Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Job Pristi*o.?Our patrons and the public are reminded that we are prepared to have their ordors for Job Priating of every descrip tion executed at tho shortest notiee, for the lowesi prices and in the best and most satis factory manner. All wanting suoh work done cannot do better than to apply directly at the counter of the Star office. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Georgetown College Cadets at the Wbite llot'SE ?Tho Cadets on the occasion of their late parade in this city visited the ex ecutive mansion, where they had an interest ing interview with President Pierce. The Ca dets having formed in single column in the rast room, the captain of the company, Cbas. B Kenney of Pittsburg. Pa , addressed the President in eloquent terms commencing a3 follow* Mr. President: On the part of the George town College Cadets and the noble insti ution which they represent here, in this chamber, the ?cere of so many exhibitions of American feeling and of American patriotism, hallowed too by the constant presence of America's no blest pride, I tender you the assurance of our earnest regard aud esteem My own emotions at this moment, standing in the presence of him wh<>m from car mother's knee we arc tinght to regard with rcverenco and awe, wouli indeed silence my tongue, had I not an honorable, a high and sacred duty to perform When an institution which some of the most brilliant scholars in our country, tho most pro found philosophers and sagest statesmen are pr-<ud to call their " Alma Mater," has select ed evet to unworthy a representative of her sentiments, be is at once entitled to your kind attention, he spcak3 what even the noblest ruler if men might be proud to hear and to deserve?the commendations of tho good. You here before you hearts young and ardent, glowing with the purest love of their country; congregated, too, from the very ex treiuitiei <f this mighty, indissoluble, Union, a communion of States in tho communion of their children, from the frowning forests of Maine to the glittering soil of California, tho " Sjhj Magna Altera Roma," all in ono mmd. and with voice testifying their affec tion for yourself, and their admiration of the manner in which you have discharged tte awful duties of your offi *e. We are not sol diers by profession ; but we find in the exer cise of the sjldier an agreeable ^and prohta- ' ble amusement, and to this we are the more incited when we reflect that the brightest, the noblest names that adorn the pages of our country's history, have been alike distin guished in the cabinet and in the field. But in tho names of all those you see around you, and in the narno of that venerable institution which we love, wnile we express our high ap preciation of your conduct as a statesman, wo cannot omit tne earnest mention of our thanks, deep and sincere, for the particular interest you have manifested in the A/m>t muter of our choice Alluding gracefully to the eminent public services of the President in piloting the ship of stato eu<*essfully through the furious po litical tempests which lately beset her, he cl )#ei as f>llows : 41 In the name of our company, then, I thank you for the truly Amorioan and consti tutional manner in which you have adminis tered justice to all ; I thank you in the naine of the Faculty of Georgetown College, who know h-.w to cppreciate worth and pay a will ing tribute to virtue; I thank you in the Dime of all the young and glowing hearts you :ee arouud you, in which the memory of this day will be fresh as now when yuu, per haps. will have been called to a higher and purer reward for your generous and patriotic labors ; I thank you in the name ot uiy na tive. noble Keystone Stat?, the bulwark of a nation s safety and her hopes, that has stamped the seal of her approbation upon your public acts with more than two hundred and thirty thousand of her freemen's votes: I thank j' u in the name of every true-hearted Amer ican eitizen who cherishes tho union and pros perity of uur eoax'in country. And when > rj will have retired from the glory and carcs tf so mighty a G -vert;meet?when, amid ihe beauty and grandeur of naturo which make the Grauits State tho '* Switzerland" of Amer ica, your uuirauimtied spirit will find new and purer springs of pleasuro and delight? oh ' remember still the depth and ein:criiy of our regard, remember that you have a monu ment more enduring than brass, xu-ro lasting th ?n marble, in tho undjiog, eternal grati tuJe of y-.ur countrymen." Upoa the conclusion of Mr. Kenny's re marks, tho President replied, happily and np j ropriately, to the effect that though the Ca dets represented d.fferent sections of country, they were still united in feeling, that no geo graphical lines could divide the interests and hearts of Americans. No blow could be struck at one section of the country, without injuring the section from whieh it originated. lie complimented the company cn their ap pearance, and referred to the benefits of citi zen soldiery; of the prodigies of valor per formed by volunteers on the Celds of Mexico, all of which resulted from the habitual use of arm?. In concluding, the Presi lent -poke in terms cf high regard A the institution represented by the Cadets, and of its honored President On leaving the White House, the ('adets proceeded to the Washington Seminary, where they partook oi a conation prepared by Gau tier Speeches were made and sentiment* were offered by Messrs. Cboi:e of S Carolina, 0 Flynn of Michigan, Lancaster of Pa , iiill of Maryland, and Xeale of Md. At about half past 1 the Cadets started from thn Seminary on the r march homeward, de lighted with their conplimcn'.ary and hospi tab'emeptnns The Clbci it Court jecterday had before it a case of considerable interest, us involving the legality of the principle upon which build ing associations are for the most part founded. It came up on a prayer for an injunction to restrain the Potomac Building Association of this city from selling the house of John John