Newspaper of Evening Star, November 3, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 3, 1856 Page 2
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RV EN TNG STAR. WAS If 1 NG TO N C ITY: HOHDA1 November 3,1*36, V ItTirritaiiiiTi uoi iD ?? L?rT at tii Orria r Tvufi t noci M . trnivM twt hat n*t irriit ? ?TIL T?? mti Mt. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The hUtlligtmet ii to day devoted to newa and foreign correspondence. The Unxon. jokes unmercifully over the de but of two Republican-party olergynen?the miscalled Hera. Cheever and Thcmpaon?on the boards of the Ac idem j of Muaie (Italian Opera Houw) In New York city. The editor, quoting accounts of Hanry Ward Beecher'sre fusal to " kick up ? and smaah things on the stamp for the Republicans for a penny loae than $400 per night, Is of opinion that lore of money hue tempted these two country parsons to accept the engagement at the opera house cn which the editor comments. Such clergy men usually receive but from $400 to $1,000 per annum, and ate not expected to be proof against the temptation of as much money u as the Republican managers are now paying the cloth'' for now and then varying the entertaiL ments at such places as the opera house with a hurricane of lies against the South and a tor nado of anathemas against the Catholic*. Book Hoticea. Givica or Cbristiaritt ; or, The Spirit and fieauty of the Christian Religion. By Vis count de Chateaubriand, author of " Travels ia Greece and Palestine," "The Martyrs.' "Alata," Ac , Ao. A new and complete translation from the French. With a pie face, biographical notice of the author, and explanatory notes By Charles I. White, D. D.; Baltimore: Published by John Mur phy A Co. Philadelphia . J. B. Lippencott A Co. 1850. Wo welcome, with sincerity of heart, this elegant and eloquent contribution te the reli gious literature in our language. The author ia the poet of the Christianity of modern times, being so raoogniied by all well read christians of all denominations, whatever may be their eastarian predelict^ons. Thi> work, which Fa ther White has translated with a master pen indeed, embraces a saries of essays, some of tkem elaborate and others fugitive, upon a thousand subjects, viewed in their religious aspects. Its every page glows with the poetic and fervent ohristianity of the euthor, and is with the fruits of bis great learning. Ckateaubriaud always instructs while ho iL ??irep. No man ean read him without being awt-stiioker at the jathos of his scul, the fervency of Lis lo.e for Christianity because that if simply Love in all its elements, the brilliancy at his geniu?, and the extent of his attainments. " God in Lcvo" is the great conv.ction thai. follow. the peru>a< of his reli gious writings, than which no otucra of mcd era timei have mere extensively benefited the haman race in Avery clime. It ha* been long indeed siLCs we have placed in our library a more welcome book than this just from the prolific pre-s of our Baltimore friends. Extra Session or thu- Legislature of Virginia.?Ibe Alexandria Gazttte learns fraa good authority that Governor Wise will aa l an ex'ra session of the Virginia Legisla iare, to assemble about the 1st of December. PER80NAI. .... The Emperor of Russia has created Alexander Von Humboldt a Knight of the Imperial Order of Alexander Newsky, as a mark of particular regard. ....Mr Sumner has declined the banouet tendered him at Boston on account of con tinued ill health, but announces his intention to be present on Tuesday to vote for Premont. ....The New \orls. Mirror contradicts the report published in its columns of the sale by Edwin Forrest of his "Foothill Estate"' to Bishop Hughes for a nunnery. .... Government?that is to say. Lord Pal mersfon?has granted a pension of ?luo per annum to the widow of the late Gilbert Ab bott A Beckett, and has contributed jtlOO to ward* the maintenance of Angus Reach, who ia isaane. ???? Lane, of Eansas, was nearly killed a few nights since, in a runaway 9crape R*ar Dayton, Ohio The horses attaceed to a carriage in which he was riding run away and ran down a baak twenty feet high, crushing tho vehicle Lane was badly injured, being cat about the head and face. .... The Evening Gaiette, of Boston, says : " Poor eld Palmo is now a waiter in a New York restaurant, and if miaery loves company, he must be satisfied with reviewing the iust of those who have, like himself, failed to make money from of Italian Opera in Gotham Even Hackett declared at the Me tropolitan Theatre, on concluding Grisi and Mario's engagement, that when he left New York for Boston be was strongly tempted to jump overboard and end his troubles at once " ....Thomas Jefferson waa tall and very Hi!?' Kntx Ter7 8h<>rt and very thick. The two met one day at the door of Washington's bouse in Philadelphia While they were there bowing in the street, each in sistiiig that the other should take precedence up oomes a Mr Peters, a wit of that day, who* oaatin* a sly glance from one to the other' pushed boldly between them, exclaiming ?? Pardon me, gentlemen, if in haste I dash through Thicl and. ThtnV ? ???The London Leader thus sets down Miss Warner's last novel: "Five hundred pages of narrative without an incident?such U this paradox by the author of "The Wide, Wide World.' That was tedious enough ? thtt is indescribably dull It is an endleti stream of talk, sometimes incoherent, always unnatural and repuleire. All Miss Warner a parsonages speak in acidulated manner, the calm hero is defiant, the hero with