Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAK. W A S II 1 /V G T O N C I T Y: TUI AIUAV < (UWr 30. W tivi?in Mtiic m at raa Orrios bt ???'? ? *M(, M . TMT MAT H#T AP PKAk ?HTM. DM '?* r IaT SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS The Union adduced testimony establishing, beyond contradiction, the assertion of Senator Thomson, of New Jersey, that Col. Fremont bad nothing to do with the military conquest of California lie now stands branded as an arrant pretender to an honor belonging prop erly to others. The Union looks upon it a* somewhat amusing that Capt. Fremont should hare a'ways arrived at the field of battle the day after the action, saying 44 lie arrived at Monterey three day* tbe surrender of that city to the navy. He arrived at Loa Aegeles the < ay after that oity had surrendered to Commodore Stockton He subsequently arrived at the same city the d?y after its final capture by Commodore Stockton and General Kearney, and a few days after the decisive battles fought by those gallant ofiBcers ; and. aorord iag to tbe testimony of the Hon. Mr Coombs, he arrived at Sonoma the day after the 4 fir-t and only battle' of independence ! We be here Faistaff was the author of the apothegm ? ? * 1 be latter end of a frav and the beginning of a feast ?ulu a dull fighter and a hungry guest' 44 The Colonel will vindicate hi? favorite policy by arriving the dav ajttr the great but tle of November 4, 1856.'' The Union, speculating upon the political complexicn cf the next House of Represents tiv<?s, brieves from actual and estimated re turns that the Democratic party will have a majority of filty members in that body. The Intelligencer, in view of the possibility of tbe election of a President of the United States again being devu!Tej Up0D the House of Representative*, jecurs to the scenes ol 1801, w'^^rj ur Jefferson was chcsen ly Stitea upon the thirty-jixth ballot 41 The f apera of the <l?y, (says the Intelligent? eer%) portrayed in earnest terms the deep inte rest manifested during the canvass, and tie apprehension felt aa to tho safe working of the Constitution. The balloting was contin ued for four days, tbe Republican and Fede ral parties having been immovable through thirty five ballots in their original vote lor President. The Republicans had ei^ht Statts, with half the delegations of two other States. Tbe Federalists had six States, with half tl e delezitiens of two. Tbe contest was termi nated on the 17th of February, 1301." 1 ^ Important to those who se:d Election Be turrs The agents of the Associated Press have issued the following instructions to persons who design cending cltcticn retuini by tele graph . First. Send the whole number of votes cast for the Electors of each Presidential candi date. Majorities are not sufficient Second- Send the majorities only for State < fibers Third. Send the names and politics of the members of Congress, but give no figures Fourth Send the names and politics of the State Senators and Assemblymen elected, but give no figures In cases ^zzl'e it is impossible to send promptly complete returns by States, coun ties, or Congressional election districts, send as nearly full returns as possible, and a care fal estima'e of the balance. Editors throughout the country will gr^Vt1./ facilitate the collection of the reti?;*uj important election next w?'^ v>y publishing the above notice tver- unt i Tuesday, in clusive. Hew Books F.-e?:jrs S*wa*d, a Tale of Real Life. By J. D Bryant, M D , author of ?' Tbe Immacu late Conception?A Dogma 1 wo volumes ;o one rifth edition. Baltimore John Murphy A Co. London" Charles Dolman We are ir.dettjd to the publuhers (through J. hhiilington) for a copy ol this *t>rk of Dr. Bryant, who is well known to the Catholic world as one of its ablest lay writers of tbo day This Work has already passed through five edition', in so great demand is it In it tie author inculcates the teneis of his church, exemplifying them to that the task of compre handing them is rendered comparatively easy by being m*de in st agreeable. Few writers m ire nkilluily eomline relig'u us instruction wdh the accomplished novelist's style. Last an* Ecropx, Illustrateil by a beriea of 186 Views on the Bos^boras and Danube, tr< m original drawings by Win. 11 Bartlett i.nd otter artist4 With Historical and To pographical Descriptions, Ac New York Published by Virtue, Lmmins A Co Fro m the agO't in this city we have rc edvtd Farts 8, V, 10, 11, and 12. Loch purl Ointains f?