Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1856 Page 1
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ftUS EViiNIjSfO STAB, re?L??ni*n eter* afterhour, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) ii fii s!*.ar SM.,ii*j(i.?trKt #/ Pirn?*flmmm4? ?*<*<? **l r Ltvntk itrttt, JJy W. D. W1LLACE, Will w served to subscribers by rarrlera at SIX AND A itUARTKX CENT:?, payable weekly lo tne A gar. is; papers served In rvkagea at 37# sent* per mont'i. To mall subscribers the aub ?crlptlon prleMaTHREE DOLLARS AND PIP TV CENT? ayeart*advantt, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less tb&n three months at the rate of MJf cents a week. \?T SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. national medical college WASHINGTON, D. C. T^he thirty-pipth annual course r\s ess, si1 sssrjrsffsiis: t2S mSIS '?!!' o <,9,"e"J "n AD",>,,"'? b? Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children by Wis p JoR*sTo<t, M D Materia Medlca, Therapeutics and Hygiene, bv Joshua Rilit, M. D. ^ ^The Principle* and Practice of Suagery, by J. ? ? Mat, M. D. Patbclomr, Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medlclz?, by G:?rro!i Ttlbb, M D. Chemistry and ?U :acy, by Lewis H. Stew ?, M. D Physiology and MI eroscdT^l Anatomy, by Jas. J. Wain, M D. ' 7 Wm. H Taylob, Prosector and Demoii-'rator The entire expense for a full course of Lee CUrC# CO< Aa *f7?:rV^?i1-Mnat<i?ny by ^ Dwn,M'*t'a?or uo ^-il. ?^tlp8_Fee payable only once 5 00 Ad?J2,i' ?PT'M ?? 1^ J5E5. "" ,nl ?u?ic m rnv?^u1*r?'n'^matlonnddreAa W.VI. P JOHN rON, M. D., Dean of the Facuity. WasMngton Infirmary, Clinical Depart ment Daily clinics are given VPlleulon br letter loTHOS M^LI.KK M D s-s a.wfM.v., TH',S MILLER, M. D. L??'yNwl Curator of the Inttrmnry. Proposals for Erecting the Cagtom-Hou?o SO., at Georgetown. D. C. raxAscav Drpastmt1 September*!, i*? ? ^RALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RP V ??lT^ at tkl? department until the *id Uav <?f November, A D IS58, at 12 o'clock at noon foi (he construction of the Georgetown custom-tome and post offlce according to the plans and apecifi ca tons prepared at thU department; sald w^pj- ' sals to be either for the whole building or*eoar rate for the different kinds of work; bflls ofX S^h?k ?dof^np^nyT^ bld wl:b lt?e amount V? work, and the total amount carried out; the department reserving the right to reiect or accept the propyls hereby invltel or para la^reof, when It d?em.s the Interest of the r nltel Stites requlres !l| tts- department also re? serves th ? right to the bid, !>iJ*v p?rIZ ?r rm^Fom thfr" Just cause to believe wui Dv Mthfully terform the contract*, or whlrh h7 mV.8, to obtain by Indirection and all bids when there shall be parties in lnt>-e?t who do not join In the bids, kVaU "ii? thS upon Investigation, are below a fair price for the T0*1"*1 ln 8r0fW' at the option of ' bu ,?? c#6,fa5t w,U * awaVded U? such bidders until details are furnished the de partment of the prices of toe different kinds of the'^vufon^r ' Wh'Cb ,hail * 8',bJ^t to lis w I. L department, so that the vross wi^rk tn ?"4'''tably apportioned upon the whole Jaunts 8 department In making pay m2i?,lPir?rat'^?fthe?m<>',nt0f work done and materials delivered, according to contract price m ^ appointed for that purpose.) will be pa.d from time to time, as the work progrpHMs. and ten percent re'alied 'iratii IK crr5*i?n "d a^^nce of ?J fwi ^ ai?wnt a'0,*?3td, and be Jetted ln the went of non-fulfliiment of con ?r^andT^S!^ aWa'ded oaIy t" master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof ?*?*Pt bv consent of the Secretary of the Treasn ^7? be a forfeiture of the same Each proposal must be a*ompinled by a writ by two ^Ponlble persons, (certified to be so hy the Unl'ed States district iSflT&'teSS^^ H1,d dJ,trlct ' ln tb- sum or 99,000. for the w iole work, or of a proportional l/'?'anv P4rt that the bidder will, when required, If his Proposal be accepted, enter Into a contract and boml. wi;ti p.op^r and sufll'Ment ?ecurlties for tu faithful performing ^^?|WciaoaUotta, and working drawines can b* examined after thirty days, and ether In formation obtained on applloatlou lo the depart The proposal* must be sent to this department dii^T^P 18*cret*r/ ofthe Treasury, (en dorsed ?? Proposals for the Georgetown Ciiiumi nT'tC.\. ' ,and .wU1 ^ oixjQf-d at 1 o'clock, P m , at the last day named for receiving the a.-*... u J AVifcS GU rHRIK, ?g a t - ?a w?>(>i a y? Secretary of the Tr^asu ry. PILKS-PtLEI-PILKs. VVK CA-.L ATTKNTlON to ALL WHO thl el W;th thl" dr^f?ilCimpUint to the following sworn certificate from one of our moet rea pec table clt1??ns. the fatht-r-ln-law of th^ proprlotor of the ?'Courierdes Etas Unl* ?? and formerly gunmaker In Philadelphia : ,, _ N*w Yoax, Aug. *kh, l?3? hJi* ,Pp??t_??Pear Wr:?I hereby certify that I c ^ wlJh the Pll", for nearIT ?J?ty I? used eighteen botUesof Hirne*' Pile Lotion, and everything else I could here of, butallton-jeffjct. for they did in; little or no good About two montha since, 1 commenced ualng yoar remedies for the Pile,, a >d hive the uipplnew to say that they have had the desired CUre<? me 1 con?!