Newspaper of Evening Star, November 1, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 1, 1856 Page 2
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FV F.\T I \O STAR. W A S H I /v O TO N C IT Y : lATl'RHAY H??mber 1.1W1. 0" iBTIITIIHI!>TI IIOVLP LETT AT Til OrriCK IT Tvilti a'CMM, M?????? T??t mat MT iTTUI WWrtL TIB nlT I AT? THE WEEKLY STAR. Politicians and others will do well to lecure ? eopy of our Weekly, tow ready for deliv ery, m it abound* in political matter of the highest value for future reference. An inter esting description of "the fish man," Fran cisco De La Vega, will be found in the pres ent number ; also the capital sketcheaof " The Unlucky Trimmer," " Playing Old Sledpe for the Presidency," and " Scene in a New \ork Police Court," by Doesticks. A number of rare poetical brilliant* will alto be found in its columns, a* well as editorials on various subjects; full-telegraphic accounts of the latest news from Europe and from all quar ters ; peraonal and poetical items , and a full resori cf sll local occurrences. Single copies in wrappers to be had at the eoanter, price 3 cents ; ? 1 25 per year. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union, in anticipating the course likely to be adapted by s< me if the journals which hare been most conspicuous in advocating the cause of Fremont and sectionalism during the campaign now so rapidly drawing to a close, ha* a very telling and amusing hit at Bennett of the Ntw York Herald, in the shape cf an articlo which the Union is inclined to be lieve will appear in the Herald on the morn log after the Presidential election It opens thus : rFrrm the New York Herald, Nov 5, 1W ] ' The long agony is over 1 James Bnchanan, of Pennsylvania, is the President elect of this great, glorious, and progressive republic! The Union aud the Constitution have proved too powerful for the negro-worshippers and Kansas shriekers. Tho whole dirty, lying, brawling canting pack, with the Rocky mountain explorer at the head, and our re spected eotemporary of the white hat and drab surtout at the tail, have by the voioo cf the people yesterday leen consigned to an eternal and infamous oblivion Let the rascally bulls of W*U street rejoice, for nothing abort of a monetary earthquake on both sides of the At lantic can prevent a prodigious advance in eveiy *p?c.esof real and personal property under the era of good feeling, North and South, East and West, which has just been inaugurated by the electiop of the patriot, sage, and stat^man of Wheatland. Selah ! '? The remit has not surprised us in the lea.=t Those wh'? have watched the course of the Htrald must recolleet that, as early as F*b ru*ry l*stt we not only foretold the nomira tioa of Mr Buchanan by the Cincinnati Con vention, tut that the events which have now be. ne p?*rt a . i parcel of the political histo ry of the cf un'.ry were cleany and distinctly foreshadowed. As the head and front, the body, breeches, ttd soul, of tho great inde p?n<lAiit of the United S'ntes, we have conducted the campaign on our own hook, and witn u* ho slightest reference to tho praiae or the abuse of ell the r .scally politicians, cliques facti ns fcelf-c iuatiiute'l committees, hoJ door arrangement* in the land ; and with the countenance of Archbishop Hughes, tha bles sing oi his Holiness the Pope, and the military advice and aaaisia nee of our belligerent friend, General James Watson Webb, (of $52,000 memory.) v? thai! so conduct all future city, 8tate, and national campaign* SeUh ! ?' As we elected President Pierce, so we have elected President Eucbanan. The bran bread philosopher of the Tribune, the 'little villain of the Times, the worthy old gontlc man of the Courier, and the poetical old fojry of the Post, to say nothing of the respectable old ladies and the respectable old assea who have been bied so freely for blooding Kansas, have been completely bewildered, nefogged, aid befooled by the free, unshackled, aud in dependent course of the Herald in bringing about the great moral, social, religious, politi eal, and financial revolution which has result ed in the elevation to the chief magistracy of nearly thirty millions of freemen ol one of the purest patriots and ablest statesmen which this or any other oountry has given birth to. Belah !" The Int?lltg*ne*r is occupied with news and correspondence. Th A5KseiviTe Dat.?Ohio joins with twelve other States in designating the 20th of No vember as thanksgiving day. The Governor of Massachusetts has named the 27tb, and be Is the first one to set apart a day different from that designated by all the other States so fir N?w Paris ?We have reoeived thesccond number of a neatly printed, well filled lite rary iaper just started in this city by W. A. Shober and G. W Morris, both practical prin ters. Their paper is called the Saturday Mercury? " end long may it wave." FIKBOVAL. ...?Commodore Paulding, U. 8. N , is at Wiliaida Hotel. .... Sir Alien McNab and family are among the pas^ec^ers by the Asia, from Liverpool. .... Thompson, the original confidenee man, died m a fit in the Sing Sing prison a few days since ....James B. Binghsm. Esq, for many jeers connected with the press of Richmond, bss become editor of the Wheeling (Va ) Times, the American psper of that city. .... The New York Mirror is informed that Mr Edwin Forrest has feld hia magnificent house on the Hudson, below Yinkers, ty Arofc bisbop Hughes Only ar'-rti^n of the ground was sold?the price was $50 000. The heme of the tragedian is to be converted into a nunnery. .... Ez Judge Haliburton, author cf Sam 61iek, the Clock Pedler, has taken a final fare well of Nova Scotia as a place of residence Clifton, his beautiful seat at Windsor, was sold some weeks since, and the old Judge has taken hi* passage for L'verpool, to m?ke bis hem* in Great Britain for the remainder of bis days .... Tbe London Times has a special Kansas correspondent in tbe person of Mr Thorn ia H Gladstone, whocoma ui.ica t-s to that paper bis observations