Newspaper of Evening Star, November 15, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 15, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ? AllKDAY PUvtmbrr IS, 1?|6. W iKnTwmiiTi i??n? ?? at hi Orrici >t Twiiti ?'?trf, M . DTIIIVm T?BT MAT MOT kfTUAn THE WEEKLY STAB. Our weekly iwue of to-day will bo found a capital camber replete with interesting Wash ington and other news of all description, for eign and domestic, as well as oapital tale?, Ac., for family reading. Persons in Wash ington desiring to keep friends at a distance posted with reliable information as to how the world wags here, cannot do better than to step down and subscribo for the Wekklt Star to be mailed regularly to their address. SriKITOF THE MORNING PKMSiS The Union argaes to show the fallacy of the reasoning of those who deem it possible ttat a southern confederacy, embracing our Southern States, Mexico and Central America, can ever be formed and flourish. From the same paper we learn that the plurality of Bu chanan over the Fusion ticket in Pennsylva nia is (cfficial) 27,162, and bis majority there over all the opposition votes and tickets com bined frro5. The Intelligencer elaborately discussts, in a very interesting article, its position in the late Presidential canvass. It repeats its for mer disclaimer of sympathy with either Know Nothing or Republican partyisms. The Opera We never before witnessed so universal a display of enthusiasm in a Washington thea tre as last night attended Louisa Pyne's im personation of Lucy Ashton, Mr. Harrison's Edgar Kavensw^od, and Mr. Gnillmette's Henry Ashton, in " Lucia de Lammermcor.'' The house was crowded; being the best, so far, of the season. As performed, the opera took the audience by storm. The principal per formers were not only vociferously applauded after their every effort, but were called out at the end of every act. We have beard this opera, in Italian and English, perf rmed by e7ery opera company that has been in this country in tho last ten year?, and never before hoard it so well per formed. From the opening scene to tfcc fall ing of the curtain it was faultlessly and most brilliantly acted and sung, cs was testified by the delighted public of Washington. Jenny Lind herself created no such real furore hero as LouUa Pyne, Harrison and Guillmetto gen last night. Wo know not who prepared the score for Mr. Harrison's English version ; but it has been better done tban we conceived to be possible. Whoever tho arranger may have been, Mr. H. could not do a wiser thing than to place in his bands for revision the ori ginal of every opera represented by hi3 ac complished troupa. To-night, for Louisa Pyne's benefit, they perform the Child of the Regiment, by par ticular request, that having been the opera in which Miss P. first won great professional fame. The occasion is for her benefit It is the last night of the Troupe here They per form neat in Baltimoro Our hope id that they may be induced to return to Washington from thence, ere commencing tho winter eeu son at Niblo's, New York, for which they are said to be engaged Wo heard such hopes expressed by many last night Indeed, the wish was evidently universal throughout tho house. A noteworthy circumstances attending list night's representation of the poetic, pathetic, graceful and rich music of Lucia, was the re markable eppreeiation of its beauties by the audienee, tban which no other on this side of the Atlantic can be more capable cf ccmpre hsnding the beauties of the science of music; for the divine art has indeed become a science venture to say that a seoond representa tion of the same opera by this accomplished troupe will draw together in Washington an audience twice as large in proportion to popu lation, as ever yet attended the performac.-e of music in the United 8tates. Let us havo Don Paaquale, Mr. Harrison, also, on your return, and II Barbiere, re-arranged from the original Italian by the mastcily arranger who pre pared Lucia so admirably for the style and strength of your company. PERSONAL. ....Joae de Garry of Mexico, and Hon. Hiram Walbridge of New York, are at Wil lard's Hotel. .... The f.aoder of the Ie%rian community at Nauvoo, M. Gabet, died at St. Louu on the *th instant, of an attack of epiplaxy. ?L"/100- Mr' Herbert, (M. C.,) according to the San Franeiaco Californian, left that city in the steamer of the 20th f jt u the East " .... E. Z. C. Judscn (Ned Buntline) is about to resume tho publication of 44 His Own" in New York. ....Mr- James Andersen, tragedian, aud Mi* Agnes Kllswortby, from London, arrived in the steamship Europe from Liverpool. .... Parker H. French is not dead yet. He tarns up now as president of a stock eoim>any in Illinois for the purchase of real estato in Minnesota. ....The family of Mr. Healy, the wen known American arti?t, were among the pas sengers by the Fulton cn Saturday. Mr Healy came to meet them from Chicato wWp he has invested the fruits of his many yean' labors abroad. J v " 2f.N#w Orleans Picayune is informed by Mr ruber, who left Greytown on the 2<)th uft , that he passed fifteen days with Col. Kin ney, who is in good health, and is proso-mir" his agricultural labors at his farm on Indian nver with great success. ....Governor Aiken palpably contradicts throogh the Ch.rl^n (S. C ) Standard the bt\Z*)n \ uWL' etor* th* interview I I rStiIi? Kod,uftD' of Providence, R. "?d h,T,f of.the speaker and his party. l>" .... Maria de Regia, Frunze*/., a. ? ? Antonia, Luisa, Fernanda. A?.i;a Isabel, Adelaida, Cristina, Jo^ef* jn. P*> Jo..., Kufim. L.fyrd.. cv5fr,J?,^ Pelcnia, U>i|?ra, M.Uhior.