Newspaper of Evening Star, November 4, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 4, 1856 Page 5
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EVENING STAR. ? i n _ ? - TO MY BBOTHIB Comf with me, dearesr, to the river's aide, \\ hrf the bright Hoods make music as they flow, And while we wander by Its sparkling tide, t*weet memories will rise of long ago, And thoughts, that childhood bade These waters keep. Flash forth once more from their enchanted sleep. Look where it flows, unchanged, unchangeable. Foaming o'er rocks and rippling to the sun, The shy trout plays among the eddies still, v\ here dense and dark the restless currents ran : How strange to know that thrice three years have past, Since we two wandered by Its margin last' ^ et change is here; wben we were wont to stray r rom u.orn till eve these woody banks among, Thick dung the hawthorn blossoms from the spray, * j! ?' *Prlnff ln ?*ery thicket sung ; And like a shower of gold, ihe bonnv broom F lung to the amorous gale her buds of rich per fume. Now autumn looks o'er fields of ripen dcorn. And sere leaves rustic where our footsteps fall, Few and unfrequent now the notes are borne, That made these solitudes so musical; And so It Is with u?, for life no more. Though fcappy still Is spring time as of yore Ay, we are changed; upon thy noble brow Dwells the deep musing meet for manbo<d'? prim*-. Thy step Is ilrmer. asd thy rich leeks now Are somewhat darken'd by the toneh of time. And graver cares are round thy spirit twine i, Than In those shades thy childhood left behind Yet, though time sports with outward forms at will. In deeper things his breath has scarce been felt, And thf long lapse of years doth find us still Before the shrine* at which our childhood knelt; And what In those young days we wont to prize Are still the same, the dearest in our eyes. Still, as cf yore, 'tis thy delight to bend here sjme bold river thunders on its course, Where catarar s In whiten'd showers descend, Deafening the air with clamor loud and hoarse. Thou lovest ;o ply the angler's silent art, Alo e with nature, and thy own deep heart Then hast gone forth to mingle with the world, And breith'd the air cf many a forelm clime; But from thy spirit never has been hurl'd The warm, f<esb feeling of that early Mine ; And I behold the glory or thy youth, Blest with an honest heart of kindness and truth. For we, though years have borne upon thy iilght A thousand joys my childhoodcculd not dream, My soul has ever found Its chief delight By lonely mountain glen, or gushing stream And life can yield no pleasure and no pride Dearer thin tnis,?to wander by thy side. And shonld we hither stray, when young ro mance Has faded tn -he world's ungenial air, And the soft lightning of the eagle glance In those dirk eves, be seen but faintly there, Oh may we find In nature's beauty still A joy ail shadowless, a charm for every ill * [7*au'j !iIu^azim*. ARRIVALS ATTHE PRINCIPAL HOTELS Witlard*' Hotel?j. c i g, i, willabd f Traftoa, SC W fc Barker, N Y G W Buckram, do T Reed A ly, Va Lorlng A son, Mo W l.amhert O W Hewson A ly, Asa J G Benton, USA Mlse HtWsou, do fi K Collins, NY It P Hew<on, da Dr Joving A*ly, SC rH Ballet:, Md h C Wo,4, USA W H Fauld, NC Dr Mayes, Mav, J J Kogers. NY K 11 fiddy, do V Biggins, Ten T Mul ord, N V H M Black, USA JEFlkAiy, Ark K F Sise. NH ..lias FUk, do W C Gatewoed, 5<c W 9 Wallace O J C finals A ly. Mo N Forster, Ten Miss fcnnis. do K P Truoe, do Mrs Conkilng. do N .Yllchler, USA J T Harley, o M Grl-wood, Va D D Bayne. Mo H C Weaver A ly, Fa L L PI'flHd, O O U Granger, Tex {.Gasklll A ly, Va L fi Vernon, O G \> inters, do Capt Adams. U8N D K Hopkins, Del R Thomson. Ga National Hotel. ?wm. acy. A R Abercroble, DC G A Bates, NY A T Byrens, do D Clarke A ly, Md F H Smith. Ill G B Newton, Va w e jones. Ten J Moore, Mo W F illlows, NN J McCain A ly, NC C Fll ois, do Miss Seales, do T L Grem, Cal HC Scott, M?1 C J Leiew Md fe Hilleary, do J K 'Jalwell, do Mrs Go"ges, N V J Hfc< kfoid. Ala Miss Li man. do J fieckford Tex Mrs Manderson, do J B Cummin, Md C fi Lening. SC J C Ha.denton, do Brawns' llatel.?T. p. A *. aaowir. M De Osmi, Mrs Donaldson, NY v Gales, NC Mrs Walt man, do L Walker, Pa J Little A fam, NJ H A Smith, do T Hawes. !*id M Martin, La C Hawes. do >V M Blake A ly, do Miss Hawee. do Miss 9 Jones, do Miss M J Hawes. do Miss E J odes, do A B Kell#v, Del J C GrUfith, Md J fi Waller, do . C C Bruton. Pa H M I angley. J Holmes, do J fi Tnrton, Md Miss Jackson, do Kirkwaad lltise.?j. A A H. kikkwooD. W R Page Va V R Brent M DLxxou A son, Md J S Parr. NY T H Oyerton, fing a Price do M Overton, do Mr Fuller, do Miss Overon, do R K Swift, 111 D Tlmburloke, Va G Shrrswool A ly, Pa A H Harris. NY C C Yonge A ly Fla T C Maddox. Fa VV F Berry, Md C* Belts, Md W J Beall. do MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS '?on tbi tn iris sriTis Numr Limmit fir Day Arabia Boston Liverpool,...Nov. 5 Atlantic .New York. ...Liverpool Nov w Tempest.. ..New York....Glasgow Nov. fe Asia New V ork....Liverpool ...Nov. IV fidlnburg....New York....Glasgow.. ..Nov 45 Fulton New \ ork Havre Nov. 15 raoM ivuors Fu!ton Havre New York .. Oct 22 Ca..ada Liverpool Bnston Oct <5 B?uUc Liverpool New York .. Oct u'J ' ''^"u.-a'aVt*i-ners leave New Vor* outte 3:b :.Ld iota ofeacn tuoaio tNTHONf *3 i t C^fDEHTAKEil, ?hop atrd He?idenee 303 Penn'a avenue, aouth sid?. b-?twnea 9th and 10th a'l Having provided himsllf with an EL EH ANT HFARSK ... and all necMisnry cr*Qvrr>lences properly conduct*"g hi buaku?ss, wouid re*pectf^.:y inform the p-iwiic that he Is fully pr-par?d to fll! all orders entrusted to him, ?t the shorten notice, ar.d In the best manner A lar<e supply of U LADY-MADE COFFINS of all sixes, alwavs on hand, which will be for alshed ob the most reasonable terms. As pains will be .pared te give ?atlre satisfaction on all occasions. N. B.? Resld ng oa the premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours feb T-Iy WOOD A NO COAL. Wfi ARE DAILY RECEIVING LARGE supplies of WOOD and COAL, which we sell from th* boats at vary- low prices Fer sons desirous of laying In their winter fuel would do well to give us a call before purchasing else BOGL E A O'NLILL *** * WaU-r street, Georgetown fTTMK If La Q OF III K LNION, FOR ?th ,r' l^lni?lng a ucw storv, by Durl uPride of Paris, or the Roll of the Drum, a i.?h literary tre*'. Get It by all u<eans, at FKRGUHdN'S aoy 1 ?? 