son for a failure to comply with the regula tions of said association, of which he is a mem ber The sale is resisted on tho ground that the proceedings under which the association d spenses its accommodations are usurious, to whkh it is replied, on the other hand, that the biddings are Lvt of tho nature of loans, but are partnership transactions The caso is still before the Court ?Intelligmcer. CmcciT Cr-t ET.?Yesterday, the Court was engaged in the hearing of a case under the fugitive slave law. the first tried in this Court. A slave ran away fr in Virginia and was taken here, and wa- claimed under the law by K. W. iianter. who produced certificates ? f his right fr m a Court in Virginia. After hearing the evidence, and tne arguments of Mr Maury for the claimant, and C. S Wal lach for defendant, tho Court decided that under tne law the certificates of the Courts in Virginia were sufficient, aud it was not for tnis Court to g<? behind those certificates t) i' into the freedom of the defendant, lie clave was re uandsd to the claimant A9.iai lts, Ae ?Jameo Wallan was arrested v*st*rday for assaulting and beating Thomas Wtlel TLe case was laid befoie Justice l>oun who, in consequence ot the inability of the pr seeutiug witness to appear, held the accused t > security for a further hearing. Jeremiah Connell was also arrested by Officer Yeatman for an assault and battery on Mi chael Cr nin, and Edward Fitzgeral for threat* of violence ; both were held to security for peace by Justice Donn The last mentioned cases grew out of a raffle for a stoic. A IisALTiriL 1mstelme>'t.?One of the fine*; toned and must exqaisitely finished Piano- we ever had the goou fortune to behold if now to be seen at M^tzorott's music store. This superb instrument is from the manufac tory of W. Miller f Now York, anl took the prise at the late fair of the American Insti tute We notice also a beautiful set of Sax horns at Me'xerott and whieh froin their peculiarities and improvements are attracting much attentii n am ngst musical amateurs. Fike Alarm.?Last night, about twelve o clock, an ulars uf lire was caused by the "ppearanea of a light in tLe direction of the Potomac ri*er. The alarui w is Bounded, but w is not generally regarded by the firemen, who looked upon it as a mischievous trick. Thalberq'b Concerts ?By the advertise ment in another column it ^1 be seen tbat this, perhaps the greatest offiiving pianists, who hu been electrifying the musical circles of New York and Philadelphia, will give two grand concerts in this ciiy on Tuesday and Saturday evenings, December 16th and 20th. Tbe Philadelphia North American says ' " The immense throngs of the best people in the city, which have rushed te his ooncerts, hare gone there to listen to playing which they know to be unequalled. Put at the same time time it would be unjust not to attribute a por tion of the suocess ot these conoerts lo the real ly brilliant vocalism of the y<">ung American prima, Madame De Wilhorst." National Theater ?Mr E Booth appears to night as Brutus, in Howard Payne's ster ling tragedy of that name. Mr. S. E. Brown takes the part of Titus, F. Hamilton that of Sextus, 11 A. Langdon that of Callatinus, and S. W Glenn that of Valerius. Mrs. Phil lips appears as Tarquinia, and Miss J. Parker as Lucretia. The performances conclude with a laugbablo farce To morrow night, the complimentary bene* fit to Mr Bftuth takes place Criminal Court.?The following cases were disposed of in this court yesterday : James Hays, colored, assault: guilty?sentenced to two months in jail and fined $1. Dan'l Mur ray, larceny; guilty?one year in jail and $1 fine. Win l>ay, colored, do* do Gilbert Custis, colored, assault; guilty?si* months in jail and *1 fine. Mary McPherson, colored, assault; not guilty. ? ? ? ^ A Diary for the Year 1857.?Forrcgister ing events. pa?t, present and future; a valu able pocket companion, with almanac and calender; distances from New York to all im portant plaoes in the country; blank loaves tor keeping a diary of every day in the year; caeh accounts and bills payable, with neatly piinted headings. Don't be wituout one of these useful little souvenirs. Shillington has them. * Mr. Blodget on Climatologt ?This gen tleman gives his second lecture on Climatolo gy at Carusi'a Saloon to-night. He has made the investigation of this subject a specialty, and has tho ability to do it full justice llis charts for illustration are attracting great at tention from scientific gentlemen gathered in this city. Centre Market.?The unfavorable state of the weather prevented the attendance of m?ny dealers in the principal market, and the supply wad not as plentiful as usual. The new pavement on the east front of the market has been finished, and the repair ol that on tho north front is in progress. Suppbrt Places ?Ice formed on the side walks last night, ar.d this mcrning several aged persons fell upon it while going to or from the market, if citizens would take seasonable precautions to remove ice on the pavements in front of their houses, many serious accidents might bo prevented during the winter. The Fair of the Ladies of St. Mary 's Church affords a fine opportunity for an evening's en tertainment. It is held ia Coombs's building, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Grace Church Fair ?In planning your evening's amusement don't forget this most agreeable resort. That was a superb " hop" at Munder's Academy last night. Watch Returns ?The register at the Cen tral station was untouched this morning, not an made; and stranger yet there waa not an application for lodging. