Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1856 Page 3
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K V KN i \<; STAB. Job Pmi.iTiM? ?Our patrons and the pnblic are reminded that we are prepared to have their order* for Job Printing of every descrip tion executed at the shortest notioe, for the lowest prices and in the best and most satis factory manner. All wanting such work done cannot do better than to apply direotly at the counter of the Star office. LOCA L INTELLIGENCE. Board o* Commou Qotracu..?The Board met and wm oalled to order by the Praaident at the usual hour on Monday evening. The President stated that he wae author iied to withdraw the resignation of the Secre tary of the Board. Mr Kennedy presented the petition of John eon Hellen and Wm B. Todd; referred to im provements committee. Mr Lloyd presented the petition of Alexan der Adam*; referred to claims committee. Mr. AtLee presented the petition of T. J. Williams; fame reference. Mr. Walker, from improvements committee, reported a bill from the Aldermen amendatory of an act to repair L street south, in the Sixth Ward, and for other purposes ; passed. Also, a bill frcui the name Board for gravel ing F street north, from Second street to New Jersey avenue: pa.?*?d Also, a bill fr .m sime Board to grade and gmvel L street n^rth, from Fourth to North . Capitol street; passed. Also, a bill tochange the course of a branch sewer in the Second Ward ; passed. Mr. Fisher presented the petition of T. S. Donohoo and others ; referred to improvements committee. Mr Urme, by consent, introduced a bill to cava the footway on the north front of Centre Market square, between Eighth and Ninth stieets Mr McCutcben moved to amend by provid ing that the contract be given to the lowest bidder; motion withdrawn. Mr Lloyd moved to amend by providing that the cost shall not exceed $277.50, and the work to fce dons under the supervision of the commissioners of the market; amendment was agreed to and tho bill passed. Mr. Gordon presented the petition of W. W. Seaton and others in reterence to rewa rd* for meritorious boys in public schools; re ferred to public schools committee. Mr. Walker presented the petition of John Laurie; referred to claims committee. Mr. Bohlayer presented the petition of Geo. Miller; same reference. A communication from the Register relative to amounts paid in by police utiiccrs in the years 1856 and 1856, during certain months, was laid on the table and ordered to t? printed , A communication from the Mayor, announ cing his approval of certain acts, wus read Oa motion of Mr McCutcheu, so much t l said communication as referred to the appro priation bill was ordered to be published. Mr Lloyd introduced a bill for grading and graveling Twelfth street from Maryland ave nue to the Potomac river referred to improve ments committee A communication from Secretary of Board of Trustees lor Public Schools was referred U the public school committee. Mr. Fisher introduced a bill to refund to T. 11. Benton amount of taxes erroneously paid ; referred to claims committee. A bill from the Aldermen providing for ceil ing tho Northern Market was taken up and passed. On motion of Mr Turton, the petition of W W. Seaton and others was ordered to be print Ad with the proceedings. On motion of Mr Towles, the bill from the Aldermen for gravelling North Capitol street was taken up and parsed. Bill to defray the contingent expenses of tbs Auxiliary Guard was referred to the police committee A bill for the relief of B. L. and W. B. Jackson, with an amendment, was pasted A bill for the relief of tieorge Miller was parsed. On motion of Mr Kennedy, the bill to regu late markets was taken up, and the Board re fused to concur m certain amendments of the Aldernen. Mr Watterston, from the police committee report :d a bill to defray the contingent ex penses of the Auxiliary Guard; which was passed On motion, the Board adjourned. I- 'J of 0.1* ?The following statistics show the operations of the Order of Odd Fellows ol the District of Colombia, lor the year ending September 30, 1856 : Rtiief Report.?Amount paid for relief ol brothers, $3 290; for relief of widowed fami lies, $944 56; to Norfolk and Portsmouth suf ferers, $40; for burying the dead. S395, for education of orphans. ?>>60.19; t^tal amount of relief, $5 229 75 .Number of orphans educating, 31; amount of school fund on hand, $ 1,635; general fund on hand. $o79 15; am't invested, $15,219 02; amoant invented and on hand, $17,733 77. Sitsmtsi Report ? Number of initiations, tJ, admitted by card, 30; reinstatements, 12; withdrawn by card. 26; suspensions for non payment, 71; expulsion, 1; deaths, 14; rejeo tions, 5; number of Past Grands, 319; number of contributing members, 1,357. .Revenue to school fund, $776.08; to general faad, $5,833 26; from special tax. Ac., $959.70; total amount of revenue. $7,574 04; amount of consent expense*, $2,908.25. RftTi'Raj ow Cash ?The following state ment, received Lost tho Chief of Polioe, shows the amoants deposited by the officers in the first five months of their service : First district?J. T. May, $72 US; R II. Degge ?116 76. Second district?Wm 11. Fanning, $291 71; J. Willi.*m-"?n, $152 95. Thirl district?J W Reynolds, $157.62; W. L Ross, *1*9.95. Fourth district?Ja< A. Cooper, $176?9, B T. Watson. $19150; Henry Veatman, $217 67. Fifth distriot?Jos. Mitenell, $97 48; Hugh Dougherty, $14b 45 Sixth district?T. H. Robinson, $94.01 ; Wm. Harper, >51 41. Seventh district?J A. Gill, $163 86; J M. Lloyd. $123 50 ; Reuben Col lias, (officer at the Railroad Depot.; $1.94. These amounts collected on fines and for .eitur?*. have been deposited in the Bank of iV ashiagton to the credit of the Corporation Officers Reynolds, Yeatman, Dougherty, Mitcbell and Gill, who have not be?n con firmed, have not deposited their collections, but account for them to the Chief of Police. Ta.^ W bather ?RaBge of the thermometer from Friday noon, November 28, to this morn ing :: Morning. Noen. hUfct. Friday ? 41? 430 Saturday. 40? 40 42 Sunday 36 4 2 30 Monday....... .28 44 36 Tuesday 4* 43 Wednesday 46 56 36 Thursday 32 *8 54 Friday.... 