Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1856 Page 2
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EVENTNCi ST AH. ? nl'B ? 7~~ ; ? ? * WASH1NUTON CITY: WEDGES It AY !*evemfcer 1*. !#? AnviiiuimiiTt ??ocl? *k uft at thk Orrioc it 91 . ?nn?wi?i T?rT mat hot irrua vrtil ran ***r i?at. ? PI KIT OF THE MOttMNG PRESS The Union quote* the St L ..uis Republican to show that tne Missouri Benton Democrats to tod in the rec?r.t eleet'.on principally for Fillmore, or refrained from voting The sao.e paper quot'rg the New Orleans True Dull* * account of KrOV Ifothtng riots in that eify on the 6th inst , draws the conclusion that such conduct on the part of the Know Nothing# of New Orleans and Baltimore wai the result of a pre-arranged p'an to carry Louis\ina an>l Maryland by force and Iraud, c?>ncocted in their National Council in the belief that after eo doing something " might turn up" to secure Fillmore's election by the Houso of Represen tative*. The Intetliggrxfr continues ita publication vf the debate on naval reform. The Optra Another large and very fashionable audi ence last night greeted the Pyne and Harrison troupe. The piece, " The Crown Diamonds," went off admirably. The rendition of its every Mig and concerted movement (musical) was rewarded with thundering applause Louisa Pyne appeared to greater advantage In it than ever before in Washington. Mr Guilmette received a fair share of the tavor of the audi ence, proving himself an accomplished artist. He aetad and sang the part of Reboldo with fine effect. Mr HarrisoD, who always comes up to the requirements c-f his position, was np plauded from his eutranoe until the curtain fall at tbe end of the opera's representation. They present " Maritaca" to-night? Wal lace s masterpiece. As that opeia la an Ecg iisb on* it can be comprehended throughout by every American lover of music, whether musically educated (or. rather, informed) or nut it is dimple and ywt beautiful, and, though not of Continental production, has long held its own a3 a popular one with the critic* as wall as the public. The troupe are as much at home in it as in ths " Cr wo Dia monds." Bo we bespeak for them to night a thumping hou*e. Book Notice Wbitb Acbb va Black Arte; A Case a' Law. Reported by J. (1 , Esq., a retired barrister of Lincolnshire. Eaglaud Rich mond, V a.: J. W. Randolph (For sale in this city by Taylor A Maury.) Ibis very admirable report of a curious "ease has created a great sensa'.ion through - oat the South, where it first appeared, and is also beginning to stir the bile of the pseudo philanthropists of the Nortb, against whom this unpretending littTe work is raising a very hearty laugh. Who h "J. (J f" PERSONAL .... Ex-Senater Badger, of North Carolina, is in Washington. .... T P. Lock wood, one of the old school teachers in Charleston, S. C., died last week. ? ??? The Hon. Jaoob W. Millar, late United States Senator from New Jersey, sailed in the Atlant?o. for Europe, on Saturday, accompa nied by his daughter. .... Mr. George F.tihugh, of Port Royal, Va , has Accepted the challenge given by a Mr Hogeboom, of the North, to ditcuss the subject of slavery. .... Dion Bourcicault has produced another play, at the Boston Museum, with Miss Agnes Robertson in the leading part, called "Victor and H rrense " It is highly sp, ken of by the critics ....A most trustworthy witness. Lieut Unn nison, states that when he was in Utah, the three members of the Presidency had no less than eightj-two wives between them, and that tne of the three " was called an old bachelor, because he had only a baker's doien." .... There was published in London, in 17?2. '*lhe American Gazetteer," Ac, in which is published tbe following account of Bristol, K I.: 44 A town and county in New England. The capital is remarkable for the King of Spain a having a palace in it, and being killed tbere and also for Crown the poet s begging It of Charles the Second " The blunder did n?.t rest here, but is found in tbe North American and the Weft Indian Ga letteer. Ac Thus Philip of Spain seems to have the misfortune of being mistaken for Philip of the Wampannoaga, alias Pometacom of Pckanoket. .... < >n Saturday there was a pleasant little exten-pcre gatherirg of a social character at the Aster House, New York, at which tkere was quite a brilliant array of guests, especial ly from abroad Among them were Mr John l>elane. editor of the London Times ; Mr Pill more, tbe special correspondent of that paper in the United State? and Mr Bancroft Davis its regular correspondent in New York city ? Mr Godkint, who has just arrived as tbe spe cial American correspondent of the London Daily News , Mr Olipbant, the well known English author of sundry valuable works upon the countries of the East and Mr Galliardet formerly cf the Courrier des Etat* Cnis DiscKacsriL PBOcKsumes in Baltimore. ihe L'a.i.m?re Anwi an of to-day says; "Last evening about half-past ? o'clock a procession of aUut one hundred teen and boys, accompanied by a drum and fife march ed fron the western section of the oity, head ed by an American flag, and carrying with them the stufted figure of a man on a pole. I-ey proceeded to Monument Square, an J sus pending the figure on the railings of the mon ument fronting the dwelling of the Hon. Rev erdy Johnson ret fire to it. amid shouts and groans of an offen.