Newspaper of Evening Star, November 26, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 26, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. BRILLIANTS. THE HIVKR iNk river floated on, , nlK ud bum of that low land into the froety starlight, and there mov'd Hejotelng, through (he hush'd Choraimlan watte U ader the solitary moon : he flow'd Right for the Polar star, paat Oivunie. ***'' *aA lar^ th? sand. Aad march> and dam his streams, A ud split his currents; that fbr mauv a lea^nT# rs^Sts* ??'?"4 iiSr ? A hrough beds of sand and matted rushv is/es? uJtKT""4"" ???bTSld AfluW Hkla cradle fnPamere, ThetnnJhl0*}^1! w??dew; till at last [ daah of Wdtes Is heard. and wide .jML""1*!* home of waters opens br^fht And tranquil, from whose floor the new bath'd """ViUd shine upon tbe Aral *ea [MaiMen- Arnold. ^ TEARS The roae, which In the sun's bright rays. Might soon have drooped and perished, With grateful scent the shower repays By which iu life is cherished Aad thus have e'en the younp In years Found flowers within that flourish. And yield a fragrance, fed by tears, That suashlnecould not nourish. [Bernard Barttn. LIKE. LUe, like a doom of many-colored glass etains the white radiance of eternity. JfcPARtirn Powbe or Stbam ?Chemikt*, h iye ascertained that gunpowder is one thous aii x times denser than the atmosphere If, therefore, one thousand cubic inches of at inoephere were compressed into one inch the one inch would be of the same strength as the cubic inch of gunpowder. Steam poues^s about one half the gravity or weight of the "t?1'5! here, therefore, if 172S inches of steam, which can be generated fnnn one single cubie Inch of water, were compressed into one inch, it would become nearly twice the strength of one cubic inch of gunpowder. This fact will illustrate the great expansive power of Mr Chuatr's Chiroqrapht ?A good story about Mr Choate's chirography may be found on the first pag6 It reminds us of a story told concerning the writing of J W Brooks, the great railroad manager, of Michigan Ho bad written a letter to a man on the Central route, notifying him that he must remove a barn, which in some manner incommoded the road! under pena'tj of prosecution The throatened individual was unable to read any part of the letter but the signature, but took it to be a free pass on the road, and usai it for a couple of years as such, noue of the conductors being able to dispute his interpretation of the docu ment?Boston Traveller. There was an artless in manuer of an nouncing marriages in "the olden timo" which is ouite refreshing to advert to occa sionally. Witness the following from the Wil liamsburg Gaiette of 1776 : '? Oa Sunday evening last, Mr. Beverly Dixon to Mi?s Polly Saunders, a very agrteall$ young lady." AHRiriLS ATTHE PRINCIPAL HOTELS National Hotel.?w*. gut. Muter Dotts, Md B Botts, do K Martin. NJ J Vic, Va K W Harper, Ark S Gilbert. Ct J Shirk. Md U McHenry, DC J B Allen, NY A Mlchtim. Pa J Newton, do J Wilkin sen. Va O P Lewis & ly, ill W Cole, Md Mrs Haines, do Mrs Miller, do MrBaodgrase. NY ii F Webb, Md Miss Winston K Sharp, NJ *? Crawfoed. H Oneet, Md J bklil, Z Berry, Md W Berry, do A Pre x, NY i> M HIi)man. Dr Better, Md J Hrewn, Ct C Cole, Mich Mr* H Cole, do J Wilks. Md U Conover. NJ J Kelly, Md J Doe, Ma>? Mrs Winston Va O do Va| WiHards' Hotel?j. c A n. a. willabd J J Cargtll, NC P A Beam,do C W Banish A ly, Va Miss Baulrh, Pa L Hlmeil A lv, Maes J C SerrllL Va w A aetrlll, do J C Jones A son, do B A Hojd, Ky T J Sberbarne, NY 8 A Meeker, d? G Fulton, Ills M A Hasktt . Va Moa J K Tvsoa. Pa J M Chamber*, N Y A Anderson, V? WRuKI! A ly, Ga 9 J Rujg, do Brswa?? Hotel. G W ??uvai:, of D, Md * B lea,'. do Dr K flherky, do J TSapeer/do J P Berry, do W B Heall, do CaptHeth, USA B U Bast wick, NY A P Krack, do W Dobaon, do Newtod. do M E Ford, dt H G Flsk, NY S 11 Orav; Ct S Cooper, Mass W K Jonrs, N V B W Jones, d* W Broome A ly, N Y S J Broome, do N Johnson, Va W D Trowbridge, Ky J K Derrls, do P Nones A ly, N Y G A Poehetf. do A C Rnstle A servt. do E M Walker, N^ W T Ki. e, J H Heiss, 1>C E A Ryther, .VId W Kelly, do ?t r A m. browr DrWyvllle, Md H P Edelln, do W R Constable do A Ke^cher, NC A LapLan A ly.NY F W Pinasaut A ly do W P (irlflln, Md J W Webnter. do ijU Parker, do O H Huntrr, do J W Carpenter, do J M Manna, do Kirk wood Hoese -i A a A MeArthur, Wis V Bartlett. do W Puoiiu;, N Y W Baaisey A son, O ??m?l Davidson, Md L Barber, NY H Han Is. Kd H KIRK WOOD A Shipley. Pa W Elbert, Md W W Oliver, DC M's 1 owls, NY w Sarirho, Kansas B Banks, Miss MOVEMEXTS OF OCEAN STEAMEKS VIOM TBI fRITlB STATIS. ffo?s Lsaeo >-#r Waahlagtoa.New Vork....Hremeo Nov New Vora ..New York....Oia-Kow Nov * Bos'on 1.1 verpool Dec ? l>e: 29 3 4 ? ash'n . PhllaielphU.. Liverpool rromakkori A*1i0 Havre... New York....Nov. lu l?ave New York en the Sth and koth of each month ARTIFICIAL. IMPROVkU SETS O F TliKTH* Dm M. LOOM1S, THE INVEn/oK AND na'enteeof "Loomls Mineral Piste, Twrfb.' WU1 at end personally, during /, at his odi je, on Pennsylva nU svenne. between Utb and ISth streets /wo doors Oelow the Klrkwcod lloust- ' ehJiT /nT.T"'0*01 f?r of T(-?h consist* It lowtr but one pieeeof miterlal?teeth and plate all s?lid, and ofthe same subotance No me?al of anv kind is UMd in construetlag teeth in this way, rn.??. qaeaUy they are perfectly free from all galvanic action and metallic taste Belnir 4II of one solid 2ff*f of mineral, there are no joints to become BJel with moisture or particles of food hence they are Rboslutely par* and titan, and will al ways continue so. Tney are also lighter, stronger, *** ,n?f* natural in their app?wran e ln otb?r methods ?W* ?-IWl I,KW MONTHLY fj . ?K?zu>efor Dei>fmber also, Harper God^v Ke<^n- Baliou, fo""vit y' ? FERGUSON ?th stie?-t DELTA saloon. npM IM H LEW A NT*M A LoS wV?f?eM* I on^ata.dav e^,i^^V^KNED and the pronri?to?, ia wiiritln^ begs leave N* assure the pabllc spared no pains or expense in , moat elegant EATING and DR( LOON in Washington city lu ceotr, .nd rV locality, aad th?admirable adaptation of ml hewe to the boslnews, aided by the best of co^k. and servants, and his unremlttliiir endeavor. obtain the finest OYSTERS and otbor delicacies wfcleb the ?i?rket affords, will, he boiww, merit nad rec?ri r? the iwupoage c/ his frleads and the -oomiwinltw geoeraily. nov w " ASA RICKKTT!