Newspaper of Evening Star, October 29, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 29, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Ex-Alpkrmak Smith ?A short time since we alluded to a rumor crediting ex-Alderman -John L. Smith of the Seventh Ward of thisoity with the intention of purchasing and publish ing hereafter the Baltimore (Know Nothing) Detnoorat. We now learn that this story is a mistake. Our comfortable, good humored, fat friend entertatus no idee of aoandoning Wa*h ington. Though Know Nothingism is essen tially at a dwoount among m and Is likely to be worth hereafter far less than noth?n~, he "has no desire to "cuss and quit" his oh a* sociations We rejoice to hear it; f. r though far asunder from him in politic-' ire L.-te ever regarded him as a useful at J >ul>lio spirited citizen of Washington, and should re gret more than one can express to miss from among us hi? genial eonntenancc and graceful figure, more especially with the knowledge that he was actively ecgnged in burning a b"le in his pocket through the means of a Know Nuiuing-^arfy paper speculation. A Rack.?The Sixth Ward is ssuaily so <|Uiet and orderly, that a serious disturbance r* very seldom heard of, yet little incidents sometimes occur to excite the residents in va rious portions of the Ward. On Monday a in?n was aeen to 8tart from a house ou Fifth street east at a 2 40 pace, and fast behind him a female who appeared to be very anx ions to overtake him The spectators became j excited, and business was suspended for a few moments to allow the workmen to see the sport. The man increased his speed and the woman seeing that the gap was widening be tween herselt and liege lord, and that encum bered ao she was with clothing, there was no chance of overtaking him, gave up the chase The affair grew out of a difference between the couple, who were husband and wift, and the former not liking to settle on the terms proposed by his apcuso, thought proper to es cape in the manner described. A BaAtrTtriL Parabm ?The military com pany composed of studentsof Georgetown Col iege was out in full force yesterday unJer their accomplished officers, and preceded by a fine brass band. They marched arouud the heights and look occasion to pay military honors to the venerable Major Nourse, by wuom arid h's estimable family they were gra ciously received indeed, at his residence 1 hey were accompanied by a dashing dozen of their fellow collegians eu chcval The afternoon was beautiful, ivnd the gallant young fellows appeared to enjoy their parade .amazingly Thev made as fine a military show as can be presented by any volunteer company in the iMftr.ct of Columbia. We would suggest to the* the propriety of parading at least once during the present delightful reason through the principal thoroughfares of Washington. Th? Cross Cases ?Robert Cross appeared Icsterduy for farther hearing before Jus'ice as. 11. Birch, and the eased were disposed of a* follows : The gambling house case was dis missed. Cross showing that the house was rent ed by him to other persons at the time. For selling liquor without liccnse he was fined ten dollars and costs ; an error which the Justice intends to?rreet, the law making the penalty twenty dollar*. On the charge of harboring slaves he was dismissed for wuot of sufficient evidence. The peace warrant was dismissed . the watchmen on those beats declaring that they could not say they were afraid of Cross. Mr Maury appeared f-* the Corporation and Mr. Martin for the defcnce. Democratic Meltings ?There is to be a Democratic meeting at the Battalion Old Fields, Prince Qeorge's county, Maryland, this afternoon, at which the Hon. John M. Causin is expected to spe?k. On lhuriday, it wit! be remembered, the great Prince (ieorge's county b-irbecue comes off at Laurel, wkere the people will be ad dressed by Senators Pratt and Pearce, Col. Thos. 11. Holt, of Ky., and others. W. D. Wallach addresses the people on Fri day night next at Rockville, and on the next d iy at the Poolesvilie, Montgomery county, barbecue ?? Something hew inder thb Sr*.?The res taurant opened on the south si is of Pennsyl van-.a avenue by J De baule3 is one of the completest establishments of the kind in Wash ington The proprietor who is noted in this city for keeping, always, a first class house, has fitted it up with capital taste, sparing no reasonable expense to make it an agreeable resort for gentlemen who have no fancy to be thrown into contact with rowdies when seok ing the comforts and luxuries of an eating house. We perdict for his establishment the heavy run of business it deserve*. Am U SWILLING Wits ess ?Yesterday, Mr. R Pamphrey was summon el to testify in the case* of me Corporation against Robt. Cross, but he retused to an*wer the summons. The <?ffic?r tried to induce him te nppear without making trouble, but he said he'wjuli rather go to jail than swear -gainst At the time of trial he did not appear, and an attach ment was i-su?d f>*r him He was brought to U)<s oft re and refused to testify. The d-xision oi the Magistrate to commit him to j til for .contempt, and the request of the parties that he should testify, induced him to give evi dence. ?? The Coming iva top ration ?The P.oston papers say that the Washington Irght Inftn try of Boston have votel to visit this city on tho 4th of March next, to be present at the Inauguration of the President They have ait>fted a new dress cap, of a beautiful pat tern, to be worn on the oecasion, rid are making other improv ements in their full dre>s uniform From all the indications, the inauguration of Mr. Bnchanan will be attended by im mense cumbers of the people of the United Mites. ? Condition of Mr. St riven ER.?W??aie in formed that Mr. Scrivener, who was so badly injured on Friday night, is ?tiil lying in a very daageioas condition at the Washington Infir mary. His leg is broken in two plaoes below the knee, and thoagh great care has been ta ken to save the limb, his friends fear its ulti mate loss lie is under the ewe of the skill ful physicians and atteadanU at the Infir mary. Masonic Election.?We understand that at a convocation of Washington Royal Arab Chapter, No. 19, of this District, heid on M >n d*y evening l*st, under dispensation from Grand High Priest Courtney, of Baltimore, the followiug officers were elected for the