Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1856 Page 3
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f KV ENING STAR Job Piustiko?Oar patrons and the publi are reminded that we are prepared to hav their order* for Job Printing of every deecrij tion exocutcd at the shortest notiee. for th lowest prices and in the best and moat satis factory manner. All wanting such work don cannot do better than to apply directly at th< counter of the Star office. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. R * port or th? Sbcbrtabt or thi Ihtb moa ?We again invite the attention of ou oity readers to this moat admirable paper, 11 which they will find the following recoinmcn dations of local interest: . 1 For the early erection of a departments building- Three fronts of the Patent Uffic building are nearly completed, and worn na been commenced on the fourth. It i? pro rosed to finish this also as soon as practicable Ind an appropriation of 5200.000 has beei asked for that purpose. But "J* th? structure will probably be needed by the rat ent Office, by the time it ia completed, thi Secretary urge a the propriety of making im mediate arrangements for the erection of building for the accommodation of the De rarrment This is a wise recommendation and we confidently believe it will be favora bly responded to by CongresB unless our citi mens should be so imprudent as to creat difficulties by dissensions among themsclve respecting the neighborhood to be particularl; benefitted by the improvement. To obviat all this, we respectfully suggest that no sitt be designated in the law for the building, bu that it be erected upon such spot as may bi selected for it by the President of the Unite* St tea ?r Secretary of the Interior. 2 For the new jail. For this, plana an< estimates have been submitted to Congress, a required by the act of the 18th August last lirave objections, however, are said to exist t the eitc indieated by that act, which are enti tied to anl will receive careful conEideratioi from the committeea in charge of the subject 3. For accommodations for the Crimina Court Every one at all familiar with th condition of our courts has long been painfull; aware of the great inconveniences under whicl they have labored. But one of the ruouit. having as yet been completed, the Criui inal Court has frequently been compelled t held iu sessions in tne Common Council Chain ber of the city, nnd w* believe it is now ii session in that room. This ought not so to be and wc therefore heartily rejoice that a suit able addition to the court-house has becnrec ommenied 4 For the improvement of the puhlii grounds. Under tois head we quote from thi rerort "The public grounds in the city o Washington have been extensively improvec and beautified; but still, as much has not be*i done a3 is required. W ithin a few years pa.* Congress has, in this regard, been more thai usually liberal, but far from lavish. Ih< comfort, health and convenience, not merelj of the citizens, but of the members themselves and all the functionaries of the Government and every visitor to this oity. demand thai much larger expenditures should he made, When the money ia judiciously expended, nc ( oe can object to its application- The whol* nation i3 interested in the national metropolis, an! the people will sanction anything relating to its improvement which in neccistiry ar.d c institutional. Oae thing is certain?thest improvements will eventually be made by thi G? vornment, and, being merely a question ol time, an overflowing treasury suggests this mi the proper period " Tne condition of the public ground* has at traced no little attention since the days ol the late lamented Downing, by whom ptani for'beir improvement were so tastefully pre pared, and mu^h has been done for theii .?dominant Much m^re, however, rem\ins t( be done, and the following liberal appropna tions have been asked for to enable the De I \rtment to continue the improvements during the next ensuing year. F,?r repairs of Pennsylvania avenue, *3,000 ?"T public reservation No. 2 and Lafayette square. 53 000. F<>r taking care of the grounds 3outh or thi President s h<>u;e, coutinuing the improve ment of the -ame, and keeping them in order 13 000 t _ . Fcr preservation and improvement of thi circle a' the intersection of Pennsylvania an< ?lew Hampshire avenues, and K and i wenty third streets, 51,500. For cr ntinuing the improvement of Ju'll cJjry squTe. repairing fences, and complctinj the pavomcnt around the same, So,000. For ^completing the improvement of thi grounds of tne botanic garden. 51.000. ' For continuing the grading and plantinj Tvkh trees the unimproved portion of tho mall 510,000- , , For enclosing with a wooden fcnce and im proving triangular space formed by the inter section of New York and Massachusetts ave nuea and Tenth and Twelfth streets, 51,500 For enclosing with an iron railing and im proving triangular spaces on Pennsylvania avenue, between Eighteenth and Nineteentl rtreets. and the spate on the south side o; Pennsylvania avenue, between Twentieth anc Twenty-firs: ptrects, 51?> 229.01. We have said that these are matters of greai local interest. Tney are so because, in making the improvements employment is given to e< large a number of worthy, industrious citi lens, and, when made, they add ao much t( the beauty of the national metropolis. Bu not on the?e accounts should the improvement; be regarded as being made for the benefit ol the city. Such is not the case ; the benefit ii receives is incidental merely, and nothing more. The departmental building proposed to b< erected is indispensible f^r the proper trans action of the public business, as well as foi the protection of the public archives Ahead] the Government has, doubtless, lost far inor? iu the burning of its buildings than woulc have sufi *ed to provide ample fire-proof ac cumiariations for all its various departments and yet the State, tue War, the Navy and thi Law Departments to this day remain in build il&s daily expvsed to destruction by fire, t< say nothing of the half score ''ffices in rentei b jildings equally insecure. L nder these cir cu'nstauces we submit that it is but an act o comm n prudence, and in fact economy, fo ;ne Government to provide suitable building f r its own accommodation, and that it wouh be entire.y iaexcusanle in longer delaying t do so. such are our views on this point, am as respects the public grounds we think thei improvement should, at lea?t, keep pace