-. SfiO X:%a k0 ? ? kanaway from !.., plL,l|^'bw residing near Finest- ? " county. Mary land. &'th" ,7lh '"?t?nt.a very i i t blmseif H EN -J, IC i J u JM A1 | % V^WfM fat At/A Tk? j ?<?? Jmo"i ahouiders. and had whisker*, on his chin He Is Sowi^ged, aad has a ??, OB Lit ? ht M "V from a rerent b Is tor plaster saooieer I will give the above reward 1# v,. v^. ? *?T JUtmilAU TO WNSHEND. THE ONION. TIE "UNION HOTEL" IN GEORHF tows, D C . has been leased by The ouhoerlber. who is aow prepared and would we pieaaed to qrelve permanent and Iran alect boarders novH lm JACOB Voi re 'M Miscellaneous. CAOTICTIOI A!*D MDEMM1** FROM LOll BT FlRB I FIRI, M 4R1NE, AND INLAND INSURANCE. Jlulkorined Capital and Surylus...Sl,3#?M?l 11. F ARM EES AMD * *TCTHAJUTCp o J ? ? ? AHCS CO-, OF PHILADELPHIA. Offcs and 17<* ttreM, ftaikington City, D. C. UIRSCTOKa. Hub. Thos. B. Florence, Charles Dinfee, Georn H. Armnr?ii^, Thomas Manderfiefd, Charles A. Rubicain, t J ward R. HelmboW, Qearfs Helmbuld, F. Carroll Brewster, James E. Neall, luaac Leech. Jr. THOMAS 15. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R. HELM UOLU, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 397 D street, opposite City Hall. Jno.M.Tbornton,corner First surest and Virginia avenue, Island. James William*, No. 22 Four-and-a-half street. John Riffles, No. 501 Thirteenth street, b?fiow Pennsylvania avenoe. MARINE SURVEYOR. Capt.J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hntel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thonuwon. "The business of this Company will compare fa vorably with the mu?i succesniul of similar institu tions in the Unite J States From the 1st day ol" August, le.W, in five month?, ap to 1st January, 1856, ths premiums received amounted to the large sum of one hundred and ei^ht thousand, one hundred an?l fifiy-oiie dollars, with only forty-six hundred and sixty six dollars iosses reported. With these evit'.encss of snec-ssand *ood man a<eraent, the directors feel pistiticd in soliciting a share of public patronage, believing that the (>xu rity offered is ample and that al! fair claims will be adjusted more according to equity than ieaat techni calities. The company isprepared to issue p >liciee against loss or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FURNI TURE, MILLS, M AN UF ACTOR IKS, VVAKE SOUriks, all descriptions of BUILUINOS, and eiroontents, or all kinds of M?R''HANfllSS, transported by VKSSKL8, STKAMBoATti, CA NAL BOATS, RAILROADS, and the u?ual cou veyances to or from any portion of EUROPB and AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the western waier*. The rates of premium will be as low as other companies, and iu flxin* thein every improvement in construction and arrangement will be takeu into consideration. All losses speedily adjured and promptly paid. Office northwest c rn< r Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Washington city, 1). C. Insurance in ry alio be effeited at the Home Office, Northwest corner IValnut ami Second Strceti, Phila delphia. and in other principal cities of the United States ny authorized officers of the company. JeU-lyi Proposals for furnishing the Paper for the Pablic Printing. Orrici ScFKRi!?Ta?fdent Public PnisTiNa. Washington, October I, le5fi. IN PURSUANCE OF THE PROVISIONS of the " Act to provide for executing the public printing.'' Ac., approved Augusts, 18?, sealed proposals will be received at this office, in the Capitol, until the first .Monday (1st day) of De cember next, at twelve o'clock, m.,forfurnlshlnir the paper that may be required for the public printing for the year coinmenclnu on the 1st day of December. and ending ou the 1st day of December, 1857. The subjoined l'.st specifies, as nearly as can he ascertained, the quantity, quality, and descrip tion of each kind of piper that will be required : Class I. 10,000 ream* fine printing paper, un^alendered, to measure *24 bv 36 Inches, and to weigh forty-five pounds to the ream of 480 sheets Class 11. 4.<?00 reams fine printing oapr, calendered, to measure '24 by 38 Inches, and towaigh lfry-slx pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Clam 111. 5,000 teams superfine sized and calendered, printing paper, t* measure*! by381nches, and to weigh fifty-two pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class IV. 3H0 reams superfine hard-sized and calendered printing paper, to measure'24 by 38 laches, and to weigh forty-eight pound* to the ream of 480 tweets. Class V. 1,000 reams superfine sized and calendered map paper of such slz*s as may be required, corresponding in weight with paper measuring Id by >24 inches, and weighing twenty pounds per ream of 480sheets. Class VI. *200 reams superfine plate paper, (calendered or uncalendered. as may be required,) 19 by *24 inches, and of such weigut as may be required. The libra of the pap?r of each of the above Kinases to be of lln?n and cotton, free from all adulteration with mineral or other substances, of a fair whiteness, and put up in quires of tweuty four sheets each, and in bundle* of two reams each, each ream to contain 4e0 perfect sheets Uniformity in color, thickness, and weight will b? required; and no bundle (exclusive of wrap peri) varying over or under tlve per cent, from the standard weight will be received, and the fross weight will In all cases be required. Mlx og of various thlckuesses In the same bundle to uialw up the weight will be considered a viola tion of toe contract. Class VII No. 1?1,900 reams quarto post writing paper No. 51?*2,000 44 natcap 44 41 No. 3? 500 " demy 44 ?' No. 4 *,000 44 folio poet 44 44 No. 5? 500 44 medium 44 44 No. 6? 50 44 royal 44 44 No 7? 50 44 suptrroyai 44 44 No 8? 