Newspaper of Evening Star, November 5, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 5, 1856 Page 1
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Tii? EVJENHffG STAB, KVKKY AFTKHKUUR, (KACKPT SUNDAY,) 41 fat -ar /Juii, s?r?<r ?/ fiwUfrifMM m.^vi &!????<* Itrttt, V. D. WALLACE, WUi be served :-j suWrlbrr* by ~amera at Si X A .NO A CJUAUi'tfR CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents ; papers served in packages at 37# oenta per month. To mall subscribers the sub scription price la THREE DOLLARS AMD FIF TY C ENTS1 year ?* ndennts, TWO DOLLARS for ill months, tad ONE DOLLAR for throe months; for lew then throe moot ha at the rat? of oenta a week. tCT SINGLE COPIES ONK CENT. OFFICIAL. TaiASOBT DapaaTMiNT, May 38, ISM. Notice la hereby given to the holders of the stock Issued pursuant to the aot of Congrees of ted July, 1649, that such stock Is redeemable by Its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the cartMoates theroof, on the 13th of November next, when Interest thereon will oease This department will continue to purehaae such stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the following premium, In addition to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's interest for the money to reach the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasary between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, la elusive, one-half of one per cent on the amounts specified In the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and 3l*t days of A ugust, one-fourth of one per cent; A ad on such stoch received after the 31st day of August, the interest aocrued thereon, and oae ?ay's additional interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur ehaae mousy; and when sent prior to the 1st July theeurrent half year's interest mu-t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such interest will be payable as heretofore. A ad aotioe Is further given to holders of other atocksofthe United States that this department will purchase the ssuie between the 1st day of Juae and the 1st day of Deoember next, unless tha sum of SI .300,000shall be previously obtained, and Will pay for the same, in addition to the lu cres! accrued from he day of the last dividend of Interest, and on* day's additional Interest for the money to roach the vendor, the following rate* of premium: On stock of the loan of 1649, a premium of 10 per cent.; Onst *sk of the loans of 1947 and 1948a premium of 1# per cent ; And on stock lsrted under the aet of Mh Sep tember, 1*50. commnnly called Teian indemnity stock, a premium of a percent Certile*tes transmitted under this notice should be du'y asst^nei to the United States by the par ty entitle.l to r veire the money; and If sent pre vious to the 1st July, the current half year's in terest must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Paymeit for ail the foregoing stocks will be made b/ drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the partiea entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES eUTBRIB, m <0-dtl3Noe Secretary of the Treaaury OFFICIAL. TaiASvav DaPABTaiKT, August 80, 185C. Whereas the following joint resolution of Congrew hu become a law: Join Rmolvtion extending the timo for the credi tors? Teias to present iliplr riaims Hmoiby the Senate and House of R*pre?fitfa tivet of tKe C*niteii States oj Jimti ua is Congress at K-nb.^d, That a', apeeab y to the provi-iou of the fcmrth section 01 the act of the 28 h of Februaiy, 1?3?,'1 to} f.>r the payment of such oreditors 01 the late republic of Teta? as are <*omp'ehen?ied in the act of CougreesoT September Uib, 1830," no tice, by pub ic a Iverj*eni?-iit, woe duly given for the spa:e ?.f ninety days by the fe remry of the Treasury, of the nme a: which payment of the am^ui!ta;>0M>prui'ed by the tifth section ot *aid act wjtiiu b male, pro rata, on a yb>nd, ceruiicaie, or eviil-11 e of debt <?t' >aid "Ma r, wh cb should b presented a* the Treasury Department thirty day preceding the 13th (i*y of June, IB.**, tne Iiin>t ol said noiice; a id as :t is represented by the said S?;eretary of the Treasury, that of ?ai<i b >nds, cer uika es, and esriltuces 01 d?-bi, which t ave b ?? n rrcoguixed by the Stale of Teia*, the -aine, *q?a to th* sum 01 three huidred aid eighty nine thou* aad six hundred and ninety three dollars and sey^n cents were i.ot pre* n ted to the Trra -ury De pa-tram! prior to the ?&' | 13th of Jun ?, therefore, in or ier to ?io full jitfii >e to the holders of a d deb:, the Secre tary ot the Treasury is hereby au hariz*d to : ay to the holders of any of the ?aid b nds, certificates, or evidences, of deb!, not p-esented before the 13tb day of Jan- last, who may present a d prove the sajie at the Trt^'Uty l?epa tm>-nt, between the I3fh ?lay of June la?t and the 1st day of January next, and rxecuts the proper releases 10 the I'ihimI Staus aad the State ot Teia->, their pro rata i-hare of the *u< i s? v?u m 11 iots s?-v n hui:>!r><l a^d flity thousand do'lam; and after payment thereof, th^taid Srcre tary <>t the t reasury is authunxed and required to dtntribute and pay the residue of the raid s> Vcu mil lioas ?even huu Ir-d a:i<1 fifiy thou-and dollars, then r'nia inng in the tn a-ury, pro rata, amoiigxt ail the sa^d no4d?-?m who may have proved their cla.m-,an?i txecutad the proper releases on or before the 1st day t f Janua y next. Approved August leth, 1(S66 N^Ticats usixsr aivas to the h 4J>rs of bond^, cari'ii an J ev Jences of debt of the late repub tie "f r-fxas, which were nJt presented at this do parim -nt on or before the 13th day of June iasr, that the sam-* w.ll be ?eUie1 and the pro rata amouM tters Mi wi'l b * pa d to tn la-vful holders thereof i> pruseated before the first day of January next, ao co:U|>anied wltli the ae ?es*ary evid?.