Newspaper of Evening Star, November 4, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 4, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON C ITY: TCKIDAV Hevember (f At>VBBTIS>MK*TI IIOrLD ?* LEKT ?T T?? OWfB ?T TvnTi laM, M . ?TMBwm t??t bat k*t afteak VVTIL Til MIST ?*?. 6P1R IT OF THE MORNING PRESS The butlligttirer, unJor the head of "Time's Soothing Influence*," I ublishes an interesting compilation of a portion of the legislative his tory of Johc Quincy Adam?, to show the bit ter philosophy of conciliation. The Union obtains appeals -citable for the last day of the recent "heated term'* in poli tic?. ^ WASHING TO N NE WS AND GOSSIP '^Hoteli in Washington.?The New York Herald, the no less infallible arbiter of good taste than of good morals and sound politics, having shown up its latest creation?George Law, as a public man?has turned its atten tion to rhowing up the hotels of W ashington oity, ell of which it pronounces, ex cathedra, detestable hotels; as though the fact that such is its judgment of them to-day, makes them so. Taough it is but fair to adopt its opiaion of the politicians whom it alone has warmed into brief notoriety?for who should know them through and through better than the author of their political being?we opine that its opinion of hotels in Washington is worth just as little as its views of the prospects of presidential candidates a few weeks ago, when it was pledging its reputation for the tri umph of Fremont by an overwhelming ma jority. Its conductor, who writes in so sweep ing terms against every hotel in Washington, has not ventured to trust his ears within the bounds of the District of Columbia for a year past; evidently in the fear that they would be called for as a forfeit by ?omo one of the many gentlemen here, he has taken occasion to black guard in that time as violently as he black guaided tho hotels of W ashington on Sunday morning last 80 he cannot have written from personal experience in this connection.^He complains that their charges are higher than those of New York. This is untrue. We have beside us the bill recently paid by a gentleman, who, with his wife, occupied a chamber and parlor at a Broadway (New York) hotel, a few weeks since. It amouats to $12 per day for their board and the use of the parlor. No hotel in Washington charges such high price*. What the Herald says about the attendance of the servants at the Wash ington hotels is also false. None are better drilled, or more civil and accommodating aLy where in'the country. Nor are more substan* tial comforts to be enjoyed in the hotels of any other city in this country ; though, we admit, the immense caravanseras of New York and one or two other American commercial empo riums are conducted with a closer attention to p trade?to fuss and feathers?if the reader pleasss. The Herald seems to be after mali- 1 eioudy inducing some one to lose a fortune in building an additional huge hotel iu this city; asserting, as it does, that many keepers of such establishments here have in late years retired with large fortunes. We should like to knew who they are. Our information on that bead is directly the reverse of all this. If any single one has done so, wc should like to kaow who he 1* The truth is, the hotels of Washington are, like all the rest in this country, quite a* well kept as the business they transact will war rant: and we are very sure that they give quite as general satisfaction to their patrons as any others in the land. No man of brains expects a landlord to set before his one or two hundred guests as varied or as elaborately prepared bills of fare as he would certvinly present them if they numbered daily from five hundred to one thousand, as at some of the hotels in New York. The editor who makes that fact the ground-work for such sweeping charges against the Washington hotels, is evidently unfit to form sensible opin ions in such matUrs, as the conductor of the Herald ha* so recently found himself to be in politics. The Orange and Alexandria Railroad Com. pany.?The proceedings of the recent annual meeting of the stockholders of this company, held in Alexandria, demonstrate that it is not only one of the best-managed public works in the Union, but one the stock of which bids fair very soon to be as profitable as any other railroad stock in the country, not excepting the consolidated New York Central and the Jersey Monopoly's roads. In less than two years its net work of connections will give it the comman-l of the travel and freight of an immense .