Newspaper of Evening Star, November 29, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 29, 1856 Page 2
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evening star. Washington city: UTIRDAV Ntrrnbcr 29.1936. ?W" A?TUTMa?n RMUI'LXI UK IWT AT TIB Orricx BT Tvsltb o cioci, if , nmviu tbbt bat ??t ??.. "?'?? TUB >KIT DAT. THE WEEKLY STAB. Our weekly i*=qe is now rea(jy for delivery at the c- un rr, pat up in strong wrappers tor muting For every requisite of a first class family journal it will challenge comparison with any piper in the country. Price three cent" per cumber, or SI 25 per year. SPIRIT OF THE TiOKnTnG PKHiiS. Under the head cf '* Plots and Plotters" the Intelligencer presents a synopsis of the arti" cles published in the course of the recent Nic araguan-imbroglio newspaper controversy, ?ad adopts the conservative views with refer ence to Walker and his acts and schemes enunciated by the Buffalo Advertiser. The Union chides the Charleston Courier for republishing an article from the NewYork Albion, setting f>rth how much England and the English do love the good folks of the Uni ted States and their interests, and how very ongratelu! we benighted creatures are for not reciprocating that affection they bear us. In it* comments on the hypocrisy of the articlo in question, the Union tears the aforesaid England and the English with its teeth, claws an J toe-nails. Opera ?The Pyne and Harrison Troupe again open at the National in this city, on Tuesday nigbt next, with Lucia de Laminer moor, the grand opera in which they created ?ach a fur re of excitement here, not long since. Jenny Lind's triumph in this ciry was n >t greater than that of Miss Pyne in Lucia, on the occasion to which we refer As the house will bo a very crowded one, beyond all doubt, we advise our readers to apply at once for seati. The troupe sing here for but three nights in this engagement. We trust that on the other two they will pieseut La Somnan - bula ani Don Pasquale. Secure seats prompt ly ani be sure to attend early. Book Notices. Thk Huvors ok Falconbriooe. By the late Jon&tnau F. Kelley. Philadelphia : T. B. Peterson. (For sale in this city by Taylor" A Maury. This is a collection of sketches contributed by Mr. Kelley to the press over various signa tures, as "Falconbridge," "Jack Humphries,'' 41 Stampede," A3. The fun in these sketches is rather forced, and they are disfigured by the slang phrases and italicised words with whieh a c.ass cf sketch writers, some half a doien years since, sought to give smartness and puint to rather labored attempt! at humor. Yet maiy of the articles in tLis collection have genuine humor, when the reader has time and patience to seek for them. The pub lisher has done his pait to mako the volume attractive. Major Jo.ies's Codetshit aj?d Travkih Philadelphia T B. Peterson. (For sale m this city by Taylor A Maury.) There is m->re original humor in the quietly told experiences of the gallant Major than goes tj the making of many dciens of the pretentious so-called ''humorous works" of the day which are foisted upon the poblic through the clap-trap tricks of the trade, <f their publishers We can commend this book m st conscientiously to our readers as a cap ital remedy for the 'blues," and as worth many times the money asked for it PERSONAL. .... lion. John Sargent is the ?? Pec pieV' nominee for Mayor of Cambridge, Mass' ....Rev. J. C. McCabe is l.*cturing in Ba' tioure cn the " Life of Judge Marshall." .... Bishop 0 Conner, of Pittsburg, has left that city for Europe, for the benefit of his naalui. ....George Birney, son of Hon. James (J. Birney, died at Lower Saginaw, Mich., on the 12th inst. .... Senator Douglas was serenade*! at the St. .Nicholas Hotel on Wednesday night, and made a brief speech. ....W V McKean, late Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives under Col Forney, is in this city and looking remarkably well ....A desire has been expressed, by sev eral prominent citizens of Portland, to eive a banquet to Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, Governor elect. ....The Hon Messrs Cumback of Ind , Albright of ?>hio, fcapp of Ohio, Scott of Ind , Harlan of Iowa, and Paiue of A' C , are at Dexter s Hotel ....Mrs Fanny Kemble Butler and her be iutiful daughter*, wtre among the attrac tions at the Opera in New York on Thursday ?vening. * ....Mayor Wood's hou?e. near Bloomine dale. New York, was entered on Thursday night by thieves, and robbed of property val ued at S5oo. v 4 3 ....Hon C J. Faulkner and family of Va., Hon Thomas 8. Bocock and family of Va , R?adT ??T eW?f K^,aDl 1100 neady of Ttnn , are at Browns .... William Brewer, a native of Connecti cut, but recently a telegraphic operator at Columbus, Ga , has been forced to leave that city in consequcnce of his abolition proclivi .... The1 fallowing members of Congress have reached this city, iu addition to Those trejiouMy aLnounced in the Star, vi? : Messrs. liorriU j VL ' J'"" " Ky ' AUe? "f 1,1 ? ??V*r ^?*^dy has recovered from his re j ?cdisposition, and took his thanksgiving dinner in his native town of Danvers, on Thursday, which was thanksgiving day in Massachusetts After a short vi*t iu7thi vieinity ot Bcetca, he will start on his south ern Uur. inUmdirg to be in Washington by Cbrisimas. He will reiase all public dinners. .... Simms, the novelist, attributes bis fail ure as a lecturcr in New York city to his be ing a South Carolinian. Those who, a winter or two .go, were fated to listen to his lectures ?? Poetry," at the Smithsonian Institute will readily comprehend that Mr Simms might k.?i. *****'*?