Newspaper of Evening Star, November 25, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 25, 1856 Page 1
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>A VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER. 25, 1856. NO. 1,184. THX XVHTCETQ STAB. rVBIiUHlO ITIRT AFT? (EXCEPT SVNDAY,) 41 *44 Btf SuiUimgt, mtm? ?/ /i_ **<??? ??? SU9?ntktir$?t, By W. D. WALLAOH, Will wrrM to subscribers by curlers at t?lX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents, papers serve* la package* at 37jf cenfs per month. To mall subscribers the sub scription price Is THREE DOLLARS AND PI p. TY CENTS a year ina-ivmct, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for loss than three mouths at the rate tf W* cents a week. ?nr SINGLE COPIES ONE TENT. CAST OP CLOTHING A!',L K,NUS PURCHASED AT NO. 70 lu d i4iM a^esjue,opposite the Hay Market. aor lO l...s' wmntrd' * P*"03 *l Repairing. MIIS. H. H. SMITH, _ .?? D ??'??? ?sr?4, and7tk, |>EGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIH8 ?W . v ^v"hln?t<?n? Georgetown, and vicinity that she Is pr pared to glvelnstmctlon, In classes . ,P7.Uat? ,e,won*' 'n the art of MAKING WAX PLOWKR8and TA8ES Also, WaiF rait aad Ornimfntal Leather work Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a mast beaiKlful accom riMhment will please call as early as possible, as Mrs S does not contemplate remilnlng long in ?ao city ... TitNi: Wax h lowers In Classes, per term of 14 les a..., # ^mth^r wnlrlV^A^,' P?'terna of w lessons..'?* p!<- . . k ln Classes, per term of 8 lessons ?3 Private Lessons 91 each?Vases S10 Boouetsand Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers, Ac , for sale, or made to order. au *1 Km boor BINOINO. " C9t?r ff sesat* sirssi mm4 Maryland avtnut, w*r fiwilAJisias fuiiislios EDWARD LYCETT RESPECTFULLY IN forms the subssribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspeare now Just completed, that he Is pre pared ?o bind those works ln a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upoi much more '"""nabje terms than can be done ln Haiti- j mwrP^ladelphla, or New York. A letter ad dressedttHilBD (per post) will enable him to ex h'bltte the subscribers specimens of hit style of binding Every kind of Book Binding neatly ei erated: se27-4m MAUDS UK HEIITLKNKN'S SHAWLS. "\I7"E HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR THIRD v v and largeit supply of gentlemen'- Shawls, etnbraclng every varle y, weight, and size N B ?Also, a large lot of Bay State Shawls, which ^ are prepared to sell at thelow price of *5 apiece. Call at GEO H B WHITE ACO'S, Hst, Cap and Gent's Fun shlng Store nov 11 tf 312 Fa av , bet 9th nndl Otb sis. L. J. MIUOLKTON, DFALER I IV ICE, ? ?n* Southwest corner of P aad streets frb 87-t# 30,000 APPLE TREKS P?)R SALE.?20,0ti0 APPLE TREES, 3 and 4 years, of the very best varieties, of large slie, and very thrlf.y, can oe had at the Val 2. ley View Farm, near Georgetown, or at No 35 Illgh street, Georgetown. Prices unusually low they must be sold withal reoer*e. oc25-hn E. j. KiNe. TEHUVIAN SYKL'P, F.r the e urt of Dyspepttn, Ltwer Complaint, l'r p*f, /? ipunt /)is?a.<?j of tki Lungiand Bromcktal Fa%tar*t, Biles. Otn tral Dtbility, fe. This excellent medicine, which has attained a high reputation and been ex tensively u?ed ln Boston and other cities of the East, has been received and Is now offered for sale by Z D GILMAN, special agent, Penn sylvania avenue, as al*o by the general agent, cor ner of L and Id streets. Navy Yard. The proofs cf its efll-ary arc so numeoos, so wall authenticated and of m:h peculiar charac ter, that sufferers cannot reasonably hesltste to re ceive the proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrup does not profess to be a curt-ally but Its range Is extensive, because many diseases, apparently unlike, are Intimately re lated. and, proceeding from one cause, may b~ cured by one remedy. The class of diseases for which the Syrup pro vldes a cure, Is precisely that which has so often baffled the highest order of medical skill. The fsct? are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and ? he safety and eflcacy of the Syrup incontrovert 1 ole. I have analysed the med'eal preparatloa called the Peruvian Syrup, reference to thenuin>>er and kind of active substances contained in It. and the durability of the comp?und as a pharmaceutl cal article. The metallic compounds of arsenic, antimony, mercury and zinc are net present, nor is It possible to detect ln it the slightest indica tion of any metallic and mineral poison its or g iolc constituents do not Include opium, cr any of the drags yielding poisonous principles. The constituents, when separated, are not even acrid 1119 ? Pr?P*rdtlon scientifically and skilfully compounded, po-ses-ing all the durabil ity of a spirituors tincture, without Its obj-:tlon able qualities and the aoilvlty of Its leading con stituent Is preserved through the judicious adap tation of its solvent. The point here attained has been frequently and unsuccessfully soug;.t after by phartuiceuflsts. Respectfully, A. A il A t LS, M D. Asnyer to State of Massachusetts No 1? Do)l*toastreet, Boston, 3J Nov , lc?j nov tt-3m i'LATPOKVI 41U lOUITKIl SCALES. MURDOCH'S PATENT PLATFORM AND Counter Scales, of all sixes, for sale at mauu fackurers prices by SOGUK A. O'NEILL se i Agents, No. lor, Water st., Georgotowa O P P 1 C I AL. " Tiiiipm DtpARTMBirr, August *), lttjfi. Waeiea* tue fullawinj joint resolution of Congress his become a law: Joint Bisornnoit sxtendmg the l!mc for tho credi tors of Texai to prcstnt thiir claim* R<*ot -?i l\t Senate and Home of Rtprtienla oj U< L'xUei State* of ji'nerUa in Connie** a? u nite I, Tbai a*, a^cab'y :o the provii<*.i ot U?e f->urih ?ecti*in of the act ot the SW.h of February lfli), ?' to provide In the i-aymiu of such creditors or ths latit re^nb-ic of Texa? as are comp'e&onded iath:act of Ongr-ssof ri-piemb:r 9ttj, 1>J50no tice, by s-ib'i- aiv rieemm, was dnty^iven Un ins .