Newspaper of Evening Star, November 18, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 18, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. Job PmiaTina.? Our patrons and the public are reminded that we are prepared to have their orders for Job Printing of every deecrip* lion executed at th? shortest notice, for the lowest prices and in the beat and most satis factory manner. All wanting suoh work done cannot do better than to apply direotly at the counter of the office. LOCAL INTELLiaENC'3^' j Boarp or Aldkexbs.?The Board met at the usual hour last hight; the President in the chair A communication was received from the Mayor in aoewer to the resolutions of inquiry in relation to tax sales, passed at the last meetirg of the Board, and published in the btar The oommanication is as follows . " GfHtl*mrn There is no data in this office which will enable me to answer your resolu tion of tbo 10th inst , in whieh you ask ? whether the last nnd any previous adver tisement for sale of lots for taxes due and un paid thereon lots were advertised on whioh the taxes had been paid previous to said ad vertisement, and if any were so advertised, the number of lines used therefor and the coat of advertising the same.' I have therefore sought the information desired from such sources as I thought were reliable*; and I en closed jour resolution in a letter to the present tax collector, asking him to answer the ques tions it contained. A copy of his answer I herewith transmit you, by whioh you will per ceive that !ota were advertised for sale on which the taxea bad been paid, but as no record of them was kept, he is unable to fur oish you with the information you seek. I also ?addressed a letter to Messrs. Andrew Roth well and R. J. Koche, formerly Tax Collec tors. enclosing to each a copy of your resolu tions, and asking from them the information ycu desired as to the previous tax sales, and al?o a? to the person who had always paid the expense of such erroneous advertisement, and I enclose you a copy of their answers, from which you will learn that the cases upon which property was odvortised after the taxes had been paid were veiy rare, and 'could rnly occur in consequence of errors in the ol fice* of the Collector, and that whenever they did oocur 4 no claim for payment for such ad vertising was at any time made either upon the owner of the property or upon the Corpo ration, the cost being paid by the Collector.' '?The information requested in your resolu tion of the same date, on the subject of taxes, will be furnished you with great pleasure as soon is it can be collected ; but as it will in volve considerable labor it will bo some time before it can bo transmitted to you " On motion of Mr. Miller, the communica tion and accompanying papers were referred to the finance oomiuittee, and ordered to be printed. Bill providing for conveying gas to the Northern Liberties market was pasted. Als >, bills for the relief of B L and W B. Jack son; of George Miller: of John W Fitihugh ; hill for taking up and relaying gutter on Eleventh street, from the corncr of D to the corner of E streets, in the Second W ard ; and bill for the relief of Martin Bosse. Resolutions in reply to the addrest of the people of Wakefield, Eagland, were adopted and ordered to bo transmitted to the authori ties of Wakefield. Bill to grade First street east, from B to D streets south, was pa>sed. An invitation tendered to the Board to at tend the funeral of the late General John II Eaton was accepted, on motion of Mr. Millar. Mr. Smith oa'led up the speoial order, the bill regulating the inspection of lumber, but withdrew the oall temporarily, when? Mr. Miller effered a resolution appointing a special committee, consisting of one member from each ward, to enquire into the expedi ency of remodeling tao Fire Department The resolution was adopted, and the Chair appointed Messrs Miller, Rigga. Tretler, Moore, Busey, Kuff and Smith on this com mittee Mr. Smith, addressing the B?ard upon the special order, said the present law regulating tne inspection of lumber was inoperative and detective, and the sooner it was got rid of the batter. Lumber brought to this market almost invariably fell short of the measurement f >r which it was sold. Vessels bringing lumber from Port Deposit anchor in the channel, ar^d the lumber is landed iu lighters at the yards frequently without auy infection at all. Mr. Smith explained ths material altera tions proposed by the new bill. 1* was made imperative that lumber should he inspected immediately upon its arrival in the city. The defect in the old law by which the penalties for violation of the law were divided between buyer and seller and thu' rendered inopera tive, was proposed to he remedied by fasien ing the penalty upon either buyer or seller. In the cour.-e 01 the debate which followed, and which was participated in by nearly every member of the Board, it was stated that bun dles of laths Osten-lbly sold as containing one hundred each, average onlj &0 to the bundle; also, that sellers of lumber were iu the prac tice of re sorting lumber brought to this city anl selling the medium qualitie* at a higher grade than it wa* purchased by them. Tne new bill requires that all laths shall be put up in bundles of one hundred each ; and 'hat all lumber shall oe marked agreeably to the quality. Wbilt the lumber bill wa- under considera tion, the committee of conference with the 1 w?r Board upon the appropriation bill, re turned with a recommendation that the Board of Aldermen rtoede from its amendments, via: those striking out th? appropriations for payment of the salaries of the Commissioners of the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Ward*, and the Intendant and Physician of the Asy lum A protracted debate endued upon the amendments and various points of order, after which the Board refused to recede, ani on a motion to re-eonsider, re-aflircaed that deci sion The lumber bill was then laid upon the table and made the special order f?r Monday next. Bill making an appropriation of 02 for completing the Northern Liberties Market was pawed. On motion of Mr. Busey. the nominations were taken up. 11 ugh Dougherty and Jo-eph Mitchell were rejected as