-ur elaborate and highly Stashed steel plates, equal in execution and artistic de sign, itdeeJ, to the finest Work of the kind of this era, so renowned for the perfection to waleh it ca-ries the fiiie art- Independent ol lb* mere ait atic t xcellence of this publication the Hlid ;nf >;mation it tiubracos makes it a valuable acquisition to any gentleman ? li b:ary. Fr .ra the Pacific World ty the sttamer Illinois we have ;cctived Nos. 6 and B, Vol. 1., of the Pacific Uomnin ial Advertiser, published weekly at llono le a, Hawaiian Islands, by Ilenry M Whit ney. Terms: six dollars per antum It is a apiuted little sheet, and seems likely to prot per, Laving gaiLed me thousand subscribers, inolkding eighty or ninety natives. Aaaong ether item* cf Honolulu news, the Advertiser states that their majesties, the King and Queen, left for Kauai on the after teroctn cf August 7th, in Ihe schooner Maria, wbioh had teen refitted expressly for their ?envsnier ee Thty wee to make the tour of that island, and visit alsj Niihau and Lehna. The news of Biirnuin's bankruptcy had just reaehed cur antipodean friends. Tie atoccsphere Lad been so basy in the ialuLd for s< me time, that the mountains, ten m !es dissert, were totally obscured. It was supposed that the change in the atmosphere i? i wirg to the eruption en Hawaii, but no that island had been received siece the date that it was first observed It was one year the eruption of li^ broke out. std it is well known that the atmosphere last fall presented, at times, a similar appear ance. Tie density of the haiinea* o*n be judged from the f id that vessels could be distinguish! d eleariy n? t more than three ?ilea distant. The tamo tmoky appearance ?xtenda over Hawaii, Maui and Oabu tLe trade wind l-l< wing fresh at tbe time Loss o? tbb Stkaher Tolxi^o ? A letter received in llufftlo fri>m Port Wssbirgt* n d ?ted the 2'jih. gives further particulars of ta* lo?? of ttie cie?.a>er Toledo on Lake Michi gan All on board wtre lust excepting two deell hands *r;d <>n? *teer>*g.- pnrser.uer They r.port seelig in the chin three ladies and two men. and II. tbo Utervf* . ?;an, his wife ? n<l Fabw *KiM ? ? J ? ooeeuess irary others The shore is strewn for miles with pi ces nf the wreck The ?t rm Is represented as tbe moet terrific ertr buown oii the Lake, m.d at tbe date of tbtt letter the sea wss rolling too heavily to make a >horougfc search. WASHINGTON NUWS AND GOSSIP. The Prospect. ?All the world is nervously anxious about the probable result of the elae tion to come off on Tuesday next, thoug every bodj endowed with a thimbleful of brains is aware that its grand result Is to be the triumj h of Buchanan and Breokinndge. True, our well informed and ingenious neigh bor still busies himself with calculations to show that Fillmore may be elected by gettiug the final determination of the contest into the House of Representatives, and wo fear that notwithstanding cur cautions to the oontrary there are nincompoops among his readers who will fool away their money in bets on his heretofore so invariably prophetio judgment In order to save their moneys for a9 many of them as wa can, we append hereto the calcu lation of the Journal of Commerce in the premises which strikes us as being correct to tho letter, except in the cases of New liatnp* ?hire and Vermont. We now confidently ex pect that New Hampshire will vote for Bu chanan and Breckinridge, and also look for the vote of Connecticut in the same way, though not with the same certainty up? u our mind. Information recently received from New Hampshire leads us to the conclusion above expressed. If that State fails to give a majority for the Democratic electoral ticket* our leading friends there are the moat com. pletely deceived men we ever know in their positions in politics: A Presidential Calcplation.?In the fou:teen Slates first mentioned iu the aonexed schedule, elections hava been held within the last three months, which have resulted, politi cally. as bc-.e recorded. True it does not certainly follow that they will vote the same way at the Presidential election, though there is not ono of them which we think is less like ly to go Democratic at the Presidential olec tion than it was at the State election. The next eleveu States we regard as nearly certain to vote as tbey are here classified KDkC'TOKAL, VoTKS Stut?\ Pt mocratic. Opposition. Missouri ? Iowa 4 Arkansas 4 North Carolina IU Kentucky 12 Texas 4 Vermont 5 Maine. 8 Delaware (Inspectors).. 3 Florida 3 South Carolina 8 Pennsylvania 27 Ohio 23 Indiana 13 Fourteen States..... *J3 40 Virginia 15 Georgia 10 ' Alabama y Mississippi 7 Louisiana.. 0 California 4 Illinois 11 New Jersey 7 Tennessee. 12 Massachusetts 13 Rhode Island 4 Total in 25 States.. .174 57 The following States may be classed as doubtful, viz : New ilampetiire 5 Connectiju',,,,.**.. 0 New YorK...... .35 Michig?\f> 6 W iscorisin 5 Maryland 6 65 Although we think Buchanan has an oven chance in the six ln.-t mentioned States in the aggregate, yet were tbey nil to go for Fremont they would swell his number of electoral voles only to 122. which is 27 than the number necessary to elect bun On the other hand, Mr Buchanan has 174 electoral votes, or 25 more than the number necessary to elect him, without counting any of the 65 doubtful But giving him half of them, which is lair, ho would have a total of 206}, or 57} more than the number necessary to eiect him. General Vaibridge ? V?o are in receipt of a letter fr^m cur ancient friend, Gen. W*l briJge, of New York city, wherein he denies with much seal our recent allegation that he had failed to advocate the election of Bu chananin his speeches of the present canvass, delivered prior to the late Pennsylvania and Ii.di.ina State elections, 'the information on which we based that allegation was derived from come exchange paper, which, we are glad thus to learn, has done Gen. W . gross in justice. It pair.ed us more than wo can ex press to believe it to be true, as wo did for the time being, for we know few men indeed who owe mure tban our f:iend Walbridgo does to the Democratic party. However much we may be personally attached to a friend, in gratitude to tho Democratic party in such a contest as tho present is a sin that we cannot overlook. Wo cbuerluiiy make the amendn to the Oenerfcl lor giving ear to that allega tion and ask hiiu to hold tho Fremont party respoi;stL.e f?r our mistake. 