^' this almost a miracle, for I am eighty years of aze I sincere Jy reoomrnend them to all afflicted with the above complaint. f. VALLKE, 73 Pranklln st St ite of New York, > . New ^ or* City and County. 4 J' 'TP* ^wrreac>i? do hwrefiy certify taat iv ?v n8 . e he,e*jf' btfw* nao p^rsonal i> came P. Va lee, to m? well known, who, b? ngbyin? duly sw.irn, did d-pose dad sav that he contents of the foreg >log certltioate alyned bv nim are true In witness whereof 1 lmvj suharrlb^d mv t4.^- and as a Notary Public of th" state of \ew Yon, and hav-af ?.*. Notarial Heal at my otttoe, In New York this axh diy of August, t, . , JOSEPH C LAWRENCE, ?r D<"*' NP'ary PubUo of t\?e State of New V ork, 87 Wall%tre<?t, New York lhe Pacuity of the L'nl pr.tdnc- a certificate equal to th" "JP'^* Remwdio* ard toe only ef feHual cure for internal Plies Only 50 cents per tree* axwTpa^ ave? wisS^Sj1,^VT" *T _ \ ?I??I?R'| Improved Sawing Machinoa. To witch was granted the Highest Award of the P*-i, Fxhiivtion, thefeby rtSSSSl the World a Verdict of Superiority 'P?E IMPROVEMENTS tN THIH ma . aI>^f**hn>'<linPn,lwl m-iny ro^tf of wttk Vh ?1ttf'eXe,c,al1'1^ lw'ce theamo inI *''r* th jy did formerly in anv wlvi--. itrr-?. fkey art- wlthont i iestlon taeonly V^acnlr^a" P-b:e of - -rug ?e/y variety of m snlrt Worn or hesvy trace forljarnc^ cl^ b? ,Wm bX ?a'r of tnese machines by a simHechiiB^I * ?eC-*le and thread ia such a manner that tii^ clojsUiorutlay canaot deUx t a fault " EJSiSz;? "4 dj'-b"' "? k?e? '*aohlnas with g-aages attached, f.,? ^ ' ?*p-fr??au, waitr-rs, Ac o- b^t iS?**K(l*!0,'a,B ^'Ales. ao ,oons:antl7 aul, 11 tLe lowtf? rat^f. ; tarsonsdesirous of: .:?r uatioa regsrdley Ses? lag Maoalnes wvlil pl?... <,? a.tdress 1 M. SlNbKR A CO., N m w../0i"am,nore,tr^'?ali!,nore. 7 ? ? w^are prepared to exchange these ma cuiasi for old machine* of any kind Ter7i!s Mb 'L?,?.~ZZ.TM <"-:*?*<> indaccdlo pu c^ auct>,ae* nnier the pretext of wl?l ?nl this a t?eneat Ihdetd ^ mar 1*?if E. it.i;. . j ? (d?cc?Moa to JAj?a? K. Harvxt, Daciaaio,) UNLiJHT AKER No. <10 Stvtmtk sirtit, b4tw?n U and H Begs leave to inform the wui ir that sha has In her employ the "?L*L same persona that were foriuertyl in theesUMlahment whoarefully competent to conduct the Undertaking i;Q?in?n? and hot every attention will be ?!*?-? ?u rVu.' day or nl,;ht as heretofore. m iv ?iU ' VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, I). C., THURSDAY. OCTOBER 30, 1856. OFFICIAL. Triiibit Duaktmbnt, May 88,18*5. Noilce la hereby given to the holder* of the ?lock leaned pursuant to the act of Congreee of ?d July, 1946, that auch atook la redeemable by lta terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificates thereof, on the l*th of November neit, when Interest thereon will c?ue. This department will continue to purchase such ?lock prior to said day of redemption, and will fay therefor the following premium, In addition to the interest accrued to the day of purchase, with oae day'a Interest for the money to reach the vendor: such wtock received at the Treasury between the 1;? day oi ?u?e and the 31st day of July, la uusive, one-half of one cent on the amounts ?pedfied In the certificates; On such stock received between thei?*?hd 3lst ?lays of August, one-fourth of one percent; And on such stock received after the31st day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to reoelve the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July theonrrent half year's interest mn>t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such Interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day of June and the 1st day of December neat, unless the sit in of # l ,500.000 shall be previously obtained, aud will pay for the same, in addition to the in- ! erest aocrued from he day of the last dividend of Interest, and on e> day's additional Interest for the money to reach the vendor, the following rate* I of premium: On stock of the loan of l04tl, a premium of 10 per oent.; On stock of the loans of 1947 and 1949 a premium of 19 per oent.; And on stock Issued under the act of ?th Sep tember, 1360, commonly called Texan Indemnity | itock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certificates transmitted uuder this notice should duly assigned to the United States by the par- j ty entitled to recelv? tae money; and If sent pre- i wIo2-tothe 1st July, the current half-year's in- ; tere-?t must also be assigned by the present stock- | nolder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Faymeat for ml the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties ?untied to Twelve the money may direct. JAMES tiUTHKlK, m -'3-dtKNov Secretary of the Treasury. OFFICIAL. Triasury Dcfartmert, August 20, 1936. Whoreas lite following Joint resolution of Congress ha* beeorne a law: Joist Kbsolstion extending the time for the credi tor* of Texas to present their claims R*?olce<l hylKe Senate and House of R.'preterit a fires of the United State* of ?AmwIcu m CongrtM as i'mbled, Thai as? agreeab y to the provision of the fourth seetioe ot the act of the SWth of February, 1?5>, ?