en suingyear. Herman H Heath. E High Priest; X C Towle. E King; John Holroyd, E. Scribe ; John Bayne, Treasurer. A Democratic Meeting came off yester day afternoon near Tennallytown, which was attended by a number of the voters of Montgo mery county. Maryland They were ad dressed by Mr W. D Wallach, Mayor Ma gruder and the Hon Mr Hendricks of Indi ana oonsecutively, on the issues involved in the current canva-s Locality ?Last night, the guards and po'.iee of the Seventh Ward ar retted a numoer of colored persons who were creating a disturbance in an alley in that Ward knewn as Desmond's Alley The Juc tioe, in disposing of the cases this morning, remarked that it was a dark spot, and very disorderly |C0MMC3I?ATin. Mr Editok : ?The following paragraph ap peared in a late number of your journal : "That is a beau til a I figure of Winthrop's in referen ? to our constitution, where he says: '? Like one of those wondrous rocking atones raised by the Druids r.hich the finder of a eh II might vibrate to the centre, vet tla might of an army could not move from its }>l?ce, our constitution is so nicely poised that it seems te sway with the very breath of pas sion, yet so hrmly based in the hearts and af feetions of the people, that the wildest storms of treason and fanaticism break over it in ? iin " Does not this 1 beautiful figure" bear a striking resemblance to that in the subjoined pass.ige whi h may be f. uud in Scott s a< Ke ml worth,*' chapter 24 * "The mind of EugUnd's El:nbeth was like one of those ancient Draidical monuments ealle 1 rooking stones. The finger of Capid, boy i.s be is pai?;ed, could Dut her feelings io moti' n, but the power of liereules could not have destroyed their equilibrium." P. Mblodbox Stam T*odp*.?This fin* troupe will give entertainment No. 2 at Odd Fellowa* Hall tyrfiifht Laat eight thej had great sue cau : the Hall wu orowded?everybody pre ?eat wm delighted and went away with the determination to go again and tahe their friends Thia new oompany is anmistafhbly good. Our readers need not be told that Bar ry Lehr and W Penn Lehr are A 1 in their line, and the others of the troupe now first introduced to a Washington audience, have demonstrated themselves to be of the same ?ort. Third District Policb OrncE>? Wefto&ra that the police magistrate has determined hereafter to recognize the Mayor's appoiat uieots, whether they have been confirmed or not by the Board of Aldermen. Soch ap pointment* hare not hitherto been recognised at tbit office ?? ?-? Watch R*Tca*s.?John Wright, George M vJen, and John Ooldiug, colored, disorderly ovodootr; paid $1.44 cents each. John Kay. ?olored, drunk and disorderly ; fine and cost?, 54.44. Louisa Shaw, do ; do. Catharine Qant, do , do.; Workhouse thirty days in de fault of payment Ann Thomas, eolored, dia mimed. . _ [communicated Mr. Editor : Yesterday, Tuesday, was really a most glorious day fn* the students of old Georgetown College From early dr*a all was bustle and confusion, it being the day set apart for the parade and review of the College Cadets. At 9 oolock, precisely, they firmed ranks, and after going through tho various military evolutions in the College grounds, Which they did in a manner highly creditable to themselves and to their offi ers, they paraded through theprincipal streets of our tewn, preceded by Wither a celebrated brass band, who looked remarkably well in their new uniform. The seieotfonsof music and their execution has been surpassed by none The smiles of the many lovely facei of the fair sex, who filled the windows and doors of the houses, saluting them by waving their h*odi$?{tfhief4, will ever be remembered by the gallant cadcta They prioeeded to the villa belonging to tho College whero they arrived about noon ; lifter taking a short re^t tbey were again called to order, when they were reviewed by the president of the aaaoela. lion. Alter Stacking their arms they march ed into the spacious dining room, Wkere they sat down to a most sumptuous dinner prepared for them, when thoy commenced aa earnest attack upon the good things before tbcrn. Speeches were made by Caj.t Kenrey, and by Lieuts De la Guera, Buard, Lancaster, and Ward, also a neat and pertinent address w?a made by C J. O'Flynn. Kaq., of Michigan, who then proposed as the next sentiment, ?' The health of our next President and Vi<*e President, James Buchanan of Pennsylvania, and John C Bre&kinridge of Kentucky, ahich was heartily received by a II. Under the command of such (ffipera they cannot fail ?<> prosper. At4j o'clock they took up the line of mar?h for home, where they arrived at a seasonable hour highly delighted with the pleasures of the day The whole was really a grand affair C. Georgetown, D C , Oct 29, 165$. ALEXANDRIA COKKEaPONDiSNCE. Alexandria, Oct. 29,185?. This morning a large number of Democrats left here in a special train for Fairfax Station, where the Democracy cf Fairfax county make a grand domonatwrti >n on behalf of the candi dates of the Constitution The ifttle " coon killer accompanied the delegation The Fair recently hold in this city for the benefit of St Mary s (Catholic) church con tinued through last week, fillingSarepta Hall with throngs of belles and beaus every even ing One of fhe most agreeable incidents of the occasion was the reception of a Urge and magnificent boquet, a present from the lady ot the President of the United States, which, f>n the evening of its reception, attracted uni versal attention. The Fail closed on Saturday evening, the ne* proceed? amounting to $1,215; a greater mm than has ever been realijed in this city at any previous festival The Alexandria and Washington Railroad is progressing towards tho opening of tho road for travel. There is now upon the track be side the mail and b i^age cars and the loco mouve mentioned aome time since, one of tha neatest aod prettiest passenger carriages we have ever seen. The City Council assembled at their cham ber last evening Prices of flour Sft 87i?$9 Wheat-white, 51 55aSl ?0, red, $1 50*?1 51 Corn filaftlc. Oats 35a33 Ami L 1 \Zf The t nt versa! Cloth Stretcher can be procared at DYSON'd, 24i> Pennejlvauia avenue, corner of 12th atrtet. . . . OC tS?eoat C7Ur. Bell'sOpinlen of Hootetier's Blt TEKi?SramarigLD, III., April 14, 1166.? Some month* nine?, while recovering f rorn *a attack of rever, I *u re.jiirstel to try Hoetetter'a btDTUaih H ttrra, aa mi ar t'cle pe? ullarly -uitau u? the coglitivii of convalescent* fn ni f?