|.a s of mnsty.lays by the He re?'y of tiie Trea ury, of tae inn?: a; which |?ym-;nt of ths an^iuni a^prop ta cd by the kHh .?jcu *n ol ?aid act woald he ma is,pro ro/a, on a y b ?nd. ceruticate, or evi icuc t i?f d^bl o! ndi i ^14 1, wftucQ mqouiiI b?' pres'utel at the Titasury l)j(? nt Unity days the 1J1I1 .lay of June, i^t hmu Ol ?ail B'Jtice; a ??! as it is rcpreacnuid by tue said Sc-retary ol ui<* Treasury, thai of >aid b ?nd<, c?:r uaca ??, a-id evtdeneas ol .ieb:, winch hav?i b>cn ie ..jipiz A by in? etai* of Texas ths >81(1 , ^n'^aJ to ?h ? mill d tsres hu i.lred a >d imhiy an* ui >u and six huHdre.1 a ?i ninety threo doliai? as I seven cea?s were ton?e Trra ury Depa.iinent prior ts the eaid 13th of Jin-, therefore, m orler to J*"*10;? 10 ,lM! ho lers of drbi, the rfecre ,he ury ?? hereby a<i homed b> i>ay to ^jr,a "r * '/ ,f ltie ?> '?**. eertiScatea, o, evi>w4e?wt of J"bi, not prrsented b -fore the Kith day of Ji *e la?t, who uiay pre#^at a d prove the ?a ueai ihs Trea^ary bep? tin -nt, between the 13th day < f J?m ?*<t and the l?t fry ja.iua?y i?ex. 'I r tke lfiut-d Stat?I a>id the titaie o. I e*as, their pro rata >hare of the * "",r' n and nay .housaud ??Mtaio, aoJa.n>rtM?oM!<tt ibtieof, uk ^id S?cr? tary M tr?e t'rea-mry Is amhoriaed and u^uied 10 duUihuts a id yay the r-*U,?- ,,f ,he ra,j ^ t,n Inns s-v-n nun irnd a , ? lif.y ih ..x dollar^ i?h? rema oiag ta :-M treasury, pro ruta, ?aid a il'.u ?s no tuay base ^rov^d l?s? claim ,aitd "7, ,^ y '***"" ou or be,?'e ^ 1st day Approved August iBih, lb3? Nancau aaassr uivai to the Uol4css of bonds cartidcaUM, aad ev.d^^ofdabtof ihsl.te repub^ lie of Texas, wtu-h were not presented at this de partmsut 00 or b fne the 13th day of J?ne last that the saius will be settled an I the pro roiaam'iutit tarsia will b* paid tu the lawful holder < thereof if present?d before the Oz?t Jay of January next ao compiaisd with the nece??ry evidence of their gen sia-ness, with asrigamsatsto the United Sutes r?. qiured to 4ive thisdepartmeat the eustody of.ich bon Is, ee. uflcates, and evi lea** of debt, aud with leleaissio the Uaited Stai-s aad Isxas, |u aceord a-i-e with the provi?ons of the act of Coasresso# 24th Fsbruary, 1IU4. Taisd-cartrnest will not requue evidence of CeK ? m^e? ti he presented the cert.ieatesissued by Ihsailitoiaadeompuollei of Texas under ih laws of ths Stats. s^s.o???sof Ter. fym< the ^eftiScates,b-?ad4 and issued by the republic of re?.,,ai4d ?0l present<)d to, aer a tdiied by, ths officers of the Bute. The ns-eetary n *d pe^rroof of lhr genalntnessof the (austiatas carUSsata of the compuoiier of the Stv.- of Tst>?. who has the oA-tal charge of the ?rl- ?al ??? ivs relating f>:he ??bt nftl^s l%is tf pabii* ?>? Ttss Xh? a'ligament an 1 releases may bsexscated ?ad ackaowisdfsdlo tke presenos of the Aaaisuat Secretary of the Treasury, or lite chief clerk thereof, in tho presence of a notary public, and be witnessed by the Assistant Seorsiary, or chief clerk a id nota t|r, and b? certified by the notary vnder hi? nota rial seal; but when the holders desire to make the assignment and execute the roleases out of tho city of Washington, It may be done in the presence ef an assistant treasurer, or collector, or aurveyorof the oustoms, m the presence of a notary public,and be witnessed by the collector or surveyor aad the no tary public, and beoertified by the notary under his notarial seal; and if there be no collector or survey or ofthe custom* at the plaee where the party rtv sides, th?assignment and releases may be exeentfd befbre any court of record, in the preaence ofthe judge and cl rk thereof, and be witnessed by them, and certified by the clerk under his seal of office; and if the holder be out of the United States, the as signiuent an J releases may bo executed before any United States consul, and be witnessed and certified by him under his consular seal. All persons exe cuting such assignments and releases mast also de clare, underoath.Jb >fore the notary, olerk,or con sul, as the case may be, that they are the real own era of t'ae certificates or other evidences of debt, or that the same have been assigned to them, bona file, fir collection ; and the notary, clerk, or consul mast mcludethefaet of thatdeclaration in their cer* tifi ate ofaeknowledgment. If assigned lor collection, or in pledge, the name of the party holding the beneficial or reeuiuary in ?