* to provl In for the payment of such oreditors of the late republic of Texas a* are comprehended in the art of (.onsress of September Uth, no tice, by public advertisement, was duly given for the spa?e of ninety days by the Secretary of the Treasury, of the ume at which payment of the amsuntappropriated by the fifth secii >n of said act would be ruaie, yra rata, on any b >nd, certificate, or evidence of debt of ??id *ta t, which should be presented at the Treasury Department thirty days preceding the 13th <tay of Juue, *85A, the liinu of said notice; and at it is represented by the said Seeretary of tbe Treasury, that of *ai<i bonds, cer tifies es, and evidences ot debt, winch liave been recognized by the State of Texa*, the mine, equal to thi sum ot uree hundred and eighty nine tiious and six hundred and ninety three dollars and seven ceuuwofc not presented to the Tr'amry Department prior to the paid lJ:h of June, therefore, in order to do full Justice to the holders of aid debt, the Secre tary ot the Trea<ury id hereby authorized to pay to the holders of a-iy of the mid bonds, certificates, or evidences, of debt, not presented befi?re the 13th day of June ta?t, who may present a d prove the ?a ne at the Treasury Uepa tui?nt, between the 13th day of Ju:ie Ian ana the 1st day of January next, aud execute the proper releases to the United States and the State of Texas, their pro rata thare of the ?-aid seven m llion seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars ; and after payrncut thereof, the ?aid Seers Uuy or the Treasury is authorised and required to distribute and pay the residue of the said seven mil lions sevsu hundred and fifty thousand dollar*, then reaia uing in tae tr<n,ury, pro rata, amongst all tbe sa d bolder* who may have proved their claim , and executed the proper releases on or before the Is; day ot Jauua y nejtt. Approved August l?th, 1H59. Notiosis usasur aivss to the holders of bonds, certificates, and evideuces of debt of the late repub lie of Texas, which were not presented at this de partment on er before the 13th day of Juue last, that the same will be settled and the pro rata am >unt thereon will b<j paid to the lawful holders thereof if presented before the flmt day of January next, ac coiupan.ed with theneoes^ary evidence of their gcu? uia -itess. wah as-lgnmsuts to the Unii< d States, re quired to ^ive this da, a tm ;nt the custody of such bonds, ce- tificatcs, aud evidences of debt, and w ith releases to the Slates an J Texas, iu acoord awith the provisions of the act of Congress of J^ih February, 1*.W. This detriment will not require evidence of gen uineness to be presented with the certificates Issued by the a jditor aud comptroller oT Te*as uuder the laws of the Stale. Hut it pos-esses no means of ver ifying the certi2catcs, bouds aud promissory notes issued Ly the republic of Texas, and not presented to, nor a Jdii>'d by, the officer, of the State. The accessary and proper proof of the genuineness of the latter is the sertifl.ate of the comptroller ot the State of Texas, who haj the oliicial charge of the origins! arrives relating to the debt of the late re public ofTcias Ths assignment and releases may be executed andacku >wieJg? din the prob-euce ol the Ass^tant Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof, in ihe preseuceofa notary public, and be witnessed by the A;suiant Sesrsiary, or chief clerk a-oi uota ry, auJ be certified by the notary under his nota rial s- al; but wheu the holders d?sire to make th* a-signment and execute the roleases out of the city of Washington, It may be done in the presence of an assistant treasurer, or collector, or surveyor of the customs, in the presence of a aola y public, aud be witnessed by the collector or suiveyor and the no ta y public, aud be certified by the notary noder his imia-ial sea'; aud if liters be no collector orsurvey ! <* of tne ciLatosns at the place where the party rt? ?id- s, th asti^nrnent and releases may be executed be tore auy court ol record, iu the presence of the Judge and cl rk ttisr?*>ir. aa d be witnessed bythrm, ai:d crrt'iied by the cl.