police ofieers in the fifth Ward, do Joseph 11. Gill in the Seventh Ward. Joseph Z. Gill was rejected as wood, coal and bran measurer. Bill authorising curb>*t<me to be set and foot-way paved in fr,nt of market square on B street north, between Seventh and Ninth, was poased; also, bill for gravelling north Capitol street from New Jersey avenue to 0 ttreet north Bill extending First street east to C street norih, and grading the same from the north ride of B street to north side of A street, was pissed. And then the Board adjourned. Unkxpkctbd Vihit ?Yesterday, two of ferers of the fourth district police called at an ojstcr hou?e to direct the proprietor to remove a heap of shells from hi* door. They walktd in without rapping, and there was a congre gation of colored people seated at a table. The proprietor bolted, and the assembly followed ?ait, escaping by every window, door or open ing available One person was so unfortu nate as to fall into the officers' hands. Ilia name was Has ton. and Justice Morsell ordered him to pay the usual fine and costs for unlaw ful assemblages The pack of cards on the floor was regarded as significant of what had been going on. Fiaa ?About eleven o'clock, yesterday, the roof of Judge Douglas's residence oa 1 street, near New Jersey avenue, was diteoverad to be burning A tew gentlemen succeeded In extinguishing the fire by pouring buckets of water on the roof. The firemen upon their arrival, dampened the entire roof to protect it from another outbreak. The flre waaeaused by sparks from the chimney. A Baau.?Hopkins has placed in one of the windows of his magnifi;eut bazaar, a stuffed Polar bear skin, brought to this country by Dr Kane's expedition It looks as natural as life, being eutiro and in fine preservation Crowds linger on Pennsylvania avenue op I' +ite hii eitib'isbment all day, looking at it 1-s importation hither has already proved a flue cminercaid ? . . ' i sSr5s oommunioation from Dr tj: following folloiD^?,;?f to in?rl th. municationa I am daiUJIJLi o^m* ??M? psp*r,n4 S.C<""n?,n ?oor D. ?..? "'"i p H th? turnS|r ?Iwl0<?d I Mad ?ny Way yon' !hith CJL^11 Pj#M* 40 Bs? !? * * ?nink bwt for the nobi? ?r?t th" sam'! km1'' d? not 4000uct for ,?!? k?? T! tb" P?b''C Think not that I 70. JtSta?S???> ?<? ?tu.k Of a ferocious tijer ujon a lamb Sir Von! th!! m?l 2* mj- hl*h??* esteem. Oh, how h ri ^Wlm*l?a i?10 nothingness who lua horded up money by BBja8t iSSTm, ?W he has accumulated worldly nower .?i i ??! I^Ubl1ndbchildh5m th? P^f deaf an* dumb ?nd blind childron unuarod for, in comparison with one who haa sacrificed all for theui ?n i it no loss one ' them. bir. be enoouraired I u? nn_ ,? ? jour very silence it ySJr' m<JJ" JJJarfli woopon. X, i, ,ileBe, of . lMb IjJWj? Di?trictaU.h?d/ Sir' ther,e are hearti herc >n this trul i.? hV Can aS,d d0 1101 fr? motives of huewUh0^" ^ejdoand will aympa Of th? nnf 7r ? ^?Qr P,ai18 f0r th? gwd of the unfortunate. Again I say be enconr A Si .ice a a Fbiikd. It will require little more than the t0Be and arguments of the aboye Aminidab SleekTsh rrehend't'htl0D' tL*."*?,e th? P?blio to com prehend the necessity for the conduct of such an institution as the one referred to purports to be, under due guardianship and control of "wh0 h*""" coiih?"? of^^r ? 7A? ao4ien?? up 01 tne ''"<W>f the metropolis was gathered last night atthe theatre, and the greatestcu 10 3ee the 80n of thc ?uimor nik^frti1^ th*J*rt of tho hump-bucked Duke of Glostcr. Very shortly, however after i?lifUlDg th? curtain the conviction f.irced fP?itator th?t the mantle cf tho father had indeed fallen upon tho eon Ilia rendition last night of tho character of WpV?- *1 that Whil? naturo has en . hiai with ovory requisite for his nrc tefsion, he has not neglected, as too many pro-n wing actors do, to avail himself of a! I the addi tionali advantage to be gained by closc stuJv and attention to details. So young, and of sucii whinah J*>k forward to the day ^ prJwoL"aCh P"1"' '? ,.Tor"i*ht he sustains tho groat part of Car dinal Richelieu, in Bui wer's play of that name and we pre-umo that another intelligent au dience?for such this fine intellectJll pUy fionST." a td~WiU bo sathcrod at the ^ n5Sbt> effijers Stewart anl odda.d took a drunken man from the street j the guard hou^e, where he was placed for a man in Iianimoro, and had thrown h.d T ? ^?0k ; that h* LaJ eseape.J and , d. b?en ,n tho woodaior five days, ani Lcf l*? (-? th,j CitJ for the purpose of changed h? ex.,s?n8? ja the canal, but had self ui? Thff,n Je.t*rn,in6d ^U'V? him R Iw"rr n ,Jrning he was roooguisad a. Robert Howie, well known to tho police, and ??!.?!" th^th'a confession was an ingenious device to get himself acoomm Ad with a sen?\nf 1 k? B,ght Uo was^Kurei and seat home to h:s work. Put domed.?The President haa pardoned J. W. Morgan who was oonvictej in 1852 on two for SSlfiS f?: ,0r|ry' ln oou"? *nd-'"i wtonood to ao ,g friSr ^ years ?mpriaonment in the Ui* penitentiary, in which he has baen in nothiJi ^ hfC?rabrUary'18W' ^1? obtained a forgery His whole conduct hs a rei7then7fhTCrJ ,?iei?Pla'J. " I greatly s.rengtheaod the application for his discharge .J;" ~Thi? moraing, the temporary wooden ent of th. S3JJ Ca.?t Mei?3' suP<rintend ent of the Capitol extension, took fire from fica eZThtfa8 hea*^?f a ,tov? heneath tho of ' k? fl-ior and some drawings only were consumed, the walls being fire-p?oof and re spraining the fire within narrrow limits whi"h unnn eXThre'i f " Want of ulHtorial to feed upon The damage will not amount to one phcated. W| w a11 tbe drawings wero du - jB,CH "Yesterday, a search warrant was Sin fn Q!J,C* B,rch and directed to Officer ' to search for a large quantity of drv goods, stolen from the store of R W Carter and supposed to be concealed in a house in the beventn Ward. The premises were care fully searched by the officcr, lut no goods could be found. The goods lost are valued at several hundred dollars. ScrrosKD Fcgitivjs.?A colored man, ev idently from the country, was arrested this morning, having in his possession a h ?rso and harness which he offered to sell for fifty dol> lara, and afterwards for twonty-five dollars Hi- oonduct excited suspicion, and he was ar rested as a fugitive by Officers May and Dcgrges and committed to jail by Justice <loddard. Sbllimo bv Samples. ? At thi? season many dealers from the North como to W;isbicgt<>u to dispose of go^ds by samples It would be well for them to look at section eleven of the '? Act to license, tax and regulate wholesale and retail dealers " The attention of tho police officers haj been directed to thoso deal era. ?? Tubowihg Stoses.?Yesterday, several lads were arrested for throwing stones at the resi dence of Caroline Sanderson in the Second Ward. After a hearing before Justice Stevens, F Proctor w.:? fined $1 and oosts, and Charles Newby. Lewis Donoho and Walter liutler fined S3 aud costs, each. AsaatLT asd Cattkbv.?Wm. Bruce, col ored, was arrested yesterday by Officer Mit chell, for assaulting and beating Isaas Green. He was taken before Ju.