Newspaper of Evening Star, December 9, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 9, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Job PRiirriBa.?Oar patrons and the public nr* reminded that we are prepared to have their orders for Job Printing of every descrip tion executed at the shorteit notice, for the lowest prices end in the beat and most satis factory manner. All vanting such week done cannot do better than to apply directly at the counter of the Star office. LOCAL INTEL LIGENCE. Boabd of Aunm ?The Board held its regular meeting last night. A communication was received from the Mayor, enclosing the account of the Corpora tion with the bank of Washington up to the 25th ult ; referred to finance committee Mr Houston from the finance committee reported baek a bill for the relief of Alexander Boreland, without amendment; passed. Mr. Riggs. from same committee, reported a bill fixing the compensation of the Secretary of the Board of Aldermen and the Secretary of the Common Council at |i04 per annum; whieh was passed unanimously Mr Emery, from the improvements commit tee, reported back the oill for the relief of Mcbelas Acker and others on North Capitol street, giving them the use of ten inches of the sidewalk in addition to the seran feet al lowed by law, with an amendment granting the iame privilege to others on the square Mr Busey offered an amendment, restrict ing the privilege to those who have improved their property by the erection of buildings thereon. The amendment as amended was adopted. Mr. Riggs offered an amendment granting the privilege, provided the consent of the Preeident was obtained; whieh was adopted. An amendment offered by Mr. Riggs, speci fying the square ia which the privilege is granted, was adopted. Tbe question then being taken on the bin as amended, it was passed. Mr Emery, from improvements committee reported baok without amendment, a bill pro viding for taking up and relaying gutters in the Sixth Ward; passed. Mr. Emery, from the same committee, re ported, without amendment, a bill allowing George H Jones and James T. Devine $200 as remuneration for their services in carrying out improvements upon the Northern Market passed Mr Ruff, from school committee, reported a bill, appropriating ?10,000, or so much thereof us is necessary, for the purchase of ground and erection of school buildings in the third dis trict; paused Council bill, appropriating $ 1 jQ for binding, repairing and properly replacing plat boiks in the office of the tax clerk, was passed, as was Council resolution instructing tbe com mittee before Congress to ask appropriations for certain purple? Mr Houston by consent, introduced a res olution req nesting the Mayor to communicate to the Board the number, date* and amounts of judgments put ia the linnda of Hugh Dougherty and Joseph Mitchell for eolleotion, and the amount collected thereon; passed Council bill changing ib? course of a branch sewer was appropriately referred The bill regulating markets was received I back from the lower Board, with an amend ment; referred to police committee , Mr. busey offered a reeolution requesting J the Serveyor to examine the assessment made | by Thomas J Barrett for the payment of tbe I cost of grading and paving of the allev in square passed A joint reeolution offered by Mr. Busey in I relation to payments made for pavement in | square Til, was referred to finance committee I A communication was received from the Mayor, returning the bill for the relief of Geo. M;ller, without his signature, and giving I his reasons therefor. The question being taken on the bill, as re turned, it failed to get a two-thirds vote, and wu lost Mr Riggs offered a reeolution that a special I committee of three be appointed to inquire I into tbe expediency of purchasing certain I plats and surveys of this city, now in the pos- I oesdion of Peter Force; which was adopted, I and the Chair appointed Messrs Riggs. Hous- I cod and Evans on that committee. i Mr Miller moved to take up the bill rega- I lating the sale of poisons i Mr Pearjon moved to lay it over until the next meeting. Mr Miller replied, urging the necessity for I its immediate passage ; and, Mr Pearson with drawing his motion, it was taken up, and having been amended was passed in tbe fol- I lowing shape: A a Ac / to regulate the sale ef poisons within the I city of Washington U* tt tn irttd, ?V<r , That from and after the passage of this act it shall not be lawful for the Mayor to issue a license to any person or I persons for tbe sale of drugs, medicines, or I chemicals, within the limits of this city, ex cept under the regulations, limitations, and restrictions, hereinafter mentioned Sec 2 That any person or persons who may hereafter apply for a license for tbe sale of drugs, medicines, or ehemicals. within the limits of this city, shall, before said license be issued to the same, preeent to the Mayor a di- I ploma or certificate of membership from some I respectable Pharmaceutical Association, Col lege of Pharmacy, or School of Medicine, of his or their having been actively engaged in I the drug or apothecary business for a period of not less than four years Sec. 3 That It shall be unlawful for any 1 person or persons dealing in drugs, medicines, I or chemicals, to soil, or cause to be sold, or I give away, any arsenic, corrosive sublimate, nui v< mica, prussie aeid, the poisonous veee table alkaloids and their salts, or any other I artie e or articles popularly known as poiion- I ou< or destructive to life, without the written authority of some physician or responsible person known to the person or persons selling I the same. Nor shall any artiole or articles I known and recognised as poisonous, be sold, I or cause to be sold, or given away, without I the package or bottle containing the same be- I? ?Dg distinctly marked or labeled with the I nance of poison, and the word Pouoh, and a I Jeath s