Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1856 Page 3
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EVENTNG STAR. Job PBi.iTiKe ?Our patrons and the public are reminded that we are prepared to hare their orden for Job Printing of every descrip tion executed at the shortest notice, for the lowest prices and in the best and most satis factory manner. All wanting such work done eannot do better than to apply direotly at the counter of the Star office. L OCALJNTELLIGENCE. An Axusino Plat rros tbb Names or MllMRERS or THE iJoCSB or RePBBIBNTA vivaa.?Our friend Oobright, Congressional reporter, gets off a good thing, occasionally, as will be seen by the following jeud'esprit from his pen, which we fished up yesterday "float ing around loose" in manuscript, among our brethren of the press in the House hall: Kefeshing Wood, Grsenwooi, Underwood, Are prominent In the long range; Therefore, that Branch and Soppare found In this connection?nothing strange ! Here may the bird In safety Psck, And Savage roam as he may like, Or take a Knapp In shady dell, None to dispute his sovereign Wright' All Ready for the grand display, For which we owe the people thanks, In Lojci and Rivers swim the Pike We stand upon the sloping Banks Let's have Child's play, my friends Here 1* a Broom , quick, sweep the Hall, And ring the Bell?for merriment We'll have a stirring game at Ball.' Ah ! this Is Bliss. I love the Knox, They're pleasant In this Valo below, Th?y nerve the limbs with manly strength ; We jar.ay like medern Samsons drove ! But let us now approach the Goods Things which the Congress have in store, We'll cook them Dunn with Mart and Sags; Of Porter, Firry, drink the Moore : "Oh! Hey and Knight, 'tis wondrous strange,'' What wild confusion have we here ; Albright, here shines the sterling Orr, And here doth likewise Rust appear! A Ktnc stands out in bold relief? A Packer in the industrial throng ; A Barbour, Spinner, several Smiths, And Whseltr, too, to help along ! Tiiough sport doth move the multitude, A peaceful Havsn may be theirs, If they but list and profit by The Dean and by the Bishop's prayers ' National Thbatre ? English Opera.? Don Pasqualo drew an excellent house; and it was a-uy to see that its performance took the audience completely by surprise. First, it was new to most present; in the next place the music wag just of a character to be com prehended by a popular audience; and, final ly, the opera was acted, as well a* 3ung with remarkable spirit. Miss Luuisa Pyne displayed comic capabili ties heretofore undeveloped?another surprise ?and as with her becoming widow's cap and prudish half-mourning dress, her veil, and her timid air of bashfulness and rusticity, she humbugged the susceptible Don Pasquale into signing a marriage settlement, and afterwards by a demonstration of first class vixenism, frightened him to a consent to her marriage with his nephew, the delight of the audi ence was exhibited unmistakeably. Mr Jlorncastle as Don Pasquale"gaTe us the highest idea of his capabilities we have yet received, both as vocalist and actor. Hia look ?I ludicrous discomfitment when, after his cuffioga from the fair hands of the Tartar of a widow, ho diaoovers that she has absolutely made an assignation in the garden with ?? somebody else on the very marriage night and when advancing to the foot-lighta he groans? " Oh, I shall lead a pretty life: A female Beel*?bub for a wife'' is a thing to be remembered. Mr Harrison was in exquisite voice last night, and made naturally a fine representa tive of the part of Ernesto. Mr. (iuilmette as Dr. M?latesta was gentlemanly and corrcct making the most of the part. To-nigat and we say it with regret, the lasl of the engagement?the favorite "Som nam.tuU ' is to be performed, an opera num bering we presume more admirers amongst a!l classes of the citiiens of Washington than any other that could be presented In addition, a fine concort will be given, the occasion beinir the benefit of Miss Pyne and Mr. Harrison. Errata. In our yesterday's notice of the opera the types make us say "eruditional qualities instead of " emotional qualities " " LrudUional" may, in the language of the elder Weller, be a "more tenderer word " but ?t is by no means the one we intended.' Cass Dismissed ?Yesterday, a boy about fifteen years of age. named Thomas Robinson was arrested for an attempt to rob the money drawer of Mclntire's drug store, on Seventh street. He was taken before Justice Donn, who examined the witnesses. It appears that when the drawer opens an alarm bell aoands The young man who attends the store, beine near by, heard the bell, and went into the store and saw the prisoner standing near the drawer; the drawer was not opened, but 'Ap parently an attempt had been made to open it, but failed because of a catch underneath No one saw the prisoner make the attempt nothing was missed ; and, in view of this tes timony, and the fact of the prisoner being the son of a widowed mother, the Justico lectured him severely on the danger of such conduct and dismissed the ca3e. Centre Mirket.?The supply was not very great in the principal market, and purchasers were namer jus. As u?aal at this season of the year, prices are becoming higher, as the de mand increases. The quality of the provisions offered is very excellent, and the dealers are kept busy by the rapid applications of pur chasers. The improvement of the south front of the iquare has been commenced, and the country dealers expect that in a short time they will be accommodated with more comfortable standa than at present Scgpicioi'8 Cibccjsstabess.?Last night a man named Thomas Soden was arrested by Officer Coope- for offering certain papers a't the Dexter House which were supposed to be forged. The papers purported to be written by J J. Jonos, and made him responsible for the boarding expenses of the bearer. Soden after hi* arrest, tried to conceal one of the papers, but was prevented by the vigilance of the officer He had before been a lodger in the Central guard-house, and being unable to give a satisfactory reason for his eonduct he was committed U> the workhouse for sixty days. Mvstebt Explained.?Our curiosity for a day cr two past Las been at fever heat in consequence of an inexplicable swarminz of pretty girls about the Star Building Hall ?nd thisi morning we ao far conquered our native bashfu.nes* a? to inquire wbat it all mCnnt The answer, re-eivea from a pair of rose buds in the shape of lip. was, that the ladie. of Grace Church, Island, propose to open their Annual Fair on Monday next, at this Hall, and, furthermore, thar they intend making it the in st attractive Fair of the ?ea son Noticb to Members or Congress and Gentlejses in Public Orncas -By partic ular desire, an adjourned sale of Magnificent Engravings will take place (for the last time positively) this evening, at M>ven o'clock at Green a aurtnn room, P(,rner of 8eV(.nth ' . D streets On exhibition by gas-light. f *LVmA"ACwS F0* !