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Dec. 11, 1856. From all that wo can lcain, tho full opinion of Attorney Genoral Curbing upon the merits of tho poll tax and suffrage bill, is now in tfc? hands of tbe special committee of the Council to whom the wholo subject was referred sev eral weeks since, anl final action upon the subject will doubtless bo tak*u by tho Coun cils to morrow evening. It is more than likely that an ordinance will ho passed providing for the establishment of two or more election precincts, and for submitting tho remaiivng portions of the act of Congress to the voters of tho town for their decision at tho next gen eral election. The attention of the citizens of tho eastoru part of our city is called to the Eastern market of Mr Donaldson, advertised in another column. It is certainly no ordina ry accommodation, but one for which the dwellers in that soction should feel under ob ligations to him for establishing, and on which they should bestow a liberal patronage The weather this morning is gloomy and rainy, and very unfavorable for out-door busi ness. The cold, howover, has considerably moderated, and hopes arc entertained that navigation upon the river and canal will con tinue open for some time to come. Large quantises of pork arrived by wagons yesterday The quality, as a general thing, was good, but it is selling pretty high?56 50a *6 75. Quite a large crowd assembled at the Dum barton street Methodist church, yesterday, to witness the pleading ceremony of uniting a happy couple (Mr. G. W. Franklin and Miss S. Ager) in the silken bonds ol matrimony. Rev Mr. Gotwalk officiated. Nothing of moment has transpired in the' fl^ur and grain market since our last, and price* remain substantially the same as then quoted. Spectator. Hidalgo county, Tesa?, rait 160 votos, all of which were for Buebanan. |jp"The venerable editor of tho Norfolk Herald has been presented with a beautiful mounted cane, by some gentlemen from North Carolina. IV Th? Portland (Me ) Advertiser says that ab<jut five thousand of tbe citizens of] Portland are believers in, or investigatora of Spiritualism. IV The city of Providence i as decided, by a vote of 398 yeas to 1,350 nays, not to intro duce water into the city from the Ten Mile river. IV* Tho reports of the Presbyterian bvdies in l<?wa, show a great increase iu the number of churches, ministers and members, within the past year. Jefperhon College. Tho rumor of the burnicgof this college at Canonsburg, Pa , is contradicted It originated from tho burning of a barn in its vicinity. j,4th Thanesgivino.?Governor Wickliffe has appointed Thursday, the 18th day of De cember, to be observed as a day of thanksgiv ing throughout the Stato of Louisiana. Ijf A susprise parly recently visited Rev. Mr Prince, of Georgetown, Mass , leaving behind them when they left, ?150 an 1 several barrels of flour. r~^The failure of Jacob Little is tho topic iD Wall street, New York, still A large number of contracts with " tb? great bear," it is said, have been settled at Friday's qu ota tions. Coal ?Since the rise of the Ohio river, says the Cincinnati Commercial, twelve steam tow boats have left Pittsburg, taking out in barges some 500 000 bushels of coal for Cincinnati and Louisville. ?V Howell Cobb has issued a book from the Georgia press for private circula tion. entitled "Scriptural Examination of the Institution of Slavery," intended to provethat the development of slavery in the United States i-calculated to secure " civil and reli glous liberty" to the race in Africa. It ia treely distributed among public men, with the author's compliments. INHALATION IN DISEASES or THE LUNGS. Dra. Hauler It Williams, Phyaiciani forDiaeaaea of the Cheat 52J North Cfiarirs street, Baltimore. The great sycceas which has attended the practice of Inhalation by Dr. Hunter and his aasociatea in treating every form of Pulmona ry diseases is now established beyond question Dr. Williams, associate of the Baltimore office, may be consulted in Washington on the 12ih and 2Vth of each month. The next will be on Friday, the 12th insUut. ? office 260 Pennsylvania avenae, over Mrs. Voes'f JawaUj Store. I MARRIED, On the Oth Instant, by theRevlMr Samson THOMAS J. HOLiztLAw'of VirKliS ?o Miss EMMA FORD, of Washington* ?r Pii g. Tn' P,n u,e 10tb instant, by the Rev. i ?Nh n !f ',Mr' GEORGE W. FRANK Cl V' ail(1 M1m SARAH AGKK, of Georgetown, D. C ? For Sale and Rent. ELIGIBLE AND WELL FURNISHED apartments for Rent at 504 Penn. avenue. dec II 3t IJOUSEFOR RENT?ON 20TH STREET, r . thp*\Ve? Market, < onUin'n^ 4 com fortable Room?, with passage. There be ng an eic?llent Cellar, with a side gate, Is well adapte d Butter Merchan*. Inquire of ?LOOD, Winder's Buildings. dec ll-3t* PV1? ,SALK ?A TRACT OF LAND CON | * taming about one hundred acre*. In Fairfax county, Va ? about nine miles from Washington and Alexandria, and six from Georgetown It afljalns the Farms of Charles Klrby and Colonel I *?eorge Minor, and lays convenient to Turnpikes leading to the three above named cities It has on It much wood?Pine and Chestnut, and the soil Is capable cf rapid and profitable Improve ment For further Information apply to Colonel n \va i1! anV?VK' tair/" 0 Va , or to W. D. W ALLALH, at the StarOfflce. decll-tf C*OR RENT ?A STORE ROOM, ON THE m. southeast corner of 4* street and Penn. ave n'1f . V t0 J SEMMES, Penn. avenue, south side, betwesn and 6th streets, dec 10 lit E^OR SALE OR RENT?THREE EXCEL * Dwelling Houtas, situated between 22d and K streets, fronting on Penn avenue Those who wish to purchase or rent a valuable location upon reason.tble terms, may apply to the owner thereof at his residence. No. 537 17th ftreet, where he can be seen for further particulars. dec 10-21* OUR RENT ?one large parlor and * large Chamber attached, handsomely furnish ed for rent Also, a large front Room with good slz*d rooms attached, suitable for single gentle men, or in suits for familWs Board. H desired. ?n,u . most. rea*or'able terms. Apply at No. 468 10th street, between D and E. dec 10 lw "ANW30MELY FURNISHED, AT No. 255 G, between 14th and 15th streets, for rent- dcc 9 tf F4fi\18HKD KOOMS FOR RENT-NO 406 D street, between 6th and 7th 1 have for rent a palror and one or two chambers, hand somely furnished, nr.d fitted up with gas. d?yf>3t [Unlon&Int] JOHN MILT S. FOR RENT -THE FRAME COTTAGE and Grounds on Eatreet. between 11th and 12th streets, (Inland) squire 32?. Kent *175 per annum Inquire of A. K. SHEPHERD, 440 9th stree', between G and H. dec 9-6t F JR RENT - A BRICK DWELLING, ON Virginia avenue, between 10th and 11th street (Island) No 351, containing 7 Rooms Kent *10 per month Inquire at J. W. THOMPSON A BRO.'S, 269 Penn avenue,between 10th and llth s,reet!?: de.' 9 tit Pt?R RENT-A HOUSE AND GROCERY *- Store attached. The store Is now doln" good bus ness. Any person wishful of a good"busi ness stand, would do well to call a< thr* office for further particulars dec 9 3t* F('K RENT.