Newspaper of Evening Star, November 18, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 18, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER. 18, IS56. ?j(). 1,571). THE EVENING STAB, rVBLISMED EVKitT ArTEKlUOR, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 41 ?4s Stmt Bmildtngt. itmtr ?/ x r> ????? tiUmtmtk ttrnt, By W. D. WALLACH, Will be served to subscribers by carriers at 81X AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents, papers served In packages it 37# eent* per month. To mall subscribers the sub scription price UTHRKK DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year m ?-f???cs, TWO DOLLARS (or six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months , for less than three months at the rate of cents a week. tCT SINGLE COPIES ONE TENT. H. D. APPLETON, 1W. D., HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSIC IAN. No *1 Missouri avenue, between 3d and 1?tg. sov n $f L. J. niOOLBTUN, DEALER III ICS, OJIej *nd Drpot?Southwest corner of F tad Ww*intretreK? fob *7-tf HOUSES FURNISHED WITH CABINET FURmITURE, BEDS aad MATTRESSE", CHINA, GLASS, and CROCKERY, BLOCK TIN GOODS. SIL VER PLATED WARE, CUTLERY, BRIT ANNIA WARE, PAINTED TIN WARE, JAPANNED GOODS, BRONZED IRO^ GOODS, ttAS FIXTURES,BRUSHES,LOOK ING GLASSES. WOODEN WARE,KITCHEN UTENSILS, Ac. ' Housekeepers will find at my store an extensive assortment of Housekeeping article*, embracing almost eve-y thing deemed useful or ornamental thus belnsj rellevd from the trouble and vexatijn of running about to different stores to obtain whit thev may want, and I pledge myself to sell as low as can be bought In or out of the city. .. _ C. W. BOTELER, nov ll-eo<H Iron Hall. EW CRANBKRR1ES, RAISINsTBittee, *5 boxes layer and bunch RAISINS 5 barrels CRANBERRIES 5 frails of DATE!* 100 drums of FIGS 2 kegs TAMARINDS 1 bale of Princess paper shell ALMONDS 1 do Bordeaux do I do Naples WALNUTS j hogsheads Loverlng's GOLDEN SIRUP 'J,000pound* bulled BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Few boxes nice HONEY In the comb 10 barrels of Crab-apple CIDER, sweet JO half-chests of BLACK TEA, a nice article, at a lew p-i-e ' With a large assortment of Goods, for sale low. by .. ? RICHARD J. RYAN, a0* 1 l-f'3vv corner 9:^ and D streets. PLATFORn AND COUNTER SCALEsT (If URDOCK'S PATENT PLATFORM AND Ivl Counter Scales, of all slzea,for saleat manu facturers prices by ROGUE A O'NEILL se i 4?ent*. No titf Wtter st.. 6rarir<>tn?* CAST OF CLOTHINO OF ALL KINDS PURCHASED AT NO 78 Louisiana avenue, opposite the Hay Market. N B ?Also, wanted, a person at Repairing, nov 10-ltn* THE UNION. THK "UNION HOTEL" IN GEORGE M town, D. C., has been leased by the subscriber, who is now prepared and would IM.. be pleased to receive permanent aad rr-.n -*' blent boarders. nov U-lm JACOB FOUKE. BOOK HINDI Hi. Corn* F trtnft strut ami Afaryfand arenas tht 5"iil4i^sias 1 imtituttsit. EDWARD LYCETT RESPECTFULLYIN forma the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspeare now j-?st completed, that he Is pre pared to bind those works in a superior style of elccance. strength and solidity, and upon murh more n-anonabie terms than can be done In Balti more Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad him (ner post) will enable him to ex-I .fa'b t, ? the fub bribers specimens of fcU stylc o/ binding. E^ery kind of Book Binding ueac'y e* ***** perMm W A K 171' s UlSTORr OF TEXAS . ??" \ 0rst ??tle?ent in 168C telu anexatlon The O'Brien's and !o laherty s. by Lady Morgan ; reprinted In two volumes. (nov 10) FRaNCKTAYLOR. SINGER'S Xrnpicvqu Sowing Machines, To wairh w?i9 granted tho Award of ? "^rtxition, therohy receiving .ho Wcrid s Verdict of Superiority T'!k. !*?ov??RNTI! IN THIS MA f/1 b*s simplified tbem In many respects, a 3dUh?y arc Mpabisof executing twice the amount d!,4 '"rmeriy In any given time ^ Without que*Uon the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a tT** tot harness can b* ?e-vn bv any of these manhlncsby a^lrrrlechaase ef needie and thread In such a mnnn?r that the *l??est scrutiny cannot detect a fault ',3??? ~ ? ..!" 1 ^17,St11" *0'8 fiszxiiz"*"*1'* "*? I. M. SINGER A CO., m it w. Baltimore street, Baltimore ah'i.J. Z* to exchange these ma i d ri^s Of an y kl nd Terms 11 b eral Persons who haveb-en lnducedto purchase nferlor machine-" under the pretext of beia* ?a?J,will?a4this a l*?eitlnd?d M O FF 1 C 1 AL^T Tsssseav I>seA*T*Brr, August 20, le56. 1 Wh-rn^tbr MJowin; jomire^^tioa ofConfrtas his k-com-- a law: aasoLrmoM ea?cadirm the tim? for ihc credi i ^ lo pfCo' Bt "??ir cla ms ed J4? a<! / Hon* of lis/wenta Matti of .Imtrica in Longrem a, Mreeab y to th? provision of the i.',*,'Ur>n '*? J!?? a*n ol the 2t?ih of Pt brunry, f-HJtee pajrm. nl of such c?e(!ito?s ,i..i7Ub lCftfireJia,ai ar,: corop'-hended i.i iheact ofJul s. ^emb -r Jth, lb5?J,'? nrv tK?, hf ptibUc alvenirem^Ri, whs auly jiv^n for Trj*?,? ?*'?**7+y by .he r*e :r?;wiry of the "T' ?fthe inn- at which paym-nt of the arn^un'approDraej by th<- fifth sec^Ln ol said act . 'Oale,fro rate, on a^y b nd, certificate, or ev: ol arbt m i *la w?irc!i should b' tr?frMted at the Trra^uy Dej^Min-nt thirty days the I Jih day of June, itJoO l.m.t of ??. notice; a id at u n rcpreac tied by the said . xt> tary of tu- rr-a^ry, that of ^aid bindi, cer ! leaces ol deb:, wiuch have b ;eu i '' Ttia?, ihif same, t(inal mViJ J hm a 1a"" .hil a 1,1 nnie'lhJu, a?j haudred anl ninety ihrei? dollar* aid .s?v.;n c- tuwrr, n prrs?Mii?d to the IVa-ury Department S^wl JU""' in order to ?I K?T 1 " b * ,eM "! -a,J J^:,th-: Secre . rr??.?ry u her. by a t ftor,*ed to ,ay to J b Mids,certificate^or d?y Of JuVtast ih" , pr, s,;ntrd ?3t* - ^' my Wf^st a-d prove the civ ?