Newspaper of Evening Star, November 1, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 1, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR BBILLI A VTS. THE APPROACH OF COLD WBATBBR. Ob* morn. *hit time the tickle 'g*n to play. The eastern gates of Ueiw were open laid, When forth the roao hoar* did lead a maid, From her sweet eyes who shed a soften'd ray, B.usblng and fair she wu, and from the braid Of her gold locks, she shook forth perfume* gay; Vet languid look'd and idolently strny'd A while, to watch the harvest bora away. But eo*, wl h sinews urared and aspect hale, With bjs*in'd le^s, and quiver 'cross her flung. 'With hoc ads and horn she seeks the wood and ?ale. And Echo listens to her forest song. At eve, she flies to bear her poet's tale, And Autumn's name resounds his shades among. \Byrdget. A FORKS r WALK. My soul Is growing sick. I will away, And gather balm ftom a sweet forest-walk ! There, as the b.'eexes through the branches sweep. Is he:rd aerUi m:nlatrelsy. like harp* . Untouched, uu?een, that on the spirit's ear Pour out their numbers till they hush to peace The tumnit of the bosom There's a voice Of m isle In the rustling of the leaves; ? And th* zreen boughs are huag with living lutes, Whose strings will only vibrite to His hand Who made :nam, wtlle they sound his untaught praise. The wbold wild wood Is one vast instrument Of thousand thousand keys, and ail Ita notes Come in sweet barmony, while Natu/e plays To celebrate the presence of ner God [ Mitt H. F. Oottld. V1AT0B. Vlrtrre, 011 herself relying, Every passion hushed 10 reef, Loses every pain of dying In the hope of being bleat. [Ooldimitk. ARRJ VALS AT THE PRINCIPAL HOTELS Hrown?? Hel l ?T r A *. brow*. H M Stone, NY A L Carre pbell. V? J Aldon, Va J 8 Payne, do A Haifor, do JH Payne, Va W J Wearn, do CH Dudley, NC J Rogers, do o Causaen A ly, N Y Dr Thurnton, do || H Wallace, Va T Moon, do J Lciiner A ly, 8C J A stelrbucj, Md P Jenkins, Md W Mitchell, do w K Gasklns, Md J Orr, DC W A Jennings, do A 8 Smith, Va H M Jump, Aid ? F Foote. N V A L Brewne, do F Thach, Mlsa R Marshall* ly, La J Adelsbner A ly, Md C L Pierce A ly, Va E Maten A ly, r<t J Leary, do Miss E Hyett, do Capt Hopping, Miss J Hill-, do L Johns'ja, {Md C Vance, Va W H Cabanl?* Afamy, J C Vance do Va 0 A Rawliogs, Knlional Hotel.? wu eor. O Conever, NY W Tennant, Va R Selden, DC Miss Belrne, do J Jerman, Pa K Caproa, Md Gov Thomas, Md J Wright, 111 J Wln?ton, Va M J Carper, La RBruff, NV J Alrlch, Va J H Marsh, Mass W HuntsonA ly, NY W Marsh, do C Morgan A sister, do W H Erck, Md J P Hooper, Md W Johnston. NV R Hennlng, NC J Whipple, do Mrs Hallett A fy, do L Johnson, Md R Watson, Md J Morijaa, Va J Revell, do J Pelffer, Pa F Holmes. 8C J James. Va EG Robbing, O E H Monterlo. do T Patterson/do ? J nt, NY O Belrne, Va . E Boot, Pa Willarda* Hotel?J. c. A ?. A. WILU1BD. {,DpPT^?' NY E L T*ylor > p? vfa ,W W Momock, O J W Grim a, Md J J Happer, NJ W VI M u ?er Va EG Crade A ly. Me J B Byron. NY R Wader. Pa u 5 ?aJ.t0Q" ? CaPl plf"onton. USA H H Sutton, do w J B? iman Vfd w P G?.i?, P. C CMteT 17LC3mwoa, 8C Miss L Cronlse, do W Parrott, do W H Benson, 4g J .Mi:hews * child.NY- j l White, do Bibbs, NO J l avegue A ly. N Y Ml Sl?Cl?,r^ Y* J C PortOT> w? O s,ikC'*1J. d0 WD Read, do W L Ha'dia, NO 6 W Stegal, do Gom Pauldlag, U8N F A Hamlin A ly, V? Kirktvood Hease ?J A a a k>kv ood ^TBarry, Md Mies Riddle, Md W Addison, Cal Mrs White, Va ?i!?mt.v. * ckll4re?. Visar"*"1" B^fftrM?n'v1'* T Sherman* Morgan, Va J Browne, N Y XQVBMEyTS OF OCEA.y STEAMERS *aOM Til VIfITB?STATlS Ltmmtt ?r nM Arabia*10 ""fif'T York----Br?n?n Nov. l Allan Me* v^?v' * V* Nov * Auanuc.... .New ^ ork.... Liver pool No* a empe-t.. - New York....Glasgow..Wnov! S tj.'r 2' i.ork* ? ? ? Liverpool ... Nov. 12 New VorJ- ?*2I"K0W * "N?W i5 ? % ork....Havre Nov. 15 ? WMom kvaors Havre...... ..New Vork .. Oct 82 Liverpool Boston Oct 25 1 erp?o1*** New York... Oct 29 ? -U scd le*Te New Vork OBttae ?to audavth of eaca month. NV th* CHOIBKT brands, jost received br 00 30 RING A BUBCHELL. t"?OR PORATIUM STUCK, I* OOO ^ for sale at * ^ tf "MMHW >l?iiHKIS WW OOD AND tOAt. L ARE DAILY RECEIVING LARKF suprliea of WOOD and COAL whfcSte can sell from the boats at verv low prices Per doDt?i8"f??T ?f Iayln,? ,n the1' w,nter ^*1 would do well to give us a call before purchasing else Whe" BOGUE A O'NKILL ** 2 No 1(a w*ter street, Georgetown A r.XL A.1D w,?. JOHN II SMOOT, No Utf SOUTH SIDE OF i ewli8r StTeCl' L> C , has recently received frooj the large Importing, Commission and Auction Houses, of New Vora, a general as 5S?l3?4f.4- W,nter Ldiies Drets Goodtf =^?Ped. PUld and Black Silka - D ? ?.t;iP,'d' Md pla,a Mouslln Delaines r Merinos and Alapacas Arrantlne and Striped Pop In* Bright small igured MousVo Delsiaee fer child ren Rich (all wool) Merino Plaids, Heat quality Do Ombre shaded striped Mousllos Doubleandsingle width Leepan s Black Moualln Delaines 3W) pieces En/lish snd American Prints Cambrl s, Muslin and Nainsooks Plaid, striped and figured Hooped and Manilla Coided Skirts Twletans, worked and silk Illusion. Black Crape Falls and Veils English Craoes aad Mouralug Collars Black Lace Collars and Setts Embroideries of every kind 8*lla and Brocha Shawls and Scarfs * ch?pt?qa*,e B1#Ck Thlbet vevy Heavy Gray aad Black Woollen Shawls Ladiea superior Freach Kid Gloves of (all Nos ) "d'SuSIT-! K'^(b?l Fa^yand other Gloves Laaies Mioses, and Gents Hose snd V HnWir *J- s"'~ R^1Uw22 M-r1no aad s?ony Wool do 53SJtS?2/2- ?J?*e With a &nd pl*!n Josey do Twaeds. Jaar.?. ln??, Canton I- ^naeii ' wif ?, Merino Vert Lfnea and Cotton , Irlsh'Li?i W* ttlleetlngs. Dunbar Dickson's , B!?nkl?^aa; lchm/d*?n *?d ble Damasks and fable Cloths ?nT?y k,nd' T?" ?very kind of Go >ds usuaUr with ?orted stock, which prompt n?*fn? . V a? toaters may alwsvs rely upo^ b itru" the same qualities and styles c*a bl*i.^Tap District A osll is solicited M ln 'he -oc "-*! ? bmoot ANTHONY BLCHLT. ~'* UVOBHTAKBK aS&f=txa?? ?t the ahortesu notice^ Sd ^ 10 klm> A largeaappiy of fc\?fi?VkibestmanMr ofaU^rre.'