Newspaper of Evening Star, November 7, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 7, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, ISIILIIHKD KVEKT AfTKRNUVR, (EXCErT 8WNDAY,) if Ik* 9fr BuiUxngI frntr ?/ ???w mnd Blfrmtk ttrHl, By W. D. WALLACH, Will be ?ened to lakKrlken by canters at 811 AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to ibe Agents; paper* served la packages at 37# ens per month. To mall sabaorlhera the sub srrlptlon prtce U THREE DOLLARS AMD FIF TY" CHNTS a year in adrmct, TWO DOLLARS for fix months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for leaa ttaaa three months al the rale of II ? cents a wrek. JIT SINGLE COP1E6 ONE CENT. OFFICIAL. Taiiicar Dbpabtmbxt, May SB, 143*. Notice Is hereby given to the holders of the stock issued pursuant to the aot of Congress of **d iuly, HW, that such stock la redeemable by IN terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on tbe ?trrendex of the certificates thereof, on the 12th of November next, when Interest thereon will erase. I his department will continue to purchaaerach ?t vk prior to said day of redemption, and will pay th":efor the following premium, In addition tc the Interest accrued to the day of purchaae, with one day's Interest for the money to reach tee vendor: ??a rich stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of Joue aad the 31st day of July, u elusive, one-half of one per cent, on the amounts specified in the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and list days of August, one-fourth of one per cent; Aad on iruch stock reoclved after the-llst day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and ane day's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's Interest mu t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such Interest will be parable as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other stocks ofthe United States thst this department w'.ll purchase the same between the 1st day of June aad the lit day of December next, unless th? nnrn of 91,500,000shall be previously obtained, aal will piv for the same, In addition to the Id erest aeoraed from he day of the last dividend of Interest, and on* j|*y's additional Interest for the *?r>aey to reech tue vendor, the following rates of premium: On stock of the loan of lt*?, a patmlnm of 10 per cent j On st >ek of the 1 oans of 1047 and 1918 a premium of H per cent.; Aid on stork issued un4w the act of ?th Sep. K??nb<*T, commonly called Teran Indemnity stock, a premium of* per cent Certiorates transmitted under this notice should be luly assigned to the United States by the par. ty -fltltl-d ro receive the money; and If sent pre vlous to the 1st July, the current half-year's In ter* ?t wast also be assigned by the present stock Bolder, otherwise the interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for aJl the foregoing stocks will be mide by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JA.HEB 6UTHRIE, s? tlTNoy Secretary of the Treasury OFFICIAL. Taa*sr-*Y Dir?m?irr, A?igui;?0, 1?5?. Wberfas tbe fidlowing Joint resolution of Congress h ? become a law: J>)twT RssofWion extending th?- lime fl?r the cr?'di tor?ofTexai to present their claims Rmti'-edbjitKe Sm Je an4 Hctuc o/ lispmrntri (j. r; tkt Unrierf State* of *1inrnca tn Vonfrf*'> >? ** That a?, agreeab y 10 the provi-ion rf the tof-'b section of the act of ihe 23-h of February, l>6'>. ?' IO provide f ?r thr payment of such creditors o! the a*e republic of T"ia< a* are eomp'rhended in th-5 act of Congress of Septemb r 9th, lttfO," no nee, by public liT^rtiwment, w?e duly given for ? he -pn-e >f nm# ty .lavs by ibe Se-retary of the Tr?? my, of the tune ai which ravmint of the am >unt a;?p:ooria-e.l by th?' fifth ?ecilon of said act w al<1 b ? ma \e,pro rata, on a y b nd, certificate, or rVilm ?: of deb' of mid Sia e, which should be pr?s?nt?l a' the Trea?ury iH-p&rtm nt thirty days p? ?crl ng the lJth <*ay of Jane, ifiVt. tv> limit of ?..! notice; a >d ai it is represented by the said Hrctetary of ibe Treasury, that of i-aid b Kids, cer lifica es, and evidences of <ieb', which have been rec*>giiiS'-d by the Stat* of Tna?, the same, rqttai to th j sum of taree huidred a id eighty nine th?u? ai 1 six hundred and musty ihrae d<4ia>? and seven cents were not presented to ihe Tra-ury Department pn<?r to the *e-d 13th of Jun-, therefore, m orJcr to doful; ja-uo to the holders of a d df bt, the Secre ts y ol the Trsa<ury u hereby an horiaed to ray to the holders of a ?y of the said b mds, certificate#, ??r evi len:i-s, of debr, not presented before ihe 13th ?^ay of Juu: la*t, who may present a d prove the sa uea- ihe TYe??ury Iifpttinni, b -twe? n the 13th day ? f June la i and the 1st day of Ja iuary nert, a id execute ihe proper re<e?<?>? to the United States s id the State of Teia-?, their pro rntn *hare of the r*. 1 -ev m in Uiom sev ?? hun !r"d and fifty thousand ditlars; and after (>ayiiient thereof, ihe eaid Secre tary of the Treamry is authorised and required to dijuibnte and par the residue of the raid seven mil lioas ?even hundred and fifty thousand dollars, then r-rna ning in the treasury, pro rnla, atn tniet all the *a d h dders who may have proved Ke:r claim', and executed ths prop** retcases on or before tbe 1st day ct Jaoua y next. Approve August 18th, loM. Nmeats aaaiBT arras to the holtrrs of bonds, certifi-atea, a il ev denccs of debt of the late repub lia ?f Pei**, which were not presented at this de partm -m on or before the 13th day of June lait,lhat the same will be settled and the pro rata amount thereon will be paid to the lawful holders thereof if P'e?coUfd before tbe flr-t day of Jauuary next, ao ompaniej with the neees-u'y evidence of their gen uiaeaess, with *u to tbe United States,re quired to ?lve Uiis dcra'tm-Bt the custody of suck b >o I?, ee bfloates, and evuea *s of debt, and with releases to the Unite 1 State* and Texas, In acoord av? wuh tbe provwions of the act of Congress of '?