&, born wherever he S?1. k?' " d fine writ?. *"t an un brilWtl PTr In th??e days of nn.l,? ? rC? * man mU<t h*Te *PPClal nrnm the busin?68 U) command HT Last week there were 25 scarlet fever atatbs in Boston The Han ver Gazette contradicts the news that America intends to demand the abolition of the dues on the Elbe, which Hat over receives at Stade ' Two villains in Tallahassee recently went i*iN> a boose a: d attempted to violate a trl aged 13 Sbe seized a gun shot ono fa tally and wounded the other 17* Ab' ut two hundred men, mostly from Tennwe- und Mi-Mssippi, under oommand of "amuol Benton. E-q , left Memphis on Wed nesday U#t to join Gen Walker's army in Nicaragua \dT~ The Woman ? Rights Convention, ro eently in sewion in New York, has adjouroei nns di? The Herald speaking of the Wo man's Rights movement, says "The plain fact of the matter is. that all this nonsense ? bout down trodden women is gotten up by a ?'W hundred persona, supposed to he female*, 1 ut whose sex is not accurately daflued by ex- 1 tenor developments " 1 WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Poiition of the South ?The Charles toa Mercury, replying to the article that we recently copied from the Richmond Enquirer. wherein the dotj end position of the South with reference to the incoming administration was so forcibly and satisfactorily (as we oon ceive) laid down, takes occasion to say : 11 xbe article is addressed rather in the form of * remonstrance to the Charleston Mercury and the New Orleans Delta, and seems to iin that these presses have, somehow, been patting themselves in the way of Mr Buchan an's successful administration of the govern, ment, and are prepared to excite an un friendly spirit towards him. While we agree with very much that the Enquirer has said, we distinctly enter our protest against any such construction of our previous course, or our future intentions ; and as to the conclud ing question of the nrtiole, we answer, with out any hesitation, that we believe fully in the integrity, prudence, and statesmanship of Mr. Buchanan, and we expect to render to his administration all that support which is con sistent with the principles we have ever main tained. lie has, as the Enquirer says, been emphatically elected by the South, not be cause he was a sectional man, but because be was not sectional, and stood upon the broad basis of the constitutional rights of all the States. What havo we, so called Ultraists of the South, ever demanded more than this? "But the Enquirer rather reproaches the Delta and the Mercury, with supplying fuel to the Northern fire; with giving food to the Black Republican press, because we have presented to the Southern people the probable alternative of a dissolution of the Union. We do not acknowledge the justice of the reproach We firmly believe, on the oontrary, (and it is not a thing that we pride ourselves upon,) that it is the bolder portion of the Southern press which has secured the election of Mr. Bu chanan, and, for the time being, saved the Union. We take no pride in it, we say, be cause we think it is only a momentary ro prieve ; and, because we believe it is for the advantage, both of the South and the North, that the Union should be dissolved, and the two Peoples delivered from the incewant war fare which makes tueir political union a madness, a shame, and a misfortune "But while we renaain in the Union, we will try to be faithful to the duties which it involves. We will 6eek te elevate the best men to publio office, and endeavor to support them in the discharge of their duties in ail honesty and faithfulness. There are limits, however, to this support, that are inexorably imposed by the sense of principle and political justice ; and we should be false toevory maxim that we have been taught in our political lifo, if we did not place, first and foremost, the grand and enduring interests of the State, ra ther than the temporary success of any set of men who may be elevated to office. '? The Enquirer knows well that the result of this eleotion has depended upon the deter mination of the South not to eubmit to a sec tional domination, and that that determina nation has been produced by the manuer in which the presses and statesmen of the South have presented that aspect of the question to the people. Well, the election has been car ried by a bare constitutional majority?not a majority of the popular vote And in tho faje of this mere escape from an anti-slavery tri uinph over us, we are called upon to In; down cur arms and give ourselves up to rejoicing We are invited to think that we have not only triumphed, but that we have won security by our victory. And yet all the elements of this war are racing around U3. When the Pree soilers nominated their candidate they had no txpcotaticu of electing him They only pro posed to lay the foundations of a paity which might hope to gather strength and volume as it rollod, and which might eventually become the dominant power of the Union. The furi ous fanaticiam which from all directions seiied up'<n tnis movement and hurried it on, gave a temporary expectation that it might be euc cesstul even ia its first trial. It barely failed of success; and it failed because there are a body of people at the North deeply impressed with the necessity of preserving the Union, and who saw in this hurrying madness a pre sage of its speedy dissolution. "And it is under such circumstances that the Ki.'juirer asks us to be at peace ; to thiuk of nothing but party amity ; and to hope that, by sustaining Mr * Buchanan, liberally ana cheerfully, we can smother this terrible flame that has burst from the core of Northern so ciety, and that will accept no other food than the homes of the people of the South. Why do they call us Ultraists ? The people of the South, or any part of the South, have never a^ked fcr any thing but that we may be al lowed to enjoy our own without hindrance or molestation ; that we may be allowed to make cur own foreign and domestic relations ; that we may be allowed to take the whole respon sibility of our own institutions, and our own government The North says it is better, wiser, richer, than we ; more capable of pro gress ; more inventive; more pioductive in arts and letters. By what unaccountable folly is it, then, that the North, so given to close calculation, so little disposed to sacrifice anything from mere sympathy and kindness, should hold on to this Union as a thing neoes sary, and to be preserved even by violence?