Newspaper of Evening Star, November 25, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 25, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAB. Job Pbiwtib?.?Our patrons and the public are reminded that we are prepared to have their orders for Job Printing of every descrip tion executed at the shortest notioe, for the lowest prices and in the best and most satis factory manner. All wanting suoh work done eannot do better than to applj directly at the counter of the Star office. LOO A L INTELLIOENOE. Board of Alobbbbb.?The Board held its regular meeting last evening. Bills for the relief of Wealthy M Hanson, James Addison end William B Jaekson were passed; also a bill for the erection of ashed at the west end of the Western market. The police committee was discharged from the consideration of Council bill changing the line of the election precincts of the Third and Fourth Wards, and the bill was rejected. A bill was passed granting the use of a por tion of Centre Market space to Cornelius Shawn for equestrian purposes, from Decem ber 24, 1864, to March 5,1557, and permitting him to ereot a temporary wooden building thereon, providing he deposit $100 weekly in advance, and that the structure shall be re moved whenever the Mayor shall deem it a nuisance or in the way ef the market. Mr Basey, from police oommittoe, reported Council bill regulating markets, with amend ments; one of which proposed to raise the price for license of butchers in the Centre market from forty to sixty dollais, and making the license of butchers in the other markets uniform at twenty-five dollars; the amend ments of the committee were adopted. Mr Evans moved an amendment giving the Commissioners of the Northern Market a sala ry of $100 He went on to explain what im provements had been brought about at this market, mainly through the labors of these Commissioners, and the increased revenue thereby accruing to the city treasury. The revenue of that market was increased from $1,500 to S3.150 Mr Bu*ey denied the correctness of the fig- i ures The present revenue he learned was only SI,100 and the increase was only pros pective in cade the stalls should be all rented and the licenses increased, when it was ex pected that the revenue would amount to $2,600 lie thought if the salaries were al lowed the Commissioners of markets it would be requisite to givo salaries to Trustees of Public Schools and members of the Board of Health. The amendment was further debated and rejected Mr. Houston moved to strike out $60 and in sert $40 as the license te be paid by butchers in the Centre Market. He thought this enough to pay for the wretched accommodations af forded. The amendment was adopted: after which the bill was perfected ?nd passed Bills for the relief of Benjamin T. Beer-, Ann Smoot and Phillip Kraffi were passed; also a bill authorising Nicholas Acker and others to u?e a portion of the pavement of North Capitol street. Joint resolution authorising the Mayor to test the utility of the iron pump manufactured by Foster Henshaw was adopted. Tho appropriation bill was received from the lower Board. Mr. Ruff moved to strike out the appropri ations for compensation to the commissioners of the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Six*h Wards, and the Intendant and Physician of the Asylum. The amendment was lost?ayes 6, noes 7. The appropriation bill wad then parsed ? ayes S, noes 5. Council bill, providing for th? improvement of Eleventh street west, across 51 street north, passed. Mr. Evans introduced a bill appropriating $500 for the purpose of ceilirg the Northern Market- passed. The B.<ard then adjourned. 5t John 3 Association fob thb Relief or tbb Poor ?This Association held its ninth annual meeting on the 5th day of the present mouth. (November,) when the managers re sumed their labors of love and mercy, which justly reflect so much credit upon both head and heart. They report that during the past year they have aided and relieved 110 fami lias, and distributed 178 garments. Their parish school contains 50 children, though, owing to sickness and the severity of tho wea ther, the attendance has not been so regular during the last year as usual They have a regular teacher, who instructs these poor little Iambs of the flock in the utsful and necessary branches of an English education. Thrice a a week they receive religious instruction, and on the Sabbath attend school at Saint Jwha'a church. The following report of the Treasurer (Joi Smith, Esq ) will show how the funds of the Society have been obtained and in what man ner expended during the year ending October 31, 1854 : Receipts?Alms at the Holy Communion, $632.61 ; weekly collect'ans, $641 50; sub scriptions and donations, $331 50 ; from the treasurer of the parish, by vote of the vestry, $200; total during the year, $1,805 61 ; bal ance from last year, ,$106.35; total assets, SI,911.97. Expenditures?For clotning, bedding, &o., for the poor, ?90 77 ; jensioaers wf the parish, for rent, board, , $213.54 ; for groceries, $196 14; for wood, $4i*4 28; fir shoes, $44 62; funeral expense, $4 88; assistant minister's salary, from October 18 to May 30. inclusive, $371 65; parish school, for teaching, $120; for rent, $96 ; for books, fuel; furniture, Ac., $33 30; total, $1 665.18, leaving a balance on hand of $246 79. Tbb Plblic Schools in Washington Cocntv.?At a meeting in W ashington county, at Hopston, November 24th, Ada Whitney was appointed Chairman, and J. C. Lewis Seore tary. s Alter a very full examination of the pro posed School Law, it was unanimously? Ke*olveU, That we consider the propoced School Law objectionable in several respects First It makes the amount of tax impera tive whether it be needed or not. Second. That it does not allow the inhabit ants of the districts the privilege of selecting the location of their own school-houses, or of electing their own officers That we therefore objeot to the proposed law, but will use our influence to procure a 1 iw more in accordauoe with the wants of the inhabitants of the oounty asking Congress to be as liberal towards us as to the inhabitants of the States and Territo ries. In view of the importance of common schools? Keto'vrd, That Joshua Pierce, Charles G. Page Henry Naylor, Chas. Fletcher of Kalo ratea. and Asa Whitney, be a eommittee to eali a general meeting of the inhabitants