wit) private luproveiuents in their immediate vi cinity. G \ McClelland appears from his report b entertain *'fe .ame opinion, for we lind oi carefully aualyiing his rec mmeniatioas am r'.uk.' that he ha? carefully excluded Iron them all objects of improvement which it i note.early the duty ofthe Government to make For this he is entitled to the thanks of th I ub:i;, cspe"! J!y when it is remembertl tha iegitistate .?bje^is of iuiprovement#have here t'Jiore beer, ometimes defeated by being con e:ted with others of doubtiul propriety With thie remark, we leave the subject, hop ^ 'n^re^ will .ict up< n the recommenda fi?n? of the iioB"rable Secretary in the sam liberal spirit which prompted them. i'lMtAQc a.m> lioraiaTbixtrs.?Becent o< rurrene^s indicate the presence in this city t a number ot eaillful operators m thieving T e have been continually on the looi out for them during two weeks paat. Hot buries of ationey and g <--d amountiagin valu it aeveml hundreds of dollars have reccntl been perpetrated, bui the K>sers are unabl to give any it f rmatioa that may ical to th ? ricstof the tuieves Last night, eomplair was made at the ceutral guard hou^e by zeutieman. that his room in the !1ationu Ilotel had been entered, nnd his trunk robbe . f m' r.'y amounting to four hundred and sii ly dollars. No ciuo to the robbere had bee t ot^iued up tu eteven o clock to-day Mi Movrhcad, a boarder at the National, also ha his trunk opened, but nothing was missed Thrrx ark >ow four Evening Rtars?Juji ter, Venur, Mars, and ours The Washingto Evening Star of eourse takes the lead, appeal iu/ abcu' 2 o'clock in the atternoon; Venus i at frc^eut visible, for u brief time only, afte tuv eettmir of the sua. but hT visi?. will j^rad ually be prt?.< t > a later h?>ur ; Jap^fe M. -i- t r a c'itpniera^le part ?.t tr.e uight and Mars remains in the heaveas still Kngei National Teeatee?This ia the nigbtsel apart for the complimentary benefit tendered to Mr- Kdwin Boeth, on which ooeaaion he will appear a* King Lear, a character in which he had great aucceaa in Richmond, Virginia, duriog his late engagement there. We have seen a copy of a letter addressed by a literary gentleman of this city of reeog nized critical acumen to a fnend in New York, in which the writer speaks in the most flatter ing terms of Mr. Booth as Hamlet, and closes by aaying : " I write in haste, and only for the purport of recording my opinion of young Booth. De pend upon it he ia destined to take a worj high rank in hia profeaaion Ho came recent ly from California, where he made his Aral appearance in principal character a few yeart ago, and where he haa ainoe been starring it with success He ia like the precious ore ol that auriferous region, and noeds but the mint-stamp of a critical audience to make hii metal more attractive and current throughout the country I learn he will play in Nea York next spring. When he shall have don< so, I predict th&* his popularity will be verj groat. He is but twenty-three years old, and Bhould not be confounded with his brothei Junius, who appeared on the stage a few years ago without much success. 44 Youra, ever faithfully, R. 8. C." Circular to Gas Cohscmers.?The follow, ing ' circular"' has been left at the residence of every gas consumer in this city, who, foi their own comfort and convenience, should promptly attend to its suggestions : The Washington (lap Light Company, with the view of preventing a repetition of tho an noyances experienced by their customers from the freezing of meters at this season laat year, respectfully suggest to them that, in order tu secure a steady aud uninterrupted light du ring the present winter, their rnetei* and ser vice pipes (when exposed) should be protected from the action of frost. The most effectual meaca to prevent the meter from freezing is to fill it with alcohol or whiskey; and it ij earnestly recommended that this should at one? be done by every consumer. The service pipe, when exposed bv crossing areas, Ao , should bo wrapped witn old carpet, or other woolen material In any case where it may be deeired, tho Gas Light Company\will, on written ayvlica lion, fill the meteiS? with whiskey, charging theref;>r only the cost of labor and material, at the following rates : For a 3 light meter SO 50 " 5 do 1 00 ? 10 do 1 i0 ? 20 do 2 50 " 30 do 4 00 " 45 do 6 00 ? CO do 8 00 " 100 do 12 00 To guard against the admission of improper persons pretending to be employed by the Company, each inspectur is provided with a certificate signed by the President and Secre tary. The duty of this ia:?pector i* to atte>ul to the meter only, and he is exprefsly forbid den to demand or accent of any compensation for his services, or to (Collect any bill due tho Company. The Company request that any incivility on the part of their employaes may be reported at the office. office hours ironi 8 a. m. to 5 p m Dec. 10?It. J F. Brow5, Secretary. Thr Whether ?Raige of the thermometer from Friday noon, Dec j, to this morning : Morning. Noon. Nl^bt. Friday ? 3?? 38? Saturday 32? 35 32 Sunday. 20 30 24 Monday. 22 30 30 Tuesday 20 30 2'? Wednesday 20 30 2S Thursday 4ft 44 48 Friday 3ft ? ? Average height of tho thermometer in the mornings from December 6 to 12, inclusive, 27? 01'. jVom.?Last nuartcr moon Friday, Dec- l'J, between 1 and 2am B. 'Georgetown, Doc.112, 1856. A Tebt Case ?Yesterday, a case was tried before Justice H^Uingshead, under the Cor E ?ration law, approved May 9, 1844, to licence owling or ten-pin alleys and shuttle boards. The defendant was Mr J. T Marr, and judg ment was given against him; and from tho decision of the Justice an appeal ia to be taken to the Circuit Court. Tho law requires that for " each and every alley'' a license shall be obtained, for which twenty dollara per annum shall be paid. Tbo question to be decided is, whether the license ia for the saloon or for each and every board or alley on which the games are played. BadltBeati.t?Yesterday. Officers Deggos and May, of the fir3t polioe district, went to Georgetown in quest <jf information in rela tion to Mr H O. Rose, who, aa already stated in the Star, haa been missing for some time past. A hat had been found, which was supposed to belong to Rose. In the search yesterday the officers discovered that a colored man named Johnson had been attacked and very severely beaten by a party of men, and that the ha', belonged to him. Circuit CorRT?The ease of the United States vs. J. 11 Lathrop, late navy agent, and hia