- THR EE F IR.MSHED M- Kroms. two Bedrooms and Parlor adjoining, on the second floor; situated In one of tae most agreeable neighborhoods of the city, No. 4u<! F street, one door east of 7th street. doc 9 3t# A PEW IN ST. JOHN'S CHURCH AND tbe e e-ant Carriage belonging to the late Hon. Daniel Webster, lor sale Apply to W P WILLIAMS, at Chubb Brothers' Banking House. dec 5-1 w Desirable residence for rent.? The residence corner of F and 21st streets, containing 15 rooms. The house is lighted with Ifas Stable and the lar^e grounds adjacent can be obtained if desired. Rent modera'e to a iiood tenant. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS, Bank ers, opposite Ticastiry. dee5-lw FOR RENT.?a DWELLING HOUSE with a Storehouse adjoining, and a Bnke House in the rear is offered 'or rent. It is No 2<tl 4* street, between F and G streets. Island. For particulars Inquire of GEOHGE W. BRA V, No 3*i9th street north decf-lw* FOR RENT?THE large THREE Story Brlch House, situated on the corner of lith and H streets, containing 10 Rooms, wi'h Coal Cellar and Bath Room Inqule of J AMES W. BARKER, next iloor to the Lutheran Ci.urch. nov 2 tf Rooms f o k rent.?t w o large. finely famished Parlors and Bedroom* for rent, with or without Board, at FLINT'S Holel, near Union Office. dec 2 For rent ?a parlor and chamber handsomely furnished, in one of the mast de sirable location* In the city; being very conveni ent to the National, Browns' and Dextcr's Hotel The house is new, with all the modern Improve mcnts, water, ga?, Ac. Also, several very pleas ant Chambers, at *.6 Louisiana avenue, south side, near 6th street. dec 2 FOR RENT ?FURNISHed parlor and Chamber, on 7th street, near G, ard situated near the Patent Office. Apply at this cffice. dec 1 -tf VALUABLE TIMBER LAND AT PRIVATE v SALE.?100 acres cf heavily Oak and Hick ory W OODED LAND, convenient to the Canal, and within 3 miles of Georgetown, for sa e 100 acres in I'lne, thlck'y set and of large growth, within 1 miles of Ueorgetown. The abov? will be sold on the most accommo dating tsrmsj or the privilege of cutting the wood at a reasonable price will be given on appll cation to BARNARD* BUCKEY, Georgetown dec 2 eo2w T O LET?THE DESIRABLE T1IUEE i story Brl k House o.i the south side of Bridge street, Meorgetown, and now occupied by l7r Lansdalc, U S T.'. The house In large and ccn venlent, aud has a large garden attached to it. Possession can be riven on or ;.bout the I8ch inst. Apply toM. ADLER, Agent. dec4-e(2w FVJR 8 A LB or RENT.?THAT DKSIRA ble residence on F street* between 20th and 21f?t, for the last eight years occupied by the late J M Chubb. Esq Possession given Immedi ately. inquire of klGGS * CO au 12-eotf I^LEGANT HOUSE AND GROUNDS AT ??PRIVATE SALE?A very desirable resi dence In the West End, No 167 F street, together with the spacious grounds attached thereto This property is beautifully located commanding an extensive view of the Potomac river and the city of Alexandria The house Is built In the bent manner, containing fourteen Rooms and a Bath House, together with a suitable bac* building for servants. Terms will be made known on application be ing made to CHAS. S. WALLACH, Esq . Loui siana avenue, opposite City Hall, nov 24-2dwlw tVJR RENT?THAT LARGE AND AIRY a. House on Penn avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, over A Hoover 4. Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-class Boarding-House, it la now undergoing a complete repair. Possession given immediately, inquire of A. HOOVER4SON, south aide of Tenn avenue, between Gth and 7th streets. oc 30-tf A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN -tli. GEORGETOWN. D. C , FOR RENT ? The subscriber ofi'ers for rent her late residence at the comer of Fayette and Fourth streets. Georgetown, Immediately opposite the Convent of the V1 si tat ion. This is one of the largest and best fin!>ted houses in the District of Columbia, having all the modern Improvements contained in the first-clasa bouses of the Northern citli's. There is attached a large cistern in the yard, carriage-house, and stable For several horses. A pump of the purest water in the immediate vicinity. The locality !s high and salubrious, and In a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood. Pos-ea:dongiven Immediately. For further particulars Inquire next door to the premises, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL. oe4 in MKLODKOXS, KANOlftG FHOAI I'' S10 to S125, at our Piano Store. dec^lOJw JOHN F ELLIS. BKAl'TIFLE 1' I A .1(1 H KANGINO IN price from 3300 to 91000, at our great Music Emporium, near 10th street JOHN F. ELI IS, dec 10 1 w 3o6 Penn avenue. I^OK SALE?A SPAN OF FINE YOUNG .M U LES, well broke to the harness, kind and gentle For particulars, call on G. M. WIGHT, No. 5 Louisiana avenue. dec 10-3t* Madame devoh's miowkoimi being now open, ladles can be suited with w - r'egant BONNETS and CLOAKS, of the^H latest Paris impoitatlous, at JM THE LAKES' Fancy Bazaar, dec 10 3t 501 Pcnna avenue Alexandria and Washington RAILROAD COMPANY 6 percent Bonds, guaranteed by the Corporation of Washington City, for sale on favorable terms by Her 1 -eo2w RIG8S A CO OLIVE MIL-OF DURAUD BHAND, warranted | ure KINtt A BURCHELL. dec H At new Store, cor. of Ifth and I sts. auction sales. By A. OREEN. Auctioneer. liUVSKHULD AND KITCHEN FIRNI 11 tare, Fine Feather Bed*, Bolsters nnd Pillows, at Auction.?On SATURDAY, the 13th Instant,'I ?hail sell, in front of ray 10 o'clock a. ro , an excellent assortment of House hold and Kitchen Furniture,Stoves, Ac. Also, 7 fine Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows. dec ll-2t A. GREEN, Auct'r By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. INTENSIVE SALE OF LONDON AND Ei American Standard Books.?I shall sell on FK1DAY and SATURDAY EVENIN6S, 12th and 13th Inst , at 6)4 o'clock .a large invoice of flneBooks, among which are Encyclopaedias, Histories, Biographies, Ac Also, the works of Shakspeare, Byron, Moore, Burns, Scott, Ben Johvon. Irving, Goldsmith, Addison, Spencer, Lamb, and others. Also, a splendid let of Family Bibles, Frayer