-cope (breadth) of country, stretch ing longitudinally from tide water on the At. laatic ci ast to the Mississippi; and in two years more perhaps to Mobile in one directior, to New Orleans in another, to St. Louis and the western confines of Missouri in yet another direetion, and again to Chicago and Dubuque in another. From the Mississippi at Memphis to tide water on the Potomac, it will be essen tially and abcolutely without a riv?:l as the eastern terminus of travel and trade that is destined to astonish all the railroad operators in the land ; for few of them indeed arc as yet aware of the dormant facilities for making a prcfltable railroad business which exist in the fertile, healthful and beautiful and mild (as to climate) regions of Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and Arkansas, which are to became tributary to it (the Orange and Al exandria railroad> and to it alone as the east ern outlet of their travel and transportation of all description. Besides being much the shortest rcute through which the business of the regions to which we refer can possibly reach the Atlantic coast, its climatie advar tages and advantages of grade and through connection will render it the most certain, speedy, agreeable and the cheapest long line of railway on the North American continent It can be run profitably with agiven amour t of freight and passenger traffic at less rates per mile than any other iu the Union, or our experience of twelve years in connection with the construction of such works has not added to cur capacity to judge correctly upon such points. In ten years after its connections through to the Mississippi shall have been opened, it will have doubled the value of every acre of land fn m Lynchburg to Memphis laying within fifty miles?north and scath?of iU It cation. 7 here is no telling what will be the extent of its beneficial effects on the busi ness of Alexandria, Virginia, through which its hundreds of through passengers will pass daily and its, perhaps, millions of tons of freight for the far West mutt also | a fair proportion of which will necessarily be pur ehtsrd in that ancient Burg ; because, while that is the nearest point for " shipping" by the rail, thera are many descriptions of mer ehandise that can be sold there at a* low a figure as in any other place in the United State#. Those who will take the trouble to scan the map closely and to study the statis tic? and capacities of the regions of which wa write above, will soon comprehend that we art not a dreamer on this Fuhject. A Clergyman 8hrieking (Lying) for Free dom ?The Boston Font exposes, with a mas ter hand, the systematic lying of the freedom shriekers whenever writing aught from Kansas likely to see the light. It quotes the follow iDg extract from a letter publiahed in the Boa ton Atla* (freedom ahrieker) from an abolition clergyman named Nute: Law rence. Kar.. Oct 13, 1856. Dear Sir : The oold weather keeps off thus far, and we hope it will until the arrival of the clothing. Every day we hear of new caaes of destitution. Yesterday, I found two families without flour, and with hardly a sin {;le article of groceries. One of them living n a sod cabin, without a floor?a family of six Eersons; nearly, if not quite, every member aa been sick with the intermittent fever, but are bow recovered, and hard at work to pre pare for the winter. I relieved their moft pressing wants from the small fund in my hands, and wish I could furnish them wiih lumber enough to build a comfortable shelter. Having looked on that pioture, the reader will please look on this,?another letter writ ten by the same Reverend Nute dated (Octo ber 15th) but twe days subsequent to the oher. It proves that whatever may be the con dition cf his neighbors, the "Reverend" Nute is making a good thing of his residence in Kansas. Men of sense will comprehend that it stamps with falsehood all he says in the other letter concerning the state of the Terri tory. Thus, to a relative (who furnished the Pott with his letter for publication) he wrote on the 15th ult , aa follows : "We like Kansas more than ever. This summer and fall, thus far, the weather has been more pleasant than it waa l?6t year. I have harvested about eight acres of corn, and have an acre of potatoes of the best kind, and good crop to dig. I have between ten and twelve acres of wheat sown, and it comes up finely; 25 tons of hay cut and stacked, 3 cows 2 horses, 3 yoke of No. 1 oxen. 7 hogs, 111* hens, Ac., Ac I am now adding a large room to our house on the claim, and getting ready to lathe and plaster the front room. Our teouse in town will be finished in a few weeks, if this weather holds on I think I shall rent it for a year, or until I have pre empted the claim, as I can get over 5200 a year tor it, in advance every month." The Post adds: " Mr. Nute also admits in this letter to his ralative that 4 there are many false reports and some gross and foolish exaggerations min gled with the truth' about Kansas affaiis?he might have added, 1 and this mingling will con tinue until after the 4th of November.' " All Over!?Only think on't, reader ! Ni> oae now care* to read abuse of anybody' Huzza for election day that in coming round ha? thus brought about the " era of good feeling," as it were. The Lord only knows how long it will continue. We pray that it may never depart; but praycr3 such as this addressed to tho politicians of all par ties will provo, we fear, not more efficacious than singing psalms to dead horses. _We in tend to v'ct a good example, and will hereafter be as amiable to our talented neighbor as though we had not had occasion to chide him gently new and then in the course of the late protracted campaign, commencing with the rise and progress of Know Nothingism and ending only with its death at the hands of the Democracy to come eff at sundown precisely I to-day; when it will draw its last breath at I the basis of an important political organisa | tion. Nicaragua.?All well-informed men at this point regard the situation ct Walker in Nica ragua as being most imminently critical No credit whatever appears to be given by them to his accounts and those cf his followers of his late engagements. On the contrary, the letter published in the New York Trtbuiir from Virgin Bay, representing that he was repulsed in his attack on Messaya. and re turned to Granada to find that all his stores, arms, and indeed even to hiseverv paper had fallen int ? the hands of his enemies who hid completely sacked his stronghold, (iranada. and succeeded in retreating unmolested with all their plunder. Thus he ia conceived to have been stripped of all his resources. The news by the next arrival from that quarter will be looked for with great interest. Death of Lewis Plitt, Esq.