Newspaper of Evening Star, November 18, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 18, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: Tl E9DAY Ktrrmbtr 10,1929. W irriiTnaniii mot ld ii LurT at tii Ornc* bt T?w.n ? clock. M., truitwiii tb*t hat KftT apfiab tw* Ml HIT UAT. sriRlTOF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union argue? to show that such riots a.* bare of late years taken place in Balti more, Louisville and New Orleans, wherein the right* of eitiienship are ruthlessly trod den under foot, militato amaiingly against the progress of the cause of civil liberty in Europe. That i? doubtless true, as their tendency is to shake the confidence of really enlightened liberals In the capacity of man for self-government, which experiment is be ing tried here under far moro advantageous circumstances than ever before in modern timer. The Union also comments on the fait that in New Haven and Brooklyn, the hot bed of political religious teacher?, the vote against Fremcnt was overwhelming The editor (of the Union) judges from that fact that in stead of helping a cause, the interference of churches and parsons in politics tend* surely to bring it into disrepute with the great ma jority of sensible and patriotic people. The InttUxgtncer says: " The outrages committed some month* ago at Panama on the railroad passengers crossing to the Pacific, doubtless directed the attention of our Government to the propriety of devising some means by which to save our citizens from similar outrages in future, as well as to ren der the transit of the Isthmus a safe and un molested route for all travelers whatever. With a view, we presume to effect this import ant object, our Executive has, as we under stand. been negotiating with the Government of New Granada for a cession or transfer of the jurisdiction or sovereignty of a tract of country on the Isthmus, embracing, of course, the line of tbe railroad, and how much more we do not know. The authorities of tbe Isth mus being unable, if willing, to repress the banditti which infest Panama and its neigh borhood, an arrangement which shall pla e that power in our own hands would certainly be very desirable, if it can be effected without complicating or involving the exterior rela tions and responsibilities of our Uovernment to an objeotionable extent. We simply state tbe fact of the negotiation, however, without touching on tbe political aspect of the subject, of which our knowledge of the details of the matter are too imperfect to permit us to speak We hare reason to believe that the Inttlli genetr correetly states the purpose of the Government in the brief article quoted above, which, the reader will perceive, is in keeping with the articlo from a Panama paper pub lished in the Star a few days ago l'p to this time we have refrained from aliuding edito rially to these negotiations, least we might thus embarrass those conducting them. All well informed persons, we feel assured, compre hend the vital importance to our national in~ teresU of the protection of the Panama Isth mus route from liability to sash interruptions as, for the past year, have rendered the Nica ragua route U> California utterly useless for the purposes of legitimate American com merce and travel. Book Notices Tit row Tat. A Novel. By a Ladv of New Orleans. New York : Garret A Co. (For sale in this city by Taylor A Alaury ) This work, which is lettered externally " A Keply to Drcd," was first issued in London, and as its forty one chapters are devoted 'o a faithful (robing of the evils ot the English social system it met with a most uncordial re ception at the hands of the English pre. 5 It was, however,-fairly noticed, and the truth fulness cf its social statistics acknowledged by the Scotch press. The English humanita. nan? were, however too mush occupied with suffering humanity some three thousand milts away to endure philosophically this '?rusque invitation to attend to the wants of " the Greeks at their own doors " In tbe next edition we trust the authoress will substitute some more appropriate title in place of the trivial "Tit for Tat," wbkh is likely to mislead a public, already surfeited with " Uncle Tom'' literature, as to the real merits of the work. Tbe O'Beiess A*n tbe O'Flahkrtyh. A National Tale By Lady Morgan Anno tated by K. Shelton Mackenzie. New Tork : Red field ' Pot sale in this city by Taylor A Maury.) This ia the fourth of the L%dy Morgan's Irish stories, and, like its predecessors, " The Wild Irish Girl," "O'Donnell," and "Flor ence Maearthy." is noted for the brilliancy of its literary execution and the ability and bold i.ees with which the fair authoress advocates Irish principles The Tomantic traditions of the feuds between tbe rival houses of the O'BriensandU Flaherty a in the west of Ireland have been worked up into a thrilling story by Lady Morgan, whose thorough acquaintance with the scenery, legends, customs, manuers, language, and history of Irelaad are evinced on every page. Poftk is three quarters of a cent lower now, out west, than at a corresponding period of last year. The trade have figured out an ab solute impossibility that it can reach the prices rf last winter- Cau?e?le?s foreign demand and much greater production in the great northwest POLITICAL GOSSIP. The New York Dispatch, a Fillmore daily paper recently started in that city, has col lapsed. Its weekly issue is still continued The returns cf the Kentucky election show a Fremont vote in seventeen counties, amount ing to several hundred In Galloway county lh$ rotes were cast for tbe Fremont ticket. Owen P. Lovejoy, who has just been elected to CoLgress by the llepublicans of Illinois, is tbe brother of tbe Kev. E P Lovejoy who was killed in Alton uiauy years ago while defend ing hi? anti slavery newspajter establsbment. A commim.