'Ibey claimed him luu<il> at this p .int, as being with them in sympathies, ai.d pointed to the fact of his iutiu*a*e business connections with Fremont as furnishing the ground for his ailegod p. lit ical o/iMPge We know well that at such a timi m the present it is necetstry that all wh. claim the tuppcrl oi the Demooracy should be in all their relations clear of *us j.ioion <?( identification with tho party of Fre mont, tho most dangerous organisation to the tuturo of the country so far known to its bit>? tory. lljwever much we may bo attaohed to our friend, therefore wo were not sorry to leAiU that tlio Dem joratio convention for hit Congressional district had postponed his claims until the dca'.h of Fre mont ism, soon to occur, will enable him to stand a canvass in a posi tion in which n j men can cast a sbndow upon the entire integrity of his course as a public man. We b arn that another convention has been ?ailed in his (tho third) district, with a view to harmonise the difficulty there. Wo rejoice to hear it, and trust that the memory of what Its Democracy havo already dono for him, as well as Ins truo patriotism and public spirit for which wo have lor so many years given him credit, trill induce him to tako ono caro that no personal interests of his own Lo per mitted to distract its counsels in a crisis like tho present The Boston Congressional Election In view of the fact that tho Democracy have ap parently no earthly hope of fleeting their can didate for Congress from th? Boston, Mass , distnet, it appears to us next to madness on their part that they fail promptly to unite on tie Hon. Win. Apple ton, as against Anson ? than whom no other man is mora th ^ ^noxious to every man who cherishes e principles for which the Democratic party are now Ooniendiug from Maine to Washington territory?for never before were they united in support of a common and single set of prin C |lts Wo toek ucuulou to say a tew day3 since that no other member of the United Mates House of Representatives had etcr been more serviceable in bis sphere chan Mr A 1 his is a fact kuowu to all who know the do ttils o; the history of the House of lleprtsrn titivee of the United Stdtes, and it challenges ooatradietion. Surety the eteetfcm of we ether geatleman oould be more fortunate for the pablie interest. His capacious mind is better stored with the peculiar class of commercial information requisite to enable one to legis late properly on purely commercial subjects than that of any other gentleman who has been in the House in the course of the last decade, while as a legislator he has on nearly every occasion carefully refrained from being g overned by any political bias W hen in Con gress he possessed great influence, because all his fellow members of all parties confided in the entire integrity of his every view of every subject upon which it was his duty to legis late , and all in the haM looked up to him and his opinions on subjects with which he pro fessed familiarity with, we may not inappro priately write, veneration. How the Demo crats of the Boston district can hesitate to vote for him with the ehoice narrowed down be tween him and Anson Burlingame, is past us to divine. So, we shall be surprised indeed to learn of Burlingame's re-election, if it be. as we believe it to be, as at present informed, in the power of the Democracy of Boiton to defeat him?Burlingame?by voting for such a man as Wm. Appieton. Kansas Lies.?The reader who reoollecti the statement of the truth concerning the character of the armed expedition into Kan. ?as lately stopped by Co). Cooke will compre hend the mendacity of the lies coined to keep up the Kansas-affairs excitement at the North on perusing the following brief extraetfrom the Kansas correspondent of the New York Tribune " A wagon loaded with tho plunder of tho emigrant train adorns the camp of the United States troops close to this place Present Pierce ought to send for it It would eclipse the glories of (Jrevtown. The Federal authori ties are true ' Buchaneer* ' I have gathered a few more particulars of the outrage. While tho search of the wwgons, trunks and boxes was going it was raining, aud women and children were compelled to get out of tho wagons and stand in the rain So repulsive was the duty of searching that Col. Cooke had to detail all the men engaged for the duty himself. Not one of the other officers would have any thing to do with so disrepu table and lawless a proceeding A letter was drawn up by the other officers (1 understand Major Sedgwick, Capt Sackett with all the other officers under Col Cooke,) denouncing the a^t : declaring that under the command of each or either of them, such an outrnge would not have been performed, and only re sulted from the misfortune of such officors a.s the person now in command (Col Cooke) be ing In tho United States army. This