Newspaper of Evening Star, November 3, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 3, 1856 Page 3
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l' v " s j >?'? ST A H LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Htadqnartera Jatkton Dem. Association, ) November 8, 18*6. { PBSSIOZNTIAL ELECTION RETURNS SPECIAL NOTICE.' All the telegraphic di?patoh?s which may be received at the Union and Star offleea op to 4 o'cloek on Wednesday morning will be an nounced at the Headquarters of the Jackson Democratic Association (south side of Penn sylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets,) immediately upon their receipt. BURIAL or ^ (A Slight Variation on Wolfc's "Burial of Sir J?T?a BT ONI or IK. .Note Bute had he got, nor Electoral vo.e, And be looked confoundedly flurried ; Th-?a wilted?dried up?and Kinder el a eout, At we Hindoo* around him hurried. We buried him darkly, that Tueeday night (For we feared he'd not keep until morning) By the struggling moonbeams misty light, And dar*.-lantera dimly burnlug. No useless coflln enclosed his breast, in a sheet of the Organ we wound him : Everlasting, we guess, will be his rest With so sleepy a print around hi in Few, and short, were the prsyers we ?ald, But we cussed sone, In bitter sorrow. As we thought how throjgh tills * Co. we'd been wed, And the bets that were due on the morrow. We thought, as we hollowed h's oozy bed la a culvert that runs by " The Willows" That Sag Nlchts and strangers would tread o'er his head. And we up the Salt River billows. Lightly they'll talk of the spirit that's gone, And o'er nis split a* h-cart upbraid hhn With the bloodshed he caused and the he burned Before the Democracy laid him. Not the half of our heavy task was done Of recounting the sins of our sire, when We heard the report of a thundering gun That the Demies were Joyously Bring. badly, but promptly, we dropped him down In the peculiar field of his glory ; We carved not a line, we raised not a stone. For we kne# 'twas a inlghty dark story '! St Matthbw'b Chcbch ?As faithfulehrcn ielers of passing events, we should, as a matter of course, notice the services last evening in this beautiful church, on the occasion of'- All Souls' Ere;'' but how shall we begiu to de scribe t'aesa grandly imposing ceremonies, sur passing even the highest wrought anticipa tion. The church interior demanded attention on entering; the roup Wail it presented IPTth its overflowing congregation was of itse't a spectacle long to be remembered. Thecbasie and elegant altar, the whole sanctuary in deed . the extensive and magnificent choir and organ brought out in bold relief by the artistic excellence of the fresco painting were, from the very on*et, subjects of general admi ration. though we thought thai the upper part of the chur-h arid sanctuary required a stronger light The services commenced with a funeral dirge by the great Beethoven, for organ, flute, violin and violincello, or rather it was an ar rangement from one of his symphonies by the great master. Hummel. Then immediately upon the entrance of the Priests into the sanc tuary, the excellent choir, aided by a most efficient orchestra, commenced that grand chef ?i'<ruvre of Moiart, " The Requiem," never before performed in Washington. " Prayers followed the requiem and Kyrie Elcison, and these wero suooecded by the whole of the 44 Die* Irae("The Day of Wrath that Dreadful Day,") the performance of which has never been excelled or we doubt even e iuailed in this country. The sermon which followod by Rev. Father Maguire, upon the doctrine of the Purgatory, was listened to with a profound attention which evidenced the publie appreciation of his high merits The choir and orchestra immediately after wards resumed their duties, and tue'Cujic Anima and " Pro Peccatis, ' the gems of Rossini's '? Stabat Mater," were rendered in every way worthy of the great maestro, and much to the credit of tbo distinguished solo performers. The u^ual benediction was then given by Rev. Father Done'an, and the cere monies oloaed with that startling soprano solo, the " Inflaumatu',' most exquisitely rendered by the prima donna of the choir, and the grand Amen chorus from the <4 Stabat Mater,'* the execution of which by all concerned was admirable in the extreme. We did not intend to individualize, but having noticed the solos, we cannot refrain from expressing our admiration at the effective manner in which the distinguished and well known organist, a host in himself, presided, and the gentlemanly vocal director conduced Their mutual respective friends could but be proud of them, and we sincerely hope they may ever be found together united in their harmonious efforts. The gratitude of our citiiens is due to the very energetic and distinguished pastor of the church and his amiable and popular assistant for their encouragement of the noble art of musio ?? Tib Poolbsvillc Dsmoorxtic Uakbkcub, on Saturday last, was attended by ab<>ut five hundred citizens of Montgomery and Frederick i Md ) countiei, and one hundred ladies. Col. Dade of Montgomery county, presided, assist ed by the usual number of vice presi lents and secretaries The dinner was spread out in an orchard on the outskirts of the village, and was disposed of ere the speaking commenced. There was a bountiful supply for all present The voters marched in procession around the village, marshaled by Colonel Leonard, and preceded by a hue trass band, obtained from among the musicians of the Lntted States ma rine eorps. At one p. m. W D. Wallach, iisq , took the stand and discussed the candi dates and principle* of the three parties lie was followed by Michael Ciuskey, Eiq , and Alexander Kiltfour, Eiq , of Montgomery coun ty, a veteran Old Line Whig i'he efforts of thes? gentlemen were listened to with great attention for nearly five hours, when the meet ing adjourned Great enthusiasm was mani fested by the Democrats present, and their op ponents?many of whom were there?remained among the auditory during the wheie of the speaking '1 he best feeling was manifested on all hands, and the Democrats retired at night tall from the ground, highly delighted indeed with the success of their barbecue. Storb Briaxirw ?Saturday night, some person or persona entered tie drug store of Mr. Cailan. on the corner of E and Seventh streetj, and attempted to rob the iron chest containing the books, papers, anl other valuables. The noise alarmed the proprietor, who hastened to the store, but not in time to catch the burglar. The maimer in which the burglar operated indicated a thor-ugh acquaintance with* the premises. He had posieasien of keys not in use for years, and which had been hid; knew where the w*x-matches could be fonnd, and used one while operating on the iron chest the key cf which had been concealed, but wai found by the thief, and which wai in the door of the chest when the proprietor entered. Tab Msaris.