Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII, WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1856. TH2 EVENING STAB, rCULISHt U EVKKY AFf KKSOOij (EXCEPT S9NDAY,) At fi? 1, ??**?? ?/ T$nmtyl**Mm Mi?? s-rf Eltvmik strttt. By W. D. WALLACH, Will be served to subscribers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENT*, payable weekly to the A stents; papers served la packages at 37 4 rents per month. To mall subscribers the sub scription prioe Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY qENTS a year ???'<?'*'???. TWODOLLAR8 for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for Mm laan tfcree months at the rate of 12)4 cent* a week. \jJT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. T FASHIONABLE DANCING HW MUNDER, PROFESSOR OF DANC ? lng at Georgetown College and Con rent, and principal teacher of Washlng ?r?n, D C ., aad Baltimore, Md , has ti?e honor to announce to the citliens end public generally, 'hat his school Is open every TUESDAY and THURSDAY AFTERNOON for Young Ladles, Misses, ana Master*, from 3 until 6 o'cock, and on the same evenings at 9 for gentlemen ? Owing to the unusual large number of pupils In his classes thl* season, and the great success of his class In the first society of Baltimore, com pells him to limit the number of pupils taken for ihe balance of the season. The public are weli aware that Prof M spares neither time nor patience to render the most un skilful pupil perfect. ,, He invites ladles tad gentlemen generally of respectability and standing, to visit his class and witness the Improvement of hla pupils In the few pleaaant ' that has past 11 is desirable that all who wish to participate In his May Exhibition pfcould ente- eariy this year, as the dances In pre paratl ">n are more complicated than any hereto fore Introduced nov 2l-tf NEW LITEKT STABLE, Eighth Str-tt. tttw*e* D and E. The subscriber has erected a commodious stable on 8th street, having room enough for over fifty hor se*. and a capital Carriage House of 27 JHI by W) feet. This establishment is now mALmKb open for the reception of Horses on livery, anl fbr the hiring and selling of horses. He has also for rent a fine laree Room Immedi ately over his carriage house, 27 Ijy 90 feet, suita ble for al most any purpose There Is also sleeolng brunks for persons bringing servants, and the whole establishment Is lighted with gas He would also call the attention of persons bringing produce ti market, to the fine yard ad joining the stable, where wagons can be safely secured during the night The whole establishment Is under the charge of Wjt. Hic??, well known to stable men in this city. nov? tf JOHN C COOK. SORILESDANSANTE. PIOF H W. MUNDER TAKES GREAT pleasure in announcing to his fMends, ~ ^ patrons, and public gener.-.ttv, that the above social and delightful entertain ments will commence at Munder's Metro polltan H*l!. cornerSth and D streets, on Wednesday evening,November Jflth at ? o'cJo-k, and continue every W ednesday throughout the seasna. Gentlemen wishing to subscribe for the seasm can do so upon very favorable terms, by applying at the Hall on Tues day and Thursday evening from 9 till 10 o'clock. nov2l-tf FOR THE HOLL1DAYS. WITH GREAT PLEASURE WE IN form our friends and the puMlc, that in anticipation of th-Mr wants for the IJoll!dxys, we hsvp re^rdless of time, trouble, and expeaso ?ath?,r*drtoeether the largest, most complete, and ?*rted as.umment of Goods in our liueevt r before c<r>redln this city We are dally receiving nnd arranging for exhibition from the north, our beautiful goods, selected with great care and at tention by one of our firm, to which we invite your attention. Our store is No 20, between 9th and ?Ui streets, on the Avenue dec 4- H J. MCLAUGHLIN A CO. TAHIS FHKMir.M H ATS. MODE DE PINAUD. A CO HAVE RECEIVED PER I steamship -Arago" an invoice of Gen- rf""\ tlemen s DRESS H ATS from the celebrated Vj^ establishment of Lavllle A I'oumaroux, who received two first-class medals at the late Exposi. t'.on In Paris. Also, a beiutlfnl assortment of Children a FANCY BF.AVER HATS,for Misses or Boys. |j?d'.e>- R USING HATS. FRENCH UMBRELLAS, vorv superior. TODD A CO. rrv 3 rttJtrMf west end Browns^ Hotei^ UYLOK ie MAt'Rf'S RECENT 131. _i psrtatloas ?The following valuable and Interestlag works will be found amongst a variety of English Books recently received from England, many of which are at considerably redu ed pri ce* and especially suited for the approaching fes tive season: , Boos.of Celebrated Poems; the best poems In the English language, one beautifully printed 9vo volume, with eighty llustrations by the flwt artists, clcth, gilt edges, S4 Crnlkshanka' Three Courses and a Desert, fifty humorous Illustrations, ?l 26 Book of Family Crests. 2 volumes, over four thoasand cuts of crests, S5.50 Furniture and House Decoration. 4to , six hun dred Ulustratlons, S* . UJM . Gallery of the Graces, or Beauties of British Poet*. 