Newspaper of Evening Star, November 22, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 22, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAK. BRILLIANTS - TUB VOICE OF FOYERS. with the spray of this transcendent river, Upon this crag with mosses covered o'er I love to stand and listen to the roar Of water* bursting down the rocks for ever, Dashed Into rainbows where the mm beams quiver The sound of billows as they bed! the shore O* thunder leap lag on the hill-tops hoar. Till the lrm earth beneath Its footsteps shiver la not more awful than thy flood, oh Foyers ?' Roaring 'mid chasms like an escaping sea Alone and silent la thy presence vast. And vet elated, the rapt soul aspires, 't* meaner losings past, To hold high converse Intimate wi th thee. Yea. all undmladtul of the world without, ly spl it with thee and mine eyes In thrall To thy great beauty swathing me about? To me thy voice breathes peace, majestic fall. a.nv* and Pride, and warring passions all; Hatred and acorn, and llttlenes. of mind, And all the mean vexations of mankind, Fade from my spirit at thy powerful sail. I stand before tne? reverent and dum, And hear thy voice discoursing to my soul Sublime orations tuned to psalmody,? High.thoughts of peril met and overcome,? Of Power, and Beautv, and Eternity,? And the Brest God who bade thy waters roil" ? [Mackmy. DEATH OF THE YOUNG. Oh .' It la hard to take The lesson that auch deaths will teach, But let no man reject !t, For 1t la one that all must learn And It Is a mighty universal truth, When death strikes down the Innocent and voung For every fragile form from which Le lets The parting spirit free, A hundred virtues rise, la shapes of mercy, charity, and love, To walk tne world aad bless It. Of every tear That sorrowing mortals shed on such green graves borne good Is boru, some gentle nature comes [Dickens THE FUTURE. Sod's ways seem dark, but soon or late, They touch the shining hills of day; The evil cannot brook delay, Tne good can well afford to w tit. Give ermlned knaves their hour of crim?; Ye have the future grand and great, The safe appeal of Truth to Time [ Wkittitr. ARRIVALS AT THE PRINCIPAL HOTELS Willardx* Hotel?J C 1 h a. wili.AKD. J A Benhand, Va K J Walker, Vs W P Knox, do J P Lowell, .Md J D Haudford, NY W Field A ly, Va G Bemls, do J 1) Kice, do W Peaalse, Md K A Bond, NY C H Wagner, Pa W G Enrlght, E J Seam, La J F Green. enY * G J Par?er A ly, Va T K Lovett, UC C E Keuyon, Mo G Kuwell A ly. Pa IS H Vasaaudt, NY i C Edwards Va F Cheever A ly, 1U? W J Mansard, d) R J Horsey, Va F R I tllou, N Y H C Flske A ly, La M L dirk, do Miss Fish, do Dr W Kd.'ar. U^A W D Kenedy, NY J D Scott Ac 1/, a ?on, J P O'Sulllvan. NY H S 1 urner, Mo IIrown?* Hotel ?T f &. u Cr wv T A hllllar, Md J Cuanc-ellc, Md F K Baeake, d ? HO Harris. Fa W W Dunnlngton, do TO Selfrldtje, CSN C Claget:, do G Montague A ly, Ala S E Buckut-r, DC \V Mildweil. La E DenuU, Va HA H< rrl.?on A Iv, do Hoa P Waike;, Ala Miss E do T Lundy, O H H Renwi.k, N ? A L Hayder A ly, NY B F Turton, Md Mr Plammer, Md F Pierce A lv, Va F Valdenear do JS Havs, O hi Johnson A fain. NY W M Lathrop * ly ha W F Perry, Md A H H yd * A ly, Vu J M Reed, NY Mim Hyde, do ? W Taylor, Pa Naiieanl Hotel ?wu suv, 4 LBrOw.i, Ind I \k.-n, Pa 8 Marshal*. NY W Mass, Uo Dr Cole A ly, V a C Klnchalor, Va X>r Anderson A ly, do T N fitting*, Md J F Dillon. Pa T Kuby, MO B <4urbe, l'exai P Brawaer, do ? Hotallng, N V K Neab. do H H Stuart, do A Knight, do H Smith, do O Brown & ly, M > M K PUtt, do R Jeiiklna, Pa J (Jroves, 111 Z B Beall. Md O Wood, Pa Mr? Kod^er, do R Lewis. C McGwTnn, Md A Harrison. Va Vv J Beal. do C Taylor, N V R Stuart, Va "* R Rodgers, Mas* l>r Mul.Uln. Md KirJtwooJ lloa?e.?j. A a. a. aiRKWoor. 5 Van Winkle, NY J M Fa-it A s>.i, Va 8 Beilmore, O P Thompson, 6 Darre 11. Mass J W Ooibert, V* M Standard, Md R McConchie do ? H Fltrb. USN J* L Tnomis, Md R Slaughter,N T J Wreen Vs B Rellly, Pa R Jennings. Ct M Cochran, do MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAM t. RS. rnou T?? IS IT KB STAT as Nnmt L???s? Fer Un f. Belgique New York....Antwerp Nov 25 ?Uiopa New Y >rk....Liverpool. ...Nov, *J6 Wash agtoa.New Vork....Hremea Nov. tN New YPrk ..New York....O a?gow .... Nov. JM Niagara...-.-Boston Liverpool. ...Dec. 3 C. Wasb'n .Philalelphla..Liverpool....Dei. 4 vaois utori Niagara Live./**?! Boston Nov s 4Luvow....blasi;6vV-.....New York....Nov li Ericsson ....Liverpool.... Nvw Yor*....Nov, PJ Persia Liverpool....New Yore....Nov, 15 Arago....... Havre ?\rw York....Nov, 19 The California steamers .e* ve NfiwYo rh 3n the Stk and Mth of each month. A !f KW COACH FACTOR f O.Y TWELFTH STREET THE UND^KSltiNKD U \Vl.N(i KECENT ly opened a Coach f actory at 5W MOj\Mj lfth street, south of Pean n rn ir '^Tr- ifaV would respectfully arinomic-s ;o the publiclul he la prepared to manafacture or repair all kinds of Coa.he*, Carriage*, and ll<ht Wagons, on the most reasonable teran, and la ihi best rninner Those desiring a good Carriage, or to have repair* lag well and prwinptly d ?ne at ?? low price are earnestly r?*}-lest^d to call,as 1 offer such Induce. ments aa >*aj> not f?11 to please. All work guaranteed tovlve perfect satisfaction. _OC^271lm frfOMAS I GAKD.N ! H Clalaa. I<sn*t7 Land, PeusttB, Preperiy aad OKNKKAL COLLECTION AOKNtl', S* *%i P*nn a* ?mue, north ?id?, sesv Duval f Brother!, Washington, D. C . CLAIMS ABA INST THE GOVERNMENT pros??cuted before th * Departments, adjusted and settle t. House and <ir?i:ntl Ken's. Merchanu' Tradtrs' bills, and accounts of ail kinds, whelber 1?1 from a distant e, promptly attended to. Books i'f a counts in buslut^as poet^d and writ Con up. aud the e.taUis of Insolvent and deceased persons balaat^d, with balance sheet ad;usl-*dand f sriKBMcas. Ckas B. Caiwert, Esq Geo ?. fcildeon, E?o. ??o A T. Fsrker A Co. Rev A <i. Carothera Baorge W Rlggs, Esq Taylor A Maury, ?Jos Bradley, Esq. of Washlnxtou Aad Col. John a. (rlttlags, of Baltimore JOHN W WELLS. No. 4*I Penu avenue, over Duval 1 A Bro 'a, nov 6 eolm Washington D C. W HOI SK* riKIIIHKU 1TH CABINET FURNITURE, BEDS aid MATTRESSE-, CHINA, GLASS, i _ CROCKERY. BLOCK TIN GOODS. SIL VER PLATED WARE, CUTLERY, BRIT ANNIA WARE, PA1NTEO TIN WARE, JAPANNED GOODS, BKONZED IKON eo'UJd, l?A^ FIXTUKESHRU-HV * LOOk. WARE,KITCHEN Hoiisekeepers wlL knd at my stote an extensive assortment of Ho-isekoeplng articles, embracing almost ev#ry thin* de*m?