the flashing ayea insolent, the heroine with the pouting lipeaaucy, the heroine with the deady brow insulting An ordinary person could not live one day in suoh company." gHliah paper statea that John iSngRt, M. P., is so completely prostrated in health that he ia unable to take any part in public life. The same journal adds : The fear amongst his frienda ia that the ca reer of Mr Bright as a legialator and an ora tor haa terminated?that his sun. in faot has aet forever This is a calamity which we' an dai'hlaTi 1?tens* P*in> for no man of hia " rapidly to eminence aa the that his m ind hasV^ven*wav'* V? expressive word* h? ? way To use hia own too much and his bodVuZ*fii?? *d u**? now only the wreck of tj? ' " claimer and the sturdy politiciln^h de uiiii if wr&Siarjxzz tranecendant talents Mr Young himllu!" lated to Thoa. Campbell, the poet of "Hone " the impression which that matchless woman made upon himself, when he was playing with her in " The Gamester," upon the Edinburgh boarda In the fourth scene of the fifth act mum 7?!ir,7ishM,7allow#d th?P??>n, Bates enters, and Mra. Beverly, in a newer to a ?aen'autrraU-* h*r huaban<1 taking been exelaims: '?U fil,^*1? L?WK>n' (inarrel?thev ' tbeJ hmd ?ttelKg tilD hold of JarvU. and " .^dona 0au*ht acch piercing grief that v *?'amalion with ?tood, unable to speak the sentence ought immediately to have uttered Th* pr uipter repeated the line with, .?? ?? when the gifud actress walked up to ojf t^l' $*dian, and in a low voice said <? Mr v geooUect yourself" ' Mr Y^g, WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Look Out for Boorbacka!?Until noon to morrow political roorbacks will be as plenty as chaatnata were a month ego. The Fill mourner and Freemcunter journals will rain them on the reading pnblio u they ware never before showered. The Hon. 0. B. Matteaon, House of Repre Bentatives, waa recently in this city for aome twenty-four hoars. A Washington correspon dent of the New York Erprets writes, of bia (Mr. Matteeon'a) pretence among us, that he " has been here on a trade?to sail off Fremont in New York, and in return to receive Demo cratic aid fur King, (Governor ) Tha Demo crats, however, won't tab* King Their im mense Iriah vote, they Bay, would deaert them en mass* if they attempted to paaa off King upon them. Matteaon?after ezpreaaing his faara that Fremont 'had no ohance'?waa heard to aay: 'Well, if we eannot carry Fre mont in Mew York, at any rate Fillmore shall not have the State?we will take care of that ' That means, if anything?the shriekers for freedom maun ? to spite Fillmore to rotofor Buchanan, Cuba and Central America." Another correspondent writes: uWe hare been watching Matteson'a move ments here, and have found him closeted re peatedly with leading and prominent Demo crats in this city. The Buchanan men, on the strength of Mattescn's promises or sales, are quite encouraged aa to New York." Now, the English of all thii nonsense is, that tha Washington writers for and the con ductors of, the Express are playing their game under a profound impreaaion that all the fools of New York State are not yet dead. Mr. Matteson came to Washington, as we happen to know, to attend to the interest of the town of his residence, Utica N. Y.f as in volved in the disbursement of an appropria. tion made in a law of the laat session of Con gress, crdering the construction of an U S. court-rooma and poat office building there. During his brief stay here he was closely en gaged at the State, Treasury and Interior Departments upon that business, and attended to that alone, being very anzioas to return home aa soon as possible, where he Is a oanCi date in tha approaching election. AH stories concerning negotiations between him and Democrats here to strengthen King and weaken Fillmore are made of whole cloth, as well as all atories representing him as admitting that Fremont would not carry New York which ara equally unfounded. We know that fact frcm a brief conversation with him on the Avenue on the subject, whieh left on our mind, owing to hia extravagant calculations with reference to Fremont's strength in the Hmpire State, tha impression that he?Matteson ?was afflicted so far as New York is concerned, with a foolishakink like that which net long since induced the New York Fremonnter journals to claim in advance of the recent Pennsylvania election 40 000 majority for the Fusion State ticket. We question whether Mr. Matteson had live minutes conversation with any man in Wash ington on polities, ao confined was he by his business at the Departmenta. By the by, while the New York Express is crying cut against the New York Fremonters a* being engaged in selling out to the Buch anan men, on the Presidential ticket, the Tri bune is roundly abusing the Fillmore leadera of that State for being up to their eyes in an In trigue to sell their rank and file to the Demo crats on the same issue! We trust thatalj this means that a great many recent Fremont and Fihmore men of Xew York have turned Democrats since the Pennsylvania and In diana eleotions At any rate such seems to be the impression of the New York Herald, which, in its issue of Saturdsy laat, admitted that Buchanan will probably carry that State to morrow. So note it be. Fremont's Religion.?The New York Mir ror gives up the contest, declaring in effect tha t the common belief in Fremont'a lata Roman Catholicism which pervades the minds of tha oppoaition in the Northern States, has " done for'7 his prospects. The editor shrieks for a denial of his former