Newspaper of Evening Star, November 24, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 24, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. BRILLIANTS. THE POWER OF MUSIC. Warrlors the flm wltb animated sounds, Pours balm Into the bleeding lover's wound ; Me'ancholy lifts her bead, Morpheas rots?? from bis bed, Sloth unfolds her arms and wakes, Listening envy drops her snakes; Intestine war no more our passlous wage, And giddy factions bear away their rage. ' [P?f. MUSIC. There's mualc In the foreat leaves, When summer winds are there, And la the langh of forest girls That braid their sunny hair; The flrst wild bird that drinks the dew From violets of the spring, lias music In his song, anil In The fluttering of his wing. [Ha.leek. beautiful FIGURE. in tbe noon brightness, the great minster tower, Jewel'ed with sunbeams on lis mural crown, Rose like a visible prayer. [watflisr. A Cheap lea Hols*.?Any persen in the country, where timber is cheap, can oreot an ica-hoase *t but little expense All that is required is to pat up a strong frame for the ?iieof the house require'!, and board it up close, inside and outside, with a space between, ail around Thissptceis Ftnffed closie with straw or dry s^w dust The roof is made in tbe same manner, and tbe house is then oomplete Straw and saw-dust are cheap, and good non-eouductoro The house should be situated on a dry spot, and should have a drain under tbe door. It should also be con venient to be filled easily. The walla of stone and briok ioe-houses should be double, as well as those of wood, Great care should be exer cised in packing ice,?all the blocks should be clear and solid, and about the same thickness, bo that they may be packed close together, and frosen into a solid mass. In favorable situations, good ice houses may be excavated, like oaves, in the face of a hill.?Scientific Amsriean. ARRIVALS ATTHE PRINCIPAL HOTELS Willwrda' Hotel?J. C A h. a. WII.UID. T B Burgess, Va F T Lockwo)d ft ly. O ti D UoiTan ft ly, IN Y T VI Markley A ly, fa J J Sables ft lv, da J Brown, NY MLss Saples, do J R Chapm in ft ly, do J alnutt, Mass W u Potter ft ly, W Hynes, Pa Gov Davis, NY J Travars, Md ? W lngraham.SC W F Crowley, La \V Stlmpson, DC G J Nails, do C Lamed, d<? J Howard ft ly, Va W U Steele ft ly, N Y J Lleven, NJ Miss L Steele, do H P Rosa, NY J D Drvsdale, NJ J C Muller, O I)r TUdea, Va J J Haslltt, Ten W H Sche 1, t> C Bunting ft ly, N V Miss A Scltrll, J > J L Newbold, do Miss Maishall, Ten J S Thrasher, H P Rodmn, Va Gen Herran, J J Breut. Fla W Graham, Pa VV M Gulon, NY R Washington, WT J Calteld do R ETyler, Va EG Sanford. Ml National Hotel.?w*. onv. T Mcras, Pa Dr Brooke, Md W Everly, Tenn P H Brooke, do Com Moore, Texas A Perkins, NY J Moore, do VV Turner, Pa N Cowan ft slater, NY J ShertVr, do T P Kington, Pa VV Moore, do J Dlggs ft ly, Md T Mowbrav ft ly, M Miller, Va F Vansant, Pa M Mr Cue, do J Ballev, NY tl H Stub*, do Mr Harris ft ly, do W A Greene, Mo T Thomas. NC W Robertson, Ky R H Stuart, 1. Posey, Md C Mullikin, Va J Wells, do W EllUon, Pa J Souder, DC A Gage, NO H Parhburst. Va A Massey, Va C Haywood, do C Edmonson, Md R aim ngton, Pa 1 McKlm, do J jlmlngtou, do C R Holin-i, S'J Rrtwai* Hotel.?T. p. & tt. brow*. Dr Dungan, USN B J Allison ft ly, C M Van Ness, NY T Moore, NY J T Oabourn, Md C Dlggs, Md 'A B Beall, Md R H Dnvall, do J Throckmorton, do Dr Mullikin, do IN J Beall, do T E McNeill SC P Tod, O Mrs McNeill, do W Banks ft ly, Md N B Powers, N Y T H Bowman ft ly. do Miss St John, do J Harr's ft son NY M Walker, Tea 0 F Colton, NJ H Winchester, JNlss Colton. do R VV Thompsoa, Ind Miss Ctrl,do VV CD Page. NY C Gratt ft ly, IN J ? A Rowling, .Md G W Koblnson ft lady, Mrs Smith, d j Mass Mirk wood Home.?J. & a. b. kirkwo)' . H M Marcus, NY J Mil's. NY E Tkomklns, do W Milks,do 'f Barlow, do E Addison, V i L Denton ft ly, do 15 l.arnei, DO O James, Mass J Hartwell, NY J Kellogg, O G Stephens, Md M Kuex, Texas M vv hdrton, O T E Thomas, Ala T Murson ft lv, Ls E B Jarrett, Md G Hopkins. Va J Bollaa. do J Walter, do H Gallaber, Va Mr Pendleton, Md T Steers, Pa W France, do R Kenaev, Va T M Tigs, NY B Mchlroy, do J H lias , do ? Andrews, Ct Mrs Grey, Va MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Nnme fir Day. Belglque ....New York....Antwerp Nov 'H Euro pa New \ rk....Llverpool....Nov. *6 Washington.New York....Hr<>?eo Nov. W -New York ..New Vork....G a-g.>w ....Nov, Niagara Kotton Mverpoo! Dec. :i O. W'sstj'n . Pbi'aietpbU..Liverpool De;. 4 riuaistori Niagara Liverpool Bos'on Nov b Glaattow.... Glasgow New York....Nov 1 i Erlosson Liverpool New York Nov |*J rtrsU Liverpool....New York....Nov. 15 Ara?o Havre New York....Nov, 19 TbeCallfornlast^amers leave New York oatbe 5th and 'ibth of each maatb. MKt. STEPHENS' NEW MONTHLY Mags* ioe for December; also. Harper, Oodey, Graham. Peteraon. and Ballon, for sale at ? F ERGUBON 'S, 7th street. DELTA SALOON, O street, between 9t*and 9th streets. This elegant saloon was opened on Saturday evening, November 8th. . . aad the proprietor, tn soliciting patronage, fft? begs leave to a>sure the public that he has JcUL spared no pains or expanse In making this the LATINO and DRINKING SA LOON in Washington city, it* central and prlr ?ate locality, and the admirable adaptation of the bouse to the ?>"*??>??, aided by the but of co.?ks and servants, and his unremitting endeavors to obtain the floes: OYSTERS and othe- deilncles walch the market affords, will he hopes, merit and rocelye tbe patronof b!s friends and the ootuaiunltv generally *?? " ASA R1CKF.TTS. ^505B,!LA^"--|tANAWAY fhom V^ytha subscriber residing near PUcat- AM awav, Prince George a county, Maryland. oa Monday aiornlng, the I7;h instant, a very M* Ww : call,n>? himsel/n EN - <9 *Y THOMAS, about 35 years of age. The said I5?lt(Tl llJ he,Kht' a little la whisker* on h!? chl^. He U ?P,r:,*,r?"h" jtt" ?.!"k e uk"1" JKKKVIUH TOWN8HKNU. TP Hi-; ? union" uotkl"*in ckombf ?.wSK,,D-? ML noy 14 'm JACOB FPUKK. FI K?, rtKS-AT SEYMOUR'S. Decidedly the largest coli kr tlon of ladles' elegant PURS that basevei aworebtea brought to this mirket Is now readi for sile at tbe Georgetown Manufactory kTVcm ma,kJk^ *?ne,KSTe, FRENCH Do ??2i . . 