Newspaper of Evening Star, November 15, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 15, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1856. NO. 1,177. THE EVENIHG STAB, rVBLIMUBU EVERY APTIKNUUR, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 41 ?*? St*t P%ildingt.t9mtT #/ ftwuyltnii ??<?? wi SiivniiitfHl, By W. D. WALLACE, WlU be served to aubucrlbert by carrier* at SIX AND A VtUARTKK CENTS, payable weekly lo the A rents; papers served la package* at 37 jj eent* per mouth. To mall aubac fibers the sub scription price is THRKK DOLLARS AND FIF T ?* CENTS a year \**4we, TWO DOLLARS for (HX months. and ONE DOLLAR for three months, for l^t than three months it tfce rate of 14 i cents a week. IT7* SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. PROTECTION A!f D INDEKN1TT FROM LOS* BT FIRE! FlRR, M\R1NS, AND INL\M) INSURANCE. jt-UAorUrd CapitaloU 8aryh?,3W,lll 13. FARMERS AND MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO ,0F PHILADELPHIA. O;" tTrfhctti cot m<*t Ptnuiylvana a mitt c and 17fA ftre't, ffath'n;ton City, D. C. Of RECTORS. FT"*. Thoe. R. Florence, Charles Oinfee, O.orce H. Arm-Tor?, Thomas .llandrifi. Id, fbarle*-1 Hub-rant, Edward R. Hrlmbold, G'orff ilelmb Id, P. Carroll Hn w-ter, Jame* E K*all, f?aar Leerh. Jr. ... .... ?THOV As B- ".ORENCB, Prcside??. EDWARD It liELMROLD,Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. <harl?s 'Talter, No. 397 D street, oppo-i'.c City Ball. J??o. M. Thnrr.too.cocncr First street and Virrhiia avenue, l?iand. s J*mes William*. No. 22 Pour-and-a-baJf street. John Kie*le?, No 501 Thirteenth street, below P><?n?rlwii? a?:nne. MARINE SURVEYOR. 3*1 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Natio.ial Hotel. ^ CiiVESAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Th<> mason. Ti-.e bosmese of mis Company will compare fa vorably with the m-w? ^uc <e^sfut of similar mstita tt?ns la the l7nit?d States From the 1st lay of Anfnst, 1855, in five months, up I i 1st Jau.iary, 1356 the prcmmmi received am ttioted to the lar^e mm of one hundred an.1 eight thau^rj I, one hitn tr?vl *nd fifty-one dollars, with on't tj^r *x hundred aaJ siity ?ix dolla s Iosst rprtri vv 11,1 these cvi !???:c\? of ?ucce?s and j^od man a?'m*nt, tae dtr?*~tors feel justified in solicitinsr a share of public patronage, beii-vin* that the 9.-cn n?y oT-r?d M -?l? ????! that aM fair claims will br eaiTt"? rnorca::cn,!i',Kto e<|uity than le?al techni The company i*pr-,oarod'o is ue p?%licic? araia-i Joawi or flaiTU^r - by fire on TMVKLLINGS. PURXI ^nJ,?jmiul ? manufactory, ware ?0i a!I tlesoriptjons of BTHLDLVRS, and theireaaiunt?, or all kiads of MKRCIIANDI8K, *y vsssur.s. steamboats, ca NAL B MT3, il\fLIOAfirl, aad the u.-uaJ con* :^v.-r*i,,orfroia any ?"?*?? ,>f eur<?p2 ao.? AMKUCA, and on the hnils of STEAM30A1> navigating the western ivatsrs The rates of pr- rnitim will be as low as other eompaaies, ar,.l in finn* them eTery iraprnvi ment le c<>]t*tn;ctM^i erd ?-r?.n^f??ent will b- taken tut. c .i$i4era:ion. All laeaes speedily adjo^ted and promptly paid Otnce BOithweatc rner Pennsylvania avenue and SfVi qimth street, Wa-hinrton city, D C /-.wronr-n:ey ?Uo he efferUd at Ike Home Ofae, Stri \*eu comer Walnut and Second Street*, Phila ? ,-\ia.*id in otfce-prin:ipa| lilies of the United Ft."^aIjy authorized officers of the comoCBT jeli-lyj HHttlR'l Improved Sawing Machine#. To which wu granted the Highest Award of tho ?am Exhibition, thereby receiviM the World's Verdict of 8aoeriority TH?. IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA X chine has simplified them In man> respecU, and they areeapableof ezecntln? twice the amouni ??. *or* tfceI <lld formerly In any given time They Me wlicout question the only Aiachlnea ca pablc of sewing every variety of goods perfec ?aJt ho^o^a or heivy tra^e for harness can ^ - CT *r?y ?f these machines by n simple change of n^^ie ao4 thread ta ffncha manner thai the eloMst scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturer*, planters and families will Ind tnem the only safo Machines to purchase, as thev are built atroner *nd durable, and not Ukelv to out of wder. 1 fcVe. mach,"w attached, for ?lading tat*, cap-fronts, palters. Ac. Slik, Thread, Cotton.N vedW. *e , eoaataatly 03 hand, at the lowe-.: ra'es. Persons desirous of Information rerardlac Sew lag Machine* will please \d.lre9s I. M SIN6KR & CO., ? ? 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore ? 7 . ,em a;- prepared to exchange these ma ?h!n?wi for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral Persons who have ueen Induced to purchase nferlor machines under the pretext of belna ?heap, will lad this a benefit Indeed. mar in?tf SIMPSON HOUSE, Soutkwu eomtr o/IOi* tt and Pe?n*. amM, WaSHINOTOX ClTT, D C. 