7th stmt. W HITK ASH t'OAL. JUST AR R 1 V ID, tl.M tl'AkOO HUl'KltlllR WHITE ASH COAL, auitable for RadUtr,rs ar d Furnaces All other kinds of coal of tb? best quality co&stajtly on hai.d : also Fiu<- Oak ?nd hickory Wood ' Coal kept under rower. IV It* to the ton. T J. A W M GALT, _oe sr if ,N W oor l-ith and C su , No 447. BI.Al k THA.Taj CHESTS OF UNrTVaI - ied Black Tern l ist In kINO A BURCHELL, Ct.r Vt ave and 15th street A ftHOW CA?K FOR NILE. ** fonnarlv used In frrntof our Fancy Store. *' '"r Flano Forte Emporium of JOHN F. ELLIS fiANo aruuLs a:?ii> ua < overs ' assorted, at the FUiio and Musi Store jU> ae?r ttuh ftreet ^wre ot?, JOHN F. ELLIS CLASSICAL ATLAS, CONTAIII ing M..paand Plana, with an Index of Plm-'ea >1 ? nIMt-??ctors Guide, with i;iu?tration?' K ifiA. xe, and ??dd e-bags, by R ev \\ iiii,? H Xllburn [oc 3?1 PRaNI K TAVl.Oji IVIEW HLCM wheat or thcihuikst 1 v t,n?r di, Just received by ? M SING A BUMCHfcLL. FRUIT, ORNAMENTAL TMl*;*?' The undersigned has the plea? ure of offering to his patrrns and ribllc In general a very large assortment RUIT, SHADE,EVERGR E EN-^ TREES, Ac., comprising? i Dwarf Pear frees. in great ^cy .mongwl.LA are all the finest native sad?"JK" splendid oneiroid trees are ofler AW.WrWg-- ?>? h??t milted to this re?lo?, ?l? per UW Peaches. *ne and thrifty, tbe cholcast klnda, A?^?fl0pCh?rrl?i, Plums, Standard Pears, P waW*. *c , large, Tl^orou. and thrifty, ?innseberrhw, Currents, Raspberries, Grape Vines, Ac an immense stock of all the cholW I Strawberries, the large fine new varieties, as weil as the old popular sorts Rhubarb and Asparagus Roots, strong and good. Roses, the choicest ever blooming varieties. Evergreens, an extensive collection of the rare and well known kinds. Shade, Ornamental Trees, Ac. Dutch Bulbons Roots, Garden Seeds. In fact, every thing pertaining to the Nursery and Seed business, warranted oflhe best quality, choicest varieties, correct to name, and as low as they can be purchased In the United Stats*. Catalogues can be had on application JOHN SAUL, Seed Store, 306 7th street, corner H street, oc l-eol&t Nursery, on 7th street road. Proposals for Oil for Lighthouses. Treascry DinaTMiST, Offite Ltzkt-home Board, Novrmbtr 1,1*550. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RE ceived at this office until 1 o'clock p in , on Saturday, the 15th day of November, for supply ing the Light House establishment with the fol lowing lots or quantities of OH, to be delivered alongside of the Government supply-vessels at Boston, New York c!ty. New Bedford, Ed?ar town, or Nantucket, Msssscbusetts, at the option of the contractor, to be determined on at the time of accepting the bid, in tight, well made casks, suitable for shipping, in prime order, on or before the following ddtes. respectively, and also at the point nlined (Oswego, N. Y )for lot No 4,viz l/Ot No 1 ? 30,000 (thirty thousand) gallons best Winter-strained or Pressed Sperm Oil,on the 1st day of April, 1S57. Lot No 2?30,000 (thirty thousand) gallons best Winter strained or Pres>ed Sperm Oil, on on the 1st day of June, 1857 Lot No 3.?30 000 (thirty thousand) gallons best Winter-strained or Pressed Sperm Oil,on the 1st day of August. iaV7. ' FOR THE LAKES Lot No. 4.?5,M)0 (five thousand) gallons best Wlnter-stralned or Pressed Sperm Oil, at Oswwo. New York, on tbe 1st day of May/?H57, or lmmtdlately after the open ? lng of the Erie canal. - The Oil comprised In lot No. 4. to be delivered at Oswego, for the lights on the Lakes, must be In small Iron-bound casks, In prime order, free from leakage, containing from thirty to fifty gal lons each, and free from all expense tothe United State*; all the <os s of transportation, damage, and leakage being at the charges and risk of the contractor, and all tests and Inspections to be prior to the transportation of the oil from thecon tractor's warehouse, or other place of deposit The several lots of Oil required to b? deliver d alongside of the supply vessels shall be so deliv ered when the said ve?sels shall be in readiness to receive the s?m-?; and In case th^ supply-vessels should not be ready to receive the Oil on the day. hereinbefore specified for its delivery, then the contracting paity will be at liberty to deliver it to an authorized agent of the light-Louse establish ment at the point of delivery, and shall be enti tled to payment therefor within fifteen day* from bitch delivery. A'l the Oil contracted for under the foregoing proposals to be submitted to the usual tests of specific gravity,by burning, and such other means as may be thought proper by the person or persons to whom that duty may be assigned by the Light house Hoard, and required to remain limpid at a temperature of 32 degrees or lower of Fahrenheit, before it wi I be accepted. Proposals will be received and coasidered for each lot sepirately, or for the whole quantity re quired, at the option of the bidder; but no bid will be entertained for a less quantity than lscoin frised in one of the several lots designated Nos , 2, 3, and 4. Tbe bids mast state explicitly the lot or lota proposed for bv the number or numbers, the quantity of each lot of Oil, and the price jer gallon All bids must be sealed* and endorsed ?? Propo sals ftr Oil for Light-houses," an^^te placed In another envelope, and directed tSHBecretary of tlie Light-house Board. Washington, 1). C A bond, witk security to the satisfaction of the department, In a penalty equal to one fifth of the amount of each contract made under the forego ing proposals, will be required of each contrac tor, conditioned for the faithful performance of each contract, to be executed within ten days alter the acceptance of the bid The board, under the authority of the depart ment, reserves tne right to reject any bid, though It may be the lowest, from other considerations than its amount By order of the Light house Board THORNTON A. J KNKINS, nov 1-eodtlSth Nov Secretary UNITED STATES MAI AS. * OHIO. Post Ovpici Department, > Washington, Oct. 25, 1956. $ Proposals for carrying the malls of the United States from January 1, 1S56, (or sooner If practicable,) to Juae 30, 1H60, on the following route In the State of Onio, will be received at the Contract Office of the