30 Average height of the thermometer in tta mornings from November 29 to December 5 inclusive. ^5? 03'. Note.? Rain fell on nine days during the past month. Five mornings of the past week there was fros* with ice making freely on two. Full moon on Thursday, Dec 11, aU*jt3p. m. GaoRCBTow*, Dec 5, 1856. B. Caked For ? By c n?rnt of the Mayor, a gentleman of this city has taken little " Wil lie," the infant found in the street on Wed nesday ni{ht, f?r adoption The gentlemen announced his determination to raise the child as bis own sn all respects, and, If never to permit it to know that it was au adopted child The little waif, advpud under similar cir *? amstance* some weeks stoce Lv a cilisen of Washington, is doing fiuely. we U^ar, and bas deported itself with such stric regara in fantile decorum that Its new-found parents are never ured of dwelling upon its merits. Mismati ?Mr Henry O. Rose, who has ueea employed as a Messenger or laborer at the Treasury Department, has been missing siaca Tuesday morning at % o'clock. His family and friends are greatly distress?J, and Have made great efforts to obtain tome clue to lead to an explanation of his mysterious dis appearance. His residence was on the corner Seventh and F streets, in the Seventh Ward, where his family will thankfully re ceite any information ou the subject National Tieatrr?Erslish Opera.? " La Somnambula" drewjtbetbest bouse of the operatic season, And was performed with cor responding ?est Miss Louisa Pyne, at Ami na, sang divinely?there is no other word for ii ! Mr Harrison was not, it struck us, in good voice, but his acting of the part of El ?ino whs superb. Mr. Quilmette made a great hit as Count Rodolpho ; since Seguin we have seen nothing approaching it. Mr. HorncastU was fair as Alessio. The concert succeeding the opera iutrodaoed Mr. Reiff very successfully as a pianist. On Monday night Mr. Edwin Booth will re appear at the National. The interest excited in regard to him among those who did not see him, by the report of those who did see him (luring his late engagement, has created a de mand for his reappearance. Another op rax Seventh Strut Bcsi >183 House*.?We hare had occasion more than once lately to notice the commendable enterprise displayed by business men in the northern part of the eity, and now wish to call attention to another extensive and well man* aged business house?the "Housekeeping Em porium'' of Messrs. Bontz A Coomb?, on Sev enth 6treet, between I and K. We are as sured. by ladies who have made purchases here, that the stock of articles ii unusually large and varied, and the prices exceedingly reasonable The proprietors have the repu tation of being courteous and attentive busi ness men, and we doubt not will take great pleasure in affording customers every infor mation as well as opportunity for personal ex amination of the goods. Suit Against the Corporation.r-Tho offi cers of the Corporation of Washington who have not been oonfirmed by the Board of Al dermen, have entered suit for the amount of pay due them for their services The decision of the case will settle an important question. The Pa&atoric or Expanding Purse ? The most useful and elegant purse ever in vented, surpassing for utility every other con trivance of the kind ; its genteel appearance, lightness and flexibility, S'nillington says has aiready secured a great demand for it. * Criminal Court.?No cases were tried by jury in this eourt yesterday The larceny case of Gavin and Small was set for trial, but in consequenco of the absence of witnesses was postponed until ten o'clock this morning. The Perham Operatic Troupe is perform ing most successfully before large audience* at Odd Fellows' Hall They give an after noon performance to-morrow for the benefit of families and others. The Ball op the Washington Highland ers on Wednesday evening, we heir, went cfi in fine style and gave great satisfaction Watch Returns ?Ann Dove, drunk in the street; workhouse WO days. Andrew Lewi-?, colored, disorderly and profanity; fined $2 and costs. Daniel Stewart, disorderly and in decent exposure; fined $5 and costs. Charles A. Wellington, disorderly; do Jefferson Taylor, do: dismissed. Seven lodgers were accommodated. [communicated. To the Citizens of the District of Columbia. Understanding that there are in the District from twenty-five to forty deaf and dumb and blind persons of teachable age, many of tUeui paapers, the undersigned have associated foi the purpose of organising an institution to; their instruction under suitable regulation? When the necessary arrangements shall be completed, of which notice will be given, out fellow citiiens will be waited on for such aid as they may be inclined to bestow upon so meritorious an object. Amos Kendall, D A Hall, Btron Sunderland, J. C. McGuire, Of Washington W. H. Edes, J CD*on Mitchell, Of Georgetown. be Introduction of Oilman** Ins?an taaeoo* Hair Dye to the pnbllc, which chang** it. a moment ?tiy color*] hair to a beautllui tad t?rroau?-ul black, lit* pro du<-e<1 mare Lappines* l? the coanuunity, by driving out n| one tli* worthies* preparation* with wM<-h th!? country liai Dean flooded for a few Team paet.thati any Invention that w< know of.?Portland Advertiaar. Hanhhomk WaiasBEa ?To procure these modi dsalrad or tiaaseuta, nnGllluao'i lneta'iUneoua l.lqu.d Hair Dye, mar. r. featured by Z. D. Oilman, Chemlat, < ity of Waahiugton.? Btl.ju Maeeum. Sold by all reapectaMe dr ugg.-M an I lia.r dretter* .n lh? cr.nntry Principal depot ai the new I?ru< Store, Penii *yivanla avenue, wham all order* will be promptly filled, dec S ?4w lITDeGrmi s Klsctric Oil.?The demand evntlaae* to Increaae Hvery day aome new eection wrltet for It. Csicaoo, 111., June Id, lis*. Prof. De tiratli ? Seud u? per K. K $26* worth of your Klac :rlc Oil, auorted ?Ues, upon your usual terra* J. H KKaD A Co. PoarLAUD, Malue, June 4. lilt. Prof Da Orath?Send me <1 dozen 25 cant, M dozen 50 cent, aud 2? doa?n $1 *lze, and draw f.