36 beautiful plates, morocco, richly gilt, a5 so Gleanings of N*tnre, by Mndle, 37 colored plates by Landaeer, jr ,?3 Puss in Boots, 12 fi ne illustrations , fancy covers, 60 cts , ? Junius'* Letters, complete in two volumes, ?2 Kohl's Russia?8t Petersburg, Moscow, and the Crimea, f2 75 Moore's Irish Melodies, Illustrated edition, beautifully pr nted aad embellished with splendid line engravings from pictures painted expressly for the work by Mu ready, lr , 17 Nicholson's Operative Mechanic and British Machinist, 150 plates, S4 30 Nicholson's Builder and Workman's New Di rectory, 4to , 140 plates, S6 Percy's Rellqnes of Ancient English Poetry, cloth extra gilt, ?2 25 * Pictorial Book of Anclaat Hal Lads, illustrated, antique gilt edges, f i 75 Robinson Crusoe, with26 illustratl0M,0n wood and steel, 11 25 Saanterlng about London, 75cents Sculpt-j'e, Specimens of Ancient and Modem, tto., ?5 p ates, S2 50 Sketches of You#g l^diee, Young Gentlemen, and Young Couples, 19 illustrations, by Phlx, SI 8taart's Antiquities of Athens, and other Mon uments of Greece. 70 beautiful plates, with the measurement-;, details. Ac , 82 75 Task's Jerusalem De.lverel, 21 engravings oa wood and 9 on steel. SI 2"> Walker's Analysis of Heanty in Women and Critical View of Hypotherses respecting Beauty, new editions. -J2 drawing* from life, S4 Bon (iaultier's Book of Ballads, illustrated by Crowquill, Leech, and Doyle, S2 25 A Cracker Bon Boo for Christmas Parties, by Brough. illustrated, Si Round Games for all Parties, for Old and Young, gilt edges, ft.50 Bosweil s Lire of Johnson, 10 vols , 30 plates, 110 J ullan's Studies of Heads .finely drawn on stone, 4to, Si Lardner's Popular Astronomy, llScuts, 12mo , 97 % ets. Punch's Pictures ?Pictures from the Portfolio <>f Mr Ponch, 601) Illustrations by Leech, 1 vol , S3 50 Bv>ok of Costume, or Annals of Fashion, by a Lady of R*nk , rvo , numerous illustrations, gilt ed-es. S'- j" H o Dd s Comic a n anal, 10111 ustrations by Leec h, Si Drawing Booh of the Government School of De sign. SI Ml Chamber s History^f the K'isslan War. splen didly Illustrated with maps and (.rates, $3 50 The wnrk of Canova in Sculpture and Mode! Hog, eagraved la ouillue by Henry Mowi, with d*??crlpth-as and a 'uloprapfcical memoir; 3 splen d'.d volumen. 912 KorM:eat TAYLOR A MAURY'S B Bookstore, near 9th st. OK MUNSON AT:9B PENNA AVENUE*. Is kt'.ll making thos<> beau'-lfitl ?oBtlnno.]. ?,] TKETH, caUed WBK Allen's Patent, for the etceliency of r_| 1J | vrhlch over all other styles of teeth, many now j wearing them la this city, wlllcheer/ully vouch. There is one Dentist in this city who has be?-a Infringing the patent, anl made a had Imitation of it, a?ai&-<t vruoii I hereby caution the public N B Whenever a Dentist speaks against Alien ? Patent Contiguous Gum Teeth, when ]?rsf<r{| (fitiriuiii, Ui r because he is ignorant of the process, incompetent t > make the work, oi s urtwlulng u> prv for the patent. ]e 16-tf IttiSIERT?HOSIERY. JOHN H SMOOr. NO ll? BRIDGE Street, ? " Georgetown, D C , has received a larre assort ment of Woolrn ar?d Cotton Hose, and half Hose for Ladles. Gents, Boys and Girls, of all size? snd qualities, and of the bed makes Purchasers wi". call *oy 21 ANLVT AkSOKT VJENT OF BOHKS1* an *>lass, amongst which may be found the e et;ant Buck Decanters and Goblets, at dsc 1 THE LAKEt*,?M P?. av* J7 ROBERTS* f an* Fsrte and Organ Tausr. R*f<itmret ?\\ iu H. Palmer and i. N Crouch. Order* left at tfc? Academy, corner tleVfuih strec: and the Avenue will meet with pr mipt atteirtoa dec Mt* L. J. MIDDLETON, DIALtB IN 101, Ofit* and Dtpot?Southwest corner of F aad ?t?rt? feh J7-tf H iOHS H. McC'UTUHEN, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ad REMOVED HIS OFFICE AND re31 denceto No. 24 Missouri avenue, between 4jf and (Uh street. nov 18-lm* A CAKD. Mrs. franklin, teacher of vocal Music, No. 4ns E street, between 9th and 18th streets References : Mr. R. Davis, and Mr. Hilbus, Mnsic storm. se 17-Sin OR. THEUD. HANSMANN HAS REMOVED his office some houses above his old rooms, to No. 491 7th street west, between D and E streets north, near the General Post Office Office hours as before; from 8 to 10 o'clock a. m. nov7-Cw* PIANOS. gJ'y jy? PIANOS. A LARGE COLLECTION OF NEW AND SECOND HAND PiANOS for Sale and to Rent, cheaper than at any other place, it No 498 Eleventh street, a Jew doors above Pennsylvania avenue. nov 5ll-lm* THIRTY DAY t'LUCKS.