-tice Williams, who held him to bail for trial at the Criminal Court. Tib Good Will Club are proceeding spirit edly with the preparations for their ball to morrow night. We aro informed by a mem ber of the Club that this is the third ball in stead of the first held by them at Carusi'a Saloon. Watcu Rbtubss.?Ann Smith, colored, dis orderly ; workhouio 30 days. Robert Howie, drunk; dismissed. [[7*Vf he Is Hestetter ' ? What Dyspeptic ? u-1 nvrTuiMlj unttronj Invalid Ui?t e??r triad bU c?l? br?Ml Sl?a<cli Bittern, btita.u r?ply wlUiplensare. In all raiuttuc/.TolplUtluD, PrvtUatl ju, gi w.l ratl(n?, Ooort'patloD, I>7*p*p?fk. Pbye1c?l ?oi H?dUJ Inc. fclttt/, li I* aurprtalns Uow KXiU Um, ?t!rfit find* rrlltf They rnrraci th* ?|>p4tlt?. Id.part tone to the ajatein, f.<rc? oS t'.? bile aud inpure a?-Tetioua, re(ulate the bovc-li, (he u* atreugth "t bo-lj and rljcr ot n>lu<1. No Iomlly cai. aft r4 tn te wtlliuil Hf ?t?tt?r> Sti.wa- h Blttera. hiM In ,uart I t'.iee by all Hotel*, UiuMri, *? No ?i>t1t|otial tplrita re jairol no* IS?lw ir^Tlit Electric Oil la attracting the at tvnttoa < f tin- artaatiiic a* well ?* (Ua maaata, on arovn t of the marvaloaa fui-? It u>ake?. All palna are re'it'.ved a> 1 y bi?<I . atM unlike *11 other oil*, thl* " Klei'trlc OH" U pi. ?? aat to take, ?n4 ? ul not Irrlt <te th* iklli of an Infant, anj <5o*a not aaell ba V C .nje an I **??, O y* Hhe>iaattr. ?>>m" aad (?*. ye eu;r*rlug aa<t dyli?. lu twenty mluute* yoti ?I. all baee relief and a i?ruiautbt cute (itraLtw I. F-jr eale by CHAS. STJTT. bov. 1j?lw \rr liapertant te the La4isi!-l)r, l>u ruSitXi'S n.UALU c-tuillnatiou of lD?r*<1l ?oH la U>* Pill* are porte'Uy harUile*e. Their elTrary ani aerlta are haard apoo au rxteualva practice of over thirty yeaia, aod, wl.?i? th* direction* b?v* haen etrr tly fol | ,w?l,lbay Lave urvar failed to oorrart all Irracnlarltlea, rellet* paluful and llClcult u?u<trua|^u IpartU ulatly,) at U>* ^baa?e of life. They will car* the Wblt-e, and remove all ?i>atraction* arlaljg frun oel4, eipotirt or any raaau; and Bity he need ?acc***fuliy aa a frevauUea. UaU apun the affant, aud <et a f.lrcn'ar for part|c?lar> frea. Prloa SI par b?>, with fall dlr-ctloaa. Hold wholaaaia and ratoll ty CBAB. (iTOTT, i>ru?fUt, PeaaayWaiita arenae, gliriL a WAITS, SIS Haveulb i'.r*at, Waal, lug ton, D. 0 ; a il a. a. T. CI^SKL, Uaorge^vn; t<> whom all order* ataat be MUV aud the Pill* will b? **ol conSd*ntfally, by mall, to l?1lea who encluae them one dollar. N a ?oae aUnatai* on Ute h?*i lotoitUrMlltlator uy )??-? 11^ Watchee. Jewelry and Mirer Ware. I U.v* to* oa bead a -?ll atoek tt th* n?"~? faablonab'e ?tylea of rich ???ld Jewelry, alao, a Urx* a**ortm*ut of *ery eaperlor kuM and .liver Wat- lie* 1 aut al*o uanaUrttriaK (Hi my >1*11 ah p) every variety of tl.lver Ware, tueli a* Ivoubo P-.rk*. r*dle*; cake aud pla Itnlvaa; a?lt, tLU*?ir.1 aud olive opuuiia; Vapklii KIok*, Plt<A?f<, T*a fill**, S* , frain ?aid *trrllug *4ver. which I will ?lfci lor aal* atlo*??r ra*?j than g<juda of the aatu* quality have aver l?*ao aold for lu Iht* city, at Mo. *?a Peuuay Ivaala av*au*, near Mfc *wea?, H O. HOOB.J a?gu of th* larf* apread M|*?. o? as?W ITT A ireik nyply af FrMtr'i pare Ctd Liver Oil, Jnst reo?4*e<t. Ahm, Turkish Mid American Bath Tnwtl" of ? very superior bind, for ??)? at PYftON'S. Ml PeonaylTScU arenas, romer Twelfth HrM. hoi li-lw tir ' IImi'i Hair Dye?Prlas IIHal AW A RI>in ? This valuable preparation, after Selngsubmlt M to the severest twt kf tl.r jndsa* kr tb* polttan Mechanic's Institute, at their late fair In thtaclty, re ceived ihe til ver neIal, which places It, bey?nd doubt, ahead of ?11 Hair Oyes sow before the pnblie. tele* Increasing dalljr. Z. D. aiLMAN, Proprietor, *W> Pennsylvaniaavenue, no* 14?lw r^Aitnlihini Cire vith talr n? Bst TLK?Joe B Hall A Co., says: P?b?#i Isms, Aroostook Oo.,Me , April M, 1864. " We herewith lend you a certificate of a cure performed by the nee of onljr one bottle of the Oerman Bitters; we think Mr Clark to be a tnan of veracity, and have no dtsbtof the truth of hU atory Messrs. Joe. B. Hall A Oo.?Oentlemen ? Id answerto yonr Inquiries, I will xtate that niy daughter, *#ed about 16 year*. hae b*?n complalnlug of a pain In ber side for six or seven yetrs, end about the flrof January last, was taken itn?n and rnBfln'd to k*r bed. The pain In ber side w\* very se vere, besides betas trosbled with pains between her shooMsi ? and lu lier breast. Kiom readinjt a uumler of cures pei formed by "HoofUud's U'.-rmau Bittern," I was Induced to try It In her case, and sent to your store and purchased one bottle. Sbe bad taken It bat a few days when she le|t?? to Improve, and now, after taking only one lK>Ule,she is enjoy - lug better health than she has for yea*f. She feels no pain In her side or lu any part of her body, and attributes her cure entirely to the Oermsa Bitters. Salmon Brook, Aroostook Oo., Me. WM. CLARK. See advertlassMut. Sapl-Sair }pr0r?MrB'i Brsachlal Trscbes.?" We have fnund tuem of great service In allay 1u? Bronchial Irrita tion, and in sultdulug Hoarseness produced by Col.1i, and do our clerical brethron a real favor In calling their atleutloii to them."?Zloo'a Hurald. " We commend them to the at tention of public speakers, singers, and others who are troubled with sHk Uous of the Throat."?Christian Watch man. " for Coughs. Asthma, Ac., we cheerfully hear testi mony from p-rsoeal knowledge to their efficacy."