Newspaper of Evening Star, November 22, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 22, 1856 Page 3
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K v KN ? Nii STAR. Job Pristxso.?Oar patrons and the public are reminded that we are prepared te hare their orders for Job Printing of every descrip tion executed at the shortest notice, for the lowest prices and in the best and moit satis factory manner. Ail wanting auoh work done cannot do better than to apply directly at the eoanter of the Star office. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. National Tbbatrr.?Thia is the last night of Mr Booth'a engagement at the National, on which occasion ha will personate the char acter of Sir Edward Mortimer, in Colman's thrilling play of *? The Iron Cheat." founded upon Goawin's novel of "Caleb Williams." He also appears as " John Jobson Browns worth," in the aide-splitting farce of " Little Toddlekina " The night promises to be a beautiful one, and we trust our playgoers will turn out en rjjj' to give this gifted young actor a bumper at parting. On Monday night we have the immortal Joe Jefferaon and the " Naiad Queen," with new and magnificent scenery, elaborate aud intri cate machinery, and those " sixteen lovely girls''in beautiful armor. Chabur or Bastardy.?Yesterday morn ing, Patrick Madigan was charged on the oath of Selina Wall with being the father of an illegitimate female child born of her body The case was laid before Justice Donn. and it was ahown by the evidence that Selina Wall is a married woman ; that the child was born after her marriage ; and she was at the time of the birth of the child a resident of the Sta'e of Virginia, where she lived with her hus band, and left thera last Saturday. Justice Donn decided that the child being born in wedlock, the law presumed it to be legitimate, and it was not competent for the mother to testify to non-intercourse with her husband. He therefore dismissed the case. Th? Fair ?The fair at Odd Fellows' Hall, under the auspices of the Ladies' Mite Society of Wesley (M E ) Chapel is going on finely Crowd* are in attendance, among them being a large share of very beautiful young ladies btrangers who desire to get a good idea of Washington folks cannot do better than to attend We need hardly extend the same in vitation to Washingtonians ; as. we presume, nearly all of them have already attended or have made arrangements so to do A fine band of music enlivens the gay throng each evening. Artificial Tsrtb ?We would call atten tion to Or Loomis's advertisement in another column We have examined specimens of the Doctor's improved sets of artificial teeth Their peculiar construction renders them a very agreeable thing to weaT, and their close imitation of nature is such as to defy detec tion. It is really surprising to see what pro gress has been made within the last ten years in this profession ; and nearly all the improve ments emanate Irom this country. The Doc tor'* invention and work have grown into general favor whorever so far introduced, we know. A Prbsent.???n Thauks giving day the Columbia Fire Company pre sented to their lady patroness a card of thanks for her increasing kindess and unbounded liberality to theui. Tho card is executed iu Richardson's best style of ornamental penman ship, and is surrounded by a costly fram* male by Wagner. The presentation took place at the dwelling of the lady, who respon ded in eloquent terms to the Company's com mittce and handsomely entertained them. At night, she received a grand serenade from Es j.otd s fine band. lio?? T.J THE Fark.?Having lost 8iKht of i Siks'^Mph "Cak? wo?>an'' for some L b!r W0Dted round9- (?Very ona will remember her tall guant figure and th? pertinacity with which she fasted 'u"n the Avenue promenaders of all degrees with the invitation to buy a cake ? nice and cheap ") we made inquiries of the police as to her whereabout*, and learn thatthe poor creature at tin* St p?D y for 8treet Jruakenness at the workhouse. K*" 1? Thursday evening. 0 clock, Mr. John Connor, a young man who res,des in the First Ward, w/e 0ho* when near the corner of 15th and 1 streets on ms way home, by some person to him un xnown Oar informant says that the ball en tered his arm near the elbow and passed out ..ear .he shoulder The cause of this attack ? Jji ? k ^?&"or l- hard to imagine, as he is said to be a remarkably quiet and inoffensive Curat Marrbt.?The principal market m crowded this morning, although the 7 * 7t ^ Pr'^'?ed to be vory unfa , ora e. T?? Pr'c? were ab^ut tne same a? ^ In Country pork continues to arriv a 7 M *'er ,U0 ,b9 The sidc nlllLn* Ja- ?BU? W" very MU,Jdy un. pleasant this mining and the citiiens were not slow in expressing their wishes that a g>od fibTJ bc 1>id lbcre M aspof Circcit Cucrt ?The Circuit Court is still eLgaged with the trial of the case of Crump w. ylark, a suit growing out of a charge m?ie against trump by Clark, and which after in ?ea.igation bef .re a magistrate was diamissed. plaintiff sued on the ground of malici< u3 ITosecutiun, and laid his damages at ilU.OUl*. Xhe trial Commenced ok Wednesday, Messrs. LitdlT Tm appearing fur the p.a.ntiff, and Messrs. Morgan and stone torde- ? I6DC6 . o* LaEcr.nt.?Yesterday, James vjleejou, fhotnts Munts and Mich Sullivan ?ere arrested by Uflicer King on a charge ot tearipg up a pavement and carrying away the r ? belonging to Fran-is O'Callaghan * The parties were taken before Justice Walter who I committed Gleeson and Sullivan to jail in dt fault of security^ for court. MuuU gave bail in tne aum of S2UU. Abotber and still tuore beautiful 6u-cer.t SXK'.F*/*?'.,".?1* Africa Shield" tbe VI * *"r 1>?ce">i?er contains f. splendid engraving ?' The Sei.a SS-Af; ' ^ ? ^e figure* oi Pr^ r fh- v exPres',|J for the ladle.', at riM ?umber on,y 2j cents. For sa!e Ubliahme?t?n " gre^__^k Uiagaaine^s Sixth District Pulicb ?tk? in tbo Jijch.w! ,,f ki. i' . lat tias f.,r some time cast ha* I*.* ?. i,,. ? ' "??"