>?r. It li but aliuple j.u*tlco lo *ay that It reatorelllie power* of my digestive orgaa*, ??d at t'o* aaiuo dm* kr;>l c.y powel* gently epe>t I b*ven?hee1f*ncy Id tay'ng, that, hlljerto, la u*!ng it iii my pract e?, it haa. In tttry rti? wh?r? I have or>lere<! it, a< t*U ilk. ? char in. In tim* apeak lug freely of It, I far fr->3> f 'iff a PA la .t mt-dld^e, hh nrllcli It by no mean* ? laim* to be. fcANDFOUD BKLL, *1. D. Said by brujglst* and dealer* g.nerally. oc .?? ?lw [^Medicinal Liquors.? Old llaniiesney Uracly. very ?up?r!nr. On! Port Win*, piirejuio*, iBi|r<irf?l for lnv?'l<i?. Old Sherry Wiue. t>H K>? wiiiakey, v?rrant?<l over Un yt?r*oid. Tor a I* la danljiluia iM ?ottlf?. ?i OILSArt'a navr St-rs. o?J?-lw *.? P? ? rcbQ0. f[y Watches, Jcwelrjr and Silver Ware. I have no* <m Band a n!l at >'k f f the tn^at (aahlonib a atyW of rl-h titkl Jawalrj . ai?o, a !ar?:? aaanrtment of ??ry superior goid aud silvar Watehee. I au> alao rnanufa^Mirli * in my own ah p ctery variety of H.iver W ire, audi a* Korka, !!*?; cake pie Kuivo*; ?*U, mnai<trd aud eilve *pyon,, Napkin FltcteK, Tea Sotta, Ac , Troai ?oI14 awrltuK ailrer, wh.<-h I will '>IT-r fir aale at lo<r?r raina than fvx]* ul the aatne qaaiity li*\ a ever k>*a<i aold f< r In tii.a <~ity, at No. **? Peuu?y!??iila arauue, uaar 9th e*. <Mt, ?lgu of the large *)> read ea^le. ti U. K OUU. oc ?i? tr \ZT lialler'a Menaiac Fain Extractor, will aabdue the pain and mllnmnatioa from tha aevere-t barna or acalda, In from oua to t* ?i.ty ui nuteo and that It will heal Dm wonnda without arar; aud eBe< taally care V-t'T ^?>rsa l'll<?a - Salt Kh?um ? lut' immatiry riiemnatiatii ? Soi a aud Inflamed Kyaa?<"uta ?Woauda?Brataea- <rtd and Iti vaur?Ui Surn-Ocaui H?a<l?Oorni and Uunlona? Kryalp< laa ?Spralna-S well tug* - Kaloua ? Cliiibiain*-Blt?- of InnnU? iwelled and Broken Rreaat -Sore Nipple*?Kruptiooa *rd ?il o'.aar InfiasmAtory atid rataneooa diaeaav, wheie ti.a part* ittc-ted can be raariie). It..n't be iucreduloua a&uit the mauy dlaeaMa nam> d to be rnred by only one thlug-t.nt reflect, Uiat liia fe'V, but i"?al IIva pr'>p?rti<Hi which the l>ai!*y Salve aloue .nUtri*. and aa heretofore emini" abed?oil* t.? four?< au reach n"t alone tha afore-mentioned licaaaea, but inauy mora not ennmerated. Kwh box ofuaxriaB Oally * Pain fc*ait*<,xoa ha* ui>on It a Steel p:?te Eu*raved Label with the otruature* of (' CLICK EMC B k CO., proprietor*, and HENItY DALLKY, niaxafacturar. All othere are aonukerXalt. Price tk renta par bom. ?#-ail ordara ahovld be addrraaed to C.T. Ollakaoer k Oh., II Uar' lay atreet. New York. mrPoraaia by IJUaH. bTOTT, NAIBN k PaLMKB, and Drogglata geceraUj. ap S?ao?m (HT Impertant te the Ladiea'.?Dr. Da PO'ScO'S FKMAI.I PILLS.?Tha combloaUon of logreei eL t? In the Pilla ara parfa^tly harmleaa Their efficacy ar.d inartta are baaad opoa aa asMnaiva prmctlea of over thirty yeara, a?.d, where Ma dlrectloa* have been atrirtly fol lowad, they have never failed w? correct all Irragaiarltl**, relieve painful anl dlffl.ult mcuatrautlvu, I particularly,, at tha etiaag* af IIM They will cure ths wV.ltea, and remove all obatrartlaaa ariatng from cold, aspoaare or any eaniae; and may ba need *o<-caa*fnl!y a* a Preveutlve. Call upon the ageut, and <el a Circular /or particular* free. Pr!<-e |1 per box, with fnU dlrectloaa. Sold wholesale aad retail hv CHAH. aTOTT Umgglet, Pennaylranla avenne, SAMI KL B. Wait R. fcSa aeveath itraet, Waahlngton, D. C.; aud a. S. T. Gls"KI. toeorgetowo . to whom all order* maat bi eact, aad tba PlUa wUl be eant conr.deutlailjr, by mall, to ladlre whoaqeioee them f'ii* "tollar. N. it t}?? ?linallre on the box; to eoantarfftltlt t* for ery. - !?*-*! l^7"Kever and a|ae cared without natng Qaluioa, Araaule, Marco//. Opium, or any of the polaoitoua drug*, or dangeroot componnd', generally reaorted to by auITerara from tb:a long Srawn, moat afflicting, and annoying of all <1 *aa?ea, by raaarllog to Oartar*a Spaulah Mixture, which coatalna noae of tha ahove deialerk. a* anbaUncaa, bnt ??area eSectually and full/ t>/ actlbg apa iflcaHy on tho Liver and Skin, Por-fytng the Blood and c*peT11r.g the remain* of old mendaea with which tt.a ayatetn hae been clogged, oiMtbiag the paroe ?<fta body, and allowlagoatn a to a*al*l ?taelf In breaking up tho dloeooo, aad raoopwattng IM on er flea. 8e? the reire nf Mr John Longdon, of T? ; he hedflxed aod ebrculo Ague aad ferae, roll!* twice a day for three year* Nothing peruianeatly ccrtd Mm, until be triad Carter'* BitauUi. Mixture, three battiae of which parfcetly reetored him to heklth; nor haa he Lad a chill alnca. He la only o?e oat of a thonaand who ha* exparlenced tho life raoewlnf of ocoe of Uilo valaable pa-IBorof the Mood. *ep 1-lm IEf"A,lamiafci,,| < ?re with ealy sis Bat TLJt?Joe. B Hail b Oo., eay*: , April U, I** o( ? curi p?rfbrm*d M, A2X1'li,e U,rma? BitUrJTwe th.ok troihoi 'laatory "OO Iioto no doabtof tke Meaoro. Joo. B. Hall k Co^Ueotleme*? Is a newer to roar In^trtrlta, I wtf! atate that my daugiatar, aged about IS rear* haa been romplaimnf of a rain In her aide for *lx or aoveo yeara. and aboit the Bret of J.nnary laat, wa* taken d(Twn 1 aod ouoflaed to her bod. Tho Solo In her otde wi "eryU vere,beailea being ti ?ubled with paloabetween her ti.ouidera aad lobertreaet Prom reallcg a number of caree oar farmed by ?Hoodand'e tiorman Bitter*," I wo* Induced to *ry II lo hercaoe, aod aeot to your atare and porchooediftQe b'Slei *tte hod taken M but a few day a wheu oho began lo tmpror^ aud now, after takU* only one boiUe,okO laaajcy. lug bettor health than (be haa fix yaara. Bha (aaia ue pem l'i her ? i la or In any part of her body, and attrtbnte* har c ite vuttralj la Uae b*UH* Bltlare. jalmon Brook, Arooatook C?^ M*. WM. CLABa. ' ?. SsfT-am F A On the 28 th instant, at St. Mathew'a Chureb, by the Rev. James B. Dooelan, Mr. GEORGE W. DANT to Mlas MART LOUISA YOUNG, all of Washington. On the 23d Instant, by the Rev. George L. Maahenhelmer, of fit. Thomas's Parish. Wash ington county, Md., THOS E BADEN, Esq., to FRANCES L., daughter of J. L. Henshaw, Esq., all of tliis city.. On the 2oth inatant. by the Rev Dr Pyne. GEORGE WARNER, Jr , of Baltimore, and MARY VIRGINIA, daughter of the late Prentiss Chubb, Esq. '? 