*?wt in the Maim mm* be *taie<| in the affidavit and a release to th<* United Stales and release to Texas must be duly executed by such party, to gether with the a??ignment and releases from the person in whose fevor settlement and payment is requested. One or more audited certificate*, or one or more evij^inre of the same eharacter of debt, may be in eluded in the same assignment, releases, and affida vit of ownership, if each ceitificate is correctly de scribed by number, date, amount, a-id name of the >rurinal payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the ?'tateof Texas, on account of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texa*, accord itig to the facts of each ca?e. The assign in ni to the United States may be made iu ci mm >n tor m ; ihe rel? should be drawn ac coiding to the forms subjoined?A and B. JAMBS GUTHRIE. Sccretaiy of the Treasury. h'nrm J9. Know all p -rsons by tbesi presents that ?? has relea *ed, and hereby releas't, the United c^ta'es of Am Tica from a'l further lability or claim for the payment of certificate or evidence of d> bt ?umb'i , for the sum of f , issued by the late republic of Texas, (or by the auihorltics o| ihe State of Texas, as ihe ram; may b -,) and re deem-d oy th?? limed Sta'es in accordance with the provisions of an act of Concrr** entitled "An act to provi e tor the payment of such cjeditnrs of the late republic of Texas as are comprehended in the aetof ComtriM ol September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approv ed the 28th day of Fodruary, 1855, and aa act of the *iatc of Texas, approved the 1st of Ftbruaiy. 1806. As witness my hand and sea). Form B, Know all persons by the?e presents that ha? released, andhereby releases, the Siateof Texas from all further liability or claim fot the pay mint of certificate or evidence of 4>bt number , for the sum of 3 - , issued by the late re public of Texas,(or by the auihoiuie* ol ihe state <?f T- *as, as the rase may be.) a^d redeemed by the United States in accorda ice with the provi? of an act of Congress, entitled " An act to pri.vidc for lha paym -nt of surh creditor of the late republic o Texas ai arc comprehended in the act of Congress of September nine, rixhleen hundred and filty," approved the 28th of February, 1855, and an act of ihe State of Tcxa", approved the 1st of February, IBjA. As witness iny hand and seal. The following is a list of the audited certificates suil ouista ding: Ar?. /?Juerf to. 8 T D Tompkins It) Kukman Caoficld 31 John A Cltrton .18 il K Muss S3 R G Ilobbi 84 J De Cordova So. ItiueJ to. lata Oscar Englcdow 1673 Trustees ?-f Austin College 1R8J G II Mnn^arrat It Co 15 ?0 John Karner 1701 Daniel Carl. 92 John Buraingt'am 173J) 1IVU, . ? l*i PhineasDeCordova 11 N Wtt,coU 178 E P.a'dwin 1716 John W Portia l'Jl Jam"s Tilghmai 192 Mathlas Clark | Elba Eaxlo 328 O Blineau Ml J E Wa le 369 Peters at Booth 390 F.ot: (lusted 404 S Kingaley 427 J Pa ker, for Elua- 1842 b-th Parks r,ex'x 437 Benedict Bayley 445 Leander Bcasou 406 Wit Odlia 467 John W King ilflTB Webb 510 A S Thu m md 548 Thos W Marshall 825 David S Kaufman 64J George W Parker 1770 I K E'liott 1*07 Harriet George 1816 Mile? S Bennett 1829 Nathaniel RudMer 1831 i Levi Tyler, adrn'r 1833} of W II Kelly iWs Samuel Wildey 1839 George Sutherland 1841 J P IL-nninga i8 ii} ^ ^ ^*cc't3 1844 Edmund Bollinger 1862 J D Logan 1856 C P Green 1865 David Ayrei 1809 Thomas FJtim-s 1878 C S<-liiedl) mauld IxyO J F Jewctt 1^7 F Emma 1199 Par ilia Leo' 641 Cruieher8iMcRavenl920 P ?V Grrvs.ra?ytr J;^} Wm Flower 6-VJ J A Siin-tsin 6^9 Win II Bclc'itr 677 II H Williams 701 Felix Riedtr Robert Dale 77J Wm Jouos 773 Win Walker 793 Dy>.r Ptarl 6 2 Isaac I. ili-l 863 Heimarau li>onn 874 John W Rower 879 lam-s McMa.tei 914 Dyer P^arl 915 Mary E len Heden-18'8 b?irg 930 J Ellis 932 Mrs Mary Btlvilie 1010 Anson Cranson 1012 P. M Forbes 1025 James N Horan lOU fhomas Lindsay 1045 Jamas L Green 1047 Jesae Daniel 1048 J B Hauls I 1050 Charles Viaceat IW j 8 D l')58 Willis Mlllican 1059 J D Millicau 1082 John Davis 1065 Wm Barton 1079 W ALockiiart 10SO K Morton 1195 James Killaio IV* t; H Taylor 1211 Vouuga Coir man 192Q Gilbe.rt JohuvoD 19^8 Robert I.usk 1929 E W ('awthern I9:i0 V\ m Cochran I9;f2 Fiaicl? Moore Jr 2071 Andrew Daley 2072 Isaac bU wait ?S5}CW Vickery 208^' 17)9 2100 1410 2108 293 213A 2145 623 2104 1601 2J03 Paul Bremond David G B'irnet R P McMa*ei F P Gentry 3 W PMiet Louisiana Davis E Frost 9306 Thomas R? ed 2316 Harrison C Biyaut J ? McDonald 2340 Arthur Garner 2311 J F Martch. tt 2341 Andrews li Grover 2-1454 p G Me-ritt 2J49 W Piukney 2350 J D '?i354 J Craw9)nl jr 2358 A P Edgerton 2359 Thomas Warner Jr 2-"'63 George K Sc-tare 2-81 Francis Bricfita 2382 Elizabeth Carter 238:J Wm l>avis 2 #7 Joseph T<4iiliuson 2.W) Srie^d Turner 1218 Rub >rt McNutt 1219 John W Cloud, ptr 2390 Wm Klmbro att'y J II Kaymoud 240o || H llaynie 12l>'l E De Pon ois 12GU c I' Greco 12<'v G W Sinks h Shaw 1217 J ?tin II end lick 1294 tiamuel Hid1 en 1300 John Johnson 13)1 Susan Ma?st?i 244*1 R W Milhank 2102 Catherine Allea B 240S Henry Kring 2U3 J W Lawrence 2418 Stephen Smith 2434 A C Morton 2418 Elaphaiet Ea?u>n 2442 Lemuel RDiekrnson 1362 Thomas H Forreater2450 Wm II Thompson ? " "" 2152 Z Wm Eddy 2471 J E Herron 2474 A D Hemphill 2477 Aaron Ilaughton 2479 Helraof John Jon< ? ?4?0 ? Joel Hi'l 2481 ?? Warren Aburn 2482 " John L Monks 2483 ? peter Aldriah 2400 M A Dooly 2500 George C Day cashier 2501 F Kennett fc Co 2503 John W Sckriinpf 2504 W C Blair 2512 M RorberttaiUe 2513 Henry 11 Brooks 2314 Gabriel Trnmwe'.t 2528 II 8 Morgan 2929 Furbur k Bean 2534 .