*nct; of their gen uia-noss, wuii assi^nm :ats to the U.11 ted Stales,re quired to 4iee this Jej a tiifnt the custody of such binds, ee-tifl-afs, an I ev:dca.?a of d(-bt, and with reloa^-s to tie Unite J S:ai<is aad Texas, la acourd anae wuh the provisions of the act of Congress of *?'h February, 18J<<J. This department will uot require evidence of gen ameaess to be pr<*s**ut'>d with tbc ctrtitlcates isju> d by the a idit? and 3 >mptr ll^r of Texas under the laws nf the State. Butstpos e^ses no meansof Tor fying the eertifloaias, b Kids and promissory Botes iiwaed by the republic of Texas, and not prt-*etit<-! to, aor a idiird by, the ot&oer* of the Slate. The ne.jeaaary aid pr jptr pro??f of the gmutns n?ssof the latter i? the eertlflsate of tfie comptroller ol the Hta;o of T-xas, wLi has the cflHal charge of the Original ar^ iv?s reiating ihe dcbl of tha late le public >:t Ceaas Tha aadgaaaent ar.J rel^as<s may beexecavd aad a rica >?ledg 'd in the presence ot the Aciiuut Becretary at the rr- asnry, or the chief cluk thereof, in the pr-Miuce of a uotary pubhc, ai.d be wituesaed by the A ?iaaai Sf?ws a y, or chief clerk a d nota ry, and b-< e?,rtia?d by ih?- notary ai der hLnjta rials-al; bit when ttia bolder* d ? sire to make tb? assign in ml aid - ii-eute the rol< a?es out of the city of Wa?hiagton,u may be l'?n?' in the presence ??f an assistant treasurer, or coll.-otor, or surveyor of the custom 1,1a the presence of a n ita y public,and be wanessed by the collector or surveyor and the uo ta?y pub.ic, and baseniflrd by the notary und?rrhis notarial **a'; and If liter* be no collectcr orsuryey* or ofthe customs at the place where the parly re ?id's, th* assl^nmeut and rduasc* may be exeauted before any court of reoord, in the presence ofthe Judge and cl rfcthereof.a il l>r wuuesitd byth^m, and c- rtlfi*d by the dork und r his seal of ofBee; and if the holier be out of the United Wt?tbs,tb? as ?ignmeal and release* may be executed before any United Stair*cofiaul, and be wiine^ised and eertlflad by him uader his consular s?al. All personaexe autlngsuehassigutuanisauJreleasee iiiastaiao d? Clare, underoatb, before the notary, oierk,or soa ?ui, as the eaae may be, that thay are the real own er* of th* leruflonles or other evidence* of debt, tr ; that the aasne have beea assigned to them, bona fjr collection; and the notary, clerk,or ooneal must 1 a<:iade the fact of that dev fa ration in thalranr. Ofl ate ofacknowfedgment. If assigaed lor coitaaiion, or in pledge, tha name of the party holding the beneficial or residuary ta las est in tnr claim must be stated in ine artidavt (Stoi n g ?b VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 5, 1856. and a rel?ue to the United States and release to T?iu matt be duiy eieeutcd by sucb party, to gether with the assignment and releases from the person in whose favor aetllement and payment ia requested. One or more audited certificates, or one or more eviJence of tiie name character of debt, may be in cluded in the tameassignment, release*, and afflda ?it of ownership, if each certificate ia correctly de scribed by uumber, date, amount, and name of the original payee. It should alao appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the State of Texas, on acooun! of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texas,accord ing to the facta of eaeb caae. The assignment to the United Statea may be made in common form ; the releases should be drawn ac cording to the forma subjoined?A and B. JAME8 GUTHRIE, Secretary of tiie Treasury. Fvrm jf. Know all persona by these presents tl?at ??? has released, and b.?eby relt-as**, the United Sta'es of Am rica from all further liability or claim lor the payment of certificate or cv.uence of drbt number , for the sum of $ , issued by the late republic of Texas, (or by the authoritiea <>l the State of Texas, as the ca*c may b*,) and re deemed by the United Statea in accordance with the provisos of an act of Congress entitled "An act to provi e tor tbe payment of such creditors of the late republic ofTe?as as are comprehended in the actof i Cotnrress of Septetnb-fr nine, eighteen hundred and ! titty," approved the 28th day of Fedruary, 1865, and ' a;> act of the tate of Teia<, the lat of February. 1856. As WKness my band and seal. Form B. Know aH persona by these preaenta that - has released, and hereby releases, iLs State of Teias from all further liability or claim foi the ,my mont of certificate or evidence of d> bl number ?, for trie sum of $ - , issued by th?. late re public of Texas,(or by the authorities of the 8 ate of T. ias, as the t asc may be,) and redeems! by tli? Cnited States in a ccrita ce with the provisions of an actof Congress, entitled ?< An act to provide tor the payment ot anch creditors of the late republic o Texas as arc comprehended in the act of Con^res.