# at K-.cxvillb.?There was a spirited Democratic meeting in the eonrt house at Rookrille, Montgomery oounty, Md.t on Friday night last, which was addressed by W D Wallach, Esq , f r two hours, on the po litical issues of tne current campaign. W hile the meeting was in progress the cannon from Washington to be use<l at the Poolesville bar becue on the next day, passed through the village, and those in charge of it tarrying in i front of the court houte, fired a national salute ?of thirty one guns Tbb Alarm or Fire, l.-ist night, was caused by the burning of a brick kiln in the neigh borhood of the City Hall. The companies were out and some difficulty occurred among the follower* or hangers on. Stones were thrown, and much noise and swearing heard, but no one anpears to have been hurt. The members of the fire department regret the dis orders which seem to occur when they are called out, and desire to prevent it. It is to be hoped that under the new arrangement they may succeed. Tbabesoiviko.?The Mayor of Wu'aingUn has. by proolamation, set apart the 2)th inst. (or Thanksgiving day here. I R?sibtisoa5 Officer ? Yesterday,Wat hj man Norwood was called upon to quell a dis turbance in a house in the northern part of the Second Ward, and where he had a similar er rand the week previous Upon entering the house he saw tho parties engaged in a row. They olosed the door and fastened the officer In and commenced a general attack upon him One female seised him by the hair; another tried to gouge hi* eyes with a large pin, while others beat him on the face arms, lie suc ceeded, however, in rtturiag the arrest of three of the parties, and two of them were sent to jail for the offenee and one dismissed. Tib Last Rally.?The meeting to-night at Democratic headquarters will be the last regular meeting or the campaign. The mem bers of the Jackson Association were the first in the field, and will be the last to leave it. Thej fired the first gun in the campaign at the grand and spontaneous ratification meet ing at Coop's Saloon, and will stand bj their Juns until they salute James Buchanan and ohn C. Breckinridge as President and Vise President elect. Arrested?This morning the Chief of Po liee was requested by oitisens of Georgetown to detail some of bis force to go to Georgetown and arrest a man named Bennett, who was charged with very outrageous conduct. Offi cer W atson was permitted to go, but before he reached Georgetown Officer Gross had succeed ed in making the arrest We are informed that Bennett was held to bail to answer the charge of entering a house, assaulting a lady, and committing malicious mischief. The Coupe ahd Coach recently advertised in the Star as being for sale at Lakemeyer's First Ward livery stable are two of the best specimens of coachmaking ever offered in this city, as we can testify after due inspection. They are from a first class establishment in Philadelphia, are entirely new, and the prices charged for them are very low. Persons in want of fashionable carriages this winter should cail and look at them by all moans. The Rendezvous.?The Captain of the Auxiliary Guard has designated guard stations in the eastern, western and southern seotiocs of the city. At each of the stations an officer will be found at any hour when the guard is on duty. Tho eastern station is near the corner of South Carolina avenue and Sixth street east; the western station is opposite the gasometer in the First Ward ; the southern on Sixth street, between Maryland and Vir ginia avenues. .. Our Democratic Friends of Montgomery county assembled in large numbers, on Satur day afternoon, in the neighborhood of Silver Spriug, (F. P. Blair's,) and there was also a pretty good sprinkling of the " unterrified" of this city Speeches were mude by Messrs Stanton of Tenn , MoNerhany and Heath of Washington, Irwin of Ky , and Brewer of M i. The speeches were received with great enthu siasm, and the best spirit prevailed. Franklin Enoinb House.?The Commis sioner of Public Buildinzs has, we learn, noti fied the President of the Franklin Fire Cum Fiany that he has concluded the purchase of <>t Xo. 15, in square 293, for the location of the new engine house for the Frankiin, and that the Company is at liberty to go ahead in the work of pulling down the old building as rapidly as possible. The Star Troupe give one of their capital performances to night at the Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard. They can give but this single performance, as they appear in Rich mond to-morrow night We advise our Navy Yard friends to avail themselves of the oppor tunity to enjoy themselves to-night. Shameful.?We learn that fonr citizens of Washington visiting Alexandria yesterday, were, for no other cause than avowing them selves Democrats, set upon by a crowd of Know Nothings, and one of them n*med Dan iel Driscoll, severely injured. Watch Retuens.?The following cases were disposed of at the central guard house; No vember 1st?Wm. Briscoe, colored, assault: security and costs. David Fitsgerald. drunk and disorderly ; fine and costs Gilbert Cur tis. colored, assault and battery ; security for court. Wm. Bruce, do ; jail Henry Brown, do.; security for court. Elizabeth shorter, drunk and disorderly ; workhouse 3rt days November 2d?Virginia Evans, colored, drunk and assaulting an officer in the dis charge of his duty ; fine and costs in the cor