Newspaper of Evening Star, November 18, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 18, 1856 Page 5
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EVEN PROSAIC VIEW OF POETRY. How very absurd la half stuff Called " poetry" now a days . The ??tanza-? and "epics' arc enough To put every lover of rhyme In a huff. And disgust the o!d hens with their " lays. There's one insists upon being a 4 4 bird," To4, fly to his lady love's bower;" But he knows that the "lady" to whom he re ferred Don't own ??k h * thing ; for (upon my word) In a "valler" house up In story the third, She Is living at this very hour. n?e ssks hat44 a cav* In some foreign dell, Away from the cold wo-ld's strife;" Wow the woods in line wea'her are verv well, But give him a si* weeks 44 rainy spell" And he'll soon " rave In" in his forest dell, And be sick enough of the life. A nother wants his 41 love to go And roam o'er the dark bin? sea Ferhaps he don't think, If there 4'cornea on a olow," That they d both be sea sick down below, And a w, etched pair th^yd be. Another young man would like to die 41 When the ro>es blcona In spring i" Just let him b? slrk, and he'll change his cry;" His ?' pas?isg away" Is 44 alt In my eye Of 44 dreamless sleeps" hs gets quite shy? It l?n't exactly the thin?. Another wo lid '?die and be laid In a deli, Beneath some murmuring rill;" Now In poetrr's jingle It's nice to tell, But It's a nasty wet p'?.ce?so why not a* well Have a nice dry grave on the hill' One loves?how he love* '?"the glittering foam And th- mad wave's angry strife " Just tike th*; young genius who wrote that 44 pome," 44 Where the billows dash and the sei-birds roam," And he'd give all he had to be safely at home; He'd stay theft the rest of his 11 e. Another young 44 heart broken" calis on his ?' own," To cheer him with " sweet smile ." Then be follows it up In a love-sick tone, With his 14 bosom's pangs;" if the truth were known It Isn't the 41 love" that causes hi* mean. But a superabundance of bAt. Esy?Wo should hardly think any one would be puzzled to aceount for this emble matic combination of lettors at the end of a man's name; it is still mora singular that any sensible man should be alarm* I at having it ntu-k on his own nirae. Yet a c^temporary evidently thick? that mischief lurks within this alphabetic trio, and gives vent to his ex cited feelings in the following m inner : What is the meaning, in this country, of Etquire, or E q? We wish suuebody would inform us. Wo are not in po<?9?sion of Noah Webster's Dictionary, and our devil declares it be*t3 bis sagacity all to pieces. We find it appliei to al! ??rts of persons The lawyer is called E*i-, th-i justice of the peace is denom inated /:?'/ . the postmaster is yclaped Ks<j , the militia captain isdubbel t*?/ , the mer chant. is in A"*-/,, the innkeeper is an Kiy . the matter printer is aa /?*?/ . the journeyman printer is an . and. hh*ra not dowvur cTea the editor is occasionally complimented with the appendage of /?,'?#/. We. ourself, haTe sometiinss an fi?y dangling upon the supers:ripti-.a of our letters We know not what to think of it It has a suspicious as pect; it is, to say the le\3t, very ambiguous; and were i' not that tae letters are very civil, bunne?<; like, and now and then containing ca#h, we shou'.l think the ft/, intendad a> an insult. At any r ite wi w >uld give all the honor wj have ever derived, or ever shall de rive from the word, to know its meaning. ARRIVALS ATTHE PRINCIPAL HOTELS Willard*' llaiel?J. c A n. a. willard. W Peklns, Man "W M Macomb, Va I. J Fisher, Miss N Richardson, d? J J vVyyne: A ly, Va C K Harvey, O W 1* B:rjr?e, NJ Mi*s Bruce, N Y LJ talil, do G W Pomell, Mo M 1. Richards, O Dr Hengier A ly, l'a W L Heo^ltr, do T l?etu A ly, NJ Cap' farmer, USA C M R^ara, NV A D Tye, do W M Add'. son, Vd J C Hollins/N Y G G Stuart, do 1* i. Coiwrld, Pi J Lager A ly, Va Miss Leger, do G Richards, NY W Petti t, do A Mabaffy. do SGan<rd. ?? 11 oi J Blgler, Cal Mr Wart, NY N H Graham, Pa J M Batchler, Mass Dr Hedges, W O Daniel, P A. KrUwoltl, N Y J P Merrltt, do N Ko::e, O Bro^a,* |f?r ??. -r. p. A * . brjvv. J H Dig^s, Md W Harper, DO C A Nliyses. Ind R Price, Ky W Whiting, I.a P Blakely, Md 6 Wilaoa, Ci MIm A King, do Capt Hopping, N Y 6 Hoover, Md C Huse, Cal J &reea<vjgh, N Y e Merrick, Md M Murphy A fy, Va. Mis* Sinyihe, do J B 3<rwlee, Kv T E Berry. Md S Madl, do R Mldd'.eton, do A Smith, Pa A Harding A ly, do T Barnes a fy." do D Bremer, Ga U Wright, Mich J k? rod wick A. y. Ma? I' Barnes, Va Mlsa Stevens, do A Flood, do R Megill, Mas* W Talbot. Md A Berry, do J Sasacer, Naiiou'il llo:el ? wm our. H C Langhlin. Pa 8 DeUarge, NY E A Graham. Pi M Waring, Md tV H Brlggs, do D Eis. Va D Mcintosh. A;a J M Buofcanin, Md N Lord, O Hon T Bowie, Md J Cau?in, d > K Beit, do J Barry, Mo T Latimer, Pa O Meeker A fy D Head. Mo J Jarn?s. do W Read A ly, Mass Gen Waibridge, NY W Emory A iy, do G Nicholson. Pa O Wood, Md R Woothon. do B Harrison, do E Pendieton, Dl' KirUnood Iloase ?J. A a. n. kirkwood. W P BUkely. Va J F Conaehy. Md W Luncer A ly, .NJ W H Allen, do A ? Bnw?n, Pa T M Max, La 8 G Miller, NY T Cla^ett, Md J A Barnes, Mas* WO Daniel, D.'l A 6 Hack, N Y MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS ' a J M Tla I?llal ITA7II* f?r Day. Adrt^ ir New York ...f.l7erpool Nov. 22 Ciropa New Y ra....Liverpool ...Nov. ?'> ra?hlngtoa.New Ycrk....Hremea Nov. 29 New York ..New York....G a?^rw Nov. *29 vaow ivaoPB Europa Liverpool.... New York .. Nov. 1 Washington.Bremen New York .. Nov. 1 The 'all for* la steamers leave New York oalhe 3 a and <l<>th of each montft. BltlSHtl, ItHlSHKV BRlllltKI, BASKFTH, BASKET<, BASKETJ, COMBS, COMBS, COMBS, TOY 5. TOYS, TOYS, M'HTGHLIN A CO.*8. F^lMKLLKn SHIRT COLLARS, FAT a eated, F.legnnt ?ad entirely New.?Gen tlemen are requ? ?>t?