and experience in tbe Territory. Tbe picture he gives is highly drawn ard any thing but favorable to tbe " Border Ruffians " Tbe Times comments editorially upon it with savage gratification at finding a Vulnerable point in our national character. ? ...The Rev 8 Thruston, of Searsport, has declined the honorary degree of Doctor of Di vinity^ recently conferred upon Hur> by Wattr vllle Oolleg*. Maine. He wholly disapproves of the practice, regarding it as in " sharp con flict with the apirit cf the Gospel," and asfos Uring 14 the spirit of *ein ?mbition " The R.t James B Taylor, of Richmond. Va , has els<'declined the doetoraie eonferred on him by C-Iombia College, also from alleged con scientious motive. ?... The New Orleans Pirayr?? of tbe 231 instant announces the death of Charles Calla ban. who f->r the last ten years has been at tached to tbe Picay one office a* a local reporter and correspondent During the Mexican war, first from tbe Rio Grande on Taylor's, and at terwards fr m the various poinu between Vera Craa and the oity of Mexico, on Scott s line, he was the special correspondent cf tbe Pica J?"*i as he w?? in 1&50 and 1861 at Havana Latterly h? has been stationed at Graaada, Nicaragua where he was appointed collector of customs by Gin W.lker Oa the 13th of September be participated as a volunteer in the engagement at 6an Jacinto, and was there killed. Car- A borse-deeler had a ton, who being a Ud of spirit, proposed as a norel experiment, ? Of en a rt.ble on etrretly hontst dealing; I ut the father, who * aa a prudent men, dis couraged tbe idea, observing that " he di?> liked WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. ? Tit* in the Mountains, Fun Boye, rnn!" We take from the New York Ilerald the fol lowing-Bennett terj l"t on th- explosion of the George Law imposture. t* truth together tempt us to forgive the writer for his own multitude of political tergiversa tions Yet we may not fail to call the read er'. attention to the proof that it involves of the utter unworthiness of the Herald as a po litical guide ; for it Is neither more nor less than a scathing exposure of its own disrepu table political associations: Tbbriblb Stbajiboat Explosion?ib Posi Tl0j.?it has heen our painful duty to record several horrible steamboat explosions, but none more terrible than the recent collapse of the apparently staunch craft, the George Law. Some year ago or moro the George Law went into the dry dock, was turned over on her beam ends,-duly scraped, coppered and fitted out with an entirely new set of political ma chinery. The George Law then started with a tremendous head of steam on, and all her eolors flying, for the Whit? House. Under the flag, and with all her fires up, the George Law steamed away for some time in gallant style, but unfortunately ran against a snag at Philadelphia, on the 22i of February last. She was got off with difficulty, but leaked badly, and labored for some time in the wake of the clipper Fremont; but coming athwart the hawse of several vessels bound in the same direction, and being very clumsily handled, the George Law was driven into Salt river, collapsed a flue, her boilers exploded with a tremendous crash, her crew blown sky high, and her fragments scattered in every direction. To drop metaphor, the recent terrible break down of George Law. and his last appearance on any stage, at the Aoademy, have created a degree of interest ar.d excitement much great er than his equally rapid rise. One of the most remarkable developments in the whMo affair is found in the conduct of Law s friends and intimato associates, who now fall to cur siDg each other with extreme unction. E ich charges the other with having been the cause of the demolition of the great idol, and their conduct is rich in the extreme Prominent among George s agents was ex Senator Wesicott, of Florida Ex Senator Westcott was a sort of privy councillor to Law ?his legal adviser; Westcott prepared hiB speeches ; dictated his political course; gave him bon mot* and funny stories for ordinary conversation; furnished bits of poetry for quo tation, and dealt out homeopathic doses of historical reminiscences and political records, lie was the Dr. Pangloss to this modern Lord Duherly. Since the terrible explosion, p >or ex Senator Westcott has disappeared from the public view altogether; in fact, he is so en tirely used up that there is nothing left of bim but a queue, which should be carefully preserved in some museum as a great natural aud political curiosity Then there is George Law a spiritual adviser and chaplain-in-ordi nary?tDe Reve end Joe Scoville. He, too, is io great tribulation Another of the same party is Doctor Valentine, who is George Law s physician extraordinary, preserving his constitution both physically and politi cally, regulating bis diet, preparing prescrip lions to Beep bim in sound order, and a fit ar f.c'.e for fashionable consumption This last named individual has been thrown into an awfal state of mind by the great smashap of his great pa'ron, and has coine out with a let ter in which he threatens to demolish the chaplain-in-ordinary without mercy. Here's the precious document: ?'Nbw York, Oct 16, 1856. "Job Scovillb?I will not stay my nand in opening your transactions to the world, and likewise the manner in which yoa got Mr Bennatt to work the Herald You ko iw that I have all the points and can raise bail No sooner was this thing done than you com menced your dirty operatioas. You who com menced with me, in starting the Law move ment, promised to stick to me through thick and tbin, and not to iDjure the man if we dil not succeed ; under these circumstances you were put in conjunction with George Law by ma You commence the work?go on splen didly until the work is nearly finished, and then like a cow that has given a good pail 0] milk, turn round and kick it to hell. " When I connectcd you with George Law, I thought I introduced a gentleman and was willing to stand the responsibility. You