Newspaper of Evening Star, December 8, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 8, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. CL, MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1856. NO. 1,195. THE EVENING STAR, rvifciiHio itekt arrKB.noon, (EXCEPT SWNDAY,) a 1*4 iN? MuiltU+ft. IinMT 0f rmm *??M **4 Ej W. D. WALLACH, W ill b? served to subscribers by carrier* al BIX AND A 4UAUTKH CENTS, payable weekly lo ths Agents; pipers served la package* at 37 # seat* per mooUi. To mall subeorlber* the sub scription prioeisTHRBE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CIA-NTS a year >* sdeioei, TWO DOLLARS for Mb months, and ONE DOLLAR for Ikm months; for Is** than tluec moaths at the rate of 11X cents a week. 1CT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. FASHIONABLE DANCING. HW. MUNDER, PROFESSOR OF DANC ? lag at Georgetown College and Con vent, and principal teacher of Washing ton, D. C , and Baltimore, Md , has 1 honor to anaoanee to the cltlsen* a publl* generally, <hat his school la op _ eeerj TUESDAY and THURSDAY AFTERNOON for Young Ladles, Misses, aad Masterii, from 3 until 8 o'cOck, and on the same evening* at S for gentlemen. Owl a? to the nnnsnal large number of pupils fen his olaaw*a this season, and the grentsuocess of | his class la the first society of Baltimore, com pel la him to limit the number of pipits taken for the balance of the aeason. The pabUo are well aware that Prof. M a pares neither time nor patience to render the most un skilful papll perfect. Be Invites ladles and gentlemen generally of respectability and standing, to visit his c'ass and witness the Improvement of his pupils la the frw pleasant tenons that has past. It is desirable that all who Wish to partial pace la his May Exhibition rfiould enter eariy this year, as the dances In pre naratiaa are more complicated than any hereto Wm to trod need. novfil-tf MW LIV1RT HABLI, Eiflth Strut. kttfNs D amd E,J. TUB SUBSCRIBER HAS RREOTHO A commodious stable on 8th street, having room enough for over fifty her ses.aad a oapltal Carriage House of *7 ?1 by Hi feet. This establishment is aow^I^Sb open fbr the reeeption of Horse* on livery, an I for tlie hiring and selling of hone* He has also for rent a fine large Room Immedi ately over his carrlsge house, 2T by 90 fret, silt? We ift almost any p,jrpo*e There is also sleeping brinks for persons bringing servants, aad the whole establishment is lighted with gas. - He would also call the attention of peraoos bringing produce t^> market, to the fine yard ad joining the stable, where wagons can b* safely secured during the night The whole establl*hme*t is under the charge of W*, well known to stable men In this city. nov ? tf JOHN C CQQK. ?UKIkk? 1>ANSANTK. PROF H W. MUNDKR TAKES GREAT pleas *re in announcing to his friends, patrons, and public generally, that the above social and delightful entertain ments wlli commence at M under'* Metro politan Hall, corner 0:h and D street*, on ' WkdnkHDAN EVEN I NO, November' ?Jftth, at b o'clo k, and continue every Wednesday throughout the season Gentlemen wishing to subscribe for the reason can do so upon very favorable terms, by applying at the Hall oo Tuea <W aad Thursday evening from b till 10 o'clock, oov M-li " TAVtOfi A nAURY'S RBCINT 191. * partatlaaa ?Th* following valuable and lnterestiag works will be found amongst a variety of Bagllsh Books recently received from England, maay of which are at considerably r>du ed pri ce* and especially salted for the approaching fes tive season: Beox of Celebrated Poems; the best poems In the English language; one beautifully printed bvo volume, with elgntr '.lustrations by the first artists oloth, gilt edves. S4 Crulkshanks Three Course* and a De*ert, fifty ha morons Illustrations, 9' 25 Book of Family Crests,* volumes, over four thousand cuts of cre*s, fio 50 Furaltnre and House Decoration, 4lo , six hun dred illustrations, SO Gallerv of the Grace*, or Beautle* of British X> beautiful plate*, morocco, rlrhly gilt, Gleanings of Nature, by Mudle, 67 colortd plate* by l^andseer, Jr ,8'J Fuss In Boot*, li fine Illustrations, fancy covers, 30 cts Justus's Letters, complete In two volume, 82 Kohl's Russia?St. Petersburg, Moscow, and the Crimea, *i 75 Moore's Irish Melodies, Illustrated edition, beautifully printed and embellished with splendId line engravings from pictures painted expressly for the work by Mu ready. Ir , f7 Nicholson's Operative Mechanic and British Machinist, 130 Plates, t-4 30 Niaholsca's Builder and Workman's New Di rectory, 4to , 150 plate*, S# Percf's Rellques of Ancient English Poetrr. cloth extra gilt, fi 23 Pictorial Book of Ancient Ballads, illustrated, antique gilt edge*, fl 75 Robinson Crusoe, with 2G illustrations, on wood aad steel. *1 23 Sasnterlag about London. 75aenta Soaloture, Specimens of Ancient and Modern, Uo., 03 plates, Jki 30 ' Sketcnen of Young Ladles, Yoang Gentlemen, and Yoang Couple*, 16 Illustrations, by Phli, 81 Stuart's Antiquities of Athens, and other Mon uments of 6 reeee. 70 beautiful plate*, with the measurements, details. Ac., S'J 7ft Taaso'a Jerusalem Dellverei, ?1 engravings on wood and s on steel, ft U5 Walker's Analysis of Beauty In Women and Cattlca: View of Hypotheses respecting Beauty, new editions, drivings from life, ?5 Boo Gaultler's Book of Ballads. Illustrated by Cfowqalll, Leech, and Doyle, t'2 *3 A Cracker Bon Bon for Christmas Parties, br Brough, iilustrited, Si Round Gamea for all Parties, for Old and Youag, gilt edge*, f 1.00 Boewell's Life of Johnson, 10 vols , 50 platen. 810 i ? r ? Julian's Studies of Heads,finely drawn on stone. 4to,8* * Lardner s Popular Astronomy, U9cut>, Umo.. &7K cts. ' ? Punch's Pictures?Pictures from the Portfolio of Mr Punchj 50t? Illustrations by Leech, 1 vol . 