( xJi7V12i b (wve*the 13th c*yof June )a-t and th* im day ol January neu , :* >??' unlS7?5S * V,. v ,fm,n ' ll"f fro ,at ' share of the raid sev-n b?m? s..veB hundred and fifty thousand ? ' a '5afterpa,.,,r?t thereof, tn? i,d sSS? k " u a'lthorize.l an j rrnUlf?.d to dmribute and pay th residue of th ?,aid ???! ?? -er,'n ait fifty th-nuand dollars tTnn rr.n^u.o, .a the treasury, jn? rota, am .nj^, w J wl?o in ty bav>- Kuv^U in,;,, ' ?7Z1 ?:??r "*?**' 0,1 >r ^ 1st day Approv. d August 10:h, 1W6 Njiwna.n??vM ^ lhr h.rfjcr, of bonds crtificatos, and cvideaccs of d.btof the late repufe! he Of Texas whirh wrre not presented at thi* de partveM on or bef.He the 13th day of June l*? ltla. the same wll! be settled and the pro rata amount Urrtoa will b- paid to the lawful hollers thereof if l?r tented before the ftrst lUy of January next, ?Q 00 npenied wlrti the n^-ess?ry evidence of their geo u.u aess, wua asmjam^otsto the United States ro (Uired to jive this department the custody ?f.icb b hHs, ee- t.flcat^s, and ev.J..^ of debc> an<| wuh relea^o the Uaited States a?d Tsxas, J. ,00ord a ise with the provisions of the act of Congress of ^"th February, 1S3C. Tlus .in,eminent wUl aot require tvidence of ?en o.-.-a^s to he presented with the certiflca,.e.ssu-d by the a iditor and eomptroli* r of Texas under the U** ofthe sute. Hutpo. esse.nomeansof yt-r. fying the certificates .bonds and prom.s.ory notes 1 <i.?d by the republic of Texas, and aol prw-eilled to, nor a Idiied by, tbe o?e*r* of th? Stale. The ae=emry and properproof of the genutn* ne*sof t le Utter is the certifiejtc ofthe comptroller ol tbe Ht*t? of Texas, who has theofi -ial charge of the orijsaal aru ?iv??relating to ths debt ofths late re pabit; i.-fTc.'as Th: a?4(aa>eai and rclaases may be exreaud ftad a Hn mledged In tbe pn-senoe of the Aaslstaut Secretary of tha Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof iathe presence of a notary public, and be witneaaed by the Assistant Seoreia-y, or chief clerk and not* if, and be certified by the notary under bis nota rial seal; bat when the holder* d?elre to make lh? assignment and eiecute the roteatee oat of the city of Washington, It maybe done in the presence *f?n assistant treasurer, or collector, or surveyor of the castoma, in the pre??nee of a notary public,and be wttneaaed by the collector or auiveyor and the no. tary public, and be certified by the notary under his notarial seal; and if there be an collector or rnrvey. ot ofthe customs at the place where the party re sides, th? assignment and releases may be executed before any court of reoord, in the prescnoe of the judge and c! rk thereof, and be witnessed by them, and certified by the clerk under his seal of offlee; and if the holder b<? out of the United States, the as signment and Hea?? may be executed before any United Stateaconsul.and be witnessed and certified by him under his consular seal. All persons cxe eutinjr such assignments and reb asea mast also do dare, under oath, beforethe notary, olerk,or coo su), as the case maybe, that they are the real own era ofthe certificates or other eriiencea of debt, or that the same have been assigned to them, hotia fide, far collection ; and the notary, clerk,or consul must includethefaat ofthatdcclarationln their cer? tifl ate ofacknowlrdgroent. If aligned lor collection, or in pledge, tba name if the party hoidint the beneficial or residuary in vest In the claim inns* be viated in the affidavit and a release to the United States and release to Texas must be duly exi^eut'd by such party, to gether with the alignment and iel cases from the person in whose fcvor settlement and payment is requested. One or m ire audited certificates, or one or more evidenoe of the mine character of debt, may be in cluded in the with alignment, releases, and Bifida ?it of ownership, if each certificate is correctly de. scribed by number, date, amount, and name of the original payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the Stateof Texas, on aceount of the debt of the repub lic, or were i9su?d by the republic of Texas, accord ing 10 the lacte of uaeh case. The a*?wgnmi-ni to the United States maybe inade in cummin form ; the releases should be drawn ac cording to the forms subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Treasury. Form Jl. Know a<l p?r?ons by these presents that ? lias relea ted. and In reby releases, the United Sta'esol Am rica from j^ll further liability or clhon for the payment ot certificate or evmenee of debt number , for the sum of f , issued by the late republic of Texas (or by the authorities ol the State ?>f T? xai, a^ the ca?e may be,) and ro d-emed oy the United Stares inaccnrdance with the provisions of an act of Cor^resn entitled "An act to provi e tor the payment of such cjedltors ofthe late republic of Te*as A* are comprehended hi the act of Congress of Heptunber nine, eighteen hundred and fitly," approved the 2*h dy of Fedruary, 1855, and a i act of the -tatc of Tcx?h, apprvivtd the 1st of February. 