?Braef the comna ,/ V4-1 n,Kbt. iu two tuuarea th?r-?.. three lamps unlit, ar.d how manv in ^ ^utre? cannot uv Lut kr Whtr ^Uiount of ifiAt |; -v t itbtit the wofally scant. K?ue?Hy Was foi'a'a fa"!^,"""^0; f* r?r ^ new aubaenption to ama*aji?e ?f ber number of liar. < VI : rh,,i)oc?m Mr Shillington!^^ Mnl U9 and it is wicnout any qut-ti.,n th^T V,?,Uaie ?sting of all publications ni?'1 Wtjr I fiORSR lircGy OfT r having some busing t(J aUm,l n ^ ?U/ C.ll'*eDli a meeting ro^m near Wh ? U,<ht kl A*etue, tied hi.-< hor^a t ,tr?et anj the He remained lon^?^ ^?t i, doming out the hor?e and bu ,* ' Rn'1 OB He was searching fyr tiiern \ *er? ?ni--siijg .%??, ta. UJ ssnst C*tB ?ill be .etju tnat the Democratio"^?" 11 has beeu postponed until Thnrsday ^'?n, next week, in order, we pre-ume ^o ditional completeness to the demonstration ir is rstimatru that there are 70i? uno pianos in the United States at rh? . ' time -J K ij ..Va T mt th* P?"ent . <???.. M , who has been to au even lX n*,?7fW.r tWi' of these I A 0 at least are in u*s in this city ' Watch Rbttbws ?The only cut for trial at the central guard house last night was M ir aret Conly, drunk in the street; brought in y a citiien, and dismissed this morning by Justice Morsell. ^Postponement of the Democratic Celshra tion. Notice is hereby given that the Democratic celebration annoanced for Tuesday the 15th, is postponed until Thursday following, the 27th. William Skldek, Chief Marshal. Procession in Honor of Messrs Buchanan and Breckinridge On Thursday, the 27th inst., at 10o'clock, a. m , the cltitens of this District and of the vicinage, friendly to Messrs. Buchanan and Breckinridge, as President and Vice President of the United States, are respectfully invited to assemble in front of the City Hall here. At 9 o'clock on that morning a national sa lute will be fired. The procession will be then forthwith formed, and proceed in the follow ing order, to wit: It will move down Louisi ana avenue to Pennsylvania avenue; along Pennsylvania avenue to Georgetown; there, up Bridge street to High street; up High street to First street; up First to Fayette ; up Fay ette to Second ; and from thence will return by Bridge street to Washington city; thence along Pennsylvania avenue to New York ave nue; thence down New York avenue to Fif teenth street; thence down Fifteenth street to Pennsylvania avenue ; thence along Pennsyl vania avenue to Fourteenth street; thence down Fourteenth street to Maryland avenue ; thence along Maryland avenue to the Capitol, passing on ths south side of the Capitol, by Pennsylvania avenue, to the Navy Yard ; and thence by Pennsylvania avenue back to the City Hall. Un the return to the City Hall an oration will be there delivered by Walter Lenox, Esq.; after which a national salute will be fired At night, between 7 and 9 o'clock, citizen?, who may he willing, are invited to illuminate their dwellings. The following gentlemen are appointed as sistant marshals, to wit: Robert Quid, of Georgetown, Capt Henrv B. Tyler, Col. J. G Berrett, Wm D. Nutt, John Tyler, jr , Dr. Wm Jones, Major G F Lindsay, George W. Phillips, Charles Wallach, Daniel Ratclifle, Col. A. Provest, Charles S. Jones. Dr. A. W Miller, W. F. Bayly. Maj. S. L. Lewis, T. J. Robinson, P F. Wilson, C. G. Wagner, W K. Woodley, Merrit Jordan, Dr. J. B. Blako, Geo. McNeir, W. B B Cross. A A. Kimmell, Maj. J A . Barker, Dr A Y P Garnett, Capt. P B. Key, and John T Bradley. The Marshal in-Chief will be designated by an orange-colored scarf, and the assistant mar shals by pink-colored scarfs The marshals who shall have been chosen by the various clubs within the District will please report themselves to the chief marshal at their earliest convenience Ihti assistant marshals are requostel to meet at the City iiall at yj o'clock a. m , on Tues day next Citizens in carriages will form and proceed in the rear of the procession. Wm. Seldbn, Chief Marshal. Washington, Nov. 21, ISiti In consequence of the disbanding of most of the State Ctubs within the District, the Chief Marshal is prevented from inviting an ap pointment from them of an assistant marshal to represent each Slate, and as it is very desir able that the citizens t.f each of the States re siding in* this city should participate) in the celebration to take place on Tuesday next', the following gentlemon have been appointed to act as assistant marshals on that occasion, with a request that they will exteud an invi tation to tbe citizens of their respective State* residing in this city, and to any who may be visiting it, to join in the procession with suit able banners. The States not yet represented by an appointment, will be thus honored so soon as the gentlemen they desire to act shall be named to the Chief M rshal or either of the assistants already named : W H. Codman, Me.; K F. Page, N H; R J Ruger, N. Y ; A. J. Glossbrenner, Pa ; 11. E Bateman, Md.; Col. W H. Jones, Del.; L. Peyton. Va.; J. B iiolderby, N C ; S. G. Jamison, S. C ; T Sturgis, Ga ; D. R. Lind say, Ala ; John Hunr.icut, Va ; H A. Cooke, Miss ; Isaac Rackott, N. J ; N. E Welch, Mich ; T H. Maddox, La ; R. J. Atkinson. Ohio; J G Long, 111.; Dr. S. O Hunter, Ky.; J. K P. Campbell, Tenn ; Dan. Radebaugh, Ind.; R J. Lackey, M >. By order : C. G Wa6Mk. Wm Sxlukn, Assistant Marshal. Chief Marshal. GEOROEIOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Oborgetown, Nov. 22. We regret exceedingly to learn that Mr Horris iiuwes, millwright at the douring mills of Boyoe, Taylor <L Co., happened to an acci dent yesterday by which he was very serious ly irjured. It appears that he was engaged in oiling the macntcery of the mill, when the ladder which he was using at the time broke, precipitating him down iuto the pit among some of the timbers. He sustained consider able injury about the small of the back and side, both internally and externally. lie was removed to his home, where he received the 1 benefit of medical skill We learn that bis condition this morning is as coiufortablo as could be