Bonks, wi'h a rood ?electlon of sclentlfis works, dec 11-3t A GREEN. Auct'r. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. OALC OF HOUSEHOLD AID KITCHEN ^ I urnitnre, Feather Beds and Bedding, nnd a general assortment c( (leasehold Mfccts nt Auction.?On 8 A U K 1) A Y MORNING, 11th Inst, at 10 o'c^, we will se'l, in front of our Auction Rooms, a general a*' sortmentof Housekeeping Requisites. Thcefftci* of a family leaving the city. We name in part? Mahogany Solai and Chalis Do Diesslng and plain Bureaus Cane and wood seat Chairs and Korkers Feather Beds, Hair and Shuck Maltreat* One set Cot'age Furniture complete C'ttaye Plain and other Besteads Cook Stove, Parlor Stoves, Andiions Uelf Glass and Crockerv, ftc Also, the sale of Groceries postponed on account of tie weather until Saturday morning,saiue time and place, w'.th^^ny other useful articles in the Housekeeping llnFunnecessary to enumerate Sale positive Terms at sele WALL, BARNARD A Co , dec 11-d Auctioneer. 1 MADAME PRIBRAM fe Inform the ladies that they wllljfelft y<Jm( open on Saturday, the fith of Decern- n ^ her, the handsomest stock of WINTER BON NETS and finest HEAD-DRESSES ever offered in Washington. dec 0 liw f77 Pa. ave , bet. 10th and 11th sts. pARNETT A ELM ORE ARM IN WASH " ? Ington city, with 49 first-rate KEN-H^. TUCKV MULES for sale Pieasecail at the S'able of Rainey A Co., on &th street, between D and E, dec 9-3t* is Lost in the first ward, a small CAMEO BREASTPIN and a WORKED COLLAR The tinder will be suitably lewarded by leaving it at Messrs Gait's Store, Pennsylva nia avenue, be.weeu 9th and 10th streets, or at No 315 l?th street west. (le- 9-3t? /1KEAT BARGAINS IN CLOAKS AND " * TALMAS.?Just opened, from New York, a handsome assortment rf the latest style of ladies' CLOAKS and TALMAS, at reduced prices Bargains can be had in the above goods by an early call at the Di/ Goods t-fre of GEO F ALLEN, No 291 Pem. avenue, near loth street. Oa hand?a few pieces of heavy Gray, Black and Colored CLOTHS, suitable for ladies' Cloaks a id Talmas. dec 8-Ct BONNETS?BONNETS? BONNETS. W L HAVE RECEIVED, AND ARE NOW opening, a very large assortment cf^^ ladles' rich Winter HATfe. which wehave?Tl ?.elected with great care and t?'.e from theyl^P New York market, and to which we are constantly making addit'ons. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, dcc 3 310 Pa avenue, bet 9th and loth sts. TABLE CUTLERY. SUCH AS IVORY. WOOD AND HORN handle tabicar.d dessert, Knives only, and Knives with Forks. Also, meat and game Car vers, Steels, Ac. These goods are manufactured expressly formy sales, and I do not hesitate to re commend them as being equal if not superior to any goods in the market. C. VV. BOTELER, oc 22-eo Iron Hall. II ST RECEIVED TO-DAY ? FOURTH .1 lot of LADIES' FI RS, fre<h m*.d*, of well dre.-tsed skins. Ladle* in Wint shculd call early, as we find the system of mak'n ' quick sales nnd small profit, for cesu working extremely well. Call at STINEMETZ'S, dJ3-*o f 236 Pa. av , bet 12 a and 13th sts. FREN- II FLOWERS? FREM M FLOW ERS. ADIES, WE WISH I'O CALL YOUR AT ten ir?n to our rich ar.d ele^.-.i.t assort ment r.f FRENCH FLOW Eli S, which1, we h tva no^v on hand, comprising the ' ^ large>t assortment to be found in the t ity, at CASSIDY'S, dcc 5-lw 3'J Pa. av , bet. 1 v!th and llih rtl KIO AND WARM GLOTKS nt STEVENS'S Sales Room Also, Tilbury Driving Gloves. dec 3- lw L GAUT!ER:S COMPOUND HERB DROPS: For Coughs, Colda, Bronchitis, Asthma Sec. rIAHESE INVALUABLE COMPOUND Herb I Drops h?ve tha extraordinary property of lm m'dtetfly relieving Coughs, Cold*, Hoarsene-sc, Difficulty of Mreatuing Bronchitis, Asthma, and Duskiness of the Throat Tho?c who are troubled with that unplea^nt ticlr'lng in the throat, which deprives them of re?t, nl^ht after night, by the incessant cough which it provokes, will, by usleg these drops, find immediate re'ief. The subscriber, in presenting these Drops to public notice, wishes it tc be expressly under i-tood that h?* does n?t claim farthemanv miracu lous curing properties, nor docs he present them with a long string of certificates of recommenda tions. although he has many unsolicited ar.d most fiat'erlng ones from persons who have used them. These Drop' are composed of six simple in gredients. principally herbs, which are known to bt* very t tticaclous In the curr of diseases result ing frr.m Colds,and some of which, being rather nauseous In their natural staie, would deter many from re'soitiug to them, but when mule into a candy or drops, be ome pala:;ble wthout losing anv of their valuable properties They have been approved and recommended by all tue most prominent members of the Medical Faculty of Washington city. Every Lawyer, Clergyman.. Public Speaker, or Vocalist, should carry a few of these Drops in his pocket to be lucd before or after exercising the vo.-al organs. Prepared and for snle, wholesale and retail, by C. GAU TIER, A la Vllled.- Pari ;, No 2Si Pa av , Wsshlngton,D C. Or mav be had of the following agent' : J AS. H. STONE, corner of 7th and L streets; R S. T OlSSEL, Georgetown; JOHN E BATES, Navy Yard; SAMUEL WHITE. 7th street, 5f8; HENRY COOK A CO .Alexandria. dec 3 M 4 OFFINS-COFFINS. M WHITE, SOLE AGENT FOR FISK'S Airtight Metallic ''"ftlnc f"r , the city of Washington, wishes to^^ -iv ^ inform the public that he has now on hand a large supply of a'l sizes, similar in form to the richest wood coflius, and beautifully finish imitation of rosewood. They can be sola at the same rates as a well finished mahogany ceffla. These brau'iful Airtight C< ttins can be ready far use in thirty minutes for transpor ation to any part of the United States. 