*d to cail and the Pater.t KnamKled S.Irt Collars at STEVENS'S nov 15 t Sales Room, Browns' Hotel FIANOA PIANO* PIANOS at at * at ELLIS ??, ELLIS S, ELLIS'S, 1 * i:? Pa a"enu?? Ta av^oue Pa avenue rp (II. VINE, IT# BOIL All) LOCATION, Ji. Culture In 'b?* l'nl:ed States, Grafting, prun Jug Manuring, Wine tr *.hing from theurapc and rtb< r fr-ilt*. Varieties Xor th?- North, Vluevards In In tae I'tlted State-., I nreign Vluevards, Ar.. A'' , l?y R H Phelps. 1 vol ime?> rents no-. 11 FRANCK TAYLOR (UYMM UOLLHi KID DOLLS. ISUIA J Kubter Dolls. Cbma l>o Is, Fs(?er Dolls, CUtt D >1U. i>oll Heads and Arms. Doll U idles, tf at MeL\U8HLl.N A Lo's. ne* store nov 7 ^ RS. >1. F. IIAKVET, (Sf ef'oa TO JiKII F. Harvit, DBCiasiB,) UNDERTAKER, 110 vintk strut, bttwt* U and H, BEG;* LEAVE TO INFORM TUK PUBLIC tU?t s?e has in her employ the . eari f " th i* were formerly In ti - Ml?MMhmM, wh" :irefully eocip?eet t?eo?d'iet the VJ nd^rtaklng Business; ?rj?1 >><t e/erv at*.?-ntlon will be given to calls, da. n!/ht, as heretofore m 19 ?m CbOCkl-l LO< K* ?CLOCKS. ? II* VK Jl'ST RECEIVED A LARGE AS I ^<-?rtm?,i?t -'f Clo ks?different styles, which will b^-? !d low. and warranted togo well. Those wh- b?iv o aga n wou'd do wtll to give me a c*j b'f r- i?nrcna'?lag e sewher-? Also, Clor.k if all kinds. Oils, Halls, Keys, Cords Ba .1- Ar , ?t J ROBINSON'S, i? Jua H9 Pa ave , oppo Browns'Hotel. Id formation for Travoloro. BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WEST. rime between Waihington and Wheeling but 17i hours ! Sunning Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours!! I ha a I* WASHINGTON. THK BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having greatly Improved Its Western connection*, now oBrora the fullest inducement* to Traveler* between WASHINGTON, BALT1 MORE, and ail portion* of tl.e WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The jonneetion between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from BaJti more Is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately ca'led the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore. This is the only change of cars required between Washington and the OUlo river Baggage Is che ked ti.rougu Co Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rejhecbed and trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge for those holding Through Tickets for points be-' yond. The connecting train* Ire Washington dally at S a m and4){ p. m. On Sundays a? the later hcur onlv. 1 AtBEN WOOD, 4 miles from Wheeling, direct 1". r\*de Wllh the traln? of CENTRAL ?h i?k. ' running from Bellalr, on the Ohio, through Camhridge, Zaaesrille, and ,e.^rar*t?COLUMBUS. Tliese trains connect at Newark withtha cars of the Newark, Mansfleld i?etrMfn^Mky Rt'Jro?ld ,or 8**dnsky, Toledo, 1 Detroit, Chi.-ago. St. Louis, etc I At COL?MB tfrf the C O. Railroad trains cen aect With the fast tialns of the Little Miami Rait ?9ZmJ,?.1"1?' Cincinnati. Loulsrlile, etc. At Ar.NiA (on Little Miami Railroad) connection Is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis, Tirre Haute. Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis. Oarlo, etc. IT7" Passengers holding Through Tickets for MetnphiSj I ick^hxtrfy Natchez, Aeir Or leant. etc., which arc also soid at Wa*hln?ton?are trann ferred at Cincinnati, to the Mali Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evanavlllc, Carlo, and St. Louis are sold by tiie river route. CLEVELAND, ard via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc , tickets are sold, w If" V'H ?',1? Is navigable between Whee ir.2 and ?V ellsviiie (forty wiu?re a connfftlon with the Cieve and and Pittsburg Railroad Is made. Travelers are requested to notice that while tlila is the only route affording Through Ti -kets and Che' ..s .n ? ?ashington, it is a>so the shorten', most speedy, and dire t to near.y a'l t'ie leading tolnts in the great West Trie distance from Washington to Cincinnati is but 05.1 inies, being about 100 miles shorter than by anv other raute' FARE, BY THROUGH TICKET FROM Trt Wheeling, 50; Colum bia, 813 65; Dayton, 815 50; Cincinnati, 816 oc; Louisville by railroad. 818 55, by steamer from Cine-nnatf , S18 00; I n d la na-ol is, 817 5U; Clove land, f l i .><); Toledo, 815 80; iJetroit, 815 20? :V J\ld 519 5,1 ? st Louis. 82^ 50 and Memphis, 8<JS; New Orleans 831, etc. FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S FKRRY, MAR riNSBURG.CUMliKKL\\S BERKLEY Si'IIIN GS, HEDFORDS PRI Nes' PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, and FAIRMONT passengers may leave Washington at ? a. m or u ir,V m' I.Vr'f mSnr,r W;T stations between Baltimoreand VVhe :iing. take 6 a. m train fmJfl \V a* lington. 117" For train s to and from Baltimore, Annap olis. ef ., see sr>e-*iai advertisements. For further Information. T .rou^h T1 -k^ts ; ^pL,ytf> THOMAS H. PARSONS. Agent* at W ashington Station. kcbi, ?VM S WOODSIDE, Easier of Transportation, ? r .1 1? t. k. h <t Itsitjnsor#, FO K it AKFEil'S V i* H K T , r*? Cht^ptakt a Okio Cunii * THROUfiH IN TWELVE HOUR^T' ^FlHE NEW AND SPLENDID PA'*Kl-'T 1 BOAT ARGU, Capt ChaV H M.anw.T* 6FI)Rr^u- Dvillr: iitfcular Trip, between' a^ssKss.-.sf,he ,bovc Fo1'"1 ?n mo? K m ,?J>atwUllp?vetheWh irfof VV. H.ft K 9 Ritfer, Georgetown, DC, e?rry Monday, Wed Rrt?r' .In rldcy morning, af ? o'clock Returning, she will leave ?larp?-\, Kerry c?erv 7cf<xky' Uursday and ^'Jfri-iy Throngii Tickets, St J. Jt. To Lusburg tmrlwitHg U, Stu/ti fr*m Edwards' Firr, * ' m *rriI1,lW"ll>tf adln*t!> v,s,t thc Virginia Springs becoming season will and this by far themort s..ft, plnnat, aad cheapest roire t? Berkeley ?? t' vvv ?"'^"iPli'irar.d Warren Meals served ?R bca-<l r moderate ra'es wl!' *lway?bc in readiness in Geoige town to convey paasen^errfo and from the Boat W H * h Pc SH?Jri1ulre at the ,tore "t JOHN V u h mar is?tf ' HarPer 8 11 e"Y? Va. THE YOEK AND LIVERPOOL ~ UNITED STATEd mail steamers. T^rethe IP3 COMPKISIN9 THIS LINB hai'tip"^ ....Capt, Eldr!di?e. \DRliri;: Caot Cmrtock Capt. Jas. We,t. faaTin" ^pn bullt cMtracl ei pressiy for Government service, every ea^-e ba* e^?ri r,!n ta"lr constrDCtlon, as Uo'lc their engines, tj insure strength and speed ? d the r accommodation*for oasse ^erj sr ? el?