Newspaper of Evening Star, December 1, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 1, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVEHING STAR, fW?L?Hr.D SVKKT AITKKRUbll, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) it ??? ffMr jmUtiu^irsir */ * j W. i) . WALLACH, W ill be*rred in euMcrlher* by camera at SIX A.N D A Vt CARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agent*; paper* *erre?i In picaage* at 37% ?eat* per month. To mall subscriber* the rub ?crlptloo price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF IY 0?N TS a year mi advanei, TWO DOLLARS for ill month*, and ONE DOLLAR for three moo On; for lea* than three month* at the rate of U# aeat* a week. liy 8INGLK COPIB8 ONE CENT. VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY. DECEMBER 1, 1856. NO. 1,189. TEE WEEKLY ITiL Fiveeopim ???????????a???? ?en rorlrw 0 M ?If M E7* Cmi, lavouiLT m aiui?b. U^8lafle?epi??(la wrapper*) can heproeerrd at tbe counter. rmmedlateU after the l**ne ef the paper. Prtoe?Tiaaa Cant* Po* tma *tb?* who act aa aitaata wll 1 heal to wei a commlaaton of twaat* n*. JOHN H. McCCTCHM, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Has removed his office andresi dence to No. X Missouri avenue, betwoea I* and flU street. nor 18-lm? D*. IlIJIFIIR'S ftt'HOOL FOR THE IW and Dumb and Blind, G street, be twe? ilitb and fist streets, (south side Friday afteraooa Is set apart for the reoeptioa of visitors ?OT IMw* A CAKO. \f R8 FRANKLIN. TBACHBR OP VOCAL ATJ. Musle, No. E street, between Oth and . Refofence* : Mr R Davis, and Mi. Hllbea, Maalc stores. M 17-3tn L. J. 9IIOOLBTON, DEALER IX ICE, and Difit?Southwest corner of F and TwHrth streets t*br? tf CAST OF CLOTHING OF ALL KINDS PURCHASED AT NO 78 Louisiana avenue, opposite the Hay Market. N B ?Also, wanted, a person at Repairing. bov 10- lm* ? " ~ MRS. ?. M. ?I)1ITH? B?au D street norik, be twetn 6tk and 7tk. BGS LEAVE TO INFORM TUB LADIES of Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity that she Is prepared to give Instruction, In olaaeee and private lessons, la the art of MAKING WAX FLdWBRS and VASES Also, WaiPruiTand ?roamesital Leather wora Ladies wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a most beautiful accom Bllahment will please call as early as possible, as Irs. 8 does not contemplate remaining long in thf city. T1KMS: Wat Flowers In Claaace, per term of li lee. ?on* Wax Fruit In Classes, per term of li lessons..f5 Leather Work in Classes, per term of 8 lessonsS3 Private Laseons SI each?Vases S10. Boonets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers, Ac , for sale, orjnade to order. ?u vW 6m DKNTAL SURGEON. DR B F COSBY, PEN \. AVENUE, BE tween Sixth and Seventh struts, at the place formerly occupied by Dr. J Va" Pa'ton, has just received a very luKK. supply of artklaa pertain 1 >g to dentistry, and respectfully Invites the public to give him a oall Hsving devoted his whole time to the pro fusion, he is perfectly safe In declaring that he will give entire satisfaction in every case The best professional refcrencea can be seen at his of. nov 1'i-tMarehW WINTER MILLINERY. MRS M. A. HILLS WILL OPEN -- - j9bWinter Millinery on Wednesday,4K^ November ltftfc. st No >j?s Pennsyl-yMr vanla avenue, between 6th and lUth streets. nov 8 DELTA SALOON, D street, between 8lk and 9tk streets. THIS ELEGANT SALOON WAS OPENED on Saturday evening, November 8th, and the proprietor, in soliciting patfoaa^e, begs leave to assure the public that he hiT spared no pains or expense in making this the most elegant EATING and DRINKING SA LOON la Washington city Its central and prlr ?mle locality, and the admirable adaptation of the house to the business, aided by the best of cooks and servant*, and bis unremitting endeavors to obtain the finest OVSTERS and other delicacies which the market affords, will, he hopes, merit and receive the patronage of his friends and the community generally. nov li lm ASA RICKETTS. COAL?COAL?COAL. WE HAVENOW ON HAND THE LARG" est and mostsnperlor stock of COAL ever brought into this market Also afloat and dellv ering? 137 tons Red Ash, broken for Grates 170 do White Ash Egg, for Kadiators 100 do do do woken for F urn ace 190 do Red Ash Stove, for cooking purposes. A deduction of 15 cents always made when de livered from the vessel. ?40 lbs to the ton, from which there is do de viation Coal kept under cover. PINE, OAK, and HICKORY WOOD always oakand T J . A W.M.GALT, Office N W cor of 12th and C sts, No. 547, one square south of Penna avenue. nov li SHEFFIELD. JU8T RECEIVED FROM NEW YORK, th^p most beau til ut and richest assortment ot ivory and other kinds of Sheffield Table Cutlery that has been 1 n this market for many years Full sets of Ivory In mahogany cases, with best quali ty of plated Forks, very rich and handsome Please call at No 318 and examine them. Also, en hand a very large assortment of Stoves of all sorts and sixes, from S3 upward*. 81|n of Stoves, Grates, and House Furnishing Goods, No 319 Pennsylvania avenue, between luth and 11th streets nov* 8t C. WOODWARD i SON. MRS. STICKLE, PORTRAIT AND MINIATURE PAINTER. NO 464 TENTH STREET, WASHINGTON Invites the attention of Ladles and Gentle men to the products of her art?to be seen at her Rooms. She will promptly execate all orders with which she may be honored. nov *5 OFFICIAL. Tiiiirir DcraKTuarr, AugustiM, 1896. Whereas the followinf joint resolution of Congress has become a law: Joist Rs.olotios extending the ume for the credi torsof Texas to present their claims RaoUod fry tke Senile txn-l House of ReyreiwrUo ftoM of ike CtiUe-i States of .America in Concrete at eermUrt, i'bat a<. a^reeab y to the provision of the fourth section or the act of the 2eJi of February, laW, ?' to provide for the payment of such qrrditois of the late republic of Texas as are comprehended la the act of Congress of Septemb -r 9th, 1850," no tice, by public aiv.