1 he under signed attends to UNDERTAKING in all its branches, at all hours of day or night. Also, on hand a supply of READY MADE WOOD COF FINS. Purchasers are respectfully Invited to call and see for themselves, at No.457 Pennsylvania eve nue, south side, near the corner of Third street, dec 8 eclin* M M. WHITE. JOHN H. BUTHMANN, Importer and Dealer in Wines, Brandies, &c Pfiin. avenue, south sidt, Ut. nndfUh sts , HAS IN STORE A VERY CHOICE As sortment of Champagne, in quarts and a pints, of the most desirable brands. M Also, sparkling St Perav, white and pink; M M idtrla, Sherry, Port, Tenerife, Sicily, B Khtre Wines, Moselle: French Wines, red and white; Cognac, Scheidam Gin, Jainacia Hum, Siot-^h Whiskey, American Whlskey, Curacoa. Anisette; and of his own preparation, Wild Cherry Brandy, Blackbcrry Juice, Stomach Bit ters. Also, genuine Absinthe, Kirschwasslr, and Havana Cigars de 510 UtA w4m. LH1ELBARKS AND PEA NUTS. 20 bushels SHELBAKK'.J 10 drums SULTANA RAISINS 20 ma's Seedless do 1 barrel WHEATEN GRITS 1 do OATMEAL 1 case SAP SAGO CHEESE 10 boxes PINE APPLE CHEESE SO do GOSHEN CHEESE 30 do ENGLISH CHEfcSE 5barrels ENGLISH SPLIT PEAS I case JUAVA JELLY 4 cases CURRANT JELLY 4 do COX 8 GELATINE. J ust received and for tale by WM BRYAN, No. 41, oppo. Centre Market, bet 7th and dec 10 2t 6th street*: OPERA GLASSES IN ENAMEL, PFAKL ivory, Fbory, Japan, Ac, from 83 t?? S4I each, at ? THE LAKES, p. s.?Opera Glasses for rent. dec 1 AUCTIOH BALfiS, IfiiH AFTERWOQW AHD TO-XOBBOW Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer rPRCSTIiE'S SALE OF FRa^IE H.n., ?1 and Lot in th?? Firit Ward?On THUR<* DAY AFTERNOON, December 11, at 4 o'clock on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dai.d April Hh, lb5?, and recorded In Liber J. a 8 No. 115, folios fc;i, 3*?s, 3*6, *27, and .'hs, one of the land records for \\ ashington county, 1 shall sell the west half of Lot Mo. 6, In square No 110, fronting 25 feet on north L street, between iNtfc and 19th streets west, running back ll? feel to a M\ feet ailey, with the Improvements cousist J"? of a two-story Frame Dwelling Houuc, Sta ble and other outbuilding Term, f ash i?A VIlT a H A LU Trustee dtT Jd J A3 C. McGUIRE, Auct By J C. McSUIKK, Auctioneer. V?heV?\?VlwB^K Bl ILU,!,?" L?T IW TKRNIIO^ n-!farv-??* THURSDAY AF rbKISUON, December 11th, ?t 4 o'clock on the premises. I shall sell Lot No 1, in Wn" 5r fronting /1 fret?inehes on north F street, by' 15W feet inches on 22d street we?t ,,ui" Pr?P^r;> is situated In a favhionable and rapidly Improving pirt of the city, and c>r* great Inducements as an Investment ,11 will be sold entire, or In lots to suit purchai Terms: One-fourth eaih; the residue In ? 12 and Is months, with Interest, set und bv a deed of trust on the premises. ' cta dec? d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By JA9. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer fjooD frame: hoi si; ano lot in * ? the tirst Ward at Auction.?o? TULS 1M\ , December the 16th, 1 >ball sell. 10 f or.r 0| the premises, at 4 o'clock p m , part of Lot No 5, la square No. *1, having a front on New York avenue c.f o feet, running back 136 feet, with the Improvements, which Is a good <wo-*tory Frame House cor talnlng five rooms and a wide passage The above property Is situated on New York avenue, between 541st and 22d streets west T1 e House hr.s been used until the last 12 months aa a grocery Store ard will make a Href rate place for the above business. Title indisputable. Terms ccsh. J AS. C. McGUIRE, dec W Auctioneer. ByC W. BOTELfcR, Auctioneer VALI AlILk t'OLLKI TIOIS OF Imparled v OH Paintings at Auction ?On WED NESDAY EVENING, December ITth, com menclng at 6 o ck?ek, 1 shall sell, at my spacious auction loern, rlron Hall,) an extensive collec tion of rare and valuable Oil Paintings by th" following eminent artists, viz : Gu'do, MorMo, Salvarto, Rosa. Carlo. Dolcl, Manlnaro, Gains borough. Etty, Huysdael, Lancjet, fcir Martin Archer Mice, the la'e President of the Roval Aeademy, Jackson, Herring, Sen , the celebra'ed Kngljsh animal painter, .Meadows, of London, Itro(ks, V\ overmars, Doughty, of .New York Enals, of New York, now Ui Europe, and numer ous other celebrated artists, altogether for mini' cerid?dly the best colltition of Paintings ever ottered for sale in Washington ihe Paintings will be arrayed foi exhibition on Monday, Drcember 15th Terms: ?i0and under cash; over $o<>, 60 and i*> diys credit, for approved endorsed notes, bear ing interest. Purchasers can have th?ir pictures carefully parked to go any distance with safely. 1 he auction room wlil be oomfortaby warmed. The Ladies are particularly invited to attend the ?^,e C. VV. BOTELER, dec 10-ts Auctioneer. Bv A . GREEN, Auctioneer. f^RAlie llOl'SK A >D LOT at Anelioa. On FRIDAY, the 18th instant, Ishallstll, In front of th* premises, at t o'clcrk p in , Lot No 3, In Square No. 16, having a front on north 1 street of 61 feit'i lncbf?. fcrtwe.n 25th and 20th s reets w?st, running back 124 feet 11 inches to a wide alley with the improvements, which are a good Frame Hous", Ac Terms: O ne-third cash , balance In six and twelve months, for notes testing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a dctd of trust :aken. Title indisputable. Terms to be complied with in three days after sale. decg-eodfr A. GREEN, Auct r. ByJ.C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 'J^KI STLt'S HALE OF HUl'SB AND -? Lot ou ?>th street west, between K street north and New York nvonne.?By virtue of a d?