-ive character to Mr. John eon ibewaten were present in gcod f..rCe I but we regret to say did not interfere with the proeeed.ngs ontil the disgraceful atiair was tiLiahed. % The Sum jays r SimUar procec i.ngs were enaoted in u.e t.gbth ward, in burning in effigy tfca late M.jor ll10k, ?Lj High Constat H.rricg while Mr. B H Riehardaon, of the Republi iD "?Fint diffrac.M trKMijtg, ,n ?d by tae Baltimore press generally MoVBBBST OF Tkor.n -Pk Deanlng arrived yeHerd.J???W? forth, ith ?.?iu,ro, ,,f I,S,?,,hr"h under command of Brevet -Maior w u u ' aeil. Brevet-Major 8 H Po*V.P ? B Ka< C Robinson, First Licutenanta W w1'''r"1 J K. Archer, *nd W. U. Leeia i ?UrM: Lieutenant J. F Ritter, Assistant Cleuients lhe Jetachmeut is fr,)U1 Barracks, en route for Florida We uud??! stand that the detachment numbered '111 ai on leaving Newport Barracks, and arrived bare with I/S having l^t 22 by deseui- n - i>rw (Jrle,tn\ Crsjent #/ tJ,? .*W ???/. feTtHi!A,IR?!rA1'.fi|'K,?E ~A ,n^t extraordinary ritxt hv m" att*ojpfed on Thursday evening It to ,i? *11 anJ Jarrett, name Vork "" -h,r< ,.ie? .ill l? pi,,X !.T A meiicirigat 7pm Th ? *t ? ^?w,r7? cona for Philadelphia arri*in.\w ^*eial trft,n icu ih. p p?" n.3.d.. .h. will terminate with a *rm.n i k *ffair 8ir?d !.ou? "? N.w York b, Ihe h.lf-pLt <m. t, tick eta entitling the holders to all ,;10^ ?" .r. WASHINGTON NKWS AND GOSSIP. The Barmoneoua?A very Pretty Quarrel la it Stand*?A Fuaa in the Family?The War of the Rival Hoses.? " Little children, you should never let your angry pa*sionj rise, Your little hands were never made to tear eacn other's eyes "?Old Nvrttri Ballad. ? Johnny Shelld* and Teddy Hogan, Down Mew, dewa below. Had a fight and coulda't get over It, Down below, down below. [Craxy Jets. Uur reporting " spirit" baa detailed to as a full account of the ''high time" the Jackson Democratic Association had on Monday night, orer the question of the election of a commit tee to join committee* of other Demoeratie clubs in Washington in arranging for a grand metropolitan celebration of their recent vic tory. Accusations of personal disappointment were launched at the beads of those who ob jected to the order of things determined on by the Association's authorities, who, in turn, eanght thunder and lightning from the other side. One word brought on another; until, immediately after they adjourned, there wat the beginning of a pretty general fight on (not over) the platform. Champions of the rival interests rushed at each other with in teuse emphasis, after a little endearing con versation (in rather aloud tone.) and coat tails and hats, if not hair, are supposed to have suffered some. The more moderate, however, interfered in time to prevent a finale of black ened eyes and bloody noses If " the Uarmoneous" of our city commence in this way to celebrate their victory, we fear that, like the Kilkenny cat#, by the time the period f.<r the ocr templnted grand metropoli tan oelebrulion comes around. th?y will have devoured each other so that there will not be sufficient left of ibem to make a very imposing show .. ? Exceeding Kind In It - The New York Tt/ae> has fairly installed itself already into the position ot chaperon ta the incoming ad ministration Through one of its corps, who ha* been to Wheatland, it is oracularly ex plaining what Mr. Buchanan will do after 4th March next, and what he will not do; besides layicg down the law explanatory of what he ought by all meaas to do, and what he should by n> means do. Taking into considerAticn the ardor <f tbe support that the Turns ard iti coterie gave Mr. iiucbanau up to the 4th inst., it was kindly considerate in it, indeed, to wait until the 10th inst. before taking pos session of him "body and breeches." With the Timrs he is now just about the wisest, greatest, most patriotic and independent man ever eleeUd to tLe Presidency, whatever he may have been in its eatioiatiou up to the moment that event transpired. Well, wo are thankful for ita tardy rendition of justice to the action of the Democratic National Con vention in making Mr. Uucbanan tbe stand ard-bearer of tbe Democratic party in tbe late contest We shall file away its correspon dent s asseverations in this particular connec. tion, to be quoted in J'uturo in answer to what it is easy to forsee, it will surely say of Mr' liuchanan's administration not long hence. In the meanwhile the New York Herald is rapidly becoming a serious rival to the Tim*3 for the post of dry nurse in expectancy to the new administration. Monday's Herald con tained a long argument, the English of whlcb is that the Herald only secured the Presidency for Mr. Buchanan, having early insisted on his nomination at Cincinnati and had the kind* est. possible feelings for him per se through' ut the canvass, notwithstanding its devotion to that great and good statesman, John C Fre mont, of beef contract fame, llow the new administration can fail to prosper with two such solicitous friends at its elbow is past us to imagine Yet we fancy that already we see a Ilea skipping about in the ear of both Raymond and Bennett Getting their Foot in It ?The committee of management of tbe New York Academy ot Ma?ic are in a muss with the renowned Max Maretieck, late the musical director or ern presario of their establishment. It seems that Max, who is justly famed for bus ness shrewd ness, politely suggested that it was unfair and exceedingly foolish to make him accord to the stockholders of the house tbe best seats at half prices As that was an attack on the privi lege of their " set," they voted his advice tbe height of audacity; and finding tbe Ku?siaa baron (La Urange'a husband) anxious on any terms to reintroduce to tbe New York public, his wife a new prima donna, they leased to him the opera house, fur the performance of opera without a conductor It is said that he has agreed to pay for his privileges a hand some advance on the lent paid by Max, and not to question the immunity and immaculate ness of tbe committee's set. It can hardly fail to turn out that opota in .New York without a conductor will be as worthless as "French wilhout a Master." Those who devote time to either under such circumstances will find it utterly thrown away. Italian musieal artists aie a tribe or class almost as much unlike tbe rest of the good people in this quisica! world of rurs as the Gipsies, being quite as unmanagable. Max, alone of empreearios on this side of tbe bar ring pond, his managed them successfully. I nder all others those who havo dabbled in opera beuse stocks in New York have burned their pockets adlv There is no earthly reason to bope that the new scheme rf the ambitious committee of management of the Academy ol Music will fail to drain the pock ets r,f Tuch of tfaoij principals as may not have very deep ones, ere well through with their present mass with the redoubtable Max. P. S.?Yesterday afternoon's New York pi pers bring us graphic accounts of the scene (or ar**a) in the opera-house on tbe night before, wnen tbe experiment of tbe coinmittec was es sayed to be earned out. The audience bel lowod, screeched, screamed, stamped and shouted for Max, so long and so much louder than tbe kettle drums beat their share of the opening stiaim ol the overture, as that the committee had to knock uuder, and Max was triumphantly re-instated, amid tbe bravo* of tin excited multitude Tbe affair?, "as exceedij^iy French. fPreaching.?A correspondent ?* the of C'omm*m say. : e# this ,Iat^hT!!^?tta,I' or ',4TIOCently intend clmv kad n kk,'f1UP uf by the liberty-loving man. ft was the . ..4g., rt. ?,* foorLMo,": ' -Ik' tod, thiok and bl* with Tk."E3 'TP1*' Tbe Neology of Congr tgationaliata baa gradually leading from the unseen to the from the spiritual to the temporal. Teat quea tione on the slavery, temperance, r~ J - ieenee have crept into v* dus notice, iif matM Aj.a a. end other aa a part w , r* www aawwvv, ? Uiil L of membership, an essential toeommunion iiu iiiany instances,) while unaier tbe Maine lav/ iu *mai; towns, the yhorch did, by it* member*, Miami an attitude of dictation 1of? ?iga to the interests of itself and the country. " lied Fremont won the race, more than one political preacher would have undoubt edly sought for hia reward of office while through the whole course of the administra tion, there would hare been a whisper in tb? publio ear,?? reminder of atamp sermon*, worse than the mere open grasp at authority by trowed spoil sharers. " For four years at least, these mischievous tendencies are consigned to that great army of spirifa "who mutter and peep" inert and harmless But let the lesson remain The Fremont movement has been big with the identical element which in the whole history of the world has been the "little leaven''work ing and rising into all the evila of " Churoh and State." The Charleston Mercury says of the recent election and the present aspect of the sectional queation : "Mr Buchanan, we believe, is elected Preiident, and we doubt not that he will do all that the powsrs of hia high office permit him to aaauage the sectional strife, through which he baa made his way to a distinction earned by long and honorable public services But he cannot extinguish this fire through which he has waded It still burns undi minished ; and the mere fact that it has almost succeeded in casting its lurid tiames upon the temple of our common confederacy, ia sufficient to show ua that wo have no aafety in this UnionT We may ltager in it a few years long er, but al ways at our peril The hope of peace, of good understanding, has all paased away. Henceforth we are, necessarily, two peoples? the North and the South The Democratic party have presented to the country a North ern man, no way identified with peouliar Southern interests; a man who eould raise against himself no prejudices on the part of the North ; and yet it has depended upon the al muit unanimous vote vf the South, whether this man, great in talents, famous by a long life of noble statesmanship, irreproachable in morals and manners, should be elected to the Presidency over an adventurer, without e* perionce in politic?, with a doubtful reputation even as au explorer, and a still inure doubtful one ms a man ; whose sole qualification, &r a candidate, was that be was willing to embody the sentiment of the hostility of the North to the South What conclusion can we draw from this result, eicept that we are on the verge either of revolution or destruction ' For ourselves, we prefer the former " lemolishing au Idol ?All the world te member with what apparent ardor the New York Tribumt has for some years past wor shipped Benton, putting all its faith in him and apparently in the great *ij unger cn>y But Eenton, at the heel of the race if net b. ? fore, demonstrated tl.e fineeri'y of his pro fessions m a supporter of Buch^tar, by jour naying to St. Louis not only to vote foi him, but to preface that act by a speccb it which he retrained from abusing the paitj supporting the nominee of the Cincinnati Con venti >n and the platform on which he (Mr Buchanan) stands, lie also took occa.