-rk un-l-r his seal of offlo^; and if the ho! Jer be oui uf the United Stales, the as signutent releases may be executed before any United Sta-es consul, and b-; witnessed andoertiAed by htm under bis -on.ular seal. All persous exe curio* such awgnriMituaiid relent must also ds ciare, under onth, before then.nary, 0lerk,or con snl, as the ?se may bs, thai tu?y are ibe real own ers of ihe certificates or other evidences of debr, cr that the same have been assigned to them, 6ona /Us, for collection ; and the notary, clerk.or consul mcludsihefact of thai declaration In their cer* till ateofajknov/ledgment. If (U>^ijned lor collection, or in pledge, His name of the party holding the beuefidal or reaidunry In teres! iu the jlaltn must be siaied Iu the affidavit and* release to the United States and release to Tenw mull be duly exeeutrd by such party, to gether with ths alignment and releases from the person In whose favor settlement and payment is requested. Ono or moru audited certificate-*, or one or more evidence of the tame character of debt, may be in cluded iu the same alignment, rebates. ami atfida vitof ownership, if each certificate is correctly de scribed by number, date, amount, and name of the original payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the State of Texas, on account of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texas,accord irig to the facts of oaeh case. ajMignment to the United States may be made in common form ; the releases should be drawn ac cording to the form* subjoined?A and B. J AM Ed GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Treasury. Frrrm Jl. K"?ow all persons by these pr eents tliat > _ ? ? a ? ? - ? * itas r? !"*??sd, and hereby reliase*, the IJniied Sia'es oi Ain 'ilea froal SM iurilier liability or claim for the [>aymeni of certificate or cr*?.?.nce of d. bt nuinb-r , for the sum of $ , by the late republic of Te*a.j, (or by the authorities oi the State of IVxai, a* the ease may b^,) and re deemed by the United Sla es in accordance with the provisions ol an act of Con grew entitled "An act to provi e tor th.r payment of such cjeditom of the late republic ofTexasa? are compreheudi d in the actof Congresa of H^pltnibt.-r nine, eighteen hundn d and fifty." approved the 98th .lay of Pedruary, 1855, and an act of the -tate of 'l'tm, approved the 1st of February, ltf56. As wHnesa my hand and seal. Form B. Know all (terwms by these presents tha: has released, am hereby rebates, the M s eof 1'exa.i tn m all further liability or claim tor the |>ay mont of ceitiibate or tvtdeuce of H-bt number , tor the sum of 3 f issued by the late re public of Texa ?,(or by the autltoniies of the 8 ate of Trias, a< tfce case may be,) and redeemed by ths Uaited State* in a?cori'a:ice with the provi-ions of an a ?t of Congress, entitled "An act to provide for th? payment of such creditors of the late republic oi Texa* a* are comprehended in the act of Congress ol'Htptember nine, eirhteen hundred and fifty," approved the 98;h of February, 1855, and an act of ?h#> 8;?te of Texa-, approved the 1st of Kbruarv. 1856. ' As witness my hand and s? al. 1 he follow in* Is a list of Uie .indited certiorates still ou sia idirig: -Vo fi8ue<l to. Xo. Ltue i to. 8 T I) Toinnkms 1639 O-tar Engledow 18 Hukmau CanfiHd 1C75 Trusters ?f Austin 31 loliu A Clifton College ,,J '1 K Muse 1G8J G II Mon-anat & Co 53 R G llobbs IC'H) John Karner 84 J lie Cordova |7?4 Daniel Carl 92 JohN Burning! am 17."?? .. ,. ... , 135 Chined-* lie i 'orilova \ ^ ?\alcott 178 E Haldwii 174*? John W Portu 1M1 Jame# Tilghman 1770 1 K Elliutt 19-2 Matbias Clark 1307 Harriet George 200) ., . J.V.-I IH6 Miles H Bennett 20 I Kl"a IH29 Nathaniel Ku,|t|er 3i? O Blineau 1?JI ( Levi Tyler, adm'r 844 J E Wade 1?33 ^ nf W II Kelly 368 Peter.- a. Booth 183* Samuel Wildey J9o Lott Uu-'teU 1839 George Sutherland 4i?4 8 K ingnlpy 1M41 J I* denning* 427 J Fa ker, for Ellra- 1842) . beth Parker, ex'x 1S4.J / fc.ccle<s 437 Benedict Bayley 1K44 F.dmurid Bailiagvr 445 Uiander Biasou 1 e52 J I) Logan 466 Win Odliu i?56 C P Green 467 John W King 1^65 I?avid Ayres 509 r B Webb I8fi9 Thomes FJam<'s 510 A 8 Thn-nvuid 1878 C 8ehied!erriai!td 5*8 Tht?e W Marsl all ltJWJ J F Jewett 6'io David 8 Kauf man 18U7 F Finma 613 George W Parker laW Par il!a Lee* C41 t:'ruleherkMcUaveult^JO V W Gios^meyer Wm PI.?. !?g tZnUuT" 853 J A Simpson l?-?? L W Cawthern 6>? Win H Belcher 19J0 Wm Cochran 677 H It WilliaiMS ltf.'tt F.anci- Moore jr 701 Felix Uieder 2(171' Andrew ltaley 515} R?b,n IMI. -<???. 773 Wm Jomw 1504/? W v,ch?'Y 779 Wm Walker 150881 c . .. 793 Dyer P?arl 17t9/ fau' "r. inoud 8 Q Isaac L lllll 2106 ) t)63 Hermoean Brown ItilO i ^avi<l ^ Buruet 874 John VV Bower 2108 ( n D ., .. 879 Jam- ^ McMa?ter ^"93) McMaster 914 Dyer I'earl 2135 J _ ? _ 913 Mary E len Heden-185? J F p G,,ntry berg 2145 > ? 930 J EIIH 623 ( W 1 932 Mrs Mary Belville 2104 ? ... _ . 1010 Anson Cianson 1501 \ Loulaaiia Davis 1012 R M Forbes 2.'*XJ E Proet 1945 James N Ilocan 23'6 Thomas Reed 1043 Thonni Lindsay 2316 Harrison C Bryant 1045 James L Green 2;i30 J * McDonald 1047 Je?se Daniel 2340 Arthur Garner 1048 J B Daniel 2311 J p MartchMt I9VI Charlua Vinceat '2341 Audr^ws k Grover las? J 8 D Gervalse U Merritt 1?57 j 2349 W Piuknev 1058 Willis Millican 23i0 J D Giddmgs 1959 J D Millican 2354 J Crawford jr 1002 John I avis 23^8 A P Ldgt rton 106A Wm Barton 2359 Thomas Warner jr 1079 W A Lockfiart 2:<63 George K 8i*tare IOftO R Morton 2841 Francis Brichta 1135 James 23o2 Elizabeth Carter 11!