83 30 Book of Costume, or Annals of Faihlon, by a Lady of Rank ; bvo., num-rous Illustrations, gilt edge*, fii So 6 Hood's Comic Annual, 44 Illustrations by Leech, SI 90 Drawing Book of the Govemmgnt School of De sign, ?l in Chamber's History of the Russian War, nolen dldly lllastrated with maps and plates, #1 30 The wsrk of Caaava In Sculpture and Model llag, engraved la outline bv Henry Mow, with <l?*cr1 ptlons and a biographical memoir; 3 splen did volumes. 9U r For ?ale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S ??v Bookstore, near ?th st. |\R HUNSON. AT JJU PENN'A AVENUE. " I* -'till making those beautiful aoastn'ious GUM TEETH, calledJM^fi Allen n Patent, for tjie exoelieacy whlcn orer ail other styles of teeth, nuvny now wearing them In this city, will eheerfullv vouch. Taen: Is one Dentist In this city who has been Lofrlag'.ng the patent, and made a bad Imitation of It, against whom 1 hweby caallsa the public N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, whea r*oo*riy co+structtd, it is because he is Ignorant of the procew, IncomDetent to make the work, or s unwilling to pjy for the patent. Je l#-tf IIOS1AKT UOSIKKY. IOHN U SMUOr, NO. 110 BRIDGE Street ?> Georgetown, D C . hai recelvtsd a large assort ? ment of Woolen aad Cotton Hose, and half Hose tor Ladle*, Gents, Boys and Girls, of all slrss and quallti**. aad of the beet makea Purchaser* will please oall nov ? JAMRS S. WELCH ! MKJtT PKJCniLM FAMILY FLO L It. WE ARK NOW RECKIV1NG THIS JusUy celebrated brand of Flour, and will continue to receive a full su >p!y during the winter We warrant It snperlor to anything in the market We are also agents for the sale of the following brands, vli; Richard B Welch, Family Charles L Woed, do Daniel J Wood, do - Island Mills, do Kllaabeth Mills, do All of which we aV'St la quantities to suit pux rhasers, at the lowest market price*. HAKTLEY 4 BROTHER, aov ilft-lm 101 Water St , Georgetown. 1>K. THKIIU. II anSMANN AS RKMOVKD HIS OFFICE SOMK houses above his old rooms, to No Wl 7th street west, between D and ?. streets north, near the Gsasrsl Post Office OODsbours as before, from 8 to 10 o'clock a. re. nov7 H 510 OOO HKtt K TRKKI ATTEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR sale at my Nursery, near Wasbingtoa.MA The above tree* are all of fine growth, andl^w off the best aelect fruit. Also,a general assortment offORN AM KNTAL, KVKRGftKEN,SHADE, andFRUlT TREKS. oc'JStf JOSHUA PK1RCB. I EfiLIK'fi pictorial. ONLY 6* Cents, and a beautiful Engraving given In the bar gain This Is no humbug, buy The paper and get tn# Picture, at FERGUSON'S, aov M Seventh st d ?V? * ??? Vu?mk streets fob JOHN H. ncCUTCHJE.I, ATTORNEY AT LATT. HAS REMOVED HIS OFFICE ANDRES1 deuce to No. M Missouri avenue, between 4 X tad 6th 8trsot. aor 18-1 in* A CARD. Mrs. franklin, thacher of vocal ftlaato, No. 406 E street, between 9th and 10th street* References : Mr R. Davis, and Mr. Hllhns, Music stores. se 17-3m CAST OF CLOTHING F ALL K1ND8 PURCHASED AT NO. 7# Louisiana avenue, opposite the Hay Market. N B ?Also, wanted, a person at Repairing. nov H>-lm? riiNOI. PIANOS. O LARGE OOLLHCTION OF NBVV AND SKCOND HAND PIANOS for Sale and to A Rent. ckaiMr than at any other place, at No *98 Eleventh street, a few doors above Pennsylvania avenue. nov Thirty day clocks.?for churches Basks. Hotels, Ofitoes, As. These] Cloaks run thirty two days with ouse wind ing, and the power of the spring Is so equal-1 ised, that the foroa Is applied stall times like' a weight They have antl-frlotloa rolling plnloiM and tfs pendulum rod Is like tho<e on astronomi cal clocks by which the expansion and contrac tion of heat and cold are avoided,and accuracy of time sesurt'd Also, a fresh prime lot of Eight Day and Thirty Hour Clocks All warranted. Prices low. G. FRANCIS, nov '19 490 Seventh st THftC UNION. flHB ? UNION HOTEL" IN GEORGE l towu, D. C.. has been leased by the ^ subscriber, who Is now prepared and would ffiW be pleased to receive permanent and tran slent boarders. nov 11 lm JACOB FOUKF. INTKKNitTloniAli HOTEL, WASHING TON CITY. rrwis IIOUSK (KNOWN OF LATE AS J. the United States Hotel,) having under- ( gone tboroiu h repair sad been handsomely M r-f Jinlsh>d, Is now np?d for the reception of J guest* From Its favorable location, (being nearer tiic Cspltol than any other Hotel In thlsclty,) and th" accowmndatlons, the proprietor Is prepared to -lTurd all who wish a eompfo/table h^me during their sojourn In Washington, be feeis assured of a ilbaral patronage from the tiavellng public, deol-tf OKLTA SALOON, D street, between 8thand U?4 streets. a on***turdav evening, November 9th, w fJ^H|i8^l<l*GANT SALOON WAS OPENED and the pri begs leave 6> assure the publlc" spared no palas or expense In makine this th# LO?>??5mJv dri"&NQ BA ? ? la Washington city Its central and nrlr vate locality, and the admirable adaptation of^he house to the business, aided by the best of conks "k? and h,s uo^mlttlng endeavors to ssss? SK'irfes "?^,ZTy " "" <te nov la lm ASA RICKETTS. CHINA, GLASS AND QlKK.1 S WAItK. ?R. H. MILLER, SON A CO Importers direct from Liverpool toS^K/ Alexandria, beg leave to call theatmflt ?f dealers, hotel keepers and SffASSK-SS, h"/ 0eor?etoWn ?o Ihelr swv-k of HOODS, Which, for exteut and variety *nv Ths connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Kurope and the Unite*State! for upwards of 30 years, he* gives him advan tages In ths purchase of goods, equal, If not supe rior, to any hoaas In the trade. An Inspection^* goods and Prices will satisfy an partlss that pur chases can be made cf them upon the most fhvor able terms V*.nner "J*' ?ut decorated whit W R?ld band and Piam Pitchers, Toilet Sets, Ac CuP* 411(1 ??"cers, and other articles of Teaware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India China Dinner Seta,and separate articles al ways oa hand Whits Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and <***> ss may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Comason Edged, While and Rockingham Ware in full supply. "?