Catholicism from himself personally He will not dare to publish one over hia own signature. We were first to call publia attention to the faotthat he had former ly pretended to be a Roman Catholie, accom panying tha charge with proofs that set the Express and other Catholic-hating journals at work upon that eoent. Right glad ara we, that we did so; for the Mirror tells but the truth in its virtual admission that it has proved the spider in his dumpling, as in the following brief extract from that journal: " In regard to Col. Fremonl a religion and its effect upon the canvass, we frankly con less, that it he is defeated in the great contest of Tuesday next, it will be entirely owing to thia ' damnable iteration" that he is a Roman Catholic While the Protestant American masses have no disposition to interfere with a man's religion (which is an affair with his <iod) any more than with his love, (an affair With his mistress,) they have set their fa?es like flints against the elevation to higher offi-ea of the Government, of a man whose allegiance Vv, e '8 stronger than his allegiance to the State. And we have no doubt that tens of thousands of the more bigoted Protestants per sist in the belief, after ail denials, that Col Fremont is a little fi*hy on the Catholic ques lion. It was with special reference to the prejudices of the&e " weak-minded brethren" that the Mirror proposed to get one muro ab solute, unqualified, unequivocal, unambig uous dmtal from the lips of Col. Fremont, and send it once more on the wings of lightning through the Union. That's all." f ? The Old Line Whigs.?The following, which we take from that sterling conservative jour nal, the Journal of Commtrc4, squares so entirely with our own views upon the subject jn which it treats as that we oopy it entire aa expressing our sentiments upon a point of im mediate interest far more foroibly than we oould express them iu columns of original copy: ' The Old Line Whigs will share in the glory of the triumph about to be achieved over the combined hosts of Abolitionism. Fou nerism, Spiritualism, Sectionalism, Rifle Beecberiani, and a thousand and one other isms, which we have not time to particularise A large number of the most distinguished Whigs, includaiig four or five U S Senators now in office have been " stumping" for Bu ehanan and Breokinridge in different parts of the coun'ry, and have rendered moat efficient fif'? Anol*er c,iM ?f them have shelled ?ZL1 I ??n^ 11,0,1 fr*elJ of the 55JJ)"\ could mention the names of 2d '? ??>?. If it wr. a^ale Yet anntK00* elf*wbere on a liberal will aid the trUamch k7?k I??Ch ,ar*?r clM8 ?hould they not > aJ [h!" m whJ ware battled ao ioni 'J?* ?'d ,MU?" which them and th" between Nobody now wishes to *way Bank?the Bub-Treasu? ?. Unit?d States approved, without diatinoti??Ter/ *en?r?Hy , Tariff is no longer a bone of con*i>a?ity~~tbe ' tfc. Ti.w. of Whip modification it requires, are very n?*ri V1* cident In short, time aJ5 breugbt the two parties together on all ??*** tions which formerly alienated them from .Jm, other. The ultraistsof both parties have fallen RePublicanisn?, leaving the body in both cases sound national. This ex purgation, it la true, baa drawn more heavily upon th? Whigs than upon th* Democrat*; bat those that remain are as staunch in sup port of the Confutation and the Union on their original basis, and as mnoh opposed to sectionalism and madness in all its branohes, as the purified Democratic party is Both have been vast gainers in point of character bj the ordeal to which thej hare been sab Cted, and bj the same process thej hare sn closely assimilated. The Democracy of 1856 is not the extreme radical party whieh existed in some former years, bat, by a change of circamstances it has become the great con servative party of the country, and the only one which is able to present an effectual bar rier to the in-rushing tide of fanaticism and folly. The Old Line Whigs of themselves - A. Jt.! A* Most of them object to the Know Nothing creed on acoount of its proscriptiveness, and the Black Republicans they abominate. What then remains to them bat isolation, or co-op. eration with the Democracy? This last, it seems to us, is their true position The Dem ocrats are now in a condition to welcome them as brothers Next Tuesday will afford a glo rious opportunity to cement the union, ft is certain that Fillmore has no chance"of an election ; it is even doubtful whether he gets the vote of a single State If the Old Line Whigs wish to make their rotes tell against sectionalism, and against the attempt to rob the South of its equal rights in the national territory, their oourse is plain?they will vote for Buchanan and Breckinridge We trust that a host of them will do so The prospect is fair that the Empire State is about to wheal into the Democratic line, and the Whigs have the power to make the thing certain. Will they do it?" The Hon. Thomas Corwin.?As the Fre mooters are parading a letter said to be from Mr. Corwi* avowing his determination to voto for Fremont, it may not be out of plaoe for as to say that the editor of the New York Com vnrrial Advertiser doubts its genuinenefs be* cause he has seen a letter from Mr. Corwin's pen very recently written, for the genuineness of which he vouches, avowing anything but a determination to vote for Fremont; indeed, declaring that he will not do that thing under any circumstances. The truth is this, Tom Corwin's letter is probably a Republics* par ty forgery, designed to secure a few Fillmore votes for