Newspaper of Evening Star, November 24, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 24, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY. NOVEMBER 24, 1856. NO. 1,183. T3? ?V?tfDM* stab, f0KL1SHRII BVKKT AFTKKNOOP, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) M Ut Stmt b*%U\ng$. itfMr ?/ fmufltMUl Mi A'MVMlkllflli, By W. D. W ALLACH, VVlli Uj e-ived to aubscrlbers by carrier* at 01A AND A HUARTBR CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papera serve*! la pickagea at 37 jf ?enta per month. To mall subscriber* the aub ?crlption prloela TURKU DOLLAK9 AND F1F - TV CKN TS a year ?? s4?onr?, TWO DOLLARS f>r six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months ; f-w less than three raontha at the rate oI II ? cents a V(ek, |T7? SINULh COP1 KS ONB TENT. o CAST OF CLOTHING F ALL KINDS purchased AT NO.76 Louisiana a ? anne, opposite the Hay Market Ti. B ?A!*?, wanted, a person at Repairing nor 10-lm* * D1HS. ?. H. SMITH, 42W D strtet north, tutwientith rtnd 7*4, BEGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIES of Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity that she la prepared to give instruction. In class?* and private lmsons. In the art of M A KIN G WAX FLOWERS and VASES. Also, WaxPrultand Ornamental Leather wora Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a most beautiful acconi Blshment will please rail as early as possible, na ra.S does not contemplate remaining long In theelty TKkMi: Wax Flowers In Classy, per term of 12 leg. sons ,.tS Wax Fruit In Classes, per terra of 12 lessons..?5 Leather Work In Classes, per term of 9 lessons #l Private Lesson* ? 1 each?Vases SIO. Boo nets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowera, Ac , for aale, or made to order. an US 6m BOO A BIN Ol NO. Corntt E'eventh strett and Maryland aniat, near the Smithsonian Institution. Edward lycett respectfully in forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspeare, now Just completed, that he Is pre pared to bind those works In a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upon much more reasonable terms than can W done In Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of his style of binding. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted aeS7-6m MAUDS OR OKNTLKMSN'S SHAWLS. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR THIRD and largest supply of gentlemen'* Shawls, embracing every varle y, weight, and alxe. N B ?Also, a large lot of Bay State Shawls, which we are prepared to sell at thelow price of 3* apiece. Call at GEO H B WiMTE A CO'S , ? Hat, Cap and Gent's Fun shing Store, nov 11 tr frft? Pa av , bet gth a: dl oth sts. L. J. MIDDLKTOFI, DEALER IN I C K, OJkrt sad Dipot?Southwest corner of F aid atr?et? feb t7-tf ?J 0,00 W APPI-K TKKKS ? NOR SALE ?*0,WW APPLE TREES, 3 and f 4 years, of the very best varieties, of large else, and verv thrifty, ran je Lad at the Val 3? ley View Farm, near Georgetown, or at No 35 High street, Georgetown. Prices unusually low they must be sold without reserve. oc'/d-lm E. J. KING. PER i VI AN SYRUP, F-.r the rurt of Dytptpstm, Liter Complaint, Ur p*9, S'uralgia, In ipi'nt Dinettes of ike Lung* and Bronchial Passages, Bilts, Otn tral Debility, fe fllHlS EXCELLENT MEDICINE. WHICH JL haa attained a high reputation and been ex tensively used In Boston and other cities of the Kaat, ha* been received and Is now off-red for sale by '/. D GILMAN. special agent,:tfO Penn sylvania avenue, a* also by the general agent, cor ner of L and 3d streets, Navy Yard. The proofs of Ita etftcacy are so numerous, so well authenticated, and of such peculiar charac ter, that sufferers cannot reasouably hesitate to re ceive the proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrup does not profess to be a rure-all, but Its ranue Is extensive, because many diseases, appartmily unlike, are Intimately re lated, and. proceeding from one cause, maybe cured bv one remedy. The class of disease* for which the Syrup pro vide* a cure, Is precisely that which has so often baffled the highest order of medical skill. Tlie faru are tangible, the witaea*es accessible, and ?he safety and etficacy of the Syrup lncontrovert ?oia I have anslyaed the mcdlral preparation called the Peruvian syrup, w th reference to the number and kind of active substanresconialned In it and the durability of the compound as a pharmaceutl cal article. The metallic compounds of arsenic, antimony, mercury and zinc are not Diesent, nor Is It possible to delect in It the slightest Indica tion of any metallic and mineral poison It* or g?nlc constituents do not Include opium, or any of the drug* yielding poisonous principles The constituent*, when separated, are not even acrid tothe taste It Is a preparation scientifically aiul skilfully compounded, all the durabil ity of a splrltuor s tincture, without Its objection able qualities and the activity of its leading con stituent Is preserved through the judicious adap tation of It* solvent The point here attained has been frequently and unsuccessfully sought after by pharmaceutist* Respectfully, A A HA\ ES, M D. Assay* r to State of Massachusetts. No 16 Boylalonstreet, Boston,3d Nov , 1-95. nov ?t-3m PLATFORM AND COUNTER SCALKS. MURDOCH'S PATENT platform and Counter Scales, of all sire*, for sale at manu facturersprices by UOGUli A O'NEILL se'J A petit*. W Wat*r ?t . 8<?onfw tow OFFICIAL. Ta?*at aT l)?r vaTmirr, AuguaiW, Wh?-rea* the folio* ?u^ joint resolution of CoQrfre?a has become a law: int*T Rasoicrio* ?xtrndihg thr tim? rtif ih? oredi torsot l'e*ai to piurtti their claims Resti.ed Ay tSe Senate and Hvune of Rtprc*tnla tueiljtis Unti l State* of .hnrrit a in Con^re* w ?iisUW, Tha: a-<# a^rr*. ab y to me proVHiaa of the tbttitb ^coli.ja "X the act ??i tbe 'JOih <?l tVbruary, tS5 >, -4 to pr mAr t ?f ttie i>aym> lit ol' ?uch cie.litof* ol tbe la'.'- lepub.ic ol l'e*a? a* are i-oinprehedil*;a in ihe ajt ??t t'ougress ol Hepi'-iubf-r Vih, le-'A)," iiu uce, by p.ibU.