term of the Criminal Court The charge of resisting the officer in the discharge of his duty was then taken up. an>i Travers and Birch dismissed in this case also, and Tate held for Court in tbe sum of $200. Tho parties were arrested by Officers Gill and Fanning We are informed that other cases growing out of this affair remain to be tried. Assault and Battery ?George Smith was arrested yesterday evening for an assault and battery on Wm. Cole The attack was made with a knife and stone ; but the injured man not wishing to severely punish the offender, he was released on giving bail for the peace. Mads Meeting at Laurrl ?The Commit tee of Arrangements'are requested to be punc tual in their attendance at " Head quarters," on Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock precis*;!)', by W. H. Thomas, Chairman. It Arrived ?The packet Sarah Bird has ar rived from New York, and is discharging at Neale's wharf. Watcb Returns.?Robert Cross, keeping a gambling bouse, selling liquor without license, threatening the Auxiliary Guards on the Ftfth Ward beats, and harboring slaves; security for hearing in each of the first three cases S100, and in the lastcase $200 Gilbert Custis, col ored, disorderly conduct, fined $5 and costs. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Oct. 28. 185?. Business generally in our city at this time preseuts -quite an encouraging appearance, especially along the oanal and river wharves and Water street. We regret to learn that tho venerable Mrs. Hyde, widow of eur late fellow citizen, Mr. Authony Hyde, and mother of Mr. A. Hyde, happenel a few days ago to quite a serious ani painful accident. While descending a flight of stairs her feet slipped, and she fell against tbe steps with such force as to fracture one of her thigh bones She is under the skil ful treatment of Dr. J. Riley, who entertains hope) that in a short while the injured limb will be again restored to soundness One cf tbe most interesting and extensive revivals of religion which has occurred in our city for many years, is now iu progrew at the West Georgetown Methodist church, uuder the pastoral charge of the Rev Mr. Gotwalt. Ser vices are had nightly, and the edifice is literally crowded with unusually attentive congrega tions; and be it said of the dwellers in that pjrtion of our city, wo have never seen su-h good order as a general thing about a house of worship during a religious excitement Ouita an affectiug sceno occurred at the Methodi*tSabbath school on last Sunday morn ing. Dr Skinner, of your city, visited the school, attended by a number of his doaf, dumb and blind pupils who gave a most inter esting and affecting exhibition of the progress which they have made under the instruction of the Doctor. At the close of tbe exercises, tbe scholars attached to the school contributed quite liberally towards the relief of the afflict ed little ones, and promised their superintend ent, Mr. Ed?J, to do still better on next Sab bath. Some of the b'hoys who attended the Know Nothing meeting near ball's Cross Roads yes terday showed their belligerent propensities, not only while on tbe ground, but while on their return home When near the aqueduct a canal boat was passing along at which they ? ?pened a regular battery of stones, one of whieb struck a female upon the forehead, in flicting a Severn wound. Dr. Lauk was sent for. wbo dressed it. A slight decline has occured in flour since our last; sales yesterday of ?<>nie 1,200 bbls. at *7a?7 12 for good standard and extra brand*. Wheat?red SI 48iSlif; white ?1 53a?l 57. Arrived?Sohrs. Francis Elmer. Smith. New York, to J. Thomas Davis; Commander-in Chief, Woglora, New York, to do.; Marietta Burr, Nicker3on, Boston, to Hartley ?l Bro ; steamer Columbia, Harper, Baltimore, to Hyde & Davidson. Spectator. Ttf fbe kind lady who sent us a mince pie, says a western editor, with the request to " please insert," i? assured that such articles are never crowded out by a DreBS of other matter. INBALATION IS DISEASES or TBE LUNGS. Dre. Hauler * Williams. Phyticiaxu forDueasw of theChett 521 Njrth CKarU* atrast, Haiti more. The great success which has attended the practice of Inhalation by Dr Hunter and his associates in treating every form of Pulmona ry diseases is now established beyond question Dr. Williams, associate of tbe Baltimore office, may be consulted in Washington on the 12th and 29th of each month. Tbe next visit will b? on Wednesday, the 2Vth instant. office MO Pennsylvania avenue, over Mis. Voes's Jewelry Store. t JC^Tke UiWerul Cleth Stretcher c*? he procured ?t DYSON'S, Mf PaDQiylrania tvtuut. rorn*r of 11th (traet. oc Q^Or.lell'iOpiilutf HoitelMr*>Bil' TKKi ?SrataartaLD, Ii u., Apill 14, !?:.? ?Some months ?lace, whlM recovering from aa attack of Huiuitteut Ferer. 