Fremont, get up on the same princi ple on which their roorback attributing to Commodore Stockton a conversion to Fiemont ism. U S Life Boat Service ?Samuel Dunham, Esq , Superintendent of the U. S. life boat service on the coast of New Jersey, has report ed to the Treasury Department the saving of seven lives by the Government life boat be longing to station No. 10, from the bark Kirkland, of Baltimore, bound to New York, whieh recently went ashore on Absecum beacb ; vessel and cargo (of corn) a total loss Sub sequently, (on the 14th ult ,) the schooner Walter Cumnrngs of Smyrna, Delaware, foi New York, went ashore on Long Beach near station H. ller orew, six in number, were saved by the assistance of Capt. Edward Qen nings, keeper of the station house; vessel a total wreck. Ihe Election Returns ?We design sending our dispatches reoeived to morrow night down to the Democratic headquarters, on the south side of the Avenue between Ninth and Tenth streets We presume that the throng will be so great there all night, as that it will be no cessary to announce thom from a window, sc that the thousands congregated in the streel can enjoy the glorious news they will surelj convey. The Election ?Tho Now York Herald, o! Saturday, declares that the sport is all over it boing alroHdy certain that Mr. Bnchanar will be elected by an overwhelming majority That journal evidently anticipates that tht result will be in the different States about a: we predicted in the estimate presented to the Htar'a readers a few days ago. The Current Operation* of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, 1st Novembor there were of Treasury warrants entered or the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stooks.... $57 602 51 For the Treasury Department... 25.442 7-1 For Customs 3 047 0fc War warrants received and en ter?<* 343 32 On account of the Navy 40,500 0( From miscellaneous sources 106 To be funded in U. S. Stocks per act 28th January, 1847 300 C( The Richmond Duel ?The late diffioultj between Messrs. Pryor and Finney is said t( have originated about the account of a discus sion at Accjmac, between tho Doctor and a person of the name or Curtis, published ir the correspondence of the Enquirer, which stated that Finnev attempted to reply bat did not speak five minutes before he quit the stand. Finney denounced Pryor as a rascal, and said that he would post him as a coward for publishing the account. Pryor met him near the Exchange, and on the language above given being repeated, he struck Finaey in the face. Therefore a challenge was passed and a meeting took place. Finney was badly woanded, the ball entering bis right hip T*? Stad* Dcas ?A correspondent of the London Times writes from Hamburg under date of October 11th, as follows : " The Stade, like the Sound dues, will it ft01/ fir8t blow from United States of Wh America. Their consul, Mr Ames, who arrived hero in the beginning of the year, collected particulars of that exac tion from publications and persons versed in hese matters, and wrote a report about it to his government. In answer to that commu nication he was instructed to get an official acoount on the subject from the authorities of this city. He has sent a note to our Secretary f-r Foreign Affairs, and is expecting his reply Not having any ambassador at Hanover, thej will probably signify their intention of not submitting any longer to that iniquity, or IsSfVt H?rnnklngkpiJu7' throu?h *heir min ister at Berlin , and, if Hanover should not de sist, eend a man of-war or two to protect their merchant vessels which are sailing up the ? "tonishing that Great Britain, France, Holland, and other nations, whose shipping is ,l7.f*r interested in this trade than tf at of the United States, should mver have pro estad against blaok mail being levied on their subjects Talk of Riff piratet-whyVispi*. ferage on the river Elbe amounts sometimes in one day to more than the Riffs have taken J u ring this century. But they are not con nected with royal families, like governments wh* have succeeded the s*a kings in Europe A Horkisle Affair.-The Iowa Reporter gives an aocount of a murder committed in Pc weshiek county: "Some two weaks ago a far mer of this coanty, on going into his oornfield where the corn had been shocked about a week previously, noticed a very offensive smell, and looking to ascertain whence it proceeded moved a corn shoek and disoov*r*d under it the body of a young woman, with shot wounds and marks of violence. In prosecutinr a far ther search the body of a voung man, terribly mangled, was foand ander another shock Suspioion at onoe rested upon two men whs had passed through there a short time since and on tracking their course, strong evidenc* against them wer* found. They had camneJ or stopped to feed their horses Among other things waa an eardrop found in tk* bottom of th-rl<, 'J?orr?8P#ndil1* *** 00e remaining in the murdered lady's ear. Wa believe that theseUm?*n fc b**D Uken for th# PWiUit of ?