bead symbol conspicuously printed on I it. and a record made of the sale, i.aming the article and quantity sold, the person obtain ing it, and date of purchase. Provided, that notning herein contained shall apply to Ihe prescriptions of practising physicians, or the I whoieaale traffic in drugs, medicines and chein- I icals Sec 4. That from and after the issue of I lieense under this act, no person or persons I thus I.censed sba'l allow or permit any person or persons to sell or dispense for him or them auy of the aforesaid articles, without evidence of his or their competency, as required in sec- I tioa 2 of this act or under the immediate su- I pervision and inspection of a person or i,er sons thus qualified. ?eo 5. That any person or persona offending I against any of the pr visions of this aet, ?hall I lorfeit and pay for each and every offence a I sum not led* than ten dollars, nor more than I twenty doll trs, whieh fine shall be collected ?rid applied as other fines are by the laws of this Corporation On rnotioa ot Mr Miller, the bill ralatmg to dijgd was made the special order for Muuday next. Mr Rifgs introduced a resolution asking the Mayor to report the result of the exami nation oi the accounts of R J. Roche, late collector of taxes; adopted. Bayly offered a resolution directing the Register to furnish to each Justioe of the Peace who keeps an ofLoe, a Copy of the Cor poration Laws; rfcferred The Buard then adjourned. lux Fraxklim Ftrc Company at its meet. 1L* !**t night pMced the following resolution: Whereas, this company being without a suitable building in which to keep their fire apparatus ia efficient working order during tLe winter, find it necessary to put a portion *>f it out of service, and to Hmit tlieir services to the Second Ward, therefore K??oivtd, That until the Engine House for wbioh provision has been made by the Gov ernment, be completed, the apparatus in charge of this company shall not be oarried outside the limits of the Second Ward, unless for the protection of Government property, or by the request of the Mayor, Chief of Police, or Captain of the Auxiliary Guard, in case of emergency This iTuesday) night is the second of the delightful Grace Church Fair. ? -J ' Tu Visiting Democrats.?Ott city read era are aware that the Twelfth Ward Deme oratie Club of Philadelphia are to viait Wash ington on the 4th of Mareh next, and toglve a grand ball her* on the oecaifon- Weir preliminary arrangements in this city are in the hands of a committee of the Jackson Demo cratic Association We And in a late (Phila delphia) Argus a letter from that ?oBuaHteB to the Twelfth Warders aforesaid on the sab jeet, from which we make the following ex tracts : Wifliiiffoa, Not. 28, 18*6. In discharging the duty of tendering In ad vance a hearty welcome of your Olob to the Metropolis, pormit us to congratulate you, fel low Democrat?, upon the great Democratic victory achieved in Pennsylvania over the oombined elements of abolitionism. Black Re poblioanism, Maine-lawism, and Know Noth ingism. Upon the great battle field of Penn sylvania, the amalgamation party waged on Democracy a fierce and unrelenting war. The cry throughout the Northern States by the opposition leaders was?" Give all your measts to l'ennsylvania, for if we lose the Keystone, we shall loee all." Every city, town and township in your State was canvassed by the ministers, (who abandoned their holy func tions to engage in party politics,) and orators of the Fremont party. Their money was con tributed freely, (not for the aid of bleeding Kinsas,) and large sums were expended to defeat Mr. Buchanan in his native State, and of wbieh he has been her pride and admira tion for fall forty years, and always waa sus tained by her Democracy. But their unprincipled and base schemos failed to sway tne lion-hearted Democracy of the good old Keystone She came oat of the contest witb her banners floating triumphant ly, after a successful vindication of the prin ciples of national Democracy. The banner bearing the name of Pennaylvania'a favorite son rallied to the polls the honeet yeomanry of the country?spread confusion and dismay through the tanks of the enemy?and defeated the moat corrupt and dangeroua political party that haa exiated ainoe the adoption of the American Constitution * Signed by Wm Flinn and fourteen others. Thb Board of Trustees of Public Schools held their regular monthly meeting on tho 3J inst. Present?Messrs. AtLee, Davis, Dick inson, Magruder, McKim, Morgan, Pearson, Pendleton, and Wilson. Mr McKim presented from the editors some copies of " The Massachusetts Teacher, and Journal of Home and School Education " On motion of Mr. Magruder, it was ordered that when the schools close at the Christmas holidays they should open again on the first Monday of January, 1857 On motion of Mr AtLee, vocal music was introduced into the several schools as a study, at the discretion of the sub Boards. Mr AlLse offered the following : Rt<olved, That tbe Secretary be authorised and instructed to call on Col. Hickey and re ceive the copies of the Constitution of the United States so kindly offered to the Board of Trustees as rewards fur superior proficiency in the study of that branch of acholastic exer cises, and distribute the same to the pupils to wh?m they were awarded at the late publie - examination. After some further business the Board ad journed. ?? Waem Discussion ? Last night, Mr Towles. chairman of the Commit ee of Claims of the Council Board, submitted the papers in rela tion to the claim of Sweeny, Kittenhouae, Fant t Co., growing out of a contract made with Vespasian Ellis Mr Orme, also of that committee, objected >n the grouod, that as tbe committee had n?