0ISJD. On the98th instant, SALLIE AUGUSTINE, iafiint d lighter of Anna and Colville Terrett, I. ft: Navy, aged 9 months and 23 days. Fox Sale and Rent. For rent ? adesirabl.edwel.ling, well located to the Post or Patent Office Can be had after the 1st of November. For terms a - ply on the premises, No. 435 8th street, or 519 7th street. U* OR RENT?A SMALL HOUSE, CON VE nightly arrancfd, situated on 6th street east, between East Capitol and A streets north Apply at No 50 East Ca pi (ol street. It* For rent?a brick house on 20TH street, near M street, of room*. Also, an other on M street, between 19th and 20th street*, of 4 rooms Both are neat hujses. Immediate possession given. Inquire of JAMES WAT TER8, on 19th street, near M. oc2P-3t? FIR RENT?A THREB STORY BRICK House, containing six room*, situated on P street, between 2d and 3d. Inquire next door. oc 25 lw* FOR RENT r-A HOUSE ON L STREET, between 13*h and 16th, new and neatly fin ished, toiiU'nlag % r?>om*, Ac Kent SI2 per month. Apply to J. H . DRUR Y, City Post Of Ice oc 2>-tf Farm for sale ?for sale, a farm of about fifty acres, situated in Alexandria county. Virginia, six miles from Alexandria and the sam? fll&ta nee from Washington city.and hree Vid a half miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct It ha? oil it a very comfortable and convenient one and a half story Cottage built house, containing hix room-. with kitchen adjoining, with cov? red porticos. The front one 39 feet by 12, and the nick one 11 by 12 feet. Also, a good home for f'.rm hands, ice house, spring house, meat and ?tare houses ; one of the largest and most con venien? barns In the county; root cellars to con tain perh-ips 2500 bushels of roots for winter feed ing of stork ; and, Indeed every other conven ience Also, the ie-t cud probably the largest assortment of f/uit Ue? s in the county, con sist! gof the choices: varieties of Apples,Peaches, standard and dwarf Pears, a d iuip.ov*d Cherries For some years past every possible effort has been mode to improve this farm, and much of it Is now under a high ttate of cultivation, no reasonable cipense having been spared to enrich It. Its up lind meadow is equal In produelivtnsts to ar.y in the State It should yifld n it season In a'l. twenty tons cf hay. Thi* pUce is well watered, and is certainly the mcst drslrable tmall farm for sale In the vicinity of Washington Tfce only reason the owner ha* for disposing of it is his desire to cultivate a large far in in the interior of the Sate Fcr a Dairy man and Marketing farmer or Nurse ryman, or for the rural residence of a person doing badness In Washington, the place offers gr?ater advantages to purchasers than any other in this region. Apply at the Star C'fli.e for further infor mation. oc 18-tf FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN GEORGETOWN, D. C , FOR RENT.? The subscriber efffs for rent her late reMdenca at the comer of Fayette and Fourth streets, Georgetown, fmmrdlabdy opposite the Convei.t of the Visitation. This Is one of tbe largest and best finished houses In the District of Columbia, having all the modern improvements contained In the ftr*t-cla?3 bou?es of the Northern cities. There is attached a large cistern in the yard, carriage-hvusc, and stable for several hcrses A pump of the purest water in the immediate vicinity. The locality is high and salubrious, and In a quiet and highly respectable nelghb rhood. Possession given immediately. For further particulars Inquire next door to the premises, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL, oci STORE FOB RENT?ONEOF THE MOST desirable places of business on Pennsylvania avenue for rent, and fixtures for sale. Apply at No. 211 Penn. avenne, between the hour* of 2 and 6 o'clock. au 8-eotf fH)R RENT.?'THE THREE-STORY Krlck House on Bridge street, (ieorgctowu, adjoin ing Amy's Confectionery I he htore and Dwel ling will he rented separately if desired Inquire at A ?. ARMY'S Confectionery. oc 8 *otf fMJR RENT?FROM THE 1#TH OF DE cember next, the Third Story of House No 112 7ib stree , two doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall It 1* a single apartment, 25 feet by (M). In quire of P 8. blM&lS, PlumDer, In the lower story of said house oc 25 eo It* (VTOT1CE ?FOR RENT, AND POSSESSION Li given on the first day of Oclob'-r next, thne of those A?e three story brl^k Dwelling Hous*.*, fronting on Massachusetts avenue, between Oth and 7th streets, occupied at present respectively by Meters. Suit, J. E Kerd, and Tnomas C Ba den Terms for ew,h: # 500 per annum, rent to be paid monthly. EDW. OWb.M, 212 Penr. avenue. se ltf-eotf For sale ok rent.?that desira ble residence on F street, between 20th and 2Lst, Lr tbe last eight year* occupied by the late J M Chubb, Esq. Possesion given the 1st of November next. Inquire of RIGGS A CO. au 12-eotf FOR rI^NT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, tsUe arid transient hoard laqnire at Mrs SMITH'S,m y street. bot27?tf 1 r A A BUSHELS OF PR I >1E W.ilTE IJUU MERCER POTATOES*xrecteddal ly For sale on or btfore arrival, In loth to suit purchasers. Fif ty bushels Golden Skin ONIONS, which will he sold low on or before arrival Apply to HARTLY A BOKTHER, oc 25-2w 10'- Water street, Georgetown. CLOCKS?CLOCKS?CLOtKS. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LAR6E AS sortrrtent of Clocks?50 different styles, which will be sold low, and warranted to ro well Those who buy to sell aga n would do well to give me a call before purcuasiag e'sewhere Also, Clock Materials of all kinds. Oils, Hall", Keys, Cords, Hands,Ae,at J ROBINSON'S, ne 98-tm 349 I'a. ave , oppo. Browns' Hotel. At FlITCRhS?WE HAVE JUST RE oelved from the factory of Cornelius A Ba ker a well-selected stock of GAS CHANDE LIERS and LKACKETS O ir selection comprises all the new patterns, several of them being imitations of the European ones, so perfect a* sc|xcely to be distinguished from iinporte4 txtures, and can be sold 100 j<er cent less G ?s Tubing Inserted bv competent workmen and at the lowest prices, (tall and examine J W THOMPSON A BHO. octj-eolm ?9Ps av., bet. 10th and 11th s?s AW ??A 9 DOLHLK PLATED ASH) BH1TAflNIA WARE ?Just received at my Ware rooms, No. 590 Seventh btreet a large as sortrr ent of? Double-plattd Tea Sets Castors, Spoons, Forks, Ladlas, Ae ALSO? Brltan ills Tea Seu, Castors, Coffees, Teas