1 *M r<-|?e*tel to try Haetetter'* StotnarU B turn, *? ?>' t'rle peculiarly "uite.l to the cotidltlan of ovnvalaaoeiits fruin f**?r It ta but *1?|tle jattlca tu say that It reatored Ui* power* <?f my digestive oruni, acd kt the same tlui* kept m/ eowals *?*tly open. I liava no bealtaury la aaylnK. U?*t. hitherto, in ?ali.< 11 In wjr prtctlo, it haa. In "try cut where 1 Lave or I?re?l It, Acted like a rliann. In tbu* speak I nf freely of It, 1 far from pair ? )>*te*t saedirtM, an article It by no mMm claim* to be. ft A N DKOKO BULL, * D. Sold by PrugtfUtaaad dealer* generally. oc IT?1W (ETncdlciail LUuri. Old Heaueaeey Brandy, very aupeiior. Old ftwt Wloe, pure Juice, Imported for InralUa. Old Btierry Wine. Old ttyn WfeUkey, warranted over tea feari old. ror a U ta demijohn* and boltlea. at OILMAN'S new Store, oc IJ?1 w ui i?a. arenua. irrWttchw. Jewelry and Silver W?r*? T have now cn band a .all atoek or the moat faahlonab'e styles of rich (eld Jewelry; alao, a large aeeortment of ?uparlor (old and direr Wetchee. I a as alao *iauu lettering tin my own aliobi eeery variety of 8 l?er Ware, *acli a* Spoons, Forks, Ladles; cake and pie Kotvea: salt, multard and ellre Hpoon*; Napkin Rings. Flteb?TS, Tea Sette. kt , froes solid aterllnc atlver, whtrh 1 wtll offer for eale at lower ratea than goad* of t)ie name quality have ever been aold fir la tbla city, at No. us Pennsylvania avenue, ne>r ftk atrett, alf ti of the largo spread eagle. 11. 0. HOOD. o? 34?tr JIT" Dailey's Genalne Pain Extractor, will aabdu* the pain and luSamraatlon from the severest born* or *oalde, la from oue U> twenty aoinntea? ami that It will heal the wound* wlthont acar; and effectually cure Fever Sore#? file*?Salt Khenm?Inflammatory rUeuuiatum?Sore and Inflamed Kyes?Cute?Wontida? Brulsee?Old and lu veterate Snrn-Scald Head?Corna and Kunloos?Kry?ipela* ?Spralna? Swelliuga?Felons? Chilblains?Bite of Insects? Swelled and Broken Breast?Sore Nlpplea?Krnptlone?and all other Inflammatory and cutaneous diseases, where the parts affected can be reached. Dou't be iurredalon* atx>ut the many disease* named to be eared by only one thing?but reflect, that tbe few, tut posi tive properties which the Daltey Salve alone contains, and as heretofore enumerated?one to four?can reach not alone lbs afore-nientionel diseases, but many more not enumerated. Kacti box of Ouiuinr Uilly h Pain fclTuauTva liaa up- n It a Steel Plate Engraved Label with the signatures of C. V. CLICKKNER k CO., proprietors, and flUNRV PALMY, matiufactnrer. All other* are counterfeit. Price J* ceuts par box. W All orders should be addressed to C.V. Cllckener k Co., 11 Barclay street. New York. tT-Forsale by r-HAS. STOTT, NAIRN k PALM ICR, and Drafglats generally. ap 8? eoSm EAstealahlag Care with aaly eae Bet loa B Hall k Co., aaya : Pawners Ist,x, Ar ostook Co., Me , April J4, 18??. " We herewith seud yon a certificate of a core perforniwl by the nse of only one bottle of the Oeriuen Bittars, w* thlidt Mr. Clark to be a man of veracity, and have do doabtof tlie trath of hie story." Messrs. Jos. B Hall A Co.?Gentlemen?In answer to yotir 1n<]iilrl*a, I will elate that my ilaag'.itar, aged about ltyeais, has bean entnpltrtnlng of a rain In h?r side for six or sevtu yetrs, and aboqt the first of January last, was taken dowu and roaflned to her bed. The pain la her side was very ?? vere, beside* being ti on bled with ptlns between bar shouldei s and In her breast. From reading a nut! her of cu'es per formed by "Hoollaud's Uernian Bitter*," I was lndnoa?l to try It Id her case, and sent to your store and purchased one bottle. She had taken It bnt a few days when she began to Improve, and now, after taking only one bottle,she ta enjoy ing belter health than she has for year*. Site feel* no |>aln Id her side or Id auy part or her body, and attributes her eore entirely to the tiaruaa Bittars. Salmon Brook, Aroostook 0*., Me. WM. CLARK. I See advsrttaaMeu t. 8*p7-Siar JI^Briwi'i Braarklal Trarbes???\*> have fonrd tbeoi of great service In allay lug Bronchial In Its lieu, aud Id (iibdulag Hosr*eue<* produced by Colds, at.d do oar clerical brsthreti a real favor !o calling their attention ti tiifctn "?Zi id'* Herald. " We cotnmeud them to the St tentlon of public *f>eakera, >1neer?, and oth?r* who are treobled with affections of the Turoat fThrlstUn Watch mau. "For Onugh*. Asthma, As., we cbeerfuil. bear testl moiiy froiu persjaal knowledge to tbelr elHca<"y." ? BaHoa't Pi.'tor! ?1. '? They are a simple and elegant turtu for admit. Istsrtnr. In eomblaation, aever-il m"dlclnal ?uh?t?n'e* bald Id general est -em amon< Khyslcian* In ?e trmltient of Braochlat alfectiona."