* :hance to examine the papers it could not be ?heir report. Mr. McCutchen, the other member of the soinmittee, followed, warmly denouncing the sourseof the chairman, and said that although He had asked for the papers, and tbe chair nan had prom Led them to him, he had not aa?l an opportunity of seeing them; and he irished to be relieved from serving on a com mittee where he had no opportunity of saying iow he should report. The discussion was warm, and finally ended by the Board refusing to receive the report. Sad Affair ?Yesterday afternoon, a man named John Moriarty, residing on the Island, was arrested by Officer Stoddard, charged with beating his wifo severely, and with siei ing his child, a boy about four years of age, and dashing it to the ground with force suffi sient to cause its death. Drs Willet and Stewart were summoned, who, after consultation, decided that therhild would probably die before morning. Moriarty was sent to jail by Justice Hollingshead. The admissions of the prisoner were the strongest ividence against him This morning the pris oner's brother reported at tbe guard house that the obild was dead. Moriarty was, we learn, a man of intemperate habits. Wasbimgton Light Infantry's Ball.? rhis company has changed the time of giving their ball from Easter Monday to the 23d of February, when the Infantry will present an sffair possessing unusual attraction, worthy of the old cerps, and deserving the patronage of their friends and the public. They design making this ball one of considerable magni tude, and a* a basis will open subscription lists for their friends to sign In the mean time the corps will be constantly under mili tary instruction, and will open their ball with lorne of the finest company evolutions and the drill in the manual of arms Kiot ?Last night, a number of young men lisposed to be disorderly, created a disturb toco in the First Ward. Complaints were made to the officers that a party were going round robbing hen roosts and committing >ther petty offences The watch and police ivent in pursuit, and very soon heard cries of murder! watch ! Ac. The rioters aeattered aeforo tbe officers got near to them, and all sacaped except one, Alexander Jonea. who was secured. In addition to the riot of last night, there is a charge against him for being sngaged in the fire riot some weeks ago. National Thkatrb ?Mr. Booth performed the part of Sir Kd ward Mortimer last night, to the great satisfaction of the not large but 4is. criminating audience presont. To-Light he gives us a sample of his powers in the difficult character of lago, Mr II. A. Langdon taking the part of Othello. The after piece is Mr. (Jlenn's own, baing "The Persecuted Dutchman," in which he has won the widest reputation aa John Schmidt. Such attractions ought to fill the National to overflowing. A Diarv roR tub Yxar 1857.?For register ing events, past, present and future; a valu able pooket companion, with almanac and calender; diatancos from New York to all im portant places in the oountry; blank laavoi for keeping a diary of every day in tho year; cash account? and bills payable, with neatly priuted headings. Don't be without one of these useful little souvenirs. Shilliugton has theai. * Criminal Colrt.?Yesterday the following cases were disposed of in this Court: W. Cha.?e, assault with intent to kill; sentenced to two year* in the penitentiary J. Garner, riot; one month in the county jail. John Francis, larceny ; six months in the county jail. M F Wheeler, larceny; one year and six months in the penitentiary. A Disorderly Negro?A mulatto man, said to be naueU Franklin Jennings, attacked another colored moo in the street this morn ing at tbe oorner of Fifteenth and G streets, by whom he was whipped off. An hour after ward', he attacked Skill another near tho War Department, where he hod a regular pitched battle. The police should look alter him. Outrageous Assault.?Emanuel Laey was tried this morning, before Justice Donn, for an outrageous assault on N. Kulaud. The Justice, after hearing all the evidence, held I him to bail for trial at the Criminal Ceurt. Tbb Saloon on the corner of C and Sixth streets, in charge of Mr. Henry List, late bar keeper at the kirkwood House, is an inviting place to refresh the inner man. We advioe our readers to go and see. * At Bbown's Hotbl, last night, there were six brides The States of Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolioa, Virginia, Tennessee, and tbe Island of Cuba were thus charmingly represented Citavit Court ?In tbi? Court the tject moot mm of Carrol vs. Fraler was under oon rideration this morning. Rodin and Marbury for plaintiffs, Bradley and Bradley for defence. Thi Joi.LT CifCB had a capital Ball last night at the Anmnbly Rooms. Watcb RiTcairs ?Jacob Parker, (colored,) disorderly, fine and cost?; George Montgome 2r, do , do ; Win. Dyson, do , do In the astern look-np.Bebaxt TaU,drunk and dis orderly, fin# anrewts. fCOMVITWICATID. Mr. Ethto* : Being on a visit to old George town College yesterday, imagine my great sur prise, as well as pleasure, when, upon my arrival there, to find drawn up on tbo parade ground, a military company, whioh, on in quiry, 1 found to be the junior cadets, a com pany composed entirely of boys from nine to fifteen years of age, numbering some 65 rank and file. A more beautiful and truly inter esting sight I never before witnessed. Through the kindness of a friend, I was in* troduced to their gentlemanly commander, Capt. Doonan, also lo Lieut*. Buckley, Lee, Snow and Neale, and with great pleasure ac cepted of them an invitation to pass the day at the villa belonging to the College. After going through a number of military evolutions, with an exaotness and precision which would have surprised some of our old eit military men, and which reiected great credit upon themselves and their officers, they paraded through the principal streets of Georgetown preceded by the excelsior With ers, (who, by the way, is a favorite of both ju nior and senior cadets,) and bis inimitable band, on which occasion tkey pertormed for the first time, in exquisite style, the " Cadet