Newspaper of Evening Star, November 28, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 28, 1856 Page 2
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evening star. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY Bcreinber 2*. 1?36. %f iTITItTniCMIITii BMOl LB SB I ItrT AT TIT* OTTICK II *?H'| ?(UN, M , urntkVDi tmm bat moi akpbab (1 SPIK IT or THK MORNING PRESS. The Union again discourses the current complication* of European politics. The Intt.lhemttr publishes au elaborate paper from Gov Shannon in defence of his career as Governor of Kaaeai Territory. Blackwood's Magazine, for November, re ceived from Taylor k Mau-y as usual, abounds in sterling literary matter. PERSONAL ....Gen li. B. Triit, a distinguished planter of Louisiana, is dead -....Strother, the accomplished artist and scholar is " Porte Crayon, the author of Virginia Illustrated" in Harped Magaxine. .... Senator Thompson, of Kentucky, Hon Percy Walker, of Alabama, and Hon. Mr. ThurstoD, of Khode Island, are at Dexter s Mr E L Davenport has closed hia en gagement with Mr. Burton, in New York, and has also withdrawn the services of his wife from Mr Burton's theatre .... Among the arrivals at the National we notiee the names of lion. James Burns, ex-Ca nal Commissioner, and Col. W. Graham, of Pennsylvania. .... Hon. P. II Bell sud lady, of Texas; Hon. W. Barksdale and family, of Mississip pi; Holi. John P. Campbell, of Kentucky, and Hon. J S Carlile of Virginia, are at Brown's Hotel. ... ."Dred" has not yet appeared in French. Mrs Stowe has had the work trauslated under her own supervision, and offers it to any Prench publisher for the sum >>f eleven hun dred and fifty dollars. No bidders ....The following members of Congress have arrived, and are at the National : Hon William H. Sneed. of Tennessee, lion. Jacob Broom, of Philadelphia; Hon S A. Purvi nnee and family, of Pennsylvania; G A. Grow, of do.; Hon. Howell Cobb, of Georgia; Hon. H. Marshall, cf Florida; Hon J. W W bitfield, of Kansa*.; Hon. S. W. Harris, of Alabama. ?...Some vandal has defaced the initials of Gen. Washington on the west walls of the grotto at Passaic Falls The characters are ?? G W., 1778," and th#xwore cut in the rock by that great and good man himself. They Jiad remained uninjured for more than three quarters of a century, and until a few months ago, when some barbarian partly obliterated Iheru by chipping cut one half of the W. ....The following members of Congress have arrived in Washington 5ince our last issue, via : Messrs. Carlisle and McMullin, of Virginia, Grow, of Pennsylvania, Fuller, of Maine, Pennington of New Jersey, Barksdale of Mississippi, Cobb of Georgia, Harris of Alabama, Bu&ngton of Massachusetts, Walk er of Alabama, Campbell of Ohio, Thurston of Rhode Island, Maxwell of Florida, Whit field of Kansas Territory, and Senators Fish of New York, and Thompson of Kentucky. .... It having been said that Patrick Henry was at one period of his life an infidel, Bishop Meade, in the Southern Churchman, denies the report; he says: "He (Patrick Henry) ever had, I am informed, a very great abhor rence of infidelity, and actually wrote an an swer to ' Paine s A.'e of Reason,' but de stroyed it before hid death His widow has informed me that he received the communion as often as an opportunity was offered, and on such occasions always fasted until after he had communed, and spent the day in the greatest retirement. This he did while gov ernor, and afterward. Had he lived a few years longer ho would probably have done much to check the moral influence of one of his compatriots, whose works are now diffusing the poison of infidelity throughout our land." POLITICAL GOSSIP When the New York Tribune thought Illin ois bad gone for Fremont, it suggested that Senator Douglas should resign ; out since it has learned that Buchanan carries the State it hasn't thought of proposing that its anti Nebraska Senator Trumbull should give up his place. As a new illustration of the power of song, the New York Daily Nows says: "Gen Mor ris's beautiful lyric ' The Flag of Our Union Forever," has done more toward electing Ba chanan than aij other ' document' of the re cent canvass: " ' A union of lakes?a union of lands? A union cf States rone mav sever; A union of hearts?a union of hands? And the Flag of our Union forever '? " A correspondent says that after the promi nent part taken in politics during the late Presidential campaign, by many of the cler gymen of Protestant denominations, he h^pes the said reverends will hereafter have the con sistency to abstain from accusing the Catholic clergy of a desire to exert political influence " If," he adds, '? abstention from all interfer. ence in political matters is the duty cf the Catholic clergy, it must be equally the duty of the Protectant clergy." The Pennsylvanian states that one day last week, one of the engines on the line of tbo Colombia railroad, named Kansas, ran off the track, and was thus placed in a decidedly awkward position Word was sent up the road, and an application made for an another engiDe to restore her to the track The only engine not in use at the time was the James Buchanan, which was at once dispatched to the Kansas, and quickly drew her to the proper position. Tne Democratic locomotive of the same name will dispose of all Kansas troubles just as easily, after the 4th of March The New York Herald ?ays of Senator Ben ton: " He makes remarkable speeches, in a stern Roman manner, in which he refuses to be corrupted by ties of relationship, or to be cedectd by g"ld, and in Missouri these are considered the highest effort of human elo quence Bat with all bis remarkable quali ties, eld Mr Benton cannot carry his own State, or get elected Governor, or obtain a seat in the Senate or iu Congress or get any administration even to listen to him, so that, perhaps, be i? excusable in appealing to the public of other States He is a queer old man; sometimes he reminds one of Caius Gracchus; and i gsin he looks like Pecksniff; as he grows older, the latter predominates " Coal?The gTeitest bituminous coal field in the United States is that of the Allegauy