poration case, and sent to jail in the assault case. Ann Evans, do ; do. Thos. Russell, colored, assault; dismissed. Owen Clcry, drunk nnd disorderly ; security and costs. Thos. McQuillan, dc.; dismissed. John Win kle, drunk; workhouse 30 days Lucinda Myers, disorderly ; dismissed Mary MoMann, profanity; workhouse 3d days. Lozenges and Essence .'amai ca Oliver. prepared by Kiikb. Liaywx, Philadelphia, for sale a: OILM * N'S nW Store. HI Pa eee<ue. Alt1)* Ps!U- a delightful article for cough* aud colds. Also, Pure C.J l.ivar Oil, prepared by Samuel of Phi.ailotpttia fur sale as above OC 10 ? Iw li^The Tnlversal I'letti Stretcher caa be procure-! at DYaOAi'S, MM Pettus/iranla ntuut, corner of I at) street. oc 18 ??k>?I ip-Ur. Hell's Opiutsn ef Hostrtter's Bit TKRa -Hrawuf.tLU, lit.., April 14, IKS.?Hone months e'uee. while reoi??wlU(5 Troffi ?u stark of Kefitlllenl Fever, I was request*! to try Hosteller's Stomach >n ar ?>!? peculiarly "Oiled ti the condition of rjoolNreuU from ferer It le but elmple Jaetlee to s?y that It restored the powere of my ligee-l ve organe, eaii it the same Kate kept uiy pew els gently open. I here ao beetlen.-y In say lug, the:, hltlerto, In u?'r.{ it in iny practice, it has, la every cue where I here ordered It, actdd like a charm. la thus apeak lug freely of It, I f .r frjin puff e patent medtclue. an article It by n-< means ilalmi to b >. SANDKilKD UKl.l . M. D. bul l by i>ru(gete*ud detlnrs gouer-tllv. or U? ]w Watches, Jewelry and Stiver Ware. i have low &u heii 1 a .all stock if the ru fashlonab e atylee >f rich gold Jewell y; alio, a large assortment u 1 xry ? ujeri .r gold and silver Watches. I am aleo manufacturing II u ley own efery varieiy of 9 leer Were, audi aa Porks letdiee, cake and pie Knlvee; salt, muatard and olive S^oona, Napkin Kii-gs, riuiero, tee Setts, le , from ? It 1 sterling all vex, which 1 will alter for sale at lo)?et rate* than of the una qnallly liave ever been sold for lu tii's city el Ki. ui pcuns> Ivaiiie aveune, near (lb street, sign ol the large spread eagle. M. O. HOOD. oc St- u |0*Brtwa!t Branchial Treches.?1? We have fonnd tbem of great service In ellaylng Bronchial Irrlta Hon, and la S'tbdalOK Moerseoese produced by Colds, end do our olericel brethren e reel fevor lu Belling their eltsnUeii t> them." ?Zliu'e Herald. " We commend litem to the at teotlou of public ? peekece, singer*, and others who ere troabled with eflectlons tf the Taroet "?Christian Watch ?aa. "Fur Coa^hs. Asthma, As., we cheerfully bt<r teetl nwuy from perssaal knowledge to their efflcacy."?I'sllou's Plrt.)ri tl. ** Thsy are a simple aud elegant form for almln Uterir.g, In ooniblaatloo, se-.aril m dlciual snbetencee held In generel eateem among Fiiyelclane In tlie treatment of liruioLUl elTe? tl?iie." ? l?r. U K. Bigelow. (loiitalBluf no opium or deleterloue drugf, theae I^tcengea cau be ured freely by public apeekers end vocalists t>r clearing eud giving strength to tlie Toice. Sold by ali brugglsts. Oct 11-tf JAM K.I N. C1 l.l. A N, Agent. Inapertaat te tke Ladltii^Dr. Un POSiCO'8 FkMALK PILLS ?The Combluettoa or Ingredl eute !o the Pills ere perfectly harmlaee. Their efflcacy aud mer'.ta are based up. u an extenalve practice of over thirty yeare; and, where the directions have been strictly lol lowed, tliey have never tailed to correct ell lrregaiarltles, relieve p&tnful and d!(Dealt monstraatlou ipai Uc uler ly,) at the change of life. They will care the Whites, end remuve ell obstructions arising ft.>m cold, expoeare ot euy causae; ?ed maybe used successfully se ? Preventive. Cell upon the ageut, end get e Circular for particular s Tree. Price 11 per bog, with fall dlrecUcns. Sold wholesale eud retell by CHAM rtTOTT, Druggist, Pennsylvania avenue, HiMl'KL U. WAITK, its Seveuth street, Vi ashiugton, D. C ; and K H. T. OlSoKL, Georgetown; to whom alt or<lers mast he sent, end the Pills will he sent ccutldebtUll J, by metl, u> ladles who eoclose them cue dollar. , N. B.?See s1ge*ture on the bos; to CuOuterfeH It Is for ?rf, )?t-tf (J^Aateatahluf tare with ealy one Bet TlTT? Joe. B Heli 4 CJo , seye: Paasgt a Islc, Aroostook Co , Me , April M, IffiM " We herewith send yna e certificate of e care performed by ih? use ol only one bottle ol the Uermao Bittern. ? e thluk Mr. Clerk to he e men ..I veracity, end bete no doubt of the troth of his story." Meaere. Jos. B Hen A Co.?Gentlemen?In anrvrerto yonr Inquiries 1 will stele thei my daughter, eg?d about 1? y^are, Uas be?n ' "mplalulng cf t pain In her side fur els or seven years. at.d aboBt the flrst of January last, was tekeu down and e nflned to her bed. The pava la her tide was very se vere. bMldeebelsg ti on tied with pel ns between her shonldere end Id her brawt. From reeding ? nntnl*r of ciiree per inrinad by ? Ut.oUand'e Uerman Bllters," I was Induced to try It !? iter ceee, aud seut tu your stole aed parcheaol ooe U tile. She had taken It hula few days when she begau to lu prove, aud now, after uking <^T)ly one bottle, she Is enjoy ,n* heMer hraltii tliau ahe ha* Ibr yeere. She feels no peiu ?u be. side or In auy pert of her body, and attributes her cure entirely to the tiermea B.ttera Co., ?e. 914RH1KU, On Uie October, at Cleveland, by the Rev. Joha Cole. CHARl.fcS K SINCLAIR, l?aq , of mace William coanty, and LUCY, daughter of the Hoa. Henry Shackelford, of Culpeper county. DIM. On the inomlng of the 2d Instant, DENNIS 1) ESMOND, In the ?0th year of hiaage. A native of Cork, Irel nd, bat for the last 11 years a resi dent of this city. The friends and relatives of the fRinliv are re spectfully invited to attend hla funeral at3 o'clock Tkis Afternoon, from his late residence No.00 south F street, between ?;h and loth streets, 1.1?4 (Philadelphia and New York papers pleatc ? ?py ) ? R For Said and Rant. OOMS FOR RENT WITH BOARD?At No. 445 9th street, four doors from F. It (^HEAP AND GOOD ROOMS FOR RENT. J In Owen's fine large Buildings on D street, between 8th and 9th. Mechanics or others with small families oan make a pleasant and cheap ar rangement for one or more rooms, by early appli cation on the premises 7 novSit* For rent.?a convenient two story Brick House on Dunbarton