of the eounty, at such time and place aa they may deem proper, to take into consideration measures neeessary to establish a desirable school system tifsa That the proceedings of this meet ing be published iu the Washingtou city pa pers. Asa Whitmby, Chairman. J. C. Lewis, Secretary. Fob Ft rther Ubarii>?.?Watchmen Nor wood and Bird succeeded yes'erday in arrest ing Wm Johnson, John R >e and John Bark man. who are charged with being concerned in the robbery of the market stand on Monday morning. A lot of bacon was found in John sou's poeeesaion, and another lot obtained where they had sold it Johnson is about forty years of age Roe is well known to the police, and is about seventeen Barkman is apparently nineteen years of ago, and a new beginner They were all sent to jail for a fur ther hearing by Justice Honn. Cbhtbb Mabket?We noticed this morning that efforts are making to afford more coir* f< rtable positions fer persons who occupy stands in (he market. The r'?of is being re paired and new tin gutters placed upon it. The contractors for laying the payments and setting the curb on the south side of market space are now arrangiug their materials for the work, and the dealers are expecting that they will be eared for during the ioolemeney of the winter. The sapply this morning was very good in all the departments of the mar ket Rkmembsb the Bail of the ,Boone Club to night, at the Assembly Rooms. National Theatre ?The performuw. last night, went off in a blase of glory, ana the audienoe?which, bj the way, wu one of the largest we ever saw packed within the walli of a theatre?expressed the most extrav agant demonstrations of delight, now at the rich fan developed in one portion of the pieea, and now at the gorgeous scenio display be held at another In the latter respeet, we {resume, it surpasses anything ever before ex ibited in this eity, and as such is a splendid triumph for the artist, Mr Charles o. Gets. The " Amaions" are exceedingly pretty, but they need a little more drilling for perfection in their military evolutions, which wo have no doubt they will take to day, and that the {ieee will be rendered with even heightened rillianey of effect in all its departments to night. We mutt not fail to give credit to Mr J. ?. Phillips for the finely arranged dramatio tab leaux ; to Merars. Gardiner and Smith for tho well-managed mechanical effects; and to the exquisite music for the piece, performed un der the direction of Prof Jamison; and, above all, to Manager Ford for the splendid perform ance altogether. Fcn Spoiled. ? Information having been given to the Chief of Police that a large num ber of colored persons were preparing for a dance and drinking party in that portion of the Fourth Ward known as Goat Alley, tho ehief detailed a number of officers to attend and arrest all concerned in the unlawful as semblage Many colored persons were seen going in that direction in the morning; but the party did not assemble, probably because they learned that the officers were awaiting their arrival. Permits are sometimes granted to colored persons to hold parties when tbev are known as respectaVle citisens; but such as know that permission will not bo given them, endeavor to evade the law by giving parties in the day time. Up fob Profanity.? Last night, something of a disturbance was created at Schadd's res taurant on the Avenue, in consequence of a breete kicked up by two colored persons from New York whom the bar keeper had refused to supply with liquor. These wen, named Win and John Wedge?having used some profane and insulting language, an attempt was made to put them out, and a fracas en sued, which resulted in the arrest of the bar keeper, Jas Plats, and the two above named. They were taken before Justice Hollingshead by Officer Reynolds, and after a hearing of the evidence Plata was dismissed, and the two Wedges made to pay a fine and costs of $3 ly eacn for profanity. The Democratic Celebration oh Thi'Rr pat Night.?Very general preparations are being made by our citizens to participate in the procession and illumination of Thursday night, and all the indications point to a page ant of much more than ordinary effect It is of importance that the illumination should be general, and that concert of action should be observed as to the time of the display. Our country friends in Maryland and Vir ginia are. we hear, preparing to be present in force on Thursday night, and, should the day be a fine one, there will undoubtedly be a must effective display. Prevented ?Yesterday the police officers were notified that an attempt was to bo inude last night to rob the grocery store on Third street, near Trinity church, belonging to Mr Birth. The cfficers arranged to watch for the robbers during the night. The proprietor having also been notified kept a light burning in the store through the night, which proba bly gave the alarm to the depredators, as the night passed without any attempt at break ing in. Mrs Steele, the lady whose advertisement appears in another column, we are assured by disinterested judges, is nn artist of rare ex cellence, and one meriting the patronage of an enlightened public, who ever regard with favor the high manifestations of talent, enter prise and energy, which, to the honor of our country, have of late been so often developed in various departments of literature aud art by American women Ball op the Marion Rifles.?Dropping in at Temperance IIall, last night, we frund a very pleasant company gathered there and all enjoying themselves vastly. We were es peciaily pleased with the good order main tained?a feature not always observable at a military ball The Grand March, composed for the occasion by Prof. Esputa and dedi cated to Capt Shekell, was performed with brilliant effect. The New Railroad.?The regular travel over the Washington and Alexandria railroad commences to-day, as will be seen by an ad vertisement in anothor column of the Star. It will reduce the time required for the trip here tofore by omnibus more than one half, and as it offers many convenience?, will doubtless be extensively patronized, as it should be. Watch Retcrns ?Isab a Thornton, drunk; di?mifs<?d George T Gaines, colored, out after hours; fine and costs Win. Easton, Joseph Plant, James Plant, and George Dover, colored, disorderly ; security and costs. Prettt Tough?An exchange stys that " Daniel C Angner, of Woodbridge, Vermont, raised, last season, four bushels of California potatoes from a single po ato." Salt in Texas ?It is stated in the Texas papers that salt works have been established in that State, about fifty miles above Austin, on the west side of tho Colorado. The salt is said to be a superior article, and the best of fered in that market This is a fortunate dis covery, as all the salt for that region was wagoned from the coasts. English Idea of American Live ?A New Yorker who tired a revolver in the streets of London, was let off on a light fine on the ground that it was a common practice in tho United States, where nobody thought any thing of it The Lord Mayor said it was a very surprising state of society, but he was not prepared to dispute the fact. EZ7?1' He Died ?