-iot slightly to condemn the violence of the He publican party sentiment on the slavery que." tion Whereupon, the 'I'ribun0 pitches inli old Tom like a thousand of brick. Never d"< eastern heathen more violently and com pletely demolish the idol that had failed t< carry out the object of his prayers, than dee the Tribune, demolish old Tom. It calls bin every conceivablo ugly name it can Uy it pen to, and contends that ho has always leei a deceitful old wretch secretly devoted t > th< dominion of the "slave power,while mereH trying to cheat the " friends of freedom'' 1^ professing abolition proclivities. Itcongratu lates the latter on the fact that Benton canno here-elected to the Senate. The editor oon eludes his " first-rate notice" of the redoubt able Colonel and bis very last St Louis speech in the following aoft words : " The Missouri prohibition to stand repealet and abolished, and the whole West open t< slavery ; Kansas to be yielded to the slave holders, to be followed in due time by l7tah New Mexico, Nebraska, and so forth ; and ii return for the Border-Ruffian courtesies 0 the slaveholders, Pennsylvania and New Yuri to re enact their so journment laws ! Such ii the Buchanan system of policy, as marker out by Mr. Benton. Such is what even tb< so called moderate men of the bouth mean bj justice, conciliation, and harmony. The dif ference between such men and your Atchison and Stringfellows, Douglases and iiolh Brookses, is only the difference between th" oily-tongued rogue who picks your poeke while passing himself ofT as your friend, am the ruffian who lies in wait for you in a cor ner, knocks you down by stealth, and thei robs you "!!!!! A Distinguished Officer Dead?The Wa Department have received official intelligenc of the death of Brevet Brigadier General Jas Bankhead, Colonel of the Second Artillery which took place at Baltimore last night. A the time of his death he wns iu command 0 the U. S. military department of the East. The deceased greatly distinguished! during the war of 1812, and the Florida an Mexican wars?serving in the first as asnstat adjutant general, and in the last uientione as chief of artillery al the siege of Vera Cruz for which he rereived hia brevet of brigadie general, Laving been previously brevetej f< gallant cervices tn Florida. lie wa3 a native of Virginia, and wa; u noted for his character and standing as a higL toned Virginia gentleman, as for the ft lelitj efficiency and brilliancy of his long militar career. Ills age must have been much ovc seventy, as he entered the service as u Cap tain a* early as I SOS. Gen Walbach will, we presume, tuccee the deceased in the command of the deparl ment. Burning in Effigy ?The insult offered t the Hon. Keverdy Johnttjn last night, in Hal timorr by a gang of the city's Kip Kaps an Plug I'glies, wa? very fooli?hly retaliated b blackguard Dem<>orats, who subse^uentl burned Mayor Hir.nks in effigy. That wa? a pity . a? the poor man must hav bnrned in tho checks sufficiently nt seeing hi policc force standing by with folded arm when such an Insult was being offered in th presence of his family to a man whom a! really honeat and reputable citizens of Mary land delight to lionor. Know Nothing rule in Baltimore is but th rule of pickpocket*, sluugsbot-men, burglai and rowdies generally, who manage the noini nal authorities of the city a* effectively a though in possession of u valid bill of sale < every man of them Transferred.?N. B. Smith, Ksq , a aecon . class c.ierk in the Wur Department, Las bee transferred to the clerkship of the same grad j iu the Land Office recently held Ly the Kev j Wis M. Ferguson, who ha*, in turn, bee | transferred to the War Department olerkahi , of Mr. Smith Lift of Patents ?The following is the lis I of Patent* issued from the lluited States Pat ent Office for the week ending November 11 lbift?each bearing that date : Franois Armstrong, of New Orleans, La - For improvement in bumper brakes for rail road oara. Fred k H.'Bartholomew. of New York, N| 1 Y.?jfor improved anti-frost faucet. Geo Bradley, of Patereon, N. J.?For im proved ate am drag. Thoa Carr, of Liverpool, England - F01 improvement in steering apparatus fur ?hik* JoLn Cola and A Little O Wall, of Do VY nt 4 III.?For improvement in drainiug machines Almon CooUy, of Hartford, Cotrti.% . - to Roderick Terry and A. Coo ley aforesaid. of Sena* place.?For improvement in fattening door knob spindles. Legrand Crofoot. of Syracuse, N. Y.?For improved door fasteners. J Henry Darlington and Wm. Piper, of New York, N. Y.?For improved diapragm fluid metre John P. Derby, of Cavendish, Vt ?For sleeve fastener Gustarus Fine ken, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?Fir snear draining apparatus Geo F. Foote, of Buffalo, N. Y ?For Im provement in machine for harvesting grain. Wis. L Gallaudet, ef New York, W. Y.? For improved spring-holder for slat blinds John C Harris1, of Savannah, Ga.?For im provement in water gauges for steam boiler*. Samuel L. Harris, of Massachusetts, and Henry B. Osgood, of Devehester, Mesa.?For improved method of regulating the draught of house furnaces. August Hengstenberg, of Musoatioe, Iowa ? For oandle mould machine. ? Motes G. Hubbard, of Penn Yan, N Y.? For improvement in the cutting apparatus of grain and grass harvesters. G W. Hyatt, of Auburn, N. Y ?For im provement in forks for handling heated plates Rudolph Knecht, of New York. N Y ?For improved method of ventilating ships, Ac Ilenry Kruse, of New Orleans, La ?For improvement in wagons. Robert Lawson, of St. Louis, Mo ?For im proved waste valves for hydrants George D Lund, of Yonkers, N Y?For improved method of hanging reciprocating saws. James W. Martin, of Philadelphia, Pa.? For improved method for preparing rattan for umbrella1" Cbas. Miller, of New York, N. Y.?For im provement in cutting tiles Samuel Morrill, of Andover, N U ?For improvement in clothes dyers. Edwin M. Murphy, of Lexington, III.?For medical respirator Lphraim L Pratt, of Philadelphia, Pa.? Fxr improvement in maehiDes for slicing ap pies 1 ra Reynolds, of Kepublie. O.?For improve ment in washing machines. T. Sault, of Seymour, Conn.