have, therefore, by your dirty action, thrown m? into an embarrassing position, which ought tc justify me in blowing your God damn brains to the four winds of Heaven. It is the opin ion of the Fiorenco Houso that you are a first rate damn s? a?. j j "George Sherman says you have broken your oath to him, and he therefore is likewise uf the same opinion The programme of mj le:ture will shortly be out, in which 1 will ex pose your whole proceedings to the public, and if you attack me in the Herald, (as what I shall say will be the truth, and nothing but the truth,) 1 will proceed immediately to dis patch you to that bourLe from whonce no son of a bitch like you ever returns. ?4 Wm Vxlbntimb, M. D." Some of the language used by the Doctor may strike our readers as slightly unprofes sional, but we give it to show the style of cou versation which obtains in the upper circles of political life, and how mixing in good society gives one that easy flow of wit, that oharni of repartee, that unctuous humor, that refined courtesy, which makes the lettereof Walpole, De Stael, Chesterfield, De Sevigne and Val entine alike welcome in the library of the scholar or the boudoir of the beauty How refined must have been tho political reumoHM < t the great statesman, George Law, when such elevated language as that of the above morc-eau was mingled with the popping of champagne cork* and the swallowing of oys ters in every stylo Tho representative of the medical profession charge? the representative of the clergy with perjury, r,ilb kicking a good pail ol milk (that's an elegant uetaphor) to a place un mentionable, reflects on his character gener ally and threatens to blow his?the Reverend Joseph's?brains to the place where tho Rev erend Joseph kicked the pail of milk. If that hn't a nico rpeaing for a fight?a migbiy pretty quarrel, a* Sir Lucius O Trigger would say?we never e^.w one. We fancy it is only the beginning of a series of remarkable dis closures. But the most amusing part of the whole affair is what the physician>in-ordinary says about working the Herald, as if the Herald was a hand-organ. or a stesm engine, or a force pump, which was at anybody s service who saw fit to apply the motive power. Ihe fact is, toe independent oourse of the New York Herald has so puzzled and mystified the whole batch of olc>d-tuckers wuj surround George Law, that they fall upon each other, charging treason all aronrd, simply because the Herald, in the course of its duty u> the public, exposed a political cha<latan, who, without bottom or talent, or even ordinary respectability, had too long imposed upon a too eonfiding public. By industry and sharp practice George Law hits accumulated a large fortune?not so large, however, as is generally supposed. He may be something like Barnum in that respect. He evidently supposed from bis success in stoamfcoats, contracts, buying up Congressmen and other trash, that he could also buy up au independent journal to smooth his way to the Whi'e Uuuse and impose upon the people of the United States a President without talent, magnanimity, ability or education, but simply because he was a rich man, and every body must bow down and worship hie dollars We believe that be has now fouudout his mis take. But we advise all his supporters-Sjo Vi le, Valentine, Westcott and others?to cut lo.*e from him at once, and each to publish a detailed statement of the private history of the whole matter It would make tha richest M1? season?next to the book which ? Chevalier Wikoff is about to publish on l ".r'JP?an dipl< macy, with au appendix in re lation to Mr Buchanan in London But tha private traductions of George Law with his hi '?Ch*pUin *n<1 Pby^cian, will be a most interesting rttum* of the inside bit tory ot the campaign and will do to read after w J wT*-.f]^UMeVh? <"?*> that Chevalier Wikoff wiU give us directly after tha election. Let us hear the Law trio, by all means. Southern Kailroadg ?A day or two slnoe we cilled attention to Mr. Cassius M. Clay's rreent gross misrepresentation of the value of io vestments in Southern railroad stoeka by way of jaeHiyiag abolitionism. A Georgia A correspondent of the Journal of Commerce more than bears oat all we laid on that occa sion, and exposoa the utter folly aa well as falsehood of the erasy Kentuoki&u in this con nection to complete] j at that we repabliah bla brief comment* on the misrepresentations of Caaaiaa, aa followa: [For the Journal of Commerce ] Misses Editors: CaaaiuaM Clay hiring stated in hia speech At the Tabernacle that the Georgia railroad us the only paying one in the South engaged in cotton currying, I Bend you the following Hat of the lailroads in Georgia alone. All of them are " engaged in cotton carrying," and all of them pay regular dividends (the lowest one seven per cent ) be aides reaerving an ample sarplaa for contingen cies : Miles in length. Central railroad of Georgia 190 Georgia railroad ? 171 Macon and Western 101 Atlanta and West Point 90 Sooth Western - 52 Muscogee - 75 Augusta and Wayneaboro 50 Milledgeville and Eatonton 40 [Th?? two laat named have been leased to the Central railroad, for which the stockholders receivo seven per cent ] 44 The Western and Atlantio Railroad, 130 | miles in length, is owned by the State of Georgia, and not only snpports itself, but pays a hacdaome surplus into tho Stato Treasury. The above are all finished Railroads in Georgia, except two short ones of 10 or 15 miles each in the northwestern corner of the State The writer of this dues not know what is their condition 44 You will see that tho statement of C. M. Clay is utterly unfounded, and a calumny on the able and honeat railroad management that ia pursued in the South; but it appears to bo a principle of Blaok Republicanism that its members can never open the'r mouths or dip their pens in ink except to falsify a->d slander the South and its institutions If Mr C. M Clay's Abolition allies in New England, New York and elsewhere, who have charge of railroads