Newspaper of Evening Star, November 24, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 24, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W AS /I 1 M ti T u iV CITY : MONDAY Nivrnkrr U4,185?. W AtTHtHWWn Mot L? Bit I.I FT AT TNI UrriCC BY 1 vilts *?Huti. M.; ?TiiaavHii Tin mat mot trrit.i k*t? IH HIT Mf. SPIRIT OF THE MOKPHNG PHtlSS Tbe inl*lhgtnter publishes a communica tion upon the advantages of building up a southern poit.ifrom Mr. George P. Elliott, in which those of Poit Royal harbor, South Caro lina, are elaborately set forth. The Union argues elaborately to show that England and France J are deliberately vio lated the late trealy of Pari? SPICT CcNTFoV ICR9I F* GROWING OCT OF Nicaragua* Affairs.?The New fork Her ald contains a lorg correspondence between General- Goicouria and General alKer, of Nicaragua. ft appears that Gen. Goioouria received a mission to England for the purpose of furthering certain financial and other pro ject* for Gen Walker. First?To convince the English and French Governments that General Walker's political views were directed to the establishment of an independent con federation or military colony in the South, intended to act as a counterpoise and a check to Northern interest and Northern aggros ?ions. Secondly?To obtain financial aid in the shape of loans bated upon thifl undei etaodiog, as also up ,n the promise of the es tablishment of such a tariff in Nicaragua as would amount to a virtual recognition of the principles of free trade. Although not stated in ao many words, it is clear from the context of these letters that such wen tho purposes cf the English mission. When Walker dccreed the re-eotabluhment of slavery in Nicaragua, Goicouria declined proceeding with his mls 11,d, feeling confident that no aid could be acquired from Eagland in favor of Slavery The Utrald it Saturday has another batch of Nicaraguan correspondence, wherein the priacipal contributor replies indignantly and contemptuously to Goieuria Mr. Edmund Randolph also cuts in with a sharp note that tavort of pistols and coffee. Thus " I have only to remark further, tLat in this Transit business Don Domingo Goieuria is an intruder, with a dishonest and treacherous intent; and that, knowing the import of the language 1 use, 1 shall remain at the Wash ington ilotel, No. 1 Broadway, until 1 o'clock to-morrow, and It nger if it is the pleasure of Don Domingo Goicuria. " Edmund Kandoli h." Tha charge of dishonesty and treachery made by Mr. Randolph against Gen. Gouicou ria caused the latter to send to Mr Randolph a verbal challenge to mortal eoaibat, which Randolph refused to rcceive, and required his communication to be made in writing. Gen. Goicouria immediately sent a written chal lenge, whioh was promptly accepted, and a hostile meeting is expected t<> take p'aoe to day between tbe parties py From Taylor A Maury we have the October iscue of the Edinburgh Review. Among its eleven articles, are several of le markable ability and finish. We again commend the re-publications of Messrs. Scott A Co. to our readers, a > of great value and issued in most creditable style. |y Governor Adam?, of South Carolina, has appointed one hundred and seventy dele gates to tbe Southern Convention which meet-, on the Sth of December, at Savannah. PKREOKaL. .... D r. Dewey is lecturing in Baltimore ....The Hon. John J Ciitieadeu, ol' Ken tucky, and lady, are in New York city. .... Miss Louise Rteder, tbe actress, was re cently married to D. Wright, of iialtimore. .... Jas. S. Hallowell. of Aiexar.drin, lec tured to tbe firemen of that city, on Friday night laet, on '? Hydrostatics " ....Judge Mason, of the Maryland Court of Appeals, is announced as among the visitors to Wheatland last week .... Rev Byron Suuderland, of tbia city, is U> lecture before tbe Alexandria Library Com pany to morrow evening ; eutje<*t?'? Vox pop uli vox Dei." ....Gov Causey, of Delaware, has appoint ed Joseph P Comecrys, Esq , of D. ver, to fill tbe vacancy occasioned by the death of tbe Hod J?)hn M Clayton. ....Rev, M C. Conway, Jatc of this city, has bad an invitation extended to him to be come tbe permanent pastor of the First Uni tarian church of Cincinnati / .... Senator Douglas and lady, with a bri dal party consisting of Mi.'S Allen, Miss Gran ger. General Shields and Mr. Cutts, arrived in New York city on Saturday. ,...Hoj*. Reverdy Johnson is attracting much attention in tbe United States Circuit Court in New York citv. where he is engaged on behalf of tbe plaintiffs in the Albany bridge cases .... Col. Wis. Cullom. Clerk of the Home of Representatives, returned to this city on Saturday afternoon las? from his late visit to bis heme in T ennescce. lie look^ in fino health. .... Ex Governor Slade cf Vermont bus recently arrived West with another bevy of female teacher?, ticketed for Illinois. Indiana, Missouri and Iowa This makes 460 that have gone cut under tbe Governor's caro. ....Tbe Hon Mrs Granville Wbyte, of Eng land, widely known in Europe and America as Miss Mulock, the talented authored of The Ogilvies, Agatha's Husband. Olive, John Hal ifax, Gentleman, and other interesting novel" is in New York. 5 ' ? ??? Col. VSuikcr, the Preridant of Nicara gua, was formerly an editor of the New Or leans Crescent, and afterwards of a newspaper in Stockton. Mr John Toler. a Stockton edi tor, is now editor cf El Nicaraguense, and abo advertises himself as attorney at law at Granada. .... Among the passengers by the Baltic, which sailed from New York on Saturday, are said to be P. T Barnum and little Cordelia Howard The following citiiens of Richmond, * ? ^n board : Mosars Boiling and Walk er HaxalL Miss Harriet Haxall, Miss Lucy H ax all and M:?a Bell M. i.eur A Vnh T?" y /7hvinK/ lha chil dren CD Rand;* 11 a Island, New York wt* presented by the M.