- a Iver u^ui -nl, w*? Jaiy ii??B n>r tbe spa-'tt *>i ti.ti ty .lays by the re-tcia-y ??t the Treanuy, ol the bflif ai winch payment ol the amount appropriate.! by the b!\b *fCti >? ol t>a?d a rt w<?uid be mala,|otf rafa, on a >y b it J, coiuncaie, or evuieu v ol a^bt <?| sau ^ta e, wincn shoui.l b. pvasatei at the l'.?-a'ury Ib-paum- nl ihmy ilay* prseediMg i;ie l.hti ?!ay ui Juno, IB.V4, the limit ol nouoe ; a id a< u is r^pc.-rented by tae K.ud y oi uie Treasury, thai of sai I b mds, c?r nica ei, a'tJ tviJcncM oi .lebt, wlo?.h have b-'^n fco^aii. d by lb' rtut * T?-*a-, th* sain-', ?-?jsal lulllti na >1 t uir* ||>i )tl(rd a id ''Ifhty isilie Ihotl and si* h'luilre.l a* 1 m:iety three dollars au.l sev.-n rents w r?e n*H presented tothe IV'a -urjT Oe|?artmM?t pruw to ih* "?> I 13 h of Jui?^, therefore, in order to M l?ji jU'tiee t > the h'?l Irrs ol a d debs, the K*ore taf tt- IVa?ury n h-*? by a i horited to pay to tae<to< i -r* of a >y of th' mM b ?tid-?t certificate*, or e?^lfae'<4, '?f ?lebt, not pcs^sited H'jre ths Utih Usy ol' Jttiirf la-t, wbo may i)re<fBi a d prove the su ae at th?j 1 rea my ilejA'tm *nt, b iw.*en the !3th .. day of Ju ie Ian a i l thr l?t Jay of January next, f and eiecuts t:?s prup?*r rele??-s to the IJait- il rftates a ltd the Stat'* of Trias, Heir pro rata rhare of tiie fc*id millioa s- v u hnn.lo d and liny thonsaud dollars; and a'ter i?y uent thercol, the Secru tary of the l'r^a?tiry is a-uhortz^l anJ required to distribute and |?ay th^ residue of the mid seven U\l( iioas seveu ouu ir J a i l lluy thm-a-i.l dollars, then reu^onng ts the treasury, pro rata, amoticst all the said n dders wh ? in ty t avc proved tncir claim -,and riseated ths ,?? ?p *r i?ti-ai?i on or b "fare the 1st day ol Janua y aoit. Approved August leth, Ic^C NatiCatS usacux jivsn to th*- uoiicrs of bonus, certificates, and t-videnc^s of d^bt ?f tli^lat** fpub lie of f*exaj, srhica w<-re not pres. i?ted at this dc. p&rno rst on or b f m: th'- Htli day ol June >asi,tliat th'" sam ' vt:ll b ? settle 1 a ; I th? pro ruta am iuiit thereon srill b paid to th 'asrfal holders thereof if presented bef??re tbe flr*t !ay if January next, as compamei witfi '.o?ai* y ??vMmes of their gea uiaeneo, *??*? assi^nm -nt? tothe United States,ro quired to jive this Je^a tiarnt the eustady ufotaek fcowds, ee-tificate', and t-vi' of d. with releases to the Uatted States ?ji T?xaa, lu accord aioe with th* provi-ious or the act of I'on^ressoi il-th February, le^O. Tula 4r part me nt will uot re jtir>- < vldenc?- of oinenrss to be ^rtsenUd with the certifloatesissued b/the aiLt>raad cwiupu *lisr of Texas auderthe laws vtthe Slats. Uatitpsi e*s?-sur> tn^ ansof ver fyinf the certificates,b ?uds and p.otn.ssory notes issued by th-J republic of tVu?, m l not presented to, nor aidlt^l by, the ofileers of ths State. The ac :4s*ary a id proper pr >?f of the geuaia> aeasof th* latter is the cerUfiemtc of the comptroller of tb? Mtats of Texas, who has the ofil-lal charge of the od^iall araSlves relating to the debt of ths lata re publle of Teias Ths assignment and r?leaat a may be executed *ud a-knowl-dgud im the presence of the Aaoiitaut Secretary o/ the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof, in the presence of a notary public, ant) be witnessed by the Assistant Secretary, or chief clerk a id uota ?T, and certified by the notary under hia nota rial .-seal; but when tbe holders <leslre to make the assignment aad execute the rolease* out of the city of Washington, it maybe done in the presence ?fan a&*i.?*ant treasurer, or collector, or surveyor of the customs, in the presence of a notary public, and be witnessed by the collector or aniveyor and the no tary public, and be certified by the notary under hi* notarial seal; and if tiers be no collector oraurvey or of the custom* at the place where the party r?* sides, th? assignment and releases may be executed before any court of record, in the presence of the judge and cl rk thereof and be witnesard by them, and certified by the clerk under his seal of office; and if the holder be out of the Uulted States, the as signment and releases may be executed before any Uuitsd States,*onsul, and be witnessed and certified by him under hia consular seal. All peraonsexe cuting such assignments and releases must also de clare, under oath, before the notary, olerk,or con *ul, as the case may be, that they are the real own ers oft^ie jertificatea or other evidences of debt, cr that the same have been assigned to them, bona fide, far collection ; and the notary, clerk,or e->nsul must include the fact of that declaration In their eer? tifl ate ofackuowledgment. If assigned tor collection, or in pledge, the name of the party holding the beneficial or residuary in ?rest in the claim must be .rate 1 in the affidavit and a reltase to the United Stales and release to Texas mast be duly execut d by such party, to gether with the assignment and releases from the person in wboje favor settlement and payment is requested. One or more audited certificate*, or one or more ? vi lenae ut the same character of debt, may be in eluded hi the same assignment, releases, and affi-la vir of ownership, u each certificate is correctly de. scribed by number, date, am iuut, and name of the original payee. It ehould ai ?<> appear whether the certificate* were issued by the authorities of the Jtateof Texas, on account of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texas, accord ing 10 the tacts of each case. The assignment to the I Inited States may be made in commin lorm ; tbe it leases should be drawn ac cording to U?e forms subjoined ?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Treasury. Form Jl, Know all persona bv these presents that ? has released, dad ti reby releases, th? United Sta'es oi Atn -rica from ail further liability or clanu for ihe |>ayment ot cernfica'e or ev.uenee of debt number , for the sum of $ , issued by the I.?ie republic of Texas, (or by the authorities ot the State of Texas, as the case may b *,) and re deemed Dy ihe United States inacc-srilance with the provisions of an act of Congress entitled "An act to provi .e tor the payment of such creditor* of the late republic of Texas as are comprehended in the act of l'mi/rr*s of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 28th day of Fe iruary, 1855, and an act of the ?tate of Texas, approv-d the 1st of February. 