range, ab^ut stvcu hundred miles long, cover ing an area of fifty tb< uand square miles, and extending over Pennsylvania, Ohio, through Virginia, Kentucky, lennessee, into Alabama. The Comberlaud Coal Deposit, is an outlayer of this great coal field, as are also those of Bloaeburgh The Weston coal field of the Mississippi vailey lies principally in the Iowa ard Missouri, having its outlet by that river The middle coal field of that valley, in Illinois. Indiana, and Kentucky, hssits first arecssible point and its outcrop on the 'Jhio junction with the Mississippi, and below all difficulties of navigation Slavs Tmocsles is Missopri.?The New Madrid (Mo ) Times says "A number of prominent citizens of this county have called a uie*ting, to be held at the court-bouse, in this city, on this day, for the purpose of determining the best course to be adopted to suppress a supposed insurroc tion of the negroes in this and the adjoining counties This move was put on foot aster iu form^tion having been received that the Le groes of this ooanty, together with those of Cbion county, Tennessee, have connected, and are meditating a general insurrection, to take place on the 25th of December. Taking the cf A Citv by the Job ?The M;*ncbe?ter Mirror states that be tween twenty and thirty of the men emj loyed for jears at the Amoskeag machine shop, and now out of work, talk of making a proposal to run the city government the next year by con tract , to e&rry on it* schools, take charge of i's sewers, street-", courts, police, and every department, and keep it well cleaned aud oil ed, fired up and ready for all emergencies, for 9110,000. Washington news and gossip. The New Guar.? Deposits.?We have heard, and place confidence in the rumor, that the Government of the United States will shortly order a public Tassel, now on the Pacific coatt? to visit, inspect end survey the guano islands (the property of American citisens) in the Booth Pacific, which were the subject of Com modore Mervine's late faux pa$?for such was the result of bis cruise upon a similar errand in tbe Independence The company, in the meanwhile, having given the security required by the law of the late session of Congress, are now legally (-o far as their operations are con cerned) under the guardianship or protection of the United States. They have, probably, by this time sent out vessels for cargoes, which are to be brought direct to Panama, to be transported over the Isthmus by railroad. In that way ships engaged in the trade can make three voyages per annum, instead of one, as new, between New York or any other United States port, and the Chincha ielands. We hear that, besides the saving in time?or, in other words, the so much greater supply that can be brought to this country in a given amount of tonnage from the American-owned deposits by adopting the Panama route?the cost of transportation will be materially les sened, notwithstanding the two additional handlings the cargo will require The speci mens of their guano which the company dis play in New York and this city have dispelled all question as to the gravity of tho mistake into which Commodore Mervine foil?its qual ity being equal luliy in value to that of the Chincha irland?, as certified by various lead ing and trustworthy chemists, and the extent of the deposits and their convenience, be isg vouched Uy some of tbe first merchant (whaling) captains tailing out of Northern ports, who are personally familiar with them. For the future of American agriculture, which has so much to gain from the rite and progress of competition in supplying the Uni ted tbtates with guano, wo rejoice that the oomiany of our enterprising fellow-citizens who have this business in hand are pushirgit with great vigor, indeed. The Sale cf Leavenworth City.?Up to tie hour at which we go to press to-day we ap prehend that the Indian-Affairs bureau have no intelligence from the progressing Bales of the portion of the Delaware truvt lands on which the city or town of Leavenworth is laid out. The instructions given to those who are conducting the sales are, we believe, to stop them tho momor.t they have reason to think that they are being affected ly combinations to keep down price?, so that further means may be taken to defeat the ends of specula tors so engaged. This is as it tk:>uld be. The lots in Leavenworth wore appraised for this sale much below their real vajue, doubt less for the benefit of the speculators who have bought bogus titles to them. It is to be regretted that the appraisers cannot be reached by process of law. At any rate it is the duty of the Government to defeat the aim of the course pursued by the appraisers in question, and the Commissioner of Indian Affaire has exerted every power vested in him so to do. Though not a word has yet been heard \of flcinllj) of the progress of this current first ef fort to sell lots in Leavenworth city legally, we are inclined to think that subsequent efforts will be necessary ere they are finally eff the hands of the Government, now holding them in trust. Of late some of the titles or claims to in dividual lots there, derived from tbe Leaven worth City Land Company, have sold as high a3 at $3 000, though all must know that they (the titles in question) are not Worth a pinch of snuff. The Cuban Junta ?Ion of the Sun, yester day morning discoursed of the " Cuban Junta in New York" as something in existence at this time. This is a mistake. It consisted, when alive, of Goicurta, Betancou.t, Hernan dez and Valienta, four Cuban exiles. JBetan court was its president. Its quarrel with Gen. Quitman concerning alleged mismanage ment of ite funds and other affairs, resulted in its dissolution, which took place at that time Goicuria and Hernandez separated from the other two who sided partially at least with Genera] Quitman. Subsequently Betancourt settled his personal difficulties with the colo nial and home governments, had hi3 property on the island restored to him, and left this country for Paris. So, Ion is in error in saying that the " Cuban Junta in New York decline any conneotion with Gen. Goicuria or any knowledge of his patriotic design of wresting Cuba from the Spanish domain with hii army of eleven hundred men," Aj. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yestorday, 27th November, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... #888 44 For tho Treasury Department... 10.2H7 23 For the Interior Department 7.056 60 For Customs 23,13a 03 War warrants received and en tered 18,42^ 65 On account cf the Navy 'JH,9o2 31 Repayment on account of the Navy 99,644 37 From miscellaneous sources 220 7V Mastkr Masons of Amtwcrt.?A curious, and I believe peculiar, co*t"m still exists at Antwerp among the guild of masons Henri Conscience, the great Belgian writer, who was perambulating the town with mo, informed me as we passed their hall, that whenever a new master mason was to be elected, it was ne essary that, previous to being initiated into his somewhat inportant position, he should prove himself w<>ithy of tbe dignity about to oe oonferred on him, by pulling down and re building with is own hands the fsoade of one portion of the building, which has consequent ly been re-erected innumerable times, toough tbe remainder of the edifioe is sufficiently venerable. If the candidate shrunk from bis trial, there was no alternative but to yield his claim. ?fie mish humors. A McmricxnT Gift?We learn from the Natchez Courier that David Hunt, E*q , of Mississippi, made a donation a few days ninon to Oakland College, in that State, of S50.000. This, together with 960.000 given by this gen tleman to tbe same institution upon former occaMons, make bis donations amount to $110 000 One of the conditions appended to thu last gift is that " should Oakland College cease to exist as an institution of public edu cation, in that event the donation shall go to the next best effort for similar purposes in the Sou'.b " A Man Saltei> Down ry his own nxguBST. A singular circumstance recently occurred in Miller county, Illinois An old man named Wilson, aged 86, died, having made arrange ments with certain persons not to bury him, but to have his entrails taken out and put in % box and placed beside his coffin, which he has had over ten years He was then tiled with 6alt and sewed npwith a grape vine or romething of that sort He was then carried to the repository of his coffln?a cavity in a perpendicular bluff, about 50 or 60 feat from tbe bottom. About 200 persons were present tjs A single female house fly produces in on* season 30,000,320. Htohway Robbbribb ij? Cities.?The tin* was when highwaymen corfioed themselves principally to by-ways and sequestered places, but recently they transact their villainies in open day in the most populous cities. New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Baltimore, and even less densely populated cities have in turn witnessed the fact in frequent instan ces, and the following brief paragraph adds another to several occurrences of the kind in and near Boston: On Saturday evening, an Englishman by tbe name of Thomas Idle, was knocked down in Hanover street, and after being dragged into a dark alley, was robbed of $67 in money. Monday morniDg the police arrested a noto rious personage named James Quilty, alias " Bnoktop," on supieion of being the robber On being confronted before Mr. Idle, he was fully in ientified and was looked up. Mrs. Stowe's Novels ?The Westminster Review for October, in the course of an article on cotemporary literature, makes the follow ing just lunge at Mrs. Stowe's style of serving up negro perfections: " The objection which is patent to every one who looks at Mrs Stowe's novels in an argumentative light is alro, we think, one of their artistic defects, namely: the absence of any proportionate exhibition of the negro character in its less amiable phases. Judging from her pictures, one would conclude that the negro race was vastly superior to the mass of whites, even in other than slave countries? a state of the cafe which would singularly de feat Mrs. Stowo's sarcasms on the cant ot those who call slavery a ' Christiauiiing insti tution ' If the negroes are really so very good, slavery has answered as moral discip line." Wortht op Honorable Mbntiok.?We re ferred yesterday to the rumored frauds of measurement among coal dealers in Cincin nati It is stated by the Commercial that du the inquisition on Friday there was found one place among some dozen where^the measures were strictly right. This was at the yard of Miles Greenwood, who to his honor be it told, when coal a few days since was soiling at fifty or sixty cents a bushel, contiuueu to supply each person who oallod on him with four bushels for one dollar, but would not sell over four bushels to any one person Hogs at Cincinnati ?On Monday hogs sold to the extent of 3,000, in Cincinnati, at prices ranging from $5.60 to $5.70 for aver age sice The market, it is stated, w<ts easier, with a moderate demand. There was a good demand at $5 50, but this seems to be below the views of drovers, who sell with reluctance at any thing below $6 75. ' The " Book of Mormon" has been tram laied into the Hawaiian language, and a large edition ha.- been printed. TnAJfKSoivisa ?Yesterday was thanksgiv ing day in Massachusetts. New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Tannessee and the city of Norfolk, Va. rjt Mr Gray, a ship-bnilder at Milan, Ohio, has procured the contract for building the six revenuo cutters which Government is about to place on the lakes. The Fremont Partt?Born in Philadelphia ladelphia la*t June?died in Pennsylvania last November Too old for veal, too youn^ for Lecf, we have skinned it for its hide. The above toast was given at the Democrat ic celebration in Fastport, Maine. Aw Enormous Screw ?Messrs Jas Mur phy A. Co , Fulton Iron Works, have com pleted the propeller for the United States steam-frigate Niagara. The propeller is made of brass and is said to be the largest in the world, weighing over 31,000 pounds. IzjBf The Presidential electors will assemble at tneir respective State capitals on Wedues day next, to cast their votes for President iind Vice President of the United States In case of the absence of any one of the electors, those