11456. As wiineea my hand and seal. Form B. Know all persons by these presents that ?? lias relr-a-' d, and lieieby releases, the Stateof Texas from ail further liability or claim foi the pay ment of certificate or evidence of d- bt numbei , for the sum of $ ?, i**uea l?v the l?<e re piibl c of Texas,(or by the authorities of the estate of T:xav a* the case may be,) and redeemed by the United 8tate? in a-:cor<tance with the of an act of Confess,-entitled "An act to provide for th?? paym-nt of such creditors of the late re publico: T? ias a? are comprehended in the act of Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the :18th of February, 1855, and an act of the State of Teaas, approved the 1st of February. 1W6. As witness my hand and seal. The following is a list of the audited certificate* sull ouis'-S iding: Ao. AtucA to. So. f+nue.1 to. 8 T D Tompkins 16.19 Oscar Engledow 18 Hnkmaa Canfield 1G75 Trustees cf Austin Jl John A Clifton College 32 H K Muse 1682 G II Monsarrat & Co 53 R G lloboi 16 ?0 John Karner 84 J De Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl ?J2 John Burmnghain 17.13 ) ? v 1.15 Phineas De Cordova 173.1 > waicott 176 E Baldwin 1746 John W Portis 191 Janv s Tilfhman 1770 J K Elliott 192 Mathias Clark 1ni7 Harriet George SSS&ttSL :Ol O Blineau 1831 ) Levi Tyler, adin'r 344 J E Wade 1KJ3 \ of W 11 Kelly 3M Peters h. Booth l&ta Samuel Wildey Jbo (lusted 1 B.flJ Georgj Sutherland 404 S Kmgsley 1841 J P Henninga 427 J Pa'ker, for Eliza- 1642 > , beth Parber.ex'x 1843 / L ccl ' 437 Ben- diet Bayiey 1844 Edmund Balliagei 445 Leander Beason 1832 J D Logan 466 Win Odlin 18.16 C P Green 467 John W King 1865 l>nvid Ayrea ?sJC T B W?-bb 1860 Thome? F James 510 A S ThtL-mond 1878 C Sehiedlemantd 548 Thoa VT Marshall 1880 J F Jewett 6-J5 laivid S Kaufman 1807 F Emma 641 George W Parksr lfiOV Parulla Lee* G44 Crulcher&McKavenlUMO f vV Gro-umeyer is 653 J A Simpson 1!?M E W Cawthern 6i0 Wm 11 Belcher 1010 VVm<;ochran 677 II 11 Williams 10.'t2 Francb Moore Jr 701 Felix Rifder 9071 Andrew Daley !}2 ( Robert Dale ^ J? riteWan 77"JWm lor. as S }? W Pickery 779 Wm Walker 208- > p . ? 793 Dyer P, a:l 1740/ P?ul Brrmoad 8i2 Isaac L Hi I 2106 t ltatpi . . 863 llermi^an Brown 1610 S UBVI(* ? Burnet 871 John W Bower 2108) _ 879 Jam s McMa^ter 293 J MoMaatcr 914 Dyer Pea. I 91361 _ ? _ . 915 Mary E len Heden-1858 S r r Gentry brf 'J! ) 930 J Eliis 623 f 8 W risher 9:t2 Mrs Mary Belville 2104 >, ., 1010 An?ou Cranaon 16011 Louisiana Davis 1012 R M Forbes 2303 E Froat lOai James N ilo?an 2306 Thomas Reed 1043 Thomas Lindsay 23IC Harri?on C Bryant 1045 James L Green 2330 J S McDor.ald 104*7 Jesse Daniel t340 Arthur Gaxner 1048 J B Daniel 2341 J F Martchett 1050 Charles Vine at 2311 Andrews h. Grovcr !??! 1058 Willis Millkan 2350 J D Gidduias 1059 J D Miliican 2354 J Crawford jr lfx>3 Juhn Davis 23.58 A P Edg* rton 1065 Wm Barton 9359 Thomas Warner Jr 1079 W A Lockliaxt 2JC3 George K S?iare 10^0 R Mnm 2361 Francis BncJita 113.1 Jsiii'-s Kil>am Du Ellzabetli (Jarter lliMi C H Taylor 2383 Wm Davis ? l.*4l Youngs Coleman 2J87 J.??cph Temllnson 1248 Hob rt MeNutt 2390 Sneed fit Turner 124'J John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Klmbro att?y J 11 Raymond 2100 H II Haynie 1261 E De Pon ou 2401 R W Milhank ! 1J63 C P Green 2102 Catherine All* n j 1275 G W Sinks k J B 2405 Hehry Kring Shaw 2443 J W Lawrence J"h" K<'ndrick 2L8 Stephen Smith ?Miael ,en '^4 A Cllorton ?0 John Johnson 2438 Elaphalet Easton !"j2 . ?_u*an Ma-siex 2442 Lemuel BDickenson ^ Xu'*m,l!,,1Forre,l,!,a450 Win II Thomp'oo ??1Wl?r 2452 Z Wm Eddy J- 2471 J E Herron !1Sc ? ,W , 2471 A B Hemphill 1 h- /. A Ratherford 2477 Aaron Haughton 142- Cornelius Vanuoy 2479 IKirs of John Jom s 112* Joenph Bates 94oO " Joel Hid 17J Ann B Reesr U481 ?? Warren Aburn X? ,1'"aLbiUd *ima " John L Monks M/X,r* ^ " Pei? Aldrioh 1J23 John James 2490 M A Dooly ^?? C Daycashier 1570 E M Fish 2501 F Kennett k. Co 1572 Wm Kerr 2503 John W Schrimof 1580 Jam*, A Moody '2504 W C Blair 1581 P Bickford 2312 M Rorbertuille 1612 John l^amer 25U Henry B Brooks 1615 John Cameron 1514 Gabriel Trumweit 1683 John D Taylor ttclb H S Morgan 1?K4 Levi Mcrcer y.\29 Furb-ir h. B ln26 Bit Mercer 9534 Harab Newman The outstanding evidences of other clwaes of di d? bt ot the republic of Texts cauuot b? apeeilkd by this Department. au n?dilsUaul Educational. YUUNU MEM OK WAHHIJIflTO*. Frte Lectures n-*rp J\lond(tp night, for four trffAa, eoHimrncmc October 20th, AT THE UNION ACAD K MY. Saeh Young Men of this t Ity as wish to obtain a thorough ana practical knowledge of Surveying, Civil Engineering, Book Keeping, and of such branches as will ft them for successful buslnefs, will find a good opportunity In the DAY or EVENING SCHOOL, at the Union Academy. oc 19 Z RICHards, Principal A I'AKD, Mrs. franklin. thacher of vocal Music, No. 4(4 E street, between flth and Kith streets References : Mr. R. Davis, and .Mr Hllbus, Music stores. se I7-3m MISS HEWITT 8 ENGLISH AND FRENCH BOARHINf* AND DAY SCHOOL, No. 3D7, corner of Nw York avenue nnd 13(A st The scholastic year commences the first Monday In September, and ends tbe last Friday hi June, and Is divided Into two ses sions. The Principal will be assisted by the most com petent English and French resident teachers, and every f c'llty ottered for pursuing Music and all the various branches of modem accomplish ments. For further particulars, terms, Ac., sre Circu lars at bookstores, or at tne residence of the Prin cipal. au 26-3tAeotf MRS. ?. 