8IBKBIAN StfUIK'L, rn!T. 7 *rt?cle that Is fishlonable In tht lin n mod"a-e In price Ladl" will ple?e caU early and get bargains at W P HBY-"0t"l?, wearlnw item la tbU TheT? I, one Dentist le thlselt^^Z^l lafrlaglag tbe patent, and made? JaSTltSiT" ^ 1 ^-uSJKJSKT IN. B W henever a Dentist arv?>k. Allan's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth constructed, It I. beoauae hVl* ed toe proaass, incom^Kent to make the wo,w ? ? ^"1 at t? P?y for tbe paten t jew tf Information for TUESDAyVaN** Kh3?v5--FAEK, MimerTHOMAS COLLYEK lerre. Wnsklng ton at 9 uil Alewulrla it 9% o clock. cJiclii ???w thr Capitol for the boat aid* o'clock Coach fare 10 cents. ns wishing the conches will leave their residence with Geeriie A Thoroaa Parker. H a/re*Lin?ntt on the boat. ?p9-tf SAW'L GEONEY, Captain. UBAHOK * ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD iiimss great Soathern Mall Lin# I **? TWICE DA ILY ft {S9NVAY NWHTS EXCEPTED) biiweca Wasiainsloa City an?! the Sooth! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, CORDONSViLLE, aiCUMONO, DAN VILLE GREENSBOROUGH, N. C. AH D DAILY TO TUI VIRGINIA 8 P K 1 N G 8. Leave Washington at..... 0 o'oock, A M. Leave Washington at............7 44 P.M. Leave Alexandria at... 7 44 A.M. Leave Alexandria at 8 " P M. Travelleri will lind the Morning Line In con nectlon with the Virginia Central Railroad, the Cheapest, most Pleasant and Kxr*H!itlou9 It note to 111E VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Grecnhiler White *ulpbur and Fauquier White Sulphur, Warm, Hut. Alum and Capon Spring*, Weir's Cave, Natural Bridge, Lexington, Ac OMN1BUSKA and BAGGAGE WAGONS *111 beat tne Wa^hlnnton Railroad L?er.??t tooon ?rv PASSENGERS and HAG GAWK, t\*i e/ Ck*rr?, to STEALER GEORGE - PAGE, for A LEX A N URI A, a dIs-^??^3Hfc&i aaee or six rallea. allowing ample time for Meas. Pare from Waoblagtca to Richmond |5 50 Fa/e '* 44 i?anvilie 1100 Pare 4 4 44 Grpcnui>oro%>h...l2 00 Tickets proeured cn the boat. Expedition and Co.ufoit are secured by thla Route,aclilta ti.tnof first clam iauioa) rBOM ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE carried Without cost tothe Depotofthe Petersburg Railroad. JAMES A. EVANS, se I Agent, Alexandria, Va. BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WIST. Tims between Washington and Wheeling but 171 hours! Running Tim* between Washington and Cincinnati 17 hours!! 1 ? an in waaHineTON. *?JE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ? ROAD having greatly improved Its Western ? oanectlon*, now offers tlie fullest Inducements to r.avolers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE. and a'li?ortlon.-< of trie WEST, NORTH A EST, and the SOUTH VV EST. The conne"tlon betwe^itiie Trains from Wash ington an?t the Trains bound West from Balti more is always promntiv made at the Washington Junction /lately called the Relay House) ? rnlles from Baltimore. This Is the only change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river. B^lKage18 checked through to Wheeling at the Vvasnlngton Station, and reehfeked ana trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, for those holding Through Ticket* tor points be yond. The connecting trains leave Washington oaliy ats a. m.and 4x |>. m On Sundays at'the later hour oniv. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from Wheeling, tired cfnnection ia made with the trails of CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, running fTom Bellair, oa the Ohio, through CairltrMs??V Zanerville, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. Theaetrains connect at Newark wlthths cars of the Newark, Manskeld and Sandnaky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. At COLVMDMS the C O. Railroad traias con nect with the fast trains of the Little Miami RuU Xenls, Cincinnati. Louisville, etc. At XEN1A (oa Little Miami Rallroad)coaaection la foraad with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, sM. Louis, Carlo, etc Passengers holding Through Tickets for Memphis, Vickiburg, Natchex, Xew ' Or lean t, etc., which are also sold at Washington?are trana at Cincinnati, to the Mail bteamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansvllie, Carlo, and St. Louis are sold by the river route ? For CLEVELAND, and via Cleve'and to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc , tickets are sold, when the Ohio Is navigable between Whee ing and Wellavlile (forty mites) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad la made. * Travelers are requested to notice that while thla la the only route affording Through Tickets and Checks In Washington, it Is a so the shortest, moat speedy, and direct to nearya'lthe leading Dolnta in the great West The dlstan-e from Washington to Cincinnati Is but 853 miles, being about 100 miles shorter titan by any other route! PARE. BY THKOUGII TICKET, FROM WASHINGTONTo Wheeling, 50: Colum bus,!^ 65; Dayton, 815 5<i; Cincinnati, ?1? m>; Louisville, by rairoad, Hlfa B5, by steamer from Cincinnati, jglfe 00; Indiana oils, gl7 50: Cleve land, Sl'2 50; Toledo, 8J5 SO; Detroit, ?15 20: Chicago, XM 05and 81'J 50; rit Louis, rto 50 an<i >25; Memphis, fift; New Orleans fli, etc. KREl)K*ICK AND HARPER'S h E R R \ , M AR I"1 NSBU KG. CU M BERLAND BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORDSPRI NGS PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, and FAIRMONT passengers may leave Washington at 0 a m or J 111 KoI .V," m,nor w?y Stations between J?ores Wheeling, take 6 a m train from Washington. ID" *? or trains to and from Baltimore, Annan oils, etc., see suet-la; advertisersnt* v ID* For further information, Through T1 keta etc , apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent! at Washington Station. " ' WM. S. WOODSIDE, Master of Transportation, ar.