*) t; li Taylor 2383 Wm Davis 1241 Voungs iN.Ieinan 2.187 Joseph T. inlinson 1248 Ri.b-rt McNutt 2390 Sneed & Turner 1-249 John W Cloud, per 9390 Wm Klmbro at?>y I H Raymond 2400 If H Haynie 106'i E De Fon ois 8401 R W Milhank 1269 C P Green 2102 i atlierinr Allen 1275 G W Sinks 8s. J il 2405 Henry Kriug Shaw 2413 J W Lawrence IW7 J.^in K end rick 24.8 Htephen Snuth 1298 Samuel llid-ieu 24L'-1 A C HorU.n 1300 John Johnson 5M3B Elar.haiet F^ton 1301 Susan Ma-siex v>44i Lemuel BDickenson 1382 Thomas H Forieatcr 2150 Wm H Tliempaou 1385 BR Warner 2452 Z Wm Eddy 1423 William Freis 247 i J E Her run 14*24 G V Osborne J474 \ B llemphlll 1125 John A Rathi rford 2.77 Aaron Haughlon 1427 Cornelius Vaunoy '2479 li^irs of John Jones I42? Joseph Rate.u 24to ?' Joel Hi i 14<3 Ami K Ree*>? 24JS1 " Warren Aburn 1515 Lumbard Mi run 24e2 " John 1. Monks 1521 J C Moore 24?;f ?? Peter Ald:ich 1523 John James 2490 M A Dooly 1554 K H Douglas 2500 George C Dayeashlt r 1570 F. M Fish 2501 F Kennett h. Co 1572 Wm Kerr '2503 John W Hchr.zopf 15fti? Jamos A Moody 2r?04 W C Blair 1581 P Bickfuid 2512 M Korberttaille 1612 John Lamer 9513 Henry B Brooka 1615 John Cameron 2514 Gabriel Trumweit 1823 John D Taylor 252H II 8 Morgan 1624 LevJ Mercer 2529 Furbur & Bfau 1625 Eli Mercer 9534 Sarah Newtnan The (.uuriandliiv evidences of other elates of tha debt ol the republic ol Tcias cannot be specified by this Department. au 22?dtbtJanl BOOk UINDINU. L orner K tventh street and Maryland avenue, mar the Smttktonian Institution. C1DWAKD LYCETT KK9PECTFULLY IN H forms the subscribers to llrown's Hible and Shakspeare, now Just completed, that he is pre l?red to bind those works in a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upoa much more reasonable terms than oan be done in Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him fo ex hibit te the subscribers specimens of his style of binding. Every kind of 6ook Blndinjr neatly ex ecuted. se27-om AKNY'S t;op| KKI"TIO(||;h Y Ne. 94 Bridge afreet, Georgetown, II. V. THE MATRIMONIAL AND FESTIVE season being near at band, the attention cf all persons Interested is called to the continued ex celience and beauty of our productions. WED-' DING CAKE especially The fact thstwe are almost daily receiving, from all parts of Wa*h In^ton, orders for sucn Cakes constitutes suffi cient argument of their superiority. An indlfi'er eut cake is provoking at any time, but at a wed ding it would be unpardonable. All, therefore who would not be, or heretofore have been, dis appointed iu obtaining a good article are invited to give us a call. , The usual (medal) quality ICE CREAMS, (?2 per gallon,) JELLIES, &c , can be had at any Ltlme, or will be delivered in the most remote parts 1 of Washington or Georgetown without extra charge. ARNY. wji-wte (IntelAUnlon) I*. J. 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will And a good opportunity In the 1)AY or EVENING SCHOOL, st the Union Academy. 00 18 S5 RICHARDS, Principal^ ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL BOARDING SCHOOL, FOR BOVS, Mount Jof, Luneatter county, Penniylv&nta. E. L. MOORE, A M. Principal. TH K WINTER SESSION WILL COM menceon Tuesday, the 4th cf November. Terms 873 per set-slon. of 5 iuuntLs, Including board, washing, tuition. Ac. Circulars containing particulars may be had on application to the Iriuclpal. oc 14-lra? AlAKD. MRS. FRANKLIN. TEACHKR OF VOCAL Music, No. 406 E street, between 9th and 10th street* References : Mr. R. Davis, and Mr ILlbus, Music storts. ee 17-3m MRS. O. H. SMITH, 420 D rtrtei north, betwtenGtk and 7tk, Beg? leave to inform the ladies of Washington, Georgetown, an<l vicinity that she Is prci^red to give Instruction. In classes and private lessons, tn theart of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and TASKS. 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It exhibit* a series of singular opera tions which, though beginning and ending in rascality, are not without that peculiar ro mance so ofcen linked with roguery : THE HUNTINGTON FORGERIES How the Frauds were Perpetrated and tks Proceeds Squandered?Loose Mode of doing Business in Wall Street?The Bill Shavers tricked by one of' themselves?High Life Up Town, at the Fashionable Water ing Places, atul in the Tombs Since the immense frauds perpetrated by Charles b. Huntington on brokers in Wall street havo come to light, there if no small thara of curiosity in the public mind to learn how it is that he could have been ?o success ful in his rogueries in that place of sharper* The frauds committed by Schuyler, a couple of years ag>, were easily comprehended He was the President of a Kailroad O^-mpany. and entrusted with the issue of its stock ; apd the simplest mind could understand bow, with implicit confidence reposed in Lim, he could overissue stock to almost aty amount Hut ia the