11. siuiti;, 420 D street north, bttwun GrA nnd 7th, Begs leave to inform the ladies of Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity that she Is prepared to give lnstiuctlon, In classes* and private lessons. Intheart of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and VASES. Also, Wax Fruit and Ornamental Leather work Ladle* wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a most beautiful accom nllshment will please call as early as p~sslble, as Sirs. S. does not contemplate remaining long In the city t rrms: Wax Flowers in Classes, per term of 12 les sons S5 Wax Fruit in Classes, per term of 1*2 les3ons..?5 Leather Work In Claw?, per term of 8 lessons 9'J Private Lessons 91 each?Vases S10. Boquetsand Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers, Ac , for sale, or made to order. au 2ft-tfm MKS, BOPP Ir CO., FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKERS. I >EG LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIES I# of Washington, that they have opened ^Dress making Establishment at No.5<rt>llth street.:} doors below Hilbus's Music Store Dresses wM be made In the la'est French style, and at the m<wt reason ale prlies. All kinds of patterns for Mantillas contantly on hand, and Pinking and Silk Washing done at the lowest prices, novl-lm COMPLETE MANUAL FOR YOUNG Sportsmen, by Frabk Ferrester; with direc tions for handling the Oun, the Rltte, and the Hod ; the art of shooting on tne wing: the break ing management, and the hunting e>f the dog : the varietcs and habits of game; river, lake, and sea fishing, Ac , Ac. Complete in one volume of 470 pages, with very numerous engravings ; price fil 50 Just published, nov 7 FRANCK TAYLOR. Fl'RS, FURS?AT SEYMOUR'S. . Decidedly the largest collec tlon of Ladles' elegant FURS that has ever before been brought, to this market is now ready for sale at the Georgetown Maauf.ictory. STONE MARTEN, MINK, SABLE, FITCH Do FRENCH Do ROCK Do SIBERIAN gqUIR'L; In short-every article that Is fashionable In the Fur llae, and very moderate in price Ladle* v^Ul please call early ar.d get bartratns at W. F. SEYMOUR'S, nov 12-2 w Georgetown. HELTA SALOON, D street, between *thand 9iA streets. fJlIIIS ELEGANT SALOON WAS OPENED nnd . . . begr, leave to assure the public that he has? spared no pains or expenre In making this the most elegant EATING and DRINKING SA LOON In Washington city. Its central and j>rlr vate locality, and the admirable adaptation of the house to the business, aid* d by the best of cooks und servants, and his unremitting endeavors to obtain the tlnent OYSTERS tnd other delicacies which the in?rket affords, will, he houes, merit and receive the patronage vl his friends and the community generally. uov 12 tf ASA R1CKETTS. A on Saturday evening, November 8".h, and the proprietor, in soliciting patronage, fj!w >v?i/r lpivf to n^Riire the nubile tnat he han?*li* ffiHE J. lv I ANEW COACH FACTORY, ON TWELFTH STREET. __ UNDERSIGNED HAVING RECENT ly opened a Coach Factory at 5&L 12th street, south of Ptr.n avenue,' would respectfully announce to the public that he Is prepared to manufacture or repair all kinds of Coaches, Carriages, and light Wagons, on the most reasonable terms, and lathe best manner. Those desiring a good Carriage, or to have repair ing well and promptly done at a low price are earnestly requested to call, as I otter such Induce ments as cannot fill to please All work guaranteed toalve perfect satisfaction, cc 27-lm THOMAS I GARDNER. N 1LES REGISTER?A COMPLETE _ - sett, Tfi volumes, will be sold at a bargain. Also, Dungllson's Medical Dictionary Dungilson'ft Therapeutic* and Materia Medics United States IMspensatory D^,y,o"1W"<"y K K LL'NUV, oc 21 No. 12s Bridge street, Gcorgemwn^ New fruit: new fruit:: Cranberries, New Figs and Italslns, for o^Yp V)U oc i0 KING A BURCHELL. NOTICE TO HOUSE-KEEPERS. No ?7 avenue j [No '67 Puartnut. ? tOME AND TRY BEFORE YOU BUY ? The flnost stock of Wines, Liquor*, Mne Teas, Coffees, Sugars, Chocolates, Cocoa, Cheese, Fruits, Spices, English Sauces and Pickles, Genuine Havana Segars, Rouih and Ready To bacco. Holland Cucumbers, Ac., Ac , ' JONAS P. LEVY, nov 6 opposite the National Hotel. L K HON TON?FOR THE LADIES, beau i tlful beyond description This work has no rival. Buy It, at FERGUSON 'S, nov1*- l*r. 7th street. S-200 REWARD. RANAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER living In tho village of Nottingham, JP Prince Oeorge'seounty,Maryland,on Mon- JMm day night, tne 8th instant, N EGRO GIRL MARIA, who calls herself Maria Chew.JQL^ She Is about eighteen years of age, about four feet ten or eleven Inches high. She Is very like ly, and has a pleasant smiling face. She has a remarkably fine suit of hair for one of her color, and is, altogether, a fine looking girl. I will give the above reward of one hundred dollars for her apprehension?no matter where taken?provided she is brought home to me or se cured in Jail, so that 1 get her again 1 ' THOMAS G TURTON. Nottingham, Sept. 10,1806?se 11-tf R. MUNSON. AT 338 I'ENN'A AVENUE, is still making tho?e beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, called^fl^^^*^ Atlen s Patent, for the excellency of <LLLEU^ which over all other styles of teeth, many now waring them In thU city, will cheerhillv vouch There is one Der.tlst In this city who has been infringing tbe pat?