-n merchant of New Orleans re ceived. fr> a. a Know Nothing in Tennessee, a dispaU b r tuewb>it like thi 1 Tennessee gone to hell, Kentucky right nfier her . three teet water mi Cumberland shoal# rirer (Salt ?> neing" The Best, n Liberator < Ab< !itiou> is dolorous over tbe election of Luch?i3%i), heading its leader? ?* Hung be tbe Heavens In bUok ?' Better as they are in the full flowing drapery of a brigbt aky, a warm sun, silver clouds, and tbe Low cf promise athwart the horiion. Thursday, the 20th instant, will be <b ?eived as a day of Thanksgiving by the citi zens ot Port -mouth, Ya. be government of New Granada has susjerded tbe effects of tbe law regarding the tax on (UMil* crossing the Isthmus. ry The Montreal Pilot sajs that the dining tat Its bt tt.e tail road jubilee in that city were a mile aid a La'.f long. 1ST A paper mill, the first one in California, bar been built and nearly completed near To n?l*-? bay. *01110 eight or ten miles ubove Bo lin s Etf W F .?< n, the <>wner of a lard 1. ry < n tbe Lake shore at Chicago, has re . ? vvtrd *61 000 damages from thi lllinods C htiifoai Company for cutting through bis property WASHING TON NEWS AND GOSSfP. The African fclave Trade.?Late publica tions in the South wherein the politicul econ omy at.d the history of the African slave trade have been diseased with marked abili ty, have raised hornets' nests at the North. The newspapers of the order (political) of the New York Tnhuns have gone halfcriiy over the alleged probability that the Southern United State* are about to combino to bring about its restoration by hook 01 by crook We are glad to perceive public attention awaken irg to the subject, because it is one of vast importance to the future of an immense por tion of the American continent that cannot do its legitimate share in the commerce of the world by and through any other than African slave labor. 1 hough the Holy alliance in '15 took measures to stop the trade, and though this Government, France and England subse quently, by treaty, agreed to do the same thing at an enormous coat, annually, to all of their treasuries, it has actually doubled at least in all its victims immolated on the pas sage, while it has not lessened so far as the number actually shipped is concerned. Thus the result of all that has been done to put a stop to it has oDly been an increase of all its l ad features. No man of common sense im agines that the African negro is not in a bet ter condition in slavery in Amcrica, than in barbarous captivity or even barbarous free dom in his native land. Humanity superin duced the abolishment of tho legality of the tr iflic ; and matters now look as though, with the increasing horrible coolie slave traJo (which already equals the African slave trade in extent when that was greatest) humanity will ere long cry aloud for the removal of all existing restrictions on tho old trade between Africa and America. All ihe Fools Not Yet Dead ?The New \ork Herald has a correspondent at Rich mond, Virginia, famed for starting mare's nests. His very last is a* follow.-. Via : [Special dispatch to the Herald J T. , . ? . Ricbsiohd, Va , Nov. 14. ihe last disunion manifesto of K Barnwell Khett has much more in it than what appears upon its face. It is the precursor of a series ol disunion experiments which will row be rapidly unfolded, here and at other points, as the plot thickens. The latest experiment de liberated upon is a coup d'etat for the control ? ?Mr. Buchanan's administration or the de feat of his election ; and if Jefforson Davis is not the master spirit of this notable scheme he may bo expected to profit by it to tho full extent of his powers On the first Wednesday in December, the 1 residential Electors elected are to meet in tho various States, to cast their votes for President and \ ice President. In tho inter val it is proposed to bring Mr. Buchanan, by letter, up to the ma.k of tho Southern \ul li bers, or to compass his defeat by giving a suf ficient number of the Democratic Electoral votes of the South to other candidates to throw the election into the House The Nullifies have their fears of the Northern Democrats elected to the next Congress in behalf of Kan sas as a * ree State ; and frcm recent disclosures from Lancaster, they also have their fears of Buchanan himself Hence this despe rate plan of bringing Mr. Buchanan to the mark, or of defeating bis election. The con spirators do not expect any satisfactory answer from Mr Buchanan-they do not uesiro it. I heir object is disunion and tho spoils of a Southern Confederacy. They know that in the betrayal of the people, by throwing the election into the House, they may create an excitement which will result in the abrupt dissolution of Congress, the suspension of the Government, the secession of the Southern Mates in a b ?dy, and the bloody Southern Confederacy which is to be the millenium of I their bopeg_ The late confidential meeting of enry A. Wise, and fcis associate disunion I Southern Governors a! Paleigh. you will dis cover by and by, involved something more than treason and revolution in the event of I remont s election " Now, to set this silly story or budget of stories at rest at once, we havo to say that from beginning to end it is wholly without foundation; thero is not a tingle grain of truth in it, not one, except that on tho first Wednes day in next month the doctors are to meet in the various States, to cast their votes for President and Vice President No southern elector chosen as a Demoorat, that is no elector chosen in any southern State except Maryland, has over entertained the idea of casting his vote for any one far Presi dent except James Buchanan; nor ha." any Democrat or southern rights man ever pro posed any other action on the part of any southern Democratic elector or electors than that they were chosen by the people ? con summate. Cabinet Making.