-' While we are glad to have this concurrent authority concerning the folly and danger of Southern countenance for Walker and his schemes, we are satisfied that the Enquirer greatly over-rates his abilities. All the real ability apparently his has been the working of the minds of the intriguers at his back, who have dono the scheming, while he has simply perpetrated the acts of bad faith, cruelty and downright robbery necessary in carrying out such schemes as those ho has in hand. Now we are glad that the Mercury has thus frankly and so early stated its position to bo in favor of disunion, per xe While we real ise the force of and sympathise with its cogent reasoning with reference to the ex pectations of the South from the new admin* iatration, and her duty of giving it a hearty support, demanding nought of it but inflexible adherence to the constitution in all it has oc casion to do, *e are persuaded thit there are few indeed in the South who sympathize in the desire of the Mercury for dissolution, for di ? solution's sake. Or, in other words, bccauso they believe that it is beEt that tho Unioa shall cease, even if its General Government be hereafter as faithfully administered as ever by the earlier Presidents, and even though, under it, the (the South) should hereafter be relieved from the annoyance of the vexatious persecution to whioh she has been subjected by the stronger section for some years past. Such we take to be the position of the Met ? eury. With it we have no fellow-feeling what ever. N?r do we believe that oDe in a hundred of our fellow-citisons of tho South, who in common with us subscribed to the necessity for decided and instant sectional action for self-protection in case the recent election had resulted in placing the government in hand) resolved to administer it in accordance with the views laid down in the speeches, Ac. of the Republicans, subscribe to the Mtrcury's desire for disunion for disunion's sake. Every sign in the political horizon assures us that our rights are to be firmly and invariably protected for the next'four years, on the terms on which the Mercury demands such protec tion in the Union. That is, by rigid adher ance to the guarantees of the Constitution and, we feel no less assured, by active cf forts on the part of the General Government to strengthen, in tho minds of the people ol the North, the principle of those guarantees which must again come to be respected there, if the Union is to last much beyond the end of Jaxes Buchanan's administration. T. .caragu* ?We are truly gratified to find li e eyes of the conductors of the Richmond Enquirer at length alive to the true eharae ter ct the operation* of Walker in Nicara gua We take from that journal the follow ing comments on the recent controversy among hia late and present followers published in the New York city dailies: ?? Notwithstanding our admiration of Walk er'? ability and the heroism of his associates, we have never been able to applaud his en terprise. Bis interference in the affairs of Nicaragua was wanting in every circumstance of justification, on principle* of public law. And not only did we regard bis enterprise as vicious in its origin, but we apprehended lest in lta aim? it might affect the peace and welfare of this confedercy The following compact between Walker and Qiocouria, shows that our mistrust was not without foundation I Here follows the contract to make Nicaragua the rendezvous for the concentration of United States fillibu8tcrs for the invasion of Cuba, which we published some days since ] ?'Here is a distinct agreement on the part of Walker to direct his arms against the Span ish dominion in Cuba, the moment he secured a base of operations in Central America. Such an enterprise could not fail to involve the United States in hostilities with the leading Powers of Europe ; and it was especially be cause we apprehended this very complication, that we refased our sympathies to the fillibus ter government of Nicaragua It seems Walk er has abandoned the projeet?upon whioh sensible conclusion we congratulate him, al though it cost him the alliance of Senor Do mingo de Ooicouria If Walker will be con tent with the regeneration of Central America, the illegitimacy of his rule will be forgotten in iU beneficent result*. "But. wo have the testimony of hia own declaration, thU such a moderate fortune will not satisfy his imperial ambition. Here is a letter which he addressed to Senor Domingo de Qoicouria. I Here follows the letter from Walker of the 12th of August last to Goicouria, explaining the arguments the latter was to have used in England, and foreahadowiug his ?cberno of bitter hostility to this country, the dismemberment of the Union to maka a con solidated Sjuthern military despotifem for him self, Ao , which we have already spread before the Star's readers ] 44 Already does the young conqueror of Nie aragua survey the United Slates with a jeal ous eye; and he avows a purpose to rut the exploding and e.rpansive empire of the De mocracy of the North To that end, vi>: of restricting the power of the United States 01 North America, he solicits the aid and alli ance of Groat Britain. No doubt the British Government is in possession of the secret of Walker's policy?a fact that explains the very g<K)d feeling which subsists between Walker s government and the British fcrccs on the coast of Nicaragua " There is no danger that Walker will real ize his brilliant dreaiu of empire; and this country need bo under no opprehen?ion that he will limit the expansion of its power The idea is simply absurd. Still, the confession of the design will justify our people in regarding Walker's enterprise with something loss 01 sympathy and applause. 