Polka," dedicated to the senior cadets, and " C tdet Quickstep," dedicated to the junior cadets of Georgetown College. The ladies with their usual grace and alac rity, saluted thorn with their sweet smiles and the waving of handkerchiefs, which was re sponded to on the part of the gallant Cadets, military decorum, of course, restraining their wonted demonstrations. They arrived at the villa about noon, when, after resting a short space of time, they par took of a sumptuous repast prepared for them, after whioh they proceeded to enjoy them selves in various ways until 4 o'clock, at which time they again formed ranks and returned to the college. May great suocess attend their oarly efforts C K J. Washington, Dec. 9, 185G. ll* MAKHIKD, On the 4th Instant, by the Krv \V. Krebs, CHRISTIAN SMITH and ELIZABETH WINEGEKG On the 7th Instant, by the ll.v W. Krebs, GEORGE XV. WAKU anil JULIA A H St CLAIK. DULDt On the sth Instant, In the 47th year of his age, EDWARD liUIULKt . His friend* and the friends and acquaintances of the family are req uested to attend the funeral, from the residence or his brother, William Qulg ley, east iUth street, Navy Yard, To-Morrow Af ternoon at 4 o'clock. * For Sale and Rent. R 00MHHAND80MKI.Y FURNISHED, AT No. 255 G, between 14th and 15tL street*, for rent. dtp U tf Furnished rooms for runt?no 4U0 1) street, between 8th and 7th. 1 have for rent a palror and one or two chambers, hand somely famished, and fitted up with gas dec v-3t [UnlonAlntJ JOHN MILTS. FOR KENT -IRK FRAME COTTAGE and 8rounds on K street, between lltb and 12th streets, (Island; sqmre 329. Rent g!75 p?r snnum Inquire of A R. SHEPHERD, 410 Uth street, between li and H dec 'J ttt PJR RENT ?A BRICK DWELLING, ON Virginia avenue, between 10th and 11th street, (Island) No. 351, containing 7 Rooms Kent A1U , Err month. Inquire at J. W. THOMPSON A RO.'S,26i? Penn avenue,between 10th and 11th streets. dec 9-6t For rent?a house and grocery Store attached The store Is now doing good business Anv person wishful of a good busi ness stand, would do well to call at this office for further particulars dec 9 3l* IjlOR RENT. ?THREE FURNISHED Rooms, two Bedrooms and Farlor adjoining, on the second tloor; situated in one of tne most agreeable neighborhoods of thi city, No. 40? F street, one door east of 7th street dee 9 3t* ARE CHANCE FOR A NEWLY ftlAR rled ronple, or a small family to commence housekeeping. An opportunity Is offered to pur chase the entire Furniture of a*iuall, neat, and desirably located House, which will be rented for ? 150 per annum The furniture Is well selec ted, and in excellent condition, and may be put chased on reasonable terms If application la soon made Address H. H., City Post Office. dec 3-9t* PEW IN ST. JOHN'S CHURCH AND the eegant Carriage belonging to the late Hon. Daniel Webster, tor sale. Apply to W. P. WILLIAMS, at Chubb Brothers' Banking - House. dec 5-lw Desirable residence for rent.? The residence corner of F and 21st streets, containing 15 rooms. The house is lighted with fas Stable and the large grounds adjacent can e obtained if desired Rent modera'e to a good tenant. Apply to CHl.'BB BROTHERS, Bank ers, opposite Treasury. dec.')-Iw For rent?a dwelling house with a Storehouse adjoining, and a Bake House in the rear Is offered :or rent. It Is No. 201 4X street, between F and G streets. Island For particulars inquire of GEORGE W. BRAY, No. 5*2 9th street north d?c S-1 w* R A R OOMS TO LET.?THRkE FURNISHED Rooms to let at No :?74# street, dec 1-lw Ij^OR RENT?THE LARGE THREE Story Brlcli House, situited on the corner of 12tn and H struts, containing 10 Rooms, with Coal Cellar and Bath Room Inqule of J AMES W. BARK Eit, n<-xt door to the Lutheran Ci.arch. nov 2-if fpOR RENT ? AS A BEDROOM?A LARGE, comfort ible front Room, at No 435^th street, a a^l^uboihood at once very central, very quiet, and very convenient to the Post and Patent Offi ces. dec 4 eo2t? Rooms for rent?two large, finely furnished Parlors and Bedrooms for rent, with or without Board, at FLINT'S Hotel, near Union Office. dec 2 For rent ?a parlor and chamber handsomely furnished, in one of the most de sl'able locations in the city; being very conveni ent to the National, Browns', and Dexter's Hotel. The house is new, with all the modern improve ments, water, gas, Ac. Also, several very pleas ant Chambers, at 46 Louisiana avenue, south side, near 6th street dec 2 F~OR RENT.?FURNISHED PARLOR AND Chamber, on 7th street, near G, aid situated near the Patent Office. Apply at this office, dec 1-tf ri()R RENT ?THAT LARGE AND AIRY r House on Penn avenue, between flth and 7th streets, over A. Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-class Boarding-House It Is now undergoing a complete repair. Possession given Immediately. Inquire of A. HOOVER Jfc SON, south side of Penn avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. or 30-tf VALUABLE TIMBER LAND AT PRIVATE SALE. ? 1INI acres of heavily Oak and Hick ery WOODED LAND, convenient to the Canal, and within 3 miles of Georgetown, for sa'e. loo acree In Pine, thickly set and of large growth, within 3 miles of Georgetown. The above will be sold on the most accommo dating t*rnas; or the privilege of cutting the wood at a reasonable price wlllbe given on appli cation to BARNARD & BUCKEY, Georgetown dec 2-eo2w rpO LET?THE DESIRABLE THREE JL story Brick House on the south side of Bridge street, Georgetown, and now occupied by Dr. Lansdale, U S N. The house is large and con venlciU. and has a large garden attached to It. Possession can be given on or about the )bth inst. Apply to M. ADLER, Agent. dec 4 -eo2w I*OR SALE OR RENT.?THAT DE3IRA 1 ble residence on F street* between 2oth and 21st, for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq. Possession given Immedi ately. Inqolre of R1GGS A CO au 12-eotf EH^LKGANT HOUSE AND GROUNDS AT J PRIVATE SALE?A very desirable resi dence in the West End, No 1?7 F street, together with the spacious grounds attached thereto. This property Is beautifully located, commanding an extensive view of the Potomac river and the city of Alexandria. The house is built In the best manner, containing fourteen Rooms and a Bath House, together with a suitable back building for servants. Terras will be made known on application be lUK made to OH AH. 8. WALLACH, Esq.. Loui siana avenue, opposite City Hall, nov 24-2jwiw AUCTION BALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer SERVANT WOMAN A* AUCTION.