*nt, and made a bad imitation of it, against whom 1 hereby caution the public N. B. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when proptrlf constructed, It is because he Is Ignorant of the proccns, incoin?etent to make the work, or s unwilling to pay for the patent. Jc HMf ? APPLE TREES I NOR SALE.?90,000 APPLE TREES, 3 and 4 years, of the very best varieties, of large si us, and very thrlfiy, can be had at the Val 3Z ley View Farm, near Georgetown, or at No Jo lllgh streat, Georgetown. prices unusually low, as they must be sold without reserve. oc 'iB-lm k. J. I OR MOUNT VERNON. ON TU EBDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?FAkE, ROUND T?IP, Sli FROM ALKX ANDR1A75 CENTS?The tteamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washing ton at? and Alexandria at o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at bj< ? 'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. 1 Persons wishing the ooarhes will leave then lebldtQcewitk tieorge Thomai ftikci.

mKWliUNBY,C.,U1. FRENCH PORCELAIN. JUST RECEIVED. PLAIN WHITE AND wold-bard TEA and DINNER SETS VASES, FANCY CU PSand SAUCERS, CAN DLESTICK*, Ac A line assortment of FANCY TEA SETS Best English GRANITE WARE DINNER SETS, TEAS, COFFEE'S TOIL ET WARE Ac At No 510 Seventh street, nov 17-2aw3w N.M McGREGOR. PAIL 1S I'ROIUM HATS. MODS DK P1SAUD. I^ODD A CO. HAVE RECEIVED PER steamship "Arago" an Invoice of 6en #f~~\ tlemen's DR FSS H ATS from the celebrated ^L\ establishment of Lavillc A Poumaroux, who received two first-class medals at the late Exposi tion In Paris. Also, a bcauti'ul assortment 1f Children's FANCY BEAVER HATS, for Misses or Boys. Ladles' RIDING HATS F R EN CH U M B R EL LAS, very supc rlcr. TODD A CO, nov 3"tAeotf west end Browns' Hotsl. OPKNINOOF FALL AND WINTER MIL LINER Y. THE SU BSCRIBER OPENS TO-^ day the largest and handsomest as qPjSL sortneent of Winter Millinery be bas^?J? ever offered to the piblic. In^l-ding the very beet and latest styles of French Hets Heed Dres ses, Ribbons, Trlmlngs, Embroideries, Ac , all of which will be sold at price* that must please the best jndgM of goods iC^Tne Ladies are respectfully Invited to call early and get bargains M WILLI AN, C?nbe Market Space, bet. 7th and 9th sts. oc Aeo3w MILLINERY. ViA ?l HAVE RECEIVED A LOT OF ~ - ^^fi&New York Fall and Winter BON-g\ ^J^ will have my opening cny^* the lota of November. Ladles call and.exatnine before purchasing elsewhere. 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TODD A CO for the past twenty-live years have devoted much attention to this branch of their trade, purchasing exclusively for cash, sell ing at moderate prices, and by adhering to their determination to deal in no article that would not bear the strictest scrutiny, they have secured a large and increasing trade frcm all parts of the country. Purchasers are invited to visit, their establish ment and examine tue most extensive STOCK OF FURS south of New Vork. oc31-3'i.eo*.f A FULL SUPPLY OF FALL AND WIN TER HOODS. JOHN H SMOOT, No ll'J SOUTH S1DEOF Bridge street, Georgetown, DC, has recently r.icelved from the large Importing, Commission, and Auction Houses, of New York, a general as sortment of Fail and Winter Goods embracing every kind of? 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Ta ble Damasks and Table Cloths, all size*; Damask Napkins, Huckaback and Board Towles, with every kind of Go >ds usually kept in a well as lortedstock, which promt* paying and cash cus tomers may always relv upon buying as cheap as the same qualities ana styles can be had in the District A call Is solicited oc 11-tr JOHN H. SMOOT. [No 570 J lVOTIl'E OF THE temporary RE II MOVAL OF THE LAND OFFICE FROM WINONA TO FARIBAULT. IN MINNESO TA TERRITORY ?In accordance with the provisions of the act of Congress entitled ''An act authorizing changes in the location of land offices," approved March 3, 1S53, it Is bareby de clared and made known that the land office forthe sale cf public JamH at Winona, In the Territory of Minnesota, will be temporarily removed to Faribault on and afitr tkt first day of January, 1837. Pre-emption claimants and others In the vicini ty of Winona Interested in entering land will please perfe-.t their proofs, Ac., before the d?y named bv the register and receiver of the closing of the office p.-eparatcrv to Its removal. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this 23d day of October, A. D. 1956. By order of the President : THOS. A. HENDRICKS, Comwlssloner of the General Lard Office. cc 25-law6w Orphan's Court, November 11th, 1946. District of Columbia, washing ton COUNTY, TO WITIn the cafe of Ttaddeus A. Jones, administrator of John Kim ball, deceased, the administrator aforesaid, has with the approbation of the Orphan's Court of Washington County aforesaid, appointed SATURDAY, the 6th dav of December next, for the final settlement and distribution of the f<ersoiml estate of sal^rdeceased, of the asset< In hand, sa far a* the sainn have been collected and turned into money, when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend (at the Or phan's Court of Washington county,) with their claims proper y vouched, or they may otherwh-e, by law oe excluded from all benefit or said estate ; provided a copy of this order be published om e a week for three weeks, In the