^arah Newmsn 1W B R Warner 1423 William Frela It24 G W Osborna 1425 John A Raiherfbrd I4B7 Cornelius Vannoy 1428 Joseph Hates 147.1 Ann B Reese 1515 Lumbard Mima 1521 J C Moore 1523 John James 1554 K II DoiMlai 1570 E M Fish 1572 Wm Kerr 1*0 James A Moody 1361 P Bickford 1612 John Lamer 1615 John Cameron 1089 loha D Taylor 1?M Levi Mercer IfflS Rll Mercer ?? nv.sia*?lioa evidences of other ci&ties oi th j d?6. at it<# r?puMlc Of Texas cannot be specified by au ?-<niiUan2 W1 fashionable DANVINO HW. M UN I) ICR, PROFESSOR OF DANC ? Inn at Georgetown College and Con vent, and principal teacher of Washing ton, D C., and Baltimore, Md , ban the honor to announce to (he citizen* and public generally, ihat his school Is open5 ev?ry TUESDAY and THURSDAY AFTERNOON for Young l adles, Misses, and Masters, from 3 until 6 o'cock, and on the same evenings at 8 for gentlemen. Owing to the unusual large number of pupils in hl? classes thl? reason, and the great succcss of his class in the first society of Baltimore, com pells him to limit the number of pupils taken for the balance of the season. The public are well aware that Trof. M spares neither time nor patience to render the most un skilful pupil perfect. He Invites ladles and gentlemen csnerally of respectability and standing, to visit nls c ass and witness the Improvement of bis pupils la the few pleasant lesson* that has past. It in desirable that all who wish to participate in his May Exhibition should ente* cany this year, as the dances In pre {>aratlon are more complicated than any hereto ore introduced. novJltf Ethereal oil, or spirit ?as, manufactured fresh every morning CAMPHENEor FINE OH. For sale, wholesale or retail, by J. R McGREGOR, nov 2t-eo2w 531 Seventh street. music -music. E BEG TO ASSURE THE CITIZENS of the District, that we have entered solely in the Music, MuMcal instrument, and Piano Forte business, and they will alwavs find at cur store the largest and mo*t select stock of new and and old mu?lc ever before offer d bv any firm In this city. Music ordered with dispatch. Music boumt. Music sent by mall free of postage Always on hand Pianos, Guitars, Violins, Ac corJeons, Banjos, Strings, Piano Covers. Stools, Ac , Ac JOHN F. ELLIS, nov 22 306 Pa. ave., near lo'.h street. Notice?the undersigned, beino the Sole Agent of the Government Printer for the disposition of nil wast??, damaged, or surplus Paper* emanating from the Government printing offlcrs and blndercs, 1 hereby caution ail persons from purchasing ?ur.h from any one else, as upon any further knowledge of such fart, mich persons (buyer .in 1 sellers) shall t?e prosecuted to the full extent of the law. All such papers as damaged, (white and printed,) srplus document*, wrap pers, Ac , can be found at my store <n D street, near 7th the only authorized place for the sale of them. EDWARD TOWERS, nov 18-lw Agent. Notice is iierery given to all tradesmen In t Is city who hav* been in the habit of purchasing wafte or other Papers from employees or others conncctcd with either the Senate or Hi>u*e printing offices, that if hereafter any such purchases are made from any party other than Edward Towbrs, who is tne sole agent therefor, the parties so purchasing will be prosecuted to the extent of the law nov 18-lw C. WENDELL. DENTAL SUROEON. DR B F. COSBY, PENN. AVENUE, BE tween Sixth and Seventh Mreets,. at the place formerly occupied by Dr I Van Patten, has Just received a very large supply of articles perfaiai g to dentistry, and respectfully invites the public to give him a call. Having d< vo'ed hi* whole time to the pro fe?Mon, he Is perfectly *afe In declaring that he will give entire satisfaction in every casn The beat professional reference* can be *een at his of See. nov U-tMarchvO* JOHN H. HcCUTCIIEN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, HAS REMOVED 1UH OFFICE ANDRESI dence to No. 24 Missouri avenue, between and 6th street. nov 18-lm* DR. SKINNER'S SCHOOL FOR THE Deaf and Dumb and Blind, G street, be twecn 2fith and 21st streets, south side Friday afiernoon Is set apart for the reception of visitors nov IB 2w* WINTER MILLINERY. MRS. M. A HILLS WILL OPEN ^ - Winter Millinery on Wednesday, November 12th, at No *206 Peunsyl-^P^F vanla avenue, (>ctween 9th and 10th streets niv8 TO THE LADIES. ^.WK HAVE JUST OPENED OUR Jtgi ^^tfdshlonable assort men' of Velvetand)5j^L other WINTER BONNETS Al?o,*3jlP a new stvle of Hair Dresses and Flowers just re ceived from Paris; and all other article* In the Millinery line. C. PRIBRAM A CO., Pa. nve., bet. 10?h and 11th sts., south side. oc23-lra PURE SILVER WARE. SOLID SILVER TE~A SETS, SILVEK PORKS AND SPOONS, SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, (iOELETS. $ CUPS ALSO, FANCY SILVER WARE, suitable for WEDDING PRESENTS The above are all of our own manufac'ure, and WARRANTEDPCKB. M. W. GALT A BRO., nov 19-tf 3i4 Penn'a avenue. Nh S. BOPP Jfc CO , FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKERS. Beg leave to inform the ladiks of Washington, that they haveopened a Dress making Establishment at No.SOOlith street. 3 doors bt?low Hllbut's Music Store. Dre^res wl>l l>e inide in the latent French style, ar;d at the rnoft reatonaie prices. Ail kinds of patterns for Mantillas coutantly on hand, and Pinking <md Silk Wa?hlrig done ^t the iowe*t prices. novl-lm A CAKD. li'JKS FRANKLIN. TEACHER OF VOCAL i-vJL Music, No. 4i>5 Estroet, between 9'h and loth streets' Kefcrencea: Mr. R. Davis, and Mr. IIs!bus, Music store*. se 17-3m COAL?COAL?COAL. WE HAVE NOW ON HAND THE LARG: est and most superior stock cf COAL ever