? Halloa's Pictorial. " They are a simple snd elegant form f?r admin istering, In combination, several medicinal snbetancee held in gen? ral rrteem attune Physician* tu the treatment of Bronchial affections. - Dr. O. K. Blgelow. Cuntainiug no oplnra or deleterious drugs, these Lozenges can he used ireely by public apeakers and vocalists for clearing and giving strength to the voice, gold by all Drngglsta. Oct 15-tf JUIKs N. CALLAN, Agent. MARRIED, On the flth inUant, by tlie Rev. Father B'lrna, DANIEL HANNAN, of Ualsiraore, to CATHA RINE C. MORRIS, of this city. On the '6th Instant, by the Rev O. W.Samson, Mr WM. STARR to Miss JANE KbECX.both of Washington. In Philadelphia, on the <?:h Instant, by the Rsv. D. Furne?s, Capt JOSIAH WATSON, U * Marine Corps toABBlE FRANCES, daughter of Warren Murdoch, Esq of that city DIJCV. On the 17th Instant, of disease of the heart, TOBIA8 MARTIN, of the War I'epartmen!, a native of Cornwall, England. LFloi!da papers please copy ) * in Grsnadt on the 12th of October, C, CLEM KNT ? ENABLE, of this city, aged 24 year* and 3 days On the 15th Instant, In the 79th year of hi* age, Mr JOSEPH BRtiOKS, of Georgetown, D w. on t >e 11th Instant, JOHN CLAX rON, eldest son rf Richard W and Catharine Ann Claxtoa, aged 20 years and 7 montha For Sale and Rent. TO LET.?THE TWO NEW HOUSES ON Pierce street, between North Capitol and l>t street, within a square of the new Congressional Printing office To a good and punctual tenant the rent will be made low. For terms apply to CHARLES THOMA, opposite the premises. nov lb-tf F~ OR RENT.?A PORTION OF A LARGE Dwelling, with gas fixtures, cistern, contain ing Imnt ahd back parlor*.k tchen and basement, Ac., oa the flret fioor, and one room up ettirs, on \h street, opposite CUy Hall, No 349 Rent moderate Inquire of T. GLICK, Penu avenue belWtei 4X a\d 6th street, No 422 nov l8-'j F'OR RENT?THREE LARUE iVELI, flnhh'd Koym", with Gas Fixtures Apply on the premises to ALEX. RUTHERFORl), Marble * ard, opposite National Theatre, nov 18co2w Restaurant for rent ?the good WILL, STOOK, AND FIXTURES FOR SALE ?The proprietor wishing to engage la an other branch cf bu3lnes?, offers a bargain in the above mentioned pro-erty Persons In want of a ptand for the Restuurant business wlllflod this one of the best in the city For further par ticulars Inquire on the premise*, No 171 P?nn. avenue, north side ncvlS ;>:? For rent?a neat two story and attic Frame House, with ba'k building, situ ated on Pith street, between K and L, containing ten Rooms It Is occupied at preasent by a lady who will show the premises to aay one who may wish to see them For further particulars Inquire of T B GRIFFIN, Penn avenue,|No 314 Pos session giver. 1st Peceraber. r.ov 17-3t* 4 FURNISHED ROOM WITH BOARD. 2a. at No. 512 12th street, near the Kirkwoo<l House, suitable for a gentleman and his v. if*;, niv 15 3t* Pj^UKNiSHEB ROOMS FOR RKNT ?EN quire on the premises, No Pennsylvania avenue, between ?th and 10th streets, south side, nov 15-tf For rent.?a handsome and con venicnt House, situated on the south side <>f G street, two doors above 21st. Also, a large ar.d commodious Houne situated on the corner of G ai>d 22d streets, which will be rented at a very low rent. Persons wishing to sec the above bou ses can da so by calling at No. 138 G street, above 21st nov 15-3t* rpWO FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS FOR 1 HALE?Houses No 4* and 50 l.oul- ianaave nne, between 6th and 7th street* Tbe location it a desirable one and offers a rare chance for a good Investment Terms ea?y App'.yto E K. LUN DV. No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown, or No 48 Louisiana avenue, Washington nov 14 -tf FOR RENT?A NEAT FRAME MOUSE, papered throughout, and containing 6 small Riw ms exclusive of kitchen The house is situ ated in a quiet, healthy neighborhood. Posses sion given the 1st of December, r'or terms apply on the premises, No 32!> 9th street, or to J M A RKk ITER, next to Odd Fellows' >' all 7th s rett. nov 13 6t* For rent or lease? dwelling House uorth side Penn. avenue, between !?th and Uitb btreets Or.e of the finest locations In the city for profef?ional or business men. To a punctual tenan'. the rent will be rr.odfrate Ap ply on the premises to G EO 11 B WHITE A CO., or to CHAS. H LANE, Gent* Furnishing Store, 421 Penn. avenue, near 4# btreet nov 12 Real estate in the west for sale Persons wishing to purchase Real Estate In or near St Paul, in Minnesota Territory, or In or near Superior City, In Wisconsin, will do well to call at :Ue Kirkwuod Hou eon ALLEN PlEltSE, of Minnesota. nov 7 tf FURNISHED KOOMS FOR RENT -MRS. G. Anderson has for resit a ia?ge and band some Par or, wi:h several Chambers, suitable for the aeeommodallon c f live or six .-{ontlemen. A ican se'va-it will be kept in attendaftee. Apply two doors from the Klrkwoed House, Pennsylva nia avenue. IriOR RENT?THAT LARGE AND AIRY House on Penn avenue, between flth ar.d 7th streets, over A. Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first class Boarding-House It Is now undergoing a complete repair Possession given imrtiedlately Inquire of A. HOOVER A SON, south s de of Penn avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. oc 30-tf jV>R SALE?THE BOW I 1NG SALOON, on D street, between 8th and Dth strict. This f Is a "ood chance to clear ?3,000 a year Apply at the saloon ncv 15 eo2w Large room for rent?the Third story cf the House No 51*, on 7th street, two doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall The Room ls?5 by 60 feet. Inquire of P. H. SI MS. first story, nov 15 ec3t A RARE CHANCE TO SECURE A FIRST RAT K BUSINESS AND BUSINESS STAND ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ? The proprietor of a first class Restaurant on Penn sylvania avenue In a central location, being about to engage In other pursuits otters for sa e his stand with a lease-hold, having eleven years to run The property is calculated for any other bus ness, but is now doing a flrtt rate buslne** as Restaurant. For particulars apply toJAS C McGUlRE. Auction and Commission Merchant nov C oot* FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER IS Au thorized to sell at private ?al* a two-story and attic F ratue House and