-The follow ing pathetic letter reached us this morning. Ita news will te received here by a large cir cle with deep sorrow, for its subject waa be loved in Washington : Philadelphia, Nov. 3, 1856 It may be of interest to some of your Wash ington readers to know that Lewis Plitt, for several years a clerk under Col. Forney in the House of Representatives, ia dead. He died on Saturday night, after a protracted illness, aud was buried this afternoon. Poor Lew ' a few days ago he was confident he would be well enough to go out to vote for Buchanan, whose election he was looking forward to with high hopes But the sunrise which will greet Buchanan as President elect will light up poor Plitt's fresh made grave. He was a man of gfcod heart and generous impulses, and I know of but few men who will be more sincerely lamented within their own personal circle than Plitt Bound for Kargas.?Extract from n letter to the editor, dated 44 In camp on the bank of tho Des Moines River, Iowa, Oot. 23, 1856 :" 44 We have aeen, in the five days from Bur lington, no leas than six or eight hundred men, all armed, bound for Kansas. I saw Jim Lane in Burlington one d?y last weeK. Ho was on his way East, after recruits. Yester day we passed tw?> cannons, carried under tho name of r<tapfrs.,y Proposals.?The Secretary of the Treiisury has issued proposals for the purchase of sites for the new post oflices and United States courtroom^ to be constructed under the lata law of Congress to that end, at Windsor and Rutland, Vt. The Current Operation* of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 3d November, there were of Treasury warrants entered on ?2,281 68 ' 11 263 21 25,568 55 33,467 80 32,793 91 32,793 91 5,965 48 7,000 0u 53 16 havinq made Easy.?Wet your shaving brush in either warm or cold water, pour on ! t-o or three drop, of4'Balm of a Thousand Flowers, rub the beard well and it will make a beautiful soft Uther much faciHUti operation of shaving. Price only Fift * For sale at ShiUington'a, ag?t for Washing torn, and all druggists. 6 V ALPABLE I MI<I8RA<<TS.?Two V?*?,U .. I een-.'y arrived from Leghorn at New York bringing 50 passengers, all of whom were or- i gan-gnnders. r the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants For the Treasury Department... For the Interior Department....? For Customs War warrants received and en tered Warrepay warrants received and entered. Interior repay warrants received a id entered On account of the Navy ronn miscellaneous sources FOREIGN KIW3. By the arrival of the steamship Vigo at New York, and Canadian it Quebec, we have Liv erpool dates to the 21st of October. Id Eagland, it is reported that Lord Pal merston was preparing a new reform bill. Lord Russell threatens a similar measure England and France have suspended diplo matic relations with Naples. No hostilities have yet taken place A terrible accident occurred at London re cently While the Rev. Mr. Spurgeon, tbe famous Biptist preacher, was preaching at Concert Hall, a false alarm of fire was raided, creating a stampede, in which several persors were trampled to death. The statement that France had summoned Austria to evacuate the principalities has not bean credited. The Cologne Gazette says that all the pow ers excepting the United States Lave assented to an original protocol respectirg the sound dues question. A ministerial crisis and financial difficulties exist at Constantinople. The ministerial crisis in Denmark has re suited in the re-installation of the old ministry. The commercial affairs of France are a.*, suming a more favorable aspect Persia solicits the mediation of France in her difficulties with England. The Paris Conference of Diplomatists of the several Powers re-assembles on the 15th. In Spain. Narvaex was replacing the present officials with old conservatives. In Naples, the authorities were redoubling their preparations f->r defeuce By the Vigo, we learn that the Paris con ference was to re-assemble on the 15th inst A Uermin paper states that the King . f Naples has urged the cabinets of St Peter - burg, Vienna and Berlin to conclude in fav<r of the integrity of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, a treaty analagous to that guaranty ing the integrity of the Ottoman Empire. The latest advices state that preparations for the defence of Naples are redoubled. No modification of the ministry had taken place, and all were anxiously looking for the allied fleets The French squadron was anchored in the road of Toulon ready to depart. Four Sar dinian ships