50 ,4 Imperial 44 44 No K? 100 *? colored medium, (asserted.) Class VIII. No. 1?5,moo reams writing paper, 19 by lncbea, to twenty-eight pounds per ream. No.'2?3,100 reams writing paper, 18 by25 Inches, to weigh twentv-slx pounds per ream. No. a?100 reams writing paper, 18 by'2* inches, to weigh twenty-four pounds per ream. No. 4?540 reams writing paper, 18 bylbinchss to weigh twenty-two pounds per ream No 5?400 reams writing paper, 11 by 18 Inches, to weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the papers de?lgnated In classes 7 and 8 are to be made of the b#*t materials, free from adul teratlon, and finished In the best manner The papers In c'as* 7 are to be white or blue, of the regular standard slz-s of the respective kinds, and of such weights as may be required by this office; those In class 8 are to be white, and of the six** and welphts specified In ?be schedule The right Is reserved of ordering a greater or le*s qaantltyof each and every kind contracted for. at such times and In such quantities as the public service may require Each class will be considered separa'ely, and be subject to a separate contract; but bidders may ottVr for one or more of the classes In the same proposal; and the privilege Is reserved of requir ing a bidder who may have more than one class assigned him to take all ?uoh classes, or forfeit his right to any class Samples (not less than one quire) of each kind of paper bid for, and but one iample for taeh kind, must accompany each bid; and, In classes 7 and 8, be numbered to correspond with the numlx?r of the paper proposed for In the schedule and, In the first six classes, to be properly desig nated on the sample, or It will not be considered. All proposals and samples must be transmitted to this office free of postage or other expense Each proposal must be signed by tbe Individual or firm making it, and must specify the price per pound (and but one prl^e for each) of everv kind of paper contained In theclass proposed for Ail the paper In tbe several classes must be de livered at snch place or places as may be desig nated In Washington city, In good order, free of all and every extra charge or expense, and subject Co the Inspection, count, weight, and measure ment of tut' Superintendent, and be In all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals wLl be furnished at this office to persons applying for them ; and none will be taken into consideration unless substanti ally agreeing therewith. Jonds, with approved securities, will be re quired; and the supplying of an inferior article In any of the classes, or a fsllure to supply the quantity required at any time, will be eonslaered a violation of the contract Each bidder Is required to furnish with his pro posals satisfactory evidence of his ability to exe cute them, and pioposalsuoaccompanledby such evidence will be rejected. The proposals will be opened lathe manner re c.ulud oy law "oti the first Tuesday after the first Monday In December" next, (Hd,) at 10 o'clock, a m , at the office of the tin perl nt**ndent. rropawaig will be addressed to the " Super! nten IrrA. r?bllc p,,ntlng,Capitol of fee United A G. SHAMAN, rc :-3aSSh? <nl?f the Fab41c Anting. HO^IRHY s hoiikry ?! THOSE IN WANT OF HOSIERY FOR the winter should call bSS"buyL 2?d look through the new and well assorted s/oek of the sahaenber, consisting in part, of? ladles and Meat's English White, Urown and Colored Cotton Hose a Ladles and beat's superior Cash mare and Merino Hose Ladles and Gent's beat English and Fsorl Silk Hose Boys and Misses Urowa and White Cotton Hose do do Worsted and Merino Hose. FRANR A. McUKK, oc'Jl eelm *244 Pa av , bet I'ith and i:Kb sts MUcellanaone. P1JLCI PILES?FWLE8. WE CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are afflicted with this djeadfuUxmipUint to the following nrom oertiaoate from one of our most respectable cltlaens. the 4*? proprietor of the ?* Courier dee K4aa Unle, end formerly gunmaker In Philadelphia: Naw Yoaa, Aug. *th.18IJ. Da Deeaw-Denr Sir :-l hereby certUV th?t I here been afflicted with the plle*??* n?^T7e^ years. that 1 hire ueedelghieeakotUesof Pile Lotion, and everythingelae 1 ooald here of, but all to ao effect, for they did me little erno good About two month* sinoe. 1 commenced using your remedies for the Piles, asd hare the happiness to uv that they have had the deeired eflfect, having cured me I consldei thla almost a miracle, for I am eighty years of age. i sincere ly recommend them to ail afflicted with the above oomplalnt. P. VALLBE, 73 Franklin at State of New York, > New York City and County. J i Joseph C. Lawrenoe, do hereby oertlfy toat on the day of the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Valiee, to me well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents of tlie foregoing certlftcate signed by him are true. In witness whereof I have subscribed my name, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notary Public of tho Stale of New York, and have af fixed my Notarial Seal at my offlce,in New York, this 26th day of August, lfcjfi JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deed* and Notary Public of the State of New York, 07 VVall street, New York We challenge the Medical Faculty of the Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to the above Dr. Duprle's Remedies are tue only ef fectual cure for Internal Plies. Only 50 cents per box. offlce?76 Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mall to any part of the Untied States For sale by KURD A UKO., corner of 11th street and Pa ave, Washington, D. C. oc '?? ?! HIS BlltEIS. BUT AND SELL fOBlie* AND DOMESTIC KXCHAIGli FURNISH DAAFTS On all Parts of United State* and COLLECT DRAFTB Oa all parts of United States end DRAW BILLS On IRELAND FOR ?1 OR VPWAlMf BUT AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES; Negotiate time paper. Inveatment paying 10 V and eyer, lev sale. Li VD WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale. LAND WARRANTSof all denomination*. Land Warrants located in lcwa, Wisconsin, oi Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, lantti-tf Bankers, opposite the Treaaur* W. G. MKTZEROTT, (5?BCOkS?oa TO Ororgk Hilbis,) Wbalesale ^gent for the Southern States of Haven A Hacou's CELEBRATED PIANOS, Has always on hand the largest stock of PIANOS from >8175 up to ?l,0l>0. MELODEONS from 8-15 to *id>. GUITARS, VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU MENTS, FLUTES. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In any house south of New York. ? Music published and received every day. Pianos for rent. nov 4-tr MANTELS. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Manufactured from Slate Stone, by the West Cnstleten Slate Company, V t. rpHESE MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN A Imitation of the richest and most expensive. EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VERD ANTIQUE, POKPilYRY, PYRENEES, I1ROCATELLA, AC ATE, SPANISH GAL WAY, and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The Imitations are so perfect that they chaleugethe closest ncrutlnv They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty much longer than rnarbu*; are not Injured by smoke, coal gas, or acids, and can be sold much cheaper than any others la market. Price ranging from 8125 to ?12. Architects, Builders, and others are Invited to call and examine samples at No. 514 Seventh street, 3doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, up stair*. T. M HANSON, se 1'2-ly Aj;ent. NOTICE OF CO.PARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have Associ ated themselves for the purpose of conduct tng a General Wholesale Grocery and Oominl* slon Business in Georgetown, under the firm of GETTY A WILLIAMS, and have taken the warehouse No. 5, northwest corner of High and Water streets. VERNON GETTY. EDWARD WILLIAMS. Georgetown, October 13, JbM. ocste-lna 81 IttKK'i Improved Sowing Machines. To which was granted the Highest Award o! the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. THE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA chlne has simplified them In many respects, and they areoup.tbleof executing twice the amount of wora they did formerly In any given time. They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect: a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can oa lewn bv any of these machines by a simple change ef needle and thread In such a manner that the closest scrutiny can not detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get ontof order. We have machines with guages attached, for binding hats,cap-fronts, gaiters. Ac. Silk, Thi^ad. Cotton, Needles, Ao., soastaatly en hand, at the lowest rates. Personu desirous of information re^ardlap Sew ing Machines will please nddress 1 M. SINGEK A CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore N. B.?Weare prepared to exchange these ina? Shines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral . Persons who have been lndncedto purchase aferlor machines under the pretext cf being aheap, will find this a benefit Indeed mar 10? ly NOTICE TO HOt'SE-HEEI'EKS. No 367 Pa avenue J [ jVo.387 Pa. avenue'. pOMK AND TRY BEFORE YOU BUY ' The finest stock of Wines, Llquor?, Flue Teas, Coffees, Sug.irs. Chocolates, Cocoa, Cheese, Fruits,, English Saucos and Pickle*, Genuine Havana Se/ars, Rou ? h and Ready To bacco, Holland Cucumber^, Ac., Ac , JONASP LEVY, novfl opposite the National Hotel C. J. WOODWARD A CD., UNDERTAKERS, CABINET MAKERS, A FURNITURE DEALERS, will keep constantly on hand a' large and choice supply of all kinds of Furniture, such as Bureaus, Sofas, Chairs, Mattresses, Ac. Special attention will be paid to the Undertak ing business; and all orde/s left at our rooms, No 87 High street, Georgetown, will be attended to with great care and promptitude. oc 43-1 in ANEW COACH FACTORY. ON TWELFTH STREET. The undersigned having recent ly opened a Coach Factory at 553 15Kb street, south of Penn avenue,^ _ would respectfully announce to the publicum! be Is prepared to manufacture or repair all kinds of Coaches, Carriage*, and light Wagons, on the most reasonable terms, and In the best manner Those desiring a good Carriage, or to have repair Ing well and promptly done at a low price are earnestly requested to call, as I offer such induce ments as cannot Ml to please. ^ All work g uaranteed to five perfect satfsfac tl on ocW-lm THOMAS I GARDNER I3NA91EL.LED SHIKT COLLARS, PAT IJ anted, Elegant and entirely New Gen

tlemen are requested to call and see the Patent Enamelled Shirt Collars at STEVENS'S nov 15-t Sales Room, Browns' Hotel DR. MUNtfON. AT :?ti PENN'A AVENUE Is still making thoae beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, called J Allen's Patent, for the e*cel!ency of' which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them la this city, will cheerfully vouch. There is one Dentist in this city who has been Infringing the patent, and made a bad Imitation of it, against whom I hereby caution the public N. B. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when properly tonurueted, it Is because he is ignorant of the proo??*, Ufoemoetert to make the work, or s unwilling to ptfy'for the patent. Je lp-if DR. THEOD. HANSMANN Has REMOVED HIS OFFICE SOME houses above his old rooms, to No 491 7th ?treet west, between D and E streets north, near the General Po?t Offlce. Offlce nours as before; from tt to 10 o'clock a. nov7-*w? Information for Tricolors. ?OR MOV FIT TIRROR. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?PARS, ROUND TRIP. tl:PROM ALEXANDRIA 75 CENTS?Tbr juflBL steamer THOMAS COLLYER le*v!^Vasbln? ton at 9 and Alexandria attfjf o'clock Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at 8 K o'clock. Coach fare 19 cents. * Persona wishing the ooaohes will leave theli residence with 6 eorge A Thomas Parker Refreshments on tne boat. ap*-tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Captaia. ORATOR * ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD fiimsi groat Boathorn Mail Lino t ITTW1CK DA1LYH (SWNDAT NIGHTS EXCEPTED) Between Washington City and the Sooth! YIA: ALEXANDRIA, ?ORDON8V1LLK, RICHMOND, DAN VILLE URKENS BOROUGH, N C. aND DaiLT TO THt VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Leave Washington at 8 o'clock, A M. Leave Washington at 7 " P. M Leave Alexandria at 7 ?? A.M. Leave Alexandria at 8 ?? pm Travellers will And the Morning Line In con nection with the Virginia Central Railroad, the Cheapest, most Pleasant and Expeditious Ruoteto THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS, Greenbrier White Sulphur and Tauquler White Sulphur, Warm, Hot. Alum and Capon Springs, Welsin Cave, Natural Bridge, Lexington, Ac OMNIBUSES and BAtiUAGE WAtiONS will be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con vey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, *V?? of Ck*rg*>to STEAMER GEORGE - Jv*?J PAGE,for ALEXANDRIA,a dU-?