-rsaem-nt, was July fiven for the space m utnrty days by the Herniary of the Treasury, of the tirne at which payment of the amountapp<opna:ed by the firth -??cu ?n or said act would be male,pro rata, on aoyb-nd, certificate, or evidence of debt of sai J ^la e, should be presented at the (Va?ury Depanm-nt thirty days preceimf ttie I3tli oay ot June, I**?. the limit of said notice ; and as it is represented bv the said Besreta/y of the Treasury, that of said builds, cer tificates, and evidences oi deb:, which have b?eri recoi(*K*d by ihe State of T^xa^, the ??2 m >?, eqsal to th j sum ot tsr^e hundred and eighty nine tnous aad ?x hundred and ninety three dollar* and seven eeuts were not pr-s^med to the Tr<-a-<ury Deparrmeat Cor u the saij Idth of Jun?, tkerefore, in or.ler to full ju.Ki.-e to the boldtrs of <a:d debt, the Secre lar7 ' rr* *ury is hereby au horised to par to the hoi dors of aiv oi tae ia.j b uids, c^ruficat.V, or efileaces, of d^bt, not presented bnlore the 13tb day of Juae la-t, who may uresent a'd prove tne aa-?sa( ths Tr-a.ury l?epa tment, b-tweeuth? I30l day of Ju ie la^t and the 1st day of January next, aad ft juu the po^r rtiease* u> tne United States and tfeeScate.,1 l^aa*, th*,, yTo rata ,-hare of the nid *?vsu tuilhoM ?evru huodr. d a.. J fifty ihou^nd dollars, an j after paymem thereof, the rtecre laryel ths Tr. .isury u a>rWse,i ai.d reqmred to distribute anC pay the r.-udm of the a.d mi, lioas hunur-d aud lifty thousand dollars th-e r?r.ainia? he trwisury, yro rata, am'>n??t aM ?\s sa u a ?ld' Tii rtfho lay fiav* proved their claims,aud eaeeotMd ths pe.per 'el^*ses on or belors the l<t dav ol Ja^ua-y next. ' Approved Auiust ItMh, Ie56 Notwsh aaatsr uivaa to the bolder of bonds, eenifiaates, and evidences of debt of the late repub lie of Texas, which were not presented at this de partment on or before the 13th day of June last, that the sain- wttl be settled and the pro rata amount hereon will be pau to the lawful holders thereof if preoentid before the Ar*t day of January next, ao oompeaied with the ne-w**ary evidence ofihtiigaa. ?Iikimm, with arguments to the United Htates, re quired to <iv?: uiisdepa tmmt the oustody ofsuck owCifleates, ,?d ev, |co>;> of drbt| aild wiU) leloes^eio tbe Uai.e-1 Suite, a.,j ,u aoeord. aioe wna the provmoes oftae act of Congrawof a?th February, ln.M5. Thl. departmeu t wll aat requlrff of ?lueeaa. to ae presented w?h ,he by theaaditorand comptroller of Texas nnderthe law. of the State. Bat ffln^ the certiorates,binds and protui^ory aotes Haaed by th? republic of Tetas, and aot presented to, aoraidlted by, the o9cera of the Stata. The neeersory and praperproif of the genuintaessof the . atter is the e*rtlflsate ofthe c<rmptroli?r ot the State of Texas, who has the ordcial eharge of the orl<toalar?hiv?s relatinf to the debt of the late re poblio ofTexas To j HssigTiment an 1 reiiasen may be executed Md a:Xa?eledg? J in the presence of the Assistant Secretary ofthe Treaaory, or tbe ohlef clerk thereof. In the presence of a notary puWic, and be witnessed by the A Mutant Searatary, or chief clerk and nota pf, and be eortified by the notary under hU nota rial seal; bat wbea tae holders desire to make the assignment and execute tbe roleaeea out of tbe elty of Washington, It maybe done in tbe preeence ef aa assistant treasurer, or collector, or aurveyar ?f the euetems, in the presence of a notary public,and be witnessed by tbe collector or surveyor and tbe no tary pabUe, aad be certified by the notary under hk notarial seal; and If there be no collector oranrvey? or ofthe custufnj at the plaoe where the party re tidea, *h? asaUumeat aad releaaea may be exeouted belbre any court of reeord, in the presence ofthe judge and clerk thereof, and be witnessed by them, and certified by the clerk und?r his seal of offlee; aad if the holder be out of tbe United States, the as signment and releases may be ei<*cutad before any United Stateaconsul, and be witnessed and certified by him under bis consular seal. All persons exe anting atrah assignments and releases must also de dare, under oath, before the notary, oterk,or eon *ul, as the caae may be, that they are tbe real own era of tbe certificates or other evidences of debt, or that the same have been assigned to them, bona fide, fw collection ; and tbe notary, clerk, or consul must Include the fact of t hat declaration in their eer* tifi ate ofaoknowledgm -ni. . If assigned lor collection, or in pledge, the name <?f the party holding tbe benefidal or residuary in ?t?<i in thietaim m?i?* to* stated in tbe affidavit and a rele??* to the United 8tatea and release to Texan m ist be duly executed by auch party, to g ther wKh the assignment and releases troin the ptrson in whose Ihvor settlement and payment is requested. One or more audited certificates, or one or more evidence ot the name character of debt, may be in cluded in the same alignment, releases, and affida vit of ownership, if each certificate is correctly de -en bed by number, date, amount, and name of tbe original payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the ^tate of Texas, on acoount of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texas, accord nig to the tacts of each case. The alignment to the United States may be made in ci>mm.?n form , the releases should be drawn ac cording to the torms subjoined?A and b. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Treasury. Form Jl. Know all persons by these pr<*sents that ? ha* released.and hereby release, the United Sures of Am >rica from all further liability or claim ior the payment of certificate or ev.oence of debt ??umber , for ihe sum of 3 , issued by the late republic of Texas, (or by ihe authorities of the r'tate of Texas, a-i the case may be,) and re deemed oy the United in accordance with the provisions of an act of Conjrres* entitled "An act to previ e t?r the payment of such creditor* of the late republic of Texas a? ar-? coinprebenjed in the act of Cnn*re,?s of Heptemb 'r nine, eighteen hundred and filly," approved the 28th day of Fedruarv, 1855, and an act of the -tate of Texas, approved the 1st of February. 