-On THU RSDA Y, the I Ufa Instant. 1 shall sell, at 18 o'clock a. m.. at the County Jail, ln|Washlog ton, a colored Woman, about SO yearn of age. u slave for life. 8fa? Is a good cook, and sold for ae fault. Terms cash. dec 9-d A. GREEN, Auct. By J. C. McOUIRE, Auctioneer l/ERY VALUAILI BUILDING LOT IN ? the First W?rd.?On THURSDAY AF TERNOON. December 11th, at 4 o'clock, on the Kraises, I shall sell Lot No 1, In square No.S7, sting 71 feet 8 Inches on north F street, by lib fee18% Inches on tid street west This property is tituated In a fashionable and

rapidly Improving part of the city, and offers great Inducements as an Investment. It will be sold entire, or In lots to suit purchas ers. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue In 6,1*. and 18 months, with Interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the premises. dec t-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Good frame house and lot in the First Ward at Aactlsa On TUF.S DA V, December the 10th, I shall sell, in f ont of the premises, at4 o'clock p m , part of Lot No 5, In square No. 84, having a front on New Yo>k avenue of TO feet, running back 138 feet, with the improvements, which Is a good two-story Frame House containing five rooms and a wide passage. The above property is situated on New York avenue, between Wist and 22d streets west. The House has been used until the last 12 months aa a Grocery Store, and will make a first rate place for the above business. Title Indisputable. Termac?ish. JAS. C. McGUIRE, dec 9 Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. rpRUQTEE'a KALE OF DhllUS, MIDI* I elms, %otlu Apparatus, Stere Fixtarea, Gas Flxtsrts, kc., at Aactien.?On MON DAY, December 15,1856. 1 shall sell, at 10 o'clk a m , by virtue of a deed of trust to the subscrl b? r, bearing date the 11th day of December, 1455. and recorded in Liber J. A. 3 , No 102, folios 423 to 426, one of the land records for Wash ington county, In the District of Columbia, ail the Stock and Fixtures in the apothecary store of Wm T. Evans, at the corner of north H and 7th streets west; all Drugs, Medicines, ScdaFoun ?a'n and Pipes, Store and Gas Fixtures In the ?tore. The stock wilt be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Terms: All sums under S25, cash) over that amount a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satis factorily endorsed, bearing Interest. The Druggists ar.d dealers iu fancy goods are respectfully Invited to the hale, as the stock Is iarae andgool. They will find It to their ad vantage to attend JOHN T EVANS,Trustee, dec y d A GREEN, Auctioneer. /1AMBIHC COLLARS. ? JUST Received, a large lot of Cambric Collar*, of mo.<t beau tlful designs, for Lcdles and Children, at CASSIDY'S. 3i4 Penn avenue, dec. 3-lw bet. 10th and 11th street*; MOKE AUCTIOH 11AKO A I \N. WK HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM the Philadelphia Auctions, n very lrtreeand Landmine assortment of Cloth and Velvet Cloaks ind lalmas, which In addition to onrfnrner stock makes our assortment one nf the largest ari best to select from In the city Hiving been bjugbt at auction late in the se,*?nn, we ran sell them hfty per cent less than New Yoik price*. Sales Room second store. W EUAN A SON, 3*3 south side l'a av , bet. bth and 7th tta dec 4 (it [Intel] d.Q RKWAKD.?STRA\ Ll> OR STOLEN ??on Wednesday, December 3d. a Hay fJ\?? llOR?t, ; has one hlsd foot white, a few/fl>y ivhite spots on his back, and a white star lit his forehead. ayed about 12 years The above re ward will be paid for his delivery to me on M itreet. north side, between I9th and 20?h dec 6-3t* JOHN MILLER ><^>IADA>IE PRIBRAM It CU.^, Kbliiforin the ladies tint they wHljfrR'l) ^/?openon Saturday, tbeCthof IJecem-^n^ jrr, the handsomest stock of WINTKR HON \it TS and finest HEAD-DRESSES ever offered n Washington. dec > 3w 277 Pa ave , bet. 10:h and 11th sU. VToTICfc;.?WE HAVE HAD CONSIGNED l1 to us by a party who must dispose of tbem, one loz- n best quality plated TKA SETS of six >lee<ss each, whleh will be sold at very reduced ?ates. Our customers are assured of tbe superior quail y of the above, and of thHr extraordinary rbeac ,e?s. M W HALT A RRO .Jewellers, 324 Pa ave , bet. t>th ar.d 10th sts. | dec"?-6t flntelAUnlon] J. ROBERTS. Piano Forte and Organ Tuner. Rt/trenets?Wm H. Palmer and J N Crouch. Orders left at the Academy, corutr Eleventh itreet and the Avenue, will meet with prompt ittentton. d'-cC-iw* Mauam devos, will open her elegant assortment of PARIS BON-J METS and Cl.OAKS. on Tuesday, tLel 10th. ?t THE LAK ts, 504 Penn avenue. dfc C-Jt 'pHK BOtlk OF THE DAY.?THE AD 1. venture* of a Roving Diplomatist, by Henry Wik.tff, author of My Courtship and its Conse luenctk. For sale at gHILLINGTON'S Bookselling and Stationery Establishment, dec 6-3t Pa. ave., corner oi.4# street. MADAME DELARl'E RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCES TO THE ^1 ladies that she has just rereived,^^<*? ^Pldlrecl from Paris, a large and beau nAL >I^Ftiful assortment of l'l.OWKRS, ln^? wt?, bunches and sprays, BONNETS, HEAD DRESSES or all kinds, VELVET, RIBBON, FILETS, embroidered with Pearl and Gold; Jet, Pearl, bold and Sliver LACE.?styles Main ten or*, La Valliere. Stella. Justlciene, Ac Ribbons, Laces, Embroideries in sets. Collars, Sleeves, Hands, Hard kerchiefs; a variety of Fancy Articles, Pearl Pins, Ear-rings, Bracelet?, Mosaic, Steel and Jet