sureties, was taken up to-day; Mr. Key, District Attorney, and S Chilton, Ksq., for the plaintiffs, Messrs Bradley and Wylie for defendants This is a suit to recovcr a large amount of money retained by Mr. La throp. as commissioner, and to which the Gov ernment contends ho is not entitled. The case is likely to occupy several days. Grace Ceurch Fair continues t) prosper handsomely. Ample refreshments aro pro vided. and the tables are loaded with beauti ful articles admirably adaptei for holiday gifts A better opportunity for purchasing appropriate and tasteful Christmas present?, and at the same time promoting a worthy ob ject, can cot well be found. Disorderly Bkhavior ? List night, before the Auxiliary Guard went on duty, several disorderly and mischievous parties were pass ing through the city indulging in improper conversation in a loud tone Their conduct waa noticed by various persons, who obtained their names, and this iu?rning warrants were issued for the arrest of some of them. The Gambling Act ?Justice Cull of the Sixth Ward, on Tuesday last disposed of a suit?John Flaherty ws. Edward Wayson?to recovor a bet of fiva dollars, made between the parties Judgment was given for the de fendant, who plead the gambling act. Criminal Court.?Yesterday, to cases wera tried in this Court. Application wa? made bj C Lee Jouos, Esq , for a new trial of William liickerson, charged with beating a slave Tho Court refused to grant the petition, and then adjourned. Watc? Returms ?Wm. Rawlings aliai Bill Monkely, colored, escaped from the work' house; sent back to serve hia term out. John Evans, relisting officers; security and costa John Knott, drunk and profanity; fined Si and costs. Robert Jones, colored, drunk *nd disorderly; fined S3 and costs. Martha Brooks runaway slave; jail. LZTWilnian'e fttimalatiac LI?inient will ? ??dtly rUr? chronic aud trail Kheuiueltam, aa can tx iy um.dr?da aku litv? oaed It to tbU city. It wil! ?:*> cere ?pr?ln?,', Itrdil, brulaee, eatdlegalle Ac . la ho for wht'h pm [>o** It originally prepared t?< eouperbottle. Z l>. OILMAN, Proprietor, decl?-lw tT1 * Mteriti tared la One Night by Da GRATH'rt KLKCTRIG OIL.?Latter from Dr. Key??r?r*a< tii a. Philaoki.fbia, May fa, lasS. Prof lieOrath, ?J, eootj. ,-th atr?et Philadelphia. 1 have I remarkets < ur?. Deputy ^l enn Kerr, of PltUburj, had I "ry ewellen anl palnfnl h?nd, I applied the oil pereonally wlnrh care In.Uai relief He |1M re<v>mme*d*d the Oil t< nthere afltu'ioi with rh-ttnietUai, la which the rea*!U wen i.'4t>atliU' t y. Truly your*. OHO. H. Great Curea ?ntlreca Read. Rheouiatla? ?Mr JoFcpl n H?rtle, No. ? Myrtle atreet, aaya the Rlertrlc Oil cored htm Imin-dlately. 1-u.ut.?Chai i?a Sexton, Efr| , Ex-Mayor of CamiUo, - ?yi elaapplleatl?ma ? -ired h!m; alio cared hie rheamatiam. Nti'iuM ? Mi I?a?ld Mai.ii, 4M, Viae "treet, aaja h< waa a (treat anlferer, hot the Oil cared hlin. So ear* E Ureut, Ka^ , >17, aorth Eighth atreet. For iat? is Walkhi|loa by CliH. 8TOTT. dec lt-iw inrv% a?ckee, Jewelry aad Stiver Ware, I hare B"W oa hand a .all etvck ol the ia?at (a?hu>u?bii atylee of rU h (old Jewelry; elao, a large aaeortaaat of ?erj imptl'-r f '.d *ud eilver Wetrbea. I am aleo aaauaU<u<it|i>| (In my owu ehipi every variety of B lver War*, ??~h w rt.u-iria, Porka, Ladle*; rake am! pie Enleee; aalt, niaeUr* auC ollr* Sf?M>*i Vapkla Kluga Pltchera, Tea He'.ta, Ac. from aalld aierUasaHver. which 1 will offer for aate ?t U>>? r?t?a of th? a?iae qoallty ha?e e\er been acid foi I: i tie city, at So. Ml Pauuayl vanja a<ean*, 'iear ft xreet ai?(ol the large epiead eagle. U. O. HOOD. o? at?tr ICTTheaiesI valuable Family Medicinss, for alt romplalntt, are tbose ra?d* t>y the d1*tlnrnl?hed Dr. Philadelphia, a nciUr gradnite Irom the Pe?n?yl vuiftnlverillj, and 4 pliyetciau of forty year's practice In PklMtlpklt. All his medicines are free from ncrrui;. and an be ukui at any time without regard to expoinre. R?"ad ^d**rtl*ement?. dec 10?St 07*The Gild Samaritan I'atdane.?Mri. M. ?(. Gardner, whose biography lien open before ai, l? certainly been a Qood Samaritan on earth, and the Indian maiden, N shmsotiitaTi. can never b#irvrgntten the rnin pounder of the celebrated Irdlan Ha'fam of Llrerwort and Hnarhonnd ? iiKJi )? saving thousands In onr iclJ't, doomed victim* of Consumption or sufferers from MTere Cold* and Congts, Asthma, Cronp and Cron'-hlti*. This pleas-iat medi cine ha? great and eorerelpi vlrtoes, *cd should he early ?tnp'nyed in all cases of Long complaint*. H I* for s* e everywhere. ? Week* A rotteP, No. 1>4 Waahiugtoa Stieet, H ? ton, General Afr.i*. For sale by W. H. Ollniau. Chsrle* Htott, Nairn * Talner, I. 0. Glliusn, and by Drngg'st" gen eraily. dec $?1W. HT" Hutrttfr'i Bitters.?The celsbrity that thle ecellent preparation haw gained In the last tew year*, I* beyond belief. The b~?t physicians In the United Htate* endorse It, and recommend It to their patient* In all rases of dl*p>p*ia, indigestion and loss of appetite. ltlsnsed aa ? atomacli tonic by nearly every family In the I'ulted State*, and no family should be witbont it. It require* no addition of spirit*. Sold In fall <jnart bottle* by all Drug gl*t?, Groceries and Hotel* throughout the I'nlted ?tat?*aod Cat ad*. dec9-lw l[TBriwa'i Bronchial Trachea.??? We hare fonnd tr.em of great service In allay int Bronchial Irrita tion, and Id snbdnlng Hoarseness produ<?d by Cold*, and do onr cleriral hreUirsn a roal favor la calling their akteuU?n ti them."?y.lon'o Herald. " We commend them to llie tentlon of p ibllr speaker*, singers, and others who are troubled with affections of the Throat."?Christian Watrli man. " for Ongbs. Asthma, An . we rherrftllly bear testi mony from personal knowledge to their effica* y."?Ballou'* Pictorial. " They are a simple and elegant form for alinln Isttring. In comblnatloo, several medicinal substances held In general eet< *11 among Physicians in the treatment ->f F>ran<-hi*l affections."?Or. G. K. Dlgelow. Containing no opium or deleterious drugs, these Loienge* can l?e n?"d freely by public speakers and vocalists for clearing and giving strength to the Vole*. Sold by all Druggist*. Oct 15-If JAMES N. CALL AN, Agent. lmpirtaat ta th- Ladles!?Dr. Uit PONCO'S FKMAI.K PIM.S.?The combination of Ingredi ents In the Pills are fecily harmless. Their offlcacy and merits are ba?>d n'pon an ex'enslve practice of over thirty ye?rs; and, where the directions have been strictly f?l lowed, they have never failed to correct ail Irregularities, relieve painful end difficult meustruation, (particularly.) it the <-b*ige of l!f*. Thny Till Tre the Wliltn*, atitl leui've all r^atrnrtlons arising from cold, e*|>^?tir* or any cm.