street, neat the corner of Washington and Dunbarton, Georgetown. Inquire of Mr. R J. BnWEN, or to J QHN DA V1 DSON. pot 3 3t? For sale or rent.?a very desir a ble residence, corner of 9th and L streets with 10 good Rooms, all private, with Closets. Cup boards and Wardrobes. Water in the kitchen, with Brick Carriage house, Stable, Wood-house, ind Paved Yard In good order For terms apply to WM. F. HOWELL, ttrm of Howell A Mor sell, No. 323 C street nov3-lw* A FARM FOR RENT OK SALE?SITUA ted in Prince George's county, Md , about 14 ml lea from Washington, and 2# from Beltsvllle It contalnes 187 acres and has a small one- and-a half story House The Farm has been neglected and uncultivated for some years, nothing more than a garden been made thereon To a careful erson, one who would keep It in good order, icing, Ac , no rent would be required the first year. It would be exchanged for city property. Possession given In November For particulars Inquire at No. 449 D street) between id and 3d streets. nov l-2t? Furnished rooms for rent?mrs G. Anderson has for rent a large and band some Parlor, wlih several Chambers, suitable for the accommodation of five or six gentlemen A man servaut will be kept In attendance Apply two doors from the Klrkwood House, l'ennsyl?a? nla avenue. oc 31 F3R RENT?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE, situated on the corner of loth and C streets past. The house contains 5 rooms and passage, with fruit trees of various kinds, and a p.imp <f water In the yard. The location is healthy and desirable, ana to a s?ood punctual tenant the rent wll be moderate. For terms apply to R A. PAYNE, Druggist, or G. L BALDWIN, near the premises. oc 3l-3t* FOR RENT?THAT LARGE AND AIRY Houte on Penn. avenue, between flth and ?th streets, over A. Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a flrst-cla?s Boarding-House. It Is now undergoing a complete repair Possession given Immediately Inquire of A. IIOOVBR A SON. louth side of P^nn avenue, between ffthandltb itreets. oc30-tf FOR RENT.?A HOUSE ON L STREET, between 19th and lflth, new and neatlv fin ished, containing <1 rooms. Ac Rent $12 per month Apply to J. H. DRUKY, City Post Of Hoe. oc '23-t/ STORE FOR RENT ?ONEOF THE MOS1 desirable places of business on Pennsylvania ivenue for rent, and ttxltire* f?>r sale Apply at Mo. '244 Peim avenue, between the hours* of 2 md 6 o'clock. au 8-eotf FOR KENT?'HIE THREE-STORY Brick House on Bridge street, Georgetown, adjoin ing Amy's Confectionery The Store and Dwel ilng will be rented separately if desired Inquire it A. S. ARNY'S Coufrctionery. oc fe 'otf Notice ?for rent, and possession given on the flr*t day of October ftext, tbne )f those five three story brick Dwelling House-, fronting on Ma-sachnsetts avenue, between fi'L lad 7th streets, occupied at present respectively ay Messrs. Suit, J. E Kerd, and Thomas C Ba len Terms for each : t'100 per annum, rent to ?e paid monthly. EDW. OWEN, 212 Penn. ivenue. * se 18-eotf For sale or rent.?that desira ble residence on F street, between 20th and Hat, for the last eight \e:*rs occupied by the lnte I M. Chubb, Esq Possession ^lven the 1st of November next. Inquire of R1GGS A CO. au 12-eotf Farm for sale ?for sale, a farm ofaboutfifty acres, situated In Alexandria sounty, Virginia, six miles from Alexandria and the same distance from Washington city.and hree md a half miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct It has on it a very comfortable and convenient one md a half story Cottage built house, containing nix rooms. With kitchen adjoining, with covered porticos. The front one feet by 12, and the oick one 14 by 12 feet. Also, a good house for farm hands, ice house, spring hou?e, meat and store houses ; one of the largest and most con venient barns in the county; root cellars to con Lain perhsps 2500 bushels of roots for winter feed ing of stock ; and, Indeed every other conven ience. Also, the t>est and probably the largest assortment of fruit trees in the county, con sisting of theeholces: varieties of Apples, Peaches, standard and dwarf Pears, and imp oved Cherries For some years past every possible effort has been mode to improve this farm, and much of It Is now under a hlgn state of cultivation, no reasonable expense having been spared to enrich it. Its up land meadow Is equal in product! vensss to any In the State It should yield n>-xt season in ail. twenty tons of hay. The pl%ce is well watered, and Is certainly the most desirable small farm for sale In the vicinity cf Washington The only reasoa the owner has for disposing of it is his desire to cultivate a large farm in the 1'iterior of the State. For a Dairy man and Marketing farmer or Nurse ryman, or for the rural residence of a p-rson doing business in Washington, the place offers greater advantages te purchasers than any other in this region Apply at the Star Offl'ie for further infor mation. oc M-tf A FIRST-CLASS R E S 1 D E N C E IN GEORGETOWN, D. C , FOR RENT.? The subscriber oUts for rent her late residence it the corner of Fa>ette and Fourth streets, lieorgetown, immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This is one of the largest and best finished houses in the District cf Columbia, having all the modern Improvements contained la the first-class houses of the Northern cities. There is attached a large cistern In the yard, carriage-house, and stable for several horses. A pump of the purest wat?r lu the immediate vicinity. The locality is high and salubrious, and in a quiet and highly respectable netghb irfcood. Possession given immediately. For further particulars inquire next door to the premised; of Mrs. ANN E R. O'N EAL. oc 4 ITIOK KENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Pir : ioia and Chambers, wiihboaid. Also, tabl^and transient board I squire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 23:1 F street. aov27?tf WINTER MILLI1KKY. DITTY AND WISH l.AN 4ST]Pii 1 fc K will open their W Inter Mil yl^rllnery oa Wednesday, tLe 5th iu-t , yj? it No .