*nh February, 1?36. Tiua le*?rtinent will not requue < vtdence of gen aiMsaew to Be proseated with the certificates issued by th? a idit >r aid oomptr >ller of Texas under the la *iof tie State. But it p^s.e.sesno meansof ver fy >4 tbe certi&caiss.boads and promissory aotea is?a<;d by the republic of Te^as, and not presented to, nor a ldlied by, the ofilcers of ths State. The and proper proof of the gennin nessof 1'ie !Alter u the certificate of ihe comptroller ol the Stats of T<~xas, who has ihe ofihial charge of the orijioai ars'iivw relating to tbe debt of the late re public ofTeras Ths and release* may bs executed ail acknowledged la tbe preseneo of ihe Asei?tant Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof; iu the pr- jenceof a notary public, and be witnessed by tie A si4tant doers'a y, or chief clerk a d nota ty, and b-certified by the aotary under hiaa ira :?l *?al i bit when the holders dssi re to make tbe a -signmmt a id eiecute the releases oat of ibe city of Washington, it maybe doneinths preauice yfau as-Ktant tre?surei, or e-illeetor, or surveyor of the eutotnvin ihe presence of a nota y public, and be w<in^>*d by the collator or sutveyor and the no ta y ^ubiu:, and be Tertified by the notary under bis nota ia! se?'; and if tsere be uo collector orsurvep. or ofthe cusrosn* at the pla-e where the party rc sid.-s, ?h- a?signuieot and releases may be eaeeuted b^ir?! any court of rer*>rd, in the presence ofthe Jadge and cl rk thereof and be witnessed by them, a id c-rtih' d by the derk under kis seal of ofloe; and if th.- holder be out of th- United States, the as u;nin -nt a id releases may b: executed before any Ualtsd Stales :oasal,and be wnaessed and oertificd by him uaderhis ^oasalar seal. All persoasexe cuting sueh a'?>gnaisntsaad releases must also de dare, under >ath, b fore the notaiy, eisrk,cr ooo sal, as the case may be, that they are the real own ersofde certificates or other evidences of debt, cr that Ihe same have beea a-signed to them, 6oua, tn collection ; and (be notary, c(erfc,or consul in j it i sel j i? the fact of that leclaratiob in their eer* tia ate ofa;xnowledgmeni. If avsi^ntsl tor eolli-etioa, or in pledge, ths name of the | arty holding ih<* b in ficial us rewduary is irre?t in the Walm mus; he stated in the affidavit Jtv -f I VU VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1856. NO. 1,170. and a release to the United State* and relets* to Texas must be duljr executed by Mich party, to g ther with tbe assignment and release from the person in whose favor settlement and payment is requeued. One or more audited certificate?, or one or more evidence of the same character of debt, may be in eluded in the same assignment, release, and affida ?it of ownership, if each certificate is correctly de scribed by number, date, amount, and nam<j of the original payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the State of Texas, on acoouut of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texa?,accord ing to the facts of each ca^e. z Tbe assignment to the United States may be made in common form ; the releases should be drawn ao cording to the formi subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Becretary of the Treasury. A. Know all persons by tbwse presents that ? ha* relea ?ed. and li-rt?by releases, the United Sta'es of Am rica from all further liability or claim for the payment of certiflca'e or ev.cence of debt number , for the sum off , usued by the late republic of Texa-?, (or by the authorities ot the Htato of Te*a*, a: the caw? may b?,) and re derm-d by the United S?a ?"? inace*riiance with the proTisi his of an a*t of Congress, entitled "An act to provi e lor th* payment of such cjeditorx of the late repab'le of Teras a* ar^ enmprebenled hi the actof Congress of Septetnb -r nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 28th day of Fedniary, 1855,and an an of the <tate of Texa-?, appnured the 1st of hYbruatf. 1856. As wkuess my hand and sea'. Form A Klow all persons by these present* that ? has released, a i?i hereby releases, the State of Trxa? fr? m all further l.abiliiy or uJaim fin the pay m nt of certificate or evidence of d<-bt number ,f?r the Sam of .* ..., issued by the lace re public of Texa<,(tM by the aiuho.iiies of the S ate of T- xarf. a? th-r ras* may be,) a id r* d<:e<?et by the United States in a-'.cort'a <ce with the prnvi?t?? is of an act of Congre*?, entitled " An act t? provide lor th.? iiayinent oi sueh creditors of the late republic? Texa> a* are comprehended in the act of Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty approv.'. l the 981i of Ftbrua.y, 185.">, and an act of the Siate of Texas, approved the 1st of February. 1854. As witne*- my band and seal. The following is a list ol ih? audited certi.ioates still outsta .ding: No. I*4ued to. No. /?jn*<?.-/ lo. 8 T LI 1'iira^kitis i639 t),car Engledow 18 llukinan t nnfir 1J 1(575 Trustees ef Austin 31 John A CI i.ion College WHK Muse 1W} G II Mon^arrat k Co 53 3 G Hobb* IfllO John Karner 81 J De Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl 92 John Buriiingt>ain 1739) ?wu, ... 