and other corporations, would man age the interests committed to their care with the same degree of honesty and ability that Southern corporations ire managed, the writer cf this and thousand* of other stockholders would havo reason to rejoice. C. D. > y Marine Hospital at tialena, Illinc is. ? The Secretary of the Tre&sury has selected a por tion of the east part rf the southeast fractioral quarter of rection No. 24, as a site for this building, whioh ho haa purchased from Mich'l McCarty, Esq., for the sum of $5,025 The Attorney General baring reported favorably upon the title, steps will be taken for the proeecution cf the work aa soon as the Legis lature of the State cedes jurisdiction to the Government. The Eark Beioluto ?This vessel, which, it will be remembered, has been fitted up by this Government to return to the British G -v rnent, will sail from New York in a few days for Liverpool. The Resolute will be sent out in charge of the following officers : Comman der Hartstcne ; Lieuts Clark il. Wells, Hun ter Davidson, and Edward E. Stone; and Passed Assistant Surgeon R T. Maccoun. Indianapolis, Indiana.?The Attorney Gen eral having reported favorably upon the title to the lots No 5 and 6 in square 57, Eelectcd by the Secretary of tho Treasury as a site for the new court-house, post-office, Ac , at thia place, the purchase has beea consummated fir the sum of $17,160; and steps will be taken for commencing the work as soon as jurisdic tion is ceded by the State. Appointment.?The Secretary of the Treas ury has appointed S. T. G. Morsell, E?q., of this city, Superintendent of Construction fur the new Custom House about to be erected at Alexandria, Va. Resignation of an Army Officer.?The re signation of Aesistan Surgeon Archibald Tur ner has been accepted by the Preaident?to take effect October 31, 1856. The Currant Operations o! the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, 31?t of October, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants $135 33 for the redemptionof Stocks.... 24 414 13 For the Treasury Department... 41,774 77 For the Interior Department....* 33 112 50 For Customs 8,031 23 War warrants received and en tered 101,355 02 Oa account of the Navy 94 097 02 From miscellaneous sources 360 00 THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE Y. C. F. Society, of Georgetown, will be held TO MORROW (Sunday) AFTER NOON, after Vespers. Punctual attendance la earnestly requested aa busine^a of Impoitance will be before the meeting. It* F A. CARROLL, Rec. Sec <fc-T5^CHURCIl OF THE ASCENSION, (Protestant Episcopal) on H street, be tween ttth acd lOih, Rev. Henry Stanley, Rector. Sunday services at 1 am, and 3% p. m. For Pewa applv to the Sexton at the Church. It* fr-7>3T. ANDREW'S SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON, I> V ?This Socle y wl lhildan adjourned meeting, at Temperance Hall, on MONDAY EVENING next, at 7* o'clock GILBERT CAMERON, Pres. J A MES MAOWILLIAM, a*ec nov 1 J^25jMUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN AS OCIATION ?Change of he time ' and place of Meeting ? A regular meeting of the j li ard of Directors for receiving the monthly In I s'alments villi te held at the ofB^ of the Mutual : Fire Insurance Company, adjoining (north; the j Hank of Washington, o WEDNESDAY next, the 5th Distant, at 7 o'clock p m | * nor I-at CHAS WILSON, Sec. ' ap-^^NOTICE.?THE LADIES OF THE | wv-Ui German Evangelical Chun ti,corner of G ?nd30tn street?Pastor Flnkel?mo?t respectfully Invite the public In general to attend their Fair to | be held at Odd Fellow*' Ball, for the bentflt of their Church, commencing on MONDAY, the 3d ? of November, and will continue for two weeks, uov 1 ?,W4,fc3t WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, ATTENTION. ? Tke regular monthly meeting will be held on MONDAY EVE _ _ N1NG, November 3d, at 7^ o'clock Par ' tlcuiar business requires a full attendance of the 1 members B F BEERS, I It Secretary. p??-?--.PR SKINNER'* SCHOOL FOR The : I'eaf, Dumb, and Blind, G street, bet ! 40th and illst, south tide Friday afternoon la set j apart for the reception of visitors. o ? 31 -3t I *-^a?POTOMAC BUILDING ASSOCIA I Vvb TION ?By request, In writing, by a | sufficient number of the; torkholders of the Foto I mac Building Association, 1 am reqursted tnno 1 tlfy the stockholder thereof, that ai the regular mo-ittly meeting of said Assoc at'on at Po'oma Halt, Island, on MONDAY EVEN ING, the 3d of Novemb r next, a proposition will b? made to amend the Constitution of said Association, oc U-3t C. ASHFORD, Sect. t-2^LOOK OUT FOR THE METRO ?Ctr^POLlTAN CLUB?They take greet pleasure in announcing to their friends and the public In general, that their First Grand Cotillon Party will take place at Columbia Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING. November 5, i8M. Tickets FIF I'Y CENTS, and can be had from any member of the Club, or at the door. Committee of Arraafmente. Charles Day, Adam Deumao, John McDonald, Patrick Barry, John Duley, Isaac Reed. oc 31-St? TREASURY DEPARTMENT, Oc tober SO, 1808.?The time for opening the proposals rc?ir<d at this department for the construction of the new Custcm-housn at Galres t> n Texas, is hereby postponed to Monday, the 3d day of Norember, at 1 o'clock p m 7 JAMES GUTHRIE, oc 30-St bee retary of the Treasury. *-~2^NOTICE -.THE SUBSCRIBER begs letre to call the attention of tbe public to his stock of GLASS and (QUEENSWARE before purcbatlng elsewhere, aa by so doing they will save from IS to 25 per cent. Toilet aad Dinner Seta lower than the low?| at ? Pa. araaoe, kUwssn 9th aad 10th streets. ' JO ON MoDfiYlTT. I LIST OP LETTERS Rtmaining tntkr Pott Office, W* sktng ton, D C.