docu ment was presented to the emigrants as the opinion ot the other officers, but was not signed. It exonerates many gallant itiieers from tho guilt of this outrage, and also proves that 4 Satau knows his own,' and employs them accordingly." Never were a band of marauders better treated than these samo under Kldridge, Per ry and Pomeroy, though never did men in their situation less deserve to be kindly treated by the authorities into whose hands they fall. Kvery account of their capture from tho pens of the officers of the United States army under Col. Cooke gives ths lie direct to every statement in the extract above quoted. We had supposed that the extent to which the Kansas correspondents of the New York tribune, hmet, and livening Po.xt have previously carried the art of newspepor lying for political effect unequalled by any similar achievement of any ege or cliino But as exemplified in this last achievement it goes vory far ahoad of anything else, even from Kansas, that the world had previously seen Mufcoe R M Qarnoit.?This gentleman, the Democratic nominee for Congress in tho Accomac District of Virginia, stands a fair chance of election, we rejoice to be able t" say, notwithstanding the heavy majority by which it (the district) went for Flournoy ? mere than 700. liis canvass has been an ex traordinary one indeed. Karely have as many so able speeches been delivered in a Congres sional canvass in this country as in his, for his competitor is one of the first men intellectu ally among tho opposition in Virginia. As wo predicted long since, Mr. Uamett has demon strated in thia canvass that there are in him tlie elements for makiug one of tho first public men of tho country at this era We regard his triumph as being worth more to the Democracy, North, South, East and West, un der the circumstances, than aught else we wot of except tho election of Buchanan and Breckinridge. Funny Timet Ahead :-lf the Now York tribune and Times on one side of Fremont's supporters, and the lluuld on the other, bh^w signs of hostility to each other already, as they do, they are destined to exhibit Wonder ful things to the reading world after Tuesday next, when they will coinmonce quarreling with unexampled fury over the bono they all failed to secure?Fremont's election. What they used to say about each other ere they uni ed on Fremont will ba but ohild's play to what they will say of each other when Fre mont's cause no longer exibts to keep them from tearing out each other's entrails. Appointments in &6venue Cutter Service James M. h'elden, Third Lieutenant, ordered to revenue cutter Jefferson Davis, at Put Townsend, Washington Territory. John b Vinson, Third Lieutenant, ordered to revenue cutter Wm L Marey, at San Fran cisco. California. Dennis Bremond, Third Lieutenant, ordered to revenue cutter Lewis Cass, at New Orleans, Louisiana. Return of Secretary Dobbin The Secro tary of the Navy is expected to reach Wash, ington tc?day on hia return from Fayettcvilie North Carolina. ' Stocks, Land Warrants, *c.?The finan cial circular of Sweeny, Kittenhouse, Fant A Co , for October 30th, says ! Our money market has not undergone much change since our last report, and may bo quoted even easier than at the close of the previous week Stocks hive slightly declined. Washington City Corporation stock 102ial03 ; Georgetown do 95Ju^dj; Alexandria do. 83iaS4J; Orange and Alexandria Railroad dull at 74a74i; Bank stocks unshanged. The stock market in New York is reported heavy and depressed. The decline in prices oontmues The news by the Atlantio in a fioancial point of view is not at all favorable Tho banks are granting but little aecommo dation, and contractions in credits of all kinds is going on rapidly Virginia 6's Ulf ; Ten nessee yi|; Missouri 89 i; Illinois Central Rail road 114j, which is a decline of 1 ner cent Illinois Central bonds 871 ' Land warrants have declined three cents per acre ; the market olosed yesterday steadv at the following rates, vis : Warrants. Buying. Selling. 40 acre, per acre, Ub ai lu SO and 180 ,? ?? ' oi 1-0 and to ? " b7 ZI ?P? 74# MS Letters from New York this morning report the market heavy at 85 for 120a and VI for 80s and 100s One of the dealers writes *? We are oppres^U here with a very tight money *ud warrants, as well as stocks, :etl 5 "enously influence tf it ' Appoint nest ?We understand that (Thv. K Carr has bean appointed collector of cus toms for the district of San Pedro. California, vice Isaac Williams, deceased. Also, Joseph H. Snjder ss asssjer of the branch mint in California, vice Conrad Wiegird. The Current Operation* of the Treaeury Department.?On yeeterday, 39th of October there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... For the Treasury Department... For the Interior Department....? For Customs War warrants reoeived and en tered From Lands From Customs On aooount of the N aw ........ To be funded in U. S Stocks per act 29th January, 1847 PERSONAL .... Gen. Harney, United States Army, is in Washington, and is stopping at Willard's .... John M D Ncsbit. editor of the Mer cer (Pa ) Republican, on last Friday caned the editor of the Whig, J. H Robinson, for a personal attack made upon him in the Whig ....Madame Bodisc.i, widow of the late Russian Minister at Washington, with her family, are among the passengers by the ttaamship Persia, for Liverpool She is on her way to St. Petersburgh. .... Mr. Wm. E. Burton, the comedian and manager, and a son of Mr. W R Blake, the stage manager at the Bowery Theatre, had a fracas and r fight in a Broadway omnibus on Monday night, the cause being as usual, "love ly woman." .... It is currently rumored that ex-Mayor Conrad, of Philadelphia, has been an^l^ied a Judge of the Court of Sewilii, ty (Jov. Pol lock, in place ofJuuge Kelley, resigned. The appoiot^rnt. it is understood, will take effect ?/n the 1st of December next. .... lion. Edward Stanley, formerly mem ber of Congresa from North Carolina, who has been for several years practising law in Cali fornia, is in New York city. The New York Times says that if Qeneral ^jylor had lived a few weeks longer Mr. Stanley would have been invited to a place in his Cabinet. .... Mrs. Julia Dean ll;iyne, the charming actress, has got a baby. It is a boy, and was

born to her in California on the -Oth ultimo. Mother and child were doing finely, and Mrs. liayne was announced to play another en gagement at the Metropolitan Theatre, San Francisco, during this m*.nth. ....The Intelligencer, of thia morning, is happy to learn, from a reliable source, that the health of the Hon John M Clayton, ot' Delaware, has improved, and that, although his entire recovery will be necessarily alow, yet thore is no reasonable doubt th*t ho will bo able, during the coming session of the Senate, to resume his duties in that body. An attack of fever, lasting several days, go ag gravated his already feeble condition as to give rise probably to the uneasiness on the part of his numerous friends, which it is hoped that this statement will serve materially to allay. POLITICAL ITEMS Tho Friend, a Quaker journal published in Philadelphia, in its. issue of Saturday last, says :?" The State elections on the 14th inst. in Pennsylvania and Indiana, having result ed favorably for the 'Democratic' party, indi cate the probable election, next month, of James Buchanan to the Presidency." The Louisville Journal, the leading Fill more organ of the South, gives up Kentucky and Tennessee to Buchanan, but of courfe with a grimace. It says : '' We were about to nay that the rights of the people of Ken tucky are as fearfully endangered as if for eign foes were in our midst; but the truth is. foreign foes are in our midst?thousands of foreign foes, imported and bribed and guided by Kentucky's own traitors " We hold that honesty in politics, as in every thing else, is the best policy We do not be lieve falsehood is stronger than truth Hor ace dree ley. His Practicts [Special despatch to New York Tribune.] Washirgtoji, Oot 27, 1866. Colonel Forney sent here on Saturday the most pressing message for more money tor the eleotion of next Tuesday in Pennsylvania W ithout large sums at once (he says) the State is lost to Buchanan, and possibly (he adds) it is lost at any rato The Buchaneers are greatly alarmed at the prospect before them. This batch of unmitigated falsehoods, re peated in three different places in the Tribune ?>f Tuesday, is a fair illustration of Greeley's honesty. American Board of Foriegn Missions The forty seventh meeting of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions is now in session in Newark, N J., the Hob. Theodore Frelinghuysen president At the opening on Tuesday prayer was of fered by Rev Dr Magie, of Elizabeth. Rev Dr Worcester then read the minutes of tho last annual meeting of the Board held at Vtica, N. Y , and also of the special meet ing held March 4th and 6th at Albany Kev Mr Pettingill was then appointed as sistant recording socretary of the Board, who proceed to collect the names of its members present The following committee of arrangements for meetings, speakers, Ac , was appointed : Kev Dr. Steurus, Dr. K dand, Dr Scott, Kev. D. W. Poor, and Kev. Mr. Wood The treasurers report was then read by James M. Gordon, Erq , of liostou, the treas urer of the Board lne receipts of the year fr<?m all Sources have been $307,31a 6V ? S'i.luy le.-s thau the previous your The ex penditure* have been $323,000 49; leaving a deficiency of fi5,6Hl ?0, which, added to the already existing debt of $20,007 uo, makes the present indebtedness of tho Board reach $36,189 70. The Treasurer's report, with that of the ad ditions read by Dr. Worcester, was referred to a select committee. Dr Pomeroy, one of the secretaries of the Board, made a report on the Home Depart ment, stating that 6ince the last annual meet ing of the Board, six corporate member* have deceasod. Four missionaries and three fe male assistant missionaries have also gone to their final reward. Forty-six missionary la borers?twenty-one males and twenty five fe males?have been sent to their respective fields. The number of ordained missionaries has never been exceeded in any one year since the Board existed, though the number of as sistant missionaries has in two or three in stances been greater Dr. Anderson then stated that the committee of thirteen, appointed to report o? the Missions of India, would report on Wednesday, at 11 o'clock, a. m- This report, and the discussion on it, are expected to constitute one of the lending topics of interest during the session of tLe Board lhe attendance of members of the Board is very large, and includes some of the most emi nent divines of the country. The annual sermon was preaohed in the evening by the Kev. Dr. Bethune, in the First Presbyterian church. Tho church, which is the largest in the city, was crowded to its ut most capacity, and hundreds went a way, un abie to ubtain admission. ? ^^BUCHANAN AND BRECKINR1DGB ^ CLUB ?A mteung of the Club will be held at their room, corner of Penn. avenue and 13th streat, TO-MORROW (Friday) EVEN IN G, at 7 o'clock. All the members are request ed to attend, as business of importance will be transacted JOHN BHAW, oc 30-2t? Secretary pro ten. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, Oc tober *0, 1856.?The time for opening the propotals rcelvtd at this dtpartment for the construction of tbe new Custom-nous* at Galvrs ten Texas, Is hereby postponed to Monday, the 3d dsy of November, at 1 o'clock p m JAMES GUTHRIE, oc 3U-3t Secretary of the Treasury. UERMAN EVANGELICAL Lutheran Trinity Cor gregatlon U A C , cf this city, would respectfully lnio/m their friends and the public generally, that they Intend laying the corner stone for their Chun k, FRl DAY, tbe 31st Instant, at 3 o'e ock p m , at the corner of 4th and E streets east of the Washlng t?n Intt mary A collection will be taken In aid of the building fand GICO. WtLLNER and F . BTUTZ, u? Trustees. $38 956 T> 16,676 95 9,255 25 10,30U 59 152,470 19 7,058 80 3,000 00 43,253 00 100 00 ??) ?*?IBB PtONEI* BOYS 'lN THE FIELD^-F|?LU?"dn21^ loo Party cf the Pioneer Club ?*? g'?*jj Armory, on Louisiana avenue, ***** ?? 'J? 7th ?trite,on THURSDAY EV EN 1N<O.^1 3Mh Ttakets?FIFTY (TkNTtt-Jo be h?d of any of the member, or st O* door. ac9S-3l? CUM OF AR RAN fa EM r.!W - N UTICB -THE MEMBERS OF the Western Hore Active Ajooctotlom res port full* snno.nce that **?*' Iwmina Partv will take place on THURSDAY , October 3?tb, at the Pioneer Hall, corner of K and mhstreeis Scott'. Band hu been engaged Ticket# FIFTY CENTS- admitting a gentle man and ladlse CommitUt ?f Arrangtmtnt* J M Parker, A U. Teonant, P.Clak oc ?U3t ? ?the SUBSCRIBER beg* _P<!H^leave to call the attention of the public to his stock or OLASs* and U0KBN8WARK before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing ihey will save from 15 to 25 per cent. Toilet end Dinner Sets lower than the lowest a: 900 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth street# je 0-gm JOHN McDEVlTT. nZj| THE PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED ?L Uuard will give their Fourth ?r\nd /f9tli Annual MlllUry Ball, on TUESDAY ??^EVENING, November IJth. Partlou lars In future advertisement. LIEUT FLINT, oc 24 0t Chairman of Committee ^^-^THE FIRST BRAND BALL OF THE PCST^ HI BERN 1A CI.IB will take place at the Washington Assembly Rooms, on TUES DAY, November 4th. Particulars in future ad vertlsecneot oeM-4ta_ The Hutch-and-Son Family! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. tonight pua TOY* all) FANCY NOTIONS, ?F for presents, call at ZZ-iQ* LAMMONU'S. New buckwheatoitth*choii*t brand*. Jnst received by oc 30 KING A BURCHELI . Baskets, nu?skry chairs, hoi k lcg Horses, Boys' Wheel Barrows, Bird Ca/'S. Clinton's Alchohol Cook, A* , at ocjJOjR LAMMOND'S. P)R SALE. ?ASPLENDID BLACK HAWK MAKE Apply to Pywell A Keblsr'? Lively and Sale btables, nth xtrtet, bet l> and E streets. _ _oc j New frijit: new fruit:: Cranberries, New Fl^s and Raisins, for jlll^ j^y oc 30 KING A BUKCHELL Lost?a bundle of boys' cloth ing. which the finder will please leave at tte Store of It# WALL A STEPHENS. f^OU CRACKERS OR CHACKNELLS, J and Fancy Crackers, a ?piendld article for Tea, Jnst received by ac 3U KING A BURCHELL STRAYED OR STOLEN?A LARGE black Newfoundland DoG, with wbltec^ I and black face, white breast, feet all tW white, and tall tlprcd with wblth. A f] j\ suitable reward will be paid If left at No 3i7 H street ll* JUST RECEIVED A* THE W U S I C Depot, Music from Europe, New York. Bos ton tnd Philadelphia. II Travotore, Vepres, Slcl llennes and La Travlada. oc 30 W G. METZEWf-TT. L o?"o*s classical ATLaS. vontain j ing Maps and Plans, with an Index of Places. Alan's Dissectors Guide, with '*? illustrations. Klfle, Axe, and Saddie-bags, by Rev. William H Mllburn. _ oc 30 FRANCK TAYLOR The G-reat Local and Political JORDAN SOLO WILL BE SUNG TO-NIGHT AT ODD FELLOWS* HALL. L OKI >1EK L1TTLEBOOB, EM| ; HILLS 1 of The Shatemuc; Tit for Tat, a reply to Uncle Tom and Dred; for sale at oc 30 FERGUSON'S,7th street OYSTERS?OYSTERS?OYSTERS. SUPERIOR LARGE OYSTERS WILL BE sold at present for 75 cents per / S Ion, by SOHWARTZE A DKURV Orders left a* Mr. R Elchhorn's Ba con Sta d, Centre Market: at the old stand, corner of llth and E streets, or at the prin cipal Depot, corner of 10th and the Potomac, will be promptly attended to The Oyst.