- For process for cleaning India rubber Oustave Scharfie, of New York, N Y.?For improvement in breach loading firearms John K. Sees ot New York, N- Y ?For ar rangement of moans for heating feed-water of locomotive engines

Christain Sharps, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in breach-loading gum. W G Sterling, of Bridgeport, Conn.?For gas regulator. Thos. B Stout, of keyport, N J.?For im provement in mill-stottef dress. Wm. H. St. John, of New York.N. Y.-For oppering gas retort fastening. Wm Taggart, of Haverhill, Mass ?For im proved projectile for firearms Reuben Wright, of Westfleld, N. Y.?For improved weather strips for doors. Jaaob Geiss and Jacob Broains, of Belleville, 111 ?For improvement in machines for cut ting vegetables. Alv in Bullock, of Busti, N. V.?For Im provement in harvesters. Lphraim l< Pratt, of Philadelphia, Pa., as ?ignor to Lc :?ard Harrington, of Worcester, Mass.?For improvement in machines fur par ing apples, potatoes, Ac. John F Willey, Fredonia. N Y., assignor to Benj. F Merrill and 'J hos Phillips, of Cat sadagn, N. Y., and Jno F. Willey, aforesaid For improvement in excavators Ilenry Bessemer, of London, England ?For improvement in the manufacture of iron and steel. Pateuted in England, Feb 12, Design ?Elihu Smith, of Albany. N. Y.? For deuign for parlor stoves. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, Uih November there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants. $13,541 21 For the redemption of Stooks.... 33,215 35 For the Treasury Department... 3,53W 74 For the Interior Department 2S,fi96 lo War warrants received and en tered ti,300 00 From miscellaneous sources 2,202 85 On account of the Navy 32 005 #7 POLITICAL* ITEMS. Four persons voted for Fremont at Purcell's Store precinct, in Loudoun county, Ya. The New York Independent (Beecher's pa per) attributes tbo defeat of Fremont to the Fillmore men in Philadelphia. It says : The indications are that Mr. Buchanan is elected. The result is due mainly, if not solely, to 1,200 men in the city of Philadelphia, who persisted in throwing away their votes upon Mr. Fillmore, and thus secured the electoral vote of Pennsylvania to Mr Buchanan. The Providence Journal says the proposi tion to double the pay of the members of the General Assembly of Rhode Island was most emphatically rejected at the election on Tues day. "The people seem to think that one dollar a day is ample compensation for the servioes rendered by their legislators." Who else can they hire so cheap as that / A com mon laborer gets $1.50 to S2 per diy. The students at Princeton college, N. J , Thursday night, marched around the town in procession, with transparencies, torches, drums, fifes, etc , four young men bearing a black coffin, beading the procession, and another, with black bonnet and dress, riding upon a little Canadian stallion, representing Fremont's widow, the now disconsolate Jessie After a genoral round of the town, a funeral oration was delivered, and the coffin burned Nice young blackguards thesu ?En In regard to the health of Senator Sumner, the editor of the Baltimore American says: "Three months ago we travelled in the s uiie boat with Mr. Sumner to Cape May, noticed him to be good platter man at the dinner table, and saw him afterwards for several hours sitting in an exposed situation though the wind was blowing keenly, talking wUJj great animation and apparently without fatigue. Wo were then convinced that the reports of hi* extreme illness were highly colored, and nothing has since transpired to shake thst conviction. Let him get well now, the election is past." If. S. Fkioatk Msrrimac ?The London correspondent of the Philadelphia Amerioan, writing on the 2?th ult, says : ?? The Merri mac leave? Southampton to-morrow, for Brest. She has excited very general attention, and has proved quite an attraction to the visitors at Southampton. Captain Pendergast and several of the officers upon leave have been "way sight-seeing, but the courtesy of Lieut Harrison, who held the command is toe ab sence of Capt. Pendergast, has been the sub ject of commendation dv all who hare expe rienced his polite attention Mr Dbllss was cm Saturday to have paid a visit to the fri gate, but I regret to say that a domestic be reavement prevented his having that satisfac tion " The American newspaper printing of fice, at Norfolk, Va . was destroyed by fire on Monday night last? lo?s about $4 500, none ol which is covcrod by insurance Two persons have been arrested on the charge of firing th< building. run I OUiSlANA DEMOCRATIC Club will he Id a special meeting at the isual place, on TO-MORROW, (Thursday) the 13th Inst , at 5 o'clock p, m By order of tL? President, Alex. Dlmltiy. lt# 3 F. HLENN, Rec S?c. j?