^es Pyne. the ebarminj vocalists, with an elegant banner appropri ately inscribed Miss Susan P,ne w;; p^ea. ent at the presentation, and her delightful singing was one of tbe chief pleasures of the day to all upon the island. ?... Rev David bbaver, of Hampton, Va , has LurchaseJ one half of the Religious Her ald fn Richmond, and after tbe 1st of Janu ary next that paper will be under tbe joint editorial control of the present editor, Mr Wm Bands, and Rev Mr Shaver The R-; Jtj(i"U? lierald is the organ of the Baptist de nomination in Virginia, and, to a considerable extant, in (he Southern States also. .... Samuel Swartwout, formerly a promi nent politician of New York, died in that city 011 . r/'i at a,J? of seventy-three. In early life he was connected for a short time with the navy. He was a steady and warm Mead of Aaion Burr, though not implicated in the letters political delinquency* Ha was appointed, under President Jackson col lector of tha port of New York, but his term of office w*a cut short by an unfortunate Ue ta cation. He then left tbe country, but sub sequently re'arned and has sinoe lived in re iiiaaagt WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. ? The Power of the Fre?? ?"an ll1* bird, the old prorerb says, that soils its own nest A very striking illustration of this wise saw ia afforded by certain of oar ootempora ries, who are trying to prove by tbe result of the laat election that tbe influence of the press is all a chimera, and ita pretended power a humbug Tbe Richmond Examiner sajs : ?4 The triumph of the Democratic Party dis 4solves into thin air the popular dalusion of 1 the influence of the press of the city of New ' Y<>rk upon tbe publio sentiment even of tbe 4 metropolis in which they are printed and pu*? ? hsbed Tbe Herald, Tribune and Times, ? with a combined circulation of heaven knows 4 how many hundreds of thousands, honestly 4 parading their prosperity during the can ' vaas, laughed at the idea of the Democratic 4 Party contending against such a formidable ? alliance. 44 In tbe city of New York, against this 4 formiidablo array of editorial talent and en ' ergy, the Democracy triumphed by an over 4 whelming majority, electing Congressmen ? and innumerable candidates for the local 4 offices " " Wo are quite willing to take the result of last election aa a test of tbe power of tbe Prea*" in influencing public opinion. The heaviest vote? cast for Fremont were just in those die tricts where the largest number of Republican journals were circulated. New England, New York. Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and even Indi ana and Pennsylvania, furnish tbe best evi dence that could possibly be given of tbo effi cacy of the Pre?s in enlighteniog tho minds of the people "The blundering inference drawn by the Examiner and kindred prints, grows out of the mistake they fall into of supposing that the circulation and influence of New York journals are limited, like their own, by the boundaries of the towns in which they are published " The New York Times, from which we quote above, misstates, if it does not misapprehend the point made by the Richmond Examiner, which does not dispute the power of the press, but that of bold, reckless, wholesale and ma licious falsehoods Or, in other word?, tho power of the quintuple alliance of tho fivo New York city dailies that combined on Fre mont in the late election, thcugh upon nearly every other public qucsiicn they previously stood as wide asunder as the poles. Their canvas was ono continued series of misstate ments of the truth?an unbroken stream of lies* (speaking in old-feshioned English) that was swollen into a perfect torrent and cataract ot' falsehood ere the journals and orators identi fied with tbe eamo eau^e had done mouthing over tho various wonders they told, in vain to effect the result of the campaign. The 1'tmrt admits the entire want of influ ence ol the quintuple newspaper alliance in their own city, where they circulate an aggre gate of perhaps six hundred thousand bheets per week; anl as an offset claims the result of the eleotion in notoriously abolition quarters of tbe I'nion as having been brought about by them. This claim Is but a poor dodge, in deed. There, they were but the fly on tho whatd?but pacderers to tbe prevailing mad ness of the vicinage Wherever that madneji is tot constitutional with the people, which is the case in southern Illin-iis, Indiana ond i'ennsyivania, the influence of their false hoods s*? adrjitly told, proved as slight as in New York city. The truth i' they eirn ply pandered to tbe malice, passions and pre judices of the self-sufficient, over-righteous and erased portion of the I'nion, and now claim that they are the authors of all the mis chief of abolitionism that has been brewing twice as long as either of them have been in I existence' The RiciiUiviid miner is correct. In I rtgiou# ot" tho Lnion where the people are not I constitutionally self sufficient, over-righteous, I and monomaniacs ly whole communities, tho I avalanche ol falsehoods of this quintuple ul I liance of newspapers cf immense circulation I bad no mere effect on the popular mind, than I ahi.