<r the amoaut. Tlie JemauJ for yoor Oil leeaii to be lncreaalnr here. H. H. HaV. It la Impossible to fill order* f*?l enongh A phytUlan r.l thla city procured my Electric OH yeaterday to tise In hit practice for Neuralgia, Swelling*, Ac. Hla certificate of << late caae In whloh It relieved, whan everything e'er failed him, will appear aooo. My geuulue enree In a aloicla day ofleu. I can't waite time to uotica the sw?rui of itniutora The ouly genuine can be obtained at the Original Depot, I'j Booth Eighth utrert, below Cheannt. Prof. Cnaa. DkGkath, Only Manufacturer. for aale In Waahlngtou by CHA& 8TOTT. dec 6-iw l^Ad??Bced years often caiuf us to feel t'je ueceatity of a reeort to aome artifl-ial mean*, by which tn rally and reetore temporary atrengtb and being to ooi Impair*! faculties. ohloh I* rn>*t effectually done by the n?c of Moatetter'e ce ebrsted Stomach bitter* before meal*. One wine ?- aaa oaed a* per direction* on the the bottle, or In ? mailer quantities, If tha pertor. 1* weak In body, will con vince the o.o*t credulous of It* restorative effect*, to which thonnanda can teatlfy who uaed It for year*, and uuder no clrcamataneta could be perauaded to do without It. I.adle?. especially, bave found lueetlmable benefit* revolting from tt. Kor aale Uj Druggist* generally. dec 2-1 w IITThe I. B. sf K. it H?The Indian Balaam of Liverwort aDd Hoarhocrid I* doing more good In America than c?u be calculated la dollar*. Live* are saved by It* aootblng Influence, and It ever pr <vn " a reaijy friend In time of trouble," In common Cougha, Cold* and other precuraor* of the Coimumtloii *o fatal lu oar climate, ihl* 1* no humbug noatrum, but a r?al luillan medicine, dis covered by an ? >*: la ll.vtreaa, Nahmaoultali, a bh graphi cal eketch ol whoaa life may be obtained, aud it may l>e i j 11*1 upon In all Pnli.onary complaliita. M??*r*. Week* k Putt?r, No. 1^4 Washington ilreet, Bos ton, tieueral Ageuta. Kor *:tle by W. H. Ullinu, Cliarle* Nairn A Palmer. Z. D. OlllnaL, aud by Druggltto gen erally. dec 3?lw. I^Brtwu i Bronchial Trocrfes.??We have found ti em of great aervica In allaying Bronchial I rrlta tlon, and In avh^ulug H )ariene*s prod>ir-d by Colds, arid do uor rierical breUir*u a re.l favnr ;.i calling their attenth o t? tliepi."?Z1 >u'a Heraid. " Wecoinwei^d iliein to the a^ tentioii of punllr *p?ak?ra, tiugeia, and others vl)? are troubled with altectioua ol tlie Tnroat."?Chr1*t!an Watrli man. "Por Ooogba. A>thma, */., w? cheerfully bear testi mony from persoaal knowie-lge to thalr affica> y."?Ballou'e Pict->rl >1. *? They are a ainiple and elegant lorin for a Imln leterlMg, lu combl.-iation. aevi-ral medicinal aubataiice* held In general eateeni auioug Ptiyalclana In the trettiuerit of Hroucbial affectlona Ur. tl. K. Bigelow. Containing no opium or delet^rlou* drug*, tlieae l.ozenge* can ba n*e<i freely by public speaaer* and vwaliala for clearlug aud (Ivlug atreugUi to tha voice. Sold by all Drugglut*. OctlS-tf JAMKS X CAI.LA.M, Agent. d^Astoniahing Care with enly ene Bet TLE ? Jo*. B Hall A Co., *ay*: Paae^ua lat-a, Aroootook Co., Ma , April U, 1864. " We herewith *end you a certificate of a core performed ij the aae of only ona bottle of the German Bittern; we think Mr Clark to be a man of vara'ity, aud have bo donbtof the trotu of b<* alOTT." Meaara. Joa. U. Hiil A Co.?Oentleuen?In aoewerto year Inqulrlea, 1 will atau (Lai ifif daughter, age.1 about 16 yearn, baa bean complaining of a l ?lu !a fier for all or aeveu year*, and aboOt the tlr*t of January l?^t, vu tak-u down aud coaHtjed to her bed. Tha pain In her ilde wa? very at> vara, be*id>-a betug troubled with pain* betweeu her ehonldei * and In liar breaat. Prou reading a number of core* per formed by "Hoolland'* (J?rmau Bitter*," I *u Induced to try It la her ca*e, and *ent to your atore and purcbaaed one boUle She had taken It but a few day* wbeii ahe began to loiprn.a, ai>d now, after taking ouly one bottle,ahe 1* eiij y lug better fi??itl. t'iau ahe haa for year*. She feel* no palu lu her alda or lu an, ;*rt of her body, aud attribute* uer core entirely to the i'l!tera. Salmon Brook, Arooatook Co., La. WM. CLAUK. SeaadvarttaoMent. ? J?r IpT linyertant te the Ladiea!?Or. Dn PONCO*8 PKMALK PILLB.?The combination of Ingredl aula In tha Pill* are perfectly harmlua*. Their efficacy aud marlle are baa?d up<>u an exteualva practice of over thirty yeara; ?lJ, what e tha dlrectloua have been atrlctly fol lowed, Uiey ha?a ut>var failed to correct ail !rr,<gnlarltles, relieve palufu; ili|4>.a)t i>u>nftraatloii, (particularly,) at the change f life. They wtll kii.*U.j WUua, and remove all otiotraction* arlalug froui Cold, espoaare or euv cau*e?, aud maybe <i*ed *uccaeefully aa a Prevent) *e. Call up< o the a^eut, and get a Circular lor partlcaler* free. Price ti per box, with full direction* Mold whole**)* ai d retail by CHAN. STOTT, Druggist, Peuneyivanla avauoa, tj-JMl KL B. WA1TK, 62a Seventh atraet, Waahlngtou, L). C.; a i|i s. T. CISSKL, Ueorgetown; to w hr. ui all order* u>o*t b< etui, !J ? Pllla will ba *e:.t confidentially, by mall, to ladle* who aoca^e* thorn one dollar. N B.?(toe ?Ignavu.v c? tha box, tocoontarfaltlt li for ery. |at-tf Watches, Jewelry anA Uklyr Ware. I Lava now on haod a .all etock cf the moet fa*s.i- nal.!e tt)ie* ,f i|ch gold Jewelry, also, a large aa?.rtment of very ? o^eri ^ ((,I4 kiil allver Watcbaa. 1 am al*o manuta< taring |1a my own afcou; every variety of H.lver Ware, ancti a* S?oon?, Pork*, ' -4? -> c#Jta and pie Kulvea. sail, mustard an! olive Hp<jona, Napk.n M'ln^c, PU'her*, Tea 8?tU, Ac., tntm aoiid auzUu^ aUvar, ?'*" "**''for at lower rato* tlun good* of tna nine aoallty lave ever bean aold for In thla city, at No. t? Pennsylvania ayecca, near ?th *tr*at, algn of tha large apread aagle. V- O. HO00. oc It?tr P?K BOSTON.-THE HUFKKIOK PAST cflUng Clipper Schooner HELEN MAK, (^pi .MJ, kersnn, has arrived, aud^tHb wilt have qa ck aupotch for the sliove n ?rt P or freight or passage apply te HAKTLEV* BHO , Nw i Water street, Georget^w^ <t?c 'J-4t For Sale and Rent. A PEW IN ST. JOHN'S CHURCH AND the e ftut Carriage belonging to the late Hon. Daniel Webster, for sale Apply toW.P, WILLIAMS, at Chubb Brothers^ Banking House._ dec 5-lw Desirable residence for rent.? The residence corner of F and '21st streets, containing IS rooms. The house is lighted with fas Stable and the large grounds adjacent can be obtained if d? sired Rent in<xlera'e to a good tenant. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. Bank era, opposite Treasury. deoS-lw A GROCER, WHOSE ANNUAL SALES 1*? average ?35.000, wishes to of his stock. The stand is one of the best in the city, and the profits hitherto have been large. Private reasons induce him to withdraw If he can find a suitable purchaser. A line addressed to Box 647, City Post Office, will meet with attention, dec S-3t? P)R RENT?A DWELLING HOUSE with a Storehou?e adjoining, and a Bake House In the rear is offered tor rent. It is No. '201 4% street, between F and G streets, Island For Brtlcuiars inquire of GEORGE W. BRAY, No. I Vth street north. dec S- lw* CMJTTAGE AND GARDEN FOR RENT ?A ?> Cottage House with five well finished Rooms and a good Garden attached, would be rented low to a good tenant Situated on the corner of M and ?th streets east; convenient to Wendell's new Printing Office. Possession given immediately. Apply by letter to Box '29J, City Post Office dec 5-3t R For rent?as a bedroom?a large, comfortable front Room, at No 435 Hth street, a neighborhood at once very central, very quiet, and very convenient to the Post and Patent offi ces. doc4-eo2t? OOMS TO LET?THREE FURNISHED Rooms to let at No VOstreet, dec 4-lw For sale?the bar fixtures and License of a Restaurant on 7ih street, oppo site Centre Market The House, which is for rent, is conveniently arranged for a Restaurant. For terms Inquire on the premises dec4-3t? JOSHUA ROLLINS For rent ?two furnished rooms, in a very central location. No 4'J0 D street, between 6th and 7ih streets. Rent moderate, nov 3-3t For rent?a frame house, con taining 6 Rooms, situated on East Capitol street, between 4'h and 5th streets For term* apply to O. A. DA1LEY, Dentlut, Penn avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. dec 'J-3t Rooms for rent ?a large parlor wltn Bedroom attaced, well furnished, and lighted with gas, situated on Penn. avenue, No *219, opposite Wlllards' Hotel. Rent moderate Apply on the premises. dec 3 3t* A COMFORTABLE ROOM FOR RENT ? A gentleman of quiet and settled habits, who desires a comfortable Room, will And a good one, always well attended to, at No 395 Sth street, be tween F and G streets. It will suit a middle aged |terson, in Government employment, well, dec 3-3t*_ Ij*6"R~RENT -THE~LARGE~THR'EEStoiy Brlch House, situated on the corner of l'Jtb and H streets, containing lit Rooms with Coal Cellar and Bath Room Inquie of J AM ES \V. BARKEK, n?-xt door to the Lutheran Ccurch nov *2-tf Rooms f o r rent ?t w o large, finely furnished Parlors and Bedroom* for rent, with or without Board, at FLINT'S Hotel, near Union Office dec'2 For rent?a parlor and chamber handsomely furnished, in one of tbe most de si'able locations in the city; being very conveci ent to the National, Browns', andDexter's Hotel. The house is new, with all the modern Improve ments, water, gas, A c. Also, *eve>al xery pleas ant Chambers, at 46 Louisiana avenue, south side, near 6tt< street dec 2 FMJR RENT.?FURNISHED PARLOR AND Chamber, on 7th street, rearG, acd situated near tbe Patent Office. Apply at this office, dec 1-tf ONE LARGE PAKLOK AND CHAMBER, handsomely famished, for Rent?$10 per montn Also one largefront Room second storv, with a good ?lzed single room in suit or elngle. Board, if desired, on the most reasonable terms. Apply at No 463 10th street, between D and E. nov '29-lw? A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN GEORGETOWN. D. C , FOR RENT ? The subscriber otters for rent her late residence at the corner of Fayette and Fourth streets, Georgetown, imm<?dlately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This is one of the Isrgest and best finished houses in the District of Columbia, having all the modern improvements contained in the first-class houses of the Northern cities. There Is attached a large cistern in the yard, carriage-house, and stable for several horses. A pump of tbe purest wat^r in the immediate vicinity. The locality is hign and salubrious, and in a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood Possession given immediately For further particulars inquire next door to the premise^, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL oc4 FOR SALE OK KENT ?THAT DES1RA ble residence on F street, between '20to and ?21st, for the last eight ye;irs occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq Possession given the 1st of November next. I nqulre of RIGGS A CO. au 12-eotf Land for sale and rent.?two small tracts of Land. One of 30, the other '20 acres, two miles from tbe Capitol. Kach of these tracts have beautiful sites for building, and the soil for gardening purpose* cannot be excelled. Also, adjoining the above, twenty-five acres with Dwelling. Ac , for rent Inquire of M D'lVKRNOIS, D'lvernol's Hotel. Penn avenue, between 17th and 18th streets, for further particu lars. nov '28-K,M,W,fcF4te POK SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER IS AU JL thorlzed to sell at private sals a two-story and attic Frame House and Lot, situated on 1'2th street, between M and N streets, No. 331. Also, the ad joining vacant Lot Terms: One-third cash; the balance la seven instalments, at six months apa;t. Possession given Immediately. nov27-eo2w? JAS T. FERRY. FOR RENT?WITH or WITHOUT Board, three neatly furnished Rooms, No 65 Missou ri avenue dec l-eo3t? f^OK RENT?THAT LARGE AND AIR V House on Penn avenu?, between flth and 7th streets, over A Hoover A Son's Shoe tftore, suita ble for a first clans Boarding-House. It is now undergoing a complete repair. Possession given Immediately Inquire of A. HOOVER* SON, south ? de of Penn avenue, between 6th and 7th rtreets oc 30-tf i ^OR RENT OK LEASE?DWELLING House 332, north side Penn. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. One of the finest locations in tho city for profefslonal or business men. To a punctual tenant the rent will bs moderate Ap ply on the premises to GEO H. B WHITE A CO., or to CH AS H LaNE, Gents Furnishing Store, 421 Penn. avenue, near 434 street, nov V2 HI CK ! IICI K ! BUCK : rnot Woolly tiesb) EN ROUTE FOH WASH INU TO N. P C 1M1RKE EN TIRE DEER, LARGEST EVER received In Baltimore, shot with Virginia rllles?not revol'ers. BEAR MEAT, HAMS, SHOULDERS, SIDES, fattest ever received from the Allegha nies. Constantly receiving from the West, via Balti more and Ohio, Winchester and Potomac, Par kersburg, Central Ohio Railroads, VENISON, POULTRY, WILD GAME, keg and roll BUT TER, CAP HONEY, DRIED APPLES and PEACH ES, and country produce generally. For sale by C. C. O'NEIL, corner liowaru and prait streets, lec3-lm - Baltimore. & IIATS AND CAPS. WE ARE NOW M ANUFACTUR-, Ing Hats at S3, $3 50, and SM, which] ^ ->for beauty, style, finish, llghtoess, ? and durability cannot l>e *ur ousted. They are a much superior article than those manufa tured elsewhere and ?old here for those prices .M y f i Hat Is unsurpassed for cheapness, and having the appearance of those usually sold at higher pnc-n Persons wanting a good and cheap Hat will please give m?* a call before going elsewhere. Also, a Jar^e and general assortment of Gent's, Youth's, and Children's CAPS, of all styles and qualities, ver/ low, aj MAGUlRE'S, Fashionable Hat and Cap Establishment, dec 4-'2t 418 Penn. ave. j BLA4 K FKATHCKM.-A VERY SUPER tor article can be found, at dee 3 11 w CASS1D Y 'S, 314 Pa ave. KID A Sill SLOVKS,at STEVENS'S Sales Room. Also, Tilbury Driving Gloves dec 3-1 w | ? - - ? L'KJlSH! FLOWKK*.-LADIES, you -T can find at our siorw a most "levant assortment of French Flowers,and ait very low prices. G. H. CASSIDY A CO , Successors to A Tate, ?ec 3 314 Pa. av , bet. 10th and ll'h sts^ DR. UUPRIK'# HE.nKUies are the only eJI'ectual curl'for External or Internal Piles,

Saltrbeum. Ring-Worm, Ac. Thty we unrival; led for purifying the blood. SO cents per box Office 76 Nassau street. New York. 111 be sent by mall. For sale by FORU A BRO , corner of llthbt. tad Penn avenue oc*i AUCTION BALES. [^For^ot*?r Auttto* Sales ??? First P*?*.\ By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF FRA^IE H.nse and Let in the First Ward?On THURS DAY AFTERNOON, December 11, at 4o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated April Sth, 1856, and recorded In Liber J. A S , No. 115, folios324, 395, W, M7, and W8, one of the lard records for Washington county, I shall sell the west half of Lot No. ?, In square No 140. fronting 25 feet on north I# street, between 16th and l?in streets west, running back 110 feet to a 30 feet alley, with the Improvements consist ing of a two-?tory Frame Dwelling House, Sta ble, and other outbuildings. Term* cash DAVID A. H ALU Trustee. dec 5-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, A act By JAS. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. PFREMPTOKY SALE OF VALUABLE I'nimpreved Freperty at tha earner af narthO and 22d ats.?On MONDA V AFTER NOON. December 8th, at 4 o'clock, on the prem ises. 1 shall sell, without reserve, part of Lot No. 8, In square No 7?, fronting 73 feet on 5Hd street by 106 feet on north G street, containing 7,738 square feet. This Is a beautiful location for a private resl Aemre, and is well stocked with excellent fruit lerms: One-third caah; the residue In 3, ? and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. dec 5-d JAS. C. McGU I RE, Auct By BARNARD & BUCKKY; Georgetown SMALL MARKET FARM at Auctien.? On TUESDAY, December 9th. at 3 p m., we will sell, on the premises, to the highest bidder, one half of that property known as the property of Mr. William Cammack, lying on the west side of the Rockvllle Turnpike, about two miles from Georgetown, ar.d Im mediately opposite Mount St Alban's Church, containing seres, more or lefs, and improved bv a nearly new and commodious Frame Dwel ling. There is no mrre healthy location In the country. Terms accommodating, and known at sale. BARNARD A BUCKEY, dec 4-ts Auctioneers By JAS. C VIcGUIRE, Auctioneer Excellent r o s e w o o d piano a l-orte, superior Cabinet Fnrnitnre. Handsome French Plate Mirrors, rich Window 1'nrtnins. I handrlirrs, ac.-Un TUESDAY MORNING, December 9th. at 10 o'clock, at the co'Pf r of 9:h street west and ncrtn H street, 1 thall sell the Furniture and Effects of a gentleman removing from the city, consisting of? Superior Rosewood I'iano Forte, by Chickering Elegant Rnrewood Sofa. Arm and Parlor Chairs, finished in Brocatelle Superior Walnut silk damask-covered Arm and Reception Chairs Plush covered Tete a tete Sofa Two richly-carved Rosewood .Marble-top t'entre Tables Beautiful aud elaborately carved Rosewood Sofa Table Egyptian Marble-top Sofa Table Two splendid minor-back Etegeree Pair of French-plate {jilt frame Pier Glasses Pair of flegant French-piate Mantel Mirrors Two Walnut Whatnots, handsome Candelab ??? Pair of handsome Parlor Chandeliers, Gas Fix tures Suite oi four rich Brocatelle silk lined Window Curtains, with Cords, Tassels, Cornice. Ac. Pair of large a- d elegint Chin* Mantel Vasts, with beaut 1 Hil Karlm Merble Figures Rich Velvet Parlo Carpets, Rugs Handsome gilt Window Shadf-s Two splendid Walnut Suites of Chamber Furni ture, comprising each Jenny Llnd Red*teadv, Marble-top Dressing Bireau. Wardrolie. nn<t Marble top Washstands Superior Walnut Chamber Com mod v Excellent fall spriug seat Lounge, wotk^and Cottage Bedsteads, Plain Bureaus Hair and Hush .Mattressses. Washst ir.ds Oilcloth, Matting, Mi'r Carpet Handsome Walnut Hat Rack Marble *op Hall Table .Mahogany Hair spring-seat Chairs, Rocker Do Marble top Sideboard Extension Dining Table, stained SldelKwd Herrigerator, Dining room Chairsf Clocks, Looking-Glasses Tables. Superior Morning Star Cooking Stove, Acc Al.tO ? One superior Walnut Office Desk Set "f solid Mahogany Pleeon Holes, with doors Solid Mahogany Lawyer's Desk Upright Desk with pigeon hules Office Chairs. Stove, Oilcloth, Ac. Terms: 830 and under -ash; over that sum a cre<1 it of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily er.dorted notes, bearing Interest dec Id JAS C McGU I RE, A act HATS AS IS HATS! 1HAVE THIS HAY INTRODUCED THE new style or Winter or Session HAT, which Is entirely new in style finish and beauty. Gentlemen no ? in want of really a beautiful new style will find it ^reatlv to their advantage to try the cheap Hat, Cap. Fur and Furnishing Bazaar. Getting in that good old way of purchasing for cash, 1 shall give my customers all the advan tages Sljjn of the Dr Kane's Whi'e Bear, corner of Sixth street and Penasylvanla avenue dec 4-2w HOPKINS MIRETS?BONIIETS? BON N ETS. WE HAVE RECEIVED, AND ARE NOW opening, a very large assortment cf ladles' rich Winter HATS, whl^h we have^tl selected with great care and taste from the New York market, and to which we are constantly making additions. We would say to strangers visiting our city, that this department of our business Is under the direction of Mlfs Thompson, whose bats took the first premium at the last Fair held In this city We presume the statement or this fact alone, is sufficient to secure their confidence and patron age. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, dec 3- 310 Pa avenue, bet Dth and loth sts. IUKT KECEIVED AN AUDITION TO my former supply of new and seasonable Goods, fine CLOTHS, CASS1 MERES, and VESTINGS, which 1 tm prepared to make up to order promptly and In the latest sty tea On hand, READY-MADE CLOTHING of fine quality, a iH'wsupplyof tine SHAW LS,and ipany other desirable artie'es rf Gentlemen s weir. A H. YOUNG, Merchant Tailor, nov 29 Browne' Hotel, Pa ave. ALM??.%DS. PECAN MTS Ac. 1 ,000 lbs PECAN NUTS 1,Out) lbs FILBERTS 5(H) lbs. WALNUTS 2.UOO ibs. Languedoc ALMONDS 1,000 lbs. Sicily do 500 lbs. PRUNES in fancy boxes ?00 lbs. do In jars Just received per schooner Hamilton, and for sale by WM BRYAN, No. 44, oppo. Centre Market, bet 7th and dec 3-3t fcth streets BUTTER, BUCKWHEAT, Ac. 50 kegs of extra GOSHEN BUTTER 5 ? mki lbs. BUCKWHEAT loOdrums FIGS 100 whole, halves,and quarter boxes RAISINS 5 barrels new CURRaNTS 10 boxes CITRON 5 barrels small HERRING Just received per schooner Haml'.'ca, ?nd for sale low by \YM BRYAN, No. 44 oppp Centre Market, bet. 7th and dt-c U-llt 8th streets. O ea PERA GLASSES IN ENAMEL, PEARL, J Ivory, Ebony, Japan, Ac , from *3 to *4(> eh, at THii LAgES P. S.?Opera Glasses for reut^ dec 1 DKNT16TKY. JW MuGEE, DOC TOR OF DENTAL ? SURGFRY, has located binisAlf permantiy in this city, and Is prepared to perform all operations within the province of Dental Surgery, upon the most 1m Croved and scientific principles of the profession r McGee Is a graduate of 'he HaltlinoreCol'ege of Dental Surgery, and has had over twelve vears practice Special attention paid to the treatment of child ren's Teeth Olfic? on F street,one door east of 7th. dec2-lm |>>LLIAKD TABLES TWO MILLIARD D Tables In good truer.are for sale. Apply to the Steward at the Wash ington Club Rojiiu, opposite Lafay ette Square. dec Alexandria and Washington railroad COMPANY ft per rent Bonds, guaranteed by the Corporation of Washington City, for sale on favorable terms by dec lwiw RIGGSACO. HISS KIllNfiLK'S DEPOT FOK1DVS for the young folk , is at dee rj.'ji LAMMOND'S, ahatnei K 4?.gcTioa balbb, THIS AFTERNOOU AWD TO-MOftROW By A. GRF.EN, Auctioneer Frame mouse aku# ot and rui K Knildtu" L#ts at ?On FRI DAY, the llth Instant, I shall *11, la front of the at 4 o'clock p. in , west put of l.ot o.2, in Square No 99K, having a front of 1? feet co south K, t>etween litn and 12th streets ee*t. running back about 8S fret, with side a iey, with the Improvements, which are a good Frams House, Ac , Ac. Also, the balance of said Lot No. 3, which will be subdivided In lots to suit purchasers as Ine building lots. Also, all of Lot No. 13. in same square. Laving a front on 13tb street east. between 1 and K streets south, havtne a front of 47 feet bv JC feet deep, which will be divided and sold In lots to suit purchasers This property is near the Navy Yard, and near the residence of Mrs t?picers Term*: One-third cash: balance In ?, IS, 18 and 24 months, for notes bearing Interest from day of s.iie. A deed given and a deed of tjust taken Title Indisputable A. GKKRN, novsJ-d (Organ) Auctioneer. \U~ The above sale is pestpoaed in ctait* quenrenf the rail until FRIDAY, the 21st inst , same hour. A. GREEN, Auctioneer, nov 15-ts [H^Theaheve Kale is farther I'ostpsaed, inconsfquence of the ra!n, until THURSDAY, the 27th inslaot, same hour nov 22-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. IfT The above sate is still farther post poned until FRIDAY, the5th dayof December next, Fame hour and place dec 1-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGU I RE, Auctioneer. TRL'STF.r.'M *A?,K OF YALIARLE Uaiidiiij; Lots wn Ninth street west, be tween <4 ami H streets north.?Hy virtue of a deed in trust bearing date on the 2Td day of No vember, 1855. and recorded in Liber J A S. No 102. folio* 443, et seq , ti.e subscriber will sell at nubile sale on TUESDAY, the 2d day ol Deceix-Lt-r, l-;5f>, at 4 o'clock p m , on the prem ises, i art of Square No. 375, in the city of Wash ington, fronting 4? feet lu inches on Ninth street w? st. between G and H streets north, by 101 feet deep. The above property is eligibly situated In the vicinity rf the Patent OQice end in one of tLe most desirable parts c f the city for rrivaterest dences, and will be sold a? a whole or in separate lots, to mlt purchasers, and offers a very favors ble opportunity to persons desirli.g to build or In vest Terms of iale will V,e: Ore third cash, and the balance la six, twelve, and eighteen months, for rotes bearing interest from the day of sale, se cured by deed of trust upon the property ; and if not complied with in live days after the sale the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the defaulting pur chaser. Title wade Indisputable All conveyances at the expense of the purchaser CHAS S WALLACH. Trustee. nov2l eo&ds JAS. C. McGU 1RK, Auct l^Theabivf sale is postponed in conse quence of the rain until FRIDAY, 5th December, >ame hour ar.d place CHAS S WALLACH. Trustee, dee. 3-dAds JAS C. McGllIHE, Aurt'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer REAPING 31 AC II INKS, TIlKMIlUt and M/Tw-l arrier, Hardware Ac. at Auction.? On SATURDAY, the 29th instart. i shall sell, in fiont of my auction store, at i?i o'clock a m.? Five new reaping Machines, made by 1 orbui A Co., vc' th apparatus complete One I hre-h??r and ft raw-carrier, two Harrow i One Ploue'n with a lot of other Hardware The ab"?'" rriK-les will be sold, without reserve, to pay frei^Lt a:id storage. A. GREEN, twvv'J-d Auctioneer. {?