Evening Star, previous to the said 6th day oT De cember next. Test: ED N. ROACH, Reg. Wills. True copy?Test: ED. N. ROACH, ileg. Wills. r.ov 1J-w3w* TABLE CUTLERY. SUCH AS IVORY WOOD AND HORN handle table and dessert, Knives only, and Knives with Forks Also, meat and game Car vers, Steels, Ac. These goods are manufactured expressly for rny sales, and I do not hesitate to re commend them as being equal If not supsrlor to any goods in the market C. W. BOTELER, cc ai-co Iron Hall ILMiO CRACKERS OR CKACRNELLS, I-i aud Fancy Crackers, a splendid article fo TMgiust received by oc 30 KING * BURCHELL, EVENING ST AH. DOE8TICK6' RETS ON PENNSYLVANIA. ( From the New Yoik rie?yune | i hadu't any mvnrv to bet, but dtd havo a now ?uit of clothes, and 1 w?: willing to ri?k them, and try to win another suit on the Ftate Eloetions. War Pure of Pennsylvania. ?'hio, acd Indiana, for the Kepublicaus ?so 1 uiade up my mind to bot on the Opposition. hlJ startei out in pursuit of a customer?wa^ will ing to bet with anybody who had good c'othe?, and on anybody who I thought would win Wont into tho " P6wtcr Mug"?Buchanin uian in his shirt sleeves with ragged breeches and a battered hat, wanted to bot $10 O00 that 44 old Buck" would carry Lis own State by fifty thousand majority?then, wheu no one took him up, Lo offered ?150,U00 against $10, 000, but ai there was no $10,000 man on band, he magnanimously came down to 5 000, hut as there didn't appear to be even that small amrunt reaJy at the instant, be lowered his terms to a thousand dollars, against which he proposed to lay S-"?0,000, but st.ll no cne lis tened?he went on offering greater and greater odds, aad made bold defiance to all the world to put ten dollars against S^iO.GliO; and finally offered to stako a hundred thousand dollars against a glass <>f whiskey on the Democracy of Pennsylvania?finding no one to take him up even at that offer, he turned away in high disdain, staggered up to the bar und w.tnted something out of a black bottle, but iu two minute.- tho onterprieing bar-keeper kicked the hundred thousand dollar man into the etrect because he couldn't raise three cents to pay for his li jucr The room seemed to be full of millionaire?, who all wanted to bet on Buchanan auy amount?thought that tho p .ssexsion of a great deal money must make a man thirsty, for I noticed that when any one called the crowd up to drink, tho millionaire? always responded to tho invitation, and took double horns?observed, too, that th'y never asked any cnc to drink, and thought it must be be cause they feared setting a tad ex -inplo, aud loading strangers into dissipation. Then a Fillmore man wanted to take a vote on the Presidential question; so he asked all those in favor of Irillmorato Cuue up and drink, and the millionaires all came up?then Buchanan m^a requested all who wore going to vote for Buchanan to como up and take a horn, and the millionaire? again carno up? then Fillm*<re man cluimcd it, and tho other m-n claimed it?then they hit?Buchanan went down before a rap from a chair, but not bjfvrc he Lad floored Fillmore with a dccan ter?disinterested millionaires dieted chiefly in a black eye and a socond-kand coat, aux iuus to preserve the peace, took tho decanter i from Buchanan man and drank the contents | before tho b^r-tcnder caught him at it?then tae bar keeper got cxcitcd, jumped over the bar and pitched into Lis wealthy customers ? he was perfectly sober, and consequently had a tremendous advantage over the others?so he devoted Limsoll fur a few minute^ witL great energy and singleness of purpose to an individual, who, a little while before, had ex pre?sed a willingness to stake half a million on Pennsylvania, but who was now surrepti tiously filling his pockets with codfish and crackers, and hustled tiiui out?then he took a sixty thousand dollar chap by tho nape of the neck and pitched him into a corncr, theu he gave his atteution to a seventy thousand fellow and a povcrty-strieken rascal who hadn't offered to bet moro than filtoen thou sand on Buchanan, wLich two were having a quiet fight all alone. i>nd kicked them into tne gutter?then he went promiscuously and impartially at thorcaof the crowd with a club, and dealt out two-Landed Lickery "jus tice" till all were subdued and tati.-liod?1?* came at mo in a like ;tfiecti"nute manner, but 1 called for two drinks and showed him tfco money, and he thought better of it. Thought there wasn't much chance of winning my now clothc* from these gentlemen, so I hurrahed for Buchanan, threw a quarter to the bar keeper and took myself off while be was look ing for it behind the barrels in the course of the day I found Brown, who was well dressed and willing to take my bets_so I made the following wagers : A new hat that Pennsylvania would give twenty thousand Republican majority, a new coat on i fifteen thousand majority, and a cravat, a pair of pant?, and half a dozen shirts on ten ( thousand?then 1 got a bet of a pair of pants I and an oyster supper on the general result in Indiana?went homo aud thought 1 had done a tfood day's work and made a suit of clothes ?