'T'HE SUBSCRIBER IS HAPPY TO IN * *"rrn sojourners and residents of >% Mhlnjiton that he hta spared no expense iflA in Ittln^ up hi- well known t? now prepared t. accommodate all who miv rafor him with their pitroaa^e oq thv mo it onable termi. and In true Philadelphia style?he having recently removed fr m that city, tientla m>n caa be furnished with Rooms on reasonable terms, and they can either Breikfast. Dine, or ?np In or out of the house, and will on!y be cJj tr^ed for such as th"?y msy order The Sasacrlber proposes to furnish Meals to those wio m-iy wish on the European system aat s'.ratgert and cfhtvn mty rely upon the cniri'ter ??f his Bir and Table d'Hote. oc t7 I in WM S SIMPSON, Proprietor. OFFICIAL. TasascBT Otrtarairr, Au^jstao, 1856. Wa- r.-a* thv* folio vin^ j'nr.t rcs-.^uttoo ofCoogrca has b- com : a law: * Jotvr RasoLrrto.s estendine the time for the credi tor<of Tesa? to present their cla;ms He*)! ed 6y Ue Senate ard Houae of tOinuerUa tuti a: t>e Untied Statri of Jintertca xn Con*reu ai y.a>l4i, Tba- a?, a >r. eab y to the provi ion of the p.?rth eeetioa ot the art ol the aw.h of February H5>, *? to provtle f.?r me i-aviu -nt of such crrditora o the la'e repub ic of T? *a- a< are eomp ehended t^th 4-t of CougreaF >f H-;?temb r 9:n, le."?0,?Tio. tire, by ?nblic a tver txem-nt, wa* duly given f<?r tn?; s|?a^e <>l ninety days by th? Se-r?*ia*y of the Trea ury, of the time at m ii'-h ;>aym ;nt of liie a-r? out a^pr-ipna eU by the firth -ecti of act waati b- ma ts, pro rata, ?n a -y b nd, certificate, or evul -ace of o^bt of *aid -J?a e, wh eh should be P^sswteJ at ihe 1'nasiry !>-;>arirn nt thirty rays practise liin ,iay <tf Ju?n , ?he limn of ?jtvl ??HiCf; l id 14 ii isi rrp'fjiHfi'fjl bv isc Ktul He-r ta-y .*{ tne Trra-?ury, that of -aid b tnd*, cer ttaca e?, ai?l eviJeneos *?t deb", wuich hav. be? n r?e-?^iia ,j by la-: rftat^ of T?*ia<, thi ?ain *, etinai it tn j -am ?>i t-.rer hi .dred a id eijoiy nine ih"ii< aid sit hundred a 11 uiai ry thr-e d ?iia * and sevea ee i w w -r*; n<?{ pn-e*!!!-il (ii ib? Tf'a mry Depa'tment p tor ??? ihe ?a l 13ih of Ju-i?-, t'aer?-fore, in or.ler tu ? Jit JU?UCe to tba h .1 .era o| a d deb-, the Secre Uuy *tf the rr?a?vry u hereby j i horix^j to pay to the holders of a iy of tue ra.d b ?nds certiaeat^/, or *vi leo'-es, of debt, no: printed before the 13th flay tn Juue la t, wh > may nresent a d pr??ve the s.i u? at the 'frea.ury (>epa^m -nt, b-tiv?en the 13'h o*y f Jane la t ?qd th^ Uc day of Ja iUa-y ne*L a ?J - i'-mih th- propw tn- Untied States s liti# state of rnaMteir (no rattz .hare of the '/.i' Te" ?nJ'?OM^v u b'jKin d and h,ty thmisMd <1 Jlar^; and after paym-nt thereof, the ,a d 8erre the Trea-u.y n authona-d aid re*aired to dMVibfe and pay the mMae of the raid -rven mil .loas MIM CuB if-o a i l fifty th?u.?nd dotla^ then rem*.,,,a, in the treasury, pro rata, amount all the *a d h iKleri Who may have proved tneir cla.m-.and b ea*ut^ 1 th? pr .p-r ret?-a?es on or before th* 1 -t d?v ?I Jauua yneit. 1 Approved August llHh, lt*36 N )Ticau? aaaaar itvaa to the hoHers of bonds, crtifi .aten, and evid?ae?? of debt of the late repub* lie ->f r.-xas waieb were not prenented at this de partm*nt oa or be*?re the 13th day of June last, that the ?ams will be settled and the pro rata amoant lb??re?tn will b t paid to the lawful holdera thereof if presented bsfore the first day of January nen} ae co'npanied with the a?ees?/y evideace of their gea Uiaeaess, with *Mt?nm*nts to the United State*,re quired to give this defartmeat the custody of such b-tads, ear Mi rat a a, aad etrtdeaseaof debt, aad with rel<>a<-? *o the Qaited Siat-s aid Tens, |u a.'?.^ aiw with the provisions of the act of Cougres?of *2eih February, 18-jS. This de(*rtmeat will not require ? vidence ufgen utnsaeM to he preseated with the certificates tMu d by the a liitor a id comptroller of Texas uaderiho laarj of the State. Rut itpo# ewinn in-aasof Ter. fyiag the certificates, bonds and prom*?>ry aotes iseued by the republic of Feia*, and not presented to, nor audited by, the cfflcers of ths State. The ne:es?ary and proper projf of the genaia. ne^aof the lacer Is tha certlflsate of the comptroller ot the ^ State of Texas, wUo has theoiBrial chaige of th> ^ orit-'ial are^uvea relating to the debt ofths Ittc re labile ofTexae Tas a 14*4ameni aad releases may be execated the irawii of the Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof; In the presence of a notary public, and be witnessed by to? A*sistant (Jeers'ay, or chief clerk aid nota tj, and be certified by the notary und^r hit nota rial seal; but when the holders 4??ire to make tb? assignment audexecute the roieases out of the city of Washington, It may b-i done in the presence of an assistant treasurer, or ?ollee'or, or surveyor of the customs, la the presence of a nota y public, and be witnessed by the collector or surveyor and the no tary pobiic, anl be certified by the notary under his notarial sea:; and if there be no collactcr or?uivry. or oftho customs at the place where the party re sides, th*assignment and releases may beexecaUd before anyoourt of record, in the presence of the judge and cl-.rk thereof, and be witnessed by th< m, and certified by the clerk und?r his seal of office; and if the holder be out of the United States, the as signment and releases may be executed before any United Statesconsul, and be witnessed and certified by him under his