*ganc? and comfort -qja??. or i rice of passage .'torn sew yrtrv .0 ! iVf.ri>f.fl, i flrat cabin. in second A? if1.'?.1 Ik-BB'nk11? T'd ^^^fromT'e^iifiito^ Of Auguit"0 0t 12 d0''r,*?M: "a'U ' the 1st floPo^an tirji 01 !.??<(? r.,i i?et irday A nr ii? we<t r.r J ' m *? vv ' f-Jf -.V M ay 11 J. " JJJ 'Idy IV W ed .ietda>.... M ay -2C Saturdav i *1 Wedne?ddy....june 11 Sat'jrda" e 7 Wednwduy.... j nue 25 .'4.J " SIS " Saturday Oct' fi wt^nts^ay Saturday , \ Ai ^ !lnesdaV ? .Oct. W .Oit.25 Wednesday....Nov. la "'.ru 1 j ....... Nov. s v\ t-<\ 1 pa/i 11, ... Saturday vft, v, 1 e9<Jay....Nov. >.6 Saturday i,Z' ^.?^^?y?.Doe. lit Saturday " Cd,1^Y ?..?? ^ For freight or ;>a.ssjge apSij to :"?WAtD^c6fflLiN8*HO.f BROWN, SHIPLEY A'co^/ *?*' STEPH EN h LNNARU ? -tla f-rlars, London. *' Anna B G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., i'tris. The owners of the se sfc'r? wtu 1. ?ble for gold, sliver, bullioh\^i^ |f coa*f clous stones, or metals, urles* ^ii,'L , .JX: rpre* .gad tt.,Wor, ,i, x.1 m l-tr 0BAJS? * ALE3?5?SIA bailkoad. Scutharn Mail I ?fi" T W I c K DAI L V -td awsnj r nmkts nxcKrTy?\ Bforewi V ajJinrton fliy ciiti Un Sonlli! ?o.j,,vwy,,^^r!i,S',*;,,, ?AN VILLI. GKEENSBOROUGH n'C vibM1." t# t?? I R G I N I A 8 P K i N Q s, llaTP Rt * o'clock 4 M Leave Washington at...... 7 (l 15 Leave Alexandria at " 7 <t \ ?? Leave Ajexand.i:, at J ? r v',;vd,^r ^r;e,!'r,*1 vr gem* "the Snlplinr aad Fuuo^U White "ot{ Al""1 *-?? ?'?|2.n s pi J nils ' Ur,d^' ^?Hg?on, K 15'. _,MiLN'"'J^ ^ BAG?AGh WA?ON3 !fA^J^c?"?hin,:Ion Railroad Der?et toCon ???T PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE >h,U# Sf?7/-,t08TKAMKR ?KORS? In?I?' PA?fc for A i.KX ANIIR | A, n di aace of six miles, allowing ampl- tl^roT^T Far-from Washington to Richmond 85 50 Fare ?? << Danville ...11 f>0 ZEEM""""* "? ?"? ?S e,,-1J ?s.triu.i?*1.'" ?"?"? w tu. sel JAMES A. EVANS, Agent, Ai i^xdrla, Va. w.?^,.TUW B-A-Cl| ?t? u.? w?hu*,? .j-v. r','.14, tM < "s Suaday at p m f u ?4 ,? , a > l|(, m ??|4.d,y,U*a m. '? 'AMom, Ami, Medicines. PILES?PILES-PILES. WE CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are afflicted v 1th this dreadful complaint to the following cworn certificate from one of oar most rwpectat>le citizens, the father-in-law of the proprietor of the *'Courler den Etas Unls," and formerly gunmaker In Philadelphia: Nkmt York, Aug. 26th, 186S. Da Dofsie?Dear Sir :?l hereby certify that 1 have been all teed with the Piles for nearly slity F'arv that 1 have used eighteen bottles of Barnes' He Lotion, and everything else I could here of, but all to no effect, for they did me little or no 'good. About two months since, I commenced using your remedies for the Plies, a*d have the happiness to say that they have had the desired effect, having cured me 1 consldei this almost a i miracle, for I am eighty years of age. 1 sincere ly recommend them to all afflicted with the above complaint. P. VALLEE, 73 Franklin st State of New York, ? New York City and County. J I, Joseph C. Lawrence, do hereby certify that on the day of the dnte hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vallee, to me well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents c.f the foregoing certificate signed bv him are true. In witness ^Whereof 1 havs subscribed my name, as Commls^oner of Deeds and as a Notary Public of the State of New York, and have af filed my Notarial Seal at my office, In New York, this 2f>th day of August, 13-58 JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Public of the State of New York, 67 Wall street, New York We challenge the Medical Faculty of the Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to the above. Dr. Duprle's Remedies are tte only ef fectual cure for internal Plies. Only 50 cent* per box. Office?76 Nessau street, New York. Will be sentby mail to any part of the United Stales For sale by FORD A BKO . corner of 11th street and Pa ave, Washington^ D. C. oc 2J BUT AND SELL F0RII8H AND DOMESTIC BXOHAH0H FURNISH DHAFTS Oa ail Parts of United State* and luifi; COLLECT DRAFTS On all part* of United States and Isrsye; DRAW BILLS OM IRELAND FOR XI OR VPWA1M| BUT AND SELL BUNDS. STOCKS, ft OTUbR SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER. Investment paying 10 Y and ever, fer sale* LAUD WARRANTS. We ar? at all times Purchasing, aid have foi Sale, LAND WAIi RANTS of all denominations. Land Warrants located In Iowa, Wlsconsla, oi Minnesota. CHUHB BROTHERS, Jan 23- tf Backers. opposite the Tr^asur* W. ?. MKTZEKOTT, (SCCCRSSOR TO Gsorce H lLBl'S,) Wiolesale sgent for the Southern States of Karen 1; Huron's CELEBRATED PIANOS. HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LARGEST stock of PIANOS from *175 up to $1,010. MF.LODEONS from 9IS to $25 >, M GUITARS, VIOLINS, BKASS INSTRU IE.NTS, FlATES, BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, nrd SHEET MUSIC, cheaper ihan in any hous* south of New YorT. Music published and received every day. Pianos for rent. nov 4-tr TOP II AM Si N DUPLET'S NEW AND CHEAP 8 AD3LS. HARNESS AND TRUNK ST9RB, Seveathst ,opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. . JV MESSRS. TOP ft AM, late of Philadelphia, and .WWfNORFLETof Uls city,. * respectfully announce to their frler.dti and the nubile, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep coastanUy o? hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens', Lades', and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTlNGALFS.and WHIPS. RARNESSof every description, wth for rltvacd country uzo. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS Ladies' SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS. ?nd FANCY WORK OOXE3 HORSE BLANKETS. COVERS, COLLARS, and HAM FS. Hnrsc,Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES CARDS. CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, Sc..*3 ' All material used will he the best that can b? s'jtalned; and both of ur. hnvlnj? been practical workmer for several years, we feel confident that our work c&nnot be surpassed, either for style or durability. By naremlttlng efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, sua rcsppctfufly rollclt, fhareof public oatronape. Particular attention paid to ear<srlsg Tmti ? "d fpairlr"; all kinds of work. Hsd<lWa; tools constantly on haad. iav 7 ly asacttelsT new and seavtifvl style. Manaftu turad frsm Slate Stone, l>y ths West L'awtletoa Slate Csaipaiiy, Vt. rpHESk MANTELS ARC ENAMELLED IN k Imitation of the richest and moat expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VERD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, B HOC AT ELLA! A'* A IE, SPANISH GA L W A Y, and ether ra re and d-sin b e MARBLES. The Imitations are p**rf?i?,t thit they chalengethe closest scrutiny They ire so highly poIlshM that they rKaln tb"ir rnu'h longer than marble ; are not Injured by smoke, coal gas, or acids, and can be sold rruch cheaper than any others la market. Price Tinting from $125 to $12. Architects, Builders, and others are invited to call and examine samples at No. 512 Seventh ?trct, 3 doors boiow Odd Fallow*' Hall, up ?***'? T. M HANSON Aeent. NOTICE OP CO-PARTNERSHIP. rpHE UNDERSIGNED HAVE ASSOCI *- ated themselves for the purpose of conduct ing a General Wholesale Grocery and Commit ti.ia liuslness lu Georgetown, urder the firm of GET I \ A v\ 1LLIAMS, and have taken the warehouse No. 5, northwest corner of High and Waterstrtets VERNON GETTY HOWARD WILLIAMS. Georgetown, October 13, l?5?i oc 2*-lm h ? m LONDON.?THE LAWS AND I I Mrt|ce of Whist, by Celebs, | vol |VJ, The W hist Player, by Lieut. Col. |J ,i Vol i?m' Hlre|I!n?ht Xr?id 1mthC Ki2ht Plir"' * P"Ck?t Dlc lonarv cf English Synonyms, l?5f^ - {jard wlcke's Register of the House of Commons iw,. Mn?tpratt on the Blow-pip,. frriI. 'he German I vol ; Alnslle's Hallway, Ml'lUri Marine, and .eodKlcjl Suiveylng, by Galbralth' 1 vol and of plates WUdman's InternJ tloml Law, 2 vo* : Cavalry Its Hl?tnr<. > Tactics, by Cant ^olan, l vol lJ,7^ Italian and English Dictionary, 2 vols , octavo "ov 1J- FRANCK TAYLOR ILST RKCE1VPD AT THE~inTTrr7 O Depoi, MimIc from Europe, New York ton r.nd Philadelphia 11 Truvotore, VepreV s?c5" lerinwtand La Travlada P Slcl oc JO W. G. METZERQTT Hdr. theod. hanswiann AS REMOVED HIS OFFICE SOME houses above his old rooms, to No 401 7,h strret west, between D and E streets north ne-.r the General Post Office. ' near Offl:e hours as before; from b to 10 o'clock a m* __ jiov 7-flw* ra^ME SOUTHERN SPEARER~~olNri. A volume of 556 pages ; NewOrleans, I?56; con taining in great variety, the m y?ter plevs of or> tory In Prohe. Poetry, and Dialogue, sel^te,! bv Prtoe'sTss 01"' ?f Kap,de9 In8t!tute, Louisiana novl5 FRANCK TAYLOR. Modioines. DOCTOR HOOFL ARD'8 CELEBRATED GEKMAN BITTERS rimiiD bt Dr. C. X JACK80N, Philadelphia, Pa-, WILL BTVSCTXTALLT CVBB LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA. JAUNDICE, CHRONIC OR NERVOUS DE bllltv. Diseases of the Kidneys, and all DIs eases arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomach The proprietor, In calling; the attention of the public to tnls preparation, aoe* so with a feeling of theutmost confldenccln Its virtue* andadapts tlon to the disease* forwhlch It Is recommended. It Is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the American people, and Its reputation aud sale la unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony In its favor given by the moat prom inent and well known physicians and Individuals In all parts of the country Is Immense, and a care ful perusal of the Almanac, published annually by tne proprietor, and to be had gratis of any of his agents, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy Is really deserving the great cel

ebrity It has obtained. Principal offlce and manufactory No. 90 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa. READ THE FOLLOWING: Moisantowh, Va , August 4,1859. Dr C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir:?The sales of the Bitters are Increasing, and what speaks vol umes in thelrfavor is that all who have used them speak highly of their effects No medicine that I sell gives such general satisfaction, and the de mand for It exceeds all precedent; and I assure you It affords me pleasure to sell such a remedy. Our physicians no longer scowl at It, butarecom pelled to acknowledge Its Intrinsic value, and the greater part of them nave had magnanimity suf ficient to lay aside their prejudices and prescribe It In their practice. Respectfully yours, F. M. CHALFAN* For sale by storekeepers and druggists in every town and village In the United States. Price 75 cents per bottle. Z.1). OILMAN, Washington, and JOHN 3. KIDWELL, Georgetown, Agents. Je 7-firn AYER'S PILLS. FOK ALL THE PURPOSES OF A FAMILY PHYSIC. There has long existed a public demand for an effective Purgative Pill which could be relied on as sure and perfectly safe In its operation. This has been prepared to meet that demand, and an extensive trial of Its virtues has conclusively shown with what success It accom plishes thp'purpose designed It Is easy to make a physical Pill, but not so easy to make the best or all Pilh?one which sboula have none of the objections, but all the advantages of every other. Tills has been attempted here, and with wLat suc cess we would respectfully submit to the public decision It has been unfortunate for the ratlent hitherto that ;tlmost every purgative medicine Is acrimonious and IrMtatlng to the bowels. This lsnot Many of