***; end any l?e n?ed sncissafnlly ss A Preventive. Call upon the agent, and get a Oiroalsr for particular* fre?. Trice 11 per box, with fall directions. 8>>ld wh"le*ala and ret ill by OH A" H TOTT, Urngglst, Pennsylvania avenue, 8AMCKL. B. (TAITI!, C]l Seventh street, Washington, D. 0.; and H. .Ss T. CISSKL, Georgetown; to whom all orders must be east, and the Pill* will be sent confidentially, by mall, to ladles who enclose theai one dollar. N. B.?See elgnatare 00 the box; tocoanttrfeltJt 1* for ?iy. l*S-lf For Sale end Rent. GAUTIER'S COMPOUND HERB DROPS: For Coughs, Olds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Ac. 'IMIKSE INVALUABLE COMPOUND Herb I Uror>H h?ve th?* t itraordlnary property or lm ra?<llalciy relieving Couuus, Coldi, Ho*r-?enef8. Dlfllculty of Ureatulng, Bronchitis, Asthma, and Husklnesit of the Throat. Thoie who are troubled with that unpleasant tickling In the throat, which deprives them of rest, night after night, by the Incessant cough which It provokes," will, by uslsg these drops, find Immediate relief. The aubncrlber, In presenting thesa Drops to public netice, wishes It tc be expressly under stood that he does not claim forthemanv miracu lous curing properties, nor dees he present them with a long ktring of certificates of recommenda tions, although he has many un?ollcited and most tldt'erln^ ones from persons who have ueed them. These Drops are composed of six simple in gredients, principally herbs, which are known to be very ediCAclous in the cure of diseanes result* lng from Colds, and some of whle.h. being rather Uttuseous In their natural state, would deter many from resorting to them, but when nude into a candv or drops, become palatable without losing any of their valuable properties They have been approved and recommended by all the most p.oinlneut members of the Medicat Faculty ?f Washington city. fcvery Lawyer. Clergyman, FubUc Speaker, or Vocalist, should carry a few of these Drops Id his pocket to be uwd before or after exercising the ?o^al organs. Prepared and for sale, wholesale and retail, by C. OAUT1KR, A la VlUede P?rls, No '452 Pa av , Washington, D. C. Or may be had of the following agent : J AS, t(. i l ONfc, corner of 7th sod L streets; K 4 r CI?1*KL, CeofMCtiwn; JOHN K H.\TK8, Navy Yard; SAMUEL. WHITE. ?th slrctt, HENRY COOK A CO., Alexandria. dec W 7 MARRIED, On ttie O'h Instant, by the Kev Dr. Sunderland, WALTER M OGIlVie, of Edinburgh. Scot land, to Miss EMMA J , youngttt daughter of Robert Brown, of this clfy In Georgetown, on the 26th of November, bv the Rev. T D. Gotwalt. W. E. WILLIAMS, of Baltimore, to Miss EMILY REYNOLDS, of Georgetown. (Baltimore Sun and Clipper pleasz copy ) _? D1II>. On the 11th Instant, ANNE MARIA S1N TKS, aged 1 years, '2 months and 7 davs The friends of the family are requested to at t^nd the funeral To-Morrow Morning at 11 o'ci'k, from the resldsnce of her parents, on Massachus etts avenue, between 5th and Gth streets, No. 15S. # On the 8th Instant, VIOLA BUDD, only datighier of Win. and Phoebe A. Bndd, of Peters burg, Va , aged 2 yearsand 3 mosths. On tfc? llth Instant, Airs. ANN DAWSON, In the 6ith yejr of he. age. FOR RENT?THE FOIR-STORV Brick Bouse, No. 3Sb No.ih Capllol, between B and C streets, containing 8 good Rooms,besides a double Parlor, a Kitchen and Pantry and a stor age room, together with a Brick Stable, Carriage House, and varan! Lot odjolning The House 14 nearly r.ew, in well arranged, and papered in th# best manner throughout! To a good tenant the rent will be low, and possession given Immedi ately. For fiirthtr particulars inquire of N1CH OLaS ACKER, Stone Yardj corner North Capi tol and D strrets. drcl'2-cotf NICHOLAS ACKER. KL1GIBLE AND WELL FURNISHED apartments for Rent at Penn. avenue, dec II 3t House for rent?on soth steeet, opposite thofW'est Market, containing 4 com fortable Rooms, with pasiage. There be ng an exceUcnt Cellar, with a side gate, is well adapted for n Huckster or Butter Merchan'. Inquire of G. W. FLOOD, Winder's Buildings. dec ll-3t? I^OR SALE.?A TRACT OF LAND CON tainlne about one hundred acrcs, in Fairfax county, Va., about nine mile* from Washington and Alexandria, *hd fix from Georgetown. It adjalns ^e Farms of Charles Kirby and Colonel fieorge Minor, and lays convenient to Turnpikes leading to the three abovr named cllles It has on It much wood?Pine and Chestnut, and the soil fs capable of rapid and profitable improve ment. F or further information apply to Colonel TfiOS R . LOVE, Fairfax C H , Va , or to W. D. WALLACH , at the S'ar Ofllre. de~ll-tf fjV>R RENT?A STORE ROOM, ON THE southeast corner of 4,^ street and Penn. ave nue. Apply to B. J SE.vI.MES, Penn. avenue, #outh sl?le. betwesn and 6th streets, dec 10 3t 1J*OR KENT?ONE LARGE PARLOR AND largr Cham'oer attached, handcomelv furnish ed f.?r rent Also, a laijje front Room with good sU-:d rooms attached, suitable1 or single gentle men, or In bulls for famlilts Board, if desired, on tne most reasonable terms. Apply at No. 46S 10th street, between D :tnd E. dec 10 lw FOR RENT?THE FRAME cottage and Ground;; on E street, between lltfc and I2'.h streets, (Island; fqunre 328. Rent 3175 per annum Inquire of A R. SHEPHERD, 410 9th street, between G and dec 9-6t IjMJR RENT.?A BRICK DWELLING, ON Virginia avfnue, between Kith and llth sirof t, (Island) No. 351, containing 7 Rooms. Kent .?10 per month Inquire at J VV. THOMPSON A URO.'S 269 Penn avenue,between 10th and llth btrects. dec 9-tit I^OR RENT?THE LARGE THREE Story Brlch, situated on the comer of 12th and 11 streets, containing 10 Rooms, with Coal Cellar and Bath Room lnquleof JAMES W. BARKER, next door to the Lutheran Cnureh. nov 2-tf Rooms for rent ?t w 0 large, finely furnished Parlors and Bedrooms for rent, with or without Board, at FLINT'S Hotel, near Union Office. dec 2 For rent ?a parlor and chamber handsomely furnished, in one of the most de sirable i? cations in the city; being v?ry conveni ent to the National, Browns', and Dextcr's Hotol. 'I he house Is new, with all the modem Improve ments, v/ater, gas, Ac. Also, several very pleas ant Chambers, at 46 Louisiana avenur, south aide, near fltti street dec 2 FTUR RENT ?FURNISHED PARLOR AND 1 Chamber, on 7th street, near G, and situated near the Patent Office. Apply at thlb office. dec l -tl FMjk RENT ?THAT"LARGE AND AIRY Houae on Penn avenue, between 6th and Vth stress, over A. Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a 4rst-cla!"s Boardlng'Hou&e. It Is now undergoing a complete repair. Possession given Immediately, inquire of A. HOOVER A SON, south side of Penn. avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. oc 30-tf F~77r-revt ?SEVERAL HANDSOMELY furnished Parlors and Chambers, with Gas Fixtures In complete order, 011 Penn avenue. No. 122, between 10'n and vliith streets dec S ? o3t* LMiR RENT?THE SECOND ANDTHIRD " .stories of the House over the Leather Store of Mr. J. C. SHAFER, opposite the National Thea tre. Inquire cn the premises. dec 10-eotf AUCTION SALES. Hy WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctions. TKI "TKR'S SALE OF BRICK HOUSE A ?,"d L#l '? Vint Ward at rahlic AactUn.? On TUESDAY AFTEKNOON January 13th. at3)f o'clock. In front of the p?m ,V.v!rt"? ?f a deed of trust dated May 11, ;>1 '2Tm recorded In Llb?r J. A 8., No. ' I*, 125, and l.W, one of th? land re

cords for Washington county, we will sell, the ISorthern part of lot No. 12, In square 11?, front ing ill feet on voth street west, between M and N streets, and running back 74 feet to an alley. The Lot contain* 11*1 feet, more or less, with d t '"iprnTeinenu, consisting of a comfortable Hrlek House ..J'.?1: <>nc*tl?'r?! cash ; the remainder In ??x ana twelve month.*, bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the property B \V REED, Trustee. wall, barnard a co , - ?pc u Auctioneer*.___ By JA8. O. McGUlKE, Auctioneer. rilRLSTEE'S SALE OF FKAIV1E House if* v"A^VlB lhp Flr"t V??rd.-On THl'RS DA Y At TERNOON, December 11, at 4 o'clock, ? J .. by *'?'?' of a deed of trust dated Apri Sth, l*i6, and rec ?rdtd 1n j,ih, rj A y rtZ'i Li 3-27, and 3*8, one of the and records for Washington county, I shall Mft ??lt. of Lo? N" f>' in "quire No 140, fronting S3 feet on Perth L street, between lKtt and 19th streets west, running back 110 feet to a 30 feet alley, with the improvements consist ing of a two-story Frame Dwelling House, Sta ble. snd other outbuilding*. Jlr?".ca8h ,,AV1 '? A H ALL, Trustee decS-d jas. C. M<*G1f I RE, Anct nkov* sale is postponed ia cJn SCe.ltneralaunt" MONDAY AFTER ?Muu?(, 15th December, same hour and place. . _ . D. A. HALL. Trustee U d JAS O. MffilJIRE, Auctr. HT tikt, ,-; vf a* .bdwIskj: up. ,/0r,.ll0"'erentdne tDH 11 V -vm-.n *.,.<!u^a"8un,?1 wl,! ntrese to pnblla sale i. A*> December 13th. 1^55. at 10 ,n ' for cash- ,n frorit of tbe Centre i ?!St i .UJ?' llJ.e foJIowln* Gocdsand Chattels, inH t i Crockery and Glass Ware; lot Biooms and Tobacco; 2* Tto pot*; *21 Buckets; 4 Wash TmnM' **\ ;> ?*'*? Caddie*; 9 Jars; 30 i.I lot Bottles; lot Cigars, Soap, Mustard, ?,ackln?i 1 L'lock; half gross Mat i i Demijohns; lot ?offee and Corn Starch; i .rei Rider> 6 Barrels and ft Casks; 24 Pitr*h I en; 1 Tobacco Knife; 4 sets Scalas and Weights. L Ki Vinegar, Wfchkv, bran i * Ji ^ ^ an(* 500 pound* Naii?; vvk? i*? ^rushes; box Ground Pepprr; lot Whisps, an<i Glass, Ac , Ac. Terms cash j U JOSEI'H P HOUGH. Ball'ff. ' By J- C. McStJIRE, Auctioneer. ^Rl'STEE'S HALE OF A SQL'ARE OF A Ground -On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. | Leceinber llth at 4 o'clock, on the premises, bv virtue of a deed of trustfrom Emely Mallet to the iiibscriber, dated October ldth, l?5l, and dulv r ro;d"d in Liber J. A 8, No 88, folios 4<'5, Ktf, , ' and ,CN one of the land records for Wa h -nKtf.ri county, 1 shall sell the whole of-qu?re \o 125, fronting respectively 133 feet one inch on .v ^ . ttreet west, lftj ff-eteight lrches on norL. D street, and 246 fcoc eleven inches on Vir glrla avenue, and containing ? rquare feet. iermr: Onc-tfclrd c?sb; the residue ii six and twelve months, with Interest, satisfactorily secured. HENRY NAYLOR. Trustee. nov'>(. 2awtds JAS C McSUIRE, Auct. 1 he nboye sale ia postponed in couse* querireof the rain until TUKSDAY AFTER NOON, December Irt, same hour and place HENRY N A YLOR. Trustee. JAS.C. McGUlKE, Acet. ' J ALL, BARNARD & Co., Anfloncers. T ARCE AMJ FEREnPTOKY LALE OF AJ rtew and iccginl'Land Furniture. Car. P'-ts, (ii^niher Furitiinre, Feather Beds, nod a general a>s?rtnirtit o; l.on*o turn ishins Ke?snisttes at Auction.?On TUES DAY, Deceniber 16, at 10 n'rloct a. in., we wiil ?r pll, at o ir lajfjo and spacious ?ales room, on 4t'n street, corner of c and Louisiana avenue, an ex cellent assortment of Furniture, Ac , consiftlmz I in part of? * Mahogany and walnut Sofas and Chairs J)o do Wardrobes and Side Ta bles Mahogany end walnut marble-top Bureaus v\ a'nilt Jenny Llnd nnd Cottage Bedsteads 8 sets Cotragc *? urnitnre, different stvies Cjlc and wood-seat Chairs and Koc*ers H< dsteads, Featber Btd^, FiJlows. and B? l?tcTs Hair and shuck Mattresses, Blankets, and Com forts Brussels, three ply, and ingrain Carpets Hauusome carvcd-top t'lit frame Mirrors Larpe and 'inaii Walters, Girandoles China und rilass aic, large assortment With many oth'r articles in the Hous<k(eplng l,nc we tletru uunectosay to r-tmuicrate. Terms : All sums of ax .1 u^di r *30 rash ; nwri that smouit a credit of 60 and Mi days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, beirlng inUrest WALL, BARNARD A CO. dec 12-d Auctioneers. ByJ'S. C. McGUJRE, Auctioneer" rpRl s A JL, E O F St'i'EKlOK , . ?''Talturr and !ion<?hold miect?.?on IIIhSDAV MORN I\G, December 23d, Ib6fi. at 10 o c!cr v at thr* residence of a ^ealleaun declin lng hous'keeping. +n >-2th street, between F and 'J urea, I shall sell the Furniture and Effect* con?!stlng of? Two walnut hi ir spring-seat French Softs Do Centre Tables, four Card Tables M?rbIr-top Outre Tables Two ir.arble top ^o/a Tables I wo mahogany dimask-covercd Lounges <?no leather-covered Lounge Pair of gilt frame Pier Glasses, one oval do Handsome walnut Whatnot Two splendid Oil Paintings Suite of four handsome damask and lace Curtains with Cornice and Fixtures Hardsome Brussels ar.d three-ply Carpets. Oil cloths, and Stair Carpets Rnff Window Shade*. 