*?, Cut. Pressed, Plain and Monlded Glass Ware from the best establishments In the Eastern and Western Stales, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise. Experienced packers employed. Goods put ud breakage ? *>? transported by aay mode without Fa?? by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, ISk cents mch wav i0qZr0t^?lUt t^4U* "P?"1 ,n*y "*v? msny OFFICIAL. ~ " Tastscav Dspastiisst, August*), IMC. Where** the following joint resolution ofCoiwr-ss Ms become a law: Joint UcsoLtrioM extending the time for the creli tors of Texas to present their claims RetoUed by the Senate and Houte of Reireicnta iu>et of the United State? of Amerita in Vongreu ? ?embled, 1 hai as, agreeab y to the provision ol the fourth atecUon ol the a?t of the S?:h of February IW5, ? to provide for the payment ol such creditors' ol the late republic of Texas as are comprehended in the act of t,ougress of S. pternber 9ih, le50," uo oce, bv public aJvertwei&oiit, was dulysiven for JLe of ninety days by the Se rtury of Hit rreu ury, of the tune at which payment of the dm ?uMiappiop.-ia ?? j by the tillh secuon of said a-1 wool J b? ma rata, ?a a. y l> ud, ceruhcate. j* ? Vide see of a^bl of tta.J -tia r, winch should be l?r?s.uieU at ibe l it aiury Department thirty davs preee >?.<?( u>? ISil. osy of J Sue, ?(** the limit ol ?aiu iHHii*; s >d at ii id repr?*i>?utt:u by tb? said St* re a. y .rf the Treasury, that of t-aid b ?nds, c?r iMn a e?, aiui. vijenoen of uebi, whith have be. n rsntgitia^ii by the *tate ol Tei?-, ,h- e t ?! "lm lirVm h,**,dr*'d ? eighty sine th'iu - and six hundred au4 ninety ihree d^furr and sey^n cr nla were n..t prated to the Tr< a ury Department prior to th? ni4 13ib ??f Juui*, iki rclorv, iu order to do full jstsliec to the LulUers of debt', IL S la/y ol Uie 1 r>-a ury Is hereby au horned to pay to ik^ holders of any of the .aid b nds, cerUficstee. or esidesscs, ol debt, not presentwd before ihc 13ih dfty ol Ju.jc la.Nt, who may present ar-d prove the ?ameat the l reasury Department, between the 13th day of June Ian and the 1st day of January uoxt. ,*?"52IT ? V?ptr reJra^ "> the United States aiid Jie State ol Texas, their ;rro rata .hart, of tlie -Sid seven milium sev. n hundred and Gltv tkou^nJ dollars; and alter payweut thtri of, i|iK ?ud X?cta tary of the TreMury is authorised and required to dwuibuie and pay the residue of the ,*Vcn mil lioas seven ksaaiad and flfty thousand dollars then rnnainiac is the trtatury, jno rata, amon??t all the ?aid holders who may have proved ibeir claim,, and executed the proper releases on or belorw the 1st dav ci Jauaa y next. ' Approved Auba.i 1-th, leCC. Woriotw Hssssr oivss to the hol^ess of bonds certificates, and evidences of debt of the late repub I e ??f T? ias, which were not presented st this de psnmi'bt on or before the 18th dsy of June ls?t,tbst '.he rame wll be settled snd the yro rala amount hereon will be paid to the Iswful holders then of if presented be ft) re the first dsy of Jsnuary next, ao csmponied with the uece*=ary evidence of their geu" vineness, with as^ignmentsto the United States,ic. jalrad to give this department the custody of suck bonds, eeruficates, and evidences of debt,and wiih isltasesto the Cnitsd States snd Tssas, In sceord ssae with the provisions of the sctof Uongresso Mth i ? broary, IH.V5. mis J0(?run?&t will not require. vldroee of gen ciu< sees to he preaented with .he eertiflesiesisww*! +V ?'< ? JJ'toraud comptroUer of Tesas under the U ws of the ii (ate. But it*?no inesusof rut /:ag thsrertifieoies.bonds snd promiMory note, siu rd hy the ropublic of Texas, aud not presentttl to, sor audited by, the oQcers of the Stats. Tb* neoossary sad properproof of the genuinenessoi lUi?" uteris the certificste of the comptroller of the Stateot Texas, who has theolficisl charge of ib< (riflnaltrs livesrelatisg tothe debt ofths late re pablie ol Texas Th ? a<dgom. nt snd releases may be execute asd a-kso'wledged in the presmee of the Asm nan Secretary of the Treasury, or the ohlef clerk thsreo^ in the presence of a notary public, and be wltnesaed by the Assistant Secretary, or chief clerk and nota ry, and be certified by the notary nnder his nota rial teal; bat when the holders desire to make the assignment and execute the rol eases out of the oity of Washington, it maybe done in the pretence of an a**istant treasurer, or ooBeetor, or surveyor of the austoms,in the presence of a notary public,and bp witnessed by the collector or suiveyor and the no tary public, and be oertifled by the notary under bis notarial seal j and if there be no collector orsurvry or oftbi! customs at the place whsre the party re sides, th? assignment and releases may be executed before anyoourt of record, in the presence of the judge and cl rk thereof, and be witnessed by th?m. and certified by th?- clerk under his seal of oflloe; and if th? holder bu out of the Uuited States, the as signment aad releases may be executed before any United Statesconsul, and be witnessed and certified by him under his consular seal. All peraonsexe outing suah assignments and releases mast also de clare, underoafch, beforethe notary, clerk, or eon sul, as the ease tnay be, tbat they are the real own ers oftie >ortificaies or other evidences of debt, or that the same have been aligned to Uicm, bona fiJe, far collection; and the notary, clerk, or consul mnst iuclnde the fact of thatdeclarutlon in their eer> till ate ofaeknowledgment. If assigned for cottootion, or in pledga, the nam# ?f the party holding tho beneficial or residuary iu ?ratt in tin* ~haim nau*? be staled in the aftllavit and a rel? aio to the United Stated and release to Texan must be duly executed by such parly, to gether with the assignment and releasee from the perjon in whose fhvor settlement and payment if> raquestad. One or more audited certificates, or one or more evidence of the same character of debt, may b.i in r'ud<-d in the 3am<* assignment, releases, and atiida vit of ownership, if each certificate is correctly de^ scribed by number, date, amount, and name of the original jwyee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the aul'iorities of the Slate of Texas, on aeoount of the debt of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Texas,accord iiif to the facts of each case. The assignm nt to the United States may be male in cumin >n lorm ; the releases should be drawu ac cording to tho forms subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Treasury. Furttt A. Know all persons by these presents that has released, and hereby releases, the United S a?