*p"^Iagerstown, Farm er. . Housekeepers , In,ted States, American, Christian, and every description of Almanacs ? A great variety of Children's Books, printed on linen, tor sale at Shillington s great New. Dapot andMag asm, Agancy.OdaoiT Building." corner of Four-and-a half .treet and Pennsyl! vania avenue. - ? nigbt' a wl>ite infant about three day. old, was left at the nrivate door of Willardi' horal. It wa. neatfy clad and placed in a basket and labelled ' Wil liam ' probably the name designed for it by the heartleaa parent. It was taken to the guard house to be aemoved to the asylum Thb Gbobobtowh College Cadets, Cap tain Kenny commanding, passed our office at 1 o'clock to-day on their way to the White House, where they were to be reviewed by the President. The Cadets were aocompanied by Withers s fine band, and presented a remark' ably fine appearance, numbering some sixty muskets. _____ The ?}rbat Christmas and New Year's Pic torial Brother Jonathan, containing thousands of original engravings, has just been received at the news depot of J. Shillington, Pennsyl vania avenue, oorner Four-and-a-half st. * Circuit Court.?The jury yesterday re turned a verdict for the plaintiff in the ejeot ment ca3e of Carroll vs. Blagden This is another of the cases growing out of Corpora tion tax sales. ?? Sale.?Wall, Barnard A Co., auctioneers, sold the store and lot on Seventh street, be tween G and H streets for 52 400 cash. Pur chased by Thomas Weaver, Es<j. Diaries tor 1857 ? A great variety of sizes and styles, for sale at Shillington's bookselling and stationery establishment * Watcb Returns.?Thomas Scden, taken under suspicious circumstances, workhouse sixty days; John Cooper, drunk in the streets, dismissed. Several lodgers were accommo dated, and discharged at an earlv hour this morning GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Dec. 4, 1856. W e have rarely seen so little pork coming into our market by wagons at this season of the year. Doubtless the unusually mild tem peraturs of the weather thus far is the prin cipal cause. So far, but little if any of what might bo considered prime quality ha9 boen offered. We presume, however, that as the gloomy spell of weather is now over, the sup ply will be more plentiful The qualities now offering command? from ffl 25 to 86.50. One of the black fellows, Gates, shot by Jackson on Monday night, is, we learn, very badly injured. Jackson has been committed to jail by Justice Reaver. We have been requested to call the atten tion of the police to the disorderly conduct of a parcel of colored boys who are in the habit of gathering on Lingau street, near Second, on the >-ibbath day, for the purpose of play ing handy and other dangerous games. ' Wc advise all those in want of the very best article of ale and porter offered in the District for many years to call on Amy A Shinn. The news by the Arabia has somewhat un settled the market for flour and grain. The tt?^ ?n of the former article is very the shipments during the past ten d.179 beintf very heavj?amounting to some 20 000 bbls.?far ahead of the receipts. S. Advanced years cften cause us to feel tie aecaasity of ? resort to ?oniB artlfl.lal me*ns, by which rTr.t0r" strength and being to oar Vr L /I. i whteli is lacs: effectually done bv the mm of Hoatetter * ^e.ebrated Stomach bluer* before meals One ?* *"* n"" ' M l'*r dlreelon* on the the bottle or In smaller .(nantltle*. If the per toe U *Mk la body, wl.l co u Tlno? tiie coat credulous of it* reetoratlve effects, to which thnnaand* r,n ,?.,tify who used It for year*. and uuder do c>t< arustances "onld be perauadsd to do without It. Ladies especially have found inestimable benefit* resulting froni II. For lilt by lirufffitts r?n*rally. 2-iw IT^The I. II. of K. It IX.?The Indian B..l**m of Liverwort and Hoarhonad 1* doing more good In America than can be calcul?t?d 1? dollar* Live* are saved by It* soothing lnfiusnce, and It ever pr vea "a ready friend in time of trouble." In common Conghs, Cold, and other precursors of the Consusatloa ao fatal In onr climate. Ihia no nostrum, but a real ludlau medicine. <lt? covered by an Oneida Hoctress, Nahmeonltah. a biograpbi eal sketch of wline life may be obtained, and It may l e re lied upon 1*1 all Pnlruonary complaint*. Messr*. Week* A Potter, No. li,i Washington clreet. Bo* iT.??r"r h' W- H- Charles Stott, Nairn * Palmer. Z. D. Oilman, and by Druggist* gen erMijr" dec J-lw. fD"An eld friend to the snfferins ?? Mrs. OaariNKH ? India* Bauaii or Livkkwokt amd Hoaiuhi nd, for the ere of Oonghs. C..ld?, Coup. Ac. T!ii*.pi eparatlot. a?*to.M the teat for the pa*t twenty year*, and now aud ever will atand unrivalled. It I* for ?ale by all druggist* =-^'ut U" l State* and Brltt?h Province*. W KKKS A POTTSR, 1M Washington f treat, Breton. Mass , ? holesale Ac*ut.. Z D. till. MAN, Drupel, 350 Pet.n.ylva nla avenue, special Agent. nov3*?Iw HrT-To Drugjiats and the People. ?Ton .rr?b?. ?*?Uoned against *pnrloua Imitation* of lie Oratb a ' tiSctrlc Oil," a* we nhail persecute any parlv who n*?* our copy rightod hill*. Tnis genuine) " hlectrli OH" haa enred the Mayor of Camden of pile* and ItheumatUBi. a.*o H03. John Williamson of Hnntlngdon, Hon. K. Killing earth i wknta it took off hi? crnti lie* In one dayi and more than .00other* In Ph'.lalelphia. wh'xename* nave betnpub j ? V* pll'l*(lelPhla Lel.-*r Tbe wholawledealer* In Philadelphia wonld not countenance any rcamp gniliy of tha raa'-allty <f counterfeiting. In Harr1*bnrg, John Wyethe Haq . the well known I>ruggi?t tliera, a?a*ed the arreet an :' Impriaoumeiit of one Valeutiue, who attetupte-1 an imitation of thft TAla^ble remedy. Por eale by f HAS. 3TQTT. nov. I??Iw Iiy Brown's Mronchlal Troches.?u We ha>e found them of great ??r vice in allaying Broncbial Irriu Hon .and In *uhdn:ug Hoarsen*** produ.