consular sell. All personsexe euting such assignments an J released mast also de clare, underoath, beforethe notary, clerk, or con stiI, as the case may bf, that they are the real own ers ofthe certificates or other evidences of debt, or that the same have been assigned to them, bona fUe, for collection; and the notary, clerk, or consul must include the fact of that ieclaration in their cer? tifl ate ofajknowledgraent. ff %Mt?i?ed lor aoiieetion, or in pledge, the name >f the party holding the beneficial or residuary in ?te?t In ?V rlaim mns' bs? stated in the affiJavif and a release to the United State3 and release to r?ia- must be duly executrd by such party, to gether with the a?signment and releases trom the person in whose favor setttemeut and payment is requested. One or more audited certificates, or one or more evi !eree of the >ame character of debt, may he in clari*! in the ?ame alignment, releases, and afivla vitof ownership, if each certificate is correctly de scribed by number, date, amount, and name of the origins! payee. It should also appear whether the cert.Urates were issued by the authorities of the State of Texas, on account of the debt of the repub iic, or were issued by the republic of Texas accord ing to the tacts of each case. The assignment to the United States may be made in common form ; the releases should be drawn ac cording to the forms subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Treasury. Form A. Know all p-rsons by these presents that has relca ?ed. and hereby releases, the United Sia'es of Am rica from all further liability or claim lor lb* payment of certificate or eviuenee of d? bt number , for the cum of $ , issued by the late republic of Texas, (?r by the authorities ul the State of Texas, a* the case may be,) and re deemed by the United 9*a es in accordance with the provisions of an a?t of Congress entitled uAn act to provi e tor the payment of sUch cjeditors of the late republic ofTe*Ujft< ar* cnmpreBenied in the actof Con*re??s of Septeenber nine, eighteen hundred arid fifty," approved the 2*th day of Pedruary, It*."*.1), and an act of tne tste of Texts, approved tie 1st of Ftbrnaay. 1*56. As witness my hand and seal. Form B. Know all persona by these present* lliat - ? has rej???s*d . and hereby releases, the State of Texas fr; m all fur.her liability or claim foi the pay m?nt of ceiiili-a't or evidence of d?-bt number ,ft>r the sum of H - , issn^o by th? fat* re public of Texa?,(or by the authorities of the Smte of Texas, a? the case may be,) and redeemed by th* United State- in accordance with the proviso ts of an aet of Congress, entitled " Aii act to pn.vid* for iht? payment of such creditors of the ln*e republic o Texas as are comprehended in the act of Congress of Sept?-mb<?r nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 28th of February, 1855, and an act of the State of Texas, approved the 1st of February. 1856. As witness my hand and seal. The following ia a list of the audited certificate still ou'staiding: ?Vo !*$utd to. No. hmed to. 8 T D Tompkins 1639 Oscar Engledow 18 Rukmaa Cenfi-IJ 1673 Trustees *f Austin 91 John A Clittoa College 39 II K Muse lfie2 G 11 Monsarrat k Co 53 R G llobbi 16 *0 John Karner 84 J De Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl 9J John Burning' am 1739 ) ? ^ , 135 Fhineas De(Cordova 1733 } !I N 176 E Ha'dwio 1746 John '.V Portie 141 Jam s Tll-bman 1770 I K F.lliott 103 Mathias Clark 1807 Harriet George ^lEthai Earle 1016 Miles 8 Bennett ??? ; tu,ai tj*rle '8-J9 Nathaniel Rudder 33* O Rlineau 1831 ) Levi Tyler, adm'r 844 J E Wade 1833 ) of W H Kelly .'?8 Peters k Booth 1*38 Samuel Wildly 395 Lott Dusted 1839 Genres Sutherland 404 8 Kingsley 1841 J P Hennings 427 J Pa'ker, for Elira- 1812 I , r beth Parker, ex'x JR4-IJ fc.CClea 437 Benedict Bayley 1844 Edmund B a! linger 445 Leander Rea*ou 1853 J I) Logan 466 Wm Odlin I *56 C P Green 467 John W King 1865 David Ayrcs HT ? Webb 1869 ThomesF James 510 A S Thu-mond 1878 C Sehiedlenuwtd 548 Thos W Marshall 1880 J F Jewett frio David S Kauiman 1*97 F I rrima 643 Geoiije W Parker 1899 Par'jlla Lee' 644 Cruicherfc.HcRavenl920 f ?v Gros*meycr 6511 Wm Ptnwer 11,42 Johnson 652/ Wm F,owpr 1JW8 Kolterl I.uak 653 J A Simpson ISfcSJ E W Cawthern 6>9 Wm H Relaber 19.J0 W rn Cochran 677 H ii Williams 1<J32 F.anci Moore jr 701 Felix Rieder ^^l Andrew Daley '!?' RoWr, Dale JS Sjowvicken, TO O,? r'.H ' So}p"' 8 2 Inaae L HI'I 2106 ) , . ? _ ?63 llenri^n Brown 1810 ^ UttTld 0 B?>niet 874 John W Rower 2108 I *79 Jatn-s McMa.ter 293/ K 1 914 Oyer Pea. I 2135 i - p rBn,? 915 Mary E len Heden-1858J r 1 c'??*rT K? *833 j 8 W Ftallt. 932 Mrs Mary Belville 2104) , . _ . 1010 Anson Cianson 15011 Louisiana Davis 1012 I: M Fofbes 2303 E Frost 10i5 James N llotan vi3(Jt) Thomas Reed 1043 Tborna-i Ltndaay 2.'Ji6 Hum-on C Bryant 1045 James L Green 2330 J S McDonald 1047 Jesne Daniel 234<J Arthur Garner 1048 J B Daniel 23U j F Martchett 1050 Charles Vmceat 2341 Andrews 4i Grover Gervaise v ? Merritt !057 \ 8 0 t"?rTa,8e 2349 W Pinhney 105* Willis Milliean 2350 J D Gi ldings 1059 J D * illican 2354 J Crawford jr 1062 John Davis ?15* A P Edgerton 1065 Wm Barvm 23T?9 Thomas Warner jr 1079 W \ Lockhart S2.