*d useful or ornamental, thus being reltev-d from tbe troubleand vexation of runslag abeut to dlff-tmai str,rr* >o obtain what th?y may want, and I pledge myself to sell as low as can be bought la or out of the city C. W. BOTELER, n?v 11-ooOt ,*4, Hall. IYK MtNSON, AT 3^ PENS'A AVENUE. mJ U still ni^lug those beautiful toatlauti is bt M TEE I 11, called < Aliens Paten', ft>r the exoelleney of which ever a'l i?fh*-r styles of teeth many bow wearing tk?m In this city, will cheerfully veiich There la oae Oeutlst In this city who Las b^en lafrlntfla* tbe pj<e??l. and mad'-a bad Imitation of 1C, attainst whom | tereby caution the public M. B Whenever a Deutlst speaks against Allen's Patetit Contli??v>^ Gum Teeth, when yr?f*rly tomtmtitd, it is Vecjuse h?* Is Ignorant of tbe process, laoout: etent to Oi?U the work, or a aawillingpay Tor the patent ^e lO-tf U0,000 A PPLK T KKKM F3R BALE-*M*o apple TRKKB, I aad 4 ytitn, of the very varieties of largo4BS else and very thclfty, van ^?e bad at the Val loy View Farm, near Georgetown, or at No J3 High street, Georgetown ' Prices oausually low foey must be sold WMheut reser.e K i KINB. Information for TraTOlT*. ? OR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ? FARE, ROUND TaiP. Si: FROM .. T> ALEXANDRIA75CBNTO?The^fcjaiKk ?teamer THOMAS OOLLYER ie?*e? W ashlm? loa at 9 and Alexandria at 9# oolock. , Coaches leave the Capitol for the boil at 8* o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their rVldenc-wlth beo%e A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the boat. *p?-tf SAM'L ?EDNEY, Caput!. 9BAHOX * ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD groat flonthorn Mall Lino! wtwick daily\a (SOADA f NWH7S EXCEPTED) Between Washington City and the Soatti! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, ?OKDONSVILLE, RICHMOND. DAN VILLE 6REENSBOROUBE, N.O. AND DAILY TO THI VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Leave Washington at.... A o'clock, A M. Leave Washington at.... 7 44 P.M. Leave Alexandria at 7 ?? A.M. Leave Alexandria at b " P M. Travellers will hnd ihe Morning Line In con nection with the Virginia Central Railroad, the Cheapest, most Pleasant and Kxpedltlous Ruote to THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS, Greenbrier White Sulphur and Fauquier White Sulphur, Warm, Hot. Alum and Capon Springs, Well's Cave, Natural Bridge, Lexington, Jfcc. OMNIBUSES and BAHOAOh WAGONS *111 be at the Washington Railroad Depot to Con vey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, ??? of Ck*rg?, to STEAMER GEORGE _ Ug? h. PAGE. for ALEXANDRIA, a Us taoe of six miles, allowing ample time for Meats. Fare from Washlngtou to Richmond 95 50 Fare ?? " Danville 1100 Fare 14 14 Ureensborough...l2 00 Tickets procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfort are secured by this Route,asltlsa Lininr tiasr class uaion rtoM ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROVGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE tarried without cost tothe Depot of the Petersburg Railroad. JAMES A. EVANS, ?e 1 Agent, Alexandria, Va. BY RAILROAD DIRECT TOTHE WK8T. l\me between Washington and Wheeling but 17i ho lira ! Banning Time between Washington Mi Cincinnati 37 hours!! riaofal tickxts and litsisi chicks vo II BAD IK WASHINSTON. 11KK BALTIMORE AND OHH) RAIL ROAD having greatly Improved Its Western oan?< tlous, now offers tlie fullest Inducements to i.Hvlers between WASHINGTON, BALTI ?J?)K K, and all portions of the WEST, NORTH V\ EST, and the SOUTH WEST. rue onni .-tio i between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more is always prom ?tly made at the Washington Jun tl-in (lately called tUe Relay House) V miles from Baltimore. This Is tli?* only change of cars required between Washington and tlie Ohio river. Baggage la checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked and trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, T>r those holding Through Tickets for points be yond The- oane <ln2 Ira!us leave Washington dally at ft e m and \)i p. m. On .Sundays at the later hoar only At BEN WOOD, 1 Miles f' in Wheeling,'fire* t C'>*?e<tion Is made witii the l? .Ins of CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, runa. tg fiom Del lair, on t ie Ohio, through Cainl?r!dijt, Zuieivllle, and NeWa'K, lo COLUMBUri These tialm. ? oaaect at ."MeWc.rk wlt'it ii ?'?ard of the No work, M-msfceid ?a-i Hanacisky Ra'lroad for Sanlusfry, Toledo, Detroit, Chicane. St. Louis, etc At COLVMilVn the C o Kalirond trtlas cen aed W'.tli the fast ti alas of the I.Mtlt Miami Hull rouJ to keaia. Cladnnatl, Loulsvllie, etc At XEN1A (on Little M>a:nl Railroad jconne'iloa 1* to'iMtf with ttio trains through Davton, lo I r.?!lan ii.oiU, Terre Haute. i^fayette, CMcago, Hock Is and, St Louis, Carlo, etc \zr p asa-enger* holding Tutoutrh Tickets for l., I ukthuTf, Ailti'ni l, .Vrx 0/i?"a/w, etc I Which su* aiso sold at Washington- are trans ferred at Cincinnati, to the Mall Steamers on the Orilo Tickets for Evansville, Curio, and St Louis are sold by the river route. IE^ For CLEVELAND, ard via Cleve and to Toledo, Detroit, Chic ago, etc, tickets are sold, when the Ohio Is uavl^able between Whee lng and Wellsvliie forty nuies) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Hal. road is made. Travel rs are requested to notice that while this Is the only route atfordlng Through Ticket* and Checks lu Washington, It Is a'so the shortest, most speedy, and dire't to nearya'lthe leading points in the great West The distance from Washington to7'in innatl Is but 653 mites, being about 100 miles shorter t!ian by any other route! F ARK, BY THKUUOII TICKET, FRO* WASHI V(?T >S :?To Wheeling, SO 50: Co'um b is. SI3 65; Dayton, f 15 50; Cincinnati, Sl? OOJ Louisville, by ral'road, Sl^J 65, by steamer from Cincinnati, IX?; Indiana oils, ?17 ill; Cleve land, S1:S 50, To edo, S15 SO; Detroit, ?15 *?? Chi- ago* S40 Soand Si 'J 50; st Louis, S*<W 50 and t J5; ."