present will fill the vacancy. Nebraska.?An election foy members of the Territorial Legislature has just been held in Nebraska, and we learn from the Wyoming (N. T ) Telescope that though party lines were not drawn, the members chosen, so far as heard from, are nearly all strong free state men. The editor of the Nebraska City News, a pro slavery paper, was defeated. Cleaning Stoves.?Stove lustre when mix ed with turpentine and applied in the usutl manner, is blacker, more glossy and durable than if put on with any other liquid. The turpentine prevents rust?and when put on an old rusty stove, will make it look as well as new. The odor of the turpentine pastes off quickly. . _ The London Times is remonstrating earnestly against the location of gas works in cities. It quotes from the mortality statistics of London, to show that in the districts where the gas houses are located, the proportion of deaths to the population is nearly twice that of other districts, with no other cause for the difference but the disagreeable and deadly ef fluvia from the gas works ty A distinguished physiologist of Cincin nati claims to have discovered that the vitali ty of individuals is marked by the protuber ance of that part of the head which lies direct ly back of the outer angle of the eyes One with it .'arge, ho siys, bears any amount of mashing, while in those who have the organ small, a trifling Injury extinguishes the lamp of life A Beautiful Complexion may easily be acquired by using the " Balm, of aThommnd Flowers." It will remove tan, pimp/ft, and frrcklt* from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the fane night and morning. For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washington, and all druggists. Ljr To make your hands soft and free from chops, face pretty, teeth pearly, breath sweet, and skin fragrant to shave with ease, bathe with comfirt, to wash your children, use ?"ontaine's Cieam of Wild Flowers as a substi- I tute for soap and improvement upon the Balm of Thousand Flowers. Sold by tho agents, and drugirists, and fancy stores generally. lIT'An aid friead ta the suffering is Mra. Oabohek's Ihoian Kalpam or I imtwoiT *wi> Hoaano^jin. for ll.? f lire of Oough*. Cold*, C nop. *c. ThU(pr?paratlnn Ilk* lli* t**t for llil |>wt twenty j*ar?, an<1 now and e**r will ?laii(l unr1r*lt*d. It la for *ale by all dru^glM* throughout the United But** and British Proviu<e? WKIKfi A POTTER, lit Waahlngloo atreet, Bratbii, Mm* , Whole**)* A?ent*. Z.D. UILMAN, I?ruggi?t, JiO Peumj u*,' niaavenu*, Hpe.-ial Ajjent. dot 2S?lw ftJ-To Druggists and tbe People.?Ten hereby cautioned ?**'n?t epnrtnu* lmU?t1<"ni of Oe Gratk'a " Klectrlc Oil,' a* w* ahall periecute aoy parly who ii*** our copyrighted b.ll*. Tnl* iffnoinn " Klectrlc Oil" ha> cured th* Mayor of ?:?md*n of Pile* *nd Khrum*tl*ti>, al*o, lion John Wtllaru-au of Huntingdon, (Jon. K Killlt.g ?nrih wh"tn it took off hi* rrnti li** tu one day and more than *eeether* In Ph'lalalphla, u bo** name* have lte<D|inh llslied In the Pklladelpbla Ledger. The wholesale dealer* in Philadelphia would riot countenance any 'camp guilty of the rae ality of count.ifelting. In Harrlabur^, Joba Wyelh*. K.q , the well known liruggltt th*r*. rauaed the arr*?t and lmpriai>nm*nt of one Valentin*, who attempted an imitation i t Hi,'* valnable r*m*<1y. Tor (ale by CHAN. 0TOTT. hot. M?lw JIT"Bran?ireia't Pilla.?The Weak, the Oobaumpttvr, Klieiim.tlc, Coatlve, Hlilmi* ami r>?licate, *fler *ome day'* u?e will find renewed *tr*ni(ili and life prVva1?* *T*ry organ il their fraaie* Kierydoae make* the blood purer. The neree* cotnmen e In the at terle* and U'rmlnat* Id th* ?*ln*. The** pill*, aa a ttret effe<t, ?ct upon tbe ar terial bio. il, incr-aaln* the circulation, by which i.-upuritle* ar* depoaltrd In the vein*, and they throw < 9 *nrh coll*c tloue Into the how*'*, which organ, by the eu*r*y rteelvad from Brandrttb* Pill*, exp. I* them fiorn the *y* *m Wl? n tir*t n*ed, tbe pill m*y occaalon griping, and *vrn make the patient fe?*l w?r*e . th I* ?>t be borne with for the good to ome afterward* No great good i* often arh eved without *?m. trouble iu ll* attainment. and this rule appll** to the recovery of health. Tbe** aymptoig* only occur where the body ha* long ?tm|Kl?d nnd-r a load of Impure, teneclou* hum. r*. A con*? ntive n** for a fe?v day* will aatlafr the m<;*t Iiubelifvln* ofthegieat good tb* pill* are doh a The direction* *hould Iw carefally *tadle.|. If nnderanmd and followed, health and vigor will, ln . majority ."".ae^be ia cor?d by tbe u*e of KKAN|)RKTU'8 Pill*. '<?*?*, oe ?e Sold at as centi per bo* at ?a r.n?i ?, u., ... Building. New V-r^by T. W.t,o?A i^T*' ?" h Wond atreat, PhlUdelpbU, ,iud by m.dlclne d^er* ?nVr ?__"ov n _ 17" IniMrtant te the Ladlt?:_nr Da fONOO'B PKMALE PILLS.-Tb* combination ?uu In tbe PUla are perfectly barmlea* Tbe?r njerlta are L*h4'1 rpoo an exUnhlve practice of over Iblrtv y^art; and, wbere the direction? have been atrlAlv fol lowad. they hare ?.T.r failed to correct aT??Urltl-. rellaea palatal and dlOcolt men.trnation, (partkt?^, l^t tbe change of Hfc. They will cur. th. Whlt? iSl rai'on all ob.trr.,-tiona arl.lng from cold, expotnr. any c!S^" and may be u.ed .ucc?fally aa a Pr??.ntlT.. o?U a^n the agaoi, and cat a Circular for particular* free Prlca $1 per ko*, with fall dtrertioue. 8old wiioUiaU .n*? Mirif FH^?-,XToTTt ?r*?ut' ?AMI IL B. WAITR, IW S.Tetitb atrMt, Waablngton n O ? and H. H. T. OHHIIL, Georgetown ; to whom all order* tnuet b* ?a"t, and the Pill* will be *ent confldentlally by nail to om douar. 7 ' ?. B?In M|unre on tb.boii It la for JeKtf Oi?4 ml OtcUri," ? friend of Mr?. we speke of* yon a* tn?n a reoeet VfcSSI* o'the dreaded Consumption; stid wltli great fore* tbe truth >-ame to our mind, knowing as ? ? did tl.4t In bl* cas* mi? taken practice tiad a?aln consigned enotber to tbe grave. In rt>H of Onughs, t'olda. Bronchitis aed otber I.ling and Throat <!taease*. pot your trust 1a Mr*. M. K. 8??