-tliiig | sjIu! tunes wi.uld biivo bad on I dead horses. Tha Kact?aa Delegate a Seat ?lho New J York Tribune appeals t> its party in the House of Representative* to reject General I Whitfieldonce more, on tho ground that, hav I ing onco decided that tho Legislature ot the I Territory under who^e authority the election I for a Delegate took place was invalid, tha re I turn of W at the ^ubseiiueiit election held uu I der tbe same Territorial authority is au insult I to it, the House ^uch is the drift of the Tribune's argument. I if, indeed, it has any point whatever. Tho I Hou<m?, however, will not gratify the Tribute's I conductors. The opponents of its views with I reference to Kansas affairs have, siuce Whit I field was unjustly deprived of his seat, gained I (by fi ling vacancies) ono member in Virginia, I three ia Uliuois, and one in Missouri Ue I ?iJo, or less ot the Northern Know-Noth ing member; who voted with the Republicans I to oust \V bitfield, will now surely vote lor bin f I there bein,; no question with reference to tbe I entire fairness with which tbe last election I wa' conducted ; and no ono of them being supporters of the right of tho abolitionist* of I the ierritory to get up a government or to I order elections to be held there in deSance ol I or revolution against the authority of tho I i nited States; in furtherance of which more I or leas of them refused to participate in the last I action of the Douse oa tbe subject We do not I beheve that abolk*onisiu in the House can pos I sibly bring upeven nine tenthsof itsown prop er force next month to vote Whitfield out of tbo I seat to which he has recently been ro elected. ; A Diicovery.?The New York Times hea I found out, through an occasional correspond ed from this city, that Governor Wise did not I visit "\\ heatiar.d recently on a raid after a place ia the in coming Cabinet?that having been the drift of most of the articles tbe Timet and other New York journals which assume I to be the, custodians of the President elect I have published on tho subject. [ V\ e congratulate the Time.? on its good far tune in at length finding out that Uov Wise really does not want a cabinet place, and that the distinguished Democrat* whom it, tbe I brut J et al , represented as paddling of late I between Wheatland and other points, hav< I B?-t one of them been near the President elect I i-ince tho 4th inst. This is a good beginning, I it will tutu learu something worth knowing ? I connection with the now Chief Magistrate. In the mt-antrhile, however, it will nevei do to forego ita daily lecture to that distin guished gentleman upon bis duty, if he woult make an administration to satisfy bis |*>litica enemies rather than hi* friends-that beinj the upshot, ot what the Ttmrtr and ita allie have of late oeen publishing ou the subject Ihe American Party in tho House ? Wi are anticipating that in ti*) course of the ses ?ion, nine-te ntba ef thoee members who honest ly supported Mr. Fillmore in the recent Preei dential election, will merge their political oi party individuality in tLfctof the Democratic party Upon tbe great queetion of the daj they proles* lo stand in line with the De iwucracy both North u&d South Orso nearlj ?o, as that they can tqjich uiyre c^nsietemlj act with the Democracy upon it, than with the Republican party. Besides, the hatred of the managing men of the Kepoblican party against Mr. Fillmore personally, is evidently shared by the Republican members generally, who also extend their left-handed affection to moat of Mr. Fillmore's Congressioaal sap porters. W hile the Democrats look on them simply a? gentlemen possessed with un unfor tunate and inadmissible political Kink, and pity them in all kindness, the Republicans hate them with intense bitterness, because most of them (the Republicans) being also in tense haters of the Catholics and the foreign born, conceire that the Fillmoreitts were ul true to the main point of their legitimate faith in rejecting abolitionism in the late election Memben in Washington.?We hear, to day, that the Hon Messrs. Mace, of Indiana, Trafton, of Mapsaohusetts, Dean, of Connecti cut, Purviance, of Pennsylvania, and Evans, of Texas, all of the House of Representatives, have arrived in Washington The lion Mr. Walker, of Alabama, who was here yesterday, has gone over to New Yoik fur a few days So also has the lion Mr. Clingman Tho lion. Messrs. Smith, of Alabama, and Lane, of Oregon, who remained here during the recess, are still in this city. The Current Operation* of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, 221 November, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... $4,905 (55 For the Treasury Department... 1,822 79 For the Interior Department 16,765 33 For Customs 13.42S 69 War warrants received and en tered 9 638 75 From miscelhneons sources 1.574 22 On aoeount of the Navy 41,268 92 Repayment on account of the Navy 41,1*68 92 POLITICAL GOSSIP Tho r.fficial majority for Buohananin Illi nois Is 9,161 The Jersey City Telegraph runs up the name of Stephen A Douglas for President in I86n. Where are the "eight or ten Siuthtrn States" that the Know Nothing papers set down as cerium for their candidate' '-Gentle shepherd, tell us where?" The official Vjte of 09orgia stands thus - Buchanan 56,417 Fillmore 42,352 Democratic rnaj irity 14,(J65 In North Carolina a Fremont electoral tick et was formed and brought to Washington t<> bo printed But an error appearing in it, it was sent bark for correction, and owing to the delay which followed, it was not prepared in time for publicltion. The Augu.