- a!!! Aueda, Lueia, Fmncieca de Paula, Ric,n.' Todoe los SanUs, Brigidia, Dionisla, ia the name of the infant daughter of the Duohe x de Montpecfier. Wheiff .... James E. Murdoch has been eminently successful on the other side of the water. The London Times of the 19th ult says : i '* k* excellence of Mr Murdoch, the Amer inirfSTtdl4n' hM *>eeo testified by the K0Uk" 1 his P?rfuna*nce of Young Mirabel has attracted to the Haymarket fo? four successive weeks. He ?iii evening appear in another of the old Enirliah comedo and will pl.y. for the firat Time in this country, Rover, in Wild Oats.'' -ST Huntingtoa Hall, Lowell, ,th. floor cf 00 i?e ?r,c"ion cf Mr cheat.-. ^ oflcially pronounced unsafo oy the aldermen of that city ?*we Tfc? fcp-rit of the Times mentiots an . awiul liar who would rather tell a 11. on I than tall tkTumhfaiS."I WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Troubles in D??eret.?The last mail from Utah brings the De??ret News, published in Great Salt Lake City, up to the first of Octo ber. We cuU from it several extracts indi cating a stato of affairs there of the most ex tra >rdinarj and unexpected character even for Mormondom. It Is plain that matters are getting to extremities, and that Young and his coadjutors in misrule are almost at their wits end. They are preparing the minds of their deluded, but, in many cases, pitiable followers for a change which can be deferred scarcely any longer, and which they distinctly psrccive may eventuate inauspiciously for ( themselves and tho grinding despotism in whose meshes they have entangled so many thousand of moo and women gathered from many nation.-. What must bo the pressure of these cxigcncies may be inferred from the na ture ot thoir propositions, as conveyed in the discourses of Presidents Jediah M. Grant, Brig ham Young and Hebor C. Kimball. The b'aspbemy and cruelty betrayed in these pro posals wc should not expose to tho eyes of our readers if tho aims of the "prophets" could ba told in any language as appropriate to the subject as their own. Sunday, the 21st of September last, seemed to be the day on which the spcc;al work of breaking their purpose to the pet pie was to be dono Brother Kimball prepared the way for Grant and Young by extolling their apostolic authority : " When our President, our Leader, our Prophet, speak3 unto "8 from week to week, end from Sabbath to Sabbath, do hi3 teachings reach our hearts? Do the people bear ? Do the people understand ? If they do, they aye not nil careful to practico. "I have told you a great many times, that tho word cf our Leader and Prophet is the word of God to this people, and you play with those word?, and you ueglcct them. You ne glect the voice and word of God, and it will fall upon you in a way that you never expect ed, and y?u don't expect it now. But there is yet a chance for us to redeem ourselves g ? * ?# ?4 Let us lise up as a people and turn unto the Loid our Gcd with full purpose of heart, and peradventure our sins may be remitted and forgiven and blotted out This is whit the Lord ha3 placed men to load you for. Ycu cannot see God, vou cannot behold him and hold converse with him, as one man does with another; but ho has given us a man that we can talk to and theroby know hi3 will, just &3 wed a> if God himself was present " Thi3 address wajs followed by one from Youag himself, delivered in a tone of fierce denunciation, and suggestive of what might be oxpecttd from his hands if the rising spirit of insubordination to liis insufierablo tyranny should jet m >re distinctly develop itself. It apjonrs th-t in order to be able to discrimi nate between those who aro still willing to submit and those who may bo contemplating a disregard of hi3 rule, President Brigham Young ha* cttuscd a baptismal font to be erect ed in a public place at which all the faithful arc called to renew their vows to the true church." It is to this ho makes reference in the extract from his sermon succceding tla* of Kimball, lie says: 44 When we get the font prepared, that is now being built, I wi 11 take you into the waters of baptism, if v< u repent of your sins. If you will covtrant to livo with your religion and to S.tir.t? of the Mcsl l!igh, you shall have that privilege, and I will have tho honor of baptizing jou in that font, or of feeing that it I is done. 44 As for living here, as I have done for a length of time, hid up in the chambers of tho Lord, with a peojle that are full of conten tion, lull of covetousnesa, full if pride, and full of iniquity, I will not do it And if tho people will not repent, It t tho sinners and hypocrites look out.. I will repent with you and I will try with my might to get the spirit of my calling; and it I have not that spirit now to a fullne?? I will get m >re of it, bo as to enjuy it to its fullness. And if I ihould be filled with tho power anl spirit of the mission that i ? upon me, I shall not spare the wickcd ; I shall be like a flaming sword against them, and to will ail those that live their religion ; it is not to bo suffered any longer. * * * 4* It tho people are disposed to awake out of their lethargy and walk un to their religion, to their duty to tho highest privilege ihat ever was or ever can be granted to mortal man upon this earth, which is eternal life, and will do go, tben wo will bo brothren. And if not, the thread must be severed, for I cannot hold men and women in fellowship that serve tho devil and themselves, and give no heed to tho Almighty ; I cannot do it " After the civil Governor of the Territory and chief of the Salt Lake hierarchy had con cluded. Brother Grarit mounted the pulpit ana aldressed his bearers in terms yet more harsh and pointed than his predecessors. lie first opened the schemc of personal immola tion, a rcscrt v.hich no doubt took even the soundest '* saint" by surprise. Tho News g ves no intimation as to bow this astounding proposal was received. I 44 There are,'' says Grant, abominable characters in < ur midst, and they will seek uuto wizards thai peep, and to star-gazers and soothsayers, because tboy have no taith in the holy prieahood, and then when they meet us they want to be called saints. * ? # '? I say that thero are men and **omen that I would advise to goto the President immedi atidy, ai.d ?tk him to appoint a committee to attend to their case ; and then let a place bo selected, and let that committee ehed their blood. 4- Wc have thoscs amongst U3 that are full of all manner of abominations, those who need to have their blood shed, for water will not do, their sins ere of too deep a dye. 44 You may think that I am not teaching you Biblo doctrine, but what says the apostle Paul ? I would ask how many covenant breakers there are in this city and in this king dom. I believe there aro a great tunny, and if they nre covenant breakers we need a place designated, where wc can ehed their blood " It has been the steady habit of the Mormon publications in tho cities of the United Statc9 and elsewhere, to boast of tho happiness and contcntmcnt of the 44 spiritual wives" of Utah, but the following paragraph discloses a vory different rtate of facts. Grant goes on to say : ??And wc have wtmcn hero who like any thing but the cciestial law of God; and if they could break asunder the cable of the Church of Chria'. H ero is t-carcely a mother in Israel but w.'Uld do it this day. And they talk it to their husbands, to their daughters, and to tueir neighbors, und say they have not seen a week s happiness since they becamo acquainted with that law, or sinco their husbands took a sec ond wife. They want to break up the church of God, and to break it from their husbands and from their family connections " That the rulers of the church meditato no thing short of the wholesale murder or expul aion, at the very least, of all who hesitate to run with them to every length of tyranny and crime, is evident fr>m the extracts from Grant and Young which immediately follow : ' We have been trying long enough with this jeople, and I go in for letting the sword i of the Almighty be uniheathod, not only in word but in deed. "I in for letting the wrath of the Al | mighty Lurn up the dns> and the filth; and if the people will not glorify the Lord by aanc tifying themselves, let the wrath of the AI mighty God burn against them, and the wrath of Joseph and of Brigham and of ilober and of high heaven ? * ? # * " Brethren and sisters, wo want you to re pent and forsake your sins. And you who nave committed sins that cannot be forgiven ' through baptism, let your blood be shei and ' let the smoke ascend, that the incense thereof ' n> j iobio up beforo (Jod as an atonement for j Cur sins, and that the sinners in Zion may j afraid. ? ?????( " I would advise those persona to repent of their sins forthwith, and to trj with all their might to get the Spirit of their religion upon them; and if they cannot do that, to take their own course and go where their hearts desire, for doubtless there is some place where you would wish to go. ? * * * " There are sins that men commit for whioh they cannot receive forgiveness in this world, or in that which is to come, and if they had their eyes open to see their true condition, they would be perfectly willing to have their blood spilt upon the ground, tnat the smoke thereof might ascend to heaven as an offering for their sine; and the smoking incense would atone for their sins, whereas, if such is not the ease, they will stick to them and remain upon them in the spirit world. " I know, when you hear my brethren tell ing about cutting popple off from the earth, that you consider it is strong doctrine ; but it is to save them, not to destroy them. The last quotation we can make from these blasphemous and fanatical but significant dis courses, indicate the sentiments of the femalo members of Mormon society respecting the thraldom in which they have so long been held by this surpassing superstition. The great Brigham says: " Now for my proposition; it is more partic ularly for my sister?, as it is frequently hap Eening that women say that they are un appy. Men will say, " My wife, though a most excellent womun, has not seen a happy day ficco I took my sccond wifo;" "No, not a happy day for a year," says one ; and an other Las not seen a happy day for five years It is said that women are tied down and abused: that they are misused and havo not tho liberty they ought to have ; that many of them are wading through a perfect flood of tear?, because of tho conduct of some men, together with their own folly. ?' I wish my own women to understand that , what I am going to say is for them as well as others, and I want those who are here to tell their sisters, yes, all the women of this com munity, and then write it back to the States, and do as you please with it. I am going to give you from this time to the 6th day of Oc tober next, for reflection, that you may deter mine whether you wish to stay with your hus bands or not, and then I am going to sot every woman at liberty and say to them, Now go your way, my women