-The Richmond /inqui rer commenting on the efforts of various North ern opposition journals to influence the selec tion of Mr. Buchanan's cabinet, says : '? -Vow, as to all ihero conjectures and ru mors, we may alhrm with perfect safety, that .hey are dually gratuitous and groundless Itr't thucbana{1 " doubtless competent to se lect the members ot his cabinet ; and as he i? tfcat*hiUrrU|!0lJS 'J?"0"' il *3 uot all likely nroLrV d;3clo8e his Purpose before the proper time, in any event he would hardlv make the New York Herald tho organ of hia communications to the country." Continuing, the ilm/uirtr aids, with force and justice : tfcl P*rticu,ar Principle up.,n which the President elect proposes to constitute his, and as to the individuals whom he to ??ce' ^ have only this con. cern. that he will not suffer any clique or coterie to monopolize his fawr and the 'influ ??CrfeiJrtn 'nistr?t,un i if ho choose to distinguish between "wings" or "sections" of the party, that he will be determined by the predominant sentiment of the Southern Democracy. On neither cf these points do we distrust Mr Buchanan On the contrary we have perfect confidence in his sa-acitv as the justice of his disposition " 7 QivJrg them Fit. -The Uepublican-party papers aro just now abusing the peoplo of southern Illinois intensely, for cooly overcom ing the 40,000 majority with which Fremont left the four northern Congressional districts of that State. The truth is, the people of southern Illinois are for the mist part from the slaveholding States, and all of them know far truth concerning slavery a:; it exists iu this cobntry, than those if northern Illinois ; for the former have it <?n their border. Wo Lave rarely read such vehement foul-mouthed abuse as is being bestowed upon the sturdy voters of southern Illinois, as explained above. At, a specimen, we extract from the Rochester Democrat of the 13th in*t. ?ulXJfZ:" E?w-When Illinois was K r voted for Fremont, Kgy?t" '.r ? Tbo it i" tho olde'f "^ qrru , art *'f thtt rnained i"OC!,?n' but **8 rc" many years The Clef 7?*! uV?ry lil?ug for settlers are the - do.t whi?. f j '1 ""J"1 tUe to own niggen?/rom k ?>? J ^r**00 P??r Virginia and North Carolina" a1?I {*UDeitee' planted into Illinois all theiri*. tr,fD8 Kssness, school-house hatin ing, whisky-drinking habits T(* . institution a* trow Heaven, and tht-7 w?ui 1 1 vote to re open tho slave trade and e tibliJn I e. trafho 111 Illinois, uiianimously. 'lheir j ubli- r -ads arc now daily u-ed by the flave dme/s the travel of their human chattels irom Kentucky and Virginia to Missouri, and with just as much security of property to the masters as in Arkansas or Texa? Politically, they vote one way and all the time. Kgypt is famous for Democratic majori ties, and the party leaders have only to ascer tain how large a majority is necessary to over balance the enlightened portions of the State, and Kgypt honors the draft In the late elec tion, for instance, the foor Congressional dis tricts north of ISpriegfield gave Fremont about 40,000 majority. This was regarded as a set tier, and the Republican J set down the State as them beyond a peradventure Douglas A Co . knew the voting capacities of Egypt. bet ter. Douglas telegraphed East, " Illinois all right'" As soon as the required vote was ascertained. Egypt began to report. Andsueh reports ! Here are a few specimens from the Chicago Democratic Press of Friday : "Williamson county?Buchanan R02, rre mont 7 "Jackson county?Buchanan 1190, Ire mont 15. <( Payette county?Buchanan V00, Fillmore 800, Fremont 75 ' Southern Illinois is, indeed, a tramp. It can stand much more such abuse without losing the good opinion of any whose good opinion is worth having. Naval Affairs-?A correspondent writes from the Brooklyn Navy Yard to the New York Evening Pott, of Saturday last, as fol lows " The steamship Mississippi is still in the dry doek, but will be taken out, it is said, eith er to day or Monday. The water has already been partially let in, to test her bottom The work upon her is being pushed with vigor, and when she is ready for sea again she will be better than before, and one of the finest war steamers atl;>at lier timbers and planking were found to be generally rotten, and her woodwork throughout will bo more than half new. She ha? a new kelson, many new tim bers, and her planking is all new from the water line. ller guards have been rai.-ed twenty eight inches, so as to give hor wheels less dip, and her head and cut-water has been mudri n< ze>! and beautified, ller machinery, from the bed-plates upward, has been tho roughly overhauled and repaired, and she is to rcceivo entirely new boilers On her last voyage home, from Japan, she exhibited re markable speed, and with these improvements, it is confidently anticipated that she will proyo one of the very fastest sea going steamers in the world. The alcop-of war Falmouth is being fitted lor eoa with despatch, in pursuance of orders from Washington, received on Wednesday last Her destination is unknown Uwing to the great demand for seamen in the merchant, very few men are now enlisted on board tho North Carolina, and none have been drafted from her in a long time She has about seventy men on board at present, be sides a guard of forty marines