1856. As witness my hand and seal. Form B. Know all persons by these presents that - ? has released, audbercby releases, the State of Teias from all further liability or claim foi the |?ay m>nt of certificate or evidence of debt number , for the sum of $ ? , issued by thr lat<* re public of Texas,(or by the authorities of the State of Texas, as the ? ase may be,) and redeemed by the United States in accordance with the pfOtiHo.mof aji act of Congress, entitled " An act to provide for tie (myinent of such creditors of the late republico Texas as are comprehended in the act of Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 25th of February, ltC?5, and an act of the dtate of Texas, approved tiie 1st of February, 1856. As witness my hand and seal. The following is a list of the audited certificates still outsta iding: .Vo I.mrdto. No. f?tuel to. fl T D Tompkins 16;<9 Oscar Engledow 16 Uukman (aufield 16~o Trustees of Austin 31 John A Chiton College m || K Mush 1^> G II Monsariat & Co Kl KG llobbs 16 HI John Karuer 84 J De Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl 92 John Buruingiiain 1732 ? ? ?, . " 135 Phineas Deifordova 1733 $ 1 u*lcolt 176 E I'aidwm 1746 John W Porus 191 Jam. s Tllglimau 1770 j K Elliott 102 Mathias Clark 1807 Harriet George MO) f.,i? 1,4,6 Miles 8 Bennett yoi / "r,e ltft>9 NaMianiel RudBer 328 O Hlineau 1831 > Levi Tyler, adm'r 814 J K Wade 1833 \ of W II Kelly J68 Peter- Sl Booth 183& Samuel Wildey :ty.j Husted I ".'CI Geor^d Sutherland 404 S Ktngsley 1841 J P lleuninjsa 4J7 J Parker, fur Eliza- 1542). (. beth Parker, ei'x 184J f J ' 4:f7 Benedict Bayley 1844 Edmund Balllager 445 l.eander Season 185*2 J !? Logan 166 Wni < ;dlin 1p.-j6 C P Green 4l>7 John W King 1865 David Ayioa 509 T B Webb 1 nby Ttiomes FJaaea 510 A S Ttiurtnond 1876 0 Sehi**dlemantd ;'.4<S Th??s W Marshall 1880 J F Jewett ^ii*. David S Kaufman 1897 F Emma 6t3 Ge.?ifw W Parker Ie09 Car ilia Lee* fill C'rutcherJiMcKaveivi'AH) K ?\ Gios.m> yer S* ESS ST* 6S3 J A rfim-.a >n 1VJ9 E W Cawthern 6VJ Wm II Belcher 19J0 Wm Cochran 677 H li William* I'J.'t * Fianci- Moore Jr 7ol Felix Hieder *.H)7t Au.lrew llaley I'? \ Robert Hale .,k*ac dtewa11 773 Wm lonea T'S/ C W Vickary 779 Wm Walke* 'Jfes i 7*n I Iyer Pearl 1749 j 1 *,lJ ,5rt 8 2 Isjaac L t?ll *:itsi /? ? "63 llermo^aii Btowts itlO S Burnet 874 John W Bower VI08 I ? ? ^ ? r>TJ Jam ?s \R Master ^93 j R 1 ?J14 Dyer P-ail 42i:? > ? _ ? 91 "i Mary K len t*<ien- i85H J F P a"ntry berg *2145 L mp . 930 J Ellis b23 J 8 W Fuht;' 932 Mxs Marc Belvilli* Viol > .. . 1010 Anson Ciausoii 1501 \ 1012 U It* Forbes 230D E Frost Hhi5 J^4<*e.s N lio^an ii06 Thomas Reed I rV Thoints Lindsay 2316 Harrison C Bryant l'f<> James L Green 2:t3C J S McDonald 1047 Je^se Dauiel 51349 Arthur r,arn<*r I'Ma J B Daniel '2311 J F Martchett 1U50 Charles Vinceat 2341 Audrswa St Grower ,U56 i S D Cervaise sfStt* P ? llnrnit ,(l57 | a ti uervais?. ti34y w pi|||im IJA8 Willis Millican 2350 J D Giddings 1059 J D Millican 2.'I54 J Ciawiord jr 1052 John Davis 'J.'LT>8 A P Bdgerton Ijo'i Win Barton 23."i9 Thomas Wamer )r 1079 W A Locktiar? Gt orge K Sistan l!)r<> U Morton V'l6l Francis Itriclita il.Vi James Kil'aro. -23H2 Elixabetii Carter 1190 i; II Taylor *3383 Wm Davis 1241 Youngs Cole wav.' 2.fc7 Joseph Tom I msoii 1 J4? Rob -rt McNutt "2390 Hneed k Turner Ii4'? John W Ctnud, per*2390 Wm Klmbro a'.t'y I II Mayma "i4(Vi H II llaynie 1263 E De Pimi'oui *1401 11 W M.liiauk I'JU C I* Green 2402 Catherine Allea 1-275 G W Sinks * J ? 2105 Heury Kring Shaw 2413 J W Lawrence 1297 John Kendriek 2418 Stephen Smith I2SM! Ham let Hid ten 2434 A C llorton 1300 John Johnson 2-138 Elaphalet Easton 1301 Hiisen Ma-eirx -J442 Lemuel BDickeiison 1 Jt?2 Tuomas 11 Fc rresterV450 Wm H Thompson I3o5 B R Warner 2452 Z Wm Eddv 1423 William Fr.?l? J471 j jj nm?n 1424 G W ?isborr? -J474 A B Hemphill 1425 John A V477 Aaron Hauchton 1427 Cornelius Vaan-iy *J479 Heirs of John Jon- s U28 Jjseph Rates 24n0 '? Joel Hid \ili " Wsrren A bar* 515 Lombard X.tas 2482 ?? John L Monks w. , H483 " P?er Aldrich 152.1 John James 2400 M A l>oo|y 1554 K II liougtas S500 George (; Day cashier EM Puh 2501 P Rennet, Vt> 1572 Wm Kerr *503 John W Schrimpf 1580 James A Moody 2504 W C Blair 1561 P Rickford 451? M llorbf-rttaille I61i John Lamer 2513 Henry B Brooks 1615 John f'ameron 1514 Gabrn I Trumwelt 1093 John D Taylor 2538 H S Morgan 1024 Levi Mercer 2520 Furtair k Bean 1026 Ell Mercer "2534 Har&fc Newman The outstanding crideai as of other classes of th a debt of the republic uf Teftasfiunot W specified by | this itepdhmeut. au ju?aUstJauj NOTICK?THK UNDERSIGNED, BEING the Sole Agent of the Government Printer for the disposition of all waste,damped, or surplus Papers emanating fiom the Government printing offices and binderies, 1 hereby caution all persons from purchasing such from any one else, as upon any further knowledge of such fact, such persons (buyer an t sellers) shall l>e prosecuted to the full extent of the law. All such papers as damaged, (white and printed,) s-rplus document*, wrap pers, Ac , can be found at my store on D street, near 7th, the only authorized place for the sale of them EDWARD TOWERS, nov 19-1 w Agent. Notice is mkkkry given to ali. tradesmen In cltv who have been In the habit of purchasing waste or otber Papers from employees or others connected with either the Senate or House printing offices, that If Lereafter any such purchases are made from any party other than Edward Towerj, who is the sole a^ent therefor, the patties so purchasing will be prosecuted to the extent of the law nov lrt-lw C. WENDELL. D1 DENTAL SUROEDN. |R B F COSBY, PENN. AVENUE, BE tween Sixth and Seventh itreets,. at the place formerly occupied by Dr j Van Pr.tten, has Just received a very large supply of articles pertalnl g to dentistry and respectfully Invites the public to give him a call Having devoted his wnole time to ihe pro fession, he 1* perfectly safe In declaring thnt he will give entire satisfaction in every case The best professional reference# can be seen at his of Mce. nov 12-tMarch"0* JOHN H. fflct'l'Tt'tlKN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, HAS KKMOVK1) HIS OFFICE ANDRESI dence to No. -J4 Missouri avenue, between and Cth street. r.ovis-im* OH. SKINNUK'S M HOiil, FOR THK Deaf and Dumb and Blind, G stree', be tween 20th and 21st streets, south side Friday afternoon is set apart for the reception of visitors nov 18 2w? CiAiVlK TO THK SUBSCRIBER'S PKKM ? Ises, with bis cattle, on the nth ln>t .?,~,t.. *p> a BROW N STEER, which the ownerK can have by proving property, and pay- jS^SL.