?I<-m jhls, New Orleans ?ii, et ? ? ?? ? k.'ri (? a II passengers may leave Washington at ? a. m. or 44 p. m. For the minor way stations between Uaitimore and Whe. ling, tav;e 6 a. m train from Washington. icr or tra!ns to and from lialtimore, Annap olis, etc , see stfe^lal advertisements ICTF or further Information, Through Tl'-keta, etc., appiy to IHOMASM, PARSONS, Agent, at Wasulngton Station. WM S WOODS1DE, rlastei of Transportatioa, a>ar--ti 1-W >1. fc O Kallroad. Hutlmor*. V VOll (lAKPKR'N FKKKY, n ,k Ckt$avakt f .1.1..IA JaBSQi CmnAl Ml THROUGH 7V TWELVE HOl'US! rp.JE NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET S BOAT ARGO, Capt. Chas. H. Mkhhill, trill commence making Herulir Trips between GEORGETOWN and ihe au>ve Point, ou .Mon day, March 27?h, ltf.lG The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H ill a Ritter, Georgetown, D. C ,every Monday, Wed nesday, and Priday mon.ln?, at <i o'clock Returniaz, she will leave Harper's Ferry every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mort:Xf,at o'clock. Throng!; Tickets, S'J.'Jf. To Lttsburj 9l.te#,tn';IitdinK Ui Stag* frem EiuurJs' F?r?y Families intending to vlsltthe Vir^inlaSprings the coming season will find this by far the most safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Gspon. Saanondale, While Sulphur and Warren. MetL: served on board at moderate ratus. A coach will always be in readiness in George town to convey p&s??r?erato aad from the Boat. Ferfurthcr pArtieular?i lr,qc're at the store of W H. A H. G. RI'lTEK. tteo?ge:own, and i'yHN V. AVi6, Jr 1 Uarocr'a Ferry, Va. mw lb?tf TKZ HEW YORK AWD LIVERPOOL" UNITED STATES ,">1 AIL S T K A H E it H. T*HE SHIPS COMPRISING TH13 LINK are tfee ATLANTIC Cap! Eldrldge. BALTIC Capt. Comstock. ADRIATIC ..Capt. Jaa. Weil. These ships havlnK been built by contract ex pressly for government service, every care has been taken In their construction, as also In their engines, to Insure strength and speed; and their accommodations for passengers are unequal** for elegance and oomfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool In first cabin. fl30; In second do., ?75. From Liverpool to New York, 30 and '4?i guineas. An experienced surgoon attached to eacu ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. The ships of this Use Improved water-tight bulk heads, ar-d f^ld dunger from Ice wll 1 not cross the B&itkj north <rf Vi degrees, until after the 1st of August. raoro?*B &a?i? ov sailin* IVim JViif Yerk fViM Liitrpatt 1P54. ??S8. Saturday ..Apr *6 Wednesduy....May 11 Saturday ..May 10 Wednesday....May Saturday May'^4 Wednesday....June 11 Saturday .......June 7 Wednesday.... June ii Saturday Wedn>*sd^y....Jniy V Saturday ..July 5 Wsdi;esJay.... July'i.'! Saturday ...July ltf Wednesday.,..Aug, A Satuiday Aug * Wednesday....A<?g. VO Saturday Aug ltt Wednesday....Sept, 3 Saturday....... Aug. 3? Wednesday....Sept, 17 Saturday Sef?t. U Wednesday ....Oct, 1 Saturday *ept J7 Wr?uW,y....oct Ij Saturday........Oct 11 Wedi:e?day ....L'rrt. 'iO Saturday........Oct & Wednesday....Nov. w Saturday Nov. ? Wednesday....Nov.'jn Saturday Nov. ft wfdawr*av....l)ec Hi Saturday li~c 6 vv eauevjay ... D- o M Saturday Drc IN For freight or passage apply u> EDWARD K COLLlftd A OO , 5* Wail street Mew Y'uik. BROWN. SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool NTEPHEN RENNAKD A CO., *7 Austla Knars, Loodoa B ? WAiNWKIttllT A CO , Parte. The owner* of these fhlpa will not be aoconal able far gold, silver, bulllou, specie Jewelry, pre olouaetonea, or aiecate. unleaa bills of lading are signed tae?eCor,aad tne value thereof expressed -fitreja re 1-tr MiscsllaneoiiB. PILES?PILES ?PILES. WE CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are afflicted with this dreadful complaint to the following sworn certificate from one of our most respectable citizens, the father-in-law ot the proprietor of the *4Couner den Btas Unls," and formerly gunmaker In Philadelphia: Niw Von, Aug. U6th, Dr Dneein?Dear Sir1 hereby certify that I have been affltced with the Piles for nearly alfty years, that I have used eighteen bottles of Barnes' Pile Lotion, and everything else I could here of, but all to no eflbct, for they did ran little or no good. About two months since, 1 commenced using your remedies for the Piles, a?d have the happiness to t?v that they have had the desired effect, having cured me 1 consldei this almost a rnliacle, for I am eighty years of age. I sincere ly recommend them to all aflloted with the above complaint. P. V ALLEE, 73 Franklin at Sine of New York. J New York City and County, ? 1, Joseph 0. Lawrence, do hereby certify tnat on the day of the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vallee, to me well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents of the foregoing certificate signed by him are true. In witness whereof I have subscribed my name, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notary Public of the State of New York, and Lave af filed mv Notarial Seal at my office, In New York, this 26th day of August, 1&56 JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deed* and Notary Public of tne State of New York, 67 Wall street, New York. We challenge the Medical Faculty of the Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to the above Dr. Duprle's Remedies are tre onlyef fectual cure for internal Piles. Only 50 cents per box. office? 76 Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mail to any part of the United States For sale by FORD A BRO.. corner of Hth street and Pa ave, Washington, I). C. oc 23 anraar BUT AND SELL rOBIIQW AND DOMESTIC EXCHABOXj FURNISH DHAFTS On fill Parti of United States and Knrfipa; COLLECT DRAFTS On fill parti of Unitod States and Xurct*: DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR ?1 OR VPWAAJPtj BUY AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, A O lHb.R SKUVR1VIBS; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER. I iviitmint paying 1?V and ever, fer sale* LAID WABRAITI. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WAKRANlSof all denominations. Lend Warrant* located In Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 23-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasure W. M. ^KTZKK?TT, (SuroKsson to Gkhrok Hirers,) M lt?lc<>ttle ?|fnt fer the >onih*rn States of Haven k llaton'ii CELEBRATED PIANOS. HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LARGEST stock of PIANOS from ?175 up to *1 tvu \l ELODF.ONS from <15 to ?io ?. liDITAKS, VIOLINS, UK ASS INSTRU MENTS, F LUTES. HANJOES, ACCORD EONS, utid SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In any Louse suutb of New York Music published and recelvtd every day 1'Uuob for rent nuv 4 tr MANTELS. NEW AND tf EAUT1 hVL STYLE. vtanafm tu red from Slate Stone, by the Wf?l Cnstleton Mate Cowpuny, Vt. rilHESK MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN r Imitation of the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN. LISBON. VERD ANTIQUE, POK PH YR V, PYRENEES, BROCATELLA, A*?ATE. SPANISH BALWAY,aud other rare nnd desirable MARBLES The Imitation." are sj perfect that they chalengethe closest scrutiny I Lt-y hie so highly polished that they retain their beauty much longer than marble ; are not Injured by smoke, cotil gas, or acids, and cau be sold much cheaper than any others tu market. Price r-.uiKinK froui *r.!5 to S12. Architects, Builders, and others are invited to call and examine samples at No. 512 Seventh ?tre??t, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall^ up stairs T. M HANSON, se 12-ly Aeent NOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP, MIF. UNDERSIGNED II \ V E ASSOCI sted themselves for the purpose of conduct ing a General Wholesale Grocery and Commis sion Bust net.* in Gwrgetown, under the Arm of GETTY A WILLIAMS, and have taken the warehouse No 5, northwest corner of lll^h and Watejrstreets. VERNON GETTY, EDWARD WILLI A MS^, Georgetown, October l i. lb.V> oc seg-lrn I 17' R O >1 MI1UON.-THE LAWS AND F Practice of Whist, by Celebs, 1 vol. 1H5rt; The Whist Player, by Lieut Col B ,1 vol. Ii5?; The Itigh' Word In the Rl<ht Plice. a pock-t Dictionary of English Synonyms, 1650 ; Hard wicke's Register of the House of Commons, 1 --5**; MieerVr on Blow-pipe, frjin the German, lsW : Plaitner and Mu?hpratt on the Blow-pipe, from the German, I vol ; Alnslle's Railway. Military, Marine, and lieod?tical Suiveylnjj, by GiUbraith, 1 vol and Atlas of plate* Wlldman's Interna tional Law, 2 vols : Cavalry, its History nnd Tactics, by Capt Nolan, 1 vol; Barettl's New Italian and English Dictionary, 2 vols , octavo, nov 13- FRANCKTAYLOR TABLE CUTLERY. SUCH AS IVORY WOOD AND HORN handle table and dessert, Knives only, and Knives with Forks Also, meat and trame Car vers, Steels, kc. These goods are manufactured exprosslv for my sale*, and I do not hesitate to re commend them as being equal if not superior to any poods In the market. C. W. BOTELER, oc 22-eo Iron Hall. CLOCKS?CLOCKS?CLOCKS. I HAVE JU?T RECEIVED A LARGE As sortment of Cloi-ks?5U different styles, which will be sold low, and warranted to go well. Those who buy to sell again would do well to give me a call before purchasing esewbere Also, Clock Materlnlsof all kln4s. Oils, Balls. Keys, Cords, Hands. Ac., at v J. ROBINSON'S, se2J-2m 340 Pa ave.,opoo. Br owns' Hotel. fWHE VINE, ITM SOIL ANO LOCATION, l Culture In the United States, (grafting, prun ing, Manuring, Wine making from theyrapeand other fruits, Varieties for the North, Vineyards In \?r tbe United States, Fo.elgn Vineyards, Ac , Ar , t,y li JJ. phelos. 1 volume'25 cents nov 14 P|4NCI TAY14H (1H.YING DOLLS, KIO UULLN, INDIA J Rubber Dolls. China Do'ls, Paper Dolls, Cloth Dolls, L'nll Heads and Arms, Doll Bodies, Ac wt Mclaughlin a co's new store nov 7 F'NAMELLEU SHIRT COLLARS, PAT. J ruled, Elegant nnd entirely New Gen tlemen are requested to call and *?e tbe talent Er 'melled Shirt Collars at STEVENS'S ti->y ?a t SUes Room, Browns' Hotel OR. l'HKOl). HASHVIAIIk HAS REMOVED HIS OFFICE SOME above his old rooms, to No 4W 7th vtieet we*t, betwet,. U br<| R streeu aorth, near tbe General Post Office Office j.ours as before; from ? to 10 o'clock*. u?. nov 7 -?w? rsiHE hOdyiEKN SPEAKER?ONE I volume of s? paves ; NewOrleans, 1S30; con taining in great variety, the master pieces of ora tory in Prose, Poetry, and Dialogue, selected by D. Burton Knit o! Bapldes Institute. Louisiana Price SI,*. nov 15 FRANCK TAYLOR. Medic in eg. DOCTOR HOOFLIVD'S CELEBRATED GEKMAN BITTERS PKIPAmtl) BY Dr. C. M. JACXSOlf, Philadelphia, Pa., WILL nVVlCTUALLT ccan LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA. JAUNDICE, CHRONIC OK NERVOUS 1>E bllltv, Disease* of the Kidneys, and all Dis -ases arising from a Disordered Liver or Stoiuaoh The proprietor, In calling the attention of the public to this preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost confldenoc In Its virtues and adapta tlon to the diseases for which It Is recommended It Is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the American people, and Its reputation and sole Is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. Thetestlmony in Its favor given by the roost prom inent and well known physicians and Individuals In all parts of the country Is Immense, and a care ful perusal of the Almanac, published annually a the proprietor, and to be had gratis of any of agents, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy is really deterring the great cel ebrity It has obtained. Principal ofllce and manufactory No. IM Aroh street, Philadelphia, Pa.