expected. Owing to the very inclement state of the weather last night but fe* of our city fathers turned out Consequently there was not a <{uorum of either Board of the Corporation in attendance. We learn from Mr White, chairman of the streeis committee, that an appropriation has been made for the repair of Greeu street, to whi?b we called attention a few days since, but through tfoute oversight the name of Wash ington street was Inserted in the bill iustead of Green The difficulty will be remedied at tbe next meeting of the council Mr Nathan Brook? sexton at tbe Dumbar ton street Methodist church, has now served tbe congregation faithfully in that capacity titty two years without intermission. Business upon our canal during the week has been very brisk. The entire line is in ex cellent order, aud every thing connected with its operations is moving on finelv During tbe week 76 boats have arrived ; 47 of these from Cumberland, briugitig about 5,2<t0 tons of coal; 12 from different points with tlour and grain, and the remaining 1*5 with wood, bark, liuic-stone. Ac. The receipts for tolls, at tbe Georgetown office, for the iarne period umounts to about ?3,300 During the week ending to daj. the Swan t'jn C >al and Iron Company has shipped 655 tons of coal, as follows : bebr. Henry Finch, for New York. 375 tons; schr Harriet Ma tilda, for same place, 2?0 tons Our citizens generally will be pleased to learn that Rev. J. 11 Bocock, pastor elect of the Bridge street Presbyteriau church, will preach to that congregation to morrow morn ing at 11 o'clock, anu again in the afternoon at 3) o'clock. Tbe offerings of beef cattle at Drovers'Rest yesterday, amounted to 700 bead, of which District butchers took Juu head at ?3a&4 12} on the hojf, equal to fctfakB 25 net. The re maining 4U0 were driven on to Baltimore. But hltle if any change is visible in the markets sinee our report of yesterday. Flour is held nominally at gli 75a$6 87, and wheat at SI 40iS1.42 for red and fcl 45ajJ 47 for white yAvECTATQtL MAKK1K1), On the *Kh lnstint, by the Rev J B Byrne. Hon. STKPttKN A Dot 01.AS, of Illinois, t> ADhl.K CUT 1'S, daughter of J Madison Cull* In Oeorvito?n, on th?'A>th Instant, by lh?* Kev T A Simpson, CUARLLH A iJUCKEY to KLI'/.AHK.TM L. SHOLMAKtit, daughter of Oeorge Sho^mak^r, Esq., all of that place un tbe -ant instant, by tbe Kev <i VV Samson. HENRY L. DAVISON and ANNA K SKIUti, daughter of the late Joseph Orlug, k sq of Alex andria, Va On tne 12th of October, in Oswego, New York by the Kev A. Schuyler, Lieut. W*. S ABkKT' of i be U. S Army, to MARY F , daughter of Benjamin Isaacs, Ksq , of that city DUD. On the 5th Instant, ttEO. H. CO rERELL, at Dumphries, Prince William's county. Va. ? On the 'ilstlnstint, HENRY NAYLOK. son of Benjamin P. and Mstllta It Smith, in the loth year of his age. On the 'id November, IttM, DENNIS DES MOND, whose death has been published in the Evening Star heretofore, but whose funeral will take place on To Morrow. (Sunday) at t o'clock, Imm^t Patrick's Church, 10th street * For Sale and Rent. F?^r,.b?t-a well and new fur LnmthPkWk' lZ?A '.?aar<* f'?? the av*mie. and near the Kirk wood House For a futility It baa moderate, if d'ir!? fhU oice ' purchased low. Inquire at (uiMiiicr. noy H<TirnS.F?.iR^,KN W1TH SMALL MEANS. ries tal^h a ?me Dwell,?K?. e^h two sto A p ots' "1,"a,^d on ihe south ThS?Jih^? bTTf?'n Slith and Seventh streets 30ldulow <Jn^ half the price will > , ^ 'Ired In rash. A liber*) tim?> given on the .^-^i^PPly?t0 PKRRY 4 BROTHER, ?J'L ^ ,ator*s' wesl *"?*ing, opposite Cen irejviartet nov ltf-4t POR KENT.?A HANDSOME AND CON * venlent House, situated on the south side of ? street, two doors above 2ist. Also, a lar*e ard commodious Home situated on the corner of G and streets, which will be rented at a very low rent. Persons wishing to see the above hou ses can do so by calling at No. 138 G street, above nov l?3f ^po LET?THE TWO NEW HOUSES ON i Pierce street, between North Capitol and l>t street, within a square of the new Congressional Printing Office To a good and punctual tenant the rent will be made low. For terms apply to CHARLES THOMA, opposite the premises nov 18-tf r R??1 n.ENT TA PORTION OF A LARGE rWe. v?v. ?a9 ?xtures> cistern, contain ing front ahd bark parlors, k!t;hen and basement, Ac., on the first floor, and one room up stain, on 4th street, opposite City Hall, No 3I? Rent moderate Inquire of T 6L1CK, Penn avenue, between 4ft and 6th streets, No. 422 nov lt-tf R^taurant for RENT-THK good WILL, STOCK, AND FIXTURES FOR 5*Lb.- 1 h* ptoprletor wishing to engage in an other branch of business, offers a bargain in the above mentioned pro erty. Persons In want of a One stand for the Restaurant business will And this one of the best in tl.e city For further par tlcalars Inquire on tLe premise*. No. 474 Penn. avenue, north side. novle-5t* f ARGK ROOM FOR RENT?THE Third M-i story of the House No 512, on ?th street, two doors Kouth of Odd Fellows' Hall The Room ls25 by m feet. Inquire of P. H.SIMS, first storv. nov 15 eoSt 7 POK SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER IS AU .. t?or'z<>d to at p'lvate sal- a two-story and attic h rame House and Lot, situated on 12th street, between M and N streets, No. SJl. Also, the ad joining vacant l ot ' Terms: One-third cash; the balance In seven Instalments, at six months apiit. Possession given Immediately. novW-eo2w? JAS T FERRY. CIOR RENT ?THREE LARGE \V~ELL finished Rooms, with Gas Fixtures Apply on the Premises to ALEX. RUTHERFORD, Marble \ ard, opposite National Theatre. nov 18-eoaw POR SALE OR RENT-ONE OF THOSE , larKe dwelling Houses on C street, between 1st and 2d, containing Water, Sas, Furnace, Kangea, and all other conveniences of a flrstclas* residence. The Houte will be sold a grtat bar gain. Apply on the premises, or 12th street and Canal, of JNO. II. W ARD. nov 14 eo'Jw [Intel A Union] P?R SALE OR RKNT-A DESIRABLE * small place near B!adensburg Depot, con taining ab-ut twenty acres of land. The Improve