^es. j pKATIlhK nov 1H 3t Corner of N and 3d sts nortn. WINTER MILLINERY. m.a hills WILL OPEN uMnkWlnter Milllnerv on Wednesday. November lath, at No JU5 Pennsyl- Mm vania avenue, t>etweeu 9th and 10th streets nov 8 T<> THK LADIES. WE HAVE JUST OPENED OUR ^^1 fashion able assortment of Velvet and' ^fottier WINTER BONNETS. Also,' a new style of Hair Dresses and Flowers just re ceived from Paris; and all other articles In the Millinery line C. PRIURAM A CO., Pa ave., bet loth and 11th sts , south side. oc28-lm PLATED WAUE, ALB.VTA ft-OKKS and Spoons Table Cutlery, Tea Sets, Cake Baskets Castor*, Walters, Urns, Kettle*, A-. The above are all of the latest styles and war ranted of super.or quality. M. VV GALT A BKO , Jewellers, nov l?-6t 321 Pa. nv., bet 9th and 10th sts. PURE SILVKR W ARK. SOLID SILVEH TE~A SET*, SILVER FOIIKS 4ND SPOONS, SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS, $ CUPS A FA NC V SILVER WARE.* u I table for WKVDI NO P R ES E N TS '1 he above are all of our own manufacture, and WARRANTED FIRE. M. W. GALT A BRO t nov 19-tf 3^4 Per.a'a avenue. *IH S. BOP!' A- CO , FASHIO NABLE DR ESS MA KER S. BEU LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIES of Washington, that they have opened a Dress making Establishment at No. 509 llth street, 3 doors below Hilbus's Music Store Dresses wl 1 be made in the latest French style, and at the most reasonale prices. All kinds of patterns for Mantillas contantly on hand, and Pinking and Silk Washlrgdoneat the lowest prices, nov 1-1 m A CAKD. M KS. FRANKLIN. THACHER OF VOCAL I?I Music, No. 405 E street, between ?th and 10th street* References: Mr. R. Davis, and Mr. Hilbus, Music stores. se 17-3m j COAL?COAL?COAL. WE HAVENOW ON HAND THK LARG; est and most superior stock of COAL ever brought into thin market. Also afloat and deliv eriutf? 137 tons Red Ash, broken for Grates 170 do VV hite Ash Egg, for Radiators 100 do do do Broken for Furnace ISO do Red Ash Utove, for cooking purposes A deduction of 25 cents al ways made when de livered from the vessel. 2240 lbs to the ton, from which there Is no de vlation Coal kept under cover PINE, OAK,and HICKORY WOOD always on Land T J . A VV. M. GAL l\ Office N. VV cor of 12th and C sts, No 547, one square south of Penna avenue. nov l* BONNETS?BONNETS. A SUPERB assortment OF THOSE delicate and beautiful adornment ofi pretty faces ; those terrors of insrrled mnn,l and allurements of the bachelors, nmyl now be found at CASSlDY*f*,3l4 Penn sylvania avenue, between 10th and I Ith slreets The art of the Milliner has ??een < arrlfd to the last point of perfection. and thelrhnlte variety and beauty of these tasteful Head H e?s.*s may well amaxe'even the ladles themselves Nowon der the dear creatures fall in lovewl.h ?ueh charm ing Bonnets as may l>e procured at CASSIDV'S. How are they ever to n ake a selection from so many beauties* A No, a large \?soitment of beautiful FLOWERS and FEaTHEKS at very lo w prices nov 17 CUTHmu MAKE TO ORDER. (GENTLEMEN WISHING TO CONSULT K economy with taste and elegance, are ItivlUd to examine our present assnrtm* ntof hue Cloths, Cashmeres, Doe kins, Rich Velvets, Silk and Satin Vestlngs, which we will make to ord< r In the most superior manner, at much cheaper rates than the usuai city prices WALL A STEPHENS, 322 Pa. ave , bet ?th and 10th streets. n&v21-3t [ Intel,UnlonANewsJ C'OfWl REWARD?KAN AWAY FROM the subscriber, on the evening of tie 1st instant, a NEGRO A OMAN, belonging lo the estate of Mrs. Sophia Perrle, (deceased,) named CORNELIA D1GGS about twenty-live years of age, Ave leet ten Inches high, of a bright mulatto color, and is a very weil made woman. 1 will give the above reward If tak?n lu the District, or State of Maryland, or SUM! if taken a non slaveholdlng State, and secund so that I can get her again. Q. A WATERS, nov3-tf Administrator, VV. A. Gi R ANCI8. ABOVE ODD FELLOWS* ? Hall, on Seventh street, Is now receiving the beit stock of goods intbe way of HOUSEKEEP ING H AR DVV AKE everfb. ought to th*cltv Al so, Table and P.vket Cutlery, Silver plated and Albata Ware, Block Tin and Japanned Ware, Bitd Cage*, Clocks, Feather Dusters, Baskets, Brushes, Combs, Cabas, Portmonnais. China Vases, Gift Cups and Saucers, anda hundred oth ? r useful articles. These goods were bought i' ?r cash at the lowest ttgure, and will be sold at the lowest possible price* nov2l-tf mHK STKAHER. OEOROE WASHING J. TON will depart at the follow 1 ng hours: _ Leave Alexandria 7#, 9, 11, 1 \, Leave Washicgton MM. 10,12, "J*, 5 tov 11?d job CORSON, Captain. (TllANUE OF HOURS?the. J STEAMER GEORGE PAGKjtiBSaC will leave? Alexandria at 4K,a*,10,12,2*, 5. andO* o'clock Washington at#,#, il, 1 \, 4, 5*. and 7 o'clock nov 11 ' ELLIS L PR ice, Capttls. Black, tea.?another lot of our standard BLACK tea Is now being received This Tea bears a reputation unsurpass?d ty an) ever offered In tkls city Pries 50 cents pei