?C;y0,f f,K^J ^DE COFFINS alshed on tVe molt r^S^t.T^b wlU * **? As heretofore, ao paSwii,1^?" entire satisfaction on all oooaiic?,'w** to fl'* w N B ?Reald ag ?n tSTi^L. _ ?? - ui'KS: will DRUG ARB CHEMICAL STORK. . THB UNDERSIGNED HATING I | I porehsssd the Drug Store formerly In At Apoeeeaslon of H. A. Mueller, respect ?'?'?fully asks a continuance of the pat bllsl t ronage heretofore bestowed on the establishment. He hu devoted more than twenty years to the preparing and dispensing of medicine. His knowledge of Drugs will enable htm, a: all times; to keep none but the purest and most reliable , and his personal attention will be given exclusive ly to the sompounding and prensrlnF of Medl ?I'fs L. M. SMITH. Penn ave , south side, bet.4 Jf and9th streaks, oc 14-eolm ARNT'S CONFECTIONERY. M Bridge afreet, Georgetown, D. C. The matrimonial and festive season being near at hand, the attention of all peraons Interested is called to the continued ex of ?ur productions, WED ?!??? uK1! ?*foC,aU2L "?e fact ^*twe are almost dally receiving, from all parts of Wash ington, orders for suca Cakes constitutes suffl 2ie,UiWment ,thelr ?uP"ioTltv. An Indiffer ent cake Is provoking at any time, but at a wed ding it would be unpardonable. All, therefore, who would not be, or heretofore have been, dis appointed In obtaining a good article are invited to give us a call. The Usual (medal) quality ICE CREAMS. (92 par trail on.) JELLIE*, Ac , can be had at any # iir?r J*111 ** delivered in the most remote parts or Washington or Georgetown without extra charge. ARNY. se K-eo2m (IpteiAU nlon) FRUIT, ORNAMENTAL TREES, Ac. rpHE UNDERSIGNED HAS THE PLEAS -R ure of offering to his patrons and theMA fublic in geneial a very large assortment RU1T, SHADE, EVERGREEN?*? TREES, 4<? comprising? Dwarf Pear Trees, in great variety, among whloh are all the finest native and foreign sorts; splendid one year old trees are offered at the low price of #25 per 100 Apple Trees, large and vigorous, and varieties best suited to this region, SIS per 100. Peach Trees, fine and thrifty, the choicest kinds, t10 per 100. Apricots, Cherries, Plums, Standard Pears, Quinces, Ac , large, vigorous and thrifty. Gooseberries, Currants,Raspberries, Grape Vines, Ac , an Immense stock of all the choicest kinds. Strawberries, the large fine new varieties, as well as the old popular sorts. Rhubarb and Asparagus Boots, strong and good. Roses, the choicest ever-blooming varieties. Evergreens, nn extensive collection of the rara and well known kinds. Phsde, Ornamental Trees. Ac. Dutch Bulbous Roots, Garden Seeds. In fact, every thing pertaining to the Nursery and Seed business, warranted of the best quality, choicest varieties, correct to name, and as low an they Cin be purchased in the United States. Catalogues can be had on application JOHN SAULs Seed Store, 398 7tli street, corner H street, oc l-eo'8t Nursery, on 7th street road. good investment. WE HAVE FOR SALE THE FOLLOW Ing BONDS or STOCKS, which can be sold to yield the purchaser 10 to 12 per cent, per annum : 9*0.999 Ramsey County Bonds, (Minnesota Territory,) 10 percent Coupons, payable in New York. S'3,000 Virginia and Tennessee, 6 per cent Coupons, payable In New York. f 10,000 O ranee and Alexandria, 8 per cent. Coupons, payabl* In New York. cenf 000 Corporation of Washington Stock, 6 per S3.000 Corporation of Alexandria Stock, 9 per cent ' ?2.000 in shares of the Patriotic Bank. The Ramsey County Bonds we regard as very safr! and desirable. The county is the inost weilthy and prosperous In Minnesota, in which is situated the flourishing city of St. Paul. The con ltv has only issued S30.000 of bonds, and only SW,0 )0 is now outstanding. The bond? fa l due annually, the first two being payable in New York In la8i The taxes now due to the county Is represented ampie to liquidate the whole debt SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE, FANT A CO ocl9eo2w [IntelAOrgan] Bankers. ijMNE BED BLANKETS, FLANNELS, and Sheetings now In store: *0 pair Bed Blankets in medium to extra fine quality 50 pieces white and colored Flannels at all prices 5 do more of that extra 4-4 shaker Flaanels V" dot en white and colored Counterpanes, some extra iarge 40 d0|^Table Napkins and Towels, f 1,9.1 to 90 pieces 8-4, ? 4,10 4 and 12-4 Cotton Sheetings | 13 do superfine Table Damasks, some extra wide 50 pieces Bed Comforts, which we had made to order 100 pieces of superior Irish Linens from 93 cents to SI 300 pie e* superior Bleached and Brown Cotton * ? r-jSiSnu to IB cents per yard, many of them made expressly for our sales and as a guarantee of their extra quality, we have hid our Names and No. stamped on each P1CC6 III^*All articles warranted to prove as re pre resented, and purchasers entitled to examine our ? COLLEY A SEARS, oc 30-eri2* 323 7ih St., 3 doors N. Pa ave. GAS, RES.?WE HAVE JUST RE ^ eelved from the factory of Cornelius A Ba tawell:,elected 8tock of GAS CHANDE LIERS and BRACKETS. Our selection comprises all the n?w patterns them being Imitations of the European ones, so perfect as scarcely to be distinguished from imported Sxtures, and can b? sold 100 per cent less. 1 .Tu^'n? * "sorted by competent workmen and at the lowest prices. Call and examine. , J- W. THOMPSON A BRO. oc 3-eolm 989 Pa. av., bet. 10th and 11th sts. 1)?YV?H? PLATED AND BRITANNIA 17 u ARE ?Just received at my Ware rooms, No. 530 Seventh street a large as-JK/ sort n en t of? * Double plated Te? Sets Castors, Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Ac ALSO? Brltann!* Tea Sets, Castors, Coffees, feua Sngsrs, Creams, Ladles, Mugs, Spoons, Ac of very fine quality and at unusually low prices! oc 11?colw N M. MCGREGOR. OAK AND FINE WOOD. THJ?,,U??ls,R81?NIiD WOULD RK8PECT / .fcUf Inform thecltliens of Washington gen erally. and the cltlz-ns of the Island In paitTcu Jar, that he hu o.i hind and Is constantly recelv Ing a superior assortment of OAK and PINK WOOD, which h? I. KIU.K u ? ,e,yTow and would respectful y request those laying ir their winter supplies of fuel to give him a call before purchasing, as he is sure that he can please them, b <th as to quality and price - 7?J?ktn would J1"1 ?