-h 1 -tf it A o ?sii road. Haiti mar ftl H HAKPKtt'&l rKHRTi Vta Cknaptakt t1 OktoCmnal THROWH 1M TWELVE HOuKS! 'I1HE NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET I BOAf AUGO, ?:apt H M.n^l, G " ik'lT^rf.Tv " V<^w'ar Tri0* ^tween M """" "?Mo* f oat will leave th*? wnarf of \V . H. A H. ?. flitter, Georgetown, D. C , every Monday, Wed ae?day, and t- ildiy morning, at t o'clock. Returnlajr.ahe will leave Harper's Ferry every JS"' bUfW,,y a',,, *4'lf,,rUay ^ Threngh Tlrketa, % T? tC 91 ?!'?*#. tn lu lmK U? Stat* fti hdmarJi* F??ry ,nt*,,dlnK to *?slttbo VirglniaSprlngs the corning season wlUttnd this by far thermit safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Capon. Shanondale, WLlteSulphnrand Warren. Meala s?rvcd on board at utod^rate rates. , *CJIC'1 wlli *lwmy* he In readiness in George ??Vey ?,aV*'jK,*r*to'?nd from the Boat, herfurcher particulars Inquire at the store of JOHN V avm i, ? \ Georgetown, and mul?-$ Harper 'a Ferry, Va. THK HEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL" , UNPi'ED STATES ffn SACK&MAII. T"retheII>S cu*I,HI?IN6 THIS LINR BALTll^1^ Drrael v ?' R-* ^'^ng been built by contract ex SSTtUZ ,??^?rraent "Tvlce, every car? hL ??U?.,to inaure 22l ln^trsf New York t0 l-l???pool uA7po^ A?w Vo k ?' V* experfeBcedaurgeon ift^^f.i^ ?a berths can be secur<-A 7 .? 8hlP? No of thla line hav..' i JLaU1 for? rhe >hlpa heads, and to avoid danht? b the Banks north of ?dwl??^ifr.*^croM of August. ^ ' until after the 1st lo4a f*?m LwirpMl ? w^n??^?.'..May 14 WMneaday....May 48 ^ ? v ^/wuvmaaj ? ? ? e Hi d J dO Saturday jflay a4 Wednesday....June 11 Saturday........ June 7 Wednesday.... June '25 Saturday June 21 Wednesday ....July 9 Saturday July 5 Wednesday ....July 23 SatordUf ...July 1? Wednesday....Aug. fl Saturday Aug. 2 Wednesday....Aug.'ill Saturday Aug IB Wednesday....Sept. 3 Saturday Ang.'JU Wednesday....Sept. 11 Saturday Sept. irj Wednesday ....Oct. 1 Saturday Sept. rr Wednesday ....Oct. IS Saturday Oct lh Wednesday ....Oct. 5H Saturday Oct US Wednesday....Nov. li Saturday Nov. t> Saturday. ..???? Not.Hi Wednesday....Dee. It Saturday Deo # Wednesday ....Dee. Saturday Dec. 2a For freight or passa* aKpply te UVili) k . o6lLins A CO.. e ? Wall street. New York. BROWN, SHIPLJ&Y A CO., Liverpool. STBPHKN KEN N ARD A CO., ft Awlii Friars, London. B. tt WAIN WRI JHT A CO., Paris. The owaars of tkesa skips will not be accooat able for gold, silver, kallioa, speeie,Jewelry, pf? clous atones, or nnela' Is. aniens bills of lad lag an slimed therefor, aad tke value thereof oppressed therein. *%a l-tr Miscellaneous. PILES?PI LES-P1L.ES. WE CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are aRlcted with this dreadful complaint to the following nrom certificate (torn one of oar most respectable citizen*, the fcther-in-law of the proprietor of the t'Courler dea Etas Unis," and formerly gunmaker In Philadelphia: Nkw Yoaa, Aug. !?th, 18*?. Da Duraia?Dear Sir:?! hereby certify that I have been atHlc'ed with the Piles for nearly sixty years, that 1 have used eighteen bottles of Barnes' Pile Lotion, and everything else I could here of, but all to no effect, for they did me little or no good. About two montbs since, I commenced using your remedies for the Plies, a~-d have the happiness to say that they have had the desired elect. Laving cured me 1 consldei this almost a mlracie, for I am eighty veers of age. I slnoere ly recommend them to all afflicted with the above complaint. P. VALLEE, 71 Franklin st buteof New York, ) New York City end County. J I, Joseph C. Lawrence, do hereby certify tea? on the daV of the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vallee, to me well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents c>f the foregoing certificate signed bv him are true. In witness whereof I buv* subscribed my natr.e, as Commissioner of Utxtds and *?s a Notary Public of tho state of New Vork, end Lave af filed my Notarial Seal at inv office, In New York, this 20th day of August, 1356 JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner rf Deed* and Notary Politic of tbe State of New York, 67 Wall street, New York We challenge the Medical Facultv rf tbe Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to the above i>r. Duprle's Remed'.?* are n e only ef fectual cure for Internal l'lles. Oaly Co cent-* per box. Office?70 Nassau street, New \ or*. Will be ne-ittiy mall to any part of the United Stares For sale by FOllD A BHO , .orner of U;h street and Pa avo, Washington, b. C. oc if BUT AND SELL F0B1IGW AND DOMESTIC EXCHAH82; FURNISH DRAFTS On fill Pfirt> of United State* and lurtfe; COLLECT DRAFTS On fill parts of United States aid B arete; DRAW BILLS OH IRELAND FOR XI OK VPWARJt?! BUY AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SEC?RIf |Kfc; NkUUTiATE TIME PAPER. UreiiBiai paying lu v aud ever, far tale. LAID wlisAiri. We are at all tlmee Purchasing, aad havefot Sale.LAND WAttKANTSofalldenomlnatloas Land Warrants located In Iowa, WlsoonslB,oi Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS Ian nrf-tf Hankers, onposlte the Tren*>?r? W. o. MkTZEROl'T, (ZUCOKSSOa T1 Ukoroi Hilbts ) \\ hwiesule .?gent far the Ssutlitra .'laicn of Kaven A Bacon** CELEBRATED PIANOS.' HAS ALWAYS ON HANI) THE L \ KGEST stock of PIANOS from S175 up to SI (1.0. MELODEONS from S15 to 9*9 >. ' GUITARS, VIOLINS, BKASS INSTRU MENTS, flutks, banjoes, accord EONS, utd SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than in any house south of New York. Music published and received every day Pianos for rent nov 4.^ MANTELS. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Manaf acta red (rem Slate Stone* by the West I'astleton Slate Conpaay, VI. 'pHESK MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN . 'm,tntl?n of the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VER1) ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, BROCATELLA AG A i SPANISH GALWAY, and other rart and desirable MARBLES. Tbe imitation* are so perfect that they chalengethe closest scrutiny 1 hey a.e so highly polished that they retain their beauty mu b longer tbaii marble ; are not Injured by smoke, coal c;aa, or acids, and can be sold much cheaper than any ethers In market. Price ransiui' from 8125 to *12. Architects, KuMddrs and otheru are invited to call and examine samples at No. 512 Sevtmtli street, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, ui> *UuTl* iv T M aANSt>N. I*-'y Agen?. NOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. ?TMIK UNDERSIGNED HAVE ASSOUI a. sted themselves for tbe purpose of conduct lng a General Wholesale Grocery and Commls GworKptown, under the Arm of . A WILLIAMS, and have taken the warehouse No 5, northwest corner of High an<1 Water streets. VERNON GKTTY7 EDWARD WILLIAMS. Georgetown. October 13, 1856. oc 28-1 in SI KUKK'I Improved 8ewing Machines. To which was granted the Highest Award oi the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. 'F1HE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA chine has simplified them In many respects and they arecapableof executing twice the amoun! ??wWork ,h.ef d,d for?nerly in any given time ffiey are without question the only Machines ca pableof sewing every variety of goods perfect; a ?fi'rt bosom or heavy trace for harness can b? ?own by any of these machines by a simplechang< ef needle and thread In such a manner that th< closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault Manufacturers, planters ar.d families will find them tbe only safe Ma:bin>s to purchase, ai the* are built strong nnd durable, and not likely t< get out of order kiV^? MTl? uuch,nM with ^uages attached, foi :iai")rap-frontH, gaiter*. Ootton> Needlecj Ao., orast.iBth on hand, at tbe lowest rates. Perar>n^desironsofl:iforinatlnnre7irdlle'' Sew lag Maohlae* will please a?iurers 1. M. SINGER & CO., Mour ,i3U>l???orP"tree?, Baltimore . , ? "? wears prepared toexebm^ethese rr.a machines of any kind Terms lib eral. Personr who have i,eeti inducedto purchase nferlor machlnc- uuder tbe pretext of beioi Sheap, will Sal tills a benefit indeed mar 10? ly NHT1CKTO HOI'SE'KEEPEKS. No TK7 Pa arenue f [No.MT Pa. awnttt - N1) TKY BEFORE VOU BUY - T-e,H ^?^!<L8,OCk of Wlnw,? Wqnor-, Klne reas, Lofie^s, Sug irs. ? Chocolates, tJocoa, ?Vheese 1? Natter and pickle, Genuine Havana Se^ars, Ron ? h and Ready To bacco, Holland Cucumber?, Ac , Ac nnwA JONAS P LEW, nov 8 opposite the National Hotel. IJM"*."*.? w4lus aj*d tkav , ?lllng Shawls of Scotch and Bay State^ extn 5 m lHHnn.L* "d?q!,alltV' ranK,n^ ln Prlc f'OW fw^i5 ^ A large and varfed supply Jusi recelVfd, at LANE'S ^?vi*_ uentlrP^^g8^, ITNDEr'taKBRS," AB1NETSMAKERS A IJ kurniture'deJler^,?^,^!!!; Will keen consUnUy on hand aW*?*3 Special attention will be paid toTb^lfSdeftfk ^7kHi"h ITf*1"' ?a^ a11 crde'*lt,ft at our rooms, No WJ High street, Georgetown, will be attend t, ^ ^rrat o ^^and promptitude. oc2M.|m A nkw coacii factort ON TWELFTH STREET * T?yi>LneTaRCoarNhEp H,AV,NG RECENT. ttth street, 8mitli of ^SSS annour?ce .0 the pubUrti^ viost re^Hona ble terms ?n?i u? ?k *g?SB. on th. Those desirlnir a *??Carrisi^ r,",nn"' In* well and promptly donejt I Tou?V^ menSw SSS/topfea" 1 ?*et "uch pRAMKLLEO SHIRT COLLARS e?tJr? Iy New'.-To^ tlemen are requested to call and aoe ??!. n^TlsT1 CHUr" V ?TEVKNS^8 j aov is t Hale, Koom, Browns' Hotel H*8 BOM, ?*?? bl. old rooms, to No M?7, sse^sv isnzs"*H ""?? ~ OfBcr hours as before; from 8 to 10 o'clock a nov7-0w? Medicines. DOCTOR HOOFLAHD'8 CELEBRATED GEKMAN BITTERS riirmo st Dr. 0. M. JACKSON,Philadelphia,Pa., WILL IVVBCTVALLT CCaa LIVER COMPt AINT, DYSPEPSIA. JAUNDICE, CHRONIC OR NERVOUS DE bllitv, Diseases of the Eldneys, sod all Dls eases arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomaafc The proprietor, in calling the attention of the public to this preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost oonftdenoc in its virtues and adapta tlon to the diseases for which It is recommended It is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the American people, and Its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony In its favor given by the most prom Inent and well known physlciaut and Individuals in all parts of the country is Immense, and a carc ful perusal of the Aimanic, published snnunliy by the proprietor, and to be had gratis of any of his agents, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy is really deserving the great cel ebrity it has obtained. Principal oiflce and manufactory No. 1*6 A/oh street, Philadelphia, Fa. READ THE FOLLOWING: Morsantown, Va , Auguet4,1855. Dr C. M. Jackson?Dear Mir:?The sales of the flitters are Increasing, and what speaks vol ume* in their favor is th? t all who have used them speak highly of their effects No medicine that I ?ell gives sucn general satisfaction, and th?> de mand for It exceeds all precedent j and 1 assure you it afford* ine pleasure to sell euch a remedy. Our physicians no longer scowl at it, but are com pelkd to acknowledge Its intrinsic value, ind the greater pait of them have bad magnanimity suf ficient *o lay aside their prejudice's and prescribe it In taslr practice. Respectfully y F. M CHj ours.

