Newspaper of Evening Star, November 13, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 13, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, r?BLISHKO kvkkt aptkhiioun, (EXCLPT SUNDAY,) il iti Mrmr ?/ trr?M Ma By W. D. WALLACH, v. iu ik* WinJ to snaecribers by carrier* at 81A A.ND A yUAKrtK CENTS, payable weekly tc ifit Areata; paper* served la pickages it37jf t*-Ha per month. To mall suuscrlbers the sub scription priceUTHK EE DOLLARS AND FIF t Y CENTS a year t* adv?, TWO DOLLARS for alt months, tcJ U.N 14 DOLLAR for three atonths ; for less than three months at the rate ol i J 'n oeutt a week. SINULE COPIES ONE CENT. WHO WANTS A IHAWLT WE WOULD CALL THE PARTICULAR attention of paiehaaera to our Immense STOCK OP SHAWLS, which now comprise* ewry description of desirable styles In u?e, all of which have been purchased apon the b*?t (erma, and many of them for leas than they can be bought agalathls season. We have alWfiys given thla department of our business a greet deal of attention, and from the great oamber we buy and ?ell every reason, we a-e a.way* prepared to show by far the largest stock In the District, and In many Instance* at lower prloes than they can be obtained for else whsre. We feel coaftdent (we believe lt^s gen erally admitted by the Ladles) that there fa noth ing In the shape of covering ho decidedly romfor^ able In cold weather as a warm, heavy Shawl, and they certainly possess another advantage over any other, and that Is they are never out of fashion Oar stock la part comprises the following, vli: lOOBroche Long Shawls, in White, Blue, Green. Scarlet, and Black Ceo tree, ranging from St? 90 to t?9, and all are warranted to be as cheap as they van be purchased for la New York at retail 300 Scotch and Bay Stale Plaid Shawls, of the neweet styles In vogue 100 Mioses' Long and Square Plaid fcbawls, In all the various sixes. 30 Black and l^ead and all Black, Long and Square Shawls, from S3 to S4 So The above lot of Shawls will be found well worthy the attention of purchasers. as no su"h as sortment will be found on retail south of New York W. M. SHUSTKR A CO No opposite Centre Market, between 7th aov 4-lot and fcth streets. C. J. WOODWARD * CO., UNDERTAKERS, CABINET MAKERS, A FURNITURE DEALERS,? H ?, will keep constantly on hand a tbraOBBs large and choice supply of all kinds of Furniture, suc'a a* Bureaus, Sofas, Chairs, Mattresses, Ac. Special attention will be paid to the Undertak ing business; and all orde/s left at our rooms, No 57 High street, Georgetown, will be attended to with great pare and promptitude. oc*9-lm COAL?FOAL?COAL. This week discharging onecargo of superior WHITE and RED ASH COAL. A deduction of 25 oents per ton from the vessel. Coal kept under cover *440 lbs to the ton. PINE, OAK, and HICKORY WOOD always oatand J.T.i W.M.GALT, aov 10 N. W. cor, of 13th andCsts, No 347. DR. THKOD. HANS*IANN Has removed his office some houses above hi* old rooms, to No 491 7th street west, between D and E streets north, near the General Post Office Office hours as before; from b to 10 o'clock a. m. nov7-6w* SI RGEK'S Improved Sawing Machine*. To which was granted the Higheet Award of the Pari* Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority The improvements in this ma chlne has simplified them In many respects, tad they arecapableof executlng twice the amount of wore they did formerly In any given time They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect: a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be sewn by any of these machines by a simple change of needle and thread In such a manner that the eioseat scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will Ind them the only safe Machines to purchase, u they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. We have machines with guagea attached,for binding hats, cap-fronts, gaiters, Ac. -Silk, Thread, Cotton,Needles, Ac.,constantly ea hand, at the lowest rates. Persons desirous of Information regard lag Bew lag Maehlaes will please address 1. M SINGER A CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N . B ?We are prepared to exchange these ma* ahlaes for old machines of any kind Terms Ub oral. Persona who have been Inducedto purchase aferior machines under the pretext of belag aheap, will lad this a benefit Indeed. ??tf SIMPSON HOUSK, eetesr o/lOfA if and Ftnna. act Hue, WaSHINOTOK Cut, D C. TUB SUBSCRIBER IS HAPPY TO IN form the sojourners and residents of V\ ashing ton that he his spared no expense 4SA In fitting up hl? well kaowa establishment JI"M and Is now prepared to accommodate all who may favor hlin with their patronage on th? mo*t teus oaable terms, and In true Philadelphia style?he having recently removed fr >m that city. Gentle men can be furnlahed with Rooms on reasonable terms, and they ran either Breakfast. Dine, or Sup in or out of the house, and will only be charged for such as they may order The Subscriber propose* to furnish Meals to those who mav wish, on the European system, and strangers and cltlxens may rely upon the character of his Bar and Table d'Hote. oc 17-1 in WM S SIMPSON, Proprietor. NSW TOME HAHALD, TRIBVNK, Times, News, Express, and Ph ladeiphla Dally Ledger, received ai d for sale every evening at 7 o'clock FERGUSON, aov 11 V# Seventh street orriciAL. Tai*anav Dirtiraaar, August*), le.'<0. Wh??s* tli>* following }?<i?:t r?*?