^3 George K Hie tare 10*0 R Morton 2361 Francis Brifehta 1135 Jamett Kiltam 2.V2 Elisabeth Carter 1196 C II Taylor 23*3 Wm Davis 1*41 Y'.ungs Colemau 2J87 Joseph i'omlinson 1248 Rob *rt McNutt 2390 Sneed k Tamer 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro an'y I H Raymond 2400 II II Ilaynie 1261 E De Pon ois S401 R W Mflhank 1?9 C P Green 2402 Catherine Alien 1275 G W Sinka k J B 9405 lleary Kring Shaw 2413 J W Lawrenctf 1297 Ji.un Kendrick 24i8 Stephen Smith 1298 Samuel Ifid - en 9434 A 0 llorton 1300 John Johnson 2438 Elar>halet Eaaton 1301 8u?an Ma^nex 2442 Lemuel BDickenaon 1362 Thomaa II Porreater2450 Wm H Thomjison ,B.,K WttrnJ'r Z Wm Eddy 1423 William Frela 247i J E llerron 14*4 G W O-borns 2474 A B Uemphill l42o John A Uatherlord 2477 Aaron llaughton |?7 Cornelias Vanooy 2479 Heirs of John Jones 142* Joseph Rates 2k>0 ?? Joel Hi4 1473 Ann K Eerss U48I ?? Warren Aburn 15i5 l. imbard Mims 2402 " John L Mouks 1521 J C Moore i463 " Peter Aidfioh 1523 John lames 9490 M A Dooly 1564 K II Douglas 25O0 George C Daycasbiei 1570 E M Pisii 2501 F Kennett fc Co 1572 Wm Kerr 2VJ3 John W Schrimpf 1580 James A Moody 2304 W C Blair 1581 P Rickford 2512 M Rorb. ataille 1612 John Lamer *513 Benry B Brooks 1615 John Camtrou 2514 Cabnel Trumwolt l?0 Joh? D Taylor 252* H 8 Morgan IflM !?cvi Mercer liMO Furbur 8i C*an 1625 Hi Mercer iXM Sarah Newrnia The ouuts'idiug evidences of other classes 0f tt ? deb; of tlie repubhc of Teaascaauot be specified Ly t. a i >aaflft?dti.tJaal Educational. YOUNG MEN OF WASHINGTON. Free Lectures every Monday night, for four ire fit, enmmrvnnc October 20th, AT THE UNION ACADEMY. Porta Yonn* Men of this i Ity a* wish to obtain a thorough and practical knowledge of Surveying, Civil Engineering, Book Keeping, and of such branches as will fit them for successful business, will Sod a good opportunity In the DAY or EVENING SCHOOL., at the Union Academy. oc 19 Z RICHARDS, Principal A l'A?D. Mrs franklin, tracher of vocal Music, No. 405 E street, between fith and 10th streets References : Mr. R. Davis, and Mr. Hllbus, Music stores. se 17-3m MISS HEWITT'S ENGLISH AKU FRENCH BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, 0.397, corner of tf-u> York avenue and 13tk st 11HE SCHOLASTIC YEAR COMMENCES tbs first Monday In September, and ends tbe last Friday in June, and is divided into two ses sions. , The Principal will be assisted by the aitibl cofn petent English and French resident teachers, and every f culty offered for pursuing Moslcandall the various branches of medem accomplish ments. For further particulars, terms, Ac., s<e Circu lars at bookstores, or at the residence of tbe Prin cipal. au 26?ItAeotf MRS. G# H. SMITH, 420 D street nortK, betxceenGtk and 7tk, BEOS LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIES of Washington, Georgetown, anl vicinity that she is pr paltd to g've lnst>uctlnn, in cla?e* md private lessons, In the art c? MAKING WAX FLOWERS and VASES Also, Wax r fu!t fn-1 Ornamental Leather work Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a most beautiful accem pllshment will please call as early as possible, as Mrs. S. does not contemplate remaining long in the city. TERMS *. Wax Flowers !n Classes, per term of 13 les sons 95 Wax Fruit in Classes, per term of 12 lessons..?5 Leather Work In Classes, per term of 8 lessons S3 Private Lessons R1 each?Vases S10. Boquets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers, &c , for sale, or made to order. au 86 6m Niles register?a complete sett, 7-j volumes, will be sold at a bargain. Also, Dungllsoa's Medical Dicticuir^ Dungllson's Therapeutics- and Materia Medica United States l>lspeusatory Dewee's Midwifery Apply to E K. LUNDY, oc24 No. 12fr Bridge street, Georgetown. New fr*jiti new fruit:: ^Cranberries, New ar.d Raisins, for sale by oc 30 KING A BURCHELL. NOTICE TO HOUSE.KEEPERS. ? 367 Pa avenue I [A'o Cti7 Pa. avenw. QOMK AND TRY BEFORE YOU BUY ? No 367 Pa avenue I [A'o 287 Pa. avenue. :Y BEFOI Tbe finest stock of Wines, Llqnor*, Fine Teas, Coffees. Sugars, Chocolates, Cocoa, Cheese, Fruits, Spices, tin^TWh 5*a'ves and Pickle*, Genuine havana Se^ars, Roiijh and Ready To bacco. Holland Cucumber*, Ac., Ac , JONAS P LEVY, nov 6 opposite the National Hotel. LE BON TON?FOR THE LADIES, beau tiful bevond description This work hss no rival Buy It, at FERGUSON'S, nov?- 4W 7th street. 