*s of Am nca from all further liability or claim lor the payment of certificate or evioence of debt number , for the sum of , issued by the late republic of Texas, (or by the authorities of the State of Texas, a-i the case may be,) and re deemed oy the United States in accordance with the provisions of an act of Congress entitled "An act to provi e tor the payment of such cjeditors of the late republic of Texas a? are comprehended in the actof ('"tigress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 28th day of Fedruary, 1855, and an act or the ctate of Texas, approved the 1st of February. I806. As witness my hand and seal. Form B. Know all persons by these presents that ? has released, and hereby releases, the State of Texas from al! further liability or claim loi the ,?ay m 'nt of certificate or evidence of debt number , for Hie sum ot 9 , issued by the Ini* re public of Tc-xa-,(or by the of the rotate of TVxa*, a? the case may be,) a*id redeemed by th? United States lu accordance with the provt? of an act of Congress, entitled " An act to provide for the |>ayni'nt of such creditors of the late renublico Texas as are comprehended in liie act of Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fitly," approved ihe 28tli 01 February, 1855, and an act of the S;ate of Texas, approved the 1st of February, 1056. As witness ray hand and seal. The following is a list of the audited certificates ?till outsiaiding: No Ltu.e<i to. a T D Tompkins 10 Bukmaa Caufieid 31 John A Clifton 39 H K Muse 53 R <i Hobbi 84 J De Cordova Ml John Burningiam 1.J5 Piuneas DeCoi 176 E Baldwin IVI James Tilgbmaq ll>2 Mathias Clark *2?} Bthan Earle .'?# O Blimau Lil4 J K Wade :I6* Peters ft Booth :W5 (lusted 4U4 S KingsJey 437 J Parker, for Eliza- 1842) beth Parker, ex'x 1843) No. IttutA to. 1639 Oscar Engledow 16#? Trustee* ?f Austin College 1?82 G II Monsarrat k Go 16 K) John Kamer 17U4 Daniel Carl. 1746 John W Portis 1770 J K Elliott 1807 Harriet George 1816 Miles S Bennett 1829 Nathaniel Rudder 1831 t L? vi Tyler, a<lm'r 1833 \ ofWH Kelly 1838 Samuel Wildey 1839 Georgj Sutherland 1841 J P Heoniiigs J C Eccles 437 Bern diet Bayley 445 Leander Beasou 466 Wm Odlin 467 John W King 509 T B W. bb 510 A S Thu inond 548 Tl'oe W Marshall BJ5 David S Kaufman 643 Geoige W Parker 1844 Edmund Balllager 185-2 J 0 Logan 1856 C P Green 1865 David Ayres 1869 Tliomes F J antes 1878 C SehiedMnanid 1880 J F Jewell 1897 F Lin ma 1899 Par ilia Lee* 644 Cruicto?rkMcRaVenl990 K W (ir.wuifjrcr SI IWm p,ow, r 6;n) I A -<im s n . 6>9 Wm M Beieqer 677 H u -Villianu 701 Feiix Kiedcr '{y | Robert Dale 77y Wm Jones 779 Wm Walker 793 Dyer Pearl 8 tl Isaac L Hill t63 Uermogan Brown 874 John W Bower 879 James McMa.ter 914 Dyer IVail IMI Gilbert Johnson 19-28 Uobert Lusk 19-29 K W Cuwthern 19-JU W m Cochran 1932 Fianct- Aloore jr 2071 Andrew Daley 2072 Isaac ettewart *** U W Vlckery 1504 2088 1749 2106 1610 2108 293 2136 2145 G23 3104 1501 2303 915 Mary J?.h:n Ilcdi^i-1858 beri 930 J Ellis U32 Mrs Mary Belville 1010 Anson Cranson <012 P. M Forbes 1025 James N Hoxan 1043 Thomas Lindsay 1045 James L Green 1017 Jt ssr Daniel 1048 1 B Daniel 1050 Charles Vinccnt I ^ u Oervalse 1058 Willis Millican 1059 J D Milluau 1062 Jtthn Davis 10C.") Wm Barton 1079 W A Lockharl I0H) 11 Morton 1135 James Killam 11!? C II Taylor l'24l Youngs CoicTQan Paul Bremond David G Burnet R r McMaster F P Gentry 8 W Fisher Louisiana Davis E Frost 2?S)G Thomas Reed 2316 Harrison C Bryant 2330 J ? McDonald 2340 Arthur Garner 2311 J F Marlehelt 2341 Andrews 8l GrOVCT 3345* P G Merrill 2349 W Pinkney 2350 J D Giddinge 2354 J Crawford Jr 2358 A P Edgerton 2359 Thomas Warner Jr 2*63 George K Sisiare 2361 Frauds llrichta

2382 Elizabetli Carter 2383 Wm Davis 2387 Joseph Tomluison 2390 Sneed h. Turner 1248 Robert McNutt 1249 John W Cloud, per'2M90 Wm Kiinbro atCyl Hjfaymund 2400 11 H Haynie 1261 E De Pon 019 1Q69 C P Gn-en 1275 G W Sinks & J Shaw 1217 Jithu Kendrtck 1298 Samuel Hid 'en 1300 John Johnson 1301 Su?an Massiex S401 R w Mil hank 3402 Catherine Allen B 2405 Henry Knug 2413 J W Lawrettoe 2418 Stephen Smith 2434 A C Hortoa 2438 Elapbalet Easton 244*2 Lemuel B Dickenson 136-2 Tboma* H Forre?ter2450 Wm H Thompson l:<85 B R Warner 9452 Z Wm Eddy W7| J B Herron 1423 William Frels 1424 G W Osborna 1 M5 John A Rutherford 1427 Cornelias Vannoy 1428 Joseph Bates 1473 Ann B lie*** 1515 Lumbard Minis 1521 J C Moore 1523 John James 1564 K 11 Douglas 1570 E M Fish 1572 Wm Kerr 15H0 James A Moody 1581 P Uickford 1612 John Lamer 1615 John Cameron 1623 John D Taylor 1624 Levi Mercer 1626 EJi Mercer 2474 A B Hemphill 2477 Aaron Haughtoo 2479 Heirs of John Jones 34*0 ?? Joel Hid * 2481 ?? WairenXWn 2482 " John L Monks 2483 ?? Peter Aldrich *2490 M A Dooly 2000 George C Daycashier 2501 F Kennett k Co 2503 John W Schrimpf 2504 W C Blair 2512 M Rorbt:rttallle 2513 Henry B Brookf 2514 Gabriel Trumwet I 2598 H S Morgan 2529 Furbnr k Bean 2534 Sarah Newman Tiie outstanding evidences of other classes uf the debt of the republic of Texaa cannot be specified by this Department. au 22?dtlsUanJ orriciAL. Tnaaaca* Departmint, Not. 29, 1856. Notice Is hereby given to holders of stock of the l< ans of ttx Unlit <1 States, t' at this deiarinvnt will pu.cla* the tann until the 3d of March next, nr.lvss the sum of $1,500 000 shall be previously i b wned, and will pay, In a Idttion to the Interest accrued irom the date of the 'a?t s*mi anneal diTi dsnd of interest thereon, to-ether with one ray s additional interest for the mon? y to na b the v? n dor, the foilow'nf ?aieg of pumictn .in iaij stocks: tor the tlock of 1842, a pr< in um of 10 per cmi Far the stock of 18i7 and 1848, a prrmuim of 16 per cent; and lor the nock of 1850, commonly < ?'I'd Texas Ind*miiity Stock,a pt? m'lim of 6 per c?nt. C itiC, atcs of stuck uan.muted to the dejar: ment, under tl.i* notice, munv be a?si*rel to the United H-atis, by the {arty duly eautled to receive the proceeds. 