*wt5!Id7' rout*hM be?n prettJ ? POLITICAL ITEMS ~ Mayor Hinoks, of Baltimore, has counter minded bis order calling oat the military companies of Baltimore to morrow lo preserve the peace of the city in view of aniieipated election riots. The whole of the eight watch and day poliee are, however, ordered on duty. So Me of the Democratic leaders in Albany, New York, have made the following estimate of the vote of the State : Fill mere Frtmont. Buchanan Total rote.. 118 236 192,634 198,835 192,534 Buchanan orer Fremont 6.100 f ? | The Baltimore Republican of Saturday >*y>: " W. Lenox, Esq., ex-Mayor of Washington, it at Barnutn s. This gentloman has by Judi eioes counsel and untiring vigilance, rendered aignal service to our cause in the present earn paign. Friends and opponents recognise in nim a generous yet true adherent of the old Whig party in the day of its strength and its fame ' We hear that no arrangementa have been made for a course of anti-slavery lecturee in Boston, the coming winter, and the persons who have usually engaged the leoturers. have given up the idea of another course.?Boston Transcript It is generally understood by abolitionists, that the slavery question will be so nearly set tled by the middle of November next, as to render any further discussion superfluous, for some time to oome.?N. V. Jour of Com. ^ A Sbarp Boy.?A few weeks ago a Repub lican meeting was held in Clermont oounty, which was attended by a small boy who had four young puppy dogs, which he offered for sale. Finally one of the crowd, approaching the boy, asked: " Are these Fremont pups, my son?" "Yes, sir" "Well, then," said the nigger-shrieker, " I'll take these two." About a week afterwards the Democrats held a meeting at the same plaoe, and among the crowd was to be seen the same chap and his two remaining pups He tried for nours

to obtain a purchaser, and finally was ap proached by a Democrat, and asked : " My little lad, what kind of pups are these you have ?" " They're Buchanan pups, sir !" The Republiean who had purchased the first two, happened to be in hearing, and broke out at the boy,? " See here, you young rascal, didn't you tell me that those pups that I bought cf you last week wero Fremont pups " Y-e-s, sir," said the young dog merchant; but these ain't?they've got their eyes open"'?Cincinnati Enquirer. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georoktowit, Nov. 3. 1856. are to learn that there is to U a meeting of the ladies to morrow morning foi the purpose of reorganising the Female Unior Benevolent Association. We hid been paine<! on hearing it rumored that this society was t< be disbanded. We sincerely hope that sue! will not be the case so long as there is a wid ew s sigh to hush or an orphan'i tear to dry so long ae the voice for want or the cry foi help is heard coming up from the homes o: bereavement, afflietion and destitution, whicl are to be found in ours as well as every othei community We would rather see eve? othel assocjatjon in our city, apart from the Church disbanded, than this one; and we verilv hA if the jood ladies .ho comp 'f, '. could be brought to fully comprehend the on< hundredth part of the good tbev hav? phshed, they would at once abandon the idei of disorganizing their association. Time how. ever, will be insufficient to enable them t( fully comprehend it; eternity alone can mak? the pleasing revelation and give their reward We therefore beseech you, ladies, one and all to keep up your organization. In union then is strengh. Your united appeals to the sternai ?f' dliXTw" be much more HkeJy to Buoceed than if rejpoirtbUiUot ?P<"' >1 .sr.ti?v\r:'d?W. '???? ?f "?< ?uHiring and destitute hnmaoily gen"rsJ|. we would earnestly appeal to our fEEl ?/' "" *? furnish l mean. sufficient to enable them to carry oul the heaven directed purposes of their associa tion?feeding the hungry, clothing the naked relieving the distressed, binding op the ii dow's wounded heart, and dryinif the ornh.!^. tears. And in th. nam. of the %?and^'S, we would appeal to the ladies we Jm.? ? tham to look back and ?ti.S tt'I wrlf^ijret^f0rei acc-omP'i?bed-how manj wretched, cheerless firesides your labors <if love have rendered comparatively happy how many hungry and nearly naked /nJ freezing innocent helpless ones Vou have beer instrumental in feeding, clothing and iar* irg And then remember tha' it ;? blessed to give than to receive; and these we feel assured, will encourage vou to continn* your afsociation, and onoourkge you on ir your labors of love and works of charitv W? know you have many disagreeable and pain ful duties to perform, and meet with t T'lrZ'ZV" ,,be d>Kh"*> <* Ar ??d thegreaTer " ' m,,ke >0Ur " tbe ,adies wil1 P*rden us f.,r ou. probable overmuch earnestness about the mat for t! J!? lt t0 th? deep 80,'c?tntie w< feel for those who are mainly dependent tm? them for the few comforts they enjoy durtn* the dreary months of wintor. Our citizens were again annoyed last night by the ringing (by the Vigilant bell) of an other fa se alarm of fire. When will our enr porate authorities take steps to pot nn Vnd tc" these annoying and offensive uproars We have been assured that the members of the rsokl!!u^K8 **! thin8 are not to blame; reckless boys and youths, and persons who 111 ? n<> ;W?y 00nnecced with the companv are the originators of them. Be the author who they may, however, we verily believe if the police and night watch would enforce the corporation laws they could be easily brokeJ up, and if this cannot be done we sincerelv hope the corporation will close up tbe housJ and order the machines to be sold or trans fvlrre?- j 0,ber hands?those who will keen the offenders from the bell and engines. A most flagrant outrage was oommitted last night at one of the public houses in our citv "h'?h i" ? female inmate of & bouse being most shamefully beaten and brnki^ aM the/arnitore in bar room being I v ?imkDP' notwithstanding all or near' corporation officers were at hand no effort was made te arrest the offender. As the matter is to be judicially investigated we re frain from giving names. 