135 Phinea-tUe Cordova 1733% 1 Walcott 178 E Baldwin 1746 John VV Portis 191 Jam's THj'ima i 1770 J K EMIiott 192 Katbias Clark 1807 Harriet George Elba FaMe i?16 Mtlea S Bennett ^9 ' 1l?l9 Nathaniel Rudder 328 O Bllneau 1831 I Levi Tyler, a.lm'r *44 J E Wade 1833 \ of \V H Kelly 36* Peter* k Booth 1838 Samuel Wild-y 38j I .ot t UuNted IR.'<9 iieorgj Sutherland 404 S Kingsley 1*4! J p Hennings 427 J Pa ker, for Eliza 1842) , ,, - ? beth Pa/her, e*'x 1*43 / 437 Benedict Bayiey 1&14 Ednvind Balllager 445 l.eander Htason 1H.V2 J l> Logan 466 Wm Odlin 1*06 C P Green 467 John W King 1885 Dav.d Ayrea .VI9 T H Wi bb IWi) Thomee FJara?~? 510 A S Thn nvnd 1878 C Sehiedlemantd 54* Tho* \V Marx>tfill 1880 J F Jewett 625 Havid S Keifman 18H7 F Emma 643 George W Parker IHW9 Par ilta* 641 CrutrhefklHcFavenlWO F ?v Gios-.moyef ?i}wmr,ow? !?g 853 J A Simpson 1929 E W < awthern 659 Wm H Belcher 1910 Mm Cochran 677 H H Williams 15132 Fianei- Moure jr 701 Felii Rieder 2071 Andrew Daley T181 Robert Dale 9072 IsMC 7191 Koo^t uaie i<m 773 Wm Jonas 1504 779 Wm Walker 908* 793 Dyer Pearl 1748 8 2 Isaac L HIM 9106 063 llermogan Brown 1810 874 John Vv Bower 2108 879 James McMatter 293 914 Dyer Peail 2136 915 Mary E len Heden-1858 berg 9145 930 J Elfis 023 992 Mrs Mary BelVil!e 2104 1010 Anson Craason 1501 1012 R M Forbes 9303 C W Vickery Paul Breinond David G Burnet R P McMastor F P Gentry 8 W Fisher LoaMana Da* is E Frost 1025 Jctnies N ilopui 93'W Thomas Reed 1043 Thomas Lindetfy 2-l,.6 Harrison C Bryant 104? Jainxs L Greea 9330 J rt Mcl>.wald 10f7 Jeose D^olel ?t0 Arthur (Earner 1048 J B Daniel 2311 J F Maxtchett 1050 Charles Vraceat 2341 Andrews fc. Gmvfr 1056 ^8 DGeiaajse a^PGMrrilt 1057 $ 8 D 2349 W Plnkney 1058 Willis Millican 2350 J D Giddincs 1059 J U Mlllicaa 2354 J Crawford jr 1063 John Davis 93^8 A P E 1g> rton 106.J Wm Barton 9S.S0 Thomas Warner jr 1079 W A Lockhart 3:<68 George K Si-tare 1080 R Morton 9661 Francis Brichta 1135 James K litem 23W2 Elisabeth Carter 1196 C H Taylor 2383 Wm Davis 1241 Yoiuigs i NUeiiuin 2387 Joseph Tomlinson 1248 &.4> Tt McNutt 2.190 Sne?Ml 8i Turner 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Ktmbro atfy III Raymond 2400 if || llaynie 1261 ?? De Pon ou 2401 R W Mrthank 1269 C P Green 2402 Pathorine Alloa 1275 G W Sinks k J B 2405 Henry Kring Shaw 9413 J W Lawrenee '2?7 J..tin Kendriok 24'8 Stephen Smitft 1298 Samuel Hid-en 2434 A C Horxon 1300 John Johnson 2418 Elaphalei Eastoo 1301 Susan Mawiex 2442 Lemuel BDickenson 1362 Thomas H Forrester 24^0 Wm II Thompson 1385 B R Warner 24."1 Z Wm Eddy 1496 William Frels 2471 J E Herron 1424 G W Osborne 9474 A B Hemphill 1495 John A Ratherford 2477 Aaron Haughton 1497 Cornelius Vaanoy 9479 Heirs of John Jones 1498 Joseph Bates 94M) ? Joel Hi 1 1473 Aaa B Reess 2481 " WarTen Abum 1515 Lumbard Mims 9482 " John L Monfcs 1591 J C Moore 2483 ?? Peter Aldrich 1593 John James 9490 M A Dooly JMJ , 2500 George C Day cashier 1570 E M Fish 2501 F Kenn^tt k Co 1572 Wm Kerr 9503 John W Schnmpf 1580 Jaaoes A Moody 2504 W C Blair 1581 P Biekford 9512 M Rorberttaille 1612 John Lamer 9513 Henry B Brooks 1615 John Cameron 2514 Gabriel Trnmwelt 1633 John D Taylor 2508 11 S Morgan 1694 Levi Mercer 2596 Farbur k Begn 1696 Eli Mercer 9534 Ha rah Newman The outstanding endencsa of other classes of ths debt of tbe republic of Texas cannot be specified by this Department. au 22?dtDtJant BOOM BINOINO. Conor M tvtnth ttrttt and Maryland ausaar, aesr the Smxtktonian Inttitution. L^DWARD LYCKTT RESPECTFULLY IN ? * forms the aubscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspearv, now just completed, that he Is pre pared to bind tbo?e works In a superior style of eleRanr*, strength and solidity, and upon much more reasonable terms than oan be done In Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad '"""I to htm (per post) will enable him to ex hlbtt to the subscribers specimens of hi* style of binding Krery kiad of 6ook Binding neatly ea ecuted se27-6m JVILE1 RBOISTKR?A CUMPLET1S De woe's Midwifery 10 No i? u E * ? - No 1*8 Bridge streat, Georgetown. WAR?WAR There must bk war, por rn-PTn^H and all kinds of Dom^ic^^Ooodi .Vo?^ ^o^howio^e'thel^1' 10 ord? to'le7^,plJ know how to save their money:?it u k. _vT,rzz at the PEOPLES' STORK, and Ketc^tli. Dress Goods, Pant Stuff, Embrotd-rfes Holi^' Ac., at less thaa old prices I will rr^nMon Jd pieces Irish Linen that Is very cheap ltnuon 40 oc2S2w W R HURDLE'S, Georgetown. 1 *fin Off PRIME WHITE lOUU MERCER POTATOES expected dal ly Por sale on or before arrival, la lots to suit purchaaera Fifty bushels tfoidea Skin ONIONS, which will be sokl low oa or before arrival Apply to HARTLY A BORTHEH, OC 25-3w m Water street, Geor^town. iiuul .V B competent to conduct the Undertaking Bnslu<~.., *nd that every attention will be given to calls, ~T ?r night, as heretofore ? m 19 8m L. 4. MIDULKTU1I, OIALIK III ICE, RolRwast comer of f ard f* elflh Street* feb <n if Miscellaneous. protection and indemnity from LOS? BY FIRE! FIRB, M \B1NK, AND INLAND INSURANCE. Authorised Cayitalar.d Burphu...* 1,369,1*1 15. FAKHEBS AHD MECHANICS' IH6US ANCE CO , OF PHILADELPHIA. northwest corner Penntyitanui avenue and \7th rtrert, H'athin^ton City, D. C. ? _ PI RECTORS, Hon. 1 bos B. Florence, diaries Dln?#-, PhiT ^ ^r,^tron?' Thomas Manderfleld, ? /bancs A Rwbioam, Edward K. Hclmbold, 0*orge HelmhpW, F.Carroll Brewster, James t. Neall, I?anc Leceh.Jr. ?nw7?n?H???!?.d B- FLORENCE, President EDWARD R 1JELM ROLD, Secretary r. . LOCAL surveyors. Hall * a'ler, No. 397 D sire? t, oppo=iie City Jnn. M. Tliorntoe,corner First s-reet and Virginia I avenue, Island. B James William?, No. 92 Four &n<Ka half street. John Riffle,, No 501 Thirte. nth street, below Pennsylvania avenue. marine SURVEYOR. Jp-.,*evF'No- 387 Pennsylvania aveni:e. opposite National Hotel. * GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT, John Thrmason. I he business rrf lliis Cempany will compare fa voraWy wall th?: most successful of similar u.stitu lions In the United States V"5.1* da7 ?? A??