-FOR Churches Banks, Hotels, Offices, Ac. These Clocks run thirty two days with once wind ing. and the power of the spriog is so equal ised. that theforce 1b applied at all times like a weight They have antl friction rolling pinions and tap pendulum rod is like tho<e on astronomi cal clocks bv which the expansion and contrac tion of heat and cold are avoided, and accuracy of time se'-ured. Also, a fresh prime lot of Eight Davand Thirty Hour Clocks All warranted. Prices low. G.FRANCIS, nov S9- 490 Seventh st. THE"UNION. " The "itnion hotel" in george town, D. C., has been leased by the subscriber, who is now prepared and would fllW be pleased to receive permanent and tran-JfiiB? sient boarders. nov 14-lm JACOB FOUKE. international hotel, WASHINGTON CITY. This house (known of late as the United States Hotel,) bavins under gone thorough repair and been handsomely refurnished, 13 n-<w open for the reception ofj guests. From its favorable location, (being nearer the Capitol than anv other Hotel lnthiscity,) and the accommodations, the proprietor is prepared to atl'ord all who wish a compfortable hnme during their sojourn in Washington, he feels assured of a liberal patronage from the traveling public..; dec 1-tf (JAUTIER'S FRENf tl RESTAURANT, *3$ Fa. ar , hetwm and ISfA stt. The proprietor of the above es tabliohm?nt desires to rail nubile attention to his Increased snd unsurpassed facilities for con ducting and supplying everything in his line of business. He is prepared to supply at a few hours' notice the largest DINNERS, BALLS, and PARTIES with everything pertaining to the most fashion able entertainments, and on the most reasonable terms. ENTIRE DINNERS and DESSERTS fur nl?hed Families without any trouble to the fam ily and at moderate cbargts A FIRST-CLASS FRENCH COOK will be sent to private houses at *2 p*-r dav; and market ing and such articles as they may wish purchared will be furnished at co?t Also, China, Glass. Sliver Ware, and Table ORNAMENTS. One or more " dishes" sent to an? part of the cay at ?hort notice At mv pstab'lshmenf will be found elegant suite* of Parlor. Reception, and Dining Rooms furnished in the be?? raar.n?', a'way* r*sdy. Mv Restaurant offers greit advantages to gen tlemen rooming out, they can be suppiled with ?Kflii at all kovrs. Particular attention is deslrtd to my new style of superb CON FECTiONERY, which for purity and delicacy of flavor are unequalled. C GAUT1ER dec % vs.^2 Pa. avenue, bet 12th and 13th sts. TJ ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT WISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by age. sickness, and particularly from glasses injudiciously selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transparency, suited precisely and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not be'.ng precisely suited, by the use or an Optonuttr; and the practice of many years enables him to meas ure the foealdisease of the eye*, and such glass es that are abeolately reaulred will be furnished with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of tnose that hare not yet availed 'hemselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasse* In use, and state bow mar.y Inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will Improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and oomfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office, No. ?ltt SEVENTH STREET, tkrt, doori /torn Odd Ftlltmt' Hall, rt staibs. Noaion, September 7, 1*54. Blr?The Spectacles you made fcr me suit very well, and seem to have Improved my sight nuue than any other I have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 reoommend him as a skillful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been induced by a friend to vlsitthe eg. tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ing his glasses, I was furnished by him with a pair slightly colored blue, which have afforded me more relief and gratification than any 1 have ever tried. My sight, originally very good, was injured by writing and reading at night, fre quently to a very late hour; "but with the aid of tnese glasses I can study almost as late as ever, and that too without the pain I have previously suflVred. JOHN WILSON. Late Commissioner Gea'l Land Office. December 11, 1855. I have used Mr Tobias's Spectacles fw three or four months, and take great pleasure in say ing that I am much pleased with them. 1 have bet*n mnch benefitted by them. May3th,B*. GEuR P.SCARB?R?H. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skillful optician; and as 1 have eyes of remark able pecu'larltv, I was gratified to find that Mi. Tobias seamed to comprehend tbein l?v Inspec tk?n s:id some slight measurement, ana he has mad' me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ad mindly A. f. BWLER. July 11,19*. WlLMtRSTON, N . C., Jan. if7, 1KA4 Mr J Tama* : Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last w?