?Or. O. K. Itigelow. Coiitaiiiiug opium or deiet-rious dru{H. tlie?e l^i/.euge< cau bo u.o-l freely by pnbilc si>eakets aud vocalists t>r rleatln^and giving strength to the 1 olce. Sold by all 0rngirl?t*. Oot U-tf JAMKS N CALLAN, Agsnt MARRIED, On the '^8tb Inn.ant, at St Hetir's tlburt the Kev Mr Knight, W I L.LI AM it OAKKlUC to M;h KUdtLLA A MUH U N , hll f.f tula ? ltv OlElf, In Mont^ompry rotnty, Murylpnd. on the V5th tr.stant, ANNlfcl M ARCKLLOTTl, !n the l^h year of his ege. For Balo and Rent. CVJR RKNT.?A BHICK HOUSK ON 90TH ? street, near M street, of ? rooms. Also, an other on M street, between l?th and VOtli ntwet-, of 4 rooms Both fire neat houses, liniredlate portseKSlon piven Inquire of JAMKS VVAT TKR8, on l?th street near M. oc 23-*ua FOR RENT ? A TWO-STORY BRICK House, rontalnlnL' six room*, situated on K strfet, between 'id and 3d. Inquire next d>or. oc'^5 lwt FOR RKNT ?a housk on l street, between 15th and Itith, n?*w and ntatly tin - Uhed, coutalnlng fi rooms, Ac Rent 812 per month Apply to J. H. DRUR V, City Pr?.? Of. iae ocO-tf Farm for sale ?por salk, a farm of about fifty acres, situated In Alexandria county, Virginia, six miles from Alexandria and the same distance from Washington brer and a half miles frcm the Georgetown Aqueduct It ha* on it ^ very comfortable andr onvenltnt ore and a half Ktory Cottage built house, containing six rooms, w'th kitchen adjoining, with covered porticos. The front one 3S feet by i3. and tbe hick one 11 by 12 f?-et. Alao, a good Louie for farm hands, ire house, spring hou*e, meat ard store houses ; one of the largest and most con veuient barns in the county; root cellars to con tain perhaps 250U bushels of roots for winter ft ed l'ig of sticl; ; and, Indeed every other conven ience. Also, tbe l est and probably the larjrest assortment of fruit trees In the county, ran ?!sti g of the choicest varlt ties of A pples, Peacht s, standard and dwarf Pears, and improved 4'herrles For some years past every possible effort has been mode to improve this farm and much of It It now under a high state of cultivation, r.o reasonabl e expense having been spared to enrlrh It. Its up land meadow Is equal in product! venae* to any in the State It should yield npxt season in'ail. twenty tons of hay. The pl&ce is well watered, and la certainly the most desirable small farm for sale In the virinity of Washington The only reason the owner has for disposing of it is his desire to caltlvate a Urge farm in the Interior of the State For a Dairy man and Marketing farmer or Nurse ryman, or for tbe rural residence of a p^rsou doing business In Washington, the place offers greater advantages ta purchasers than any other in this region. Apply at the Star Ofl:c for further infor mation. oc IS tf AFIKST-CLASS residence in UKOKGKTOWN, D. C , FOR RENT.? The subscriber offers for rent her late resldeice at th*- corner of Fayette and Fourth streets, Georgetown, immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This Is one of the l.-rgest and best finished houses ia the District of Columbia, having all the modern improvements contained in the first-class houses of the Northern cities. There Is attached a !arg*? cistern in tbe yard, carriage-house, and stable for several horses A pump of the purest water in the Immediate vicinity. The locality is high and salubrious, and In a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood. Possession given Immediately For further particulars inquire next door to the premises, of Mrs. ANNE K. O'NEAL. oc4 DRUW STORE FOR XA LK ?Til K sub scrll?er otters for sa'e his Drug - tor-, corner l^th and ti st eels, on acc mmodeling terms oc;4-eoiw? ROBKRT L TKASI?AI,K. ,MJR KKNT?FROM the 16TH OF DE ceinber next, tbe Third Story of House No 112 7th street, two doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall. It 1* a single apartment, 25 feet by60 In quire of F s. nlMMS, Plumber, in the lower story of said house oc 25 eo3t* Notice ?for rent, and posskssion given on the first day of October next, three of thoee five three story orlck Dwelling Houses, fronting on Massachusetts avenue, between 6ih aud 7th stroets, occupied at present respectively by Messrs. Suit, J. E. Kerd, and Thomas C. Ba den Terms for each : ?)00 per annum, rent to l>e paid monthly. edw. OWEN, 212 Penn. ay*n?e. se 18-eotf FOR SALE OR RENT.?THAT DKSIRA hie residence on V street, b-tween 20th and 2Ut. for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq Possession given the 1st of November next, inquire of R1GGS A CO. au 12-totf JjMJR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Pax 1 lors and Chambers, with board. Also, labia and transient board 1 squire at Mrs. SMI TH 'S,*CJF street aov*7?tf L s?aa** 1 OK PRIME WHITE UUv MKKCEK POTATO KS expected dal ly For sale on or t*fore arrival, In lots to suit purchasers. Fifty bushels Golden Skin ONIONS, whieh will be sold low on or before arrival Apply to J1AKTLY A BOKTHKR, oc 25 1* 101 Water street, Grori{etown? DR. UlPHik'1 REMKDI ES are the only ( ffot tual cure for Ex.