-ta ConstitionaWst learns that tho official vote in all tta counties of Alabama for President was as follows : Buchanan 46,637 Fillmore 28,552 Buchanan's majority 18,035 The New York Tribune throws cold water ? pon the project of electing Colonel Fremont United States Senator from the State of New York- It says: '? No doubt Colonel Fremont would do credit to the Empire State; but, as he is not a eitizen of New York, the project is impractioable If he is elected to the Senate at all, it must be by California, in which State be belongs " Speaking of Sam's losses, or supposed losses, in the late contest, the Georgia Federal I nion says : " The enemy's loss amounts to nothing. They staked nothing, expected nothing, an l g< t nothing Nothing added to nothing is nothing Nothing taken from notfaing leaves nothing. Blessed are they that expect nothing, for they will not be disappointed. Sam a case stands abont thus : No North, no South, no Fast, no West; no honor, no office, no money, no sym patby, no nothing!" The Bangor Democrat puts it to the fusion ista in this way : *' The defeat of Fremont is most decisive ana overwhelming, lie is minus sixty-eight iu the electoral vote, and there is a majority < f at least out million against him in the pop uiar vote of the country, lie nas failed to re ceive a majority of the votes of the people iu the free States, where we tbiuk be is in a mi nority of one hundred thousand And yot tho abolition papers talk of Mr Buchanan's eUction * by a meagre sectional vote,' and of the Democratic victory having 'no mora! power ' The fact is, Fremont is nowhere, being in n minority I u the number of states, in the electoral college?, In the popular vote of ail the States, and In the popular vote of the free States " Important from Mexico.?Advices from Vera Cruz to the 11th iustant stato that sow) fighting bad t-xken place at Puebla between the revolutionists and the Government troops On tno night of the 28th ult , the Government troopa commenced hostilities by taking u;> the requisite positions to impede the flight of tho " pronunciados " On the following day operations were rc suined against the town with great vigor Tho rebels, who it is said are much disheartened, had abandoned a large portion of the city, and had concentrated on the most central points Complete disorder prevailed amongst them, and they had been even fighting among them selves. This is. of course, tho Government account of tffVirs It seems, however, that the rebellion was entirely unsuccessful The arrangements for lighting the city of Mexico with gas wero proceeding with great energy. Three hundred laborers are engaged in the construction of the works Col Fsquorro, an employee of the military command of tho City of Mexico, was assassi nated thero on the 31st ult. Tho National Guard, recently formed at Mexico, already nurabors 1,250 members.? They are commanded by Col. Comonfort. Senor Almonte, Minister to England, left Vera Crux on the 5th inrtant, on board of the British steamer Solent. A few days sincc, some workmen, in digging on the bank of the Kcnguikea? itream, about two miles from Bangor, Mo , turned out a deposit of eilvcr coin, amounting to about forty dollars in valuo. These coins are of the size of a ninepence and a common cent. On on one side is a head, and on tho other an In dian with bow and arrows and one star. The letters on one side appear to make tho word " Victoria," with turee letters additional. The lettering on tho other side we could not decipher. The money is quite thiok and very imperfectly trimmed, having no finish on the edge The bead and the Indian are well done, llow this money oame in its deposit is of course a mystery, but it is undoubtedly old Spauish, Peruvian, or Mexican coin. A Great Hon is y Crop?Mr. M Quimby, ol Montgomery county, New York, has sold this year upwards of 20,000 pounds of honey, principally produced by himself Himself and son make the production of honey a bus ine??, and undoubtedly n very profitable onr. The honey is deposited by tho bees in small, cheap boxes, with glass tiucs and ends, and sold in the same, by weight, including the weight of boxes The Firs at St. Louia ?The property de stroyed by fire on Wednesday night, in St. Louis, was situated between Market and Wal nut, Levee and Alley, the whole of whioh wai entirely destroyed There were some forty firms who did business in that locality, the aggregate of whose losses is heavy The total lo-s is estimated as high as $750,000 Progress or Civilization ?A London pa per gives a very gratifying account of tho pro gress Christianity has made in New Zealand A chief of that cannibal country was queation 5 ed by one of the missionaries as to how far the r study of the Scriptures has broken him i.f his unnatural patsion for human flesh. Thechiet r answered p?oudly?" You missionary men have doDu me much good, / never eat my enewrs ' on Sundayj note " 1 i Anotmbb Blow at the Hoors ?A few days since, as a Koxbury friend, at the close of bis labors .of the day. was enjoying a comfortable ride home from his office in the city, in an om nibus partly filled with ladies, a gentleman upon the sidewalk signalled the driver to stop and throwing open the door, sprang into the vehiola. Ilia first .step towards a seat, anfor tunately, influenced souiewhat by the andden motion of the coach, brought his right foot in contact with a lady's dress; and as, with a hasty expression, he strove to extricate it from the embraces of the hoop, he was suddenly plunged forward and in a twinkling found his left foot in the same uuf<*rtunate connection with a hoop on the other side. This was more than our hero bad bargained for. For a mo ment