1856. As witness my hand and seal. Form B Know all persons by these presents that has released, and hereby release*, the Stale of Texas from all further liability er claim foi the pay in*.rit of certificate or evidence of debt number , for the sum of j , issued by the law; re public of Texas,(or by the authorities of the State of Texas. a? Uie case may be,) a-id redeemed by the Uuited Plains in accordance with the provistosa of an act of Congreai, entitled " An act to provide for the payment of such creditors of the late republic ot Texas as are comprehended in the act of Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 28ih of February, 1855, and an act of the State of Texas, approved the 1st of February, 1856 Aa witneea my hand and seal. The following la a liat of the audited certificates still ouistaiding: So hiuedto. No. luuedto. 8 T D Tompkina 1639 Oscar Engledow 18 Hukman Canfield 1675 Trusteea ef Austin 31 John A Clifton College :<9 H K Muse 1662 G II Monsarrat k Co 53 R G Hobbr 16 K) John Karuer 84 J De Cordova 1704 Daniel Carl 92 John Burningham 1733 ? v 135 Fhineas I>e Cordova 1733 \ " N W**?" 176 B Baldwin 1746 John W Portia 191 James TilKhman 1770 J K Elliott 192 Mathias Clark 1807 Harriet George 2001 p,w__ p?,i? 1816 Miles 8 Bennett ?JO' f t'xa%n E4"e 1829 Nathaniel Rudder :tt8 O Blineau 1831 > Levi Tyler, adm'r 344 J B Wade 1833 $ ofWH Kelly 368 Paters k Booth 1838 Samuel Wildey 3D6 Lou Hurted 1839 Georjy Sutherland 404 S Kingsley 1841 J P Henmngs 427 J Parker, for Eliza- 1842) . ,, beth Parbor.ex'x 1*43/ J C Bcclet 437 Benedict Bayley 1844 Edmund Balliager 445 Leander Reason 1852 J l> Loiran 466 Wm Odlin 1856 C P Green 467 John W King 1865 David Ayrea 509 T B Webb 1869 Thomea FJaaea 510 A S Thurmond 1878 C Sehiedlemantd 548 Thos W Marshall 158) J F Jewett 625 David S Kaufman 1897 F Emma 643 George W Paiker 1SV9 Parilla Lee* 641 CrutctierkMcRavenl920 F vv Grus?meyer 651 I Wm Flowe/ ,Wa Gilbert Johnson 652 / 1928 Robert Lusk Gilt J A .Simpson 1929 B W Cawthern 6*9 Wm H Belcher 1930 Wm Cochran ,677 H U Williams 1932 Fnuici. Moore ir ? .it n ii n i _ a r?A "r i a * ? 701 Felix Bieder 2071 Andrew Daley ? 1 Robert Dale J? ,I-MC dtewart 773 Wm Jonea 1504/ c W Vl?kery 779 Wm Walker 2088 1 ? , D _ 793 Dyer Peari 17t9/ P*u] B'enu>nd 8 2 Isaac L Hill 2106 ) .. ? u 863 Hermouan Brown 1610 \ 0 Bnrnet 874 John W Bower 210b I D D M M 879 Jain-H Mc.Ma.ter 'X93 I K v 914 Dyer Pead 2136) 915 Mary E len Heden-1858 S v F Gentry her* 2145 ) w Pi.Kiij 930 J Ellis 6i3 > 8 W Fiaber 932 Mrs Mary Belvllle 2104 i, .. 1010 Anson Cranaon 1501 \ ^ouuiaaa Davis 1012 R M Porbes 2303 R Frost l(ht5 James N Hogan 2306 Thomas Reed 1043 Thiunas Lindsay 2316 Harri^uo C Bryant 1045 JameM L Green 2330 j H McDonald 1047 Jesse Daniel 2340 Arthur Gamer ? 1*" J B Daniel 2311 j F Martchett 1050 Chartc4 Vinceat 2341 Andrev/s h. GroTer la^ * M n Rivals.- P ? Mnrritt ' 1057 f d D 2349 W Pinfcney 1058 Willis Millican 2350 J D Giddinga 1059 J D Millican 2354 J Crawford ir 1062 John Davis 2358 A P Bdgerton HKj Wm Barton 2B5W Thomas Warner ir 1079 W A Lockiiart 2363 George K Sjstare 1'tMO K M ?rtoii 2864 Francis Hriohta 1135 James Killaia 23M2 Elisabeth Carter 11% c II Taylor 2383 Wm Da Via 1241 Yourign i fHioan 2387 Joseph Toailinaoa 1 >48 Robert McNutt 23tf0 rineed fc Turner 1249 John W Cloud, per 2300 Wm Klmbro att'y 1 H Raymond 2400 II 11 Hayme 1261 E De PoutoU *401 R W Mil hank 1-269 H P Green 2402 ('atberlne Allen 1273 G W Stnka h J B 24*5 Henry Kring Shaw 9413 J W La wren 1297 John Keodrick 2418 Stephen Smith 1298 Bamuel Did'en 2434 A C Horton 1300 John Johiwou 243ft KlaphaJet teuton 1301 Susan Ma?wi 244'i Lemuel BDickenaoti 1362 Thomas I! Forre*ter2450 Wm H Tboinpeou 1.JB5 B R Warner 2452 Z Wm Eddy 14S3 William Frets 247 i j K Uerron 1424 G W Osborne 2474 A B Hemphill 1425 John A KMthtarford 2477 Aaron Ifaoghton 1427 Cornellaa Vannoy 247V Hmra of Jonu Jones 1498 Joseph Battes 24?0 Joel Hid 1473 Ann B Reew 2481 " Warren Abaru 1515 Lumbard Mima 2482 " John L Monka 1521 J C Moore 2483 ? p*?r Aldrieb 1523 John James 2490 M A Dooly 1554 K H Douglas 2600 George C Daycauhier 1570 E M Fish 2501 F Kenuett k Co 1572 Wm Kerr 2503 John W bchrimpf 1580 James A Moody 9504 W C Blair 1581 P Blckford 2519 M Rorberttaille 1619 Joba Lamer 2513 Henry B Brooks 1615 Jobn Cameron 2514 Gabriel Tram welt 1023 John D Taylor 2528 H 8 Morgan 1024 Levi Mercer 2589 Furbur It Bean 1825 811 Mercer 2534 Sarah Newman The outstanding evtdqnoM of other claswea of the debt of the republic of Teaasoaanot he epecified by this De pan men i. au 22?Jtl?tJaii| FASHIONABLE DANCING. HW. MUNDER, PROFESSOR OF DANC ? log it 6?orptown College and Con- p vect, and principal teacher of Washing ton, D. C., and Baltimore, Md , has ttae honor to announce to the cltlsens and publla generally, that hi* school la open] every TUKBDAY and THURSDAY AFTERNOON for Young Ladles, Misses, and Master*, from 3 until 0 o'clock, and on the same evenings at 8 for gentlemen. Owing to the unuaual large number of pupils ? " ilai In his classes this season, and the great success of his class In <he first society of Baltimore, com pells him to limit the number of puplla taken for the balance of the aeason. The public are well aware that Prof. M. spares neither time nor patience to render the most un skilful pupil perfect. He Invites ladles and genttanen generally of respectability and standing, to visit his class and witness the Improvement of his pupils in the few pleasant lessons that has past. 11 la desirable that all who wish to participle in his May Exhibition should ente- eariy this year, as the dances In pre paratlan are more complicated than any hereto fore Introdnoed. nov 81-If SOR1EE9 DANSANTE. PROF H W. MUNDER TAKES GREAT pleasure In announcing to his Mends, patrons, and public generally, that the above social and delightful entertain ments will commence at Munder's Metro polltan Hall, corner 9th and D streets, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, November' 26 th, at 8 o'clock, and continue every Wednesday throughout the season. Gentlemen wishing to subscribe for the season can do so upon very favorable terms, by applying at the Hall on Tues day and Thursday evening from 0 till 10 o'clock nov tl-tf > rpAYLOR * MAURY'S RECFNT IM. 1 psrtntisns ?Th" following valuable and Interesting works will be found amongst a variety of English Books recently received from England, many of which are at considerably rtdu. ed pri ces and especially suited for the approaching fes tive season: Book of Celebrated Poems; the best poems In the English language; one beautifully printed svo volume, with eighty llustratlons by the first artists, cloth, gilt edges. 