pound. We have also, a variety of lower gradet of Teas, and at much lower prices. KING A BURCHELL, nov 18 cor. Vermont avenue and 15th at. BRUSHES, BRUSHES, BRUSHES, BASKETS, BASKETS, BASKETS, COMBS, COMBS. COMBS, TOYS, TOYS, TOYS, at Mclaughlin a co ?s. AUCTION SALES. By J AS. C. McGUl HE, Auctioneer. rpKUSTKF.'S SALK OF VALl'AHI K M. Bnlldiag Lot* cm Ninth street west be tween (J and H streets north. ? By virtue of a deed In trust. bearing d.?te on the 23d day tf No ?ember, 1K55. and recorded In Liber J A S . No. 102, folios 443, et wq , the subscriber will sell at public sale on TUESDAY, the id day of December, 1H.V5, at 4 o'clrck p in , on the prem ises. part of Square No 375, in the city of Wash ington, fronting 48 feet lu inches on Ninth street w?st, between G and H streets north, bv 101 feet deep. Tn* above property 1? eligibly situated in tte vicinity of the Patent Office and In one of the most oesirabie parts of thecltv for private resi dences, and will be sold as a whole or in separate lots, tumult purchasers, an?t offers a very fav?>ra ble opportunity to persons deslrliu* to build or In vest Terms of rale will le: One third cash, and the balance In six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale, re cured by deed of trust upon the property : and If not complied with in live days after the sale the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk aud expense of the defkn.tini; pnr chaser. b ' Title wade Indisputable. All conveyances at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS S WALLACH, Trustee. nov 21- eiAds J A3. C. McGU I RE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer 'rHDSTEK'S SALE OK HEAL ESTATE. A Hy virtue of a d*e I of truet bearlnpdate 23d day of January, 1*5G, and recorded lu Liber JAM , No 1II, folios 4*21, et se q , among the land records of Washington county, In the Dis trict cf Columbia, the undersigned will sell on M ON DA Y, the >5th day of December, lfe5fi. on the premises, at 4 o'clock !n th? afternoon, to the highest bidder, at public auctiou, all tt:at piece or parcel of ground situated in the city of Washing ton. In said District, and known and distinguish ed up m the ground plan or plat of -aid city ?.<? part of Lot No. 4, in tquare No. ?-?!, and bound ed as follows: commencing at the southeast cor ner of s*ld lot No 4; thence northwardly, along the dividing line between said lot No 4 and lot numbered 3, to a publi ? aiiey; thenc along west wardly seventeen feet; thence southwardly' on a line parallel with the said dividing line t?south C str?*et seventeen fpet to the pi ce of beoinrlng, with the improvement* thereon, which aie a good two-story Frame House This property fronts on south C, between 13th and 13# streets west Terms: One- third cash; tbe?resid;ie in G and l * m^ntln, f>r which the purchaser's notes will be taken, bearing interest from thP day of sale, itr.d a lien on the premises. if the terms of -ale be not complied with with in three days from the day of sale the premises will be resold, on live days public notice at the rlsV and cost of the purchaser All conveyance* a* the purchaser's cost. C. C. CALVERT. Trust e nov 19 eodJtds A. GREEN, Auct'r IRl'STEE S SALE. BY VIRTUE OF A DEC WEE OF THE Circuit Court for Prince George's country, sit ting as a Court of Equity, passed in the ca?e of John T Holtzman and wirer* Mary E. Holtz rmn and other*. th? undersigned, as Trustee, will expose to Public Sale at Beltsvllle, near the premises, on THUKSDAY, 4th December next, *t 12 o'clork m ,1' fair, if not, the next fsir diy thereafter, Part of a tract or parcel of Land called'?Edrr.ondston's Kange," late tbe residence cf Mr. Jrihn T. Holtzman, conta'nlng forty acres. This property is situated about half a mile from Deitsvll.e, in a healthy and elevated region; is susceptible of the highest state of improvement, admirably adapted to a fruit and market farm, and there is a youn?j Peach and Apple Orchard thereon The improvements consist of a large and com modious Krarue Dwelling with brick basement recently built, and every necessary building, all of whic'i are !n complete repair There Is a pump of H;ie water in the yard cttached to th- main dwelling. The society in the nei^httorboed Is excellent, and the situation presents many induce ments for a most pleasant country residence for a f*?ntleman residing in Baltimore or W ashlngton cltiea Terms of sale as prescribed by the decree are ? One hiif of the purchase money to be paid In cash on the day of sale or on the ratltlcation thereof by the Court, and the residue in 6, 12, and 18 months thereafter, In equal instalments, to be se cured by the notes of the purchaser with security i<? be approved by the Trustee, bearing in'.erest from the day of sale On the payment of the whole purchase money with interest, the Trustee is authorized by the Decree to convey the property to the purchaser in fee simple. nov 1'Leolot N. C. STEPHEN, Trustee. J AS C McGU I RE, Auctioneer INTENSIVE SALE OF KEAL ESTATE and Valuable Wharf Property at and near the south eud of 7th street west, undrr deed of tmst ? By virtue of adeed of trust, dated May 1, lti54, and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No 7:1, folios 5, 6, et seq . we shall proceed to sell, on MONDAY, the 1st day of December next, at 12 o'clock M , at public, auction, to the highest bid der, all that property lying in the city cf Wash ington, D. C , known in the plat of said cltv as square numbered 472, together with the Improve ments thereon, (excepting a certain lot of g'ound therein Itelonglng to the heirs of the late Simon 1'razier;) the entire wharf property lying west of s-ld square, (472,) known as Page's wharf proper ty; the whole of square 471, in said city; and lots3, 4, 5, and 6, in Page's subdivision of square 3110 The property will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Also, the steamer George Page, now plying be tween Washington and Alexandria Terms: One half cash, and the balance at six months, on notes beaiing interest, satisfactorily secured Sale will commence on th?? wharf west of square 472. All conveyancing at the cost of pureha*ers. If the purchaser or purchasers should fail to comply with the term* of sale within tive days thereafter tha Trustees reserve the right to resell at the ri.