* nal or Iut?nul Piles, Saltrhium, Ring-Worm, Ac. They aio unrival led for purifying the blood 5u cent* per box Oilce 7* Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mall. For sale by FORD A URO., corner of lith st. and Penn. avenue oc 2> L^DR BOVrON- THE I-l NK SCIIOON KR MARIETTA BURR, Capt Ira Nick ? - ??' * i-u -? . . F A" MARIKTTA UUHH.wapi.irsnici '-jm. erson,has arrived and will have quick dls-^Uj patch for the above port For freight auniw to hartley a brother, AgmtS. oc a7-4t IQI Water street, Geo getown. DIBBON9, rLOWKRH. A1U FEATH ? KRs Juet leceived at GEO. H. OAS SltMY A CO 'S, successors to A Tate.ffijKL 314 Fean. avenue. oc 18 GOOD I*VESTMENT. WF. have for walk THK FOLLOW ing BONUS or STOCKS, which can be sold to yield the purchaser 10 to 12 per cent, per annum: #20,000 Kamsey County Botds, (Minnesota Territory,) 10 percent. Coo pons, payable In New York. <15,000 Virginia and Tennessee, ? per cent. Coupons, payable !n New York

S 10,000 Orange and Alexandria, 6 far eent. Coupons, payabl' In New York. $5,000 Corporation of Washington Stock, 6 per cent ?5.000 Corporation of Alexandria Stock, ? per cent. *4,000 in shares of the Patriotic Bank The Ramsey County Bonds we regard as very safe and desirable The comity is the most waalthy and prosperous In Minnesota. In which Is situated the flourishing city of St Paul The county has only Issued f30,000 of bonds, and only 928,000 Is now outstanding. The bonds fail dne annually, the first two being payable In New York In 1861 The taxes now dne to the county la represented ample to liquidate the whole debt SWEENY, RlTTENHClUSK, FANT A CO , oc 19 eo2w [Intel A Organ] Bankers. PUTICHOManie7 I HAVE JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER lot of PoUchoroanle61aaa Vases; also, a beauti ful assortment of Flowers, Japanese Seen as and Figures, Brushes, Gum, Ae. Ladles oan sow be supplied with every thing necessary to complete those beautiful Vases. The extraordinary success which tfcls art has obtained may be eatily accounted for, when af:er an lnteiestlng and easy labor of a few hours, we see a simple glass vessel transformed Into * Chi nese, Serres, Dresden, Etruscan, Terra Cotta, or Japanese Vase. Gentlemen desirous of p esentiDg a token of re membrance to Ladles can tcarcely And anything less expensive or more chaste and elegant or that will be more highly appreciated than a pair of these vases and materials. C. W. BOTELEK, oc 23-eo3t Iron Hall. For sale?at the first ward Liverv Stable, on G street, between 17th and 18th streets, one pair of HAY HORSES,6 and 7 years old, 15)f hands M[l highland onepalrof GRAY W 4 and 5 years o d. 16)f hands high ; warranted to he sound and well broke to harness. Also, ore new Coupe CARRIAGE, made to order; and one front clarence fri 1 CALECH E, which c?nnot be surpassed for beauty and style, both made by Beckhatu, Allgaler A Pttry, Coach Makers, Phil adelphia oc 4 Ira* AUCTION DRY GOODS. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM THE New York and Philadelphia auction*, a large and handsome assortment of? Ribbons, Embroideries, Limn Cambiic Hand kerchiefs Black and Fancy Dress Silks. Monslln Detains, a d Woolen Plaids. ALSO? Large lot of Woolen and Cotton Hcslery ai d Gloves Woolen and Cotton Undershirts and Dtawers W oolen Comforts and Scarfs Children' Hoods and Scarfs, which will be so d at very low prices W. EGAN A SON, No. 3*23. south side Pa ave , bet 6th and 7th oc 22 lit streets SIMPK"N HOllfiK, Southwest rormr of lOf A st ami P, avenue, Washisoton City, D C The SUBSCR1BER IS HAPPY TO IN form the sojourners :utd residents of Wa^hiogtou that he his spared no expense ?!!? ill fitting up LI- well known establishment ?1" ? aud Is now prepared t > arcommodatc all who may favor him with their patronage on thv mo?t rent, onable terms, and in true Philadelphia style?be having recently removed fr m that city. Hentie ii'c*n can be furnltbed with Rooms on reasonable terms, and they ran either B:eikfa*t. Dine, o' S'up in or out of th? house, aial will only be charged for such as they may order Tfce Subscriber proposes to furtilsh Meals to those who may wish, on the European system, and stranger* and clt1i?rs mav rely upon the character of his Bar and Table d'Hote. oc 17 tm WM . S SIMPSON, Proprietor. FRUIT, ornamental TREMi fcr. MIE UNDERSIGNED HAS THE PLEAS ure of offer! ig to hia patrons and th* T m. ure or offerl ig to hia patrons and th*|^A tublic. in general a very >art?e assortment nivlw RUIT, SHADE. EVERGREEN-* TREEJ?,Ac., comprising? Dwarf Fear Trees. In great variety, among whi-h are all tie inest native ana foreign sorts; splendid one year old trees are offered at the low price of #25 per 100 Apple Trees, large and vigorous, and varieties best suited to this region, $18 pei 1(10 Peach Trets, fine and tlirlfty, the choicest kinds ? 