->!atwa ol Congl*ss hu Secam* a law: Joint UisoLi'TwtN txt?edii:g the time for the i<*?of Tesat t<? piesriu Ihc-tr > lauus Nwv.WJ Senate l.ii Hutu* Of Kayi eimta IWc< uj l.c CintrJ .Hulri of Jtmfi u 4 ?? Coriftrtt i*t toTt?a< ajj a*re?al? y to the |MuVi>ioii ol iU? louiib Mctwu ol th*: a t ol" the 'is h ol February, I3i?, *' to |>?o?tie lli?- ;a>in 'lit ol creditors ol ltie laie repuo i?* ol l'eta<as a?e eomp'ebeuded in the ad ol' Congress ol Sepieuib r Hih, I r50," no lice, by |)ut>!i<* a t??*ruwm?*iu, wo July s?i vfor the apa:e <?l imr iy <ia)i by the Se-r?*iaiy ol the Treasury, of the nme ai wuich paywuit ol' the amount a|?propria ftl Oy th** fifth seen n ol sad a< t w<jsIiJ b-- ma ie, pro tula, o?i a y b nd, cerlifscair, or evijcuce ol debt of ?ai 1 ^ta ? , which shoiitj b prea'oteJ at the Treasery l?e(.anm nt thirty <iays j:u< iii** 13th <:ay oi iuu>', irii*", lie liin-t or ?aid itoii<-e; aid a * it is r?-p*?*-?<*rit?-tj by llir f .nj Stxsirtary ol the Treasury, that oi ^ai?l b tails, cer UAea es, aad evidence. ?i dub:, wluoh i avr b :r? rici^iiu j by the dta * ot Teia*, the came, iqtiuJ to la i suiu ol ihretr hu i Ireil a id ? iihiy nine th >u < aud ait bun<liril and Miu.-ty three d tila-s a.i-l aev?*a ceatswereN*ttpfesent?)Jtii:ue'l*rrn ury l?. f>a 'ni?ni prior to the said 1-lth of Ju i , therefore, in or ler to do full jtttlic*- to the hsl lers ol a ?i debr,ih ? Secre tary ol th'* Trta-ury u hereby a t ho<ixed to f.ay to the ttoUcra of aiy of the -a.J b ud?, certificates, or eVi ten'M, of debi, not pre? :itKi| b :fore ih? l.'fth day oi Jiiue la<t, who in iy o.eseut a d pr-'Ve the sa oc at the Treamry liepa tin in, b twccii the 13th day of Ju >e la-it and tLe l.-t <iuy of January next, aud exe:uts thi proper r li-a?es ?o the Unlt d Sia'? s a id the State of I'cm, t ;c,r pio Tula >hare of the said ?<v#tt in lima sev. u hae?u-;d a id fitly !h<>u^and doltari; a id after pay>u :ut th?-r.-?if, the taij Secre tary ot Hie l'rta^iry is a lihorix - I and recjnired to distribute a d pay the reddue of the -a d seven mil ltoas S"Vo.? aua ir?*4 a i l rtt.y ;h<-o<aml dollars, th< n rema uui^ iu the trea?.iry, pro rata, am )nj<t all the ?aid aollors ?;h<i may ?av, ;.rov d tt?-ir claim-,and eaecu^d lha pr ?p r releases -a or b -tore ib - lattlay oi Ja^oa y neat. Approved Aafusi lb:h, ltJJo Momoait aaaaa* aivi. to the ho!4ers of bonds, certifioa:' J, a iJ ev Jea?cs if J btof the la'.r repab li? of Teius, which wrre not ^resenUd at this de parimant o i or bifore tAe U?-h lay of Jant Uji, iiia> the ?an.j will be settled a i! ihi /no ru/aam ium tbsreoa will be pa 1 t? Uf 'a vfal hol lers'.her* of if prese iteJ b*. >re ; :e tirrt Jay of January next, u coinpani.-1 eii.'i ih~ n*:c-;- <a-y evidence of tl?e;r Biasness, witn asdganieatsto the L'-uted Sta:? s,ro (jair:l t >slve ia;a tin t!:e custody of tack SoaJs, oe ti3-a.e*, a id - vi : e#of d< bt,an<! wit* teleases ta t'ae (Jr.tie I S a: a 11 Texas, lu a*eari aise wiia the provlsious of t ie act of Cougie** o! toth February, IDS#. This Je,tar:ia?ni wilt aot r? ^uire tvi Icac* of g?u miaesoss to be presented with t ue eertifljait**i??u<-d by t^e a ti t ira".J TJinp'r l!er of Teras cn lerthe law* of tae ^tale. ii.U it p is e>s-;sito m timf Vei? fyia^ lha certificates, b 1(1*1* aad p<oui.s*ory notes issue 1 by the republic of ?exi*, aud not pre*enlei to, aor a idit>*J by, lUe ?3etrs of ths State. The :rt>y aid proper proof of the genoiii nessof ike latter is Hie certificate of the comptroller o! t be State of ?s(as, who hna theolfi ial charge of the original arsMvejreiatiog to the debt ofths late re |?liikoli'?ii)< , lu* aatljoroeui and releases may bsci.'cuted gad S*auo*le Jjed III lh? presence -?l ibe As'lsitut Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof in the presence of a notary public, and be witnessed bytbe AwuMuit dosrstary, or chief cletk and nota n|r, and b* certified by the notary under himuta rial seal; bnt when the holders desire to make the assignment and execute the roleases out of the elty of Wa .hington, It may b* done in the presence of an a?<isiant treasurer, or ojllrctor, or surveyor of the sustoms, in the preaenoe of a una y public,and be witnessed by the collector or duiveyor aud the no tary pubUc, and be certified by the notary under his notarial seal; an J if tWere be no collector orsurvey or ofthe c'tatomi at the place where the party re sides, th- assiaiuneat and releases may he executed before any court of record, in the presence of the tUdgeandcl rk thereof, and be witnessed by them, and certified by the clerk under his seal of oflloe; diid if the holder be out of the United Slate*, the as signment and releases may be executed before any United states consul, and be witnessed and certified by liim under his consular seal. All persouseie cuiing snob assignments and releases must also de clare, under.>ath, beforethe notary, cierk, or con sul, as the case may be, that they are the real own era oftie jertiflcateaor other evidences of debt, tr that the same have been assigned to them, bona fide, for coHeotlon ; and the notary, clerk,or oonsul must include the fact of that leclaration In their cer* ifl ateofacknowledgment. If assigned tor collation, or in pledge, the name ?4 the party liuldiai the beneficial or residuary in ???rent in the Halm nm*' h.> ?tai?