Post Of fice Department, In the City of Washington, until V# a. m. of December 1st next, to be decided same day: No. #27tt?From Toledo, by Swanton, Delta, Bry?n,55 miles and back, twice a week. Ltave Toledo Monday and Thursday at 7 a m ; Arrive at Bryan next day by 12 m ; Leave Bryan Tuesday and Friday at 2 p. m ; Arr,veat Toledo next day by 7 p. m Proposals for ??r vie* three times a week are invited. f or form of proposals, guarantee, and certlfi cate, also Instructions, requirements, Ac., see pamplet advertisement Inviting proposals for mail service in Ohio, dated January 10, 1856, to be found at the Departmen; and at the post offices on the route Proposals should be superscribed," Proposals, route ?27ti. Ohio," and addressed to the il Second Assistant Postmaster General. Washington, D. C " Bidders will state from what date they will commence the service. JAMKS CAMPBKLL, oc 27-wlw Postmaster General. SUPERIOR TOILEl' DRY GOOD*. JUST RECEIVED AND OS SALE: 1 c rton cciitatnlrg an elegantly embroidered Coverlet on Crimson >"atin, with gorgeous Tassels to match This is, without exception, the mo?t magnificent and novel article of the kind offered i a this city. Also. 3 baies superior Fr'noh and Edinburgh Blankets, in all size*, f.-ora the smallest sized t rib to the largest sized Bed. 5b Dr-sden, Turkish, and Marseilles Quilts for < ribs, single and large sized Beds, colored and white, cheap 50 piete* 0 4, 10-4,11-4. 12 4, and 13 4 pure Rus sia, Irish, B.trnsley, aid Scotch Linen Sheeting S?> d'./en 33, 40, 45. and 52 inch fine and heavy Richardson's make Pillow and Bolster Case Linens 2 cases K assla Basket, Huckaback, Albert, Barns ?ey, Sllwiia Damask, Irish do, heavy and fine Towellings, i. so, colored anil white Giavs or Porcelain do, very soft, and absorbent, cheap 1 cise Russia Crash and German Roil ao 10 dozen patent Dusters, a very desirable article 10 do Sponge Towels, which for hotels and families are especially useful, the world over, and for cleaning windows or paunels of carriages, Ac , are unequalled also? In superior Table Mnens webavea stock which for parity of composition, perfection In make, weigh' anu strength of fabric, and beauty tf de sign. cannot be surpassed by anv other stock at retail in the country, among whirh may be found the following slz?s of Taole Cloths of 1,'elglan and Irish manufacture: 12 1 by 12-4 up to 20 1, and 10-4 Uj> to 20 4, and h-4 by M 4 up to * 4 by 12 4 Sllecla Damask, very heavy and cheap 10-4,12 4, and l*-4, In pieces which will be cut up to order The only objection to thes** goods Is they are too good A ?o, '<>;-? utjf at Overlays, Tray and Table Nap kins to mat h from $1 50 j>er dozen up to #110 Also, l case of superbly beautiful Cover* tor 6 ana 7 octave and ^rand Pianos. !n propershape; the colors and of which ere rich, and will be sold cheap, nnd table Covers t^ match Also, H-4 green, crimson, and claret colored r reurh Cloths for Piano aud Table Cove?s,and *hemlet^' ?' Sdlln Uroratel Bordering* to trim As we now devote our whole tlmeand attention exclcsliely to the buying and selling Furniture DivGoids ttione, house-keepers, hotel-keepers, aud agents f n atoamboata mav at all times rely upon being supplied with nothing but such goods as have the credit of real merit as to quality and Ui'.e. The prices are warranted as low as the lowest of any lection of the country oc20-eo3vg CLAGETT, DOIWON A CO TABLE i'lTLKHY. UOH AS IVORY. WOOD AND HORN handle table and dessert, Knives only, and Knives with Forks Also, meat and game Car vers, Steels, ice. These goods are manufactured expressly for my tales, ana I do not heiltste to re commend them as being oqual If not superior to any goods in the market C. W BOTELER. oc '?t-?o I rou Hall S Information for Tra?tl?ri. IT RAILROAD DIRECT TO THK WIST. Time batwern Wa*k\neton and Wkstitng but 17i hours ! Burning Time between Washington aad Cincinnati 27 hours!! HAS lHWilBllltTON. THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having RTeatly Improved Its Western connection!, now offers the fullest Inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and all portions of the WEBT, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST The connection between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately ca'led the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore. This is the on.y change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river. Baggage is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked and trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, for those holding Through Tickets for points be yond. The connecting trains leave Washington dally at 6 a. m and 4Jf p. m On Sundays at the later hour onlv. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from Wheellng.ilirect connection Is made with the trains of CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, running from Belialr, on the Ohio, through Cambridge. Zanesvllle, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect at Newark wlthtna cars of theNewark, Mnnsleld and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit. Chicago. St. Louis, etc At COLUMBUS the C O. Rnllrnr.d IrslM cen tect with thefast tialns of t\,e Little Miami Hail ro<fi to Xemia. Cincinnati, Louisville, etc. At X EN IA (on Little Miami Railroad' -obneciion Is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis, Terre Haute. Lafayette, Chi- ago, Rock Island, St. Louis, Carlo, etc I?jr Passengers holding Through Tickets for Me iLfku, Hcksburg. \atchet, New Orleans, etc., which are also sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati, to the Mali Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansvllle, Carlo, and St. Louis are sold bv the river route UJ- For CLEVELAND, acd via Cleve'and to To,edo. Detroit, Chicago, etc , tickets are sold, when the Ohio is navigable between Whee lng and Wellsviile ^forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Hal'road is made. Travel?rs are requested to notice that while this L Is the only route uttording Through Tickets and 'Checks in Washington, it is also the shortest, most speedy, and direct to neary all the leading points In the great West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati is but 65-'J miles, being about 100 miles shorter than by any other route \ FARR, BY THROUGH TICKET, FRO* WASHINGTON :?To Wheeling, 50: Colum bus, $13 05; Dayton, 815 50; Cincinnati, ?16 00; Louisville, by ral'road, S18 65, by steamer from Cincinnati, fib 00; Indianarolls, f(17 50; Cleve land, SI2 50, Toledo, #15 90; Detroit, fl5 '20; Chicago, 820 65and HIV 50; St Lonis, S'2S 50 and ?25: Memphis, ?