10 per 100 Apricots, ?, berries, Plums, Standard Peers. Quinces, Ac , large, vigorous and thrifty. Gooseberries, Currant*, Raspberries, Grape, Ac, an immense stock of ail the chul e?t kinds. Strawberries, the large fine new varieties, as well as the old popular sorts Rhubarb and Asparjgus Roots, stronp and good. Ro^es. the choicest ever bloorring varieties Evergreens, an extensive collection of the rare ard well known kinds. Shade, Ornamental Trees, Ac Dutch Bulbous Roo's, Garden Sced9. In fart, every thing pertaining to the Nursery and ^eed business, warranted cf the best quality, choicest varieties, correct to mme, and as low as they can be purchased In the United States. Catalogues can be had on application JOHN SAUL. Se?d Store, :J06 7tli street, corn'r H street, oc 1-eolBt Nursery, on 7lh street road SUPERIOR CLOAK Vl.LVIiTS AN1) CLOTHS WE HAVE NOW IN STORE A FINE As sortment of r'ch Black and colored SILK V EL VETS, of the proper width for Cloaks and Talmas Jus1 received, a large lot of fine Black, Brown, Tan and Grey CLOTHS for Cloaks We invite the attention of those ladies who pre fer buying the materials and having the cloak* made to order. COLLEY A SbARS, oc 23 6t 523 7th st , three doors nor h Fa av ANEW COACH FACTORY, ON TWELFTH STREET. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING RECENT ly opened a Coach Factory at 553/ 12th street, south of Penn avenue, 1 would respectfully announce >o the put>llc tbat be Is prepared to manufacture or repair all kindB of Coaches, Carriages, and light W;tgon?, on the most lejsonable terms, and In the best manner Those desiring a good Carriage, or to have repair ing well and promptly done at a low price are earnestly requested to call, as I c flVr such induce ments as cannot f'll t" please All work guaranteed toglve perfect satisfaction cc 27-1 m THOMAS I GARDNER. Medical booki.-wood^ thi.ra neutlcs and Pharmacology,2 vols; Jiut pub lished. Wood's Practice of Medicine. 1 vols; last edition. Wood and Bache's U S Dispen satory; last edition Watson's Practice of Phv aic; new edition W'bon'a Human Anatomy; new edition. Renourd's History of Medicine; I vol; 1856. Nelli aid Smith's Compendium of Medicine; new edition. Dungllson's Human Physiology, 2 vols; new edition Druitt'sM(d cm Surgery; new edition. With a number of other standard medical works. For sale at pub lishers' prices. oc 27-tr FRANCK TAYLOR. SILVERWARE WEDDINO l-RESKNTS. M. W. MALI' A BRO have just finished another beautiful cssortnentof solid silver Tea Sets, Walters, Pitchers, 6oblets. Cups, Spoons, Forks, Ladies. Napkin Rings Ac. Also, solid silver Butter Coolers Pie, Cake, and Fish Knives, Sugar Sifters Preserve, feugar, Jelly, and Eg* Spoons Ire Cream, Cake, and Dessert Knives Olive Spoons, Pickle Knives, Forks, Ac. Besides the above thev offer a large assortment of Fancy Silver Wa'e suitable for wedding pres ents. M W GALT A BRO., oc23 Ot 3)24 Pa. av , bet ILh and loth ats. SEASONABLE GOODS. CtOAL HODS, ' COAL SCOOPS, COAL SHOVELS, coal seivf:s, TONGS AND SHOVELS. ANDIRONS. FENDERS, WOOD SAWS AND AXES, BRITISH LUSTRE, STORE BRUSHF:S, Ac., Ac , Just received aud ftfr sa'.e at low price*, by E. TUCKER A SON, oc 2l-4i 353 Pa avenue. 20 000 PEACH TREES. AT TEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR sale at my Nursery, near Washington The above trees are all of Hue growth, and' of the best select fruit. A! EVl cc 22 tf JOSHUA PEIRCE. Buckwheat and chanberri** In advaace of the season, and One ca?e fresh smoked SAl.MON. Just received by J AS. H. SHEKELL, oc 25-3t 279 F street, cor 13th Black tea.-mo chests of unrival led Black Tea j'isr in KING A BURCHELL, OC 23 Cor Vt. ave^ and 13th street E. %. BARSAHIN* M. !>., D E N T I S T, Has removed his office To no. 101, south aide of Bridge atrett, Georgetown, D. C. oc z5 3t* Politicalklaus and streamers, at LAMMOND'S. oc 23 SI . ? t Iso, a general assortment of ORN AM EN I'A L, ERGUEEN, SHADE, and FRUIT TRKfcS. ^ * tiiiimi a o L' ? D < ' L' AUCTION BALES. By E.S WRIGHT, Auctioneer PUBLIC SALK.-W ILL B E SOLD A r public auction, on (he premises, on TUE* DAT. November lith, at 4 o'clockp m ., iota us and 11?, fronting *3# feet on 2d atr* t, and run ning south 150 Uto a public alley These LotstT* opposite St. John'* Episcopal Church, and are amor? the mo?t eligible In Georgetown They will be divided Into three lou of about 30 fret each Terns : One-fburth cash ; for an approved note atSodays) and the balance la o, 13, and 18 month*, with approved tecurlty. EDW. S WRfBHT, ocSS-nt (Intel) Auctioneer. By C W. BOTELER, Auctioneer/ SALE OF EXCILLKNT HOUSEHOLD Farnitare at Aactisn.? On TUESDAY, November 4th, at 10 o'clock a. m , I shall sell ai my acutlon room, Iron Hall, the effect! of a tarn.' ly declining house keeping, embracing son* very tuperl.r article* of Household Furniture, comprising, in part of? Handsome Parlor Suite, covered with velvei, comprising two rosewood French Sofas, t? o rosewood Arm chtPrs,, two rosewood R< - eeption Chairs, and eight ro-*wo<d Ptrhr Chairs One Etalrgo, French Plate .Mirror Two rosewood Tables, with marble slab?. Gilt Cornices China Vases, onebrooze Table, with marble s\ b Oval gilt Frame Mlrrara, hair seat mahogany i?