44 These developments of Walkers plans have been seized upon by the abolition press, and r araded in proof of a conspiracy to sever the Union and to establish a confederation of the South, resting on the basis of slavery, and embracing Cuba, Mexico and Central Ameri ca. The story is too ridiculous for serious refutation. Hitherto Walker's enterprise has been less sustained by public opinion iu the South than in the North; and we venture the prediction that his designs ng.iinst Cuba and his jealousy of this country will provoke no less censure from tbe press of this section than from the papers iu New York The statesmen of the Stjuth have always advocated a jast, j cautious and conservative policy towards for eign nations." Appinted.?The President has appointed John Seys to be agent for receiving the ne groes, mulattoes, or persons of color delivered from on board vessel* in the prosecution of the slave trade by commanders of United | States armed vessels, according to the provi eions of the act of Congress of March 3, 1619, in addition to the acts prohibiting the slave trade Court of Claima ?On Thursday tno cour: took up the case of S J. Uensley, claiming 5132 500, for nineteen hundred head of cattle, delivered in 1852 to 0. M Woiencraft, Indian agent in California. The case was argued by Judge Bi,bb for tbe claimant, and Mr. McPherson, deputy solicitor, for the <?overn ment. On Friday the case of George McDougall, similar in its facts to the e?6e of Heniley The amount olaimed was $81,250. Counsel f*>r the claimant declined arguing the case. Mr McPherson, the deputy solicitor, submitted some further remarks on the law involved, and tbe case was taken by the court The case of Dennis Cronan, claiming dam ages for the violation of a contract by the Gov ernment for hauling materialsfor the building of the custom hou?o in New Orleans, was naxt argued by Hon. P. Phillips for tho claimant, and Mr Blair, the solicitor, for the Govern ment. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 2*th November, there were of Treaaury warrants entered on the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants $1,942 ^0 For the redemption of Stocks.... 2,044 02 For the Treasury Department... 88,714 81 For the Interior Department.. 12,357 54 For Customs ? 25,548 94 War warrants received and en tered 18,735 Srt Warrepay warrantsreceivedand entered 14,773 1ft From miscellaneous sourcea 1,6*6 10 On account of the Navy 886 30 Counterfeiters a*d Importers. ? The public are cautioned against purchasing arti cles pretending to be of the nature of tbe Halm of Thousand Flowers for cleansing the teeth, perfuming tbe breath, and beautifying tbe complexion. The popularity of that article has brought forward a host of counterfeiters. None is genuine unless aigned by Fetridge k Co , and for sale in this city at Shillington'l bookselling and stationery establishment, cor ner of Four and-a-half street and Pennsylva nia avenue. IpTWutchea, Jewelry und Silver Ware. I have now on Uftiiii a .all atnek of ibe mo?l faehlonsb'.* elyl-?* of rich boI<1 Jewelry, aleo, n Urge assortment of very ?nperl?r Rold and silver Watches. I am also manufacturing (In my own nb'^l every variety of b.Wer Were, such aa S.inon*, Korku, hadles, cake and pie Kulvea. aelt, rcuswrd anil olive Spoons; Napkin Rings, Pitchers, Tea Setta, Ae , from solid sterling allter, which I will offer for sale at loner rate* t ian goods of the eame quality h?ve ever beer Bold for In thin Mty at No. li? Peninylveola irenut, near 9th street, ai<n of the kr(t iyr??'l ea#ia. H. O. HOOD. oa M?tr l^Brewa'i Bronchial Treihee.??*We have KundlLem of great snrvlceln allaying Bronchial Irrita tion, an1 In subduing Uoar?an??a pi odnced by Golds, and do oar clerical brethren a real favor In calling their attenUou t? tliem."?Zlon'a Herald. " We commend them to the at tention of pnbllc !*|hmjcera, singers, and otb?re who are troubled with affections of the Tnroat."?Christian Watch man "Tor Coughs. Asthma, Ae., w? cheerfully bear testi mony from |?era-ii<al knowledge to their efficacy."?Ballon'* Pictorial. Thi-y are a simple and ei.-j^m for ui for admin istering, Id oomMnatiou, several med.cloal eubelauies held Iu general esteem among Pbyslclana In the treatment of br >ucu!al atfectlooa."? l?r. G. P. bigelow. Containing no nplnm or deleterious drugs, these LoMCgea can l>e need freely by public speakers and vocallsta for clearing and : giving strength to tbe voice, hold by all Drugglsta. Oct l?-tf JAMKS N. CALLAN, Agent 10*4iualitiln| Care with eaiy ene Bet T LIE ?Jo* H Hall k Co , say* . PaisQri l*i.?, Arooatook Co., Me , April M. 1864. ?? We herewith aeud yon a certificate of a i ure performed by the nee of only one botUe of the German Bitters, wa tblnk Mr Clark to be a man of veracity, and Lava no doubt of tha truth of his story." Mesora. Joa. B. Hall k Co.?Gentlemen?In answer to yonr In'jnlrlee, I will atate that ray daughter, aged about 18 years, h is been complaining of a palu Iu her side for all or seven years, and about the flnt of January last, was taken down i and roatlbed to her bed. The pain la her aide was vary ae j verr, bealdeabriHg tronble<l with pains bat w ecu her shoulder* ' and la her breast. Prom raadlog a nnmUr of carea per formed by "HiMitlaud'a German Bitters," I was Induced to try It In her i-.ase, and aent to yonr sujre and parcbaaed on* I bottla. 8lie had taken It but a few daya wheu she began to Improve, and now, alter taking only one bottle,she Is enjoy | li.g I letter bealtb thau she has for years. t)he feels uo patn In her si le or iu auy part of her body, and attributes her core entirely to the Germaa Bitter*. r>aliaon Brook, Arooatook Co., lie. WD. CLARK. t>ea advertlMMent. Sep 7-lmr SECOND ANNIVERSARY SAINT ANDREW'8 SOCIETY, WASHING. TON, D C ?Members and others Intending to participate In this celebration ,w|i| meet at Caru al'? rtnloon, on MONDAY EVENING, Decern brrUt.atTK o'clock Suppir on the table hi 8 o'clock precisely Be order: aevSMt* J AMK? MAC WILLIAM, Sect. NOVICE ? THE MEMBEtS OF the Good Will Club are hereby notified to attend a called meeting of the Club, THIS (Sit urday) EVENING, November S*h. at Harmoay Hall. By order : J. A. BAKER. It Secretary ,KELIGIOUS NOTICE?REV. DR Tsassalb will preach In the 18th street Baptist Church, TO-MORROW (Sunday) MORNING, at 11 o'riock, and at night at :% o'clock. The public are invited to attend. It* UNITARIAN