READ THE FOLLOWING: MonsANTowif, Va ,August4,1956. Dr C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir:?The sales of the Bitters are increasing, an<l what speaks vol umes in their favor Is th? t all who have used them speak highly of their effects No medicine that I s%ll gives such general satisfaction, and the de mand for It exceeds all precedent; and I assure you It affords me pleasure to sell such a remedy. Our physicians no longer scowl at It, butare com* pelled to acknowledge Its Intrinsic value, and the ireater part of them cave had magnanimity suf clent 'o lay aside their prejudlclesand prescribe it in their practice. Respectfully yours, P. M CHALFANT I* or sale by storekeepers and druggists In every town and village in the United States. Price 75 cents per bottle. it&wLm }l*ian> Washington, and JOHN KIPWELL. beorgetown, Agents Je 7-?m AYER'8 PILLS. FOR ALL THE PURPOSES OF A FAMILY PHYSIC, INHERE HAS LONG EXISTED A PUBLIC A demand for an effective Purgative Pill whlcii c >uld be relied on as sure and perfectly safe in It* operation. This Las been prepared to meet that demand, and an extensive trial of Its virtues has conclusively shown with what success It accom plishes the purpose designed. It is easy to make a physloal Pill, but not so easy to make the best of ail Pill*?one which shoula have none "f the objections, but all the advantages of every other. This has been attempted here, and with what suc cess we would respectfully submit to the public decision. It has been unfortunate for the patient bltberto that almost every purgative medicine 5s acrimonious and ir-ltatlng to the bowels This Is not !YI)?nv of thern produce so much grlplut? pain and revulsion in the system as to more than counterbalance the good to be derived from tb m. I bene Pills produce no irritation or pain, unless It arises from a previously existing obstruction or derangement in the bowels Being purely vege ab!e, no barm can arise from their u>e In any uantlty; but It Is better than an v medicine should be taken Judiciously Minute directions for their use In the several diseases Uj which they are ap plicable are given on the box Among the coin plaints which have been speedily cured by them we may mention Liver Complaint. In its various forms of Jaundice, Indigestion, Languor arid Loss of Appetite, LisUesaueas, irritability, B Hons Head acbe, Bilious Fever, r'everand Ague, Pmn In the Side and Loins, for iu truth, allthese are but the consequence of diseased action of the liver. As an ajierlent, they afford i>rompt and sure relief In Cosllvenes*. Plies, Colic, Dysentery. Humors. Scrofula and Scurvy, Colds, vHth sore ness of the b dy, Ulcers and Impurity of the Oloud ; in short any and every case where a purga live Is required The\ nave also produced some singularly sue o^ssful cures in KLeumatlsm,Gout,Dropsy, Wrav el, Erysipelas, Palpitation of the Heart. Pains In the Ba' k, Stomach and Side They shot Id be freely taken in the spring of the year, to pur lfy the blood and prepare the system for tie change of seasons. Au occasional close stimulates the siomai h Into healthy action, aud restores the appe tite and vigor They purify the blood, and by their stimulant action on the circulatory system, renovate the strength of the body, and restore the wasted or diseased energies of the whole organ Ism. Hence an occasional dose is advantageous even though no serious derangement exists; but unnecessary dosing should never be carried too far, as every purgative medicine reduces th* strength, wtien taken toeicess The thousand cases in which a physic is required cannot be enu merated here, but they suggest themselves to the reason of every body; and It Is confidently be lieved this pill will answer a better purpose than anything which ha* hlttierto been available to mankind When their virtues are once known the public will no longer doubt what remedy u< employ when In need of a cathartic medicine Being sugar wrapped they are pleasant to take, and being purely vegetable, no harm can arise from their use In any quantity. For minute directions see the wrapper on tLe Box. rRSPARBD BT OR. JAMES t. AYBft, PRACTICAL f ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, LOWELL, MASS. Price 5J5 Cents per 3or Five Bozea fortl.OO Sold by Z D GILMAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists. au8-4m PKIVATE MEDICAL TKKATISft eM tm PHIL030PHIGAL VIEW OP If ABB1AGI, IV M. 8. LA CKU1X, M. II., ALBANY, N. Y., W* 130 FtiM, PI*ttn.mnd *?/?> kilA 0grupkJ **d Plmtis. falea #hli Ywbnty-Fivi Canvs. Beat Free of Postage to all parts of the Vales. I CHEAPEST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED? " and containing nearly double the quantity of read lag matter In taat of the hlFfV CENT OK DOL LAR ?'? BLlCA'flONS It treats on Ihe PH YHIOir OSV OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret Infirmities, and Disorder of Youth and1 Maturity, resulting from ex cesses, which der.troy the physical and mental pow ers, with Observations on _ Marriage, lis dutien and dlsqiiaiific.iilonH. end their remedies: with Lithographs, illustrating the Aaatomvand Physiology, and Dl^easeuof the Re productive Organsof both sevea, theirstrcctnre, uses, a?d (-inclines. A popular ana comprehen sive T realise on the Duties and <"iunaltle8 of ?1b gle and married life? happy aa?! fiu'.iful alliance*, m ? de of securing ther* - lnfellclte-n and Infertile ones?their cbrlatioa and removal ?impor'uat hiatsto those coitemplsting matrimony, that will ?vercome objections it It; none, hov/ever, should take this l.-.?pr.rant step without flrstcoasultiaglts page*?crt?rttea!irles on the diseases and medical treataaeat of females from infancy to old age, each aase graphically illustrated by beautiful mhogra Ehlo plates?nervous debility, Its causes and i<ire, y a process at once *o simple, safe, and effectual that failure Is inaposal'ole?rules for dally maaage ?eit-aa essay oa Spermatorrhoea, wlihnraotleal obsefvatloa-s oa the safer and moresucottaful mode eftre&iment?precautionary iilals on the evils re. suiting frout empirical pmctlue?an essay na all diseases arising from iadlscretlon, with plain and simple rules by which all persons can cure them selves without meroury?remedies for those self. Inflicted miseries and disappointed hopes sonn fortunaiely prevalent la the young. It Is a truth ful adviser to the marrladaud thosecontemplatin* marriage: IU perusal Is particularly recommend ed to persous entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are conscious of hav ing haxardvd the health, happiness.and privileges to which every human being is entitle* Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per copy or Five Conies for One Dollar Mailed, free of pott age, to all parte of the United Stal^f, . Pre,'lr consult Dr. LA h^k!r^r?