A LP ANT For sale L * storekeepers and druggists In every Price?? per bottle. Z. b. OILMAN, Washington, and JOHN S. - ?- - wv?> uuu taa town and village in the United State* cents per bottle KIDWLLL, Georgetown, Agents. Je7-?m AYER'8 PILLS. for all the PURPOSES #F A r FAMILY PHYSIC. There has long existed a public demand for an ettlscLve Purgative Pill which 03uld be rt.lled on as sure and perfectly safe in It* operation. This has been prepared to meet that demand, and an eitensive trial of its virtues has oonciuslvely shown with what success it accom plishes the Purpose designed. It Is easy to make a Physical Fill, but not so easy to mak* the best jf all Pill*?one which should have none 'I the objections, but all the advantage** of every other J I' has been attempted here, and with wha! snc^ (>*ss w? would respectfully submit to the public l?cl*ion. It has been uufortuuate for tiie putient aUhcrto that almost every purgative medicine is icrLnonious and ir.Hating to the bawel*. This ?sr.?,t Many of them produce so much ^rl pi an oain ui-d revulsion in the system as to more than counterbalance the pood to be derived fro?r them i'hesc Pills produce no irrltat'.on or pain, unless it arises from a pre?lously existing obstruction or derangement In the bowels Being purely vege* table, no harm can arise from their in any quantity; but it is better than any medicine should be taken Judiciously. Minute directions for their use in the several diseases to which they are ap pllcable are given on the box. Among the coin plaints whlcn have been speedily cured by thein we may montlon Liver Complaint, in its various forms of Jaundice indigestion, Languor and Loss of Appetite, Ltstiessness, Irritability, B llou* Headache, Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, Pa!n In the Side and Loins, for in trut'., alltheseare out the consequence of diseased action of the liver. As an aperient, they afford prompt and sure relief in Costlvenews. Piles, Colic, Dysentery, Humors. Scrofula and Scurvy, Colds, with sore news of the b'dy, Ulcers and impurity of the blood: In nhort any and every case where a purga tlve is required. They have also produced some singularly sue eessfulcures In Rheumatism,Gout, Dropsy, Grav el, Erysipelas, Palpitation of the Heart, i'alnsin the Back, Stomacn and Side. They shovldbe freely taken in the spring of the purify the blood and prepare the system for the change of seasons. An occasional dose stimulates the atOMich intc healthy action, and restores the appe tite ~nd vigor. They purify the bii*;d, and by thilr stimulant action on the circulatory system, renovate the strength of the body, and restore the wasted or diseased energies of the whole organ lain. Hence an occasional do^e Is advantageoj* sven though no serious derangement exists; but unnecessary dosing should never be carricd to< far, as every purgative medicine reduces th? strength, when taken to excess The thousand cases in which a physic Is required cannot be enu merated here, bat they suggest themselves to thf reason of evi*ry body; and It is conhdently be lieved this pill will answer a better purpose thar anything which has hitherto been available tr mankind When their virtues are once knowr the public will no longer doubt what remedy t? employ when In need of a cathartic medicine Being sugar wrapped they are pleasant to take and being purely vegetable, na harm ce.u aris. from their use In any quantity. For minute directions see the wrapper on thi Box. PR BP A aiLi BT Da. JA1ES V, AVBK, PRACTICAL j ANALYTICAL CH?MiST LOWELL, MASS. Pi ice 25 Ceati per Box Five BoxeaforSl Oi Sold by Z D.G1LMAN, Washlng'.on, and al respectable druggists. aub-4m fKIVATK MEDICAL TKB4T1II en tsi PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW 07 MAR&IA0X Li choir, a. o., ALBANY, N. Y., tit fmg?? mud ISO Ftin, plmt?,*nd OtUnd Litk sgrspki mud Plmitt run ONLY TWXMTY-Flva CXRVS. Seat Free of Posta2e to aU parts of the Valea < CHEAPEST BOOK EVER PVBLISHED " ' and containing nearly double the quantity of read ing ina't-r in that r.i the trIF*V CENT UK DOL LAR rVBLlCATt'ONS. i? t*<a!s en the PH YSJOl, ??HY OF M Alt 1' 1AGK, and the secret infirmities, and Disorder of Voulh and 1 Maturity, resulting hotnex <???ses. which destroy the physical and mental pow ers. with ObseiVatican on - ... Marriage, Its duties a?>d disqualifications, sn< tbetrre.ttedics; with l.llhognsphs,ll!uMratlng tb Aastonuynnd Physiology,and Diseases of the'xe productive Organi of both m-iw, their structure vtes.and fuaotlocs. A popular and oorapiehen live ffreatlte on the Duties and Omiealtles ?.f eia p^le aad uarrled in'e- -happyaau fruitful alliances Moieof ?<CJTlsy iheoi ?Infeilcltoas and infertll ouea?taslr obviatloa and removal -Iraportnti hictsta these ccatemplatlag matrlmoay, thatwll ?rename cbjecllons to it; aoae. however, ahonl take this ikupo?t>at tlep vflttoutflrstconauUlag it pages?camueatariea oa the diseases and rnedl:t treatment ot fewal-s from lafanoy to old age, etc ?aae graphically Illustrated by beautiful llihogra (hie piatea-asrvous debility, its causes and suit y a process at oace so simple, sare, and efltoctan that (allure lslupotslble?rules for daily maaagc meat?aa essay en Spormatorrhma, with practloi ab*efvatlaas ea the safer and mrr n a?sfnl mod ertreatment?preeantloaary hlau oa the evlla re ?altlagfrom empirical practice?aa eaaayoa al diseases arising from ladlseretloa, with plaia aa simple rules by which all pereens oaa cure them ?elves without mercury?remedies for those sell Inflicted miseries and disappointed hopes so ui fortunately prevalent la the young. It Is a trntk Ail adviser to the married and thosecontemplatin marriage: I is perusal is particularly recommend ed to.persons entertaining secret doubts of the! physical conditioned who are conscious of hai Ing h warded the health, happiness, and prlvllegt to which every human being Is entitled Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per cepv,c Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, free of posl age, to all parts of the United States N. B.?Those who prefer may consult Dr. Lj CROIX upon any of the diseases jpon which thl book treats, either personally or by mall. Med! aine Rent to any part af the Unlonaccordlngtodl rections, safely packed and carefully secured f/oi all observation. Address Dr. M. B LA CROIX, No 31 Maide Lane, or Post OBee 15ox B7t Albany, N. Y. IPT OMce open daily.from lamtolia aa oa Sunday from 3 until 5 p. m. (!