*111 Pennsylvania avenue, between ?th and 10th streets, up stairs. no? l-3t* CHILDREN*' BONNETS. WE HAVE RECEIVED THIS MORNING a further supply of Honey Combjjt'i, BONNETS for children, of all colors andjff^ sizes GEO. H CASS1DY A CO. flw oc. 31 Successor to A Tate, 314 Penn. ave BONNETS'. BONNETS! BONNETS'. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED AN IN voice of New York UONNKTiJ;^^_ and. with our former supply, we can showKffg as rich an assortment as can be found lnHH^ the City Please call and examine. GEO. H. C ASSIDAY A CO oct3l Successors to A. Tate, 3-4 Pa av. TO THE LADIES. ^ - WK HAVE JUST OPENED OUR^jto 42^fdshlonable assortment uf V el vet aud /i^ VMNTEH BONNETS. Also.^ft* a new style of Hair Dressea and Flowers just re vived Irom Paris; and all other articles in the Millinery line. C. PRIBRAM A CO., Pa. ave , bet. 10th and llth sts , eouth side, oc 2"4 1 m OPENING OF FALL AND WINTER MIL LINERY. ^^THESUBSCRIBKK OPENS TO-,% ^^Iday the largest and handsomest as r3gL ^^psortacent of Winter Millinery fce has ever offered to the pablic. Including the very best and latest styles of French Hats Head Dres ses, Ribbons, irimings, Embroideries, Ac , all of which will be sold at prices that must please thr best judges of *oodfc IX^Tbe Ladles are respectfully Invited to call early and get bargains. M WILL1AN, Centre .Market Space, bet. 7th and 8tb sts oc 31-lwAeo3w MILL1NKRT. I HAVE RECEIVED A LOT OF wMNew York Fall and Winter Kl)N-ffl ETS, and will bave my opening on/V the 10th of November, l adle s . ?il aad^ xaonlne before purchasing elsewhere. Four good Milliners snd a few Apprentices wanted ; also, a Woman to do housework

MRS C RUOFF, No. 27$ Pa av., bet 10th aud llth sts. ? oc 25-eolm* NIGHT SCHOOL, At ikt Wasking'o* Stltet fickool Building, Corner oj Tentl and G itrttU. YOUNO MEN AND APPRENTI0E8 OF this city can here receive such instructions as will fit them for a practical business life Single md double entry cf Book-keeping taught by one who is acquainted with the practice as well as the theory of Book ke ping, Surveying, Level ling, Grading, the u?? of the instruments, with Held practice on Saturday of each week, together with all the higher branches of Mathematics. ??'P"'" "TiS. KELLY, Prt.. AUCTION SALES. Bf WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneer*. VALUABLE HORSE.POWER AT PUB lie Bale.?Oa WEDNESDAY, the Oth in stant, at S o'clock p. m , we will wll. on the premises, one of Cathcart's Patent Hone Pow er>, now up, in perfect running order; It la nearly new. This power is claimed to be the beet now lnuae, and will do more work with leas horse power than most now nsed. Terms: A credit of 00 and 90 days, for notes ?atlsfaotorlly endorsed bearing Interest WALL, BARNARD A CO. nov3 Auctioneer a. MHI. BOPP A CO., FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKERS, Beg leave to inform the ladies of Washington, that they have opened a Dre making Establishment at No. 500 11th street, 3 doors below HUbus's Music Store Dresses wl'l be made In the latest French style, and at the most reasonale prices. All kinds of patterns for Mantillas contantly on hand, and Pinking and Silk Washing doneat the lowest prices, novl-lm For sale?at the first ward Llverv Stable, on G street, between 17th and IStb streets, one pair of HA Y HORSES,6 and 7 yearn old, 15# bands high: and one pair of OR AY H<iKSK8?^hb? 4 and 5 years old, 10# hands high ; warranted to be sound and well broke to harness Also, one new Coupe CARRIAGE, made to order; and one front clarence frl-1 CALEOHE, which cannot be surpassed for beautv and style, both made by Berkhaus, Allgnier A Petry, Coach Makers. Phil adelphia. oc 4-lm* RseisTia's Office, October 10, 1806. rpo ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. 1 Notice la herebv given that licenses Issued to taverns, retailers of spirituous and fern eated li quors, wines, cordials, Ac , groceries,dry goods, hardware, medicines, perfumery, watches and Jewelry; luml?er, wood, coal, and commission merchants; also keepers of hackney carriages and omnibuses, billiard tablrs, ten-pin alleys, and confectionery, and for hawking and peddling, and dealers in old Iron, brass, copper, Ac , will expire on Monday, the 3d day of November next, and that said licensee must be renewed at this otHee within ten days after that tiro* SAM'L E DOUGLASS, oc 16-tNov3 Register. GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING MADE TW order in stvle Inferior to none, of the best and most fashionable styles of Cloths, Ca imeres, Silk, Satin, and Vslvet V sitings at much cheaper rates than the usual city prices WALL A STEPHENS. 342 Penn. ave , bet 9th and sts . also 3W Pa oc31-3t ave , 3 d k>m E. National Hotel. BLANEClSt blankets:: WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE assortment <>f 9 4, 10 4, 11 -4, and 14-4 Red Blankets. ALIO? 150 pairs white and colored Blanket* for Ser vants VV EGAN A BON, No :J43 south side Pa av , bet. 6th ai.d 7tli sts. oc3l-6t [Intel] POTATOES AMI) APPLES. JUST RECEIVED, AND FOK SALE IN lots to suit purchaser? 1,'Ji.U bnsLels New Jersey WLite Mercer Potatoes 'MO barrels do dr> Apples, vsrv best klr.ds and In good order bv HOWELL A STRIBLING, Corner Water end Higb streets. Georgetown oc 3l-3t D C. IRKNUi MEKINOS. Ac. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED, 14 Pieces French Merino*, at 75 cenw 15 pieces Fine English Merinos at .><1 cents 40 do do do do 31 do 1 case Plain DeLains, fine 14# do 1 do DeBerge do 14# do also? l.arge aascrtment < f Flunrfd Merinos. Woolen Plaids, Ac W EGAN A SON, No 243 ?otjtb side Pa nv.. bet 6th and ?th sts oc 31-0t [Intel] IN l. HATS?HATS?HATS*. 111 AVE THIS DAY RECEIVED FOUR cases of those beautiful French DRESS HA I S. Gentlemen now In want of the most b?autiful ?tyleof the season will Hud tbla Hat worthy of their attention. French SOFT HATS of high and low crown, of all the new and beautiful colors, which is un equalled by anv in this city, of ray own Importa tion, at retail or wholesale. All that Is requested is a call, and see the large stock of Hats, Caps, and Ladle*' Furs, at extreme low prices, at HOPKINS' Bazaar, Corner 6th > treet and Pennsylvania avenue, between Browns' and National Hotels. oc 31-eotw [Intel] T. O. VOKD, LEATHER J >HOE FINDERS STORK THESUBSCRIBER FLATTERS HIMSELF that he can otter as large and a* well aborted stock of goods In his line, as was ever offered in W ashington city for sale. The stock conslBta In pai t of? . . 