< - fas Large parlor Arm-chalis, covered with ve>et and haircloth Piatt d Candlesticks, mahogany W ashstand* Fxtenslon Dining Table English china Dinner and Tea Ware Crorkerv and Glassware. Parian maible Pitchers Plated Carter, mahogany French ard other Bed steads Superior feather Beds and curlrd hair Msttresee* Large mahogany Wardrobe, Toilet Sets. Rock ing eLal'S Towel Racks and Irons, Fenders, t hovel and Tongs Ccmforts and Blankets Mahogany Washstanda, with m-rble-teps Do Scmno, cane Mat Chairs. Standards l)o marble-top drensirg Kure mm. Tin Safe, Kl.chen Furniture, Cooking Utennis, Ac Terms: S90 and under cash; over *W>. 60 and 5M> days credit, for approved endorsed notes, bearing Interest. The goo3s will Ve arranged for examination la my commodious sales r*om on the day preced the sale. C. W BOTKLER, oc 29-d Auctioneer Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. A DMINIITRATOR S SALE BVORDEK r\ of the Orphasa' ? onrt, D. i,, ml the Perssnnl Effects of Wm. Bird.deceased.? On THURSDAY, the JOtb Histant, 1 t?h*U sell, at the late residence of William Bird. decease* , on Maryland avenue, between Siitb and Seventh streets, south side, at 10 o'clock a. m , all the Personal t Sects of the deceased, viz : Mahogany Sofa aud Chnirs Po Bedhteada and Bureaus Carpets. Mattresses, and Comforts Centr- Table, Blankets and Sheets 1 Cook Stove and Kitchen Requisite# Cbina. t>la*s, and Ciockery Waie Valuable lot rf Carpenter's Tools 1 !tinrt1<drg Machine, Ac. With many other arti< ie? which we derm un necessary to? n timers e Tennsr All sums under $10 rash; over SH'a credit of 3 and 0 months, for notes satisfactorily e^dorjed. bearing interest ROBERT MORROW, Administrator, oc 2? 3t A. GR EEN, Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S *>ALE ? IN VIRTUE OF two writs of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerk's r tliof tbe Clrruit Court of the I?'?tr1ct of Columbia for the rounty of Washington, a*dt?> rredirected, I sha'l exposest publlr *alc,f..rce?b, in fro'it' ttli?* Court borne door of said county, on SATIJ R l)A V . tbefthday cf November next,*1:-50, at 1*2 o'clock m , one I'ew In Trinity Church, No. in the city of Washington, I>. C., seized and le?ied upon hi the property of Samuel Cha*e Bar ney, ana w'llbesoid to satisfy Judicial?* No 44 ar.d 15, to October term, lt-50, John O. Hoist*ad and Samuel and Henry Kirk. rs. Sannel CLzee Barney J D HOOVER, oc M-ts Marshal for DN'rict of Columbia By A G KEEN, Auctlonetr. ?UTKItSIV E KALE ?F VALUABLE J Hailding Lots, comprising a wlisie Kquare, at Aactisn.? On THURrDAY, tie 23d instant. I shall ?ell,1n front of the premises, commencing at 4 o'clock p m . the following de scribed property, viz: All of Square No. 4tl, ?subdivided in 05 handfome buildit g lots, fronting on ?th and 7:h streets we*t and S and T Greets north. Tfce sale will commence on 7th street Title in disputable, direct froin the Government Plat can be s-en at mv room T?riiiB : On?-flf h cssh ; balance In ore. two, three, four, and live year*, the purcha^r to give note* for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from the da v of sale. A deed given and a deed Of trust taken oc 7-d A. GREEN, Auct'r frj" The a*?sve Sals is unavoidably Post* po ed until WEDNESDAY, the 2?:h ln*t , same hour and place, oc21 A. GREEN,Auct'r. E T* By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. !RUSTEEI SALE OF MOTEL FL'HNI. tnre, Ac.?Will be sold on WEDNESDAY, 'he5.h day of November, 1*M5, at the United States Hotel, P*nnsylvanla avenue, Washington city, commencing at 10 o'clock a u., all tbe Houseboid and o.ber Furniture lately in u??' in said Hotel, comprising a great variety of useful articles? Carpets. Tables, Bed and Meddirg Bedrtcads, Chairs. Table-linen. Croe'.ery "A are labJe Cutlery, Glass W are, Mirrors Hotel Carriage, Ac , Ac. Taken and to be sold to satisfy the creditors named In a deed of trust from R B Hccktey, dated the 10th day of June, lt-54, and ecorded In the land records of Washington county. D C ,ln Liber J A.S,No 7S, folios 3b9, Ac. Terms of ?ale c\sh By orJer of she 1 rustees HEN R V M MOKF1T,) , M THOMPSON, S l,,lstee* A GRKEN, oc 13--eo [Intel] Auctioneer. a. L UORXAS. WV R