were also in readiness. An English steamer ariived at Ajaccio on I the 12th with orders for Admiral Dands to sail I on the 13th. Accordingly, two steam frigatej put to sea next morning and the remainder I of the squadron sailed in the evening. THE MARKETS. I Liverpool. Nov 21?The news from Amer I ica by the Canada, which arrived on the 19th, caused an advance in all qualities < f cotton to I the extent of 3-16. The market was a.tive, with a large speculative inquiry. Flour was quiet; Baltimore and Ohio 32s I 0Ja33s fid ; Ohio 35s 61a37s fid. Cora was steady at 35a35s fid for white, and 32s 6da3ls for yellow and mixed. Oats were buoyant. Provisions?Pork was dull; bacon continued steady; lard was very dull; tallow had ad I vanced Is. | Consols for money on Tuesday closed at 91J I a92; and for account at 92a92J. I Letters by the Canadian renort cotton a farthite higher since the Friaay previous, vn Middliug Orleans 7? Mobile fi 13 16th?. I and Uplands 6J per lb. j Indian corn had advanced 6J. Sugar was active and advancing. The money market I was unchanged The Paris bourse was fluctuating, but prices I generally firmer. PERSONAL I ?? ? ? E K Collins, Esq , is at this time among the guests at Willard's Hotel, in thi3 city. I ....The New York city papers announce I the death of George K?n ett. aged 61 y^ais. ....Hon, Samuel doar, of Massachusetts I died at Concord, in that State, on Suuday latt I ....Mr, Burlingame, says the Boston Travel er of Saturday, is now confined to his bed by I illness. I .. .. Rev. Charles Kingsley, author of " Al ton Locke,'' will visit this country during the I coming winter. I .... Donald G. Mitchell, (Ik Marvel) is an nounced as one of the lecturers at the B< ston I Mercantile Library Association this winter. I .... The llavel troupe, forty-five in number. Ion the 31st of October performed the 280th I night of their engagement at Niblo's Garden, New York. I .... Luther Brooks, Esq., a wealthy Boston merohant, was literally torn to pieces on Thurs day evening by being run over by a train of cars. I ???? The "United States Magazine," for November, is ?? highly embellished'' with ad mirable likenesses of James Gordon Bennett and Horace Greely?Horace of the flixen loekl and Bennett of the milky beard. I .... The Astor Library, the bequest cf the late John Jacob Astor, is to be duplicated by his m, W B Astor. A building similar to the one which already ornament* Lafayette Place, is being erected on the adjoining grotind. Mr. Astor gives 5200,000 to the new library building?the site alone being valued at . 'Ainong the distinguished strangers now in this city we perceive the Hon. A. Dudley Mann, Esq , late Assistant Secretary of State <>f the United States. Since resigning that I position Mr. Mann has been in Europe princi pally His many friends throughout the coun try will be gratified to learn that he appears to be excellent health In their name we welcome him back to the United States .... There is an amusing bit of theatrical gnfsip in circulation, it is to the effect that Burton, the most humorous and broadest of low comedians, intends playing a round of tragic characters at his theatre this winter il? has intimated as much himself, and'given ?.ut t|lat would first attempt that of '* Kicho lieu If such an rnomaly should occur, it would be better than seeing Forrest as "Jem Baggs" in the Wandering Minstrel. .... A London correspondent of the New York Musical Review gives the American public the amusing information that Jullien. the grand, is showing round a crown of gold given to him when he was in this couatry by by American musicians, as " a testimony of the high opinion they entertain of his merit#!" W ell; neither^ the American musicians, nor any other musicians in this country, ever did any thing of the kind. .... Mr and Mrs W J. Florence are fill ing a very successful engagement at Ben De Bar's Theatre in St Louis. Mr. and Miss Kitchiogs are at Chicago, playing to slim houses. Miss J M Davenport is drawn g crowded houses at Forbes' Theatre in Provi dence, R I. At Petersburg, Ya., Mrs Me licda Joues and C Barton Hill, are filling an engagement at Phn-nix Hall?Mrs. J doing the French Spy Mr Neafie is filling a star engagement at the National Theatre in Cin cinnati. ....The politicians of Boston have been quite considerate towards the "fourth estate" in their nominations. First in point of aee and position, the senior editor of the Bost-n I !s a candidate for Congress in the Fourth District. Next stands the political editor of the Courier on the Union Filimore American and Whig as a candidate for the State Senate Lk County- For R^pre-entatives, tne Whigs have nominated Issac W. Frye of the Courier, and S. H. Jenks a veteran editor The Fremont party have placed the names of Samuel A Bradbury of the Bee, T. M. Brewer of the Atlas, Charles Hale of the Advertiser ' nd Charles 0 Rogers of the Journal, on their list of Representatives They have also nomi B ited Ebencier Nelson, one of the reporters of the Transcript, and Newton Talbot, of Bai lor's Pictorial Newspaper. Who can doubt atter this that the country will be safe7 Death or the 'Wandering Jew '?We learned yesterday of the death at the Roper