-!?1>,ny dlseusesup^wnich this b#ok treats, either persutaity or by mall. Medl cfrio in arty p^.rt af ihe Union according todl KiSwmfon P4cUcl ,luaoM6fulAy secured !wm AddrwsDr.M U LA OROIk.No 31 Maldea Lane, or Post Ofllce Box 5?y Albany, N Y Vft9??FM,n<*any,from?a va to ? p m sad oa Sunday from :i until 5 p rn rtr OlhceKEMOVEiSfrom No M Beaver ?l I* 31 Ms?<<sLssi, Jklb*nr Vrw f#ri. iff *?~ljf 20 000 PE\( H TKKEfiL ATTEN DOLLARS PER HUNL)K FS,D?FOR stilu at ii,y Surgery, near Washington i'he above trees are all of flne growth, siid^Wr of the best select fruit ? A Als.?, a general assortment of OR N A M KN TA U EV F.RGKEEN, SHADE, and FROl r TKKKS HWlf JOSHUA PEIRCE. DK. Ol PniE'M REMEDIES are Ihe only effectual cure for External or Internal Plltn, ^altrhfum. Ring Worm. Ac. They are unrival i"d for purifying the blood. 50 cents per box oUce 70 Nassau street. New Vork Will be sent by mall. ' For sale by FORD ? BRO , corner of iltb st "? Penn. avenue oc 'ti Miscellaneous. TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR MIGHT WISHES TO TALL THE ATTENTION to ail ?ufftr with defective sight, caused by age sickncw, and particularly from Classes Injudiciously selected. to his wiperlor PKOTAOLK8 and ULAtifha carefully m w111il by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transparency, suited precisely and braeft clally to the wearer according to the concavity o? convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the 111 effects caused to the precious organ of sight from - pw. WVV v/l UWIU J JCAIt CUSHICW UIIU WW UIOW ure the foeal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are absolateiy required will be fannahed with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the eery ilbe ral encouragement already obtained, and further .c.ii1 v* P*lronaK* of those that have not yei availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and state how many Inch n^ily prlnt wlUl tb?,r spectacles. ?J- BUPPlle^ With such as will Improve their innumerable testimonials to be seen : and ref ????!??l^n 1? ""y wh0 h*r* derived the greatest eas? and comfort from hla elaases. Circulars to be bad gratia, at his ofloe No ?1 * 8EVKNTH 8TRkP^^Ssa Odd F,ll?~i> Hall, vt sraiaa A fi?. tv o Noarota, September 7.1854 , The Spectacles you made for me ault very well, and seem to have Improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried LITT. W. TAZEWELL a.1 &?!ed a Palr cf ?P?Ucl? obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my alght, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful op tlcl" HENRY A. WISE Having been Induced by a friend to vlsltthe ?*? tabllshment of Mr. Tobias for tbe purpone of try lng his clauses. I was furnished by him with a pair slightly colored blue, which have aflorded me more relief and gratification than any I have ever tried My sight, orlginallT very eood, wm Injured by writing and reading at mght. fre quently to a very late hour; but with the aid of the*e glasses 1 can siudy almost as late as evw, and that too without the pain 1 have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON. Late Commissioner Gci'l Land Office. December 11, lfc?5. 1 have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles fer three or four months, and take great pleasure la say ing that 1 am much pieaoed with them. 1 have been much benefitted by them. May5th,IMC. GEOR P.BOARBSftSS. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skillful optician: and as I have eyes of remark, able peculiarity, I wax gratified to find that Mr. 1 oblas seemed to cou.prebeod them by Inapee lion and some slight measurement, and he bas made me u pair of Spectacles that sulu me ad _ A P B"L" , WiLMiifSTON, N .C., Jan ?7, U?54 W'-J Tobias: Dwar Sir?i am happy to say that the Spectacle* wt>lcb 1 obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. Kronen Inequal Ity In the visual range of my eyes, I have bereto foun.i tfreal dimculty In getting glasses of the proper focal distance It affords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of vour optometer, tMs dift culty has been bapplly obviated so that ebetflas-e" you fiirulshed me are dec.dedly the best adapted to my eyes of any I Lave ever yet used Very respectfully, yours, K. B. BRAN E, Kectoi of at James1 PaMr-n D?Pk?T'4CNT or iNTiaioa, May7, 1*54 r rom natural defects and the unequal range of my eves, 1 have been compelled to use glasses for several yean, i liave tried different optician Without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to mv eyes Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which 1 have found to serve rne perfec tly By the t^e of his optometer he Is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to theeyw I most cheerfully recommend Mr Tobla? to all having occasion to use glasses and hear mv testi mony as to his skill as an optician HENRY E BALDWIN. Assist aec'y t.. sign Laad Warrant* ^ -OPHRA GLASSES of great variety TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATC^ MAKER GLASSES, and many other articles in Ibis line at very low prices constantly on band |v IS-ly Ni? AHKANHKItlKKTS. ~ ^pHE UNDI.KSlCNED RESPECTFULLY A Inform their customers and tie public In weti eral, that tLey have thoroughly renovated tnelr establishment aud added thereto a very large cel lar, so as to be enabled to keep a large supply of their superior PORTER and ALE on band, and ?**ptct dally to receive a supply < f Hhi'adelpbla and Troy Draught Ale which v?ill be sold at a small adv.nee. for cash only We also expect dally 6o bi>ls of New Jereey Champagne Cider, a pur* article. ' Always on hand, a large supply of Turner A Lrothers tine Liquors, viz- Blackberry, K*sp berrv, strawberry, Cherry and Ginger Brandies ; linger Wine; stomach and St? ughton Hitters: Abstfitbe, Curacoe, ana other Cordials l)r W heeler s Tonic Sherry Wine Bitter, for which we are sole agents As usual, a large supply of Mineral Waters, bottled Porter and Ale on hand. AKNY A SH1NN, L nion BotUing Depot. ?7 Green street, nnv 4 - - - - _Georgetown, D C. ? hats: HATS I C^UNBTAMILY ON HAND A FULL ' supply of BEEBE'S NEW YORK STYLES, t?