*??? that he has ra aKuGSK.0' -"'c ?? S"""1'""""" w,,b ,nd oc 27-fo3t* JOSEPH E. LAW. SUPERIOR TOILET DRY GOODS 1UST RECEIVED UWODS. , ^ . Af,i) *ALE: - * -conU<!*l*8 #n elegantly embroidered Coverlet on Crimson Satin, with gorreous Taa?els to match This Is, without exception the most magnificent and novel article of the kind offered la this city. Alao, 3 bales superior Frfnch and Edinburgh Blanket*, In all sties, from the smallest sl3d ( rib to the largest slaed Bed 30 Dresden, Turkish, and M-trsellleg qllllts ,or whfe:.'is; *?d ?nai* A 'i n BU.. ?"'?}>*. ??* *?Kh Linen Shwtloi. ?? k ?? 4P' 44 and U lnc?* and henvv Mnens ?n Plllow and Cas^ 2 Huckaback, Albert, Barns tZw?K. D!'nMk-, ,M?h rto, heavy and fine ' w?lllngs, a so, colored and white Glamor Porcelain do very soft and absorbent che? 1 cyr Russia (brash and German Roll do n d? f?n!H!en,,T ve7 d^irab" article mnA f Si,,^ P ge ^ow?,,? which for hotels and fanriilies are especially useful, th? woria ;r,;ald I?r clw-,ln^ windows or' rSnnTls of carriages, Ac., are unequalled . . _ also? In superior Table Linens wehavea stock wblrh l*-J ?P to 90-4, and 10-4 up to 20 4 ?nd biiv^VcCp6'4 by18 * ^HMlafjamask.'very '"up too4rdl?d Whlch wlu A^ ^'oo fe ' JeCU?n 10 th^ ROOd' Jraya?d Table Nap. Also i case of,*Ur^r?Tiw^Lpe,Mdox'?n UP to and 7 octave ud Cov?? for8 the colors and de^KDs of ^^li. 0 ProP?"bapf; will be aoid chean ?na \are rich, and tf0' v J(nea> crlmso? ^ ^**ers to match I" ranch Cloths for fuka colored of Satin Covers,and them. Botdwlngs to trim now devote our ?i. , exclMlsaly to the buying indiLTI?"*1 ?Motion Dry Goods alone, housa-keeoara ,^un?ltura for steamboats imiTatiii^Vk*epe?? upon being supplied with no<hfDVh^ rely as have the credit of real merit ^ to o!?.C^.roo<1? .??*? Th. prtM. wSSSS ?f y>y taction of the oountrv m n-m* OLAtlTT.DOiioN^og Information for Trnvolora. BT RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WIST Tim* bMwMn Washington and WkatUng but 17 i hour* ! Running Time between Waehington ul Cincinnati 17 how!! ?ab m wiiimiToi. Hp HE BALTIMORE-AND OHIO RAIL A ROAD having greatly impmved Its Western connections, now offers the fullest Inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and all i?ortions of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The connection between the Trains from Wash In#ton and the Trains bound West from Balti more Is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay Honse) 9 miles from Baltimore. This Is tbe only change of oars required between Washington and the Ohio river. Baggage Is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked and trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, for those tio'dlng Through Tickets for rolsts be vond. The connecting trains leave W ashington dally at 0 a. m and !>??>. iu. On Sundays at the later hour onlv. At BEN WOOD, ! miles from Wheeling, direct connection is made wltli the trains of CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, running from Bellalr, on the Ohio, through Cambridge, Zanesvllle, snd Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect at Newark wl tilths oars of the Newark, Mansfleld and Sandusky Railroad far Sandasky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, tt. Louis, etc. At COLVMBUS the C O. Uallroad trains con nect With the fast tialns of the Little Miami Rail road to Xenla, Clsclnnntl, Louisville, etc. At XENIA (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is formed with the trains through Dayton,to Indian apolis, Terre Haute. Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, Carlo, etc [T Passengers holding Through Tickets foi Memphis, llcksburg, Notches, New Orleans, etc., whicn are also sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati, to the Mall Steamers on thr Ohio. Tickets for Evansville, Carlo, and St. Louis are sold by the river route !!>? For CLEVRLAND, ard via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc , tickets are sold, when the Ohio is navigable between Whee lng and Wellsvllle (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad ir made. Travelers are rt-quested to notice that while this is the only route affording Through Tickets and Checks In Washington, it is also the shortest, most speedy, and direct to near y a I the leading points In the great West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati Is but 653 miles, being about 100 miles shorter than by any other route! FARE, BY THROUGH TICKET, FROM WASHINGT W To Wheeling, *9 50; Colum bus, 813 65; Dayton, 815 50: Cincinnati, SI# OA; Louisville, by ral'road, 818 65. by steamer from Cincinnati. ?18 Oft; Indlanaro!ls. 817 50; Cleve land, 812 50; To edo, *15 BO; Detroit, *15 20: Chicago, 820 65 and 819 50; St Louis, 828 50 and 825; Memphis. 826; Now Orleans 831, etc. |?r FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S FERRY, MARTINSBURG. CUMBER LAND, BERK LEY SPRINGS. BEDFORD SPRINGS PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, and FAIRMONT passengers may leave Washington at 6 a. m or 4i p. m. For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a. m train frore Washington. ier v or trains to and from Baltimore, Annap olis, etc., see soeclal advertisements. For further Information, Through Tickets, etc., apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. '.VM. S. WOODSIDE, Master of Transportation, march 1?tf B. * o gsilroad. Baltimore. THE HEW YORK AlfD LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS.; THE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINK are the ATLANTIC Capt. Fldrldge. BALTIC Capt. Comstock ADRIATIC Capt. Jas. West These ships having been built by contract ex pressly for Government service, every care has been taken In their construction, as also In their engines, to Insure strength and speed; and their accommodatlcnsfor passengers arc unequaiod for elegance and comfort Price of passage from New York to Liverpool In first cabin, 8130; in second do., 875. From Liverpool to New York, 30 and 20 guineas. An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. The ships of this line have Improved water-tight bulk heads, and to avoid danger from Ice will not cross the Banks north of 42 degrees, until alter the 1st of August. raopoRXD datss or sailiro. Ft em New Torh. Frem Lxmtrftl. 