-d in inut, bearing date on the 2*th day of .March, Ib'Ji, and recorded ;n Liber J AS , No 111, folios 4 ft seq , and a de ree of the Circuit Court of the Distiiet of Columbia, made in the cause p ...ding in s.;ld Court, No. 1193, in Chan ctry. the subscriber will se*l at public sale, rn MONDAY, the loth d^y of December lB56,atl o'clock p m . on the premises. Lot No in Callan's sabdivlsicn of l?q,;a o No I5i, fronting iO feet on SIx'h ft'eet wot, betw?cn K ?trc*t north and New York avenue. i>y l(Kl feet deep to a ten-feet alley, with tfcp buildir..s mul improve merits, v. Llch'consist of a suboUntially built and comfortable two stcry frame dwelling houre.with ba-k building, Ac S ' The abov( p nperty Is eligibly situated in a rap idly Improving fart of the city, and < Hers a mr?t f tvcrab;e opportunity to persons desiri; r a resi dence or to Invest The terms of *ale will be: One-third of the purchase n.oney i:. cash, and the baiar ce in al\ and twelve months, for notes bearing interest from the day cf sale, secured by de^d In tni-t upon the proj>erty; and if not complied with in live daye after the sale, the property will be re fold, upon one week's notice, at the rj?k and ev pense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CUAS. S. \YALLACH, Trustee. nov 27-eoAds JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct By A. GKEEN . Auctioneer. 'rill'STIiL'S SALE OF DttUbS, M EDI. A clnps, Soda Appnrntns. Store Fixtures, Ons Fixtures, fcc., ?t Aaction.?On MON DAY , December 15, 195?J. I sball fell, at 10 o cl* a m , by virtue of a dcid of tru?! to the subscri ber, Inuring date ?he 11th day of December, 1*55. and recorded in Liber J. A S ,No 1U2 folios 12j to iifi, or.e of the land ret ordsfor Wash ington county, in the District of Columbia, all the Sbck -tnd Fixtures In the apothecary store of Wm T. Evans, at tae corne r of north II and Tth streets west; all Diu^s, Medicines, Srda Foun tain and Pipes. Store and Gas Fixtures in the stcre The sto^k will he >oid in lots to suit purchasers. Terms: All sums under #.*5. ca^h; over that amount a credit of fin and 90 days, for ne>tes satis factorily endorsed, bearing interest. The Druggists and dealers in fancy goods are respectfully iuvi;ed to the sa'e. as the stock Is large and good. They wl'l find it to their ad vantage to attend JOHN T EVANS, Trustee, dtc 0 d A. GKEEN, Auctioneer. Bv WALL. BARNARD A CO .Auctioneers. WALE K* CATALOGUE OF A very large ? ' nud splendid assortment o? Fine Gold Watches, Fine Gold Jewelry, and a splen did assortment of Diamond Rii'gs, Fine Gold Fob t-haius, fcc., at aaction, en ac count of whom it may concern.?On MON DAY MORNING next, the 15th Instant, at 10 o'clock, at our auction rooms. No 317 l'ennsvlva nlaavenue, we will sell by catalogue, on account of partles< concerned, a splendid assortment el Watches, Jewelry, Icc , consisting in pert of - English and French Gold Hunting and Orcn faccd Watches Fine Gold Fob and Guard Chains, Ladles' do Do Breastpins, Cameos and Morale Splendid Diamond Rings, Plain do Fine Gold Studs, set and nlsin Do Earrings, set, plain, and cluster Do do Mosaic, Ccr&l. and Cameo Do Fenclls and Pens Do Lockets and Bracelets, a flae article With other articles In the Jewelry line, In all about SCO pieces, all of which must be closed out Terms: All sums of and under S30 cash; ove that amount a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes sat lsfactoriiy endorsed bearing interest. Catalogues *111 be ready on Friday morning. WALL, BAKNAKD * CO , dec 10d Auctioneers. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer rpRl'STKES' SALE OF FRAME HO! SI 1 and l.ot ? On MONDAY AFTERNOON December 22, at 4 o'clock, ou the premises, b> virtue of a deed of trust from Samuel Curscn am wife, dated June 8, 1852, and recorded in Lib J. A S , No 39, folios 321, 322, 321. and 324, on of the land records for Washington county, li the District of Columbia, we shall sell parto o lots Nos 7 and 8 In square 419, beginning for th same at the dl tance tf lif.v feet from the north east corner of tbe Squsre on Seventh street north and ru.inir g thence west 200 feet to Eighth street thence touiu by and with Eighth street twenty live feet; thence east two hundred feet to Sevent] street; ihence North by and with Sevent street twentv-ive feet to the beginning, togetht with the improvements, consisting of a nei Two-story Frame Dwe.llng-house with bac buildings. Terms: One third cash; the residue In alx an twelve months, with Interest, tecared by a deed i trust on the premises. JOHN W. McKIM, ? RICH. H CLAKK f Trustees. nov 13-lawAds J AH. C. McGUIRE, Auct FKINUES?FRINGES?rRIJVGKS. A LARGE ASSOKTMEN T OF DEE headed FRINGES, all w,dths, orened thl day at CASSlDV'S, dec 5-lw 314 Fa. av., bet, ltth and 11th sts. jiOCKET TOOTH BRUSHES ? ALAR6I ?B assort men of these new and useful urn avenue* now opanlug at tbe graat Hrjub Empofi dec I THE LAtfESTW4 WlhF i TOTS!?TOTS!?TOYS!?Whalesale au retail?the latLO^t aud cheapest stock in th City. (d^c 8-3t) LAMMOND, 7th I " TELEGRAPH NEWS. PROM THK A890CIATKD PftESft BY HOUSE FR1NT1NO TELES RAFH. tout hern Commercial Convention SBCOBO DAT. Sava*xab, Dec ?. ? The Preiident an nounced the committee on business Various resolutions were offered, meet of which were referred to the business oommittee. Among them were eome resolutions by Mr ? ;?. ? Tenn., to the effect thet ell bonds , onnn0 ??*theri> Statee, citiee or Mr H P47ftbl* SUl#i fl*r J Ale , opposed the resolu iTrn.M ?g,bt w# **' ??o*T "hero scs,-4 it? *** <* - The resolution were referred. Mr ^of les, of >U , mored thnt ench mem ber subscribe $100 towards n direct line of steauicri to Lurope The motion was adopted, but leconsidered and referred Mr. Belhune, of Ga . made a ].,Qg speech io t ?vur o| the abolishment of the tariff and the raising of revenue to suppott the Government t y direct taxation. Mr kean. of Va., offered a series of resolu tion* deprecating the education of Southern jouth at the Nerth, and advocating the en couragement of Sc uthern books, newspaper*, and manufacturers. Mr Gauldicg, of i*a , offered some resolu tions instructing Southern Congressmen to aee efforts for the repeal of the tariff, and for the repeal of the laws interdicting the slave trade, and to procure a treaty for the rendition of slaves from Canada Xbo resolutions were laid on the table bv nearly a unanimous vote. Judge Mtore, of Ala , offered a resolution in