-jk are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the visual ranee of my eyes, 1 have hereto fo.iad great difficulty In getting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords me pleasure tr state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obviated so that the glasses you furnlshM me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of aay l have ever yet used. Very reapectfully. yours, R B DRANE, Rector of St Junes' Parish. "?'AfVMBiitov iKiiaioa, May 7, 1865 without obulnlng glas^^^s;^1^ eapSSa!lT*or ttlttBSfS serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he Is enabled toadaptGlsssesmlnutJly to tK! I most cheerfully recommend Mr Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses and bear n?v te?ti raony as to his skill a* an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist ttee'y to sign Land Warrants. P. 8 ?OPERA GLASSES of great varie * TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATCH MAKER GLASSES, and many other articles In this line at very low prices constantly on hand. tjiM-iy CHINA, GLASS A5IO QUEERS WARE. 9R. H. MI'.Li K. SON A CO Importers direct from Liverpool to^JW Alexandria, beg leave to call the at tention of dealers, hotel keeper* and ottirr? of Washiagton and Georgetown to their stock of 8001JS, which, for extent arid variety, will compare favorably with any establishment In the Eastern cltie-j. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Kurope and the United States for upward* of 'JO years, has given him advan tages in the purchase of poods, equal, If not supe rior, to any house in the trade. An Inspection of goods and prices will satisfy all parties that pur chases can be made cf them upon the most favor able terms ? French China Dinner Seta, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold band and plain white French China Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets, Ao. French China Tee Sets, Cups nnd Saucers, and other articles of Teaware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India Chin* Dinner Sets,and separate artistes al ways on hand White Granite Ware in every variety,in seta,and separate from sets, as inay be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware, in full supply. Cut, Pressed. Plain and Moulded Glass Ware from the boat establishments in the Eastern and Western States. which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise Experience* packers employed. Goods pit up by us can be transported by any mode without breakage Fare by the s'eamboaU from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 12# cents each wcy A quarter of a dollar thus spent may save many doners dec I imeKR'i Improved 8ewing Machines. To which was granted the Highest Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. 'pK IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS A1A chine has simplified them in many respects, anu they arccapablt-of executing twicetheamount of work ihev did formerly In any given time, l'hey are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a eh!rt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be sewn by any of these machines by a slmplechange fit neecle ni*d thread In such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot dctect a fault. Manufacturcrs, planters and families will find '.hern the only "afe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely io Stt out of order. We have naachlaes with guages attached,for binding hats,cap-fronts, gaiters, dec. Silk, Thread, rtottcn. .'??eedlcs,4c., ??c?t-.*tly en hand, at the lowest fates. PersonideRlrmj* of Information regardlag Sew l?K Machines wii) please address I M. S1NGEP A CO., KJ Haltlmorastreel. Ualttmnrc N |l.? We are prepared to exchange these ma ?hlnes for old machines of any kind Terms lib. era! Persons who have heen Induced to purchase nfcrlor machines urder the pretext of be'a* ?bt ip, will find this a benefit Indeed. * nnr is?1y ( ?HAMPAUNSCIVKR.?JUST AKRIVED ' from New Jersey, a lot of choice Ghampagr.e Clrder For sale by the barrel or in bottles. I'ouJtrv A Masst v s Phlladelp ila XX Ale. Also. T Uondelet's Baltimore Ale All of which will be sold at a small advance for cash. AK.NY A SHINN, 11<>Y Georgetown, D C. a I ILTKP SKIRTS.?JUST RECEIVED from Near \ crk, hooped and plain quilted '.-kli'-s of th? most cciebrated make. JOHN H. SMOOT, rov IP Bridge St , Georgetown OKAOOHT ALE ?WE HAVE JITJJT RE eeived 100 bbls of Head A Brother's Troy Draught Ale, which Is very line, and will behold at the low price of per hbl . for cash only ARNV ft SHINN, nov Georgetown, D C. Received a*o *ow opehi^s, at HUTCHINSON A MUNRO'S, a flne as tortment of Work Boxes, Cabas, Reticules, Porte Monnaies, Card Case*, Portfolios, Writing Case*, Jewel Cases, Card Receivers, Watch frtands. Toilet Bottler and Perfume Cases together with many other things, suitable for presets, at our Fancy Store, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 9:h and 10th streets dec8 6t HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND SLKKOUNDINQ COUNTRY. ANOTHER LARGE SUPPLY, BONNETS, OF ALL QUALI-, ^^I'les and prices,from the finest French! Hals to the lowest pri. ed Fine and Handsome HEAD DRESSES, la great variety EMBROIDERIES of all kinds TRIMMINGS to match any style of Dre*>a goods RIBBONS of every style. And, in fact, every variety of Goods nsually found in first class Trimming Stores 117-DRESS