<| in the affidavit ?tiid a release to the United States and release to Texas most be duly eiccM'd by such party, to ff* ther with the assignment and releases from the person in whose favor settlement and payment is requested. One or more audited certificate*, or one or more evidence ui the same character of debt, may be in >:ltided in the same assignment, releases, and affida vit of ownership, if each certificate is correctly de scribed by uumber, date, amount, and name of the ?ri?iiiaJ payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the "*i*?eol Texas, on aceount of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texa?,accord ifig to the tacts of each ease. The assignm -nt to the United States nr.ay be made in common torm ; the releases sti mid be drawn ac cording to the forms subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Tieasttry. JWm Jt. Know a'l persons by tbe?e presents that has released.and hereby releases, the United S.a*es of Am ru-a from all further liability or claim lor the payment hi certificate or evidence of debt number , for the *um of $ , issued by the late republic of Texas, (or by ihe authorities of the State of Texas, as the case may b*,) and re deem-d by the United State* in accordance with the pn visions ol an act o( Uongrm entitled " An act to provi e tix tbe payment ol sucti creditors of tile late republic uf TfiBsai are comprehended in the actof Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty." approved the 2?th day of Fedruary, IBM, and an act of the tate of Texas, approved the 1st of February. I?j6. As wkn*ss my hand and seal. Form B, Know aU persona by these presents that ? has released, aud hereby releases, the State of Texas tmm all tnriher liability or claim foi the pay m-jnt of certificate or evidence of debt number , fi>r the sum of 9 ? , issued by the lat< re public of Texar,(or by the authorities of the S:ate of Texas, a* the case may be,) a<id redee oe<l by the United !?t'ite? in accordance with the provi-tn is of an actof Congress, entitled " in act to provide for ;he payment of such creditors of tlie late republic o! Texas a- are comprehended in the actof Congress of S< ptember nine, eiiihteeu hundred and fifty," approved the jftUh of February, 185.1, and an act ol the rt;au- of Texas, approve*! the 1st ol February. 185ft. As witness my hand an.1 seal. The following Is a list of the audited certificates still ouista idiug: So Istuedto. No. I true I to. 8 T D Tom >kins itititf Oscar EiKledow 18 Uukmau Carifi/lJ 1675 Trustees if Austin 31 John A <?lift?n College "I H K Muse 1?82 G II Mon^arrat Si Co 53 R G Hubbi 16 >0 John Earner 84 J lie Cordova 1704 liaiuel Carl 9-2 John Burning' am ,, v .? , .. 135 Phinea* De Cordova 1733 J * VValColt l'6 K lia'dwin 174ft John VV Porus 111 Jamen Tllghman 177u J K Elliott 1/2 Ma Unas Clark 1807 Harriet George I Eilia Kurle '8'6 Miles S Bennett 20 f *???? Nathan,., Rudder .128 U 18U1 i Levi Tyler, adm'r 344 J C Wade 1H?J \ of VV H Keily ?K8 Peters It Booth 1&18 Samuel Wtldey .195 Lott limited 183# George Sutherland 404 S Kingsiey 1841 J p Hennings 4aJ7 J Pa ker, for Eliza- 184*2 , beth Parker,ex x 184J/J ' tccU* 4't7 lit-lndicl Hayley 1S44 Ediuurid H^lii|?r I.cauder Beason 183*2 J ll l.ogan 4WJ Wm Ddliu lsofi U P Green ^d7 John VV King I86.r. Uavid Ayrea ?oJ T B Wi bb l86y Thomea i JuiCt-e ;'.IU A S Ttou ni Old 1878 C Schiedleiuaouf r.48 Th'?s VV Marsliall I8tw J F Jewell t..?. I'avidS Kaufman I8M7 F Emma ti'J George VV Parker I8S? Par ilta* til Ciutc*ierliMrKavenl/Ji) V ?v G>o>.in y.r J;;.1, [ Wm Flower G?ib-rl Jolin^,,, t.>.'J ltf-^8 Hob?-rt l.usk J A Sunpsou I/2V E VV t 'awtliern 0.J VVni ii Bel*her ltfio Wm Cochran ??<7 M ii Williams i?3vJ Fiauci Mooie ]r "UI Felix Kieder '2071 Andrew Daley* 5!I \ Robert Dale *?[ ,,saa? 77.1 \vm Jon v ^ VV Virkery '?Wm Wafker Si088 I 7*1 liyerp.arl 1740/Iaa' Breinond e -2 l,aa>-1, iilll VI06#. ..... >63 llermo-jan Biown 1610 ) "a*"' " 1-uruet 874 John W Rower *108 I ? n ? ? 8.? Jaines McMa.ter vtw f K ' Me Master ?I4 Dyer Pra l <>36# L, ? r. VIS Mary F leu ID den-18;> $ 1 ^ <4?"Dy b-re '2I4&1 y'W J Ellis ttal s w Fisher 932 Mrs Mary Relville 2104 > . . 1010 Anson Cia ison 1501 C i^?aj?ia.'ia Dav.s 1012 KM Forbes J303 ? Frost 10i5 Jtm-s N Ho^an *J3t? Tbomas R?*ed '043 Thomas Liudsay *2316 Harrison C Bryant 1041 Juu?ts L Green 2:t30 J s McDonald 1017 Jesse Daniel S340 Arthur Garner lo48 J B Daniel 2311 J F Mar cbelt 10.10 t?barles Vincent 2341 Andrews X GroVer :0D<J ! S D Gervaise a^PGMe'ntt 1 '57 I 8 " Gervaise w Pinkaey 1 ??58 Willis Milliean 2350 J D Giddinas I"59 J D M,llicaii 2354 J ( rawlord jr llrG2 John I bvu 2358 A P Edgertoii ioft5 VV m Bar ion ICliitl Thomas Warner ir 107V VV \ Lockhart ^*63 George K Sistare IdsO K M -rt >0 23ftl Francis Britftita 1135 Jaiiie? KHlcm JJftJ Elisabeth Carter 11#? C H Taylor VB83 Wm Davis I 'll Youngs t'wleman 2J87 Joseph ToQlliii9on 1 -?8 Lt'ib -rt McNutt 23SM Sneed h Turnet l^t'J John W Cloud, per 23?0 Wm Kiinbro an'y I II Kaytuoiid 2400 II H iiaynie Jwj E De Pun ois 2401 B VV Milhank '*{* C P Green 2402 Catherine Allen 1.<5 G W Sinks fii J B 2105 Henry Kring ? kj, 2413 J VV Lawrence 'ZL J Kei^iriok 24;8 aiepJi.^ Smith Samuel Hid cj 2434 A CIllorton an J?aa J.^hnson 24^8 Eiaphalet Easton ir?M if" 54442 Lemuel BDickenson r Porre*tM2450 Wm U Thompson ? ^ ivStSm'p ''. *** Z Wm Edl'V ? ^4 i J E Herron 1 r; . d474 A B Hemphill !?? jsj "far I HS JoMpk ItlUM. ' JS '''"ill'i.V""' 1473 Ann B ll.-eae ^8i ? J^1 H1'* . Mm .. I58i J C Moore *483 ?' PJ?,am?I? J'Jhn tam -r M a IW?iL !5W K H Dou^'as ->5t>J Geor?e ('iLu .? )1 1570 E M Fi it) 2.%, t Kekiiettk Co 1572 Wm Kerr *603 Jolm W irh. ? r I5?*? James A Mood/ 2504 VV C Blair * 1 j?i P Btcklord 2512 M Korberttaille 1?W Jo..n Lamer 2513 Heniy B Brooxj 1315 J >hn Cameron 2^14 Gabriel Trumwdt l?3 John D TayUr 262S H 8 Morgan 16*4 Levi Mercer 2522 Furbur & Bean 1^/6 Eli Mercer 2534 Sarah Newman r: e .