Ornaments, fresh Perfu mery, Soaps, Pomatums, Ac., Ac. Mme D. beys leave to mention that as all of the above articles, trgether with a treat many others that canno be enumerated, have been im ported bv herself, she is enabled to otter them at much Iftwer prices than otherwise. An assortment of Jouvln's White Kid Gloves on hand ; dark ones exper tea to arrive soon. dec H 3t* 2J* Pa ave , bet 12th and 13th sts. H. NEW GUOOS, SEMKEN, 3J0 PENN. AVENUE, BE ? tween 9th and lUth streets, has opened this day a splendid assortment of superior GOLD WATCHES, for Ladies and Gentlemen; DIA MONDS, and all other styles of rich Jewelry of the^atest Paris fashions; tripple PLATED W ARE on Albata Also, an invoice of fin*. Fancv Arti cles, suitable for Christmas and New Year Pres ents, and a lot of real JET ORNAMENTS, STERLING SILVERWARE In great variety. Testimonials made to order. We respectfully call the attention of our patrons to the above, aud solicit a call. H SEMKEN, dec 8-6t 330 Pa. ave , bet 9th and 10th sts. Received and now opening, at HUTCHINSON A MUNRO'S, a fine as sortment of Work Boxes, Cabas, Reticules, Porte Monnaiee, Card Cases, Portfolios. Writlng Cases, Jewel Cases, Card Receivers, Watch Stands, Toilet Bottles, and Perfume Cases, together with many other things, suitable for presetts, at our Fancy Store, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 9:h and 10th streets dec 8 8t HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. TO THE LADIES OP WASHINGTON AND SURROUNDING COUNTRY. another large supply. BONNETS, OF ALL qUALI-, ^Titles and prices,from the finest French! /Mf Hats to the lowest pri ed Fine and Handsome HEAD DREUSES, Iri great variety EMBROIDERIES of all kinds TRIMMINGS to match any ?tyle of Dreni goods RIBBONS of every style. And, In fact, every variety of Goods n&ually found In first class Trimming Stores IETDRESS MAKING, after the and most approved styles. N. B.?The supply is kept up through the en tire season. M WILLI AN, Opposite the Centre Market. P S ? A treat varuty of mrtitltt ?uxtabU for j Ckrittmas (ii/ts. ? BQV N S E L FLOWER8?SOMETHING elegant aud new for Headdresses, at CASSIDY'S, dec 3 lw 314 Penn. avsnue CLOCKS !?CLOCKS!?CLOCES. NLY THINK OF IT,-GOOD J^OCKS from 91 50 up to SOU,?all warranted to go right}?over 85 different styles of Clooks to* select from Also, Clock Cords' Weights, Keys, Balls. Oils, and everything In the material line Call and see for yourselves, at J ROBINSON'S,949 Peaneylvanlaavenue,op posite Browns' Hotel. nov 21-tm 1I/EDDING PRESENTS.?IN ADDITION if to our very large stock of WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER and PLATED WARE, we offer a beautiful assortment of choice goods suitable for Weddlntr Presents M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellers, dec 6-3( 324 Pa. av , bet. 9(h and loth sts T'? O AUCTIOir flAJLBB THIS ATOEJOOg AID TO-MOEKqw. By BARNARD ft BtfCKEY; Georgetown ^JMALL MiKILKT FARM at Aacttea.? on TUESDAY, December 9th, itJp m, we will sell, on the premises, to the highest bidder, one half of that property known as the property of Mr. William Cammack, lying on the west side of the Rockville Turnpike, about two miles from Georgetown, and Im mediately opposite Mount St Alben*s Church, containing 7* acres, more or leas, and Improved by a nearly new and commodious Frame Dwel ling. There la no more healthy location In the country Terms accommodating, and m <de known at BARNARD A BVCKKY, *-ta Aaotloneers By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. (CONTINUATION SALE OF VALl ABtl J Baildtag Lots at Aactlea.?On TUES DAY, the 'id day of December neat, 1 shall sell, In front of the premises, commencing at 4 o'clock p m , all lite l<ots not sold of Square No. 441, nut-divided Into handsome building lots, fronting on 6th and 7th streets west and S and T ?treeu north Plats ean be seen at my auction rooms Title direct from the Government and Indispu table Terms : One-fourth cash ; balance in one, two, three, four, and five years, the purchaser to glee notes for the defprred payments, bearing Inteiest from the day of sale* A deed given and a deed of trust taken nov27-dAds A. bKKKN, Anct'r. l?TThe above sale Is pestpoaed la cense quenceof theralnuntll TUESDAY, the9th inst . same hour and place. A. GREEN, Auct'r. dee 3-d By E. 8. WRIGHT; Georgetown. POKTO RICO SUGAR AT AUCTION On WEDNESDAY next, the 10th Instant, at 12 o'clock, at F and A. H Dodge's warehouse, tbe balance of tie cargo of the barque Wm. Cha*e, from St. John's, consisting of? 233 hhds ffclr to prime Sugar. ED WD. S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer, dec a?ts Seoigetowa. I>y BARNARD A BUCK EY; Georgetown. (Wall, Barnard A Co., Washington.) ON WEDNESDAY. THE 10TH INST., st 10 o'clock a. in , we will sell, at the resi dence of Col. Roberts, on the Georgetown heights, Intersection of High and Road streets, the entire Household K(frets, as PARLOR FURNITURE. Elegant Carved Rosewood Sofe Rosewood Carved Keception Chairs Set Rosewood Parlor Chairs Rosewood Csrved Gothic.Chairs Rosewood Maihle-top and inlaid Centre Tables Do Tete-a-Tete Crimson Brocatelle Velvet Tapestry, Cur pet and Rug Pine Oil Paintings and Engravings Rosewood Ete^ere, Chinese Teapoy Lace and Brocatelle Curtains, l.amps Girandoles, Ornaments, Ac. RECEPTION ROOM. W aliiut and Flush Soft Walnut Ctntre Table. Marble-Top do Rout Tab es, Gothic Carved Chairs Brussels Carpet, Kug, Curtain*, Ac. CHAMBERS. Elegant Chinese richly Carved Rosewood Bed stead Dressing Bureaus, W, Sta: d.and Chairs to match M thogany inlaid Bfd*trads Bureau, wardrobe, and Stir.d to suit Inlaid and other Bedsteads tteft quality Feather Bed*, Pillow;, and Bolsters Do Hair d * pring Matliewea Mahogany Dn-sslrg, and other Bureaus Wardrolws, W ash stands, Chamber Chairs Brussels Carpets, Rugs Curtains, Sh ides, and Ornaments Toilet Sets, Rockers, Bfdsteads, Ac. ALSO? Bathroom Furniture complete Bureaus. Stands, Bath