<?26; New Or'eans S3I, etc. irV-FOR FREDERICK ANDHARPKK'S FERRY. MARTI NSBURG.CUM BERLAND, BERK LEY SPRINGS, BEDFOK D SPRINGS PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, and FAIRMONT passengers may leave Washington at 6 a. m or 4^ p in. For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a m. train from Washington. Ijjr I-or trains to and from Baltimore, Annap olls. etc., see special advertis-emmts. For further Information, Through Tickets, etc., apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. WM. S. WOODS1DE, Master of Transportation, ?arch 1?tf B A O Railroad. Baltimore, THK NEW YOKE AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES ,MAII. STEAMERS. sr TV* I C 15 DAILY (SVNDAT NIUHTS EXCEPTED) Between Washington Cilv ami the South' VIA : ALEXANDRIA, ? OR DONSVILLE, RICHMOND, DAN VILLE GREKNSBOROUGH.N. L. AND IjaILT TO THK VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Leave Washington at 6 o'clock, A M. Leave Washington at,.... 7 " P.M. Leave Alexandria at 7 u A.M. Leave Alerma'ia at...... " p S), Travellers will find the Morning Line In con nection with the Virginia Central Kuilroad, the Cheapest, most Pleasant and "xpedltlous It note to THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Orecnbrier White Sulphur and Fauquier White Sulphur, Warm, Hot, Alum and Capon Springs, Welr'?i Cave, Natural Bridge, Lexington, ?c OMNIBUSES and BAUGAGfc. WAGONS will be at the Washington Railroad Depot tocon ve PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, hrn of Ctintgt, to STEAMER GKORGE _ i I*A G E. for A LEX AN DR1 A, a dl? aa' of sir miles, allowing ample time for M<m:s. Fare from Washington to Richmond S3 50 Fare ?* " Danville 11 Of Pare 44 44 Greensborough.,.12 00 Tickets procured on the boat. Expedition und Comfort are securf-d by this Route,esi;;sa Ltunnv run sailroib r sou ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THKuUbli PAIiSEtyGERSand BAGGAGE carried without oosi tothe Depot otthe Petersburg Railroad JAMES A. EVANS, se 1 Agent, Alexandria, va. FOR H A K P E K ' 5? I'KRR v ?? -77* Via CKnaptakt f -vrrmrtV Okio Cm*al nsftStuHMBl THROUGH IH TIWELVK HOVHS! TI1BE NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET J BOAT ARGO, Capt. Ch*<. H Mkmrill, will commence making kittular Trips between GEORGETOWN ar.Jtfce above Point, on Mon day, March 27th, liio The Boatwill leavethe wharf of W H A H . 6 Rlttor, Georgetown. D. C,every Monday, Wed nesday, and Friday morning, ut 6 o'clock Returning, she will leave Harem's Pe^ry every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at o'clock. Tnrough Tickets, fi.'J#. T? L?tburg Sl.tfzjf, including tk? Slugs fr?m Edward*1 Firry Families Intending to visit the Virginia Springs the coming season wlllUnd this by far the most safe, piea?ant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Capon, SUanondate, White Sulphur and Warren. Meal* served on board at moderate rates. A coach will always be in reidlness Jw George town to convey passengers to and from the Beat FO'furtLer particulars Inquire at the store ol W H A H G RITTER, Georgetown, and JOHN V. AVIS, Jf* Harper's Feiry, Vs. aiftX 16?tf yaBHtwtifow branch railroad. 4 iHANGK OF HOURS.-On and after Mm v. > day, the 33d Instant, the Trains will Leave W aafelarton at ? and wa. m , and t aid P ? On Sunday at 4 p at. Leave Baltimore at tu and ?* ? ?, sad I an* p. m. on Sunday ntKi m a>?3~*r t. ?. PARSONS, A??l1. E SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINB are the Th ATLANTIC Capt. Eldrldge. BALTIC Capt. Comstock. ADRIATIC Capt. J as. West. These ships having been built by contract ex pressly for Government service, every care ha? been tuken In their construction, as also In their engines, to Insure strength and speed; and their accommodations for passengers are unequaltd for elegance and comfort Price of passage from New York to Liverpool In lrst cabin. CIJ0: In second do., f75. From Liverpool to New York, :Ml and 20 guineas. An experienced surgeon attached to eacn ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. The ships of this line have improved water-tight bulk heads, and to avoid danger from Ice will not cross the Banks north of 4* degrees, until after the 1st of August. raoposis datis or saiLiN*. y*%* Y?rh. Frrm Liitrpul. 1856 1856. Saturday Apr 'M Wednesday....May It Saturday .......May 10 Wednesday....May 2= Saturday May 24 Wednesday....June 11 Saturday June 7 Wednesday....June 25 Saturday Wednesday ....July V Saturday July 5 Wednesday....July 23 Saturday........July 1H Wednesday....Aug. ?i Saturday Aug 2 Wednesday....Aug. 2U Saturday Aug 16 Wednesday....Sept. 3 Saturday Aug 30 Wednesday....Sept. 17 Saturday Sept 13 Wednesday ....Oct. 1 Saturday Sept. 27 Wednesday ....Oct, 15 Saturday Oct 11 Wedne-day ....Oct, 2t; Saturday... Oct ^5 Wednesday....Nov. IV Saturday Nov 9 Wednesday....Nov, 21 Saturday Nov. 22 \\ ednesday....Dec. lu Saturday Dec 6 Wednesday ....Dec. 21 Saturday Dec. 20 For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 56 Wall street, .V w \ ork. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNAKD * CO., 37 Austin Friars, London B G WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Paris. The owners of these ships will not be account able for gold, sliver, bullion, specie,Jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof exprensed therein. m l-tr 9RANGE ft ALEXANDRIA RAILB0AD Jilffffiesa Great Southern Mail Lin?! Medicines. DOCTOR HOOTL AID'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS HIHIID BT Dr. C. M JACKSON,Philadelphia, Pa., WILL ITFICTCAILT CCB1 liver complaint, dyspepsia. JAUNDICE, CHRONIC OR NERVOUS DE biliu. Diseases of the Kidney*, and all Dis ease* arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomaoh The proprietor, In calling the attention of the public to tnls preparation, does so with a feeling