} November 1, I860. [Ordered to b? advertised In the " Evening Star,** agreeable to the following eectioa of the Poet Office Law?It being the newspaper having the largest circulation of any daily paper pub lished In Washington: SSC. S. And *? it further en?ted, That the list of letters remaining uncalled for la any poel office in any city, town, or village, where news* papers shall be printed, shall. hereafter, be pub lished once only in the newspaper which, being issued weekly, or oftener, ikall kave the large it circulation within the range of the delivery of said office, to be decided by the postmaster at such office.] SWPereonsappIylni for Utters Is the following list, will pitas* say they are Adtiitiisd. Allan, Dlannas Ball. Jaua O Brail. Mrs Vg Brown, Miss Ann R-all, Mary R Brown, Mlaa A K Hlrch, Mary F Browe, Mra Brady, Emily R'.nmer, Amelia Hra'lf, M!?? J F LiDin' LIST. Fowler, Aunt* E Perrls, Hel'en Fletcher, Martha J Plpsec >, Mary T Flowers, Mlts 8 F Qaeen, Adeline t A t Shane, Jo been ah Gray, Mary Ann Bicltli. J alia Great, Mrs Fredk ScoU, Mrs J W Queet, Mrs Grlffln. Mrs B J Uesaf^rd, Emma Raines, Mra K HsyJon Elisabeth Semir, Sarali B<-?tt. At nets. O 0 Saffel, E.sabe'b Pablow, Mlaa L 8ai<|cston. Mrs ? A Blarketock. Mary C Hedrlck, BarberyA Su-allwood, K Bryan1. Maria Henry, Mary M<Im, Mary I " ? " Jolinson, Eilsa Small wood, Mrs EL Leech, Martha Bchadlln. Mrs tl Lre, Miss Alltee Traltin, Mlaa M T Lenhieter, Charity 1 Headway, Mary LewU.'VIrglnla Thome*. Margie A Leonard, Elisabeth Talor. Caroline Mcre'and. Ellia O V-ll, Mra L L Melvln. Mrs M A Talent ae. Ann Minn*.*, Margt E Waters, Csle'tlne Mlll-r, Anna Wood, Agnate Mallowney.MrsAL Woodson. Margaret Miller, Lncey Wilton, Ella Marrell, Oracy A Wander, Mlse F Miller, Bote S ~ MajruJsr, * CI O'Connor, CatU'ae O'dhanghneety, M GENTLEMEN* LIST Albright, T J fcyie. Wllsjn, I Mahtney, Jno Allison, Pars BT3 Engels, T Alljrne, H S Katt> n. Sidney Arnold, Harrison Eation, Joe Alien, Dr Carlos Elliott, J M Averl 1, C K Mwarde. J W Allen, B 8 Brace, Drjaoi Boyd, Dr W Bapy. Prof J F Bnaj, W H Rbllng, Henry Boat, R Freeman, W 01. rt, Mary M fVok, Ma: y V Cook, Francta F Campbell, Anile Ooleoian. Miss Comly, Mra H Chapmtn, Rata C Lena, Ellen F C olauge, Mra H B Carter, Mies R Poueldson, Ann B Onglasa, Miss L Kato.-, Anna J Kverrfielu, Mra C Eagan, Margaret Fe^tc.i, Virginia N Forbes, Agosta J Warren, Mrs B Williams. Miss S Walker, Mary Toung, Msry Falconer. R Flak, Jno Fro.-t, Jno J Feast, Jno Kollansbee, Geo Fitzgerald, Purs R Qodey, W H A Oo Gwynn, Walter Gorden, Messrs Godfrey, Jno A Orore. Henry Gazzars, Francisco Gray, Lt R F Graham. Danl J Buchanan Ool R C Fajliey, Tl.ot Hrannan, P B Bern la, N P Burt, Bee N C Berrjruan, L H Bingliam, Lt Brewer, Jno M Bonllet. J W Brad}, Col Jno Blgelow. Jno Baden, James T ball, J Hrehouan, James BrlKga, J M Barker, J?eiah Brown. Dr H S Breece, H H C J Bailey, Franrle B Brown, Daniel Burns, Dennis Bariett, Daniel Baylor, C G J Brown, C T Brewer, Capt C A Bastebel, Cues 1 Brocks. Clem Beatl, Eugene R Bartsch, Augnat Brady, Andrew Cop|>nck, W tn Crawford, R J ??rawford, Klcbard ' hoate, Rufue Coanell, Patrick Crangle. Michael Chew, Jno Jam:* Cro??, J L Cramer, Jno M Martin, Jno F Moore, Henry Mankln, D D Myeia, Ch Miles, Dr Ashton Marr, Artbor N McCarthy. Danl McKlnstry, Mai J McK>e, Mr Jas W McOulre. Patrick McGrath, Patrick MrKee, Robert McDonuell. 7hoe McRulry, Thos

McKear, T S MrFarren, W R Normlle, Jno O'SaillTao, Jno D Patterson, W A Phil ips L D Pickett, Mr Pike, J Pazton, Gaily Prentiss, Geo B O nil lot Mess's A A J Quitman, F H Henderson, Wan Hall, Win H Hell math, V Hou.lhau, Simon Holland, Richard Holme*, Jos B t H?ard. Jno Hunt, Prrf Jaa G llayea. Jam s W Heath, J K Herbert, J Well* Holb'ook, J Hodgklne. Geo W Hamilton, C W Howell, C R J Heath, A H Howard, A W H .mlltcn, A Boyd Johnson, W R Johueon, Thn? 8 J Johnson, Hi-hard Junta Richard Cieanly, Ueo H A Co Janln, Lewis C oes, Q F C chew, Francla Ooleman, Dr E D ? lielint, 8 k Ella Praker, Kdwln D :1ngei Q Id. W H Dnuean, Capt Thos Dow. ey, Thos ? yle, Patrick Drumiuond, N Dette, K Dtsslnger, Jno D we*. Joe 8 Doherty, James, Jr Daly Jno K Dick, Jno {>? *??, J?a Dietrich, Jacob Dayhoff, Joahaa T D^ria. Jno F Dir. James D we, G M Nss r W iHwiilemin, Firs Duvall, E B Dixon,D B Johns. Jno T Juhnsou, JsTee Johnson, Jemee H Ke'llier. Tbcs U K inlg,L Klrbr, Prof S F K<u*-y, R H Reech, Jas H Roocli. James H Hulil, C F Rld'ler, B A LotcII, Lt Wm 8 Loregrore, W R Roes, Jno W Ross, laa'sh A Riley, H C Rohr, Geo T Robblns, E Y > Rogers, Chas R Russell. C Ben Smith, Edward B fStll man, 8 A 0> Smallwood, Jos Se>io, Jacob Knyder, Dr Jno M Stone, J B Scbnop, Jno A SteTene, Juo Slrrp?on, Capt J H Stephens, Jno W Scott. H D Saunders, B Pts'ena, Geo Srhlabre, G L Stale. David Sheridan, D Smith Dr Schmidt, Casper Slierman. C(1 Taib-U, W J Tsylor, Capt S H Thompson. Jno E Towers, J Trnmbu 1, Jobnsoa Traiers, Henry T1 p. Frederick Tblba'id, Alex Varden, K W J Vinton, Major D H Looker.Pu eerTHl Whit-head. Ool W C Leaa, Juo P Layasre. Jos Lay tou, K W Lloyd, Chas I-egireu Aaron Vsti.ewa. Thoe M Martin, Th >s J Maxwell, Robert Martin, Pbilip Murray, P ft Mahony, Michael Morrlce, J Wallace, W A Waaliingtoo, Lt T A Weir, Tboe J Ward L P Wllklue, J. bn Wiley. Jam's 11nset, J> el Willeon U F Williams. Hamilton Wileon, Geo Wright, Dav'd Wheat, Geo C B Woolsey, E K D ka>, Christopher Martlu, jams* O Elchler.W 'MilAi 8 ?Colombia Lodge Xo IS; Metr Fllln ore Cinb N. Liber, lee, Enquirer; C. HUB N .remter 1, 185? JAS. G. BRRBETT lltan Hotel . J ; OTP P M. oenucRATs, arouse: " Come as the wi- ds come when forests are rendel, Conce aa the wares come when narUs are etranded." A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE Jackson Democratic As*>o?