ments are a small Cottage Dwelling, Carriage house. Stable. Ac ; well fenced and in a good state of cultivation. The soil Is well ad ipt?d to the purposes of a market garden and dairy Ad Plv tj W. McKNEW, Congressional Globe ? nov IT eo2w t^OR RENT?THAT LAKGE AND AIRY m. House on Penn avenuo, betw< en fltb ami "<tl, streets, over A Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-rlass Hoarding-House. It is now undergoing a complete repair. Possession riven Immediately Inqulreof A. HOOVKK A SON. south s de of Penn avenue, between fith and 7th Mreet*. oc 30-tf I10 MEMBERS OF CONG R ESS AND 1 OTHEKS -FOR KENT -A Krlrk Home with eight rooms, handsomely furnished Add v at it<6 H street, near listli. nov iMt pOR SALE-A NUMBER OF FARMS amSZH.lnll,if# twenty acres and upwards, oi div ded to suit purchasers, tituated in the Dis trict, Maryland, or Virginia 80me most desirable Property In this city, consisting of Dwelling Houses and va fhf ill*?* ut"rs5n'! wlshlnK to invest money in the Metropolis of the Nation or vicinity will do well to give me a call before purchasing Per sons having property to dispose of can Lave It done upon reasonable terms. Aloney proflt.blv invested on Real EstatH securities, and loans negotiated. ApplytoZ W. Mr KNEW. General Agent, Congressional blobe Office. nov 17-eo3w AFIH ST-CLASS res rue~N C E IN GEORGETOWN, D. C , FOR RENT ? ine subscriber oilers for rent ber late residence at the corner of Fayette and Fourth streets, lrui?edlately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This Is one of the Inrgeat and best finished houses in the District of Columbia, haying all the modern improvements contained in the first-class Louses of the Northern cities. lfiere Is attached a large cistern in the yard carriage-house, and stable for several horses A pump of the purest water in the Immediate vicinity. Ihe locality is high and salubrious, and in a quiet and highly respectable neighb rLood Possession given Immediately For further particulars inquire neitdoor to the premises, of Mrs ANNE R. O'NEAL, ?c 4 LV RNISHED ROOMS FOB R ?? N T ?EN A quire on the premises, No. U9T, Pennsylvania avenue, between t>th and UKh streets, south side nov 15-tf TW" FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS FOR M. SALE?House? No 4sand 50 Louisiana ave nue, between ttth and 7th streets The location is a desirable one and offers a rare chance for a trood .nvestment. Terms ea-y Apply to E K. LUN i ? 4'?- Bridge street, Georgetown, or No 4tf Louisiana avenue, Washington nov 14-tf POR KENT OR LEASE?DWELL1NG House J32, north side Penn avenue, between ?tb and l?th streets l?ne of the finest locations in tbo city for profefsional or buuiuega inen To a punctual tenant the rent will be moderate Ap ply on the premise* to GEO H H WHITE A CO., or to CHAS. H LANE. Uent< Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue, near 4% street nov 12 Ke\l estate in th e w fst for sale. Persons wishing to pqrchase Rtol Estate in or near St Paul, in Minnesota Terrjloiv, or In or near Superior City, in Wlscuusln, wiii do well to call at tne Klrkwood Hou>e on ALLEN P1 ERSE, of Minnesota. nov 7 tf Fburnished ROOMS FOR RENT ?MKS. G.Anderson has for rent a large ar.d hand some Par or, wi^h several Chambers, suitable for the acc-unmodaMon of live or sli gentlemen. A man servaut will be kept In attendance Apply two doors from the House, Femovlva nia avenue. oc 31 f^URNISHED KOOMS.-SEVERAL CHAVI t?ers suitable for gentlemen, are for Rent. In quire on the premise*', corner of F and 13th strtyts, >?o. 134. nov 17-eiQt* 1 ' ? ' . 'i-Ul Boarding. MRS li ANN F.K.MAN, CORNER OF ?TH and E streets, having recently refitted her house, Is now prepared to accommodate persona with Hoard and pleasant Rooms at moderate ?ate* Her house Is situated in a central and de slnble part of the city; being one square from tie Patent and Po?t Offices. Table and transient boarder^ can also be accommodated. nov IU-3t* Boarding -a gentleman amu his wife, also two sing egentiamencan beaccom mrdated with Rooms and Hoard in a private fam lly where there are no more boarders oi children, ou reasonable terms Apply at 424 Oth street, be tween F and G. nov 1W tf Anew hoarding-house.?mrs. c. REYNOLDS bus taken the well known com modious b.fardlng-hojse on the soutkeast corner of Pennsylvania avenue and street, which Is being entirely refitted and furnished. She l as rooms for rent (at different prices according to their loratlon.? with or without boa^d. All de siring such accommodations will do well to call before lota'.lng themselves elsewhere nov S tf Board, Ac.?mrs. bates,on thes w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street isprepared toaccoinniod itegentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comforlabie who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. kpfi-tf U KOWM HI GABf. 10 hhds P R. Sugar 5 do N. O. do Just received and for sa'e by nov 19 31 UAKUOUK A SEMMES. ( i FRANCIS. AHUV i: 01>1> KELLOWI' Hall, on Seventh street, Is now recel?lng the b*?st ato?.b of goods In t be way of HOUSKK t EP ING HARDWARE ever|brought to th-clt/ Al ?o, Table and Pocket Cntiery, Silver plated and Albata Ware, Block Tin and Japanned Ware, Bird Cages, Clocks, Feather Huateis, Baskets, Brushes, Combs, Cabas, Portmonnals, China Vases, uift Cup# and Saucers, and ah.inured oth er useful articles These goods were bought for ca-L at ihe lowest figure, arid will be sold at the lowest possible prices ucv2ltr AUCTION SALES. St WALL. BARNARD A CO .Auctioneer*. tuoimo oct sale or thk bal t lance Stack ?f raacy Geeda, Plated Were, Ac., et Aaciien.? On FRIDAY MORNING, November S 1st instant. u o'clock a, m.we will se 1, at the store of Me??rs T. ti all I nan A Co , under Brown*' Hotel, the remain log a.ock of Fancy Goods. Plated Ware,* Work boxes, Articles for the Toilet, Jewelry, Ac., con sisting of many of the moat valuable artlclea re maining yet unsold, all of which will positively be sold without reserve. The especial attention of persons In want of aurh articles are respectfully invited to attend the aale Terms All sums under S<3, cash ; over that amount a credit of 00 and 90 day*, for notes satis factorily endorsed, bearlne interest nov 40 WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auc'ra. d^The abeva Sale is unavoidably Post poned, on account of the weather, until MON DAY MORNING, November 24 th, at 11 o'clock It WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auct's. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Frame hocse and lot and four Balldmg Lots at Anvtitn?On FRI