WILluX GORMAN, WILSON A CO , UANKKKR, SAINT HF.TEK. MINNESOTA, Dealers in bills of exchange, HEAL ESTATE, LAND WARRANTS, and GENERA I. COLLECTING AO EN FS tefeit?ctt - Palro A Nours?; Sweeny, Rlttaj house. Fant A Co oc 4 Im* STELLA SHAWLS! STELLA 5 H \ V? LS : ' VI/E HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LA RHI T* and handsomeasHortmentof Stella ShawN; also, Persian Scarfs, and J-quare linii'lm Sbawls, Long and Square Bjy State SbaWls, Misses Stella. hawis A I.SO? Velvet, Silk and Cloth Talmas and Cloth Cloaks directfrorn the m^nufactorv W. EliAN A SON, No 324 Pa. av , south side, bet t>th and 7th sts oc 2J-Gt [ 1 ntel j LKl'ti AilD UHK>1ICAL STORE. THE UNDERSIGNED HAV1NU n purcha ed the Diut; Sto'c formerty In At A possesion of II. A. Mueller, i?*pect fully a?ks a continuance of the pit- lJF> ror^ige heretofore bestowed on the establish inert. He h?js devoted more than twenty years to the preparing and dispensing rf medicine b s knowledge of Drugs wili enable him, atall tine c; to keep none but the purest and most reliable , End his personal attention will b?givev exclusive ly to the compounding and pretwin* of Medl olras L. M SMITH, Penn ave.,south side, bet.4^ and 0:h str<-?l? , oc 14-eolm PHYSICIANS1 PR.ES('R IPTIONS I )R OPERLY COMPOUNDED AT ALL 1 hours, day and night, at S. B. WAITE'S Drusf and Fre?criptlon Store, No. 52S 7th street, opposite the Patriotic Bank. oc 10-1 in VELVET AND CLOTH CLOAKS. WE'OPEN TO-DAY ANOTHER INVOICE of beautiful Velvet and Clo h Cloaks, :ind Talmas, all the latest styles, and which will be sold at the lowest sc de of prices We invite the special attention of the la dles before making the'.r selections of Cloaks COLLEY A SEARS, oc 23-6t 5fi8 7th st , 3 doora above Pa ave. n/m LADIES' CLOAKS, TALRlAS, A1U OUU MANTILLAS. The Broadway Duster, The Quaker City, The La Grange, The Lotus, The Clemttis, The Arctic, The Maude, The Norwe ter, The Caprice, The Loni*c, The Magpie, The Independent. All tbe above are entirely new dt-algns, In Cloth, Velvet, Moire Antique ar.d Satin, making the most complete a sortment of ladles wrapplu^n ever exhibited in Washington, and fcave juat been reooiyed at the Cloak and Mantilla Empo rium of MAXWELL A BKO , No. 323 Pennsylvania avenue. N. B?Cloak and Mantilla Rooms, secmd story oett-eoJK MEDICAL CARD. OiR H PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMKO ' pathtc physician, has the honor to ollw Ida services to the Inhabitants of Washington and vicinity. , Offloe and Rraldence on 1 street, No 1 He, tw tweeniMith and 2IkI streets N. B -Homeopathic inrdicinej>fo?wWtej the Doctor prepares hluns lf wlith ^ t i?re, For Fever and Ague for Bllou? and Howe* complaints, Ac, Ac. TELEGRAPH NEWS. Heavy Failure. N't* \ oax, Oct. 27 ?Jehu Beck, dry cotdf V'V ? Uii liabilities ? mounted to $tfOO,i)O0. Later from California wi^n v""' ?*1 ?-Tha steamer I Mlaoifl U i K i *'"<-?**> dates of the Stb it eigne 1 T^* Virginia Dual. Richmond, Oct. 27.?T^e gr%nd , ^ rre-cnied Uobart 6 So??, Joh,i J Bottt AV/uJfkVrf'ttl?* Ko^mirmr 8 ? Botu'. .k **ankt. of thoFeter?H?rg I>emorrat, and other* for a violation cf the duelling law '?\ "" Lives Loat. Chicago, Oct. 27.?There hu I aen a aevero gala on Lake Michigan for tw<? day* , ait. The report of th? lo?* of the propeller T?4ato a o~n?rmcd. Foity livee war* loat by (ha disaster, only thiaa of thiee on board beior saved ' Xumeriu't echt oners ar d other rnall ves *el* have been wracked, tat as far aa known their ertwi were all tared. From Hew Maxioo. St. Long, Oct. 27.?The ^anta Fa mail haa reached Independent There it nothing of importance in the advice* The Indian* were comparatively qu*?t. The election in New Meneo bad raeultcd in the choiaa of a ma jority of Democrat* to both Uou?ee of tbe Ter ritorial Legislature Gov Garland wu abjut leaving for the State* Political Iffiun in Fennay?vasia. Philadblphia, Oct 2h ? Inconsequence of the failure of the Union movement at the Fill more meeting last night the DemocraU now claim 25 000 majority in PenneyIvania at tbe Presidential election. The meeting re aSiruied the resolution* denouncing the Fuaion ticket at the Saturday meeting. George Washington Head for attempting to sjeak in favor of tbe fusion ticket, wae forced to retreat by the back door of tbe hall to ea cape personal violence. Union Electoral Ticket in Lancaatar. Lancaster, Oct. 24 ? The American Execu tive Committee of Lancaatar oon^ty met to day Tbe at*?nden?e w?* large and the Union hlectoral* ticket, headed witn the name of Millard Fi 'naoie. ad< ptad by the Union Con vention at Uarrisburg. wae rat'fled great enthusiasm Ibe Union sentiment among tbo i" illmore men of Lancaster eounty n vary stroDg. ANOTHER accockt. L^castm, Got 2.'