Lot, situated oti 12th street, between M and N st eets, No. 331. Also, the ad jainlrg vacant Lot Terms : One-third cash; the balance la seven instalments, at six months apart. Possession ifiven immediately. novll-eo2w? JAS T. FERRY. AFIKST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN GEORGETOWN, D C , FOR RENT ? The subscriber offers for rent ber late residence at the corner of Fayette and Fourth street*. Georgetown, lmm<dlately opposite the Convent of the Visitation This Is one of the largest and best finished houses In the District of Columbia, having all the modern Improvements contained In the first-class houses of the Northern cities. Tt?ere Is attached a large cistern In the yard, carriage-house, and stable for several hcrses A pump of the purest water in the immediate vicinity. The locality ts-hlgh and salubrious, and In a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood. Possession given Immediately. For further particulars Inquire next door to the premises, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL. oc4 * B (IT YOUR miSBllTa AT.. n?v U M?LAU0HL1N 9. AUCTION SALES. E- 8. WRIGHT; Georgetown OmoT?V,7o?.r*ow with!!? 8) in ftmt ?f th# I "hall Mil l"e t.wn'TEl 11 '*Jcta ?' a gentleman leav Hou^hTw 2 !1 J?*./* assortment of Jc * * it KhchNi fell,cts, Feather Beds, "> Store., and .i.rgelot KDW. 8 WRIGHT, Anct'r.

, By AGREEN, Auctioneer nw?nltlOOKI' AT AUCTION OB D m ? E8DAY, the 10 J? instant, at 7 o'clock BtrMi. I ^ auction room, corner of d and 7th 22f TiT^Tlot ?lNew "d feeond-haud CI*. A,?1"torlCa,'and lecellaneous Books. ????*? A ???"?. ? _ Auctioneer. A. RREKN, Auctioneer. G?.-!?.T,illJKE"OKY Bit K K HOUSE 24th^n.? L?l,al A?ctlen?On MONDAY, the a? l o-dS'n U rSL,B fronl of tbc Premies, n?. ! M k p m ? nortb P*rt ?t Lot No. In t^eel^nr.?bfr0Dtin^* feet on 13,h 'treet w#*l> feet t? ? ?!!? fnd 1 *}'***? running back 9? wh!rh wllb the imPro?^ment!?. wblch are a good three-atory Brick House,contain ro6mi Md wllle ^^*?e through the house, woodshed, Ac ,ln the laTrln^l VQe ? b*lanc? In fl, 13, and month* .for note* bestrlng lnterwt from day of locTa?fV^Twmentl0n^ PwPe'*y ?? handsomely i|*aUd on the mitw square ottht Demiao. tnlld nor 18-eoAdg A GREEN, Auct'r. firEM.TLeW1E!*'* MAUDS AND TRAV 'ng Shawls of Scotch and Hay Stato, eitra rpcel?td?al " "* "'HiiS?1' J<? no* 12 G#nU^ua FUM,ftlD? 8,?'re. u Fa. ave.,r<ar 4 gtre^t [)l?J?iwT.OF V.WLVMB,A' "^h7*7ton County, to wlt:_I htrebv c^rtifvitTV that WalterSllence,ofsald county,brought before me, the subscriber, one of the ju-tleerVthe pea'e in and for wild county, this 15th day of No ?ember, 1^56, as a stray trespassing upon his en closure a UUN MARK, about it y.-a s old, about in v??* li ?,^C wb,te foot J worktd In rarnefs; ?hod all round. Ulvt-nunder my hand ard seal this 15th dav of November, lb'/}. HENRY REAVER, J. p. IT7"Tte owner of the above described Mare Is requested to come farward, prove property, end X? K?"ideuce In Georgetown, on Uumba ton s'reet, near Mont(jomt.ry sti?#et. nor 13 8t? WALTER t?l J .EN CE OENTAE SL'KOEON. DR B F COSBY, PHNN. AVENUE Bh - tween Sixth and MreeVs r v^e.?PMCe f"rrn?r,y orcupled by Dr Van Fatten, has Just rceelv.d a vtxv ^ lirpe supply ?.f articles p?rtalr.l o to den'intrv ?nd jesMctfully Invites the public to give him a call Haying devoted his whole time to the pro f.-sMon, he is perfectly safe in declaring that ht ^1.1 give entire satisfaction In every csie The N-st prr fe -slona! refeKticce c*n be feen at his of. ?c>e- nov la tMarchvo* FI'owtK,> AMU FEATII* ^ ERS just opened at GISO II. (JAS8J. DY'S. hi oce-sors to A. Tate,3H Fecnsyl ?anla avenue. novli V ''Slf OH STOEIiN FitOtl I>1Y UOOK IJ A LA l' DOG; perfectly white, j;,sf washed c.ean Any peraou havi>i Ucg will fee suitably rrw.ird -d ty rc-hrin'nif him o my residence, on E Mrtet, U-t*e? n ^'h and 10!h s'reets. No. s?7I. n' v 13 JOS. l'ECK nommoes, back oa.hmom hoakum . *||ayiug Cards, Magic Lanterns, Grace Hoop* Bnlldirg Blocks, Boy's Tools, Ac. at KrU KrlnglesDtpot. LAMMOND, nov 15-1t 7th street. FOTATOBS. BU5DELS PRIME WHITE MER ffr POTATOES ju>t arrived on board ot schooner Sarah Jane, from Salem, and will I* wold from re^el In lots to soil prreba^ira . PETER BLRRY, nov l(l-3t* 95 \\ ater St., Georgetown. WI1TIR niLLINKKY. Jd0k MRS. M. A HILLS, HAS NOW I opened Win'er ftlillin. ry, and wlil^ /P^recelve additions dilly throughout the season Theladlesof Washirgton and strai ir crs are respectfully invited to call No VH5 Penn tylvanla avenue,south sldo, lyitwecnOthand liiih streets. nov .^ jr RKVTAKU.-RAN AWAY FROM jpa\j\r the subaerlber, on the evening of the 1st instant, a NKGRO WOMAN, belonging to the estate of Mrs. Sophia Prrrie, {deceased ) named CORNELIA DIGGS about twenty-flw vears of age, Ave feet ten Inches high, of a bright mulatto color, and is a very well made woman! I will give the above reward If taken In the PMrlct, or State of Mary kind, or ?:00 If Uikt-u a noti slav^hnidlng State, and secured #o that I can get bet agoln. G A WATERS, no*J-tf Administrator, W. A. I'HILURKNS' BONNETS. WE HAVE RECEIVED THIS MORNING a further supply of Honey Conib/*jr-r BONN E 1'!? for children, of all coIoim aiiif jfc? size* GEO II CASSiDY \ CO/fP# oc 31 Successor to A Tate, 311 Penn. aVt TO THE LAOIKS. WE HAVE JUST OPENED OCRmJif09 Ifixhloin.ble assortment of V el vet and . _'other WINTER BONNETS Also,^? a new style of Hair Dressos and Flowers just re ceived from Paris; and all other articlw In the Millinery line. O. PRIBRAM A CO., Pa ave., bet. 10th and 11th ?ts , south side ec?-lm _ MONNKTS: BONNETS ' HORNETS : WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED AN IN voice of New York BONNETS and. with our former supply, we can sfcowj as rich an assortment as can be found InL-?-. the City Please call and examine VSC* GEO H. CASSIDAY A CO oet 31 Successors to A Tate, 314 Pa av. POTATOES-POTATO F.S. JUST RECEIVED FROM THE NORTH 210 bushels of IRIs*H POTATOES of super ior quality, which I iiT;r low f >rca?b Also, ? supeilor article of fresh erround BUCKWHEAT F uOUR of superb^r quality, at prices to suit tht tlinew. CHAS T SMITH, nov 13-lw* N. W. cor. of 10th and L sts. ?