MAKING, after the latest and most appfovcd styles. N. B ?The supply is kept up through the en lire season. M. \VILLL\N, Opposite the Centre Market P S.?A great variety of article! suitable for Christmas Gift*. nov *29-1 m CLOCKSI ? CLOCKS-:?CLOCKS. ONLY THINK OF IT?GOOD CLOCKS from * 1 50 up to ?30,?all warranted to go right; ?over 6w different styies of Clocks to seiectfrom Also, Clock Cords^ Weights, Keys, Balls, Oils, and everything in the material line Call and see for yourselves, at J ROBINSON'S, 1HM Pennsylvania avenue, op posite Browns' Hotel. nov2i-2m ?? ? - -*? NEW MOODS. Hsemken, :rjo penn. avenue, be ? tween Sth and 10th street*, has opened this day n splendid assortment of superior GOLD WATCHES, for Ladies and 6entlemen; DIA MONDS. and all other styles of rich Jewelry of thejlatest Paris fashions; tripple PL ATED W AR E on Albata Also, an invoice of fin^ Fancy Arti cles, suitable for Christmas and New Year Pres ents, and a lot of real JET ORNAMENTS { STERLING SILVERWARE in great variety. Testimonials made to #rder. We respectfully call theaitentlon of our patrons to the above, and solicit a call. H SEMKEN, dec s.flt 330 Pa. ave , bet. 9th and 10th sts. French juvenile books, for Youths of all ages; recently imported, in va riety, direct from Paris by the undersigned ; em bracing man v beautifully illustrated, as well as others of the cheapest kind decO FRANCK TAYLOR. TO THOSE WHO BUT TO SEI L again.?Call on us to supply your wants for the hoilldays at once; don't postpone it; you can buy cheaper from us, and have a larger slock to select 'rora than at any other place dec9 h. j. Mclaughlin aco. Jl'ST KECEIVED AN ADDITION TO my former supply of new and seasonable Goods, flue CLOTHS, CASSI MERES, and VESTINGS, which I am prepared to make up to order promptly and In the latest styles On hand, READY-MADE CLOTHING of flne quality, a new supply of fine SHAWLS, and many other desirable articles of Gentlemen s weir. A. H. YOUNG, Merchant Tailor, nov 29 2w Browns'Hotel, Pa. ave. BUCK! BUCK! hick: ,nst WsollyHoss) EM ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON, D C Three entire deer, largest ever received in Baltimore, shot with Virginia rifles?not revolvers. HEAR MEAT, HAMS, SHOULDERS, SIDES, fattest ever receivtd from the Allegha nies. Constantly receiving from the West, via Balti more and Ohio, WIncheater and Potomac, Par kersburg, Central Ohio Railroads, VENISON, POULTRY, WILD GAME, keg and roll BUT TER, CAP HONEY, DRIED APPLES and

PEACHES, and country produce generally. For sale by C. C. O'NEIL, Corner Howard and Pratt streets, dec 3-lm Baltimore. Dtt. DUI'KIK'S REMEDIES are the only effectual cure for External or Internal Piles, Sal tr he urn, Ring-Worm, Ac. They arc unrival led for purifying the blood. So cents per box Offlce 78 Nassau street, New York, \vtli be sent by mall For sale by FORD A BKO , corner of llth st ??d Penn. ivsnn* ncti VIOI<lN AND MJITAR STRINGS, A I ? MLLM'S PftMO SSOM <Uo? AT evening star. SARAH PERCIVAL: Or, The Bride of the Hm? ?( Geld.11 BT ?RS. CAROLINE 1NQRARAM. CHAPTKR I. It wag a cold, raw. November flay. The air was piercing, and a flurry of snow, that had fallen since morning, gave an aspect of inei pressible dreariness to the mountain scenery around the little village of Montespan, which boasted only one "great house " This wis the residence of a retired city merchant, whose lines had "fallen in pleasant place?,1' and who had in<?de his home 3 perfect dream of beautf The inhabitants of the village looked up with the greatest respect to "Squire Percival ' and Lis family lli? carriag?, his horses, hi? great dinner parties, at which his elegantly dressed and mnnr.ered wife greeted her city gue?ts with the dignity nf a queen?hi? house and grounds?nay, even the diamond ring and pin he wore, were objects of wonder and curiosity to the pimple folk who deemed themselves highly honored by his sojourn among them As to Kate Percival?the only child and rightful heiress of all this splendor, who had parsed most of her life in New York?to dance well, sing well, dress well, and coquet with a grace, were a!', the things that sho cared for. While Kate bad been absent from her pa rents, another had been growing up in the house?though ?ot a* a daughter to them. Sarah l'ercival was the daughter of a younger brother of the family, who, dying poor aud unfortunate, left his only child to the care of his brother Richard, with the earnest prayer that the might never mii-s the leve and ten derness she had always known. That prayer was heard, but never answered. For Richard l'ercival, a cold, hard, ambitious man. could not be expected to pet and fondle the lonely child, and his stately wife looked upon her as an interloper who might one day interfere with the plans and projects of her darlin^ Kate. Of the mother of this child nothing wa3 known. Mr. Richard Percival only shook hii head when any one miide inquiries about her, and