/" Oace REMOVED from Na. 5f Beavsr si te31 Mmidtm Laai, pf,m r#r*. <_m as?ly ' >10 000 FE %C'H TREES. A TTEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOJ sale at my Nursery, near Washing toe mi The above trees are all of flne growth, aadVP of the best select fruit. ' 3 ?, ? 1?2'J5 S^?ral ???rt?nent of^O^RNAM E N T A L EVERGREEN, SHADE, and FRUIT TREKfi oc? If JOSHUA PEIRCE. P|R. UUPRIB'a RKMKOIEI are theonl , eflbctual cure for External or Internal Pllei ^altrbeum, Ring-Worm, Ae. They are unrival lrtd for purifying the blood. ?0 cents per box Oflns 79 Nassau street. Net York Will be sent by mall. For Side by FORD i BRO , corner of 11th M aad Fenn. avenue oojq TO ALLTHAT VALUE THE IK 81G11T *JOfln\ /^TOBLUT W^MISHL* TO CALL THK ATTENTION I to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by ue. sickness, and particularly from glasses injudiciously selected. to hit superior BPKOTACLES and GLASSES carefully fNOad by himself to a true apberleal aocuraey, aad brfl-l f'H*4 Precisely and he?A-i llant transparency, suited precisely clally to the wearer aecordlaf to the concavity at oonvexlty of the eye. Very numerous ate the U1 effect* caused to tne piecleua organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses in not Mu precisely suited, by the use of an Oefemsrsr ;and the practice of many years enables nisi to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and sash glees es that are absolately required will be funiiehed with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the eery libe ral encouragement already obtained. and further solicits the patronage of those that have not yet availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently oall, by send ing the glasses In use, and state how many inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will Improve tfeetr sight. lunumerable testimonials to be seea; and ref erences given to uanv who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at Tils oHee, No. 61* SEVENTH STREET, 14r?s door* /rem Odd Fillowt' Hail, sr stains. Nobvolk, September 7, lJ-?4. Sir?Th? Spectacles you made for me suit very well, end seem to have improved my sight m. re than any other I have lately trlM L1TT. W. TAZSWKLL 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained bom Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my sltrht. and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend htm as a skillful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been Induced by n frtend to visit the es tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ing his glaa?es,l was furnished ?v nlm with a pair Bllgh Uy colored blue, which Laveaffoided me more relief and gratlAcatlon than any 1 have ever tried. My sight, originally very good, was Injured by writing and reading nt night, fre quently to a very lute hour; bat with the aid of tne*e glanaes 1 can study almost as late as ever, and that too without the pain 1 have previously ?ufitrod. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner taen'l Laud Omoe. December 11, 1*42. I have u^cd Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for thru or four months, and take great pleasure ta say ing that 1 am much pleased with them. 1 havt been much beneAtted by them May 5th,ltt0t. GEOR P SCAMBVBCM. 1 vv,u? recon.iu-nded to Mr John Tobias as a skillful optician; ?td &b I have eyes of leuark* ^able peculiarity, I was gratified to And that Mr Tobies ?e? ined to comprehend them Ly faspse tiosi and some t liyLt measurement, and he baa made me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ad mit ubly. A. P. BSTLER. July II,IHS0. Wll. MIWSTOW, N.O.,Jan 27, it-54 Mr J Tceias: Dear Sir?1 am happy to se\ that the Spectacle* wMcb 1 obtained tr in yen lasi week are entirely sailttfa< tory. From an inequal ity in the visual rauije of my eyes, I have hereto found irreat difficulty In getting glasses of it* prnr<-r focal distance It affords me pleet>i>re t< sta'.e thr.t, by the aid of your optometer, this eulty ha? been happily obviated so that theglasae: yo'i furnished me are dec dedly the best adapu-4 to my eyes of anv I have ever yet used. Vt'ry respectfully. your?, R. B. DKANE, Rector of St James' Parish Dimrtment ow I WTH!ot, May 7, 1^66 1 ruin natural defects and tbe unequal range o my cyos, 1 have been compelled to uae glasses fo several years. 1 have tried different eptlclan without obtaining glasses perfe< tiy ftttea to nt] eyes. Pour months since Sir. Tobias made twi pairs especially for me, which 1 have found t serve me perfectly. By the use of bla optomete be lsenabied to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye 1 most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias ts a] having occaslsn to use glasses and bear my test! mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY fe. BALDWIN, Assist Sec'y to algn Land Warrants. P. S.?OPERA GLASSES of great varleti TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATC1 MAKER GLASSES, and many other articles 1 this line at very low prices constantly on haad )y IH iy NKW iKKANHKMKKTR. The undersigned rkspectfull1 liifotm their customers aed the public In get eral. that they l.ave thoroughly innovated tnel establishment and added thereto a very large oei lar, so ?? to l>e enabled to keep a large supply < their superior PORTER and ALE on hand, an ezpect dally to rccelve a supply of Ph1!adelph1 and Troy Draught Ale, which will be sold at small edv-nce. for cash only We also ex pen daily 5u bbls of New Jersey Champagne Clde a j'UTt article. Alwsvs on hand, a Large supply of Turner i Brothers line Liquors, via: Blackberry, Kas| berry, Strawberry, Cherry and Ginger Brandies Ginger Wine; Stomach and btrvugbton Blttsri Abcetithe. Curacoa, and other Cordials. 