11B F K A S'JOO RE W All D. RAN AWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER living In the village of Nottingham, Prince George'sconntv.Maryland,on Mon day nlglit, the 8th Instant, N EGRO GIRL MARIA, who calls herself Maria Chew. She is about eighteen years of age, about four feet ten or eleven Inches high. She Is very like ly, and has a pleasant smiling face. She has a remarkably fine suit of hair for one of her color, and Is altogether, a fine looking girl. 1 will give ?he above reward of one hundred dollars for her apprehemlon?no ma'ter where taken?provided sne is brought home to me/or se cured ? j.U,.? *?S'?TURTON. Nottingham, Sept. 10,1856?se 11-tf EXTENSIVE WI NT ICR OFKNING OF CLOAKS, TALMAS, SHAWLS. Ac. will take place at the New York Cloak and Mantilla Emporium (214 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th streets) on Monday. No vember 10th, of styles altogether new end mcst fashionable in New York and Paris The subscriber would state that he has just re turned from tbe North, where he has in the last week selected his assortment from the best stockc to b- found there, made for the fashionable "west end"' trade of that city. Such Cloaks have never been offered for sale herebefore FRANK A. McGEE, nov 10-lw 211 Pa av., bet. 12th and 13th sts DR MUNSON. AT 338 PENN'A AVENUE, is still making those beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, called^ Allen's Patent, for the excellency of which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vouch. There is one Dentist in this city who has been infringing the patent, and made a bad imitation of It, against wtaom 1 hereby caution the public N. B. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when properly constructed, it is because he is ignorant of tue process, incompetent to make the work, or s unwilling to pay 'or the patent J" 16-tf W. G. MKTZEROTT, (Successor ij Oboroe Hilbus,) Wholesale -gent fsr the *suth?rn ?tates of Karen A Bacon's CELEBRATED PIANOS, Has always on hand the largest stock of PIANOS from S175 up to *1,0 0. M ELODEONS from #15 to 916 ?. GUITARS, VIOLINS, BR ASS 1NSTRU MENTS, F l.UTES, BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In any house south cf New York. Music publifhed and received every day. Pianos for rent nov *'lf 20,000 APPLK TKKES FOR BALE.?20,000 APPLE TREES, 3 and 4 years, of the very best varieties, of large mm slie, and very thrifty, can be had at tbe Val 2Z lev View Farm, near Georgetown, or at No J5 High street, Georgetown. Prices unusually low, as they must be sold without reserve . oc JO-1 in E. J. KINO. ?roil MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?FARE, ROUND HIP, Si; FROM r f mi ii ii inn 1 i in jMiifyiii steamer THOMAS COLLY ER leaves Washing ton at? and Alexandria at## o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the l>oat at b* o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with Georpe A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the boat. ap2-tf SAM'I GKPNEY, Captain. HOOK. BINDING. Corntr E ertnlh stritt an l Maryland artnui, near the Smithsonian Institution. Edward lycett respectfully in forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspeau-, now Just completed, that he is pre pared to bind those works In a superior ttyle of alegan^e, strength and solidity, and upou J?ucn met reasonable terms than can be done In Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him U?ex blbit to the subscribers specimens of Us style of binding. Esery kind of Book Binding n^Y ?* ecuted NOTICE OF CO.PARTNERSHIP. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE ASSOCI sted themselves for the purpose of conduct ing a General Wholesale Grocery aud Commis sion Business in Georgetown, under the firm of GETTY A WILLIAMS, and k?ve taken .#he warehouse No #, northwest corner or Huh snd W?.'ti?tr*eU. VERNON 9ttTTY. EDWARD WILLIAMS.

1 Georgetown, tlililir 11,ISM. oc 28-Ik EVENING STAR THE FEW MINI8TER AITD THK OLD PARISH The subject of sending our new minister abroad, was first agitated in the ladies Fewing I cirolo Mrs Broadway and Mrs Cleaves had ( observed for some time p??t that a bronchial tendency was about developing itself; al l though the reverend gentleman himseif insist I od it was no more than a heavy cold Bat several prominent leaders in the parish felt that it was not only a "fashionable move ment, the sending their clergyman abroad, but that it evinced a generou*, solf-sacrififling spirit, which would lay the foundation for a permanent debt of gratitude towards those who fi st advocated the measure. Besides, they were a wealthy parish, and nobody need feel the contribution which would be thus be stowed. Unfortunately .however, the Rev Mr Spicer had married a lady of his own parish, who was not the most popular young woman among them Again atid again, had it often been the wonder of many how the man came to | mako flo tinswitable a choice ;?for her great I unfitness for the no li*bor lay in the fact that she was poor. Now, the aristocratic la | dies felt that it was rather a demeaning cir [ curnstanco that they had haggled with their minister s wife in former days about the 1 t abatement of their children's tuition and sun dry other little acts, by which thair own char acters must hare been fairly laic? open to the discerning eyes of her whom they all acknow ledged as discriminating and intelligent. Still, they were saved from doing many gracious things at the marriage pf their pastor, as he decliaei renting a house, preferring to board with his wife s toother, and thus by .making one email family, that molh*? would rot Lc bereaved of her only child; besides a great f ? iving would be made, by being spared the outlay for fashionable furniture. Tao plainly well arranged parlor of the widow Clisby, better suited the worthy divine, than the showy exterior which many of hi# parishoners ' ?xhiOited i?i splendidly furnished drawing rooms; for he lelt it it#' in better keeping with his circumstances, acu cntll he had paid ' for his education, he thought he had tic right to live other than in a frugal manner. Still, 1 it was not just what many of tho p.irislioners desired. 