be seemed fairly nonplussed : " <iood heavens, madam!" said be, and then ner vously pulling the strap, be cried : 44 stop, driver! stop'stop' stop! I thought I was getting into an omnibus; but I find it's a rooperys shop f"?Portfolio. |y An indefinite number of insane bets on the election havo come to light since Msior Pooro performed his wonderful feat A Maine Fremonter this week walks with an eight-inch corn-cob in his mouth from Shad Lake to bath. Another Fremonter in Saratoga stands all day with a horse collar round his neck Both theso bets were lost in consequence of the failure of the Quaker* to vote in Pennsyl vania Adam Shutts, of East Albany, a week before the election, agreed not to shave till JobnC Fremont is elected President Should Adam live up to his bet, he will be " a sight t<> behold'' in a year or two. py On a recent trial for murder in Watson county, Missouri, a lad, who was instigated to firo the gun which caused the death of the victim by his father, was acquitted, and the father and an adult accomplice convicted of murder in the second degree, and sentenced to ten years' imprisonment in the penitentiary. The rational? of this verdict is, that these parties, being of mature year?, induced the boy to commit the murder, but that a greater punishment than that of murder in the second degree could not go against them. Asvlitk for Inkrriatks ?A movement is being generally made throughout the State to secure by petition to the next General Court, an appropriation which shall insure the suc ee sl'ul establishment of 'an asylum for ine briates, wherein they may receive euch treat ment as shall restore them to soundness of

health and sanity of mind, and also to afford such facilities as shall render tbo asylum a ?elf-iunporting institution for the now misers bid victims of intemperance "?Host. Times. The Philadelphia Ledger thinks it is a safe prediction that tbe result of the next Presidential election will be known in all the principal citties of Europe, and poisibly in India, on the morning of the next day after it has transpired. CotTNTERPEITHnS AND Impustkhs ? The public arc cautioned against purchasing arti cles pretendingto hoof thenatureol the bal?i of Thousand Flowers for cleansing the teetb, perfuming the breath, and beautifying the complexion. Tho popularity of that article has brought forward a host of counterfeiters. None is genuine unless signed by Fetridgc St, Co , and for sale in this city at Shillington't bookselling nn l stationery establishment, cor ner of Four aaJ-a-half street and I^ncsylva nia avenue. To m:ikeyour hands eoft and free from chops, face pretty, teeth pearly, breath sweet, and skin fragrant to shave with case, bathe with comfirt, to wash your children, use Fontaine's Cieam of Wild Flowers as a substi tute for soap and improvement upon tho Balm of Thousand Flowers. Sold by the agents, and druggists, and fancy stores generally. ,A MEETING OP TIK MEMBERS of tbe New York Democratic Associa. ?Ion wilt be held at 7 o'clock THIS EVEN INS, at their rc-om?, No 47# 7tb a reet, to made ar raujtement* fur the Democratic celebration on Thursday next. OMAS. o. JOLINK, It* Rt cording Se.-t ?^SAINT ANDRE W S SOCIETY. WASHINGTON. D C ?The annual mpetlng of the above hoctety, for the election 01 officers. 9i c . wiil b? held at Temperance Hall on THUttSDAY EV ENLNG, the 27th lust., at 7*; o'clock. Tickets for th?' Anniversary, which will l>eheli1 aM'nnisl's Saloon, on Monday evening, Decenn. her 1st miv be had at tbe meeting By order : nov?4-4t* JAMES MACW1LL1AMS, Sec. f^S^al VKNTH WARD, ATTENTION ?vTSL Tne members of the feventb Ward Democratic Association are respectfully requested to meet at Potomac Hall, Istard, on TUESDAY hV EN1NG, the 25th lust , at 7 o'clock p lu , a* business nprer'afnln^ to the U rand Demoustration will be laid txfore 'he meeting. Bv order of S T TAYLOR. President nov24-'it* JOH:, F C. OFFJUTT, Sect. f^OON'T FOKUI. I'' ?THAT THE A ua< o*tla Club give oncof their A No 1 Cotillon Parties, at Odd Fellow*' Hall, Navy t*rd,oi) THURSDAY EV EN ING, November 27th, I'latiered by their former success tbe committee have made extraordinary efforts to ren def tLls tbe most agieeable party ever given by them Tickets! 1FTV CENTS; admlttlrc age .tie man and ladles, to bs Lad of the membeis'and ai the (lajr. Executive Committee James Kenton, John T Free. A N Thompson, Sam'l Howel, Tbomv Berry. nov 24-4t* A TTE N TI ON. O F F1CERS AND MEM. , BKKS OF THE IJNiON GUARDS ? \ ot lare hereby notltted to atterd a drill meeting Icf the Company on Tl' ESDA Y E V EN IN G \oveiut?er 25th, *'.7% o'clock It Is earnestly requested tL-tt every member cf the company will be present at me ting. By or?ltr of Capt Rskss nov 24 2t JAMES LACKEY, O S. iJACKSON DEMOCRATIC ASSOCI ATION - The above Association will meet on MONDAY NlGlir,at7)i o'clock, ml Us Headquarters. L*-t every Democrat be there DAN 1 El. RATCLII'Fh, President. MICH W CLUSKEY, Sec'y^ nov22-2t .OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF PO LICE, Washington. Nov 21, Ib5$ ? Tbe undersigned has been directed by the Mayoi to give notice to all concerned that, after tils date, no will be permitted In any if the streets or avenues of theclty, and that the law will be enforced against all persons violating It In thl? rnp? ct ns well as against all persons wno maybe found firing Cannons, Guns, or Pistols, contiary thereto, for the purpose of salute, or for any othei object. JAMES W. BAGGOTT, nov tW-3t Chief of Police. TAXES ?NOTICE TO It EL IN 'jUhfiT TAX PAYERS. Collkctor's Offick, November 