&2iBH^ aaoe of six miles, allowing ample t\mefonvT^^. Fare from Washington to Klcbmcnd 85 50 P?re 14 " Danville li 00 PaTe ?4 " Greensborougb?..12 Oct Tickets procured on the boat. ? *? Expedition and Comfort are secured by this Route, as it is a liniov riasv class s&ilxsas rioM ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAOt tarried without cost tothe Depot of the Petenburs Railroad. JAMES A. EVANS, ?el Agent, Alexandria, Va. BT RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WEST Time between Washington and WkeHin# but 171 hour? / Running Time between Washington and Cincinnati 87 hour*!! VHOVel TICKITS AND BASSASI CHICKS TO Bl las ii wasbinotor. THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having greatly improved its Western connections, now oBers the fullest Inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI UOKE, and aliportlons of the WEST, NORTH W EST, and the SOUTHWEST. The onnectlon between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more Is always promptly made at the Washington J unotion {lately called the Relay House) ? mile* rroni Baltimore. This is the only change of cars required between Washington and the OUio river. Baggage Is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and re.hecked ana trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, for those holding Through'rickets for points be yond. Tne tonne'ting trains leave Washington uaiiy at0 a. m.and 4* m. Ob Sundays at the later hour only. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from Wneeilns-. direct connection is made witn the trains of CEN i'RAL OHIO RAILROAD, running from Bellalr, on trie Onlo, through Cambridge, Zanesvllle, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. Ttiese trains coinect at Newark wlththa cars of theNewark, Mansfield and Sandusky R.tlroed for sandussy, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. At COLVMBUS the C O. Railroad trains cen aect with the fast tialns of the LM'.t Miami Haii iooA to Xeaia, Cltcinnatl, Louisville, etc. At XENIA (on Little Miami Raliroadi connection Is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, Carlo, etc l?7" Passengers holding Through Tickets for Memphis, Vxck*bur?, Natchez, Nett Orleans, etc., which are aiso sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati, to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansvllle, Catlo, and St. Louis are sold by the river route. izrv or CLEVELAND, ard via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc , tickets are sold, when the Ohio is navigable between Whee Ing and Wellsviile (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad Is made. Travelers are requested to notice that while this is tie only route affording Through Tickets and Checks in Washington, It is also the shortest, most speedy, and dire t to neiiry all the leading points in the great West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati is buttt53 miles, being about 100 miles shorter than by any other route! FAR K. BY THROUGH TICKET, PROM WASHINGTON:?To Wheeling, SU 50: Colum bus, S13 66; Dayton, fl.? 5U; Cincinnati, SIC W?; Louisvlle, by ral'road, 818 C5, by steamer from Cincinnati, S18 00; Indiana: oils, #17 50; Cleve land, 812 50, Toitdo, 815 SO; Detroit, 815 2b; Chicago, 8*20 65 and 819 50; St Louis 82* iOatd 825; Memphis, 82tJ; New Orleans $31, etc. ITT FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S KERRY, MARTINSBURG. CUMBER LAND, BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORDSPR INGS, PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, and FAIRMONT, l>assengers may leave Washington at 0 a. m or 4} p. m For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wl.e-ilng, take 6 a hi. train from Washington. WT For trains to and from Baltimore, Annap olis, etc , see special advertisements. \XJ~ Por further information, Through Tickets, etc ,apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. WM . S. WOODS1DK, M ister of Transportation, ?arch 1?tf . B. * O. Railroad. H?itlu>sr. rUH UAKCKK'S PKKKT, l Vi.x Cktmtpiakt t Ohio Canal THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS! f|1BE NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET I BOAT AKUO, Cap! Cim H Mirbill, will commence making Rtqular Trips between GEORGETOWN and the above Point, on Moo day, March 27th, 1056. The Boatwill leavethe wharf of W H til ? Rltter, Ueortjetown, D. C , e?erv Monday, Wed nesday, and Friday morning, at * o'clock Returning, she will leave harper's Ferry everj Tuesday, Thurbday aud Saturday n^mlrf ai (?'clock 'f kronen Tickets, %J.Uk, Tt Ltttbutg 91 , including t*4 X/agt /rem Edwards' Ftrtj Families Intending to vlslttLe VirglnlaSprlngs the coming sea-son will find this by far the most safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Capon, Sh&nondale, While Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate ratos. A coach will always be In readiness in George town to convey paasengeisto and from the Boat. I'er further particulars Inquire at the store of W H. A H G. HITTER, Georgetown, and JOHN V. AVIS, Jr., Harper's Ferry, Va. mar Iri?tf THE HKW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES .MAIL kTkAMKKI. r|4HE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINK 1- are .he ATLANTIC Capt. Eldridge. BALTIC Capt. Comstock. ADRIATIC Capt. Jaa. Weal. These ships having been built by contract ex pressly for Government service, every care has been taken In their construction, as also In their engines, to insure strength and speed; and their accommodations for passengers are unequatod for eleeance and comfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool in first cabin, 8130; in second do., S7S. From Liverpool to New York, 30 and 20 guinea*. An experienced surgeon attached to eacn ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. The ships of this line have improved water-tight bulk heads, and to avoid danger from loe will not cross the Banks north of 42 degrees, until after the 1st of August. rmorosiD dat*s of saiLii* IVmiViit T?r4. Frtm Linrpttl 1850. 