-^?CEORGKTOWN DEMOCRATIC ASSOClATIOiN ?A u adjourn>d meet ing of ttiU Association will take place at Forresl Hall at 7 o'clock p. in, THIS (Wednesday) EVEN1NU. Puactual attendance Is particularly reqnested ROUT OULD, ft* President. *-2fc?THK OOLORKL) 1.AIMKS OK THE ?s-HL Island contemplate holding a FAIP. commencing on tbe *4th, for the benefit of Wen ley Zlon Church and Faator. For particular* ate future advertisement. ie |^THE WASHINGTON HIGHIAN DERM take pleasure In announcing to their friends, civil and military, that their Third Annual Bail will take place on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 3d of Deoember, 1866. For par. tlculars see future advertisement, aov 18-?o3te MARION RIFLES, ATTENTION -A meeting of the Company will be held TO MORROW (Thursday) KVENlNtt the I ill I'Jth Inst , at Tesnerance Halt by order ntv lU-'it* J AS L FOWv ELL, O. ii n it BTPBWTtOW, IflTWttlb w2f?:i Meet at your Armory JH1S 7 o'clock. By order of ^P^ahIm ' v \ Secretary ,'bVKNTH WAR0.ATTKNTION - I^BRlNUOyT T*k BIO GUNS TT"^,v,rt of the Seventh Ward Democratic Se beVRy ordered to meet at Potomac ?XlliZS) on WEDNESDAY, November lii atTT'clockf iA. H to boped that every nVmocrat will b- et his post. By order D?Uocra?wiii w-~ g TAYLOR, President jOUN F C OFFUTT,gec novll-2t? Kentucky democratic asso ^ oiaTION OF WASHINGTON CITY [ The members of this Club ate reqoestad to m?-et I at No 48t 12'b street, between F and 6, on TO MORROW EVENING, the 12th instant, at i o'clock, to tranuct 1mportalt bn?tne*?. > T. J. ROBINSON, Vice Pte'ident. A-H. MARKLAND, Sec'y._ nov li-2t* .GERMAN IA CLUB .?TIE MEM bers of the above Club are requested to at German Hall, Eleventh street, on WED NESDAY NIGHT, to make preparation for Join ing in the procession in honor <-f the glorious vic tory achieved by the friends of the ronstltntton and the Union JOHN REESE, Pres. e. HAMMERER, Secretary nov 11-tt THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL OV THl MARION RIFLES. Oa MONDAY EVENING, Nevember 24th, AT TEMPEHANCE HALL, Particulars In future advertisement uov UK ATTENTION. NATIONAL GREYS You are notified to attend a s eclal meeting of the Company at the Armory, on W ED NESDAY EVENING, November 12'l.,st 7 o'clock. Business of the greatest importance will Is Id before the company, and every mem bar Is requested to be present. By order of L*m . Towias, Captain ? UU|UB? nov li-2*t R. MEIMES, feet. .LADIES AND GENTLEMEN DE8I m , m rous of receiving a thor ?ugh ronrse of instruction in the Gtrmau Lxngusge, and Musk on the Piano, will pleane call nt No 4 ,4 Tentt street, between D and E, where prices may be died upon agreeable to the parties nov w 1 w m I T? ADVISE THOSE IN Vsitfk want of GOOD PICTURES to call at the establishment of Mr* A C. REDMOND on 7th Htreet. at St P??r.??'i I*11"*' " "J?* J?f her co practitioners wishes to styielt Mrs* f.els highly complimented to leain that tbev havr*named her Gallerv after so Loly a Saint, -nd e boue* to conduct It in ?nri, a m*nn? as to i make it worthy of the appellation nov ?^^THE LADIF.S FAIR AT ODD FBI, ?OKiows' Hall is now hetne held for the b-nefitof the Rev. S D Finckfl s Church, on the corner ofG and TwentUth streets and will be open every esenin? during this *rd ueit Wt<*k for their patrons and the public genersHy No effort will be spared to render their ablo, as all the appliances, Music, Fancy At tlcles, Confectioner*, *c , Ac , are provided for the entertainment of their visitors A generous patronage Is respectfully solicited be THE COM. OF ARRANGED AN IS. nov 7-St ? fcNOTlCE ?iKE Si;bh?:hlbt.? begs leave to call the dtt?ntlo:i of t.e public to his stork of GLASS and QUEENS WARE bet ore purchasing elsewhere. a* uy s? dulne ?l??-y will save from li c?ui Toilet aud iiluiicr S?H? l?wei th n the lowest at 3?w Pa avenue, between Wh *n<l Ift'b rtreK? jet>6in JOHN McUEV 1 ff BRUSHES, UKt?UK?, HRt'blir's, \'BASKETS, BASKETS, BASKETS, COMBS, COMBS, COMBS, TO \ S. TO YS, TO\S, at MCLAUGHLIN A CO 'S. G ^KNTLKtlE.VS MAUDS AND THAV elllng Sbawls of Scotch ai?d Bay Sua*, ejtu $5 or sire weight and quality, ranging In price f-nm J to is dollar*. A !arg? snd varied suprly J is1 receivt d, at LANE'S, Gentlemen's Fur tlfhinsr Store, nov 12 42? Pa ave , rear 4 \ street MAUAXK Beg- LEAVE TO INFORM I'HK LADIES of Washington and vicinity, that fbe, will open on Thursday, the Utb of Nortm-1 ber. a nice assortment 'f BONNETS.I^^ CAPS, COIFFURES RIBBONS, cel?ed bv the steamer Asia, aad imported by J Gilbert. 3V)( Broadway, New York, to be sold at the corner of 6th street and Louisiana avenue, nnv 12-3t* KKWAKDi- STRAY ED AWAY ^ _ from the subscriber, living ot thei I corner of 'id ?t eot east and North Caro-1 Una av^oue, Capitol Will, on the l"th sf October a REO COW, wl h a lump on her i near the hevl Also, a Red Cow-Calf, 4 . months old Any informvlon through the Cltj Post OtBre will be thankfully received Th? above reward will b- paid on her delivery to ire nov 12-3t? CHRISTOPHER McDONALL. DENTAL ftlKUKOs, DR B F COSBY, PENN AVENUE. BE tween Sixth and Seventh ttreeU,, at the pl*ce formerly orcupled by Or Van Patten, has Ju?t rectiv?d a very lar^e supply of articles pertai* i g to dentistry and respectfully Invites the public to give him i call Having devoted hi? whole time to the pro fession, he is perfectly safe in declaring thtt hi will give entire satisfaction in