brought Into thts market. Also afloat and deliv PTllg? 117 tons Red Ash, broken for Grates 170 do White Ash Egg, for Radiators 100 do do do oroken for Furnace ISO do Red Ash Stove, for cooking purposes. A deduction of 25 cents always m?ae when de livered from the vessel 9440 lbs totheton, from which there is no de viation Coal kept under cover FINE, OAK, and HICKORY WOOD always unhand T J .A W. M. GALT, Offlce N. W cor of 12th and C sts, No 547, one iquare south of Tenna avenue. nov 1* eonn HEWAKH?RAN AWAY FROM the subscriber, on the evening of the 1st Instant, a NEGRO WOMAN, belonging to the estate of Mrs. Sophia Perrle, (deceased,) named CORNELIA DIGGS, about twenty-five fears of age, five feet ten inches high, of a bright mulatto color, and is a very we'l made woman. I will give the above reward if taken In the District, or State of Maryland, or #'W0 if taken a non slaveholdlng State, and serund so that I can get her bmIu. G. A WATERS, ' uov3-tr Administrator, W. A. GPRANCI*. ABOVE ODD FELLOWS' ? Hall, on Seventh street, is now recel?l?? the he>?t Mo~k of goods in the way of HOUSEK LEP ING HARDWARE ever|b:ought to th "Citv Al po, Table and Pocket CulleTy, Silver platrd ar.d A bata Ware, Block Tin aud Ware, lilid Cage*, Clocks, Feather Dusters. Baskets, Brushes, Combs, Cabas, PortmonnaU, China Vase*, Gift Cups and Saucers, and a hundred eth er usehil articles. These goods were bought for cash at ibe lowest figure, and will be sold at the lowest possible prices nov 2l-tf T~ HeVtEAIWER OEORGE WASHING ton will depart at the follow-, lng hours: _ Leave Alexandria?#, 9, 11. 1\, ,. Leave Washington 8 jf, 10,12, 5 rov 11?d JOB CORSON, Captain. CCHANGE OF HOURS?the, J STEAMER GEORGE PAGE,[ will leave? A lexacdrla at 4# ,8 V ,10,12,2X, 5. and 6Jg o'clock. Washington at A.9. i 1, 1 \, 4, 5X, and 7 o'clock nov 11 ELLIS L PRICK, CapUU. Black tea?another lot of our standard BLACK TEA Is bow being received This Tee beers a reputation unsurpassed by any ever offered In this city Price 50 cents per pound. ? We have also, a variety of lower grades of Tea*, and at much lower prices. KINO i BURCHELL, r ?v 18 cor Vermont a*eeae and 15 h |\ OTICE.? DR J B. GIBBS WliL BE 1 v ab<?nt from the city, on business, until about tfcOjlltfc November. oc M-wU PURS'. FURS!! FDKSM! Having fitted up in elegant style for the ladies a most beautiful fur room. 1 can now offer the most beautiful assortment of Ladles'and Children'* FURS, in Capes, Mantil las, Pcllarlnes, Vlctorlaes, cxtri large Capes, Joslnes, and Boas, In Real Russian Sable, real Ermine Stone Martin, Sable Mink Hudson Bay Sable, French Sable Russian Fitch, American sable German Fitch, Rock Martin Siberian Squirrel, Chinchilla, Black Lvnx. Also, Fur 'irimming for Cloth and Velvet Cloaks, of all widths Gents' and Lad'es' Fur Gloves and Gauntlets. Collars and Foot Muff*. 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Ladles and Gent's English White, Brcwn and Colored Cotton Hose I edles and Gent's superior Cashmere and Merino Hose Ladles and Gent's best English and Pearl Silk Hore Boya and .Misses Brown and White Cotton Ho?e do , do Worsted and Merino Hose. FRANK A. McGEE, oc 31-e?lm 841 Pa av , bet. 12th and 13th sts. OPENING OF FALL AND WINTER .>1117 LINER Y. j^|TH E SUB5CRIBER OPENS TO. ^^lday the largest and handsomest as y^jFsortnBcnt of Winter Millinery he has ever offered to the p ibllc. Including the very best and latest styles of French Hats Heed Drer ses, Kib'oons. 'lrimings, Embroideries, Ac , all of which will be sold at prices that must please the best Jiitges of goods IC^The Ladles aie respectfully invited toccll e-aily and get bargnns. M. WILLIAN, Centre Market Spacc, bet. 7th and 8th sts. oc 3l-lwAeo3w N1LI.IIIERX. 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TODD A CO for the past twenty five years have devotrd mueh attention to this branch of their trade, purchasing exclusively for caKh, sell ing at moderate prices, aud by adhering to their demmlnattoB to deal In no article that would not bear the atrlctest scrutiny, they have secured a large and incieaslng trade from all parts of the country. . . Purchasers are Invited to visit their establish ment and examine the most extensive SIOCK OF FU RS south of New York._ oe31-3tAeotf H?USE-K EF.PINO ARTICLES.?TABLE Cutlery, a fine assortment of superior quall i^uUnary articles of all kinds Painted Tin Toilet Ware, In sets and single plee^ Tongs, Shovels, Andirons, Fenders, Sad Irons, Ac. Wood Saws and Axes Door Mats, Brooms, Brushes of all kinds, and almost every useful artlcls required In bouse keeping. For