11 s at between (*a<e h? reof and the 1st i ay of Jaiosiy next, the current balf year's la terest must be awlfned by the present stockholder, or it afil b; {ayab'e a* heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction be male frtm the amount jay able for the stock. 1 a>m nt i>* the stocks so assigned and l a rni't ted will be mad<t by dtarts on the A?sis'antTr< bid rersat Boston, New York, or Philalelphia at the option of the j arties entitled to receive the m >?f y, which should b*j eirpnvsed In th?* letters accom;ia ny ng the certificates. JAMES GUI HUTP, <fc? l-MJMa-chr Bm""y "" T" AUCTION SALES. By ? GREEN, Auctioneer PIU8TEES sale of kkal estate. ? By virtue of a dep?] of trust bearing date utd day of January. lWfl, and recorded In Liber J A S , No 111, folios 421, etseq , among the land records of Washln^tcn county, In the Dis trlct cf Columbia, the und^rslgrwd will sell on MONDAY, the 15th dav of Deoetrbtr, lc56, on the premises, at 4 o'clock in tb? afternoon, to the hlgbe<t bidder, at public auction, all that piece or parte! of ground situated In the city of Washing ton. In said District, and known and distinguish ed upon the pround or plat of *ald rltyes rart of lx>t No. 4. In ?quare No. S04, and bound ed as follows: commencing at the southeast cor n*>r *a';l l?t No 4 ; theoce northwardly, along the dividing line between ?aid lot No 4 and lot numbered 3, to a public alley; thenc* alon^ west wardly seventeen'set; thence southwardly on a line parallel with the said dividing line to south L street seventeen feet to the pl?ce of begintlng, i with the improvements thereon, which aie a good two-story Frame House. This property fronts on south C, between 13th and 13* streets west Terms: Ose-third cash; the residue In 6 and 11 month*, for which the purchaser** nr.tea will be taken, bearing. Interest from the day of sale, end alien on the premises If the terms of sale be not complied with with in three dayi from the day or sale the premWes will be resold, on five days public notice, at the risk and cost of the purchaser All conveyance* at he purchaser's cost. C. C. CALVERT. Trust e. nov 19-ecdAds A. GREEN, Anct'r. Bv J AS. C MceuiRK. Auctioneer ! 'rKUSTPKS' SALS OF FRAME HOUSE 1 and Lst.-On MONDAY AFTERNOON, December 21, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust from Samuel Curson and , wife da'.ed June 8. 1852, and recorded in Liber J . A 8 , No 39, folios 341, 323, 321, and 324, one of the land records for Waabing'.on county, in the District of Columbia, we shall sell parts of lots No* 7 and 8 In sqn?rp 410, t.oatnntng for the ssrne at the dl-tanre of flf.y feet from the north east corner of the Squ*re on Seventh street north and running thenoe we?t 'JtOfcet to Eighth street' thence south by and with Eighth street twenty, live fee*; thence east two hundred feet to Seventh street; thence North by and with Seventh street twenty-lve feet to the be?inning, together with the improvements, consisting of a ueat Two-story Frame Dwelling-house with tmck buildings. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue in six and twelve roontlts, with interest, tecurfd by a deed of trust on the premises JOHN W. McKIM, ) RICH. H. CLARK, i TrU8t^? kds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct nov 13-lawAds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. fPRHTEE'l SALE OF VALUABLE A Bntldlng Lst sa 3d street west, between Pennsylvania avenae aad f street.?By vir tue of two deeds in trust, duly executed and re corded, the subscriber will sell at public sale, on W EDN ESDAT, the 17th day of December, 1656, on the premises, at 4 o'clock p m., Lot No 11, in reservation No 11, fronting 45 feet on 3d street west, between Pennsylvania avenue acd C street, by 150 fret to a 35 feet alley. The above property Is situated in one of the most desirable parts of the city, near Trinity Church, and offers a rare opportunity to persons desirous to build or invest. I errus of sale: One*thlrd cash j the balance in 6, 12, 18, and 24 months, for notes bearing interest from day ? f sale, seemed by a deed of trust on the property ; and if not complied with In one week after tbe tale the property will he resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser Tills indisputable. CHAS 8 WALLACH, Trustee, nov 24-3taw&ds JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct ByJ.C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rpitUSTEE'S SALE OF HUUSK AND * Lst an 6th street west, between K street nsrth and New Yark avenue.?By virtue of a deed in trust, bearing date on the 27th day of March, 185G, and recorded in Liber J A 8 , No 114, folios 4 et seq , and a decree of tfce Circuit Court of tLe District of Columbia, made In the cause pending in said Court. No. lltH, in Chan cery. the subscriber will sell at public sale, on MONDAY, the 15th day of December 1850, at 4 o'clock p m.. on the premises. Lot No 23, in Callan's subdivision of fquaie No 451, fronting *0 feet on Sixth ?t eet west, between K street north and New York avenue, by 100 feet deep, to a ten-feet alley, with the buildings and improve ments, which consist of a substantially