Sugars, Creams, Ladles, Murs,Spoons, Ac. of very fine quality and at unusually low prices, oc Il-eo4w N M.MeGREGOR. DUTCIt BUIjQUB ROOTS. | The undersigned has just re celved his annual Importation of DutrbMdb P'ower Roots, direct from the growers in^^V Haarlem, Holland, consisting of double and"*" single Hyacinths, double and single Tulips, Narcissus, Lilies, Spanbh Iris, Crocus. Ranun culus, Anemones, Crown Impt-rial, Gladiolus, Suowdrops, Ac., In great variety. The bulbs are large and of the finest quality; far superior to what are usually sold at auctions, which are ooth ing more than the third or fourth fcudlns. Pri ces are as usual, extremely low. JOHN SAUL, Seed Warehouse comer 7th and H streets, oc *i-eobl Apples?hacker el. 00 barrels Prime Plppen Apples 20 do No. 2 Mackerel do No 3 large Mackerel *5 do No 3 need do. Now landing per schooner Marietta Burr, and I for sale by HARTLEY A BitOTH EH, oc 27 4t 101 Water street, Georgetown. DR. Dl'FRlE'S RIM ED IES are the ouly effectual eurefor External or Internal Pllas, Saltrhrutn, King-Worm, Ace. They are unrival led for purifying the blood. 50 cents per box Office 76 Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mall. For sale by FORD A hro . corner of 11th st. and Perm, avenue oc 28 >R BOSTON--THE FINE SCHOONER MARIETTA BURR, Capt. Ira Nick erson, has arrived and will have quick d s -jSfta, natch far the above port For freight apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, Agenw.

oc 27-4t ml Watsi strait. Gwo getown. rSSMK - AUCTION BALES. By IS 8. WRIGHT, Georgetown STRAW at auction,-on 0\f PRIDAY, the 31st Instant, at 12 e'cPck, at the large stable on Cherry street, oa account of whom It may ooncern, la lots, 50 Ha!es straw OQ?-2t E S. WEIGHT,,Auct. By C. R. L-CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. A VALUABLE LOT OF STOVES ?t Amc tlta.?On PRIDAY MORNING. October 31st, at 9 o'clock, we will sell, at No 338 K street, opposite the Northern Liberty Market, a large as sort ment of Cooking and other Stove*. Persons In want of stoves are respectfully In vited to attend, as It Is the largest rale of the kind ev?'T offered In this rlty. Terms cash. C. R L. CROWN A CO. <*c 3P-2t Auctioneers. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. niTERSlVE SALE ON ACCOUNT OF A!* Utrrrament, by erdtr ?f the Saperin tendent at the Treasury i>? partmeai.?On MONDAY, the 3d day of Nosember, 1 shall *<ll at public auction, at 10 o'clock a. in.. In front of the Treasury Department, a very extensive lot of? Book cases, Writing De-ks. Shelving and Stands Stoves, Grate*, Fenders, Andlror ? and Coal hode A large lot of old Iron and Lumber With a large lot of other articles, which we deem unnecessary to enumerate Terms cash The articles to be removed by the purchase*rs on the day of sale. Any persons wishing to fit i:p their rooms witn book-casen and shelving, pigeon holes and paper rases, will do wel: to attend the sale oc29-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FOR SALE?AT THE FIRST ward Llverv Stable, on G street, botween 1f?L > fO.t - r. . ?f 1A. - I7th and I8'h street*, sjse pair of P?Y HORSES,6 and 7 years old, 15U hands __ _w high: and one pair of GRAY HORSES JfcEJEi-. 4 and 5 years o d, I6x hands high ; w^ir.inted to be sound and well broke to harness. Al.-o, ore new Coupe CARRIAGE, made to order; arri one front clarence frl 1 C A LEi. H E, which cannot be surpassed for beauty and style, both made by Beckhauts, Ailgaier A P?.try,Coach Makers, Phil adelpbla. oc 4-lm* AUCTION DRY GOODS. WK HAVK JUST RECEIVED FROM THK New York and Philadelphia auctions, a larye and handsome assortment of? Ribbons, Embrolderiea, Lln*n Cambric Hand kerchiefs Black and Fancy Dress Silks. Mousliti Detains, a d Woolen Plaids. alio? Large lot of Woolen and Cotton Hosiery and Gloves Woolen aud Cotton Undershiits and Drawers VVoolcn Comforts and Scarfs Childrens' Hoods and Scarfs, which wU! be so d at very low prices. W. EGAN A SON. No. 321. south side Fa ave , bet 8th and 7th oc22 6t streets. fili>ll'St?N ilOL* E, Southwest rorntr of 10<^ st and Pema. arenu*, Washington Citt, D C. The subscriber is happy to in fc.rm the sojourner and .eeldeiit* of Washington that he hi s spared i.o expeuse lu fitting up hi" well kuiv.ii establishment,? and Is now prepared to accommodate all whon.ay favor him with their p&tronnge on the moit reas onable terms, and In true Philadelphia style?be having recently r-moved from that city. Gentle men can be furnished with Rooms on rea?ouabie terms, and they can either H;eakfast. Dine, or Sup in or out of the house, and will only be charged for t-uch as they may o:dcr TLe Subscriber proposes to furnish Meals to those who may wish, on the European system, and strangers and citizens may rely upon the character of his bar and Table d'Hote. oc 17 lm WM. S SIM I'SON. Proprietor. SUPERIOR CLOAK VELVETS AND CLOTHS. WE HAVE NOW IN STORE A FINE As sortment of r'ch B ack and colored SILK VELVEIS, of the proper width for Cloaks and Talmes Jus' received, a large lot of flae Bi?ck; Brown, Tan and Grey GLOTTIS for C'oaks We lnv'te 'h* attention cf tboje ladles who pre fer buying the materials and havlug the cloaks made to order. CO LEY A S^ AKS, oc 21 flt 523 7tb st , three doors nor h Pa av Anew coach factory, ON TWELFTH STREET THK UNDERSIGNED HAVING RECFNT ly opened a Coach Factory at 5*3, 12th street, south of Fenn avenue, wo lid respectfully annotiPfo o the jipTiTlc that be Is prepared to manufacture or repair ad kind* of Coaches, Carriages ?.id W.irron*. on the inont reasonable terms, ar.d In the best nmnner Those desiring a good Carriage, orto bav? repair ing well and promptly done a'a low prkeare earnestly requested to call, as I offer such Induce ments as cannot f-11 t > please AH work guaranteed to Rive perfect satisfaction oc 27-lm THOMAS | GARDNER 20 000 I'tMIK TREES. ^TTKN DOLLARS* 1'ER HUNDRED?FOR The of the Lest select fruit. saieat my Nuirery, near Wasuington The above trees are all of fine growth, and ? Also, a general assortment of OliN AM KNTA L, EVERGREEN, SHADE, and FRUIT TREES OC22 U JOSHUA PE1RCE. Black tea.