^ A PAIR OF BAY LAHHIAOE HORSES AT PRIVATE BALE ?Fivr a?l sii vear? old, large size, line style, and fc-, perfectly sound and gentle. Inquire at Green's Auction Rooms, rth ft)" Washington. nov 15-eo3t* LAU1ES' nEKINO VESTS. WL HAVE NOW ON HANI) A FULL Ad sortmeiit of Ladles Merino Ves's In low ant! high necks, short and long sleeves; also, ftil-^e and Boys Merino Vestj. W. EGAN A SON, 3?3 south side Pennsylvania avenue, nov 17-3t [Intel] bet. ?:h and 7th sfs. Notice?i hereby forewarn all persons from trusting & woman n:imed AN N TYLER who has been passing In this community as my wife. She having left my bed and board, I no longer consider her as my wife, consequently 1 will pay no debts of her ??ntract!ng. his ROBERT x TYLER, (Color*!.) nov 17 3t? mark BON METS?BONNETS. A SUPERB ASSORTMENT OF THOSE delicate and beautiful adornment of^^^^ pretty faces ; those terror* of married men,ESQ and allurements of thu bachelors, rmyEpJP now be found at CASSIDY'S.314 Penn- r**> J'ylrani i avtnue, between lt?th ard 11th streets. The art of the Milliner ha? beeu ? arrled to the last point of perfection, and the lrUnite variety and beauty of the?e tarteful Head Dre?sej may well amaze even the ladles themselvos No woi - der tht dear ere lturei fall In love wiih ruchcharn ? Ing Bonnets as may be procured at CASSIDV 'S. How ere they ever to make a election from so many beauties ? Also, a large assortment of beautiful FLOWERS and FEaTHER* at very low prices nov 17 WINTER MILLINERY." MRS. M. A HILLS WILL OPEN Winter Millinery on Wednesday, November l'Jth, at No *206 Pennsyl yl^r I vanla avenue, between 9th and UKh streets. D&V0 JLa M SJTRAYtCO OR STOLEN?ON THE 10th instant, a black and white horned COW, white face, belly and legs, andA^^./^ tip of tali, one horn turning upwards~!j'L the other downwards, walks with head drooping. She Is |q good order and haa been dry about two months *5 will be given to any one who will return her to the subscriber. J NO. B McFAR LAND, novl7-3t* 11thstreet east. Navy Yard. REWARD WILL BE PAIO FOR VP** the delivery of a BAY M ARE wlth long tail and full mane,strayed away She liblind In the right eye and i as a while .spot In her forehead Thwre is also a knot on the lelt hlud leg. The above reward will be given for the delivery cf the Mare to lue on the comer of i^th and L s.reeta. A N. CLEMENTS nov 17>3t* AUCTION BALB8. THIS A FT IB !f 00 If A1TD TO-MORROW. By BARNARD * BUCKKV, Georgetown Sale by order of the orphan*' Caart?On WKDNESDAY MORNING, the 1W| last, at W o'clock, We will sell bv order from the Orphan*' Court, the personal edWta of Miss Ellxabeth Bratden, at her late residence on Fridge ?treet. south side, near Washington street. We name In part Mahogr\ny Table*, Frew Wardrobe, Cupbnrd. Book Case Bureaus. Bedsteads, Chain Stoves, \V asm lands, Mattresses Crockery, Tin and Iron Ware Books, Bed*, flllow* and Bolaters Baskets. Kolvus, Forks. Ac , fte Term*cash BARNARD A fcUCKEY, nov 13 Aaetuneera. By E. S. WH1UHT, G- -geiown. VALtiULE EAKM AMD tllAKHV Lsl<l at Auctlsn?Ou WEDNESDAY next, the UHh of November, 1836, at 14 o'clock, will be sold at I'ublic Auction, at Georgetown Market Bouse, the whole of that portion cf Rich Folnt Faun, extending from Little Falls Bridge to Mr Waggerman's Farm on the right hand side of the Lecvburg Turnpike Road, 4 mile* from Washing ton, contalulrg 70 acres more or leas About 10 acres are In the best curb and flag stone , abcut t> acres In heavy oak timber; the n?t cleared. This is one of the mo*t beiut'ful sites for a country residence round Washington. and wilibe sold ou the li*ih, wet or dry. Terms : One-third cash ; the balance In notes, at 3, 0, and 12 months.bearing Interest A deed c,f trust will be taken on the property to aecuie the payments. EDW 8. WRIGHT, nov 13- ft Auctioneer. By WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers PEHKJinOEV SALE Of NEW CAB rlnges, tingc?rs, Herkawuys, kc.t at AactUn. ?On THURSDAY MORNING, No vember 27th, at 10 o'clock, we will sell at tha Cariiage Factory of Messrs. 11,slur A Weeden, corner of Louisiana avenue and J?th street, their entire stock cf Carriages, Buggies, acd Kocka ways, which are their own make, of the best materials and workmanship, Wc name? 2 six-seat Carriages, handsomely mounted and lined, a Urst rate artlrle 2 four-seat Rockaways, li^ht end strong 1 two ao ? do, suitable for * physician 1 do FLaston, made for service In the very best manner, a beautiful article. i he sale will be positive, as Messrs Hasiup A Wteden have given up business. Terms: A credit of two, four, ar.d six months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing intere-t W ALL, BARNARD A CO., ncv Auctioneers. By JAi^. C. I'IKE, Auctioneer. C>1ALL AND HKMHABLE COUNTRY C? f?eat ? u 7th street Flank Read, near the First Tellgnte.-On Fit IDAY AFTERNOON. November 11th, at 4 o'clock, en the premises. I shall sell without reserve 3* acres of Land, front ing on 7th >trect Flank Road and the 14th street cr Georgetown road, at the ttrst Tor gate, a-.d distant about one mile frtm the city, with the improve ments, consisting of a new and comfortable Heme, containing ten room?, with maeydesla b!e conveniences for the acc mmod.ttlon of fami lies during the summer season A pump of line water at the Mtch*n door, a young orchard of choice fruit trees, a lar^e bid < i superior strawberries, together with har.d*eme shr.bbery ar.d flower",are on the place. TLe faiming Utei sllsar.d Household Fcrnlture can be had on accommodating terms. Term* : One-fourth cash ; the residue in 1, IV, and I? months, with Interest, tenured by a detd of trust on the premises n'viOd J AS. C Mc'JI'IRF, A act LU* The above saie is po?tfi?r;ed in eorse quecceof the rain until WEDNK3D A\ At I LK NOON, ct3>? o'clock. nov IT d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct By J AS. C McGUIKE, Auctioneer. Neat kkame hocse a!?m l- i on l?t street corih, brtwesu 12?h ard I3tti streets west - On WEDN*SDA\ AFTER NOON , Novt mbtr Iv??fc t lu.