21, 195<?. All Persons who have failed to pay their Taxe? due the Corporation of Washington wtll pleas* take notice that the advertisement for the sale ol property liable for the same will be made abou the 1st of January, 1S57. It Is hoped that an early attention will be paid tc this subject by all concerned, as a neglect to do s< will add heavy expenses to the amount ef tbt taxes now due. JOHN M. McCALLA, nov 22 dt31Dec Collector ,OFFICERS AND MEMBERS O* THE WASHINGTON HIGHLAN DERS ?You are hereby noticed to meet at von Armory, on THURSDAY EVENING, at 7X o'clock, In full uniform. Attendance and strlr attention to the hour < f meeting is requested. B' order of Capt. Watt. RAYNOLD8, Secretary. THE WASHINGTON HIGHLANDER? take pleasure In announcing to their friends, clvl and military, tbat their Third Annual Ball wll take place on WEDNESDAY EVENING, th 3d of December, lt55. For particulars see futur advertisement. nov82-3t* ,N O T 1 C E -THE MEMBERS OI the WESTERN HOSE ACTIVE AS SOC1ATION announce that their Seventh Gram Cotillon Party take* j lace on THURSDAY, tbi 27th lastart, at the Pioneer Hall, corner of K ant 24th streets Scott's Baud Las been engaged. Tickets FIFTY CENTS?admitting a gentle man and Ladles. Committee of Arr<mgem$nts ?W. J Water* W.J. Feuny, and F.N. Hollzman. nov ?3-eo3 . F US T f VA L ?THE LADIES1) F _ the Mite Society attached to Weslej Chapel will hold a Festival at Odd Fellows Hall, 7th street, commencing on MONDAY, No vember 17tb, lbfifl, the funds to be applied to tb< payment of the debt for the rebuilding of the Church There will be sn abundance of Refresh ments of all kinds, and numerous useful and Fancy Articles f?r sale at reasonable pilcm. Their friends are cordially Invited to visit th*K d id,iff the continuance of tbe festival i.C7 17-3w CHII UHEI'S RECEIVED kTHESECOND ANNUAL BALL of the UNION H U A R l> I will take place on the 8tta of January. Particulars Id a future advertisement, nov 11 tfiwtjaat .DEMOCRATIC UEADC<1 ARTKRS, - - KORRESTB ALL,6EORGETOV% N, II c ?Tbe Democracy of Georgetown and tbe Mjrrouadlne eonnt!es are esraes'J y requested u> as semble at Headquarters on TBU ?I'D AY morn ING atew o'clock, with banner* and transpa rent! e* to loin In the grand celebration of the late victory of the Constitution and l.*ws over treason faction, dark Laaternitm and Abolition ism. Ct me one and come all jf?"* from tbe l ast, and come from the W eat,&!? nov2l-:it fc KKQUHb, {Secretary DEMOCRATIC HEADQUARTERS, 00^ ^FORREST HALL-The pemocrncy of Georgetown are requested1 " quarters, For. est Hall, on MONDAY EV EN I NO, November 24tb, ate* o'clock, for the purpose of making anaagements for attending the celebra tlon of the late victory ? .. . ROBT OL LD, Prealdent. E KROUSE, Secretary _ nov*'-* fc^-^THK MKMBKKS OF THE STAR ?v^5T^CHJB take great pleasure la announc ing to the citizens of Washington, that they will five their Flr?t Grand Cotillon Party on MON > A Y, November 24tb, at Thotn'a building, on Seventh street, next to Odd Fellows' Hall. N . B ?A Prlxe Ring will be presented to the President of the Club whic h sells the most tick I eti By order of nov lb TWSAM* THE COMMITTEE ^NOTICE ?THE SU BSCR IBER begs _ ____ leave to call the attention of tbe nubile to his stock of GLAS:> aud QUEENS WARE before purchasing elsewhere, a? by so doing they will wave from 1? to 25 per cent Toilet and Dinner >et? lower than the lowest at J09 Pa. avenue, between tftb and 10th streets irD-6m JOHN McDEVITT. JL ? PIUND.?TWO GOLD PKNCI I.* ?TH E owner can obt\ln tbem by piving for this ad vertisement Arply *t theStar UtBce Cou^trr It DOO LOST. ?A WHITE SET TER PUPPY wl h liver colornl ears and liver f | colored spot on the left shoulder. chain collar, marked J. H. Klrkwoo'.i.^, esirayed from the Klrkwood House on tbe tftd Instant. A llbe?ai reward will ba paid for his delivery at tie Klrkwood Honse1 nov 21-3t QC REWARD ?LOST ON HIGH Street, lieorpetown. on Saturday night la?t, a CARPET BAG, containing Clothing and other arllrle* The Under win receive the above re ward by leaving It at THEODORE BOUCH kVS Grocery, near the Marsh Market, George 1 u# BREWER FOLL1N TEN UOLLAKB RKWtKII 1WILL GIVE THE ABOVE REWARD for any Information that will lead to tbe re^vsry of my HORSE and BUGGV _ that waa stolen on Friday aifbt last The Horse la a flea bitten gray; racks In and out of barneas, be alao baa a small cut above his right nostril The Buggy la nesrlv new, with top; and haa loat the hub band from the right hind wheel. It* H C HARROVER MEATS, Ac. The undersigned has opened a house for the sale cf MEATS and VFGETA BLES, on 4 * s rett south, betwten Virginia ave nue and E Mreet. nov %4-lw* JAS E JOHNSON. SATIN HONEY COMB BONNETS. THIS MORNING. A MOST beautiful assortment for children, ail colors and sizes GEO H CASS?DYACO, nov 24-lw 314 Pennsylvania avenue FOR THE DEMOCRATIC Ji BILKE. Flags, banners, transparencies, MOTTOS, Ac , prlotel any slz?, at short no tice Also, every description of plain and orna mental work executed In th; beat style, a* d at reasonable rates, at the Book and Job Printing Establishment of F. H. SAGE, It* Columbia Place, cor 7ih st and l.a av CALL AND SEE. Magnificent velvet, guipure trimmed CLOAKS, Latest style* of CLOTH CLOAK?, Rich PLUSB CLOAKS, Cheinlll's trimmed CLOAKS, etc , etc. Just opened at the Washington Cltv Cloak Emporium, 244 Pennsylvana avenue, between I 12ih and 11th atreets nov ?4-eo2w HARPERS* MAGAZINE, far December. The Great Elm, by Jacob Abbott Major Jonet.' Courtship and 'travels; 1 vol ; 11 lustrat< d Humors of Falconbrldge; 1 vol ; Illustrated by Jonathan T. Kelly nov24 tr FRANCE TAVI OR. THIRD ORAND OPENING OF NEW CLOAKS, TALMAS AND SHAWLS. JUST RECEIVED FROM NEW YORK, purchased by the subscriber last week from the handsome t and beet stocks In the above named city, the roost beautiful assortment ever ofiered for a*le in this city FRANK A McGEE, v4? Pa avenue, between 12th and 11th ats. nov 24 et.2w _ MADAME OE VOS, MI1.UNKR FROM PARIS, and ,14?I Broadway, .New York, wlll^ rn-ike usual visit to Washington -si with a beautiful assortment of BONNET:*, CLOAKS, and HKADDRESSKS. in tbe begin Iny of December? ext. at THE LAKES, mv2l-lw 104 Pt-uaa hv? , up sUlra. (.'LOCKS !?CLOCKS!?CLOCKS. O- I.Y THINK OF IT,?GOOD CLOCKS froi? S' 50 up to S3U,? nil warranted to go right;-over 05 dHereiit stvies of Clocks to, se'ertfrum. Alio. Clock Cords Wrights, K> v?, Balls, oils, ard everything in the material line. <'all and see for vouraelvts, at J ROBINSON'S. 919 Pennsylvania avenue op posite Browns' Hotel. nov24-2n?_ BOYS' CLOTHING. IMMENSESIOCK BO\S' OV E tiCO ATS, BOYS' FROCK COATS, BOYS' JACKETS, BOYS' PANTALOONS, BOYS' tESTS, BUYS' SHIRTS, fe lL7~ Boys' Clothlay mad'1 to order W ALL A STEPHENS, 322 Pa avenue, between v.b and lutb sis , nov 21 Jt uext to Iron Ha I. ANOTMEK <4 HA * D OPENING ??F LA UlEVAAUI HILUHkN'S BONNETS. Received this morning from new York, our third supply of WINTER BON NETS, for ladles' and children, consisting of? 2 canes Bl ACK VELVET BONNETS lrase WHITE VELVET BONNETS, a most beautiful article 2 ci^es asaorted SATIN,SI 1.1% end MO^S VEL VET BONNET.", of a l c tlors and of most elegant style and Uul*b. making the largest as?ortmeut to Le found In the city I adles nleas^ call aud et.ituliie GEO. H CASSIDY A CO , (Successors to A Tatk.) no 21-1 w 314 Pa. av , bet 10th and llth sts. t:||AI'NCF.Y WARRINER, WATCH MAKER, NO. 34 4X STREET.SIGN OF THE LARGE an ? Small Watch with Chain, near Shllilo> - ton's P-rlr.dical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 4)< street WATCHES. JEWELRY,SILVER ir.4R?:. WATCH REPAIRING, Ac Chronometers, Repeating WaUhe/t Duplex, Mantle Clocks, I^ver, Jewelry, and HoMiontal, Silverware. Musical, and REPAIR EU. JEWELRY AND SILVLR WARE made to order. liy Removed from 370 Penn'aavenue. Brawns HoteL to tbeabove location nov 24-e. 3m L. WARRINER. THIRD OFENINO~OE tLOAkl AND TALNAB, AT FRANK A McGEE'S , CLOAK AND SMAWL EMPORIUM, [ 244 Penn'a avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. T1HE MOST PERFECT STOCK OF CLOAKS AN D TA I.MAS yet offered by tie subscriber will be open?d on Tuesday morning. November 26th Such an assortment cannot be f..und this side c.f New York city; and tuck an I one as has never been cliered for sale before in this District The *ubacil?:er bas Ju?t <etnrned again from New York, and he Is satisfted be can please ail who mav be in want of a handsome wrapping for the Wiuter. Call and see for yourselves at his Emporium of Cloaks and Shawls, 244 Pa avenue, between 12 b | and 13tb streets. novjM-eo2w FRANK A McGEE. MOKE NEW GOODS I WE ARE NOW RECEIVING A LARGE assortment of? Rich fancy Dress Silks Maid and plain French Merinos Rich figured and strlp? black SUka 10 pieces mote of those superior plain black Bilks 10 do superior black and colored Bilk Cloak Ve'veti 10plecta in? array Ibrownand black Cloak Cl< tbs. With a general stock of Staple Goods of the best c'aaa for family oonsumptIon, wbleb will be sold at tbe lowest prices; aud wbicb w? Uvlte purchasers to call early and examine COLLEY A SEARS, no 94-eo2w 5S3 Tib st., 3 doors north Pa av. $1! Amusements 1 NATIONAL THEATRE OB MONDAY ac.d TUESDAY EVENINGS, the ftorgwoi spec tacular 4rants, THE NAIAD QUEEf, prodjced at an ?r?w? of 91 > 0, wl h Ho. nm Apfslntmenta, and Coouom magnlloevly grand The fortfry. General D?al~os 4c , bf the arcompllshed artist Mr Cituitff Uit? Tkf Marches Tableaux, Ac , under ibe per so* a I supervision of Stage Manager Piiu rt The entire pie** altered, adapted and prrdn'?d by 1 be favorite and well kboirn rooMdlan, Mr. Jot Jirritioii. Tbe piece will draw into requisition tbe entire resources of tbe immense Theatre, with tbe aid of ovs* 1U0 persons. Including SI XTEEN LOVELY UIKLS, clad la magnllceat armor, who wtU ap pear aa Peaaale Warriors Seats can be secured for each night bf 1mm# t late application it MRIIBI OANIiMTBT |>ROF. H W. Ml'NDKK TAKES GKEAT I In announcing to his Mends, jatroas, and public generally, that tb< above atrial and delightful er.tertain menu will commence at Mundet's Me polltan H all, corner 1? h and 1) ?'reet? WEDNESDAY EVENING, Novein 4dtk, at 8 o'clo.k, and continue every Wednesday throughout tbe aea?on Gentlemen wishing to aubacrlbe for tbe aeaaon can do so upon \rr\ favorable tarmx. by applying at tbe Hall on Tue?. day and Thursday ev.nlng from 0 till It o'clock hot il-tf rAIUIONAULi: UAHCINU HW Ml'NDKK, PROFESSOR OF IIA.XO ? 