-3<? chests of unrival led Black Tea just In. KING A BURCHELL, oc23 Cor Vt. ave. and 13tli street. B. L.GORMAN WM. K WllSO ? GORMAN, WILSON & CO , IIANKRKS, SAINT PETER. MhWESOTA. Dealers in bilis of exchange, REAL ESTATE, LAND WARRANTS, and GENERAL COLLECTING AGENTS Ltje'enees ? Palro A Nourw; Sweeny, Rltt*n house, Fant A Co oc4-lin* OAK AM) PINE WOOD. rpHE UNDERSIGNED WOULD REHPECT l fully inform thecitixensof Washington gen erally, and the citizens of the island in paitlcu lar, that he has o i hand and is constantly receiv ing a superior assortment cf OAK and PINE WOOD, which he is selling at a very low figure, and would respectful v request tlio?e laying In their winter supplies of fuel to give him a call i before purctaslng, as he is sure that he can tbem. b^th as to quality and price To bakers he would just state 'hat he has re ceived a superior lot of hakers' Pine, which he will s-ll low for cash. Yard on F street south,between Sixth and Sev enth streets, Island. oc27-*o3t* JOSEPH E. LAW. PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS PKOFERLY COM POUNDKD AT ALL hours, day and night, at 8 B WAITE'S Drug and Freccrlption Store, No 528 7th street, opposite the Patriotic Hank. oc 16-Im VELVET AND CLOTH CLO'KS. WE OPEN TO-DAY ANOTHER INVOICE of beautiful Velvet and Cloth Cloaks, and Talmas, all the latest styles, and which will be sold at the lowest sc de of prices We invite the special attention of the la dles before making their selection of Cloaks. COLLEY A SEARS, oc 23 flt 09t 7th at , 3 doors above Pa ave. MEDICAL CAKD rk*. H. PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMKO l/pethlc physician, has the honor to oflW his services to the Inhabitants of Washington and vicinity. _ . Othce and Residence on 1 ?treet,No 18b, be tween **Xh and a 1st streets. N. B ?Homeopathic medicines for ial?. which the Doctor prepares himself with the greatest care, For Fever and Ague, for Bllous and Bow?l complaints, Ae , Ac. se 3 3m UKO. H. VARNELL, PAINTER, No 51 % nortA side La ave. bet dth and 7tK ?t? WISHES TO SAY TO HIS FRIENDS AND the public generally that be is prepaied at | all times to execute wor* In bis line at thefrl.orteat notice. oc'Jlm T Rfgistbk's Office, Octob?r 18, 1*5? O ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. _ Notice is hereby given that licenses issued to taverns, retailers of spirituous and ferrcented li quors, wines cordials, Ac . groceries, dry goods, hardware, ratdiclnes, perfumery, watches and Jewelry; lumlier, wood, coal, and commission merchants: also keepers of hackney carriage# and omnlbusea, billiard tables, ten-pin alleys, and confectionery, and for hawking and peddling, and dealers in old iron, brass, copper, Ac , will expire on Monday, the 3d day of November and that said llcenaes mu^t be renewed at this oftce within ten days affer that ti me. SAM'L E DOUGLASS, oc 16-tNovS Register. _ D OLR'S SELF-CENTERING HUB-BOR -J INO MACHINE, With capacity to work m hubs ranging from Inches to 14 Inches In di ameter. For aaleby ELVANS A THOMPSON, AgenU, oc 25 lw 326 Pa av., bet. 1h and l&th fU _ H EAT INlAJCE*lENTS.?THE LARG " W stock of superb Piano Fortes, Melodeons, Guitars. Flute*, Aceordeons, Violins, Strings, Ac., Ac , is at the great empoiium and first claaa Musl^Stereof JOHN P ELLIS, ocas- 306 Pa. ave., near 10th street. MAILLARD'S creaw fios.-a new supply of lialUaKV" Slf?am Candles jnst re. cived: Including Sum Drops, Cho-olates. ? ream Fbi Ac KlfllG-A BUROUELL, oa mi . Come* Vt,"ave. and Ifith street. AUCTION SALES. THIB JLTTEEITOOK AWD TO-XOE&OW Br K. 8 WRIGHT, Georgetown FCRNITCRC. LATHE, Ice , at AmUm. On TO MORHOW. (Thurs?a*) atf* o'clk , In front of the muctlon store, I shall sell on ac count of whom it may concern ? One dezen bandaome mahogany Cba.r?, Rocker Wardrobe, Bureau. Bolsters, Ma'.tressea stove*, CaTpets. Straw Matting* Crockery and Glasaware _ . Travelling Trnake, Lathe complete ?lth Grind stone attachment Large lot of Odd* and Ends. It K. 9. WR1GUT, Anct'r By A GREEN, Auctioneer i; XTKNSIIV E SALE PK VAMIBLK '-J Huiidlcg Lata, ctaprioiBi a whale Sinnrr. at Auction.-On rUl'R-DAY, the 23d !r.str*t, I shall sell. in front of the premie, commencing r\ 4 o'clock p. m . the following de scribed property. Viz: All of Square No til, subdivided in *5 handsome building lots, fronting on ?th and 7th s'jecta west and S a ad T streets acrth. Tbe sale will cemmenee on 7th street Title In disputable, direct frcin the Governmcat. 1*1 at can be seen at my room TV rms : One-flfh cash ; Valance In ore, two. three, four, and five years, the purchaser to give notes for tbe deferred payments, bearing Interest from thedayof fcale. A deedgivrn and a deed of trust taken. oc 7-d A. BR KEN, Anct'r. \[f T he above Kale it aaavoidahly Post po ed until W EDN E8D A Y, the 20 .h inst , same hour and place. OC -J I A. GREEN. Auct'r A1 By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. D>IIKI8TKATOR'S SALE BYORDSIt ? f the (lrplla?l, Court. D> C., ?( the Personal Mfects of Wm. Bird, deceased.? On THURSDAY, the 30th Instant. I shall Mil, at the late residence of William Bird, deceased. on Mary',ard averne, between Sixth and Seventh streets, south side, at 10 o'clock a. m , all the Personal K flWrts of the deceased, viz : Mahc.gany Sofa and Chairs Bo Bedsteads and Bu'eaus Carpets. Mattresses, and Comforts Centre Table, Blankets and Sheets 1 Cf ok Stove and Kitchen Requisites China. Glass, and Crockery Ware Vn.'cnble If>t rf Carpenter's Tcols 1 Mortising Machine. Ae With many other articles w'uich we deem iir neeessary to enum^ra e Terms: All sums under *1<? ?a*h; over $10 a credit of 3 and ff months, for no*es satisfactorily endorsed Iwariig Interest ROBERT MORROW. Administrator, oc 27-3t A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By E.S. WRIGHT,Auctioneer. PIBLIC SALE.?WILL BE SOLD AT public auction, on the premises, on TUES DAY . November llth. at 1 o'clock p.m., Lots 118 and 11!>,fr< ntirg 'JiX feet on 2d street, ard run ning south I.30 tee to a public alley These Lots are opposite St. John's Episcopal Church. and nre among the movt e'igib!e in Georgetown 'l'tey will be divided info thi>e lots of about "0 feec each Teims: Oi.e fourth cash; for an approved note at *0 days) ai d the balance in?>, 12, and IS months, with apt roved security. EDW S. WRIGHT, oc2S-3t (Intel) Auctioneer. S By C W. BOTELEK, Auctioneer. ;*LK OK EII'ELLKRT HOCTSRlinLO Kn rn it nre at Auction.?On TUESDAY, November Ith, at l? o'clock a. m . I shall sell at my act.'ion roc in. Iron Hall, the effects of a fami ly declining house keeping, em'jracing some very superior articles cf Household Furniture, comprising, id part of? Handsome Parlor Suite, covered w'fh velvet, comy.rislngtworr^ewood French Sofas two rosewood Arm-efcalrs, two rosewood Re ception Chairs, and eight ro ewt.od l'crkr Chairs One Etalrgo. French Plate Mirror Two rosewood Tables, with marble slabs, Gilt Cornices China Vai.e.