with tho rest, go your way. And my wivc3 have got to do one of two things; either round up their shoulders to endure the afflictions of this world and live their religion, or they may leave, for I will not have them about me. I will go into h?p.7en alone, rather than have scratching and fighting around me I will set all at lib erty 41 What, first wifo too7" Yep, I will liberate you all. * * * * ? "Now recollect that two weeks from to morrow I am going to set ycu at liberty But the first wifo will say, "It is hard, for I have lived with my husband twenty years, or thirty, and havo raised a family of children for him, and it is a great trial to me for him to have more women ;" then I say it is timo that you gave him up to other women who will bear children. If my wife had borno mo all tho children that sho ever would bare, the co lestial law would teach me to t*ke young wo men that would have children." The Isthmus Riot ?The following remarks upon the testimony taken by the American Special Commissioner, Mr. Corwine, in the matter of the great Isthmus riot, aro from tke Panama Star and Herald of the 30th ult. They are important in view of tho necessities of Americal travel and trade across tho Isth mus. \Ve doubt not they are true to the letter: " It will be recollected that when tho United State? deputed a special commissioner to re pair to Panama, for tho purposo of investiga ting the facts and circumstance? connected with the horrible massacre of their citizens on the 15th of April last, although the amplest opportunity was afforded to tho authoritios of this place and its native-born citizens to tes tily before that oflicor, only one Panameno, be it Paid to his honor, came forward and deposed what ho kBew respecting this dis graceful affair. " True, it waa not expected that any but eye-witnesses to the transaction would give testimony, and therefore what we have to say applies only to such as were personally cogni zant of what occurred at the Cienega and the railroad station. " The report of the Commissioner ha3 been published, embodying tho substance of the testimony taken by him. All tho witnesses who deposed before kim did so voluntarily. There was no coercion uped to got them to make their declarations; upon the contrary, we are knowing to the fact that the utmost precaution was taken to elicit fair and impar tial statements from the witnesses, and from the known character for veracity of thoso who came forward and testified (no community can boast of better men,) the most implicit reliance should be placed on their statements. For in stance, where can a moro reliable or better class of men be found than Captain Allan McLane, A. J. Center, Wm Nelson, David M Corwine, Arthur McKenzie, Frederick An soatigue, S. K. llolman and Edward Allen, who were tho principal witnesses who deposed before the Commissioner. They are all well known and highly appreciated in this commu nity for their moral worth and integrity ; no one can question their veracity. They all testified to what they saw, not to what they heard, and this fact viewed in connection with their characters, should have great weight. "The repjrt of Commissioner Corwine, as we expected and indeed predicted, reflects the sentiment of every foreigner on the Isth mus, if not of every intelligent native of the country. Many of tho latter are in favor of the United StatesexMvtsicg jurisdiction here, and so expressed themselves, in the strongest terin3, upon the occasion of the reoent revolu tion, declaring that their only safety dependod upon the protection of that Government. At that time the natives as well as foreigners in voked tho strong arm of tho United States to shiold them and their property from dostruo tion, and tho naval forces stationed in these waters promptly gave the desired succor, otherwise there is no telling what tho conse quences would have been. 14 The tact is, and it cannot be disguised, we need not hope for security or protection until the United States give it to us, and the eooner that protection is extended the better both for the country and the people." Tne State of Affairs on the Few Grana. dian Isthmus ?Wo take from tho San Frcn chsco Bulletiii^ttit following letter, which plainly shows tho unsettled condition of af fairs on tho Isthmus of Panama : 44 Tho following is translated from the letter of a Spanish lady to her husband?an Ameri can?in this city : " On Board SL00r op war St Marts, ) Panama, Sept 15, 1856 I "We are in the midst of great trouble A conflict is expected between tho two political 5parties on tho gubernatorial question to-day ?ho St. Marys is discharging marines to pro tect the whites. Myself and children, as alto my mother and sisters, havo taken refugo on board the sloop of-war St. Marys?as also sev eral of our lady relatives. My fathor, we hope, will come on board, as his life is threat ened 44Mr J. iiawes's wife and children, late of San Francisco, are also on board. The St. Marys has hauled close into thoro, and is im bedded in tho mud, with her broadside to the town, in order to protect the inhabitants. All the respectable inhabitants of the town desire and ardently w'rh that the United States would assumo the protectorate of tho Isthmus "J. D A D? R." Nicaragua ?The last news from Nicaragua may be summed up in few words. Vis: there has been no more fighting there since the bat tics of Maesaya and Oranada, which were both disastrous affairs for Walker. The loss of all his munitions and every thing but the arms bis troops had in their hands and tho clothes on their