them produce so much griping pnln and revulsion in the system as to more than counterbalance the good to r>e derived froa: them. These Pills produce no irritation or pain, unless It arises from a previously existing obstruction or derangement In the bowels Being purely vege table, no harm can arise from their use In any quantity; but It is better than any medicine should be take.i judiciously. Minute directions for their nselntfce several disease* to wLich they are ap plicable htc given on the box. Amongthecom plaints which h ive been speedily cured by them we may mention Liver Complaint, In Its various forms of Jaundice, Indigestion. Languor and Loss of Appetite, Llstlessness. Irritability, B lions Headache, [>lllous Fever, Fever and Ague, Pain In the Side and Loins, for in truth, all these are but the consequence of diseased action of the liver. As a:i aperient, they afford ;-rompt and sure relief in Costivenes-s. Plies, Colic, Dysentery, Humors, Scrofula and Scurvy, Colds, with sore ness of the bedy, Ulcer* and impurity of the blood: in ?hort any and every case where a pur^a tlvc is required. Tiey have al?o produced ?omc rlngularly *u<*> cesofuicurcs In Kheumatlsm.Gont, Dropsy, Grav el, Eryslrelas, Pa'pltatlen of the Heart, Pains in the Back, stomach and i$ld?. They should be freely taken In the spring of the year, to purify the blood and prepare the system for the change of scarons. An occ<;^lonal done stimulates the sto nv 1- intohcaltby action and restore^ theaope tlte &r.d vI,Tor Tucy purify the blood, an<l by their stimulant action on tie circulatory ryriem, renovate the strength of the body, and restore tac wasted or diseased energies of the whole organ ism. Hence an occasional dose is advantageous even though no serious derangement exists ; but unnecessary dosing should never be carried too far, as every purgative medicine reduces rtie strength, when taken to exre?* The thorsaid oases In which a physic isreq. lred cannot be enu merated here, but they suggest themselves to the reason of every body; ana It is confidently be lleved this pill will answer a better purpose than anything which has hitherto been available to mankind When their virtues are once know:: the public will no longer doubt what remedy to employ when in need of a cathartic nediciri" Oelng sugar wrapped they are pleasant to take, and being purely vegetable, no harm can arise from their use In anv quantity For minute directions ?ee the wrapper on the Box TREPARID BT UK. JAHKS C. \ X Lft, PH ACTICAL * ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, LOWELL, MASS. Price 25 Coats per Box. Five Boxes for $1.03 Sold by V. D. GILMAN, Washington, and all re^pec'able druggist*. auS-4in FA 1VATK MtUiCAL TKSATlTia PHILOSOPHICAL VUSW OF if ARHIA9*, BT m, a. i.a Croix, m. j?.t ALBAN V, N. Y., tse r*g?? *U ISO Fint, ???<?,??* ?#Urid LUk tgrmfki PI**??. Paiei emY ?wir*t-Fivi Cb*t?. Beit Free of Postage to all ptrts of the Sales. CHEAPEST BOO* EVER PfBLISHED? J and containing nearly double the quantity of read ing matter in that of the FIFTY CENT OK DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS. It treats on the Ph V HIOL OttY OF CARRIAGE, and the Secret Infirirlt'.e' ^ and Disorder < I Y outh and Maturity, resulting from ex oesses, whlcn destroy the v physical and mental em. with Observations on ? Marriage, Its duties and d'squaUflcstlons, end their re.nedles; with Llthograr.t*,Illustrating the Anatomy and rhyslo'.opv,anrtpI>ls.?apeaof the Ko pro4 icllve Organ* cf b?ih se.rtr, their structure, Bsf? a?d functions. A popular nrd ocmprcfcea ilve frfntise on the Dnttesand Csusaltles of sin gle ^ Bd marrledllfle?happy a*d fruitful alllancts, mode "i ?e-",url^g tb^m?lnfelliitcus and Infertile Hies?their obviatlos ar.d removal?important b'r.tsto ihosecoalea.p! tlBf rwtrtmcny, thatwlll rrereon." "rt-jeotlon* tc i:; a",u-\ however, should take ihu i^*p.artant stay wUhotttiSrsieonsultlnglis pages?c;r?aiCBtarlfs ea t:ir uiseares and mcdi<j*l trealtaeat ?| fanssles f.-ora infancy to old eee, sase grar a'cally !llns?.^tfd by beautiful lithogra phic pia'w ? aerv.>u* debility, lt? cause* nrd snre. by 5 rrfvv-As at ont? ?r rirtple, safe, and efectu'J hat unurs Is Impossible?rules for dally maaa's nent?aa ?ssayon HpormBto>rh<ea,wUhpracti;3l 'brefvalloas o* the *afer and moresurewrful m-At ?f treatjaent?precaotloaarv hints on the evils re lultlBgfrora rractlee?aa essay on all ilsea*esarlsl?giroir Udlscrctloa, with pialaaad ilmple rules oy which all persons can care them ^Ivoh without meroury?remedies for those self, nfllctrd mlseiles aid disappointed hopes so un fortunately prevalent In the young. It is a truth ful sdvlser to the married and thosccontemplatlng tnairlage: Its perusal Is particularly reeommend >d to peieonf entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition,and who arecoasclous of hav. in^ haxarded thehealth,happiness.and privileges to which every human bflng is entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per copy, or Klve Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, free of pent ige, to nil paTts of the United btates N. B.?Those who prefer may consult Dr. LA ?JROIX. upon any of the diseases upon which this book treats, either personally or by mall. Medl :lce sent to any part af the Union according to di rections, safely packed and carefully secured from ill observation. Address Dr. M . B LA CROIX, No. 31 Maiden Lane, or Post Ofice Box 57# Albany, NY. Oflce open datly.from u a m to 9 p bs aad ?n Sunday from 3 until 5 p ra. oace REMOVED from No.JI Beaver st. l# 31 Mmidtn L*ni, Alkmmf, Ntw Y?rk. de? *#? ly UO 000 PEtOH TREKS. AT TEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR sale at my Nursery, near Washington. The above trees are all of fine growth, andWw >f the best select fruit. Also, a general assortment of O R N A M EN T A L. KV KR G It EEN, SH ADE, and F R 01T TR E hS oc22 tf JOSHUA PEIRCE DR. DUPR.IE'9 REMEDIES are (he only effectual cure for External or Internal Plies, Saltrbfum, Ring-Worm, te. They are unrival ed for purifying the blood. 