<ii*4U'>diuf tviJ^ncss of other classes of tbs debt -fthe republic cf Texas cannot be specified by a.i. Dopartaeat. au 28?dtiaJanj Educational. YOUIM* MEN OF WASHINGTON^ Frett Tectum* every Monday night, for four iPttJts, commert or ng October 20/A, ATTHK union ACADEMY. SjicIi Young Men of thlsrlty as wt?h to obtain a thorough ana practical knowledge of Surrey lug. Civil Engineering, Book Keeping, and of surh branches as will lit them for successful business, will find a good opportunity In the DAY or KV EN 1 NO SCHOOL, at tbe Unlou Academy, oc 18 Z RICHARDS. Principal. ENGLISH AND CLASIIIAL BOARDING StllOUL, FOK boys, Mount Joy, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. E. L. moore, A. M Principal The winter session will, com raence on Tuesday, tbc 4th of November. Terms f75 per so si on, of S months, Including board, washing, tuition, Ac Circulars containing particulars mav be bad on application to the Principal. oc 14-Im? A (AMD. Mrs franklin.tbacher of vocal Music, No. 105 E street, between 8th and lOthstreeU Reference*: Mr! R. Davis, anfMr Hllbus, Music stores. se 17-Jin MISS HEWITT'8 ENGLISH AND FRENCH BOAHUIRU AND DAY SCHOOL, iVo. #07. corner of Vmo York avenue and 1314 II. The scholastic year commences the first Monday In September, and ends the last Friday in June, and Is divided Into two ses sions. The Principal will be assisted by the most com petent English and French resident teachers, and every f-ciiity ott>red for pursuing Music and all tbe various brancbos of modern accomplish ments. For further particulars, terms, Ac., see Circu lars at bookstores, or at the rexldence of the Prin cipal^ au 2ft-3t Aeotf MRS. O. H. SMITH, 490 D street north, between 6(4 and 7th, BEOS LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIES of Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity that she Is prepared to give lnst'uctlon, In classes and private teutons. In tbe art of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and VASES Also, Wax Fruit aid Ornamental Leather work Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of scqulrlng a most beautiful accom pilshment will please call as early as possible, as Mrs. S does not contemplate remaining long In the city tirms: Wax Flowers In Classes, per term of 12 les sons...* |5 Wax Fruit In Classes, per term of IS lessons..S5 Leather Work in Cla-sses, per term of 8 lessons93 Private lessons SI each?Vases S10. Boauets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers, Ac , for sale, or made to order. au 26 6m Nile* register?a complete sf tt. 76 volumes, will be sold at a bargain. Also, Dungllson's Medical Dictionary Dungllson's Therapeutic*, and Materia Medira United States Dispensatory Dewee's Midwifery Apply to E K LUNDY, oc2l No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown. New fruit: new fruit j: Cranberries, New Figs and Raisins, for ?ale by oc 30 KING A BURCHELL NOTICE TO HOUSE-KEEPERS. No 367 Pa avenue J f No 367 Pa. avenue. ("lOME AND TRY BEFORE YOU BUY ? J The finest stork of Wines, Liquors, Fine Teas, Coffees, Sugars, Chocolates, Cocoa. Cheese, Fruits, Spices, English Sauces and Pickles, Genuine Havana Segara, Ron^h and Heady To bacco, Holland Cucumbers, Ac., Ac , JONAS P LEVY, nov 0 opposite the National Hotel. LE BON TON?FOR THE LADIES, beau tiful beyond description Tbl* work has no rival Buy it, at FERGUSON'S, nov 8- 486 7th street. *200 REWARD. RANAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER living in the village of Nottingham, M Prince George'KCOuntVvlarylund.on Mon- M. day eight, the wtli Instant, NEGRO GIRL MARIA, who rails herself Maria Chew.JSL^ She Is about eighteen year* of age, about lour feet ten or eleven Inches high She Is verv like ly, and has a pleasant smiling face She has a remarkably fine suit of hair for one of her color, and Is. altogether, a fine looking girl. I will give 'he above reward of one hundred dollars for her apprehension?no matter where taken?provided she Is brought home to me or se cured In jail, so that 1 get her again THOMAS G TURTON. Nottingham, Sept 10,ls56?se 11-tf DK MUNSON, AT 338 PENN'A AVENUE. Is still making those beautiful eontlnuous GUM TEETH, called/ Allen's Patent, for the excellency nt?? -if" which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vouch There Is one Dentist in this city who has been Infringing the patent, and made a bad imitation of it, agaliwt whom I hereby caution the public N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks agaiust Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when proyrly constructed, It is bn auw he Is ignorant oi the prooews, litcouu eteut to make the work, or s unwilling to pay for the patent Je MWtf W. O. ftJKTZEKOTT, (Successor t j Gkorgi hit bus,) Vttisles&le ' for the Soutlitrn State* oI [luvcu tc Huron's V ELKb H A T ? U PIANO S. HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LtKUEST stock of PIANOS fromSI75 up to 11,0 0. M ELODEONS from *15 to $'<46 >. GUITARS, VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU MENTS, FLUTES. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than in any house south of New Yor?. M usic published and received every day. Pianos for rent nov 4-ti 20,000 APPLE TREES I^OR BALE.?00,000 APPLE TREES, 3 and 4 years, of the very best varieties, of large size, and v> ry thrifty, can be had at the Val z ley View Farm, near Georgetown, or at No 35 HU;h street, Georgetown. Prices unusually low, as they must be sold without reserve. or29-lm E. J. KING. ? Oft MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDaVB AND FRIDAYS?FAKE, ROUND YE IP, SI: FROM - yJT?