84 CrulksLanks' Three Courses and a De?ert, fifty humorous illustrations, St 25 Book of Family Crests, 2 volumes, over four thousand cuts of crests, ?5.50 Furniture and House Decoration, 4to , six hun dred illustrations. *8 Gallerv cf the Graces, or Beauties of BrltUh ?"ofts. 36 beautiful plates, morocco, richly gilt, $9.50 Gleanings of N*t"re, by Mudle, 57 colored plates by 1 aadseer, jr ,83 Puss ia Boots, 12 fine illustrations, fancy covers, 50 cts Jnnlus's Letters, complete in two volume, 92 Kohl's Russ'a?St. Petersburg, Moscow, and the Crimea, $2 75 Moore's Irish Melodies, illustrated edition, beautifully pr nted and embellished with sp'.endia line engravings from pictures painted expressly for the work by Mu ready, Jr , ?7 Nicholson's Operative Mechanic and British Machinist, 150 plates, S4 50 Nicholson's Builder and Workman'* New Di rectory, 4to , 150 plates, 8? Percy's Kellques of Ancient English Poetry, cloth, ex tra gilt, 92 25 Pictorial Book of Ancient Ballads. Illustrated, antique gilt edges. 83 T5 Robinson Crusoe, with20 illustrations,on weed and steel, 81 25 v Sauntering about London, 75cents Sculpture, Specimens of Ancient and Modern, 4to., 05 plates, 82 50 Sket^nes of Young Ladies, Young Gentlemen, and Young Couples, 18 illustrations, by Phiz, #1 Stuart's Antiquities of Athens, and other Mon uments of tireece, 70 beautiful plates, with the measurements, details. Ac., S3 75 Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, 34 engravings on wood and 8 on steel, tl 25 Walker's Analysis of Beauty in Women and Critical View of Hypotheses respecting Beanty, new editions, s? drawings from '.lie, 8S Bon ttaultler's Book of Ballads, illustrated by Crowqulll, Leech, and Doyle. 82 25 A Cracker Bon Bon for Christmas Parties, by Brough, illustrated, $1 Round Games for a'l Pardon, for Old and Young, gilt edges, f '.50 Kosweil's Life cl Johnson, 10 vols., So plates, 810 J ulian's Studies of Heads,finely drawn on stone, 4to., 84 Lirdner's Popular Astronomy, 119cut?, 12mo, b7U cts. Punch's Pictures?Plcturas from the Portfolio of Mr Punch, (MM) illustrations by Leech, 1 vol , 83 50 Book of Costume, or Annals of Fashion, by a Lady of Rank ; %vo., numerous illustrations, gilt edges, 82 50 Hood's Comic Annual, 40 Illustration* by Leech, 81 50 Drawing Book of the Government School of De sign, 81 50 Chamber's History of the Russian War, splen didly Illustrated with maps and f lates, S3 50 The work of Canova In Sculpture and Model liig, engraved In outline by Henry Moses, with descriptions and a biographical memoir: 3 splen did volumes, 812 For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S nov 28- Bookstore, near 9th at. "j\s A IA ?Jm. NEW LIVERY STABLE, Eighth Strut, Utwm? D and S. The subscriber has erected a commodious stable on Pth street, having room enough for over fifty hor ses. and a capital Carriage House of 27 by 90 feet. This establishment Is now, open for the reception of Horses on livery, and for the hiring and selling of horses. He has also for rent a fine large Room immedi ately over his carriage house. 27 by 9*) feet, suita ble for almost any purpoee There is also sleeping brunks for per?ons bringing servants, and tha whole establishment Is lighted with gas He would also call the attention of persons bringing produce t" market, to the fine yard ad joining the stable, where wagons oan be safely re Mirwa during tbe night The whole establishment is under the charge of Wm Hicks, well known to stable men in this city. nov26 tf JOHN C COOK. DR. MUNBON, AT 338 PKNN'A AVBNUB is still making those beautiful Continuous GUM TEETH, called/ Allan s Patent, for the excellency which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them in this city, will cheerrully vouch There is one Dentist in this city who has been Infringing the patent, and made a bad Imitation of 11, against whom I hereby caution the psbllc N. B Whenever a Dent'st speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gurn Teeth, when provtrlg comttruettdy itls because he is Ignorant of the process, Iticom. etent to make the work, or ? unwilling to pay for the patent. je 16-tf MADAME DE VO*. MILLINER FROM PARIS, and, JUB1WWI Hrondwav, New York, will" fpw make her usual visit to Washington with a beautiful assortment of BONNETS, CLOAKS, and HEADDRESSES, In the begln Ing of December next, at THE LAKES, nov 24-lw ?04 Pinna, ave , up stairs. HOSIERY-HOSIERY. JOHN H SMOOT, NO. 110 BRIDGE Street, tteorgetown, D C , has received a large assort ment of Woolen and Cotton Hose, and half Hose for Ladies, Gents, Boys and filrls, of all sizes and qualities, and of the best makes Purchasers