The Bailors are kept in good health and spirits by constant daily exercises with the guns, small sword?, Ac. Since the exile to Sing Sing of the river pirato, " Paddy the Greek," there have been very few desertions On Thursday night the officers of the North Carolina gave a grand ball in honor of the marriago of Captain Watsen, of the Marines, to a Philadelphia lady of great beauty and accomplishments. Over 100 couples attended the ball, and danced on the main deck to the music of the ship's band, until the "small hours " The ship was splendidly decorated, and all on board were feasted in honor of the occasion The slave bark Panchita is lying at tin yard, awaiting the decision of the couru The Yincennes and the Potomac are still " in ordinary," waiting for " something to turn up " The old Brandywine, that ought to be razeed, is as much an eye sore as ever. The boys from the North Carolina sometimes go on board of her to exercise, in fair weather The frigate Sabino remains just as she was when she was launched two years ago. It was once proposed to seud her to the Brazil station, but a ship at Norfolk was finally selected instead. The steamer Dispatch, alias City of Boston, which was purchased for the Arctic expedi tion, is rottiDg away slowly She is Baid to be still sound throughout, except that her boilers are worthless. The frigate Savannah, Commodore Mercer, | is every day expected to arrive from the Bra zil station Her erew will be paid off and discharged, and the vessel will be laid up for repairs. A New Consul.?The President has acknow ledged Louis de Cuntenein as the Consular Agent of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in New York. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 17th November, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stooks.... (22,270 05 For the Interior Department..*.* 23,227 00 For Customs. 47,45*5 85 War warrant* received and en tered 19J,280 09 Warrepay warrantsreceivedand entered 647 t>0 From miscellaneous sources 28.407 'J8 On account of the Navy......... 41,175 On PERSONAL. .... kx-Governor J<>hn Bigler, of Calilornis, i.? in this city, at Willards' hotel. .... Governor WUe, of Virgiuia: was iu Baltimore yesterday. .... Macaulay, the historian, is a large hoi der of New York State stocks. .... teuton Victoria is reported to be in fan *' interesting condition." .... lion. J.J. Seibels, Li S. Minister to Belgium, arrived at his home, Montgomery, Ala., on the 5th inst. .... John B. (lough lectures iu the Academy of Mus'c before the Young Men's Christian Association of New York. .... Dr. John W. Gorham, of Boston, has been appointed United States Consul at Jeru salem. .... Mr s Julia Deane-llayne is again play ing in San Francisco, the new baby having got a fair start in the world. .... Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan have been mado life-members of the Young Men's Christian Association, Alexandria, Va. .... Oliver Cromwell's name appears among the list of deserters from Oen. Wulker'6 army, published in El Nicaraguese. .... Among the passengers supposed to be lost in the steamship Lyonnaise is Mr. Albert Sumner, (a brother of Senator Sumner) as also his wife and daughter. .... Ex-Preeident Van Buren, who was so severely injured by being thrown from a car riage on the 24th ult , is recovering. Apart from tho effccts of the injury he is in the en joyment of his accustomcd health. ....The Christian Association have in re serve a very interesting courso. Lieut. Maury, of this eity ; Hitchcock, tho geologist; Dana, the mineralogist; Dr. Butler, of Cincinnati; Bishop Clark, and other equally oelebratcd, have consented to lecture. .... Col. George W. Porter, inventor of the " Porter rifle" and other firearms, and pro jector of a cotton picker operated by horse power, died at Memphis, Tcnn , on tho 8th lust , ol inflammation of the brain. He was fifty years of age, an^a highly respected cit izen of Memphis. \ ....Mr. John G Gibson and lady, of Bos ton, were on board the French steamer Lyon naice when she left New York, and are anaong the missing Messrs H L Higgonson, Win P. Ma son and S G Perkins, also of Boston, likewi e took pa -age on the ame ve--el, but fortunately changea to the Arabia. .... The pall bearers at the funeral of Jyhn M Clayton were Gov Causey, Gov Hazard, Gov. Polk, Judge Wootten Judge Houston, William D Lewis, General Groome and Mor ton McMichael, and thero was a long proces sion of citizens from all parts of the Stato He w.?8 interred in the Presbyterian ground, of whioh church bo was a member. At the grave llev Mr. Murphy, the pastor, performed the last sad rites In his discourse he said that Mr Clayton had, during the Inst few months of his lrfe, become a devout and sincere chris tian, attentive to all bis rcli^i' us duties, and full of faith in the saving influences of Chris tianity Suad, ?the first of the season, have made their appearance ia the water* of Sarawak GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georsetowii, Not. 18, 1868. The wagcn and horses noticed by us yester day as having been found near tho Cemetery by Oftoer Silence and other?, belonged to Mr W. H. Houston, of Drainsville, Fairfax coun ty, Va Mr H. had brought a load of pro dace to market, and after disposing of it he stepped into a public house in Washington to settle some business with a friend. While thus engaged his horses either ran off or were driven off by the person whom he engaged to take care of them?meat likely the latter, as they were unhitched from the wagon when found. The insinuation that Mr II had been drinking, we assert, is wholly incorrect, as we have the most reliable testimony