-', onebronz<? Table, with marble s eb Oval ^llt Frame Mirrors, hair seat mahogany S< - Large parler A rm-<ha!'s, covered with velvet. and haircloth Plated f'ar.diesticks. mahogany Washstards Extension Dining Table English china Dinner and Tea Ware Cwv.ker? and Glassware. Parian marble Pitchers Plated Caster, mahogany French ai d ether Bed steads cupcrlor feather Beds and en-iM Mattresse* Large mahogany Wtrdrobe, Tuilet Sets, Rook ing efcaDs Towel Barks and Irons, Fenders, fchoveland long* Comforts and Blanket* Mahogeny NYashstand*. with rnnrble-tops Do Somno, cane stat Chairs, Standard* Do marble-top dressing Bureius, Lamps Tin Safe, KLchen F urnlture, Cocking Utensils, Ac Terms: ?3'? and under cash; over ?10, 60 and 90 d*ys credit, for approved endorsed* notes, bi-arlng interest. The goods will be arranged for examination in my commodious sales rcotn on the day preted the sale. C. W. BOTELER. cc Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S SALE?IN VIRTUE OF two writs of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerk's cthie of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the county of Washington, ar.d to me directed. 1 shall expose at public sale, for cash, in front of the Court house door of said county, an tf A TU it DA Y, theHtbday of November next, 1856, at 12 o'clock m . one Pew In Trinity Church, No. 88, In the city of Washington, D. C., seized and levied upen as the property of Samuel Chase Har ney,and will fce sold to sat'sfy Judicial* No 4 5 aid 45, to October term. t?5?, John O. HMsbad and Samoe' and Henry Kirk, r? Samuel Chase Barney J D HOOVER, oc a-t> Marshal for Dis'rlet of Columbia JAS C McGUiRE, Auctioneer EjVV TENSIVE SALE OK REAL ESTATE J und Valaable WhnrJ Property at and near the south end of 7tli street west, under deed of trnst ? By virtu>*of adeed of trust, dated May I, IkSI, ar.d recorded In I iber J. A. 8 . No 73, folios 5, 6, et seq we shall proceed to sell, on MONDAY, the 1st day of Deeeml?er next, at l< o'clock M , at public auction, to the highest b'd der, all that property lying In the c'ty cf Wash ington, DC, known in tbe plat of said city as square numbered 472, together with tbe improve ments thereon, (excepting a certain lot of g ound therein belonging to the heirs of the late 8imon Frazler:) the entire wharf property lvtrg wrst cf sild square, (472,) known as Page's wharf proper tv; the whole of sq.iare 471, in said city; and lots3. 4, 5, ?nd 0, In Paire's subdivision of rquate 300 Tne property will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Also, the steamer George Pag?, now plying be tween Washington and Alexandria Terms: One half cash, and the balance a', six months, on notes bearing interest, satisfactorily secured Sale will commencc on the wharf west of square 472. All conveyancing nt the cost of purchasers. If the purchaser cr purchasers should fall to comply with the terms of sale within five days thereafter the Trustees reserve the right to resrll at the risk and expense of the defaulting purcha ser or purchasers, after giving tlve days' previous notice in the National in elll^encer JOHN T FEN WICK, > Tm-.. RICHARD WALLACH,) 1 oc 24-eodAds JAS C McGUIKE, Auct'r. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRK. Auctioneer TRISTEE'S SALE OK DESIRABLE a IIwelling Honse ou 12th stre?t, near Pennsylvania avenue ?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, October 8th, at 4 W o'clock, on the premises, by virtue ot adeed of trust, dat?d November 5th, 1855, and duly lecorded in I.ioer J . A. S., No 101. folios 288, Ac , one of the land records for Washington county, tiie subscriber will sell the north half of Lot No 19, m Square S93, fronting 22 feet 4 Inches on Twelfth street west, between C and D streets north, tunning back 100 feet -o a 25 foot alley, with the improve ments, consisting o! a convenient and well-built Brick Dwelling House. Terms: One half cash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, satisfactorily secured JOS. B TATE, Trustee se 24-eoAds JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct The purchacer at the abc v.? sale having failed to comply with tbe terms thereof, th* rroperty will be resold on FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Oc tober 31st, at 4)f o'clock on the premises To Insure a compliance with the terms of sale a payment of 8100 will be required at the time of saie, falling In which the property will be Imme diately put up and resold JOS B. TATE, Trustfe. oc 24 eokds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Au??f By JAS. C. McGUIRE, AucUoneer. TRUSTEE'S SALK OK SMALL FRAME Hoaseaud Let ta tbe Island.? On TUES DAY AFTERNOON, November 4th, at 4? I o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell by virtue a deed of trust, dated September l?th IKS and dttly recorded among the land records for Wash- ! ington county, the following desirlbed property. I via; Those paru of Lots Nos 43,44, and 45 in the aubdl*islon of Square 465. beginning for the ' same on aou'h E street 30 feet 3 inches we?t of tie sout^eist corner of Let No 43, and thence wiih E street west 18 feet, and thence north 71 f?*?'t, thence east 18 feet, thence south 71 feet to tbe , place of beginning, with the improvements, con- J slating of a two story frame dwelling-hou-e The j.6ovo property la situated on ?ou'h E, be tween 8th and 7th sireeu we-t m * Terms: One-third cash ; the residue !>? * -nd months, with lntajeot, ?^c"fed by s rterd f , t u-t on Jh ? pren-lr*** ... Jl i | NICHOLAS CA I.LAN, 11 . i 0^24 eoAds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. \ telegraph news. ARRIVAL or TEX ^TLAWTIC LATER FROM MUROFR N?w Yaa*. Oot. 29,-The steamer Atlantic ^M^Jriri?001, WUh **** 10 ** 15lh to*t ' Fr?,* Jle7!Jb,7 .thli wiral ia interest! nr the 12th"that '.jf te,**raPh*<1 M<l*r d?U 'f vVr. hVbiln ^11"!1 bM f*"?B "d W-r h?, eolXLgS? 32"! O ftonn.ll and .11 12.h The'r re^ ? ?? h* D,*ht ,b* Gen K.rT?.iiB,K!E51 j?Mi appointed a new J* 1 eign Affairs , fcTpiwai^^Si!? Fr*' the Interior; Arauela for f,r w.v,.d'i,S?