favor of a railroad from the Mississippi tc the Pacific, along the 32d parallel of latitode Adjourned TBIBD DAT. Savannab, Dec. 10 ?The Convention reas sembled to day. Mr. Jones, of (J? , moved to take from fcha ilB'e Mr. (Jaulding's resolution relative to the re-oj entng of the slave trade Mr. Spratt, editor of the Charlestoa Stand ard, hoped the motion would prevail, lie thought the question of slavery was a most appropriate one to occupj the attention of the Convention, lie advocated a renewal of the flave trade, and detired to bear their objec tions lUte^rkj those who resisted the consid eration cf the subject The Convention should not ret ognise the right of Congress to impose restriction? upon the slave trade. Thev should meet the question at once. Mr Hunter, of Va., thought the Conven tion was not competent to consider the subject; it was a great moral question, and the South ?hould p- nder long belore <Jerying the opinion ot the wbole Christian world. The recent message of the rernor of South Carolina astonished the whole South, and for one he tHunter) was not prepared to endorse the views therein embraced. The subject was one involving tremendous consequences, and time for reflection was necestary. Mr. Kfchardson, of Md , said he was not prepared to advocate commerce in slaves, and he hoped the firebrand would not be consid ered. Mr. Gholson, of Va , opposed taking the cubject up, unless we now disease with the world the moral question If the South de ferred (') the revival of the slave trade, it would ?irive awaj many now with us. and be regarded a- a direct attack upon the Union Mr (lauldiDg. of Ga , made a fiery speeoh, Jetendiug the renewal of the slave trade ; be believed the institution of slavery to be from God, and was ready to defend it in all ita bear ings ; it conferred equal blessings on both races. It was, in his opinion, a greater crime to tear husbar.d from wile in Virginia to work the cotton fields in the South, than to pur cba c the negro in Africa, and christianise and civilize him New was the time to de cide the question, and a<-sert our rights before the whole world. Messrs. Cropper and Green.of Va , endorse! Mr (iaulding ? views. Mr. McLe< d, of Texas, pledged bis State to the cxtremest views urged to day. Mexico is falling to pieces by our side, and we must in troduce there our peculiar institution, and counteract European intrigues; negro labor is necessary for the development ol mat region loe motion to take up was lost?ayes 19, noes 68 ?S. Carolina, Texas, and part of Ten nessee only, voting in the affirmative Mr. Cochrane, of Ala , chairman of the busi ness oommittee, reported a series of resolu tions relative to the Pacific Railroad The first declares that the General Government has no power to construct the road, that the railroad should bo made along the line of the 32d par a I lei , by and from the States, individuals and Territories, and by grants of land by the Gen oral Government, and by contracts for carry iug tho mails, military stores, &c ; also, rec ommending te the Southern States to aid, by every means, the construction of ibt road The first resolution was adopted. The second elicited a long debate. | llere the line was interrupted south of Wil mington, and has not yet got to *otk.?Rfj> 1 Slave Fxcitement in Tsnnetsee L n'tsviLi x, Dec 9 ?The Journal of to-day publishes letters from Franklin. Tenn , stating that great excitement existed there, in oon scouenco of the discovery on the 1st inst . of a projected insurrection among the Elaves. f wer.ty-fonr muskets and two kegs of powder wcro found in po?aession of a gang of negroe* at Columbia, lenn In Perry, ten or twelve negroe* had been killed Ly their owners. Nashvili k. Dec. 10.?There have been many rumors here in regard to an expeeted insurrection of the slaves, but so far it is all quiet, and no outbreak has occurred. There is no anxiety upon the subject whatever. Loitisvilli, Dec. 10.?The Courier's llop kinsville (Term ) correspondent says that the military com j any dispatched from that place to Lafayette found the citisens of the latter place more feared than hurt, and returned the next day. Municipal Elections Bosto!*, Dec. 9.?At th? municipal election ia Roxbury yesterday, John S. S'eeper, the present incumbent, was elected Mayor by a plurality of 203 over John J. Clarke, the can didate of the opposition. In Charlestown, Timothy T. Sawyer, the present incumbent, received 1,317 votes to 134 for Goorge W. Warren, the candidate of those opposed to the present government Chemical Mill B?rn?4. PiTTSBCRe, Dec. 9.?The St. Rolix Oil and Chcmical Works, near Darlington, Beaver, Co., was destroyed by fire on Sunday night. It was ownod by Cherry, McAthens A Co. The origin of the fire is unknown. The lose is $15,000 and insurance $12 000. Recovery of a Boat of the Lyonnait. Niv York, Dec. 10.?The ship Neptune, hence to Liverpcol, picked up, November 7th, a beat belonging to the wrecked steamer Lyon na's, containing a large quantity of provisions and wines, some chronometers, and $500 in eoin A Wild Rash after Offlte. Ci!tcis!tati Dec. 10.? The Indianapolis Journal says there were six thousand appli cants beforo the Indiana Eleotoral College for the post of messenger to carry the electoral vote of the state to Washington. Railroad Aeeident ' Ci*ciJi?iATi, Dsc. 10.?A train on the Little Hiking Railroad ran off the track this morn ing, by which the baggage master and fire mm wero instaatlj kill#d. Tog can wero badly shattered The Missing Steamer Halifax, Dec 10.?The missing steamer Merlin arrived here this evening from New foundland, having been delayed by ravere gales. Baltimore Harketr.^ Baltimobx, Dec. 11 ?Floor i? unchanged. sales of City Mills at $0 50; Howard rtre?t and Ohio at ?52i. Wheat is dull; good reds $1 48, fair to ffood whites $1 53a$l 57; good mixed red and white SI 50. Com is without change; new white fcS a5flc , old white 60&65c ; new yellow 60o , old yellow 64a65o. Sales of whisky at 31s32e. fcy The Grand Lodge of Virginia Is in ses sion at Riobmond.