will please call. nov 26 JAMES 8. WELCH'S FIRST PitEMIUM FAMILY FLOUR. WE ARE NOW RKCEIVING THIS Justly oelebrated brand of Flour, and will continue to receive a full ?u-ply during the winter We warrant It superior to anything in tbe market. We are also agents for the sale of the following brands, viz: ? Richard B Welch, Family Charles L Wood, do Daniel J Wood, do Island Mills. do Elisabeth Mills, do All of wtilch we offer la quantities to suit pur chasers, at the lowest market prices HARTLEY A BROTHER, no* 26-1 m 101 Water St , Georgetown MAGNIFICENT PIANOS-T^k HAVE now in store the largest and most complete ?tock of new and beautiful PIANOS ever offered In the city, at price* and terms to suit every one Our store Is the largest Pianoforte, Mtlodeon, Music and Musical Instrument establishment In the District. JOHN F ELLIS, nov T7~ 306 Pa ave , bet 9th and 10th sts. 7C BOXES MOULD ? ANDLE8 ? no do Adamantine do. nov2fleo6t BARBOUR X SEMMKS. AUCTION SALES. fly J AS. C. McOU IRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Balldiag Lots aa Fliath atreet weak, be tween O tad H atreeta nertb.?By virtue of a deed In tru?t. bearing date on the 43d day of No ?ember, 1855, and recorded Id Liber J A S.. No. 108, folloa 443, et seq., the subscriber will *ell at public wile on TUE8DAY, the 2d day of December, Ifcfifi, at 4 o'clock p. m , on the prem ises, part of Square No. 375, in tbe city of Wash ington, fronting 48 feet lu lnchea on Ninth atreet west, between G and H street* north, by 101 feet deep. The above property Is eligibly situated In tbe vicinity of the Patent Office, aud In one of the most desirable part# cf the city for private re*1 dencea, and will be aold aa a whole or In separate lota, to suit purchasers, and offers a very favora ble opportunity to pert>oas desiring to build or In vest Terroa of aale will be: One third caah, and tbe balance In six, twelve, and eighteen months, for note* bearing Interest from the day of Rale, te cared by deed of trust upon the property ; and If not complied with In live daya after the sale the property will be reaold, upon one week's notice, at the rlak and expense of tbe defaulting pur chaser. Title nade indisputable. All conveyances at the expense of the purchaser CH AS S WALLACH, Trustee nov '21-euAd* JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct By A GREEN, Auctioneer Trustees sale or heal estate. By virtue of a deed of tniat bearing date 23d day of January. Iftl6, and recorded In Liber J A s , No HI, folloa4*21, etseq., among the Und records of Washington county, In the Dis trict cf Columbia, the undersigned will sell on MONDAY, the 15th dav of December, 1856. on the premises, at 4 o'clock In the afternoon, to the nighest bidder, at public auction, all that piece or parcel of ground altuated In the city of Washing ton. In said District, and known and distinguish ed upon the ground plan or plat of aald city as part of Lot No. 4, In rquare No. 501, and bound ed as follows : commencing at the southeast cor ner of said lot No 4; thence northwardly, aiong the dividing line between >ald lot No 4 and lot numbered 3, to a public alley; thenc alorgwest ward ly seventeen feet; thence southwardly on a line parallel with the said dividing line to south 0 street seventeen feet to the piece of beginning, with the Improvements thereon, which aje a good two-story Frame House. Thla property froata on south C, between 13th and 13X streets west Terms: One-third cash ; the residue in 6 and 11 months, f?>r which the purchasers notes will be taken, bearing interest from the day of sale, and alien on the premises If the terms of tale be not complied with with in three daya from the day of sale the premises will be resold, on five days public notice, at the risk and cost of the purchaser All conveyances at he purcLaaer's oosf. 0. C. CALVERT. Trust e. nov l9-e5dAds A. GREEN, Auct'r. Bv WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneer* TRUSTEE'S SALE?BY AUTHORITY of a deed of trust from George B Armstrong and Julia H. W , his wife, dated ?he 13th De cember, ls54, and by direction of the party whose deb':1s secured thereby, tbe sjbscrlb?r will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on tbe VM December next, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, on the premises, the following lots In the city of Washington namely: Lots No 23 and 24. In Square No 534, lot No. 24 belDg at the intersec tion of Virginia avenue and First ftreet west, fronting 55 feet 4 Inches on First street and'26 feet 6 inches on Virginia avenue, with a rear front of 43 feet on a 20-foot a'ley; apd Lot No 23 adjoin ing west, with a front of 30 feef 2 inches on Vir ginia avenue, and rear front of 3t feet on a 20 foot alley. Aad ea the 23U i)ec? aiber, at 4 o'clock, on the premises comraencinc at the first lot, and then proceeding to the second, the following, namely: Part of Lot No 10, In Sqnare No 4?1, fronting 17 feet on Fifth street west, and 93 feet 4% inches deep, commencing on Fifth street 119 ftet south of N street north,confslnine !6r7square feet; Lot No. 6, In Fquare No 777. said Lot being centrally situated between O and U streets north, having a frsnt on Third street cast of 6."> ftet 3 Indies, with a depth of 164 feet inches, con taining 9900 square feet. Terms . Or.e-thlrd cash ; and the rcfldne atfl, 12 and 19 months, for which the purchaser's bonds will be taken, bearing Interest with a lien on tbe property. If the terms are not complied with within five days from tbe day of sale, tbe oroperty will be resold at the purchaser's risk and cost on a notice of seven days. CHAS M Y ERS, Trustee. WALL, BARNARD A CO., nov27-eoA.ds Auctioneers. T Rl'Sr EE'S K ALE. BY VIRTUE OK A DECREE OF THE Circuit Court for Prince George's country, sit ting as a Conrt of Equity, passed In the ca-e of John T Holtsmaa and wlfevj. Mary K. Holti man and others, the undersigned, as Trustee, will expose to Public Sale at Beltavllle, near the premises, on THU R8DAY, 4th December next, at 12 o'clock m.,1 fair, if not, the next fair day thereafter, part of a tract or parcel of Land called"Edmondston's Hange," late tbe residence of Mr John T. lioltzman, containing forty acres. This property is situated about half a mile from Beltsvllle, in a healthy and e'evated region; is susceptible of the highest state of Improvement, admirably adapted to a fruit and market fkrm, and there is a young Peach and Apple Orchard thereon The improvement constat of a large and com modious Frame Dwelling with brick basement recently built, and every uecessarv building, all of which are In complete repair 'f here is a pump of fine water In the yard attached to th* wain dwelling. The society In the neighborhood is axoellent, and the situation presents many induce ments for a most pleasant country residence for a gentleman residing In Baltimore or Washington lis. Teraru of sale as prescribed by tbe decree are One htlf of the purchase money to be paid in cash on the day of sale or on tbe ratification thereof by tbe Court, and the residue in 0. 