DAY, the 11th Instant, I shall sell, in front of the Rremises, at o'clock p ra , west port of Lot lo 4, in Square No 996, having a front of 16 feet cn south K, between Uth and 12th streets east, running back shout 89 feet, with side a;ley, with the Improvements, which are a jjood Frsma House, Ac , Ac. Also, the balance of said Lot No 4, which will be subdivided in lots to suit purchasers as fine building lots Also, all of Lot No 13. in same aqua e. having a front on 14tb street east, between 1 and K streets south, having a front of 17 feet by 97 fret deep, which will be divided and sold in lots to suit purchasers This property is near the Na*v Yard, and near the residence of Mrs Spicers Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6, 12. 19 and 21 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken Title Indisputable A. GREEN, nov s-d (Organ) Auctioneer. !i_T"The abeve aale la prstponcd In csnse* queuce of the rala until FRIDAY, the 21st lnst , same hour. A. GREEN, Auctioreer nov 15-ts jr^The ahove Sale la farther Postponed, in const4uence of the rain, until THURSDAY, the it7tb instant, same hour. r.ov 24 d A. GREEN, Auct'r IIV A. GREKN. Auctioneer. F'XCELLFNT LATHE, STEAM EM LI N I ? i loolt of every description, at Auction. On THURSDAY, the 47th iustsnt, 1 shall sell, at 10 o'clock a m., at the Model Maker's Establish ment, on 7th street, next to the corxer of E, next door to Mr J. F. Ca'lan's Ding Store, up stairs? 1 very superior Turning Lathe. SO inches bed, 13 ini-oes ?.wlng, cast iron Shears, with back geer, ccntres drill chuck, 2 face plates, Ac 1 Slide Nest, with attachment fbr cutting spur, Ac., bench geering by the lathe, suitable for any lathe, 1 unlveraal chuck, 0 inches 2d Chasens, metal turning and milling Tools Turning Gouges and Chisels and Callipers Dividers, letter and figure Punches 9 None Drills, 3 Circular Saws, Callipers Ground Straight Edges, 4 *et.< Stocks and ties >ciew-Plates and Hubs, Bench Vires, Ac. Cabinet maker's Bmch, assortment of Planes 6 pairs Hollows and Hounds, plow with fcs irons Fillister and matcu Planes, har.d and other Saws ?Jwe< p and otner Gouges, Firme s, Brace and 10 Bits fquare Bevel and Guages,2 Grindstones Machine for making barrel bungs, taps, and pets Steim Engine 3-b< rse power, aet cf Patterns l< r the same; the engine wl'l do well for a car tenter's shop, j ?b printing cilice, nr sew* ng machines, can be put le operation in a small spaee Together with many other articUs which w< d""'iii unnecessary to enumerate. Terms : All sums under 825, cash ; over S45 a credit of GO and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. nov 44-d A. GREEN, Acut'r RE M O V A L.-SCHWARZK A DKl'RY have removed their agency lor the t m j ? * i 11 *n ? < ? sale of OYSTERS, from the corner i of 11 tli streei to No. 4*w 1 Itb street, second door above the old place. No liquor will Le sold on the premises, and it is hoped it will be more convenient and a^reeableto our costoniers. Don't forget the place, 4-9 11th street; also Steamboat Wharf Now landing an other cargo of Cove Oysters. nov 19-3t JOHN H. McCDTtHKN, ATTGHyEY AT LA W, HAS REMOVED Hi* OFFICE AND RESI dence to No. Missouri avenue, between 4X street. nov IH-lm* |\R. lUHNiri SCHOOL FOR THE ? " Deaf and Dumb and Blind, G street, be tween 40th and 41st street*, south side. Friday afttmoon is set apart for the reception of visitors nov la 4w* (HME TO THE SUBSCRIBER S PKEW ?J iscs. with bis cattle, on the8th itist .?7?jrrrfaf a BROWN STEER, which the owner!, ran have by proving property, and pay- jX Ing charges. J PRATHElt novlH -5t Corner of N and :id sts nortn. STRA f E U.-ON THE 10TH, A RED HElFICR. about4 years old, a mark on the right ear Anybody returning above will be liberally rewarded by the?Keaig subscriber. nov 19 '!'? OPKlllMi OF FALL ,VNl> WINTER MIL LI.SI'KY. j^l'I'H E SU BSl R 1 BER OPENS TO ^^Jday the largest and handsome** as y^wsortncent of Winter Millinery be ever offered to the pibllc. Including the very best and latest styles of French Hcts Head Dret ses, Ribbons, 'lrimlngs, Embroideries, Ac , all of which will be sold at prices that must pk-a-w the best J')dges of goods iX3^The Ladles are respectfully Invited to call early and get bargains. M W1LL1AN, Centre Market Space, bet. 7th and 9th ate. ocSl-twAeo3w NILLIIHtttf. I HAVE RECEIVED A LOT OF New York Fall and Winter BON-^Tj N ETS, and will bave my opening on the mtu of November Ladles call and.ewunlne before purchasing elsewhere. Four good Milliners and a few Apprentices wanted ; also, a Woman to do housework MRS C KUOFF, No 475 Pa. av , bet. 10th and Uth sts oc 46-eol m* (V EW CRANBERRIES, RAISIN*, Datca, 11 Ac.? 25 bote* layer and bun.u R Al^lNW 5 barrels CRANBERRIES 5 frills of DATES 100 drums of FIGS 4 kegs TAMA RINDS I bale of Princess paper shell ALMONDS 1 do Bordeaux do 1 do Naples WALNUTS 5 hogsheads Loverinc's GOLDEN SIRUP 2,1.00pounds hulled BlfCKWH EAT FLOUR Few boxes nice HONEV In the comb 10barrels of Crab-apple CIDER, swee? iiohalf-cheits of BLACK TEA. a nlc? article, at a tow prl-e. With a Urge assortment of Goods, for sale low, pf RICHARD J. RYAN, nov ll-eo3w corner ii'.h and D streets. HOSIERV : HOSIERY !! Those in want of hosiery for the winter, thould call before buying and look tbrouco the new and well assorted atock o| the subscriber, consisting In part, of? ladies and Gent's English White, Brown and Colored Cotton Hose Ladles and Gent's superior