75 dozen of French Calf Skins, of most I in j.rosed brands 40dozen of French Klpp Skins lu) Sides of Upper Leather 50 Sides o' Buff Leather Home mad* Calf and Klpp Skins 100 Sides of Slaughter and Skirting 400 Sides of Spanish Sole Leather KM dozen of Morocco and Liaise Shoes Hook Binders Leather of all description Harness and Bridle leather Lasting Soles and Gallouus Lasts, Tools, Ac All of which will be sold on the most reasona ble terms, at 431 nortli Seventh street, near the l'uet Ottlce. oc Jl lw A CARD. \LL PERSONS INDEBTED TO ME ARE Informed that their accounts are nude out and will bs presented on or alioutthe 1st proximo I earnestly request that a prompt aud speedy set tlement be rmde, as no further Indulgence can be wrar,ted Those who do not wish their sceouuls pret-eiited. can settle the sutne by calling on me at Wall, Barnard A Co '? auction store, corner of Ninth and Pennsylvania avenue, where 1 have located myself for the settlement of mv business octSl?eoSw [Organ ) D. R. WALL HOSIERY : HOSIERY !! Those in want of hosiery fok the winter, ?bould call before buying and look throrgh the new and well assorted ttock of the subscriber, comistlng In part, of? ladles and Gent's English White, Brown and Colored Cotton Hose Ladles and Gent'a superior Cashmere and .Merino Ladies and Gent's hest English and Pearl Silk Boys and Ml?ses Brown and White Cotton Hose do do Wors'ed and Merino Hose. FRANK K. McGKE, oc 31-eolm 244 Pa av , bet 14th and 13th sts _ (IKXTLKMEN'S SHAWLS AND TRAV IKUNO MAUDES AT THE LOW PRICK OP ?5 ? Having made an arrangement with the 0"ent to sell a large quantity of tha Bay State SHAWLS of the largest ana b?*t quality, I can now tffer them at the above price Alto, oni*a e the French, Scotch and English ?\*ke of Si awls and Mufflers, at low prices, at the Bazaar, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania oc n?-e?4w flntel] hopkins MEDICAL CARD. Dr. h perabeau, pathlc physician, has the ho;?or ^ ofteir hIIs services to the Inhabitants of Washington V Offlceand Residence on 1 street, No W8, be t ween 40th and 4lst streets , N B -Homeopathic niedlciiies for ^e.^hlcj the Doctor prepares himself with Uie oare, For Fever aod Ague, for BUoua and Bowel complaints, Ac , Ac. se J dm STOVES AND ORATES. WE HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED FROM Philadelphia and Baltimore, another lot of those very celebrated MORNING STAR LOOK ING STOVES; also, a few Parlor Cooks, large size, with a large assortment of the very pop Ji*r Sat-top Sunrise Cooking Stoves instore, er with a large lot cf other kinds and sizes. A cry handsome lot of Passage a,nd.st0'e Jjiv^Ton^he a large va<letyof other kinds of Stoves on he ftrst and se:ond floors Stanley's rorheat" Radiating Fire Placea with the Latrobe for heat ing Parlors and Chambers above Housefurnlsh '"llweMlfat'No'xie and *e them; they are sailing ^ych^f?eggbwARI) ^ goN, Penna ave., bet. 10th aad 11th streets. ocae-Ot (Organ) NEW FRVlft NEW FRUIT M Cranberries, New Figs and Raisins, for KING A burchell. AUOTIOH BALy, THIS ArTKBKOOir AFP lollOlROW By C W. BOTKLER, Auctioneer ?F HUO8KHOLU Vara!tart at Aactien.-On TUESDAY November 4th, at 10 o'clock a. m , I .hall .ell at my acution room, Iron Hall, the effects of a faml hoiae-keeping, embracing ?orr.e article* ?? Houeehoid Furniture, comprising, in part of? Handsome Parlor Suite, covered with velvet, comprising two roaewood French Sk>fhs, two MML-?0^LA.r''1"<il't1"' tWO It*rWOOd *<? Chain ' and r??*wood Parlcr Two^SSKxTSnch PUte M,rror S!u?? Tahie"? w,,1> marble i'iW, Wilt 0^glU*F?ai^wironB* {"able. with marble slab h rame Mirror., hair .eat mahogany He *Z???SXfrbT?'m>w-"~"* rwkIrvC.hnHV? r aB* Te* VV*J* T~T??ta *M "0??, Fen4eii, ttowl.,.4 CrmforU and Blanketa Mahogeny Wastelands, with marble-top* Do Bern do, cane Mat Chain., Standard. TlaS^fe Kiarh^n,?P<17?,"i,,K K,,,eiUB' 1 *?"?'? A la Safe, Kl.chen F urnlture, Cooking Utensil., ? ?w,.an<1 "nder oaab; over ? mi. f.u tofr&'SlSZ?''"" ?<"?, *? an,nKwl fnr e*inilr\*tlon tn tj ;<??u. ?? &,<&???? ?*??-? AncUQl^t B v J AS. C. McGU IKE, Auctioneer. T H-!rEB?.RALK ?F?"ALL FRAME DAY ' APtS InnJtb? -??TOES nViL I |krNOON, November 4tb, :.t 4% ?S "(k'?"ltlf?TfJ,rl,f'' 1 'hall rell bv virtue of at<* *?Pte??ber 16ib. 1 sH and auly recorded among the land records for Well ington county, the following deslrlbed property, T pa?V?f Lot" Nos ?. ??. and ? In '""lonpf Square 4?5. beginning for the south fc street 3t> feet 3 Inches west of the J?.fr^Vl00^!0/ LCt N? 43' *nd With thenar. ?? 7 .o #1, *nd north 71 feet, DV^nf? t I thrice south 71 feettotte ?^K nnlng, with the Improvement, eon T&. w tW? ht0r>' frame rtwelUrg - house 5u r,f ?? K ** VJnXl. ?^:lhlrd c"h ' 'he ?MHue In ft and tra2nn ?hl ? Intercut, secured by a deed of trust on the premise*. o* -Ai pn*^ ?io? CALI.AN, Trustee eo&ds JA8 C McGUlRE. A net. J AS C. McGU IRE, Auctioneer lhte^ive sale ok real estate V&leable Wharf Property at and near the .talk end of 7?h street we.t under fi . ~Bv adeed of trust, datrd ri ? i?' 1^- and '^rnrded In Liber J. A S , No liikS rVr^' ??* We Hhtl11 Prrtr#^d to sell, on MONDAY, the 1st day of December next, at W o clock M , at public auction, to the highest bid der, all thstpropertv lylnt; In the city rf Wash ington, D. C , known in the plat of said rltv as ?qnare numbered \7*. together with the Improve ments thereon, (excepting a certain lot of wound therein bdon}(ln- to the heirs of the late tfin^on tte entire wharf property lying west of 8ild ?]quare,(4T-<4,)kncwl, as Pile's wharf proper ty; the whole of ?quare 471, In Mid cltv : and l?if 'o,t5' and tt' in Fa?e'? subdivision of tquara 3W0 1 he property will be vld in lots to suit purchasers. Also, the iteamer George Page, now plylnv be twfen Washington and Alexandria Terms One half cash, and the balance at fix month#, on note, bearing interest, satisfactorily loc ur^Q Sale will commance on the wharf west of sq uare f; ^ conveyancing at the cost of purchasers. II the purchaser or purchaser* should fall to comp.'v with the terms of sale within five days thereafter the Trustees reserve the right to re?n at the risk and expense of the defaulting pure ha ? ser or purchasers, after giving Ave days' previous notice In the National Intelligencer JOHN T FEN WICK, > ?, , K1CUAHD WALLACH, Tru,t^ oc21-eodAds JAS ? McOUIRb, Auct'r. JYfAKfcHAL.'S SALE.?IN VIRTUE OF ri- f i'ierl l''acia8 l??ued from the Clerk s rfflce of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the county of Washington, and to me directed 1 shall expose at public sale, for cash, a .v t^ourt house door of said county, on . iT , . ?the th day of November ?r.