muttered something about "poor Frank" and an "unfortunate marriage " Rumor bad pronounced the lady beautiful and fascina ting, and Mrs. Percival trembled in her soul, when jihe looked at tho healthful, animated, face of the little Sarah, and saw in her brown iiair and Urge dark eyes, a promise of that loveliness tfcat had won the father's heart. Tho bign spirited Sarah chafed inwardly at many a look of dial ike and many a taunt from the wife of her bcnefactor, but the world was wide and cruel, and while her uncle was tacitly kind to her, she are&ded to begin tho battle, lrom which, sho felt even theu, sho could never eorne out quite unscathcd But while bhe waited, tho inexorable hand of Fato was stretched forth to lead her out iuto the wmld from which she shrank, and Destiny accomplished that which sho herself might never had the courage to undertake. In the very prime of life?strong, healthful and hearty, her uncle, the head of the family, wa3 suddenly cut down. Of the gallant host, tho indulgent husband, the gallant man of business, nothing remained hut a cold, motion less body, wi h a shrouded face, lying quietly in ore of the groat ch^iubeis of the great house The -ervants passed that do<-r with suspended breath and a quickened tread; the widow in tho solitude of her own room wonder ing if her mourning would become her, and if the will of the dead man Lad left her mistress of the whole fo'tune; the daughter wandered disconsolately up and down tho handsome par lors, wishing herself ba^k in the gay boarding school she had left; and in the whole house, of all who bad flourished on his bounty, and shared the shelter of his roof, only one real mourner remained, and that was the daughter of his dccoased brother, to whom in life ho had never given a caress or a word of praise Aooid, measured voice pronounced Sarah's name, end, looking up with a sudden start, she saw her aunt standing beside her. gazing down upon the corpse with a collected air. "What are you doing here, Miss Percival'" she a^ed, in a freezing voice; " why are you not in your room' It is cold enoughh< re to?" sho stoj-ped short, glanced at the corpse, and shivered slightly " I did not mind the cold: I only wonted to see him once more,''said Sarah, dashing away tho tears, and rising to go. 14 You will pardon me, Miss Percival, if I fint no occasion for this violent display of grief on your part." " Madam 1" " Oh! don't look at me in that way,'1 eaid the lady, drawing herself up in a stately man ner " I hate hypocrisy, Miss Percival; I hate all crocodile tears." If she dsd not exactly add the words, "and I bate you," her looks showed it, and Sarah felt it so " Madam/' she eaid, indignantly, " I ajn at a loss to know what you mean. I have nothing to gain or lose by my tears for my uncle's death." " 1 am aware of that, but did not know that yua uiight be,' was the sarcastic reply; ' your uncle's fortune is, of course, all willed to hid rightful heirs." Saiah looked from her arrogant fa?e to that of the corpse, before she dared to venture a reply. What would the dead man have said to a conversation like this, held over him be fore he was laid in his coffin' "You have wronged me,3' she said, with dignity, " yet I cannot feel angry here The presence of the dead is surely enough to soothe the living." Mrs. Percival cast a glance of fear toward ? the unconscious body of her husband, and ta king Sarah by the arm, led her to her dress ing room, and shut the door. " Now Sarah, if you please, we will sit down here and talk of your future," said the selfish old iceberg, in a cold and unfeeling voice. She seated herself on the sofa and motioned the girl to her sido. A silence of some mo ments encued At last Sarah, looking up from the floor, found those dark eyes bent upon her with a deep scrutiny, as if they would read her very thoughts. " Well," said the lady, leaning towards her, with an indulgent smile. "I oannot talV of anything I am ignorant of," was the ambiguous reply. " My future is a mystery to me." " If you prefer staying here, of course we will try to accommodate you But I must tell you that neither Miss Percival or myself pur pose remaining here long after tho funeral. She will return to her school and 1'shall trav el?so you will have no one left but the ser vants for company " The proffer of a home was seemingly made in a kind way, but all the proud blood of the PeriMvals rushed to Sarah's check at the cov ert impertinence of tho speaker. " I thank you, Madam," she answered stif fly, 44 but I will not intrude upon your hos pitality any longer I will make arrange ments for a future home ar.d remove to it at once " Mrs Percival elevated her eyebrows super ciliously 44 And pray what do you inte nd doing, if J may be 30 impertinent as to ask ? DouT>tles; you are aware that in this plain, every daj world of ours one must either labor or be ix>s sessed of sufficient property to support ner