1856. 1856. Saturday Apr.36 Wednesday....May 14 Saturday May 10 Wednesday....May *; Saturday May 24 Wednesday....June 11 June / weanesday....Jane 25 Saturday. June21 Wednesday ....July 8 Saturday July 5 Wednesday ....July 23 Saturday July 18 Wednesday....Aug, 6 Saturday Aug. 2 Wednesday....Aug. 2<> Saturday Aug. 16 Wednesday....Sept, 3 Saturday Aug. 30 Wednesday....Sept. 17 Saturday Sept. 13 Wednesday ....Oct, 1 Saturday Sept. 27 Wednesday ....Oct, 15 Saturday Oct. 11 Wednesday ....Oct.29 Saturday Oct.25 Wednesday....Nov. is Saturday Nov. 8 Wednesday....Nov. 3* Saturday Nov. 22 Wednesday....Dec. 10 Saturday Deo. 6 Wednesday ....Dec 24 Saturday Dec. 20 For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 56 Wall street, New Yorfc. BROWN, SHIPLEY \ CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNAP.D h CO., *7Anstin Friars, London B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., PnilO. The owners of these shtpb will not be acooant nble for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof expressed therein. m i_tr 9RAKGE A ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD ?5 ? II HPIIg-jW great Southern Mail Line I 4rT WICK DAILY {SUNDAY NIGHTS BICBPTED) Between Washington City and the South! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, ?ORDONSV1LLE, RICHMOND, DAN VILLE GREENSBOROUGH,N.C. AND DAILT TO TRI VIRGINIA SPRINGS Leave Washington at 6 o'clock, A M. Lrave Washington at 7 11 P. M. Leave Alexandria at 7 ? A.M. Leave Alexandria at 8 41 P M. Travellers will End the Morning Line in con nection with the Virginia Central Railroad, the Cheapest, most Pleasant and Kxpedltlous Ruoie to THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS, Greenbrier White Sulphur and Fauquier White Sulphur, Warm, Hot. Alum and Capon Springs. Welr'a Cave, Natural Bridge, Lexington, Ac. OMNIBUSES and BAGOAGE WAGONS will be at the Washington Railroad Depot to eon vey PASSENGERS and BAGS AGE, Frit of Charge, to 8TEAMKR GHOR6K PAGE, for ALEXANDRIA, a dli-ww a nee of six miles, allowing ample timeforM?^. Fare from Waahingtrn to Richmond 83 50 Fare '? " Danville It on Fare " '* Greensboro ugh... 12 00 Tickets procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfort are secured by thla Route,ISltllR L1NKOV VIf;ST CLASS nAlLkOAB raoic ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGA0K tarried without coat to the Depot of the Petersburg Railroad JAMES A. EVANS, se I Agent, Alexandria, Vs. rpHE I BO FOR HARPER'S FERRY Via Chesapeake t1 I Ohio Canal, j THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS! NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET BOAT ARGO, Capt. Chas. H Mirrilt,, will commence making Rugulnr Tr*re between GEORGE IOWH and the above Point, on Mon day. March 37th, 1?56 The Boat will leave the wharf ef W H. A H.G Rltter, Georgetown, D. C , e?ery Monday, Wed nesday, and Friday morning, at 6 o'clock Returning, she will leave Harper's Ferry every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at o'clock. Throngh Tickets, 82.U*. To Leetfmrg 81 ?2Jf, ???*?<*?** Ike Stage ft em Edwards' Firry Families Intending to vlsttthe Virginia Springs the coming season will find this by far the most safe, pleaxant, snd cheapest route to Berkeley Capon,8hanondale, White Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate rates. A coach will always bo In readiness in George town to convey passengers to and from the Boat For farther particulars Inquire at the store of W. H. A H. G. RITTER, Georgetown, and JOHN V. AVIS, Jr., Harper'* Ferry, Va. ma/18?tf " "WASHIWHTOS BRAJICH RAII.anAn. (IMASUE or HOURS.?On and after M > day, the 23d instant, the Trains will Leave Washington st $ and 8# a. m., and Si Sunday at 4# p. m. ijoav* Baltimore at 4* and fly a. as., and I and ?JO 0?Sand*yitlj(r ? " ?? Medicines. DOCTOR HOOTL&RD'l CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS rKBPAEBD BT J>r. 0. K- J ACKSOH, Philadelphia, Pa., WILL irVKTVULT CT1I LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA. JAUNDICE, GHEONIO OR NERVOUS DE bUlt*. Diseases of the Kidney*, and all Dis ease arising from a Disordered Liver or stomach , - niWHVT*, auu Rll l/l? ; arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomaoh. The proprietor, in calling the attention of the public to this preparation, doe* so with a feeling of the utmost contdence In Its virtue* and adapta Hon to the diseases for which it la recommended It la no new and untried article, bat one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial befbre the

American people, and lta reputation and aale la unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in Its favor given by the moat prom inent and well known physicians and Individuals In all parts of the country la Immense, anda care ful perusal of the Almanac, published annually by the proprietor, and to be had gratis of any of his agents, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy is really deserving the great cel ebrity it has obtained. Principal office and manufactory No. 98 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa. READ THE FOLLOWING: Morsartown, Va , August 4,1B59. Dr C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir:?The sales ?i the Bitters are Increasing, and what speaks vol umes 1 a their favor is tht t all who have used them speak highly of their effects No medicine that I sell gives such general satisfaction, and the de mand for It exceeds all precedent; and I assure you It affords me pleasure to sell such a remedy. Our physicians no longer scowl at It, but are com pelled to acknowledge Its Intrinsic indue, and the C?ater part of them nave had magnanimity suf lent to lay aside their prejudlclesand prescribe It In their practice. Respectfully youre, P. M. CHALFANT. For sale by storekeepers and druggists In every town and village In the United States. Price 79 cents per bottle. Z. D