/" * he above sale is postpontd in conse quence of 'he rain until SATURDAY, the 6tfc instant, ?ame hour, when it will positively take pia^e wit tout regard to weather deel-eoAds A GREEN, Anct'r. Uy A. GRF.EN, Auctioneer U1LE OF C'LOHES, (AKPKTN A., rem C5 the nutionai Observatory at Auction.? On SATURDAY, tfc?* fith Instant, at 11 o'clock a m., on account cf Government, by crder of the Navy A^er.t. in fron* of my store, No. 52# ~tb street, the following articles, viz . 12 celestial and terrestrial Glob??s 1 Carpets, 16 Oil Lamps, 6 OtHce Chairs 1 Desk. ? Hand Lamps. 3 Smoke Pipes '?> tin Chart Cases. 2 Covers to cilicede^ks 2 Oil Cloths, 1 Force Pump, 1 liyg* iron Holier I W ater Cooler. 1 old Kress Terms cash A GREEN, dec 2.d Auctioneer My BARN AK D A BUCKEY ; Georgetown (Wali, litRNARo A Co., Washlr.gtoa ) OS WEDNESDAY. THE 10TI1 IN.iT., at 10 o'clock a in , we will sell, at the resi denceof Col. Roberts, en the Georgetown heights, intersection of High end Road streets, the entire Household i- fleets, as PARLOR FURNITURE Elegant Carved Rosewood Sofa Rosewood Carved Reception Chairs ?"et Rosewood Parlor ('hairs Rosewood Carved Gothic Chairs Ros? wood "<larble-top and inlaid Centre Tab!e? Do Tete-a-Tete Crimson Brocatelle Velvet Tapestry, Carpet and Rug Fine Oil Paintings and Engrivings Rosewood Etegere, Chinese Teapov Lace and Brocatelle Curtains, Lamj s Girandoles, Ornaments, Ac. RECEPTION ROOM. Wainutand Plush Sofa Walnut Centre 'J able. Marble-Top do Hout Tallies. Gothic Carved Chairs Brussels Carpet, H ug, Curtains, Ac. CHAMBERS. Elegant Chinese richly Carved Rosewood Bed stead Dressing Bureaus, Wardrobe, Staid aad Chain to match Mahogany Inlaid Bedsteads Bureau, Wardrobe, and Stand to suit Inlaid and other Bedsteads Best quality Feather Bed?, Pillows, ai d Boisters D ? Lair and spring Mattresses Mahogany Dressing, andethtr Bureaus Wardrobes, Washstands, Chamber Ctalrs Brussels Carpets, Rugs Curtains, Sh ides, and Ornaments Toilet Sets, Rockers, B?dsteads. Ac ALSO? Bathroom Furniture rea^.le?f Bureaus, Stands, liath Tubs. Chairs Carpet, liilcioth. Ac. DINING ROOM. Kx'ension and Side Table? Stone China Dinner Set China Tea Set. Plited Eeg li#ik>r Pitchers, Waitprs, T:ay? Fine cut Win? inrrblers. ard other Glass l.eath^ Covered Sofa, Carpet, Rug Cane-Seit Chelrs, Curtains Time Piece, Arm Chair. Matting ALSO ? hitches and other Stores Iron and iln Wuc, Word Ware Safp, Baskets, Ac. \V tth other articles not herein mentioned. Terras: AH sums r.f and under i-30 cash; over tLat amount a credltofoO and Widays. for notes sat i.sfactorlly end. r?ed bearing Interest The Houte is for Rent. Apply to A. Hyde, Ei.|.,at Riygs A Co's Hanking House. dec 4 BARNARD A BUCKKY, Auct'rs. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALl'AHLK BRICK HOl'ftE AND tvf en Pennsylvania avenue at Au^tlau.? On WEDNESDAY, the 3d iay of Decemoer next, I f?U, In front of th^ ??^mises, at 4 o'clock p. m , Lot D, In subdivision of original lot No. 7, In aquire .io. 3i^?, having a front of25feetm '.he rfOUth side of Pennsylvania avenue, between l?)th and 11th streets west running back to ar. ai. ley, containing 2.613 feet, with thelmprevement, which Is a gcod brick House, cortainm? twelve , conveniently-arranged rooms, wide passage and | cellar; the g*s and sto;e jxtures to be sold with the House This jjoperty !s handsome'iy located, being tLat Vost of the Confectionery Store. Terms: One thirdca^h; balance i"*? 12, aad lb months, the purchaser to uot^s for the do- 1 ferred payments, b?uiBa Interest from the day of sale. ^ A <\eut ^tvon and a deed of trust '.akea. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser uov 2r-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. (J^-TUe nheve sale la pestpeaed until WEDN FSDAY, the 10th Inst . same hour. dec4d A. GREEN, Auctioneer j Bv A. GREEN. Auctloueer. CiO*TI M'ATION SALfctlF V ALUABLE / Buiidinf Lets at Auetien.?*. n TUES DAY, the 2d dayof December next, l t ball sell, In front of the premises, commencing at 4 o'clock ( p m , all the Lots not sold Square No. 441, su!>divlded Into handsouie building lots, fronting on Bth and 7th street weft and S and T streets north. Pla^s can be seen at my nurtlon rooms Title direct from the Government and indispu table. Terms : One-fourh cash; balance in one, two, three, four, and ilve yeari, the purchaser to glee notes for tbe deferred payments, bearing interest Trom the day of w?le. A deed given and a deed of trust taken, uev 27-dAds A.6REEN. Anct'r. Unfile abeve sale is pestpened ia ce?se? quence of the rain until TU ESDA Y, the ;th Inst.. laine hour and lUaoe. A. GREEN, Auct r. doc a-d ^ ptlCRET tooth BKUIliM ' I assortmen of those new and useful articles iow opeiilng at the great Brush Emporium dec I THE LAKES, 504 Peun avenue. TKLEKRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PKEH* BY HOUSK FRJSTISO TKLKORAPH Reported ImmscM Failure New Yore, Dec 5?It is rumored that J'C<>!> Little ban failed to meet liabilities to an immense am >unt Departure of the Arabia from Halifax he HALiraa, Dee 4 ?The Arabia tailed thia morning f..r Bostnc, with a light northwest wind 8 The steamer Merlin is (till missing Important Failure Boaton, Dec. 5 ?Samuel Henshaw A Sons, bankers, railed this mornir.* Their liabili ties are sri 1 to he Urge The eenU>r of the firm is * trustee of tbs Katl^nd Railroad, and is connected with various other roads The Electoral Colleges. Bosto.v. Dec. 4 ?The thirteen electors of Massachusetts met yesterday and voted for John C Fremont and Wm. L. Dayton for the Presidential offices. Hartford, Conn., Dec. 4.?The electoral college of Connecticut met in this city yester day urd c.jrt their votes fer John C Fremont and William L Dayton. They appointed a* mc^sen^er A N Clark, Esq , of the Con rant office, in this city. PBoTinKHCB, H I.. Dec 4.?The eleotor* >f this State met at Bristol yesterday, and cast the four votes for John C. Fremont and Wm. L. Dayton. Hy. Howard, K?q , was chosen messenger. Ricmiown, Va , Dec 4 ?The Presidential elector!1 met here yesterday. Major Junes <it?rland presided, and P il Aylett acted a* secretary The fifteen votes of the State hav ing been thrown for Buchanan and Breokin ridge. Mr. Hayes, of Lewis countv, was ap pointed messenger to procecd to Washington. As s*on i s the vote was announced, fifteen ?tir.F were fired in front of the Capitol. At noon the electors and e number of others par to- k of ;i collation at the Ballard House, and a complimentary fuppcr at the Exchange Ho tel at night. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, Dec. 5 ?Flout is steady at SO 50 Wheat is firm : sal?? of red at *1.45^$! 48, an I white SI 53i*1 58, for good to rritre. Cm is firm; sales of old white 61a64c., new do. 5.1 i6nj : old yellow G2u65c . uew do 56ati0c. Whisky is unchanged; sales at 2Pa20c. Sew York Markets. Nr.w York. Dec 5 ?Flour is tending up ward; sales of 7.50S bbls ; State SO 1 Oaf6 40 Southern is firm ax Sft&OaST 20. Wheat is dull and ursattled; sales of 14.500 bu<hel?, red SI 45sSl 54; white Si 65a$l 74. rorn bus an advancing tendency; sales of 15, hushelr; mixed 72:, white TGe, yellsw 74c Pork is quiet; mess Sl? 50 Beef is un changed; new ?Jhic igorepncke i ?14.50 Lard is buoyant at 13c Whisky ha* advanced; sales of Ohio at 3Je. Financial New York, Dec. 5. -Stocks are generally lower, but transactions are small Chicago and R **k Island Railroad Cumberland Coal Company 18#; lllirvis Ceitral share, i lej .do bonis S>2^" M*chitr:u< Southern 88 ; Ne>* \ ork Central 91 J; Reading 84*. Sterling exchange is dull ? ? tllLLMKHV. rTT' AUIES WE HAVI; NOW |>Bmt a very large an! wewmr &2M* JP*s.orlc of BONN fcii'j* for Vd chi!dr<n<-f most fashionable t*tyl<* at d 11 ut*h aid cheaper by Zh per c*nt than ran be bought at anv 0 P^ace In the cltv. Lad:e?, pi*a*e glse ui ? ea.l and ?ee for yonrveleea. Also, a very ?iten stock of KlbbGOk, Klowrn, Feathers, Km broiderle>, L^re*, Hosiery. Glovtr, Trln.mtraa, and Fancy Goodt. of all kinds at CASS1DYS, decd-tw :na fa i* , bis loth and lltb >a < 8. FOWLEK A CO . IMfORTCRk. Slot' i* OtM Ftl'urt' Hill.'tk ttrtet, vjtvhave JU8T RECEIVED hv^-^ i.-Tfc/'be Ana E Hooper and riora Mc yH Dcnald. from Liverpool. a*>d otber^ftU V re-^nt arrivals a la'-ye addition tn their stock of CHINA. ^l EENSWARE aT eonsiaiiiig In part as follows, vlr : ' * Ornamental and p'ain French China Dinner Set* d? ^ *? 1 eatleta, and , detached piece* of all Mnds < a?seroles, t ompetelfc. Cake Baskets, Tartan and China Pitchers. Canton cy*. \ ae* Klch Bowls, Cups and Saucer*, Jt? * A varie-y of colored and white EnL'IKb and Tea Sets, of all alses A variety of colored and wh'te English ToUet Sets, anddeta<~hrd pieces Cur and plain Gt^nware, Wal?era, Caatora Plated *pooss and Forks, Cotfr#. and Tea te a 1 vf-ry bandied and plain Cutlery Coif* Blg^-ici>and Urns Britannia Ware, Lamps, Ac. Se'f-seallng Cubs, Stoneware. Fotlchemanle. Constantly on hand, a large assortment of Ware suitable for countiy merchants Goods delivered free of charge In the city and Georgetown, and packed by an experienced packer, and sold at wholesale and retail m Iowm tkev can be purchased In any city In the country utC TU?IH ?.L4lMES OF wA8HI^OT?!1 AM> M KHOI ( ,n >TK V. A SO T H E R L A Kir K SUPPLY. ^.BONNETS, OP ALL ill? A LI ?,I'e"and ptlces,ftom the 11 nest FrencbW?^ Hats to the lowest pr'. ed Fine and Handsome HEAD ORK^K Tn great variety ' u KMBKOlDEKlES of all klnds. to match any atyie r4 DreM Kl BBONS of everv s:yl?. And, lu fact, every variety of Goods a uilli found in tlrt.1 class 'frlmmlov Mor?n IIT'UKI.SS MAKING, after the latest and most apf.'o<r?-d styles H.?The supp.y lv ^ppt Up through the eo j?r?> reason. M vVlLtlAN, Opposite th*- Centre Market _ '' ?-J *r'*t rnrte'v of articles >ai(?Mi ff rhrntma* Hi ft*. nov ^ lm I Ml OO KfcWAKU._KAN AWaY FROM I v iviU ihe residence of Mr. George ? Miller, residing near the Navy Y; rd la ^ this city, on the *irth Noveinb?r. i?6, a *1 fine healthy, likely looking Neyro \\ oman jP. named KM M A TK1 PL 11T, sg^d about d"rT, about tlve feet high, and of ? dark chestnut color J?be too< away ^Itli her a youn^ female child named tilnny, about fjnr \ears of at>e, h. vluv a s? 'T over one of Its eye*, from a bum The undersL'ued will ?lvf the ab^ve lewarrf of S1U0 for mother arid ?-Mid If takeu In the District or elsewhere; In either case to be secured so that 1 ^et tbt-ni a^iiiu. dec 3-:Jt? INDIANA V. MILSTEAD. *CL??<ANT VELVET AND MOIRE AH TIQI t. t'LOAaR. 1I/E HAVE JUST KKCKI VFD ?* 14 ELEGANT VK'.VKT and MOIHE ANTIQUE CLOAKS. W o name lr? part the AKAULNTA, COHINTHUN, MAUlA THEKESE, ADELINE ANNABEL. HELENA, Ac Ac Ac All the aUivearc entire new desi/n?, and tie prettiest .?.tyle? ejitan:. now on nhlblMon at tLe original Clo^L and ManMlla Einr>orium MAX W E' L A BKO , Life Pennsylvania evvna* N. u.?Cloak and Mantilla Kooms ?n d<ac ; -eo* CLOC*S:-?M>< KlUtlLdias OV'V 1T>?^<jDD CLOCKS from SI 50 up to ?all < warranted f? go right;-ovet M dltferent styiee of Clocks %ot select from Also. Clocl. turds' Weights, K^ys, BatU, Otis, and evervthlrg lu the m >t??rlal line t'al' and for vwirael^ea, at J KOBINX "??, IVuu>yivaala avenue op (?otlie Brouaa' Hotel. nov iM 9m 11 \ HEWAKO.-t.oHT, BY A LADY, oa a" Thursday, the S7th ult.n o. (rf? day or the Democratic Jnnilee,) a lady's <?old W Kl CH, biueenamelled uaefc.*fclteface ri.a*e4 td^e, <od having the letter* "It If" me'i *ed la Oetmu 'ext. Attached was a sitmII Ho?* chain. The fit der will reeelv* t*ie above r<-w^id o? ienvt<)(> tt>'? u-a'ch at the f?^ld'*rce of H C McLAtiGH LIN. E<q , No. JVl^th stre-t. ?-a?.t klda. dec 3 3t* 'IIINftKL FLOW EHS.? SOMETHING) 1 elegant and new for Headdr^nm. at CASSIDY*8. dec 3 1w 114 frni. aveeue SI LA I N l>KH NAHM EN T >>? ? IN ADD1 tlon to our very full and complete assortment if heavy woollen and merino L'od-r?h< t? and Drawers, we oflVr the laigest ar.l iiuxi ?* led as to'tmeatofSILK UNDEKSHIRT^and DRAW KK8 ever offered In thla market Bu-las eieluaWfiy forciab we rffer the beat roods. In the larpcat variety, ai iLo Invest and mlform prices, at STEVENS'S Bales loom, ?'ec 4 -;h? Browu*' Hots .