self?" "Of course?and I, being without tho prop erty, must of course work," was the spiritec reply. "1 can do it, Madam?it may seen strange and hard at first, but I shall learn af ter a time. And He who tempers the wind t< the shorn lamb will aid me " " Verv good ! very good " Mrs Percival had not the slightest objectiot to *ur*h an arrangement, provided she was no called upon to unloose the strings of herpursi in the cause. She sat a few moment' apparently in deep thought, and then turning to Sarah, remarked, | 14 Vou are probably aware that a city like New York is ? dangerous place for a girl a? , young as you?and as? ' she was going to add ?4 beautiful," but chocked herself and said " inexperienced" instead. " Why do you not go into some quiet couutry place ar. 1 try find support yourself by teaching school or some thing of that kind 7 This it almost the only respectable situation in which a youn? girl can establish herself now-a-daya. Mis* Perci ?al." "I never <-hould make a good teacher?I have not patience and I don t like children, either." said Sarah "Not like children! Dear ine. how very shocking! ' and the lady applied a richly oha*ed vinaigrette to her nose, as if sho would forgot the very idea " That is"?stammered Sarah, feeling as if she had committed some great crime??? I ?hould not like theoi aronnd me so constantly And I have male up my mind to try and find some sewing to do in the city." 41 A seamstress ! A young lady who bas the good fortune tobe connected with my family?' 44 You mistake?it is not yours?but my own.'' paid Sarah, with flashing eye*. The lady waved her hand imperiously, and went on? 4- It makes little difierence. A young lady who had been brought up in my bouse to turr sewing girl! It is a disgrace and a ?hame If you persist in this determination, Miss Per . cival, you must not expect me to oountcnance , you in any way. As a teacher, I might bave . received you into my house?inlced, 1 think you might have assisted Kate in her mu'ic or something of that kind, for ycu really play very well, you know?but a sewing giri? faus'h !" '? You need not say any mnre " said Sarah, rising from her seat with an nngry air. '? You may res: assured that wherever I am. I s'jai! never intrudo upon you The name of Per cival I cannot shako off -I do not wish to be cause it was my dear father's. iiu'. it cm never bring us nearer to eaeh other, Mad 4m. You necj net proclaim the relation-hip tnat ex: ts between U- <?nd you may re?t assured I shaji not. Hut?mark my words Mrs Percival?if there is any virtue in honest eff rt and untir ing zeal, you will one day be s^rry for what you have now said?you will one day be sorry that you were not kii.der to the homeless or phan?you will one dav be prou 1 to own me? 1 and in that day, Mr?. Vercival. I will not ac i knowledge you." She turned to ieave the room, but the lady called her back. Perhaps, a? she looked upon tho proud f ire of the girl and met her kind ling glance, some propnctic fancy dimly shad owed forth what s-no was one day to be. At least, her voice was kinder when she spoke again. ?'You are too quick-tempered. Sirah. I was only snowing you these things iu a world ly light Of course 1 shall always Icol a deep interest in you. and be willing to aid y^u if I can, bat don't you see for yoursolf that?<ri the. wot'd ^roes?(and we ail have to in'iko | sacrifices to the world when we livo in it. y u i know*?don t you set) that it would never do I for mo to acknowledge a seamstro.a a* a re! 4 tivc1 And Kate?why it might ruin the child's prospects entirely, you know. No rich, influential man would ever marry her?for give m-j for paying it?if it wns known that sh^ ha I ? r -nsin wno pursued su^h an extra ordinary?1'? call it nothing worse?mode of life. ' The young giils patictce was fast iai.i..; her It was her first conflict with a hard, worldly nature, and ?he sighet heavily, wan dering if all the world's people were like this. " It is useless to prolong this conversation, 1 think," she said, after long pau*e '? kou say yuu are willing to a&sist me. W ill "you do so BOW ?" 41 Ch. certiinly. Though really my daugh ter is so very extravagant, ami her school bill is so very large, tnat I cannot give you any groat amount. Will twenty dollars do7 Sarah s cheek burned vividly ?' Put up your money, Mrs Percival, she said, drawing back, a-: the lady held a bill toward her I did not ask for money. I have enough left of what my uncle gave me oa ray birth day to take me to the city and support me for a wesk or two, till I can find employment I only want you to direct me to some quiet and respectable boarding house where I can bave a room to myself. Mrs Percival looked bewildered. 