> ALLXANT.Hl A7GCENTS.?The steamer THOMAS COLLY EK leaves VVashtnf ton at b aad Alexandria aty# o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at 8* o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with George A Thoiras Puifcer Refreshments on the boat. ap 2-tf S\M'L GF.DNEV, Capitis BOOK BINDING. Corner Seventh street and Maryland avenue, near the Smithsonian Institution. Edward lycett respectfully in forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspeare, cow Just completed, that he is pre pared to bind those works In a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upon much more reasonable terms than can be done in Balti more, Philadelphia, or [Sew York. A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of Tils style of binding. Every kind of Book Binding oratly ex ecuted. _ ftB7-fim NOTICE OF CO.PARTNERSHIP. fllHE UNDERSIGNED HAVE ASSOCI x a ted themselves for the purpose of conduct ing a General Wholesale Grocery and Commis sion Business In Georgetown, under the firm of GETTY A WILLIAMS, and have taken the warehouse No 9. northwest corner of High snd Water streets. VERNON GETTY. EDWARD WILLIAMS Georgetown, October 13, 1830. oc 28-1 m RI- MEIIBKR THOSE SECOND-HAND PIANOS, at 1U6 Penna avenue, they are great bargains JOHN P. ELLIS U0V 7 Miscellaneous. MmS. BOPP tc CO., FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKERS. Bkg leave to in form the ladies of Washington, that they have opened a Dress - making Establishment at No 500 11th street, 3

doors below Hllbus's Music Store Dresses wl 1 be made In the latest French style, atd at the most reesonale prices. Ail kinds of patterns for .Mantillas contantly on hand, and Pinking and Silk Washing done at the lowest prices, nov 1-1 m (COMPLETE MANUAL roit YOllRfl J Sportsmen, by Frank Forrester; with direc Hons fcr handling the Uun, the Hide, and the Kod ; the art of shooting on the wing ; the break ing management, and the hunting of the dog : the varletes ard habits of game; river, lake, ana sea fishing, 4c , Ac. Complete in one volume of 470pages, with very numerous engravings : pri .e 8150 Jiut published nov 7 KKANCK TAYLOR A NEW COACH FACTORY, OX TWELFTH STREET fpHE undersigned HAVING RECENT m. ly opened a Coach Factory at 553, Pith street, south of Penn avenue, would respectfully announce to the p"uT>Tic that he is prepared to manufacture or repair ail kinds of Cca- h?s, Carriages, and light Wagons, on the most ieasonable terms, and in the best manner Those desiring a good Carriage, or to have repair ing well aod promptly done at a low price are earnestly requested to call, as I ofter such induce ments as cannot f?ll tn please All work guaranteed to plve perfect satisfaction oc 27-1 m THOMAS I GARDNER EXTENKIVr WINTER OPENING OF CLOAKS, TALMAS, SHAWLS, Ac. will take place at the New York Cloak ar.d Mantilla Emporium (244 Pennsylvania avenue, betwren 12th and 13th streets) on Monday, No vember 11Kb, of styles altogether new and most fashionable in New York and Paris The subscriber would state that he has just re turmd from tbe North, where he has in the last week selected his assortment from the be*t stocks to b' found there, made for tbe fashionable'1 west end" trade of that rlty. Such Cloaks have never been offered for sa e here before FRANK A. McGEE, nov 10-lw '244 Fa av , bet 12th and 13.h *t? ? a h. I te X ij 91 > 7 a ?? M 0/ "8 > x 3 ?O oc 03 / z * a. ^ ^ SW a ua ? ** c V CO c M * ? a jzx a * 3 > ? G a %? X 2 ? "5 x = _ * 2L Vi >, c A, ~ S * g g - e I 1 3 fMNfc BEU BLANKETS, FLANNfLl, and Sheetings now in store: 50 pair Bed Blankets in medium to extra fine quality 50 pieces whlteand colored Flannels at all prices 3 do more of that extra 4-4 shaker Flannels SO dozen white and colored Counterpanes, tome extra large ?>;) dozen Table Napkins and Towels, 81,25 to 82,50 20 pieces 6 4, fi 4,10 4, and 1* 4 Cotton Sheeting* 15 do superfine Table Damask'1, some extra wide 5!? pieces Bed Comforts, which we h-;d made to order 100 pieces of superior Irish Linens from 2 . centi to 81 300pie. es superior Bleached and Brown Cotton Sheetings Cottons from 10 to 18 cents per yard, many of them made expressly for our sales and as a guarantee of their extra quality, we have had our Names and No stamped on each piece 10" All a'ticles warranted to prove as repre resented, and purchasers entitled to examlpe our ?iock . COLLEY A SEARS, oc 30-eo2w 523 7th st., 3 doors N Pa ave Claim, Bounty Land, Pensien, Property aud GENERAL COLLECTION AGENCY, No 424 Penn. avrnur, north tide. n*ar 4 k street, over Duval f Brothers, Washington, I). C. (CLAIMS AGAINST THE government J prosecuted before the Departments, adjusted end settled. House and Ground Rents, Merchants' and Traders' bills, and accounts of all kinds, whether local or from a distance, promptly attended to. Books of a counts In bu&lnt ss potted ar.d writ ten up. and the estate* of insolvent and dtceased p- rsons balanced, with balance sheet adjusted and settled. RKFKRKNCE8. Caas B Calvert, Esq Geo. S. Gideon, E?q. Geo. A T. Parker A Co. Rev A G. Carcther*. George W. Klgg*. Esq I ay lor A Maury, Jos H Bradey, Ecq of Washington. And Col. John S. Glttlngs, of Baltimore JOHN W WELLS, No. 431 Penn. avenue,overDuvall A Bro's, novCeolm Washington D. C. TO MERCHANTS AND OTUEiiS. rpHE UNDERSIGNED BEING THE SOLE X agent of the Government printer, for the dis position of all surplus Papers emanating from the Government Printing Offices and Biuderle*, merchants and others wanting any such as