GILMAN, Washington, and JOHN S. R1DW ELL, Georgetown, Agents. Je 7-6m AYER'S PILLS. , FOR ALL THE PURPOSES OF A FAMILY PHYSIC. There has long existed a public demand fox an effect ve Purgative Pill which could be relied on as sure and perfectly safe In Its operation. This has been prepared to meet that demand, and an extensive trial of its virtues has conclusively shown with what success it accom pllshes the purpose designed. It Is easy to make a physical Pill, but not so easv to make the best of all Pill??one which should have none of the objections, but all the advantages of every other. This has been attempted here, and with what suc cess we would respectfully submit to the public decision. It has been unfortunate for the patient hitherto that almost every putative medicine Is acrimonious and lr.ltating to the bowela. This Is not Many of them produce so much griping pain and revulsion In the system as to more than counterbalance the pood to t>e derived from them These Ptllt produce no irritation or pain, unless It arises from a preriously existing obstruction or derangement in the bowels Being purely vege table, no harm can arise from their use In anv quantity; but It Is better than any medicine should be taken Judiciously. Minute directions for their use In the several diseases to which they are ap plicable are given on the box. Among the com plaints whlcn have been Rpeedlly cured by them we may mention Liver Complaint, in its various forms of Jaundice, Indigestion, Languor and Loss of Appetite, Llstlessness, Irritability, B llous Headache, Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, Fain In the Side and Loins, for in truth, all these are but the consequence of diseased action of the liver. As an aperient, they afford prompt and sure relief In Costlveness. Plies, Colic, Dysentery, Humors. Srrofnla and Scurvy, Colds, with sore nes^ of the b dy, Ulcer* and Impurity of the blood: In short any and every case where a pnrga tlve is required. They have also produced some singularly suc cessful cures In Rheuruatlsm.Gout.Dropsy, 6rav el, Erysl .relns, Palpitation of the Heart. Pains la the Back, Stomach and Side. They should be fteely taken In the spring of the Tear, to purify the blood and prepare the system for the change of seasons. An occasional dose stimulates the stomach Into healthy action, and restores the appe tite and vigor. Tney purify the blood, ana by their stimulant action on the circulatory system, renovate the strength of the body, and restore the wasted or diseased energies of the whole organ Ism. Hence an occasional dose Is advantageous even though no serious derangement exists; but unnecessary dosing should never be carried too far, as every purgative medicine reduce* the strength, when taken to excess. The thousand cases In which a physic is required cannot be enu merated here, but they suggeat themselves to the reason of every body; ana it is confidently be lleved this pill will answer a better purpose than anything which has hitherto been available to mankind When their virtues are once known the public will no longer doubt what remedy to employ when In need of a cathartic medicine Being sugar wr.pped they are pleasant to take and being purely vegetable, no narm can aris* from their use In any quantity For minute directions see the wrapper on the Box PRKPARBD BT DR. JAMES C. AVER, PRACTICAL t ANALYTICAL CHBMiBT, LOWELL, MASS. Price 25 Cents per Box. Five Boxes for #1,08 Sold by Z D.GILMAN, Washington, and all respccable druggists. auS-4m PRIVATE MEDICAL TREAT HE ? M TUB PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF KAE&IAOX, BT il . L A C RO IX, M . II., ALBANY. N. Y., e*4 190 Pint, Plmi?,mmd Cflorid Ml tgrmfkt ??d rimtts. PExe? OIILT fwiMT-FiTi Certs Sent Free of Postage to all parts of the Valea /CHEAPEST BOOK EVER PVBLISRED and containing nearly double the quantity cf read ing matter In that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS ft treats on the PHYSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Bccret Infirmities and Disorder of Youth and' Maturity, rasuitlng from ex cesses, which destroy the _ ^ physical and mental pow ers, with Observations on " > ? Marriage, Its duties and dlsouallflcatlons, and their remedies: with Lithographs, Illustrating thr Anatoxnyaad Physiology, and Diseases of the Re productive Organs of both sexes, their structure, uses, and functions. A popular and oomprehea ?Ire Tre&tl w or the Duties nod Causaltlcs of sIr* gle a?d marriedilte?happy andfrultful alliances mode of recur!ng then?Infelicitous and Infertile ones?tbeli ohviatlon and removal ?Important hints to the ?e contcrapltting matrimony, thatwlll overcome objections to It; ucne. however, should taksttlBiriporiantsle^uMboutftjaconBultlRzls pages?comxscniaries cn tbe diseases and ciedl r 1 ueatneeai cI fentaJo* from lufancy to old age, each car.r graphically illustrate! by beautiful lithogra phic plates- nerrcnsdobliltv, Its causcs an# sum. by a fxoeers ?t once so simple, r.afe. and eSte-t.'V:i that failure Is Intp^aiblfl?rules for dally maea ?n ?eat?an ennay en Spermatorrhea, with praemal observations as the safer and moresucaMafol mod t ?ftreatanent -precautionary hints on the evils re ...Li * r ?? / -???? lucrrui suiting frmns empirical practise?an essay oa all diseases atlaJtp trar> ladlacretlon, with plain an* simple rules by which all persons can cure them selves wlthont mercury?remedies for those sclf lnMHed miseries and disappointed hopes so un fortunately prevalent in the young. It Is a truth fnl adviser to the rr.arrleJaiirt thoRecontemplatlns marriage: Its pcrasal I* pe rtlcu! arl v recommend ed to person* entertaining secret doubts of tbeli rhy?';al condition,and who areconsclous of hav. (nr hat&rdedtheh<*alth.happiness.and privileges to which everv human being la entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per eopy, or Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, free of post age, to at1, parts of the United States N. B.?Those who prefer may consult Dr. LA CROIX upon any of the diseases upon which this book treats, either