>rt. at 4 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No ?1, in subdi vision of Square No Art, fronting 12feet on north 31, between 12th and 13'h stree s, wi'b the Irn Erovements, consisting ?f a Two-story Frame welllrg, with ba< k bulidlng, containing in ail six rooms Immediate possession given. Terms : One-third casn ; the residue In 6 and 12 month*, with interest, satisfactorily fecured. nov 13-d JAS C McGUlRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FJKAME HOl'SE ASO LOT AND FOl'R Hsilding Lots at Au?tton ?On FRI DAY, the 11th instant, I i>hall sell, in front of the premises, at o'clock p m , west part of Lot No 2, In Square No ?96, having front of 10 feet cn -outh K, between 11th and 12th streets east, running b3ck about is3 fet*t, with side alley, wMh the Improvements, which are a good Frsiit* Houw, Ac . Ac. Als>o the balance of said Lot No. 2, which will be subdivided in lots to suit purchasers ts fli>e building l^ts Also, all of Lot No. 13. in same squa e. having a front cn pita street east, between I and K stre? ?s south, having a front of 47 feet by 97 f?et drt-p, whioh will be divided and sold In lots to siut purchasers 'Ihis Dropertv i? near the Navv Yard, and near the residence of Mrs Spicers Tcrmt: One-third cash; balance In 0, 12, 13 and 24 rr.or.ths, for notea bearing interest from day < f vile. A di ed g'ven and a d-^4 of trust taken Title indisputable. A. tiREF.N, nov 8-d (Or^-aa) Anctk-neer. IO~Thr above sale is postponed In cease. quence of the rain until FRIDAY, the 21st Inst , sail ? hour. A. tJREEN , Auctioneer. r.ov 15-ts By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. qmi'STEE'S SALE OF A CO>lFOKT 1 ship Frauir House and L?t at Aactian By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date th? eighth dny of r*eptembtr, 1*^51, and iccordcd in Lfoer J A S , No folios 21>2, Ac., one of the Isnd records of Washington county. District of Columbia, the subscriber will sell at pubMe auc tion,on the premises, cn MONDAY, the 21th day of November, 1?5*>, at 4 o'clock p in , all that piece or parcel of ground situate and being in the city of Washington, and described a* the centre or middle undivided one third part of Lot num bered eight, (8) In Square numbered four hun dred and ninny two, (ii?2) now known as Lot I*, In Bradley's subdivision of certain lots in said square, together with the buildings and improve ments belonging, consisting of a neat and conve nient frame house, two stories in height, and built In a substantial wanner. Terms: One third cash; the residue In six, twelve and eighteen montns, by notes, secured by deed *f tru t on t?e premises, and bearing In terest from the day of sale If the terin.-> are net complied with witbln live days from the day of sale, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of ?he purchaser. A. LLOYD, Trustee, nov 12 ?t A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRlSIEE'S SALE' BY VIRTLE OF A DECREE OF THE Circuit Court for I'ricceGeorge's country, sit ting as a Court of Equity, passed in the case of John T Iloltzma i and wife vs Mary E. Holts man and others, the underslgued, as Trns'ne, will expose 'o Fubllc t-'ale at Beltsville, near the premises, on THURSDAY, 4th Dectmber next, at 12 o'clock m , 1: fair, If not, the next fnlr day thereafter, part of a tract or parcel of Land caUed'-Edmor.asUin's Range," late tfce residence of Mr John T. Holtzimm, eonta'.ninr forty acres. I Tils properly 1? situa'fd about half a mile from Beltsville, In a healthy and e!evj.ted region; Is susceptible of the highest state of Improvement, admirably adapted to a fruit and market farm, and there Is a young Ftach and Apple Orchard thereon The Improvements consist of a 'arge and com modious Frame Dwelling with brick Lavement rectntly built, and every necessary building, all of whlcii are In complete repair. There Is a pump of line water la the yard attached to th? main dwelling. The society In the neighborhood is erce'lent, and the situation pre-ents many Induce ments for a most pleasant country residence for a gentleman residing in Baltimore or Washington oltiea Terms cf sale as prescribed by the decrcc are? One htlf of the purchase money to be paid In cash on the day of sale or on the ratification thereof by the Court, and the residue In 6, 12, and 18 months thereafter, In equal instalments, to be se cured by the rotes of the purchaser with security to be approved by the Trustee, bearing Interest from the day of sale On the payment of the whole purchase money wltn interest, the Trustee is authorized by the Decree to convey the property to the pure haver In fee simple. nov 13 eolOt N. C. tsTEPHEN, Trustee COAL?-COAL? COAL. WE HAVE NOW ON HAND I HE LARG e?t and mastsuperlor stock of COAL ever brought Into th s market. Also afloat and deliv ering? 137 tons Red Ash, broken for Grates 170 do W hlte Ash Egg, for Radiator* 100 do do do broken for Furnace 150 do Red Ash Stove, for cooklrg purposes A deduction of 25 centa always m; de when de livered from the vessel. *240 lbs to the ton, from which there la no de vlatioa Coal kept under cover. PINE, 0\K, and HICKORY WOODalwey< on hand T J . A W. M. GAt.T, Office N. W cot of 12th andCsts, No S4*. tne square south of Fenca avenue- t>uV 1' Remember those #e'omd|i?jio F1ANOS, at -<*"? 1'cnnjr avi<me, they are peat bargains JOHN F. ELLIo. novf- - TELKURAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRI BY HOBSE rRIWTlNU TMLEU U AF N ARRIVAL OF CITI OF WA8HIIGT0H. Foar Days Later freas L?r?pt. Capb I slabd. Mot id.?Ihe iUuiw City of Wn.-hingtoa, from Liverpool on the 5th, ar rived here lwt evecirg Her saw* ia feaer alij unimportaat Tie Niagara arrived at Liverpool on the evening of the 21 Spain ?A decree hue been published ea tabluhiog tbe law of 1&44 regarding the proas Frakce ? Considerable discontent ii pre vailutg in the manufacturing districts in oou m <)u?nce ?>f ap|irwheuded commercial reform* Cora wv docliniiig at vanwai poiau, but at Toulon lt.>rd"?ux and Marseille*. the average pri ?? wee maintained. The Neapolitan minister wu still at Paris and sj < ke a* if dasigning to ooutiaue there THK MARKETS. LiTimrooL, N?