dam aped White, spoiled surplus or canceled Docu ments, Wrappers, Maps. Ac , together wita a ?i neral assor' ment of Pi luting, Writing, and other ?dpers, can be found for sale at my Paper w are house, No. 3*7 D street, in Polklnhoru's Building. All Papers purchased from n e delivered in ar y part of the District free of charge nov8-eolw (Intel) EDW. TOWERS LADIES' AND ( IIILUHEK S FURS, LADIES WISHING TO OB taln desirable FURS at moderate prlc< s will find a good assort ment of MANTILLAS. P1L LORINES, TIPPETS, A V1C TOR1NES, with CUFFS AND MUFFS to match, of various prices, at STINKMETZS Cheap Cash Store, 2?W Pa. nov 4-eotf av , near 13th street. flEFITLEMEN'S SHAWLS AND TRAV * ELING MAUDES AT THE LOW PKICE OF 85 ? Having made an arrangement with the agent to sell a large quantity of the Bay State Stl A WLS of the largest and best quality, 1 can now c ffer them at the above price. Alto, on cale the French, Scotch and English make of S? awls and Mutilers, at low prices, at the Bazaar, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, oc 31-eoBw [Intel] HOPKINS. hosiery: hosiery Those in want of hosiery for the winter, should call before having and look through the new and well assorted stock of the subscriber, consisting In part, of? Ladies and Gent's English White, Brown and Colored Cotton Hose Ladles and Gent's superior Cashmere and.Merlio Hose Ladle* and Gent's best English and Pearl Silk Uoke Boys and MUses Brown and White Cotton Hose do do Worsted and Merino Hose. FRANK A. McGEE, oc31-eolm #44 Pa av , bet l*th and 13th sts CHARCOAL, CHARCOAL, CHAKlOa, BE8T QUALITY, FOR SALE IN LAR6E or small quantities. Consumers can obtain supplies at all seasons Dally Expected ? 150 tons genuine Baltimore Company Coal, war ranted superior to any coal in this market. Wood and Coal of all kinds on hand. All fuel will be of good quality, carefully weighed or measured, S 340 lbs. to the ton. Terms cash, unlets otherwise agreed on at pur chase. SAMUEL H. YOUNG. East aide 9th at., bet. D and E,'old stand,' and corner of 18th at. and Canal, near the nov7eo3t bridge. K/OMATIon STOCK.?tjorpi rat ? a of Washington Stock for sale at ChVBU UEUIHbE^. C?, evening star. [WRITT?!I FOR THE STAR. A MOMENT OF HORROR. It is not proposed toteil a story either of ro manceorot sentiment, but simply to narrate wbi,ch "'proJ,"?>*?'?" ? !??! ? " . 13 ound westward toirv '?^s;.*V?rL ppeJ for"" nlikt'? ,bV Ihe city was crowded with strangers After unsuccessfu1 application., at several hotels, at ' 1 obt:iin^d lodging at a. kept on the Luropesn plan. Here I was obliged te content myself with a chamber 011 the fourth tioor, oddly enough arranged in some respects as, upon going to it, after supping, foVthe purple of changing my travel-stained .ires* i noticed the room had no windows, with the exception of a square opening in the wall Wh!iCh Vr and *'?"*?re admitted f tbo ^joining room To the opening too, was attached a shutter in that room I dressed and attended the Broadway Theatre reaching my apartment, on returning, about half past twelve o'clock at night. When about stepping into bed i observed . , wicket open, and a thought struck me to take a look iuto the adjoining apartmont; why i, JI?8 f know Dot; P?rbaps a sense of my odd insecurity actuated me. I gut upon a chair and ga?ed through the Jm ?UC wa8there; it was furnished liae my own A lamp was burning upon the tableland on the latter vara lying a koUUr a whetstone, and a pa7r ?t large false whtaJLers P ' !,1Vtb0UKJht b are rathtr qacer ar ticles of wardrobe. After a glance at th. premises, I leit anything but easy X finallv go.bed fir't placing ,u. |jp up,^ tioor at the loot; and examining my pistol I laid it carefully under my head At first though quite fatigued. I could not sleep, and ^ ?ki i M?SeL' Jreatn? were uneasy and troubled Macbeth bad been the play at the theatre^ and witches and black whiskers Banquo s ghost with pistol, bolsters, and the ike interesting visitors, were the companion, o, my dreamy thoughts. About 3 o clock, it Uiigbt have been, I waa aroused by a some what singular noise On listening, it evident y proceeded from the next room. It could be ikened to nothing 1 had ever heard ; it was ow but regular, and metailic in its sound, so I". tXAreS8 148uch a 9001,(1 for iB?tan-e, as might be made in cutting glass with a dia ? fa"J,len,y 1 thought of the whet-,tout un the ta ble, and at the same moment became convinced the noise was that of a knife beirg sharpened The whetting now ceased. Mv bed was placed in the diagonal corner of the r""f frou? the wicket, and I had been lyinz ' with my back to the latter I turned in thi bed as no:selcf8ly as possible, ao aa to face the picket, grasping my pistol' The lamp was burning dimly, and all was still as death As my eye fell upon the window it ensoun tered first a hand placed upon the till, then rose by degrees a head, with a pair of glitter ing black eyes, great heavy whiskers, and a long, sharp knife, between bis teeth. I think i possess the ordinary courage of a man, but I must confess the blood in my veina seemed to curdle as I viewed the apparition. Quick as lightning I sprang up in bed pointing my pistol, cried out, 44 It you move a znuacle from your position. you re a dead man " The eyes g a red, the head remaining, however as de senbed, the man not uttering a syllable I got out of bed and with pistol still presented and eyes fixed on his, I backed t? the bell rope and pulled it violently. In a few moments a servant camo up. I ca'led to him to bring a police