( Doctors," remarked a frlaud of oom. a* we a poke of a young man, a rKtlit virlim of the dree led C>n- 'OipUou, aud with gictt force the truth MX6 to oar inluJ, knowing ea we d.<l that !n lile case ails taksu p recti re had agali another to the grave. In ratet of Ought, Cold*. Bronchitis and other I.ue4 and Throat Clsaaeea, put jour t:u?: la Mr*. M. N Gardner's Indltn Balaam uf Liverwort and Hoarhouud. It never falls to g,ve relief. Mee*rs Wwki A Potter, No. 1S4 Washington (treat, Bos toa. General Agenta. For eale hy W. H. Gllruau, Charles blot', Na ru A P linir. Z. D. Oilman, and l y Druggists g?n erallf. no* !??Iw. 1X7" Hosteller.?Three bellies of Hottet tsr's Vegetable Stomach BiUer* will rure tho Dyspasia, ene bottle will create at appetite, force off Uie Impure bl!e, purl fy the blood aad Invigorate the eyeless; two bottle* will car* ? worst form cf Liver Complaint; one bottle will dlaalpate tliat weakoaae at the pit of the eunuch. (Ira color to t e countenance. Impart tone aud atreugtii to t'ie a/stem, and lend cheerfulness t> the mtnd. Every family should have 11 statiei'< ralebrated Stomarb Blttere. No artlclo U so perullarly adapted to the depreaelng eflerts of oar climate. Hold ny Druggists and dealers generally. no* 15-lw fr^Ttae Ladies (isd De tirslh'i fclertrlc Oil piseaaut and soothing. Mi 8. 3 Hanc* of Baltimore, says "some customers have bored him half an hour with p-el*e of tils wonderfai oil, which baa cured them, and he scarcely aver need rec*?mn??ud It, an It speaks for itself In all ? ?*ee It cared Or Eiklatou's wife, although ?he had snflere<t many jeer. It ha* cured people of Palsy, eleo Neuralgia, In ane day, when tea fa< e had beeu dietorted three yeers. Price 2S. M and 7? crots aud |1. Large bottke ten times the cheapest For sal? by CM A3. tiTOTT. no*. 81?lw 1?7?Paints, Oils, Wladew Ulass?A large eiooa kept constantly on baud, and will be sold vsry low fjr ?ah or to punctual customers. Brill ?b and fr'nobplatr store* aud dwellings of any slxa, however large, for sale at Imrortere' New York pri. ee OrnamenUl and (Halted I)Us* OI every variety of pattern, fnrniehed at short notice, -ample- can be seeu at the store I would eapert.lly call toe a'teutlon of bulldors snd geatlemeu about erecting ? uldligs to ltie above, as by purchasing of methey will a?r? about <w-nty-flre per cent., heeldrs the rlsu of thanspoita ?! >11, which la an itsm worthy of cotiSlder*Mon tireen house and hot be I glee* always on hand at maiiafa -.torer's prices ?I O OILMAN,Druggist,SAOPsunsylvanleaveous. nov SI?lw IT^ M atches. Jewelry aad sliver Ware. I bate now on liana a .all stock cf 'he uioet fue'ilsnak e ?rvlee of rich sold Jewh y; also, a large aaeorlDiwI ef superior gold aud sllvwr Wat be* I am alao manufacturing (1u my own eb"?>i every variety of Sdvar Ware, eorh as us. Forks, Ladlea; rake and pie Knives; salt, mustard and olive Hpoone; Napkin Binge, FltoOare, Tea batts, *0., from e? Md aterllng silver, which I will oEer for sale at I >*v?T rates than goods of the aame quality have aver been arid for In this city at No. Ms Peungylvatria aeanua, ua*r ftn street, elitn "i tlia large spread eagle. H. O. HOOO. oc SS-tr U^Ur?w?'? Broachtal Troches.?**We have fonnd them of greatservlcela allaying Broochlal Irrita tion, and la eubdalag M >are?oaes produ- ed by Oolds, and do oar cloilcal Liothr.o a real Uvor lu calling thalr attenUoa t-? them."?Zloo's Herald. " We commend them to tha at teutlou of public ?1 rakers, alngers, and others who ara troablad with aSacMaaa o# the Taroat."?Ohrfattaa Wil<-li as an. "for Out^hs. A.tlisu, *e., we cheerfully bear teati lauuy front persoaal knowledge to their el&cary "?1;?:loo's rirtArlal. A They are a simple aud elegant form for admlu katertMg, In roubiaatioa, several medletnel enbetan^t a held la gri??ral eslsars atsviig Phyalctaua lu the treat.n? tl of Mr -.chlal ?(Ttcllo'ia."*? Dr. O. F. Blgelow. O ?otal (in ?fpna ?r d*l?t r;ons drugs, theaa l.i???t'? r .3 t . . e,| f. rely by public speakers aad vo .lla'.a fir cle.ti, tg and gr. ,ug Strang tk to ?ko volca. Sold by all Or egg'eta oat l*-?f JAKES ?. OALLAN, igeat. Q7lit?ilikla| Car* with only ??? Bit TLB.-Joo. B Ball * O*., Mn: Pmqn Iwle, Aroostook On.,*e , April W. . " W. herewith wad jou a certtfloMa of a c?r? perfcrmed ky the aae or only one bottle or tbe OoraM Bitter.; we think Mr. Clerk to b? ? dm of veracity, m4 beve mo *k? tratk of hi. story." Messrs. Joa. B. Hall k Oo.?G*allet?e?? la aa.wer to yoor Inqalrlee, I will state that ay daafbter. >H akoat 1? years, baa boaa ooiaplaial?? of a rain In bar aid a fOT sit or yaara, and abont Uta flrat of Jaaaary last, ni taken down and ooalliiad to bar bad. Tba pain la bar aide waa vary ee vara, baaldaa being ti nab led with palm between bar ahooJdara and tn bar breast From reading a nomber of coraa per Ibraaed by "Hoofland's Orrman Blttara," I waa induced to try It In hercaae, and sent tu jour store and purchased one bottle. She bad taken It but a few days when alio bega? to Improve, and now, after taking ouly oue bottle, she la enjoy In* better health than aba baa for years. She feel* no paJo In bar side or Id any part of her body, and attributes ber cnre entirely to the Germs* Bitters. Salmon Brook, Arooatook Co., Me WII CLARK. 