-lstlon will be held r>n SATURDAY EVENING, November 1st, at o'clock, at Democratic Headquarters. Buslne<sof vital importance will be tnu sact-d We are on the eve tf the Greit Battle, and the Democra y expects every man to do his duty. Let every Democrat be pjnetual In attendance By order of the AsKOClaHon: DAN'L RATCLIFFE, President. M W. CLUSKEY, Secretary.. oc 3J-2t HARRY LEHR; ALIAS " BRUDDER BONES!" TO-NIGHT. ^TREAMERS, FLAGS, RIRD CAGES, lova, Ac , at nov 1 MCLAUGHLIN'S. tff MUSIC AT ELLIS'S, nov I 3C0, bet. 9th and 10th streets. N LOST.?ABOUT TEN DAY8 ago, in Georgetown, between Mr Bowen's School Kooir.8 and Bay street, a Boy'a Cloth Clrrular CLO^K The finder will be rewarded, If re quired, by leaving lt at No. 113 Gay street, nov 1-ot* T?? MEDICAL STUDENTS. WE HAVE RECEIVED A SUPPLY OF Evans's Dissecting Instruments, to which your attention la invited NAIRN A PALMER, Apothecaries, It* corner 9th st., and Penn ave. $ WINTER MILLINERY. MRS. DITTY AND MISS LAN PHI I- R will open their Winter Mil linery on Wednesday, the 5th in-t at No 311 Pennsylvania avenue, between 0th and 10th streets, up stairs. dot i HO II BY HOKSES, ROtKKHS, PRO. pellors, Carriages, Cab-, Wheelbarrows, Kaiket*, Door, Street, and Parlor Msts and Rags Ju*t arrived per ^chnontr Statesman, at No. 31 tetween 6th and 9 h strsets nov 1 H. J. M. LAUGHL1N A CO. B Mh s. bopp tt r?? , FASHIONABLE D RSSMAKERS, EG LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIES of Washington, that they have orened a Dress making Establishment at No.300 1lth street, 3 doors below Hllba-t's Music store Dresses wl 1 be made in the ldte&t French style, at.d at the most reasonale pilces. All kinds of patterns for Mantillas contantly on hand, and prlnkling doue at the lowest prices. nov l-lm The Great French Giant Mons. Bowen-noch-ensneezer, 8 FEET 9 INCHES HIGH* AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, TO-NIGHT! OECOND-HAND PIANOS.?FIVE JUST received, and or sale or rent very low for cash, at the Piano and Music Emporium of JOHN F. ELLIS, nov 1 3CS Pa. av., bet 9th and 10>> sts. '|\ HE FLAU OF OUR UNION, FOR Ith I November, beginning a new stor.-, by Durl vage. called the uPride < f Paris, or the Roll of the Drum," a i tela, liters means, at nov I rary trea'. Get lt by all FERGUSON'S, 488 7th stieet. New yoke ledger, the ladies* prise, for8th November, "Orion the Gold Beater" continued j also the beautiful aioryby Author of the Watchman. Buy lt. at FERGUSON'S, nov 1 488 7th street. NAVY YARD HII L. COAL !?COAL ' COAL !' ! NOW UNLOADING, A CARGO O F MO tons of superior Red ar d White Ash Stone Coal, on which a deduction of ?5 cents wi 1 be made if taken from the vessel. Call ihls, or eaxly next week. 1,000 tons of R ed and W hlte Ash Coal of differ ent stses, suitable for burning arrangements of any kind, on hand. AlsqgOak, Hickory, and Pine WOOD, all of which will be disposed of at lowest market rates. 2*40 lbs. guaranteed to the toa, In all cases, and weighed by a sworn weigher T EDW. CLARK, nov 1-vf Va ave , near Navy Yard Gate. 90,000 APPLE TREES P[>R 8ALB.?80,000 APPLE TREES, t C&4 4 years, of the very bjst varieties, of large mm ilze, and very thrifty, can be hadst the Val 3s> lev View Farm, sear Georgetown, or at No 38 u._v ?et> Georgetown. unusually low, as they must te toll I HI Prices irithout oo 99-lm B. i. KING. TREASURE*'* ItATBIIMf, Shoving the amount at kit trtdit ?'? tko vilh mosiotnmt postlarttt, and m tkt Mint and branekot, by rttmmt rorotvtd to amount fur wkitk drafts Kart bttn issued, bmt wot* Ikon unpaid, tubjtet to draft. Showing. alto, tk* umoumt of futurt ttant/trt ordortd hf tk* Sttrttary of tko Tnatury trouturort and dotif+utod do torn day. OfliWf <7(4 !W; r4? id tko anoiial tkon to and from depooituriot, no In what place nt an De posit*. Draft* herelo forr drawn, but not vri paid, though Treasury of the United States. Washington, D. C.... Assistant Treasurer, Boston. Massachusetts Assistant Treasurer, New York, New York Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.... Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans, La -????4 Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis, Mlsaourl ? Assistant Treasurer, San Franc'aco Depositary at Huffalo, New York Depositary at Baltimore, Maryland... Depositary at Richmond, Yirginia Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia Depositary at Wilmington. North Carolina Depositary at Savannah, Georgia I Depositary at Mobile, Alabama j Depositary at Nashville, Tennessee Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania ' Depositary st Galveston, Texas Depositary at Cincinnati, (late) i Depositary at Dubuque, Iowa Depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas Depositary at Chicago, Illinois i Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee. Florida Depositary at Tallahassee, (late) Assay office of the United Mates. New York 1 Mint of the United States. Philadelphia. Penn Braflch mint of the United Mates, Charlotte. N C ... j Branch mint of the United States. Dahlonega, Ga Branch mint of United States, New Orleans, I a Branch mlntofthe United State*, San Franclsoo, Cal.' ? 0190,910 09 9 0 8,41 0 8ft 9 Ml.1*9 58 14 ?,7Sl 63 153,010 491.5 9 94 803,391 0t 1,155,640 11 91 840 48 813 891 OS 47,117 39 30,451 54 617 60 ite nt 19 1*7 311 88 4,00ft ftl 115.f31 77 : 17,896 17 1,106 71 10 30 99,543 79 84.494 10 114 .998 81 169,l*ft 9 1,144 41 631 15 9 444,50" 01 4,747,35' 16 3!,000 (i0 17.950 ?G ,76-* 143 14 1 ,ftW 000 uo ? II.'61 15 l?t> ,5*1 86 49?.*10 It II, 10 01 19,4l0 0.' 900,798 3J 10 .658 14 480,944 t8 ?.? 0 68 12,61 f,-*3 07 15,058 W> 3S 3,653 Su 13,00H S7 0?3 A3 8,581 3^ 3.131 85 1,306 71 fS.ttl 81 77 H*3 13 ? *04 (4 117.701 54 W 00 II 7* 1 Deduct difference in transfers. | ?25,7?0R? 18 ! ?1 898 092 9* U> draft ?153 74 IS90 t?? m 0 6*8 009 IT in,Ml 64 I4IJM 71 180 781 (4 761 7*1 6% 7W.485 40 ?4 311 46 63 1461 44 44 .*93 44 14,491 54 017 1. 104.071 113,66.1 31 4 0Ut H6 116 9.0 41 14,763 4i *1 39 74,9?3 0b 4,43*) #7 81,161 irt 41,4 .4 40 814 44 410 ?n 1,144 .000 <*l 1,747 351 16 3t (MSI (Ml 17.960 <n 1 76M43 14 1,400 001 (HI Net amount snbject to draft. ,8*1, 44 80 70.000 00 1,811.84* 8K Transfer* ordered to treasury of the United States, Washington, D C 900,000 on Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of th* United State*, New York, N . Y 9Mi,ouu oo Transfers ordered to .sslstant treasurer of toe United ftaten, Charleston, 8 C...... 25 tmo io Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of th* Ualted States, New Orleans, La 825,000 00 Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the United State*, St. Louis, Mo 8O0,i*jO 03 Transfers ordered to depositary at Norfolk, Va S4 i?i <o>l <00 03 Transfers ordered from assisUnt treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts 06 Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, New York, New York 1,0-*.!.