-xt, 1?56, at IS o clock in , one Pew in Trinity Church. No. W, In the city of \\ ushlngton. D, C., seized and levied upon as the property of Samuel Chase Bar ney, end will te sold to satisfy Judlcials No 44 and 45, to Octoter term, 165fl, John O. Holstead and Samuel and Henry Kirk, vs. Samuel Chi^e Barney. j D. HOOVER, ocv^-ts Marshal for District of Columbia OPENING POSTPONED FIRST WARD RESTAURANT, Ptnn avenue, between 19:k and 1&A Streets. G. E. DIVERNOIS, Propiietor. THE PROPRIETOR OF THIS NEW AND splendid establishment, well known In . . Washington for a number of years, and iff? formerly proprietor of the Napoleon Kotel.Jtil of Hoboken, which was always the report of the fashionable scclety. and the conrtol?eurs of pocd living, has the honor to announce to the citizens of Washington and strangers, that his estab lishment will be opened on the 8th of November IW8 The numerous efforts which he has made to satisfy all demands which he msvhave. the comforts of his establishment assures him perfect suceeeeln his enterprise This establishment is divided lnla three parts, each bavin* a privateer,, trince,?the pait reserved for families being nlshed with elegant Parlors and Bed Cbaii.h-rs The (Jentlemens'apartment consists of Parlor and Bed Chambers, which can be rented wltb or with out board. The Restaurant department has splendid Saloons for dinner parties; Is newlv decorated, hhvlnjj; all the m -dern improvements attached The Bar Is supplied with the i>est of Wines and l.lqnors, ln>|>orted expressly from France for this establishment. Hot and cold l.uncb at ail hours, on the New Orleans plan. T'te Table d'Hote will be ?etvrU every day at 3W o'clock, and on i-unday txl '2, which will be m.ri valed In Washington N B ?There isalsoi splendid stabling att*cL ed to the establishment oc?#-lw O. K Dl V KRNOIS a. L. aOBMAN. WM R WILSON GORMAN, WILSON A CO , UASkKKS, SAINT P RTF K. MINNESOTA, Dealers in bills of exchange, REAL ESTATE. LAND v\ ARRANT-, and GENERAL COLLECTING AGEN TS Keftientts?Palro A Nourse; Sweeny, Rlttea house, Fant A Co oc 4-1 m* PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS Properly com poun pro at all hours, dny and night, at M B WAITE'S Dru> and Prescription Store, No. 5*is 7th street, opposite the Patriotic Bank. oc IS-lm SIMPSON HOUSE, Southing: corner of Wtk st and Penna. mnnue, WasHixoToN City, 1) C The subscriber is happi to in form the sojourners and residents of Washington that he ht s spared no expense in tittlng up his well known ??t. and Is now prepared t^accommodate all who may favor him with their patronage on th# mast reas onable terms, and in true Philadelphia style he having recently removed from that cltv. Gentle m-n can be furnished wltb Rooms on reasonable terms, and they can either Breakfast. Dine, or Sup in or out of the bouse, and will only be charged for such as they may order The Subscriber proposes to furnish Meals to tbo*e who ulHvwish.on the Lnropean system, and stranger-^ and citizens may rely upon the character of his Bar and Table d'Hote. oc 171m WM S SIMPSON, Proprietor GEO. H. VARNELL, PA INTER, No Jl# north side La avt.. bet 6th an4 7tk ?M WISHES TO SAY TO HIS I R1ENDS AM> the public generally that he is prepared at all times to execute work in his line at the shortcut ?otlce. oc t in, AUCTION?AUCTION. Received from Philadelphia auc i tion 300 small Merino Scarf., at 37^ cu ; i rich watered Bonnet Ribbons, at 30 els , worth 30; French Flowers; French Merino., at 70 eta . worth *1 ; 900 Embrolded Collars at your own P-lce. ; inside Handkerchiefs and Sleeve* at the low ligure of lti* els , at the People* Store W. R HURDLE, Georgetown. JUG EXTRACTS OF FIFTEEN DIF ferent and delicious odors Theae extracts are of English manufacture, and ire quite equal to Lubin s. Sold at 37 cent, a lug at W. H OILMAN'S Pharmacy, oc a^-Ot cor. Penn ave. and X% street CEMETERY RAILING. j THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO SELL A three different patterns of Cemetery Railing, i with .tonescomplete, for planting In tbearmirja. They are at the Congreasioaal Buri^ erown?, and any information can be obtained of theWraton on the Grounds, or at Mrs. Gilbert . Board .ng Hou*, No M? Penn avenue, ne.r the Oapi?oi . oe*7-ft? I TKLfcXiliAl'il .\fc WS. PROM THE ASSOCIATED PRE8H BY M9U9B rUNTlW9 TELKORAPa. Arrival cf the Cahawba Naw York, Not. 3 ?The fUwir Cahawba, from New Orleans on the 27th. and Ukui the 29tb, arrived this morning Mr. tunur. Niw York, Nov. 2 ?There will be an im meoeed calvaeade U> meet Mr. Snmner at Brookline (He will be addreeeed by Joeiah Quincy at the City Linen, and theaee eeeorted to the Slate House, and there officially wel comed home by the Governor and Coaocil, in the name of Massachusetts. Political Xacitenaat Philadelphia, Not. 2.?Considerable ex eitement prevaila among the politician* thia evening, the Repnblicane aaeertlng that eight ?lectors on the straight Fillmore tioket bava withdrawn. Til Andrew Stuart, Kubo. W U. Smith, t Myers, Hetherington, Wella, Young man and Dnffie. and three others. whoeeeamea have not been ascertained. Kenneth Bayner for the Union Ticket. Pbilapelpbia, Not. 2?The Hon Kenneth Rayner, of X-rth Carolina, delirered an able speech last night at the Musical Fond Hall, adrocatius the American support of the I'nioa ticket Ilia arguments, howerer, failed to coiiTince all his hearers At the olose of his speech cheers were giTea for tha Union tick et. which wore followered by overwhelming cheers for the straight Union tioket. The Union Ticket