sale very cheap at my Bouse-Furnish in Warerooms, No. 930 Seventh street. nov5'2aw6w N. M. MeSRFGOH . LA HOE WHITE WRArPlKfr 1?APri', tfi.tUpdr ream; small do do65cen>r; let go Gray do,62 cents; Palm Leaf do, 90 cents nov |7 FRANCE TAYLOR. EVENING STAR. THE FATAL TRICK ? A TIGEK LOOSE. Bound* with one iihlnr pprlne tic mlsblv brute, * ' wide waving to and fro Hl< nncnr tall; red roll hi* eve* dilated ?rtw. * " Where his vast ncck Just mingles with The spine, Sheathed In his form the deadly weapon lies 11 [Ckildt Hnrold's Upon one evening a party of collegers and young bloods of the town had met together at my rooms to play and carouse, In fact, it was a regular meeting of the hunter*, who a&sem blod twice every week We kept it up j illily until midnight, having in that time mar age 1 to get full ol B.tcchus, when Somers propped that wo should sally forth and 3?toniru tho town by sumo well-planned and well dire:tei j icce of mischiof Without any oco of us hav-' ing a very clcar conception of cur action ur intentions, we hailed the proportion with drunken rapture, and started forth. A travelling menagerie bad arrived in town the day beforo, and among tho wonders was a young bear. Tho poor animal had been so well beaten that ho became very humble, and acquirod a number of amusing tricks. Of this we were well awaro, having visited the no nagerie tho day before. Just as wo passed the 8(>ot whero the animals were confined, it occurred to mo what rare sport it would be to capturo young Bruin, and place him in the chemical lecture room, to astonish, on the next day, the professor and the class. No sooner had I made the propoeitionto this effect than it was adopted, and all vcl'untecrcd their assistance in carrying it into exeoution. The tent or pavilion which crvered the beast was erected in tho jard of tho principal tav crn. The cages, each containing one or more animals, wcro iron grated boxes, standing on whoels, by means of vvhich they lia,d been dragged into to-va. They wcro arranged around tho interior of tuo tent, forming a cir cular array of wood and iron. Not imagining that any one would disturb tho animals, tho showmen and inmates of :hc tavern lett, the tents entirely unwatched. Thus we wrrc .if fjrdcl a clcar held in which to exccuto our tchcmo After several of our number had been posted as sentinels the rest crcpt in un der tho canvass and enterod tho arena It was some time before we could, in the deep darkness cf tho place, identify tho cage in which oar friend Bruin had been put to. Icep After 6tumbliag over divers things wLich lay scattered about, and peering hero a..d there in tho dark, wo found the object of our search There, in a substantial cagc, wm the dun out lino of tho animal; his two white eyci flashed drops of fire at being aroused from his quiet slumber. The next difficulty that occurred to us was tho mode of conveying him to the college, which was several hundred yards distant j .Some of the revellers proposed thii we should throw a halter arouna his no:k, and so drag him along. We objected tj it, not from any personal Tear, since we hid arrived at that point which makes one oblivious of danger, but lest we should be seen by somo late straggler, and have our fun spoiled A better plan waj, af ter much scheming, devised, and cno which met with universal acquiescence. In the t=?vcrn yarl stood a water hogshead, with a eliding lid, fastened by means of hasp and staple. We had only to roll this in. slide down the box from tho wheels, open the door immediately in front of the hogshead and drive tho animal in. We should then pu;h down the lid of tho cask, secure it by mean^ of a rope passed through the staples, and roll our prisoner :?nd prison-hjuso to the college. No sooner was thU suggested than we has tened to put it into execution. The cage, with our united efforts, was slid quiotly down from tae wheels?Bruin growling all tho whilo with anger?the hogshead was rolled in and placcd upon and in front of the cagc, and tho animal stirred up with our canes. With a terrific >ell he rushed in, anl wo closed the lid sud denly down upon him, fastening it at the a lie time in a secure manner. The yell of t to bear rojsc I the other animals, and our ears wero regaled for the next ten minutes with a variety of hideous sounds that wakened fear fully the sleeping echoes of tho night. The animal in the hogshead growled, and his voice came like distant thunder, so deadened was it by the wood in which ho lay. His fellows had no incumbrance to their voiccs, and they howled as clearly as though they had been in their native forests. Fearful of being discovered we remained quiet for sometime, holding our breath in sus pense But no ono disturbed c?r thought of disturbing us. The animals often started a chorus of strange noises during the night, and tho keepers thinking nothing unusual to be tho matter, merely curse J the unruly bea ts for destroying the unity of their rest, and turning back want to sleep again As soon ao quiet was restored we slit a hole in tho canvas, for we were afraid to emerge by the apeiture which faced tho tavern, rolled tur Logshead through tho yard to the b.? k gate. This was untastoned, and passing into the ro.