50 cents per box OMce 7? Nassau street, New Fork Will be sent by mall. For sale by FORD ? BRO , corner of 11th a. tad Penn avenue. octt Miscellaneous. TO ALLTHA T VALUE THEIR MIGHT /ISbusJ WISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective sicbt, caused by age, sickness, and particularly from attfin injudiciously selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully inland by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brtl ll&nl transparency, suited precisely and benefi clally to the vwrrr according to the concavity o? convexity of the eye Very numerous are the 111 effect* caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses la nat hetfec Keclsely salted, by the aw of an Orfmittr; and c practice of many years enables him to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, "d such glass es that are absolately reaulred will be famished with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the ral encoura^Dftent already obtained, and solicits the patronage of those that have not yet availed themselves of bis aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, hy send ing the glasses In use, and state how many Inch es thev can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will Improve their sight. innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and ref erences given to many who have derived tbe greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at bis ofltoe, No 61a SEVENTH STREET, tkrtt doott from Odd F$lli?s' Hall, up sTAias. Norfolk, September7, 1S54. Sir?Tbe Spectacles you made for me suit ver> well, and seem to have Improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried LITT. W. TAZEWELL 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and fnd them of great assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been Inducedby a friend to vls'.tthe es tablishment of Mr. Tobias for tbe purpose of try ing his glasses, 1 wn? furnished or blm with a pair slightly colored blue, which nave afforded me more relief and gratification than any 1 have ever tried. My sight, originally very good, was injured by writing and reading*?t night, fre quently to a very late fconr; but with the aid of tnese glasses I can study almost as late aa ever, and that too without tbe pain 1 have previously suffered. v JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gea'l Land Ofice. December 11,1855. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleasure la say ing that I am much pleased with them. 1 have been much benefitted by tbem. May 5th,1866. 8EOR. P. SCARBSESM. 1 was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skillful optician; acd as I have eyes of remark* able pccullarltv, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend thein by inspec tion and some slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Spectacles that suits ms ad mirably. A. P. BSTLER. July 11,1856. Wilmincton, N. C., Jan. 21, IS64 Mr. J TfcBias : Dear Sir?I am happy to my that the Spectacles which I obtalnedfrom you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an Inequal ity in the visual ranee of my eyes, I have hereto found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance It affords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of vour optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obviated so tbattbeglasne* you furntsh?Mt me nre decidedly the beet adapted to mv eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours, R. B 1)RAN E, Rector of Si James'Parish. DifARTMEM or Istesior, May 7, 166*. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, 1 have been compelled to use glasses for several years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses nerfe< tlv fitted to my eyes. tour mouths since Mr. Tobias made two pairs c*Q|^ally for me, which 1 have found to serve me^^fectly. By the use of his optometer he Isenab.ed to adapt Glasse?> minutely to the eye. i most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses, and t ear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'y to sign Land Warrant*. P. 3 ?OPERA GLASSES of great variety. TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATCH MAKER GLASSES, and many other art'ek's in this line at very low prices constantly on h&rd. nne-iy NKW AHRANtiEMEitTBi 1AHE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY inform their customers and the public In gen eral, that they have thoroughly renovated (heir establishment and added thereto a very large cel lar, s*> as to be enable to ke??p a large supply of their superior PORTER and ALE on band, and ejpect dally to receive a supply of Philadelphia and Troy Draught Ale. which will be sold at a small adv-noe. lor cash only We also expect daily SO bbls of New Jersey f hatrrpagne Cider, a j vre rtrftsJe. Always on hand, a larpe supply of Turner ft Brothers fine Liquors, v!z: blackberry, Rasp berry, Strawberry, Cherry and (Jinger Brandie?.; Ginger Wine; Stomach and Stcu^hton Bitter-; Absenthe. Curacoa, and other Cordials. Dr Wheeler's Tonic Shsrry Wine Bluer*, for which we are sole agents. As usual, a large supply of Mineral Watets, bottled Porter and Ale on band. ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, novi- Georgetown, D. C HATS! HATS! CCONSTANTLY ON HAND A PULL t wpplv of BEEBE'S NEW YORK STYLES, tcgether with TAY LOR a HATS, of BALT1, M ORE The beet black dreos HAYS got up in the latest style for S3 50. as good as those usually sold at 95 ; and a good fashion able Hat at SO, worth S4; and a first-rate Hat, S^ 50. The best materials ..nd the best wor?n ansblp is employed to produce a S5 Hat, which Is sold for S3.50. We do a cash business, meet with no los. se*. but give each customer full value for hit money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B Agent for DrisccU's Balia of a Thousand Flowers. Price 'i& cents per bottie. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa ayeuue. Agent for a New York Hat Company- se 2t^tf OREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF BOOTS AND GAITER! I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHLL adelphia menu- ? facturer, a first rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at S3 62, full as good as those usually sold at S5 or fcfi: a ad a French Calf Patent Leather GAITER at S3 50, a* good as any at *5; a first rate Calf baiter at *ii so, these are the best goods that is (or ever were) sold in the District for the price; for the (iroof, come and see ? or yourself. Terms positively cash. No extra profit charged to offset bad debts. Call at the NEW YORK HAT STORE, Sevcnta street, near Pennsylvania avenue. m'J4 tf ANTHONY, Agent. NEW AND ATTRACTIVE NOVELS.? R aislng the Veil, or Scene* in the Conrts; by Ball Fenner Embellished with portraits of Po lice Court Officers SI Carrie Emerson, or Life In Cliftonvllle ; by Mrs. C. A. Hayden. SI Walter March, Shoepoe Recollections; by Ma jor March. SI Boston Common: Tale of our Own Times : by a Lady. SI ?5 Althe, or Spells from the Strand: by Mrs. Ada M Field ?1 Kate Stanton, a Page from Real Life. SI Dora Graflon, or every clou d.has a silver lining Ambition; Kate Willie SI Rambles in Eastern Asia, Including China and Manilla, reveial yearl' residence, with notes of the voyage to China, excursions in Man Ilia, Hong Kong, Ac.; by L Ball, M D , second edition. SI,'25. J ust published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, ?? Pcnn ave., near 0th street. ANTHONY Bl'CHLTi UNDERTAKES, Shop and Residence Vo. 308 Fenn'a avenue, ?oath aide, between 9th and 10th ata. Having provided himself witb aa ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences for properly conducting hit business, would respectfully Inform tbe pnbHc that he la fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest notice, and In the beet manner. A large supply of READY-MADE OOFFINP of all sixes, always on hand, which wUl be fur nished on the most reasonable terms As heretofore, no pains will be spared te glvr entire satisfaction on all occasions. N. B ?Residing on the premises, orders wilt be prom|Hiy attended to at ail boon New styles cigar casks, ports Monnales, Cabas. School Satchels. Ac.,at oow Mclaughlin Jk co.-s. Miscellaneous. PropoetU for fnroUhlng the Paper for ths Publie Printing OffIC* SCe*??*TBBDBBT r? *T!*6 Washing*! n, Oet* >*?? i, - fTi PUK?UAWCB OF THE PROVlMOMi of the " Art to provide for executing tbe pubt r printing.?' Ae., approved August M l?<?. p-r, io*ala will he received at tbl* office, in a, Caplufl, ontll the lr*t Monday (istdaj) d^. eember neat. at twelve orlorkm , forfurnlabln. the paper that may be required f?* the public printing for tha year cow.HxwIug ?? tb? i? 4, ?f December, Is#, and ending on tb* 1st day of December, IW. The subjoined liat speeltes. a* nearly M <*? w ascertained, the qnaatlty, quality, and de-<rip. lion of each kind of w'" ** required 10,000 reaina toe printing paper, unratenderrd to aoeaaure 'M by 2b inches. and t? loity-lve pov:.d? to tit* ream < f 4e0*h?w.. Class 11. 1,100 ream* fine printing mp"r, ra>j.dfrrd ?? measure n by # Inches, ar.d towei^ fifty-six pound* to the ream rf 4-v Class 111. 5,fOO reams superfine sited and aaVndered printing paper.t* measured byXache* and to weigh fifty-two piunds to ?be ream of V*) sheet*. Cl*?? IV. 300 ream* *n per fine hard-slxed and calendered printing paper, tomea<wire94by -it Inch*, and to weigh forty-eight pc.ind* to tfce ream of 4^0 sheets. Cl a m V. 1 ,000 raama superfine sized and c&iend*-?-d n*r paper of auch aizaa an may be required, corresponding In weight with pap*-r measuring 10 DV *1 laches. ard wrtgfcing twenty ponnd* per rct.m ?>f 4-0 ?h vets CLaaa VI. 200 re anas superfine plate paper (ra'erie??d o. uncaleodered. as mar be required ) it i.? *4 lnchea, and of such weight a* may be r< quired Tbe fibrs of the paper of each of the abovf claaaea to be of linen and cotton. fre?-from *u adulteration with mineral or other substance". of a fair whiteness. and put up In aulr'* of twer.ty four sheets each, and In bundle* of two ream* each, each ream to contain 4M1 peif?-ct sh?eu Uniformity In color, thickness, and weight will be required; and no handle (exclusive of wrap Era) varying over cr under five per c- nt. fronc e staudard weight will be received, a; d the gross weight will in all cases be required Mil ing of various thicknesses in the um? bundle .0 make up the weight will be considered a viola tion of the contract. Cbass Vll No. 1?1.500 ream" quaito poat writing pec cr No. 4? t.bCO ?? flatcap " No 3? 5?o M demy ?' u No. 4-*,000 ?? folio poat " *? No 5? 5<io " medium ? " No 6? 50 " royal ? ?? No 7? 50 " auperroyal " ?? No. ?? 50 ?' Imperial " " No V? 100 '? colored medium, (assarted ) Cl a pa VIII. No. 1--5,?X> reams wilting fafer. lu by j>fi tnc-le* to weigh t wcnty-elght pound* per ream. No. 2?8,100 reama writing peper, l^byafttncbea, to welgc twenty-six pcunda per ream. No. 3?100 reaira writini? paper. Ir by ti lrichea to wel^h twenty-four pounds per ream. No. 1?MO reama writing paper, |? by IP inofcea, to weigh twenty-two poind* pe: ream No ??400 ream* writing pcpcr. 1? by lfc Inche*, to weigh twelve pound* pti rean.. All the paper* def igBRted In cla? se* 7 and a are to be made of the )>e*t material*, free from cdul tcration, and finished in the Ixsr inacnir Ihe pepers in e.iaas 7 are to be white or blue, of the rr^ul^r atar.dard *ir?*a r.f the re*p*ctlve kir.d*, ard of such weights a* may be r? quired by thli office; those in CJaaa fe are to be white, and of the tlzrs ar.d weighs tpeclfled In the schtd jlc Tbe rigbt I* rtseivcd of ordering a gr<-?iter or lesi> q Jan tit v of ee.cii and every kind oat raot?d for. at *u? h time* atd in such qxiantltir* as the public service may reqnlre Fach ela*? will be eon*ld*red aepare?ely, ar.d b?