3ee a lverttfteaa*>ut. Bep7-JBtr IfT tmpartant to tka La4t(?:-Or> D? r?jlfOO*8 FBMALB PILLS.?The combination of Ingredi ent* In the Fills are perfectly harmleas. Tbelr efficacy and merits are baaed opon an extensive practice of over tiilrty years; and, where the directions bare been strictly fol lowed, they bare nev?r failed to correct all Irregularities, reliera palatal and dlflcalt m-nstrnatlon, (partlcriarly,) at the chance of Ufa. They will care the Whltoa, a?d remove all Abstractions arleln^ from old, exrnsore or a?y caoe?s; and may be nsed successfully as a Preventive. Call upon the "gent, and Ret a GtrenUr for partlcalars free. Pi Ice |1 per boa, with fall directions, fold wholesale and retail by 08AS. 8T0TT, Urucrlst, Peonsylvmola ?v?ooe, BAMTBLB. WaIT?,fJ? Seventh street, W*sl iugv u, D. C.J and B. 8. T. OISiEL, Georgetown; to whom all order* mnst be sent, and the Pills will be sent confidentially, by mall, to ladles who enclose tl.ein oue dollar. N. B.?See signature ou the toe: toconuterfelllt Is for ?ry. le?-tf MARRIED, On the 13th Instant, bv the Rev. Father Knight. Ml ISAAC N WILSON toMlss CATHARINE A.J CAMPBELL. * On the mornlnj of the 25th ln<;'a-t, by thl Re*. Wm. Krebu, SAMUEL T. CRAWFORD, of Baltimore, and Miss MALINDA VIRGINIA BHOOKS, of thta cltv (Baltimore papers please copy ) * On tbe20:h Infant, hy the hev. Mr. Deale, Mr THOMAS H. WALKER to Miss SAKAH C TUCKER, Bll of this city. * In this city, on the 18th Instant, at St Peter's Chuich . by the Rev Father Knipht, JOBN W. SMOOT to MARY, eldest daughter of Mr. Pat rlek McKenna, all of this city. * For Sale and Heat. FOR RENT?WITH OR WITHOUT Board, three neatly furnished Rooms, No fi.l Missou ri aveune no* '-'S e->3t? For rent ?a hoose, no. 38J ;?th ttreet,east side, between I and New Vork avenue, containing seven Rooms. Inquire rex door. n~v25-3t* For rent?a frame house and Store, Iwith or without a large Brick Bake House attached, on 11th street, near Maryland avenue, Island To a good tenant the rent will be moderate Apply to ANDREW SMALL, No 291 C street, between 9th and 10th nov 25- 3'.* For rent ?a comfor table house. with gas fixtures, good yard, brick stable and coach house, on south B street, Capitol Hill In Suire of JOSEPH INGLE, New Jrwy avnue, apltol Hill no*24-lwAeotf mHREE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR I RENT?With gas. Two on the first floor and one on the secon4,atNo 403 F street, or.e door east rt 1 h street; one of the most desirable locations In the city. nov 21-3t? Farms to sell?a farm of sixty eight rcres. excellently suited for a marktt garden, 5Jf miles from Washington. There are 50 acres cleared, the rest In wood. There is a meadow on it. and streams run through the farm If desired will be exchanged for city property. Also, a Farm of 400 acres, near Draocsville, Fall fax county, V a. 150 acres are cleared. Ills well wa ered. and has abundance of timber on li The improvements are good Also, several Houses, and a large number of LoU forsale Apply to LANSDALE A KIRK WOOD, 514 7th street. nov 2t-3t? nijR RENT ?THAT TWO-STORY BRICK ? Building, with basement and attic, containing 9 Rooms, with an adjsccnt side building, having s kitchen, wood-house, and two sleepleg room-. This dwelling Is situated at the south east corner of 8th street west, ar.d B street south, mar the Smithsonian Institute, on a Lot of ground about 156 feet on 8th street, and 100 fee! on B stnet It U handsomely sodded, and Improved by shrub bery and shade trees, and has an elegant jano ramlc view of the city 11 is accessible by a gord pavement along 7th street from Pern avenue, near to Cen're Market, and ceutral to all the public place;aand to be estimated must be sten Tbtre will b? a sale of excellent furniture by McGolre, a".10 o'clock, Wednesday. 96tb lost. Possession given on Monday, the 1st December. Hent mod erate. Apply on the premises nov 21-3'.* r?<OR RENT?A handsome AND CON venlent House, situated ou the south side of G stieet. two doors above 2lst. Also, a large ai:d commodious Hou-e situated on the corncr of G and 22d streets, which will be rented at a very low rent. Persons wishing to see the above bou ses can do so by calling at No. 1?8 G street, above 2Ut. nov 24 3t* FOR RENT.?A WELL AND NEW FUR nlsned Hou*e, two rq xares from the av?nue, and near the Klrkwood House For a famliy It ha* overy convenience Keat moderate, if desired, furnituie Ac , can be purchased low. Inquire at this office no* 22-lw* rilO LET.?THE TWO NEW HOUSES ON i I'ieice street, between North Capitol and 1-t street, within a t-quare of the new Congressional Printing Offlce. To a good and punctual tenant the rent will be made iow. For terms apply to CHARLES TBOMA, opposite the premises. nov 18-tf EI^OR RENT?THAT LARGE AND AIRY Houte on Penn avenue, betwren Pth acd 7th streets, over A. Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-cla s Boardlng-House. it is now undergoing a complete repair Possession given Immediately Inquire of A. HOOVER A SON, south s de of Penn avenue, between 6th und 7th streets oc3ft-tf A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN GEORGETOWN. D C , FOR Ul NT ? The subscriber offar* for rent her late residence at the corner of Fayette and Fourth streets, Georgetown, immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This is one of the largest and best finished houses In the District of Columbia, having all the modern Improvements contained in the flrst-class houses of the Northern cities. There is attached a large cistern in the yard, carriage-house, and stable for several horses. A pump of the purest water In the immediate vicinity. The locality is high and salubrious, and in a quiet and highly respectable nelgLb jrhood. posse*slon given immediately. For further particulars inquire next door to the premises, of Mrs ANNE R. O'NEAL. oc4 For sale?a number of farms, containing twenty acres and upwards, or divided to suit purchasers, ?l!uated In the Dis trict, Maryland, or Virginia Alro. some of the most desirable Property in this city, consisting of Dwelling Houses and va cant Lots Persons wishing to Invest money In the Metropolis of the Nation or vicinity will do well to give me a call before purchasing. Per sons having property to dispose of can have it done upon reasonable terms Money profit-bly Invested on Real Estate securities, and loans negotiated. ApplytoX W. MrKNEW. General Ageot, Congressional Globe Office. nov 17-eo3w F OR SALE-THE SUBSCRIBER IS AU ?. thorlzed to sell at private sale a two-story and attic Frame House asa Lot. situated on l'^th street, between M and N st ceH, No. 331. Also, the ad joining vacant Lot Terms: One-tbird cash: the balance in seven Instalments, at