Hospital of the " Wandering Jew," ? charac ter whese singular appearance and habits haye been tbe subject of much curiosity #td comment He has been known about Char leston for the last six or seven years, but the period of his advent is lo; recorded ilo seemed to be very poor, he Deyer worked and never begged, but yet in some way or tie other he managed^to subsist. The most sin gular fact connected with him was that he never took the shelter o!" a roof?his ileiping place was a bole in the ground on what is known as Payne's farm and he was not only conterdid with it, but would acccpt of no more ojinfvrtable accommodations wheu they wen tendered to him. He waa oil/ known aa th 'Wandering Jew."?Char its ton Standard? I ,THE LECTURE ON JERUSALEM, bv Rev G. W Sa.msok, wh'ch was postponed "last Wednesday on account of the Ill ness of the lecturer, will be given TO-NlGHT (Tuesday) at o'clock, In Island Hall. If ??THK UGL1ES AROUSED FROM ?CflrTBEIK SLUMBERS AGAIN -The second Grand Assembly of the Uglv Club Will b? given at Odd Fellows Hall, Navy Yard, MONDAY EVENING, November 10th, 18i<* Tickets FIFTY CENTS, admitting a gent'e man acd ladle*. No Compllmeniarles sent, but ^11 Clubs Invited. Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock. Ccmmtttee of Arrangements. T.S-Penham, Chas H. Murray, Jas.S.Nallv, jas Gordan, Henry F. 'Ihorn, nov 4-eo3t* FIFTH GRANDCOT1LLON PARTY OF THE BOONE CLUB.?The mem bers of the Boone Club respectfully announce to their friend* and the public generally, tbat they will glv? their Fifth Cotillon Party'at Pioneer Hall, corner of 24th and H stree*s,on TUESDAY EVENING, November 11th 18ft?. Tickets-FIFTY CENTS C emmittte of Arrangements 8. Good, R.L. Mastln, J. Scott, A. Bridget N Danes will commence at 8 o'clock, nov 4- ec4t* i A| ATTENTION, MONTGOMERY ft GUARDS ?You are hereby notified to at P fj tend a regular monthly meeting of the Com A Vi pany on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the ?th instant. Punctual attendance is called for, as business of importince wl'l be transacted By order of Captain Key : nov 4-2t THOS McENIRY, See'y. PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD ATTENTION ?The regular monthly meeting will be held at the Armory on THURSDAY, tte 6th Instant, ct 7% o'clock p m It Is particularly desirable that every member should he pre?enton this occasion, as business of importance is to be transacted. Persons wishing to become members will nave an opportunity to make application As the Ball comes of on the 13th, those members not having i adies Invitation can receive them at this meet ing. F. A LUTZ, nov 4 2t* Secretary. A MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ?Change of 'he time and place of ? A regular meeting of the B. ard of Directors for receiving the monthly In sfalments will he held at the office of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company, adjoining (north) the Hank of Washington, oi WEDNESDAY next, the 5th instant, at 7 o'clock p m nov l-3t CHAS WILSON, Sec. rn JZ^LOOK OUT FOR THE METRO POLITAN CLUB?They take *res( pleasure in announcing to their friends ana th^ public in general, that their First Grand Cotillon Party will take place a? Columbia Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, November 5, 1*56 Tickets FIFTY CENTS, and can he haul from any inemt er of the Club, or at the door. Committee of Arrangements. Charles Day, Adam Denmar, John McDonald, Patrick Barry, John Duley, Isaac Reed. oc 31-5t* .NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENS WARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from 1? to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, je 9-6 m JOHN McDEVITT CITY DISPATCH.?SPECIAL NO TICE?The proprietor begs leave to inform the citizens of Washington that not being patronised sutfi'.ient to guarantee the continuation of the above, he has been compelled to Hose, and returns his sincere thanks for tneir patronage Persons having purcha.-ed Stamps at the Box Stations will p'eas' return the same and have their money refunded, as on and after the 8th o! November there will be no redemDtion. nov3 3t# JOHN WILEY. VOCAL MUSIC ? A CLASS FOR ywOffT"instruction in the elements of Music and the practice of Singing will he organiz'd on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 5th inst . at 7 o'clock, at the E street Bsptit Chucb, under the direction of Mr Glenbot All persons deslrine to become members of the Class are requested tc attend. This, it Is expected, will be the first of a serlei cf lessons. nov 3-3t ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS.?YOU are hereby notified to be punctual in attend trgthe monthly meeting of the Co . pan\ at the Armory, on TUESDAY EVENING o'clock, as the election for Secretary and Treasurer for the ensuing year will take p!a e. By order of Capt. Rkesk nov 3-2t JAMES LACKEY, Sect. HENRY OANZIOER, RAT, MICE, AND INSECT EXTERMINA tor, from New Vork will remain in this citj for a few days Orders received at the National Hotel. Room No. 42, or at the Hetel Office nov 4 3'.