built and comfortable two-story frame dwelling bouse, with back building, Ac The above p opeity is eligibly situated in a rap idly improving part sf the city, and tfibrs a most favorable opportunity to persons desiring a resi dence or to invest. The terms of sale will be: One-third of the purchase money in cash, and the balance in six and twelve months, for noteo bearing interest from the day of sale, secured by deed in trust upon the property; and if not complied with in five days after the sale, the property will be re sold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and ex pense of the purchaser. All cmveyancing at the expense of the purchaser CHAS 8. WALLACH, Trustee nov27-eoAds JAS C. .McGUIRE, Auct. By WALL. BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. rpRUSTEE'S SALE.?BY AUTHORITY x of a deed of trust from George B Armstrong and Julia H.W ,his wife, dated the 13th De cember, 1854, and by direction of the party whose debt is secured thereby, the subscrlbtr will sell at publie auction, to the highest bidder, on the 22a December next, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on the premises, the following lots In the city cf Washington namely: Lots No 23 and 21, in Square No 584, lot No. 24 belnjj at the intersec tion of VlivlRla avenue and First street west, fronting it feet 4 inches on First street and *<6 feet 6 Inches on Virginia avenue, with a rear front of 49 feet on a 20-foot alley: and Lot No. 23 adjoin ing west, with a front or 30 feet 2 Inches on Vir ginia avenue, and xeur front of 32 feet on a 20 foot alley. And an the 23d Deetmher, at 4 o'clock, on tho premises, commencing at the first lot, and then proceeding to the second, the following, namely: Part of Lot No. 10, In Square No 481, fronting 17 feet on Fifth street west, and W feet inches deep, commencing on Fifth street 119 feet south of N street north, containing 1067 square feet; Lot No. b, in Square No. 777, said Lot being oentrally situated between G and H streets north, having a frsnt on Third street east of 00 ft?t 2 Inches, with a depth of 164 feet Inches, con taining OQOO square feet. Turns: One-third cash; and the retidus at6, 12 and 18 months, for which the purchaser's bonds will be taken, bearing Interest with a Hon on the property. Ir the terms are not complied with within five days from the dsy of sale, the aroperty will be resold at the purchaser's risk and cost on a notice of seven days. CHAS. MYERS, Trustee. WALL, BARNARD A CO., nov27-eoAds Auctioneers EVENING STAR. THE GOLDEN GUILLOTINE. j fCONCLUDED. J The night of the 20th of July. 17V5, fell dark and tempestu >us. The waved rolled in with fury upoa the narrow strip of sand we yet retail ed upon the shore of France. Our only bftrr'er against the enemy was Fort Pen tLievre, which stood, a darker was?, against the dark sky. I lay upon the sand, with my sword ? my inseparable companion ? in my grasp. Suddenly, a stout was beard above the rear of the waters. 1 started up?but could see nothing. It proceeded from the di rection of the fort, and I knew that a surprise was nt le?Jt attempted, if it had not ?ucceed ed A moment's a*ony parked aero* my brow. like tlm glow of a 6erce fire. This was the only contingency I had not foreseen ; my ene my and I might be close to eacS other in the riarknnt. without ooming into contact. . My worst suspioiona were the best founded Fort Penthievro had been surprised and taken ?we were now at the mercy of the republican army All those within reach of me rose along with me, and obeying the word of command, placed themselves in order, and rushed upon the advancing enemy. The collision was tre mendous. Hoche's guns had already b<?gar to play, and in a few minutes the English squadron, which had been obliged to keep out to sea, in consequence of the tempest, an nounced their presence by the roar of their artillery. From the first I. saw that resist anco was hopeless; and that escape was al most equally so. D'Hcrvilly was mortally wounded; tambrcud, who succeeded him, was a stranger to the place, and lost his pre? ence of mind. It was a hopeless carnage, and my men fell around me in heaps Neverthe less. I assumed the command which others were unable to exercise, and contrived for some time to protect the masses ol emigrant* who, with their wives and children, were rush ing into the water to embark on boerd tae Eng lish boats. It must have been calm; for while engaged in this arduous duty, 1 took advan tage of every cannon shot fired close to mu to survey the opposite ranks in ecarch of Lcvas seur In so dark a night, the flash of the dis charge from a piece of ordnance throws an intense glare for a considerable spaae; and a 1 had habituated my eyes to take in numer '?us objects distinctly at a sudden glance, I was now, efter one or two of the 9* momenta ry surveys, able to ascertain with tolerable accuracy the order of the hostile column, and where 1 ought to look for him. 1 found that in order to confront him, I muet move to the right, or as close to the edge of the sea as pos sible. This was difficult, in the laoe cf the encmj; but finding that Sombreuil bad just come up fc> the point I defended with a fresh body of emigrants, 1 drew my exhausted men off lor a moment, and moving round a small sandy eminence, threw them once more upon the hfitile army, almost within the surf of the shoreward waves. The result was as I had anticipated Cer tain signs gave evidence of Levasseur's vicin ity. I recognised the uniform of his corps, and at last had the inexpressible satisfaction of hearing his voice, above the roar of the waves, urging on his men. By this time matters had drawn to a conclu sion The two armies were mingled together in the darkness The few boats which h*d tucceeded in gainiug the shore had oitber muk or were sheering on overloaded With fu gitives Iu all directions cries were heard of '?quarter', quarter!" a