1869. Saturday ..Apr.20 Wednesday....May 14 Saturday May 10 Wednesday....May 28 Saturday ..May 34 Wednesday....June 11 Saturday June 7 Wednesday....June 25 Saturday* June21 Wednesday ....July 9 Saturday July 5 Wednesday ....July 23 Saturday July 10 Wednesday....Ang. 6 Saturday ..Aug. 2 Wednesday....Aug. 20 Saturday Aug II We4nesday....Sept, 3 Saturday Aug. 30 Wednesday....Sept. 17 Saturday .Kept. Ill Wednesday ....Oet, 1 Saturday Sept. 97 Wednesday ....Oct. IS Saturday Oet 11 Wednesday ....Oct, Saturday Oct.2.1 Wednesday....Nov. 18 Saturday.......Nov. 8 Wednesday....Nov, Hi Saturday.......Nov. 22 Wednesday....Dec. 1U Saturday Dee 8 Wednesday ....Deo 24 Saturday .......Dec. M For freight or passage apply to EDWARD IT COLLINS A OO., 56 Wall street, New York. SHOWN, SHIPLRY * CO.,Liverpool. STEPHEN RKNNARD * CO., ft Autla Priars, London. B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Paris. The owners of these shlpa will sot be eoeoint a<>le for geld, atlver, bnlllon, specie, jewelry, pre oioiiD atouos, or metals, unless bills of lading are ?lirned therefor, and the value thereof eipressed therein m 1-tr * Mftdlcin?. DOCTOR EOOFLiHD'l CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS rupiim st Or. C. M. J ACKIOW. Philadelphia, Fa., WILL ltnCTViI.LT CDS 1 LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA. JAUNDICK, CHRONIC OR N&RTOUB DM bllltv, DIwmm of the Kidneys, sad all OU easeasrlalng flora s Disordered Liver or BaommoA The proprietor, la calling the attention of the pwbllc to this preparation, doe* to with a hailig of the utmost ceafldeaoc In lta virtues aad adapts tlon to the dlasaags for which It la recommendsd It la no new and untried article, hut one that haa stood the teat of a ten years1 trial before the American people, and lta reputation and sale ta unrivalled by any similar preparations extant The testimony In Its favor given by the moat prom inent and well known physio tans and Individuals In all parta of the country la Immense, and a care* ful perusal of the Almanac, published annaally by the proprietor, and to be had gratia of any of hla agents, cannot but satisfy the most akeptical that this remedy la really deserving the great cel ebrity It has obtained Principal oiflce and manufactory No. M Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa. READ THE FOLLOWING : Mosoartown, Vs., August4,18M. Dr C. M. Jackson?l)esr Sir:?The tales r| the Bitters are increasing, and what speaks vol umes in their favor I* tbs tall who have used them speak highly of their effect* No medicine that 1 sell gives such general satisfaction, and the de mand for It eiaaeds all precedent; and 1 assure you it affords me pleasure to sell such a remedy. Our physicians no longer scowl at it, but are com pelled to acknowledge Its Intrinsic value, and me treat*-; part of them nave had magnanimity suf clent lo lay aside thrlr prejudlc Wand prescribe It lu their practice. Kespectfully yours, F. M. CHALK AN ? For sale bv storekeepers snd druggists In every town and village In the United States Price 75 cents per bottle Z. D OILMAN, Washington, snd JOHN S. KID WELL. Georgetown, Agents. Je 7-flin AYER'S PILLS. ttiti ALL TtUi PURPOSES ?F A _ FAMILY PHYSIC. There has long existed a public demand for au effective Purgative PUI which could be relied on as sure snd perfectly safe In Its operation. This has been pre pa red to meet that demand, end an extensive trial of Its virtues hss conclusively shown with what success It accom plishes the purpose designed. It Is easy to make a physical Pill. but net so easy to make the best of all till*?one which should have none of the objections, but all the advantages of every other. This has been attempted here, and with what suc ci*? wp would respectfully submit to tLe public decision. It has been unfortunate for the patient hltLerto that almost every purgative medicine is acrimonious and Irritating to the bowels. This is not. Manyoftbem produce so much griping pain and revulsion lu the system as to utore tuan counterbalance the good to be derived from them. These Pills produce no Irritation or paln,unleM It arises from a previously existing ob-tructlon or derangement in the bowels BHnjr purely vege table, no harm can arise from their use In any quantity; but It Is oetter than any medicine should be taken judiciously. Minute directions for their use lu the several diseases to which they are ap plicable are given on the box. Among the com plaints which have been speedily cured by them we may mention Liver Complaint, In its rarleus forms of Jaundice. Indigestion. Languor and Loss of Appetite. Llstlessness. Irritability, B lions Headacbe. Bilious Fever, Fever snd UK, Pain In the Side snd Loins, for In truth, slltheseare but tlie consequence of diseased set!* n of the liver. As sn sperlent. they afford prompt and sure relief In Costiveness. Plies, Colic, Dysentery, Humors, Scrofula and Scurvy, Colds, with sore ness of the body, Ulcers and Impurity of the blood: In short any and every case where a purga tlve is rsqulred. They haveaLso produced some singularly stae cesffulcure* In Kheuinatlsm.Uout.Dropev.Orav el, Erysipelas, Palpitation or the Heart. Pains In the Back, Stomach and Side. They shorldbe freely taken in the spring of the year, to purify the blood and prepare the system for the change of seasons. An occasional dose stimulates the stomach Into healthy action, sod -estores the appe tite and vigor. They purify the blood, and by their stimulant action on the circulatory system, renovate the tAx-nath of the body, and restore the wasted or dlst uteii energies of the whole vrgan ism. Hence sn occasional dose is advantageous even though no ?erlous derangement exists; but unnecessary dosing should never be carried too far, as every purgative medicine reduces the strength, when taken to