six months apart. I'osseMlon given Immediately. fkhrv novll-eo2w* JAS T. FEKKY. F OR RENT-THREE LARGE WELL m. finished Rooms, with Gas Fixtures Apply on the premises to ALEX. rutherford, Marble Va:d, opposite National Theatre, nov lS-eo2w For sale or rent-one of those large dwelling Houses on C street, between 1st aaa 2d, containing Water, Gas, Furnace, Range*, and all other conveniences of a first class residence. The Houte will be sold a great bar ealu. Apply on the premises, or 12?b sttect and Canal, r.f jno. B. WARD. nov 14 eo3w (IntelAUnlon] F .10 R SALE OR RENT-A DESIRABLE _ small pi ire near Bladeasbnrg D? pot, con taining about twenty acres of land The Improve ments are a small Cottage Dwelling, Carriage house, Stable, Ac ; well fenced and in a good ?tale of cultivation. The soil Is well adapted to the purposes of a market garden and dairy Ap ply to Z W. McKNEW, Congressional Globe OSce. no* !7-eo2w FBURNISHED ROOMS FOR RkNT ?EN 1 quire on the premises, No. V05 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, south side, no* 13-tf TWO FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS FOR SALE?Houses No 48 and 50 Louisiana ave nue, between Oth and 7ilt streets. The location Is a desirable one and offers a rare chance for a good investment. Terms ea-y Apply to E. K. lLN DY, No 128 Bridge street, Georgetown, or No.46 Loulilana avenue, Washington nov 14-tf F M)K RENT OR LEASE ? DWELLING * House 33i, north aide Penn avenue, between 0th and 10th streets One of the finest locations In the city for profefslonal or business men. To . ? ."SSI '?<.??> K will bt n,?d,n,?- Ap.

p \ on ch?* premises to GEO H. B Will TEA L?.,orto(?HAS. U B??, iM Peon. ?*?a*,? a0T " AUCTION SALES. By A. GRtEN, Auctioneer. R^ilV.0 MACBW*S, THRESHER * w"4 ?*r*w-C*rrior, Hardware, to., at AoclU?._on SATURDAY, the Sflth Instant*! ?hall aell, la front of nay auction atore, at 10 o'clock *. wa.? Five new reaplag Machine*, made by Forbus A i with apparatus complete One Thresher and Straw-carrier, two Barrows One Plough, wlUi a lot of other Hardwire. The above articles will beaold, without reserve to pay freight and storage. A. GREEN. ' no*8*-d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VALUABLE 1 .V'"?proved Property at the earner ?f a*d ?"?eta.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, November 26th, at 4 o'clock, on . .^em 1 #h&11 ??Ut without reserve, part of Lot No fl, in square No 79, fronting 79 feet on na street by 106 feet on north 6 street,containing 7,73^ square feet. B This Is a beautiful location for a private resi dence, and 1* well stocked with excellent fruit w6G^ ? Terms: One third cash; the residue In three six, and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of tru?t on the premi es. oov^-d J AS. 6. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VpRLiBL,H,BLK afid B&KI090IIB Aaction.?On WEDNES DAY , the tffith instant, 1 shall sell* in front of the 4 o'clock p. m , a very handsome ? Hiding Lot, suitable for one or more buildings, located in tie central part of the city, only one 'ronQ Fatent Office, being north part of Lot No 19, in square No 451, having a front on the south ?lde of north H street of 51 feet, running back 135 feet to a public alley, between fith and7th streets west This lot is beautifully located, having good Im provements adjoining on both Mdes, end pre*ents many inducements to persons wishing to make a lQTe8tnr!eDt or secure a handsome building Terms: One-third cash ; balance in 6, 12, end 19 months, for notes Wring interest f*om day of sa)?... A def<! K,ve> *nd a deed of trust taken. Title Indisputable. A. GREEN, novai-d Auctioneer. By WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF NEW CAR *. riages, Doggies, Rocknways, Ice,, at Avctian.?On THURSDAY MOKNING.IVo vember87th, at 10 o'clock, we will Hell at the Carriage Factory of Messrs. Heslup A Weeden, comirof Louisiana avenue andttth street, their entire stcek of Carriages, Buggies ar.d Rocka wa\s, which are their own make, cf the best materials and workmanship. We name? *2 six-seat Carriages, handsomely mounted and lined, a first-rate article 2 four-seat Rockaways, ligLt end strong 1 two do do, suitable for * physician 1 do Pfcnton, made for service in the very best manner, a beautiful article. The sale will be positive, as Messrs. Hoalup X Weeden have given up buslr.e's Term*: A credit of two, four, and six months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing inttr^t WALL, BARNARD A CO , nov I7 Auctioneers. J^EROSENE Oil. AND KfiFHOSENE German Student's, or Frank's Lamp Patent Spirit Has Lamps Lamp Shades and Chimneys. For sale by J. H McGRKGOR. nov WZ oo2w 534 Seventh street. IOST? ON FRIDAY, BETWEEN TIIL Ru^by House and tlieSta'e Department a gt;n tlenntt S BREASTPIN, net With one plain atour. The finder will be suitably rewarded by lraving the pin, which has a value fotbf losrr bevor.d Us lutrinsfe woHh, either with the Steward ol the Rugby House or at No. 7 State Department, nov 22-eo3t Toys, wholesale and retail, by Krlss Krlngle's agent, LAMMOND, nov i.2-3t Seventh street S ifISM RV, POCKET< ITLKRY, I'omide, C3 Hair and Tooth Brushes, i.adlts' Reticuleo, China Ornaments, Ac., at low piice* n? nov 22-jJt LAMM ON D 'S. NEW IORKLKDHKK FOR ."tTH Nov., containing ?'Orion the Hold Heater;" the most thiilllng story yet published bet tli- L'd ger at FERGUSON'S, nov 22 40# 7ih ?t reet. SJHIHTS HAUKTOtlRDER ?STEVENS, lt'owns' Hotel, 1? prepare 1 to make SLlrts to nieasure in any and every style, and guaranty them in all cases to fit. 6eat!emen who aie troubled with bad-fitting Shirts can be suited at STEV fcNS'S Sales Room, nov 22-Tt Brown's Hot'l clocks:?clocks:?clocks. 0*LV THINK OF IT,-GOOD CLOCKS from SI 50 up to 130,?all ??**>?