backs by the saok of Granada, it oonfirmed. The enemy eeem not to have subsequently attacked him, and he hai made no movement against them. Be had received rceruita, Ao , from the States, but in the mean time had suffered greatly from deaertioas. Disinterested writers from Baa Jaan del Norte represent that of late his looses from that eoaroe have equalled his accessions from the Unitod States. Tha problem to be solved in his oase is how long he can hold on there Wo do not see in the last advices any thing leading to the eon. elusion that his enemies have as jet effected any thing likely to hasten hie exit from Central America. Removal and Promotion!.?Thoa J Cath oart has been promoted from a third olasa ($1 ftOO) clerkship to be Chief Clerk in tho of fioe of tho Second Comptroller of the Treasury, vice Tobias Purrington removed. Wm. A. Evans ot Maine, has been promoted from a second class clerkship ($1,400 ) to a third class clerkship ($1,600,) vice Cathcart promoted. Wm. S. Fort of New Jersey, has been pro moted from a first class clerkship ($1,200,) to a 6econd class clerkship (51,400,) vice Evans promoted. W. F. WiUon of Tcxa3, has been appointed to the first class ($1,200 per annum) clerkship made vacant by the promotion of Mr. Fort mentioned above. We understand that the removal of Mr. Pur rington was based wholly on political grounds, and that he deservedly bears a high character for integrity, capacity and faithfulness. Kansas?The re-established Herald of Freedom, published at Lawrence, Kaasas Territory, proclaims that peace reigns in tha Territory, and praises Governor Geary for his energy and the fairncs3 with which ho treats the Non slaveholding State party thero. Illinois.?The Journal of Commsree shows that the vote of Col. Wm. A Richardson for Governor is greater than that for Buchanan, and accounts for his defeat only by the fusion of tho Fillmoumers and Fremonters against him. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 14th November, *here were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants... $11,367 3D For the redemption of Stocks.... 21,462 IV For the Treasury Department... 3,319 70 For Customs . 61.444 44 For the Interior Department..... 27,109 72 War warrants received and en tered 62,573 42 War repay warrants received and entered. 41.958 29 From miscellaneous sources...... 2,255 48 From Customs..... 33,555 96 From Lands 8,989 59 Repayment on account of the Navy.... 23,068 75 Tho 4; Wisconsin" (Rep ) concedes tho elec tion of Harrison C. Hobart (Dem ) to Congress from the third district of Wisconsin. If eo, it is another Democratic gain. Newspapkr Fusion.? The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin and McMakin'B American Courier havo been united, and wi!l hereafter be published as the Saturday Bulletin. The negro condemned by the Snottsyl vania (Va ) county court, at its Octooer sit ting, to bo hung lor rape, was executed on Fri day, the 7th inst., within a quarter of a mile of the county prison. He made no confession of hh guilt, and had but little to My when brought to the gallows Certainly a Goon Reason for Dibcok tinting thb Paper ?Tho Warsaw (Missouri) Democrat has the following : 14 We strike the name of two of our sub scribers from our books this week, who have recontly been hung in Texas. We do this because wo aro not advised as yet, of their present locality." A Tib Again.?They have hard times in electing a representative to the legislature in Audrain county, Mo. At the August election, there was a tie vote hetween Hardin, (Amer ican,) and Tinsley, (Democrat.) and tho race was run over again on the 4th instant It seems probable that thero has been another tie?Harding rccciving 479 votes, and Tinsley 4H0 ?one vote of the latter having been given by an idiot under guardianship. \A / MASONIC ?THERE WILL BE A \?r special meetlngof St John'* Lodge No It, at Masonic Hall, on MONDAY, 17th Instant, at 9 o'clock a m., preparatory to proceed ing to Alexandria, in accordance with tbe Invita tion of Washington Lodge, to participate in the ceremony of laying the ccraer stone of the Fire men's Monument. Members of theother Lodges, which hare not accepted the invitation, are cor

dially invited to join with us en the occasion. By order of the W. M. U? Til. H. BAIRD. Jr Pec. ATTENTION, WASHINGTON HIGII j LAN1JERS ?You we hereby notified to Ia'tend at your Arinorv, on MONDAY [EVENING, the l?th Inst, at7)f o'clock, for spe> ial business. Bv o-der of the Captain, nov 15-jt* GEO. <V. FLOOD, Secretary M WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY. The members of the Infantry are hereby no tilled to attend a meeting of the Corps, to be held on MONDAY EVENING, Novem ber 17th, at 7)$ o'clock p. m. Bv order of Jas. Y. Davis, Captain. B. F. BKERS, aov 15 Secretary. i ATTENTION, NATIONAL GUARD ? Sk a You are heret.y rotlilfd to attend the regular fj? IJ Drill of the Company, commencing on it ft MONDAY, the 17th Inst. By order Capt. J. A Tait: C. R. BISHOP, nov 15-2t# First Sergeant. | SCOTT GUARDS, ATTENTION.?YOU I are hereby requested to attend a meeetln/ of I the Company, to be held at the Armory, on t WEDNESDAY EVENING next, Novem ber 18th, 105?. at 7^ o'clock. Punctual attend ance is rarnestly requested, as business of great importance will be laid before the meeting. Every raemb r is expected to be pretent. nov 15 4t? BY ORDER. feFIR5T COTILLON PARTY of the AWKWARD CLUB, At the Hall, on THURSDAY EVEN ING, December 4th. Tickets FIFTY CENTS; to be had of the members or at the door. By order of the nov 11 -ThAS,?t? COMMITTEE. fc. - T H E SUBSCRIBER HAVING A few hours leisure each day, wishes to take charge of a set of Books, or would do any other kind of Writing. Address through the City rost Office, BOOK-KEKPKR. nov lUTta ?