1 ng at Georgetown College and Coo vent, ana principal teacher of v\ aching ton, D r , and Baltimore, Md , has the honor to announce to the cltlieaa and publls generally, that LI* school la open' every TUESDAY and TBI'R?D A Y AFTERNOON for Young Ladle*. Misses, ar.d Masters, from 3 until 0 o'c ock. and on the saine evenings at 6 for gentlemen Owing to the unusual large number of pipil? In his classes thlf season, and the errat wrrM of hl? claaa In the tlrst aoclety of Balt'm re, com pel la him to limit the number of pupils takes for the ttalance of tbe season The public are well aware that Prof M spares neither time nor patience to render the moat un skilful pupil perfect. Ha Invites ladles and gentlemen generally of reapertabllity and standing, to visit bis c ars and wltneaa the Improvement of hla pupils la tbe few pleasant lessons that has past. It Is desirable that all who wish to participate In his May Exhibition should enter eany this year* as the dances in pre B ration are moie complicated than any betrto reintroduced. novilif IECUND OK ARM BALL boone'club, AT WAMHINOTON ASSEMBLY HOOMS. OB TUESDAY EVENING, Rot. Mt*. The members of the boone cm ? take great pleasure In announcing t> their friends and the public generally that their Second Grand Ball will be given at the ASbKM ? BLY ROOMS, on TUESDAY EVENING, November ?3, Ibtt The members of the Club pledge themse.ves that neither pains or expense will be spared to make thla one of tbe beet Halls of the season I Scott's Band haa been engaged for tbe occasion The Refreshment department has been placed in tbe hands of superior caterer Ticket* ONE DOLLAR; admitting a geutle man and ladle* Positively no hat* or cap* allowed In tbe Rail Room, except those worn by members 0 the re spective Club*. Commit''? of Arramgfmtnit. 9. Good, R LMastlu, J.Scott, A Bridget nov 18-dtb GRANl? BALL THE MARION RIFLES TAKE MUCH pleasure In announcing to their friends, b'>th military and civic, that their Second Annual Ha I win take place at Timpxba*cb Hall on MON. DAY, the24th Instant. Such arrangements have been mad* that will guarantee to a 1 who may honor them with their presente a happy, pleasant and agreeable tl e The committee having been disappointed la reoelvlng their Indies' Invitation cards, atd It b*lng too late to procure other* suitable for the orcaalon, they will therefore be dispensed with. The committee, in the absence of special Invita tion*, will however extend a cordial welcome to all their lady ftlenda Supper will be furnished by an e.perlenced person. The Ball will be opened at * o'clock with a Grand Promenade, tb?* full bind of Prof Espur* performing at the time the Marlon's Grand March composed expreeslv for this occasion Committee of Arramgtmfntt Cap? F M Shekell, Serg't U in H H Tow.ra, Lieut C P W roe, b'erg't Jas Sh**, Private M Murphy, Serg't Jas L Foxwell, Private Tbos Baker. Private Geo Beal, Privates B Spencer, Private Jaa Handlcy nov 17 Wants. WANTED -a SMALL BOY. BE 1 v\ EEN the agea of 12 and 14 years, to wait on a gentleman Inquire at the Washington House novi4-3t WANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO Cbamberwork and Sew. Appiv at "fltr 1 street, corner of 15th street It* WANTED ?A W OMAN TO COOK. V\ ash, an<1 Iron. Apply at the corner of C street and North Capitol atrevt, near the depot nov 94 -*tO WANTED ? A COMPETENT WOMAN to Cook and Wash for a family of ihree per sons, where there are no chl.dren One with quallCcatlous aud character will secure a good p ace and good wages Also a smart aud Intelli gent Soy of 15 or SB yeu* of age Apply at ttls office. nov *4 ti WAN I' E D?A SERVANT TO COOK, Wash, Iron, aud perform the genera 1 tloase wcik for a family of two persona A suitable w .nian may obtain H>?erai wwe? and a f-errna nen home Apply at No 33? tlh SU.M betweeu K atid L streets dotM X* *17 ANTED -A GOOD COOK, W ASMER 1" and lron?r. Also, a Girl a* a Hoav Ser* vant Apply at No. 4*J8 M street, corier of lltt r.ov 2l-3t WANTED?AN ACTIVE PARTNER, with a capital of Slow, In the Green Tree House, Penn avenue, between "id and ui streets. For one that is acquainted with the Ho tel and Oyster business. It will be a rare chan< e nov M Iwo 'I1WO GKNTLLMEN <*AN BE A<?CO ttMO a dated with Table Board In a genteel family, near the Treasury Department. Inquire at this office. But 14. WANTED ?A Cook and Cbamleriralrt Also, a Boy, 16 to 18 years of a^e, as Walt?*r, (Colored.) .None need appiv l.ut ibose capable 1.literal wages will be glv?.n. Inquire as above, nov 17 Iwo WANTED TO 1HKK ? A COLORED GIKI for Nur*e Mave preferred. Call on J ROBINSON,34Penn. avtnue,opposite Brown* lloteL_ nov l*-tf WANTED?A COACHMAN WHO LN (lersiaads his business thoroughly, ar.d can furnish the be-t recommendations A colored man preferred, who can read writing Apply *t his office. nov lb-tf WAN TED - W ANTED?W ANTEP-T" Ind per sols in wast of the following " tides: Freach or 8?iraai Looking Slasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval 0: aqaare Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Bracken Tables, in bronxe or gold All kinds of Pictures framed, and any slia Looking Glasses, or other work la the glldinf line done to order wltk dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts suitable for shelving, Ac.,on hand. Tenns moderate to sul the times, for cash N.B.?Old Work Rogllt,atd Loofclag *??*?? Plate* Inserted. *55 Penna avenue, opposite Rlrkwood Hrn:se tMll JOHN WARNER fMIYR, WHOLIIALR AND RETAIL, X by Krlsa Krlngle'a agent, LAMMOND, nov 82-3t Seventh street yi lSIURS, POCKET t L YLEK Y, t smade, O Hair at d Tooth Brushes, Ladles' Ketlcules, China (in amenta, Ac., at low prices at ?v?*-?t UMMOWDH. fVKW YORE LEDGER FOR li^TH Nov., 1" containing "Or on tbe Gold Beater;" the roost thrilling story yet publlsl*u Get the Led ger at FERGUSON'S, nov IN .t* rth street OHIRTS MADE TO ORDER ?STEVENS, B?owns' Hotel, is prepare! to make Shirts to measure in any and every style, and guaranty them In all eases to Rt. Gentlemen who me troubled with bad-Rttlng Shirts can be suited at STEVENS'S Sales Room, nov Brown s Hot 1 pUDFIIH AND h EH RING.? 18U<4- la uls Bay CodAsh 50 barrels hcotch Herring Now landlrg per schooner from NewLurvpfit, a^d for sals by RARTLKN a bR?. , novtii-lw lltl Water r?t b.oc^etown.