of the utmost confldencc in its virtues and adapta tion to the diseases for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the American people, and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony In Its favor given by the most prom inent and well known physicians and individuals in all parts of the country is Immense, and a care ful perusal of the Almanac, published annually by the proprietor, and to be had gratis of any oi his agents, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy Is really deserving the great cel ebrity it has obtained. Principal office and manufactory No. 96 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa. READ THE FOLLOWING: Mowgastowh, Va , August 4,1853. Dr C. M. Jachon?Dear Sir:?The sales ol the Bitters are increasing, and what speaks vol ume* In their favor is th* tall who have used them speak highly of their effects No medicine that I sell gives such general satisfaction, and the de mand for it exceeds all precedent; and I a*sur? you it affords me pleasure to sell sucb a remedy Our physicians no longer scowl at it, butarea-om pelled to acknowledge Its Intrinsic value, and the SrrateT part of them nave had magnanimity suf. dent o lav aside their prejudiciesand prescribe It in their practice. Respectfully vours, F. M. CHALFAN* For sale bv storekeeper* and druggists In even town and village In the U nlted Stales. Price ?i cents per bottle. Z. D GILMAN, Washington, and JOHN S KID WELL, Georgetown, Amenta. Je 7-6m AYER'S PILLS for all the PURPOSES OF t FAMILY PHYSIC. There has long existed a publk demand for an effective Purgative Pill whlcl could be relied on as sure and perfectly safe in It operation. This has been prepared to meet tha demand, and an extensive trial of its virtues ha conclusively shown with what success it accom pllshes the purpose designed. It Is easy to mak a physical rill, but not so easy to make the be* of all Pills?one which should have none of th objections, but all the advantages of every oth^r This has been attempted here, and with what huc cess we would respectfully submit to the publl decision. It has been unfortunate for the patlen hitherto that almost every purgative medicine 1 acrimonious aud irritating to the bowels Thl Isnot. Many of them produce so much griplm pain and revulsion In the system as to more ttia. counterbalance the good to be derived from them These Pt lis produce no Irritation or pain, unles it arises from a previously existing obstruction o derangement tn the bowels Being purely vege table, no harm can arise from their use In an quantity; but it is better than any medicine shoul< be taken Judiciousy Minute directions for thel use in the several diseases to which they are ap plicable are given on the box. Among the con. plaints whlcn have been speedily cured by ther we may m?ntlon Liver Complaint, In its varlou forms of Jaundice, Indigestion, Languor and Los of Appetite. Llstlessness. Irritability, B llou Headache, Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, Pal In the Side and Loins, for In truth, all these ar but the consequence of diseased action of tb liver As an aperient, they afford prompt and sur relief In Costlveness, Piles, Colic, Dvsenter\ Humors. Scrofula and Scurvy. Colds, with sort ness of the b< dy, Ulcers and Impurity of th blood: In short any and every case where a purge tlve is required. They have also produced some singularly sue cessfulcures in Rheumatism,Gout. Dropsy, Grav el, Erysloelas, Palpitation of toe Heart. Pains 1 the Hack, Stomacn and Side. They shotldb freely taken In the spring of the year, to purif the blood and prepare the system for tne Chang of seasons. An occasional dose stimulates tn stomach into healthy action, and restores the app? tlte and vigor. Tney purify tae blood, ana b their stimulant action on the (irculatory system renovate the strength of the body, and restore th wasted or diseased energies of the whole organ Ism. Hence an occasional dose is advantageou ev^n though no serious derangement exists; bi unnecessary dosing should never be carried to far. as every purgative medicine reduces lb strength, when taken to excess The thousan cases in which a physic Is required cannot be enu merated here, but they suggest themselves to th reason of every body; ana It is confidently b? lleved this pill will answer a better purpose tha anything which has hitherto been available! mankind When their virtues are once know the public will no longer doubt what remedy t employ when In need of a cathartic medicine Being sugar wrtpped they are pleasant to takt and being purely vegetable, no harm can aris from their use in any quantity. For minute directions see the wrapper on th Box PRBPABKD Bf DR. JAMES V. \ Y Eft, PRACTICAL f ANALYTICAL CHEMIS1 LOWELL, MASS Price 25 Cents per Box. Five Boxes for $1.0 Sold by Z D OILMAN, Washington, and al respectable druggists. au8-4m PRIVATE MEDICAL TKEAT1SI C ?! TBI PHIL080PB1CAL VIEW OF ? ABBIAB1 BT ?. H. LA ckoi*, a. uM ALBANY, N. Y., *5# fngn ??<t 130 Fins, Plttm.mnil Stl?r*d Hi4 0trr?pkt and PUttt. Seat Free of Postage to all parts of the VbIbi (CHEAPEST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED J and containing nearly double the qua ntity of read ing matter in that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treats on the PIIY91OL OGY ?>F MARRIAGE, and the Secret Inflrmltles and Disorder cf Youth and Maturity, resulting from ex cesses, which rt(-.;??cy the physical and r;ientel pow ers. with Observations on Maniage, Its duties and d 1 a n ual 1 flea I lc p_s , (belt remedies; with Lithographs,illustrating th< Aaatomy and rh /Biology,and Diseases of thr Ke productive Organs rf belli r*Ax?a, their structure usee, and functions. A popuUr andcomprehea ?ive Treatise on the Duties and Causal He*. of sin gle it d maiiled 1 if"?V.appy and fruitful alliances mode of s>curir.g thera? infelicitous and infertil* oats ?thili obvlatloa and removal ?importan hiBtsto three contemplating matrimony, thatwll Gveraonss objections it; none. howaver, should tike thit 1 ufJant step ^Uhoutflrstcom iltln^iu pages?co^i/malaries o;i the diseases and rnediot.. olfemeles ficm lafancy to old age,eacl ca?e graphically illustrated by berutlfullfihogra' Bhlc plates? aervoatdebility, its causes and sure by a procets at once so simple, tafe. and 'ffoctua! that nilure lslK' pomible?rules for d'.lly manage. Meat?aa essay en Sporaatomufca, with practical obsefvations oa the safer and moresucMssful nodi ?f treatment?precautionary hints on theetUsre suiting from empirical prBCtice?an e?say on all diseases ailelag ttuva indiscretion, with plain and elmpie rules by which all persons oan cure them selves without mercury?remedies for those self. Inflicted miseries and disappointed hopes no un fortunately prevalent in the vouug. li is a tiuth ful advibcr to the married and thotseconlemplatlni marriage: Its p;'rui?il 1b particularly recommend ed to persons entertaining secret doubt* of theii physical condition, and who are conscious of hav ing haxardfd the health, happiness, and privilege to which every human being is em?tied. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per copy, ot Five Copleb for One Dollar. Mailed. free of post age, to all parts of the Uhlled St&tea N. B.?Those who prefer m?.y eonsult Dr. LA CROIX upon any of tne disease:? upon which thli book treats, cither personally or by mall. Medi cine sent to any part af the U nlon according to di rections . My packed and carefully seoured from ail observation. Address Dr. M B LA CROIX, No 31 Maides Lane, <?r Post OCBee Box Albany, NY. CT Ofllce open daily.from tf a m to t p m and oa Sunday from 3 until 5 p. m. ip- Ofllce REMOVED frora No. M Beaver si te ?1 Lmm. Albany PHtf Yttk. de*t8?ljr CtflAUNCKY WAKKIRKK, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER AND DIALIB IK Piue Wattbes, Jewelry, aud Silver Ware. Selling at a itry libtral r*4uctton from e?l ftnary prie*$. No. 3TU Pa. avenue, l?etweed flth and 7th streets, au ? 3m (in Browns' Hotel bulldlBg.) PLATKOHM AND COUNTER 8CALKS. MURDOCH'S PATENT PLATFORM AND Counter Scale*, of all sizes, ft>? sale at manu facturers pricesby UUtiUlffc O'NEILL se '* Agents, No. 1U6 Water at., Georgetown. Miscellaneous. Proposals for furnishing the Paper tor the Pablie Printing. OTtKm SCPBatSTIHDBNT PTOtIC PBl?TtH?. WuhlBjfton, October 1, 1860 IN PURSUANCE OF THK PROVISION*? I of the 44 Act to provide for executing the pubJlc printing.Ac., approved Angu?t?7'C)**. seeled Eroposals will be received at this office, In the spltol, nntll the first Monday (1st day) of De cember nut, at twelve o'clock, m , forfuniishing the paper that may be required for the public printing for ths year commencing on the 1st day of December. isfie, and ending on the let day ?f December. 1837. The aubjolned llat apecliea. aa nearly aa een be sscertained. the quantity, quality, and descrip tion of each hind of paper that will be required : Clam I. 10,000 reama fine printing paper, uaealeedered. to measure 24 bv 38 Inches. and to weigh forty-five pounds to the ream cf 480 aheeu Class II. 4,t?U0 reams fine printing paper, calendered, to measure 24 bv 38 Inchea, and to weigh fifty six pounds to the ream of 480 sheets Class III. 5,CWO reams superfine sized and calendared, printing paper, ta measure<4 by * inebes. and te weigh fifty-two pounds to the raam of 480 aheeu. Cla.?? IV. MM) reams superfine hard-sized and calendered printing paper, to measure 24 by3t Inchea, and to weigh forty-eight pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class V. 1,000 reams superfine sized and calendered map paper of such sizes as may be required, corresponding in weight with paper measuring IK by 24 inches, and weighing twenty pounds per ream of 490sheets Class VI. ?J*K? reams superfine plate paper, (calendered or u ncalendered. as may oe required ) l#bv 24 inchea, and of such weight as may b? required The fibre of the paper of each of the above classe* to be of linen and cotton, free from all adulteration with mineral or other aubatancea, of a fair whiteness, and put up in quires of twenty four aheets each, and in bundles of two reams each, each ream to contain 4>-0 petfeet sheets Uniformity in color, thickness, and weight will be required; and no bundle (exclusive of wrap pers) varying over or under five per ceat from the standard weight will be received, and the gross weight will In all rases be required Mix ing of various thicknesses la the saire bundle Ui make up the weight will be considered a viola tion of theoontract. Class VII No. 1?1,500 reams quarto post writing paper No. 2?2 000 44 flatcap " 44 No. 3? 500 " demy 44 *? No. 4 - 2 000 44 folio post " 44 No 5? Soo 44 medium " 44 No. 6? 50 *? royal ?? m No 7? 50 44 sttperroyai " 44 No. 9? 50 ?4 Imperial ** ** No W ? loo ?? colored medium, (assortetk) Class VUI. No. 1?5,000reams writing paper, 19 by 26 inches to weigh twenty-eight pounds p? ream. No. !i?8,100 reams writing paper. 18bv'25 Inches to weigh twenty-six pounds pei ream. No. *?100 reams writing paper, l? by 22 Inches to weigh twenty-four pounds pe ream No. 4-840 reams writing paper,18 bylBlnrtes to weigh twenty-two po inds pe ream No 9?4U0 reams writing paper, 12 by 18 inches to weigh twelve pounds per ream All the papers designated In classes 7 and f an to be made of the best materials, free from edul teratlon, and finished In the best manner Thi papers in class 7 are to be white or blue, of th> regular standard sizes of the respective kinds is j and of such weights as maybe required by thi otfiee; those in class 8 are to be white, and of th sizes and weights specified in the schedule. The right Is reserved of ordering a greater o less quantity of each and every kind contract** for, at sueh times and in such quantities as thi public service may require Each class will be considered separately, ant be subject to a separate contract; but bidders ma; offer for one or more of the classes In thesami proposal; and the privilege Is reserved of requlr lng a bidder who may have more than one clam assigned him to take all such classes, or forfel his right to any class. Samples (not less than one quire) of each kind of paper bid for, and but one ? ample for t act kind, must accompany each bid; and, in classei 7 and 8, be numbered to correspond with thi number of the paper proposed for in thescheduli and, In the first six classos, to be properly deslg nated on the -<arople, or It will not be considered All proposals cjid samples must be transmittet to this office free of postage or other expense Each proposal must be signed by the Individua or firm making it, and must specify the price pe pound (and but one price for each) of ev?v UIn< of paper contained in the class proposed ft>r All the paper tu the several classes must be de Uvered at such place or places as may be deslg nated in Washington city, in good order, free o all and every