12, and IB mouths thereafter, in equal Instalments, to be se cured by the "otes of the purchaser with security to be approved by the Trustee, bearing Interest from the day of sale On the payment cf the whole purchase money with Interest, the Tristee Is authorised by the Decree to convey theprvfwrty to the purchaser in fee simple. nov 13-eol0t N. C. STEPHEN. Trustee UHAUPKEY WARRINER, WATCH MAKER, NO. 34 4* STREET. SIGN OF THE LARGE an i Small Watch with Chain, n??ar Shlllinr ton's Periodical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and street WATCHES. JEWELRY,SILVER WARS. WATCH REPAIRING, Ac Chronometers, Kepsatiug Waiche?, Duplex, Mantle Clocks, Lever. Jewelry, and Horizontal, Silverware. Musical, and REPAIRED. JEWELRY AND SILVER WARE made to order. Removed from 370 Penn'a avenue. Browns Hotel* 'o tbe above location nov 24-eo3m C. WARRINER. TABLE UUTLEKV. SUCH AS IVORY WOOD AND HORN handle table and desstrt, Knives only, and Knives with Forks Also, meat and came Car vers, Steels, Ac. These goods are manufactured expressly for my aale*. and I do not hesitate to re commend them a* being equal if not ?uperlt?r to any goods hi the market. C. W. BOTELER, oc'i^-eo _ Iron Hall. A CARD. t. roiKRTim, Ne. Pennsylvania avenue, South side Uiuten TtntS and Elecnt't Streets, Washington C t^, D C., Respectfully informs his pat roos and tbe public generally tbat he Is now prepared with the most scientific and skillful Uooks and Confectioners, to furnish PARTIES, WEDDINGS, DINNERS fc , in the most recherche and elegant style at the shortest notice He will give his personal attend anoe and assume the entire responsibility of the entertainment. Connected with his establishment are Parlors where Ladles and Gentlemen can be served at all hours with Ice Cream, Jellies, Oysters In every style, Relishes, Dinners, and Suppers In a man. n?r unsurpassed in this city i. POTENTINI, grateful for the liberal patro nawe be has heretofore received, assures his friend* and all who may give him a call, that every effort on his part will oe made to merit a eontinuance of their favors He solicits an examination of his large and e'e gantassortment of FRENCH CANDIES PRE SERVED und BRANDIED FRUITS,' PIC KLKS, SAUCES. Ao , which he offers for sale at tke most moderate prlcta. nov lV-*idA?ol0t EVENING STAR. THE DRAMA. There are wme fine reflections on the drama contained in the following extract from en English paper: That which reflects humanity must partake iti complexity, must be modified la like man rer by climate and culture, and knowledge, and intercourse Thus the drama in all conn tries has had a twofold relation It bas re flected humanity io the abstraot, and national character in particular. It has served as a mirror both to man and to sections of men How riridly the Greek it re produced in bia tragedies?free, fervid, heroic, artistic, reli gious. How accurately the Spaniard, by Lope and Calderon, in that proud self-esteem which colors all his passions with such a singular gravity How happily the Frenchman, from Moliere down to Scribe, in ? II bis shrewdness, vivacity, and elegant skepticism. And need we say with what vigor Shaksreare has painted the Englishman, from his Bolingbroke ard Hotspur, his Baatard and Talbot, down to his (lower and Hubert, his Falstaff and Shallow. I But national character is progressive. There is, first, a long interval before it is formed There is next a period, long or short, before it attains to refinement. The drama, then, becomes a twofold mirror to man, both of that which is susceptible of expansion and change What, then, it may be asked, is the relation of the stage to humanity ? The stage mar be oonsidered simply a mirror of progress It reflects the special mind of the age it belongs ti. It presents to as humanity as seen through the media of tbuse successive tastes and feel ings which progress evolves. A national char acter may bo either passionate or thoughtful, artistic or military. Time serves to expand and to balance its featured till they have reached a due adjustment of vigor aid grace A drama will become one of the records o' this progress ; the stage its exponent %* each particular step. It we turn, then, to America, we see why she possesses no national drama; she yet got to develop a nutimal character Enpli.-h in origin, she has gradually become tho cruci ble iu which Europe ^lepo^its yearly everv possible variety of blood, thought and senti merit; and until these have had time to fuse and be reproduced ia an imperial unify. cuch a* England herself has already exhibited. America, who partakes in our language and literature, must be oontent still tosarvey her self in our national mirror. We come then to the question of the Ancr ican stag#?which, destined of course, to run tue sime racc as our own. rcflectirg tbw We?t ern mind at every point of its progress, till it culminate in a period most conducive to art presents to us, und especially with reference tu oomedy, Mr Murdoch as the exponent ut her stage as it is. We have propounded the rule that the n^e u.akei the act-.r , and we must assert thi* with J irticular reference to comedy, since that re flects manners in addition to passions. We can scarcely, therefore, consider it a charge against Mr Murdoch that he is wanting in r?pose and the higher kind of refinement. The time is not cume for these qualities Westward Till a country is settled, and has attained wealth and leisure, it is clear it cannot develop the highest features of taste. America is thought ful, courageous, iuventive and