'Table Coven and Clo'hs ?21 walnut cane-seat Dining Chairs Two walnut Extension Dining Tables Two parlor ga* Chandeliers, six gas Fixtures Two b:oi<7.? Hat Trees, Hall Tables 21 rene ?eat clfi^e Chair ;, rush-seal do Hranlte Dlnrer and Coff* Servlr-e, Glasswan: Silver plated CaUor Three dozen plated Forks and Spocr.s Do superior Table Knives, i-Mre 1 r?n3 L2rge and superior Cooking Stove, Ac I erins: 8'J5 aad under cash; over that sum a ? ??V and 1 mont^sJ with intern?, Mt lsftctorily endorses. ' THCS. J. FISHER, TruMee. dec 10 ?? JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auction^*? fFRl SrEE'S SALK? MY AUTHORITY A of a deed of tnist from Gecrge B Armstrong and J ilia 11. \\ , his wife, dab d the 13th De c-mber, l?54,?.nd by direction of the party whose debt is secured thereby, the subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder on the V2J December next, at 1 o'clock in ihe alternoon on the premises, the following lots In the city ci Washington, namely: Lots No *21 and 21 in Square No 5?4, lot No J4 being at the Intersec tion of Virginia avenue and First street west, fronting 55 feet 4 inches on First street and V6 feet ? Inches on Virginia avenue, with a rear front of 148 feet on a 20-foot alley; and Lot No 23 adjoin ing west, with a front of 30 feet 2 Inches on Vir glnla avenue, and rear front of 32 feet on a 20 fo.?t alley. And on the 23d Oecamber, nt 4 o'clock, on th* premises, commencing at the first lot, and then proceeding to the second, the follow!ti " namely: Part of Lot No. 10, in Square No 491* fronting 17 feet on Fifth street west, a n't 63 feet 4^ Inches deep, commencing on Fifth street lis ft-et south of N street north,coc*lining lS^square feet; Lot No. b. in Square No 777. said Lotbelnr centrally situated between li and H streets north having a front on Thlid street east of 60 itvl 'j Inches, with a depth of ifll feet ** inches, con tabling 9900 square feet. ?".e,;lhirtl Ca/h ' andtte residue at 0, in i months for whicn the jurchasf r's bonds will be taken, bearing Interest with a lien on the property. if the terms nre not complied with within five days from the day of sale, the property will be resold at the purchaser 's risx and cost on a notice of seven days CHAS. MYERS, Trustee. WALL, BARNARD A CO., nov2/-eoAds Auctioneers. JOHN H. BUTlIftlANN, Importer and Dealer in Wiue^ Brandieg, &c. Fenn. avenue, south iidi, bet. 4^ andftth its., ? IAS IN STORE A VERV CHOICE AS a* sortm?nt of Champagne, In quarts and a pints, of the most desirable brands. * Also, sparkling St Peray, white and pink; ft ??*?' fr. Sherfy' JJort, Tenerlffe, Sicily.? Vae*' Moselle; French Wines, red and 2. ? J\v%n2c* Sclieldam Gin, Jamacia Rum, Scotch W hlskey, American Whiskey, Curacon. Anisette; and of his own preparation, Wild Cherry Brandy, Blackberry Juice, Stomach Bit LfifS. * Al?o, genuine Absinthe, Klrschwasser, and Havana Cigars de-j lu-3tAwim. jVI'SS M. a. DewREY, of, t%,7 Ji.l.?Pen ? fashionable assortment of ^ - WINTER BONNETS on Thursday, De 4jW cember llth, at reduced prices, as she must JW close them out In three days No 498 Fa avemie near the corner of 3d street, over M P. Klnir'i Drug Store. dec lO-Stf IJu V EARLY?DUN'T fCT IT OFF until Christmas week, for then the crowd at our -fore will be so greitwe wili scarcly be able to irlve yju tnat attention we ff?ire. and ,?fn b ynn calf farly you get the cholc. s. e :im* from our in laecce beautiful stock dec? H J. MCLAUGHLIN A CO. AUCTION SALBb. THIS_AFTSKH005 AHJ) TO MOBKOW. BvA. GREEN. Auctioneer. HUl'SKHULU AND h'T< UK* F! R?||. tnre. F!n* FaMkcr Beds. Bolsters en4 Pilltwit ?t Aartita. ? O0 SATURDAY, the 13tn instant, I ihall sell, In front of toy store,at I* o'clock a. m , an ex client assortment of Honse hold and Kitchen Furniture, Sfove*. Ac Also, 7 tine Feather Bed*, Holster* and Pillow*, dec 11-it A. GREEN, Auct'r By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. EXTENSIVE SALE UF I A * O ?4 American Standard Bseks?I shall sell on FRIDAY ai.d SATURDA% EVFNIN6S, 12th and 13th Inst , at 6)% o'clock, a large Invr lc? of fineBook*. ?mn>c whl^b arc Kneyrlof .-edus, Histories, bl? arapiiW Jtc. Also, the works of Shakspeare. Byron, \loorr, Burns, Scott, Brn Johnson, Irvlrg, Go!dsm!'h, Add1*en, Hfenrer, Latah, and other*. Also, a splendid lot of Family Bible*, Prayer Books, with a i-ood selection of selentitc work*. doc It-It A GREEN. Anct'r. By A.GRELN, Auctioneer. f1FA>IE IIOl'SK AHO i,OT at AucLea. On FRIDAY, the I-th lsballstll, ill front ef th* premise*, at 4 o'clcek p m , Lot No. 3 In Square No Ifi, having a front on north i stliel of 51 feet 6 Inches, betw rn 23th and 26lk streels west, running back I'll feet 11 Inehsa to a wld? -illev With the Improvement*, whl^h are a good Frame Uoase, Ac Terms : One-third ea.'li. balance In six and twelve months, for note* leiilng Interest from day of ?a!e. A rte?>d given and a deed cf frost taker Ttt'e trdlspntable. Term* to b?-complied with In ttiee days after sale. dec6-eodts A. GREEN, Aocl'r. By WALL, BARNARD A CO . Auctioneer: SALE OF HOUSEHOLD A * D HITCHED t-uruitnrr. Feather ltrds nnd Bedding, and a general narortmenl of HtDxektM Effeels at Aacttan.?Oa S A T U K 1> A Y MORNING, lath ln*t , at 10 o'clock, we will sell, la frout cf our Auction Rooms, a genc:?l as* sortmeaiof Housekeeping Requisites The effects of a family leaving the cily. We name in part Mahogany spring-seat Sofa* andChalrs Do Diessuig and plain Bureaus Cnre and wood seat Chairs and Rockers Feather Beds, Hair and Shuck Mattre-fCs Ow ?et Cottage Furniture complete Cittage I'lain aud other Bedsteads Cook Stove, Parlor Stoves, Arduous Delf Glass and Crsckcrv. Ac. Also, the sa?e of Groceries postponed on account of the weather uutii ^aturdav mo:nl?g,*ame time and place, with m&ty other tu*fnl articles In the ii? isekieping line unnecessary to enumerate Sale positive Terms et sale WALL, BARNARD A Co , dec ll-d Auctioneer. ( By JAS. C McGlJIRE, Auctioneer ioou FRiar Hoise and lot ti -T the First Ward atAnrtion.?(h TL'l.S I)A^ . December the Kith, I shall sell, In f ont ef the premises, at4o'clock p m , par* of Le.i No 0, In a:?No. 81, having a front on N?w Yo:k avenue < f .rl> fee t, i^rmlng back 135 f*et, with the improvement's which Is a gfid -.wo-story Frame Ho se fi^e rcon s and a wide past^ge The above proj rrty is si'uated on New Yo?F avenue, between i!lst :md -JCd street* west The House has been used until the la^t I - months aa a Grocery Store and will make a first rate place for the above business. Title indisputable. ? Terms C'sh. JAS. C. UcGUIKE, dec a 41tinner. By C W 0OTELKR A eI VALUABLE COLLECTION OF Imcai lrd oil faiaiirsi nl Auciiou ?On WED NESDAY EVENING, December l?th, com menclng n' e o'clock 1 h~ll sell, et my s[>aclous auction room. (Iron Hall.) an extenrive collec tion of ur? ai d va'uab e oil Paintings by the fallowing'it artists, vk : Guido. Murl lo, Salvarto, Ro?