case of Huntington?whose name has been for the last two weeks before the public ?it is difficult to comprehend how he, who was unkuown in financial circles a year or two sg~., ocuid have succeeded in victimizing the note shavers of Wall street to the amount of some half a million of dollars. The mode by which be did so wo will try to explain : The first trace that we can find of Mr Hun t;ngton's connection with financial matters dates back only so fur as 1652 when he and two or three other individuals fell into the hands of the police of this city for the share which they had in getting up a fraudulent shinpluster concern under tho title of the '?Anacostia Bank of Washington. L) C Indictments were found against him and his accomplices on that occasion, but they were never brought to trial, on account?as ap pears from an endorsement on the bill?of some informality or incompleteness in the proof. We next find him. ehortly thereafter, hav ing a little box of an office in Wail street, where he purported to carry on the business of a bill broker in a small retail style. This business consists in acting as a sort of agent or go-betweeJ for brokers on a larger scale - that is, he woul I go to a broker and find out what he would 3ei'? certain note# for, and then, if lie found be coulJ reulue any profit by the transaction, he would buy from one and sell to another At this tiniv* he boarded up town .villi his wife on a modest scale. He agreed to pay $15 a weok for their board, but even this moderate mm Le did not, it is said, find it convenient to pay He lelt i^at boarding houeo and went to the Metropolian Hotel, where he stayed for some time; but he did not here indulge in any of tha extravagances into which be afterwards launched He subsequently went to tho New \ork M.^tel, where it seems ho commenced tv bo more libe ral in his expenditures Wo afterwards uuu him occupying part of a house in Filteenth street, and recently owning two or three houses in Twenty-Becond street. Nothing is more strange in connection with Huntington's career than the fact that he was so little known in Wall street or commercial circles Our reporter conversed to-day with some of the principal brokers on the street; few of tLem had dealings with him. and most of them had never heard of him until tha time of his arrest. And yet he cculd raise half a million of dollars among that fratcnity on forgel notes, wherein the signatures did not even pretend to be imitations The supposition is that it is only within the last eighteen months that Huntington com menced to operate on forged paper It may not be even so long. He had now an office at No 52 Wall street, and professed to carry on the legitimate business of a note broker As most of our readers are in blissful ignorance of the business of note-shaving, we will briefly describe it Commercial firms, eveu though they may have large capital, are constantly compelled to pay by notes on time instead of cash. Tho accommo latlon given by bauks is limited ; and when they decline to make more advances on tho notes of a firm, bill brokers are resorted to. These charge more or less discount on tho bills, depending upon the credit of the drawer and the length of time they may have to iun before they maturo The bills on houses in first rate standing (tech nically known as gilt edged paper) will be discounted at the rate oi ten per cent per annum, while on others, not so well known or trusted, the brokers charge a discount of two or three per cent per mouth. It follows, therefore, that in times of ordinary commer cial prosperity, when bankruptcies aie rare, theso shavers make uuite a handsome profit by their operations. Huntington was engaged in this capital business. The profits os the trade, lurga as they must have been, did not satisfy him, or were iosut ficientto enable him to gratify hisextrava gant tasta for fiuo houses, costly furniture, splendid equipages, last horses and dashing women ; so he resolved to try his hand on that branch of the profession which has conducted him to a cell in the Tombs He went to w ik systematically, and ussd at first a good^ deai of caution to evade detection. He was in the habit of going to theoffi:eof n broker in high standing and purchasing from him notes of linns sometimes to the umount of or IbU 000 in a weik. For these he always paid iii c r ified ( hecks He was an ea.