tfE:er-th?re is some thing serious going on here. In a moment the passage was filled with the inmates of tbe bouse. In a sbwrt time a 4 atur" made his appearance and took the man into custody ?li.e landlord said he had arrived that even lfig without baggage I was summoned the next day before the u Coart V bile in the room a g^utleman entered and claimed the tupp^ised burglar us bis brother, a maniac, whom be bnd been conducting to the In9ane Asylum in Philadel paia, and who had escapcd from him while la that city. He had made his way to New lork, and with the well known cunniug of a madman, had managed to avoid detection I suppose the " Power of the Kye,"' for 1 kept mine fixed on his, had restrained him, other wise be could easily have mastered me in a moment, hincc theu, whilst in a strange place, I have been careful to examine and secure my chamber before retiring. A* Arm v Okfickr Tub Origin or a Play.-A very good aiory is told of the manner in which the younger Dumas, famous by his ''l>aine nux Camelias ' and bis 41 Demi-Mondr,'' was inJucoJ to write another play, he being of rather an indolent disposition by nature. Shortly after Bsaufcrt s assumj tion of management, he de sired a play from Dumas, and went to Li< hotel to seo him As toon as Duiuas perceived him. he knew the object of his visit, and said to him : 44 Sorry, my dear fellow, that I can't talk with you, but I'm going out witS Z to take a long twim." \ ery well.*' replied the manager, <4 I'm very fond of swimming myself, and will ac company you if you 11 let me " Hardly were they in the water, when Beau lort placed his hauds on Dumas' shoulder* and asked : 41 Do yr.u like to be ducked ? ' 4 Like it f No, I hate it." 4 Well, I in stronger than you, ?nJ I || three times, if you don t write uie a play " 44 Nonsense !" ''Not a bit of it. I'm in earnest " 44 You're mad " "Ami? Well see. Dusk No 1 ' 41 Stop! I agree. ' " A long piice f. 44 Yes On my honor." " You're a good fellow. Au revoir." 44 How > are you not going to take a long swim ?" ? 44 What's the good of it ' I only wanted to get a promise from you?I've got i?, and I'm going?' And that was the way M Alexandre Dumas cume to write tbe " Prodigal Father." Thb J k.vmnqh Fortunr.?The result of late developments in searching the genealogical tree of this family, is anything but flattering, and precludes all hope 0f any share in the great English estate. Bish p Meade, who has been collecting materials for a history of the Lpisoopal Church in Virginia, in looking over the musty records of an old Episcopal parish in lower Virginia, finds that the Jen nings tamily, like the Rolling, s of Iodisn de scent, and traces them back through many generations to *WooIly-hoo hoo, (signifying big drink,) an Indian Chief, or Bab-a-?A^ la, who excised sovereignty over a very la-ge tribe of Indians south of James river Woolly hoo-hoo was tbe son of Grandgraname ao celebrated in Burke's history of Virginia a character uneoualled in these latest days' of refinement ana civilization. 13^ The bark Manry, which caused such consternation among the British officials some few months ago, has just reached London, having beaten a fleet ot clippers Th? Times says : " The race among the clippers from Chins, with the first oargo of tea for tbe present sea Bon, has been won by the American clipper Maury, Capt Fletcher, of 594 tons She sailed from Foo Chow-Fooon the 10th of June, ^and reached tbe London docks on the ]5th She commenced her discharge the same after noon. and the entire cargo, consisting of up wards of 600 tons of tea, was finally latded by the following morning, having occupied to? working hour* only in the unloading THE WEEKLY STAB This ?xoelleal PasallT u4 alaiaga *? hi bul la aar day morala*. TUHt ?1*? ?w, pet ?? ? Klv? coptea .!* ?? ?? Ten ooplea 8 M Wwsnty copies 15 W IET Cas*, lRfiitiiif ti tmiici ID^?ln* lecopl?a (la wrapper*) can he preeared at the counter, fromedlateat after the bwae ?f tt>e paper Price?Tamaa Cinvs Poav ma avaaa who act u ageats will fcaallewe* ?commission of twenty per oeat. A Trifling deduction On Taeslaj laat, the door of oar anno turn opened, aud presently oar ey?s fall upon a pedlar crossing the threshold, who*? features it J outre costume proclaimed him of th? hoQae of Abraham. Opening a larfe, oblong !?ap?r bo*, he exposed a countless heap of 'l>?ottclttf. and anxiously inquired if we did lot 44 want to buy." Scarcely g'ancing it his waras, we rapli?*! n the negative, and turned our ayea oa a teip of ex-'bacgeg lying before ua, innocently ancyiug that our ret ly and manner would i?srv* as * sufficient hint todriva the traveling uerchant from our preseuc?. But w? were ?o verdant?the Jew, like all th? trafflcing rib?, had not the slightest idea of taking no ?r an answer. 44 I offer him you." he ?aid, laying a pair ?f them before ua, 44 ash low a? thr?? dollarah . musht shell a pair?I 'a? sell notting to lay. and my vif? and shild 'av got no pr?d? ?ou vill take him ?" We shook oar head. "Ah, you vill not take him at thre? dol arsh ' Veil, then, you shall 'av him at two ollareh *u' seventy five?my family a? no 'red?I musht ?acrifioe htm." We looked at him, but were silent. 44 Veil, then, if I split the different??" 44 It would make no difference. I bav? no se for theiu." " Veil, then, you shall 'av bim at two dol ?r.-h?uy vile and shild must not starve? >Ke bim at two dollarsh." 