-k and expense of the defaulting purcha ser or purchasers, after giving Ave days' previous notice in the National In elM;*eneer. JOHN T FEXWICK, lTtn.tetm K It'll A K D WALLACH, \ 1 r""Pe ? oc 21-ecxlAds J AS C. McGU IRE, Auct'r. TABLE CUTLERY. SU<*11 AS IVORY WOOD AND HORN handle table and dessert, Knives only, and Knives with Forks Also, meat and taine Car vers, Steels, fee. 'These goods are manufactured expresalv for iny sale^, and 1 do not hesitate to re commend them as being equal if not superior to any goods lu the market C. W. BOTELER, "oc 22-eo Iron Hall. A CARD. T. POTf. NTINI, Me. 270 Peansy Ivanln avenne, South side befuetn Tenft and Eleventh Streets, Washington CiTV, D C , Respectfully informs his pat rons and the public generally that he is now prepared with the most scientific and skillful Cooks and Confectioners, to furnish ? AHT1E8, WRDDINUS, DINNERS fc , lu the mott recherche and elegant style at the shortest notice He will give his personal attend ance and assume the entire responsibility of the entertainment. Connected with his e3tabllshmfnt arc Parlor* where Ladles and Gentlemen can be served at all hours with Ice Cream, Jellies, Oysters In every style. Relishes, Dinners, and Suppers In a man. n^r unsurpassed in this city. T. POTLNTINI, grateful for the liberal patro ? naee be hau heretofore received, assures his friend* and nil who may give him a call, that everv effort on his part will be made to merit a continuance of t' eir favors He solicits an examination of his large and ele gant assortment of FRENCH CANDIES, PRE SERVED and UKAND1ED FRUITS, PIC KLES, SAUCES, Ac., which he offers for sale at the most moderate prices. nov iy-2tdAeol0t I \HESS CLOAKS A LARGE AND BEAU tlful assortment of rich Paris and New York made Velvet and Cloth Cloaks tills day opened and now ready for Inspection at HARPER A MITCHELL'S, nov2l-eo3t Pa.ave , bet. 9th and 10th sta. Rich silk and velvkt kobes HARPER A MITCHELL will open tkl* day rick Velvet, Plush, and Silk Kobea Also, heavy Stripe and Plaid Silk, superior Black Silks, of tbe moat approved makes Plaid and Plain Irish Poplin. Also, a great variety of very beautiful evening Dress Goods. nov 2l-eo3t PIANOS F1AI09 PIANOS at at at ELLIS'S, ELLIS'S, ELLIS'S. :m 3t? %? Pa. avenue. Pa. avenue. Pa avena^, EVENING STAK. THE PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE OF DANIEL WEBSTER. The two volumes of the private correspon dence of Daniel Webster will be published by Little, Drown k Co , of Ronton, in the middla of next month. Anion*; the interesting letters embraced in the work is the following: THOMAS JRFPBRBON DESCRIBE!* KV DAKIKL WEI1ITKR De<k*tibt', lb24. Mr Jefferson is now between eighty-one and eighty two, above six loct high, of an ample, long lrame. rather thin ?nd spare. His bead, which is rot peculiar in it* shape, is pet rather forward on his shoulders ; and his neck heirs; long, there is, when he is walking or eon versing. an habitual protrusion of it. It is still well covered with hair, which, having been onoo red, and now turning gray, is of an indistinct sand}' color. Ilia eyes are small, very light, and now neither brilliant nor strikirg. His chin is rather long, but not pointed. His nose small, regular in its outline, and the nostrils a littlo elevated, liis qp>uth is well formed, and still filled with teeth ; it id strongly compressed, bearing an expression of contentment and be nevolenco. liis complexion, formerly light and freckled, now bears the marks of age and cutaneous afiection liis limbs are uncom monly long; his hands and feet very lart;c. and his wrifts of an extraordinary size Hi< walk is not precise and military, hut easy atd swinging, lie rtoops a little, not so much from age as from natural formation When sitting, he appears short, partly fioui a rather loung 1 ir.g habit of kitting, and partly from the dis proportionate length of his limbs ilia dress, when in the house, is a gray -ur t ?ut coat, kerseymere stuff waistcoat, wit** an under one laced with some material <>f a dingy red. H is pant ilooc.> are very lorg and loose, an 1 of the same color as his coat, ilia stock ings are woollen, either white or gray ; and his shoes of the kind that be*r his name liis whole dress is very much neglected. 1 ut not slovenly lie wears a common round hat ilis dress, when on horseback, is a gray straight-bodied coat, and a spencer of the samo material, both fastened with large pearl buttons. When we first e iw him. ho was riding; and. in addition to the above articles of apparel, wore round his throat a knit white woollen tippet, in the place of a cravat, and black velvet gaiters under his pantaloon9 liis general appearance indicates an extraor dinary degree of health, vivacity and spirit liis f ight is still good, for he needs glasses only in the evening Ilis hearingis generally good, but a number of voices in animated conversa tion confuse it Mr Jefferson rises in the morning as soon as ho can see the hands ot his clock, which is dircctly opposite his bed, and examines his thermometer immediately, as he keeps a reg ular meteorological diary, lie employs him self chiefly in writing till breakfast, which is at nine. From that time till dinner he is in I is library, excepting that in fair weather he rides on horseback from seven to fourteen miles. Dines at four, returns to the drawing room at six, when coffee is brought in, and passes the evening till nine in conversation His habit of retiring ut that hour is so strong that it hu.3 become essential to his uealth and comfort. Ilis diet is simple but he seems restrained only by his taste His breakfast is tea and c- ffee, bread always fresh from the oven, of which he does not seem afraid, with sometimes a slight accompaniment of cold meat He enjoys his dinner well, takii g with his meat a large proportion of vegetables He has a strong preference for the wines of the Continent, of which he has many sorts of ex cellent quality, having been more than com monly successful in his mode of importing and preserving them Among others we found