Diecarded Phi lade lpi i a, Not 2 ?Tha Black Repah licans in thia city are diaheartened at the proe pecta before them, having Ioat all hopaa of in ducing the (rienda of Mr Fillmore to join on their Fusion electoral ticket, and it ia now be lieved the Fillmore ticket will ha the on ly opposition ticket in the greater part of the State. The general impression now is that these who vote for Fremont are indirectly voting for Buchanan Addrtci from the Kaniaa Prieoa*? Chicago, Nov 1 ?The Free - State pri*Tr-ra nt Lecompton have publiabed an addre*e to ua American people They atate that they are confined in a small loathsome prison, under guard of the militia recently enlisted . and that they are unable to procure medical as sistance or bufflcient food or clothing Wm Bowles, a Free-State man, from St Charlae, Missouri, has diad since hia arrest, and it la feared that teTeral cabers will survive bat a tow days unless immediately relieved Tha address is ^giied by si prisoners f rmerly be longing to Rhode i-Und Massachusetts New York. Penn?y!vt?nis, uhio, Illinois Wiecct<eln. and Iowa ? Baltimore Market a Baltiuorr, Nov 3 ? Flour U ataady at V>.87 for Howard etreet and Ohin City M11U ?r ? ?> <0. Wheat is higher; sales of white at 91 51 <K g<*>d to prime, reds SI 50s* 1 53 Cora is la2c higher; sales of white at 61a64 and yellow at 65a6rtc. Whisky is lower; sales of City and Ohio at 33e34c. ??? Hew York Markc c Nnw Yore, Not. 1?Flour ia dull; aalea of 7,^00 bbla ; State ?fi 45aM AO, Ohio and Southern are nomical. Wheat is declining; sales of 20,000 bushels, white f 1 rt7aSI 70; red $1 52afl 54 Corn ia <juiet: salea of 20.000 bushels; Southrn mixed ? 2ic. Pork is unsettled?accurate notations can not be given. Beef is firan; Chicago repacked $11. Lard ia steady; aales in bbis at V4h. Whisky is firm: Ohio 32jc Financial New Yore, Not. 3 ?Stocks are lower. Money is more stringent Chicago and Kock Inland Railroad 87|; Cumberland Coal Com pany 164: Illinois Central sharea 114; do. bonds ?21; Michigan Southern 85 ; New York Cen tral bOi, Beading 72i; Virginia 6 s VI. Sterling exchange is dull. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, Not. 3, 1856. Yesterday came out the balmiact Sabbath of a pleasant autumn, the services at all tha churcbes were attended by large congrega tions. The Kcv. L J. Newlin preached hie farewell discourse to the congregation wor shiping at the Secocd Presbyterian church He goes to take charge of a collega in Dela ware The Orange and Alexandria railroad com pany having re-elected ita present popular 1>retident and directors adjourned stna di? on rriday night. The most important busineaa of the ses-ion was the settlement of the ques tion of dividends upon the basis, that for tha present the earning* of the road, which amoaot to about six i?er cent on its capital atock, be used on the Lynchburg extension, and that when the Lynchburg extension is completed and in active '>peration, then, that all tbe divi dends previously accrued shall be paid the stockholders either in acrip or money as the general meeting shall determine. Tbe Board of Oireotors were also authorised to loan the money or credit of tbe compacy te the Orange :?nd Alexandra Railrwad if they deem it advisable to do ao. This morning all other intcreats seeoi swal lowed in preparation for the contest of to-mor row. Democratic and American meetings are sailed f >r to-night, and a heavy vote will be polled at the election. Let every democrat give tbe day to the cause?rouse tbe lukewarm among his neighbors, and deem it his especial duty to see that ae far as his power extends no Democratic vote be left unpolled that day. it our friends in tbe country find itdiffloult to vote in their own district, let them oome into one of the city wards and vote there. Let every man work heart and hand for tbe great cause Aut SPfcl IAL NOTICE. PERSONS DESIROUS OF INSURING IN the Montgomery county (Maryland) Mutual liuurance Company, can dosouptn application at No JO Hl'=h str*-?*t. Georgetown D C W. aLHKRrKIND, or 29 t?t Agent 1'i.utkS-l LU( kH-CLOtKS. 1I1AVE JUST RECEIVED A l.ARUk AS ?ortinent of Clo<-k??ftti different stvle*. which will be sold low. and warranted to jro we*. Th'?e who buy to aell aga u would Co wel > to give r. call before purcaafcisg ewwbare Alto. Cloth .Materialsof all kinds. Oils, bails. Key*. Cords. Hand:.. Ac , at J. ROBINSON'S, hr ii-Kin wa Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Motel l A COACH FACTORY, O.V TWELFTH STREET. 'HK UM)KK;<l(jNED HAVING KtCtNT lyopened a Coach Factory at "" ifiHMJE l?tli -;re*<t, aoutli of Peiin avenue, would re?|>ectfally announce ?o the public thai he Is prepared to tnannfacture or repair all klnda of Coa he.-. Carriages, and llcbt W'agoa?, on the iito*t .eaeonsble term- and la the be?t manner. Tbone dewlrln^ a tood Carriage, or to have fepalr lag weU and promptly- done at a low prloeare earnestly reqne?ted to Rail, as 1 offer such Induce ments as cannot f?ll to pleane All work gaaranteed toglve perfectaailafaotlou cc-rim THOMAS 1 UAKDNKR. U C. J. WOODWARD k CO., ND.KRTAIIERS, CABINET MAKKftt*, A HJRN1TCRK DKALERSS ? will keep constantly on hand arge and choice supply of all klnd?of Furniture, such a* Bureaus. 8ofas, Chairs, Msttrewes, Ae. Special attentloa will be paid to the t ndertak lng business; and all ordei* l*ft at ourrooma, Ne. 87 High street, Georgetown, will be attended to with great cateand promptitude. ocW-la DR. DUPEira RglMBIMaislkesely effectual cure for Kxterasl er Internal Plla^ Saltrhcum. Ring Worm, Ac Tbeyare uarlval l?l for purifying the blood ?<? cenu per boi uMce 7a Naeaau atreet, New York \U11 be aent bv mall For sale by FORD k BRO., eorner of ilth at. and Pean avenue oc M GHEAT INDUCBMKIITB?THE LARG t*t stock of wperb Pteao Fortea. Melodenm, Gullara, Flutes, Acoordeons. Violins, tttrln^e, Ac. Ac., U at the great emporium andfratciaa Moeic Btore of JOHN F. KLLIH. oc W- 3U6 Pa. m , near torh mtrmn. Hobby horses, rocrbrs, pro. pel lore. Carriages, Cabs, Wheel barrows, Uaskets, Door, Street, and Parlor Mat* and Rags j ist arrived per Sch?*oa?r Salesman, at No ? between Hth and V'h streets nov 1 It. J. M LAUGttLIN A CO,