44 What, when we have no use forth?m7" ?? Bat ihey are so sheap?tak? him foratoU tr and a quarter !" he persisted, earnestly ; [ cannot let my rife aud shild die for vant ) pr?d!" We ahook our head ominous'.y 44 Veil, then, you shall 'av him at a tollar? ut the profit wouldn't pay uie the crumb* of cheesecake! fake him along? y*?u shall it bim at a tollar V' 44 No!" "Veil, vat yen vill gif?ssy, quick- y u jail av bim at y jurowu price ? Seventy-Ut? icnts!" 44 No! we hav? alreidy told you we do not ant them'" " Say Lalf a tollar ! 1 cannot let my vifa id shild starve, and 1 'av not got the fir?t >pper to buy tbem pred Take them along : half a tollar !" We looked at th? spectacles, which, car duly ware got up, not to ua?, but to sail? id then we bent our eyea upon the Jew. 44 Now,1' said we. taking a fifty-cent piece om our pocket, and laying it temptingly oa ie table before him, '? we'll buy those spre ?les of you, if you will t?'.l us truly, what <ur profit is upon ?acb pair." 44 You gif me your vord you vill puy, if I II your" 44 Yes." 44 Then, s> help my gort, if I sell him to yo? t fifty cents, my only profit is, thrta shil oge and ?Picaynnt. Anecdote or IIogabth . ? A few months ba re this ingenious artiat waa aciied with th? ia!ady which deprived society of on? of Its icat distinguished ornaments, be proposad to is matchless pencil the work be had ?ntitlad Tail Piece?the first idea of which is said d have been atarted in company, while the o>.ivivial glass was circulating round his own able 44 My next undertaking," said Hogarth, - shall be the End of all Things " 44 If that is the case," replied one of hia riends, ?? your businesa will be finished, for lore will be an end to the painter " 44 There will be ao;" answered Hogarth, ighing heavily. 4- and therefore th? soon?r ay work is done the better Accordingly he began the next day, and ontinued Li- design with a diligence that ecmed to indicate an apprehension he should ?t live till be completed it. This, however, x did in the most ingenioua manner, by rouping everything which denotes the end of ll things?a broken bottle, an old broom t-oiu to tbo stump, the butt end of an old fire >>.k r. cracked bell, a bow unstrung a crown umbling iu pieces, towers in ruina. th? sign K)jt of a tavern called the World's End turn iling. the moon in her wane, th? map of th? ;!obc burning, a gibbet falling, th? body gone n.d chains which held it falling down. Phoe bus and bis horse dead in th? clouds, a vessel vre.-ked. time with his hoar glats and scythe troken, a tobacco pipe in his mouth, the las vliiff of smoke going out, a play-book opan, nth '? exeunt omnes ' stamped in the corner, in empty purse, and a statue of brankruptcy nken out against nature. 4-So fir so good,*' cried Hogarth (> nothing t-inaina but tbia," taking bis pencil, in a sort f prophetic fury, and dashing off the aimlli u le of a pninter s pallet broken; 44 finis'" a-'"I.timed Hogarth, 44 the deed ia done - all is ver." it i? a remarkable and well known fact that ?c- never again took the pallet in hand. It ia : circumstance less known perhaps that b? livd iu about a year after he had finished this extraordinary tail piece ?Anecdotes of t'w^ ith Artist* Mrs. Partington Again ?4 What do you hiuk will become of you?'' said Mrs Parting on to ike, as they were going from church. Tho question related to tbo young gentle uan's conduct in church, where he had tip eu over the cricket, peeped over the gallery Ltlractiug the attention of a buy in the pew >clow by dropping a pencil tied with a string ipon his head, and had drawn a hideoas plc ure of a dog upon the snow whit? cover of he be*t hyuin G ?<>k 44 Where do you expect to go to?" it was a question that the youngster bad tever be.'ore had put to him quit? so closely, iiid he said he didn't know, but thought he'd >ke to go up in Mons Oodard's balloon. '? I'm afraid you'll go down, if you dou't nend your ways, rather than go up. Tou lave been acting very bad in meeting," con inued she, 4<and I dcelare, I could hardly cecp from boxing yoor ears right in tha midst >f the lethargy You did'nt pay no interast, >nd I lost all the thread of the sermon through rour tricks.'' 441 did'nt take your thread,'* said Ika, who thought she alluded to the string by tfhich the pencil was lowered upon the boy, * that was a fish-line." 4 0b; Isaac," continued she earnestly. ? what do you want tc act to like the probable ? ?n for? w hy don't you try and be like L>avid and Deuteronomy that we read about, ^nd act in a reprehensible manner?'' The appeal was touching, and Ike was sil?nt, Linking of the sling that l)avid killed Goliath > ith, and wondered if he couldn't mak? on?. Evening Gazette. The brief held by tbcoelebratad Wil liam Pitt at the Davon summer assises of l?bl, t i believed to be the only cause in which t" o fxmous statesman appeared as counsel, s in the poanssion of the Rev. J. P. Hugo, Vic&r < f Exmiuater, near Exter. Tha Mtle ot the action was 14 Williama. tient, vs. Peyton, Jr. E-q." Pitt was retained for the defendant, and rbo retaiaer and fee paid with the brief only amounted to the modest sum of five guin eas' It does not appear from this interesting Joci.ment whether the fatura politician ai.d premier gained or lost his cause A Damper?Some years ago. tb? 1st? Em* peror Nicholas of Russia was visiting Maples, when King Bombs ordered a grand r?vi?w of bis littl? amy. After this ceremony, tha Kinr rubbed his bands, saying to th? Ctar: 4-Well, Sir?, is it not a v?ry fin? troop7 Could I not march against Franoa with such an army?" 44 Ym, cartaialy," replied tha C*ar, *' but the French custom bouse tffioers might not allow you to pass."