vigorous. This is her present phase, evolved by her many and imperative wants; and need we say, that this phase is bui a step to a speedy and still nobler development . if faithful, then, to the highest idea of bis time, Mr Murdoch does not present to us the highest idea of a comedian, wa gladly ac kuonlodge bis obvious approach to it, and the fulness with which he rasponds to his national t pe, in all bis manhood, hie shrewdness, bis warmth and ei j.yment. Let u? take bim in detail. Mr Murdoch is essentially a manly c-median , and manliness, need we say, ie a quality that is never lost on an English spoc iator Of a good height and ;per*j?:, with a pleasant, vivid face, and a 41 ear, ringing voice, be has all that positive basis of muscles and spirit whizh fully warrants his power of doing all be proposes ; a condition, it will be owned, which wonderfully sustains both illu Mon and pleasure. There is a great common sense in dramatic enjoyment; and viiea a man talks of knocking down T^aues ex carry ing off Venuses, we like to see the possibility, whether it be evidonoed or not. Another merit is his spirit, which is really unquenchable, and if only held in hand, would be among his happiest resources. As it is, its exuberance becomes a defect, since, in wanting repose, be, at times, wants variety. Another, and, per haps, a still higher characteristic, is his tho rough enjoyment .Those who are old enough to remembf; i.1* liston that most joyous of actors, or one who in most respects was his worthy associate, the buoyant Mrs. (}jo??r, will appreciate the value cl this latler distinction Need we say thai it is amoag the rarest of oomic re?ou?oes, and that while it lies at the rout ui the greatest pomio success, in kindling the sympathies and warmth of an audience, it even touches a moral chord in the excited spectator He who enjoys art respects it, und quickly extends tnat respect to all who behold niui. Ho shows a Bense of completeness in becoming thorough, ly identified with what he assumes?a fulfcli 11 g his own end, in being true to his own gifts, which must command our approval whue it awakens our sympathies This merit Mr. Murdoch pvi?6i?ei abuudantlv Through all hi". Jaugera and adventures he bounds vita such an evideut sense of delight, thai it really seems in his worst scrapes tv create a rnorul immunity. We can,uo? aclp feeling that he is unconscious th?t be is doing anything wr^ig, and as we are soon led to share the foiling. me are greatly obliged to him. By dwelling on the?? qualities we are not denying to Mr- Murdooh either art or intelli ence. lie nr.a both to a great degree, as he as shown in bis Young Mirabel; in the mode varies the several scenes with and escapes from his afflanced, and the well sustained spirit with which he encounters the Bravos; the hilarity that plays with the very point 01 the poinard, and especially in the i*?anner with which ho meets his indignity, his sudden fury, and almost as buuiicn Nlf-putMStion. Another fact in h'u favor is be derives no ls sistance fr^u me plays he has appeared iu, ti<a ?ne being antiquated and of a question able taste, and the other technical, farcical, and very dull in addition. We could only compare him to one uf his own Western steam ers dragging up against stream a most un. conscionabla load. How to Frightex Dogs ?The sudden adop tion of some unusual or grotesque attitude will often succeed in frightening dogs as w??ll as other fierce animals Waterton relates bis ' own marvellous escape from a herd of buffa lo?8 in South Amcrica by an expedient of 1 this kind A man still living related to mo j an adventure of his own, which may be useful to know He had to cross a narrow bridge, and a 6avage dog appeared at the other end, whom it seemed impostiblt to escape. With great presence of mind he fixed his eye stead ily upon the dog, and gradnally lowered his 1 bead and shortened his figure by crouchiog down low with his hands on his knees The , dog stood still, and seemed astonished, when the man began stamping hard with bis feet, and in this attitude aivanced towards the dog, making all the noise he could with his ? feet; but the moment he began to march thus beating time, the dog turned away and ran off in a perfect fright.?Notes and Quertef. . What is a o?ntlbiia?t?There have been many definitions of a gentleman, bukthe pret tlgt and most poetic is that given by a lady. "A gentleman,'* said she. 4,is a human being combining a woman's tenderw# with a man's courage " I UK Ql AltRlLLK NiDTICiUT l?IKUUl>. We bare some id*-* that thif eipiul ;m d ?j* yrit is not new But as oar dancing huob is jont coram ending, it may ibum ton* of o?r retiitrf to w# it reprodootd. It BtkM U>o Doble art of dancing a quadrille clear to tha simplest (nautical) capacity: Ia Pantalon ? Haul up tha starboard tack and let the other craft raw: then bear up and get jour head on tha otner tack?regnc jour t>erth on the port tack?bsek and fill with your partner and boxhaul har?wear round twire agaicst the sun in company with the op Co^ite craft, then jour own?afterward box aul with her again and bring har up L'Ets ?Shoot ahead about two fathoat till jou nearlj come item on with the other craft under weigh; then make stern board to jour berth and tide out far a bend, first to star board then to port?make tail and pass tha op posite craft; then get jour head round on tba other tack?another aide to starboard and port; then make sail to regain Tour berth? wear round, back and fill and boxhaul jour partner. Li Poult ?Heave abaad and pass jour ad versary yard-arm to jard-arm?regain j<>ur berth on the other tack in the same order take jour station in ? line with jour partner; back and fill?fall on jour heel and bring up with jour partner ? she then mac<rurree aaead ar.d heaves all aback, fills and shootg ahead again, and pays off alongside?you than make sail in company. till nearly stem on with the other lira?make a stem board and cast her off to shift fcr htrseli?regain jour berth l-y the bast means possible, and lat go jour anchor. 