the following, which are very rare in this country, and apparently not at all injured by trans portation : L Kdnau, Muscat, Samittn, and Lilanchette de Limoux. Dinner is served in half Virginia, half French style, in good taste and abundance. No wine is put on the table till the cloth is removed In conversation, Mr Jefferson is easy and natural, and apparently not ambitious ; it is not loud, as challenging general attention, but usually addressed to the person next to him The topics, when not selected to uuitthe char acter and feelings of his auditor, are those subjects with which his mind seems particu larly occupied ; and these, at present may be said to be science and le'ters, and especially the University of Virginia, which is oomitig into existence almost entirely from his exer tions, and will rise, it is to bo hoped, to use fulness and credit under his continued care. When we were with him him, his favorite sub jects were Greek and Anglo Saxon, historical recollections of the times and events of the Revolution, and of his residence in France from 1733-4 to 17Sy. MR JKFKRR80N SACCOUNT OF PATRICK HENRY 1 Patrick Henry was originally a bar keeper. He was married very young, and going into some business, on his own account, was a bankrupt before tho year w.ts out. When I was about the age of fitteec I left the school here to go to the college at Williamsburg. I stopped a few days at a friend's in the county of Louisa There 1 first saw and became ac quaintcd with Patrick Henry Having spent the Christinas holidays there, 1 proceeded to Williamsburg Some question arose about my admission, as my preparatory studies had not been pursued at the school connected with that institution This delsye 1 my admission about a fortnight, at which time Henry ap peared in Williamsburg .-aid applied for a license to practice law, having commenced the study ot it at or subsequently to the time of my meeting him in Louisa. There were four examiners, Wythe, Pendleton, Peyton Randolph, and John Randolph. Wythe and Pendleton at once rejected his application The two Randolphs, by his importunity, wcro prevuiled upon to sign the lisense ; and, hav ing obtained their signature?, he applied again to Pendleton, and after much eatreaty and many promises of future study, succeeded in obtaining his. lie then turned out for a prac ticing lawyer. The first case which brought him into notice was a contested ?lection, io which he appeared as counsel before a com mittee of the Houso of Durgesset. liis second was tho Parsons cause, already well known These and similar efforts soon obtained for him so much reputation that ho olected :i mem ber of the Legislature. He was as well suited to the times as any member ever was, uni it Is not now easy to say what we should h.ive done without Patrick Henry. He was tar be lore all in maintaining the spirit of the Revo lution. His infiuence was most extensive with the members from the upper counties, and his boldness and thoir votes overawed and con trolled the more cool or the more timid aristo cratic gentlemen of the lower part of the State His eloquence was peculiar, if indeed it should be callod eloquence; for it was im pressive and sublime, oeyond what can be imagined. Although it was difficult when he had spoken to tell what he had said, yet, while be was speaking it always seemed di rectly to tho point When he had spoken in opposition to my opinion, had produced a great cffect, and I myself been highly de lighted and moved, I bavo asked myself when he ceased, i( What the devil has he aaid ?" 1 could never answer tha inquiry. His person was of full sise, and hia manner and voice free and manly, llii utterance neither very fast nor very alow. His eP??5hef generally Bhort, from a quarter to half an hour. Hi8 pronunciation was valgsr and v cious, but itwaa forgotten while he was spe- ? "lie was a man of very little knowledge of any aort; ho read nothing, and had nobooka Returning one November from Albemarle eourt, he borrowed of me Hume ? hssays. in two volumes, saying he should have leuur^ju THE W??KJLY 51 Al* Vkla excellent Famliv u4 Haws Jt alula* a | M> be la amy Mk*r-U pa* takei Satnr ??? ??????? . TUII. ?la?le copy, pm una ?...? ..SI ? ... . ve eLV?a. flwwplfl 11 M ren copt<i M wwrenty coptee.. ....IS M liT^'nglecoide* (la wrappers) can be procured ?t the counter. fnimHliatei> after the U.ue of tfce paper Prtr?-Tmn CawTa I'o a T M a ?it ? a a who *ot aa ageata will beeltewr* acommlaalon of twenty per cent. the winter for reeling. ln the spring he re turned them, and declared he had not been able to go farther than twenty or thirty pages in the first nlome. He wrote almost nothing ?he could not write The reeolutiona of "74, which have bccu ascribed to bim, have by many been supposed to hare been written by Mr. Johnson, who acted a* hia second on that occasion ; bat if they were written by Henry himself, they are not auch aa to prove any power (?f composition Neither in politic* n? r in his profession was he a man of businea- . he was a man for debate only Mi* biographer says that he read Plutarch evary year. i doubt whether he ever read a volume of it in hia life iiis tem|>er was excellent, and ha generally observod decorum in debate. On one or two occasion* i have seen him angry and hia anger was terrible, thoee who wit nested it were not disputed to rouae it again In his opinions he was yielding and practica ble and not disposed to differ from hit friends In private conversation he wu agreeable ana facetious, and, while in genteel society, ap peared to understand all the deoenclaa and proprieties of it; but. in his heart, be pre. terred low society, and Bought it a# often as possible. He would bunt m the pine woods of Fluvanna, with overseers, and people of that description, living in a camp tor a fort night at a time without a change of raiment. 