|uiokcr than I could in any other way?went to bed satisfied with the world and dreamed ab-.ut the cut and quality of my new coat. Next day tho eloctian came off?met i>am phool, he d been Lotting on Pennsylvania, too. that it would go for Fillmoro So had all bis namesakes, in fact ho inlormod me that all the Damphools had Let on Pennsylvania aud on Fillmore. Met Brown and told him I d take a six dollar hat, or, if he'd make it a cash bet aud pay it then: I'd allow him a small discount?but Brown said " wait. Told Blown he might as well go home and put on his old suit and give me tho new one, a? to wait till night, but Brown strangely preferred to wait?told him to be careful meantime and not sit down in any dirty spot with my panta loons on, then I followed him slily for two hours, admiring my now clothes from a dis tance Night came at Inst, and it wc.5 time for the returns to enne in?went to the newspaper of fice anl heard the results reud. Fremont seemed all right?wished that I had ten hats bet, and clothes enough to last me ten years. Then , the scale seemod to ehangc. and in a little while didn't care for more than half a dosen bate, and was glad on tho whole that I hadn't got a ten years' stock of clothes at stake, as they might go out of fashion before I could wear them out. Then another tele graph came in and I thought I could make three hats do?thca another arrived, and I began to be rather glad that I badn't bet my old clothes as well as my new ones?then the tolegxaph said that Fremont wouldn't have moro than five thousand majority ; thought that this report must bo wrong?went to the Times office, same news there; walked up to the Tribuno sh< p, uitto; circulated down to tho llcrald office, same kind of news there, only worse, and a mighty ?ight more of it? trembled for a moment, then I thought of 4>the mountains" with glee, and the ?? back counties" with a joyful hope. 2nows kept coming, same kind ?got alittlo scared?found the fellows I had bet with and tried to con vince them that I Lad meant a suit of sum nier clothes, a straw hat and c<.wh<do boots Brown nulled down tho corner of his eyo aad said, "*No you don't." Cruel Brown' Then another coun y came in and m:le the twenty thousand majority a sure failure, -ni so lost my hat for me, and I began to tear that I should have to relapso into my old clothes Then another county came in and too c the coat from my back, then another and stripped me of my paDtaloons; then another yet, and despoiled mo of my six new shirts And the iast dispatch of the night robbed me of my velvet vest and my ouly decent cravat. Went to bed sorrowful?took a look at my old suit aud mourned at the fractured integrity there of Pondered over the rips under the arms, reflected how to mend tho hale in the elbows, doubted the plausibility of darning the knees and went to bed wondering where I should get money to buy patches Disconsolate, 1 wandered down town the next morning, and read on the bulletin thfc| Pennsylvania had gone for Fremont after al borrowed a newspaper, it was even so, ftr shouted for j >y, for though 1 ba l loi-t my and coat, I had saved my shirt an p > 'T.V? .h h.a *<* ''Xwd ?ore?:uet a cr..iy buob'njn Uii' to bet that the Keystone Mate> naJ ? old Buck-thought CTMy Buchanan man na TEE "VFXEEIY 8TAP. Tklt eioeileat Family "? Hews J 'irei. -co?' slatag a greats variety off* a* >*e4ta* Uu ui bf foaad ta it, elker- is p?<4.*t?4 oe ????? Uf aeralag. Villi. Biagie ocjv, pes urn ?' * *e tint. Flvecoplp* M Ton cop??* 8 M ?^enty Oopi**.. ....... ??????IS Ul Irr Ca?, muiuiLt is iivimi. ITT single copies (la wrappc r>ir<nbr proeuic4 at the counter, fmmedlat*h after the Iotsuc of tto pafvt. i'rtce?Turn Cur* To ? I ? a i a* who act ia ?g*i u vr 111 bealio w e* a oommlulon of twenty per rent. not beard tbe news. and looked ?pon him as a epvciul ir.tcipoiition of fortune in my behalf? ho wa.- a speculation, and he w** u< be made the m?sl of? I dared not tru?t him out oi uij si^bt lest some 0119 eUe ?hou d get uold ? 1 iiiiu ?ni win hi? money before lgot my t; are Stuck close to him and e<>axed him into the back room of a lager bier shop, pot bim to let n Pennsylvania; Le had imre money than 1 had, but he <ru willing to jui it all up if 1 would find means to corcr it agreod to raiie the balance if it tcok a le-, and deposit it with Jone* before three o'clock. Leu craty Buchanan man. and went out t borrow the m<>ney?found I>am phool?Dim phool hadn't got the cash, but when 1 ihowcJ Dim what a sure thing we bad on craay Bu chanan man, he said he'd get it, and be want ed me to let him go halves, but I appealed strong.j to bis friend&hip, and be finally agreed to let me keep all the profits, and ke would lend me tbe money out ot pure lore I waited impatiently for him to r*i.-c the fond: and make his appearance t>ne o'clock c-inc and no Damphool and no money , began to feel uneasy le*t I .-houlda t have the funds U> pu- id to J one - s hands and should therefore lose the chance?hali-past ?tie, and dj Dam phool; feit much excited aud wished I was behind Damphool with a shuxp etick Tw* 0 clock, and I', etill invisible; was in an ag> ny, and feared that Buchanan min would escape his fat%?half-paH two, no D?mphooI, felt lespairiiig and desperate, but at ten mic utcs lo three l>.unphool made hi* appearance on tho horizon just as I was meditating a chca. suicide, for I really had not money clouk.. to buy * r?