boon which fn soma i istancea was accorded by the soldiers, as the despairing emigrants or Chouans laid down their arms; though in most, these wretches were cut down without mercy. From the sea. the frightful confusion was aided by the broadsides of the British fleet, poured in upon the shore, and sweeping off friend and foe in indiscriminate slaughter. I had almost given up the hope of surviving to fulfil my mission, whan a sudden flash discovered Levasseur within five yards of me, a littlo advance! be fore his men, in the act of pointing a gun at a boat which had just quitted the snore, filled with women and ohildren. I might have rushed forward and cut him down. I do not know why 1 did not do so. 1 walked up to him. and laid my hand upon his shoulder, uttering in his ear the word " Le vasseur!" He started up from the stooping Eosture, and in an instant drew a pistol from is belt, and fired Had he not been discon ccrted, he must have killed me; as it was, the ball grazed my ribs He drew back, aghast " Coward !' cried I, " draw your sword ; 1 shall wait until you can defend yourself " We could see each other, now we were to close, by the gleaming of the cannonade Even at the desperate moment I was startled as I suddenly bceame constfous that a change bad taken placc in his appearance, llis bfaci hair had grown white. Tha confirm* tion of an original surmiso flashed across my mind. He must have existed for a greater or less period of time under the belief that, at the moment of his mortal sin, ho had fallen into the bands of the living God. " Wbyshould we fight'" he now exclaimed, in a subdued voice, " She is dead, long ago ' And buried !" I cried, holding up to Lis oyes the Golden Guillotino. ?'God! whence has that come " From the depths of the ocean, in which thy bones shall whiten ere long Thoughtest thou that thou wert to escape the Avenger of Blood, because thou hadst placed a millstone round the nock of thy socrct, and sink it in the sea ?" ?< De Martigny, thou wast my rival?thou sough tMt to strangle me-was ii not so T' With death staring him in the face, he was yearning to extract seme expression which should relieve him once for all from the rem nants of the horrible suspicion which had once haunted him. I saw that; and at the same time felt myBelf growiuc weak from loss of blood ; yet, so much was I still overpow ered with the thought of the fiery tortures the wrctch must have gone through to turn the stoDy blackness of his locks into silver iu the Uime, that I could not bring mjaelf to sabre him, and have done with him Nor had I need. He had just obaeved my growing faintness, and was planting his feet w oomtmence the oombat in which the chances^ began to show in his favor, when a ball from un English line of-battle ship ploughed the sand over both of us, and in Its ricochet tore Levasseur s right arm from its socket, laying the ribs of the same side bare to the We fell together?he in the agonios of dcatu, I fioin the t?ock and previous loss of blood, i I had strength left to dip my finger in the r.ool of gore between us?whether in his or mine I know not, or both mingled together? and write upon his forehead the single word? ALPUoasiHE This I did that thddovil might krow what to do with him. Our men, on both sides, had missed us, and as the action now confined itself to another quarter, they had drawn off to lend their aid at that point. I was left alone with the dy ing m?n ; and witnessed the blatkness of bis brow fade into the epectral palor of npon which the gory letters came on; like faint writing held against a fire. The objeet of my life was accomplished ; ditr-iness oame over me. 1 belie red that I to**- , V -1 1 recovered my conrciousatii on board a British man-of-war. It was not for some days afterwards that I discovered how I had bean sated. An officer who, taking advantage of the darkness, had piubed bcldl J on a boat just niter the termination of the actio , in hope of saving somebody, *nd who sa lying wounded and motionless but ?in J of life .bout mo, h?d, .? tb. 1r? ol'hi. oWo, cutlass in biaJ, rwa?d n? t. republican ?? ??> ^ Young man, little more remains to be said. TH2 WEEKLY 8TA*. nil exoelieat Pajullv u4 Riti JNMl-^n -ilTHTMrirTTHtjifi?muagrnattni; i>tn toy mining. l , mu K *? ntn. <*>*ea X ? ?? vweatyeopiaa ia M IDT Caen, uuiuiLT in anvancn Prtoe?Timi Cbhts ? Hil?i**R^wko Mt u ?**?*? will keellewrd ft commission of twaity per cost. When, vears afterwards, royalty had been restored to France. I repaired to the lonely beach at the naoath of the Loir*, Ud had the bones of all that had onoe made life dear rev oreutl v removed to this aacred precinct, where, with the content of the archbishop, they were buried privately, and a certain ntabfr of masee? appointed to be said for the soul of the departed. Over thia grave I puetad myself a sentinel for life Here I pans my days? often my nights The venerable archbishop would have solaced mj watching! bj his pres ence over and ever again, but I wilhttood bini. I preferred performing this doty alone Nevertheless, when he dial, I was smitten to tbe heart, as joa saw?for I had lost bj last friend. Had Clark, and the Tims of Day. There lived, a few yean since. In Buffalo, a good fellow, whom we will eall Had Clark, wboee memory is freeh in the hearts of the Cuffalonians as that of an honeet man and n prime joker should be. Poor Ned (we do not give his name, bat all who knew hun~aad their name is legion?will remember the cir cumstances we are about to relate) poesseau 1 that original wit and hapny tact for getting off "drives" upon bis fellow men which ao distinguishes Lieut. l>erbj, better known to tho reading public as John Phoenix, alias tquibob. and who is oontinuslly perpetrating avrfvl one.j upon the unfortunate Californlans Usee upon a time the Common Council ef Buffalo, In a vagrant fit of patriotism, voted a sum of the people's money to put up a sun dial, withal, in one of the public squares In the city, that tbe citisens might know the true hour of twelve, and regulate their watches accordingly. Kvery one familiar with Buffalo remembers this sun dial, which still stand* a monument of the sagacity of the Common Council. Tbe individual who took the contract located the dial directly in the oentre of the sauare, away from the walks, (not one of which cries it,) and where not one out of a hundred wauld ever take tbe treble t j consult it. As a little stone monument it is not out of the way ; a.