< of S< ptemb?r nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 98th of February, 1855, and an act of the state of Texas, approved the 1st of February 1856. ' Aa witness my hand and s<a!. The following is a list of the audited certiikafrs still outsta .ding: So IiHiei to. So. luueJ. to. 8 T D i'om^kuis i&W O^car EntlrJow 18 Rukman'"a-ifteld 1675 Trustees ?,f Austin 31 John A Clifton Col I ego 39 H K Muse 1*82 G 11 Mon-arrat k Co 53 R G Hobbs ISM) John Karner 84 J De Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl 92 John Burning* am 1733 |.lv... , 136 Phineas De Cordova 17331 alcott 176 E Baldwin 1746 John VV Portu 101 James Tirana i 1770 J K Elliott 192 Mathias Clark 1807 Harriet George p.t* Po,iM 1816 Miles S Dennett 20' i B*rl* 18-29 Nathani-I Uudder 388 O mUieau 1831 t Levi Tyler, adm'r 344 J E Wade 1833 f of W H Kelly 368 Paters k Bo<xb 183* Samuel Wildey 31*6 Lott Huated 1839 Georga Sutherland 404 8 Kingaley 1841 J P H-nninga 497 J Packer, for Eitsa 1842 > , ? ? , beth Parbcr, et'x 1843 / 1 L 437 Benedict Bayley l?44 Edmund Ralllager 445 Leander iieasnn 1853 J D Logan 400 Wm Odlln 1866 C P Greeii 467 John W K Mi j 1865 David Ayres 5"" T B Webb Imitf Thotiies FJaw-s 510 A 8 Tbu wond 1K78 C H^hledleu^i.d ".48 Thoa W Marshall 1883 J 1" Jewell 825 David H Kauttaan 1097 F Emma 643 George W Parker 1S99 Paruila Lee* 644 Cruuherk JdcKavenlWO K vv Ur >?iueVt r Win Flower Gilbert Johnson b62) 1 hobort Ltuk G53 J A Snn>a >n 1909 E W Cawthern 659 Wm H Belcher 1#>0 Wm Cochran 677 II H William* IP22 Fianci- M ?or?; Jr "01 Felix Kiudex ^)71 An-trew Daley ?i2 ( Bob 'rt l?l? fU J?" 773\vB.J?a? S3](;WV'""*. 779 Wui Walkex \ ? . 7y3 Dyer Ptarl 1749/ Uul 8 8 Isaac L 1113 *106 ? 863 Hermoaan Brown 181U S a Barnet 874 John W Bower 8l0tf ( 0 u M u P79 Jttiii-s Mc.Ma*ler V93) Mc.Vla?tef ?I4 I>yer p-arl 81361 u n 813 Mary S Jen Heden-18ots{ Gentry berg illtfj' 830 J EJIIs fti.J J d VV FHhef 8?2 Mrs Alary BeiyiUe 2104 ) , _ 1019 Anson Cranson 16011 Li)tiiiaiia DaV^s 1012 R M Forbes 2303 E Frost 10i5 James S llojan \?3rj6 Thomas Heed '013 Thomas Llnd.-ay -i3l6 Ha/ri on C Bryant l04> James L Grewi 8.130 J s? McDonald 1017 Je?s?- Daniel 8;t40 Arthur Garner 1048 J B DaoieJ 8311 J F Martchett I0"<0 Charlea Vinceat 2341 Au.1r.-ws k GroVer X;Zzru 1058 Willis Miilican 8360 J D Giddin^s 1058 J I) Uillicau ^354 J Crawford ir 108-2 John l aviH '23*.8 A P E.igertoo 1065 \% m Barton 2350 Thomas Warner Jr 1079 W A Lockhart 2.'<63 George K Sistare 10^<J R Morton 8361 Francis Brichra 1136 James Kiilaiu 83tt2 Eliiab^Ui Carter 1196 L' H Taylor 2383 Wm Davin 1841 Youngs Cullman 23?7 J<?^ ph T<.mlinsor? 184S Robert Mc.Wutt 2390 Hneed k Turner 1*49 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimb.o a.t'y I H Raymond 9400 II II llaynie 126 I E De Pon ois ?40l R W Mtlhauk 1-268 C P >>reea 8402 Catherine Allen 12.5 G \V Sinks k J B '2106 Henry Rrinr Shaw 'J413 J W Lawrenj*) I2"J7 J<.!in Kendtick 24'8 Stephen Smith ? 29e Samuel Ihd ou 8434 A C Hortoii 1300 (..(to Johnson '2418 Elaphalet Eaiton '^1 H'WUi Masate* '2412 Lemuel BDicke as?rn 1362 Tl..>ma*H Fo*rr^er8450 Wm H Thornyuo I*i5 B K Warner 9452 2 Wm Eddy 1489 William Frela 2471 J K H-rron 1424 G W thibornrs '2474 A B Hemphill 1 l'2-i Jutm A ilmtinrtord 2177 Aaron Hau<;h'f>n 1427 Cr.rneliiis Vaunoy '2479 Heirs of John Jones 1128 J.tseph Kau s '24e0 " Joel Hi-I 1173 Ann H Rees?i 8481 " Warrer* Aburn 1516 L ii Hi bard Mims 94Hy ?? John L Monks 1521 J ( Moore 'J483 ?? Peter &Uiiob 15-23 John lamtis i490 M A D.K.|y 1664 K II Doui^as 'ia<)0 George C I ?vcashier 1570 K M Fish '2601 F Kennett * C? 1572 Wm Kerr 8603 John W Sehrimpf 16?0 James A Moody 2504 W C Blair !5el P Bickford 2512 M Korb- rttaill.? 1612 John Lamer 2513 Henry B Irooka 1615 John (.*ameron 2514 Gabriel T.*umwolt 1683 John D Taybif 2628 H S Morgin 16-24 I.evl Mercer 2589 Furhur k Bean lb^6 Eli Mercer '2634 Harab Newman The ouutandinp evidences of other clasov, of th? debt of the republic of Texas cannot be specified by tbis Department. au 22-dil.-tJant BOOK U1.11HKU. Cormr K erenth strut and Maryland avtmu*, neartkt Smithsonian Institution. [^DWARD LYCKTT RKSPECTFULLY IN ' * forms the aubucrlbera to Brown's lllble and Sbaksp?are, now Just completed, that ue Is pre : are?l to bind those works In a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upo i inucb more reasonable terms than onii be done In Balti more, Philadelphia, or N*w York A letter ad dr**<?ted to blm (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of Ma atyle of Mndlng. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted se'27-flni jVlLkS RKOUTKK-A I'UMFLKTE M>,t. volumes, will be sold at a bargain. Also DunKllson's Medical Dlctlcimry r,h.erjf*utle?and Materia Medlca United States Hlsptsu?aiorv Dewee'a Midwifery No I^HHH K K LlNI)Y? ?* laB Brt^ga*twic<. Georgetown. WAR-WAR-WAH." ' i^HKRK MUSI' BE WAR, FOR COTTONtJ 1 and ail kinds of Domestic Goods .re oVthtf advance I mention tbla la order to let neoDle know bow to save their money -it u bv eVIfn^ at the PEOPLES1 STORK, and Ket roitoM Dress Goods, Pant Stuff. Embrold?rln<, Hosiery' fcc , at less than old prices I will mention 4d pieces Irish Llaaa that Is very cheap, at oc 8b 8w W R HURDLE'S, Georgetown. 1 CAH V^UBLI or PRIMS WHITE IOUU MERCER POTATOES expected dal ly For sale on or before arrival, In lou to suit purchasers Fifty busbala Golden Skin ONIONS, wLlcb will be sohl tow on or before arrival Apply to BARTLY 4 BUKTU ny oc 86-8w 101 Water atraet, Georgetown. Miscellaneous. PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS BY FIRE ! pike, MARINE, AND INLAND INSURANCE. Jut\crited Capital and Surplus...91,309,161 13. FAB?1S,? AlrD **CHANIC8' INSUR ANCE CO., OF PHILADELPHIA. Office north well corner Penmylrama avenue and 17th *treet, Wo* kin $ ton City, D. C. ? ^ directors. Hon. Thos n. Plorencc, Charles Dingae, ?h?rf ^ i?/I?J,tron?. Thomas Mand-rfield, P^nri7u . Uu'V;m' Edward H. Helmbold, &p vmn?ld' P. Carroll Brewster, Ja nes E. NealI, l?aac Lecch. Jr. Bnw/inTi L um J1: FLORENCE, Preside*. EDWARD R. HELMBOLD, Secretary . ... LOCAL SUR VEYORS. jla,j Mter, No. ;iW D street, oppo-ne City avJ. n?ueMi Je!rjrnt0r''Corn,'r F,fSt ""'eel and Virginia ,'ial?Cfi^^4l.l,amJL' No ~'J P??ur-an'i-a half street. PniV' N? 501 btreet, below Pennsylvania avenue. . t, ^AK,NE SURVEYOR. .pp?w i&toStt-.