Ciuthmero andMeilao iloee Ladles aud (ient's best English and PwurlSllk Host; Hoyu %nd Misses Brown and While Cotton Hose do ? do Worsted and Merino Hode. FRANK a. Met*EE, oc81-eo4m 444 Pa av., bet. 14th and 13th sts WINTER MILLINERY. MRS M. A HILLS WILL OPEN Winter Millinery on Wednesday, November 14th, at No 4l?5 Pennsyl yl^r yanlanvcnue, l?etween 9th and 10(h streets. novt PARIS PREMII'M HATS. MODE I) E P1XAUD. rilODD k CO. HAVE RECEIVED PF.R A -teamship " Arago" an Invoice of Gen tletnen's DRESS H ATS from theceiebrated establishment of LavilleA Poumaroux. who received two first-class medals at the late Expos ition In Paris. Also, a beauti ul aasortment of Chlld(eo!s I 1* * NCY BRAVER 11 ATS.for MUaeior Boy*. Ladles' RIDING llA'J'S. I FUEI^C'H UMBRELLA^, very superior. TODD A CO , Inoy 3-gtAeotf west end Browu*' lloiei TO THE LADIES. jl,WK HAVE JUST OPENED OI'K^ ^^jfafihionable ass< rtuiani of Velvet and ^Pother WINTER BONNETS Also,^*5<3ff a ne*r style of Hair Dresses and Flowers Just re ceived from Paris; and all other articles in the Millinery line. C. PRIBRAM A CO., Pa. ave., bet. lOtb and 11th ?tsA south side, oc 4Blm New Yerk, D??eaker lbth, i860, 1UAI\ LAMMOND: M 1 bave this day forwarded you by e\pre?s a large collection of new and beautiful Toys, whl<^ 1 require of you as my agent, to dlatrlbute at very low crires to tbe youay folks nov 19 3t RR1SS KRlNGLb. AUCTION 8ALBB By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auction, EXCELLENT HO('?EHULD Faraltare C#ttage and Chamber Pnrnitare. and a lar|f ??Mrin?at*f nssse-Par niskiag a? tides, t arpeting. Ac., at Pabllc AactUa. On TUESDAY .MORNING, November tttlfc at lu o'clock, we will sell, at our large and spacious scales rooms, on JMb street, corner ofC and Louisi ana avenue, south of our auction room*, an ex cellent assortment of Furniture. Ac. We ntn.r in part? W alnut and mahogany tete-a-tete Sofas Uo , do Wardmbea and Work stands Chair* and Rccker* walnut oakjand maple cant- s?at and office Chalra Bur"*uTa marble-iop Bureaus,plain Jenny Llnd Bedsteads ?,ssT fS WOOdChMira "d ^ockem peto "UPei lWP'y Ingrain Car 1,5410 \arda line cotton and wool and atalr Carpets Bedstead., Kesther Beds. and MnttiwSi ^ I eat" eta, Cottage Furniture, different patterns looking Glasses, large and small Walter* l arge assortment China and Glassware \N Ith a larte assortment of Housekeeping Goods not here enumerated The goods are In irst-rate order, and will positively i* sold with out reserve Terms: All sums of and under flu, cash ? ovf r that amount a credit of 00 and Widavs, for no-e* satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest WALL, BARNARD A CO., n>.v j|-ts Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer nXCELLE!?T Fl RlllTl K E AND Hoase. keeping effects at Pabllc ?ale ? On WEDNKSDAV MORNING. Novemb-r -.6th at 10 o clock at the corner of ?th street west and B street south, (nesr the Smithsonian Institute.) 1 stall eel I the furniture and * fleets of a family de caning housekeeping, viz: Suite of handsome solid walnut rarved paiior furniture, finished In crimson and gold silk damask, consisting of two Tete a-tete Sofas one arm Chair, one large Rocker, and six pai ior Chairs ^ rulteof four handsome dainask Curtains, with lace . urtains, cornice, and tlxtures Handsome gilt mantel Clock French plate Mirrors.gin Shades Superior rmhogany French Secretary, with pite on holes and secret drawers U alnut Whatnot, ruah-seat Chairs Marble top centre Table, rout Tables Two mahogany hair spring seat S^ofas Mahogany parlor Chairs. window seats olrandolee, Alabaster, and china Va-es Three-ply and ingrain Carpets, Rugs 011 cloth, Dra^gett, Matting Superior wn!nut carved leg extension Table, t. iw lon^ Mahogany marble-two Sideboard \\ alnu* marble top liquor closet Window r*bades, Engravings China, Glaes, and Crockery Ware Castors, table cutlery, fire Irons Solid mahogany high post Bedsteads Mah. gany F rench Bedsteads Marble top dressing Bureaus, Waatistands Superior feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Best curled hair Mattress* Toilet sHs Looking giaves, Tab es Painted Wardrobes, plain Bureaus Comforts. Blankets, Spreads. Ac Miperlor cooking Move and tixtures Radiator, air tl^ht, Franklin and other Hose* I egether with a general assortment o! Kitchen utensils *~r> r:rui ca*h: over that sum a credit of 60 and 90days. for satisfactorily indexed notes, bearing Interest '* ? ?The House Is for rent inquire en the premis s JA8.C McGl IRE. n"v??-d Audio?at. By A. 6REEN, Auctioneer VERY ELIGIBLE AND ?IA*UKOME ? liuiI<11n? Lot ut Auction.-On WEDNES DAY , tbe ?<.th Instant. I shall sell, In front of the premises at 4 o'dork p m , a very handsome u 11,(ling Lot, suitable for one or more buiidipt< located In tie cential (.art of the city, only one square from the Patent Office, being north part ot Lot No ly, la square No 454, having a front on the so-jth ?ide of north H street of 5i feet, ruui.lng bark M.> feet to a public alley, between 6th and 7th strrets west This lot Is beautifully located, having ?>ood Im provements adjoining <>n both sides, and presents many inducements to persons wishing to make a t^d Investment or secure a haudsoine bul.dlng Terms: One third cash ; balance in 6, is, and iw months, for notes bearing interest fiom day of sale A deed given ar.d a d.ied of trust taken 1 ltle Indisputable. A OR KEN nov'Jld Aactloaaf By WALL. BARNARD A CO , Auctioneer* UKRK11PIOKV SAL E OK HIT UK 7 rluges. Buggies, Kockaways. Ac., ut Aartl.n? On JHl'KSDAV MOKNl!VO, No vember 2Tth, at 10 o'clock, we will sell at the Carriage Factory of Messrs. Haalup A Weeden corner of Louisiana avenue and t?th street, thtir entire stcck of Carriages, Buggies aud Rocka wa\s. which are their own make, of the hest materials and workmanship. We name? '2 six-seat Carriages, handsomely mounted and lined, a ilrst-rate article U four-seat Kockaways, light and strong l two do do, suitable for ? physician 1 do PLirton, made for servke in the very oest manner, a beautiful article I he sale will be |?osltive, a? Messrs Haslupft Uet-den have given up busice^s. Terms: A credit of two. four, and sit months, lor notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing intere t W ALL,, HAK.MAHO A CO., n<lV *' A actloneers' By A. OKKLN, Auctioneer. "JOOD THKtE NTOK\ MKII K HOI SI * and Lot at Auclian.?On MONUav ii,m ?inh lustant, 1 sh^ll sell In front of the preml-e*, at ^ o'clock p m , north part of Lot No in ? quare No fronting M feet on nth street w'esr between north H and f streets, running bat k Vtt feet to a whje aliey, with the Improvements which arc a good three-story Brlc k House,contain lu< nine couvenl-.