excess. The thousand cases In which a pliyslc Is required cannot be enu merated here, but they sugge4t themselves to the reason of every body; and It Is confidently be lleved this pill will answer a better purpose than anything which has hlttierto beeti available to mankind W hen their virtues are once known the public will no longer doubt what remedy to empUiy when In need of a cathartic medicine Being sugar wrapped they arc pleasant to take, and being purely vegetable, no harm can suw from their use In any quantity. For minute directions see the wrapper on the Boi. rssrassfi av UK. JAMES C. AYEK. PHACTIVAL f ANALYTICAL ifMMtbT, LOWELL, MASS. Price S?5 Ceati per Box. Five Boies for ti,00 Sold by Z D. G1LMAN, Washington, and ail respectable druggists. aub-4m miVATK MEDICAL TKKATIIB ? N TBS PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW 07 KABBIA0X, ?T M. LA C KU ll| ?. D., ALBANY, N. Y., l*e/?f?Md ISO Pia?, Plmi?,mmd feisrsd sui> 0grmpkt amd Plmtta. flMS ONLY VWBHTT-FlVB OSBVS. Beat Free of Postace to all parts cf the aalia. L CHEAPEST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED? J snd contslslug nearly lonbie the quattlty of read lag matter lu thai of ibe Fl\'*Y OENi OH DUl. LAll I'M Bl.lCA IIUNd it Lrtt.- or. Uifi PH VSIOL l>tiY til MaRKIACE, thi *<oiel loli;ult;^i md Disorder of Youth and Miuully, tesuliing fromex teises, which d-?strcy the physical aud treats! pow ' ris. with UUtervstlons on Marriage, Its duties and dlsjusllflMttcaj, and I heir remedies; with I.Ithograpb*.illustrating ths Saatouiyand Physiology.-nd'II'.seasonof the tte productive organs of Loth texts, xhelretructure, ases, and fuactions & poii.ilar nnd ccm?4?b*a live '*realise oc the Duties and Ca".ru?U<* J sla |le asd marrledllfe hippv ^s 1 fruitful alliances, node of secorisg th.iu* -liUcncHoaa sad InfmUa ases?their obvlatloa ttmuval?important klsfiitotk?se(;'r\sV^mrlt.tisg uutriaosy, that will ?veraemeobjections teli; none, however, shoal4 lake thla latpnrUBt step without first consulting lu pages?commentaries on the diseases snd medical irestmeat ef females from lsfsaey to old ats, eaek . _ il . ^ tl_. ill s.?. a _ m a ?. * *? ? .-#1 hat fall* re la impossible?rules for daUy maasge s?st?sb esssy on Spcrmstorrhms, with practical >bsefvstian a os the safer snd moreaucMevul phute ?ftreatssent?preosutlossry hlafs on Ui<i??ilsrs* lultiag from empirical practice?ssasy on sll II seasea srlalag from liilapreUds, wl wtth rUalaaad ilmple rules by which sli |*arsons sas cure theaa ieives without maK>ury ?remedies lor those self, inflicted mlserleasnd disappointed hopes so us [ortunstely prexjitml la the vounfl. It Is s truth rul adviser to the aarrledaad thosecontempistlng marriage. IU perusal is particularly recommend ?d to peisess entertaining secret doubts of their Dhvalcalooodltlon ,spd who sre conscious of hsv na haxsrdvd the h?Cts, hspplaess.sad prlvllegea lo which every huinsn being Is entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per copy, or Five Coplea for One Dollar Mslled,free of post age, to all parta of the United Ststes N B ?Those who prefer may coasult Dr. LA CROIX upon sny of the dlsessMuponwhlch thla |?ook treat*, either personslly or by mall. Medl ?lne sent to any partaf the uxaoaaeoordlsgtodl reotlona, safely psckei <u;dcaiefully secured from ill observjttw. AddMtDT M B. LA CROIX, No. 31 MsldeB Lsne, or Post 0?ee Box 978 Albany, N. Y. pr Oflce open dslly;from 9 a m to t p m sad MtSuBds} from 3 untilSp. _ ITJT O Ace REMOVED from No. M Beaver st a 31 Jfstdss Lwaa, Albmmt, Ntm T?rk. _4ee??iy_ UO OOO PESCH TREES. A T TEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR ta gale at my Nnraery, near Wsshlngton.f rhe above trees are all of toe growth, and* >f the best select fruit. Also, a general assortment of ORN AMENTA 1*, EVERGREEN,SHADE, snd FRUIT TREKS ocas tf JOSHUA PE1RCE DR. llLPKlE'K KE.VIEOIBS are the only edfbctusl cure for Bxterasl or Internsl Piles, taltrheum. Ring-Worm. Ac. They are unrival led for purifying the blood Ml cents per box OBce 7* Nsasen street, New York. Will be sent by mall. For sale by FORD k BRO., oorner of 11th st. aad Peuu avenue oc 2a MUcellmneoua. TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT ^QWW\ /TDEU^\ W 'ISHES TO CALL THE ATTKNTUW .. to all that suffer with <ili?l?i eight, caused by age. tlrkB?w, and particularly from glaasm In lad.clously ?elected, to his ?iper\oe SPECTACLES and G LASSKBesrefutly r?u4 by himself to a true ?phericeJ accuracy and WU 11 ant transparency, suited precisely and clally to the wtarw according to the concevity or convealty of the eye. Very aumsrons s-e theIII effects caused to the prerloos organ of sight fro so the ooaamenoement of using gla*?SB la aoC Mm precisely suited, by the um of sa ; and the practice of many years enables him to aaaaa ure the foeeldlseaae of the eyes, and such alaas^ ea that are tbso lately required will be fUrulabed with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the eery Uhe ral encouragement already obtained, aad further solicits the patronage of those that hsve not yel availed themselves of his aid Persons that caaaot conveniently call, by seed in* the glasses In use, and state how maay lach es they can read thl* print with their spectacle*, oan be supplied with sueh as Will improve their innumerable fcesUn?oelaij to be *een ; and ietf erences given to aiany who have derl red tte greatest ease and comfort from his classes. Circulars to be had gratis, at alsoAce, Ne 61J SEVENTH STREET. tkrss deori /rem Odd Ftllowi' Hull, vf sraiBs. NoiroLl, September 7, IhM. Sir?The Spectacle* you made for m? salt W) well, and seem u> have Improved my sight Mora than any other 1 have lately tried LITT W. TAZEWELL 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and Ind tbem of great assistance to my sight, and correaponding with his description of the foous. 