1 have olten been astonished at his command f proper language , how ha attained a know ledge of it I never could find ont. aa ha read so little and convereel little with educated men After all, it must be allowed that he waa our leader in the measures of the Revolution, in Virginia. In that respect more was due to him than a*y otr er person If we had not hud him we should probably have got on pretty well, as you di<\, by a number of men i f nearly equal talents, but be left us all far beiiind. His bi<igrapber aei.t the sheets ot lus work to me a* they were printed, and at the end asked for my opinion 1 told him it would be a question her alter, whether his w?rk should be placed on the shelf of hist* ry or of pnnegyric. It is a poor book written in bad t.itte. and gives ao imperfect an idea of 1'atrick Henry, that it seems intended to ahow ? ff tiK- writer more than the subject of the vork. MR. J EKFKUfiOX S OPINION OF ANDREW JACK HON. I foel much alarm? I at the proapcct of gee ing<?en Jackson Preaiiicnt He is one of the moat unfit men I know of for such a place. He has had very littlo respect for luWS or oonsti tutions. and is, in fact, an able military chief His passions are terrible. When I w*? Presi dent of the Senate be waa a Senator and he could never speak on account of the rashness of his feelings I have seen him attempt it repeatedly, and as often choke with rage His passions are no doubt cooler now; be has been tnuch tried since I knew him, but he is a dan gerous man. {At the present moment a Jew atanda at the head of nearly every walk in life through - out Europe. The Rothschilds command the money market of Europe, some in Paria, gome in Vienna, some in London, and that family loaned immense sums to both Russia on the one hand, and the Allies on the other, in the late war in Europe In literature, for cen turies they bavo produsod the ablest scholars, tde subtlest of all thinkers, the foremost men of each age. In the dark ages, and amid the greatest persecution, they produced lights wh'-se lustre still shines; and now in England, a Jew, D israeli, leads the House of Com mons, and a Jew is Lord Mayor of London In Germany at least a half a dozon of the most distinguished professors are that race The great Ne under himself was one of them, arid Mendelssohn, who was the envy of <ioeth? f'<r his power of language. In Spain, men ? f thia nation have, in former days as professed Jesuits, while secretly retaining their own faith, obtained direction even of the Inquisi tion. In fact, there are lew heights of power t.) which they have not attained, aa there are no amounts of persecution tbey have not en dured No matter what tbey undertake, tbey seem to push it through with a vigor and an enterprise that carry their point to the furthest attainable degree, and further than will be rrachcd by any other. The ablest musician in London was a Jew, Braham, who retained his voice anl his position till about eighty, lorming his name out of Abraham, hJ the simple expedient of dropping the A, to disguise hi.; origin. And ao in like manner, the most distinguished actress of Paris, at this moment, is Rachel, the Jewess In fact, no matter what the}' turn their hands to, phil o<ophy or io tine arts, money changing or old clothes, they uniformly push their oocupa tiona t<> an extent, and with a closeness of computation, that carries them beyond all competitors ?Philadelphia l,dgtr. Brkvitt ?A merchant, at a season of bus iness depression received trom one of his cast mers at a distance, in answer to a pre vious duu. a letter statiug his difficulties and requesting time Tho merchant paced his Couuting room with lowering brow, and stop plug suddenly, turned to his clerk, and said. 44 Write to that man without delay " The paper was ready, and the pen filled with ink; but not receiving any message for some moments, the clerk asked : ?' What shall I write?'* "Something or nothing, and that very quick " Back to bis de?k went the clerk, and rapid ly move! his fingers oTer the paper. The letter war sent to the office* and by return of mail came a letter from the customer, inclo sing the money in lull. The merchant, with glistening eyes read the letter and haa'.enlng to his clerk, he said : 44 What did you write to??" 441 wrote just what you told ma, and kept a copy of the letter." Uoing to his letter-book, anl opening he found the following: 4* Hear Sir?Something or nothing, and that very quick Yours, dc." That letter brought the money 1^? Lafayette told u campaign anecdote ol the revolution one morning at President Mod roe's breakfast table, 44 of such gout.*' writes Wirt to his friend Morris, ?' that I think Pope ought to have it in his budget Hay aaked htui if Lord Sterling was really a nobleman by birth, or only a lord by courtesy The Marquis said he did not know how that was b?. that there never was a lord that was prouder ot hia title; that no one could say 4 lord or 4 lordship' in bis hearing, but that be thought be was the person spokon of. In proof of which ha stated that one of Ster ling's soldiers was sentenced to be shot for some tHence, and as the poor devil waa going to the place of execution, with bis hands man acled behind him, he raisied his eyes to heaven, and in the agony of his despair exclaimed. 4 L-jr i, have mercy on ma " Says Sterling, with all the importance of Jupiter, with botx cheek, puffed with rage, ? I II be damned if 1 do,' imagining he alone could be the object of the ejaculation. It was exceedingly well told, and produced a highetiect." ? (Jot Oveb It "?Strangely do people talk of ? getting over ' a great Borrow, overleaping it, passing it by, thrusting it into oblivion Not ac. A'o one ever does that; at least no nature which can be touched by the feeiing of grief at all. The only way is \? yat through the ocean of affliction, aolemnly, slowly, with humility and faith, aa the la raelitea passed through the Sea Then ita very waves of miaery will divide and beoome to us a wall on the right aide and on the feft, until the gulf narrowa and narrows before our eyes, and we land safe on the opposite ihore? The Head of a Fmmtly ry The newspapers in Michigan are oom Plaming already that the mails are delayed by snow storui*.