-.* 1 by CI I*, and do oqr clerical brethren a real favor ta calling their att?ntloii t> them.' Znri * Herald. "We commend them to the at tentlou of public epeaker*. *lnger*. and other* who are troubled with affection* of the Turoat."- Christian Wat< h ?*'1, ' Por Oough*. Asthma, A?., w? cbe?rfully bear testi mony from personal knowledge to their efflcary."? Ballno's rirtorl ?1. " They are a eimple an 1 elegant fo. in for admin i?t?r!ug. In combination, *everal medicinal *ub*tancea held In general ?t?eni among Phyaician* in the treatment of Bronchial aff-rtlous/'-Dr. It P. b.gelow, Conta nlng no optnm or delettrlou* drugs, these Lozeugea can be nsed freely b/ pub'?c speaker* and vocaliat* for clearlnt; and glviu* streugtl. to the voloe. Sold by all DrnrgUte oclls-tf JAMKat N CALLAN. Agent, LJ~Ai'?ni?hing Cure with only one Bot? VLK.?Jo*, p. Hall k Co., *aya : I at.*, Aroeatook Co., Mo , April W, 1?54. We b jrewlth ?end yoa a certificate of a core performed by the OA* of only one bottle of the German Hitter*; we think Mr. Cl-.rk to be a man of veracity, and have no doubt of the truth of bl* story." M'4rn. Joe. B. Hal! A Oo.?Gentlemen?In anawerto yonr loo a! * lea, I will atate that my daughter, aged about lfi years, h*-* ,'??n complaining of a palu In her aide for el* or seven vear*. and about the flret of January last, was taken down ar.d confined to her bed. Tha pain In her side was very e? vere, beside* beingtroubled with palna between her shoulders and In her breaet. Prom reading a number of curea per formed by "Hvifland'a 6<rmau Bitters," I was Induced to try it In hercaee, and sent to your store aud ptrrhaswd one b"ttie. She had Uken It but a l?w days wben she began to Improve, and now. after taking ouly oue jottlo, *:<t Is enjoy ing better health taan she baa for year*. She teel* uo pain In her side or In anr ;.art of her body, and att.-tbutta her enre entirely to the U?*rniA% Ulttern. Salmon Brook, Aroostook Co., Me. WM, CLARK. See advertlaawent. Sag) 7-3ltr Important to the Ladies:?l)r. Da PONWH PKMALK PILLS.-The combination of Ingredl euta In the Pills are perfectly harmle*". Tuelr efl'-acy and merit* are based upon an extensive practice of over thirty yeara; and, where the direction* have been strictly fol lowed, they have never failed to correct all Irrognlarltlea, relieve painful and dlffl'-tjlt laenatruatlo'i, (particularly,| at the change of Ufa. They will care the Whltao, and remove all obstruction* arltlLg from cold, expoeure or any caueea; and maybe u*ed *ucca*?fnlly a* a Pieveutlve. Call ntou the agent, and get a Circular for partlcnlar* frea. Price l\ per box, wltb full direction*. Sold wholesale and retail by OH AS. STOTT, Druggist, Pennsylvania aveaae SAM! ELB. WAITK, &2? Seventh street, Washington, D. C.; and K. S. T. CISS/.L, Georgetown; to wbom ail order* must be sent, aad the PUla will be aent confl lentlaily, by mall ki ladle* ?ho encloee them ? ne dollar. f. B.?See slguavare ou the box; to count :-r.'e!tlt la for Jea-If IZTBran<lreth'* Pills.?The Weak, the Consumptive, Bheumatlr,Coative, Blilou* and Hellcat*, after aome day'g n*e will find renewed *treng:h ar.d life pa'rvade every organ ff their frame*. Every d?.?e oak*-* the blood purer. Tbe nerve* commence In the arterle* and terminate la the rein*. The**- pill*, a? a first effect, act up..n the ar terial blood. Increasing the clr< ulatlen, by which Impurities are dej? *lt*d In the veins, and they throw off *u<-u collec tion* Into the b .we!*, which orgau, by the energy derlv?d from Braadreth's Pill*, eipol* them fiom the aya etn. When flrat u?.-d. Hie id Us may or ?sion griping, and even make the patient feei wort, this must be borne with for the go .d to rome afterward*. No great good Is often achieved without ?ome trouble In lu attainment, and thla rule appllea to the recovery of heaith. Theae aymptoma only occur where the b.Mly haa long atrnggled under a load cf Impure, ten.cion* haicor* A ronaecntive u*e f?r a few day* will *?ti.!y the mv*t unbelieving of the great good the pills are doing. The dlrertlon* ahould be carefully studied. If nnder*too>| and followed, health and vigor will, in a majority of ca*e* be se , curad by the use of KR ANDKKTH 8 Pill*. Sold at 3? oant? per box at 43 Csuai street, Brandretli Bnll llng. Kew York, by T. W. t?y,,tt k Sona, UJ north 8~-"nd street, Philadelphia, an1 by me-lldne dealers gener noe 28?tf Watches. Jewolry and Silver Ware. I have now ou han<4 a .ull aUKtk cf the most fashionable styl-ja >>f rich fold Jewelry; also, a Iar;e aasortm<-nt of very superior gold and stiver Watches. 1 am aluo manufacturing (In my own sbcun every variety of H.leer Ware, such a* Spool,*, Porks, Ladiaa, cake aud pie Knlvoe, salL mustard and vilve hpoon?, Napkin Kings, Pitchers, Tea Sett*. Ac., from solid sterling silver, whlrh I will effsr for *al? at lower rat"* than g-?od? of tli? same quality have ever bean sold for In Uila city, at No. 1M Pennsylvania avecue, near uth straet, sign of the large spread ea^le. H. IJ. HUUD. oc H?tr MARH1EU, On the -29th November, by the R*v. Dr. WlJ "iDr C.S GOODMAN to Mrs ELIZABETH ? BKRY. UII0. On the 3d ln*t , BLN JA.MIN ODtN WEST. In thM 3"M year of hl? age. The friend* of the deceased are respectfully ln v ted to attend his funeral from his late residence, No XX) K street ? DENTlhTRY. JW. MeliEE, DOCTOR OF DENTAL ? SURUKKY, has located hlmwif permaatlf In this city, and Is prepared/ to perform all operations within ihe n , . . province of Dental Surgery, upon the most lm ? roved nnd sclentlhc principles of the profession, r MHiee Is a graduate of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, and has had over twelve vears practice Special Attention paid to tbe treatment of child ren's Teeth Ofllce on F street,one door east of 7th. dec 2-lm Billiard tablks two billiard Tables In good order, are for sale. Apply to the steward at the Wssh-f lnj^ton club Rooms, opposite Lafay For Sale and Rent. OOMS TO LET?three FVRN1SHED Rooms to lgt at No 37 4% ?tmt. dec 4-1 w R T10. L|J'r:,THE DESIRABLE three ? # Qf "c* Houie on the south side of Bridge street, Georgetown, and now occupied by Dr. ha?Di !le' j ^ N' l he ^ou*? I' l*rge and con venient, and baa a large garden attached to It. rMnession <?n be given on or about the 18th lnat. Apply to M ADLER, Agent. dec 1 -eo2w pOR bale?THE BAR FIXTURES AND .. fi10609* of a Restaurant