-rs ar<s warranted to b? fresh opened and not watered oc 3fl-3t* rilHlS IS TO HIVE NOTICE, THAT X the subscriber hath obtained from the Or phan's Court of Washington county, In the Dls trl. t of Columbia, letter* of administration on the personal estate of William Bltd, lateof Wash ington county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, ate hereby warned to exhibit the same, with vouchers ifcere cf, to the subscriber, on or before the Juth day of October next; they may otherwise by law be ex cluded from all benefit of said estate Given under my hand this 30tb dav of October, IMC ROBERT MORROW, oc3U-Th3w* Administrator. HIBERNIA CLUB BALL, AT WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS, TUESDAY EVENING, Nav. 4th. fllHK HIBERNIA CLUB RESPECTFULLY A inform their friends and the citizens general ly, that the r r'lrst Grand Ball will be given on TUESDAY EVENING, November 4tb, at the Assembly Rooms Weber's celebrated Band U engaged for the oc casion. Refreshments will be furnished by an experi enced caterer Tickets ONE DOLLAR; to be Lad of the members of the Club and at lbs diwrou the even ing of the Ball Commiite* of Airnngtrntrntt. J a lues Kagau, J P Brick, Wm Husey, Hubert Talbot oc 3U 6to _ 1HIKU NIOHT. The Melodeon Minstrel STAR TROUPE! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Fine red blankets, flannels. and Sheetings now In store: oO pair Bed Blankets In medium to extra fine quality 50 pieces white and colored Flannels at all prices 5 do more of thai extra 4-4 shaker Flannels 20 doz-.-n white and colored Counterpanes, tome extra iarge 50dr>zen Table Napkins and Towels, 91,25 to **,50 20 pieces 6-4, 6 4,10 4 and 14-4 Cotton Sheetings 15 do superfine Table Damask?, some extra ' wide 50 pieces Bed Comforts, wlilch we had made to order 100 pieces of superior Iilah Linens from Si cent? to 91 S00 pie es superior Bleached and Brcwn Cotton Sheetings Cottons from 10 to 18 cents per yard, many of them made expressly for our sales, and as a guarantee of their extra quality, we have had our Names and No stamped on each piece IT/- All articles warranted to prove as repre sented, and purchasers entitled to examine our stock COLLEY A SEARB, oc 30-eo2w 323 7ih ?t., 3 doors N . Pa ave. CHICKERINO ft SDNS' PIANOS. JUST RECEIVED A FURTHER SUPPLY of PIaNOS, Includingasuperb per ior Grand. again computing the elegantpf 9 |"|l and extensive stock always kept by the subscri ber This assortment embraces every variety of style and scale, via: Superb parlor grand elegant Louis XIV . cen tral and square Pianos of 6, and 7 cc taves, by Messrs Chlckering A Sons This factory, which has heretofore received three times the number o premiums of any oth er piano factory In this country, at the State fair Ut ly held In Boston, was awarded the gold m dal (tte hUkeat prize) fjr their grand parlor gTand, and semi-grand Planoe, and a allver medal txlso tbe highest prize bestowed) for their sqoa*e ?lano?, thus perpetuating their old renown Also, Pianos of 6^, 9%, 7 octaves from other approved factories Pa.chasera will always find at the suscriber's store the largest, most select, and elegant atsort inent of Planoe, in the city; and as he purchases exciuolvety for caeh, he will tell PlaLoa lower than they can be procured f om the factories, ?i:her for cash or approved paper. Second hand Pianos tnked In exchange. A good stock of auperlor Me.o:tons of varlooe sizes and patterns ? A fail assortment of highly-lnlshfd and plain Guilara, yiollns, Flutes. Ac. Superior Sultar and Violin Strings New Music constantly recelnd. RICH'D DAVIS, oc 3J-3t Penn. a> enue Amusements 00 TO ODD FELLOWS WAT T. THIS {THURSDAY) EVKXlMi, VOTE tim FOiv THE ttttlDEHtT sir HARRY LEHR. lUAIirKHKAK htAUIUk. MR CHA8 NKWTUM ANNOIINCM TO tlie citizens r>fWa*b'ngtna, tLat. ass'sted by Mr J V. KORTklk and KKtlfinrii wbo t?*a kindly volunteered, he will give an eve?1a<f*a ea tf rtalnuwnt, to co?s1?t cf SOLILOQUIES AND SCENfcS rioM IHAK?PKAKK> T?AGFDIK*. At He UNION ENGINE HOUSE, KIrst V\ a d. corner of 1Mb and H "treeU On THIS (Thursday) F.VENIN*. October 3Wb Admission TWEN 1Y-HVE CENTS. It* w Wants. ANTED -A RESPECTABLE TIDY . ? white Woman to Cook and v\a*b for a air all family A-r.-rlcas j refer, sd Apply ar?ea 1Mb street, near L. 't? WANTED-BY A K ESPECTA B LK MAR. rled woman, who baa one rbild 'J y?ara old, a Situation ?? Hc;ixvrrp? r for one or two genu-* ?ren. or would he willing to do the **Tri. m a small family. Would Like vrr- *5 v. wages, pro vided abe could Ve-p ber !n the bowse Ad dress K., Box 10. Stu ??ffice If Wantl;, -a girl, between It ANU ?d<1 16 yearn of age, to atter <1 a tblld, and make herself *en?rallv uaefcil m a family of oaiy two persons Inquire at No 470 13th sU?rt. oc So Jt PJR RENT-A BRICK COTTAGE HOL'SF, situated betwten G and H streets, with large yard In fr u.t, No 441 Possession given Imme diately They key wiU will be left at the Grocery Store of Mr F. MllW. corner of F and 1* It atreets. Inquire of K W. Bate*, No 151 Per.n avenue, between ? ?(b aud lath strw i a 3a-if* WANTED IMMEDIATELY ?A MAN ?<K Boy to odmi Ovsters in a Restaurs*! Apply at Oe corner <.f 13th ?treet and Pena avenue City Restaurant. ac IMS H W OL'SE SERVANT WANTED?A COM . pet set and fhlthful Girl la wanted as a house servant in sma11 family A German ?lrl pr fer red References as to cbsracter, Ac , required. Apply at the corner of lltb street, opposu the Latberan Church. oc WANTED ?A TRUSTY C?