CHURCH?THIS Society will worship In the Congrega tional Church on 5th street near the City- Hall, until further notice. The R?v W T. Crapster, of Maryland, will preach TO-MORROW, at 11 o'clock'a m. It* ,CHURCH OF THE ASCENSION (Protestant Episcopal) on H street, be tween 9th and 10th, Rev. Henry Stanley, Rector. Services every Sunday at 11 a to. and p m. For pews or seats apply to the Sexton. lt? _ SECOND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. NEW YORK AVENUE, NEAR 13TH STREET ?The Rev. Dr. Backus, of Baltimore, will preach at 11 o'clock a m, and 3% c'clock p. to. Until further notice the after noon services will commence at 3){ o'clock. nov 29 LOOK OUT FOR THE METRO POLITAN CLUB ?They take great pleasure In announcing to their friends and the pnblic In general, that their Second Grand Cotil lon Party will take place, at the Columbia Hall, odCapitol Hill, on FRIDAY EVENING, De cember 5,1S5* Tickets FIFTY CENTS ; admitting a gentle man and ladles. There will he no ladles Invita tions issued, and therefore, all are Invited to at tend* By order of the nov 19-lw* COMMITTEE. U 1 WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY? ? A The regular monthly meeting of the Corps UT Twill be held on MONDAY EVENING, n n December 1st. The attendance of the mem bers generally, is urgently requested, as Important business will be presented lt? B. F BEERS, Beet. ,NOTICE.?THE MEMBERS OF The Jefferson Literary Association are re quested to attend at their u?ual place of meeting on n*xt SATUHUAV EVENING, December 30th, at 7# o'clock, for the transaction of import ant business. Ry order of the President: nov2S-2t? JOSEPH DAKDEN, Sect. (NOTICE ?THE MEMBERS OP The Independent Hose Co , No. a, tak* great pleasure in announcing to their friends and the (mbllc of Washington, that their First Grand 'otlllon Party will take place on M ON DA Y, De cember 1st, at Inland Hall. Tickets FIFT\ CENTS; admitting a gentleman and ladles. Cemmtttet of Arrinf VVm Dowell, V Bishop, Jos Bishop, A Hutton, M J Fitzgerald, W :n Kiernan. nov 27-41? ^MERCHANT'S EXCHANGE.?There will be a meeting of the Merchant's Ex change Association on MONDAY EVENING, December 1st, lb5?, at their rooms, corner 10th street and Penna avenue, over Savings Bank. Punctual attendance is requested. nov 28-5t S. BACON, President (NOTICE.?THE SU BSCR1HER begs leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENSWARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from li to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 309 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th streets Je 9-firn JOHN McPEVlTT. E S T 1 V A L ?THE LADIES OF the Mite Society attached to Wealey Chapel will hold a Festival at Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th street, commencing on MONDAY, No vember 17th, lfc56,the funds to be applied to the payment of the de*>t for the rebuilding of the Church Tberewill be an abundance of Refresh mi nta of all kinds, and numerous useful and Fancy Articles r>r sale at reasonable prices. Their friends are cordially Invited to visit them during ?be continuance of the festival nov 17-3w (TAXES.? NO TIC E TO DELI ft QUE ^T TAX PATERS Collector's Orrif b, November 21, 1KA. All Persons who have filled to pay their Taxes due the Corporation of Washington will please take notice that the advertisement for the sale < f property liable for the same will be tn&de about the 1st of January, 195T. 11 is hoped that an early attention will be paid to this subject bv all concerned, as a neglect to do so will add heavy exp?ns?s to the amount of the taxes now due. JOHN M. McCALLA, nov 22- dill Dec Collector rvlOYS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, 1 at LAMMOND'S, nov 29-3t Seventh street. CHAPPED HANDS CAN BE AVOIDED bv using the Transparent Bar Soap, sold by nov 29-3t LAMMOND. Found soietiweauo. agoluking With a set, which the owner can have by proving the same and paying for this advertise ment. nov 2921 LESLIE'S PICTORIAL. ONLY 6* Cents, and a beautiful Engraving given lu the bar Siln This is no humbug, buy the paper and get e Plctuie, at FERGUSON'S, nov 29 4B? Seventh 6t. Lost or aii si-aid.?a short cloak of Blue Cloth with velvet collar, back lined witu blue plaid flannel, and the front with r d plaid timnel If left at the Star Office, and a re ward required, it will be paid. lt? JEW YORK LEDGER rOR 6TH Dec., the Ladies;gem and public's favorite; "Orion the Gold Beater" continued j also, "Emn.a Davis," both unrivalled stories Complete seis can be bad, at FERGUSON'S, nov 20 4S? 7th street Lost.?on Sunday afternoon, in going from St. Patrick's Church, on F street, to Mr Kandley's, on 7th strnet, between G and H streets, a Cameo BREASTPIN. The finder will receive a suitable reward bv leaving it at JAMES HANDLEY'S. No. 41W 7ih street, be tween G and H strtets. nov29-3t* N J 1ST RECEIVED AN ADDITION TO _ my former supply of new and seasonable **oods. fine CLOTHS, CASSIMERLS, and VKSTIN6S, which I am prepared to make up to order promptly and lu the l itest styles On hand, READY-MADE CLOTHING of fine quality, a new supplyof fine ."HAW LS, and many other desirable artlc'es of Gentlemen s weir. A. H. YOUNG, Merchant Tailor, nov 29-2w Browns' Hotel, Pa ave. Thirty day clocks.?for churches Banks, Hotels, Offices, Ac. Thesej I Clocks run thirty two days with once wind- [ Ing, and the power of the spring Is so equal -' lied, that the force is applied at all times like! a weight. They have anti-friction rolling pinions and tue pendulum rod Is like tho?e on astronomi cal clocks by which the expansion and contrac tion of heat and cold are avoided,and accural ol time secured. Also, a fresh prime lot of Eight Dayand Thirty Hour Clocks All warranted Prices low. G.FRANCIS, n0T 493 Seventh st MAGNOLIA HOUSE! (Lati Birkhi&d's.) JOHN WEsT Having PURCHASED THE good wilt and fixtures of ti ls house, and having thoroughly improved I in every respect, intends opening on Monday next for the reception of his friends