*st, 1855, in flv<. up t. 1st January, 19C6, the premium* rtceivc. *??<_ntc.d to ,h?' '*T ?im of one hundred and eichi thousand, one hundred and fifty-one dollars, with only forty nix fcundrcd and sixty-six dolfe's iotscs fcporiM, *+ ?TiJ?ncc? of success and food man acement, the directors feel justified in soliciting a public pntroiotgp, believing that tht: seen ???' 'hst ail feir claims will b< ^antics according to equity than |*gal techtii The company is prepared ?o i**ne policies aiarn \?:0?Sda"J?r;b>'fir,!on nwnLLiNOB, furni ?lOU&H In i'' MANLTACT. RIES WARE all dfsnnjtions 0t BUILDINGS, and their content?, or ail kinds of MERCHANDISE iranap^rtrd by VK88ZLS, STK AM BOATS, CA L H-ATS, KAILHOa/)S, and ihe n-ualcon T ^*n?r?,^'orf^?fn any portion or EGROPk an* \i- -V!CA, aid on the hulls of MR AM BOATS navigating the western waters ^he_ ?lLS will be a* low as-othoi, and in fixin* them every improvement *rr,n,'ratnl *? ">c? y^'yaijnstpd and promptly raid ffict. northwest c rner Pennsylvania avenue and ? eventeenth street, Washington city, D. C. Jnmrauctmm/ alio !* efferUJ at the Home Offic,. .ortkwert corner Walnut and Second Street?, Pkila *??, I. n*hnr,Pr?n -ipal cities of ihc United Je M-ly}"1 ??<*? of the comjaoy. CiliS on MllElf buy AND SELL ' /0EEI09 ARD DOMESTIC EXCHAEOI' _ _ FURNISH d hafts an ftl] Parts of United State* and Eon??* COLLECT DRAFTS On sll part* of United 8Utes and Xsra* t)RAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR ?1 OR OPWAR"*-* i. BUT AND SELL BONDS. STOCKS,* OTHKR SEn?KI??ES: I-. ,?"?*1ATU TIMK PAPKR. ' (?veaiiB^ntpaying lor and aver, fer tala. LAND WARBAHT8. ^rcha^lng.aad ha?efor r i Hw NTi3of r.lldtnomlnatlons. Land Warrccts located In Iowa, WlM'on^Jn.oi .?? ? CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan n-tt Bankers, opposite the Treasnr* * Of HAM h NOHKLIT'I ~ *EW AND CHEAP HARNESS AHD TBTJHE ST0H1, IW Seventh at .opr^slteOdd FeUows' Hall. ftr-A MESSRS. TOPHAM. late of Philadelphia, and ^^^NORFLKT of This city,. ? respectfully announce to - "n'?llttp puwic, that they have com tatneed the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep coastanUy on hand a large and superior assortment of-Mens', Ladles', and Boys' SADDLES. BRIDLES MARTIN GALES, and WHIPS. HARM ESS oj ^ery description, both for city and country use. oiJjr5d" TRUNKS. VALISES, and CAR BAGS Ladles'SATCHELS. TRAVEL ING BASKETS.and FANCY WOlU BOXES "^8.'i.?kANJtKTSJ COVERS, CoSlJrb, uidHAMES. Horse, Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CWRRY-cdMBS, SPONGES, All material need will be the beat that can be sotained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, xre feel conident thai 2^LT?,TwCanSotbe,nrPa*"cd'eMher 'or ?yle or lurabUlty By unremitting efferts to glvesatls nctlon ^ve hope to merit, and respectfuDv solicit a share of public patronage. ' ?"' Pastlcular attention pSd to oeverlaa Traais ?ad repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers' tools constantly on ha?d. nsvT-jy IRON HALL ROOT SHOE AND TRl'lK establishment, Pennsylvania avenue, bet ?th and U)(k$tt. I HA1Ni>F'^R LADIES, MISSES, * and Children a iarse stork of <4allied Silk Gaiters, Buckskin Lined and Flannel lined Gaiters for rhe winter Heeled Double Soles and Water Proof Gaiters Biack^Bronae and Colored Single and Doub!e Sole Congress Gaiters heeled ; thick and thli sole Moroco heeled Galt-rs; Congrees Button and LftCW Moroco and Kid heeled Slippers, English Kid Gaiter* Congress White Satin heeled and Kid and Glice reous Slippers Also, Misses and Children's Shoes of all styles Gent's, Boy's, and Youths do do do Gent's Patent Leather Long and Congress Boots Oxford Boots and Gaiters Short Leg Calfskin Boots and V. L. Boots Calfskin English Boots Oxford High Cut same style All sliea of Calf Shoes from Rl MS to R! 76 Boys arid Youths Calf Boc ts and Shoes all prices just received * large and well selected assortment of I Travelling TRUNKS, all of which will be sold cheap for cash. Call early, S.P.HOOVER'S, oc Iron Hall Boot and Shoe Stoic. imeca'i Improved Sowing Mac bio or. To which was granted the Higheet Award ol Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. 'FHE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA *? chine has simplified them In many respects, and they arecapnbleof executing twice the amount ? work they did formerly In any given time They are wltnont question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect: a ihlrt bosom or heavy trace for narneirs can be ?cwn by any of these machines by a simple change af needle and thread In such a manner that the elosest scrutiny cannot detect a fkult Manufacturers, planters and families will And them the only safe Machines to purchase, as thev are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. T hVe. raach,,>?? with gneg<?s attached .for >??P-fronfc, gaiters, Ac ?P'1^'SV!S,.reprt'"* 1. M. SINGER A CO., 1*3 Baltimore street, Baltimore. W. B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma ah 1 net. for old machines of any kind. Terms llb 1* Persons who have been Induced to purchase aferlor machines under the pretext Of belns eheap, will lad this a benefit Indeed naar M?if MRS. M. E. HAKVJJY, (Svocaaaoa to Jahbs F. Haevit, bbciassd,) UNDERTAKER, Jo. 410 Seventh itreet, between a and H. EGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE PUBLIC that ahe has in her employ the same persons that were formerly!