-y, dash;ng looking fellow?said the broker?had always a cigar in his mouth, and was perlectly cool and nonchalant in his manner, so tnat he might very well impose on oue; but there was something about him that I could not un derstand. I could not comprehend why he should come and buy our notes, as wo did not divide the discouut with Lim, and he could make nothing by them. He afterwards let out tho secret of it. Huntington would buy theso notes, duplicate them, sell the notes again, and use the duplicates as collateral se curity in raising money At first, however, he used only the genuine notes, aud as they were always found to be correct he gradually gained tho confidence of those with whom be had dealings When he had thus completely disarmed men of all suspicion, he began to use the duplicate or forged notes. His plan was this?he would go into a not* broker 8, say he wanted to borrow $40,000 for ft mouth or so, for wbi?h he would give his own note of band and certain other bills of such and such dates and amounts as collateral security, and he would leavo a memorandum of these bill? If the broker wanted to satisfy himself that all was right, he would send to the firms pur porting to be the drawers, and inquire whether they had out the notes described. They would refer to their books, find that they had issued such notes, and consequently tho broker, not doubting that those offered by Huntington were the real ones, would advance the money asked upon them With the money thus raised, Huntington would make speculations, or would take up other bills becoming due, or would use it for his private purposes And thus he went on from week to week and ironi month to month. Escaping so often undetected, he Lagan to relax his exercise of caution Instead of buy ing up genuine notes and duplicating tfcem, he would go into a broker'i. ass to look at bu paper, run his eye over the auioun'?, , i and names of drawers, and would ui4? ? to duplicate such as he thought best fit | his purpose. In thi., however, be .owel uiaae i -lip, for wo ?n4 ' broker, wilh whom be i? , uir | detected him on twoortbree c ing note, which he dtaeorer^l U. Why this gentleman ??< """* t"t?1 THE WEEKLY 8TAJL itNn ?taring*! ?aa to tmmd la ut day ?orva* ran. w??i? eon. per ft ** v? nm. Five Gople. |9 M Ten oopln 0 M Twenty copies IS 09 117" Cask, iRutuiLT m nviici. Single copies (la wrapper*) eu be procured at the counter, fm met lately after Ike latue of tfee paper. Price?Taaaa Caau PoeTwaaYaas who act aaageata will keallowed a commlaalon of twenty per oeat the culprit into the band* of the law la a uaee tion which he will hare some difficulty in an swering to the sataifaction of the public Another broker, holding a note which he sua" pected to be a forgery, went to the firm pur porting to iaiue it, and though it war hat a clumsy imitation of the genuine note, the party, without looking at it. and by merely referring to the bill book, declared it to be all light Is it any wonder that with auch a 1 ote way of doing business frauda would be perpetrated ' The only wonder ia that they are not much more nameroua. The mnnner in which Huntington a opera tiona were brought to light waa no leaa curioua than the operations themselves. and proved him, after aJl, to be rather careless and clum sy for a aucceaaful practitioner. Among a parcel ut notes which he gave to Belden A Co., collateral security, in the q?u&1 id ad ner, was out of Messrs Phelps, Dodge A Co , for over $5,000. which note waa then on it* isco over doe. That fact attracted attention, and on inquiry being made it waa pronounced a t -rgery And even then Hantington would not have been brought to justice, but would have been allowed to go on ad trnfimium, were it not tor the firmness and determination ,-f Mr Dodge and hie partner, Mr. Stokes. They ?"Ught out officer Bowyer, and obtained his advice ar*J arsistanoe in the matter; and although efforts wC?? made to ahield Hunting, ton from the conaequOcea of hia acta they proved futile lie waa arreted and held to tail in $20 000. The very man o2 whom he attempted to pawn the counterfeit (Mr Bel* den) become hia surety. Huntington ha* previous to hia arreat procured $24,000 in gold, on hia own certified check, and this sum he lodged in Belden'a handa aa aecurity, to induce him to beoome hia bail But next day other evidences of forgeries came in. and be waa re arrested Belden then procured the cancellation of hia bail, and it is aaid retaina the $21,000 Another curioua feature in the transactions is, that although the total amount of forgeries already ascertained ia 1^46 110 40, n<> peraeaa can be found to acknowledge that he baa been victimized. It ie the opinion of experienced brokers that none of the forged paper waa put upon the market, (in fact it waa too clumsily imitated for that purpoae,) but it ia all in the haads of the banks and brokers with whom ho did business He probably, however, did not raise more than $300 000 on it. We un dersland that a cashier of one of the banks wa* in the habit of making Huntington ad vances out of the drawer on thia forged paper, receiving a large discount for it, and w^a for tunate to escape loss ; and that on hearing o; Huntington a arreat, he went to tha President of the bank, gave in hia resignation, told what be bad been doing, acknowledged that Le had made large profits thereby, and aaid that he thought it his duty to let tbem know how easily they might be cheated in tais way. And now Huntington ia in the Tombs H ia trial will make work for the lawyera, and at of public attention probably be a nice legal point whether th? lodging the.