on 7th street, oppo ?Le Centre Market. The House, which Is for rent, is conveniently arranged for a Restaurant, r or terms Inquire on the premises dec t-?t? JOSHUA ROLLINS. For rent?two furnished rooms, In a very central location. No 430 D street, between fith and ?th streets. Rent moderate, nov 3-3t FOR RENT.?A FRAME HOUSE, CON talning 6 Rooms, situated on East Capitol street, between 4th and 5th streets. For terms apply to O. A. DAILEY, Dentist, Fenn avenue, between fith and 7th streets. dec 3-3t Rooms for rent ?a large parlor with Bedroom attaced, well furnished, and lighted with pas, situated on Penn. avenue, No. 219, opposite Willards' Hotel. Kent moderate. Apply on the premises. dec 3 3t* A COMFORTABLE ROOM FOR RENT ? A gentleman of quiet and settle d habits, who desires a comfortable Room, will And a good one, always well attended to, at No 395 5th street, be tween F and G streets. It will suit a middle aged person, In Government employment, well. dec 3-3t? FOR RENT ?AS A BEDROOM?A LARGE, comfortable front Room, at No 435Hth street, a neighborhood at once very central, very quiet, and very convenient to the Post ana Patent offl cw- dec 3 2t? FOR RENT?THE LARGE THREE Story Brlch House, situated on the corner of 12th and H streets, containing 10 Rooms, with Coal Cellar and Bath Room. Inquieof JAMES W. BARKER, next door to the Lutheran Church, nov 2-tf Rooms for rent ?t w o large, finely famished Parlors and Bedrooms for rent, with or without Board, at FLINT'S Hotel, near Unifin Office. dec 2 For rent ?a well and new fur nished House, two squares from the atenue, and near the Kirkwood House For a family it has every convenience. Rent moderate., If desired, furniture, A.. can be purchssed low." Please call at 479 12ht street.Ibetween F and G, west side, from 12 o'clock to 4 o'clock p. m. dec 2-3t? IjVMl RENT ?A PARLOR AND CHAMBER handsomely furnished, in one of the most de sirable locations in the city; being very conveni ent to the National, Browns' and Dexter's Hotel. The house is new, with all the, modern improve ments, water, gas, Ac. Also, several very pleas ant Chambers, at 46 Louisiana avenue, south hide, near fith street. dec 2 I^WLK RENT ?FURNISHED PARLOR AND 1 Chamber, on 7th street, nearG, and situated near the Patent O tflce. Apply at this office. dec 1-tf _ ONE LARGE PARLOR AND CHAMBER, handsomely furnished, for Kent?$10 per month. Also one largefront Room, second storv, with a good sized single room in suit or slng.'e. Board, if desired, on the most reasonable terms. Apply at No 4f>9 10th street, between D and E. nov 29-lw* P O R RENT.?THREE FURNISHED A Rooms. Two on the first floor, l'arlor and Chamber communicating, and a Chamber on the *eeond floor, all well and comfortably furnished ; with gas fixtures complete; situated in one of the most agreeable, and desirable neighborhoods of the city. No. 402 F street, one doer ea?!t of 7th. nov 28 6t# A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN GEORGETOWN, D. C , FOR RENT ? The subscriber oflers for rent her late residence a', the corner of Fayette and Fourth streets, Georgetown, Immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This is one of the largest and best finished houses in the District of Columbia, having all the modem improvements contained In the first-class houses of the Northern cities. There is attached a large cistern in the yard, carriage-house, and stable For several horses. A pump of the purest water In the immediate vicinity. The locality Is high and salubrious, and In a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood. Possession given immediately. For further particulars Inquire next door tn the premise*, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL <?4 FOR SALE OP. RENT-ONE OF THOSE large dwelling Houses on C street, between lit and 2d, containing Water, Gas, Furnace, Range*, and aU otbf r conveniences of a first class residence. The Home will be sold a great bar gain. Apply on the premises, or Pith street and Canal, of JNO. B. WARD. nov 11 eo-'tw [IntelAUnion) f^OR BALK?A NUMBER OK FARMS, containing twenty acres and upwards, or divided to suit purohasers, iltuated In the Dis trict, Maryland, or Virginia. Also, some of the most desirable Property in this city, consisting of Dwelling Houses and va cant Lots. Persons wishing to invest money in the Metropolis of the Nation or vicinity will do well to give me a call before purchasing. Per sons having property to dispose of can have it done upon reasonable terms. Money proflttbly invested en Real Estate securities, and loans negotiated ApplytoZ. W. Mo,KNEW, General Agent, Congressional Globe Office. nov 17-eo3w VALUABLE TIMBER LAND AT PRIVATE SALE.?100 acres of heavily Oak and Hick ory WOODED LAND, convenient to the Canal, and within 3 miles of Georgetown, for sa'e. 100 acres la Pine, thickly set and of large growth, within 3 miles of Georgetown. The above will be sold on the most accommo dating terms; or the privilege of cutting the wood at a reasonab!e price will be glv^n or <ipnli cation to BARNARD A BUCKEV , Ueorget;>wn. dec 2-eo2w IjV)R RENT ?THAT LARGE AND AIKV House on Penn avenue, between fith and 7th streets, over A. Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a flrst-cla>s Boarding-IIouse. It is now ?indergolr.g a complete repair Possession given immediately, inquireof A. HOOVER A SON, south s de of Penn avenue, between fith and 7'.h streets oc 30-tf For rent or lease ? dwelling House 332, north side Penn. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. One of the finest locations in tno city for profefsional or business inen. Tc a punctual tenant the rent will be moderate Ap piy on tlie premises to GEO. H. B WHITE A CO., or to CHaS. H LANE, Gents Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue, near 4# street, nov 12 BUCK! HICK! BULK! (not Woolly Hess] EN ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON, I) C Three entire deer, largest ever received in Baltimore, shot with Virginia rifles?not revolvers. BEAR MEAT, HAMS, SHOULDERS, SIDES, fattest ever received from the Allegha nies. Constantly receiving from the West, via Balti more and Ohio, Winchester and Potomac, Par kersburg, Central Ohio Railroads, VENISON, POULTRY, WILD ?AME, keg and roll BUT TER. CAP HONEY, DRIED APPLES and PEACHES, and country produce generally. For sale by C. C. O'NEIL, Corner Howard and Pratt streets, dec3-lin Baltimore. TO THE LADIES* OF WASHINGTON AND SLKKOl'NDINO CUUNTKY. ANOTHER LARUE SUPPLY. BONNETS, OF ALL QUALI-, ^^jtles and prices,from the finest French! y^fHats to the lowest priced Fine and Handsome HEAD DRES8E?, In great variety. EMBROIDERIES of all kinds. TRIMMINGS to match any style of Dresa goods. RIBBONS of every sty ie. And, la fact, < very variety of Goods usually found in first class Trimming Stores. IDTDRESS MAKING, after the latest and most approved styles. N. B.?The supply Is kept up through the en lire season. M. WILLI AN, Opposite the Centre Market. F S.?A great variety of articles suitable for Christmas Utfts. nov 29 1m St 1 HO KEWAIID.?KAN AWAY FROM tP IW the residence of Mr. George Miller, residing near the Navy Yard,In this city, on the 2?th November, 18S?, a ?ne healthy, likely looking Negro Woman nsmed EMMA TK 1P LETT, aged about id fvaifj about Are feet high, and of a dark chestnut color. She took Way with her a young female child named Sinny, about four years of age, having a 8C*r over one of its eyes, from a burn. undersigned will give the above reward ol 3100 for mother und child if taken in the District or elsewhere; In either case to be secured ?o that 1 get them again _deC3-3t? INDIANA V. M1LSTEAD. O CLO< Kg !?CLOt;KS1?CLOCKS. NL\ THINK OF it,-GOOD CLOCKS from SI 60 up to $30,?all nVflTi ^ warranted to go rlght;_over ^^^^^^ different of Clocks to^ ?eiectfrom Also, Clock Cords' Weights, Keys, Balls. Oils, and everything in ." J?*t*r1al line Call and see for yourselves, at ?-u?^?0N'8,34fi Pennsylvania avenue,op pooHo Browns' hotel ^ nov*-*? AUCTION BALES. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. SALE OF SUPERIOR FURNITURE,Oil Paintings. French China, Crockery, and eiassware, Bronzes, Plated Goods. fc?? nt

Anction.? On WEDNESDAY MORNING December 3d, at 10 o'clock, I shall sell, at my auction rooms, (Iron Hall,) a handsome assort ment of Cabinet Furniture and other useful House keeping Articles, consisting in part of? Elegant rosewood walnut Parlor Suit*, covered with brocatel Rosewood and walnut Centre Tables .marble- tops Silt frame French plate Mirrors Several very flne OH Paintings Walnut and mahogany Dressing Bureaus, marble tops Walnut Wardrobes, mahogany Arm and Parlor Chairs Set of Cottage Chamber Furniture Mahogany and walnut Sofas P rencn China Dinner Set, gold bend French China Tea Sets Silver plated Castors, cat and pressed Glassware China vases. handsome China Dessert Set Iron stone China Dinner Set French and iron stone China Tcllet Sets Sliver-plated Tea Sets, Walters, Spoon*, and Forks i ? J ne bronze Mantf 1 and Table Ornaments Block tin Coffee and Tea Urns Mahogany and walnut Bedsteads, mahogany Dl v ns Superior FeatheT Beds and Curled Hair Mcttie* ses T*P?'fry, Brussels, and Ingrain Carpets u 1th other articles rendering it a very at tractive sale. Terms: Under WO, cs*h; over *10,1,2,3. and 4 months credit, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. C. W. BOTELER, nnv*7 eod Auctioneer. LCT'ln consequence of the rain the above sale is postponed to FRIDAY, December 5, at sime hour, at which time the sale will take pla e without regard to weather. dec 4-1t C W. BOTELER, Auct'r. By BARNARD ft BUCKGV; Georgetown QMALL MARKET FARM at Anctien.? On TUESDAY, December 9th. at 'Jp m., we will sell, on the premises, to the highest bidder, one half of that property known as the property of Mr. William Cammack, lying on the west side of the Rockvilie Turnpike, about two miles from Georgetown, and im mediately opposite Mount St. Alban's Church, containing , * acres, more or less, and improved by a nearly new and commodious Frame Dwel ling. There is no more healthy location in the country. Terms accommodating, and imde known at *ale. BARNARD ft BHCKEY, dec Auctioneers. By BARNARD ft BUCKEY; Georgetown. (Wall, Bjbxard ft Co., Washington.) ON WEDNESDAY. THE 10TH INST., at 10 o'clock a in , we will sell, at the resl dence of Col. Roberts, on the Georgetown heights, intersection of High and Road streets, the entire Household Effects, as PARLOR FURNITURE. Elegant Carved Rosewood Sofa Rosewood Carved Reception Chairs f*et Rosewood Parlor Chairs Rosewood Carved Gothic Chairs Rosewood .Marble-top and inlaid Centre Tab'ei Do Tete-a-Tete Crimson Brocatelle Velvet Tapestry, Carpet and Rug Fine Oil Paintings and Engravings Rosewood Ltegere, Chinese Teapoy Lace and Brocatelle Curtains, Lamps Girandoles, Ornaments, Ac. RECEPTION ROOM. Walnut and Piusli Sofa Walnut Centre f able, Marble-Top do Rout Tables, tiothic Carved Chairs Brussels Carpet, K ?g, Curtains, Ac. CHAMBERS. Elegant Chinese richly Carved Rosewood ted stead Dressing Bureaus, Wardrobe, Stand, end Chairs to match Mahogany Inlaid Bedsteads Hureau, Wardrobe, and Stand to suit Inlaid and other Bedsteads Best quality Feather B#d?, Pillows, and Bolsters Dj Hair and Spring Mattresses Mahogany Dressing, and other Bureaus Wardrobes, Wash*tands, Chamber Chairs Brusecls Carpets, Rugs Curtains, Shades, and Ornaments Toilet Sets. Rockers, Bedsteads, Ac. ALSO? Hathroom Furniture complete Bureaus, Stands, Bath Tubs, Chairs Oarpet, Oilcloth, Ac. DINING ROOM. Extension and Side Table . Stone China Dinner Set China Tea Set, Plated Egg Boiler Pitchers, Waiters, Trays Fine cut W ine Tumblers, and other GlaF3 Leather Covered Sofa, Carpet, Rug Cane-Seat Chairs, Curtains Time Piece, Arm Chair, Matting ALSO ? Kitchen and other Stoves Iron and Tin Ware, Wood Ware Safe, Baskets, Ac. \^ith other ?rtirle? not herein mentioned Terms: All sums of and under S'jo rash; ovor that amount a credit of 60 and 90days, for notes sat isfactorily endorsed bearing interest. The Home Is for Kent. Apply to A. Hyde. Eeq ., *? Riggs A Co's Banking House. dec | BARNARD A BUCKEY, Auct'r?. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE HRHK HOUSE AND LOT on Pennsylvania avenue at Auction.? On WEDNESDAY, the Sd day of December next, I ?ell, in front of the premises, at 4 o'clock p. m , Lot D, In subdivision of original lot No. 7, In square No 319, having a front of 25 feet on the south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 10th and 11th street* west running back to an al ley. containing 2,613 feet, with the improvement, which Is a good Brick House, containing twelve conveniently-arranged rooms, wide passage and cellar; the g*s and store fixtures to be sold with the House. This property Is handsomely located, being that west of the Confectionery Store. Terms: One third cash; balance In ?, 12, and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the cost of t*e purchaser, nov 28-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. JIT" The above sale is postponed uutil WEDNESDAY, the 10th Inst , same hour. A. ORE EN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Frame house andd ot and four Building Lots at Auction?On FRI DAY, the llth Instant, I shall sell, In front of the Bremises, at 4){ o'clock p. m , west part of Lot o 2, in Square No 996, having a front of 16 feet cn south K, between 11th and 12th streets east, running back about 8* feet, with side alley, with the improvements, which are a good Frame House, Ac , Ac. Also, the balance of said l?ot No. 2, which will be subdivided in lots to suit purchasers as fine building lots. Also, all of Lot No. 13. In same square, having a front on 12th street east, between 1 and K streets south, having a front of 47 feet by 87 feet deep, which will be divided and sold la lots to suit purchasers. This property la near the Navy Yard, and near the residence of Mrs Splcers. Terms: One-third cash: balance In fl, 12, 18 and 21 months, for notes bearing Interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken Title Indisputable. A.GREEN, novb-d (Organ) Auctioneer. iH7*The abort sale is postponed in conse quence of the rala until FRIDAY, the 21st Inst., same hour. A. GREEN, Auctioneer, nov 15-ts IC^The above Sale it farther Postponed, Inconsequence of the rain, until THURSDAY, the 27th instant, same hour nov22-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. The above sale is still farther post. poned until FRIDAY, the 5th day of December next, same hour and place dec 1 d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ByJAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Building Lots on Ninth street west, be. tween O and H streets north.?By virtue of a deed in trust, bearing date on the 23d day of No vember, 1855, and recorded In Liber J A. S., No. 102, folios 413, et seq., the subscriber will sell at public sale on TUESDAY, the 2d day of December, 1856, at 4 o'clock p. m , on the prem ises, part of Square No. 376, in the city of Wash ington, fronting 48 feet It) inches on Ninth street w?st, between G and H streets north, by 101 feet deep. The above property is eligibly situated in the vicinity of the Patent Office, and in one of the most desirable parts of the city for private resi dences) and will be sold as a whole or in separate ; lots, to suit purchasers, and offers a very favora I ble opportunity to persona desiring to build or in* . VOrft Terms of sale will be: One-third cash, and the balance In six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing Interest from the day of sale, se cnrt)d by dee-d of trust upon the property ; and if not complied with In five days aft?r the sale the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the defaulting pur chaser. Title nade Indisputable. All conveyances at the expense of the purchaser I CHAS S WALLACH. Truitee. novSl-eoftds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. ID-Theabeve sale Is postponed in cense* quence of the rain until FRIDAY, 5th December, same hour and place. CHA8 B. WALLACH. Trustee. ? 4m*4*<U JAS. 0. McGUIRE, Auct'r, AUCTION BA.LBB. THIS AFTKSITOOir AHD TO MOBBOW. BtA. GREEN. Auctioneer. CLOSING SALE rfO ARTISTS LOHMOISSECRS and Via* X Art Ad?lr?n.-8fl?n<lH I'artwrTM Sal# of Fiat English EngravlBg*?We will sell at public auction, at the saleroom (up stairs) corner of Seventh ?nd D street*, without reeerve, on THURSDAY EVENING, Dec 4, at 7 o'clk, the largest gallery of rare English Engravings ever submitted to auction in the United State*. They comprise the best worka of Landseer, Cooper, Havter, Knight, Harvev, Ansdell, Mac lise. Herring, Wikle, Frank Stone. Ac , Ac ; and are from the eminent London publishing firms of Ackerman, Graves, Moon, Tegg and Fores. Dawn Revealing the New World to Columbus, just published Presentation of the Magna Charta Landing cf the Fllgrlm Fathers Hayten's celebrated 1 rial of Lord Wm Russell Marriage and Coronation of Qnee# Victoria Frank Voce's Impending Mate and Matad An Incident near Balmoral Waiting for the Ferry Boat Penliuular and Waterloo Heroes Landseer's Night and Morning Death of tb- Stag and the Combat Barrand's Picture of " Our Saviour '* Also, sets cf finely Co'ored English Hunting Scenes Herring's Feeding of the Horse and the Halt The W <>unded Hound and The Straw Yards Trial Scene of Charles the First, and the Earl of Strafford And some 200 other subjects worthy the atten tion of the admirer* of the splendid Art of En graving. Parties wishing to furnish their rooms with Sems cf art should not fall to see this collection, le sale of which is positive and geaulne They will be arranged at the rooms as above for Inspection. Ladies invited. I dec3-2t A GREEN, Auctioneer. By C R L. CROWN ft Co., Auctioneers VALUABLE IMPROVED PROrEnTY onthe Island OnTHURSDAY AFTER NOON , December 4, at 3X o'clock, cn the prem ises, we will sell, at the corner of Virginia ave nue ar.d Second street, those two desirable Frame Dwellings fronting on raid avenue, containing 2.b30 square feet, more or lass Property now un der rent of *27 per month Sale positive Terms: One-third cash; balance In 6. 14. and 19 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bear ing interest from day of sale. C. R. L CROWN A CO., dec l-4t Auctioneers ByBONTZ ft COOMBS, Auctioneers EXCELLENT AND WKLL-KEPT House J hold and Kitchen Farnltnre at Aactiou. On FRIDAY, the 5th instant at lOo'c'ocka m , we shall sell, In front of our auction rooms, on 7th street, near the Northern Market, the Hoiwe bold Furniture of Mr T. S. Nicholls, who Is about to leave the city, embracing in part, vlx: 1 large mahogany spring seat Scfa 6 mahogany spring eeat Chairs Marble-top and otter Bureaus Gilt Frame and other Looking Glares I large wainut Jenny Lind Bedstead 1 handsome Cotta?e Set Cane and wood-seat Chairs Morocco and Damask spring Lounges Hair and shuck Mattresses, Bf lsters and Pillows Excellent Kadiator and other Stov* s Together with many other artlc es which wc de -m unnecessary to enumerate Terms: All sums under #20 '?ash; over that amount a credit of 30 and 6<i days, for notes satis factor!!y endorsed, bearing interest BONTZ ft COOMBS. dec3-ts [Intel] Auctioneers. By A. GRELN, Auctioneer. OALE OF CLOBES, CARPETS. A., from the National Observatory at Auction.? On SATURDAY, the 6th ins'-nt. at 11 o'clock a. m , on account cf Government, by order of the Navy Agent. Lr. front of my store, No. o26 7th street, the following articles, vir: 12 celestial and terrestrial Globes 1 Carpets. 