-a, Carlo. Dolcl, Mnntnarn, Galr?s borough. ?.tty, Kuysd&el, L,ancj?t, Sir Martin Archer Skee, the la!e I'residect of th" Royal Academy, Jactson, Herrlcg. Sen . the eelebra'ed English rnlmal painter, Meadow*, of London, Brooks. Uovermars, Doughty, of New Varfc, Enala, of New York, now in Europe, and numer ous other eelebrated artists, altogether fotniing decidedly the best collection of Fainting* ever ofir rtd for sale in Washington I he i'&iniings will be arraytd fo- exhibition en !Mcr.da7, Drcember 15th Terms: ssoand ur.dtr cash; ov<*r S50, ?o and '.i0 d*y* credit, for approveri endorsed note*, bear ing interest. Purchasers een have th*1r pictures "sref-.-iiy paek^d to go any dlstasce with ?afe?v The auction room will be cojrforUibv warned. Th" l.?d!?s are par'ltiilarly inViird to atie: d the sale. C. W. BOTELEK, d' r Hi-tp Auctioneer. By A GR EEN . Auctioneer. T'Kl'&TKE'S SkALE or 1IKI l<v >1EI>I. ctnrs, Soda Appntalus, M?re ht.viares. tin* Fixtnr?s, Ac., cl Auction.-f?n MON 1>A\ , December 15, IK-V1. I shall "ell, at M?o'elx a. m , bv virtue of a deed of trust to the subvrl b^r. bearing dat* the llth day of DeeemUr, l~'.r?. aud recordist In Liber J. A S .No Krj, folios li> t?i ?2?>, one of the laud records for Wash ington ceuutv, in the Di-trict of Columbia, a? i UO SW* k and Fixtures in the Kpoihecarv stort ? f Wm T. Evans, at the corner of north II end Tth street? w?st ; al! !>rugs, Medlelnew, Srda Foun la^n and Fipca. store and Gas Fixtures *.n the atore. Tne stock wir. be sola \ x lots to suit purchasers. Terms: All sums niide. $?'5. cash; over tfcat amount a credit of <;u ar?i 90 day, for notes satli Cactorlly endorsed, bearing lateieat. The Druggist* and dealers infancy goods are respectfully invitnl to the sale, us the stock Is large and good. They will find it to their ad vantage to ettend. JOHN T EVANS, Trustee, dec 9 d A. GRKEN, Auctioneer. Bv WALL, BARNARD A CO.. Auctioneers S/ALF. HT CATALOWl'E OF A very Inrje k) aiitrtinrnt of lire t*?ld Watclies and Jewelry; uis?, a spleudid nar?riiuent oi Oiumouil niii?i, Fine Feb Chains, Ac., nt nnetion, cn aecoinit of whom it irny com ern-?On MONDAY MORNING next, the 15lh instant, at 10 o'clock, at our auction rooms. No 317 Pennsylvania avenue, we wlilsell by cata logue, a large assortment of Watches, Jewelry, fcc .consisting in part of? Logilbh and French Ooid Hunting and Open faced Watches Fire Gold Fob and Guard Chains. L?.di?s' do Do breastpins, Cameos and Mosaic Splendid Diaoiortd hings. Plain do Fine Gold Studs, set and plrln Do Earring, set, plain, and cluster Do do Mosaic, t oral. and Cameo Do Pencils and 1 ens Do Lockets an 1 Bracelets, a fl*.e article With other articles in th<? Jewelry lino, in a'1 about 5*?0 pieces, ail of whico must be closed out Terms: Ail sums of aud under S30 eaih; over that amount a credit of fio and 90 day?, for notes sat isfactorily endon-ed bearing interept. Catalogues will be ready on Friday morning. WALL, BARNARD A CO , dec 10-d Auctioneers. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HEAL ESTATE. By virtue of a deeJ of trust bearing date 'ZJd day of January, 1856, and recorded In Mber J. AS, No ill, folios 4^1, et seq , among the land records of Washington county, in the Dis trietrf Coiumbla, the undersigned will sell oa I MONDAY, the !5fb day of December. IMP, on the premises, at 4 o'clock in th? afternoon, to the highest blduer, at nubile auction, ail that piece cr parcel of ground sit uated in the city of Washing ton, In said Dlstrb t, and known and distinguish? ed upon the ercund plan or plat of paid eliy*? part of Lot No. 4, In square No. vftt, and bound ed as follows: commencing at the southeast cor ner of said lot No. 4 ; thence northwardly, along the dividing line between said lot No. 4 and lot numbered 3, to a public alley; thenc> along v.est wardly seventeen feet; thence southwardly on a line parallel with the said dividing line to sonth C street seventeen feet to the pUce of beginning, with the lmprovcmeata thereon, which aie a good two-story Ffame House. This propTty fronts on ^ouLh 0, between I1th and 13^ *treets west Terms: One third cash; the residue inland l< months, for whleh the purchaser s note* will be taken, bearing interest from the day of sale, and a lien on the preml?es. If the terms of sale be not compiled with with in 'hreeday* from the day of sale the premtae* will be resold, on five days pubili notice, at the risk and cost of the purenaser. All conveyances at he purchaser's cost. C. U. CALVERT. Trust e. nov l!i-eodAds A. GREEN. Auet'r. ' By JAS. C. McGDIRE, Auctioneer Flirt EST EE'S SALK O F VALUABLE A HnildiBf Lot exiod street west, between Pennsylvania avenat und U street.?B\ vir tue of two deeds ill trust, duly exe-uted a.->d re corded, the subscriber will Hell at public, sale. <vi V/ EDN ESDA Y, the 17th day cf December, tW?, on the premises, at 4 o'clock p. m , Lot No n, In reservation No. II, fronting 25 feet on lid street west, between Pennsylvania avenue asd C *u?*t, by 150 feet to u 35 feet alley. The above property Is situated in oue of the moat desirable parts of the clly. n?sr trinity Church, and offers a rare opportunity 'o p?ri>on? desirouo to build or invest. Terms of sale: One-third cask; ihe balance In ?, 12, 18, and 24 months, for notes bearing interest from day cf sale, secured by a deed of trust en the property : and if not complied with In one week after tnc salo tbe property will ce retold, upon qne week's notk???tthe risk aud expense <?f ibe purchaser. All conveyancing at th?*e-xreuse of the purchaser TIP* IndbpuUiblc CHAS S WALLACH, Trastee. nov i4-3tawAds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Aoct. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THF. ASSOCIATED PRMV BY HOUSE FRINT1N9 TKLM(iRATIT_ tout hern Commercial Convention. ?'ar r?)<ort of the doings of the Southern Convention were broken off yesterday, by on interruption apou the line south of Wilmlng ton, wbilo the Convention *u debating tbo second of tbo aeries of rewrintkxis reported, relative to the Pacific Railroad Mr Barford defended the resolution as a pr?<-ti**l mfkore Mr Bucknell defended the resolution for ???king ?i grant of land of the 'Jovernment M a practical n<e??ure lie regarded the proposed r?? td *s a conduit to carry Southern institu tions to the countries bordering on the j ??