&OO 06 Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, St Louis, Missouri Transfers ordered from deprsltarv at Dubaque, Iowa Transfers ordered from depositary at Chicago, Illinoia Transfers ordered from depositary at Detroit, Michigan Transfers ordered from mint of the United State*, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.. . 105.MM) 00 15.0 u on 5.000 00 5.0UO (10 100,0011 (HI Not 1?It 91.221,000 00 Amusements. Go and See the Last SKIT MIL Mil SUM It AND LAUGHABLE ARAB BROTHERS! TO-NIGHT! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. CABINET PUIlNITCTflK. Em wight, manufacturer and ? dealer, respectfully lnvl-es attention to hit stock of Sofas, KSEV Bureaus, Wardrob?a, Book cases. Bedsteads, Chairs, Jfcc , of superb style and finish Iron Bedsteads and Iron War s of great variety M?.t reases, Bed Cot er-> manufactured to order. He would cm1! the attention of Honse-keepe's to his supply of Chamber Seta. Everythlcg In tiie Hou e-furnishing ine stantly on hand, and warranted to wear well. For ( bale at the lowest cash prices K M WIGHT, nov 1- No. 57 La ave.,bet 6thand7.n sts. WATCHES. JEWILHY, AND ftlLVEfl. Ware.? M W 6ALT A BRO. have for the last month been making daily additions to th*lr stock, which embraces in the greatest variety every article In tbelr line They Invite particular attention to their assort ment of Ladits' and Gentlemen's Gold Watches, Chal s, Peals. Keys. Ac Coral. Ciiimo, 1 lorentlne Mosaic, and all other styles cf Jewelry Solid Sliver Tea Sets, Walters, Pitchers, Gob lets, Cups, Spoons, Forks, and every variety of fancy Silverware suitable for wedding presents , M. W. GALT AERO, nov l-6t 3*24 Pa. av., bet 9th and 10th s'.s. Proposals for Oil for Light houses TXSA.SUKT DsrAlTMIRT. Offia Ligkt'kouf Board, November 1, 1?5? SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RE- 1 eel red at tb If oflloe unll 1 o'clock p. m , on 1 Saturday, the ISth day of November, for supply- 1 lng the Light House establishment with the fol lowing lots or quantities of be delivered ? alongside of the Governmert sopply-vessels at' Bo*ton, New York c!ty. NfW Bedford, Edgar town. or Nantucket, Massachusetts, at the option of the cor tractor, to be dce-mlned on at the time of accepting the bid, in tight, well made cask', suitable for shipping, In pnme order, on or before the following dites, respectively, ana also at the point n imed (Uswego, N . V ) for lot No 4,vix: j Lot No 1?30 COO (thirty thousand) gallons best , Winter-strained or Pressed Sperm Oil, on . the 1st day of April, 1857 . Lot No 2 ?3<>,000 (thirty tbcusand) gallons best , Winter strained or Pressed Sperm Oil, on on the 1st day of June, 1857 Lot No 3.?90.000 (thirty thousand) gallons best < Winter-stralncil or Pressed Sperm Oil, on ' the 1st day of August, 1837. FOR THE LAKES Lot No 4.?6.000 ffiv* thousand) gallons best ; Winter-strained er Pressed Sperm OH, at Oswego, New York, on the 1st day of , May, 1857, or immediately after the open- ? lng of the Erie canal. The Oil comprised lr. lot No. 4. to be delivered at Oswego, for tLe light.* on the Lakes, must be e In small Iron-bound casks, in prime order, free ? from leakage, containing from thirty to fif y gal- I Ions each. and free from all expense to the United State'; all the cos s of transportation, damage, and leakage belnt at the charges and risk of the contractor and all tests and inspections to be made r prior to the traispt rtation of the oil frrm the con tractor's warehouse, or other place of deposit ? The several lots of Oil required to be delivered \ alongside of the supply vessels shall be so deliv- p ered when the said vessels thill be In raadlness to f recelvo the same; and in case th? supply vessels should not be readv to receive the Oil on the days ji hereinbeio:e specified for Its delivery, then the l contracting party will be at liberty to deliver It to ft an authorized agent of the light-house establish- i mrr.t at the polr:t of delivery, and shall be entl- i iled to payment therefor wl'ibln fifteen days from 4 such delivery. p Ail the Oil rontrarted for under the foregoin? fc proposals to be submltud to the usual tests of t speclflcgravity,by burning, ard such ot&e? means L as may be thought proper by the person cr persons L to whom that duty may be assigned by the Light - house Board, and required to remain 'impld at a b Umperature of 32 degrees or lewer if Fahrenheit, y befr-r- It wi I be accepted. Proposals will be received and c?ialdered for each lot separately, or for the whole quantity re- r qulied, at the option of the bHder; but no bid will be entertained for a If ss quantl'v than is com- rf frisrd In one of the several lo's designated Noa H , 3, 3, a* d 4. The bids most state explicitly the lot or lots pxoposed for bv the number ornomb^n. v the quantity of each lot of Oil, and the price 1 er ? * gallon All blda must be sealed, and endorsed "Propo sals f r Oil for Light-houses, ' and then placed ? in another envelope, and directed to the Secretary ? of t!ie Lt>ht bouse Hoard, Washington. D C. A bond, with security to the satisfaction of the " department, la a penalty equil to cat fifth of the amount of each contract m?de under the forego ing proposals, will be required of ee?h contrac tor, conditioned for the faithful performance of j ? ach contract, to be exec < ted within ten days afkr K the acreptarce of the bid. The board, under the authority of the depatt- I meat, ie?erves the ight to reject any bid, though E It may be the lowest, from o:her consideration*, than its amount _ L Bv order of the Light house Board : G 7 THORNTON A. JENKINS, nov 1-eodtlSthNov BtewUff. EnORUlUKHKV VAftKMEKKHOODI, for Infants, Just received. . G. H CA88IDY A CO , ' h' 00 31 Snceeseors te A. Tate, 314 Pens in, \b ?? in CHlLDKENft' UO^NETI. ??? ? ^ |< j WE HAVE RECEIVED THIS MORNING a further supply of Honey Comb^^r, BONNETS for children, of all colora snd^Blj sites GEO. H OAS8IDY A CO.TPP ec 11 Puccteeor to A Tats, Sl4 Penm. it*. BUVI1 WINTER CLOTUme.