6?*c?It0. Sbxvimq made Easr -Wet your shaving brush in either warm or cold water, pour on two or three drops of "Balm of a Thousand Flowers,'' rub the beard well and it will make a beautiful soft lather much facilitating the operation of shaving. Price only Fifty Cents, tor sale at Shillington'^ agent for Washing ton, end all druggists ,THE PERSON THAT TOOK THE bundle cjntalning a Silk Dress Pattern from the counter of Parson's New York Store, on Saturday, the 1st Instant, between the hours or 10 and 11, Is requested to leave the same at the Star Ollce, and no questions will be asked; otherwise they will be dealt with according te law. If .MONUMENTALCLUB-THE Mem bers of tbe Monumental Club are re tuested to meet attbelrrooinson THIS (Monday) IVENING, November 3d, at o'clock. A Ipunctual attendance is required, as business of mpo;lance will be transacted. By order of the It* PRESIDENT ?T2^THE GENEVIEVE CLUB'S FIRST Grand Cotillon Party of this seasoa takes 5lace at the Anacosta Hall, Ntvy Yard, on 'UKSDAY, the 11th of November. Ample preparations to make lt a moat agreeable party has been made. Apply for tickets to any member of the Club. Managers. J W Nekes, Thos Cook, And. Naudln. lt? 8 T. ANDREW'S SOCIETY OF _ WASHINGTON. D O.?This Socle y will hold an adjourned meeting, at Temperanoe Hill, on MONDAY EVENING next, at 7lf o'clock GILBERT CAMERON, Pre* JAMES MAUWIbLIAM, Sec. nov 1 tte ?AVOR oKPKCUli N<?- i TICE ?The prorrletor beg* !?w ?o Inform thecltlxens of Washington that not being patronised saftcient to guarantee tb'cor.tlauatlos or the ?b'?e, he ha* been compe'ifd to c!e*e, and re'urns hi* sincere thsik* for tnelr patronage Persons baring purchased Stomps at the Sox Stations will p'ess? return the aame and b*v?? 1 tkflrmciey refunded, aa on ar>4 after the 9th of November there wlil bo no redemption aovJ-Jt* JOHN WILKY. VOCAL MUSIC ? A CLAIM FOR _ Instruction In the e'ementa of Music tod the practice of Singing wiu be organlted on WEDNESDAY EVKMNO, the 5th Inst , at 7 o'clock, at the E street Baptl t Chuch, under the direction of Mr Gl*w?ov. All persona desiring to become members of the Class are requested to attend. This, it is expected, will be the Irst of a series of lessons. novt-t ATTENTION, UNION GUAR DP.?YOU are hereby notified to be punctual la atteod Oirgthe monthly meeting of the Conpany aw he armory, oa TUESDAY EVENING, at?tf o'clock, aa the election for Secretary and Treasurer for the ensuing year will take plat a. By order of Capt Ransn nov 3-it JAMES LACKEY, Sect. ,MUTLAL BUILDING AND LOAN AS* OCI ATI ON ?Ckangi of Ki time andplatt s/" Mttttng ? A regular meeting of the Board of Directors for receiving the monthly in stalments will be held at the ottce of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company, adjoining (north) the Bank of Washington, o i WEDNESDAY next, the 5th instant, at 7 o'clock p m. novl-3t CHAS WILSON, Sec. |^>|1)K SKINNER'tf SCHOOL FOR Ihe ivS I'eaf, Dumb, and Blind, G street, bet SOth and 21st, south tide Frlday afternoon is set apart for the reception of vl?ltors. or 3l-3t POTOMAC BUILDING ASSOCIA TION ?By request, In writing, by a sufflcient number of the stockholders of the Poto mac Building Association, I am requested to no tify the stocknoldeis thereof, that at ths regular monthly meeting of said Assoc at*on at Potomac Hall, Island, on MONDAY EVENING, the 3d of Noremb r next, a proposition will be made to amend the Constitution of said Association. pellet C ASHFORD, Sect. LOOK OUT FOR THE METRO POLITAN CLUB?They take great pleasure in announcing to their frleada and the public In general, that their First 6rand Cotillon Party wilt take place at Colnmbta Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING. November5, Isjfl. Tickets FIFTY CENTS, and can be Lad from any ineml>er of the Club, or at the door. Cemmittet of Arrang?wi*nts. Charles l)ar, Adam Denina", John McDonald, Patrick Barry, John Duley, Isaac Read. oc31-5!? ,HO ! FOR THE GOOD WILL THIRD ANNUAL B ALL or tui UOOU WILL CLUB, On WEDNESDAY EVENING, November fcHh, AT CARU8TS SALOON. Particulars in future advertisement or 6 sol nn NOTICE?THE SUBSCR IB KB begs leave to call the attention of the public to his stock or GLASS and IJUEENaWARK before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from 1ft to 25 per cent Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 800 Pa. avenue, between Oth and 10th streets. Je P-dm JOHN McDEVlTT A MAMMOTH kTOCk OF TOYS AND Fancy Notions very cheap at nov 3 8t LA MM ON 0*8 r\OMlNOES, BACKGAMMON, FLAYING " Cards, Ladles' Cabas. China Or.ame ts, Ac , at LAMMOND'S, nov 3-3t Seventh street. Lost ? on Saturday, a lady's Enamelled WATCH and chatelaine The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at No. 4 Louisiana avenue lta Lost?on Saturday, the ist of November, a GOLD CHAIN with double Eye Glass attached. l)rop;ed from the carriage step to bouse No 8*0 H street, or probably from I street. The Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at No. 3iiO on H rtreet nov 3 3ta Notice.?all persons indebted to me will please call and make pavmenu to my brother, J H. Smoot, who will receipt for ths M*?e. R W SMOOT, nov 3-lOt Georgctowe, Nov. 3d, lfeia MILLINERY. jfa|MRS M A PEERK WILLOPKN,\A in Thu-sday, Novsmterdth, a hand-psSft^ /^wme assortment of Winter Miiline rv. at her show rooms over Getting s Fancy Stor,-, PennsvlvanU avenue, between 8th and O.h sts. nov 3-l< ~ D&NAWAy FMOn THE SIB ilRIBLR $5 leward for him, and forewarn all persons from harboring or employing hlru, I wlileu/orce