-Qa.THE LADIES' FAIR AT ODD FEL lows' Hall is now being held far the benefit of the Rev. S D. Flnckei's Chnrrh.on the corner of G and Twentieth streets, and will be open every evening during this and next week for tnetr patrons ana the public generally. No effort will be spared to render their vlMts agree able, as all the appliances, Music, Fancy Ar tides, Confectioner*, Ac , Ac , are provided for the entertainment of their visitors A generous patronage is respectfully so'lclted by THE COM OF ARRANGEMENTS, nov 7-8t ?-^^NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBER bees KjS lravc to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENS WARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by eo doing they will wive from 1* to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th street*, je 9-fim JOHN McDEVlTT. Evxamkllkd shirt collars, pat. ' ented, Elegant and entirely New.?Gen tlemen are requested to call and see the Patent Enamelled Sblrt Collars at STEVENe'S nov 15 t Salea Room, Browna' Hctel. rpHK SOUTHERN SPEAKER ? ONE A volume of 550 pages ; NewOrleans, 1856; con taining In great variety, the master of ora tory in Prose. Poetry, and Dialogue, selected by D. Barton Ross, of Rapides Institute, Louisiana Price 91,25. nov 15 FRANCK TAYLOR. Lost or ktolbn fkom my door, A LAP DOG; perfectly white; lust^?rjJ washed clean. Any person ha\ing the??!i*2k Dog will bo suitably rewarded by returning him to my residence, on E street, between Otn and 10th streets, No. i7i. ? ???? nov 15 3t* JOS. PECK. A PAIR or BAY CARIUAO* HORSES AT PR1VATK SALE -Five aa 1 !jE& Washington. ~~ 909 U-t LIST or LBTTBRI Rtwuuning imtkt P?tt QfU?, Washington, D C., No**mb* 11, IMS. (Ordered to be tdTtrtM In the " Ivintaf 5r?r." agreeable to the following section af the Poet Oftce Law?It Wins the newapapor fcavlag the largest ctrenlatlon of aay dally papor pub 11 shed In Washington: Sac. 9. And bo *t funktr tmmeUd, That the liat of letters remaining uncalled for In any poat oSce In any city, town, or Tillage, where news papers ahall be printed, ahall, hereafter, be pub. fished once only In the newspaper which, being laaued weekly* or oftener, shall havs ths largest circulation within the range of the del Ivory of aald office, to be decided 07 the poatmaatov at such office J a^ParaaBaapplylaf for latter* la Ihafotlawtag Mat, win plNMUJ tu?y w? ADTHT1IID. LAP IKS' LIST. OoSfray, Vlrflala Honjh. Mr* DC (lolt, Mr* Saraii T Hlbbs, Mr* Chas Hnyloi k, Elisabeth Roby, Mirr Baldwin, M'.mF H Hargf rerhtVlrtorla Bobleen, BHtabeU) Sranner, Mra F Haalop, Kirn Sailth, Mlee ? Hoallon, HIm K 8 Stone, EI u t Hal'stork. Mllly Smith, Ellas J auks, NrtlL Smith, Mr* SIN Johnson.MIm F.llia Hhj q*. Jan* Jacons. Mra t(UU Mtrit B K'iig, MIm Ann M Boiitli. Siellna KM wall, Mra Miry Sherman. Mra B Lee, MIm Mary Spender, Barab J Uf, 8*rah S'Clare, Medera Cant wall, Mia* K A U*l?, Mary r Spllliraa, Mary Darnee, Mra C M Lyion, MIm Nappy Stevens, Anna R D'?t, Mra M R I.awrenee, Miss V SheerbnraelllMMM Draw. Mra J T I<ooiBle, Mra R Kydaor, Mrs L Duvall. Mary A Mnrtlmore, Km ma Tyeou. MIm J Podson. Mary Jane Marphy, Mra Tbompe- ?. Mtaa C Ponnally. Aon M Middletoo, Mrs A Talbot MIm C Marshall, MIm M K Thon; son. Mra J R Macon, Helen Tboairaon, Pram la Merchant, Licra V Vernco, Kouu D Mlnlter, Bl'sa White, Mra Halan Morgan. Mra O Wild., MIm Jalla Nallor, Barah Ann Wll Una. MIm J A draw*. Barab Adams, Mareellna Allan, Mary 0 Brown, Maria Byrns, J ana Brady, Lnerttla Bnrton, Mlaa M L BaaMt, Mra Ullf* Blnmar, Amelia Rroadrup, Mra I! Cli'lds, M ra Hunan Clai k, Jennie L?? ? 'ntbbeiI, Mim L (V>h?n, Agora Pbtlipa. Fan a la Patera, Mra M A Phillips. I*na Riddle, Mra t A Davis, Saiah H Del-on, Koaannah Ellington, Mary Klwood, Ellen Fall, MIm A ritf luitrlr, T C , . Kleisdihaiker.Mis^J'Brlne, Mary Ana W.lllama, Maila Farley, Kllen Wordou, Margt Qarner, Mra Pace, Mra Faca. MraT J 1 Pyia, Mary rilllrmfoii, Jana C Williamson. Lima Woodyard, J alia A Oallaber, H L Olfc-hai, C B Olllllo". C Griffith, A L Rerrteon, W H Hall, W H Hampton, Thoa R Hay, Thoa W A lien A P**a Allan, Jamea M Auattn, Hr J M Bradley, Wm Butterwortli. 8 F Buehaell. R W Brenan, Patrick Bryant, Panl Brocchaa, Jndge Bonora. M C Bndarall, Opt t. A Becee, Lav I Barclay, Dr Jam*) Balaon, Jno W Barker, J a. obof NO Hamlin, Jno P BrlMay, Isaiah E Hall, labam P Bntler, Jao Nelson Bailey, Jno Bourka, Jno Bra?f, H H C Bresnalitn, Bitch Bruce, Uee OENTLBMEK'S LIST. Oorbln, Henry McKln?try,Tb< a Rlrbolaoo, T A O K ana, Patrick Oaren, J K Puree!, Patrick Plerra, Mr Parry Co* M C Paul. John Patch, Joa H?| nllx.Dr Stania.'a Parkhutet, H M Hnster, R, |r Habbard, M a Hazel, I.evl Harr'-a, Jamea Parkar, B F Rlfhter a Cralf Keod. J H Radwood, W H 1 R dlay, Wat Rn?Mll, LtVfl Hickman, Harbeaon Ramtey. Hatol Harrison, O R Kanaom. Lt R Hntapbrlaa. Geo Rellly, J'Ibm Harrlaon, Cbaa T k ?-? Hanson, LodIi InciBan. Thoa Brawer.Capt Cyrus Jenklsa k To A 1 Johnston Wm Bright, A Johns. J Wood Baker, Arnoa Johuson, Josee Cassldy, Tlioa Jobaaon, laalab Curtis, S 8 Jones, G C rarror, P Joo\ anal Kin*. Tljoa B 2 Ouak, rhlnaaa Krller, Lewis Cuok, Jno Ftancls Kent, Joa Cornell. Jno 2 CroM, Geo F Cheatuey, F C Croj.ley, K S Coahran k Kran* Corson, Amasa V Downer, W P D'.H*. O wald Do dy, Ml> hael Dowllnc. John Daley, Janes Don"Tcne, DanU Da via, Ch?s Demar, C H Kd ly, Norman 3 Rvans, Jno K Rwlng, Chas Fitzgerald. Thoa Kisber, Col Thoa F Ferguson, Dr W T Falktal>erg, Capt Joslah Fo|lan?b*e, Jr* Fan all, A O Oram, W II Goodwin, Wm G-vldln, Wm Gill. Kol??:t Galleher, fJ Gil.t.