*' GENERAL superintendent. John Thomason. vi.Jwv IIVk ",i8 Company will compare ft? ./}?*?<'? ,iay "'August, 1?5, in five months, am iniitf 11 fh'18^' l',e premiums received to thf IarS'! 9?m orone hundred and eight "d, one hundred and fifty-cne dollars, with reported! hundred and "ixiy six dollais lotaer a*eml/.nt^,^f?C7i,lence# of s',cr?s8 and good man ? ,1"0C,0,? justified in mliciting a h,? ? 0 Patr!>'ia?e> believing that the m-cu 7? ample and that all fair ela.m., will be eaJitles m,"*3ecor,jingio equity than legal lechni The company is prepared to issue policies awmst 1 uaU e, by Q,J1r,n I'WMLLINGB, FL'RNl nUUsta Ivi i #4ANU,'ACTi.RfKH} WARE h" ?l?irt>?ipiior.s of BUILDINGri, aid their contents, or all kiiuiu of McCBriiANDlSP .I by VK3MKI.S. STfAMi.-uATS, CA AMKBTf i I ^ anyrorti"u of EUBOPK and amkrica, and on the hulls of STEAM 3f?Vi navigating Uio western *at*rs Alh con LatK'' rr"lui,ifn, v?' ?'?v a, other V, . , ' hiiU* lb. in . very imi.i.,vrni< r i JJ.^de!a"h!?.n a,U' "l ?'? *?" ?^en All h miily adjutte J an,! promptly paid Ott.ce n .rihweKc i?.-r Pe.insylvaula Iv-nue a. d Si Vcnteenth street, W ashiagton cily, D C. *LTZ"m** Utn \e '0~utfd ut dc Home Office, ietll): 1 V',er f! 'llnut 'iU,i S"?"J -<"??> rfil" i i ?l. Pr,B?ii??l cities of llie Uiii'i d Je 14-1 yjttU <te*1 ?"?otrs ot itie cou>t?ay. UU UIliI VU* AND XJiLL rOEEIQR AND L0HES1IC EXCHAHOS _ ,, FUKMSrl D HAFTS On ali Parts of United States and Evtap*. COLLECT VHA ITS 0. ill par,. O* 1KELAND KOtt t\ OK IFWi B BONDS. STOCKS, & O IlU^K'sHCMRITiasB .weoutiate timk paper: ' payiuj 10 v and aver, ft talc. L A 5 D WARRANTS. a i times Purchaslnir, aad ba.efct Sale,LAND W AKIlANTSof all denominations. Land Wairauu i^ate^t in 1 nwa, Wiseonsla, cr Minueacta. CHUDD UROTHKRS, jan ai-tf wankers, opposite the 'f re^surr T O |? M A M St ^OKCLCT'it . NKW AN It CUKAP .Sii^' AND TRUNK 6T0R*. Seventh .;t , opposite Odd Fellows'Hall. MKSSKS. TOFHAM, ^l^^luteof Fhlladelphla, and ^^?^NORFLET of this city,. respectfully announce to - their friends and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at theabovestaud, where tLey will make end keep constantly or hai;d a lai{?e and superior assortment of? Menu', Lddles', and Hoya' SADDLLtf, DKIDLKS MARTINGALKS,and WHIPS. HARNLSSof every deerriptlon, both for city and country jho Ail kinds of TRUNKS, VALISKS and 6aF f?JJ,AeJl.rirad!^' satchkL? travelI INS BASKETS.and FANCY WOI^K HOXFS COVLRS, COLLARsj and tiAMhs. Ho:?e,5bpole, and Dust BRUSH. E8. CARDS, CUttRY-CiiMBS, SFON6ES, ?C..W. ^ wlil bette that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for ?cj??l years, we feel confident that 2^-T?.w0aaS?tbe,l!r?>ar;jCU'eUhci style or durability By unremitting efforts to clvesatis fdctlon we hope to merit, ana rcstcotfufiv colloM t share of public patsonape w-wn, Fastlcular attention paid to covetisf fruka sad repairing all kinds of work. wranxs 8add!ers toolscoastaB'.ly oa haad, a*v 7_]y IRON MALL HOOT SHOE A^D TRL'\K e^tahIjI mi t? e^x Vt*ntylvaH>a avenue, bet Vth and lUtAtt.t. I JlJXrHN "AND FOR LADIES, MISSKS, * and Chi.dren a large stork of? quilted Silk ttalters, Buckskin Lined and i- lannel lined Ualters for the winter Heeled Double Sole-and Water Proof Gaiters Black, Bronae and Colored Single and Double Sole Gaiters Congress Gaiters heeled ; thick and this sole Moroco heeled Ualt-rs; ConKrv?s Button and L.iced Morocu^and^ Kid heeled Slippers, English Kid Congress White Satin heelod and Kldand Gllce reous Silpoers Also Mlssea ,.ud Chlldr?-r.'s Shoes of all styles Gent s, Boy's, and Youths do do do .V#' ?"Li.fU'nt Long and Congress Boots Oxford Bco'.s and Gaiters ?.h^rtuVe^^',llf,,k,n B'KHsarid F. L. Boots < alfskin English Boots Oxiord Hlyh Cut same style All sizes of Calf Shoes from Si 25 to ft! 75 Boys and Youths Calf Hot ts and Shoes all prices ju.t received. r Also, a large and well selected assortment of S ?nd i'mveH'ng TRUNKS, all of which will be sold cheap for cash. t'aM early, . S.F.HOOVER'S, 00 1'on Hall Boot and Shoe Store. SlNUEK'ft Improved Bowing Machines. T???h ^a>1 the Highest Award of th? wlari5, thereby receiving the World s Verdict of SuDeriority. THtE. ?MPM0VKMENTS IN THIS MA chine has slmplllled them In many respects, sndthevarecapi.b^MfexecutlnKtwicetheamount of work they did formerly In any given time BHhi ?#e wit,?out qi,e?Hoii the only Machines ca pabJe of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a ?ewnh^.? ?'i "y ,fa':e 'orharness can be ?ewn by any of these machines by a simple chance ?f needle and thread In such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault l^tlJrer'ii l,i?nteri* and families will Snd them the only safe Machines to purchase, as thev XZZ't'XZf. "1 du"""c' L" ? Silk, rbread, Cotton, iSeedles, Ao ,ccn8taatlv on hand, at the lowest rates. ?-i ccnsianuy Peraousdeslrous of Information rep ardln? Hew log Machines will please address ^arainR aew' I. M. SINGER A CO 105 Baltimore street, Kaltlnora N B ? We arc prepared to exehange these ma Chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib erai. Peraons who have been Induced to pnrchaae nferlor machines under the pretext of b?*tn? sheap, will tfadthla a benelitIndeed. mar to?tf MRS. M. E. HAHVETt (SWCCBSSoK TO J AMIS K. HitVIT, DlClllin 1 UNDERTAKER, No . 410 Seventh street, biittrin G and H, Begs leave to inform the public that ahe has In her employ the aame persona tkat were formerly4 la the establishment, who are fully competent to conduct the Undertaking Business; and that every attention will be given to calls, day or night, as heretofore. m 1# 6m L. J. M1DDLETON, dkaler in ice, _ 0^?.a?j D?^?i--ttouthwe?t uOiaer of K aad twelfthstreeu, (et ft-a Educational. T YOU NO MEN OF WASHINGTON. Ftm Lectures ***ry Monday night, for four