*] warranted ta go rlght;-over A 65 different sty es of Clocks to ? se'ectfrom. Also. Clock Cords? Weights, Keys, Balls. Oils, and everything in the material line Call and fee for yourselves, at J ROBINSON'S, 319 Pennsylvania avenue, op posite Browns'Hotel. nov 21 2m BOYS' CLOTHING. IMMENSE SIOUK BOYS' OVERCOATS, BOYS' FROCK COATS, BOYS' JACKETS, BOYS' PANTALOONS, BOYS' VESTS, BOYS' SHIRTS, tfc. 10~ Boys' Clothing mede to order WALL A STEPHENS, 8*22 Pe avenue, between 9th and ll)th sts., nov 21-3t next to Iron Hall. ANOTHER GRAND OPKNINO OF LA DIES' AND CHILDREN'S BONNETS. Receivedthis morning from new Vork. our third supply of WINTER BON NETS, for ladles' and children, consisting of? 2 cases BLAt K VELVET BONNETS lease WHITE VELVET BONNETS, a most beautiful article 2 cases assorted SATIN, SILK and MOSS VEL VET BONNETS, of a 1 colors and of most elegant style and finish, making the largest assortment to be found in the city. Ladles pleas * call ar.d examine GEO H CASSIDY A CO , (Successors to A. Tat*,) no 2l-lw 314 Pa. av., bet. 10th and 11th hts. HARPERS' MAGAZINE, for December. The Great Elm, by Jarob Abbott. Major Jones' Courtship and Travels; 1 vol ; Il lustrated Humors of Falconbridge; 1 vol ; Illustrated; by Jonathan T. Kelly nov24 tr FRANCK TAYLOR. MAGAZINES FOR DECEMBER. JOE SHILLINGTON HAS JUST RECEIV ed the following Magazines and New Books^ which are for sale at Lis B aoksellicg at d Station ery Et>tabl;shn ent: Harper's Magazine for December. Godey's Magazine do Graham's Magazine do Arthur's Home Magazine do Petersen's Magazine do The Humors of Falconbridge. Paul Fane, a novel by N. P. Willi*. 'lit for Tat, a reply to Mrs Stowe's new bcck " Dred " The 0'Hrl< ns and O'FIahertys, by lady Mcrgan. Blank Books Fancy Articles, and every thing in the Stationery line, always on band at HH1LL1N GTON'S Odeon Building, ncv 22 3i corner of 4^ ?treet and Pa. a*e DRY GOODS?NEW YORK CASH STORE MORE NEW GOODS. WE ARE DAILY receiving additions to our large, stock. reduced priceo will enable us to sell correspondingly low. if for no roason but to get information of the state of the market. Recent pnirhases of the Importers and manufacturers at Purchasers are invited to call and examine our fine assortment, J. NIXON A SON, nov 22-lw* 321 Pa. avenue. Enamelled skirt collar?pat i rated. ?The trade are informed that we have on sa^e the new and elegant44 Enamelled Shlit Collar," at the manufacture's prices. STEVENS, Agent for 1'atentee, nov 22 3t Sales-room, Brown's Hotel. pOR BOSTON.?THE SUPERIOR FAST F sailing Pascket Schooner Searsvllle-? Sean Master?has arrived, ann will kavej quick dispatch for the above port For fi apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, 101 Water atro^t, Georgetown, D C. nov 19 PIANOS. PIANOS. A LARGE COLLECTION OF NEW AND SECOND-HAND PIANOS for Sale and to Rent cheaper than at any other pla^e, at No. 4vt> Eleventh atreet, a lew doors above Pennsylvania avenue. nov 21-1 m* MADAME DE YOS, ^fCT\M?LLINER FROM PARIS, and Mt .11481 Broadway, New York, wlU^?& JlVmake her usualvlaltto Waablngton with a beautiful assortment of BtJNNETS, ? L<>AKS, and HEADDRESSES, in the begin log of December next, at THE LAKES, nov ti-lw MM Penna. ave , up stairs. AUCTIOg BATM TRI1 AFTERJOQJ AND TO-MORBOW. Bv A. G R KEN. Auctioneer. HANDXUME IDILUINH lot NEAR th? Tltrr TlH at iatUtB^Un TUE9 DAY, thettth Instant, 1 shall *11, at 4k o'clock p. m., la front of the premises, Lot No. 3*. in tauare No ST7, having * front on 7th stmt e**t of 4? feet 3 Inches. ana runulnp hack totvMc alley 116 feet between E and G streets south, containing 5.307 fee16 Inches This propert7 Is handsome!? located sear the old Odd Fellows' Hell, Naw Yard Terms: One half cash; "balance In 9 and 14 month*.for notes bearing lnteres: from day cf sale. A deed given u.nd a deed at trust taken nov IP* A fiKEKN, A?rt'r. ?T JAS. C. NcGUIRE, Auctioneer 'pvio stuky ruAnk h o i; s i. on *- Third street bctweea L strset aad New Xark avtaue.?Un FK1DAY AFlhKNOUN. November 21st, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, t thall sell parts of Lots No*. I and in square No. 551, fronting 15 feet on 3d street ?r?t, be tween norti^L street and New York avenue, run ning bar k 70 'eet to New Jersey avenue, with a feet ai'ey on the fide, together with the Im provement*. ror.*i?tlpg of a two-story Frame House, containing fonr room*, with kitchen Terms: Oce-tblrd caf-h , ?he re-idue lu 6 and 12 months, with interest, satisfactory *-curt<2 nov ls>-d JAS C. AicUUIRfc, Auct J^The nhtvf J?nle ia Psslpoaed. lo conse quence of the rain, until \N EPNt^y.VY AF TERNOON, Nov. 2fi same tour and place _ncv24-2t J AS C. MeGUIRK, Auctr. Br A. GREEN. Auctioneer EXTENSIVE SALE OF titiCSKIIOL!) and Kitchen Furniture at Aattlan-? On WEDNESDAY. the?lth Instant, I shall fell, at 10 o'clock a m , at the H<-use Furnishing Ks taMlshment cf A II. Lee, No 23 K, betw.-en 7th and 8th street*, Immediacy opposite the Northern Liberties Market, a large assortment of Furni ture, vix Mahogany Sofas, dressing and Card Bureaus 4o dlnl'g, breakfast, and other Tables do marble-top and other Washstands Looking Glasses. Clocks China and Gists Ware Maple, cane, su?h,; :.d word seat Chairs Walnut, maple, ard o'her Bedsteads Featbtr Beds, Bedding, hai: and shuc'; Mattres ses Cooking, Franklin, tnd air-tight Stoves With a arge assortment cf other artlc'.es which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms: AIIsuts under ?20 cash; ovor #20, a crtdit cf 60 and 90 days, for notes t at 1st" tori ly ende-rsrd. bearing interest. A. GREEN, nov 24-d Auctioneer. By J AS C McGUIRE. Auctioneer. [j*Xt ELI.ENT IlIrtNITUKKAND Haase J keeping fcffeits at Faklic Bale.? On WEDNESDAY MORNING, November S6th. at 10 o'clock, at the corner of Hth street west ard H street sr.uth, (near the Smithsonian Institute,) I shall sell the furniture and tttVcts of a family de cllnirg housekeeping, vlx: Suite of handsome solid walnut carved narlor furniture, finished in crimson and gold silk dsmask, consisting of two Tcte a-tete Sofas, one arm Chair, one large Rocker, and six par lor Chairs J* ulte of four handsome damask Curtains, with lace curtains, cornice, and fixtures Hand; ome gut mantel Clock French plate Mirrors, gilt Shades Superior mahogany French Secretary, with pige on holes and secret drawers Walnut Whatnot, rush-seat Chairs Marble top centre Table, rout Tables Two mahogany hair spring seat Sofas Mahogany parlor Chairs, window teats Girandoles, A labaster, and china Va>e? Three-ply and ingrain Carpets, Hugs 011 cloth. DiMggttt, Matting Superior walnut carved leg tJitei.MOii Table,'6 feet long Mahogany marble-two Sideboard Walnut marble top ilquor closet Window Shades, Engravings China Glai s and Crcektrv Ware Castors, table cutlery, lire i*en* Solid mahogany hlgn pot-t Bedsteads Mah gany P rench Hed?teads Marbio top dressing Bureau*. Washstards Superior trather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Best curled-hair Mattresw* Toilet si ts Looking giaste". Tables