>pe, a dose of prison or a charge ot powder But D cajne at last; he had sold his opera box, pawned hi horse, and agreed to pay five per cent, a month, but he had got the caah. 1 hurried to Jones s and got it safely into hu Lanls at two minutes before three; then I went out and danccd an eostatio hornpipe on tne sidewalk. After I had effervesced a little, 1 stepped around and told my boot man that I.J have some money u to morrow'' and pay hii; little bill?then I sent word to Staggs that I d pay my a^te 4' to morrow," and be need Dot sue ; and also to Snufikins that he might stop his proceedings in Court, for I .hould It fande " tomorrow " I dropped in and bul lied my tailor for having dared to dun me for a bill only f ur months over due?paid it in fall with my note due "oLe day after date,'* and tol l him to seed bis boy round " to-mor row i left this deluded man with the idee that I bad just fallen heir to a large fortune. Night came, and with it tho official returns ?to my surprise they did'nt look exactly I'.^bt. and wore against me?hurried to the telegaph oflice. same -tory there?thought s iintb^dy had lied t? the lightning and was i ?? ing to whip the r. Found that the dire intelligence was too true?crazy Buchan an man hud beard the news?in fact I learned that cr.ny Buchanan man and two ??r three other BucLai:an men equally crazy, bad in vented Republican majorities of thefmorning, hired the telegraph man to send them on from i Philadelphia, and bad then made heavy beta with the jubilant Fremonters. Bushed instantly to Jones's to draw out Bamphool's money, but Jones bad paid it over to crazy Buchanan man who wa.' just disappearing in the distance?rushed after lit hi. and got to the dej?ot just in time to see him jump into the Is^t train for Boston?as sumed a clas.-ic position on tLo platform and put his thumb on his nose. 1 had been sold, my friend had lost his money and must endorse the five per cent a month f?>r I cannot help bim '4 To morrow ' approaches?bow shall I meet my tailor? Penitently, K. PiiiLANnER Doisrmcs, P. B. 1' S ?Indiana lias also gone over to Bu chanan, and taken with it my only decent boots?1 pity the winner, for they arc too tight across the toes. Tm*os I SnooLn Like To Sec ?A f**hi(>n ablo bootmaker who was not '-from Paris " A gentleman who was not m self constituted ilupoctor of ladies' bonnet linings. A businessman, h?w great soever hi- hurry, who would not stop to watch feminine ankles climb in and out of omnibuses. A man who could hold an ambrella proper ly over a lady's bonnet: or put en her cl^ak, or shawl, without crushing her bonnet or hair; or be good natured when he was sick, or cut his chin when shaving, or had to wait ten minutes for his dinner or breakfast, or who was ever " refused" by a lady. A bachelor whotc carpet did not wear out fit in front of the looking glass. An author who did not feel nervous at tbe idea of examining trunk linings and pared wrappers A handsome child who did not grow up to bo homely A woman who was not at inimical to her own sex. A married man who could give the right hand of fellowship to a wile * old lover; or take a hint from the toe of her slipper, under the tabic, before company A milliner who coild be bribed to make a bonnet to cover tbe bead. A husband's relatives who oould speak well of his wife. A doctor who had not more patienU than he could attend to. A school teacher whose interest inhi pupiis .vas net graduated by the standing if their parents or the length of their purse. A washerwoman whoever Vce. an article c:' clothing. An old maid who was not e ? from choico. Artificial Dihtitios ?There is a well known to parents who put their chil dren out to nur** This u*age. much reverei among it" brethren in mbhagittp, consists in rewarding the nur-e when her liUiiling cuts its first tooth. The nurse of a young Frenchman, who is now making his way, while bawling, thr> ugh the first three months of his existence, has just im.igined a means of advancing the period ot first dentition. What! cxclamed the reader hn* she discov erad a wonderful fertiliser, a steam process of growth' I>oe? she claim a patent right? She'll not claim a patent right, you may rest assured; still, she has invented? What is her invention' Catherine, the nurse, wanted a new d<?* h; lb lilt dress; a donation had been promised for tho first tooth of tke little fellow. Sincc they yearn so much after a tooth, baid she to hersolf, I U show them one ! Catherine goes to an experienced dentist and cmuoi a false tooth t-j be inserted into the little chap. She then presents herself to papa ani mama, and, witli a radiant look, exhibits the baby's early doutal. Catherine ba^ confided too much in tbe gonerrsity of the progenitors : she expected a a benutilul forty franc {piece?she roceivcd two meagre five franc pieces. 44 Ah!" exclaimed she. in her despair; ?4 only ten francs' Why the tooth cost me fifteen. I lo*e by it " She lest, in fact, money; and ?he lo.t, in addition, her nursling. \ftcr this, oor.fide m niwes whors.vl nea: r*pcr advertisements.?("ottrrter tt*s ktaf* Unix. ??i' A (juaker lately popped the <|uei>uoa to u Uir Quakeress, as follow; 44 Bum?yea ai d verily, Penelope, the tpirit urgoth and inoveth me wonderfully to beseech ihee ?o cleave unto me, flesh of my flesh, cr.d tone of my bone." ?' Hum?truly, Oia^irb, thou hict wisely said; inasmuch as it if written tint it is s it gool for a man to b* 't' and behold, I will sojourn with thee IV^Tbe Parsimtnon County Drhating 1 !u > ate debating lie qaes'ion ??Which it i! : proudest?a girl with her irst 1 esn, <t a v.*. 1 man with her first baby7"