- a tun-dtal it Is almost u s.jless Kvery day at tweive, Nei Clark was seen, 44 with solemn step and slow," to approach the dial and regulate bis repeater; every day at twelve he was teen t> depart with a sad and thoughtful brow. At length, when tbe eitl sens had almost given up gue.~eing what Med could be at, he appeared in the street one fine morning with an immense petition, covering several pages of foolscap Ned flew about the city with it like one possessed lie seemed to have tbe taculty of catching business men, in their busiest moments, to demand their sig natures. il The devil!" they said, rt we have no time to read all this " " Dm't want you to," said Ned, " only sign it! Petition to the Common Council' Public tood! Put on your fist, old fellow !*? 8,me signed, becauee, being *' refonneis," they signed every }>etition ; some to get rid of bitn, and pome because they thought it was "one of Ned's drives," and were willing to he!p it. In five days he had the names of ne.-irly six hundred of the best men in Buffalo to his monster petition, and at tbe next meet Eng of the Common Council it was presented So lengthy a petition, signed by so many, and euch name?, was, of course, cf considerable importance; and amid breathless silence it wn? solemnly read The reader meandered blandily through page after page of " whereases/' and " there torea." the interact of tbe listeners increasing moment by moment, till the last sentence waa arrived at, as follows : "Therefore, we, your petitioners, beg that the time of day may be* carried to our resi dences iu le-ad pipe*/" An awful silence fell upon that conclave, and they transacted very little more business during t^e evening. ty Gold and silver ores are propr*ad to be treated by a new method, devised by Mr J Forrest, of London Tbe quarta is first broken into small pieces, then immersed for ubout two hours in a hot eolation of oaustic ? - la. or any other alkali. After this the ore is removed from the alkaline bath, and sub jected to a white heat in a muffled retort, or other suitably constructed furnace. While under this beat the alkali will become fused, and, forming a flux, will facilitate tbe fusion cf the metallic matter contained in the ore, snl tbe separation of the preoious metals from their combinations. The ore having been subjected to a white heat sufficiently long to reduce tbe gold to a pure metallic s'.ate, is discharged into cold water, whereby it is rendered very fragile, and capable of being readily reduced to powder The preoious metal:? may then be separated by any of tbe u^ual processes. Li.' A woman purchasing cups and aaucers not a thousand miles from here, was asked wLat color she would have. " Why, I arn t particular," said she, 44 any color that wau't &how dirt." ty An enthusiastic admirer of the Ciar, was repeatedly savir.g to a stranger, ''the Czar is (creat ' "Yes." was the reply, 44 but God is greater." u Ah !" exclaimed the Rus sian 44 but the Caar is young yet!" 13*" A little girl was lifted from tbe ground and carried half a square during the high wind of Saturday in Pittsburg, by the Inflation of her?pnra*ot She was enabled to alight from her atrial trip by tbe assistance of a gentle man pas.-ing. ty~ In a ie:e:.t Consignment of clothing arrived at Lawrence from Boston for distribu tion. were a pair of slips formerly worn bv A. A. Lawrence, a dreeing gown made by Chas Sumner's mother, and a fur cap formerly worn by Daniel Mack, of Amherst ?Boston Pott. Ijtf A gentleman who died in this county, says the Lexington (Va.) Gaiette, a few months ago, devised his entire property, esti mated at 510,000, to one of his sisters. After his death, that sister destroyed his will and divided his property equally between a bro ther aud sister and herself. It is 8aid that Mr. Secretary Guthr'e. in training his reeipr eity tariff with Canada, made the "daty"ou milk so high, that the farmers on the royal borders, instead of milk tag their cowe at home and sending the milk in cans into the States find it more economical to drive their cows over, milk them on tbi American side, an I then drive them ba k sj;?in. A Warning-iiLAitv Ca.CkLRV ? A family in this city were all made seriously sick this week from eating of a chicken pie, eooked in a yellow slated crockery dish. The glaslng of such diahe* is poisonous, a* d is abaor*e<t t.y tic f.od that is cooktd in them They gheul I be utterly discarded from ust.?Sprin# fi' 'd RrpHblicm. A Ripe Strawmrrv i* l>fcnnn?R--A stawberry plant was du? up fr? m the g*rd*o o" Win C Hubbard, <4 Nawtown Lownr Falls, thi< morning, which had upon it a ripeauaw bqrrv of the Hovey species, of unntuul siae, i b ing a little over tnree and a quarter in ihea it circumference ^tbia la the 7 wthefthe si a1 on. Tbeie wt re other bloc giTi u. pta tusday InroaTAatOtscovERT.?The Montreal liar aid says that an important dieeovery t?*s i oently been made by Sir William It is the presence, in the township of Chatham, on the Ottowa, of a very exteu?ve dep->ait o. the formation of what is popularly called burr stone. Sir William has expressed ?n opudo.i that in its adaptation for the grind ?ig of flour and other com u.HK ?* f4*""' t .at of tbe best F retch berr, wb? h u La ported into every market in tbe wot 1 , l. I forms no conMderablo item in tLe exp .t ! Crcm France.