^, L H Guthrie, Jno B Kalcbt. J M Kline, Itaac Klag, Henry Kenaie, Chas King, Mr Lycett, Wm C l>?iuey, Wm Llvlngstin.T C Lumpkin. Jno Lodk, D W Lindfey, Dr I.akeua, Clement I. Mathews, Ihos M Meagher, Timothy Mo gan, T L Monat, K Murray, P G Miller, Phtl'lp 1 Maitiu, James Mullowney, John Morse, J R Bobbins, K T BtewartJ W Maateer Stone, W H B ewart, W II Sloan, 8 W Smith, Retford Smith, N Y Schada, Lewis 2 Seymonr, Lorebzo Bandera, Jno BchloM, J A 2 Smith, Jao Sharps, Jamea A Kh.w,Jno rtallh, Geo A Seller, P W Srolt, Dr R M Hhnmard, Dr Seldlng, Chas W Shaafer, Ch'r Tliompaoa, Wm Thayer, A N Tyler, Ja? H Tt.ayer, J M Tlnmton. J Wllaon, Oil Wm S West, Wm Wllaoa, Tnoa C Wheeler,Th< a C Wood, S A Williams. Saml Weema, N O Morrow, Dr Jamaa Wleaeathal, Mr MoMley, Ml l a J C Walcb. Jno Woeebarh, Henry fflllismson, J K 1 November 16, lrld. Mare, C H Moora, C C Malloy, Thoa McLean, G W McEnery, Jno M'flilf, Patrick M> Oruder, Thoat West Jno i Wliltams, Jno W Willis, Jao H Wo<HllaBdt Jo* Ward, Franeta Wlllson, OC Watson A G 2 JAB. G. BERRBTT, P. M. Dn^llNOEK, RACK HAMBO.l BOARDS, IMaylnz Cards, Magic I anterns, Grace Hoops, fiulldlng Blocks, Boy's Tools, Ac , at Krlss Krlngles Dt pot. LAMMOND, nov IS?It 7th si net. PUTATUIS. rtfrr|A 11US?HKL8 PK1MK WHITE MF.R "J"" c?r rtiTATOES just arrived on board ot cchoontr t^arah Jane, from Salem, and will be I sold frein vessel In lots to suit purchasers PETER BLRR V, nov id-3t* 03 Water St., Georcetown WlflTER niLLINKRt. ,MR8. M. A HILLS, HAS NOW, [opened Winter Mtlllnrry, and will', _ "receive additions daily throne bout . ; the season The ladies of Washington and strang ! ers are respectfully Invited to call. No 295 Penn sylvania avenue, south side, between Sihand i"?h ' streets. nov 15-2i y^Fr [a low wiuQjEL ihout^^B pgtaa DISTRICT Or CU LI'MB I A, Was hi r*nnty, to wit:?I hereby certify/ that Walter Silence,of said county, brougbt^ before me, thesul>?crlber, ?ne of the jastlce ?f the piece in and for said county, this I.Vh day of No vember, lfr5*. as a stray trespasning upon his en closure. a BUN MARE, about 9 yt-a-s old, about 0 bands hlpht; one white foot; ha vine worked | In tarne?s; shod all round Given tinder my hand and seal this 15th day of November, 1*58. HENRY REAVER, J. P. ID- I ke owner of the above described Mare Is I requested to come forward, prove property, and 1 take tier away. Residence In Georgetown, on Dumbarton street, near Montgomery street, nov 15 3t? WALTER SILENCE COAL?COAL?COAL. WE HAVENUW ON HAND I HE LARG est and most superior stock of COAL ever brought Into this maiket. Also afloat and dellv (erljg? 1?7 tona Red Ash, broken for Grates 170 do White Ash Egg,for Radiators 100 do do do broken for F urnace 150 do Red Ash Stove, for cooking purposes A deduction of 26 cents always made when de livered from the vessel. U40 Ibi to the ton, from which there is no de viation Cral kept under cover. PINE, OAK, and HICKORY WOOD always I on Band. T. J . A W. M GALT, Ofllee N . W cor of l*i<h and C its, No. 547, one square south of Penpa avenue. nov 1? GRAND ANNUAL BALL OF THK Anacostia Fire Company, No. 1. TM1E MEMBERS OF THE ANACOSTIA . Fire Company take great pleasure In annoure Ing to their frietds and the pub lc. In senersl, that they willglvea Ball onTHANK-*GlVING EVE, November 19th, at ANACOSTIA HALL, Navy Yard The committee pledge themselves to make this one of th? most agreeable Balis of the Season, as no pain* have been spued to make it so In regard | to entertainment and order. L'ofnmittit of Invitation and Rfciption. Chas Sander-on, James Harrlaon, W in Dobbins, Alex Eaton George Storm, nov 15-41 FIRST Mil AND BALL marion" club. THE MEMBERS OF THE MARION CLUB take great pleasure In announcing to their friends and the pablic In general that their First Grjnd Ball will take place at TEMPERANCE HALL,cn MONDAY EVENING,November 17, 8o? The members of the Club will spare neither tlinc nor expense In making their arrangements to Slve general satiafaction, and they will also en eavor to make every one happy and merry tbat will honor them wita their presence. A celebrated Band haa been engaged for the oc casion The Supper department Is placed In the handa of an experienced cat-rer Tickets ONE DOLLAR; admitting a gentle man and ladles, to be bad of any members of the Club, end at the door on the evening of the Ball. Commit ct of Arrangrmtnts Charles Mackabce, Ebenexer Hughes, John Jarboe, Tiiomas Mackabee. Edward Chlldeis, Augustus Olaasgow. nov 15-2'.? BY PARTICULAR REQUEST* WE HAVE BEEN REQUESTED MANY times by our friends and customers to more particularise our ola- e of business, as they have f'one nto C Woopwaid's old place of business or their goods and bought there, sapposlag that they were buying of C WOODWARD fc BON. Our place of business is now In the three story . brick building next door west of C. Woodward's Old Stand, built >ast summer twelve months by ' Messrs. Ager St McLean, No. 319, on Ds'reet, between lt?n and 11th streets, fronting on Penn alvania avenue, sign of Stores, Urate*, and ouee-Furnlshing Goods, where we shall at ail times be verv happy to supply our old coatcmers and the public with the very best quality of GRATES, HOT-AIR FURNACES/for heat ing house?, and the latest and most approved pat terns of STO V E8, of Pennsylvania Iron, the o st and toughest Iron found In the United States. receiving, the verv popular SUNRISE and MORNING STAR COOKING STOVES, four alzes each, and other kinds. Stanley's seven column improved LATROBE FIRE PLACES, for heating parlors tad cham bers above A very largo supply of BALL and STORE STOVES oahand Rem mbof?No 3LB C WOODWARD * SON nov 15-* [iBtalAUalea] Amusements W TM A wl IT ODD FELLOWS'HAl I ftAVY YAK D, THIS(PKIDAY) EVENING, And TO-MORROW (>?turda ) kVhNIN(> 70ME ONE'?COME ALL ' '?At 7 o'clock nor 11 2t NATIONAL TfTFA TKK. 1 aat Appeiranc* of NIK I'VUK k HARRISON nm\ TSAITE Grand Double Performance for (he Benefit of MISS LOUISA PYNE THIS EVENING. will be presen'od Donizetti's Oper? of rilE daughter OP THE t EMINENT, tn A GRAND CONCERT Monday, Irst appearance of Mr. E BOOTH the dist'n^nlshed young tragedian,abl supported, In the historical tragedy of '* Richard III.