\d wo started at a quick rato for our spot of destination Over and over went tho hogshead, the animal within growling at the rough treatment ho experienced, and wo nearly convulsed with laughter at tho un couthncss of tho noise which ho made. At leogth we reached the back part of the college, when one of our party climbed ever the wall and unfastened the gate. We rolled in the prise at the back door of tho labora'ory, which was the placo at which our professor ot chemistry lectured. We found that, in conse quence of the narrowness of the passage of Lhe door the hogshead would not enter, buch being tho case, we were about to start tho un imal through the open door, when an idea, wore rodolent of fun, struck the fancy of Seniors- Back of the lecture room wua a small apartment containing odds and enls, und which was not visited, perhaps, onco a month, lie said rightly, that if wo placed liruin in thiu apartment he would not bo like ly to be discovered until sometime during -he noise he would be apt to make attracting at tention, the plot would readily be brought to a crisis We joined cur strength, and upon jur shoulders up went tho hogshead uut'l it was placcd on a level with the window. A light young fellow, tho smallest of tho party, ;limbed up, hoisted up the window and slid up the lid of the cask Wo shook the hogs liead violently, but at fir-t to no purpose. The animal was thoroughly frightenod, and Iny still, or with only an occasional growl. Wo shook it again, and he started ihere was but ono possible modo of Progression which was straight lorward?and the brute gave a spring through the window There was a crash of glass, a howl, and then the terrified animal crouching in the corner, re mained silent. Our little companion c'osed the sash and leaped down \N e rolled the hogshead up into a coiner of the yard, and returning to our ro:ms, continued our revelry till near daylight. It was about noon when I awoke I hurried on my clothes, passed a wet towel around my head, swallowed some soda water, and after wards a cup of coffee, and then hastened to the collego. It was the hour of profenir of chenastry, and I entered the room just as they had commenced to descant upon the " The class were all wrapt in attention?for tne lecturer was an able man, and was upon 44 Light," a matter of peble of beautiful illustration- B,'2?i)5X? Ij hi. ehort .nd before .. tb. or~b ot botthj, low startliog growliog to moment while profcMorsecret loo'h.d .t uaas; of *e?>r<i? *?****%?>Md m. ii*. fessor proceedid . I Utfan to fetl alarmed, as 1 rem^.^d what had bfen done the eifht before. Ub4m THX WXKKLT STAB. ?i. . IUI1 Single tepTl f, Ulta tl a ?0 ll?M. _ M Klve copies (l# Ten copies w *weaty copies U7" Casu, imtuiLi IP a?va?cn JET,Sln?leeoples (U wrappers) at iL- coontrr Immediately aftes tke l**?* rf paper. Price?Tnann Ciuti 1'ost Ma s v it* wbo act as agent* Will fceell?we4 a commission of tweoty per cent. ordinary circus'tiDPM then was do danger to be apprehended The bear vaitane enough, and bad been whipped until be had iinbit>ed a pro{>er ranN of the superiority of man But from tbo sounds I judged that Bruin bad worked himself into the room, only separated from us by a thin partition, fall of windows in which were kept tbe Tarious drug* us?.d in illustrating experiments There were a great many carboys and bottle* of aeid in that room Should ho overset any of these, and their con tents touch his skin be would be apt to break through the windows of the aparUnent, and do soino mischief before we could seefcre him. By the looks of my companions I saw the? entertained the same fears There was another crash and fro*! T-e profe*s?r stopped again, and the claas looked aronnd in dismay. Those who were acquaint* od wuh t*i3 cau?e of the noise oould scarcely kcop their countenance; In spite of tbe ilarm under which they labored, there was eomcthing so ludicrous in the growl, espes'. illy when we figured to ourselves tbe coming con* stcrnation of the class, that tbej could hardly refrain from laughing outright, Tbe prefea* sor, who could n-A tall iron whence the sound proceeded, and thought it a triok of the elass. reproved them severely, and then continoed his lecture. 44 Gentlemen," said be, " prepare lor a brilliant ex^riment. i will show yon a most startling cCecl Add he <Hd ' Hark ! There was a sudden cra^i u it every bottle in the place bad been destroyed at once?a smoke rose up?there was a terrible bowl, that made tbe blood car die and tho marrow thrill?and ihrough the frail glast?Father of Truth ! we bnl misia dou tbo cage?there leaped forth, infuriated vritli the burning liquid which streamed over Liai?Lorror?