Tubs, Chairs Carpet, Oilcloth, Ac. DINING ROOM Extension and Side Tables Utone China Dinner Set t'hlna Tea Set, Plated Egg Boiler Fltchers, Walters, Trays Klne cut Wire Tumblers, and other Glasi Leather Covered Sofa, Carpet, Rug Pane-Seat Chairs, Curtains Time Piece, Arm Chair, Matting ALSO ? Kitchen and other Stoves Iron and Tin Ware, Wood Ware Safe, Basket?, Ac. With other srtHes not herein mentioned. Terms: All sum* of and under S3tt cash; over :hat amount a credit of 60 and days, for notes sat sfactorlly endorsed bearing interest. The House is for Kent. Apply to A. Hyde, K*q., at Riggs A Co 's Banking House dec 1 BARN ARD A BUCKEY, Auct'r*. I Bv JAS. C McGUIRE. Auctlweer miSTEE'8 SALE OF FKAME Hense . and Let tn the First \t ard.?On THURS DAY AFTERNOON, December 11, at 4 o'clock, w the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated \prll wth, 1-56, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8, No. 115, fullns 3'? 1. MS, 326, 3-27, and 3i8, one of the land records for W ashington county, I shall <ell the west half of l et No. 6, In square Na 140, fronting 25 feet on north L street, between I'-tta and 19tn streets west, running beck 110 feet to a 3b feet alley, with ti;e improvements.consist* Ing of a two-story Frame Dwelling House, Sta ble, anl other outbuildings. Terms cash. DAVID A. HALL, Trustee. decS d J AS. C McGUIRE, Anet. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BK1CR HOUSE AN1) LOT en Pennsylvania avenue at Auction.? On WEDNESDAY, the 3d day of December next, I fell, in front of the premises, at 4 o'clock (i. m , Lot D, In subdivision of original lot No 7, n square No. 348. having a front of 25 feet tn the south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between Kith and Uth streets west running back to an al ley, containing 2.613 feet, with the improvement, which is a good Brick House, containing twelve conveniently-arranged rooms, wide passage and cellar; the gas and store fixtures to be sold with the House This pioperty is handsomely located, being that west of the Confectionery Store. Terms: One third cash; balance in 6, 12, and IS months, the pmchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing Interest from ilie day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken All conveyance at the cost of tte purchaser. nov2"-d A. GREEN, Auct'r 1 he above sale is pastpoiierf antil WEDNESDAY, the 10th inst., same Lour, dec4 d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FRAME HOUSE AND LOT at Auction* On FRIDAY, the Pith Instant, I shall sell, In front of the premises, at 4 o'clock p m , Lot No. 3, In Square No 1<*, having a front on north 1 street of 54 feet 6 inches, between 25th and 26th s rests west, running back 124 feet 11 Inches to a wide alley with the improvements, which are a good Frame Hou3?-, tc Terms: O ne- third cash ; balance In six and twelve months, for notes be&rlng Interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title Indisputable. Terms to be compiled with In three days after sale. dec 6-eodts A. GREEN, Auct'r. BUCR: BUCR! BUCR! (not Woolly Hess) EN ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON, D C Three entire deer, largest ever received In Baltimore, shot with Virginia rifles?not revolvers. BEAR MEAT, HAMS, SHOULDERS, SIDES, fattest ever recelvtd fiom the Allegbi nioe. Constantly receiving from the West, eia Balti more and Ohio, Winchester and Potomac, F\;r kersburg, Central Ohio Railroads, VENISON, POULTRY, WILD GAME, keg and roll BUT- | TEK. CAP HONEY, DRIED APPLES and , FKACH ES, and country produce generally. For sale by C. C. O'NEIL, 9 corner Howard and Pratt streets, doc3-lm Baltimore. ? CARPRT1NOS, OILCLOTHS AND KL'US. WE HAVE STILL REMAINING ON HAND alarge assortment of CAR PE TINGS, til L CLOTHS, RUGS and MATS Those that have not made their purchases would do well to ex amine our stock and prices, the most cf them being bonght at auction and from the agents of the manufactory, in New York. We can sell them at very low prices Salesroom, second story W. EGAN A SON, dec4-6t [Intel] 32S Penn avenue FlKNl'H FLOWERS?FRENCH FLOW ERS. 1ADIES, WE WISH TO CALL YOUR AT ?J ten'lon to our rich and elegant assort mentof FRENCH FLOWEKS, whlchWL we have now on hand, comprising the largest assortment to be found in the cltv. at CASS IH Y dec 5-lw 314 Pa. av., bet. 10th and 11th sV? DR. DUPKIE'S RKA1K1HCI ?r7the only effectual cure for External or Internal I'lle-. Saltrbeum, Ring-Worm, Ac They mc unr.val led for purifying the blood. , SO cents per box. OMce7? Nassau street, New vsi afc. * usr and Petto, avenue _ . 13LACR FEATHERS.?A VERY SUPER sfw " "" ""SmIdV '8,JIM P. DUOKIT TOOTH BRUSHES -A''A"GK A assortinen of these new and useful articles now opening at the great Brush Empotium dec r THE LARES. *>4 Peon aveau,-. TELEGRAPH NEWS. PROM THK A9SOC1ATRI) PKR98 MY HOUSE FRiMTlJtU TXLEV HAP U. ARRIVAL OF THI ATLAYTlc! Pear Days Later freaa Kirtf*. *,WWX?**' !>?c ?, 10* a. m ?The Collin. ?UwMhir, Atlantic, CapUin Eldridgu, from sin/fl? on th. 26th ult, ^ arrived off "rkM H? i-Ullifwwa U four days tk o *,l.Parls of Eorope. io? Canard steamship Asia arrived omt on the evening of the til Her news had bo effeot on ootton, the Liverpool market clodng dullI and unchanged, eieeptmg a tarn in favor of tbe buyer The sales fm ^ thpM d#yi were 15.000 bale*, including 500 bales for ex ' }?"