-gether with TA YLOR'S HATS, Of BALT1 M O R E The best blar*k dress HATS got up ia Ube l-itest style for S3.5b, as good as these usually sold at *5; and a good fashion able Hat at S3, worth 1*4 j and a first-rate Hat, 8- in. The best materials and the best worm anship is employed to nroduce a 85 Hat, which is sold for S3 50. We do a cash business, meet with no los ses, but give each customer full value for hla money. Felt Hats unusually low. N B Agent for UrlscolPs Balm of 8 Thousand !? lowers Price '25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa avenue. Ageet for a New \ ork Hat Compaay. ?Utf HK EAT KKUl'CTION THE PHICE OY BOOTS AlfD OAITESB I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PH1L 1 adelphla manu fncturer, a first rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at (3 6i!, full as good as those usually sold at gs or f6; and a French Calf Patent LeatherG AITMK at S3 54?, as good a? any atS5; a first rate Calf G.literal ?2 ?i, these are the best goods that is (or ever were) sold in the District for the price; for the iroof, come and see _ : or yourself Terms positively cash. No extra l? ??ft bad ?all at the ^ HAT STORE, Seve^tQ street, near Pennsylvania avenue. ANTHONY, Agent \*W ATTRACTIVE NOVELS - ? ? .? 8 Veil, or Scenes In the Courts; by Ball h enner Embellished with potUalts cf Po lice Court Oiflcers. 81 Carrie Emerson, or Life In CllftonvlUe ; by Mrs. C. A Hay den $1 Waiter March, Shoepoe ReeoUeotlona; by Ma or March. 81 Bo-ton Common ; Tale of our Own Times ; by a Lady 81 25 x ' 1 Althe, or Spells from the SOend; by Mrs. Ada M Field 81 Kate Stanton,a Page from Reel Lite. 81 Dora GraAon, or every ciood^has a sll'y?; Jai0g, AJJihitlon ; Kate Willie 81 Rambles la i;4*teru Asia, Including China and Manilla, during seveial yeerl' residence: with notes of the voyage to China, excursions In Man edltl?n0n|l *?*' AC J by L B&H' M D ' B6cou4 Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore. 00 ** **enn ave., near 1Kb street ANTHONff HICHLY. UNDERTAKER Shop and Residence Ho. 803 Penn'a avonao, south tide, between 9th and 10th st?. HAan1!il.KHRi?vVT1Uuri HIMSELF W 1TB *" ELEUANT HEA&SB,r?n ted all neceasary conveniences for^M^^^M^ properly conducting hi? business would respectfully inform the public thai he 1? fully prepared to mailorders entrusted tohiiu at t he shortest notice, and in the best manner * lRrP8UPPly of READY-MADE COFFIN? Of all sixes always on hand, which will be fur listed on the roost reasonable terms As pains will be spared U gl? entire satisfaction on all occasions. N. B,?Residing on the premises, erder* ?r febV^lymtteo?6410 #t *!l N?W STYLES CIGAR CAIB8, PORTf Monnales, Cabas, School Satchels, Ac., at Mclaughlin k c<V s Miscellaneous. Proposals for furtithiug the Paper for tbo Public Printief Onice ?rriiinTinMit Prmr PmtKTiK*. ? V\ a#hlngt< n. Oetrber I. If* IN PURSUANCE OF THK PKO VIPIONS ? ofthf " Art to provide for ntfrallri tbe pvbitt printing.-' Ac.. approved IBM sealed proposala trill be received ?' this ofibe, In the Capitol, until tbe first Monday (1st dsv) of l>e ceiuber nest, at twelve oaloch, m\ . for furnishing tbf paper that m?v b? require for the public printing for th? fear commencing an tb# lot day of IWtrmbfr. 1*95, and ending ?? tk? lat dag of Dwrnbar. 1M7. Tb* subjoined list apeddea. aa naarly aa oar t* ascertained, tb* quantity. quality, and deacrtp tlon of each kind of paper that will be required : Class 1. M.OOO reama flue printing paper, uaca^adsred, to aneasure "ii bv 38 Incbaa. and to weigh forty-five poandafotte rram tf tBtahms Cl a aa II. 4,1*10 reura fine printing Paper, calendered, to measure 94 by 39 Incbaa. at d ta * fif.y-aix pounds to tb? ream of 490 sheet# Class 111. 5,00C ream* superfine alxed and oaler.deee.' printing pa per, te measured bylfclnche# and ta weigh fifty-two pound* to tic ' raws of 4f0 abecu. ? Cl Aa* IT. 3UQ ream* so per fins Lard-alxed *nd calendar*-., printing paj?r, to measure 94 by 3i lncbe* and to weigh forty-eight pound a to tLe ream of 400 sheet#. Cl am V. 1,000 reaJtie superfine sized and eeJendered m?; paper of surh alrea aa may be required, correspondirg In weight with paper measuring 19 by 34 lacbea. and weighing twenty pound* per ream of 4h? abeeu CLAtl VI. 900 ream a auperflne plate paper, (calendered or uncalendeted a* mav oe required.> IS by 94 lncbea. and of such weignt aa ma) be required. The fibre of tbe paper of each of tbe above classes to be of linen and cotton, free from all adulteration wltb mineral or otber substances of a talr wblteneaa. and put up In quire* of tweatv four abe-eKs each, acd In Xurdlea of two rean * i-acb, each mm to contain 4-0 pr feci sheet* I'nlformlty In color. tb1ckn<s*. and weight wll; b? required; and no bundle (exclusive of wrap per*) varying ovsr or under Bar par ?a( fhmt tbe s'nt.dard weight will be received, and tbe gr<>?# weight will in all cases be required Mix ing of various thlckne*???* In tbe sair.e bundle to make up tbe weight will be considered a viola tion of tbe contract. Oasaa Vli. No 1?1,9S9 ream# uuaite poet writing paper No. 9?9.909 44 fiatcap " " No 3? 900 ** demv 44 ?? Mo 4- 9.000 folio post 44 44 No 5? 600 " medium '? 44 IMo. 0? i*i 44 royal 44 44 No 7? 50 44 supermini 44 *4 No 8? so ?4 Imperial 44 '* No 9- 100 '? colored medium, (asserted-) Cl*aa VIII. No 1?6.i**reeni# wit tin* paper. 19 bv <*> Inches. to weigh twenty eight pounda pet ream. No. 9?3,UI0 reams writing paper, If by95 Inches to weigh tw?nfy-stx pounda per ream NO. 3? U?i reams writing paper by W Incho to weigh twenty-f?*ir pounda per ream No. 4?940 ream# writing paper, 1* by 10 lncbea to weigh twe?4*-two pounda per ream No 5?400 ream# writing paper, H by 10lacbea. to weigh twelve pound* per ie*n, All tbe papers detlgtat?d In classes T and 0 aie to be made of tbe t.est materials. free from sdui teratlnn, and finished In tbe best manner 1 be |.a|i?