v>ftka, commtvcinr October 20th, AT THE UNION ACADEMY. Such Young Men of this < lty as wish to obtain a thorough ana practical knowledge of Surveying, Civil Engineering, Book Keeping, and of such branches as will flt them for successful business, will And a good opportunity in the DAY or EVENING 9CHOOL, at the Union Academy. ocJ8 2 RICHARDS, Principal ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL BOARDlNb SCHOOL, FOR BUY", Mount Joy, Lancaster county, E. L. MOORE, A M Principal. HE WINTER SESSION WILL COM mence on Tuesday, the 4th of November Terms S73 per setslon, of 5 months, Including board, washing, tuition, Ac. Circulars containing particular* may be bad on application to the Principal oc 14-lm? A t'AKD. Mrs franklin, teacher of vocal Music, No. 406 E street, between 9th and 10th streets References : Mr. R . Davis, and Mr Hllbus, Music stores. se 17-3m MI88 HEWITT S ENGLISH AND FRENCH BOARDING AND PAY SCHOOL, No. 397. corner of Pf'tt York avenut and 13?% st rpHE SCHOLASTIC YEAR COMMENCES the flrat Mooday in September, and ends the last Friday In June, and Is divided Into two ses sions. The Prlncl pal will be assisted by the most com petent English and French resident teachers, and every f ciilty offered for pursuing Mnslcandall the various branches of modem accomplish ment!. For further particulars, terms, Ac., see Circu lars at bookstores, or a! the residence of tbe Prln olpal. au s?-3tAeotf MRS. ?. H. SMITH, 430 D strett north, It tveten 6th and 7th, Begs leave to inform the ladies of Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity thit she is pr-pared to plve inst-uction, Iti <-lasfFx and private lessons. In tbe art of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and VASES. Also, WaiF rait and Ornamental Leather work Ladies wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of Requiring h most beautiful accoin pli? bmerit will please cull as early ss possible, as .lrn S does not contemplate remaining long in the city. tkrms: Wax Flowers in Classes, jht term of III les sons S5 Wat Fruit In Classes, per term of 12 lessons..*5 Leather W ork in Class**, per term of R lessons S3 Private Lessons |>1 each?Vasts #10. Boouets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers. Ac , for Male, or made to order. su M dm CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT. ) uj.imc.PAln REV. G. W. DORRANCE,> rkiacwaLi. 'HHE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS JL Academy will commence on Monday, Sep tember 1st. l?5G For terms see circulars at tue prin lpal Hook Stores an 1-tf S'JOO REWARD. J^ANAVVAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER A living In tbe village of Nottingham, Prince George'scounty, Maryland.on Mon day night, tbefeth instant, NEGRO GIRL MARIA, who calls herself Maria Chew .J She Is about eighteen years of age, about four feet ten or eleven inches high. She Is very like ly, and has a pleasant smiling face. She has a remarkably ine suit of hair for one of her color, and Is, altogether, a flue looking girl. I will give the above reward of one hundred dollars for her apprehension?no ma'ter where taken?provided she Is brought home to me or se? cured In jail, so that 1 get her again THOMAS G TURTON. Nottingham, Sept 10,1856?se 11-tf I VK. MUNSON, AT:CJ? PENN'A AVENUE. I" Is still making those beautiful o?ntinuous GUM TEETH, called] Alien s Fatent, for tbe excellency of . ? *-i which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing therr In this city, will cheerfully vouch There is one Dentist in this city who has been Infringing the patent, and made u bad imitation of it, against whom 1 hereby caution tte public N B. Whenever a Dentist speak* against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when properly constructed, ills because he Is ignorant of the process, lncouir-etent to make the work, or a unwilling to pay for the patent. je 16-tf NOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. r|>HK UNDERSIGNED HAVE ASSOCI JL j?ted themselves for the purpoteof conduct ing a General Wholesale Grocery and Commis sion Business in Georgetown, under the firm of GETTY A WILLIAMS, and have taken the warehouse No 5, northwest corner of High and Water streets. VERNON GETTY. EDWARD WILLIAMS. Georgetown, October 13,1856. oc 28-lm A FULL SUPPLY OF FALL AND WIN TER GOODS. JOHN H. 8MOOT,No 119 SOUTH 8IDEOF Bridge street, Georgetown, 1) C , has recently received from the large Importing, Commission, and Auction Houses, of New York, a general as sortment of Fall and Winter Goods embracing every ki nd of? Ladies Dress Goods Brocade, Striped, Plaid and Black Silks Printed Striped, and Plain Mouslln Delaines French Merinos and Alapacas Argautlr.e and Striped Poplin* Bright small ftgured Mouslln Delaines for child ren K It h (all wool) Merino Plaids, best quality Do Ombre shaded striped Mouslins Double and single wldtu Lee pun's Black Mouslln Delaines 300 pieces English and American Prints White Cambri a, Muslin and Nainsooks Plaid, striped and ilgured Hoopt d and Manilla Corded Skirts Tarletans, worked and silk Illusions Black Crape Fails and Veils English Crapes and Mourning Collars Black Lace Collars and Setts Embroideries of every kind Stella and Brocha Shawls and Scarfs Long and Square Blac k Thibet Shawls, very cheap Heavy Gray and Black Wcollen Shawls Ladles superior French Kid Gloves of (all Nos > l?a't colors, Modes, W hlte, and Black, at 87 K cents Gents Kid, best Fancy and ether Gloves Ladle.