* LOST.?ON MONDAY AFTERNOON the 27th Inst, on New York avenue, or M street, between 11th and fth, a bOLD LINKED BRACELET with Initials Inside. The findu will be suitably rewa'ded on leaving the sair.e al 363H street. lta Notice?a red cow. with white face and white hind feet, broke lnto< my enclosure, November 2d inst. TheL above will be delivered up to the r.wnerJ upon prcof of property ana payment of charges. C. WALBRIDGE, nov 4-3t* % mile N. of Columbia College. LADIES' AND < HILUKEN'S FURS. LADIES WISHING TO OB tain desirable FU RS at moderate prlc?s will find a good asso t ment of MANTILLAS, PIL > LORINES, TIPPETS, A VIC TORI NES, with CUFFS AND MUFFS to mitch. of various prices, at mucn, a. 1 STINEMETZS Cheap Gash Store, 226 Pa av., nov 4-eotf near 13th street. NOW DISCHARGING, AND FOR SALE. 115 tons of Cumberland COAL, of a superior qua ity. Also White, Red, and Grey Ath Coal. Hickory, Oak, and Pine WOOD. Persons lay. ing in their supplies will find It to their advan tage to give me a call before purchasing else where Otfi?e and Yard north cast corner of 12th and C streets, one square couth of Penn avenue, No. 518 nov 4 3t C. M KEYS. ELECTION DAY. WE DO NOT CARE WHICH OF THE two great and good men are elected Presi dent of the United folates to-day, either Demo crats or Natives. Onr glorious Union will he safe with either of them We want to s 11 our STOVES and other boods to both great parties All please call and see us. We have in store a very large and beautiful assortment of Stores and other g>.'Ods. Stoves of all sizes and patterns for ??oth parties, for coal or wood. Please call at No ?i'H, and we will sell our goods very cheap for ta\h. We would respectfully call the attention of our customers and friends to the fact that our Stoves are Philadelphia castings, and wish them to ask for the same, for Pennsylvania iron lb the best and toughest Iron that is found in this coun try, and best suited to ma^et good stoves, though if our customers wish Baltimore castings we have them In store. Please call and tee them both C. WOODWARD A SON, Pa ave., bet 10th and Hth sts . at No. 3J8. nov 4?6t (Organ) WHO WANTS A SHAWL? U/HLWOULD CALL THE PARTICULAR VT Wtentlon of puichasers to our Immense STOCK OF SHAWLS, which now comprises every description of desirable styles In ure, all of which have been purchased upon ihe hot terms, and many of them for less than they can be bought agalathls season. We have always given this department of our business a great deal of attention, and from the great number we buy and ?ell every season, we are always prepared to show by far the largest stock in tn?? Distrlc', and In n any instances at lower pi Ices than they can b? obtained for else where. We feel confident (we believe It Is gen erally admitted by the Ladies) that there Is noth ing in the shape of covering so decidedly comfort able In cold weather as a warm, heavy bhaw!, and they certainly possess another advantage over any other, and that is they are never out of Fashion. < ?ur stock in part comprises the f< llowing, vii: 100 Broche Long Shawls In White, BlueV*>reen. Scarlet, and Black Centres, ranging from #12 50 to $75, rnd all ?'e warranted to be as cheap as they can lie purchased for In New York at retail 300 Scotch and Bay State Plaid Shawls, of the newest styles in vogue 100 Misses' Long and Square Plaid Ehawis, in all the va-lous sizes. 50 Black and Lead and al) Black, Long and Square Shawls, from 83 to 83 SO. The above lot of Shawls will be found well wor hy the attention of purchasers, as no such as torimen'. will be found on retail south of New Vora W. *1. StiUSTER A CO No 38.opposite Centte Market, between 7th nov4-10t . - andPth streets. REMEMBER THBBK la RO BITTKB PIACE TO BUT CHI AF OOOD? TBAB AT HALLS GREAT CHEAP CASH STORE. HAVING J.UST KECK1VKD FROM THE NEW YORK AND PHILAJDELPBIA AUC TIONS, an immen*a ??d elegant stock of NEW AND SEASONABLt DKY GOODS.em bracing every description and desirable s.yle, we art- prepared and determined to sell at NSW YORK RETAIL PlUOBs and a little cheaper than many other houses in this city, whilst oar Immense assortment enable* uo to offer many styles and detcripticns of desirable goods not to be found elsewhere. We are aetlafiaf that the pi ices and quality of oar flock cannot be snrpa<svd. Ilill, SILAS, SILK*, 5,000 YARDS EI.EG.ANT BLACK, PLAID, AND STRIPED SILKS, of the moat beautiful and modem prcdnctltns, ranging In price from 75 cents to f 1 5o. DKLAIREI AND MKRIIIUI. No lady should bay a DELAINE or MERINO DRESS* without first looking at onr aasorm^t which we think Is decidedly the LARGEST and CHEAPEST in the city. Conatating in pan of ' 125 pieces English Marino, fiom 25 to 50 cents . French Mer1d<\ 75 cents. 300 pieces Ce.alne, of new and beautiful styles, from 12 to ft! cents. CALICOS, CALICOS, ClL'CUI. In this stock will be found? 10,000 .aid* of the nea'aat and newest patterns, and [erfeetly 'a?t colors, a* * cent*; worth 10 1 case Black and W hite Calico, at 6 cent* ; quite as good ?? i if we have had at 10 cents 1 case Fancy Prints, for Comforts, at 5 cents. SHAWLS! SHAWLS II SHAWLS!!! For beauty ot design, qua lty, and moderate prlcea, c in not b? surpassed FLANNELS, FLANNELS. FLtNNELS. 100 p'.cces. just from auction, which we cai sell t?n pe: cent. le~s than former prlee>. CASSIMEKES, CASSIMERES, (ASSIMERIS. Plain and Fancy Cacsimerts for gentlen en and boys, v -rv pre*, y ? nd ctrap. CASSINETS, CASSINETS. CASS1NETS. The stock of this class of goods Is full and complete, some a? low as 31 cents. 