to the con trary. We are pleased to learn that the members of the Female Union Benevolent Society have reorganiied this very useful and necessary society, and determined to keep up their or ganisation. They have also elected their of ficers and appointed the managers of the asso ciation for their winter's campaign of useful ness. Tho names of these wo will give in a day or so. In this connection we would sug gest, to our citisens generally to be prepared, when these excellent ladies call, to give them a liberal contribution. A little boy named Israel Rhorer, son of a widow lady residing upon Montgomery street, accidentally fell from the roof of ashed where he was playing with some other children yes terday and seriously fractured one of his arms and dislocated the wrist. Drs. Lauk and Ty ler were called in and set the fractured limb. We have several times been requested by persons living contiguous, and others, to call the attention ~f tho authorities to the very bad

condition of Green street, between Bridge and Gay. A few days labor and a trifling outlay before the winter comes on might save the ne cessity of repairing all that part we have men tioned. Doubtless tho most interesting part of tha excercises of Thanksgiving day in our city will be tho exhibition of tho Dumbarton street Methodist Sabbath School at 7 o'clock p m. We understand that their arrangements for the occasion are more perfect and extensive than any they have heretofore made. We bespeak for the young orators and rooali3ts a crowded auditory. During the revival at the West Georgetown Methodist church, under the Rev. Mr. Got wait, which has just closed, about fifty mem bers were added to the church. There appears to be but little activity in the flour and grain markets. The former is held at 96 TOaSfi 87 for fair to good standard brands, and the latter at $1 40aS1.15 for red wheat, and $1 48af 1 52 for white, and 58; for corn, white and yellow. S ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alexandria, Not. 18,1856 The ceremonies and procession of yesterday occupied our citiiens the major portion of tha day. Beside the Alexandria associations men tioned yesterday as uniting in the demonstra tion, the American Hook and Ladder company with their truck, and tho Metropolitan Hook and Ladder company, in uniform, of Washing ingtou, took part in the proceedings. At the cemetery, the corner stone of the monument to 'ae memory of the rnartjr firemen was laid by tho Masonic Grand Master on behalf of Alex dria Washington Lodge No. 22. After which Edgar Snowden cf the Gazette, delivered an oration of great beauty, pathos and power After the ceremonies, the procession returned to the city and spent most of the afternoon in parading the streets of the city. At night Washington Hall was crowded with the fair ladies and their gallants till a late hour. The pleasant crowd continued to enjoy themselves, and then retired, from as festiTe an evening as ever passed in Alexandria. The Society of Friends have been holding their quarterly meeting in this place for the pas; two days. On Sunday religious exercises, and on yesterday church business occupied their attention. The corn exchange was closed yesterday, but quotations are as follow* : Flour ?6 75a$9. Wheat?white 51 50a51 5fi, red SI 40a$l 45. Corn fi0aft2j. Oats 33a3(5:. Ami. Counter re iters and Imtosters ? The public are cautioned against purchasing arti cles pretendingto be of the nature of the Balm of Thoutand Flowert for cleansing the teeth, perfuming the breath, and beautifying tho oomplexion. The popularity of that article has brought forward a host of counterfeiters. None is genuine unless signed by Fetridge A Co , and for sale in this city at Shillington's bookselling and ftationery establishment, cor ner of Four and-a-half street and Pennsylva nia avenue. How to Write for the Newspapers.?As a general rule, short pieces are best liked A gentleman in a bank onco told us when we asked him to subscribe for a certain Quarter ly Review: 11 Read a Review! why, I never read anything longer than a telegraph dis patch! But I will take it and send it to my brother, who i* a minister in the country." The public like a short article, when it is a condensation. This introduces a second idea. An article to be printed should absolutely have something in it. If professed argument, it should be conclusive; if pathetic, it should moisten the eyes; if an anecdote, it should have a sharp point; if philosophy, it should go to the primi tive rock; if practical, it should go like an arrow to its work; if spiritual, it should awe the soul that reads it. A good newspaper style is not as easy as it seems ItsScylla lies on the side uf attempt ing a popular manner, and succeeded only in being more familiar than a man ought to be at his own table, or degenerating into slang, or become very childish its Charyb idis yawns for those who, ehunning Scylla, are determined to have real thougnt, pith, and value in their writing, and so become too learned, or profound, or imaginative, or phil osophical for any but scholars or highly culti vated people.?American Presbyterian. Health and Weaxher at New Orleans. Death during the week ending 10th, 126 No yellow fever. A genuine frost,?the first of the season,?made its appearance on the morn ing of the 9th. m ^^THIS OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED on THURSDAY next, (Thanksgiving Day.) It Is expected that bills and notes falling due on that day will be paid on Wednesday, the HHh instant. SWEENY, R1TTKNHOUSE, FANT & CO. nov l#-<t WASHINGTON CITY SAVINGS BANK, November 1S?1Sj0 ?This Bank will not be cpen for business on THURSDAY, the 