1> Wheeler's Tonic fcherry W toe Bitters, for whlc we are sole agen U As usual, a large supply of Mineral Water bottled Porter and Ale on hand. ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Oreen street, nov4- Georgetown, D. C. HATIS liATS ! CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FUL supply of BEKBE'S NEW YORK STY 1. Hp, together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE. The best blaok dress HATS got up la the latest style for 93 SO. as good as those usually sold at S5 : and a good fashion* i able Hat at Si, worth S4; and a first-rate Hat,S'2ft>. The best materials and the best wor in ens hip employed to produce a ?5 Hat, which Is told f< S3 so We do a cash business, meet with no la ses, but give each customer full value for h money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B Agent for DrlBColl 's Balm of a Thcasar Flowers Price *J5 cents per bottle. 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SI Boston Common; Tale of our Own Times; 1 a Lady SI 35 Althe, or Spells from the Strand; by Mrs. A M Field SI Kale Stanton, a Page from Real Life Si Dora Grafton, or every cloud>as a silver llnln SI Ambition; Kate Willie tl ? Rambles In Eastern Asia, including China a Manilla, during seveial yeari' residence; wl aotes of the voyage to China, excursions in Ma ilia, Hong Kong, Ac.; by L. Ball, M. D , seco edition. Si,AS. J ust published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, or, 24 Penn ave., near SXh street ANTHONY BUCHLY, UNDERTAKER, Ihop And EAAidAB? Ho. SOS Penn'A avani ?oath oido, botwoon 9th And 10th AtA Having provided himself wn an SLBGANT HEARSE, tad all necessary conveniences for properly conducting his buslaeaa, would respectfully Inform the public that he fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted u> hi At the shortest notice, aad ia the heat manner A large supply of READY-MADE COFF1I onan?r?es^always on hand, which will he f\ As heretofore, no pal as will be spared to gl satire satisfaction on all oooasloas. N. B ?Residing on the preariaes, orders i he promptly attended to at ul houie feh 7-ly f MIR PO RAT ion STOCR.??S,0tf? o?ry " J ratios of Washington Stock fbr sale nt |*tt -t| OH W t) B BHOTIBAt, Miscellaneous. Prepoaalt tor fbrmiahlag the Paper Am- the Public Prist tag OfFICl BVFI1IITIIIMRT PrOClC PBJHTINa Waablngt n, Uot? bet 1. 1MB IN PURSUANCE OP THK HIUVI8IO>K of the " Art to prorldf for rawuUkf tU puMir printing,-' Ac , approved August*, , seated prapoaala Will be received A this odU"e, in the Capitol. until the lrat Monday (1st day) of Lt* os ruber next, at twelve o'clock m , tor furnishing the paper that may be required tor tbe Mbiic ; r' nOng fot the year commencing on the 1st dav ef Deeember. an4 ending on tbe lat day of Deeember, lS?7. Tbe subjoined I let ?peeltee aa nearly mmiU appertained, tbe qeeatity, quality, and dewli tlon of each bind of paper (bet will be required CLAM I. 10,WW ream* Ine printing paper, uncalondered, to measure 94 bv 36 Inrtee, and to welg t fuity-irr pcundsiothe team cf Wibttn fun II. f 4.W0 reama Ine printtng raper, calendered, to meaaure *4 by 3<? lechee, ard to ws4*r. tfty-slx pounds to tbe ream of 4H? sheet*. t'LAta 111. 5.'OO leame supeilne sited and calendered. printing paper,t* meaaure *4 b> * lnr he. and to weigh tfty-two pounda to the ream of M aheeta. CLsas IV. 300 reama auperfla? bard-aired and calendered printing paper, U> meaaure*4 by 31 tnebe and to weigh forty-eight pounda to tip ream of 49b ?b*ft?. Class V. 1,000 reama suportne aired and calendered but paper of aurb ?ltea aa may be required. correapt ndlr g In weight wltb paper measuring Ik by *4 tacbea, and wel*blag terentv pounda par ream of 4H>*ba?i? Class VI. Aa) reama auperflne plate paper, (caJet.dend o; uncalendered. aa utav V>e required ) IV by iM Inches, and of auch weight aa may be required Tbe tbra of the peper of each of the above olaaaes to be of linen and cotton, free from all adulteration with mineral or ottsr substances, of a lair whiteness, and put up In quires of twaatv four aheeta each, and In bundles cf two ream* each, each ream to contain 4io pe.fect shrets Uniformity In color, thickness, and weight will b? required ; aad no bctidle (exclusive of wraf - et?) varying over tr under live per o at from e a'aitdard weight will be received, aod the f;ro*a weight will In all ranes be nqulnd kill ng of varlona thlcknes*-* ?. In the same bundle to B.>ele up the weight will bo considered a viola tion of the contract. Class VII. No. 1?1,fo reama quarto poet writing paper No. *? 44 da tea p " ?? No. 3? 900 r dtmy 44 '? No. 4 3,000 ?? tollo p6ft 44 44 No 3? 300 44 medium 44 44 Mad? Su 44 royal 44 44 No 7? M 44 anperroial 44 44 No i? SO *4 m. portal 44 ?4 Not- luo 44 colond medium, (asserted ) (.Lass Vlll. No. l ? f,0U> ream* writing refer, lit by'At Inches. to weigh twenty-eight pounda per ream. No. 'J?8,lift) ream* wtitlng paper, IbbySft Irehe*, to W? igh twetitv-slx found a p? r Ham. No. 3?14<4? reams writing paper, >e by M Inches, to weigh twenty-four pounda p* , , ream 1 No. 4?340 reama wrltlrg paper, 1? by 1? Inches to weigh twerHf-two founds pet ream II No 5?4*) renins writing paper, It bv ib Inchc* to weigh twelve pound* per ream All the pape<* designated In cta*?