the law against all such persons nov 3-3t* THOMAS K1RKLKY. Law boors.?edwards on baii, ments, 1vol. WilJard's Equity Itirlspru. dence ; 1 vol Amos and Ferard on Fixtures ; 1 I vol ; second edition. Daytoa oa Surrogafes; 1 vol. Sugden on Powers; 2 voU. Howard's U S. Supreme Court Reports; vol. 18's Justice; uew edition HaUted's taw of Evi dence; 2 vols. Graham aud Waterman on new Trials; 3 vols ; second edition I _n?v2 franck Taylor Plated wakk?latfkt style.? M.W GALT A BKO. offer a splendid rs sortment of the very best PLATED WAR t,con sisting of? Extra heavy plain and chased Tea Sets Urns, Kettles, Waiters, Castors. Cake Baskets Communion Services. Ct'd Trays, Ac Also, Albata Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Ac of very superior Quality, warranted. M. W. GALT A BRO .Jewellers, nov 3-6t 321 Pa ay., bet 9th and 10th sts. A REWARD OF FIVE DOLLARS WILL be paid for the return of my NEGRO BOY. THOMAS WILLIAMS Tom Is an inde .ted apprentice of about 18 years of age, Is well grown and of a copper or dark .mulatto color H? left my house this morning, wearing a high crowned felt hat, of dark drab or brown color, a black cloth frock coat, and a pair of brown casimere pants^and a pair cf new fine calfbkln shoes WM. CLEftKY, nov 3 2te Cor. of tfth street and Mahe av. fashionable opening of w imkh MILLINERY. MRS A WOLLARD, SUCCES ^Qsorto Mrs J. Lace, Bridge street, between Congress and High streets, I No 101, will open her stock of Fashionable Winter Hats on Thursday, the 6th November at d will continue the aame during the season ' Ladles would do well to call and eiamlne be fore going elsewhere, for she Is determined to sell I low for f a.k Li nov3-3t* MRS A. W. DR. C. 8. GOODMAN, Dentist Has removed to and fitted up these magnlfl ent rooms formerly occupied by the Gas Company, corner Ei;hth street and Market Place Twenty odd years experience In the various branches cf his profession justifies him In offering his ser vices to the pub 1c. Having increase! facilities, he la prepared to perform all operations, ?urglcai or mechanical, In the highest style of art, ana on scientific principles. nov 3-2t? *Qnn REWARD.-ran AWAY FROM V the subscriber, on the evening of tbe l?t instant, a NEGRO WOMAN, belonging to the estate of Mrs. Sophia Perrie, (der eased,) named CORN ELI A DIGGS. about twenty-five years of sge, five feet ten Inches high, of a bright mulatto color, and is a very we 1 made wornaa. 1 will give the above reward if taken In the District, or State of Maryland, or S>00 if taken a non-slaveholding State, and secured so that I can | get her again. G. A WATERS, nov3-tr Administrator, W. A. PARIS PREMIUM HATS. MODE DE P Iff A ID. Todd a co have received per steamship "Arago" an invoice or Gen- ^~\ tlemen's DRESS HATS from the celebrated V_\ establishment of Lavills A Poumaroux, who received two first-class medals at the late Exposi tion in Paris Also, a beautirul assortment cf Children's FANCY BEAVER HATS, for Misseaor Boy/ Ladles'RIDING HATS. FRENCH UMBRELLAS, very superior TODD k CO nov 3-?tAeotr west end Browns' Hotel. ACARD.-THE ATTENTION OP PER sons wishing to purchase Furaliure, and the r.?,;,uw >o s; arr wiTk*?!iIeoWll\.commenc*ln lhe dining-room Crockery and Glassware, Culon V14 BPooa" We shall then pro! ,^frge ansortment of Bedding ,^00 flairs Blankets, 10D pairs Sheets 150 ComforU and Si iSl continued from day to day until th* f "?Itur? of an excellent quality, wt I it wit u Jf.f ?. "? r?? i"" ?? ?? wi i av wtii is th? postponement on sccouat of ' ^ GREEN, noT Auctioneer. w w KT NURSE?A R F.S PI- CTA BLE WO min whbw i iliui'ltc u WX Nor* Ad drees'? Nurie " at this <Rre lie WANTED ?ONE OK TWO GOOD FARM Hand*, to wor< an i ?imJ farm inr Ike city. Irquire from 1 to J o'clock at L MUR. PHY'S Harness Making t>tab :*bn*?nt, No ?ro 13th street. 9d door north of the Avenus. ??< 3 3 * WANTED ?A WHITE WOM^N TO DO Onntl Housework tnd mn? \\ a?hln* Apply before It o'clock, at tM Pfii ivniK, President's Square nov I tta WANTED ?A SMALL HOUSE TO RENT, at about fJOO, by a tret rate tenant The lo cation must be betw? eu 3d and 8th streets. and th? premises must be la (rood repair A well fur nlahed boose would not bo objrewd to. Addraaa Box 617, Post ORce dot l-3t? ANTED?A WOMAN TO DO THE Cooking, Wssblng, Ironing. and General Housework of a avail family. Also, a Boy a, House ?errant, that la acquainted with the city. Colored or Oennan preferred. Good reference^ required Apply at No 4I9 Thirteenth street nor l-Jf WANTED.?AN EXPERIENCED WHITE Woman a? Nurao, to lake charge of two children, one an Infant. None need appty un'e?* they caa brlrg good references as to capability and character Inquire at 313 I street, between 13'b and 14th OC ? eo3t WANTED ? WANTED-#*! LADIES wanted to buy 600 pieces of Black Velvet Ribbon*. at loas than retail prices Alao. %j doaen Kid Gauntlets at v7%. us ial Price tl.itt; 40 dozen do. at 31 K - worth 59; Children*' Hand kerchieft at 4 eta : tfrnta Handkerchiefs it 6g, warranted fast oolora; beao'lful silk Bnttoca at flU cent* All goods at amall prolts for cash, at tba Peopled Store W R HURDLE, ocS-ie Georgetown, D C. WANTED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO And peraoas In want of the following ar tides: French or Germaa Looking Glaseea Portrait or Picture Frataea, round, cnl r restart Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Bracket! Tables, In bronae or golA. All kinds of Pictures funded, and any alaa Looking Glasses, or other work la the glidlnr line done to order with disi atch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron BrackdU. tuiubie for ?hairing, Ac., on hand Teres mod as at* to tua the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regllt.aad L*oAlag tilts* Plates Inserted. *45 Penna arenoe, opposite Rlrkwood House, daelt JOHN WAGNER Boarding. Board, ac ?mrs. bates,on the s w 0Trier of Pennsylvania arenue and 1Kb *troe4 Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without br-ard Every effort wl'l be inerte to render thc.t>e comfortable who may ftv. r Iw with their patronage. Transient or ubie Ua/4 oan be obtained. * ap ? -tf SECOND-HAftD PI * NOR. ? FIVE JUST received, and or?aleor rent very low for r?