<Mr'i Indian Halpara of Liverwort and Hoarboaud. It to glvs relief. MM'ri. Weeks k Patter, No. 1.S4 Washinctcn iireet, Bos ton, (reueral A|?U. for sale by W. M. Ollmai. Cherlts Stott. Nairn k Palmer. Z. D. Oilman, and by Dr*s*tst* gen erally. ? nov IW. (I7W?tckMtJrw?lrf *?! lllvir Ware. I have now on h*Dd a .nil Mock cf lk? most fashienek'e styles of rich told Jewelry; als<>. a large assortment ef very anterior gold and eUver Watches I am alsfc man utacta ring (In my own shopl e>ery variety of S.lver Ware, such a* 8900ns. Forks, Lad lee, rake and pie KDlvee, salt, muiard and olive rtpoona. Napkin Kings, Pltcfcers, Tea Sett*. Ac., from solid sterling ?tlver, which 1 will offer for aale at lovrer rate* than goods of the name quality i.a-.e M been eoid for In tbl* city, at No. Ms Penney lvatHa avenue, near tth street, sign of the large *p read eagle. H. O. HOOD, oc K?tr ICTBp?wb'i Broachtal Tr?rh??.-"W? have found them of great aervlce In allaying Bronchial Irrita tion. and In snbdulne Hoarseness produced by Cold*, and do car clerical brethren a real favor In calling their attention t> them."?Zlon'i Herald. " We commend llisra to the at tention of public speakers, singers, and other* who are troubled with aflertton* of the Throat."?Christian Watch man. "Tor Oongbs. Atthma, A*., we cheerfully bear teetl raony from personal knowledge to their efScAcy."? Ballon'* Pictorial. They are a Dimple and elegaut form for admin Isterlng, In combination, several medicinal *nb*tanrea beld In general eetoem smong Physicians In the treatment of Bronchial affection*."?Dr. O. P. Blgelow. Containing no oplnm or deleterious dines. these Lozenge* can be used freely by public speakers and vocalist* for clearing and glvlDg strength to the voice. Sold by all Druggist*. Oct IS-tf JAMKS N. CALLA.N, Agent. KT'Astsalshing Care with ealy tie Bit* TI ? Joa. B. Hall A Co., aayi: Pawui'iln.1. troostook Co.,Me , April M.1S64. " We herewith send yoti a certificate of a cure performed by the nee of only one bottle of the Oerman Bitter*, we think Mr. Dark to be a man of veracity, and have no doubt of the trnth of hit story." Meeers. Jos. H. Hall A Oo.?Gentlemen?In answer to yonr Inquiries, I will state that my danghter, aged abont 16 year*, b?e been complalninc of a pelu In her *ide for *U or seven

yeiri, and abont the first of January last, was taken down and confined to her bed. The palu In her side was very se vere. beside* belug troubled with pains between her shoulders and In her breast Krom reading a uumher of enres per formed by "Hootland's German Bitters," I was Indexed to try it in tier <-a*e, and seut to yonr store and purchased one b-Htle. She had taken It but a few days when she began to Improve, an ! now, after taking ouly on* bottle,she is enjoy ing better health than she has for years. She feels no palp In her side or In any part of her body, and attributes her cure entirely to the Oerroaa Bitters. Salmon Brook. A roneteok Co., lie. WM CI. 4 K It. Iteeadvertisement. 8e(> Mmr jI7*H??ltltfr.-Three battle* of Hostel ter's Vegetable Stoinach B'ttert will enre the Hyspepela, one bottle will create an appetite, force off the Impure bile, puri fy the blood and Invigorate the system, two bottles will enre the worst form of Liver Complaint; one bottle will dissipate that weakness at the pit of the stamach. give color to tbe countenance, imp irt tone and strength to tbe system, and ?end cheerfulness it the mind Kvery family ehonld have H ^letter's celebrated St inarh Bitters. No article Is *o peculiarly adapted to tbe depresflog effects of onr climate. Sold t>y Druggists and dealers generally. nov IS-ier .THE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION will meet TO-MORROW MORNING, at 11 o'clock, at the Smithsonian Institution An Kssay will be read by Mr. O. C. Wight Sub- I Ject" Text-Books." A. C. RICHARDS, 1'* Secretary. ,SECOND ANNIVERSARY SAINT ANDREW'S SOCIETY, WASHING TON, D C ? Members and others Intending to participate In this celebration, wM meet at Caru sis Saloon, on MONDAY EVENING, Decem ber 1st, at 7# o'clock Supptr or. the table at 8 o'clock precisely Be order: nov 2S-3t? JAMES MACWILLIAM. Sect. .NOTICE ?THE MEMBERS OF The Jefferson Literary Association are re queued to attend at their u?ual place of meeting on next SATURDAY EVENING,. December 30th, at "X o'clock, for the transaction of import ant business Ry order of the President: nov 28-2t* JOSEPH DAK DEN, Sect. ,NOTICE ?THEMEMBERS OP The Independent Hone Co.,No. 2, takegreat pleasure in announcing to their Mends and the {Jublic. of Washington, that their First Grand Jotlllon Party will take place on MONDAY, De cember 1st, at Inland Hall. Tickets FIFT\ CENTS; admitting a gentleman and ladles. Cejnmttttt of Arramgem'Hts. VV m Dowell, V itlshop, Jen Bishop, A Ilutton, M J Fitzgerald, W rn Kiernan. noT 27-41* ,M ERCHANT'S EXCHANGE ?There will be a meeting of the Merchant's Ex change Association on MONDAY EVENING, December 1st, 1WX5, at thtlr room*, corner 10th street and i'enna avenue, over Savings Bank. Punctual attendance Is requested. nov 26-5t S. BACON, President (NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and <^UEENS WARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by m> doing they will save from U to 26 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at J09 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth ttreete. JeJMJm JOHN McDEVITT. P E S T I V A L ?THE LADIES OF the Mite Society attached to Wesley Chapel wiil hold a Festival at Odd Fellows' H<tll, 7th street, commencing on MONDAY, No vember 17th TrSfl, the funas to be applied to the payment of the debt for the rebuilding of the Church. There will be an abundance of Refresh ments of ail kinds, and numerous u?eful and Fancy Articles f r sale at reasonable prices Their friends are cordially invited to visit them during ?he continuance of the festival. nov 17-3vr ,THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL of the UNION UUAHDI will take place on the Bth of January. Particulars in a future advertisement. nov 11 2*wtJanl ? ? - DON'T FORGET!?THE MEM bers of the Pioneer Club No. 2 take great pleasure in announcing to their frler.ds and the public of Washington, that their First Grand ? 