44 I am sure I don't know any such piaoc. I dare say there are a great many in the city, but ycu could not have upplied to a more ig norant person. And yet?stay, let me see ? I do know one woman who sometimes takes boarders, and if don't you mind living in a small street and among poor people. I c^n di rect you there."' ,;Any place?no matter how poor it may be ?if it is only quiet and respectable. Mrs. Percival penciled something on a card and laid it before the girl It was au obscure address., in at: ob^UTe part oi the city, where no ore would ever be likely to find out that the Miss Percivai who did '-slop work and the Miss Percival wno was an acknowledged beauty and belle, were own cousiiu. Sarah thanked her, and rose to s.iy good bye The door opened and Ka'.o Percival louuged past without noticing her, and threw hen-elf upoa the sofa beside her mother. " Oa dear, this house is so gloomy and wretched," she sighed 44 I have the horror. all tho time, mother, and I do wish 1 was back again in New York." " in a fow days you will have your wlih, my child," ?ail Mrs. Percival, in a tone very dii forest from that which she had used towards Sarah. For she had the one virtue that re deems every woman?she loved her child with a tenderness and unselfishness that was beau tiful to see. "Going Lack again? oh I am so glad !" And Kate went and stood before the mirror and udmired her face and form "Do you know, mother, 1 think my m urning gives me rather a distinguished air. I shall mme quite a sensation on Broadway this winter, i am so glad we are not going to be hived up in this musty house any longer." Sho began to walu around the roojp, and then seeing the shocked look on Sarah's face, exclaimed, '? Oh, I forgot," and went and sat down by her mother again with a countenance radiant with pleasure and deiight "Sarah will also be in the city," said Mr* Percival, blandly. " With us. mother ?" and Kate's large, dark eyes wore a look of angry pr>de *4 No. you will not see me, Kate," Sarah hastened to say, 44 unless indeed you employ me ; I am going to be a seamstress.'' A look of mingled scorn and satisfaction swept over her cousin s handsome face. A dangerous rival was well out of the way, and as to the disgrace?no one would know that she wus a relative of theirs So Kate was sat isfied. 44 It Is very proper, I presume," she .-aid, superciliously. 44liut, of eourse, you cannot expect mo to recognise you in such a bumble position, even if we should ohance to meet, which is not very likely to happen in a city like New York, unless you try to have it so ' 44 You need not fear me," said Sarah, draw ing herself up proudly. 411 shall stay here, if your mother will permit it, till the tuncral is over, and then I start for my ci:y homo. Uat from tho day 1 leave this house, Kite, 1 shall never force myself upon you, although ?<? I have said to your mother, the day will surely come, when you will be proud to recognise me as one of your family ." . . She took the card Mrs Percival had g??#" her from the table, and with a slight bow left the room Kate Percival gased after her in ?ilence, and then, turning to her mother sa d, with a light laugh? , ... rm? 44 llpou my word, I think we should be very thankful that we are going to get ridof Uf so easily. She U really growing too good TE? WEEKLY 8TAP. Vkls exoellnt Family ui H??i J wul ?aas < ilili|aptttatnri<tfKiMMidi|NU)wrlku ?u be fsui n uy sthsr-U fiklliM ea Salar *?T MMUax. , mi*. ??py, p? mm*. 91 tf va nm. *lve copies H M Zw wpiw ? m "WtyciTlM U 99 cy Ca?B, I5miilLT III AVTAUCB. ..l^S'nglecoples (J* wrappers) ran he ^nnir4 '. jy* immediate!* after the lseoe of tli HP". Prtoa-TBBBB CBSti . i>?"T,?A,tTBl,whOBctMB|feBt? will beallewe4 a commission of twenty perceat looking to be MiFered itt our honse. Pafwd ujt- from ? rival by my own hearthstone " But Sarah bad n > thoughts like the?e bha felt keenly the ii?jastis? with which she had been treated And as rhe aat alone in ber own, and thonght of the straggle sc soon to begin, she male ? strong and stern resolve ?tliat oume what might, her l**>t words to ber sunt and cousin should, at co very distant day, prove true. [TO BE CoSTISl ED IX Ol*E WEXT ] COUG H8?COLDS?HOABSENE8S UK. TILEH'I COMPOUND SVftUP OF GUM ARABIC: The moat Pleasant, Safe and Speedy Cure for \% hooping Cough. Croup, Aathma, lise&sed lungi. at?d Consumption. 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IN THE STATU OF 1NDI , ANA. in c-ompUaaea with thr provisions of the act of | Ca<i?h spproved Au^mt ISth, lt>5?, entitled , "Att ?~ct to continue tbe laud office* at V Incenaw, I Indiana, and to ascertain and adjust the titles to certain lands In tbe States of Indiana and 1 111 - Vinoeaaeii and mad. receiver at Vincennes liave again been cpcne.i f >r the sale and entry of lands, Ac , as If said lartl oftceshad not been abolished. * Given under my hand at iheclty of Washing ton, tbls3.'d day??f November. A D 183# THOS A HENDRICKf, tjommlB'ilaaer at the Gaosral Land Office nev *6- lawdw certain tanas in ice urates or ineiani ncis, formerly Included within the lend district/' It Is hereby deslartd % known that the offices of register nnd