-CELE bra ted for the elegant cut. flnentss of quality, and very ow prices, being the most extensive va riety for Youths, boys and Children, ever offered Intnlsclty. WALL A STEPHENS, oc 31 3t SS Pa ave , bet 0th ?b4 10th sta. m O 17 H hi 4 I be na on be Bt 0LOA*?, JmtHccli SHAWLS, TALKA'> Wants. WANTfO -A WRITE WOMAN TO DO 6ene al Housework and tome Washing. Apply before 12 o'cleck, at ttt Penn rnnur, President's Square nov U2i? WANTED ?A SMALL HOUSE TO RENT, at about S W, by a ftrst rate tenant Tb? lo cation muat te betw? en 3d and 8th streets, end the premise* mutt be In good r pair A well fur nlsheJ house would not be objected to. Addreas Box 617. Post Offlce. Mff ? WANTED ?A WOMAN TO DO TH E Cooking, Washing, Ironing, and General Homework of a small family. Aleo a Boy as Houae Servant, that Is acquainted the city. Colored or German preferred. Good references required Apply at No 419 TMrteenth street, nor 1-3;* WANTED?A GIRL, BETWEEN HAND snd 15 years of age. to attend a child, and make tcrself penerally useful in s family of only two persons Inquire at No. 479 13th etreet. ocki )t WANTED ? AT E. CAMMACK'S TAILOR Ing Eftabltol ment. No 16$ Bridge atreet, Geor:rtowr, oee rr two experienced Coat M akers. To at **dy La -da liberal wagea wlli be paid oc ?^-?o3* Wanted ?wanted?300 ladies wanted to buy 900 pleoee of Black Velvet Rlbbora at leaa than retail pr1oe? Alan, 90 dozen Kid Gauntie's at 87# . us al prioe tl.aj; 30 dczen do. at 31X. worth 90; Children*' Hard kerchiefs at 4 cts : Gents Handkerrklefs at 6fc, warranted fast colcs; beau Iful allk Buttons at 5# cents All goods ax small protts for cash, at the Peoples Store W R UUKULE, octfi iff Georgetown, D C. WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO tnd person* In want of the following a> tides: F reach or German Looking Glaaaes Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oral or aanare Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tablea, In bronxe or geld. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size booking Glasses, or other work In the gliding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Brarketts. suitable for ?helving. Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N. B?Old Work Regllt.aad Looking Glace Plates Inserted. 936 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwoed House, tec 19 JOHN WAGNER ? ! - - -1 - ? Boarding. Board, Ac.?mrs. bates, on thes w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9tk street s prepared to accommodategentlemt-n with rooms with or without boaM Every effort will be made a render those comfortable who may favor her rith their patronage. Transient or table board an be obtained. ap t tf JPSNl.lOOf FALL AND WIHTKR 1WIL LIRBIT. THE SUBSCRIBKR OPENS TO->^ ^^jdav the largest and handeomeet as HK. /?^feortrrent of Winter Millinery be Las tver offered to the pibllc Including the very >eat and latest styles of French Hata. Head Dres et, Kibboca. 'lrlmlngs, Embroideries, Ac , all >f which will be sold at prices that must please he beat Judges of goods LH^The Ladles are retpeetfull? invited toeall ariy and get bargains M WILLI AN, Centre Market Spaoe, bet 7th aud 0th sta. oc 31-lwAeo3w T. e. FORV, LEATHER f ?HOE FIXDER3 STORE. rHESCB9CRI BKR FLATTERS HIMSELF that he can offer as large and as wel1 escorted 'ock of goods In hts line, as was ever offered In Vasblngton city for sale. The slock consists In ait of? i dozen of F retch Calf Skins of moat Improved brands n dozen of French Klpp Skins 0 1 fides of Upper Leather 0 Sides of Buff Leather lome rrad? C.iJf and K pp Skins itO Sides of Sliug. ter and Skirting lU Mdea of Sp n .?h Sole Leather no dozen of M or >c orcd llnl-g Shoes took Blnde*s Leather of all description It mesa and Britlle leather mating Soles and Gallouus >a*ts, Tools, Ac All of wbicb will be sold on the moat reasora !e terms, rt 433 north Seventh street, near the 'ost Offoe oc 31-1 w rms:?FCR*:i_rtBfc poDD A CO , UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL, 1 b' g leave to announce the anlval ft< m Lon on and Parla of th'lr splendid collection of HCH FUKS, made In the moot fashionable tylea from reatoned Soft-drested Sklna They rould ln?lte particular attention to their elegan1 nd much-admired MANTILLA TALMAS, PELLERINE VAN DYKES, 1CTORINE9, with Muffs and Cuffa to match, ef HUDSON BAY SABLE, MINK, STONE MARTIN, ITCH A MOUNTAIN MARTiN, SIBERIAN AND RUSslA SQUIRREL. LONDON LUaTR ED, BLACK L\ NX, anl KK.V.INK, 1CH FUR TRIMMING, for Cloth and Velvet Clcekf. SWANSDOWN TRIMMING; LEGAN r SIBERIAN SQUIRREL ROBLS, for Cloak Llninga, or cm for Trimming; adiea' and Gertltmen'a K'R GAIN (LETS, en lit men's l RAVI LING MUFFLERS, cf Reaver, Otter, Nutria, and Seal Fur: ARRIA6E ROBES. of Bear, Fox, and Buffalo Skins. TODD A CO for the past twenty-lve years ive devoted much attention to this branch of ielr trade, purchasing exclusively for ca*h, sell ig at moderate pricea. and by edheting to their stirmlnatl^n to deal In no article that would not far the strictest tcruilny, they have tecured a rge and Increasing trade from all parts of the Purchasers are Invited to visit their aetabllsb ent and examine the most extensive SI OCK F FURS touth of New V oik. oc31-?Aeotf 7*0 K BALK?AT THE FIRtT WARD Llverv Stable, on G street, between th and LB'.h streets, one pair of n ? Y ORBE^,6 and 7 years old, 16 k hands ,{h; and oae pair of G R A \ HOKsfcr^^Zlv lid 9 years o d. 16)4 hands high ; v art an ted to i svund aiid well broke to harne?s Alto, o~e iw Conpe CARRIAGE, made to order; and u front clarence frl 1 CaLECHE, whlcb c?nnot i surpassed for beauty acd etyle, both nud- by Kkhaua, Allgaler A Petry,Ooach Maker. TlU alpkM/* aei-lir*