50 pieces Fulled Cloths ana Liaseys for tenants, at v^ry low pilces. LINENS, LINENS, LINENS. The Irish Linens hare been selected from the best irakers, and are engaral perfectly pure K0 pieces yard-wide Unbleacfcel COTTON, at# cenu. 5'i do do ?York Mills at 12 cents; the regular prlcc of this article Is l? cents 5, 9, 9, 10, 11 and 12-4 Bleached Sheeting, very heavy and cheap. BLANKETS, BLANKETS, BLANKETS. A beautiful assortment, from 50 centa to $10. Also, a large lot of COMPORTS, which we had made to order, and will sell ve y (Leap Embroidered Curtain Muslin at 12 rents, wnth J5 cents 200 Cloaks and Mantillas, some in the lot as low as SI *25. SKlttTS, tKlRTS, SKIRTS. 100 BEAOTIFUL PARIS WHALEBONE, QUILTED AND CORDBD SKIRTS, which for elegarc; and comfort are acknowledged incomparably superior to all other Skirts now in use A large lot of Kl<l Glove* j jst received from auction at 25 cents. We have also on hand 100 dczen Ladles and Gentleraens Black, White and colored Rid Glovrs wirranied the best quality at 12 per cent, Iras than the usual price. Pure Linen Shirt Besoms 25 cents, worth 50 cents Gentlem-ns' Ucder-Shlrts onlv 37 cents. 30 dozen Ladles Vests, Just In from auction, very cheap 100 dozen Ladles and Children's Worsted Hood?, Comforts and Scarls at very low prloes 300 dozen Whl.e Spool Cct on at 25 cents, each spool warran'ed to contain 200 yards CARPETS, CARPETS, CARPETS Splendid Carpetlngs and Oil Clothes from auction which we can sell !ess than Mancfarttirers' prices. Some carpets in the lot as low as 25 rents. HATS AND CAPS. A beautiful selection lias been made from the manufactories, sdapted for the presort cr.d approach lng seasons, which wu are prepared to sell at one profit less than oth^r houses who buy them of ti.e Jobbers. SHOES, SHOES, SHOES. Boots and Shoes, in tLls line we are well supplied,and special ca*e has been tak*a to select arias* of each tha- will give satisfaction, in low-priced goods. We have Ladies' slippers at 37 cents Ladies Gaiters at 87 cents, Ladle*' and Gentlencens' Fancy Toilet Slippers, 50 cents Chlldrens' Shces, 20 cents; Boys' Boots, SI ; Gent>mens' Boots SI 50 We have also on hand a complete assortment of Ladies', Gentieroens' Boys, end Chlldiens' Gait ers Fancy i*hoes, Boots and Rubbers of the best quality, at our usual low pries A160 our usual lull stock of heavy Boots and Broyans for servants, warranted to give satisfaction Buyers in want of bargains should net fail to examine our s'ock before mating tuelr purchase* as we feel confident that they will he suited both In quality atd prices. Purchasers buying to sell again, will be furnished with anv a'tlcle In oar line at Baltimore ptlces All go ds purchased of us will be tent to any part of the City free of charge, and may be teturned at any ilme if not ai ;epresented. Remember the p ace and number R B HALL. No 373 Seventh Street, nov 4?eolt Fourth House above 1 Street W. G. METZEROTT, (Successor to Gioxgz Hilbcs.) Wtielesale Agent fer the Stuthiri tut* ? f Howen It Uarti'i CELEBRATED PIANOS, HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LARGES1 Mock of PIANOS from Sl?5 up to $1,0 0 PIANOS MEl.ODEONSfrom *15 to 925 >. GUITARS, VIOLINS, brass INSTRU MENTS, Fl.utes. BANJOES, ACCORI> eons, and sheet MUSIC, cheaper than 1i any house souih of New Yori. M usic published and received every day Piaacs for rent. nov 4-tr HEW ARRANGEMENTS. The undersigned respectfully i:.form their customers a- d the public in gen eral, that they have thoroughly renovated the! establishment and addt d thereto a very large eel lar, so as to be enabled to keep a large supply oi their superior PORTER and ALE on hand, anc ejpect dally to receive a supply of PhUadeiphi. and Troy Draught Ale, which will be sold at i small advice, lor cash only. We also expec dally 50 bbls of New Jersey Champagne Cider a pure article. Alwavs on hand, a large supply of Turner 4 Brothers fine Liquors, viz: Blackberry, Rasp berry, Strawberry, Cherry and Ginger Brandies ; Ginger Wine; Stomach and St> ugh ton Bittera, Absenthe, Curacoa, and other Cordials. Dr Wheeler's Tonic Sherry Wine Bitters, for which we are sole agents. As usual, a large supply of Mineral Waters bottled Porter and Ale on l and. ARNY ft SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, novjt- Georgetown, D. C. DR. C. S. GOODMAN, Deatist. HAS REMOVED TO AND FITTED UP those masnifi-ent rooms formerly occupied by the Gas Company cornerMUMBI Eighth street and Market Place TwentyIxxr odd years experience in the various branches rl his profession justifies him intfferlng his ser vices to the pub ic. Having ln;ieasel facilities, he is prepared to perform all operations, surgical or mechanical, In the highest style of srt, and on scientific principle*. nov 3-it* C'ilAf) HEWAHU ? RAN AW AY FROM qp?i\J\J the subscriber, on the evening of the 1st instant, a NEGRO WOMAN, belonging to the estate of Mrs Sopbla Perrie, (deceased.) named cornelia DIGGS about twenty-five >ears of age, five feet ten Inches high, oft bright mulatto color, and I* a very we'l made woman. I will give the above reward if taken in ike District, or State of Maryland, or fKlO if taken a non-slaveholding State, and secured so that 1 can get her again. G. A WATERS, nov3-tf Administrator, W. A. PARIS PRKMIl'M HATS. MODE DE P1NAUD. 