- subject to a separate contract; b'it blddf r* tr ay efft r lor one or more of the elates in theaair* fuoponal; and the privilege is referred rf rtqair ng a bidder who may have mr -e than oce c.a*? asblgned him to take &11 eveb, o? ivrteil his right to any claims. Samples (not leas than one quite) rf ?xh klr.d of paper bid for, and but ow< mmf t Jo* ?ar4 kind, must accompany each bid, and. In ria*ws 7 and 8, be numbered to correspond with the number of the paper prupocod for in the schedule mid. lu the flr?t fi!x claa*e?, to be property de*lg nated on the sample, or It will nr i be co;isl?i?ved. A!l propraalshxd cvmplea must W tran?rr.ltted to this office free of postage or etfr >r exp? r?e Kach proposal mn?t be signed l-y tbe lraividial cr firm making It, and nr:u*t specify the price p?* pound (and but one price for each) of every kind of paper contained in theCiaaa propo*?d for All the paper in the aevcral cl&sse4 nw?t be de liver* d at such place or p aces as may bi d^?ig na'ed in Washington city, In good <.'d?>r. frw ->f all and every extra charge or exp^r-**. and sub) -ct to tbe Inspection, oount. welgtt, and meesare meat of the Snperintenden:. and b lnallriaptcu satisfactory. Blank forms for propoaai* wiil lie furnisted at thl? office to persoTis applying Tor tr eu . ;.nd iicc* will be taken Into consideration unless ally agreeing therewith. Bond?, with approved aeerrkle*, wtil be re quired , ar.d the supplying of an Inferior artkie in anr of the classes, or a f-iiure tosoppivthe qtianilty required at any tline, wul be c<>n*'imd c violation of the contract Kach bidder Is required to fnrn'.'h wi^hhla pio p?osals satisfactory evidence of bis ability toet^ cnte them; and proposalsanacccrppar.ltdby'txrh evidence will be rejected. The proposals will b* opened In th- manner re qtti'ed oy law "on the first Tueadfiy after :t?eir*t Monday In December" next, (3d ) st Ho'clock, a m , at the office of the ttuperliiteudrut. Proposals will be addressed to the - dent of tbe Public Piintlng, Capltrl of tfce I'M'ed State*. Washington.anderdomd "I'rpposfiU for supplying Paper .'1 A O SKAMAN, Sup?er1nterfleni of the Pubiic Priutlng. oc l-?aWJw Proposfilt for Erecting the Cus*oai-E<?ie 4c , at Georgetown. D C T&ka?ckt~ Obfastmbit ? 1 September ii4. I\ Sk.ALfci) PROPOSALS W I f L IIK Kt ccived at this departmt nt i.ntil theSM dn' <- t November. A. D lw5?i. it IS o:cl(tc it sren, fj; the construction of .he Georgetown c J?t< in L:"-?' end post office according to the plar.? .*rd "j i? !li cations prepared at this determent: said propo sals to be either for tbe whole buIiding ? r fepti rate for the different kinds of work. b.ti-- of par cels snould accompany each bid. wliu 'nc <t.* uj.' of each kind of wrrk, and the total antoaatcairted out; the department reaerviog the light to reject or accept tbe proposals hereby invited, or anv parts thereof, when it deems the IntereM of tfce UbI :ed States requires It; the department ?K> re serves th?* right to exclude the bids ?f anv p? r?on or persons whom there Ik Just caust to belie>e w;U not faithfully |erform the e<>ntracts, or wbl a they have attempted to obtain by lrdltet tlcii: and all bid* when there shaii be par'ler In lnt?-?f who do not Join In tbe bids, and ah bid* th.^t, r.pon investigation, are below e fai: f rice for the wor*. Bids will be received In grot*, at he option ? f the bidders; but no contract will beawaided to such bidders until details are furnished tie de partment of the prices of the different kind* rf work and materials, which shall tx* subjert to the revision of the iiepartmcnt, so That the ^ro*s bid shall beeoultably apportioned upon the whole work to guide the depaitment In mak'ng pay ments. Ninety percent.oftheainountof woik done ard material* delivered, according to cootract price (acid amount to be ascertained by tbe epslmatf of an agent of the department, appointed for that purpose,) will be paid front time to time, a* the work progresses, and ten per cent retained until the completion of the contract, and acceptarf e of the wmi, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, and be forfaited In the event ofnon-fulfillment of con tract . Contracts will b<> awarded only to master bn'M er* and mechanics, and the a*slgnment thereof, eicept bv consent of tbe Secretary of the Treasu ry, wlli be a lorfelture of the aame Ftch proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee,signed by two responsible j>*-r*cB*, (certified to be so i?y the United State? dlstilet judge or attorney of the said district.) in Ihe?uir. of ?5,Hp, for the whole work, or of a proportion**'' amount. If for en? part that the bidder will, wh<n requlrea, If bis pioporal be accrf ted, enter Into a contract and bona, with proper <md sufficient set urltlt* for ita faithful perfotmai cc Plans, apeclicatlon*. and working diewiP'-* can be examined after thirty days and ctSer In formation obtained 011 application to ?ht detri ment . The proposals must be sent to this depaiin.pu<. addressed to the Secretary of the Twasary. (en dorsed ''Proposals for the beargetown Custom House, Ac and will be opened st lo'cloca. p. m , of the last day named for receiving the same J AMES GL'l HKifc, se84-gawg0dsya Secretary of the Treasury^ C. J. WOODWARD * CO . UNDKKTAKKRS, CABINET MAKERS, * FURNITURE DKAI.HS ?fl p Will keep constantly on hand large ana choice supply of all kinds o' r urnlture. such as Bureaus, Soft*, Chairs Mat?r? ?s?s &c. Special attention w ll be paid to rhr I ide-ua lng ouslne**; and all orde slefl at our r??onris, N?? <7 High street, Georgetown, wilt be aitetded to with great oareand promptitude oc-* 1,11 pURPURATlON Cwrp# V ratioa of Waaktngioa 8iuah fer sale at C*bBB 1>MUTHLS?