i'.iinted Wardrobes, ^iain Bureaus Coirif<?it*, Blanket-*, Spread*. Itc. :-up<-.Jor ccoklng Stove and fixtures Radiator, air tight, Franklin and other Store* Together wMb a geneial assortment ot Kitrhen utensil*. Terms : ?i5 and under cash, over that sum a i rt?iit of fto and 9'? day*. fot shtlsfactorily endcr: ed notes, bearing '.nter?ct F cs?Tne House Is for rent InQUPeon the premises. Ja8. C Mct?UIRK. nov 21-d Aucticneer. Bv ALL. BARNARU A CO .Auctioneers VALU ABLE STANO AT Auction. - -On THURSDAY AFTER NOON,27th Instant, at 4 o'clock, we will sell, In front of the pretr Isei, a valuable store and lot on 7'h street, v?est side, between G and H, at present occupied by Mr John Ball as a fo?4 store 'I he lot fronts 21 feet and runs back 70 feet, mere or less ThU property is now under good :ent to a m^st punctual traant, and ofiers an excellent op - pnrtunity for Investment or speculation. Terms: One half cash; the balance In six montas, bearing Intercut from day of se'.e. and satisfactorily secured. All conveyance at expense of purehas. r. WALL, BARNARD k. CO , nov24-ts Auctioneers. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FH A >1K HOUSE AND LOT AND KOl'K Building Lots at An6tion??On FRI DAY, the 14th Instant, I shall sell, in fr^nt of the Kremises, &t4){ o'clock p. m , west part of Lot io 2, In Square No ?90. having a front of 16 feet en south K, between 11th ar.d 12th streets east, running back about S? feet, with side ailev, with the improvements, which are a good Fraraa House, Ac , Ac. Also th* balance of scii l/Ot No. 2, which will be snbdividt-d In lots to suit purchaser* as fine building lots Also, all of Lot No. 13. in same equate, having a front on 12t& street east, between 1 and K streets south, having a front of 47 feet by V7 f?et deep, which will be divided end sold in lots to suit purchasers This property l? neerthe Navy Yard, and near the residenceof Mrs. Splcers Terms: One-iblrd cash; balance in 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, for notes bearing lnterett from day cf sale. A deed given ar.d a deed of trust taken Title indisputable A.GREEN, nov S-d (Organ) Auctioneer. l?J"The abovs sale is prstponed In esnte quence of the rain until Fit I DAY, the2!st Inst , same hour. A. GREEN , Auctioneer, nov 15-ts JJ^The above Sale ia farther Fsstpsned, inconsequence of the rain, uttll THURSDAY, the V7th instast, tame hour. nov 22-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. Bv A. GREEN.Auctioneer C^Xt ELLEJIT LATHE, STEAM ENGINE, Hi Tool* of every description, at Auction. On FRIDAY, the 2Mh Instant, I shall tell, at 10 o'clock a. in , at the Model Maker's Lstxbllsh ment, on 7tli street, next to the corner of I', next door to Mr J. F. Callan's D<ug Store, up stairs? 1 very superior Turning Lathe, 50 Indu s t?e?i, 11 Inches swing, cast iron Sheirs, with back geer, centres drill chuck, 2 face plates, Ac. 1 Slide Nest, with attachment for cuulng *pnr, Ac , bench geerlng by the lathe, suitable for any lathe, 1 universal chuck, 6 inches. 20 Chasens, metal turning and milling Tools Turning Gouges and Chisels and Callipers Dividers, tetter and figure Punches t> No*e Drills, 3 Circular Saws, steel-!>an Callipers Ground Straight Ldges, 2 sets Stocks and L'lca Screw-Piatts ar.d Bubs, Bench Vices, Ac. Cabinet maker's Bench, assortment of Planes 6 pairs Hollows and Hounds, plow with 6 irons Fillister and match l'lanes. hand and other Saws Sweep and other Gouges, Firme.a, Brace and 10 Bits Square Bevel and Guagee,2Grindstones Machine for making barrel buags, taps, and pegs Stcim Engine 3-horse power, set of Patterns X?r the same, the engine will do w<li for a car penter's shop, job printing cfllcc, or scv - log machines; can bs put in operation In a small space Together with many other articl s which wj deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms . All sums under &25, cash , over $lj a credit cf 6<'> and 90 days, for cotes satisfactory y endorsed, bearing Interest. nov 22-d A. GREE'J, Aeif.V Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Trustees1 sale of frame hoi and Lat.-On MONDAY AFTERNOON. December 22, at I o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust from Samuel Curson and wife, dated Juned, 1852, and reco:dtd ia Liber J. A S , No 30, folios 321,3tt, Ml, and ?J4, one of the lind records for Washington cou.- ty, in the District of Columbia, we shall sell partner lots Noa 7 and 6 in square 410, beginning for the aime at the dUtance cf fif.y feet from ibo north east corner of the Squire on Seventh sUert north, aad running thence west 2U) feet to Eighth street, thcnce south by and with Eighth street twenty live feet j thence east two hundredfoet to Sf street; .hence North by and with Seventh street twenty-five feet to the beginning, together with the Improvements, consisting w * Two-story Frame Dwelling-house witn r.ick. Terms: One-third cash; th?^eedof twelve months, with Interest, cecured by a deed of trust on the premises JOHN W .ALKMl, ) Trustecs RICH. H CL*RK. > nov 11-lawAda JAB. C. McGUlRE, A act. TELEGRAPH HEWS.' FROM THK ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOUSE F R1NT1N& TELEGRAPH. ARRIVAL OF THE 8TXAV KR FIESTA. Om V?fk LtUr n?a Ear***. Sakov Hook, Not 15 ?Th* Cunard tuiai "Pen!, arrived at tb? Ho- k at 8 o'cluek tfrs ooruing with one weeks later European date*, having left Liverpool oa the 15th. Th* n*ws if generally unimportant IfA a*ver* gal* wu experienced at Liverpool oa tiie 12th instant doing considerable daa? age t<> the shipping Among ih* ships wrecked and damnged were the Silas Wright and Sam tie! .ox f,r Sew York, and the Louisiana for New Orleans, all of which were driven a h rc oa the Middle Bank*. No lives were lost. aa 1 fteawer* were busily employed in caving their cargoes. The steamer Ericsson sailed on the 12th. The Arabia and th* Ci'j of Bait m r* had not arrived. The English ministerial papers uubl'sh con spicuously tha* the alliatce ot r ranee and England is as elo** an 1 cordial aa ever, and that it had never been shaken or impaired Leopold Redpath. Kegii-trar of tk* Ureal Northern Railway in Kogland, has ahaconded, being a defaulter to the amount of ?150,000 Frakcb ?Napoleon still remains In Paris General Kissely, the Russian Ambassador, h?d delivered his credential*, and was favor ably received. The position of the Bank of Franc* hal n> t improved i^e continued