in the establishment, who are fully Educational. TOUNO MEN OF WASHINGTON. tree Lecture m*ry Monday night, for four . ' eommonrtng Octohtr 20M, A T T H E UNI ON ACADEMY. Pkirh \ oung Mm of this < lty u wish to obtain riSiTTS . Prac,^al knowledge of Surveying, (>tvll Engineering, Book Keeping, and of such wT!?0*'h M W!AL,at them *or successful business, " RO?d opportunity in the DAY or L is SCH00LTmt the Union Academy. 2 JfUCHARDS, Principal^ ENUL1IH AND CLASSICAL DOAROIRU SCHOOL, FOR KOVI, mount Joy, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. Tu vv;^Jl>ORE' A M- Prin^ptl. Hh WINTER session will com mence on 'i ue* day, the 4th of November *?. 8f,a'on.?' 5 months, including board, washing, tuition, Ac. Circulars containing particulars may be bad < application to the Principal. oc 14-im* Muu ?? A CAKD. s? ?RAKKLIM, TEACHER OF VOCAI. intii H ' Nn?_/og ^trert, between ?th and " . RGenres : Mr R. Davis. and Mr tlllbas, Music stores. j7.?jm MMI1.U MIS8 HEWITT S ENGLISH AND FRENCH BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. on jaw o/v* wviivUlif * w avf*** <**d 13th st T th'p?h?^LA/T!?uVEAR COMMENCfeS i>.? via - onday in September, and ends the IKm V " UDC' and 18 d,Tldwl ln,? two ses MflpjU will be assisted by the most com petentEnglish and French resident teachers, and every f e.nty oflVrad for pursuing Music snd ell menta branches of mode;n accomplbh For further particulars, terms, Jtc., see Circu lars at bookttores, or at the re>ldei?ce of the Prln c>l'a*- au 2G-3t&eotf MRS. <i. H. StllTH, 42? D street north, betteten <5t* and 7tk, DECS LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIES " ?' Washington, Georgetown, anl vicinity that she is prepared to give lnst-uction, In .-lasses and private lessons. In theart of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and VASES. Also, Wax Fruit and On.uinental Leather were Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of ecqulrlng a most l>eautiful accom pllsbment will please call as early as possible, as thecit contemplate remaining lo?g in tsrks: Wax F lowers In Classes, per term of 1*2 les sons....... Wax Fruit in Classes, per brinof 12 lessons!.S5 leather W'ork In Classes, per term r,f 9 lessors ?-J I rlvafe Lessons SI each?Vases *10. Boauetsand Vases, Wreaths, Plnt-le Flowers. Ac , for sale, or artade to order au 'ifl 6m CENTRAL ACADEMY^ SILAS MERCHANT, > .. REV G W DORRANCE, I * THK NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS *? Academy will commence on Mondav, Sep tember 1st, lb06 For terms see circulars at the prln Ipal Book Store* au *200 RE WARD. RA,?LAW.AY. FROM I"HK SUBSCRIBER P,T?ii^Rlin TillaHf cf Nottingham, M I rince Georue'scountvPMarvlard on Won- g$_ l?t6ceth instant, NEGRO GIRL !Kui MARIA, who calls herself Maria Chew ?, u| eighteen years of age, about four feet ten or eleven inches high She is very llke La."i w?l,tpleM?,,t smiling face. She bis a remcrkablv fine suit of hair for one cf her color and ISj altogether, a line looking girl. ' a}^,'I-?,v* above reward of one hundred dollar* for her apprehension?no ma'ter where ^Tnpun ded,re ,,s bro"?hl bon* to me ? se ' Uren In jail, so that 1 tret her again ? ... . THOMAS G TURTON Nottingham, Sept 10, l?5A? se 11-tf DR, ?y?so",ATr^ PENN'A AVENUE. *? still maklnp tbop* b^ntlful ji Kmtinuous GUM TEETH, called)|i(|KSt 1 Alien s Patent, for the excellency / VtV ' which over all other styles of teeth, mcnTn'ow wearing them in this city, will che?rf ;l?v vouch rhere is one Dentist In this city who has b?en Infringing the patent, and made a bad imitation ? ' ai?.Trv?m 1 h?eby caution the public 1 . . 11 ,B Whenever <1 Dentist speaks against ( Allen s Patent Continuous Guin Teeth, when I 1 oroptriy constructed, it is bcrause he 18 ignorant tbe Pf^ess, lncomr* tent to make the work or sunwilling to pay for the patent je lfl-tf NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. THK UNDERSIGNED HAVE ASSOCI- I 1 A ated themselves for the purpofeof couduct- I Irg a General Whole-ale Gioeeryand Commi?- i r V?C/rfiOWn' under thc GriIi o' A WILLIAMS, and have tikfn the I warehout-e No 5, noithwest corner of High and ' W atrr Urms. VERNON GETTY, |l EDWARD WILLIAMS. Georgetown, October H, 185fl. oc *28 im A Ft'LL SUTPLY OF FALL AND WIN TER Ui Omi. | ? i JOHN H S MOOT, No 11J SOUTH SIDE OF * Bridge street. Georgetown, D C , has reeertlv received from the large Importing, Commission. . ' and Auction Houses, of New Yor*, a general as- I t port men t of F all and Winter Goods embracing every kind rf? h Ladies Dress Goods Brocade, Striped, Plaid and Black Silks Printed Stilped, and Plain Mouslfn Delaines I" rench Meriros and Alapacag Argantineand Striped Popiii:* Uright small ftgured Mou-llr Delaines for child ren Kith (all wool) Merino Plaids, best nu&Iliy Do Ombre shaded striped Mouslins Double and single wldtli Leepaa's Black Mouslln Delalsft *01 DtflCM English and American Prints Whlu* Cambrics, Muslin and Nalnrooks 1 laid, striped and figured Uooped and Manilla Coided Skirts Tarletans, worked and silk illusions Black Crape Falls and Vulls English Crapes and Mourning Collars Black Lace Cellars and Setts Embroideries of every kind Htt-lla and Broclia Shawls and Scarfs Long and Square Black Thibet Shawls, verv ch?ap ' ' H?avy Gray and Black Woollen Shawls I/edles superior French Kid Gloves of (all Nos ) Dark colors, Modes, White, ar.d Black, at 87k cents Genta Kid, best Fancy and other Gloves Ladies^, Misses, mid Gents Hose?nd \ Hose in Cotton, Merino, and Saxony Wool, all