'otlllon I'arty will take place on TUESDAY, December 2d. at Thorn's building on 7th street, next to Odd Fellows' IL11. By order of the nov 25-T,W,M,T4t* ^COMMITTEE. ,TAXES.? NO TIC E TO DELiy QUE XT TAX PAYERS. Coli.kctor'8 Orrirs, November 21, 18*H. All Persons who have failed to pay their Taxes due the Corporation of Washington will please take notice that the advertisement for the sale of property liable for the same will be made about the 1st of January, lb67 Itfs hoped that an early attention will be paid to this subject by all concerned, as a neglect to do so will add heavy expenses to the amount of the taxes now due. JOHN M. McCALLA, nov 92 dWlDec Collector M OCKINO BIRO LOST.-ON THURS dayi last, at I o'clock n m , a very tame BIRD. Any one returning nlm to the house of LUKF' LEE, No. 201 F street, will be liberally rewarded. nov28-3t* For sale.?the time of a hand some and smart Colored Hoy, having about 0 years to serve He Is a good house servant Inquire at No. U88, National Hotel building, Penn. avenue, Washington, D. C nov26 31 Baskets-baskets.?the finest stock of Baskets In the city can be found at FRANCIS'S Housekeeping Store, 4'J0 Tth stieet. And his prices are the lowest. MEAT CUTTERS.?Will cut 150 lbs per hour, and remain good for years, at FRANCIS'S Hon tefurnlbhing fete te, 400 7tli street, nov 2^-3t# CiOLT'S IMPROVED REVOLVINO P'S f tols, the best Pistol In the world, this day re ceived and which we will be happy to show Also, a fine assortment of other Revolvers, sin gle and double barrel f lstols of every varie'y,?nd the best assortment of Qnns and Apparatus in the city. lor sale by E TUCKER A CO . nov 28-eo3t 35 J Pcnn. ave., south sldfl. MISS M. KHOU EES, LATE OF BALTIMORE, WILL^^ 4P|onen a beautiful a? sortment of VV IN /JITTER MILLINERY, on Tuesday, Deoernoer tbe 2d, at No 133 7th street, between U and H streets, west side. We Invite the Ladies In general to give he- a call before purchasing elsewhere, as i think they c nnot fall to be suited both In price anb stile. nov98 3i* PAPER UANG1NO AND UPHOLSTER. IM. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING PURCHAS ed tbe Paper Hanging and Upholstering Es tablishment of E N Worthlngton, at No 133 north 7 h street, between G and H sfreets west, respectfully calls tbe attention of his friends and the public generally to give hlra a call and exam ine his well sele<:trd stock. He atteuds personal ly to the Paper Hanging and Upholstering busi ness, at the shortest notice,the best style, and on the most reasonable terms. Awnings made and repaired. nov28-2awlm GEORGE 8 DONN THOMAS C. DONN, Justice of the Pear?, Conrtyametr, and Com missioner of Dttds for the State oj Maryland. TIFK SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY IN forms the citizens of Washington count v that he has again resumed the business of a Magis trate and Conveyancing. He can be found at his ofllce, No M Louisiana avenue, adjoining the Bank of Washington, from 7am 10 10 p m., and the balance of the time at his private resi dence, No. 681 U street north, between 4th and 3th streets west He Is at all time# prepared to go to any part of the county to at'end to Writing, taking Acknowledgments and Affidavits; also, UnlUa States business generally, either by day oi by night. THOMAS C DONN, J. P. nov 'JH-Sawlm F* ARL, SILVER. SHELL, INLAID Aid other styles Porte Monies sad Card Cases, at nov?7 MCLAUGHLIN'S. CiAM* TO / onP street. between 14th ard 15th j street. between 14th ted ?treats, about two weeks ago a White] and Brown COW, with uralls.BTp'fd. horns, very flat at tb? points The owner will please come forward prove property, pay charge*, and take her away. nov2S ?? CHARLES RISING. 9RIAT ICONUR1T IN OAS. BY THE USK OF KIDDER'S PATENT baa Regulator, when properly applied, a ut ving of M per cent, and producing a oteadr and brlilisnt light. Also, a full assortment of Gas Chandeliers and Brachet; comprising many of the newest styl*s. from the renowned factory of Comelelrs A Baker, Philadelphia J.W THOMPSON A BKO., 569 Pa av , south aide bet 10,h and 12th sts nov 98-flt _ ASAKin PASTILLES, A SIMPLE, SAFE AND EFFECTUAL remedy for Coughs. Hoarsnees, Whooping Cough, Tickling In the Throat, Bronchial Affec tions. Ac. These Pastilles are entirely void of , which 1 J' safe when admlnl y advantagous to ad not cffVred to the public as a certain and Immedl any of the preparations of Opium, which render* them perfectly aafe when administered to child ren and equally advantagous to adults. They are ate cure for Consumption. Bronchitis. Ac , but as aa alleviating remedy Prepared only by D. S. DYSON, Pharmaceutist. nov 2P-e<6t 268 Penn. avenue. NATIONAL THEATRE~ SECOND OPERATIC EWGAQEMEWT. THE PTNE t HUiaiSOX OPBKA TEOUPE will appear on TUESDAY EVENING, December 2d, In Donizetti's great Opera of LUCIA, THE BRIDE OF LARIMER MOOR. Box sheet now open To secure choice seats early application Is neeessary. nov 29- [ Int^JAUnlon] rpAYLOR A MAURY'S RECENT IM. X portatisas ?The following valuable and Interesting works will be found amirgst a variety of English Books recently received from England, many of which are at considerably redu- ed pri ces and especially suited for the approaching fes tive season: Book of Celebrated Poems; the best poems la the English language; one beautifully printed Bvo volume, with eighty llustratlons by the first artists, cloth, gilt edges, S4 Crulkshanka' Three Courses and a Deaert, ffty humorous Illustrations, SI 25 Book of Family Crests. 2 volume*, over four thousand cuts of crests. S5.50 Furniture and House Decoration, (to , six hun dred Illustrations, $5 Gallery of the 6races, or Beauties of British Mncts. 