*, Misses, and Gents Hose *nd \ Hose in Cotton, Merino, and Saxony Wool, all sizas Ladies Merino and Silk Vests Gents heavy Merino and Szxony Wool do Real Welch and every other make Flannels Real French Plaid and plain Josey do With a general assortment of Cloths, Casslmeres, Tweeds, Jeans, Satinets, Silk and Merino Vest lnga, Canton Flannels, Shirtings, Sheetings, Llneu and Cotton; Irish Linens, Richardson and Dunbar Dickson's ; Blankets of every kind. Ta ttle Damasks and Table Cloths,all sizes; Damask Napki ns, Huckaback and Board Towles, with every kind of Go>ds usually kept in a well as lorfedstock, which prompt paying and cash cus tomers may always rely upon buying as cheap as the sime qualities and styles can be had in the District A Cell is i-ollcl cd oc 11-tr JOHN 11. SMOOT. rpilK STEALER GEORGE WASHING J- TON wllldepariatthefollow- r i* ing hours: MHaSHfei* Leave Alexandria 7jtf, 9. 11, lu, 3k, 5 k ijeave Washington. ..o, 10,lii, 4){ o Je2ti-d JOB CORSON,jCaptalB VC^ MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND F RI DAYS.?F ARE, ROUND TRIP, SI: FROM ALEAANDU1A7&CENTS.?ThejKtf?^n< steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves W ashing - ton at V and Alexandria atOtf o'clock. Conches leave the Capitol for the boat at H if o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on tne boat. apjMf SAM'L GKDNEV, Captali CHANGE OF HOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY. THE 30tk 1 June, the Steamer GEORGE _ PAGE will ruu at the followingjflKESSW** hours: Leave Alexandria at 4#, 8,10, IS, 4#* and ? M o'clock. Leave Washington ?, 9,11, l)f, 3X> *nd 7 o'clock. jo 29-tf ELLIS L. PRICE, Ca>^Uln. EGGCU ACRERS OR CRACK NELLS aud Fsitcy Crackers, ? splendid article fo Tea, ]u?t received by oc 5t RING A BUROR.liLL^ EVENING STAR. A THUNDERING COON HUNT. [From Porter's Spirit of the Times J It's refreshing to heir Old Tom tell stories; for, though he gives the same one over a doien times he never tell? it twice alike ' 11* let < ff the following one morning last week, to an au dience of two persona, one of whom has prob ably heard it more times than a clock will tick on a long summer's day ; and who, con sequently, prepared himself for a doze as econ as Old Tom commenced with? " I'm an old man, my young fren\ but I tell you I've been through a power ov coon hunts in my time, an' I'm jus gain' to tell yer ov one ov 'em. It's as troo as I'm settin' on this here cheer " (He was sitting on a bench at the time ) " Mind yer. there air fellers who can't open their heads, 'bout huntin' 'spe cially, but what sartain sure out comes lie* They talk jus assmoove as welvit; but I know 'em ; they may riie purty airly, but they don't see no sun rise afore Old Tom does! They don t make no mark here ! (and at this he slapped himself half a foot below where his heart beats ) They may hit me in the years, but they don't tech no heart ov mino, nohow. I go in for trooth. I do! and I'm goiu' to give yor some this minnit " As Old Tom got up frr.m the bench at this " icinnit," his wide awake auditor thought he was going to the whisky barrel to get it But he didn t; he only got up in order to sit down again " As I was tell in' on you, i wunat went on a thunderin coon hunt down by Striker's Fun It waren'tpr >per time, now how, to hunt tho crceters, bein as it was the iniddel ov summer ; but Lishe Proper, be was bent on killin' coons, an' we tother boys waren t no way slow to follow arter him when he led off Lishe, he had a couple of the likeliest hound dogs round thetu regins?one ov 'em was tbe cornpletcst dogf< r luggin'creeters I ever seed llowsumever, wo started from Lishe Prop er'8 one July night: if I dureiuember right ly. the moon wos a shinin' when we sot out, an' arter travelin' nare about two mild*, we come enter the lower eend ov the pon'? Striker 8 Pon'?and all to onst Li*he Proper s hounds struck coon tracks, and toonod up their pipes like moosicianerS, I teil you! i had a little spaniel dog 'long, who tuck urtcr coons nat'ral as beef bones ; an' purty soon 1 heered him loudia' up too Says I to myself, 'Tom, there s a big ooon thareabouts 1 | kcow'd Jack's woice, the hull way fr in t ?>:h j to tail, an' he was cryin' bout a big one that ! time We foil the dogs nare lour inilds, t good measure, lore we treed that coon. Hitch trampoosin I never seed tbe iikes ov afore, nowhere 1 tored my coat inter rags, an' bad no britches on more'n would have covered a j six liiuo- ole baby ; but the coon was treed, I shure thing, britches or no britches One ot the fellers struck a light, an'purty soon we seed we needed it, coz there was more clouds in the sky than you could shake sticks at. There wo wo*, men and buys, curs an' hounds, all rount tbe foot ov a big white cedar tree, a Wi.uin' for ?uuit.hiu' to turn up. 1 never seed no hound# kerry on like them 'ero ones of Lishe'a ; they pitched rount like ef they ware goin' to jump there hides off, a yellin an' a bowiin'. Ya-hooo hoooo-hooooo! *Here old Tom indulged in a prolonged howl, complete ly arousing k'c 2 of the audience, and caus ing him t ? start up wide awake ) Oh, y -u're wakiu' up, are ye ' i h?.t a way the hounds sung, and' the boys shouted, an' as the fire light beguu to shine up the tree, ?o;uo ov eui sot to work firiu' away at every aoi, and bunch as was to bo seen on the tree TLero 1 was a big shower ov bark flyin' around 'boct | that time, you may believe. Bimeby I seed way up on a top a-most branch. Mister Coon making hieself as small as a small tater; jus as L was goin' to fire, may I be dod-rabbit ef I didn't see two or nioro coons, on two other branches, alongside of tho fust." * How much whiskey had you on board that time, ch ' ' asked No 2. " Nary a drop more'n i could kerry jus well ballusted, an a goin' of it unner easy sail I wau't no ways owilv, an see* ?hem three coons as plain as I sec that cow a graain' over there in the medder Lithe Proper an' Zeke Seut ter, they seed 'em at the same time, an: Lishe. he was so aside hisself with seech a sigh*. ?iat ho pullt a big bottle right out ov hid coai pockit, an' we all took big drinks ot, the strength of sich a werry blessed sight At this point Old Tom got up from the bench and went behind the bar, ostensibly to get a piece of tobacco. Returning, he sat down and con tinued : '? All on a suddint, Lishe hadn't uivre'n got the whisky bottle inter his pockit, afore? 