'Ifcey felt they had a man of an- ' ccmV.on talents, who could n<>t be captivated by external?, and yet they could not reconcile ' it, how one of such a4*tncrw!ed?ed gifts and ' graces, should be so indifferent i* e*ery thing ' but the most scrupulous neatness. He always ! received the most affluent with a perfect di's- j regard to their wealth, ar.d his little plain btttdy. consisting of a desk cf his own work- ' manrbip, "or^red with faded baire. and :i ! library so happily ch*gen, that the standard works gave a completeness to the smallrifiss ef the cumbers, with one or two old fashioned I chairs, which had been rejuvenated, Mr Spi- I cer lelt that be was a man whose business was to set bounds to worldlinesa, and by a perfect oxample, show to many a more excellent way And from this small enolosuro, fcu;h weighty and all-inspiring thoughts had been sent forth as made him a marked man, a popular man? a man, in one word of whom the parish w^re getting decidedly proud Now this was v'ust what suited the purse proud members of this ancient pari'h. They wanted a minister who could fili tbo news ? they had lung sought a person who woulu be "popular" and yet to most of them it was au unexplained wonder how one so meek and m^dea, yet so apparently regardless of fear or favor, could muke such a decided iinpre?8i??n Every Sabbath the church was thronged with attentive worshippers, there seemtd a pecu liar charm in the silvery tones of the young man's roice, a sort of magic spell in Lit style, which won universal admiration Yet it was very evident be was not understood, for after a most serious discussion upon tho folly of those people who placed their attention upon the artificial and showy exterior, followed by rather a severe censure upun tho decoration of the person, Mrs. Hautt upon coming out of I the church, was heard to propose that a sub- J scription paper should bo circulated, to pro cure the pa?tor a gown?"for" said she, " he would look like an angel, could we but give him some silAen wing* " The present was however negatived by the reverend gentleman, as were most costly out lays in the very beginning, lest his cx.imple should not be consistent. On the whole, it was a strange pariih. every member was fully satisfied with their choice? every month seemed to procuro for their pas tor additional fame, ho wsb so eloquent, so learned, so practical, so genial, and in 6lo altogether a model man and minister He hai now labored with them for more than a year, and the people began to feel it was proper they should make some signal appropriation as an attestation o? their appreciation of his valuable services. At the sewing circle whero we have introduced some of the most promi nent members, it was therefore proposed ho should be sent abroad Let us hear something of the introduction of the subject. The president of the society remarked to hor sister a directress, that she had long beon waiting for a favorable opportunity to mako the above proposition, and now taking advan tage cf a pre supposed case of illness, we must iasist upon our brother's acceptance "La, ' replied Mrs. Bootbby, " he will be glad enough to go-you naedn't feel you ve got to waste many arguments about it Only furnish the means, and anybody w:ll travel, the best on 'em." " And confess to any sickness you have a mind to name," replied the satirical Miss Blair." 14 If we had been a little more considerate in the case of our former good minister.,. I think his life might have been -prolonged," remarked Sally Sticknoy, an old personal friend of Dr. Fisk ?' Well, well, his death was our gain," quoth Mrs Gray?"you see Dr Fisirought to nave taken himself off our bunds years ago He stood in the way of our progress, and an old man ought to know better than to preaoh in these days?nobody cares for their prating; ?what if he did baptise all our children and gather in a full church : I guess I could tell sjmo things about some of the members. But I won't, would you Dolly Ann?" "Truth is stranger than fiction," quoted Miss Dolly Ann,'powerfully stranger.' said she puckered hor little mouth close together Mrs. Bellows here observed, " if I were to tell all I know, I suspect some of our eircle in this room would sing small; but remember and not quote my whisper, Mrs. Broadway " " And I hav beard that our good Mr. Spi cer is not quite so perfect as Aunt Anna thinks him," quoth Mrs Jones. '?Now don't;?did Mr. Bentley tell you anything " ?? No, I never heard him say a word against the man." "Nor Doaoon Harley either? ' " Well, I do bate scandal, said Mrs. Jone.