1 recommend him as a uhlllful op tician HENRY A. WISE. Having been induced by a friend to visit the es tablishment of Mr Tobla* for the purpose of try lag his glasses, I was furnished *r him with a pair slightly colored blue, which Lave afforded me more relief and gratlloatlou than auy 1 have ever tried. My sight, originally vtry good, was Injured by writing and reading at night, fre fluently to a very late hour; but with the aid of tne?e glasses 1 can study almost as late as ever, and that too without the pain I have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gea'l Land oftoe. December U, 1W*. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectaolee for thtea I or four months, and take great pleasure la say lag that 1 am much pleased wUn them. I have been much beneitted fcy them. MaySth.lSM VKOK P.SCAUffl?B. 1 was recommended to Mr John Tobiaa as a ahlilful optician ; sad as 1 have eyes of remark able peculiarity, 1 wa? grat1t*-d to hud that Mr. Tobias seemed to compreLecd them 1>v Inspec tion and some slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Spectacles that autu me ad mlrably. A P DITLKK. Jul* ll,lf"4* Wilmirstoh, N. G., Jan. <7, l&M Mr J TfBias : Dear Sir?I am Lappy to sit that the Spectacle* wnlch I obtal n*d from you la*t week are entirely aatlafartory. Prom an inequal ity in the visual ranee of my eyes, I liavr hereto found gnat dlthculty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance It aff&rds me ploasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diM culty has been happily cavlated so that the gla**e? you furnlshMl me are dec dedly the beat adapted to my eye of any i have ever yet uaed Very respectxully. yours, K B DKANE. Rector of St James'Parish DtfiRTwiiT or 1 *itbb ton. May7. 1W4 From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, 1 have been compelled to use glaaseefor several years. 1 Nave tried different optician* without obtaining glasses perfe? tly fitted to my eyee. t our months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which 1 have foand to serve me perfectly. Bv the use of his optometer he is enabled toad^ptGlaaae* minutely to theayw. 1 most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses and tear my teetl - mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Aaalat Sec'y toalgn Land Warrants. P. S ? OPERA GLASSES of great variety. TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, \\ ATCh MAKER GLASSES, and many other artlclea in this line at very low prices constantly on haad. If lS-ly nkw akrauhkmekti. 11HK UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY Inform their customer* ar d the puUle In gen eral, that they have thoroughly renovated their esiablishment and added thereto a vary large cel lar. so as to be enabled to kewp a large supply of their superior PORTER and ALE on bMtd. and eipect dally to receive a supply of Philadelphia and Troy Draught Ale, which wlil be soRl at e small advance, for cash only We alsoeiper dally 5? bbls of New Jersey Chemragne Cider a pmrt article. Alwavs on hand, a lame supply of Turner a brothers line Liquors, viz; Blackberry, Rasp berry, Strawberry, Cherry and GU.g?< Brandkw ; Ginger Wine; Stomach and Stuc*LU>n Bittor* , Absentbe, Curacoa, and other Cordials Dr Wheeler's Tonic Sherry Wine Bitters, for which we are sole agesita. As usual, a lanre supply of Mi<i? ral V\a*er?, bottled Porter and Ale on band ARNY A SUINN, Union Bottling Depot. Green utMH. l- Georgetown. iiTrr. HATS! HATS 1 CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL supply of BHFBE'S NEW YORE STY LEA, trgetber with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE. The beet biaot dress HATS got up la tue latest style fur S3 #0. as good as tkoae usually said at do ; and a good fashion able Hat at S3, worth S4 ; and a Mrst-rate Hat, fil m. The best materials and the best worcir?ns^|? Is eiuLuoyed to nroduce a S* Hat, which u aoM for S3 V) We do a caah busiaese. meet witfc *o los ses, bat give each customer full value for his money, r elt Hats unusually low. N B Agent for DrlscoU's Rain tj a Thousa&J Flowers 1*.ice *6 cents per bottle. ANTHONY,7th street, new Pa. avenue, Arm for a New York Hat Compiiy. ? WHEAT R EDUCTION IN THE PRICK OF BOOTS AHD 6 AITEE8 I HAVE UN COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL 1 adelphU manu facturer, a Brst rate Srwed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOO a* at t J ti'i. full, as good a? thoveUsually aold at #a or a*>d a h reach Calf Talent Leather GAlTEk at S3 Su.aagoodasany at %o, ailrstrateCalf Galicratft" jO, are Che best goo?is that is (or ever were) sold in the Dlsttiot for the price; f x the firoof, come and see or voyjetir Terms positively cash. Ne extra Drop' charred to offbet bad debu. Call at the XKW YOHK HAT STOHM, Seveata airett, near Peiinsyivanla avenue. tf ANTHONY, Agent. |\?W AND ATTMALT1VE NOVELS? I? Raising the Veil, or Scenes in the Court*; i v Ball Fenner Embellished with portrait* tf Fo Hce Court ?Acera fl Carrie Emerson, or Life in Cllftonrllle ; by Mrs. C A. Hayden SI Walter March, Shoepoe Recollections; by Ma Jor March SI Boston Common ; Tale of our Own Times : by a Lady. Si *<? Altbe, or SrelU from the Strand: by Mra. ACn M Field Si Kate Stanton, a Page from Real Lite Si Dora GraRon, or evary cloud.ha* a silver UrUr ; Ambition ) Kate Willie 91 Kaniblew in Kastern Asia, laaludlns China and Manilla, daring sevetal yearl residence, wltn notes of the voyage to China, escurslon* in Man illa. Hone Kong, Ac.; by L Ball, M D . second edition. tl,?S. Just piiblUhed. ard for aale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore oc M Penn ave., near (Mb stnet ANT HO NT BCCHLT. UNDERTAKER, ?hop and Evidence Fo. 80S Feca'a &vass?, ?onth ?ide, between 9th and 10th *ta Having provided himself with aa BLEU ANT HEARSE aad all neoesaary oonvenienoea for ( properly conducting hi* business, would ret-pec tfully inform the publle that be m fully prepared to 111 all orders entrusted to him, at the shorteat notice, aad in the best manner A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS* ?fall Biaes.alwaya on hand, whleh will be fu' alahed oa the most reasonable terms As heretofore, no pains will be spared te gi" ?atl re satisfaction oa all oooasiesw. N. B.?Residing aa the premises, order* win be promptly attended to at all bears CWfKPOtiATIOia STOCS.??^,tHK? C?npe v ratios of Washington SUick for sale at (ek .'i-U CMMBB HSOVMERS.