*' Box o?rc open fr^m ito| ^ o'clock, when seats ?an be *ecurc d Door* open at 6 \ , Opera commence at 7 \. Wants. BRICKLAYERS WARTKI-ii THE Capitol Extension. south wing, 10 or U rood workinr n. to lay brick* In ccllsr* M. C ME1G?, 1# - 3t ('apt .la of Engineer*. Assistant ihr.kkkpkr and KITCHEN H ?V WANTED.?Tbo Bar k*rp r must be qualified a* waiter and oyster ?bnckrr. and to attend dinner* out and la my Sa loon when required Alao, wentcd a Kitchen Boy, who noun to chanty Aprly to the adver tiser promptly JOS HOULANGEB, Near War and Navy Department, nov 11 It (IntelAl'n'cn) WANTED?A STEADV MIDDLE AGED Woman, to manage and attend to household kid family .business In a email family. Liberal computation and a comfortable home will be ?tven Apply atCapt THOMAS 8HR E VKBH, No. 707 7th street, near the W ind Mill, Seventh Ward nrt* M.t.# WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? A SERVANT to do general Hrusewoik In a amall family. No 378 9th street, east aid?, near New York ave nu? nov 14 WANTED.-A FIRST RATE BOY, (GER man or Colored.) Ibat perfectly understands the care of horse* No bungler need apply. Also, a good Washwoman, to do the washing of a family Ii-qutre at No 10 Loualana avenue, be tween 8th and 9th streeta. over Stephcna'a Fancy S'w. nov I4-St? WANTED ?A SMALL FETACHF.D COT tage Residence with Garden, In a healthy alt nation, anywhere within five mile* ride of the Capitol. Address by letter only, to P. C., at this offlce. nov 13 eo^t* WANTED TO HIRE ?A COLORED GIRL for Nurse Slave preferred. Call on J ROBINSON,319 Penn avenue opfoal'e Browra' Hotel. rmr If-tf WANTED?A YOUNG MAN DLSIREjTa Situation aa Clerk or Bookkeeper In any ra pacity Best cf references given. P.e?ae address " Energy." Star Offlce nov 11-it* WANTED?A FEMALE SEEVANT^ small finally Apply at Mrs SMITH'S, 1?1 I3tb atreet, between E an* F. nov I!.eon.# WANTED?A COACHMAN WHO Un derstand* bla business thoroughly, and can hirnUh the beat recommendation*. A colored man preferred, who can reod writing Apply at this oflce. nov 10 tf A Boarding. NEW BOARDING-HOUSE MRS C. REYNOLDSba*taken the well known < om ircdlou* boarding-boose on the ftoutkrast corncr ff Pennsylvania avenue and atrret, which la being entirely reltted and furnl*hcd. She ? aa room* for rent fat d!(Trent pileea according to their location,) with or w! bout bo^rd. AH de alrlng *nch accommodations will do well to r^i] before locating themselves e'senrbore nov ?? tf |>OARD.*c.?MRS. HATES, ON THES W ** comer of Penn*ylvanla avenue and 9th atreot 1? prepared to accommod *te gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may fkvor her with their patronage. Transient or Ublo board can be obtained ap 0-tf M. D. APPLETUN M D., HOMOEOPATHIC PHYStC 1A \ No. 51 Missouri avenue, fcc'.ween 3d and 4 k a-s nov 11-5t* FKUL"6t OUST** w EG AN A SON'S. nov 14-3? 3*1 Pa ave , bet 6th and Tth ata. T1** plag of our union for the ?d of November, With continuation of the very exciting and interesting story called ' The Pilde of Paris or Roll of tbe Drum '? M FERGUSON, 4?0 7th at S?a"f!0 FLOWERS and FEATK. Ju#t ?P?ned at GEO H CASSI-.vA D\S. successors to A Tate. 311 Pennsyl vanla avenue. ' nov if IV*VR* tMhEI1' THE LAOIKft* ? J?wcl, for |November Hi: *? Orion the Gold u D11 tbe laurel? fffm theG ua M aktr of Moscow Buy the Ledger, at noT 11 PERGUSON'l, 4*1 7that. the UNION. THE "UNION HOTEL1' IN GEORGE town, D. C , has been leved by the . ? subscriber, who Is now prepared and would ifcA slent boafd^rs^1^ r*rmnn*nt aB* tran-JCiM. nov ll-im JACOB FOURE $100 ?1kanaway FROM 7b In.? II ^ on Sunday night the ' l,,r,ne n"?r Tensllytown.In the District rLv.t * ? m.!i Eer? m an'wm bell SKfiHMt ?u *2?blRh'wrv d"k ~10' Vn I 25.n*ir.' *nd UU* "1?W SKoStSet of^i K,TJi nny dol'?" taken In If taken int ? ,1' ?r OB* h,1B<lre<1 dolUr* j.u irnn >? nov II?3t? NoTLhY MORELAND WISTER MltLIXERY. M*d?v neSAK!?Y^ILL OP?" ON and SUk FRENCH IIATS nov 1? at ?J?EO H caSSIDV A CO , nov H-3t Successors to A Tate, 311 Pa av. $5 "yKKv?t?Tkn, IT ZJKK'cS? rn uT sraasSHR ^nss delivery at B F MOXLKvwnlL ** ?n hfr Store, corner of Bridi e ..'m vv J1/* Toiiacco Georgt town lnd W*^?ngtoB streets, nov 14 3t $5 OR STOLEN instant ? F OB tb< cow withfW nov 13;jt? ?>TAT0?-p0Ti^ J ?,T? Received from the north *0 bushels of IKI8H POT A T<?K? '?? aX". pf?,,' article of fresh ground RUCKWllKn'i' F..OUS ?f .opttte, * * BJ.CIKWE t?T TO MERCHANTS and 0THKM ? THE UNDERSIGNED BEING THK h/?i fc! ^^psrrsyr'US',or **? "* ?*ed WM '~k aoTe-roi, (|,M) K(fvv towe>b s ?V? , ?? **? *7 tf ? DENTAL Kl'llbKUN V>. pSSf ^rBifr,Jr occupied by Dr i i? Ml V b" recelvid .Wy1 ItTfff SUDDlv Of ErtlriA* i . * larva supply of articles pertatri a u,' ?i5SL3?!: :sj*5g but Bfnff^in, i - .m> r?* 1 he ^ proiewional NtaWMMte aoen at his of