-*, and I won't tell " "But just breathe it to one sister?upon my sacred honor, I will never divulgo it to any human being." " I bate to do so?no sister, you must-find it out some other way? f suppose the man is well enough in his way " " But what if his way ? Do tell?now you shall tell me." " On oondition then that you solemnly piouiise never to repeat it even to your hus band " The two ladies then seated themselves in a distant corner, when Mrs Jones began her narration "You know SheriflT Butters is at present our Treasurer,?well, he told my hus band's brother, and his brother told bim, and my husband told me, so you see it must le tine, that the other day when he went to p?y the miuiater his quarter's salary that right in bis presence ha counted out his board money to be paid to his mother-in-law. * then be ! carofully placed the reft in a little drawer, remarking at the same time, ' this is fur my 1 esteemed friend Mrs. Bean.' His wife never said a word, but the Sheriff thought she 1 blushed, and then her mother called her. and she left the room, and did not agaio appear.1 i 'Now,' enquired Mrs Jones, 'I leave it to jou, if it don't look a little singular, that he should be owing this money to ? woman ' I never am suspicious, but I declare when fact* eomo right before me, I must judge?and 1 ask y->u to help explain to me. why this debt was incurred ?" Mrs. Broadway looked thougbful, and at length suggested, ' it might bo a debt he con tracted while he was getting hi? education ' 44 But that would not have been due to a woman of course No, no. I'm inclined to think we may not know all about our talented young minister after all?he is terrible iiuooth faced you know." Mrs Broadway was in the act of twirling a spool of cotton into inch piecec, when the reverend gontleman entered the room, and the conversation was interrupted It was noticeable how kindly all the ladies enquired for Mrs Spicer* 'was she quite well, and did she get home safely from their late gathering, and they did ail so regret her ina bility to be present this afternoon,' while at the same time they secretly wished her in the lied Sea?for had not these managing moth ers beautiful daughters, whom they would have delighted to call Mrs. Spicer"' By and by, old Mrs Bently sidlod up against Mrs Jones, and inquired ef hor what private experience she bad been relating to Mrs. Broadway?addirg. now i am a free mason, too, and can keep a secret, so you net-d net i fear to entrust to me what ycu have said, and after a most rigid promise 41 never to speak of it to any living soul," she narrated what sho had said to Mrs. Broadway. Bently always felt that there wa~ no b?rai in telling her husband what she had promised to tvtep secret, and so she b rely men tioned it, for^e-ting to tall him not to circulate i\ and he told ft to Major Sweet, an l tho Ma jor to Captain Kay; and before a week's time, poor innocent parson Spicer was looked upon with quite a suspicious eye. Still they bad , gone so far aboat tho inovcmont to send him 1 abroad, that the paps* for signatures was banded busily around. The proposed sum to be raised wai a thou- j sand dollars, and although a faw let ling mem bers gave more than half that sum, yet it lacked nearly two hundred to complete the amount, and this was immediately added by those who proposed the plan Tho*e, how- j e7er. who gave the smallest sums seemed ruc.-t reluctant to do so ; not a few adding many un timely remarks sneh a3 44 they should like to bo sent abroad at ofhor^ expense, too;" {>when ! a man was p<iid a fair salary they saw no rea son why it should be doubled to give him a , fashionable tourwhile the m jre pious la- l mcnted that this would take away the present hoalthy condition of the church, and not a few elderly proplo fairly believed 44 flaxseed tea swatenol with honey vnald remove h >arsen? ss in a much cheaper form." The following Sibbath, however, carried out to church the largest congregation that had ever been preseut since Spencer's settle ment His hoarseness had all vanished, ?nd in p ringing voicc he announced his text tr^'.n the words, "Seholi how groat a matter a little fire kindletb." Of cour c, thfy all anticipa ted a pungent discourse uj n the proper man ? oa ownt of the tongue ; but before ho bad half finished b?3 sermon, tho Major gave a wink over to tbe Captain's pew, and Mrs way's face was al! critnsoned, while Mr-:. Jones rattled her fan f s if a thous l.d mosqui toes besieged hor Old Mrs Bcrkely snapped her black eyes, and whispered to Saily S'.ack, 44 thank Heaven I don't take his meaning.