tvory case Th< best profeisional references can be teen at his of See. nov 19-tMarch- o* FUKS. FCK8-AT ?ETMOUR'?. Decidedly the largest collec tlon of Ladles' elegant FURS that has eve: before been brought to thli mirkrt is now read) for sale at the Georgetown Maaufsetory. STONE MARTEN, MINK,SABLE, FITCH Do FRENCH Do ROCK Do SIBERIAN PQUIR'L in Rhort?every article that is fashionable In tU< Fur line, and very moderate in price Ladle will please call eariy and get bargains at r W F. SEYMOUR'S, nov 12-2w Gorge town. POUKIH ANNUAL B ALL OF THE PRf. SI DENT'S MOUNTED GUtKD. at til rasl's salosn. on 1 harsday Evealug, thi 13th of November, 1856. I THE UNDERSIGNED, MOST RESPECT 9 fully b?tf leave to call the special attention o: all Lidles and Gentlemen who conta opiate at tending the above-mentioned Grand Bill of th< President's Mounted Guard, that I have lustre celvei from the North all numbers of the bea WHITE KID GLOVES for both Ladles an< Gentlemen, (the aame has been ordered bv i member of the eoram'ttee ) SA>H RIBBONS and ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS of every s;yl< and price, suitable for Balls ar d Parties, can b< had at all sea?cns. K C STEVENS. It No IP Pa av., bet. 8th and Mh sta. DELTA SALOO*, D street, ictvfnitkand 9tk itretts This elegant s*lo??n wasupenec on Saturday evening, November l:h, and the p-opr'.etor, In toliclMng oatrona^e, fB begs leave to assure the public that he hasJC* spared no pairs or exi>enre In tnaklng this th< ?Most elepant EATING ?-nd DRI.<K1NG SA LOON it Washington c'ty Its C8rtra> r.nd prii *at?- lo;altty, and the adm rsble adaptation of ih< house to the business, aided ly the best of cooki and *ervants, and his unremitting erdeavors u obtain the finest OYSTERS and othe de lcaciei which the m*rket affords will, be hopes, rrvorl and receive the patrou&fce of his friends and th< mmunitv generally, nov 12-tf ASA RICKETTS. D Urpbaa'itukrt, N*tmkrr HtL, 184#. ISTR1CT OF COLUMBIA, WASHING TON COUNTY, TO WIT -In th?<a-eo Ti aadeus A. administrator of John > blm ball. ?ie ea?ed, the adncinistratoi afo.-Cbiid, ba< with the approbation ci the Orohan'? Cour of Washington County aforesaid, appointee SATU RDAY, the 6th dav of Decembe next, for the ftnal settlement and distribution o the personal estate of said deceased, of the asst t In hand, sa fkr a? the same have beea ooiU-.teO and turned Into money, when and where all thi creditors and heirs of (aid deceased are notl|le< to attend (at the Or phan's Court of Washingtoi county,) with their claim* rroper y vouched, c they may otherwise, by law be excluded from al benekt of said estate; provided a copy of thla ordr be published on e a week for three weeka, in thi Evening Star, previous to the said 8th day of De i ember next. Test: ED N ROACH, Reg. Wills. True copy?Test: ED N. ROACH, Reg. Willi. DoV 12-wiw* LOST.?ON FRIDAY NIGHT LAST -omewhere between tLe steembrat landlni and the first Toll-Gate on the Bladeniburg road a FUR OVERCOAT. '1 he finder will be sulU bly rewarded by leaving it at the store of F. M ORME, 311 Penn avenu??. nov ll-3t* KKWAHD, ? RANAWAY FROM the subscriber, on Snnday night tb< #100 V h Inat , living near Tenallytown, In the Distrk of Columbia, mv NEGRO Si AN, WM. HELL about ?tt years old, six feet high* very dark color with full salt of hair, and taiks rather alow whet spoken to 1 will give fifty dollars if tak< n li the District of Columbia, or one htwdred dollari If taken out of 1L In either case to be secured li Jail so that I get him again. nov ll-3t? NOTLEY MORELAND. file REWARD WILL IKttlVBN FOR $1?J the return to as of a PATENT HY DRAULIC JACK, made by Dodgeoa, Nans York, takea a few nights since from otkr graalu works at the Patent ulce. Dealers la old Iron will plea?? lcok out for it. no# 11 iw BERRY4MOHUN AmnstmenU WTMAN! WTM4N! ry GEORGETOWN. IHl* !? HIS LAST NIGHT. ?o* 1?-U If A TIONA L THE A TK E Open Stage Manager ....Mr Cblp,en4ae Tblrd Appearance of IRE niHK i HtRRISOM tlPKR* TRliCPR THIS tVtNiNS, The Grand Opera. ecmposed for this TrwLr, of M 4 n It iRil in which tb? full Company and CAorua apfaar. Ob Thursday. tbe Bohemian Girl t-rldav. La da 4c Lammetmoor for tbe besetl o? Mr Har rison Fa'urday, last night of tbe Opera, tea ait of Mlaa Loutaa Pyne Mr ft Mrt W J FLORENCE are wp|M Tba ??(aiftteat Irectaralar Drwaaf ike ?? Naiad Qteca" la In preparation. W W Wants. ANTED-AN KR K AND COLORED Boy. Inqnlre at the Stnr ON e It ANTED, A DELIVERER ?A GOOD Dell ewer can obtain steady empl o\ moat ai.d good wages by applying to MARTIN JOHN. SON A CO , No 4w 7th street, before ? o'clock a m , or afie. 3 o'clo.k p ru no* It WANTED TO HIRE ?A COLOR ED GIKL for Nurae Slave preferred Call on j ROBINSON, Mv Peon avenue op| ?>ai'e fc'r??wr %' Hotel. rov it-tf WANTED?A BAY MORSE, !?* or IT bands high, < or a yenra old, of good stria and ac tii n Mux make well la single or 4onb e bar ?era. Apply Immediately at BALL'S Dry Goods Store. No 371 Seventh *treet. no* l* Jto WANTED -A Nl R8E FOR AN IN KAN I. None need apply unleaa erp-rtencid ana well recommended English, French, or Oar imn preferred, apply at 37k C street, between 4^an<L4iireeta. nov 11 J.* WANTED?A YOLNG MAN DESIRES A Sltua lnn <ia Clerk or Boukkerper in aav ca pacity Beti of references given. r rmadJrr-t 1 1?gT,"BH> (MAre aovil u* WANTED -A FEMALE SERVANT IN A a-nsll fmily Apply at Mrs SMITH?*, til Hrh s'ieet between E ao<1 F n?vlt.eono A LAD (IK VOl'NG MAN, Y K?