16 OH Lamps, 6 Otlice Chairs 1 Desk, fi Hand Lamps, 3 Smoke Pipes 3 tin Chart Cases, 2 Covers to office desks 2 Oil Cloths, 1 Forco Pump, 1 large iron Bo!3er 1 Water Cooler, I old Tress Term3cash. A.GREEN, dec 2-d Auctioneer. Bv'JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer Excellent rosewood piano I Forte, superior Cabinet Furniture, Handsome French Plate Mirrors, rick Window Curtains, Chandeliers, *c.?Or TUESDAY MORNING, December Oth, at 1< o'clock, at the co-tier of 9:h street west and nortl H str-et, I shall sell the Furniture and Effects o a gentleman removing frcin the city, consist!m of? Superior Rosewrcd i'iano Fcrte, by Chlckerlng Elegant Rosewood Sofa, Arm and Parlor Chairs finished In Brocatelle Superior Walnut silk damask-covered Arm and Reception Chairs Plush covered Tete a-teteSofa Two rlchly-carvcd Rosewood Marble-top Cen'n Tables Beautiful and elaborate!y carvcd Ros-ewocd Soft Table Fgyptlan Marble-top ScfaT&bJe Two splendid mirror-back Etegeres I'alr of French Plato gilt frame I'ler Gla^re* Pair of elegant French-plate Mantel Mirrors Two Walnut Wha'nots, handsome Candelabra' Pair of handsome Parlor Chandeliers, Gas Fix tures Suite of four rlth Brocatelle silk-lined Windov Curtains, with Cords, Tassels, Cornice, ftc Pair of large a* d elegant China Mantel Vase? with beautiful Parian Marble Figures Rich Velvet Parlor Carpets, Rugs Handsome gilt Window Shades Two splendid Walnut Suites of Chamber Furnl ture, comprising each Jenny Lind Bedsteads Marble-top Dressing Bureau, Wardrobe, ant Marble top Washstauds Superior Walnut Chamber Commodv Excellent full spring seat Lounge, Workstand Cottage Bedsteads, I'laln Bureaus Hair and Hush Mattressscs, Washstands Oilcloth, Matting. Stair Carpet Handsome Walnut Hat Rack Marble-top Hall Table Mahogany Hair spring-s^at Chairs, Rocker Do Mar!:le top Sideboard Fxtension Dining Table, stalucd Sideboard Refrigerator, Dining room ChairsJ Clocks, Looklng-Gla'ses Tables. Superior Morning Star Cooking Stove, fcc. ALSO? One superior Walnut Office Desk Set of solid Mahogany PUeon Holes, with door Solid Mahogany Lawyer's Peck Upright Desk with pigeon holes Office Chairs, Stove, Oilcloth, ftc. Terms: 810 and under cash ; over that sum i ere* It of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsee notes, bearing interest. dec 3-d JAB. C McGUIRE, A net. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. EXTk-NstVE SALE OF Real Estats an< Vnlnnble Wharf Property at nod neai the seuth end of 7th street west, under deed of trust ?By virtue of ad*ed of trust, dated May 1, ISM, and recorded in Liber J. A. S , No 73, follcs 5, 6, et scq., we shall proceed to sell, or MONDAY, the 1st day of December n<?xt, at li o'clock m , at public acctlon, to the highest bid der, all that property lying in the city of Wash ington, D C , known in the plat of said city at square numbered 472, together with the Improve ments theieon, (excepting a certain lot of ground therein belonging to the heirs cf the late Simon F raiier;) the entire wharf Proj>erty lying west ol said i erty; lots I , . 390 The property will be soid in lots to suil purchasers. Also, tne steamer George Page, now plying be tween Washington and Alexandria. Terms will b_- one-half cash, and the balanc* at six months on notes bearing Interest, satisfac torily secured. Sale will commence on the wharf we-t ol square 472. All] conveyancing at the cost of th< purchasers. if the purchaser or purch?sers shonld fall te comply with th* terms of sale within five days thereafter the Trustees reserve the right to resell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchas er or purchasers, after living five days previous notice In the National Intelligence. JOHN T FEN WICK, > RICHARD WALLACH.J 1 rupiew oct 21 e.xtftds J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. 1^7" The above tale is postponed until MONDAY. December 9th. f ame hour and place. JOHN T FKNWICK. ) Tr, RICHARD WALLACH, > 1 ls,ec"' dec i eodids JAS. C. McoUlRK, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. CONTINUATION SALE OF VALUABLE Rnilding Lots at Auction.?On TUES DAY, the 2d day of December next, I shall sell, in front cf the premises, commencing at 4 o'clock p ro , all the Lots net sold of Square No. 441, subdivided into handsome building lots, fronting on 6th and 7lh streets west and & and T streeti north. Plats can be seen at my auction rooms Title direct from the Government and indispu table. Term* : One-fourth cash; balance In one, two, three, four, and five years, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interesl from the day of sale. A deed given ar.d a deed of trust taken nov 27-dftds A. GREEN, Auct'r. U^The above sale la postponed quenceof the rain until TUESDAY, the?th Inst.. same hour and place. A. GREEN, Auct'r. dec3-d ^^? MISSES QUINCT'S SELECT PRIMARY SCHOOL* a ppiy mmaLIi BO Y 8 CAN OBT^I^I A Board In ths family , 3M 11th atwet, l*? "4 M 4*c8-lw* TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THR ASSOCIATED PRKS8 B YHOVSEF * J ST1XG TMLE GRAFM. ARRIVAL OF THX STEAMER ARABIA ? Um W(?k Ltur frea Halifax,Dee 3.?TheCunard iUus?rAri bis, with Liverpool date* to tbo 2 2d ult , ar rived here a beat noon. The American ship Gea. Danlop, w?f wreak ed off Eusepa And nad gone to pieces. Hex crew were saved The (hip* Jtmei Biinei *ad Lightning ar ij* LiT*H?ool on the IStb witn XlOn.OM in gold froua Australia, causing in aatieipatioa a reduction of the hank rates The British government hu ordered a eteam er to be fitted oat to examine the coasts of Ireland and New Foaadland, and to sound across the Atlantic to ascertain the bait place for laying a telegraph cable. Contracu for tbe whole cable were signed at London on the 19:h, and all will be completed and placed on board two steamers by the 31st ot M?y next, g" that telegraphic communication may be ex pected to be perfected by the 4th of July Political affair* generally were quietet.