20th Instant. (Thanksgiving Day ) Persons bhvlng notes maturing on that day will please attend to them previously. lt? LEWIS JOHNSON, Treasurer. va/MWONiC?THERE WILL BE A special meeting of St Joha's Lodge No *i^^ll, at Masonic Hall, at 7 o'clock THIS EVENING, to make arrangements forthefum of our la*e brother, Tobias Martin. A full attendance is earnestly requested. By order of the W. M. Jit Td. H. BA1RD. Jg. Sec. t-S^THE BIBLE CLASS UNDER THE ?Cflb direction of T U. Walter, Esq , will hold its first meeting at the Rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association. TO-NIGHT. The subject for consideration will be " 1 he Creation." The members and young men gent rally are invi ted toattend. It* UNITED SONS OF LIBERTY JUNIOR DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIA TION OF GEORGETOWN ?The members of this Association are requested to meet on Frede rick, between Prospect and First streets, Novem ber the 10th at 7 >, o'clock Business of the great est importance will be laid before the association, and every member Is request* d to be present. G. M GARRETT, President nov I8-2t? J. V. COLLINS, Sect fc^s,THE MEMBERS OF THE STAR CLUB take great pleasure In announc ing to the citizen* of Washington, that they will give their First Gr?nd Cotillon Party on MON DAY, November 24th, at Thorn's Building, on Seventh street, next to Odd Fellows' Hall. N. B?a Prize King will be pre?ented to the President of the Club which sells tbe most tick ?is. By order of noT li-TWSAM* THE COMMITTEE. NOTICE.?OUR OFFICE WILL be closed ob THURSDAY, the 90tb In stant Pereons having business with us on that dsv pleate attend to It the day previous nov 17-31 crdbb BROTHERS. ?HA HA?! HA " ? ffiy SOT FK JOLLY ' The First Grand Annul Bail or ran JOLLY CLDB. Ul MONDAY EVENING, December 9th, At the Washington Assembly Room* Particulars In future* advert isement no* 17-3te FESTIVAL -THE LADIES OF ?C2^the Mite Society attached to Wesley Chapel will hold a Festival at Odd Fellows' Hall. 7th street, commencing on MONl>AY, No vember 17th, the funds to be applied to the payment of the debt for the rebuilding of the Church. There wLli be an abundance of Refresh ments of all kinds, and numerous useful and Fancy Articles for sale at reasonable prices. Their friends are cordially Invited to visit them during the continuance of the festival. nov l7-3w NOTICE ?A CONCERT WILL BE given by the young ladies of the Third District school, (Miss Mlrlck's) on THANKS GIVING NIGHT, at Odd Fellows' Hall, near the Navy Yard. Admittance S3 cents Omni buses leaving 6th street west will take persons to the Hall, and leave the Hall at the close of the concert The exerclee3 to commence at 7 o'clock nov 17-3t *-2ft?THE LADIES FAIR AT ISLAND Hall is still going on. and will continue until THURSDAY EVENING, tbe*>th. wblch will be the last night we propose holding it. Thus far we have met with pretty good success, and hope our friends will continue to ffcvor us with their presence and patronage The Fair room present an attractive appearance, and cannot tell to afi'jrd every one with an evening of pleasant en tertainment We have on hand a ireet many articles both useful and ornamental, which will be sold at moderate prices. The rojm will be opened each evening at 2 o'clock for the benefit oj those who ma? not want to attend at night, and we Invite esperlally the ladles to call and see our stock of needle work ,chlldrens clothes, fte.,which must be disposed of at some price. nov 17-lte UNION BUILDING ASSOCIATION An election for Officers and Directors of the Union Building Association of Georgetown will be held at the uouncll Cbamber.on THURS DAY next, -'Oth instant. The polls will be open ed at four and closed at six o'clock p. m. The third annual meeting of said association will be held at 7 o'clock p m , of the same dny, and at the same place, when a detailed report of the operations of the as?K iatlon will be present ed. Members are reques'ed to be present. The Secretary and Treasurer will be In attendance at 8 o'clock to receive dues of members. nov 17 3t THUS JEWELL, Sec. SCOTT GUARDS, ATTENTION.?YOU i are hereby requested to attend a meeetlng of the Company, to be held at the Armorv, on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, Novtm 19th, 195?. at 7)f o'clock. Punctual attend ance Is earnestly requested, as business cf great importance will be laid before the meeting. Every member is expected to be prerent nov 15 4t? BY ORDER. ^NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER bee* leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and QUERNSWARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from 15 to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th stc^ets Je Mm JOHN McDEVlTT TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND OTHERS?FOR RENT?A Brlek Hon e with elzht rooms handsomely furnished Apply at *71 H street, near lQth. nov IE-4t JOHN H. NcCUTCHEN, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Has removed hi* office and resi dence to No. 24 Missouri avenue, between 4# and ?tb street. nov 18-lm* Dr. skin skips school for thr Deaf and Dumb and Blind, G stree', be tween 20th and Jlst streets, south side Friday afternoon Is set spart for the reception of visitors nov lB-2w* LO*T ?ON SATURDAY MORN1NS, THE 15th instant, between 15tn street and Soth. on 6, a BREASTPIN In tbe formrf a Cross.'f dark hair, tipped with gold Toe finder will be suita bly rewarded by leaving It at the Star office. It* AlARU?ALL PERSONS HAVING bought goods at the sale of M'ssrs T (islll gan tc Co , under Browns1 Hotel, will ple<i?e call and get them to morrow. WALL, BARNARD fc CO , novl8-2t