sizes Ladles Merino and Bilk Vests Gents heavy Merino end Saxony Wool do Real Welcn and every other make Flannels Real French Plaid and plain josey do With a general assortment of Cloths,Cassimeres, Tweeds, Jeans, fatlnets, Silk and Merino Vest lngs, Canton Flannels, Shirtings, Sheetings, Linen and Cotton; Irish Linens, Richardson and Dunbar Dickson's ; Blanket* of eveiykind Ta ble Damasks and Table Cloths, all size*: Damssk Napkins, Huckaback and Board Towies, with every kind of Go ds usually ke^t in a well cs lorteds-tock, which prom, t paying and cash cus tomers may always relv upon buylrg as cheap as the ?i!??e qua itie* anaftyles can le had in the District A call is sollci ed oc 11-tr JOHN r. SMOOT. THE STEALER OEOROE WASH PNG. Alfxandrl. r*, ?, 1!, 1 , :ix, J* Leave Washington...b, 10, i*, 6 je28-d JOB ?oAsoN, Captaia ?OK MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?FARE ROUND TBIP. SI: FROM A L E X AN D RIA 75 C EN TS. - The steamer THOMAS COLLYER leave^^sniag ton at 0 and Alexandria at9# o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at bit o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with Georrc A Thomas Parker Refreshment* on the boat. ?pg-t* 8AM'L CEDNEY, Captala CHANCE OF HOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY. THE 30th ot June, the Steamer GEORGE _ ' . PAGE will ran at the followingAlSaHk hours: Leave Alexandria at B, 10, 151, 2*. and ?M o'clock. Leave Washington 8, 0, 11,1* 3*, 9*, and 7 o'clock. Ki-Lffc L PRICK, CapUln. poo CRACEERS OR CHACKNELLS 1J a?d Fancy Crackers, a splendid article fo Ted, lust received by oc ? I1NO A BURCHKLL. evening star. THE MYSTERIOUS SALUTE [ I* rotn C haniberN 4 ourtial.] As I sat in the ladies' ro<>ta at the P?>t?rKn rough station, waiting the arrival of the Lon don train, two ladies camo in together. wh?*? appearance, though not exactly uncommon caught my eye They were nico looking and' a certain numbcrof years ago must have been pretty. They were not dressed alike, but there was a pervading tone about them aliko ,n ^otP The large collar, whose antique shape and rich work proclaimed a reverence for the taste of past days; the cool white stockings and sandailess prunella shoes ; the dresses, not too long, o! a prevailing gny eolor ; the brown orape shawl cf the one, and the small white turn over of the other lady ; the Tuscan straw bonnets, and their primrose and white trim mings, and the black and green veils append ed to each, together with the long-sbafted parasoli without fringe, and the neat little baskets they carried?made it evident that these were what are culled ''old maids " " Caroline," said one of them, who appear*, ?d the younger cf the two, "we are in capi^i tlme^ I reallj^fregrn to thirk it is lessdrosd ful than we imagined ; and if we can only get a nice carriage entirely to ourselves"?? '* Ah!" replied Miss Carolino, who acted rather in the character of chaperone to her younger friend-" ah ' there is nothing like being in good tiir.e. Better wait an hour Olementina, than be late one minute I ffeel quite glad to have brought ray knitting; in deed. I never go anywhere without it; and now that I cannct see very well withcut glasses, rcadirg ia cut of the question. You have Dr Gregory's Utters there. I see. Uow different the literary productions of the prwent Jay are ! Really, the trash young people read now is terrible, when I thiuk how tee were brought up But I wish Harriet Sryker would come I begin to think we ought to take our places." Very soon after this, J saw another little lady apparently about their own st.nding bustling about, turning round, looking intj corners, behind doors, aod into all sorts of im possible places, till suddenly she espied the iwo friends, and walking briskly up lo them, began to talk very fast, answering the in r^uiries of both ladies in a tone eo headlong, and with a manner so lively, that I could liurdly refrain from smiling both with pleasure and surprise This last lady was dressed in a dark-colored satin gown, with no stiffening or crinoline to lift its clinging folds from "her short slight person ishe wore a small black lace shawl, and white bonnat auorned with an immense purple "ugly" as they are tjo truly I'll led. " How many seats are in these carriage1- ?" asked the new comer, after mutual ereetin^ bad passed. " 1 really do not know," said Miss Clemen tina " I never travelod hut once before in a train, nnd I cannot say I remember But. vou know, wc could eacily atk." So saying,"she wen leisurely up to a very active, busy offi jial, who was creasing the wheels of tho car ringes, and said " Pray, my good man, can you tell mo how many scats there are, and what time we start ? Where is the station clock ' Ah ' I see ; it is iuite wrong by my watch, whirh never either gains or loses." Then, seeing he paid no s^rt jf attention to h?r ; nor inJecd heard her. fhc ror*;arked : "It is very badly arranged thai there is no information to bo had, or acy ore to refer to at these places " "All right, in a am !" said tho man. slam ming down the iron lid with great noise, and moving off sharply to another wheel. n ' H?w very rude those men are !" said Mi?s Caroline, in a condoling voice *' It is better 0 manage entirely for ourselves, my uear, Ihon to bo exposed to such insults " '?Ah!'' rejoined Miss Clementina, "how lifferent from the old stage-coach days, when >ne knew there were four seats inside whijl, my ladies might have for the asking, and when a scream or a handkerchief from tho windows would arrest instant attenticn tram :he gentlemen " " Gentlemen !" exclaimed Miss Caroline, one cannot n"W-a-daystellagentlemnn froiu 1 grazier or a shop boy?by the dress, at least; md the young men cf the present time arv ai ixccssiveiy satirical, and so devoid of that Referential respect, without which, a few roars ?go, a gentleman would have been shut out rom ladies s society altogether " It is bo, indeed,"' said Miss Spyker brisk v ; " anJ 1 declare to you nothing wou!d iu luce mo to travel ia the same carriage with. >ne of those f?st young men?nothing yt^i :ould name tome. Caroline " Here all tbreo agreed that nothing in tho whole world would induce them to do such a hirg The crowd of passengers now begin to hicken, and I therefore took up my book ard :atchel and soi-n established ir.yself c :usfort ibly in the far corner of a first cla?3 carriage 1 had r.ot been there very lorg when I sa.