3*> beantlfdl plates, morocco, rkhly gilt, *8.50 Gleanings of Nature, by Mudle, 57 colored plates by Landseer, jr , S3 Puss in Boots, 12 fine Illustration*. fancy covers, 50 eta Junius's Letters, complete In two volumes, S3 Kohl's Russia?St. Petersburg, Moscow, and the Crimea. S2 75 .Moore's Irlah Melodies, Illustrated edition, beautifully printed and embellished with aplend id line engravings from pictures painted expressly for the work by Muiready, Jr , S7 Nicholson's Operative Mechanic and British Machinist, 150 plate*, S4 50 Nicholson's Builder and Workman's New Di rectory, 4to , 160 plates, S? Percy's Rellque* of Ancient English Poetry, cloth extra gilt, 92 25 Pictorial Brok of Ancient Ballads, Illustrated, antique gilt edges. S3 75 Robinson Crusoe, with 20 illustrations,on wood aEd tteel, *1 25 Sauntering about London, 75cents Sculpture, Specimens cf Ancient and Modem, Ito.. 65 plates, S-2 50 Sketcnes of Young Ladles, Young Gentlemen, and Young Couples, 18 illustrations, by Phlx, SI Stuart's Antiquities of Athens, and other Mon uments of Greece, 70 beautiful plates, with the measurements, details. Ac., f? 75 Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, 21 engravings on wood and 8 on steel. Si 25 Walker's Analysis of Beauty io Women and Critical View of Hypotheses respecting Beauty, new editions, *2 drawings from life, SB Bon Gaultier:s Book of Ballads, Illustrated by Crowquill. Leech, and Doyle, S2?5 A Cracker Bon Bon for Christinas Parties, by Brough, illustrated, SI Round Games for all Parties, for Old and Young, gilt edges, S'-50 L'osweU'B Life of Johnson, 10 vols., 20 plate*, S10 Julian's Studies of Heads.finely drawn onstoae, 4to , St Lardner'a Popular Astronomy, 119 cuts, lJmo , 87#cts. Punch'* Pictures?Picture* from the Portfolio of Mr Punch, 000 Illustrations by Leech, 1 vol , S3 50 Booh of Costume, or Annals of Fashion, by a Lady of Rank ;8vo., numerous Illustrations, gilt edues, S2 50 Hood's Comle Annual, 40 111ustratlons by Leech. 51 50 Drawing Booh of the Government School of De sign, 81 50 Chamber's History of the Rusalan War, splen didly illustrated with maps and plates, S3 50 The work of Canova in Sculpture and Model ling, engraved In ouUlne by Henry Moms, with descriptions and a biographical memoir: 3 splen did volume*, $12 For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S nov 28- Bookstore, near 9th at. RARE BOOKS, VALUABLE BOOKS, Good Brots, and cheap Boohs; also, a fine selec tlon of light Literature, at noy 27 FERGUSON'S, 486 7th *t. k RAKE BOOK, AN ILLUMINATED m. Atlas in Latin; published AD, 1742. An tiquarians examine ar d buy It, at nov 27 FERGUSON'S, 480 7th *t., BLANK MUSIC BOOKS, MUSIC FOLIOS, Music Paper, Ac . at the great Music Empo rium, between 9tn aad 10th streets nov27- JOHN F. ELLIS. SUPERB PAPIER MACHKARD PEARL InUtid Goods, such rs Desk*, Work Boxes, Inkstands. Cabinets, Card Tray*. Card Baskets, Ac , Ac , jn*t opening, at our great variety store, between eth and 9th *treets j Mclaughlin a co , nr?v27- No. 20 Pa ave. "AONIF1CKNT PIANOS.?WE HAVE now in store the largest and most complete stcch of new and beautiful PIANOS ever offered In the city, at pi Ices ard terms to suit every one Our store is the Urges' Pianoforte, Melodeon, Music and Musical Instrument establishment in the District. JOHN F. ELLIS, nov 27- 306 Pa ave , bet. 9ih and 10th *ts. FIRST WARD WOOD AND COAL DE POT. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING A LOT OF superior Canal Wood. Oak and Hlchory, fulls feet In length, which we will sell at the lowest market price*. COAL of all htnd? constantly on hand. All orders left at P. J. Steer's'store. No. 488 7ih street, between D and E, or at our offlce will be promptly filled. 2,240 pounds given to the ton # JOHN VV MYERS A CO., oai:e and Yard corner of G and 22d sta. nov 27 SR ALEXANDRIA A WASHINGTON R. 1. M' ON AND AFTER THURSDAY, THE 97th of November, until farther notice, a train of cars will leave the Depot In Alexandria, at the corner of ft Ai-aph and Princes* streets, lor Washington city, at 8 o'clcch, a m , and at 3 o clock, p m Onmlbusses will be In readlnes* at the Potomac Bridge to convey passengers to the Intersection of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue, at Doxter's Hotel. From this point at the same hours (9_a m , and 3 p. m ,) omnlbusses will leave for the South ern end of the Bridge where the cars will be In readiness to proceed to Aleiandrla Passengers will find comfortable sitting rooms at Dexter's Hotel. JAMES S. FRENCH, nov 27 dtf Pre*ldent. PENNSTLVANIA 1CECH EAM COMPANY Ne. 414 Seventh st., between 8 aad H. ri\HE PERSONS FORMING THIS COM A psny have long been of the opinion that an advantage would be derive! b-~th by themselves and by tae citizens of this place. If the products of their Dairy could he sent direct to Washington With this view, thev have established A DEPOT AT 4M SEVENTH STREe T, where Families, Hoard lug-Houses. Hotels, Balls, Fairs, Ac., can be supplied, at a low price They will keep constantly on hand the follow test Pennsylvsnla ROLL BUTTER Do do PRINT do SWEET CREAM, for coffee, Ac Good RICH MILK, (served to families) Vani la ICE CREAM, plain or In pyramids ) ? Pine Apple do do do ~ Lemon do do do ?" Almond do do do Caramel, (brown.) do do l ? 8 Strawberry, (pink,) do do i .is Ccocolate, (brown.) do do J " Through the winter season they will heep COUNTRY SAUSAGE, POULTRY, EGGS, and other productions of the farm. WATER and FRUIT ICES made to order Terms cash. nov ?7-lw? Fourd?on Saturday moinin? last, near the Centre Marhet. a RAG, with money and a memorandum of articles la It, which the owner can have by calling at the oftce of th? Star, describing the property, and paying for thl* it- arr 17-tf AaoMBiotf. NATIONAL THEATRE. THE NAIAD QTJEE* WILL BK REPEATED THIS EVENING, and every Evening This Week Only ' On SATURDAY A F TER NOON, at 3 o'eloci? door* opm at "i%-A GRAND DAY PER FORMANCE fbr tbe especial aecommodatloa of Ladle*, Families, and Children Patron* In Alexandria. G * orjjetown. end the vicinity of this city, oan tire seat* for this mi Oniy ban Ptr/?r?tamrt, by 1 mmediaU. applica tion at the f ffl e Fatally Tickets, admitting Five Cblld'en. win be |?rued. for this occasion only. ?' One Dollar. They can be obtained by car.y application. aa only a limited number wUl b? Issued noy 96 *ORIKE? UAPHANTC. PROF H W MUN L>EK TAKKK GREAT plea* re In announcing in t!o friends, patrons, and public generally, tbat tbr above social and d?.k-h'ful entertrin ments wl 11 oonmearr at M under ?? M atto poll tan Hall, corner 1Kb and O street*, on Wednesday evening, November' ?6:h, at 8 o'clo k, and continue eve*y Wednesday thren^ho-it the Gentlemen wishing to aubscrlbe for tbe season can do so npoti very favorable terms, by applying at tbe Hall on Tues day and Thursday evening from - tlli 10 o'clock, nov 24-tf _ Wants WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED Mas, a situation as Barkeeper City refer, ecces can be given. Addreas Box 10t Star t'tU- e nov 2S-*ia WANTED?A SUBSTANTIAL IRON axel one horse Cart. Persona wishing to sell,can InqulreatG W WIGHT'S Furniture Warehon?e nov 9ft it ? WANTED ?A YOUNG FRkNCH \\ OMAN desires a place In a family as Seamstress and to te?ch French to children Address A F , Box I*, at this office nov* WANTED TO HIRE ?A COLORED GIRL for Nurse Slave preferred. Call on J ROBINSON ,349 Pcnn. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. nov 19-tf WANTED-A COACHMAN WHO Un derstands his business thoroughly, and can furnish th* beat recommendations A colored man preferred, who can r?ad writing. Apnlyat hla office. aov 19-tf WA N ? E D ?WANTED?WANTED?TO lad persons In want of the following ar tides: French or German Looking ?lasses Portrait or Picture Frame*, round, oval arsqaare OH Paintings, large and sma'.l Marble-top Bracket*. Tables, in bronxe or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any site Looking Glasses, or other work In the gliding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand Terms moderate to sal the times, for cash N.B.?Old Work F.egllt,aad Looking Glass Plates Inserted 1155 Pcnna. avenue,opposite Elrkwood House dec It JOHN WAGNER Boarding. BOARD.?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS Wife wish for Board In a private family, either In Georgetown, or First Ward of Washington city. Will furnish their own roam in part. Address F.J Georgetown, D.C. nov 2?-lw MISS MANNING HAS HER HOUSE Neatly fitted up for the reception of members of congress and transients during the session Table boarders can airo be accommodated No 4&i 13th a'reet. between K and F. nov97-4ta Boarding ? a suite of rooms for Rent with Board, at 4(4 F street, in Union Row. acd the Immediate vicinity of the Patent Office. nov ?S-St* Boarding ?one large parlor and large Chamber attached, handsomely Tarnish ? ed for rent. Also, a large front room with good sized rooms a'tachcd, suitable for single gentle men, or in auiU for families. Board. If d^lred, on the most reasonable terms. Apply at No. 4tt 10th street, between D and E. nov 13-lw Mrs bannerman, corner of 9th and E streets, having recently refitted her houae. Is now prepared to accommodate persons with Board and plaanAt Rooms at moderate rates Her houae Is situated in a central and de sirable part of the city; being one square from the Patent and Post Offices. Table and transient boarder* can also be aocommodated. nov 94-et? Boarding?a gentleman and his wife, also two single gentlemen can beaccom modated with Rooms and Board iu a private ffern tly where there are no more bo-rder* ot children. on reasonable terms Apply at 494 9th street, l<e tween F and G. nov 19 tf ANEWt BOARDING-HOUSE.?MRS. C. REYNOLDS has taken the well known com modious board lag-houae on the southeast corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 4# street, which Is being entirely refitted and furnished. She t as rooms for rent (at different prices according tr tbeir location,) with or without board. All do airing such accommodations will do well to cmi before locating themselves elsewhere nov 8 tf Board,*c._mrs bates,on thes w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. ap6-tf B DATTLEDOORI , OK ACE HOOPS, E* Magic Lanterna, Jumping Rope*, Cry'ng Dools, Doil Heads, and a great variety of Toys j ast received from good old K rlss Kringle. and for sale low by his a^ent nov 96 3t LAMMOND DRAUOHT ale?we have just re celvtd 100 bbls of Re^d A Brother's Trov Draught Ale, vihlch Is very fine, and will be sold atthelow price of f6 75 jer bbl . for cash only. ARNY A SH1NN, ncv96 Georgetown, D. C. CHAMPAGNE CIDER.?J I'ST ARRIVED from New Jersey, a lot of choice Ghairpagne Order. For sale by tbe barrel or in bottlea. Poultry A Massey's PhiladelphiaXX Ale. Also, T Dondelet's Baltimore Ale All rf which will be sold at a small advance forcash ARNY A SHINN. nov 9* Georgetown. B C H^IIERT?UOilKRY. JOHN H SMOOT, NO. 119 BRIDGE Street, Georgetown, D C , haa received a large assort ment of Woolen and Cotton Hose, and half Bose for Ladies, Gents, Boya and Girls, of all slz*s and qualities, and of th? best makes Purchasers wl 1 please call. nov 26 THE 1/A9T WEEK FOR IAHOil!4S IN FANCY UUODB. EING OBLIGED TO CLOSE by tbe 1st of the month, we shall dispose of THE BALANCE OF OUR STOCK at unprecedentrdiy Low Prices T. GALLlOAN A SON. 570. under Browns' hotel Persons who have purchased artlcleaat the Auction at our Store, will please cail for the *ame Immediately, as ail the good* remaining will be removed by the 1st of the month. nov 9ft 3t JAMES I. WELCH'S FIRST PREttH M FAMILY FLO( r. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING THISJuatlv celebrated brand of Flour, and will continue to receive a fall su- ply during the winter We warrant It superior to anything In the market. We are also agents for the sale of tbe following brands, vlx; Richard B Welch, Family Charles L Wood, do Daniel J Wood, do Island Mills. do Elisabeth Mills, do All of which we offer la quantities to suit pur. chasers, at the lowest market prices. HARTLEY A BROTHER nov 96-lm 101 Water St , Georgetown. COAL?COAL?COAL. LWAYSON HAND. WHITE ASH. RED ASH, LEHIGH, and CUM BERLAND COAL Alto, PINE, OAK and HICKORY WOOD. Coal kept under cover. 9,940 lbs to tbe ton. T JAW M GALT, N W. cor 19th and C sts . No 547, one nov ift-tf square south of P? nn eve. CLOt Eft CLOCEt!?CLOCES. ONLY THINK OF IT,?GOOD CLOCKS from ?I SO np to ??,?all warranted to go right;-over 66 different sty *s of Clucks to. select from Also. Clock Cards' Weights, Keys, Balls, Oils, and everything In the material line Call and see for youraal*s, at j ROBINSON'S, 349 Pennsylvan a aveuus. op posite Browns'Hetel nov *4 piUDFISH AND HERRING.?180 Quia vv tals Bay Cod fit h 50 barrels Scotch Herring Now landing per schooner ftoan Nawborypft, and for sale by HARTLEY A BRO , novW-lw Wl Wafer SL, Gaoafe*wi. A