'Whang! whang! Boom-a-roocg-a-r-ong! " Here Old Tom. as an illustration of the noise, dashed on the floor wha* he thought was an empty portor bottle, and which he had kept studiously concealed until this moment, in or der to produce a "stunning effect" on his one hor?e audience By mistake he got hold of a bottle half full of bitters, and the way it and it and tbe broken glass flew round the room and over the audieneo was "promiscuous " " What the are you driving at ?" ask ed No 2, jumping from nL scut and trying to wipe off the stains from coat and pantaloons Old Tom stood a picture of sati-riso and astou is'uincnV At last stammering oat?"Why. why. who would hev tho't itf 1 tho't 1 knowed there was no thin' in that bottle. I've tired off more'n fifty of em a tellin' this here story (!) an' 1 never knowed ouc hev bitters in it aforo Here. Jim, eomo a here an' sweep up this muss Gentlemen, let's take adrink. ll?.pe nobody's kilt? *? Wal, as 1 was sayin, 'Whang' whang!' ('No wore bottles Tom!'shouts No 2) Boom a-roong-a-roong !'come the litenin', knockin' things all tcr bits ; stunning men and dogs such a way 1 never want ter see the likes ov agin 11 was mitey dark for a spell with me, I tell you. Arter a while I tries to raifc upon eend, an , luat hitoii, I thort I had a hive ov bees in my head, eich a bunin' an swimmin' rount Purty goon I comes too, an' the fust thing I seed was Lishe Proper a holdin on ter a dead coon with one band, an' tryiu to wipe the dust and bark out ov his eyes with his lothcr. ? Lishe,' saja I, ' where are wc V ut Tother bide of Jordan!' says he, ' an' tlie ferry boat broke, too, at that ! No matter, We ?Jut goin' to starve ! An' he belt up the i ooor. Zeke Scutter, he was must stunned ov onnybody. llowsumever, we got iiim dowu to tho pon', un' a'ter rubbin' ov his face in water, he come too We went back to look at wharo the litenin' hit. an' may 1 be jammed if there warn t Lishe Proper's hound tryin' to "it at another coon hangtn' up in the crotch of the tree, dead as a herrin'. We got him down sooner ! an' ware en the pint of turning home, when, may 1 be jammed agin, if that ere hound dog hadn't the track of the third coon, an' was diggin' up the ground to get at him We all got round the hole an ware peerin' in, when, ov a suddint, Lishe Proper ho seed the fur, an' made a grab at the tail an' bro't out the third coon, dead as a sideof sole leather, an' smellin' like a box of brim stun matches. The litenin' had actilly dug a hole an' kerried that coon under grouu', only leaviu' the Up eend of his tail out lor a toom-stone , . " I tell you, that's wot I call a r>Me thou der in' coon hunt tTA Strange Animal, ?uPP^^by-JSto a be a panther, by others a gtr*ets of wolf, has been prowling abou i .. it lg Greenfield, Mass , for have eome seen only at night; the g* ^ acquaintance in contact with it are> y h?ve been put thereafter; powder an lll?itery, it into requisition to ^ ,(f the gun," the animal'wou'l'd*brobably have been .hot before this. THE WEEKLY STAR u uaiagsi M> *e found la aav ether?U paMtahefl ea Ntir *?T m?mln? ? , tUJU. BlRgle OOPT, per uiu - SI M v. . fttini. Hveeopiaa S3 o# Ten copleit>Mt $ o# Twentyoopiea.....V.V.V.V.V.V." 111****11**.It VI imitiiit m itunci. IC^fclnKleeeirteB (la wrappers) rutoproeurfd at the counter. Immediate^ after the Issue of tbe paper. Prtce?Taaaa Cbrvs Pos t va st aa?who act at ajreata will baallewe* a commiaaion of twenty per cent Scire* o? TBB Ocrar pLooa ?Besides tba countless varieties of the fucus. the bottom of the hi is overgrown with the curled, deep purple leaves of the sea-lettuce, with large porous lichens, end many-branched hollow algte, full of life and motion in their rocy lit tle bladders, thickly eet with ever-moving tiny arms. Ihese plants form submarine forests. grow ing one into another, in apparently lawlees order; here interlacing their branches, there ^?rnaVDS bowers and long avenues ; atone time thriving abundantly, till the thicket eeems impenetrable, and then again leaving large openings between wold and wold, where small er P*ant> ^orm a beautiful pink tnrf. There a tboasard hues and tingea shine and glitter in each changing light, ^la the indul gence of their luxurious growth, the fuci ee pe:ially seem to gratify every whim and freak. Creeping close to the ground, or sending long stretched arms, crowned with waving plumes, up to the blessed light of heaven, they form pale-green sea groves, where there is neither moon nor star, or rise up nearer the surface, to be transcendently rich and gorgeous in brightest green, gold and purple. And through this dream-like scene, playing in all the colors of the rainbow, and deep nn der the hollow briny ocean, Iftiere sail and chase each other merrily gaily-painted mul luska and bright shining faces. Snails of every shape creep slowly along the stems, while huge gray-haired seals hang with their enormous turks on large, tall trees There is the gigantic dudong, the syren of the ancients, the side-long shark with his leaden eyes, the