7a Trenitt.?Wear round as before ag'jnst the sun twice, boxhaul the ladj, and range ud alongside her, and make sail in company; when half wit aeross to the other shore drop a-U rn with tLe tide; thoot ahead again and i*ast off the tow?now back and fill as before, and boxhaul her and joursalf into jour berth and bring up. Lit Pastor Mt.?Shoot ahead alongside y?-ur partner, then make a ?teru board -again make all sail ov**r to the other coast?let go the u-iwser, and pay iff in'o your own berth and take a turu?the three cralts opposite rang* up abreast toward yi-a iwt?, anti back astarn a<ain?row maneuver any rig you like, only under easy sail, as it id always "light winds" (Zejjbyr?/ in this parage?as soon as you tee their holia down, haul rouod in aompat.j with tucm on part tack?then make all >aii with y jur partner into your own bertii and bring up Lu Final*?Wear roun-i V) starboard, pass ing under your partner ? bows-sight the cat heads of craft on jour starboard b>w?then make sail into yr>ur own berth, jour partner parsing athwart your bows?now prucoed a? oording to the second order <>f tailing?to com plete the evolutions shoot ahead and back &.-tarn twice, in company with the whole squadron, in the circular order of sailing. Protestantism in TcRkxr ?Colonel Sir if Hiwlinson observed, the other day, at a meeting in taster Hall that twenty years ago Protestantism was unknown in Turaey. On one tcaksion a Jew presented himself to tha Resident at Bagdad, and claimed British pro tection, a'lcging thai ho had come from Jefu edem. He wu Informed by tb? Consul-Uen oral that according to international law oa nat not entitled to protection Ha than said he was a Protestant, and was informed that, if such were the fact, it eould not constitute a title to the protection he sought The Con sul General, however, wisbin* <*> know what the man'a idea of Protestantism was. inter rogated him ou the doctruiea of his adopted faith, and he replied?*4 I eat pork, drink wine, and I do not believe in God " (Laugh ter ) This was tae correct idea of Protestan tisin in Turkey at that time. QriTB A Dilicact! ? The New Orleans Crescent, as a pair to the description of the 1. bstcr catching process in Boston Bay. glvae the following description of the method in which " the oelebratfd New Orleans delicacy, crawfish.'' arc taken 44 In the first place, provide yourself with several long wheat or broom straws and a small quantity of hog's lard?proceed to some hcality where game is known to be abundant? persons of great experience generally select one of the esswtiUM?and, having found a hole, which is quite ac easy matter, the end of one of your strawt, And stick it down and watch. By and by yeu will ob serve that there is something going on, for your straw will be ?een to move about in a very agitated scanner, seise it and pull it up with rapidity, and vou will have a fish nine time: out of ten r. S ? An aetive msn can attend to several straws." 0*<x>kbd Esocau. Certaiklv.,?<? You are rather a crooked character, Mr.. Jones." ' Ha tber, sir ; but not quita so orooked as a tree 1 once knew It was th?i tallest butternut I ever saw Standing tloae to it one day in a thunder storm, I &*w a squirrel on one of its topmost branch**. The lightning struck the same branch, about three feet above him, and the squirrel started The lightning bad to follow the *raiu, of aourso, and the squirrel wv&t straight down. 5ocrooked was that tree ?ir that the squirrel, by my watch, got to the bottom precisely three minutes before the lightning." "That's a lie!" exclaimed the Undlo;u *4 A lie!?true as any story ever X afterwards saw that tree cut down and mad? into rails for a hog pasture The hogs would crawl through twenty times a daj, and so crooked were them are rails, that every time the hogs got out they found themsa'.vaa h u:k in the pasture again!" Prixcb Ecqrnk ?For a quarter of a oen tury Kugene regularlj paaaed his evening at the houto of the Due hex of Holateio, where he met the Countess Batthyan j for a game at cards; or else at the Countess's own house. Eugenn's vellkn>wn cream colored horses with piii* haineio used of themselves to find their way from tue palaoo of the prince to that of the beautiful countess, where they would stop of their own accord, although now and then it was some time before any one alighted, because Eugene was asleep within the coach, t'ue coachman asleep on the box, the heyduck asleep on the steps at the car riage'door. and the two footmeu asleep in tha ruiuble; the ag^rogate age of master and ser vants amounted to 3lU years The oountes* certainly had the greatest influence upon the prince?IV/'as's Court of Austria. A Nici Plach to Board at ?A lady, vV/ has juat opened a boarding house in Philadel phia. has adopted the following rules The gentlemen must not put their feet on the mantel in winter, ucr out of the window in surnnur, and the lady must not write her nsuie on the glass with a quart! pin. If she uses an air-tight, she mast regulate the dam per herself, and not rinr every ten minutes tor the chambermaid, the single gentleman must uot pl?j tbc trou>'M>ne, nor make leve to the servants, nor tomb his whiskers at the table if be does, he won t answer lbs lady must not turn up her noae at everyth ng on the table, unless *he has a natural pug, 'and none of the party must driuk or talk wub a mouthful of viotuala, nor must they fight for the top buckwheat cake Terms libasa!, 'ltd board to be paid weekly in advance. Brihrks in thk Writ.?The West la new being consolidated in its trading and travel ing facilities by bridges acrcss ha dividing streams and rivers ia every direction. The work on the suspension bridge across tha Ohio apive Steubenville is progressing rapidly Workmen are engaged in coustraeting tue bridge at Cinetnnati. across the river to Cov ington There is also, it hss been stated a suspension bridge over the Mississippi at bl, Louis in Contemplation