extra charge or expense, and suKp?c to the Inspection, count, weight, and measure ment of the Superintendent, and b? In all respect satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished t this office to persons applying for them, and non< will be taken info consideration unless substanti ally agreeing therewith. Bonds, with approved securities, will be re quired, unfethe supplying of an inferiorarticli in any of th?classes, or a fsllure to supply thi quantity required at any time, will be consldere< a violation wf the contract Each bidder is required to furnish with his pro posals satisfactory evidence of his ability to?xe cute them; and proposals unaccompanied by evidence will be rejected. The proposals will be opened In the manner re quittd by law -'on the first Tuesday after the firs Monday in December" next, (Sd,J at 10 o'clock a m , at the office of the superintendent. Proposals will be addressed to the 4 >Supertnte?e dent of the Public Printing, Capitol of the Unite* States, Washington," and endorsed "Pmposaii for supplying Paper " A e SEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing, oc l-2aw9w Proposals for Erecting a Marine Hospital al New Orleans Louisiana. IS IS n ?f e ?e r. ie i r a e V ?p 0 > y i. ie i is it 0 ie d ie 1 n ,o n :o T&K~?*aT Department, Sept 27, SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RE celved at this department until the 26th <Uy o) November, A D 1-56, at 12 o'clock at noon, foi the construction of the New Orleans marine hos pital according t<> the plans and speclflcatiins pre pared at this department; said proposals to I* either for the whole buildln?, or separate for th* difierei t kinds of work; bills of parcels should accompany ea h bid, wltli the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount carried out, the department reserving the right to reject or ac cept tne proposals hereby invited, thereof, when it deems the Interest of the United States requires It; the department also reserve* the right to exclude the bids of sny person or per sons whom there is just cause to believe will noi faithfully perform the contracts, or which thev have attempted to obtain by indirection ; and all bids when there shall be parti**) in iuterest wk do not join in the bids, and all bids that, upon In vestigation. are below a fair price for the work. Bids will be received in gross, at the option ol the bidders; but no contract will be awarded t?j such bidders until details are furnished the depart ment of the prices of the different kinds of work and material?, whicti shall be subject to the re vision cf the department, so that the groes bid shall be equitably apportioned upon tne Wi.ole work to guide the department In making pay ments. Ninety per cent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price, Isald amount to be ascertained by the estl mate of an agent of the department, appointed for that purpose,] will be paid from time to time, as the work progresses, and ten per oent retained until the completion of the contract, and accept ance of the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, and ba forfeited in the event of non-fulfilment of contract. Contracts will be awarded only lo master build ers arid mechanics, and the alignment thereof, except bv consent of the 8e.:retary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the same. Each proposal must be arootnpanl?xl by a wrtt ten guarantee, signed l-.y two responsible persons, (certified to he so by the United States district judge or attorney of tne said district,) in the sum of ?'45.000, for the whole work, or of a proportion ate amount if for any part, that the bidier will, w!ien required, if h s proposal be accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and suf ficient securities for its faithful perforins nee. Plans, specifications, and working drawings oau be examined after ten daya, ana other In formation obtained 0i> application to the depart ment ProL-n?ala will ai the same time be received for a building similar to that called for by the speci fications, except that the main or exterior walls Will be constructed of an iron veneering, upon Iron frames filled in with some non-conaucting substance, thns making the structure fire-proof, according to a supplement to the specifications Persons submitting such proposals will give mi nute details of the mode of fastening tke Vertical and horizontal frames composing the walls; of filling them; of the style of ornamentation, Ac.' Persons may submit plans for an iron b inding, of an equal or una'ler size than that called for by the specifications, though conforming generally to the shape and plan. The propoosals must be teat to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treemrv, (endorsed 44 Proposals for the N ew Orleans marine Hospital ") and will be opened at I o'clock, p m , of the last day named for receiving the same, In the presence of the bidders, If any chooee te attend. JAMES UUVHR1E, at <W-fiawG0d Secretary of the Treasury Miscellaneous. PILII-PlLKI-riLII. WE CALL ATTENTION TO AH. WHO are a filleted with thladreadfu complaint to tbe following iwnm certificate from one of our moot respectable cltiiens. the father-in-law of the proprietor Of the ?'Courier dm teas L'dU." u4 formerly gunmaker la Philadelphia: Niw Yon, Aug Vlltb. lW Dl Preen?Dear Sir 1 hereby oarttfy that I bare been affllc ed with the Pile* for nearly ?uty v*ar*. that I hive used eighteen bottle* of Barnes' Pile Lotion, and ererythlnf elee 1 ooald here of, bat ail to no effect, for they did tne Utile or ao good About two month* since, I core menoed using yoar remedlee for tbe Pll?s, a*d have the bsppinaes to sav that they have had the desired effect, having cured me I conaldei this almost * miracle, for I am eighty year* of age I ilaeore ly recommend them to all afflicted with tbe above complaint. P. VALLEE, 73 Fraaklla et State of New York, J New York Citv and County ( I, Joseph C Lawrence, do beret*y eerti^r t%at on the dav of the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vallee. to me well known, wba, be ing by me duly rworn. did depoae and aay that the contenta of the foregoing certificate signed by htm are true. In witness whereof I have subscribed my name, as Commlasloner of Deeds and as a Notary Public of the State of New York, and hawaf fixed my Notarial Seal at i?it ?dice. In New York, tbla Jftth day of August. lHJd. JOSEPH C LAWRENCE. Commissioner of Doeds and Notary Public of the State of New York, 87 Wall street, New York Wechallergethe Medical Pacnlfvof the Uni ted Mate* to prxdnce a certificate eqnal to tbe above l>r. Duprle's Remedies are tfce onlyef fectual cure for Internal Plies Oaly cent* per box. Otfioe?76 Naasau alreet, New York. Will be ?ont by mall to any part of the United State* For sale by FORD A MHO .corner of Mth street and Pa ave. Washington, D. C. oe *1 HATH HATH CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL neJ* tr get her with TA Y ' supply of BEF.HE'S NEW y6rk stylus .'I.OR'S H A T8, of BALTI MORE The beat black dress HATS got up in the latest style for S3.Ml. as good as those usually sold at *.">; and a good fashion able Hat at Ft, worth SI; and a first-rate H*t.?