-~ The various disquieting rumors respeoting the instability of the Anulo-French alliance had disappeared, causing a rise daring the week of nearly one per cent, in the fund* At the name time moat articles of commerce experi enced a check, and business had been >eaa animated. A treaty of commerce had been oondudei between rranee and the Sandwich Ialand*. The government of Naples had ordered a strict surveillance over Preach and English commercial vessels. The Neapolitan qaettioo was advancing slowly to a aettlement. A republican movement had taken plaee In Spain. At Malaga the garrison was attaeked by person* proclaiming a republic The troope reacted, and order was soon restored. Five of the insurgents were killed The garrietn had seven wounded. Slight disturbances had also occurred at Madrid, and numerous arrest* had been made among the lower classes The contemplated arrangement between the Spanish Bourbon's had failed The 4ueen was kept in the dark aa to the real obj?*ct of the clerical party, which was her own abdi cation and the marriage of her daughter to the eldest son of Don Juan The latest accounts reported that the Mala ga insurrection had no political object, but simply for smuggling purposes. All the pris oners taken had been executed Further in surrectionary movements were feared, aa the incorporation of the militia into the regular army had caused van numbers to desert Coxstabtisople, Nov IS ?M De Bentein eff has again endeavored to obtain from the Government the dismissal cf the English ships from the Eosphorus. An English Irigate had arrived at Constantinople, and others were expccted The attempts of Teronkban had failed to effect with Lord Redcliffe a settle ment of the disputes between England and Persia. THE MARKETS Liverpool, Nov. 21.?The Broker#* Circu lar quotes cotton as remaining quiet and un chaaged excepting the lower qualities, which bad declined td. Sales of the week 31 00ft bales ; Orleans middling 6 15 161. ; Uplands middling (l{d. The market closed quiet Breadstuff's were quiet. Flour had declined Is Wheat bad declined 3d. Corn waa quiet and not quotably changed. Provisions were very dall Money was decidedly easier; consols for money were quoted at 931, and on account at 93ga93i. American stocks were steady. [ SEC05D DESPATCH ] Halifax, Dec. 3 ?The following additional news by the Arabia, i* of some interest, though not important. France ?A Paris correspondent writes that that the Emperor and Empress, with a seleot party, will, after all, go to Fontainble?u Portugal ?The elections in Lisbon have not been favorable to the government. The m ?j >rity has been obtained by tbe candidate* of the 41 regeneration " Denmark ?The Prussian correspondence M Berlin says . " We learn from a gwd source that the Inst notes sent to Copenhagen by Prussia and Aurtria, fix the 10th of December as the period when those powers will bring the question of the Sound Dues bafors the Germanic Diet in the event of their repreaei' t itions being unattended to by the Danttk Government." It is announced that England has agreed to y ay to Denmark a* the price of redeeming the S and dueE, a capital sum calculated on a revenue of ?43,000. The British vessels at present pay 4.70,000 yearly as passing tolls. The Black Sea ?The Paris Pays contain* the following explanation relative to the firing on ttie English gun boat at Yenlkale - '-We believe the affair has been explained to the satisfaction of both parties The gun boat being about to pass the Straits, a gun loaded with powder was fired, according to common signal. The captain explained to the com mandant of the fort his reason Cor being in these waters. The first shot not having oeeu heard, a second was fired, and subsequently a third, after which the English vessel answered and accepted the required parley. Tbe two commanding officers?Russian and English? having exchanged explanations agreed to re fer the matter to the two embassies st Con stantinople. and this course haring been taken, it was wo understand, amicably arranged Later from Havana New York, Dec. 3 ?The steamer Cahawba arrived here to-night, in thrae days and twen ty-two hour* from Havana, being the shortest time yet made The rumored re appointment of General Concha as Captain General is not confirmed. It is believed that efforts to introduce Afriean apprentices will prove unsuooeasful. Sugars firm and stock reduced. Exchange in demand. ??? Municipal Election Springfield, Ma-i , Dec 2 ?The city elec tion in Springfield yesterday resulted in the re-election of the present Democratic Mayor and City Clerk over the Fremont candidates. To the Board of Aldermen five Damxrata and three Republicans are elected, and to the Common Council ?ix Democrats, eleven Re publicans and one American. Navigation of the Weetern Rivera. Cihcisnati, Dec. 4 ?Heavy rains have fallen, and the Ohio is rising rapidly, with nine feet water in the channel. Ail of the rivers are rising Forty-nine steamers are loading for ports above and below. Wreck of the Schooner New York. New York. Dec. 4.?The schooner New York, of Richmond, Va , is ashore at S^uam Inlet. Crew saved. Her eapgo consists of flour and tobacoo. The veseel is tight. Two Children Burned to Doath Boston. Dec. 2 ?A son and daughter of H. Chamberlain, of South Boston, were burned to death this afternoon; they had been left in a room alone. Baltimore Marketa Baltimore. Deo 4 ?Sales of flour at 50. Wheat is dull and unchanged ; red SI 43a ?1.48, white SI 50aSl 58, for good to choice. Corn is dull and unchanged; old white fiOa^S- ,' nm do. 55a5Sc.; old yellow 60aS4o , new do. 56a60o. Sales of whitky at 29a20;. for City and OMo. New York Markets. N*w York, Dec. 4 ?Flour is buoyant, salee of 9,000 bbls ; State S?s?? 25; Southern S? 90 * Wheat tends downward; 15>^? b"b ols red SI 50aSl 54; white Sl.S5afl.74. Corn has advanced, sales of 10,000 bushels, mixed 71 Ac. Pork is buoyant; mess f 19.50. Beef is firm at f 14.50, for new Chicago repacked. Lard is buoyant at 13c. Whisky is better; Ohio 31 io niiLINKKY. ^LADIES' WK HAVE NOW aJRllopened a very large and elegant TPPatockof BOH NKTS for ladles a?d children of naoet fashionable stj4e and ftniah, and cheaper by 80 per cent than can be bought at aa? other place In the city. Ladiea, pieaae gi ve ua a call and see for younelvee Alee, a very ?***?' alve stock of Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Ran broideries. Laces, Hosiery, ?lo*es, Trlrr.mio^, and Fancy ttooda of all kinda, at ' CABBIDYIi doe J-lw 9U Fa. at, b* IKhaodllthas