-ntly arranged rooms and wide passage through the house, wood bhed, Ac ,ln the yard ' lerms : One third cash; baiai>ce int. !< a*<i 18 months, lor notes bearing interest frt IV ui?y sale A detd given, and a deed .>? trust U* ' " I Itle Indisputable u The above-m?nt!oited propny is hand^mrls located on the aaiue >q?art. tiThe Demlaou bull/ hov 8-eoAda A ORKEN, Auct'r. Bv JAS O. MeHUIKK, Auctioneer TKl-aT?M> ?ALE OP FRAME UOISE I ami l ot - On MONUA V AFTERNOON LJecember -KJ, at 4 o'clock, on the premises Lv virtue of a dee<i of trust from Samuei Curson and wife dated J une 8, ltj.W. and record, d l'u iir ; n S?' W f1M?? ;Wl' l5W- *?'. and Uit.'one of the land records for Washington conntv 1h he UHtrU t <if Columbia, we ?k?| Ml lots Nob 7 and a in squaie 419, t eginning for the same at the dMance cf Df.y fee-. #rom (r east corner of the Squ-je oit fevecth strnet north and running thenc. wesivtof^et to Elvhth street thence aoutn by and with Eighth str<*t twenty ' Uve teei, thence east two hundred feet to Seventh street; thence North bv and with Seventh strer-t twenty-live fee: to th? beginning, together with the Improvement, ,-onslstlng of a neat I'wo-sUry Fraiiic Dwelllng-hcuse witii bacK huiidiug.. Terms: Oae third cash ; the residue In six and twelve months, with interest, secured byadetdof trust on the premises ' ' JOHN M KIV, > ? RICH H CLARK. ( Trvatoca novisuwtds JAS. C McUVULL, Auct Bv A. green. Anctioaeer. Hwdsome ui ii.viya LOT SKAR the Jaavy Yard at Anction, OnTUl's DAY, the25th Instant, I shall sell, at 4* o'clock p m , In front of the premises, Lot No 32 In y'l" N*; f:a f^nt on Tth street iast or 4H feet J inches, and running back to a wide alley 110 fe*t between E and U streets aouth containing 5,307 ffet?\nck?. ' This property is handsomely located near the old od<i Feiaows' Hall, Navy Vard^ t?*rms ? One half cash ; ua.anoe ic 6 and 1^ months,for notes bearing intereat from davof sale A deed ylven and a deed of trust taken novlwd A BREEN, Auct'r. A. GREEN. Auctioneer. rpULSiTEE'S SALE OF A COMPORT- 1 1 *bw tramp House and i,?t at Aactioa I By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date the eighth day of Pepiember, 1m5?, and recorded In I Llt-er J . A S , No WS, folios Ac., one of the I land records of Washington coumy. District of 1 Columbia, the *ab*crlber will sell at public auc I tlon ou th* MONDAY,theMth dav of .Novamlier, IKi?, at 4 o'clock p m , all that piece or parcel of ground situate and being In the city of Washington, and described a* the caatre or middle undivided one third part of Lot num- i bered e ght, (bj in Square numbered four hun djed and nluay two, (4W) now known as Lot P In Bradley s subaivlslou of certain lots in said squarajogether with the buildings and improve- i O^nU belonging, consisting of a neat and coav^ nlent frame house, two stories In Lelarat, aad built in a substantial manner lerms: One third cash: tua residue In six, twelve and eighteen months, by notes, secured by deed of trui-t on ;he premises, and bearing in terest from tte day of sale IJ ii*e terms are not complied with within tivr, d iys from the day of aale, the property will bo resold at the rlsa and exp?u?? the purchaser. A. LLOYD, Tiuatee. nov \t tt a GREEN, Auctioneer. | A HOE WHITE WKAPPINO PAPER, Li il.O'ip^r ream; small do do 55 cents; tough Gray do.69 cents; ralm leaf do, .Vi cents no* P tRANCK TAILOR ( TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED FRBSS BY HOVSK PKIXTIN** TKLKOMAPH. Thaibarg ? Concarta Naw Yom, Not 22 ? Tbalberg a laataon ?frt uf bis first teries took place last night Kt Niblo'a Saloon, wbicb waa crowded to *xeast ; tie receipts betng larger than at any prwvioos cor.oert Next week I halberg go** to Albany and Philadelphia. On bit return here be will giv* a series of gritoHouc morning eoncert* for the instruction of the pupils of the com>oq school* Baltimore Market* Baltimore, Not. 22 ? Flour hu declined 12ic U??ward street ui Ohio ftfi io. Wheat baa declined about 4c but price* ate unsettled Core ii firm ; white ttafifc., and yellow Whisky ia steady at 31 allt for City New York Markets. Naw York. Not. 22 ? Float baa adtaliaiog tendency; sales of N <)O0 bbll.; Slate Si.lfta 3i, Sjutbera ia heavy. Wheat has an advancing tendency, tales of 40 WOO bushels. white $1 6?a$l 72: red SI all.M Corn is buoyant: sale* of 12.WOO bu?h els: white 7:<c ,yellow 7bv. Pork is firm, mese S17.ST}. Lard ia dull anJ easier at 12;c. Whisky is firm. Financial. i New York, Not. 22 -Stoeka are dnll, Chi cago and Kock Island Railroad ?6, Illinois Central bonds 96}; Michigan Southern VIi. Heading 811; Virginia A'aVSj; Missouri 6 * Sterling exchange ia firm at llMI}. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE ALiXiSDaiA, Not 22,18*6. On Thursday the Mayor's proclamation of Thanksgiving was pretty generally responded to by our citixena. Tie major portion of tb* a ore?