-t 4.?The cotton market was inactive, prtccs were weak, and holder* w?re willing sellers at 1-16 docliue, but showed no disposition to press sales Sales three Java 11,000 baler, of whieh 2,000 bales equally di vided between speculators and exporters Tbe Manchester market was steady and Quiet. Breadstuff* were generally lull. Flour was dull with the turn in fav w of buyer* ; Balti more and Philadelphia 32ia33ia , Ohio 35a 37a. Wheat waa generally auiet and un changed; red 8ja9i* , white 10i. Coru was steady and quiet; while sold for 34|a3Je , mixcJ 33 ?33|, yellow 33ts34 Provisions were very dull. The money market was unchanged Con soli for ui ney 92Jai>3 [?BCCBD PlSPATCB | PaiLAPBLPBia, Nov 18 ?The City of Wash ington has arrived up The London Times' oorrespondent states that the iLflueuce of Russia in tbe Principali ties increases day by day. The same writer says that England is quite as inclined for the proposed Paris conference a* Austria. Constantinople advices state that the ulti matum of England has been forwarded to the Sbah of Peria The Persian army was besieging lierat. and had obtained possession of ita environs which wore being strongly fortified- Tbe Affghana wcro defeated, and 6.000 had aurreodered themselves prisoners. A Vienna dispatch of tho 2d states that on the 31 tbe Porte, Austria and England settle J that the occupation of the Principalities and the Black Sea should be prolonged Tho Britich squadron at the I?le of SerpeoU had been reinforced Tbe Paris correspondent of the Morning Herald states th^t commercial accounts agree in admitting that there ia a greater abund ? of money, and ceruinly that no money crisis is to be feared through inability to meet ergag'.meL U Tho Neapolitan squadron had not sailed, but was taking aboard provisions and store* for six month." Party if .Smericars Attacked by Indians New Ohlbak8, Nov 17th ?A party t.f four Americans, consisting of David Nichols, late a merchant of Ntw York; D. P. B. Cabell and Mr Danville ofVa ; Messrs Collier and Kiunehly, of St Louis, were recently attacked by a party ot sixteen Camauche warriors, ituout I jO miles north of Z.<eatocaa, Mexico. Mr Cabell killed au Indian who bad slightly wounded him with an arrow, and the remain dor of tbe party escaped without much ir.jury. Run Upon the Laneastrr Bank Lawcaster. Pa , Nov 17 ?There w? a run upon the Lancaster Bank to-day, but it is now over, and tho bank remains firm and aound A election f >r directors and t fiieors was held to-day, when Mr. Buchanan, the old Presi dent, resigned, and A lierr Smith, Esq , was unanimously elected his succeasir. From Kansas St. Locis. Nov 17 ?Advices from Lawrence to the 10th inst., bavo been relieved On Sat urday last 20 prisoners were taken to Hickory Point and found guilty of and sentenced to five yoars imprisonment at hard labor. ? New Yoik Markets. Nsw Youa, Nov. IS ?Flour Is lower, with a declining tendency; sales of 12 000 bblf.; State f * 21*94 45, L">atheru JTaOT 4" Wheat is lower an d drooping; aalea of 31 000 bushels; white SI f>0al 68. red SI 51aSl 54. Corn is firm; sales of 20 000 bushels; white 70<? , nr.d yellow 71c Pork is dull and lower; sales of msss at SI*. Beef if firm, but unchanged Lard L* buoy ant 12 J" Whisky has a downward tendency, Ohio 30 Jo. Financial New Yoke. Nov. 18 ?Stocks are active and lower. Chicago and Rock Island Railroad yt!; Cumberland Coal Company 18 , Illinois Central btjndg 95J: do share* 115|; Michigan Southern 91]; New York Central 82{; Penn rylvania Coal Company 96|; Reading 811 ; Canton 22; Mi.?ouri 6's Sterling exchange is dull at ]?8}al09 OHKAT KARHAINS ? N LADIESCLOAES AMI TALMAB. J I1 ST RECEIVED ON CONSIGNMENT fr??tn New York a handsome assortment of tbe latest styles of Ladies' CLOAKS and TALMAS, which are now opened fr Inspection for e few days and mutt be sold, and to which the iadle* an* respectfully Invited to call and riemlieb fore nurcha*irg elsewhere, a# there Is bargains to be h^d for a lew day* only. Also, 10 pes Gray, Black and l>rown CLOTHS for Ladies' Cloaks, to be sold low for cash. GEO. F. ALLKN, uov IT :jte No SM Pa av , next to 10th ?t. LAM8B WHITE WKAPPING PAPER, f 1.0* per ream: small do do 55 cents; tongh Gray do. t>2 cents; ralm Leaf do. &u cents nov 17 FRANCE TAYLOR. mHK STKAMCR GEOKGE VfA&HING. 1 TON will depart at the follow ing hours: I?eave Alexandria?^,#. 11, 1%. Leave Waahlngton 1>.W, *k, 5 nov 11?d JOB CORSON, Captain. C ?OIANOE OK HOCKN THE STEAMER GEORGE PAGF., will leave? A'eiandrl* at4# trj^,10,14,i\, 5.and*)* o'clock. Washington atn.V, ll. Ik, 4.5K. and 7 o'clock. nov it Ellis l price, captain. BY PAHTIt'lLAR REQL'EhT* WrE HAVE BEEN KEQUEfeTEU MANY times by oar friends and customers to more particularise our nla-** of bualneaa, as th*v have gone into C U oon waed's rid place of bus'.neao for their foods and bought there, supposing tliat they were bu>lng of C WOODWARD ft tON. Our place of buMr.era Is now in the three au ry brick building next doer west of C. Woodward * Old Staud, buiit .ast summer twelve months by Meters Ajrer ft McLean, No. 3tg, on D street, betwtx-ii Huh and llih aireets, fronting on Peaa aylvanla avenue, siga of Stovea, Grates, and flout?-Furnishing Goods, where we shall at a'l times We very hap^y to supply our old cuat. mers and the public with the very best quality of GRATES, HOT-AIR FURNACES, for heat. Ing houses, and the la'e?t and ino?tappn>?H pat tevtiS of STOVEtf, of Pennsylvania iron, thel?-?t ar.d toughest iron fou id in the UnPed Stnte*. Daily receiving, the verv popular SUNRISE aid MORNING ."?TAR COOKING STOVES, four size* each, and other kinds. Stanley's seven eolutrn improved LATROUE FIRE PLACES, for heating parlors and cham bers .ibove A v*rv laree supply of HALL and STORE STOVES on hand Remember? No 118. C WOODWARD ft SON nov 15 -St [Intelft Union] NEW TURK UEKALD, TRIBCRI, Timea, News. Kip*e*?, and Kb ladelphla Dallv Ledger, received a'd for sale every evening atV o'clock FERGUSON, ^ nov 11 W !*? vni't street ?AU|)S UK HKNTLENKN'I IHAVILB. W EBAVEJl ST RECEIVED OUR THIRD and arge?t ^upply of geatleaea'a Shawls, emlirarlng every varie y, weight, and slae. N B ?Also, a larire lot of Bay SUte Shawls, which we are prepared to aril at thelow price ot |i apiece Call at GEO H B WBlTEftCO'S, Hat, Cap and Gent's Fun abtng Sto.e, nov It tf m Pa av . bet ?th and! Qth s?s ? W YORE LIDhER, THE LADIES* Jewel, for November ?d ; ?' Ork>a the Gold Beater," takes all the laurels from tbeGun Maker of Mr scow. Buy tbe Ledger at rev 14 FERGUSON '?, 486 Tth st. Tub flag or our union for the Hid of November, with rontlnoafloa of'be very t-xcitlng and iotereettdg story called . P.lde of Parts or KoUcf the Druja " not II KBE8UIH>N,40l7lhp N