Auctioneers. with his cattle, onthe^th Inst g ^JAME TO THE SUBSCRIBE* S PKEYI. a BROWN STEER, which the owner ms can have by proving property, and ing charges. J PRATHtR nov 18-5t Corner of N and 3d sts. nortn. M. J. RNOWLES, NO 133 SEVENTH STREET, between G and H, west side, has just received a lot of DRESS TRIMMINGS, such as Fringee. Vel vtts, Plush, Blugle and Buttons of ad kinds Bracelets. Breast Pins, Necklaces. Shawl Pins, Brushes, Combs, Soaps, Perfumeries, Ac. nov 18-3t* Black tea?another lot of our standard BLACK TEA is now being received. This T#>a b^ars a reputation unsurpassed by any ever ottered in this city. Price 50 cents per pound We h&ve also, a variety cf lower grades of Teas, and at much lower prices. KING ft. BURCHELL. nov IS cor. Vermont avenue and 15th si. Notice?the undersigned, being the Sole Agent of tbe Government Printer for the disposition of all wast.', dameired, cr surplus Papers emanating from the Government printing ottices and, 1 hereby caution all persons from purchasing *uoh from any one else, as upon any further knowledge of such fact, such persons (buyer an I sellers) shall !>e prosecuted to the full extent of the law All such papers as damaged, (white and printed,) ? rplus documents, wrap pers, Ac , can be found at my store on D street, near 7th, the only authorized place for the sale of them. EDWARD TOWERS, no* lti- lw Agent Notice is hereby uiven to all tradesmen in tbis cltv w;<o have been In the habit of purchasing waste or other Papers from employees or ethers connected with either the Senate or House printing ottl<es, that If h?reaft**r any such purchases are made from any party other than Edward Towkks, who Is the sole agent thersfor, the parties so purchasing will be prosecuted to tbe extent of the law nov l?-lw C. WENDELL. PENMANSHIP, AND UOOK-KEEPINO BY DOUBLE ENTRY. T1HE undersigned RESPECTFULLY announces to the citizens of Washington, that he will give Instructions in the above branch es Persons wlshirg to acquire a thorough knowledge of the Science of Accounts, aid a beautiful style of Plain, Practical, and Ornamen tal W ritlng, win pleare inakcimmedla'eappllra tlon at his rooms at No 4vJ> street, between G ard H streets, west side. Open from 5 to 9 o'clock p in. Terms molcra'e, and satisf. c l >n guaran teed C. ARMOR, nov 18 3t* BOOT, SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISH ME1T. N MY ESTABLISHMENTMAY BE POUND at all times the largest stock In this city of every style and quality of Ladles', Gentlemens', Boys', Mis-es, Chlldrens' and Servant's BOOTS and SHOES; also, TRUNKS, CARPET BAGS, VALISES, SATCHELS. Ac. My stock of Fall and Winter Ware, recently selected from the most celebiated manufacturers, Is veiy superior 1 promise to offer unusual inducements, and re spectfully solicit all In want of the above to call and examine my stock before purchasing else where Call at S P HOOVER'S, nov 18 Pa av , bet 9th and 10th streets. RATIONAL RESTAURANT, No. C31 E slrttt, 3 doors rati of ikt Aat tonal Theatr*. THE ABOVE establishment WILL 1 be opened THIS AFTERNOON, at 5^. o'clock The subscriber ha* spared no ex pen?e in refitting this house, and adding JRJL thereto all the modern improvements necetmrv to render it an agreeable rsscrt. His eating depart ment will comprise all luxuries in their season, a id id a'e ready at the shortest notice ? His bar s if.II not be surpassed in choice Llq-orsjof every variety, with the beet brands of Segars, Tobacco, tc Families supplied with choice OYSTERS at all hours, either cooked or otherwise Suppers or other meals furnished as requlnd, at this estab U?hment, or sent to penons *t their rooms. It Is the purpose cf the subscriber to aeep a house every way woithy cf public patronage lt? J. W. JORDQN. FIR BOSTON?THE PACKET BRIG Ann Elisabeth Taylor has arrived, and will have quick dispatch for the above' I port. For freight apply to HARTLEY A URu , Agents, 101 Water street, Georgetown, nov 17 Found.?on Saturday morninb last, near the Centre Market, a BAG, with money and a memorandum of articles In It, which the owner can have by calling at the ottce^if the Star, describing the proper y, and jeying ftr this advertisement. nov 17-tf NOTICE.?DR J. B. GIBBS WILL BR absent from the city, on buslnees, until about the.lKfc November oc M-eotf NATIONAL TUEA THi:. Second sight of tfcr vmng Am ric?s Tragedian, MR. RDWIN BOUTH. THIS EY KN INK, Will be presented Bnlwer'a great |ve art pU of KKHILIKl. Cardinal Rlcheller Mr E Booth r?oppo ted by the excellent <?mp*n\ from Holll day street Theatre, Baltimore ) Fancy L'att MIm H'la Warren To oonciude with THE ?W_?^OTTAOR THE NAIAD <JUEEN lain active preparation. Box office open from W to 4 H o'clock, whea Ma t can be aecured Doors open atSVi Opera oomroeno* at . SECOND CHI AND BALL or TBS BOONE CLUB, AT WASHl SdTON ASSEMBLY R OOHS, On Tl fclUAT iV*!<ll??, Nov. The members of the boone club take great pleaaure In announcing t?tketr friends and the public generally itaat tbelr Second Gr<:nd Ball will be given at the ASHEN BI.Y ROOMS, on TUESDAY EVENING, November 23. 185* The member* of the Clnb pledge themselves that neither palna or eipenve will be spared to make thl* one of tbe beat Balla of the season Scott'a Hand haa been engaged for tbe ocesaloa The Refreshment deportment haa been placed In the hand* of *nperlor caterer TicketaONE DOLLAR; admitting a gentle man and ladle* Poaltlvely no hat* or cana allowed la tbe Ball Room, except thooe worn by member* o' the re apectlve Cluba Ccmmitttf of Arrangt mintt. S eood, R L Martin, J.Scott, A Bridget. nov 18-dtb A NEW PIANO FORTE CLASS will commence at the Academy of Muair, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, November 1Mb l.T" The pnplla of thl* o;a?