personally or by mail. Medi cine sent to any part af the union aooordlng to di rections, safi-ly packed and carefully secured trom all observation. Address Dr M B LA CROIX, No. 31 Maldea Lane, or Post OAce Box 579 Albany. N. Y. irr Office open dally .from 9 a m to 9 p as. aai ea Bunda\ from 3 until 8 p. ns. inT Office REMOVED from No. 99 Beaver st. ts 31 Mmiitn Lmi, Aibmmf, Now York. viesne?ly rilAUNCKY WARR1NER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER AND DRA.LRR IN Fine Wafebes, Jewelry, and Silver Ware. Stiltng el a vory literal roductton from cwi tomary pries*. N o 3T0 Pa. avenue, bstwwd 6th and 7th streets, an 9 3aa (In Browns' Hotel building.) PLAT FOR I*! A NO COUNTS* SCALES. MUKDOCK'S PATENT PLATPORM AND Counter Scales, of all slsss. tot sale st msnu ?iprloeaiby BOGUS** O'NEILL Ild. Mf.WaMi s<r| Insimu. Miscellaneous. PnpoMli tor KttloM fcf IMS. tlAlTBUiMn'l Ofliw, M. CoMJ. | Washington, Oet H, !?? 1 SEPARATE SBALEDPROPOSAL8 WILL be received at thin ofioe uatil Mond?y,tke I0tk4tv of NMnnber aut, K 10 o'clock, a m., for furnishing Ration* to tbo U ailed Stntes Marina Corps at the Following stations, fs? the year WW. fk> Charlestown, Maeeachueetts; Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Brooklyn, Long Island, New York; Philadelphia. Pennsylvssia; Go*port, near Norfolk, Virginia; Warrington, Florida; and Washington city, District of Columbia. Each ration to consist of one poond and a quar ter of fresh Beef, or three quarters of a pound of Mess Pork, eighteen ounces of Brand, made of superfine door, or superfine flour, nt the option of the government, at the rata of six pounds of good Coffee, twelve pounds of the best New Orleans Sugar, eight quarts of best White Benn*. four quarts of V lnegar, two quarta'of Salt, four pounds of good hard Brown Soap, and one ana a half pounds of good hard dipped Tallow Candles to one hundied rations Tlie Beef required shall be delivered on the or der of the commanding officer of each station, either in bulk or by the single ration, and shall consist of the best and most choice pieces of the carcass; the Pork to be No 1 prime Mess Pork, and the Groceries to be of the nest quality of kinds named All snbject to Inspection No bid will be entertained unless scoompanied by the names of two sureties known to this oflee, or certified to by some official person. To be en dorsed " Proposals for rations for 1857," and ad dressed to the Quartermaster of the Marine Corps, Washington, D. C. GEO P. LINDSAY, Major and Quartermaster. The National Intelligencer and Evening Star, Washirgton. D C ; Patriot, Conoord and Ga xette, Portsmouth. New Hampshire; Poet and Times. Boston, Mass.; Eagle, Brooklyn, and Bally News, New York; Argus and Pennsylva nlan. Philadelphia, Penn ; Argus and Dally News, Norfolk. Va ; Democrat, Pensacola, Kla , and Register, Mabile, Ala, will publish the above three tunes a week until the loth of November next, and send bills aocompsnled by a copy of this advertisement, to this office for payment. oc U-eodtlOthNov Proposals for 8upplia?i Qcartxbmastir's Orricn, M. Cones, > Washington October 10,1806 ) SEPARATE SEALED PROPOSALS WILL be received at this dficeuntil 10o'clock a m , on Monday, the 10th day of November next, for supplying to the Marine Corps the following ar ticles, during tte fiscal year ending '0th June, 1887: MM) Uniform Caps, with scales complete 1,000 Marine Pompons l,0(io Patent Leather Stooks 500 pairs of Shoulder Straps for privates 100 do do non-oommlssloned offices*' Ross lettes 2,003 pairs of Linen Pants 2,0>0 Linen Shirts 5,000 pairs Marine Brogans 500 Marine Blankets 300 d son pairs Woollen Socks SMi Marine Fatigue Caps 500 Linen Blouses ?i 000 pairs Canton Flannel Drawers 5,000 to 10,000 yards 6-4 sky-b'.oe Kersey 1,000 toa,000 do of Blue Cloth, cochineal dye, and dy?d In the wool. Samples of the above can be seen at the OSoe of the Assistant Quartermaster Marine Corps. New York, and a strict conformity to sample will be required All articles to be inspected and certified to before pavment made The Quartermsster reserves to himself the right to increase or diminish thequantltles named above, as the Interests of the service may suggest. The articles to be delivered at such times, In snch quantities, and at such places, as the Quartermas ter may direct, free of expense to the United States. No bid will be entertained unless acoompaaied by the names of two sureties known to tkls office, or certified to by some ofllclal person. To be en dorsed '? Proposals for Supplies." and addressed to the Quartermaster of the Marine Corps, Wash ington, D C. GEO. F LINDSAY, Major and QuartermasMr. The National Intelligencer and Evenlnr Star, Washington, DC; Patriot, Concord, and Ga aette, Portsmouth. New Hampshire; Post and limes, Boston, Mass; Eagle, Brooklyn; Dally News, New York; Argns and Pennsylvania^ Philadelphia, Pcnn., will nnbllsh thsabove three times a week until the 10th rf November next, and send bills, accompanied by a copy cf this advertisement, to this office for payment oc 11-eodtlvthNov. Propoaali for Erecting tbe CustonvRouse fco., at Georgetown D. C RE Tasittwr DsfastmkvV, 1 September M, 195ft > SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE R! eel ved at this department until the 29d dav of November, A. D 1866, at 13 o'clock at nocn, for the constriction of the Georgetown custom-houae and post office aocordln , to the plans and specifi cations prepared at this department; said propo sals to be either for the whole building, or reper rate for the different klnas of work; bills of par oels shoula accompany each bid. with ths amount of each kind of work, and the total amonnt carrlcd out; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby invited, or anv parts thereof, when It deems the interest of the United States requires It; the department also re serves th* right to exclude the bids of any person or persons whom there Is just cause to believe will not faithfully [erform ths contracts, or which they have attempted to obtain bv Indirection; and all bids when there shall be parties in interest who