*' Mrs Bellows said *' she admire! practical ser mons, but she declared there was such a thing . as being too persona/." Not a person went down to the aisles ?f tho j church ih*t day alono but the clergyman s wite?tbey were in liw whispers each with tne other, and finally it was concluded to 1st the rebuke pass unQeeded?since as Deicon Bly remarked "by making it a pors?nal affair, we shall thereby show our guilt." It was thought however aggrieved tho past r might feci for what be had heard, it wouid t o nil atoned for by the present and a request to travel for the next six months The greater part of rtie week was devoted to ascertaining who first propagated the scandal; but this im plicated so many who ?' did not mean any harm," '? who only mentioned what they bad heard," that it wa3 widely concluded to drop the matter at once The letter was therefore sent, enclosing a check for a thousand dollars, begging the rev erend gentleman s acceptance ot the same, . thereby giving him laavo of ab?ou?e for tho next six months, end ended by a ' prayer for his restoration, with a happy sojourn abroad and a safa return to tbe devoted flock,' who severally appended their names to th- n:>te in behalf of themselves and other", who were too numerous to add their signatures. Mr Spiccr, wo have said, was a whole man, consequently he was not to be bribed or bought in this manner, lie understood his people, many thought, far hotter than tLoy under stood themselves Alter a tew days pre-mad itation he tbofore returned the following let ter, addressed to those whose generous contri butions he begged leave to declined ; and as the communication served so good a purpose we may as well ineert it for the benefit of others : 11 My Kind Friends and Parishioners : I was grc tly moved by the demonstr ition of y -ur benevolent legard toward me, which you signified by letter on the 10th instant. Now, with all frankness I desiro to reply aud state to you the reason wby I must dechno the free rift, 44 In the first place, my health does not re quire me to thus absent myself from my pas toral duties; and in tho second place, I am not willing to entrust my flock to the care of another while they are thus spiritually dis eased Brethren and sisters I h ive a great work for you to do. and a faithful discharge? f my duty prompts me to improve its perform ance A watch must be set to the door of your lips, for scandal and gossip, and a lying spirit is among us I will implicate no one personally, but I will ask for what purpose do we assemble together' At a recent gather ing of the sewing circle, I was animadverted upon both unjustly and cruelly. Allow me to explain myself to the ladies 441 well recollect the circumstances of Sheriff Butter's payment of my salary, and adding the remark respecting a pirt of the money being appropriated to tho payment of Mrs Bean She is the lady with whom I boarded during tbe last years of my studies prepara tory to the ministry, and she generously al lowed me time to liquidate the debt. Is th s any cau?e for censure ? yet 1 bear that a gar bled statement is rife in my parish, and that I am criminated as if guilty of some overt act Who thus gave publicity to such a statement. I leavo for you to ascertain ; i can forgive the erring transgressor, but 1 cannot leave a par ish who are thus periling their ideas of truth and justice. No, my duties are clearly <*> homr, and I must strive yet more mightily for your deliverance from the powerof the adver. sary. I must present the doctrine of regen eration, as I have noVcr yot done Permit me, there, to return tbe check ye u were pleaded to sond me, and to labor among you ia all sinooiity for your spiritual good. W great earnestness that the truth may M you free, I can only add the sinoere wist e? or your friend and pastor, ? _ ,, 3 ? "SaMI'BI. SrlCKH 44 Kather lpicy," exclaimed 4< Short and iweeC' remarked anotheir. ?Ho^ ribl, cutting, and ?U ""jVIi'w b. dot.? one pleaded guilty to the oharge* THE WmrLT STAR. ? Yhla exoelleat Fully and News J waal?co?" aiaing a |MHi variety ?C UiMitUi madia* thaa ?> W teui U UV stker?U SilU ?, , vnu ??*!? oopy, par ?i tf F.^eoopve. |i M Ten copies u M Twenty copies If n C7* CaSB, INVaBUBLT IN 4DVAIVCB. ?eST^n^00?,w< (lB wrTI*n?) <**n to procured r .i^t v!*?*' \DlIDed,?W> *fte? ito Imw of tke paper, rhce?Thkvb Gbhti . "fwL? *ct u Mtenu will toallowc* a commission of twenty per cost ncit j'wirj circle it wu unsnlm<MjF'y voted, tb*t<eading by one of the members should tencefi rta be obeerved, and from that day to thif. oot another word of scandal wag ever re ported by this society. The ladies of the sewing circle at their n?*t annual meeting proposed that Mrs hpicer b >uld be elected I'rwideu* of their ancicty, ?nd not a word of scandal w*a over breathed respecting her;?indeed her former critne, poverty, seemed to be now overlooked, snd K>me of the wealthiest ladies were made to sonfess that a* cultivated minds and refired .a*te? were often discernible in tbo?e who sere forced to labor sa were fennd in gild id saloons and elegantly furnished drawing ooms And now everbody minded their own af airs, it was delightful to observe what a hap 3 society was formed Now and then when l member gare a slight pro .f that they were lot wholly delivered from the power of Ika inraiy member, a flushed cheek would ioai late the remembrance of that truthful letter rhich their pastor sent them, and the voiae if scandal was hushed, for in fear of the mat), hey had come to despite the sin. POCKET MATCH SAFES. AT novl3-3t LAMMUNU't* 5 MiB. bofp a mm , FASHIONABLE 1) K ESS MAKE KS. 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