*. and all person* Intending to join, are requested to meet at Tie# O'Cloel, precisely novir at? W HP.NRY PALMER AN EVENING ( LAM lor the study of HARMONY AND THOKOt *H BASS, ?111 nlao abortly commence Application* from l.adlee or Gentlemen to be made immedlatelr Tbla class will receive bf th ladle* and gentlemen nov 17-tft* W HENRY PA1.MKK. GRAND BALL. THE MARION RIFLM TARE RQCI pleaaure In announcing to their frlenda. both military and civic, fbet their Second Annual Ball will take place at Timpixak * Hall on MON DAY. tkeX4tk Instant. Such arrangement* have been made that will guarantee to a'I who may honor them with their present e a happy, pleasant and agreeable tl i e Tbe committee having been dlaappolnted la receiving tbetr ladle*' Invitation card*, and It b'lng too late to procure othera suitable for the occasion, they wl.l therefore be dl*penaed with The commlttce. in the abaerce of special Invlta tions, will however extend a cordial welcome to all their lady frlenda Supper will be furnished by an experienced person The Ball will le opened at 9 o'clock with a Grand Promenade, the full band of Prof Eaputa performing at thettmethe Marlon s Grand March, compo*ed expre**lv for thla occasion Commute* of Arrcngtmint Capt P M Shekell, :*erg't Wm H II Jones, LltutCPSwoe, Serg't Jaa Sbeehan, Private M Murphy, Serg't Jaa L Foxwall, Private Thot. Baker, Private Geo Beal. Private S B Spenc*r, Private Jaa Handley nov 17 44 ft AND ANNI AL BALL or THE Anacoetia Fire Company, No. 1. THE MEMBERS OF THE ANACOST1A Fire Com par. v take greet pleasure in announe Ins to their friend* and thepuh'te in general, that they will give a Ball on THANK GIVING KVE, November 1WS, at ANACOSTIA HALL, Navy Yard The commute# piedge tbemse'.vr* to m*Veth1* one of tbe moat agreeable Balla of ?be Seeaon. as no pains have been spared to make t' so In regard to entertainment and order. Committee of Invitation and R'ajfon. Chaa Sander.-on, James Harrioon, Wm Dobblna, Alex Eaton George Storm, nov 1* It Wants. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPEC ^ table Man a* Market Bardener Ha* bads* re experience In the buMnesa. Can give good rc? ommendatlona. Address Box No 10. at thla of ? flee nov lS-Si* WANTED?A YOUNG LADY AS SALE? , wrman One acquainted with tke bualnes* preferred Inquire at GEO H. CASHlA A CO '8 Fancy Store, 814 Penn avenue, between 10th and I lib btreets. nov lb WANTFD?BY A RESPECTABLE LADY, a situation in a gentleman'a family na 5s earn aires*. or Housekeeper. Would rot "objtct to a Bcardl'gSchool e.a Matron A note addressed to Y. O. U ,Star office, on Tue day or Wednesday, W'll be promptly attended to nov !;.?? rffUVO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO 1 dated with Table Board in a genteel famllv, near tbe Treasury Department. Inquire at this office, Box 11. WANTED ?A Cook and Chambermaid Also, a Coy, 18 to I- vrera of age, aa Walter, (Colored.) None need apply but tfco.-e capable Liberal wages will be given. Inquire a* above, nov 17 lw* Bricklayers wanted ?at the Capitol Extension, south wing, 10 or 12 good workmen, to lay bricks in ccilars M C. MEIGS, uov 15 it Capt-dn of Engineer-. Assistant bar.keeper and KITCHEN BOY WANTED.?The Bar k-eper must be qualified as waiter and oyater aliuiker, and to attend dinners out and In my Sa loon when required. Also, wanted a Kitchen Boy, who muat te cleanly. Apply to tbe adver tiser promptly JOS BOULANGKR, Near War and Navr Department nov 14-4t (Intel A Union) WANTED TO HIRE.?A COLORED GIRL for Nurae Slave preferred. Call on J ROBINSON ,34? Penn. avenue,opposite Browns' Hotel. rov lt-tf WANTED?A COACHMAN WHO l!N derstands hUbuMne?s th.iroi^hly, and can furniah the best recommendations A colored man preferred, who can reed writing Apr'vat kia office nov 10-tf WAN TED ?WANTED ?WANTED?TO And persona in want of the foUowlng ar tides: French or Sennan Looking Slai-ea Portrait or Picture Frame*, round, oval or s<aar? Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, in bronxe or g? Id All kind a of Pictures framed, and anv fine Looking Glasses, or other work in tke gliding line done to order wltk dispatch. Also, a lot of caat-iron Bracketts. auluble for shelving, Ac., on hand. Teams moderate to acl the times, for cash. NB?Old Work ReffUt.and Looking SUaa nates inserted. 885 Penan, avenae, opposite Klrkwood Bonae. "" 118 JOHN WABNER. Boarding. Boarding?two furnished khom?. with Board, can be obtained at No !.'?? B'"h street, west aide, between E and F streeta. nov 16. :r* Boarding -mrs ester moffett can accommodate two gentlemen and tbclr wives, or single gentlemen with Board st jOi "th street, oppoalte Odd Fellow* Hall Her rocm? are comfortable, with 8re-places in most of them. Tranatent and table boarder a can also be accom modated nov lb-eotf Anew boarding-house.?mrs c. reynolds baa taken tUe well known com modious boarding-house on the southeast corncr of Pennaylvania avenue and 4 % atrert which I" being entirely reltted and furnished. She is* room* for rent (at diOerent prloes according to their location,) with or without board. All de siring arch accommodations will do well to call before 1< eating themselves elsewhere nov 9 tl f>OARl>, AC?MRSBATES, ON THES W JLf corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Wh street la prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to reader tboae comforiable who may fkver her with their patronage. Tmaslent or table beard oan be obtained ap 8-tl BBOOEt' PRIZE8POOLCOTTON. .DOZEN BROOKS PRIXB MEDAL Spool CXton mr i received, and for ante by W EG AN 4 son, 323 south dela.av. i it. ^ th and 7tk au ?ev 17-Jt tlnlelj 1000