??, hut none on speculation Ln ad*tuffs were quiet. Pork *u dull Monej was easier Coneols 04i. [8ECOHD DISPATCH.] Ntw York, Dee. 9, Ilia in.?Tbe Atlan tic has reached her dock She reports having experienced head winds. Passed a large ice berg on tbe 5th inst , off Cape Race. Tbe political news by this arrival ia unim portant The British Government has given official notice of its intention to furnish ships to take additional soundings for the AUantie tele* graph, also for laying the cable, and to guar antee a diridend of Tour per cent, upon tbe capital <tock COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE The various Liverpool circulars quote bread stuffs quiet Richardson, Spence A Co. quota red wheat 8a9?; white do 9$ 2da9s lOd ; West ern Canal flour not quoted; Baltimore and Philadelphia 32a3Ss 6d ; Ohio 34a35s Ad ; mix od corn 33a33a 6J ; white .Ua35? ; yellow 33s 4da33* yd Consols were steady, closing for money at 04 a*4?, and for acooant at MfaiMi. The Southern Commercial Convention Savannah. Dec. 8 ?There are a large num ber of delegates here to tbe Southern Com meicial Convention, which assembles to day. Virginia contributes the largest quota. The beet feeling prevails. Car-houas Burnt. Pkovidbncb, Dec. 8?The old ear-bense of tbe Boston and Providence railroad was burnt this morning with nine cars, a large quantity of wood, Ac. Loss about $12,000 Railroad Accident Cincinnati, Dec 8 ?The express train that left this city on Friday evening was thrown fr>ta tbe track on tbe Erie railroad, near Owe go, on Sunday morning. No one wat hurt. Negroee Hung Lous vim,*, l>ec S?Four negroes were hung at Dover, Tenr., for being implicated in the con-piracy for rebellion among the slaves in that quarter. Municipal 1 lection Boston, Dec 8 ?Hon A. 11 K ice was to day re elected May^r of this city, by about rt,4l>0 majority. Church Burnt Doitok, Dec 8 ?St. Paul's Church, Ded haw village, was destroyed by fire yesterday, involving a loss of $10,000. Bank of TenneMM Nashville, Dec 8?Tbe Bank of East Ten nessee and all its branches has finally closed. Nev York Market*. New York, Dec. 9 ?Flour has declined , *.iles of V?.0o0 bbls ; State $6.2oa96.4t; South ern $6 90aS7 20 W heat is firm ; sales of 26,000 bushels , litneaee whiteSl 75. Corn is buoyant; sales 2U,0t)U bushels; mixed 73c. yellow 741c. Pork is buoyant; mees >10 25aSltf 50 Bee; is firm; new repacked Chicago fliaSli 50 Lard is dull at 13c. Whisky tends downward; Ohio 321c. Financial. New Yore, Dec. 9. ? Stock* are lower. Uhioago and Keck Island 98; Cumberland Goal Co. 17*: Illinois Central ibares 1161; do. ?onds 93f Michigan Southern &8, New York Jantral 90*; Pennsylvania Coal Company 99; Heading 84; Canton Company 22; Vinrinia 6 a Ml. Sterling exchange is firm.. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. UioaaETowN, Dec. 9, 1856. The trotting match from our city to Lees )urg, and ba?k, as noticed in the Star of yes terday, was won by Mr. Scthoron's sorrel mare, both going and returning. Time up, :wo hours and forty minutes; returning, in three hours and thirty-seven minutes?total time going and returning, six hours and eev snteen minutes (icing up the mare came out gome four miles ahead, and came in on the return from five to eight minutes ahead. The result is the subject of no little disputing this morning among outside betters A fracas occurred lasi night, near the mar ket. between two men named Shoemaker and Denison. resulting in Shoemaker being severe ly hurt It appears that Denison followed Shoemaker to bis own premises, after a dis pute had occurred them, and inflicted several ugly wounds upon his bead with a st-ne or brick. Denison w .8 arrested by the bight watch. Our friends of the West Georgetown Meth odist Church are making extensive ?repara tion for a fair and festival to be held during tbe Christmas holidays. The room selected for the purpose is opposite tho Mayor s office, and is now being fitted up for the occasion The flour market continues quite firm, with limited ?al?s tf fair to good standard brands at *0 62aSt3.75. Sales yesterday of some 7,000 to 8,000 bushels of wheat at SI 45aSl 50 for red and white of fair qualities A very prime ar ticle of white would oommand 2i3c. more Wagon pork continues very scarce. Thus far none has arrived this week Tho present cold snap will doubtless, however, induoe the farmers t?> commcnoe slaughtering, and about the close of this, or the early part of neat week, we may reasonably anticipate the ar rival of considerable quantities 8. M coffins-coffins. M WHITE, SOLE AGENT FOR FISH'S Airtight Metallic Coflnn for , the city of Washington, wishes Inform the public that be has now on hand a lar^e supply of all sixes, similar in form to tbe richest wood colrw. and beautifully finish imitation of rosewood They can be sold at tbe tame rates ana well fi. ls>L<-d mahogany ccffla These beaulful Alrtl*hi Cottlas can be ready f jt use In thirty minutes for transpor atlou to any part of the United States. 1 he under s tfned atterds to UNDERTAKING In all Its br inches, at all hours of dav or night. Also. on hand a supply of READY MADE WOOD COF FINS. Purchasers are reapeetfuil y Invited to eall and see for themselves, at No.4ff7 Pennsylvania ave nue, south side, uear the corner of Third street. dec a eolm* M M WHITE. MIU.INKHV. fftil.ADl US' WE HAVE NOW Jbffi lioc-ntM a very large and vX*. k of HON NETS for ladlt1* ??d children of moat fashionable style ard finish, and cheaper by SO per cent than ran be bought at any other place in the city, Ladle*, please give us a call and see for yourselves Also, a *rT **}*" slve stock of Ribbons, Ftowers, feathers, Mn broideries, Laces, Hosiery. Gloees, Trlnm. and Fancy Goods of all kinds, ?AtJ8I1)Y% dec J-lw ai? Fa. av-? bet IQtti and lHfa ate 1(jaT kkckivkii an audition TO J inv former supply of new and seeemiable *ood" arte CLOTHS, CAS8IMERES, and VKSTIN?S, which I am prepared to make up to order promptly and In the latest style* on hand, KEADV-MADK CLOTHING ot flne quality, a new supplyof line SHAW l>.aud manv other desirable artie'e* of Gentlemen s weir A. H. YOUNG, Merchant Tailor, nov tV ^w Browns' Howl, ra ALEXANDRIA AND WASHINGTON RAILROAD COMPANY 6 per cent Bonds, guaranteed by the Corporation of s?hln*.lJU City, for sale on favorable terms by dec i-eoatw KfGMS A co OTITKK LIQl'OK. PURE OYSTER LIQUOR, FOR MAkl.NG Soup, at ?5 cents per gallon. SCawilZK * ORURV, dec ? * 4W? nth at , idd. oi sIkjvr t V IOLIN AND OUITAK ftTKlMOft. If ELLIS'S Piano store dec j