< 5? The Wst materials and the bent workn anshln Is employed to produce a S3 Hat, whirti I* sold for ?3 >0 We do a caah business, meet with no las ses, but give each customer full v?lue for hia money. Felt Hats unusually low. N B Agent for Drlacoirs Balm of a Thousand Flowers Price 44 cents per bottle. ANTHONY,7th street, near Pa avenue Agent for a New York Hat Company. ?eKfl-tf MANTELS. NK W AS It HEAUTlhVL STYLE. Maaafactared frem biate SUne, fey Mia West Castle tan Slate I en pauy, Vt. THESE MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN imitation of the richest and most e*pentl?e EGYPTIAN. LISBON. VEKLI ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, HKUOATELLA, AI>A I E, SPANISH 8ALWAV , and other rare and desirable MARBLES The I ml tail on** are so peifect that they c.tuiengethe closest acmtlav They ait so highly polished that they retain their beauty mu h longer than marble ; are not Injured by smoke, coal ga*. or a>'Uls and can be *old uiueh chfap?r than any ethers la market. Prtce ranging from il*5 to fit Architects, Builders, and others are Invited to call and examine sample* at No 3litS?venth street, 3 doors bttow Odd Fellows' RaM, up ?talr*. T M HANSON, sc lMy Ageat. OK EAT HKUUI'TIUN IN THE PRICE OF B001S AND 0AIYBR3 | HAVE ON COMMISSION FOR A PHli - I adelphla manu facturer. a fi'st rate Sewed or Pegged Calf Skin BOOT at S3 (ft. full as good as thoM usually sold at S5 or l<t; aid a French Calf Patent Leather 6 A ITER at S3 5<>, as good as any at Si; a first rate Calf ?alteratS* SO, these are the best goods that Is (or ever were) sold in the District for the price; for fhe Jtroof, come and see or yourself Terms positively cash No eitn* Srofit charged to offset bad debts ?'*ll at tbe 1EW YORK HAT STORE Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. ?? * AN THoVY, Agent TO ALL THAT VA LUE 77/HIK SIGHT ^ ^TCBJASX ri?HES TO CALL THE ATTEN fION ' to all that suffer with defective ??tht. Caused by age. sickness, and partlcnlarly from glasses Injudiciously selected, to his superl-r SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully grouud by himself to a true spherical accuracy and bril liant transparency, suited precisely and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity or oouvexlty of the eye. Very numerous h e the ill eabcts caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glares in not belr.? precisely suited, by the use of an Optomtt?r ? tau the practice of many years enables him to ir<?s ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are absolately required wUl be furaifcWU. with precision and satisfaction JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very 111# I^.eV?CO,1raKt"7lf,nt,llrWl<lYol,t^0f^i further solicits the patronage of tW that kave not vet availed themselves of hia aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by senfl ing the glasses lr. wae, and state how many inch ex they cau x?ad this print with L&eir spectacle* W6hte*UPP WlWlth *UCb ** luP^ innumerable testimonUl* to be aeca; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest ea*? and comfort from hia glaase* to gratis, et his oihce No "ytNTH STbA.1, Odd Ftllow \ Hall, cp STaiKB. oi r?. ? Noiron, September 7, I064. 81f?The Spectacles you made for m? suit verv well, and seem to have Improved my slaht mort than any other 1 have lately tried L1TT. w. TAZEWELL I have tried a pair or Spectacles obtained from Mr. 1 oblas, and find them of ^reat amlstance to n?y sight, and corresponding with hlsdewription of the focus. 1 recommend him a* a ?ktllful oi? u?l? HENRY A WISE Having been Induced by a friend to tlsittbe -a tabliahment of Mr Tobla* for the pnrpoee of try ing his kUctset,, I wa$ furnished by him with a pair slightly colored b'ue. which have ako/ded me more relief end giat aoatlnn than any 1 hav?; ever tried My al^Lt, crlj-lnally sery *;?K?d, wai? Injured by writing and reeding ut night fre cuently to a very late hour; but with tt- aid of thei^ glasses I can study iliuost as latas * ver aud that too without the pair 1 have prevtomlw saffered. JOHN WIlhIjv l^tc Coinmlaelouci titn 1 Laud i?fa. ?? Deoettber 11, lbU. I have used Mr Tobias's Sjiectac'ee for ihre? o? tocr months, and take grea, pleasure in sAV lu- that I a>u much pttW! with tucm 1 hata b^n much benefitted by them Aay ftth, ls4. SEOU f.aCAJ^tKQh. 1 was recommended to Mr John Tobias ?< ? akUlful optician: and as I have eyes of remark able pecullarltv, 1 was gratified to find that Mr Tobias seemed to comprehend them hy Inspec tion and some slight measurement, and he k ? made me a pair ul Spectacles that fail* mead uurablv. A 1* UH r. . ? July ll,lHJi. ?? aLKR . as. . ?W,t,l,"*TO"? N ? ?JM *7. 1S?%. J r?i?ui ; Dear Sir?I am hatinv to ?* v that the Spectacles wi.lch 1 obui :ied 1 roii, yoe ET! T e?tir*'1ly saU^' ? ?? ro?r an i/.eq ?? Ity In the visual ranj?e of my eyes, t 1 a\> te-et-. found grent difficulty in getting gb'ss,?,, f .v. proper focul distance It affords^ pi^.nre state that, by the aid of your optometer this di? cuitjrbuU happily obviated to that the glasset furnished me are dt< dedly the beat adautf-c to my eyea of any 1 have ever *et used Very respertfully. yours, K B. DRANh Rector of St Jarne-^ PaiUtu OiFiitaiNT or Intiiioi May7 jw, sr? serve me perfecUy. By the u?e of ^ ^^ir-aVr. fer- - -r M AKER GLASSES, and maav oth^ J v lft J1 ^ l?W prlce* c?a**"tly on ha^ct n |V*W **tlH CIOAH CASES PohTK oc Ai?nn,le"' ^^^bool Satcbe.. Ac . ?, MoLAUttllLlN 4 CO ?a.