^2;,r ? Tfco Paris Journal Debau m?<: .< vr- w0 heve that the pretensions raised by Huwj: to the island of Serpents have been abandoned *nd tie Is1?ni ha* *Cajn become the p.***/ session of Turkey. But the Belgrade diffi,u ty remains as before. It is not true that 4 ?h .. Austrian troop* oeeupied (ialats " The Neapolitan affair ia unchanged All thoughts of the intended expedition are su; P?Tt * ^ abandoned Eren the French and Lnghah ministers are not to be recalled Russia ia said to have given formal mat ?? p re*e?enible the Cong res* of Paris, to wk rb r*?ce *n? Prussia bare assented, and the matter now await* England's concurrence ,??*!?. consented to a reduction of or 4rs22fsstr*--^te-"4-rt The weather has been variable. *?; ni ^roB> J**? ?e the subject of the finai.5 ia tkTfUnb** unfaTorable. The bulli >n A camp of lfty thousand men would be c t.?hii?bcd soon at Chalsu* ?ur Marne. Prince Mcbemet Ali Pasha, of Egypt has am red at Paris ^a/P4- ?M It was rumored that the Rothschilds hai ci? reeled wah the Bank of France to supply j| ] to the amount of aix milliona four hun dred thousand pounds sterling. Revolutionary documents addressed to the I alian people, purporting to be signed by a committee for tie people and the students at *r"?' were secretly prated in rarious quar ters of Pans. They urge the italiana to arms and jr.miae assistance. THE MARKETS Liverpool, Oot. 15.?The cotton market closed firm and unchanged : aale* for three lays of 2y,C00 balaa. of waich speculators and exporters took 9,500 Breadstuffa were Ke? ,r. V J u?cbiui?ed. Flour was steady, with a jagh* itiipr' rement. Wheat waa unchanged \\ Qite corn waa 3d a6d. higher; other kinis ? steady at last quotations Proriaior.K ? re unchanged The money market wa? sl^ntly more stringent. Consols for money wcxe quoted at *14a9U. AEEIVAL OF THE ILL IF0 IB Tw* Weeks Later frem California. New Yoa*, Oot. 28.?The steamer Illinois arrived here t .is afternion from A?pinwe!I, bringing four hundred passengers and San r ranciaao da ea to tbe 6th. Also, $1,681 000 in specie Business at San Francisco wis improrin* and tbe intelligence from the mines waa en couraging Ex Governor McHougall waa arrested on h,s afn?al out on a charge of illegal roll, g, and the grand jury for San Mate' county bad .ound an indictment against him for fraud at the May election, and be was held to bail in tho sum of ?500 Doctor Armstrong was murdered near Sac ramento by a man named Colebrook. an I wbtle the latter was being examined, the ciii tout broke into the court, disarmed the cft cers, feited the priaoner and carryia* him iff nung him upon a tree The suit of Mesick versus Sunderland h?* been decided in the Supreme Court in faror : the plaintiff, giving him a title to one-third f the city of Sacramento, w,rth three millions of dollars The San Francisco papers publish a letter Irom Col Fremont, m answer to a letter <f inquiry addressed by the editor of the San rrancisc> Bulletin to tho three Presidential candidates. The other candidates did r r. ^ 8 l?tter is mainly relative t ? the Pacific Railroad. He aaya he con-ide s hia life consaera ed to its eonstruction He entertains no doubt of tbe constiMtioml power of the government to aid and secura its completion Until its completion every postal facility should be established to annihilate the distance between the Atlantic and Pacifi oceans The Bulletin says that Col. F a letter h;^ given great aati-faction to the citixena ee eraliy. ? ' The Itlinoia connected with the ateam^r golden <*ate, which brought down $2,153 00) in apecie The jury in tbe ca?e of ex-Colle?tor Hau mond, on trial on the charge of embetili * public moneys, had disagreed The Briti?h ship of the line Monarch, from \ accjnrer'i Island, and tbe war ateamfr Bruk, from Panama, had arrired at San Franctaco Cheering aocounts hare been receired from the n aiDg districU. On American rirer a single claim has yielded 510.000 in a single week. Aew discoveries of rich diggings have been made in the neighborhood of Shasta. Advioe* from Oregon state that tbe prospects ?f P?ac? *>th the Indiana was flattering Capt. Bonman, of the United Sutea army who had become insane, wandered from bis friends, and his dead body waa afterward* found in the woods. There is nothing important from Washing ton Tsrritory. The sloop of war John Adamahaa arrived at Honolulu?ail well. Thero is nothing of importance fr-m the Isthmus Lieut Charlea W Aby, of the fri gate Saratoga, died at Aapinwall on the 17th instant. Arnral of Steam rj Sew York.. Oct. 29 ?The Quaker City, from Mobile and Havana, arrired here thia fore noon. The Empire City arrired at New Orleans jeeUtfday. Detention of * Steamer Puiladxlthia, Oot. 29 ?The steamer City of Richmond, loaded for Richmond, aprung a leak at her wharf l*<t night, by which her cargo was damaged. Bocruits for Freaidoat Walker. New Orleans, Oct 27 ?The steamer Ten nessee aailed hence to day for Nicaragua with 350 recruita for President Walker. Bank loaperdfd Providekce, Oot. 2V.?Tba Bank of tho Republic, of this city, suspended bu^ineao yes terday. owing, it is said, to the failure of a large Western produce house ia New York. Baltimore Market* Baltimore, Oct 29 ?Flour ia ateady and firrmr; sales of Howard street and Ohio at W 87 Wtieat ia firm; good to prime reda $1 51a SI j6, und whites at f 1 60a$l 65 Corn is firm at yesterdar'fl rates with an aotire busi nee*: white 62a63o and yellow 60?64e Whisky is unchanged; Ohio 34 and count y 3lo ? law York Markvta New Yoas, Oct. 29 ?Flour is dull; salca of 9,000 bbls ; State M 50 tM M; Southern is irregular and unquotable Wheat H fteaay; -alos of 31,000 bushel-, white $1 6d?Sl 71 red fl 5?ie$l 60* Corn oloaed with an advaoeiug tendencv. S*la' of 12,000 bushels; Scu hern mixed 69c , wbita 91 o Park is buoyant; meas $21 12i Beef is firm; Chiosgo repacked $11 Lard ia higher closing buoyant; *alei in bbls at 13|e. Whmky is easier, eales of Ohio at Sis. Fiaaaaial Naw Yoax, October 39 ?Stocks are lower and doll; Chicago and Rock Island Railroad h9i; Cumberland Coal Company 16); Illinois Central shares 1141; Illinois Central bonds 9 i; Michigan Southern 85j ; Reading 7<>j, Virginia 6'a91^ Sterling exchange it doll. .?=, ?) r IS-1IR J B 91 BBS WILL BK it t'N.t (rom the city, on buatneee, until about the 1Mb November oc'Jt eoti