'PODD ft CO HAVE RECEIVED PER 1- steamship "Arago" an invoice or Gen tlemen's DR tiSS H ATS from the celebrated establishment of Lavllleft Poumaroux, who received two first-class medals at the late Exposi tion in Paris Also, a beautrul assortment of Children's FANCY BEAVER HATS, for Miseeeor Boys Ladies'RIDING HATS. FRENCH UMBRELLAS, very superior TODD It CO , nov 3-6tfteotf west end Browns' Hotel A CARD?THE ATTENTION OF PER sons wishing to purchase Furniture, and the public in general is respec folly Invited to the sale which will take place on WEDNESDAY, the 5.h Instant* at the United States Hotel, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and streets, at 10o'el>ekn. m. The sale will commence In the dining room with the Crockery and Glassware, Castors, Knives. Forks, and Spoons We shall then pro ceed to se'-l the large assortment of Bedding, 100 pairs Blankeis, 1U'? pairs Sheets, ISO Corafonaand Counterpanes, Pillow Cases, Table Cloths, ftc 1 h* sale will be continued from day to day until all Is sold ? ... ... Some of the Furniture is of an excel ent quality, and persons wishing to purchase win do well to attend the sale. No postpoLrm^ntrn account of the weather. A GREEN, nor 3-3t Auctioneer. A REWARD OF FIVE DOLLAR? WILL be paid for the return of my NEGRO BOY. THOMAS WILLIAMS. Tom is an indented apprentice of about 16 years of age, is well crown and of a eoppcr or dark mulatto color. He left my house thin morning, wearing a high crowned felt hat, of dark drab or brown coTer, a black cloth frock cent, and n pair of brown casimeie pants, and a pair of new fine calfskin ahoea. WM CLEARY, nov 3-St* Cor. of fth street and Maine a*. Amusements. CAR UZI S tf ALOOX. PEREAM3 OPERATIC BAND UK Consisting of the 'oilowing member* H 8. Creighton, director and double bus. Carl Trainman, principal solo viollncellst and ? leader of orchestra, Morris 1). Edmonds, second solo viollncellst end Jewish dulcimer, p Dr. C. Montgomery, basso and viollncellst, VV W. Snow, soprano and pianist, A. Jones, tlrst naojolst and dictator, R. Parker, second banjolst, . John Duley, bones and tlrst low corned an, n Mast Robert Hughes, balladUt, William Boyd, eccentric comedian, , J. H. Hunter, cornet a piston, | C. G Mortimer, solo guitarist, E. Edwards, alto and tenor violin, Wm. Moore, second tenor, t M. Sexton, com'c dancer, . J J. Cluskey, Jig dancer and tambo, r j Fred. Myers, fancy dancer and personator rf fe . . ma e character, f WILL GIVE THREE COXCERTS 1 At CARUSl'j fcALOON. coicmenrlng 1 MONDAV ?V?HlNti, Kirrmbir 10, t+i(. ) N B.?CHANGE OF PROGRAMME EACH NIGHT. New Afterpieces every Evening ? Tickets TWENTY FIVE CENTS Reserved , t Seats ran be secured durlrg the day at the Hall ' 1 nov l-7t Wants. SITUATION WANTED?BV i^N AMERN can Woman as Cook, and to assist In wasting . God references can be given Apply at Mr JOHN DAVIS'S, H street, north aide,between and 5th streets It* WANTED ?ONE OR TWO GOOD FARM Hands, to work on a small farm near the city. Inquire from 1 to 2 o'clock at L. MUR PHY'S Harness Making Establishment, No 470 ! 13th atreet, 2d door north of the Avenue. nov3-3t? WANTED ?A SMALL HOUSE TO RENT, at about ?300, by a ftrst rate tenant The in j cation must be between 3d and 8th streets, and the premises must be in good repair A well fur nished house would not b? objected to. Address Boi 417, Post (Jlfioe. nov l-3t* WANTED?A WOMAN_TtT DO THE Cooking, Washing, Ironing, and General Housework of a small family. Also, a Boy as House Servant, that la acquainted with the city Colored or 6erman preferred. Good reference* required Apply at No 418 Thirteenth street, nov l-3t* WANTED ? WANTED ?500 LADIES wanted to buy 500 pieces of Black Velvet Ribbons, at less than retail prices Also, 20 dozen Kid Gauntlets at P7){, usual price Rl.ttt; ?20 dozen do. at 31 Jf, worth M; CHldrens' Hand , kerchiefs at 4 cts : Gents Handkerchiefs at 6fc, warranted fast colors; beautiful silk Buttons at dk cents All goods at small proits for cash, at ' the Peoples Store. W. H HURDLE, ? oc 2S-2w Georgetown, D. C. AN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO lnd persons In want of the following ar tides: French or German Looking ?lasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or sonars Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, la bronse or gold. | All kinds of Pictures framed, and any siM Looking Glasses, or other work In the gilding I line done to order with dispatch. ? Also, a lot of east-Iron Braeketts. suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to sul the time*, for cash. N B ? Old Work Refill,mad Looking Plates Inserted. ?55 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood Hoom. dec It JOHN WAGNER Boarding. DOAKD, Ac ? MRS. BATE!1, ON THE 8. W mJ corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 1Kb street Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may fhvor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. ap*-tf RAW A WAT FMOMTHK lUilCRlRlR residing on Virginia avenue, between M 3d and 4th streets, Navy lad, a b.a ? BOY named JOHN Cl.ARK,who Is be- ^9 tween 17 and IS vears of age 1 will gl? JBLm ?5 leward for him: and forewarn all persons from harboring or employl' g him, as 1 will enforce tte law all such persons noTfcp* THOMAS K1RRLRY. SrREAMiRi, ruei? iiw> CA??? Tots, Ac , at . .?cn, ,N^ novi m?lau?mlin >t.