+* 7 and b are I | to be made of the be?t material*, free from eetui teratloii. and tnl>hed In the best manner I be papers In class 7 are to be white or blue, of the regular staudard sli-s of the respective klud*. and of ruch weights aa may be r< quired by thl? Icdlce; thoae in ciaa* b are to be white, and ?if the tla*a and weight* areclled tn 'he acb?dule. The right la rtaeTvrd of cidertng a greater or ieea qaantltyof tach and ?vtry kind ooatracte<* for. atauih tlmea atd la aucl quantltlea aa the o I public wrvlce may require o | Eeci: class will be considered wepara'ely. at.d be aal'j'-ct to a separate cor, tract; but bidden . ofrr for one or more of tbe claaaea la the aamr II | proposal i and tbe privilege la reserved of nqulr k Tag a bidder who may have more than <me c.i? aengned him to take all Miab claaaea.or forfeit his ri^-ht to any clam. Sample* (not less than one quire) of each kind of r*P**r bid for, tmd bar cm* $amplt ft* tar* kind, must accomf?ny eadi bid; aid, in cla?re? ? and 8, be numbered to correspond with the number of tbe paper proposed for In tbe ached Lie ond, in the llrst six classes, to be properly desig nated on the sample, or It will not be considered All proposals and samples inuat be transmitted to thia cfllce free of postage or other expeuee V hach proposal must be s'rned by tbe Individual i- or Arm making It, and n tiat sp<e'f> the prloe per lr pound (and but one price for cacb) of tveiv kind l" of paj+r contain* d in the class propoaed for *' All the paper In the atveeal cla??es must be de d liver* d at su?h place or piares as may be deslg l* nated In Washington city, In good order, free of a ail and every extra charge or expenae. and suhfeet ct to the inspection, count, weight, and measure r? mcnt of tne Superintendent, and b. In all respects satisfactory. * Itlank forma for proposals will be fumlU.ed at >* this cllce to peraoi s applying for tkem , and none 1 i will be taken into consideration nnleea rubatantl ?i ally agreeing therewith. r- [lords, with approved serurliies, will here ;b qulrtd; and tbe aupplylng of an Inferior artl'le In any of the claaees. or a f-Uure tosupplv the *> quantity required at any time, will becrnalderrd a violation of the contract bach bidder la required to furnish with his pro poaals satisfactory evidence of hla ability toete oote them, and propo*a.s ui>accompanl< d by t uru evidence will be rejected The propoaals will be opened In the manner re Iulrcd or law "on tbe trat Tuesday after the irst iorday In l>e??mber" neat, (bd.) at 10o'clock, a m , at the oAce of tbe Superintendent Proposals will be addressed to tbe "Superinten dent of the Public Pi inline, Capitol of t?rUuli>d Staua, Washington," and endoraed "Propoeaia for supplying Paper ." A G SKAWAN, Superintendent of tbe Public Piintlng cc l-'iawvw u I Prcpotals for Erecting a Marine Hospital at ot I Hew Orleana Lotuaiana. I, | Ttiiatxt Utriaiaitti, Sept 87, ln5C SKA LEU PROPOSALS WILL BR KK celved at this department until tite day of I November. A O lsM, at 14 o'clock at noon, for ?I I tue conatructlon of tbe New Orleana m."-ine ko? pil-il according to the plana and apeclftcjtitns pre pared at thia department, aaid proposdla to be either for the whole building, or separate fi>r tbe different kinds of work; bills of parcels abotilA accompany each bid, with the amount of eaih kind of work, and the total amount carried out, tbe department reserving the right to ifjert or ac cept the proposals hereby lav'.ted, or any parts thereof, when It deems the latere*! of the United States requires It; the defiaitmuot aUo reserves tbe tight to exclude the bids cf any person or f ar sons whom there Is just cause to believe will not fsltbful!v perform tbe contracts, or which tb"? have atU-inpt<d to obtain by Indirection; and all bids when tbnre bhall be partis In Interest wb<? d ? n?t )r?ln In the bids, and all bids that, npon tn ve.Utalion, ure below a fair price for tbe work Kids wl;l be received tn grosa, at tbe option of the blddent; but no contract will be awarded to such bidders until details are furbished tbe depart ment of the prices of the different kind* of work and materials, which aball be subject to the re " I vision of the department, eo that the gross bid b* I stall be equitably apportioned upon tbi w. oie W'-uk to guide the department lu making pay ments. Ninety per cent of tbe amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contra, t . I price, faald amount to be ascertained by tbe e?ti nr I mate or an agent of the department, appointed f< t that purpoae.J will be paid from time to time, aa I the wort progresses, and ten percent reUlaed * 1 until the comple'lon of the contract, and accept ance of the work. Ac , by the agent aforesaid, aud be forfeited la tbe event of non-fulttlmeni ef contract Contraota will be awarded only to master t>n:ld ? 4a era and mechanics, and the a.- slgnn.ent thereof, except by consent of the Secretary of tbe Tr?w:r>. will be a forfeiture of the same Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, algnrd l.y two re?pouMOIe perm s?. (certiaed to be so by the United States dlstr*. t nd fadge or attorney of the aald district,) In tke sum .... of ?*S,0tiO, for tbe whole work, er ofa p??p^ili ? ate amount If for any part, that tbe bidder will nd w,,en required, If h a proposal be accepted enter Into a eon tract and bond, with proper and suT Sclent securities tor Its faithful performance Plana, specllcationa, and working drawHtfs can be examined after ten daya, and other in formation obtained on application to tbe df par - meet Proposals will at the same time be received for a bul'ding similar to that ealled for by the ?pect inations exoept that the mala or exterior waits will be constructed of an Iron veneeting, npon rn I Iron frames tiled In with acme no?-conouct1uc 1 tubstaace, thua making the structure Ire-proof, according to a supplement to the sprclbeadons Persona submitting such proposals will give mi nute details of the mode of f?atenlng tbe vertical and horizontal frames composing the wails; of tiling them; of the atyle of ornamentation. Ac tf* I Persons may aabmlt plans fur an Iron building, of an equal er smaller slae than that called for by tbe specitoaiioaa, though conforming generally to the shape and plan. The propooeals mast be sent to this department, ?iiwed to fke SecreTary of tbe Trstfcf, by & rill Iendorsed 44 Proposals for tbe'NewOrle?n? marine I usp 1 ta 1 ") end will be opened at le*elock, p m eflee leeldey named for meelvlng tbe sas?, In of ti the presence of the bidders. If any cfeooae to ?K? imi JAMES ttUTHKIh ac? iaw?0d Socman of tbe 1 reaaury.