*LOREI? GIRL, to do tbe us tal work in a small family Ap ply at No. 35 High strest, Georgetown, D C. oc 19 3t WANTED?A COLORED HOSTLER, cnethst understands his ; work light, pay prompt , place* good cue Apply at No. 408 Pent a avenue, from 11 to * o'clock, We dnesdav and Thursday. oc *v*a rANTED TO SELL ?A NEW COOKING . . Stove kn wn as tbe *? K?sterbocker " It has all the kxtures. and wlU be sold low or ex changed for acme other pattern of Ccoklng Stove that will bum wood Apply at *?5, south side cf B street, Capitol Hill. oc lib?t? WANTED?A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A Clerk, of strictly moral habits, tired (f a &jbllc hoarding house .desires to obtain a room at<d oard In a respectable private family, whfre may enjoy as miiab a? posaiwi* ?h" ?'?Cial late* oourse ?ndoomfarts ci a home Address W A. C , City Dispatch, at once, stating parti :ular? OC*7-4fM W,ThAF WANTED ? WANTED ?3*10 LAD ES wanted to buy 900 pieces of Black Velvet Ribbons, at less than recall prices Also, 30 doaen Kid Gauntlets at, usai price PI '25. 'JO dozen do. at 31 j|, worth 50; Children* Hand kerchiefs at 4 eta.: Oenti Hsn*kerchiefs at 6k, warranted fast color*; lieauMfnl silk Buttons at 8H cents All goods at small proflis for ca*b, at the Peoples Stoie W R HURDLE, ociM-iw bsorjrtosB. D C. JOURNEYMAN BLACKSMITH WANTED IMMEDIATELY ?One ???? oroed to boose work and Iron rail making would be preferred A good hand would have* winter* Job, If be suits. Wanted?a bov aa helper Inquire of tbe subscriber on C street, between 10th and 11th ocga 3t C BUCKINGHAM WANTED ? WAN TED? W ANTED?TO ind persona la waat of the following si Holds s French or Mermen Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or sqaars Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-topBrackett Tables, In bronteor gold. ?11 kinds of Pictures framed, and any ska* Looking Glasses, or other work in tbe gilding line done to order with dianatch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Bracketts. suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate U> suit tbe times, for cask. N.B.?Old Work Regllt,aa4 Looking Glass Plates inserted. *55 I'enna avenue, opposite Klrkwood House. ?eol? JOHN WAGNER Boarding. DOARDING ?TWO ROOMS FOR RENT D With Board, nt 4 *3 F street in Union Row, and in tbe Immediate vicinity of the Patent Of toe. oc ? 3t? Boarding.?mrs jane taylor. no. 411 3d street, between Penn avenue and C street,'has several large and pleasant Hrom> wb'cb she will rent cn moderate tsrms to permanent Boarders if epplled for lmmsdlatel*. oc *V-3t Board, Ac.?mrs hates,on the s w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and vth street Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor ber with their patronage. Transient or table board oan be obtained aptt if Lost?on Sunday, the i?ih instant, between the Prenldcnte House and Dr Teas dale's Church, on Itth street, a HAIR BRACE LET. maiked "mother" cu the claap. The tin der will be rewarded by leaving tbe name at tbe P.esldem ? House. oc 3ts MIGHT at hooL, At iltu IVaUisnlvs Stittt trkout Km tiding, Cormtr of Ttm:t and G strsrSs. Y'OUNG MEN AND APPRENTICES t?F 1 thin city can Lore receive such Instruction* as will ttt them for a practical bu?1ue*? Uf^ r*iugle tad double entry cf Book-keeping taught by on? who Is acquainted with the pracilre aa well ?? the theory of Bcok ke plog. Surveying, l.ev?-i llnir. Grading, the ute tf the instrument*, with Held practice on t'a'urdav of each week, together wltb all the tiipher branches of Mathematics. For term- applv as above, to o. g lw SAM KELLY, Prla. rA PIANO MOOLk ASII SI tOVfcKI civ/ assorted, at the flar.o and Musk- Store JOS, near lUth street oc JO JOHN F. ELLIS ASTHEET ?HUW iAIK for IALK. Formerly uwd In frcut of our Fancy Store. Inquire at tte great Piano Kurt. Emporium of <Jc vk John rKtum IIACkUAMMON, HUM, DUNlMOKfe, 13 Childrens' Games, Cards, Ac., at til, betweeu tf :h and Oth streets oc h J Mclaughlin acq ?PEAIAL NOTICE. PERSONS DESIROUS OF INSURING IN the Montgomery county (Marylai d) Mutual Insurance Company, can do so upon appllteHoo at No S3 Hlgb street, Georgetown D C W ALBERT KING, oc '29 61 F 20,000 APPLE TRIM OR SALE ? *),0??0 APPLE TREES, 3and 4 years, of tbe very best varieties, of larg*jM size, and very thrifty, can be had at tbe Val 2S lev View Farm, rear Georgetown, or at No 33 Hlgb street, Georgetown. Prices unusuaTy low, aa tbey must la without reserve. oc29-lm E. 1. KINS. JUO EXTRACTS OF FIFTEEN DLi ferent and delicious odors These extracts are of English manufacture, and are qalte equal ka Lubln"a. Sold at 37 cents a Jug at W. H OILMAN'S Pharmacy, oc 'JB-Ot cor. Penn avs and 4 H street BARGAINS?BARGAIN 9, SELLING AT NO. 4M SEVENTH STREET, above the Patent Ofltae Ladlta who are In Vaot of cheap poods must call soon, as the store will be closed In two weeks or so Don't forgst the place, No 430 7th street oc *8 3t STRAYED OR STOLEN.-ON THE 17th of October, a Red Buflalo COW., Has a split la both ears, and has a b ass J bell around her neck. A reward of S5? will be paid to any uor returning saWt Cow to the subscriber FRANK D1LLER. No 160 Alb st., bet N and O sta , Crow UIU oc 9B-3t* COLUMBIA MAMRET, C ortur oj 13(4 ilrwl m*d ft mm srsssi. JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SAI E, PUN It Cider Vinegar, and as usual, a ooastant supply of Masts, ?agaUMes, sad Frultr, at vary rearn. able prtew. oc IS *aw4w charles MALLARD