<*d route, including Northern Mexico Tbe? co operation of the whole South ?ai noodod. or a route through Northern States would bf? selected. to irjure the South lie denies the power of the General Government to build the roa*. Mr llnhbard. of Ala., thought that a* the General Government wa? to he benefited by the building of the road it choald grant the lend Mr Clemen--, of Va . opposed at length the asking of grants of land of Congress a* likely to lead to corruption and .m aluae of power Tlie Government has no constitutional right to grant lands to railrrsds. Mr. Cochrane, of Ala , defended the rtso lutlore It was iitttifiry f?r the preserve tioa of Southern institution* that the road shf u'd be built through Southern States, lie defended the constitutionality of the tnode proposed at great length. Mr- Albert Piko thought the resolution* were unnecessary, as tho scheme proposed by him had already been adopted by the Ust two conventions This invited the oo opora tioa cf tie toutbern States, cities and indi vidual* in a ioint stock company A charter had already been obtained from Louisiana, and hoped a book for subscriptions would toon be opened. He wanted the general government to have nr tt ing to do with building the road, but a? the North was gettinglarge donations of lands, the South should take her share. He referred m the rapidly increasing preponderance of the North, end tho hostility to tho South evinced there in tho vote at the recent election. The South must act. or it would be too late, and ihe North would build lie was oppoeed to disunion He depicted tho horrible conne quer.oes, but he believed it preferable to in equality and oppression in the Union. After further debate the resolutions were rccji.mitred and the conventiw adjourned. There is a grand ball being given to the lelegites to-night. The di?cu?sions to-day were animated and interesting The ultra ?Si uthern sentiments that were uttered were rcceivcd nth decided aj plause There is no i rospectof A final adjournment before Friday The bu-incs* committee are hard at work. Over eight hundred delegates are here A lettor from Hon Mr Toombs will be read in convection to morrow. 1 ? rOC*TH DAT. Satannab, Dec 11.?Mr He Bow. of Ls , irons the committee on business, offered a se ries of resolutions, appointing the next meet ing ol the Convention at Knoxville, ou the 2lI Monday ef August, 1S57; endorsing A Dudley Mann's scbemo for a line of iron steam ferry boats, ?f 30 000 ton* ea"h, from Cbesr.peako Bay to Milt<>rd Haven, England, favoring the ictroduction < f Southern text books into South ern schools and college.*, and the appointment of a committee < f distinguished Southern pro fessors to prepare sach works; recommending | Southern Legislatures to order their nsejiu saia schools: favoring the encouragement of South ern books, periodicals atd journals, in place of Northern publication, and recommending the eiiCt-uragecent of mining and manuficta rin^ interests at the South The resolutions were all adopted. Mr. Semm^s reported favorably upon iater oceanic communication via the Isthmus of Tohuanlepec, recommending Congress tomako <i cor/ract with the SJoo Company for the transportation of the mails between New Or leans and San Pranciwo The resolutions in favor of the Pacific rail road, reported yesterday, were taken up and adopted without amendment Many other resolutions were offered and re ferred. A letter fr>m Senator Toombs was read, in favor of absolute free trade and direct taie ti'?n Ore thousand copies thereof were or dered to be priuted There was much desultory debate in favo? of opening the slave trade and the exclusim. of everything Northern from the South Ad j urncd till Friday ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMER AFRICA Tbre# Days Later frera larspe. Ntw Yobk, Dec II ?The Cunard steam ship Africa, irons Liverpool on the 29th ult., has arrived. l'u?in?cs was steadily improving in England, nnd tb* general opinion was that the financial crisis was pa?t. It was expected that the Bunk would soon lower the rate of interest to tix per ccct The chief feature of the political new: is the firm attitude maintained by Switterland ;jg iinf-t Prussia. The latter demands Neul chatel, which Switzerland refuses uncondi tionally. Austria, Bavaria, aud Baden sup port Prussia. There is nothing new respecting the issues with Ilassia It is now confidently stated that the Peace Congress will re-assemble beforo long in Pari;. Tnere is a rumor that Prince Albert and the Ocrnan influence are bucking the propo sal respecting Boigrad. now before the British Government, ?n 1 so tampering with the Min isters that they cannot act. From France there is nothing of interest, and there is nothing moro in regard to the rumored disturbance in Spain. A private despatch says the Persians have taken Herat. In tbe Liverpool market the prices of the lower qualities of cotton have declined id , :iud were very irregular; for the other quali ties prices were barely maintained. The Bro kers Circular quotes breadstuff* quiet. For wheat, buyers demand a reduction. Floar had declined Is Corn was 4i afii lower. ;THE LATEST. The Ergiish Admiralty has ordered the en tire flotilla of gunboats to joia the reserve steam squadron at Sheerneas, and there await farther orders There was also unusual ac tivity in the dock yards, from which it is ear uiisad that a naval demonstration is abont to take place | Loll***, Saturday morning ?A despatch frr?ra Berlin says that Prussia would be willing I to relinquish her rights over Neufchatel, pro vided the political prisoners are discharged ; 1 otherwise she will act decisively Marseilles, Friday ?It is announced that a strong Russian corps is advancing throngh Bessarabia to the Black Sea. Seven English sbips-of-war were expected at Constantinople from Malta Advices frrtn Teheran state that Youssoui, the leader of the revolt at Herat, was con demned to death at Tehcrau, but was subse quently pardoned. Parliament had been (urther prorogued to the .Id of February The subscription of 1350,000 to the Atlantic Telegraph Company closed to-day, having considerably exceeded the required amount. Baltimore Markatt Baltimore, Dec. 11.?Flour has declined, sales at Wheat la in brisk demand; red SI 45*51.47, white &1.53af 1 58. Corn?Sales new white 50*50. and new yellow 54*58. Whisky ia brisk at 4U-12e. U H KLBAKkS AND TEA HI TS. ?:o bushels SHELB A KK i 10dnmi SULTANA KAIS1N8 *) ma-a Secdlt as do 1 barrel WHfclATEN OK ITS 1 do OATMEAL 1 case SAP ?A(iU CHELSK 10 boxes PINE APrLE Cdht'.SL SI) do 6USUEN CHLE5K 30 do ENGLISH CHht-t-K a barrel* KNtfLlSti SPLI t rKA4 1 case JUAVA JELLY 4 Ct RK ANT JEI.LY 4 do COX'S GELATINE. Ji?st reeelved and lo.- sale bv WM URVAN, No. 44 eppo. Centre Market, bet 7th and dec lO-Ot 8th streeu.