-iui untamed royal tiger ' No words can describe the consternation of tbo cla*s Petrified by horror?motionless? there wo cat Not a muscle quivered, so rigid weru wo with intense fear it was our preser vation Maddened with the pain, the animal iu hod on with terrific b< uuds, and meeting with no obstacle, packed down the stairs into tbo great hail There, as be leaped and roll ed and howled in bis agony, the ellest daugh ter oi our janitor coming with a message, un wittingly entered, fcho tcreatued an i fell The tiger frantic with tbe aeid which was eating to his very fl?sh, heeded her not On he passed, and tbe girl lived. Better had she died, for never a^ain eh >ne the light cf reason la these vacaut eyes From that day forth :ho was a gibbering, incurable idiot On pr-Stfed the tiger, on! out through the . trecta with the populace flying to every side for shelter?past his old prison, whore the keepers stood wondering at his escape On he went, while behind him, before and around him rose the mingled cry of men. women and children?"the ti^er ' the tiger'" At the extremity of the main street a trav eler was riding quietly to his house. He hoard tbo noise behind him. and casting* bis eyes around saw tbe oauae He spurred his horse who started snorting with terror, for be saw tbe coming of tbe mighty animal as well as his master It was in vain The tiger noted not the man He only saw tbo tetrified stood One lean?the distance was just saved?and he put Lis claws into the bind quarters of tbe horse, who unmindful of his double burthen, ru bed on bearing his fearful load as though it were but a feather's weight Tbe man re ceived no hurt With presence of mind and cool new most determined?for it resulted from despair?he drew his bowie knife from hia bosom and with one stroke buried it to the biit in tho tiger's neck. Tbe spinal marrow of tho royal brute was severed and be died on the instant. But be did not release bis held Still with tho death gripe he clnng to his plj-vC, bis eyes glassy and glariug, snd his claws sunk deep into the flesh Ou went the hor*e, enorting, plunging and rearing in rnin gk*d pain and terror?on he wont until, ex tausted by fatiguo and loss cf blood, he fell prostrate. Those who came that way an hour after, cautiously and timidly saw tbe three ftretcbed together They stole up?lo! the bor^e and tiger were dead, and over their life less form? was the traveler, insensible, though alive, and still grasping in bis hand tbe friend ly knife Art akd Science at Hons i*n At.rtap. The question tf the mcon'a rotation has been much discuBsod for the past six mon'hs in tho London Times and Louden Mechanics Magazine, growing out of a letter published some time since by the well known astrono mer, Mr Symonds Mr S. took the posi tion that as tbe moon always present* the sumo fjee to tho earth, it cannot have a ro tation on its axis, and that the prevailing '.?pinion taught in *sti|?omical works, that it rotates on its axis once in 24 days exactly, to ? second, is wrong. He has be?n supported iu his controversy by Evan Hopkins and )thers, and Mr John Gumbacb has published i nhainphlet supporting the same views, in which he averts that Newton's proposition relative to the m oon's rotation has been en tirely misunderstood by bis followers. Dr. LirJner has just come out in defonee of tbo moon's rotations, and Dr. Whewell road a P?l^r before the late mooting of tho British Scientific Association. Tn? Georgia Railroad Hoax ? R R.Cuy lor, E-q , president Central railroad and bank ing company of Georgia, publishes in tbe Savannah Republican of Thursday last a du ?)!ie;>te of a letter he has addressed to th L >r.don Times, contradioting the extraordinary larr.itivo of Mr John Arrownmith, in regard n atrocities imagined by him to haveocourred ?n the road ovor which Mr Cnyler preside#, le says: " I beg permission to assure yon and >our lutncrou? readers that the whole account, rom beginning to end, i> a sheer fabrication was in the city of Savannah on tbo 24th Au gust, and know that there is not a word of ruth m tho statement *' Inqions.?A gentleman, once upon a time, intered a small *hop in which vegetables were Lept for sale, and inquired of the proprietor f be had any 44 onions." ?- Onion?, onions," repeated the putaled ?egeUblo dealer, 44 onions'?no, sir, I brieve ?Aftcr the gentleman had loft tbe perplexed Trouble scratched bis bead for a mo uelit. and then, as if struck with a sudden elution of the mysery, exela med, 14 Wonder f the darntd ignorant fool didn't mean i? riens'"' Trade between Koiori and Chicago ? dvertikemenU appear in the Chicago papers >1 votaols wanted for Europe '' One of them - desired to load for 4la |?ort inside th* Straits Gibraltar, and not higher up than Valen :ia. with return cargo ot Iruit and wine direct o Chicago," and toe other to load for tho L'nited kingdom. The sucees# of the tr-p of h? "Dan Richmond" in reaching Liverpool eith her cargo fr< m Chiosgo, is taken as proof that tho commerce direct between the ports :an bo eetablishod, though it is strange, if that were the case, that the fhip was void in Liv jrpool in'tesd of returning whence she sailed Vegetable Wool ? The new carpet rf rrgctablo wool has lately boon patented It s cheaper, more durable, and enoler than that litherto in use In color alone it is dcteient. Off, while tbe green and yellow are perfect, he rod aud blue are rather indistinct and nuddy The material promises wall, most of ill for hangings. The Algerian stripe, so nueb in vogue just now, being quite as per fect as auy at present made, can be manufac tured at a saving of one-half the prioe. Daracf jvb Vision ? Tbe Paris Medical Ga tiftM, tbatcf tbe S ?5.102 young men exf-rined In Trance for mHitary sorrioo, du rin? inaoteen y?*rs, 13 007 wore exempUd o# aocount of defeotlTt sigkt.