thick-haired sea leopard, and the sluggish turtle. Look how these strange ill-shaped forms, which ever keep their drearileas sleep far down in the gloomy deep, stir theuiselvee from time to time. See bow they drive each other from their rich pastures, how thoy awaken in storms, rising like islands from be neath, and snorting through the angry spray' Perhaps they graze peacefully in the cool of the ocean's deep beeJ,whenlo! a hungry shark comes slily, silently around that grove; its glassy eyes shone ghost-like with a yellow sheen, an J seek their prey The seadog fiis-t becomes aware of the prox imity of his dreaded enemy, and seeki refuge in the thickest of the fucus foreet In an instant the whole scene changes. The oyster cioses its shell with a clap, and throws itself into the deep below ; the turtle conceals head and feel under her impenetrable armor, and sinks slowly downward ; the playful little tish disappear iu the branches ef the maro eystie ; lobsters hide under the thick, clum sily shapes roots, and the young walrus alone turns boldly round and faces the intruder with his sharp-pointed teeth. The shark seeks to gain bis unprotected side. The battle con menees both seek the forest; their fins be* come entangled in the fclosety interwoven branches; at last the more ?(ii? shark suc ceeds in wounding hi? adversary e ?td0 1>M. pairing of life, the bleeding walrus bi? to conceal his last agony in the woods, bat, blinded by pain and blood, he fastens himself among the branches, and toon falls an easy prey to the shark, who greedily devours him. Putnam's Magazine. A California Lova Lrttbr ?A copy of a letter that was picked up in the street in Marysville, Cal , not long sinee Marietville july fore ltijfl. bear Gate you kuow I luv you mor an any uther tiirle in tho World, and Wat's the Keten you always want Me to tell you so. 1 no you ar almost gittinn tired of waiting for me i no you luv me fit to brake your hart I no wo ort to get rnarii, but how kin we if we ?sa ! Wat's the use in thmkiu bout it. i thort ve? ' ?old my mule that I wud hue nough to p<y ti.3 precher and bi you nice goun But I tried ml luk at poker and got strapt the fust nite. Cate. yoa never played poker-in korae not Wei, its a confounded mity nicc game as long as yoa kin sit behtnu a smoral par, but when you kant get a par, tho pots gone. I luv you so much Cate that i allmost hav a notion to sel me 1 hors wagin and buck a nite or 2 at farrow, but how kin i ?s i! My wbol wagin wudent fech more an fore or 5 good staks ile go back to the mount ings an work an dig and iwet and do every thing i kin to git money to git marid I ant anyways gelus Cate, but pltse dont hug and kiss and set on J n B s iapp any more y?U know he aiut worth shuks, be kant drink mot* an 3 Lornes thout getting ti'o , i kin it*;;d ki i!nder fiftey You no i kin lick him 2. and hav it and kin do it sgm. But 1 uint a bit gelus, a bC * ,ort to leven yeres is relief 10 *ortagal, but ile have you yit Cate % Good by, till next we meet. Tour Affeckunate Lover, Note a Bena, good by agin Kun that felfer off 2th P S. I m not a bit gelus Cate, don 't let him cum bout the house Fime Prkachibo ? I am tormented with tne Jetire of preaching better than I can But I can have no wish to make fins, pretty sermons; prettiuesi is well enough when pret tinesa is in its place I like to see a pretty child, pretty (lowers, but in a sermon pretti ness is out of place. To my ear it would be anything but commendation, should it be said to me, u You have given us a pretty eertnon " If I were upon my trial for my life, and my advocate should amuse the jury with hit tropei and figure?, burying his argument beneath the profusion of the flowers of rhetorie, 1 woufd say him, ' Tut man, you care more for your vanity than for my hanging Put your self in my plaoe??peak in view of the gallows, and >ou will tell your story plainly and ear nestly " I have no objection to a lady's winding a sword with ribbons and studding it with roses when she presents it to her hero lovei; but in the day of battle he will tear Hway the ornaments, and use the naked edge to the enemy ?A'oWl Hall. The poor doctors have a rough row to weed. The following is very hard : A jolly fellow had an office next to a doctor's. One day an elderly gentleman of the old fogy school blundered into the wrong shop. 44 i)r X in V* " Dou't live here," said P?, who was in full scribble over some important papers, with out looking up. ?'Oh! thought this was his office." 44 Next door." " Pray, sir, can you tell me, baa the Doctor ma'iV patients?" 4- Not living " The old geutieman was never heard of in 'he vicinity, but the story was, and I>r N threatened to sue P for libel. However, he came think better of it. O.vlt Our Shirt ?Shirts must be *oarea Nicaragua. A correspondent of the Granada newspaper, signing himself '' Titas Brtcka, says: 4'Being very au*i??? *? fcpanub, I bavo bvgno to 'crd * b"'"! Before I *as there many days I became ac w?;th a very pleasant naUve woman, WhV rave me to understand that she washed ?lithe ? and insisted upon waaMng my shirt I fold ber as well as I could that I usually did it myself at the lake, where I could he in I the water until it dried, under the pretence ! of bathing. Women have always been ct; i weakness I gave her the shirt four days ago. ' sbe has not returned with it 1 will not te!t you how I feel; but laying abed foor days la no joke." py To find out the number of children in a street, commence beating a baas drum To find out the number of idle men, start a dog fight. Whoever hss gained the aflactions a wituan, is apt to suoceed in any eatarpriw wherein she assists him.