-, the public iffiee-, tbe exchange, Ac , were closed and business suspended for the day Tbe churches and tbe Riflemen a fair were opened and large crowds atlauded tbe religious services and amusements Tbe Circuit Court continued its session on Thniiksgiving Day. and having dispoeed of all pressing busiiess, concluded its fall term Another run war. made over tbe Alexandria and Washington railroad yesterday. The train consisting of tbe locomotive "John T. Towers." baggage, mail and passenger cars. The congregation of St. Mary's church have just purchased, lor their now splendid housa of worship, a magnificent organ and a marbla altar of the most superb workmamhip Crowds nightly attend tbe Riflemen a fair at \\ ashington llall. and the salooca ara vie a) with happy voices until a lata hour. Rev. i>r. Harrison preaches, to-morrow af tsrnoon. at the Young Men's Christian Asso ciation Bethel, at the Corn Exchange. Jatnes S Uallowell delivered a lecture, laat night, to the firemen, in the ball of tbe Friend ship Fire Company's bouse. Am Disgcstuig Dkpbavitv.?Tbe Boston Timae s:?ys: '? About a week sinoa one of tbe moni tors of the firpt class in a public school for feiil". at the North End, happened by ehanoo to find a written note on the floor of tbe aebool, which she read, and was so astonished at tba contents that abe handed it to her femala tea?her Tbe note was written by one of tba pupils to another in the same class, and ra vealed (in language too indecent lor publica tion) the astonishing intelligence that the wri tor ?>! iho note and five of her schoolmales, girls between the ages .1' 12 and li Tears, had been seduced, and were lu tbe daily habit of vi-.ting certain places and indulging in iha lewdest aonduct. This disclosute was moat startling to the teacher, and she in&taatly seat for the mothers of tbe depraved girls Aa soon aa they arrived an examination waa made, and tbe girls made full confession 'jf everything, disclosing the particulars in t? gard to the manner m which they we^a first induced to corrupt them.-elves. and tbe mo tives for continuing. As the girU related tbe deeds which they had performed tbe anguish of their mothers was most terrible ,4 The six girls were subsequently taken to their homes, where further and separate in vestigations were made, and it was pretty sitistaetorily ascertained that five of tb* girls lis.l been introduced to their debauchees, and influenced by tbe sixth girl, who, we are in formed. ha.- lecu reared among vile asscoiate* ani is naturally inclined to vice. This girl has beeu dismissed from the school. 1 he girls state that they have Utn paid about two dollars per week for their disgust iLg prostitution. If three men. two of then, doing business ou li?.UoY?r streat, and |*j? third a hackman >.a tbe employ of one of tba other two. are go unpunished after having corrupted ?ix school girls, by presents o? trink ets ?ud money, and aitempttd to ru;u as many more, then we bad better open the doora of | our penal institutions and ro'.apse into that semi civilittd state when ^en avenge tbalr own iujuries without the assistance or inter position of liw. '? We havo the Mmes of the three beastly scoundrels, and. If no legal steps are taken to eifoso lbeti,, we shall assume the responsibil iM 'n ur^er *bat tbe public may kuow ? j0 to pjint the finger of scorn at " R E%% A It II. ? KANAWAY I tOV V"*-' tbe sub-< ril?er residing near Pi-cat away. Prince George * county. Marvlaad. o.i Monday *n??rii1ng, ibe 1?ih Instant, a very u ack NKi.KO f H KN K * i'HoMA^, about ii years of age Tbe negro ts near sis fout In height, stoops a little In shoulders, and bad whisker* on bis ctln He Is o-'Wlegsitd. and has a %> ar on bis right shoulder from a re-cent blister pltMer 1 wtil *1ve tbe aoove reward If he be taken Id the District and secured so I can wet Linn nov lU-lw JKKKM1AM iUVVNSHKND STRAW* OK tT*lt?KM- O.N THK81H iiistact. a dark red COW wltb, burns i bere Is ??ne w:tHe spot on each hind leg r car ibe foot. !*be Is u tlr.e ii! 11cL cow Two dot ar? le-, ward will be %\vin Tot any loformatloa of tbe said cow by ?:HX* I.ITI.Kj OH N, llasr of the Union Line of Ountbuses, Georgeiowa nov !?? 3t? PLAT KO WAKK. ALB AT A FORt* and ttpaans Table Cu*lerv.Tea Sets, Cake Baskets Castors, Walters. I'rns. Kettle*. Ac. Tbe above are all of tbe latest styles and war ranted of super .or quality. M. W GALT A UKO , Jewellers, n.ov l>M?t Pa av., bet 9th and 10th *? VOTIt K THE UNDERSIGNED, BEING 1^1 the Sole A^ent of the Government Printer for tne disposition of all waste,damaged, or ?v,rplus Papers emanating from the Government printing oSires and uladerles. I herebv caution all persons from purchasing such from any on* else, as upon any furtber knowledge of such'fact, such persons (buyer ani sellers) snail be prosecuted to the full extent of the nw All such papers as damaeed. (white sad printed.) sirplus documents, wrap per*, Ac , cau be found at my store on D strew sear 7tb, the oniy authorized place for the sale of them EDWARD TOWERS, nov 18-lw Notice in hkkkhy uiven to tradesmen In ti Is cltv who have been in the habit of purchasing waste or otter Papers fro? employees or ethers connected with either the Senate or House printing offlce*, th*t If hereafter any such purchases are made fr*wi any party other than Edwaxo Towiri, who Is the sola agent therefor, the parties so purchasing will he prosecuted to the extent of the iaw. nov 18-lw C. WENDKLL. OOAA REWARD*?KAN AWAY FROM '? the subscriber, on the averting of the 1st instant, a NfcwKO WOMAN, belonging lo the estate of Mr* Sophia Perrle. (deceased,) named CO KN Is MA DlttUS about tweaty-lw* years of age, ive ie?-t ten Inches high. of a bright mulatto oolor, and Is a very we 1 male woman 1 will give tbe a?x?ve reward if taken in the District* w s*t*teo? Maryland, or If takon a slaveholdln^ Stale, aad secured so that I raa tfet her again. G. A WATERS, nov3-tf Admlnlotoatof, W. A. U DENTAL SLHU EON. R. U F. COSBY, PENN AVENl'E. BE ~ tween Slith and Seventh Hrvett, *t the place formerly occupied by Dr | Vaa Patten, has just received a very Large supply of articles pertain I g to dentistry, and respectfully invites the public to give him a call Having devoted his whole tine to tb* pro teaslon, he is perfectly safe in declaring that ha will give entire satisfaction in every eaae Tba best profewloaal references can be seen at his of. See nov !l-tNarch"M B nt your raksKliTi at dot 11 MCLAUGHLIN fc.