-r? In cla## 7 are to be white or blue, of tb? regular standard sixtra c?f tbe respective kinds, and rf #uch weight* as may be required by tbl effl^e; those In ciasaS are t< be white, and of tb* fclxe* and weltbta sreclfied In the scb*d';le Tbe right 1> reserved of otderln? a greater or lew quantity of each and every kind en traded for.atauih times and in such quantities aa th> public service may require kacb class will be considered separs't4y, and be subject to a separate contra-1, but bidder* may ofler for one or more of tbe classes In tbe same proposal: and the privilege Is reserved of requlr Ing a bidder who may bave n.ore than cme elans aselyned him to take ail suab ciaaaea, or forfeit bla light to auy rlasa. dumpies (not less than one quire) of each hind of pnper bid fur, and tmt om< tamplt for tai-k ktnd, must aocompan v eacli bid; and. In rla?sea 7 and ft, be numbered to correspond with tbe number of tbe paper proposed for In tbearbeduie and, In tbe flr#t #lx classes, to be properly deslg noted on the sample, or It will not be considered All propeaals and aamples muat be tranamltted to this olllce free of postage or other expenae Kach proposal mu#t be signed by tbe Individual or firm making It, and must *p*atfy tbe price per poui.d (and but one prlcefor eacb) of averv kind of pa|>er contained !n the class propowed for All tbe paper In the several cU##ea n>urt be de liver d at auch place or places a# may be deatg nated in Washington cltv. In good order, free i.f ail and evsry extra charge or exp?-nae. and aub>ect to the Inspection, co int. weight, and measure BM-nt of the Superlntendeni, and l?? In all respects satl-factory. Klank fortr.t for prof o*ala will be farnlsted at this (il(e to persoi.s applying for tfeem ; and non? will be taken Into conaideratton unleaa substant1> all? agreeing therewith. iionds, with approved securities will be re quired ; and thv supplying of an Inferior ait1< ie In any of tbe classes, or a failure to supply tbe quantity required at any time, will oe considered a v taint tor of the contract Kach bidder la req aired to furnl*h with hi a pro poaala satlafactory evidence of b1a ability toexe cute them; and propora! * uoacooiupanitd by #uib evidence will be rejected The proposals will be opened In the manner re JuWd by law "on the 9r*t Tuesday after tbe flr*t Iotxlay In December" next, (9d.) at 10o'clock, a m , at the oflice of tbe Superintendent Proposals will be addreasedtotbe 4,8uperlnteii dent of tbe Public Printing. Capitol of fee United States, Washington," ar.d endorsed "froposa.* fur supplying Paper " A 6 fKAMAN, Super!nttoodeni of the Pirbiic Printing, cc 1-Xawyw Pi^posala for Erocting a Marine Hospital at Now Orleans Louisiana. TSl4l?STDmBTH>Nr,8fpt 97, ^ K A L K 1) PROPOSALS WILL HE dK C celved at thla department until t?re *6tb aay of November, A. LI lfcid, at 19 o'clock at n job. for the conatruction of the New Orleans mr |M i,o# pltal according to the plana and speclfi'.atlln# pr(.. p?red at thla department; said proposals to b? either for the whole building, or ?epara'e for the different kinds of work; bills of parcel* *hot t? accompany each bid, witli tbe amount of each kit d of work, and the total amount carried out; the department reserving the right to reject or ac cept the proposal# hereby Invited, or any parte thereof, when It deems the Interest of the I alted States require* lij tba department also r?eerve? tbe right to exclude the bids of any person or per son* whom tbeie 1# jiut < a"he to hJI1ev? will net faithfully perform the eoattacts, or which tbev have utii'inpt?d to obtain by iuulrectlua ; and ait bids whan there shall be parti-* In Interest wbj H ? not join In the bid*, and all Lid* that, upon la - ligation, are b<*low a fair price for tbe w??rt iilds wl.l be received In grogs, at the option of tl? bldde s; but no contract will be awarded to such bidders an til details are furnlsLed '.he depart ment of the prices of the different kind# of work and materials, whicli shall be subject to the re vIbIoo of the department, so that the.^OKsbld shall be equitably apportloneu upon the w o!e to guide the department in makmc pay meats. Nlnel? per cent, of the amount of work jene and materials delivered, according to c .ntra< i price, 1 said amount to be ascertained bv e*tl mate of an agent of the department, a* .pointed for that purw??,J will be paid from tluie to time as the work progre*?e*, and ten recent retained until the romnle lon of ffc>- .?- ? ? ancefl be oontracl. Oontraou will be awarded only to maatar- build ers and mechanloa, and the a? sign men t thereof, exceol bv consent of the Secretary of the Twury. win be a forfeiture of tbe same bach proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, signed !>y two responsible peiv?>, iCert'.lled to be so by the United States di?tr1' * pidt'e or attorney of the said district,) In tie sum of $25,0(j0, for the whole work, ?*r of a prop,uU?'ti ate amount If for any part, that the Udder will, wl.en required, If h s proposal be accepted, ?n'e< into a oontract and bond, with proper and ?? -1 Sclent securities for Its faithful perfnrmance Plans, specifications, and working dr*wtti<" can be examined after ten daya, and utber in forniitioii obtained on application to the deper: ?sent Propoasls will at the same time be received t*,f a but ding similar to that called for by 'b< flcadons, except that the main or exterior wall* will ue constructed of an Iron veneeilng, tip- ? Iron frames ailed In with some ?io?-c..?m1 acting #ub*tance, thus making tbe structure Bre-proo'. according to a supplement to the specifico.Ion# Persona submitting such proposals will give mi nute detalla of the mode of fastening tne vertical and borltontal frames composing tlie walla, cl Slling them; of the style of ornameu'atl???i. Ac Petsona mry submit plan* lor an iron building of an equal or sma.ler alze than that called ft by the specifications, though conforming generally to the shape and plan. Tbe propooeals must beaentto thla department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury. I endorsed 44 Proposals for the New??rlean* marine lospital ")and will be opened at I o'clock f* in of the last dav named for receiving the asm the pieaence of the udder*, If an* cboooe tw *?<en? JAMfB btTriilr. ae 99-9awttod Seueury of the 1 na*vy ^v* was* **- ?* int'.l the com pie'Ion of the c<wnr>ct, aid accept u.<eof the work, Ac ,by tl^c-gent afore*,ld. aid forfeited in the ever.t uf nou- fulfil men', tf