diminution of ballion in tb* Bank of Franoe had given ris* to reports that tlie reluctance of the Emperor to sanction a suspension of specie payment had b*en over come; in which case th* bank would probably resume the practice of disoounting bills at nicely days Tb* poiitieal news is unimportant The Persia arrived up at New York at 10f a. m. TUB MARKETS. Livbrfool. Nov. 15?Cotton was inactive. Prices were easier for lower aaalities, but middlings had improved 1 1 Ad trom a acarei (y in tho market The tarn was in favor of buyers. Sales of the week 41.00o baJes spec ulators took 5.4)00, ai d exporters 2 400 bales. Orleans fair 7?d.. midding 7d ; Uplands fair 7td , middling (Wd. Sales on Friday 6 000 bales, incluiing lor epeculatioa and export 500 bp.le* The market closed steady Stock of ootton in port 397,000 bales, of which 2. * 000 bale* were American. Breadstuff! wcr* generally ina*t ve and slightly cheaper Flour was Id lower , Rich ardson. Spence A Co. quote Western Can il 30 a33s : Baltimore and Philadelphia 32i34s, and Ohio 35aS6Js. Wheat generally had de clined 3d with an improved demand ; Rieb ardson. Spence A Co. quote red 8a9i , and white 9is9a. lOd Com had an improved de mand at an ndvance of 6a8d ; mixed corn 33]<; yellow 34s. Provisions arc dull and unchanged Money is decidedly more stringent. Bullion ia bank has decreased ?66 000 The rate of in*erc$t has been advanoed to 7 pero*r.t Con sols fur money 92;- Bullion in the Bank of France has decreased 3;000.000 francs Bv.lroad Defaulter Sentenced Petbrsbi'RO, Va , Nov 25 ? Alexander Falconer, late tr*H?urtr of th* Petersburg and Weldon Railroad, was yesterday convicted an 1 sentenced to two years is the Peniten tiary, as a defaulter to the company. Baltimore Market* Baltimore. Noy. 25 ?Flour has declined 12i cents Sales of Howard street at S*.5<?. Wheat iri steady; good to prime white, $1.4a ^153: red, SI 40a*1 47 for choice Corn is unchanged, new white, 47*?54; old do . 58i63* ; yellow, new, 55c ; old. 62a65. Whisky is lower ; sales at 30ia31c. New York Market* Nbw Yobk. Nov. 25 ?Flour has declined , iales of 11.500 bbls.; State f6a#6 30, leath ern 86 9?aS7 20 Wheat has a declining t ndeLcy; sales of 20.000 bu-hels; red SI 51**1.54, waite $1 60 ail 72. Corn bas an itdvancing teadency, sales of 26.COO bushels: white 74c , yeil w 75? Pork is Arm; mess SIB. Beef ia firm; Chi cago repacked (newi S14?S14 50 Larl i* very dull with a alight decline; salee at lljc. Whifky ia firm; Ohio 3U3I# Financial Nbw Yobx, Nov. 25 -8?xy,Vs ar*du"; Cum berUnd Coal Company, i8$; Illinois Central a arte 117; Michigan f^nthern 87f; New York Central 89*; Reading 82i; Virginia 6 a 93J. Anothbr N ?W Territory.?Another new Territory is about to be orgfcnisei by a por tion of it#, inhabitant*. On tho 1st of Sep i ember an election wu held at various p^int# in the Gadsdfn purchase for delegate to tb* Territorial Legislature of New Mexico, and for a delegate to Congress The latter, it ia expected, will present to Congress a petition for the separation of the Gadsden purebaa* fpnn the northern part of New Mcxico. an i the erection of an independent territorial gov < racient. To thia post Mr. R P. Oook was chosen How much of New Mexico they de aire to have included within the new Territory wa are not informed : bnt the advocates of tbe separation say that the eountry is naturally divided, by the intervention of desert- and mountains, into two States or governmental jurisdictions. Tbe Gadsden purchase, or Ar rit miii as the residents sometime* style it. contains a population of perhaps a th -u*at.d persons, of whom one-half are Indians and a third Mexicans of a very low claas. The rest are Americans and Germans The prin pal village is Tucson, (Tocksone ) which aspires to be the capital cf this new State There is a fort in tbe vicinity of the place, with a small girrison of United Statea troops?JV<mhvtlU Uut9H. A Man Mketing His Own Fubrbal ?A singular incident occurred in New Yor ; last week. A man. killed by a railroad accident at Tarrytown, was reported to be Patrick Burke, of New York, and his wife at once proceeded to tbe spot. On arriving there she saw the body, and having her mind made up for the worst, without noticing deceased'* 'ace, concluded that he was he> husband, and forth with made arrangements for the funeral The supposed Patrick was brought to the city in a naat mahogany ooffiu, the expenses and luxury of an old fashioned wake was inenrrei, five carnages were hired, and as the funeral waa about to cross over the Williamsburg fe?ry on Thanksgiving day, the r*al genuine P i trick Burke met hia bereaved frienda and in full health?as Mrv Burke, on her testimony ex pressed it, to their utter "dumay" Th* mourners now begnn to thiak tboy ha 1 been badly hoaxed, and unceremoniously hurried tho Logua Patrick to the Believae Hospital dead-house. whil> the genuine Burke rod* home in a carriage by his wife. The editor of the Medina ,New York) Tribune, having recovered from the election, wants local news, and offera the following pre mium.s: "Any person who will commit an a^gravatod assault and battery, come to as ? unt:mety end,' get drank enough to be sent to jail, fight a duel, commit burglary, suicide, or petit larceny, perform some 1 heroic deed,' rob * hen rooat or run away witi another man's wife, and thereby furnish us with a fresh 'ium fcr our loca> oolumn, 'hall receivw our unfeigned thanks for the favor " t( Better Latb thaw Nkvbb ?At the lata ineetiug of th* Philadelphia baptwt Associa tion, the I'nion Churrb reported tbe baptism of a lady cne hundred at.d twa year* old K^ The loss of lif* frc* Sswid*, India haa b*oom* so s*noaa tkatjiov ! e nnceat has taken meaaurea for the deatruc tion of these reptiles. School MmraBaa Abbb*tbo ?A seho*l , mistress in Troy-a Miss Gilbert-has been arraigned before the bar of pnbiw */?in?cn n that ciiy for frightening * sensitive lltt'e g rl 1Bt-j insanity, by locking her in a dark ol-^ot for failing to get her lessons. Miss Onwrt ?honld be ejected from the teachtrahip if this charge be true. ! hvaRTLinG Discovbbt ? Io cleaaiogout an old well on a rancbe, recently ooeopi*d by a Captain Colebrooke, on the Calaveras road, between the Calavoras and Stanislaus in California, porUoas of th* skaletoaa ?f * ? vrt> disjevered Th/ po'te* w re tn satuting an aetive search for to* la?* i pant oi th* plac*.