His Bar shall a'ways be supplied with the besl WINES and LIQUORS, and he trusts tlat hit endeavors to sustain his well earned reputation will induce his old customers and the friends ol the house to patronise him They shall Wdnt foi nothing that a respectable Restaurant can afford nov 29-3t HATS AND CAPS. WEARS NOW MANUFA'TUR-^i 1 ng Ha ?> at t>,8 50. and 4 dollars ^?which for beauty, style, finish, light i.ess and durability cannot be surpassed, and a much superior article than those manufacture* elsewhere as sold here for theui prices My & Hat I* uiwu passed for cheapness, bavlrg ap pearance of those usually sold at higher prUes Those wanting a good hat cheap, will please glv< us a call as due for themselves. Also, a large and general assortment of Gent s Youth's, and Children's CAPS of all siyles and qualities very low, at MAGUIRE'3, Fashionable Hat and Cap Establishment, nov 29-3t# 148 Penn ave. TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND SURROUNDING COUNTRY. ANOTHER LA ROE SUPPLY. ? BONNETS, OF ALL QUaLI-,^* tfrlrles and prices,from the finest F renchlgSK j8(w Hats to the lowest prl ed _ Fine and Handsome HEAD DRESSEd, 1i great variety. EMBROIDERIES of all kinds. TRIMMINGS to match any style or mesi goods. RIBBONS of every style. And, In fact, tyery variety of Goods ?stiaiij ???' - mN1 MP-TM(.*iltplSy '? "K "^VllSn1" trp sfliinn M W 1LL1AH , ' Opposite the Centre Market. p a i ,riat varitty of articles tuitablt f%\ Ckrittma* Giftt. nov .'V lm^ Buy YOUK rUMMMM*? AT qot II MoLAUGHLIN 8. ft LIST or LETTER? RtwuLimngintke Put Ofic?,Wntktff,DC., NoriwUir 99, 18M. [Ordered to be idTartiNd la tk( " f???M Star,*' agreeable to tho following Mellon of the Post Offlce Law?It belag the newipaper having the largest circulation of any dally paper pab lished In \N aahington : Sic. ?. And t? ti furtktr *naet*d, That tha lint of letters remaining uncalled for In any poat ofllceln any city, town, or village. where hews papers shall be printed, shall, hereafter, be pub lished once only in the newspaper which, being issued weekly, or oflener, tkall tkt Urgttt circulation within the range of the delivery of said olllce, to be decided by the postmaster at such offlce.J "Per*on*?pp!y1ng for letter* Is th* following lint,< l***y tbey are Autsstkip. MB Allmaa, Mary Blake, Jull* Bark, CtUwrlnf Brown, MollleB R?rry. Add* Barr er, Virginia Battler, Kilt* Broltg. Anui Bradferd J . ? Chew, Mrt Wm Clark. K ??? Clark*, MIm V r >lam*n, M.ry K ClilBwall, Mr* Gao Onlaman, Hn Channey, Lydia A Cryer.MlMBebacca Crolly, Kllen Oaesady. MIm M J Jennie A Dowden, M * Win Dement, Laura Davtwa, Virginia Dulany, Kllen Olckareoa. Franc** n*vl?, Mr* Sarau De.iy, Mar*t Billot, Nennle Blclen, Virginia C R-khart, Kii??b?tb Ford, Ann FleHe, Jnlla S Fre?nian, Mary Fullar, Mr* Fargerioa, Matilda LADIES' LIST. Fraaor, Ana Foi toey, Mr* M A Fllllon*, Mary tlriras*. Sarah II Mant, Botalle Oallagber MIm f ttordon, Jenney Heatb, Laara A laath. Mr* S?? A Hat-bineen, Margt Jnhnmn, Martha Johneoa, Mr* a Kaya, Mr* M Knox, Soaaa I Klamas, MIm J A Long. Mr* La*. MtM S M#rw, Mr* B K Maaat., MIm B Murray, Mr* Myara, Mary A Mitchell, Mr* Wa Murray Mary Marymao Fataey A Mitchell. Barak A Meyer, Mr* Haory Mrriaan. MIm H M'Claan. Halan R MrAraaioaat, B Nelton, Mr* C K?alat d, MIm M ??*?*, Mr* B D Futnphrey. MIm R Powalt. Kebe<-ce Palmar, Catharine Paikeneor. Fa^ay Prior. Cathar'.aa Portly, Bridget Baa-!. Catharine Ra>y. MIm M H Roberta, Mr* H B*d?oo4, Mary ? Bicharda, Mr* B H Bolllna, MIm V Baily, Kllan Scott, Mr* J W Smltb, Mr* Mary Smith. Bmallna t 8a. 1th. Mra B P Bmlth. Matilda K Btnna KMia Baatoa. Jane RUarrail. Mr* Snyder. Laoranar Rlmi-aoa. Mra B Snyder, MIm B Thompaan, Bllaa > Tayler, Eveline, Mr* B Taratr, Mr* C C Tl*rni?n, Uilia Tatapaw, Mra B Webb. MIm C Wale h, Mra H Wood. Mr* Jao Willi?m>. Mr* 0 WhM'.er, Mary B Walkar, Mr* Jaa Wh*.?r, a B Young. MIm 8 B INITIALS.-*!** J. V. L..Cor*. Adam*, Leonard Applcton, John Adam*, Cart H A Allyna H S Alexander, Dr 0 T Avarlll. C K Arnold, B Allan, AOS Anderson. Sao A ? Brlgga, W H Brady, W O Bradley, Tho? Barratl, Tho* H Barker, Saml 0 Bourk, Patrick Ba'.natt, P C Bn?b, 0 Baacli, Mr Batx-nan, Ja* M H Butler, Jo* B*rkl?y, J W Barr, Juo M Biol*. Jain** Brown, Jno Bewen, Dr O W Broad rap. <?eo Baldwin, Edward 3KNTLBMEN'S LIST. Uray, Hanry W McOIII, W R Oraon, Hanry Uraham, Oao Gardan. B A Orajory. Eira Oraan, Bdwanl Gabbard, tiao OII*aon, Cha* R Holllday. Wm Harney, Gan W ?all. W J Uarraf, Wm Ball. W A Holoban, Simon Hojha*. Bobart HICKIbi, Mlcbaal Hoff*r, Mr HMkel, L L H u(bM, J no Hamilton, Lt J Hobart, Jama* Howard, Jama* T Harrl*- n. Joo W Hall. Joa B 1 Havana, J A S Handlcy. J Howorlb, J Backwltu, Capt B 0 Hammardy, G H Bradley, Henry Conaway, Wm B Cbafae, W R Caaety, Tbo* Crawfard. Dr S W Carter. Lieut Ooo|>ar, Bobert Crown, Tlio? Pinhmaa, Mr CalllD, M*th*w Carter, Lt J H Chaae J D Olay, JaaM B Harrln(tou, H Hand, Bdward Horly, Dan Hardin, A J ? array, A Huke, Ca; t ATI Jebnaon, R R JfkMn, R P Jan In, Loul* Jobueon, I. Johason, 0 C Jahncon, A Jonrdaae, Alfred Crowley, Jeremiah Keorber, V B Cornwall. Capl J D Kelley. Martin dine, J W Croc*. Ira Chap man, Henry Orrldan, K Clerk. E, jr Oimming*, E B O.rbll, Danlal Croiiin, B ChMver, B ? Campbell, A F Cornwall, A W Daly, Wm Knight, II Mingle, J P Kerr, Jame* A K untt, Jame* W K*yeer, J A Keath. G A K lly.CT Klnebam. O'daon Leaner, Jo* T La?i*. Wm Lee. M F I^n< M M Dacjerfleld.Col WH Larkin*, Jame* Deitar, W H Diigfau. T H DalaLey, Tbo* IiQK'aa*. Lunl* Dodge, Jons* 8 Dlz >n. J W, jr Damon, Ja* * Bon Devereanx, Jao C DKk, Jno Dikk*. Darid Hwjer, Antbotsy D'Or**y, J SUDley E??tan, Joa Eaton, I*ear E Elder, J A C<> Elite, Cbeeeelden Flowre Capt Waltar Moaa Fleicbman, Mr Franklin. Martin French, J Frallay, J W Frailly, Jno!, H Eol'ambee, Geo Fenton, Cha* Fowlar, Alex P Foiier, A mbroaa Graadln, Wm Goodluir, Wnj Godwin, Richard Garr!