>L, at the Piano ai d >>u*ic Emtx rlum of JOHN F. ELLIS, nor 1 3M Pa. a*., bet. tth and Iftth at*. The flau or our union, for ml Norember, beginning a new story, by burl rage, called iha "Pride -f Paris, or the Kell of tlie Drum," a ilfh literary treat. 6ct It by all mean*, at FERGUSON'S, nor 1 4S8 7th sti?et. NEW YORK LEDGER, tHI LADIES' prlae. forsth Norembe*, ?4 Orion the Gold Beater" continued ; alao the beautiful atory by **-.<*?? .h. w.a?.. VuUimi*, nor 1 trffl 7ih attrot matt yard mix. COAL!?COAL ? '?COAL ! t ! NOW UNLOADING, A CARGO OF tSo tons of superior Red atd White Ash Stone Coal, on which a deduction'of >5 cents wl 1 be made If taken from the vessel Call this, or early next week . _ 1,000 tons of Red and White Ai'i Coal ef differ ent sixes, suitable for burning airAngeir.e;.t? of any kind, on ha?l. . Also, Oak, Hickory, and Plae WOOD, all of which will be disposed of at owest m?rket rate* ?;o lbs. guaranteed to the ton, In all cases, and weighed by a sworn weight r T EDW. CLARK nor l-?t* Va ave , near Nary Yard Gate. < AH1NET li t NITUR E. EM WIGHT, MANUFACTURER AND ? dealer, respectfullr lnrl ea attention to bl? stock of Hofas, Bureaus, Wardrobe. Book- 1 eases. Bedsteads. Chairs. Ac , of superb style and Inish Iron Bedstead* and Iron Wares of great variety Mat resees, Bed Cor er* manufactured to order. He would call the attention of House keepers to his supply of Chamber Sets. Everything In the Hou?e furnishing line con stantly on hand, and warranted to wear well. For aale at the lowest cash prices E M WIGHT, nor 1- No. 57 La are ,bet 9thand?ih sts WATCHER JEWELHY, AND KILTER. Ware.?M W GALT A BKO. hare for the last month been making dally additions to thslr stock, which embraces in the greatest variety every article In tbelr line They inrlte particular attention to the'.r assort - ment of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Gold Watches, Chal> a, Seals, Keys. Ac Coral. Cnmeo, Florentine Mosaic, and all other styles of Jewelry Solid Sllrer Tea Sets, Walters, Pitchers. Gob lets, Cups, Spoons, Forks, and erery variety of fancy Silverware suitable for wedding j reeents M. W SALT A FRO , nor l-6t 384 Pa nr., bet 0th and loth sts EJIBROIDKHJB iAIHMKRK IIOOUK, for Infants, jtfSt Weired. G. H CASSIDY A CO , oc 31 SueaesHors to A. Tate, 314 Pean are. BOYA' WINTER CLOTHING.?CELE braUd for the elegant cut. fineness of quality, and very low prices. Wing the most extensive rs tlety for Youths, Boys and Children, erer ctle'ed in this City. WALL A STEPHENS, oc 31 3t 3M Pa are , bet OA and 10th *ts CLOAKS, y SHAWLS, talmas, J ust rerelred at FRANK A MctiEEt), oc 3l-3t *344 Pa. ave , bet Ulth aad I Ah sts. 'poDD A CO , UNDER BROW NS' HOTEL, A beg leave to announce the arrival from lx>n don and Paris of thrir tplerdld oolleetlwn of H1CU FURS, made In tbe most fasbiwnable styles from seasontd Soft-dressed Skins I Lev would Invite particular attention to thalr elegau: and much-admired MANTILLA TALMAS, PEL! EKINE VAN L\ KES. VICTOR INES, with Muffs snd Cuffs to match, of HUDSON BAY SABLE, MINK, STONE MARTIN, FITCH A MOUNTAIN MARTIN. SIBERIAN AND RUSSIA SQUIRREL, LONDON LI'STRLD, BLACK LYNX, and ERMINE, RICH FUR TRIMMING, for Cloth and Velvet Cloaki SWANS DOWN TRIMMING; ELEGANT SIBERIAN S^l'lRREL ROBES, for Cloak Linings, or cm for Trlinmlrg. l-adlas' and Gertleuien's FUR GAIN 1 LETS Gentlemen's TRAVELING MUFFLERS, of Beaver, Otter, Nntrla, ar.d ?*?aJ l*u ; CARRIAGE ROBES, of Bear, Fox, and Buffalo trklns TODD A CO for the pa*t twenty-five years have devoud mnch attemlon to thl? branch of their trade, pnrehaalng ex Juslr,ly for ea?h, aeli Ing at moderate prices, and by adhering to tLeir deurmlnatl?n to dea In no article that would not bear the strictest scrutiny, they hare t?ured a large and lncteiaair.g trade trom all paiu of the country. C Purchasers are lnrlted to visit their eatabii?b ment and examine the most ertensive siOt'K OF FURS ?outh of New Yo k. oc31-3 Aeotf OTREANKRI, FLAGS, B1 ti G CaGEA, Toys, Ac , at i?or 1 _ MCLAUGHLIN'*' NEW MUlli AT ELLIft'ft, nor 1 - L 3l?, Ijet 1Kb ^nd loth *tr?ets OtT.?ABOUT TEN DA\S AGO. IN m^a Georgetown, between Mi. Bowel's Loci Kooms and Gar street, a Boy'?? Cloth Clr?Us? CLOAK. The Rnder will be rewarded, If te quired, by learlng It At No. 113 Gay street, nor l-lt? 90,000 APPLE TRBfcl Pjr SALE? 90,000 APPLE TREES, 3 4 years, of the very best rarletlen, of large jm alxe, and rcry thrifty, can be had at the Val ZJZ. lev view Farm, near Georgetown, or at No 35 High street, Georgetown. Prloea unuanaUf low, aa they m wt be !K>ld without raaarre. aeao-lm 15. J. KING. ?0 OOO PR ACM TREES. AT TEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED-FOR aale at my Nursery, near Washington The above trees are all of ftae growth, aad^W of the beat select fruit Alao, a general assortment off ORN AM ENr A I., EV ERGRRRN, SHADE, and FRU I t TKl.i OC?tf JOSHUA PEIRCE. 3 and