-e note* as collateral security is tantamount to uttering them. The penalty for each offence may bo seven years in the j i-tato prison, and if convicted on all, be ia r? quireu r" live aa old aa Parr to aerve out hia term In tli? meantime he eeema to be quite iadifferent to hia ^nation. When Officer Bowyef 'oformed him that he came to arrest him, he ooolly walked to the mantelpiece, took up a match, lit the cigar which be had in hia mouth, and walaM out with the officer in apparent unconcern ^** cell at the Toombs is richly carpeted and fur nished Hia wife s carriage drives down daily, aud her care provides him with aumptuoua fare. He has hia champagne and hia Havaa a*, and don t seem to let the degradation of hia position weigh upon hia apirits Aa an in stance of hia extravagance, even now, it ia aaid that after dining a day or two ago. he sent up to Thompson a for fruit, and paid as high a? five dollars for five pears. it will le naked what haa become of the proceeds of theso extensive forgeries ? We t.ave given an inkling of the extravsgance of thi* man, which sufficiently indicates his char acter in that respect, and we have no doubt that within the last two yeara he haa been able to squander all the money th it he has raised by the means we have described He owned two h .uses in Twenty-second street, c-.ating probably aome $26,000 These were furnished regardleas of expense In one of them, he reaided with hia family ; in the other, not a^block distant, he maintained in grand atyle a lady of beauty and aocomplieh ments, who was not hia wedded wife He was fond of showy equipages and fine horses, and outshone all his competitors in that line. It was usual to ace hia lady driving two in hand, and himself driving a similar team, side by side He kept open house for all hia "rienda, and gave them the use of his wkole >?tablisbment .le rarely dined at home but generally at some of the fashionable reetau rants, with some fashionable ladies. At the watering places hia lady outshone all others in the splendor of her diamonds. It is said that on the very day of his arrest she had sent to his clfice, from Niagara or Saratoga, a box containing SSO.OOU worth of jewelry. Her brother took it in charge, and the officers have not since been able to get at it. We re ceived a communication the other day stating that he had recently bought at Tiffany A Co'a a piece of jewelry at the price of $1 600 for preset tatijn to u lady. Mr Tiffany, however, a lys that thia and other similar ataieinenta are exaggerated. With such laviah expenditures as these ex travagant tastes and habits imply, it need not bo wondered what became of the proceeds of the forgeries Huntington, like many other people in New York, was determined to live like a prince? no matter who ahould eventually have to feot the bill. Even now, when the crash that waa expected haa come, and when he can reason* ably lo?>k for no other fate than that of a fel on, be dora not lose hia recklessness, his in* difference He eats hia fine dinners and drinks hia costly wines in hia little call in the Tombs, with apparently as much gusto a* when he played the part of ^ratnJ teimeur in 1 wenty aecond street; and even there, the calamity that has befallen the household doea not seem to press heavily upon them There ia the same " sound of revelry by night n in the times when he was flourishing in Wall street, but the reaction cannot fail to come alter the giddy excitement of euch ? ,if*- It is sad to contemplate the end of auch a brief career ot dissipation. The wealth which hia wife sup posed perhaps to be inexhauatible, will not s*vo him from the degradation of a convict's life. A young man ot good addresa and plea sing manners, he might have lived a life of usefulness, and houestly became wealthy, as ho desired; but he could not r?ei*t th* temptation of getting rich in a hurry and the end will be a miserable existence in Sing Sing prison. There is a moral in Huntington's career for all classes of our citixin* Dress Warm?Bkgis Now-Our climate ie changeable Pleasaut and charming wea ther soon pi^a into da s which, unleas prendsd against, aro molt disastrous to the health of the people, liu- the women?the young ladiee?are the uiost exposed. Pride makes them the most i aansible and foolish bemga which claim any thing of reaaon and piudence They dress to bo sick, and half of them are, because they demise thick and warm clolhitg Away with auch nonsense, men and Women, and prepare fir the change of aeason. Better be healthy, beautiful and robu?t, than fashionable, thin ahoed, and flounced-dreaa gentry, with a gen teel oough and conaumptive look. Than dre? warm! Begin now! tut away your wafer understandings and aummer trappings, and betako youraelvea to thick, warm, aeosible. and protecting clothing, auch aa aound-mli led tueu and women ought to chooee