*, Jna Graeu, Jnn Little, JOB Lundy, E K Llsdaar, DrlG > Koran. W H Morrlaon, W C Mii.t?lro, W J Wen, Johan Mathew*.Tbo M Murrae, Samuel Myer*. B F Morgan, R C Mas*, Mlchaal Mabonay, Jno C Martin, Jamee Martin. JainM O Macruder, Jno H H Nailer, TOM Morthrop, N B Birbolaon. Jaa T S Ovarton, W ?? Keef*. Patrio? Ogdea, Jno Otl*. Geo W O'Bryoa, B BP ? ? Pickett. Geo ? Uuetls. B A Byaa, Be* WHO Bldlry. Wm Beed, Oapt Wm ? Blchardaoa, Ira Bom. Jao A B' berta, Jaa B'.cl.ardacn.Geo W t RelrBart. F L Boach B Bappart, Cha* Raieno* ASaUman Buppert, Antboay Htawart, Wm ? Honnechmidt, W K?ltt, W W Bliaw, Wm Rlbolt, Thaddeu* Blmpaoa, Be* Thao hhallcraM. J Bmlth, Tho* W Btillwell, T H Still wall, B L Btaaley, Mr Bewail. Jo* ? Symrn**, LI J 0 Swlagla, J H Hierwoad, Jaa Sclllck, J B Stoddard, Jno hb?w.Jno D Betou, Jao Smith. Uarrlann Bauuder*, Ma; H S?utid-r*, Col G N Spencer, G l? Schmidt, G H Schmidt, F Buck, B H Sherman, C D Stuart, C H Bchmldt, C F Shaw, henj 1 Scho 'lcraft, A S Hhoemakar, A C F hawyer, A Stonakl. Adam TeMdale, Sidney Thro' p. B G Traperdonx. Mr Tinning, Joo Tar lor, J ? Teifar, F J Tnckar, Bdgar W Thompeno, Ooltmin Tylar, BeaJ Thetnpaon, A Cly**e?. Ch?* ? Vang ban, Jo* M Wiiitama. B m H Warreu, Wm 8 Water*, W Watif.n, W C Wheeler, fm I Wt'ann. Tb<>* C W i.tta, Tho* William* to omen Wyman, Lt R H Walker, Marvh Wllaon, Bar J G November J?, lli< Millar, M H Mercer, Flaat C Mouahaglian, E Munro, David Millar. A M Mayo, Abel McCallln. Patrick McPbetrtdga, UAI W 11m, J ame* McLaan. Cornelia* William*. JC> McCoachoa, Cha* McCarthy. DannU M r Ltata. J no McCalry, Jno McGuenniM. Jno McKnry.Tho* Wortblngton, Jo*SS Wuiard. B U Wood, Geo W W.ikar, F W William*, A T JAB. G BEBBBTT P. M. M OCK.I5IG BIRO LOST.-ON THURS day last, at 4 o'clock p ni , a very time BIRD. Any one returning him to the house of LUKK LEE, No. 951 K street, wlU be Ubermlir rewarded. nov 98 3t? For sale?the time op a hand some and smart Colored Hoy. having about 6 years to serve He i* b good house servant Inquire at No 388. National Hotel building, Penn. avenue, Washington, D. C nov98-9t B4SKET8-BASKKTS.?THE FINEST stock of Baskets in the city can be found at FRANCIS'S Housekeeping Store, <90 ?th street. And his prices are the lowest MEAT CUTTERS ?Will cut 130 lbs. per hour, and remain good for years, at FRANCIS'S Houaefurnlshing Stote, 190 7th street nov 99-3ta 1*8 M. KIIOWLKS, LATE OF BALTIMORE, WILL, open a beautiful assortment of WIN ,-v-TER MILLINERY, on Tuesday, December the 2d, at No 493 ?th street, between G and H streets, west side. We invite the Ladlea in general to give her a call before purchasing elsewhere, as I think they cinnot fall to be suited both in price anb stile. nov90-3t* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, LITITB on P street, between 14th and l5thi streets, about two weeks ago. a White] and Brown COW. with small crumpled horns, very flat at the points. Tne o?ner~wfil please come forward piove property, pay eLargos. and take her away. nov2S 3t? CHARLES RISING. OK EAT ECONOMY IN OAS. BY THE USE OF KIDDER'8 patent Gas Regulator, wnen properlv applied, a sav. vlng of 25 per cent, and producing a steadr sad trilllant light. Also, a full assortment of Gas handellers and Bracket; comprising many of the newest styles, from the renowned factory of Cornelelrs A Baker, Philadelphia. i. W. THOMPSON A BRO., 2*9 Pa av , south side bet. lOih and 19th sts. nov 2?-Gt NA TIP VA L THE A TR E. SECOND OPERATIC EWQAQEMKHT THE rVSE i HillEISUN UPEKA TEOCPE will appear on TUESDAY EVENING. December 9d, In Donizetti's great Opera of LUCIA, THE BRIBE OF LAB1MERMOOR. Box sheet now open To secure choice seats early application is ueressaiy. nov 96- [IntelAUnlon] FIRST WARD WOOD AND COAL DE POT WE ARE NOW RECEIVING A LOT OF superior Canal Wood, Oak and Hickory, fulls fe?t in length, which we will sell at the lowest market prices. COAL of all Kinds constantly on hand. All orders left at P. J. Steer's store. No. 48? 7th *traet, between D and E, or at our offlce will be promptly fillad. 2.240 pounds given to the tor JOHN W MYERS A CO., Offlce and Yard corner of G and 93d sts. nov 27 8t ALEXANDRIA A WASHINGTON R. R. ON AND AFTER THURSDAY, THE 97ih of November, until further notice, a train of can will leave the Depot In Alexandria, at the corner of t*t Ataph and Prlnceaa street*, for Wa*blngton city, at 8 o'clock, a m , and at 3 o'clock, p m Omn'.busses will be In readiness at the Potomac Bridge to convey passengers to the intersection of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue, at Dexter1 s Hotel. From this point at the same hours (9 a m, and 3pm,) omnibusses will leave for the South ern end of the Bridge where the cars will be In readiness to proceed to Alexandria Passengers will hnd comfortable sitting rooms at Dexter's Hotel JAMES 8. FRENCH, nov 97-dtf President. IdEXTKR'S HOTEL, WASHINGTON. T1HE SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE TO IN form his friends and the public gener ? ally, that having thoroughly renovatai bis Hotel, he is now prepared to accommodate"*"'* all who raiv favor him with their patronage, nov 95 eo9w M. A. DEXTER. FIESCO COLORS?? LARGE AND FULli aasortm-nt Also, hlne Colors in Oil, Artist's Brushes, French Charcoal, Crayons. Ac , foi ?al? by J. *. MCGREGOR, bov 9t eo0w CM Seventh suert. Amusements. national theatre THE NAIAD QUEEN WILL BE REPEATED THIS EVENING, | FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR JEFFERSON when will be presented, la addition. THE LOST SHIP. | On SATURDAY 3 "daf t door* open at t% -A GRAND DAY PtiK FORM ANCE tor the especial accommodate of Ladles, Famlllea, acd ChUdrea Patrons In Alexandria. Georgetown. ?ad the vicinity of thla city, onn M ure seat- for this tk. Out* D** Perjormamn, by Immediate applies Hon it tbf offl 0 Family Ticket#, admitting PI** Children, wlU be issued. for thla occaaloa only, at one Dollar Thee can be obtained by early spnlloatlon as only a limited number will be issued. no* ? ODD FELLOWS' HALL Srrond Itriti offlmlttl Cu'trU. BY MUTUAL DESIRE, And at the earned request of th<? Ml'SIC LOW J N ? CITIZENS Of Washington, and the lmmfd ate friend" of PERHAM'S OPERA VOCALISTS, a>D ETHIOPIAN REPRESENTATIVES, They will favor the lnhnbltants of Washington and vicinity with a serlea of ?IX COHI ERTI ONLY, Commencing on MONDAY EVENING, Decern* ber 1st, 1836, nt ODD FELLOWS' HALL DURING WHICH ENGAGEMENT They wlU present a NSW PKOORAMME ON EACH SUCCESSIVE NIGHT REPLETE WITH GEMS OF NEORO MINISTHELRT, OPERATIC SELECTIONS, ETHIOPIAN REPRESENTATIONS, SHAESP kRlAN REC IT ATlO NS, am MUSICAL EXTtiAfAOANZAS, Accompanied by a LARGE AND EFFICIENT ORCHESTRA The Company la < omoo?ed of the follow!!