> ? The Ametican Exec utive Convention of Lancaster ooun'y met in this city to-day, when a resolution wa* < Send in M. M Kobrer, indorsing the actios <.f the WPdiot# Jitate Central Committee opening a fueiun on the electoral ticket, and pledging the American party of Lancaster county to the support of the straight-oat Fillnv re and Donelsou ticket To this an amendment was offered and carried by a majority of two, IS members voting This fustaias tSe fusion ticket: whereupon thu-e who voted to sustain Mr. Hohrcr's resolution withdrew in a body aiid organized anew. TLe Register and Citiien, the only Fillmore paper published in this ci'y, comes oat thin morning taking strong ground a/a ust fusion and declaring it a fraud and a trick wb? reby the Americans are to te transferred to the Republican party. Baltimore Harkata Baltimore, Get. 2?^ ?Flour ia active and higher Howard street sold for ?> 81 i, aod Citv Mills and Ohio *0.75. Wheat is datl and slightly lower, bu'. prie*-< are too irregular to give aooarate qustation*. Corn is l.?w?r; tales of white at 62a63;., aad yellow at 62a64c WLiaky is declining; sales of City at3l and Ohio ut 85ic. ? . ?aw York Harkata. Naw Yoax, Oct. 2s ?Flenr elf ad with a declining tendency; tale* of 8,000 bbla ; State W 5oaSri 65; Southern is irregular and un quotable. Wheat i? firm: sales of 40,000 bushels, whita ?l 67a?! 73 red 51 52a*1.5S. Corn is firm; sale? of 30 UOO bushels; Scathern mixed ftftc Pork it firm, meet $21. Beef is fitm, Chi cago repacked til. Lard is higher, closing buoyant; sales in bbls at 13}e Whioky it easier, sales of Ohio at ?4o. Financial Naw Yoaa, Ociober 2S ?Stocks are inner. Chi.-ago and Rock Island Railroad Mf; IlJin o s Central shares 115; Illinois Central b? nis 92i; Michigan Southern K? ; New York Cen tral &2i; Pennsylvania Coal Company V3i, Reading 773; Virginia 6's 91 j. bterling ex :hanpe is cm1!. KroitTxa't Office, October !?, II rpo ALL WHOM IT MAY ?U*? KKN. J. Notice ia berebv elven that llcen-e* Issued to taverns, retailer* of spirituous and feme; ted li quor*. wine* cnrSlals, Ac , groceries, drv goods, hardware. m?-dtcln*s, perfumery, watrtea and Jewelry; lumpier, wood, coal, and commission merchsnt*; also keener* of backn^y canls^ee and omnibus**, bllliatd Utile*, ten-pin alley*, and confectioner)', and for hawking and peddilitK, and dealer* In old Iron, >>raas, copper, Ac , wtii e*ptr?? on Monday, tb*- 3d day of Sovemtxr neit, and that maid Urenafw must be renewed at this otjjce within ten days after that time *AM'L ? DOUWLA^a, oc 16-tNov3 Eeglt'er DOLrSSBLMKNTKHIMU Mt'B-BOK INU t- jilng anieler. For tale by MACH1NK. wiih capacity to work on hnbi ra'Kl"t( from lncbea to 14 laches la dl KLVAN? a THOMPSON, A/ent?, oc 25 1 w rw8 Pa av , bet ?ih and Ittth ra MILLI1KKT. I HAVH H Kl'KI V F,l? A LOT OK New York Fall and Winter BON-^STl kN'KTsi.aiid wUtbavemyopenlogoo>^w the tslot November l.adlet call aud rxamlne before purcbaMnj: *-lsewbere. Four ^>od Milliner* and a few Appreetlcoa wanted; also, a Woman to do taouaewnrk MRS C KUOFF No. 3 Fast (^tpltoi street, Capitol Hill, oc V6-eolm* TAIILC I'OTLKKV. or.'H AS 1VOKV WOOD AND HOKN band!.' tah> ard desert, Knives only, and Knlvec with Forks Also, meat and van a Oar vern, steels. *ro The*e ^ood* are manufactured expre**l> for my tales, and I do not hesitate to re commend tbesii a* being equal If not aup^rlor te any goods In the market. C. W BOTELKB. oc W-eo Iron Hail. V. K. L. tKOWl * ro., AUCTTOS 4" COMMISSION MEKCHAXT8, 336 Pennsylvania Atsim, between 6tb and Tth streets, south tide ConalKnrrenUsolicited. Liberal advanoe*naade when deslnd. All Personal and Real Katata at tended to t?ALKS KVKKY NIGHT, and on Taeaday, I Lursday, and Saturday Mornings, at the Store oc8eolm SILVER PLATKU GOODS, SUCH AS? Co5W? and Tea Seta, Ca?tort, Spoons ai d Forks, Hot WTatar Kettlai, Coff?e and 1 ea Urn*, Pickle Stands, Hollers. Egg Cup*, Cake and Fruit Baakata, Tea 1 ray* and Wallets, Sugar Shovels. Pie aid Fl?h Knives, Salt and Mustard Spoons B itter Dishes. Water and Syrup Pilot Hi?h and low Candle- era. sticks, Snuffertand Timya, Cavered Dishes, Kperguea. Salt Cella-s, SalaJfaator*, Ac. Persons In want of reliable goods, well plated on toe be-t alhat,. will a^d U< ' ;l^n,y"" * oc zj eo-it tiKOt H. VAKFIKLI*, p a / iv r n ?, ?, r. u n?rtk s\d* Lm. are. b*t *th am I ?tk ?tt S VfS to SAY TO UIS FM1KNDS AND W the public generally ibat he la prepared at all times to execute wort In bis Una at theahortaat uoilce W' At'tTIOI CAKPKTlNWft. Aa B HAVK JUST RECEIVED PROM THkl ? ? Philadelphia A actions, large lot of Carpet lngs, Oilcloths, Rugs and Mats, whlck we can seu at very low prices. W KG AN A *ON, No. MS south tide Pa av . bet < h aud "U. sta. nc tt at [Intel ] OTtClfc.?DR J B GIBBS Wfi L ?E . . absant from the city, on butlneaa, uatll b- t the Lith November. v oc 25 ea.. IN