-w the breo friends approaching?tbo two first l-idics trm in arm, and brisk littla Miss ftpyker peering first into one carriage, then into i':;oth -r, with a face of great anxiety; rt leugth they stood still before the ciie 1 had chosen " It is pretty well away irorn thu engine, Caroline,* said Mits bpyker in an encoura ging tone of voice. '?And not too near the end of the train, eithor,' said Miss Clementina. "I think we might venture " At this moment, a maid servant, who fol lowed them, put into the carriage aji infinite variety of brown paper parcels, ot every shape ard size A small "tiger" also camo up arm ed with three umbrellas, and bung round with bonnet boxes like a " bird cagu man," which be deposited as ho best could withib. The three ladies then took their seats "Thomas," said Miss Clementina, "have you seen the luggage sale?" ?? Yes, 'um," said Thomas, grinning, and pulling a lock of hair. "And the two carpetbags?" ?cid Miss Caroline. " And the baskets of fruit for Lady M (irc gor?" put in Clementina. 44 Two baskets cf fruit and the flowers is under this seat, um," 6aid Thomas, holding up the valance of the seat "Guard said they'd squash em in the van along with heavy luggage "0, very well. And, Thomas," said Miss Caroline, '? don't forget what I snii to y. u ab? utthegarden, now water thyse two square beds?weed the ore en tho lawn; and let me find tho gravel walks clean when we re turn." "And luind that wo don't find half tin roots dug up for weeds, and the rest washed l>, from using that large watering can That will do, June," added Miss Clementina to the maid ; " you may go now '* They now begsn to arrargo their hornets, settle their paicels and make foot stiol&tt fundry little boxes tbey had brought vri'L them. jAIter a short pautc, Miss Caroline (aid: " Don't like this at all?it is so very dark." "What will it be in the tunnels?' said Miss Clementina in an unhappy voice "Caroline," said Miss Bpyker, "I dent know what you will think of me, but I eon fess to you '?here she dropped her voice, and I only heard the words "gentleman in the carriage but I saw Miss Caroline and Mi?> Clementir a bridle up and dratv back, thio* ir.g suspicious glances at poor Mus Spyker wl'O seemed in an embarrassed minority Presently Clementina recommenced tho vcrsation "I don't in the least know," eaid ?he, " how we go off, but I begin to f el raihcr poorly?the engine makes such a teriible noise?one never could be beard screaming "No," said Miss Spyker, "and 1 believe the guard are most inhuman. If y*>u sr* ever so frightened or faint, it's oi no u^-o you are looked in, and no more thou^t ? f IHX WEEKLY STIR. VhtoexoaUBBl Family aa4 New* iMfUl??oob alalag a greater variety of Mh| saaAiag iku ?** be foaa4 la UV etker?la piMUM OB Betur ?By aerat* .. ??i Slagie ocpy, pes una SI a* ' TO tllN. Fiveeopiea ts M Tfn 8 M ?weetycoptea 14 <?o ^ UniUUT IK BDvaRCB. paper. Prtoe-Tim Cmva Po'T ma ?Tika who acta* i??nu will beallowetf a commission of twenty per ceat ?atil you reach your jcu-ney's end ; acd tker if you don't bear tbe nitr e of the place you pass on, of course, for nobody aiks you to set out " " And ars," said Miss Clementina, who be gan to be very nervous. "shall never kn<w where to stop Hew would we1 No one ear make <ut what (be people say wben tkey call out tbe names of the stations, and I an fare we shall miss seeing it written up." " I wish anybody we knew very well?<d e>urse. if b gent'eman, one of a proper and steady age?was coming tbe same way/ mui mured Caroline, descending a litllc from the exalted position she had previously taken up wKh regar ' to MhsSpyker's hinted propo s*i. ?4 It ia in puch case* aa these only that - - * - ? ? - - ? one feels (uite helplesr. 0, bow 1 wuh we were safe at home At this moment an agitated little srream broke from the lips of Mias Spyker. ' What is it 7 What'* tbe matter' I"K going off?" exclaimed Miss riemeatina "I think?I really do think?that is Mr Smith," said Miss Spyker, in a nervous man ner, looking out of the window aa she spoke " It certainly is, ' a lid Caroline, " and de pend upon it, be is gjing by this train, and there is his servant behind with his carpet bag Do you think it would be improper to ask him to come in." "O!" exclaimed Miss Clementina, hoping all tbe same to be overtuled by the other two, " I am afraid it would be so very forward and putting ourselves in bis way " *4 But," suggested Miss Spyker briskly, " if we were to give him tbe farther seat there, all would be filed except one, and with our iLawls and umbrella? we might make ap a figure in the middle seat opposite Clement)ua, ar elso, you see, with two vacant places, wo ?h uld be very likely to have intruders. Shall we ask him in, Caro ine ?" " O dear," said Miss Caroline. "I don't know what to do; what do you