^ Gentlemen of acknowledged ability and talent: H S. CREItfHTON, Director and D uble Ba*? CARL TAUTMAN principal Solo Vloilnlst Leader of Orchestra, MORRIS D EDMOND*, Second Sol^ VlollnUt and Jewlah Dulcimer, Dr C. MONTGOMERY, Basso and Vlollncellst, W. W. SNO w, Soprano arid Pisulst A JONES, Flrat Banjolst and Dictator, JOHN DULEY, Boaes and Flrat Low Come dian, Mast. ROBERT HUGHES, Bailadlst, WILLIAM BOYD, Eccentric Comedian. C. G MORTIMER, Solo Guitarist, E EDWARDS, Alto and Tenor Vlolls, WM MOORE, Second Tenor, } J. CLUSKEY, Jig Dancer and Tambo Femtaeat Featnres la the Entertainment. Violin Solos by ? Tautman Solos on the Jewlah Dulcimer by Ediuor.d* . Characteristic Ethiopian Delineation* art I ml a- ' tlona by Billy Boyd B'.jo Solos by the inimitable Jonea Operatic Selections In Character by >now Bob Ridley Dance by Duley Classic and Fancy Dancing by the renowned C.sskey Stntlmental and pleasing Ballad* by the Child of Song Mast Hughes The entire Company la under the Immediate direction of the celebrated Compc?*r, H S. C*?i6HTOH, Eaq JOS1AH PERHAM, 663 Broadway, New > ork, Propiletor. JOHN HO WORTH, General Manager W B BLAlSDELL, Agent aud Tiessure? 11. S GRLIGH ION, MuMcal Director Tickets 35 Cent* Gifttlckets, tl. admitting ? person* tents secured and re?erved during tht day, without extra charge Tickets for sale at all of the Music Store* and principal Hotels. nov 29 (IntelfcUnlon) KORIEES OANIANTE. PROF H W. MUNDER TAKKf GREAT pleasure In announcing to hi* friends, patrons, and public generally, that the above social and delightful enter'ain ments will commence at M under '* M etro poll tan Hall, corner Oth and D street*, on' WEDNESDAY EVENING, November 26;h, ate o'elo'k. and continue every Wednesday throughout the sea?on. Gentlemen wl-hlic subscribe for the reason can do so upon ?ery favorable term*, by applying at the Hall on Tuns l day and Thursday evening from 0 till 16 o'clock nov 31-tf Wants. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Youas Woman, a situation as Chambermaid Oooi references can he given. Apply at the southwest corner of Penn. nvenae and 4 fc street*. it* WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN OF Abont 16 year* of age. a situation In either the Drug, Jewelry, or Banking busine** He can produce the N-*t of reference. Address M A A , City Poet Cttee If WANTED.?A WHITE GIRL TO DO THE Housework of a family of 2 persons Alar, a Girl of at>out 14 years of age, for ireceral service. Inquire for Mrs BENTLEY at No 3ft* tlfhth street, east *lde, between K and L, first r**ldence nort of | nov tf 3t* WANTED ?BY AN EXPERIENCED Man, a altuatlon aa Barkr-epsr City refer enda can be given. Address Box 10, Star Oftre. nov 3*-3f | WANTED ?WANTED?WAN TED-TO And persons In wan: of the following ar tides: French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or aqrirl Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Bracken Tables, la bronte or g?14 All kind* of Pictures framed, and anv six* Looking Glasses, or other work In the gliding Une done to order with disnatch Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts. suitable f-j shelving, Ac., on Land. Terms moderate to *c! the time*, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Ragllt,aad Looking ?'.?* Plates Inserted. 355 Penaa. avenue,opposite Kirkwood House dec If JOHN WAGNER Boarding BOARDING?A MESS OF MEMBERS? with or without thf ir ladle*, can be .-ccon: dated with Board and fine iare Bed-Rooiii* aril Parlors. In a healthy and delightful neighbor hood, by applying at No 8 Louisiana avenu>. between 4^ and 6th streets, nearly opposite Cry Hall. nov 29-U* BOARD ?A GENTLEMAN AND HISWU wish for Board in a private family, eltb?-r Georgetown, or First \\ ard of W asbin.ton cltv Will furnish their own room In part A<?dre^ F.J Georgetown, D.C. nov2--lw MISS MANNING HAS HER HOUSE \ea' fitted up for the rtceptloa of niembtr- f congress and transient* during the tntU n Tal e boarders can also be a<*comm"dated No 443 13th s'reet, between E and F. nov 271t? Boarding ?a suitk of rooms f??r Rent with Board, at 4?t ??' street, in t'n'.on Row, acd the immediate vicinity of the Patent olfioe. nov 35-6i* OOARDING ?ONE LARGE PARI OF. AND R large Chamber attached, Landsomeiy furnish* ed for rent. A'*o. a large front room with go?d sized room* attached, suitable for single gentle men, or In suits for families Board, If <lt*IM, on the meat reasonable terms Apply at No. V 10th street, between D and E. noviS-lw RS_BANNERMAN,CORNER OF9TH and E streets, having recently refitted h" house, is now prepared to accommodate |?erso * with Board and pleasant Rooms at mnderaie rate* Her house is situated In a central nnd d> si table part of the city; being one squnre from the Patent and Pont OAoea. Table and transient boarder* can also be aooommodated. nov '^4-8t* Boarding ?a gentleman and his wife, also two single gentlemen can be acroni modated with Rooma and Board in a private feni Uy where there are no mora boarders oi children, on reasonable terms. Apply at 434 6th street, be i F and G. nov l? tf Anew boarding-house.?mrs. c. REYNOLDS ha* taken the well known- c? modlou* boarding-house on the southeast corner of Pennsylvania avenue and street, which ?? being entirely refitted and furnished. She has room* for rent (nt dlffeient prices accordiru 10 their location,) with or without board All de siring such accommodations will do well to call before locating themselves elsewheee_ nov ? OARD, Jtc.?MRbTbATES, ON THE S^ | corner of Pennsylvania nvenue and Oth I la prepared to acooaxmodate geatlemenwlth roo?s With or without board. Every efbrt will be ?e? to render tho*e comfortable who may ftvernw, with ibelt patronage- Tmnsieat or table ^ can be obtained. W9-*