do not join In the bids, and all bids that, upon Investigation, are below a fair price for the work. I Bids will be received In gross, at tte option of the bidders; but no contract will be awarded to such bidders until details are furnished the de partment of the prices of the dlffsrent kinds of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revision of the department, so that the gross bid shall be equitably apportioned upon the whole work to guide the department In making pay men ts. N lnety per cent.of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price (said amount to be ascertained by the esslmate of an agent of the department, appointed for that purpose,) will be paid from time to time, as the work progresses, and ten per cent re'alned until the completion of the contract, and acceptance of the wore, Ac., by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of non-fulfillment of con tract. Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secretary of the Treasu ry, wilt be a forfeiture of the same Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ, ten guarantee.signed by two re*>ponslble persons, (certified to be so l>y the U nl'ed States district judge or attorney of the said dlatrlct.) In the sum of *5,000, for the wtiole work, or of a proportionate amount, if for any part that the bidder will, when required, If his propotal be accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sufficient securities for Its falthfUl performance. Plans, specifications, and working drawings can be examined after thirty days, aad other in formation obtained on application to the depart ment The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to tl>e Secretary of the Treasury, (en dorsed *4 Proposals for the Georgetown Custom Hous*,Ac ,") aiid will be opened at 1 o'clock, p. m , of the last day named for receiving the same JAMES GUTURIE, se91-2aw6Qdays Secretary of the Treasury. Proposals for Building Six Schooners for the United 8tatea Revenue Servioe. Trkaicby DifaTtmkst, Sept. 6, 1866. SEALED PROPOSALS, DISTINCTLY EN dorsed "Proposals for Revenue Vessels, "and addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, will be received at thlsrfflce until 13 o'clock, nron, of the flth day of November next,for Furnishing the Materials, Constructing. Equipping, and Dellv lng afloat, Six Fore-and-Aft Schooners, of about fifty tons burden each, for the Unit d States rcve nue serrice on the northern lakes. The models and plans to b* furnished by the contractor, and the vessels to be completed within three months firm the signing of the contract No propo?al will be considered unle* received from persons engaged in ship-building. And m h rffer must be accompanied by the signatures of two responsible persons as guarantees that the contract will be entered Into by the bidder laeaae of acceptance of offer by the department One of the amount of contract will be pal* on presentation of satlefsctory evidence thst the vessels are planked up. celled, and the docks lsld; and the balance on delivery of the vessels com pleted. All the materials used to be of the brat quality, and the work to be executed in a faithful manner and to the satisfaction of the super!nteadaat. The vessels, when received from the hands of the contractor, to be fully rigged, furnished, and equipped, and finished to a cieat, with the exeep tlons chains, anchors, armameat, nautical instru ments, cambooae, cabin, and ward-room furniture and boats. Persons desirous of bidding will be furnished with the required *j?s</U?t??u en application to tnii department. In case bidders should not desire to propose for the whole number of vessels, they are at liberty to offer lot one or more, as may suit their eonvoni ?noe- . JAMBS GUTHRIE, ? 8-lawtNovd Secretary of the Treaeury. I ONG'fi CLASSICAL ATLAS, CONTAIN A-* lng Maps and Plans, with an Index of Places. Allen's Dissectors Guide, with Illustrations. William B. Miliars. psfQ FSlAdS,VATUI||. riLI? riLKI-PILKI WE CALL ATTENTION Tffi ALL WHO art afflicted with thla dreadfa complaint to the following ivont eertlfiaete from on* of mt ?t mpvrubk cltlMas, the hth? In law of th prtetof of tb? ?'Oo*irW don KUf Itili," u4 j gun maker In Philadelphia Mnr Yon, A?( M.1M Dt Dmn Pw Sir: ?lb htv* bM affile ad with (A* Piles for nsany slrty nan. that 1 have need eighteen bsttlaa of Banww Pile Lotion, and everything else I could hare of, bat all to no effort, fir they did m* little or no good About two month* since, I oommenned using roar rwwilw f?r the Pltaa, s?d have rbo bipplness to My that ther haee had the desired " 1 consider IhiialaoMi aTll miracle, fori am e*ffhty^eara of age 1st lj reeomm?d tbenfto all affiieteri with the above oomplalat. F. VALLKC, T% Franklin at State of New York, > Now York CRv and Coantr I I,Joseph C Lawreooe, do hereby eertlfy ttst oo the day of the date hereof, before nee persoaai* ly oamr P. Vailee, to ine well kaewa, who, bf - log by me dely rworn, did depose and say that the contents of the foregoing certlftoate signed bv him are true In witness wbe?swvf I haee subscribed mr name, aa Commissioner at Deed* and as a Notary Public of the Plate of New York, aad haee af fixed my Notarial Seal at mi offloe, In New York, thla 0th day of August, IMd. JOSEPH C LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deed* and Notary Public of the State of New York, ?7 Wall afreet. New York We challenge the Med leal Pacoltv of the Ual ted States to prod one a certificate equal to the above l>r. Duprle's Remedies are the oaly ef factual cure for Internal Pllea. Only W cent# p* r box. Offioe?MNamn etreet, New York. Will be nthy mall to any part of tbe United State* P or sale by FORD A IIHO .corner of il?h and Pa. are, Washington, DC. oe <3 HATH HAThT" CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL tupply of REESE'S NEW V6rR STYLES, together with T A Y LO R HATS, of BALTI MORE. The beet black drees HATS got op In the latest style for S3 SO. as good as those usually sold at 14: and a good fashion able Hat at S3, worth S4; and a fret-rate Hat, S'i 50 The best materials and the best woven ansh'.p la rtn ployed to produce a *5 Hat, which Is sold for S3 90. We do a cash buMnees, meet with no loa see, but glee each customer full valve for hi a m^ney. Pelt Hats unusually low. N B Agent for Driscoll's Hairs of a Thousand F lowers Price 23 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th Btreet, near Pa avenue. Agrat for a New York Hat Compaay. ae*0-tf ~MAN TE LB. HEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE Maaafactarsd frena Slate Stone, by the West I astletsn Slate Company, Vt. M1ESK MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN Imitation ef th* richest and most eipwisive '' *3 ? tal> -* - M'T T pensl EGYPTIAN, LISBON. VERD ANT1UUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES. BROCATELLA, ACS ATE, SPANISH BALWA Y, and other rare and desirable MARBLES The Imitation* are so perfect that they cbalenge?he closest scrutiny. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty much longer than marble; are not Injured by smoke, ooal gas, or nclda, and can be Mid much cheaper than nay ethers In market. Price ranelng from f 1*3 to #lf Architects, Builders and others are Invited to call and examine sample* at No. 618 Seventh t-treet, 3 doors below u*1d Fellows' HaU, up stairs ,T M HANSOM, so t3-ly Agent. GREAT REDUCTION IK THE ?BICE 07 B03T8 AHD 0 AITEB8 (HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL adeiphla manu facturer. a fl^t rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at S3 C2. full aa good as those usually sold at S6 or SO: aad a French Calf Patent leather 6 AITER at S3 SO, as good as any at S3; a first rate Calif Galterat t* SO, these are the beat goods that la (or ever were) sold In the District for the price; for the proof, come and see for yourself. Term* positively cash. No e*tra ? oftt charged to offset bad debts. Call at the NEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventa street, near Pennsylvania avenue. mil tf ANTHONY, AgeM TO ALL THA T VALUE THEIR MIGHT WISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to ail that Buffer with defective sight, caused by age. sickness, and particularly from glasses injudiciously selected, to hie superior SPECTACLES and G LASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transparency, aitlted precisely and benefi clally to the wearer according to the concavity o? convexity of the eye. Very aumsroua are the 111 effects caused to tne precious organ of sight from the commencement of using flames la not betng precisely suited, by the use of an Ortomsu*, and practice of many years enables him to meas the focal dlaease of the eyes, and such glass es that are abeolately required will be with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that have not yet availed themselves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and state bow many Inch ea they can read this print with their spectacles, can be auppllod with auoh as will lmpxove their Bight. Innumerabletestlmonlala to be seen; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses Circulars to be had gratis, at nls office. No. 61* SEVENTH STREET, liraa doori Odd Ftllosi' Hall, vp btaikb. Noxfolx, SeptemberT, Sit?The Spectacles you made for m* suit very well, and seem to have Improved my Bight m< re than any other 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great asalstauce to my Bight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 reoommend him aa a aklllful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been Induced by a friend to visit the * s tabllahment of Mr. Tobias for tbe rurpOae of try ing his glasses. I waa furnished oy him with a pur slightly colored blue, whleh have afforded me more relief and gratification than any I have ever tried My sight, originally very good, waa Injured by writing and reading at night, fre Siently to a very Lale hour; but with the aid of e*e ftaaees I can study almost na late aa *ver, and that too without the pain 1 have previously sofered. JOHN W11.SON, Late Commissioner Gea'l Land Office. December 11, IbUS. I have used Mr Toblu's 8fk*rtarl? for three or four months, and take great pleasure la ?ey> lng that I am much pleas'4 with them. 1 hare been much benefitted by them May Sth,!b&3. 6EOR P SCAR BSRSR. 1 was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as i aklllful cptlclan , aad as I have eyes of reiaimk* able peculiarity, I waa gratified to find that Mr. Toblaa seemed to comprehend them bv lnapcc tlon and some slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ed mlrably. A. P. U0 7LER July 11, le*. W ilmi Mo Ton, N. O., Jan 37, ISM Mr. J. Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy tossy that the Spectacles which 1 obtal ned from yon last week are entirely satisfactory From an Inequal ity in the visual raage of mv eyes, I l ave hereto found great difficulty In getting glasses of the proper fooal distance It affords rue pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer. this diffi culty has been happily obviated so that the gla*^ Ion furnished me are decidedly the best adapted 0 ray eyes of anv I have ever yet used Very respectfully, yours, K B DRANK, Reotor of St James' Parish DfiraKTMBRT or lRTMloB, May 7, 1663. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for several years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfe> tly fitted to my eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made tws pairs especially for me, which 1 have found to rcrve me perfectly. Bv the use of his optometer he la enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to tbeeys. 1 most cheerfully recommend Mr Tobias to all Vsaa4??? ??* ?? *? ? ??- * ^ .-^wmusvaiw i*i 1 A UUluf lO Hi having occasion to use glasses and bear my te-tl moay as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist Sec'y to sign Land Warrants P. 8.?OPERA GLASSES of great varle.y, TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATC/1 MAKER GLASSES, and many other article* la this line at very low prices ooutaailr cn hsrd Jy IS-ly " N EW STYLKS CIGAR UkL* I OR * E Monwlaa, OdkM> School Sate. * ? Ac . at JtULAVGALlM * CO >S