>M fwrive to eleMeen yeais of ape, wio basayood ErK liib education. ana ?u r?n re-d and write *vn, wbo 1* w Uino to make blms~if generally vat-fMi In a lull practicing laeryer's otfl.-e, and wbodr alrea tbe advantage of a laige law and ii.iaeeil* aeous library, and wbo tntenda to make tbe law a profesaloa. and wr.o dtalres to be quanted for admisalon to tbe bar upon bt< arrival at tbe ahe of twenty-oa* years or age, can tnd a place by addresalrg "O P through the Post ttftre, in bl* own bnnd writing, atatlag bla age, paroat aye. and eatei.t of Lit education. ai d s'ao plvtr.g ie ercnce. nov 11 3t* \KTANTED.? TWO W KLL KECOMMENU W ed roacbinea. wail acquainted ber*-. and two Stablemen immediately. Inquire at tbe I lr?t Ward Livery Mab c, (i atrett, between 17th and ISth ncv i?- 3i WANTED?A COACHMAN WBO UN deratanda bla bualuen. thoroughly. and ran fitrnlab tbe beat recommendations A tul(r<d man preferred, who can rtad writing Apolyat thlaoHre. MVMI Boys WANTED?SIX BOYS WANTED at tbe Bowling Saloon on D a'reet. betwc- i btb and vtb street*. Slaves | referred Ap;>ly immediately. nov i? tf WAN IKO ? WANTED?WANTED?TO tnd pcraona In watt of tbe following at tlclea: * French or Ber ma a Looking GUesee Fortraltor Picture Frames. rouud, ov?l or .4-*'e Oil Falntlnga, large and an*all Marble-top Brackett Table*. In broateorfoid All kinds of Plcturea fitmed and arty mV? Looking Glaaaea, or otker work la thr line done to order with dlapatch. Also, a lot of caat-lron Bracketu. au1tai>ie for ?kelrlng, Ac., oa band. Terina moderate to aul tLe tlmea. for caah. N.B.?Old Work Rngllt.and Looking ? laaa Fin tea lnaertod. Ki Fenna amae, oppoalte Rlrkwood Hm??. r JOHN WARNER a; Boarding. iEW BOARDING-HOUSE. ? MRS C. REYNOLDS baa taken tiie well kuowu . om modlcui boardlng-houae on tbe aoutbeaat eoiner of Pennsylvaula avenue and 4^ atrert. which la bring entirely ret tied and furnlabed She *a? rooms for re >t (at different prioea according to their location,) with or without board All rie alrlng aucb accon.irodatlons wltl do well to call before locating thtmreives elsewhere nov e tf Board,Ac?mrs bates,on thes w corner of Fennaylvanla avenue and 1Kb atn-et la prepared toaccomm<d'tegenti?-m?*u >*ith rooma with or wltuout board Every effort will be made to render tho?e comfortable who may favor bef with their patronage Tmnalent or table board oan be obtalaed. ap t-tf URIAT ATTRACTION IN THE NORTHERN LIBERTIES. MOKE NEW FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS Jast Received, at Kadnced Frlcaa. JW. BARNKCLO,3 SSEVKNTH STREET, ? three doora above 1 atroet, baa on band a aplondtt aaaortirent of new Fancy and Dom^attc Dry Goods, direct from tbe northern markka He la prepared to aupply bla numeroua rnatomer* and tbe public general v ulUi articles in bla line, at reduced prlcea, warranted to give a*tlrfaction , ronalatlng In part aa follow Klcb pl?ld Sllka, Black -Ilk Oobnrg CltHbs Plaid Merlnoes, all wool, DeLalnrs. Kobaa. Cloaka, Shawls, Scaifs, Embroider tea, Hoalerv. Ac , Ac. albo? Fall Clotha, Caaelioerta. ffntttnets. Flannel*, Llnaeya, liaklnga, Bleached and Brown Sheeting ard Shirting Cottons, French and domeatlr Gingham, Canton Flannels. Ac Genu' and (loys' SLk, Linen, and Cotton Hard kercblef", ('a'tc** one yard wide for cents, *orth 10 c< nta Together with every article to be bad 'n a wr|L regiilated eatabiiafcrrient Persons from tbe conn try eisltlng tbe rl?y f^r tfce pnrpo?e of pnwfcaslrg D;y Goods will tnd It to tn lr edvnUee to plve as aca'.l,astargcla?r>nb?'had wtlch wl 1 amply remanent* them for tbeir tr uble and money ?^ved bv calllrg at T75 ?th tlr?et,thfedoor? aboee I llMCt cov 11 It tiLOAti YKniMiMaik. * bOME rHISt* HE H' GEO H. CASSltiY A CO., nov ll 8t Scccotaors to A. 'aa'*,3l4 Fa.av LADIES1 MOt!AIR HFLTI. MOHAIH and Jet Bracelet. B fftlo Hair Pins, L.dU Rubber Cotnbs, Lfatbei Cabas end Ketlcuita, at very low pricea, at nov 11 at LAM VOX US ^TKAVEO ON FHM'AY LAST, A KHALI. n MOWN PONY, lb* tLnnks ?.fa^ tbe owner and a tultable rewa?d will w- v g I van to any person wbo will tetum l.lm totfce ^mltbsoniaalnatitutUu uovll 'Jt J II ^thAlkU UR ktOLBN- KKOM THb nelghborbood of Franklin Square, abont tvedays alnee, a small Dirk Rulljj " ?'0 W ; white apots on her Ranks ; a allt j?3nr In one ear, and a abort tnll. A liberal reward given for her recovery at MS 1 street, between 13th and 14th. novU-tt* PIANOS PIANOS P I A N at o n ELLlss, b.LL18S, LLLlS'S, 34 KM Pa aveane. Jt Pa av :ane I a. avenue RKLKCT SCHOOL. Mks c. s babcock will open a S-lret School In the new brick building of Mr. Wurdenaann, directly north of 1 he Capltoi. on Wcdueaday, November Ulh. Good references given, and terms tea?onable. Lessons given in Music if desired. mot Il-*t* rpHE ftTKAMKK tiKOHUE WASIIINU A TON will depart at the (ollow _ Jl ?' i Ing hours: JUM l^ave Alexandria7)4. ?, 11, l\ . ?. Leave Washington f b, 10, IS, * \ , i aov II?d JOB CORSON, Captain CiHANtaE OF HOURS.?THE. _ a. J STEAMER GEORGE FAGFiiAUflL will laavs Alexandria at 4*10 l*,<\, 5 andt>b o'clock. Waahirgton ate,t, 11, I\. I, &%, and 7 o'clock nov 11 ELLIS L PRICE, Capuln. MAUDS OK GENTLEMEN'S SHAWLS. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR THIRD and largest aupply of gentlemen's Shawls, | embracing every varU y, weight, and aiae N B ?Also, a large lot of Bay State shawls which we are prepared to sail at thelow prl. e <?' SS apiece. Call at GKO H B. WHITE ACO*S . Hat. Oap and Gent*a Fan fblay Sto,r nuvlltf jR* Fa av,, bet bit andi Otb str