think7" " I really do not see that in such an emer ;ency it would be improper." remarked Cle mentina. in a tone vainly endeavoring to aeem leutral "And I declare." aaid little Miss Spyker. mrriedly, " I sec two other gentlemen linger ng here, close by Don t you really think we might '?he is so very highly respectable? uch a thorough gentleman, and not of the ?ew school " '? Well, if you dare call out, Harriet " " You both really think I may then ?" ' Yes," said Miss Caroline, ' we do." <( Then make baste,' faiiered Miss Clemen ina And what with poking and urging from ler friends, and her own fears, with a dread >f being too lato, Miss Spyker put her head ut of the window, and said, in a voioe that lightly wavered beneath anxiety and her ense of the impropriety of tbe act: Mr ? im-i-t-h. Mr Sm-i t h ' I glanced at tbe hree ladies, and saw they were trembling rith tke combined emotions of hope, fear ana read^T doing any thiug bordering on the mpropcr, when the door epencl, and Mr. >mith appeared He was a decidedly elderly jrentleinan. and rore a gray bat, an ample frockcoat of dark lue, white unmentionables and waistcoat; nd an eyeglass in an embloes*d gold frame urg by a black iibbon from bis neck. His aco wore an expression of great suavity and oncvolencc toward? tbc world in general ; tot remarkable for much talent or mental uicknesi, but rather indicative of a nature it once bland and obtu--o He raided bis hat nd bowed as he recognized Miss Sryker, rhich courtesy was acknowledged by all three n the court minuet style Muk fcpyker, hew ver, went ftraigbt to the point at once, bv aying : "Very well; thank you. sir. and, lr. Smith, urr ycu going by this train ?" " Madam," be replied. M I contemplate do 3g so. Can I?can I be so happy as to be of ,'c to any of you ladies7"' ?' O. Mr iori'h !" said little Miss Spyker, Uiuing coursgo from her success, "?ron/J ou take one ot the vacant seats here 7 We re si?so?s) very much" 14 Frigbtenrd,"' put in MiisCaroline, cmerg ag from her fauteuil 44 Very much frightened, indeed? earnestly epeated Mits Clementina. ? With tbe greatest pleasure, ladies You lotor me too much. I may have the happi er t? be of Service ta you. perhaps Allow ne, Mis a Caroline ' said Mr Smith, calling ip the tone and air of one not unused to be rg what is called "a lady's man.' as ho aiscd from >ho flo?r of the carnagc r \j%f. dine s knitting; which, in extremity of ier indecision, n ad to the ground ; and ?topping in, Le was motioned to the farthest :':tnpartmest near my own window He was rery polite and courteous; but, from the mo Dent of his getting into the carriage I ob erved a feeling creeping over tbe minds of he tbreo maiden ladies, that their terrora had r.duccd them to take a rather desperate and ixtreme etep. Tbey sp^ke much in low tones '.ogethcr, and cplied distantly, and with a sort of bridliMC ip ot the figure, when Mr Smith ?poke?*^n appearing to feel it due to the others sni to tcrself, to avoid as much as poosible giving kny opening for speeches even of common ci rility, and to treat the poor gentleman much ittcr the fashion of .* large house d g. which t mii!ht bo dangerous to eneou.age in any jlayful gambols, lest it should be difficult in be end to keep him within bounds Their rhief anxiety now appeared to be to fill up the emaining seat in the middle ef the carriage, 10 as to make it to a casual observer as it too ras occupied. There seemed, iadeed, every eascn t? suppose tbe plan would aaeceed ?erer.'l people had looked in, as if in search >f a seat, and retired under the impression hat tbe carriage was full- Tbe engine was ipparently getting under way, and the plat orui comparatively empty, when, asthey were lres?ing up this .-pare tauteuil, the whist'e ang shrieking through h? station, and they 11 suddenly collapsed in the most direful state f fright. "(loodi?nesi me! how shocking !" gatped i< or Clomentina, whoso small experience of ailways mado everything a source of constant error and surprise Miss Caroline sank back ?rostrated ; uud litte Mua Spyker, with both lands to her ears, rocked herself two and frj n a state of suffering and dismay, talking oud and fast all the time But at this junj ure, every other feeling was lo?t in aitonish ucnt. when a porter looked in, haitily glanced ound, detected the transparent rust dt guerre >f tho ?' dummy in the middle seat, and flung be door open, exclaiming: " Kcom bar#, s.r?just in time?I'll put four luggage in, sir?all right " And in there tprang a rail, Lanlsome, bewhiskered and roustached yourg Guardsman, apparefftly in b? extremity of" saving the trais,'' and in a ;reat state of excitement, caused by the un :ertuinty of tbe last few moments Here was i pretty business The feelings of the three adies l r a moment overpowered the?, aaa h?y sat in silcnce, fixing looks of blank ciis^ uay on ? ach other. Thingi were unfortunately managed, coitainly. In ka^ ttr. Smith f ? r'?^wUthe youcg Ouar/tman ?o contrived that . He was in SUed up tbeir clieris^d v CafoliD# 0B hii the very in dst of them .cicm#Dt.nft ^ MIm r gbt hand,m2?at5y oppo-ite. The involun bj.yxcr ib jJ ? {h/Jepths of the caniage Ury shrinkic^ feelins were the fi'<t .'ulled her blue "ugly" more cvn. SES over her brow, and all three be-an to "S at the window with deUrmtned cu . two b.? brow. b?k. of ...;b ftJh now roB? on either aide above tbe trair,. I really felt for poer Clementina, wt^o ^ ponred to oe powing quite giddy fro rtnieresa of tSe view and ** *** w?, ebiah we passed along^ At e ^ QUt shut hereyee. ?".j'^uon ?et her nothing but objects of distraevi S I TO B? COSTIBCBD.]